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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  October 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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hillary clinton and obama keep up for it . north carolina in the gop quarters in hillsboro leads to this discovery of another crime. a local woman missing and her son is now in jail and the charges he now faces.
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>> we are headed up now we did drop into the upper 30s in some places yesterday morning. now temperatures in the 30s for the next several days of the we're going to be late on our first real hard reads. we tend to see that and of october early november. what a neat have more clouds out there this morning and we will see that on and off all day. forty-six in durham. forty-three and roxborough. we will see temperatures a little warmer this afternoon. mid to upper 40s this morning 16 at lunchtime and 74 this afternoon.
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will talk better chances coming up in a few minutes. we are starting to see delays holding this morning as you come out of johnston heading to garner and look at i 40 on the right shoulder you see flashing light it looks like maybe a minor accident or disabled vehicle over on the right shoulder contributing to our back up this morning. about beltline split. the delays on 40 west heading into garner are backed up until the bypass. that is what you get beyond the clayton bypass.
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a disabled vehicle on lewisburg road at ability drive. also busy on the inbound capital boulevard. in durham no big delays just to get. the durham freeway moving freely in both directions. forty eastbound looks good as you leave durham freeway is delay for it. -- free. hillary clinton will be at a rally at winston salem today with michelle obama. >> donald trump will campaign today in another battleground
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michelle obama team up in north carolina. >> we cannot for a minute. no complacency here. >> more than 10 million americans have already voted with more democrats at the pull -- at the polls. >> they have lines going to the voters polls that are four blocks long and there are an awful lot of red hat. >> the latest poll shows trump drilling by nine points. >> i don't think it into goals with their goods they don't pay attention to them they are bad. >> they are tied in nevada and clinton up by nine in new hampshire.
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schedule. >> trumpet taking heat for diverting his campaign to open a hotel in washington. >> trump is in ohio today were so far more democrats have voted. >> all this week we are on the road talking to voters in north carolina about the issues the port to them. -- important we are learning more about the person responsible for the firebombing of the gop can headquarters in hillsboro. footage from during a nine hour span was collected investigators also say they received hundreds of tips from the community.
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leads to an arrest. police ran across this image of a creepy clown near an atm early in the morning of october the 16th. investigators say the person in the mask is connected to the theft and fraud of an atm card but not connected to the bombing or arson case of the gop headquarters. police identify the person in the clown mask and charges pending. a woman missing at her son is in jail accused of mistreating and stealing money from her. a friend asked deputies to check on a 74-year-old woman carolyn fox. investigators say there is no sign of her at her home. her son is charged with exploitation of the elderly. investigators will not say what they think happened to fox. japan and south korea have
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weapons. officials that made it clear that dealing with north korea's recent actions requires broader international pressure and the tougher sanctions. just this year north korea conducted its fourth and fifth nuclear test along with a string of various missile launches. the u.s. military is fixing up an old air base in northern iraq as a staging area against isis americans have been working since august to repair the base. contingents from the u.s. army marines and air force share the facility about 37 miles south of most of. two powerful aftershocks rock central -- italy.
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aftershocks. >> so far we have not heard any reports of deaths at this time. the first earthquake measured 5.5 on the richter scale followed a few hours later by a 6.1 magnitude quake. there are a number of smaller tremors overnight as well. thousands of people were displaced by last night's quake with residents pouring into the streets during heavy rainfall. there were no serious injuries but you can see a lot of come up with temporary housing. civil protection authorities are now conducting a survey of the quake stricken its own stricken its own zone. there often on scene and on the -- unintentional victims of hurricanes dick the number of pets still waiting to be reunited with their owners. >> the government put on hold
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really?ot email any, um, classified material. the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action
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the staff in durham is monitoring the animals after the unexpected death of four lemurs in less than a day. the animals over acting tired and died after they were taken to the emergency room. the two males and females increased in age from 7-8. they were named in a horror movie theme because of the parents and nocturnal nature.
