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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  October 20, 2016 8:00am-8:59am EDT

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debate. we have reaction. plus, early voting starts today in north carolina. what you need to know before heading to the polls. and it's a foggy start to the morning. meteorologist amy wilmoth will tell us when the fog will lift. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> and i'm renee chou. grade to have -- great to have you with us. the final presidential debate is over, and trump is saying he may not accept the election results if he loses. >> it started civil with back and forth but it grew bitter into the evening and trump called clinton, quote, a nasty woman. >> tracie potts is live in las vegas with what happened last night and to talk about the fallout from the debate and what the candidates are looking
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people are talking about what's going on after the debate. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. donald trump is not sure he will accept the election results. didn'tsay he wouldn't. didn'tsay he would. he said he will keep it a mystery for now and that means a lot of people are wondering if the very long campaign will really be over on trump who's repeatedly called this election rigged declined twice to accept the results if he loses. >> i will tell you at this time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> that's horrifying. >> are you serious? you think if someone is committing fraud they should accept results, regardless? come on. >> reporter: his team hinting this will be a long drawn-out fight. >> remember al gore in 2000? >> if the vote is fair, yes.
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and overturning roe versus wade. >> that will happen in my opinion because i will be putting pro-life justices on the court. >> i do not think the united states government should be stepping in. >> reporter: there were moments of confusion and contention on russia's president. >> that's because he would rather have a puppet than president. >> no puppet. you're the puppet. >> reporter: debt, the economy, immigration, they hit sensit e-mails. >> the russian government has engaged in espionage against americans. >> reporter: and sexual assault allegations. >> i didn't do anything. they want fame or her campaign did it. >> reporter: trump claims the latest action against isis is political. >> the only reason they did it is she is running for the office of president and they want to look tough. >> reporter: clinton brought up
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>> we have immigrants in america paying more income tax than a billion air. >> reporter: so looking ahead, today, the vice presidential candidates and president obama and first lady michelle obama will be out in the swing states. and trump and clinton will be at the same event today in new york. i'm tracie potts. now back to early voting begins in north carolina. >> earlier this year, an extra week was restored that was cut back in 2013. bill leslie has voting details. >> reporter: renee and lena, because that extra week was restored, we are back to a 17- day early voting period. this year you can vote at any early voting site in your home county, and you will not need voter id to vote but you will
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proof of your name and address to register on the same day. there were changes in the rules for smart phones. you can use your smart phone in the voting booth to look up candidate lists or sample ballots or other election information. however, you are not allowed to use your phone to contact anyone else, and it's illegal understate law to take photos in a polling of your ballet or selfies. you can check out your county's voting regulations online. we have it all on back to you. >>thank you, bill, for that information. students at two local colleges plan to hold a march to the poll event to encourage people to vote early. the naacp will join the students for a news conference and rally.
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raleigh plan to march to the early voting site this morning. johnston county schools will be delayed two hour this is morning because of yesterday's series of crashes on i-95. johnston community college will not open until 11:00 a.m. and sampson and wayne counties delayed 2 hours because of the impact from hurricane matthew. the full list is scrolling at the bottom of your creep and cooler weather is coming but we'll have to wait one or two >> toasty, aimee. yesterday, we set a record high, 88 at rdu, and today, probably at 83. a warm day and the record is 87. we won't break a record but it will be a one. the wilson skycam, foggy and we do have fog and reduced visibilities in numerous locations especially in the northeastern county. the visibility is down to less than a yard of a mile.
