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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  October 19, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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the crash and the charges he faces. plus, the gloves come off in the last gubernatorial debate before election day. the post-debate reaction you did not see last night. and countdown to the final presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. the claims trump is making and his game plan for tonight. thank you for joining us. i'm lena till neat tillet. >> and i'm renee chou, and here is a list at the school closures. >> we have a full list at the bottom of the screen and on wral. a man accused of hitting two women on bikes is due in court today. >> the incident happened on monday night and we first reported it yesterday morning. mikaya thurmond has more. >> reporter: lena and renee, a
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with two counts of hit and run. christopher moore was arrested after his vehicle was identified. two cyclists were pedaling with others on high house road when they were hit. one of the victims, 55-year-old ginny davis and the other, 48- year-old lori cove, seen her in an interview on 5 on your side. both were seriously injured and taken to the hospital. after the issue extra, the 911 caller said that the driver pulled over and business carded the -- and discarded the bicycle that was stuck in the windshield and took off. >> thank you, mikaya. a homicide happened in the 3600 block of wiggins street last night. officers found a man shot to death and have not yet released his name. duke energy is addressing concerns about a picture
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county. this picture shows a white powdery substance floating in the water at the hf lee power plant. duke energy said it's a byproduct of the coal burning power plant. it was confirm that some coal ash leaked but inspectors determined that the inactive basins are safe. the raleigh city council approved matching funds to federal grant to buy body cameras. the city had to agree to match the funds for a total of $1.2 million. the police department started testing camera systems this week. no more debates before the election for the candidates for governor. wral hosted the final one last night.
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roy cooper especially when mccrory accused cooper of taking donations from democrats who supported a boycott of house bill 292 that is flat out not true. mccrory know s it. he had a contributor, and mccrory gave him a private prison contract over of the objections of his she talking about political contributions all night tonight. so if we want to talk about political contributions, governor, you are the one who now has an fbi criminal investigation as a result -- >> you-- as attorney general, you should resign for saying that. that is absolutely not true. there is no fbi investigation. >> it's absolutely true. >> you should apologize right
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that and elaborated on the comments during the one on one interviews after the debate. bill leslie has more. >> reporter: lena and renee, you may remember that a $3 million prison contract extension happened after he said he made a lot of political donations and expected something in return. we reported last year that the fbi was investigating th and mccrory said he has talked with the fbi himself. >> yes, i am. and clarified all the issues. everything's fine. the attorney general should be more careful since he is still attorney general, very sad commentary. he should resign for saying such a thing. he made an accusation about something illegal for the people of north carolina, you
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campaign contributions for most of the evening, and it was important to point out that distance. but it's been public knowledge for a while. >> the debate covered awide range of issues -- a wide range of issues. you can watch the debate on and a post-debate discussion posted by david crabtree, laura leslie, and mark binker. back to you. >> thank you, bill. the heat wave continues and we could see record-breaking temperatures, mike? we'll close in on them, renee. it will be a warm day for wednesday. if you are going to the state fair, you can see the sun shining on the buildings and on the ferris wheel and bright skies along most of the region with mild temperatures. 63 at the station in raleigh and henderson at 60.