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considered to be endangered with fewer than 50 in captivity in the world. there is a new tactic by towing companies driver say it is unfair but cities can't do anything to it. we will tell you why honor evening unit -- news at 6:00. 100 pets rescued during hurricane matthew were was still waiting to be claimed by their owners. most are they are asking people who lost pets during the storm to visit the center. so far 82 pets have reunited with their owners. we like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who donated items for families in need after matthew. we were able to fill several
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folks who donated canned goods the cleaning supplies toiletries and much more. those items will be delivered today storm victims in affected counties. it is not too late to give. on our website there is a link you can donate and you can also give honor app. >> great job out there yesterday reporting the story as it was at first not that many people then they came in droves and they were so kind and so giving. it was incredible to see firsthand. >> that is cool. samsung is with the bounce back from the scandal involving the samsung note phones. >> their message to shareholders and how many fires have been confirmed. the changes being made at a
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richard burr, by the numbers: over 20 years in washington: burr voted himself 5 pay raises... took 26 trips paid for by special interests... and his personal net worth increased 500%. washington works just fine for richard burr... but he's not working for us, missing 66% of his senate committee hearings, including 65% of armed services hearings. that's richard burr. working for himself, not north carolina. afscme people is responsible
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it's called "the snake:" a long, skinny congressional district drawn along i-85 to segregate african american voters. legislators as a partisan power grab. and justice bob edmunds? he wrote the decision supporting his party's discrimination. but federal judges rejected edmunds' opinion and said the power grab was all about race.
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look at the beautiful sunrise. >> roxborough rocking the sunrise. >> something about the angle of the camera because the sun rises beautiful everywhere we just happened to catch it right there. we we're going to talk about what is ahead. the cloud cover tends to make for a more beautiful sunrise.
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reflect on. even though we will see more clouds it is likely to stay dry during the late hours. we do have some patchy rain in the forecast for tonight it's going to be very little. will talk about how much over the next couple of minutes. then warm up behind the front coming through tonight. we see temperatures drop and we see a two or 3 degrees drop and then temperatures climbed. we stay above normal afternoon highs and morning lows for the next we are nowhere close to seeing our first freeze of the season. the sun is starting to come up but it is definitely grayer than it was yesterday. mostly cloudy at the airport and 50 degrees. the dewpoint now is in the mid- 40s at 46. forty-five in south hill and we gave up to 39 in roanoke rapids. yesterday we had a bunch of towns at 38 and 39th
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yesterday morning. was patty frost and the no hard freeze. forty-one in stamford. fifty-four in clinton. satellite and radar showing the cloud cover streaming in. right here is our front there is very little rain in this front as you can see and as the front crosses over the mountains even more rain will get run out. the rain will happen overnight tonight instead not much to it really. we take future cast out to lunch time there will be a mixture of fun and clouds. it would be great from time to time but also some extent. here is 7:00. there is a brief shower running by in the morning and ends guys started to start to clear about seven or 8:00 in the morning and we are home free with beautiful skies
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we have another front coming too late sunday that drops the temperature again no rain with that one. seventy for the high today 72 on friday and nice warm morning well at 57 it is a football friday and temperatures look great for football or if you're just heading out friday night. 7:64 -- 7:00 it will be 64 degrees. we bump up to nearly 80-ounce today. tons of events happening over the weekend one of those a boston college please at 12:30. it's going to be a shorts and t-shirts afternoon and saturday and on sunday. monday a little cooler it should be perfect for the trick-or-treaters. it will be so cold that they will have to wear a jacket or coat over their costumes and it will be so incredibly warm that it won't feel like halloween. at 6:00 in the -- at 6:00 it
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look at i 40 at the clayton bypass and it looks like police are on the scene of whatever that was on the right shoulder. it looks like it may have been a minor event. it as well off the road but still contravening to our congestion d up to 21 minutes now. you may consider using 70 business is your ultimate work this morning it's wide open clayton into raleigh. for the rest of the triangle looking good. there is a report of a stalled vehicle mayor for 40 i 40 interchange and we are seeing some other delays building now between the 440 split. what you get beyond that it is
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smooth ride for u.s. one and wait avenue. look at for crash on capital boulevard in buffalo road. at the moment it looks like any delays that are due to the crash from the northbound side and inbound traffic is moving along well. as you head toward the beltline we are seeing some pretty significant delays around the city of raleigh. durham is still looking good no delays reported and secretary of defense has suspended an effort to force thousands of california national guardsmen to repay enlistment bonuses. the pentagon was collecting the bonuses from soldiers who enlisted and served in iraq and afghanistan at the height of the wars. soldiers raftery the bonuses that in some cases totaled more than $25,000 this sparked strong criticism from members of
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congress looks for a long-term solution. the u.s. abstained on the united nations vote condemning its trade embargo against the communist country. embargo was incremented decades ago and the u.s. has already -- always voted against the resolution to get -- against it. they are hoping by said -- by sitting out it is a direct message to congress which is the only wall blocking the end of the embargo. the u.s. coast guard has suspended its search for a u.s. sailor. they found his boat drift about 600 miles off the hawaiian island of the water. his life jacket was on board but there was no sign of the man who is trying to sail from san francisco to shanghai in 20 days.
