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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  October 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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focused on people and community for 60 years. we promise a relentless pursuit . this is box 50. a 10-month-old death, is being considered a murderer. a live report straight >> you should apologize. that is not true. >> there were fiery exchanges with tonight's debate three weeks from tonight we won't know who our next governor will be. >> debra morgan is joining us now with some of the memorable moments. 4
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were right here in the studio. there was a heated discussion with leadership, economy, taxes and transparency. we start with how the candidates responded to a question with discrimination. >> this is one of the reasons why hospital 2 is -- by house bill 2 is pointed out. where we are suffering economic damage for it. >> a high have been looking for a compromise for months on this issue. i will make a deal with him right now. if you agree to take out this gender identity and expression, i will supports a by person effort to make sure we do not
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community. >> accusing him with affecting the middle class. and then the impact of tax cuts. >> everyone earning a paycheck, a huge reduction a net increase in pay. schoolteachers, nurses, independent business people, we were the highest income tax >> we do not need to increase taxes. >> we do not need to increase taxes, will be need to do is take some of those taxes with the middle class -- >> it turned testy when mccoury accuse cooper, supporting public, --
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>> if you want to talk about political contributions, he had a contributor who said he wanted something for his contribution in return. governor mccoury gave him a private prison contract over -- he's tight about political attributions. >> okay. >> all night tonight. if we talk about put up -- political contributions. you have an fbi criminal investigation as a result. >> as attorney general, you should resigri saying that. that is absolutely not true. there is no fbi investigation. you should apologize right now. >> after the debate. i spoke with all the candidates, and mccrory says he is not under investigation by the fbi. we just showed you two minutes
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to another big story we are following today, a man charged with murdering a baby, a 10-month-old was found dead inside a home in rally on sunday. joining us from the detention center. what have you learned? >> reporter: we are learning bit by bit most of it through arrest warrants and documents tonight, marcus larenzo alston is spending the night at the detention center. it is now considered a murder case. officers arrived at a home sunday night on 800 block of suffolk boulevard, the kidney and liver were lacerated. authorities did not say how the baby was injured. but the man caring for the child was arrested at the time.
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the boyfriend of the child's mother. tonight, he is in jail. held without bond. warrants showed that he is not allowed to have any contact with the family members of that young girl. he is expected -- he is inspected -- he is expected in court tomorrow. back to you. >> that is a two women remain in the hospital, one man is in jail tonight. police say that he hit them on their bikes. he is charged with two counts of felony hit and run. it happened monday night in cary. he left the scene.
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concerns, regarding wayne county, this picture was shared, a white pottery substance was floating in the lake. -- powdery substance was floating in the lake. they determined that some leaked from the facility due to hurricane matthew but inspectors said that the bases were safe. after being evacuated from the floodwaters. he thinks one of the men who helped save his life. he went back to get medicine from his home during the storm wednesday when he experienced chest pains. two county deputies that were following him found the 57-year- old man unresponsive. the fire chief, said that deputies used an automated external defibrillator to get
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after shocked me, been doing cpr. >> i remember waking up in back of the sheriff's pick up. and after that, when i got to the hospital. >> he underwent double bypass surgery. he was a released today. men that saved him. the two deputies in the fire chief are now members of his family he says. due to the impact of hurricane matthew, the schools are closed, is an optional teacher workday. back to 2016 decision, mike pence was in fatal to rally support for the republican ticket for the white house. taking us inside tonight's
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made his final stop your in fayetteville. he touched on several key topics during his speech. the governor arrived to an anxious crowd. he acknowledged current events pertaining to carolina. >> i saw firsthand the courageous volunteers and how the people of north carolina will not be deterred. >> reporter: he quickly moved on to the business of discussing hillary clinton and pushing her ethics. >> he says that the election, however, is more than ethics. he touched on points that are key to our nation's success. homeland security, prosperity