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and moving southward. 63 for erwin and fayetteville, 64, and in the mid-60s in goldsboro with 65 report there had. the satellite and radar, pretty quiet. if you were out yesterday you probably saw a few clear skies and puffy fair weather clouds. the high of 86, and the record for today, 87, so within striking distance. and mainly clear at 8:00, 74 then. and over to brian for a look at traffic. 8:06, mike and a big and growing mess in durham, an accident or a disabled truck, hard to tell, that is blocking the right lane of the
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facially block - - partially blocking the last lane. cars are squeezing by that. and it begins back to the i-85 interchange on the southbound durham freeway and continues through downtown. you need an alternate route this morning. if you are trying to get to downtown, the fastest trip will be on 85 northbound out to roxboro and head down into downtown. trying to get this rtc, the best bet will be 15-501 to i-40 from the western side of durham. that might save you time at least or at least it feels like you are moving faster than getting stuck in the stop and roll traffic on the west side of town. and i want to point out we're seeing heavy northbound delays leaving i-40 into downtown durham, a rough morning if you want are coming northbound, you
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northbound, you might consider an alternate. and improvement in apex, an earlier crash on u.s. one northbound at 55 and earlier delays have cleared up nicely, a little slow but we are seeing heavy ramp delays on 55 in both directions. back to you. >> thank you, brian. tonight, the presidential nominees meet for the final de candidates are fighting to keep out of the headlines and who they invited as special guests. and volkswagen tries to put the emissions cheating scandal
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ed me in a parking tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife.. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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tonight is the last debate between hillary clinton and donald trump and in las vegas. clinton has pulled ahead there, and trump said that's because the media is on her side and the election is rigged against him. tracie potts is in vague as where tonight all bets are off. >> hi. i'm calling from the hillary campaign. >> reporter: volunteers working the phones at hillary clinton's nevada headquarters. >> voting is in three weeks. is there anything we can talk about? >> reporter: confidence in
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about the debate. >> 1 little thing goes wrong and that's all people remember. >> reporter: donald trump claims that the media focuses more on sexual assault allegations against him. >> the press has created a rigged system and poisoned the minds of the voters. >> i advise mr. trump to stop whining and go and try and make his case to get votes. >> reporter: the president's half brother is attendin debate, a trump supporter, so is the mother of a again ghazi attack system, sean smith. and mark cuban, a trump critic, and meg whitman backing clinton will attend. the game plan for trump? go after clinton's record and look smart. he is studying foreign policy. >> he'll come out swinging. >> reporter: he'll be on the
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right with millions of undecided voters still in the middle. tracie potts, nbc news, las vegas. >> thank you, tracie. you can watch the debate tonight at 9:00. tim kaine will visit asheville today and tomorrow, he will attend an early voting event in charlotte and then attend the library poll. trump running mate mike pence held a rally in fayetteville yesterday explnd -- and will visit the orange county gop headquarters that is cleaning up after a firebomb over the weekend. voters can register at one- stop voting elections. to find times and locations in your areas, just go to and type in vote.
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without steering wheels or gas pedals but will have to hear from the public first. pedals but will have to hear from the public first. the arguments made against after 20 years in washington, we're learning lots about richard burr. first, he opposed a bill prohibiting insider trading by members of congress. now we learn burr had over $100,000 in oil and gas stocks while he backed legislation giving tax credits benefitting gas companies. and oil and gas companies donated over half a million dollars to burr's campaigns. no wonder richard burr's wealth has increased over 500% since he's been in congress. that's making washington work for him.
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weather is definitely all right if you like the heat. if you like summery weather. >> i do. i am loving it right now. >> that's the good thing about
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that for people who like it to feel summer like stretching into the fall and for those who like the fall temperatures, the crisp and cool temperatures, we have some of that coming up. we are watching the flooding slowly recede in many areas and start with the pamplico river basin and the tar river at tarboro. it's below flood stage. the last reading i saw 19.4 feet compares to a flood of 19 feet. greenville farther downstream 19 feet is the current stage level. the flood stage is 13 feet and it looks like it will be sometime tomorrow probably later in the day before greenville falls below flood stage. over on the neuse river in goldsboro, 16.2 feet is the current stage and 18 feet is the flood stage and has already
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in kinston, it will take a while yet. tell probably be sunday before it fall best low flood stage there. here's another quick look at the raleigh/durham skycam, no cloud cover right now and a lot of us will get through the day with a lot of blue skies and sunshine and there may be a few puffy fair weather clouds popping up, cumulus clouds with the heating of the day. 63 is the current temperature and the dew point, 61 and headed up. we have 63 in erwin and rocky mount and skive if 65-- 65 in goldsboro, and very quiet in north carolina yesterday, one of those days like we expect today with blue skies and sunshine and a couple fair weather clouds here and there,
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north centered out over the ocean and stretches into north carolina and south carolina and to the southwest and will stay dominate across the region. there is a frontal boundary not producing a lot of precipitation off to the northwest. another frontal boundary with reinforcing air across the northern plains and both of those will be pushed to north carolina on friday. futurecast showing all of that playing out here and you can see as we go through the day today we are seeing a sunshine and fair weather clouds especially over eastern north carolina, mainly clear skies tonight and tomorrow, a mixture of scattered sunshine and clouds, most of the action station to the west tomorrow. but as we get into thursday evening there may be an isolated shower or two in the mountains and a better chance of rain later tomorrow night and early friday and friday, the front could bring a band or two of scattered showers and
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in the afternoon. 86 the high today, the high forecast. so a warm day at the fair and a little bit humid as well. 80 at lunchtime and we'll be 74 this evening at 8:00 p.m. and it looks like later tonight a low of 62, and we are falling to 62 on friday morning with a high of 71 then and a small chance of 30 or 40% of a shower on friday and then much cooler and breezy on saturday with mostly sunday, a high of 66 and we may start off sunday morning with upper 30s in places and maybe light frost in spots. >> wow. thank you. russia's military says that a u.s.-led coalition airstrike on a syrian village has killed 6 civilians. this comes as attacks on aleppo are on hold to allow civilians to get out of the city.