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samsung says it has confirmed 140 cases of its accounting note seven smart phone overheating catching fire. samsung recall two half million phones last month following growing reports of fires. the company's president apologized at a meeting with shareholders today. he says the company still doesn't know what caused the program -- problem with the galaxy note seven. th smartphone division alone. a tennessee family suing amazon for $30 million. they blame the retailer for selling them the exploding of a board that was found to be the cause of a the fire that destroyed their home in january. the families lawsuit claims amazon was negligent and failed to warn their customers of the nine fires caused by the particular board. they also see the product was falsely represented on the website. busch gardens is making a change after four people died in
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theme park in tampa closed its theme park in tampa closed its river rapids as a precaution. it was similar to t river rapids as a precaution. when i saw the attacks on roy cooper about the crime lab, i had to come forward. survivor of sexual assault. it was mr. cooper who supported me when we went to the state legislature to get more funding for rape kits. and even after he fixed the problems in the crime lab, he's been there for me time after time ever since. it's hard for a crime victim to speak out. but roy cooper is a good man.
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the weather is taking a
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>> the sun is starting to approach the horizon in the mix of sun clear skies making for this gorgeous start. we will see more cloud cover today that we did yesterday but no rain until tonight. it's 43 and roxborough 49 in fayetteville. it is jacket weather but it is warmer than it was at this time yesterday. seventy-four for the high today more cloud cover than yesterday a chance of a brief shower tonight and nice and sunny friday and saturday. saturday up to nearly 80 degrees. a couple problems on 40 westbound this morning. are typical delays around the clayton bypass into garner are a little worse because of the police activity. it was a minor accident on the right shoulder contributing to some backups. we also have some delays in raleigh. the left lane the 40 westbound is blocked and that is adding up to some big backups to garner. twenty-four minutes to make the
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it is not bound between 440 and wait and still looking good as you head away from weighted toward 540. over all it looks to get typical on the road but injection -- congestion in the usual spot. where raleigh will be getting a popular new upscale grocery store and enjoy the
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linda coleman: i'm linda coleman, and hb2 is a disaster. hb2 has cost us thousands of jobs. i know from my experience in the state cabinet what it takes to bring good jobs to north carolina. we have to recruit businesses based on our state's reputation. right now, north carolina is showing how not to create jobs. as lieutenant governor, i'll work with roy cooper to
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if you haven't cast your vote today will have more polling location options. >> early voting sites are expanding across the state. we're joined live in durham took . >> plenty of places including the durham county south regional library just behind me open at 9:00 a.m. hopefully this expansion will give some relief to all those polling places that are seeing large crowds and for 12% of north carolina's registered voters already cast their ballots plenty more will come as more polling locations open up across the state. for the last week there's only been five early voting spots here in durham county. today they will open eight more polling places. and durham isn't alone. a way to county is also expanding starting today they
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it varies by county and locations would you have any questions would make it easy to find the answers. you can check your counties early voting plans on wre .com. all you have to do is log on and typing vote. wake county schools are planning for russia voters on election day day. the school system will operate on a two hour delay on november 8th. a number of schools also serve as polling sites for the county. engineers they would like and more county need temporary breach to minimize overflow risks. it is being drained at a rate of one foot per day. it should be completely drained by the end of the week. a construction timeline was not released. part of the spillway from the dam crumbled during hurricane matthew but there was no actual breach from the damage. robertson county school employees returned to work today to get ready for students with a return on monday. administrators are working to
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can avoid roads damaged by flooding. a dangerous intersection where cars have crashed into a home more than a half-dozen times be the focus of the meeting in raleigh tonight. this past august 1 person died after a car plowed into the home at the corner of farm glen drive a new hope road. it was the sixth time the home was hisince 2017. the homeowner requested a guard will be extended to protect his home not feasible. tonight information session is at 6:30 at new hope baptist church. a dispute over garage in a historic neighborhood is up for discussion today. a committee of raleigh's historic district will consider whether a nearly 33-foot tall garage being built in the historic glenwood brooklyn neighborhood follows codes and has a proper permit. a nearby neighbor is opposed to just to the construction. plans in the work to build
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is planned for wake forest road near the beltline. officials did not say when construction will start but a lot of people are excited about it. >> that will be a wonderful addition to our supermarket grocery scene. >> the weather is certainly beautiful this week. >> it's pretty super itself. >> it is a. a little cloudier than we saw yesterday. we've seen so many days in a row of just this gorgeous bright sunshine little cloudier today. fifty holly springs 47 in wilmington and 45 in wilson. will warm up compared to yesterday. lunchtime mid to upper 60s and mid 70s highs this afternoon. it will be mixed with some cloud cover. it's not likely we will have any rain until tonight and even then the amounts will probably be very slim. we will take a close look at that coming up in about 15 minutes. at the bus it still jacket weather . yes weather.