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the balance of the high score in the land is perhaps the most important part of the selection. >> the balance of our supreme court is literally on the ballot. >> reporter: the pence and trump ticket is best not just for now but the future. >> i have a granddaughter and am worried about her future. i want that cares about our national security.>> reporter: making one more final push by talking about this election and the importance of the election to everyone they know. >> before he was in pain fayetteville he made a stop to hillsboro. -- before he was in fayetteville, he made a stop to hillsboro. he says that there has been
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incident. he will follow up on these. fbi is on the case, absent evidence to a lab for examination. tim kaine begins a two day visit in north carolina tomorrow. he will start in asheville, thursday he will attend an early voting event in charlotte. the doors open in durum at 10 am. he will speak about why 15 p.m. clinton meet again tomorrow for the third and final debate. they will be in nevada. the format will be similar to the first debate. you can watch it here on fox 50 tomorrow night at 9 pm. more than 400 people attended tonight's dinner. the prime minister of italy,
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gwen stephani and jerry seinfeld were among the guests. the case of a raleigh daycare worker injuring a child. the new program to make parking is your in raleigh. the heat is on. we had the highs in the 80s yesterday and today. 85 fayetteville, were headed to
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there is no limit to what every student in north carolina can learn and achieve. not when we're 44th in per student funding. we should not ask for more money from you. he gave tax breaks to those at the top while raising taxes 67 ways on the middle class. it's time to polish up our brand and once more say, "come check out north carolina." hb2 trashed our brand...
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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wral news on fox 50. a raleigh daycare worker is charged with ch video. the 46-year-old, she was arrested overnight and charged with one count of misdemeanor child abuse. those charges could be upgraded if doctors determine that elisha was injured due to the incident. firefighters are back at
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damaged after a driver crashed her car into the building. it happened yesterday. the damage section of the building is being cleaned up. of blinding light caused her to crash. no word on if she will be crashed -- charge. a federal grant to buy body cameras. the city had to agree to match the funds department started to test the camera systems this week. a new program to make the parking easier in the hillsboro area, is called passport parking. buying parking with your cellphone. you can download your app and then pay with your credit card. the passport parking app is
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the north carolina state fair. >> [ music ] >> performances are everywhere this year. 117 concerts. the focus is on north carolina's based talent. folks who love the fair have a chance to take a piece of the fair home with them thi year. for the first time, they introduced their own merchandise. several items are for sale. the fan favorite, i run for fair food teachers. >> [ laughter ] >> yes, i walk. >> i have to get a funnel cake and a corn dog. >> those are my two must haves
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>> i want to try a blueberry funnel cake this year. >> [ laughter ] give us some weather news. >> we could be arriving at a record high here tomorrow, record highs 87 and we are looking at 86 degrees. couple more days of sumr through thursday, a cold front arrives friday, depending on its arrival time. right now, there is a chance for morning rain. a chilly weekend, with highs in the 50s on sunday. and have a hard time making it up to the 60s perhaps 30s in the morning. it is a very fine day overall.
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humid, it is 70 degrees with a southwest win at five miles per hour. the dew points will come crashing down as well is the temperature friday afternoon, friday night and saturday. holly springs, durum, 66 -- drum durham 66. is quiet right now. you about. we have a southerly flow. this whole section will be warm tomorrow. perhaps, we could see more record highs. this front will stall before it gets here and then finally, our next front is across the northern plains arriving friday and blow all this out and bring cold air. the coldest air of the season is on its way. be of showers seven n. and
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maybe upper 80s, fayetteville, then a second front comes in, gathering momentum. showers, thunderstorms, they could be strong and severe thursday. that is thursday night at 6 pm, then 10 pm, ben future cast, friday morning making its way into the mountains -- then we look at future cast, friday morning making his way into the mountains. we will have dry games. they will be chilly. our forecast overnight, upper 50s, low 60s. we have some upper 50s in the northern counties. it's a beautiful start to the dale that -- the day. 79 degrees, 86 in raleigh. here is your seven-day forecast, 86 degrees, tomorrow, 83 degrees
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the north carolina state fair, it will be dry, 70 degrees 12 noon. we will check out the football friday forecast. the game starting at 7 pm. we will have clear skies. 58 degrees 6 pm. 54 degrees by 10 pm. it will make those 50 still cooler with the winter. look at the numbers, lunchtime we are in the mid-50s, it only shows us tapping out to it is quite possible we may not see 60 on saturday. 39 sunday morning. back into the 70s monday and tuesday. >> high in the 50s? >> coming up in the next half- hour there could be a tropical storm coming in with the next couple days. frightening moments for a florida driver.