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the fog will lift and we'll have sunshine. quiet on the satellite and radar combined. we have a cold front moving in, light rain, not heavy rain with it and cooler temperatures. it's mild, 61 in wake forest and 61 in cary and 63 in durham and 63 in 63 in fayetteville. so a comfortable start this morning and we will warm up quickly this afternoon. at lunchtime, 78 degrees and a southeast wind at 5 miles per hour and high temperatures today up to 83 degrees under partly cloudy skies. right now, we'll send it over to brian. it's 8:06, aimee, and for the most part, our major routes
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southbound detour set up because of the crashes yesterday. it was a messy night on 95. they have re-opened the northbound lanes and southbound remains closed in central and johnston county. highway 70 to i-40 and eastbound 40 to 95. it will add about 40 minutes to your commute. so plan on the extra time. we are not open. we'll let you know when we find out. you can download the news app and check for the latest on 95 through the day. we have a crash in north raleigh this morning, a minor accident on creedmoor at millbrook road and we are seeing delays both directions on creedmoor road but especially the southbound side and atlantic at new hope church road, an accident at that
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crashes and one at martin street in downtown raleigh. again, delays on 540 beginning at capital boulevard and really around lewis burg road now and continuing to leesburg. 4040 westbound slow this morning from around the new bern avenue interchange and seeing heavy delays on outbound wade avenue between 440 and i- 40. look out for backups on 40 eastbound away from the airport toward raleigh. looking westbound on i 40 from south saunders street in the fortify work zone. in some of areas, fog is on the ground but in many spots we are seeing low cloud cover, and seeing the distance how it's slowing down, 4040 to wade, 18 minutes and you condition beyond that to the airport, no delays to 540. back to you. new overnight, fire crews
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balding in if -- fuquay-varina. it was started in an abandoned warehouse but no word on the cause. coming up, team up with the smart shopper to take home goodies. and the battle to retake mosel from isis is getting more intense by the day. the new group that just joined in to help in the operation. before we go to break, this is a live voting lines in north carolina. it's the first day and take a
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today is hunger relief at a the state fair 72 bring in 5 cans of food from food they will donate it to needy families in a 34 county area surrounding raleigh. in the wake of hurricane matthew, food lion said relief is especially important. joining us this morning is our smart shopper. good morning, fay. >> good morning, ladies. excited for the fair? >> i am and you will be out
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tomorrow, and we will hand out smart shopper swag and go ask mom swag. and we have a gift card give away on the blog from food lion as well. and you may want to check that out at so if you are out at the fair tomorrow, you can join me. >> what is smart shopper sw it's all food related, grocery lists, important things. >> yeah, and if we want a picture taken with you -- >> yeah. if they wanted to. [laughter] or we could just chat about the deals. >> like the grocery deals. speaking of which, yeah, we have good ones. they started yesterday, and my favorite, we have to talk about the food.
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>> sounds good. >> thank you. >> have a great time at the fair tomorrow morning. >> oh, thank you. tesla wants to make sure the vehicles are ready for the future. >> the new equipment being added and how it could be used. three crashes shut down i- 95 in johnston county.
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shining broughtly over roxboro and across the triangle this morning. it will bring heat today. >> it will. >> i love that song. >> i don't know who sings it. >> it's in the top category. >> it's in that genre. >> >> echo smith. trying to decode the voices in my ear. it describes the morning, nice and bright and lost in the clouds and fog. we are starting to see some of it burn off a bit. let's go ahead and take a look at the radar and show you in areas of showers and thunderstorms, a cold front will be moving in tomorrow and likely to bring us rain. i don't think we'll get any thunderstorms but scattered showers will be possible as
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tomorrow afternoon. but there will be numerous showers and thunderstorms back to the west. this is where the front is. it will be over us tomorrow and bring us cooler temperatures. here's a look at the visibilities. the numbers are coming up, so we are things improve, up to a mile in rocky mount and south hill and goldsboro, and this is good to hear. here's a look from the south hill skycam, no fog and blue sky and a pretty start in south mostly cloudy in the airport, 63 degrees and winds are currently calm. the temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. 62 in south hill and a pretty picture there. 61 in southern pines and 63 right now in fayetteville. the dew points are fairly similar to the temperatures, upper 50s and low 60s across the viewing area. quiet weather here but we have rain on the way. here is a pair of cold fronts that will eventually go into
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the area and bring showers with them tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening and that will be followed by cooler temperatures, in the 30s across parts of the northern plains and in the rockies. it will not get that cold here, not low 30s and upper 20s like in denver but it will be cooler over the weekend. not expecting rain today, mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and highs in the 80s. the rain is still west of showers in the western communities and a better chance of hit and miss showers for the evening commute. it should dry out and be a beautiful weekend, but windy tomorrow as the front moves in. keep that in mind with the football games, cooling down and windy and hopefully dry. a warm day and highs in the 80s
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last several days and again today. 71 for the high temperature, and tomorrow, showers most likely after lunch time of and then for the evening, hopefully done at 7:00. by 10:00, the temperatures in the mid-50s and over the weekend, looking good but chilly in the morning with lows in the 40s and highs in the low to mid-60s. 73 on monday and cooling down again nexted with highs in the 60s. back to you. >> thank you, aimee. new overnight iraqi special forces have joined the pre-dawn advance with the aid of u.s.- led coalition airstrikes and heavy artillery, the fourth day of the massive operation to re- take iraq's second largest
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.s.-led invasion. this operation is expected to take weeks, not months. the syrian military is calling on residents of aleppo to evacuate using loud speakers to get the message out and called for the gunmen to lay down their weapons. a mentally ill woman shot by police in new york city will be remembered. a prayer vigil will be held for 66-year-old deborah danker. policesay danker police sergeant when she was shot. she also had scissors. new york's mayor called it tragic and unacceptable. a group marched in danker's apartment to a nearby police precinct last night. demonstrations are planned on the anniversary of a fatal police shooting in chicago. dashcam video shows laquan mcdonald shot 16 times.