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strike wounded 4 people and destroyed two houses. russian military leaders say neither their planes or syrian planes were in the air at the time. two russians and an american are on the way to the international space station. their rocket launched from kazakhstan. they are on board that will spend 4 months in outer space. overnight, violence in the philippines. protesters held a rally at the u.s. embassy against american troops stationed in the philippines. at least three people were hurt. water cannons and tear gas were used to disburse the crowd. 21 people were arrested. new york police are
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and killed when she charged at police with a baseball bat. policesay that the sergeant encountered the woman holding scissors. he was able to persuade the woman to drop the scissors but they say she picked up a bat and tried to him hit. he shot her and she died. investigators are looking into why the sergeant didn't use his stun gun. a public hearing in california today on the use of self-driving cars radios. the dmv is proposing regulations that would allow autonomous carmakers to remove the steering wheel and brake pedals. for now, self-driving cars are still in prototype testing phase. and a group of angry automakers are fighting volkswagen over the emissions cheating scandal. hundreds of thousands of others
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group said that the settlement does not compensate them. 1 owner is asking for the full price of his car and part of his registration fee. airlines could be required to refund fee when is checked bags are substantially delayed by new rules. the government already requires airlines to refund fees for bags that are lost. this rule will go a step further. other rules include a rule that are forces flight delays by all the planes including those flights operated by regional carriers. another rule, online ticketing services would not be allowed to favor 1 airline over another. creepy clowns are creeping people out this halloween after incidents involving people dressed in scary clown masks posted to social media. school officials in johnston
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pranks. officialssay they are taking any and all clown related threats seriously. the investigation into an infant's death turns into a murder case.
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the time is 8:26. i'm lena tilllet. lena, we have a fender bender blocking the left lane at the end of the fortify work zone, not really a shoulder to work with. it will take a while to get this cleared up. we are down to 2 lanes and seeing big backups from south saunders to the u.s. 1 interchange.
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that left lane is narrowed with big backups heading away from 85 to downtown durham. trying to get downtown, use 85 to roxboro street. you can see it's getting busy. back to you. >> thank you, brian. a man accused of hitting two bicyclists and leaving the scene is due in court. 33-year-old crist mere moore is charged with felony hit and run in the crash that happened on high house road in cary on two women were injured and at last check were still in the hospital. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in asheville for a rally and in charlotte and durham tomorrow. it will be a warm day, mike. it is. it's warm out there already, lena. the temperatures with most of us seeing mainly clear skies. 59 in roxboro and 63 at rocky mount and raleigh.
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this morning. by the time we get to noon, 80 and a couple of fair weather clouds in spots and we'll get up to 86. but then it stays mild in the evening hours. 74 at 8:00 p.m. lena. thank you, mike. next on fox 50, a court appearance for a man accused ator: after twenty richard burr has yemade millions... , increasing his wealth over five hundred percent. no wonder richard burr was one of just three senators who voted against banning insider trading by congress. then there's medicare. richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare and got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. you...would pay more for medicare.