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>> we will tell you what happened after this large snake slithered from under the hood. losing leads in the third-
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a home town aptly, wral sports. the hurricanes lost. last thursday, they were of 4-1. bill peters makes some lineup moves. edmonton, they had scored 14 goals in the first three games. they are tied for the nhl he netted his first nhl goal. eight minutes after scoring the first, jordan gets the second. it is 2-0. then tyler schoolers -- scores the third goal. for the first time since 1988, the women's basketball teams, they did that make the
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we spoke with the coach, who is entering her 10th season. >> reporter: no matter how long you have been on the job, they say, if you are still learning you are still growing. she learned a lot these last few months. it is not easy lessons. how to deal with missing march madness. a first for her in 13 years, after ending 21 seasons. however, i was proud of that team. winning 20 games, with the injuries, and facing so many people. >> reporter: the university launched evaluation into her program. there was a notion of possible mistreatment with the players. >> of course, it was difficult. it was very hurtful. at the
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for our team, the teams get upset, they want to move forward. in difficulty, you learn about people, and i didn't appreciate knowing what i found out about people. there -- >> reporter: the coach can focus on what she does best and most the most. >> we are talented, and hopefully, we remember and are known as the best guar tough times build character, it could be a defining trait for them this season. cleveland got to celebrate an nba championship. the indians lead the series with toronto 1-0. donaldson and
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bases loaded. two runners will score with a 5- when -- 5-1. >> also, the dodgers are leading the cubs 4-0. >> i would like to see the cubs do it. >> there that would like to see the cubs and the indians play in the world series.>> especially for cleveland, winning the nba series and then baseball -- >> yes. the option for airline passengers to trade in their phones and then
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north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. but pat mccrory seems more interested in giving tax cuts to millionaires. we rank 44th in spending per student. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a textbook shortage. and pat mccrory has cut 3,000 teaching assistants from the early grades. he may have given tax cuts to millionaires,
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earlier in the newscast we brought you highlights from the governor's debate hosted by wral. if you missed it, you can see the fiery moments when we re- air that debate here on fox 50 falling this newscast. a florida teenager was
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he was taken off life support yesterday. police still do not know what happened. >> one of our students passed away yesterday. >> reporter: this message was sent from the principal. he moved here from brazil one year ago. >> he was a light. his intelligence and creativity and how clever he was. >> reporter: how the police chief said they found him unconscious saturday night after an altercation. >> at the time, we found roger, there was minimal signs of trauma or injury. >> reporter: they do not know how he died. that will be up to the medical examiner to determine. until that happens, a group of
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as suspects are not under arrest. >> we do not believe this is a group of juveniles looking to hurt somebody. >> reporter: the police are not commenting on, is a mode of. he is calling -- motive. he's calling it an isolated incident. people who work long park avenue, this growing memorial site are not convinced. >> we leave here at 6 pm, 7 pm a little bit afraid. >> detectives from across central florida are investigating the attack. creepy clowns are creeping people out. there were several incidents with people dressed up in scary clown masks. school officials say that they had several instances of students playing clown pranks.