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authoritys in northern california say a deputy killed while responding to a call about a disturbance just joined the force last year. the modoc county sheriffs office said that the deputy was shot to death near the oregon border. a suspect is in custody. tesla said they have technology to make future cars a - - autonomous, able to driver completely on their own. elon musk predicts that the tech no will - - technology will be twice as safe as a human driver. uber and other automakers are working on a range of self- driving cars. three crashes that shut down i 95 in johnston county continue to cause problems. >> we will tell you where part
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and the battle over coal ash in flood zones and the concerns over our water. stay with us. north carolina e education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. s to millionaires. we rank 44th in spending per student. drop-out rates have gone up for the first time in 8 years. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a textbook shortage. and pat mccrory has cut 3,000 teaching assistants from the early grades. he may have given tax cuts to millionaires,
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>> i'm lena tillett. let's get to brian shrader who will help us navigate detours. 95 southbound in johnston county from the crashes yesterday. it was shut down overnight in both directions. but the southbound side still remains closed. they opened the northbound side. the detour takes you off at u.s. 70 in smithfield and i-40 and then eastbound 40 and continue down back to 95 on the
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not sure when it will re-open but keep in mind the detour will add 40 minutes to the commute. in the triangle, looking pretty good overall. back to you. >> thank you, brian. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in the triangle. after visiting asheville, he will be at a rally in charlotte before going to durham and speak at the nc central university's library bowl. north carolina voters can head to the polls today for the this is a look at lines forming at the community center in north raleigh. voters can go to any voting center in the county where they live. aimee? another warm day today and temperatures back in the 80s this afternoon, a nice start. the fog is starting to lift. here is the roxboro skycam, a few clouds with the sun rising but patchy fog lingering. but we are really seeing improvement.
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west with showers and thunderstorms, and rain tomorrow will move in in the afternoon and evening and followed by cooler temperatures. mild this morning, 63 degrees and 63 in fayetteville as well. highs today, 83 and cooler with showers tomorrow and 71 for the high and beautiful on saturday with a high of 61. lena? >> thank you, aimee. the investigation of a
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the time is 8:30. a series of crashes on i-95 forces evacuation orders and school delays in johnston county. >> right now, the evacuation order has been lifted in smithfield but southbound lanes of i-95 are closed. northbound lanes re-opened this morning. the crash happened yesterday afternoon on business 70 and highway 96. mikaya thurmond has the report. >> reporter: thiis from one of the three crashes on 95. obviously, a number of people involved, some so serious as to cause evacuations. we do know that dozens of people were taken to two different shelters. while some of the people in the shelter were johnston county residents, others just happened to be on i-95 when the accident happened. they were told to leave their vehicles and get out of the
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princeton high school and 26 at cleveland high school. an rv rear ended a tractor trailer caution -- causing a fiery crash that killed one person. the tractor trailer was carrying an unknown chemical that and is the concern that sparked last night's evacuation. this is just one of 3 crashes on 95. an earlier accident involved a tractor trailer running off the road into trees and a couple of crash involving 5 vehicles. trooperssay that a large truck ran into an rv. two more trucks and a passenger vehicle were tangled up in the mess. two people died in the accident and another person went to the hospital, and of course, now, crews are working into a recovery effort. no word yet on when i-95 southbound will re-open. mikaya thurmond, wral news, smithfield. >> keep in mind because of the crash johnston county schools
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community college will not open until 11:00. sampson and wayne counties will be delayed because of the remnants of hurricane matthew. robeson county school leaders hope to have students back in class from minute. flooding heavily damaged the offices on highway 72. the superintendent said west lumberton elementary was hardest hit and won't open any time soon. they are looking for another building to house the 130 students. governor mccrory will create a committee to rebuild the communities and make them better protected in the future and focus on businesses, agriculture and roads and businesses.