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the time is 8:30. a raleigh man charged in the death of a 10-month-old girl has a court appearance today. >> the child was found dead in an poormt-- apartment on sunday night. mikaya thurmond has more. >> reporter: lena and renee, marcus alston is in jail after an infant girl's death turned into a police responded to a home off suffolk boulevard and found the 10-month-old dead. her kidney and liver were lacerated. police arrested the man caring for the child at the time. warrants show that marcus alston is the boyfriend of the child's mother. policesay that alston lived in the apartment where the child was found but warrants show
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with the infant's family. a court spearns scheduled for later today. >> thank you, mikaya. a child care worker was found on video mishandling a 1- year-old. tracey stallings was arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor child abuse. the charges could be updated if it was found that the child is injured result of the incident. the mother said that the daycare should have done much more. stallings was allowed back in the classroom the day after the footage was discovered. residents in the 36 counties receiving federal assistance following hurricane matthew have until the close of business today to register to vote for the november 8th election. the deadline was extended to give storm victims more time to
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includes residents in cumberland county. the board of commissioners plan to meet to get a recovery. classes resume for students at vernon malone college and career academy in wake county even though the school is under repair. juniorsand seniors be spread out in four locations maintain coursework. after hurricane matthew, like a tack, the water was pouring out of the doors and the cafeteria and hallways and doors were damaged. here is a look at the school district -- districts that remain closed. the full list is scrolling at the bottom of your screen and
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the people of princeville still don't know when they will be allowed back in their homes. the national guard allows town leaders to survey the damage and they walked hand in hand as a sign of unity. the mayor said they will rebuild but it's still not safe for residents to return. they have been pumping the water out of the tar river out of town and they must inspect the roads and would buildings to make sure it's return. residents who evacuated near the wood lake dam are back. the dam did not breach but the scare forced hundreds from their homes. this is the view of the dam from sky 5 that formed a huge lake at the wood lake country club. part of the spillway crumbled under the force of the water. about 150 people who lived downstream were told they had to leave their homes as a precaution.
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together a plan to make sure that the dam is repaired. mike says the levels are going down quickly. the farther east you go, the slower the process. and it may take until sunday for kinston. a lot of sunshine to start the day and most of our temperatures this morning are in the 62 in hillsboro. we have 64 for holly springs and knightdale at 61 to start the day. and 63 at wilson. if you are out for a walk or a run early on, very nice weather for that with a light southwesterly breeze and clear skies and temperatures in the low 60s but starting to head up with the sunshine and a warm afternoon. later today, we're reaching the
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for a high of 86. the record is in striking distance with a lot of sunshine and a couple of puffy fair weather clouds here and there, and that's about it. otherwise, cooler weather on the way. we'll talk about when it arrives in the 7-day forecast in a bit. renee? >> thank you, mike. eastern north carolina university continues to deal with the river flooding. ecu opened a disaster recovering center to help studen by the flooding and will stay hope -- open until at least friday for financial aid and counseling. many of you are still stepping up to help neighbors in need. we started our 3-hour phone bank last week and continue our donations online and the total has topped $200,000 and is still rising. you can find more on check of the don't miss it
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days left for the north carolina state fair? >> we'll get the go ask mom north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. but pat mccrory seems more interested in giving tax cuts to millionaires. we rank 44th in spending per student. drop-out rates have gone up for the first time in 8 years.