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that the scary clown phenomenon has sales soaring. >> we have had people mention, saying that we do have clown costumes available. the we see a large increase with masks.. >> they are taking all clown related to threats seriously. samsung is trying to keep it galaxy note 7 off airplanes. you can exchange it for another phone or get a refund. the department of transportation , airport officials say that a handful of phones have been turned an. told her say that the funds are not getting on the flights and their happy about that. a class action lawsuit, with affluent school district. nothing has been done to get
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performance and behavior got worse after drinking from led contaminated water fountains in school. business owners estimate that $2 million in damage in one area. damaged or destroyed items piled outside a warehouse, we are told that 20 inches of water caused the damage. one business had equipment, one had christmas items, in many places did not have flood insurance. people who live in the small town of principle do not know when they will be allowed back into their homes. town leaders surveyed the area today. they walked hand in hand with a sign of unity.
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rebuild. it's not safe for residents to return. >> even though the water is gone and going away, there are dangers that we have to address before our citizens can return. >> the national guard has been pumping water. officials say they must inspect the roads and buildings when the waters gone to make sure it's safe for people to return. residents who have evacuated their homes were back in today. people from their homes. this is a view. there was a huge lake form t. part of the spillway crumbled. engineers have been -- lake. part of the spillway crumbled. >> they came to our door and said, you need to evacuate. so we went to a friends house. we were there for over a week.
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back, we lost all our food and everything. >> and engineering firm is putting a plan together to make sure the damage repaired. a major highway was closed and it is now open again. highway 70 open up this afternoon after being closed for a week. residents are trying to salvage anything they can. they are trying to deal with the aftermath of hurricane matthew. they opened up a disaster recovery center today. and the center will stay open until friday. people can get help from various departments, housing, financial aid and counseling. many of you have stepped up to help neighbors in need. there was a three-hour phone bank. we continue to receive donations online. the total has top $200,000 and
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where in the world is bob dylan? >> why the nobel prize winner has not met with the committee
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topping the list of rock 'n roll hall of fame nominees. 19 artists and bands are for up for audition next spring. the seven nominees, to be eligible, artists or bands must have released, the first reporting 25 years ago. what does it feel like to win the prestigious the swedish academy has not been able to reach the figure and son ryder. academy will not make any further attempts to contact him. they hope that he will attend the december award ceremony. actress, kerry washington, gave birth to her second child. the couple has a daughter isabel
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she plays on scandal. that is more than a baby bump. >> i'm actually nine months pregnant myself, isn't it amazing? >> [ laughter ] >> joking. >> are you really? >> you know people are going to think that. mike, you ever wondered what your was thinking? take a look at these two's. they are politely arguing over a pool of water. >> [ laughter ] >> [ laughter ] >> no way. >> this goes on for several minutes. >> [ laughter ] >> are they going to launch into a massive cat fight?
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they are so polite. >> [ laughter ] >> it is my turn. >> that is hysterical. look at that. the owner, he's speaking as though with these animals could be saying to themselves, clearly, they are british. >> [ laughter ] >> on. >> several minutes. i have it on my facebook page. >> they didn't spill a drop of milk. >> [ laughter ] a shelter dog has hopes of being adopted soon. his name is michael in illustrator's name.>> do you know your name? michael. michael, his ears are cute.
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>> his ears go up when he hears his name. michael was adopted. he has his forever home. he is doing great. there was a more than 1 million views. >> so cute. >> and he is a shelter dog, really? he has a lot of character. i posted these on my facebook page. >> [ laughter ] a chilling surprise for a florida man after getting into his car after work. coming up, what he says happened when he suddenly looked up and grabbed his camera. take a look at what we've got going on. we have an area of weather near the bahamas. this could become a tropical or
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as flood victims continue to clean up, volunteers are coming to their aid. >> explaining that he is spending his time out of school working for others in columbus county. >> reporter: when a town turned upside down. you lost everything.
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>> reporter: like a funeral home, turning into a place of survival. >> there's no place in the nation that would allow us to store items in his coffin selection room.>> reporter: isaiah stevenson will not sit still. he is too busy. >> he has taken meals around them house to house. >> reporter: he is making sure that people that were hit the hardest get everything they need. >> he has been out here helping. >> reporter: he is spending his days off of school, doing all of this. >> i would love some. i have not had any lunch. >> reporter: he is keeping others minds off of this.