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they believe this milky white substance is a type of coal ash called fly ash and say it's toxic. duke energy and the department of environmental quality say it's a non-hazardous byproduct of burning coal. >> i think what this shows us is it's inherently dangerous to store coal nash unlined pits in the flood zones of major rivers. >> it looks scary and unpleasant and we understand that, and that's why we are being transparent in our findings. these are cenospheres and they are not anything to be concerned about. >> both are still doing testing on the water. the state is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest for the
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headquarters in orange county. someone threw a molotov cocktail through the window setting it on fire. and vandals targeted republican party headquarters in pamplico county. the gop county chairman said on two separate occasions, someone shot an air rifle or bb gun at the front window. no one was inside at the time. looks like we'll have our last day of warm weather today. fall weather that a lot of people are waiting for. a lot of people are waiting for the cold front that will arrive tomorrow and still warm today with the temperatures in the 80s. a look at the raleigh skycamera. a good day to go to the fair. it will be on the warm side and dry. tomorrow, take the rain fear gear with showers moving in and the cold front arrives in the afternoon and evening. visibility, these numbers are
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south will and now up to 3 in rocky mount and the fog is burning off getting the sunshine out there. the temperatures in the 60s and it's comfortable. 62 in hillsboro and 64 in knightdale. a nice day and warmer temperatures in the 80s and the front arrives tomorrow, 63, and 71 at 11:00 tomorrow morning and then the front moves in, and the temperatures likely falling evening into the 60s and 50s. we'll chat more about the cold front and what this means for the temperatures for the weekend, renee and lena. >> thank you, aimee. he didn't grow up wanting to be an educator but fell in love with it. >> wral's lynda loveland takes us to justin osterstrom's classroom. >> you are wral's teacher of the week. congratulations.
8:35 am
>> reporter: the wral swag bag is cool but justin just won another a wiewrd a bigger - - award on a bigger scale, the presidential award of excellence in mathematics and teaching and accepted it at the white house. he said you have to adapt to the kids. >> every year, you have a different batch of kids, and relationships can build with >> reporter: martin magnet middle school's assistant principal agrees. >> you can tell when he goes into the classroom, he is having as much fun as they are, constantly moving around and they are engaged in dynamic learning and they are building rollercoasters right now. >> reporter: justin just has a way with students. >> it's like fun learning. it doesn't really feel like learning. >> reporter: nor does it really feel like work to justin. >> happy. i love coming to work and love
8:36 am
day and having the conversations. i work with awesome people that feel the same way. >> reporter: with our teacher of the week, i'm lynda loveland, wral, raleigh. >> so see all of our teachers of the week, just go to wral and search teacher. need to clean up without the hassle of a clunky vacuum? >> monica laliberte checks it out. and the future of rdu will be discussed today. i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action
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big vacuums come in all shapes and sizes. no matter what it looks like feels like you just want it to clean. 5 on your side's monica laliberte shows us which ones
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landy for a quick pickup like when company is dropping by but they don't all work the same. this $220 electrolux just pushed around this test mixture of cheerios, rice, and sand, and it was worse on the edge test. look at the sand left after several passes. the dyson showed how it's done and sucked up all the sand. >> the dyson is lightweight, just 5 pounds hefty price tag, $600, and it picked up. >> reporter: it has a rechargable battery but only runs for about 14 minutes. another recommended vacuum, the $230 shark rocket deluxe pro. it has a cord so you don't have to worry about running out of power. it weighs about 9 pounds and an excellent job picking up pet hair and the light helps you to
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under furniture, and another option, the bissell for 1 $30. it does a great job getting pet hair and is quieter than a lot of machines tested and on bare floors, it's better at picking up bits of debris. because they're easier to handle, some of the new stick vacs can be a big help around the house but still don't approach the deep cleaning power of a regular vacuum. consumer reports said consider them a replacement. monica laliberte, wral tv 5 on your side. >> monica adds the dirt devil accu charge. it costs $70 but it's not as good as the others as picking up pet hair but delivered 21 minutes of cleaning before it needs a recharge. you can find more on look for 5 on your side and look for the consumer tab. it's a view from the state
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seen before. >> we'll show what you it's like to be in the pig race. >> we'll show what you it's like to be in the pig race. and your when i saw the attacks on roy cooper about the crime lab, i had to come forward. those ads are not true. i'm a survivor of sexual assault. it was mr. cooper who supported me when we went to the state legislature to get more funding for rape kits. and even after he fixed the problems in the crime lab, it's hard for a crime victim to speak out. but roy cooper is a good man.