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and pat mccrory has cut 3,000 teaching assistants from the early grades. he may have given tax cuts to millionaires,
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we're gearing up for day 7 at the state fair and today is military appreciation day. >> we honor the troops at that time fort bragg, camp lejeune and the north carolina initial - - national guard that deployed after hurricane matthew. >> and there are still 974 troops still deployed, repairing roads and pumping
8:39 am
out of princeville. >> for military appreciation the first 3000 people through the gates will get a commemorative keychain. >> the army band will wake the waterfall stage for three performances at noon, 4:00, and 6:00 and there will be a historical uniform review which i understand is a fashion show and they can get up abrams battle tank, a rocket system, and a mini c-130 aircraft. wow. >> and you don't want to miss the go ask mom guide. >> and i understand there is an epic tent area for kids? >> yeah. every year, i love writing
8:40 am
it's a big giant tent and all kinds of activities and games there. i think they run the pbs kids shows and they have story time and saturday during the fair, they have really big events. so this saturday, they'll have bob the builder and thomas the tank engine and live stage shows and middle east and greets and home depot will be there. and they will be able to build something, and the tent activities i think young grade coolers and home depot activities, it depends on how handy they are. it's free and low key and a nice spot to get off the midway and relax and have low-key fun. >> it's interactive and educational and distract them from the fried food. >> and one of the newest
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but it's awesome like a ski lift? >> yeah. it's great if you not want to walk so far or get a great view of the whole midway. i have to imagine it's beautiful when it's lit up. and one thing you need to know is you can't use your ride ticket for it. you need to buy an extra ticket for it. there were a few lines but the tickets are $8 for a round trip and $5 one way and they are advance, something to think about for next year and you need to be at least 40" to ride and you need to think about your child and how tall they are. and it doesn't stop. you got ab ready -- gotta be ready for it to meet you and -- >> kind of slide in? >> yeah. [laughter] >> good ton. >> so there is a mascot, a state fair mascot?
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>> yeah. he appeared last year, his first year and he hung out all around and you see him walking around, and this year, he has his own clubhouse near the kiddie land stage with activities and things like that throughout the day, and then check your daily schedule. it's usually around 11:00 and 2:00 and 5:00. but he is there for a meet and greet. so you can get a picture taken with him and he is at slide daily at 1:00 and i think kids can get a certificate sore -- or something like that. >> and you have the cultural exhibit? >> yeah. it celebrates all the cool things about your state, and
8:43 am
bikes where you can pretend you're biking. >> thank you so much. it sounds like a lot of fun. you can find out more go this on and search mom. 8:43 now. impossible to be blue over the world of bluegrass. >> the big money that the 5-day event brought to raleigh this year. >> who doesn't love a koala? this one will love you back if brian shrader will have more coming up. and your winning numbers
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after 20 years in washington, we're learning lots about richard burr. first, he opposed a bill prohibiting insider trading by members of congress. now we learn burr had over $100,000 in oil and gas stocks while he backed legislation giving tax credits benefitting gas companies. and oil and gas companies donated over half a million dollars to burr's campaigns. no wonder richard burr's wealth has increased over 500% since he's been in congress. that's making washington work for him.
8:46 am
i don't even know what to say about that song. makes you want to vote or something. i don't know what to do with that but the good part is it's sunny outside. >> not that bad. a nice picture of the solar panels, picking up a lot of sunlight and should generate a lot of electricity as we go through the course of the day and it will bring us plenty of heat for the tomorrow as well and big changes after that. we have a fairly mild start to the day. we're on the warm side of normal for this time of day. we have 63 in durham and 63 at the station in raleigh. wake forest, 59 and 64 for the holly springs area, and widening the view a bit, 61 in roxboro. they were in the upper 50s for a while, and 63 at rocky mount wilson. and 64 in fayetteville and 65 around southern pines.
8:47 am
radar across the region over the last 24 hour or satellite in this case and there hasn't been were in the way of cloud cover. if you were out yesterday, you might have seen a few scattered cumulus clouds and blue sky to go along with that. we have activity in the southeast but nothing that has formed into a cyclone. we have lower levels of hurricane center giving this afternoon 80% chance in the next couple days or so, two or three days a tropical or sub- tropical cyclone would storm and it would be otto, of the next name. a look at what the computer models are doing with that, taking it north northwest and others, hooking it west for a little while and after a couple of days, they consolidate back in between bermuda and the east coast of the united states, not
8:48 am
either place and judgmentally -- generally by the time it gets here we'll have an upper level trough from the atlantic to the united states and merging with that whole system. right now, this is a look at the upper level flow in the white lips lip-- lines and we have an upper level ridge in police not moving all that fast between today and we have a sharp drop with a second front as we go into late thursday and friday morning with the front moving into western and central parts of the state. as we go through the midday and afternoon on friday it passes east of us. saturday, a cooler and drier air mass will in place and might trigger a couple of scattered showers. it looks like by sunday we'll start to see temperatures rebound a little bit and more
8:49 am
by lunchtime. 80degrees and highs in the low 70s. 86 the high by 3:00 or 4:00 and tomorrow's high, 83 after a low in the low 60s, and on friday, we stay cooler with the front, 71 and variably cloudy and maybe a passing shower or two. as we look at football friday late on friday, most of the showers out of here to the east and 60 degrees and partly cloudy at 7:00, down in the low 50s at 10:00 p.m. blustery and cool on saturday and the high on 60, and sunday morning, we may have upper 30s and low 40s for lows and there might be a couple of pockets of frost in the outlying areas and edge back into the 70s next week. >> fall is here. thank you, mike. the north carolina general election is november 8 and we asked the candidates on the ballot to have let you know where they stand on important issues.