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i can bring smiles to others. >> reporter: he will keep running around and doing everything a typical teenager would not do. >> he has been a hero. >> knowing that i did a good thing, that's all i need. >> reporter: that was suzanne of black reporting. he hopes to become a marine after graduation. uses the helping people something is always like to do. this is an amazing story. one florida driver caught a slithery surprise. he posted this video on facebook. this 6 foot snake popped his head out from under the hood and tried to get into the window. he brought the snake into the car without it getting hurt by
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he is okay. >> did he really crap that's me? >> you would turn on the windshield wipers and try to knock it off. >> [ laughter ]>> those things are mean. >> let it do what it wants. >> [ laughter ] >> watch it will put babies in your backseat. >> [ laughter ] >> scary stuff>> we were talk about warm weather. scientists say that last month was the warmest september on record. last month average temperature was a razor thin, warmer than the previous month in september.
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monthly high temperatures, and october has been warm. it will be interesting to see how we figure out and finish out this month. let's take a look at weather desktop. this could become a tropical storm. was take a look at the jet stream. united states, going to the south and east. looking at the jet stream. we have a tropical area, a ridge of high pressure keeping into the midshipman atlantic and new england states. here is the disturbance. is an area of low pressure. the winter coming from this direction, blowing south and west. trying to blow the cloud cover to the north and east. this will help draw this to the north. the good news, this trough will deepen, it will grab that and push it to the northeast to. we will see it coming up right here.
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see it coming up right here. we will take a look at the upper level winds and temperatures. there's of ridge of high pressure, there's a system offshore, here is the trough, that will deepen in the next coming days. as this is drawn up to the north, the winds coming out of the south and was cut that will help push the storm away. plus, it will deliver cold front, friday, wex we have a small chance rain friday morning, early afternoon, the we get all the cold air coming in. during the day friday, the winds will start to start up. we will have a breezy day, saturday, temperatures, perhaps, in the upper 50s and low 60s. our seven-day forecast got here you go. warm again tomorrow, thursday, friday, 69 degrees, it depends on the passing of the front and
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60 saturday, we will go upper 50s, 60, sunday morning a potential to be in the upper 30s, 40s, then warming into the 70s there after. time is running out. a couple more days to where the shores then you have to -- to wear the shorts and then you have to bring out your warmer clothes. >> what a big change. as the november election gets close, we asked about their thoughts on the pressing issues. >> we will hear from sean paul
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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the general election is november 8. we asked the cameras to let you know where they stand on important issues facing our country. senate. we must stop all war. our prevention in the middle east, there are more acts of terror here in the united states. our policies have failed so badly, but they are fighting each other, all on the taxpayers dime.
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-- it will not bring peace by giving everybody a gun. turning to what we did before, free trade with all. the federal government can stop violence at home by ending its own violence. will be stop killing as government policy -- when we stop killing as government policy, that will help. to see all the statements by all the candidates go to our website, figure for joining us. you can watch the debate after this newscast here on fox 50. watch our morning news for weather and traffic. have a good
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how does goody's work so fast? here's how. goody's powder races right to your pain to deliver and now collect four of my trading cards inside specially marked boxes of goody's when i saw the attacks on roy cooper about the crime lab, i had to come forward. those ads are not true. i'm a survivor of sexual assault.
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to get more funding for rape kits. and even after he fixed the problems in the crime lab, he's been there for me time after time ever since. it's hard for a crime victim to speak out. but roy cooper is a good man.
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. thank you for joining us for the final debate of the north carolina governor's race. i'm david crabtree with our capitol bureau chief, laura leslie and welcome the candidates, lon cecil, roy cooper, and pat mccrory. >> we'll ask them to share their opinions on a variety of topics including flooding and yes, house bill 2. >> libertarian lon cecil


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