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narrator: it's all connected. richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare, making you pay more. and richard burr got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. richard burr was one of just three senators to vote against banning insider trading by congress. and richard burr voted to raise 0 percent. richard burr. twenty years in washington... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content
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that's the state fair rolling out the welcome mat. come on down. >> look forward to it. >> yes, lena's first north carolina state fair ya'll. today; right? you'll be out when? >> 1:30 to 3:00.
8:44 am
>> i ran this week so i can eat as much as possible today. >> that's good because you will. and don't feel guilty. >> exactly. >> i will be there before you, 11:30 to 1:30. it's canned food day. it will be a good crowd. >> and good weather. it will be warm. you don't have to bring the rain gear or a jacket, and temperatures in the low 80s. keeping an eye on the tropics. we are watching this storm system. it doesn't have a name yet but it might. the national hurricane center is giving it a 50% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone. if it gets a name it's just to the north and east of the bahamas but it would be named otto. the good news is we have a cold front that moves in tomorrow and it could keep it away from us. we don't want any more tropical weather here. we had enough this year and for several years.
8:45 am
this is a cold front that will keep otto to the east of us and keep it offshore which is good news. showers and thunderstorms developing along the front and i don't think we'll get storms with this as it moves in tomorrow and brings us rain and cooler temperatures. here's a look at the rdu skycam, a few clouds and hazy off in the distance and we had fog this morning and really seeing huge improvements in visibility. 63 at the airport and mostly cloudy and calm and dew points in the 60s and the humidity at 97%. some other temperatures, town by town, 64 in rocky mount and 66 in goldsboro and 63 in southern pines. so it's feeling pretty good out there, but it's cold in denver. temperatures have dropped to 27 in denver, colorado behind the cold front that moves in
8:46 am
high at 10:00, 11:00 tomorrow and then the temperature will drop in the afternoon hours. a look at the satellite and radar, rain that developed along a pair of cold fronts that mortgage into one. and the cold - - merge into one, and then the cold air comes in. i'll call it cold with some of the areas getting in the upper 30s. tomorrow, the rain west of us today. tomorrow morning for the commute, dry and might have rain in the mountains. at lunchtime tomorrow, mainly dry and a few showers in the western counties but for the most part dry through the lunch hour and then head toward the evening commute tomorrow, 5:00 and scattered showers possible and then the front moves offshore and it will bring cooler temperatures for the second half of the day tomorrow and especially over the weekend, but it's warm today. 83 for the high and partly
8:47 am
hour. so a warm day today. the headlines for tomorrow, 71 for the high temperature around 11:00 and maybe around noon. and then the front moves in and brings showers the second half of the day and bring gusty winds with it as well, gusting up to 25, miles per hour on friday and then saturday, gorgeous weather. it will cool in the morning, 61 for the high and the normal, 71. so we'll normal, and look then, 40s for the lows. we will be well below normal. and we will have another cold front moving in as we head into monday expected bring temperatures back down into the 60s. one more warm day to go. >> chilly. >> get the coats ready. >> hello, fall. >> it's here. >> all right. thank you, aimee. the north carolina general
8:48 am
the state's top office on the ballot we asked the candidates for governor their issues on the important issues facing our state. >> we asked governor mccrory what is to be done surrounding the controversy of hb 2. you know, this controversy started when the city of charlotte passed a regulation that allowed men to use women's restrooms, and i disagree with the irresponsible mandate. this is not about discrimination. the reality is north carolina liberal politicians and left wing groups from out of state want to redefine gender and made north carolina the center of this debate. i will continue to seek compromise with the city of charlotte as i have done but half of all states are fighting this extreme a jeand in court along with north carolina. this is now a national issue which will be decided in the
8:49 am