8:50 am
deb - - deborah ross talks about the issues surrounding illegal immigration. my name is deborah ross, and i would like your vote to be the next u.s. senator. we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform that's tough, fair and practical. this is important for national security and our economy. i will support common reform to our immigration system that secures our borders and includes a tough but fair pass to citizenship. vialed - - i would have voted for the bipartisan immigration repair bill. congress's failure to address this issue leaves our country less safe, hurts our economy and hurts families.
8:51 am
statements by the candidates, go to and search vote. the world of bluegrass set records in spending and visitor spending this year. more than 217,000 people generated $11.5 million, not counting the extra that locals spent. and a new program to make parking easier on hillsborough street, you can download an app and pay for a parking spot with a debit or credit card and use the app to monitor your time, extend your time or see your parking history. the parking app is free. that's a great idea. >> and convenient. such convenience. it's 2016. to be able to park with your apps. nice to get back to sight
8:52 am
weeks. in australia, a 7-year-old boy namedy sebastian wanted a pony very badly and took it upon himself to sell lemonade for a couple of years to save up money and saved his tooth fairy money and christmas money and birthday money and everyoned up with -- ended up with 3,000, and there is the pony, and his parents shot video of when they sent him to his pony. take a look at this. [laughter] >> oh, he is so happy. >> aw. >> oh, aw. >> oh, that's great. >> oh, good for him. >> oh, way to go.
8:53 am
>> oh, how sweet. >> oh, how fun. >> i know. >> and his mother is in tears. [laughter] >> all right. i have to show you this koa well, a named wolverine. they shot this v [laughter] >> that's great. >> he is just settled. keep it going. [laughter] >> and it looks fake. >> i know. it looks like it's animatronic. [laughter] >> oh, gosh. just loving it. enjoying it. >> and mandy points out -- >> nope, nope, here. >> the koalas in that part of
8:54 am
years away from extinction. >> oh, a special moment. [laughter] >> he is not letting go. >> like he is in bliss. we'll get another check on your top stories, weather, and
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ed me in a parking tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife.. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. time is 8:56. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm lena tillett. brian shrader is checking the
8:57 am
camera at mangum, but the good news is they have cleared the lane. the broken-down truck is on the right shoulder but the residual delays begin back at i-85. consider using 85 as an alternate route trying to get into downtown durham. back to you. thank you, brian. a 20-year-old raleigh man murder charge in the death of a baby girl. police arrested marcus alston after responding to a home on suffolk boulevard. alston was the boyfriend of the baby's mother and the baby was in his care when she died. sunny and warm, mike. we are mostly in the 60s, 63 in roxboro and 66 in raleigh and almost 70 in fayetteville and 70 in greenville.
8:58 am
at lunchtime and 3:00, 4:00, a high of 86, and our record is 87, a lot of sun and a couple of fair weather clouds and 8:00 p.m., down to 74. back to you. calculating hurricane matthew's financial impact on local businesses. many warehouses inundated with water do not have flood insurance. today at noon, we're live with how business owners can get some relief. that's the news the next update is in 25 minutes and the next newscast
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show. come on, baby. come on. you all right. let's go, let's go. yeah. how ya'll? thank you very much. how's everybody? well, thank you much, y'all. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man for your today. returning for their fourth day, from st. paul, minnesota, it's the champs. it's the felton family! [cheering and applause] and from tifton, georgia, it's the hughes family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid. right there, folks.


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