and despite the rhetoric from the left and the media, we've added over 30,000 new jobs since april. >> to see all position statements by the candidates, go to and search vote. the pig races at the state fair are a huge hit with kids and adults alike but have you ever wanted to know what does a race look like from the perspective of a pig? wonder no photojournalist robert found a pig willing to show you, and check out the point of the race from the tiny racer here, getting ready for the run and then the action around the track. go, little piggy. those pigs are moving. the pig races are daily at 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, and 9:00. [laughter] i may have to check that out at the fair. >> and motivation at the end, right to there is. the raleigh/durham airport
8:50 am
action today on a master plan to define the 2040 plan. there will be nine public meetings and a thousand public comment that is will lay out plans for a new runway, terminal expansions, parking expansions, transit connections and new and enhanced roadways surrounding the airport. the town of garner celebrated a new expansion about fun games and fitness and held a groundbreaking for the new recreation center on purvis street and include a new basketball court, walking track and fitness, art, and multipurpose room. it's expected to be financed next year. the juno spacecraft lost equipment as it was supposed to
8:51 am
jupiter. they were going to map the magnetic field but the plans are on hold until december. juno's computer restarted after the shut down. nasa said it's fine. juno is on a 20-month mission to learn how and where the giant planned formed. >> so much to discover out there. so much to discover. did you watch the >> i stayed up for it. >> i did in the morning. >> okay. did you stay up late or -- >> no, no, i did not stay up late. okay. a lot of people watched it as it was happening, of course, including a lady named caroline paul on a virgin atlantic estate. she tweeted this picture where
8:52 am
and then the person in 28a was watching "real housewives." and they tweeted that was the smartest person on the plane. >> oh, drama for both. >> a little taste of democracy in the air and speaking of elections, take a look at what's happening at the alaska zoo in anchorage. there is an election on right now and early voting is in progress for zoo. george the magpie, denali the wolf, and the polar bear, they are running for president. so far, they raised $15,000 in the fundraiser. >> what are the polls saying? >> the polar bar, ashland, is the incumbent and is losing.
8:53 am
wolverine from russia, olga, so very controversial. so we'll have to find out what happened. >> always controversy. >> i know. always something. >> but the voters will decide and have their say. >> that's right. we'll get another check on the top stories and traffic and weather next.
8:55 am
i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action is responsible for the content of this advertising. the time is 8:56 and i'm renee chou. >> i'm lena tillett. here are your top stories. an evacuation due to a
8:56 am
in johnston county, but i-95 southbound remains closed following that and two other crashes that claimed 3 lives in all. johnston county schools are on a 2-hour delay. brian shrader will have more on the i-95 delay in a moment. we will be in the 80s, aimee? that's right. and we have fog this morning starting to left and -- lift and you can see from the tall tower cam, rain from the west and the cold the 80s out of the forecast and bring the 70s and 60s in for high temperatures. feeling good right now. 68 in raleigh and and 69 in fayetteville and saturday, highs in the low 60s. brian? aimee, let's talk about the big detour i-95 southbound from the crashes yesterday. northbound lanes are re-open,
8:57 am
smithfield and benson. exit 97, highway 70 to i-40 and take eastbound 40 back down to 95. it will add about 40 minutes to your ride, so plan extra time. it's a story on and on the noon news on wral. in the triangle, traffic is moving along pretty well. back to you. >> thank you, brian. we have all watched the race for the white house take childish turns. so rather than our school kids learning from the candidates, maybe the candidates can learn at noon, they will share advice at noon, they will share advice for i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead.
8:58 am
e best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action
8:59 am
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: you got that money. steve: how y'all doing? thank you very much, now. i appreciate it. i appreciate you, now. thank y'all. thank you very much, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000--from tifton, georgia, it's the hughes family. [cheering and applause] steve: and...from vidalia, georgia, it's the wardlaw family.


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