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but still mid to upper 40s to low 50s depending on where you are. still wear a jacket and then on the way home warmer with mid 70s the last couple of days highs up in the 60s. instead of temperatures cooling down as we get to november it's going up. show you that coming up -- i will show you that coming up. it's a busy out there. at 7:34 we take a look at the came a this is the first morning we have had the cameras back online and hurricane matthew blue by and we are glad to be able to see the delays and not have to do -- rely on sensor readings for the backups we are seeing. we have what appears to be a minor accident on the right shoulder around the bypass contributing to our typical delays. we also have some problems on the south side of raleigh. a moment ago the left lane of 40 westbound was blocked it looks like that has been reopened and
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we are seeing some big backups approaching the 440 split. we're up to 30 minute ride on 40 west. you want to consider using 70 business as an alternate route if you can coming in from garner to raleigh. we have hammond road from 70 business and had up to sell south raleigh and take 40 westbound. continue on your way delay free because the traffic is backed up in garner and we are looking good between 440 and week. still westbound traffic is about six minutes. it looks like there is an accident in apex on 55 just south of the u.s. 60 core interchange. also looks like we might have accident on 440 westbound around the new bern avenue interchange on the east side of raleigh. that is contribute to our overall congestion to the north
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westbound. it is the perfect combination zombies rock monsters and the opera. >> we take a look at the north carolina operas one night event hercules versus vampires. >> plus the connection between netflix pause rates and hallowing traffic. >> victory numbers 1-2 and 6
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ll connected. richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare, making you pay more. and richard burr got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. richard burr was one of just three senators to vote against banning insider trading by congress. and richard burr voted to raise his own pay... seven times. he increased his wealth over 500 percent. twenty years in washington... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content
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north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. but pat mccrory seems more interested in giving tax cuts to millionaires. we rank 44th in spending per student. drop-out rates have gone up for the first time in 8 years. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a textbook shortage. and pat mccrory has cut 3,000 teaching assistants from the early grades. but pat mccrory is shortchanging our schools. . just in time for halloween the north carolina opera
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vampires with rock monsters zombies romance chills. it is a unique production and a new score performed in live -- in sync with hercules in the haunted world. we are excited about this and joining us this morning is the composer of the score and a soprano. tell us about it. >> basically you nailed it. it is a fusion of film and opera with a synchronized. essentially when audience is looking for the characters on the screen when they open their mouths to speak are singers will think the lines. >> singers like vanessa you
7:40 am
>> what do you like about this. >> it is kind of like a opportunity to do voiceover work. we're on stage and i'll i never get to do anything like this again. it is really fun and it is nice to know that everybody is focusing on the screen but were singing this amazing score with a live look extra. it is awesome. >> is it scary. >> it depends upon how easily >> i would say this is a show that people can bring their families to. a small children there are parts of it that they might look at it and start getting a little scared but any adults will be okay. >> so the hero hercules travels to the underworld to save a damsel in distress. >> of course.
7:41 am
the world and then he has to dispatch the evil guys that put the curse on her. >> top of local talent involved in this. >> absolutely. >> in our conductors also fantastic. >> in general north carolina opera is a very much well-respected opera company. it is doing a lot of great things. >> thank you so much for coming in today. the sounds a lot of fun. very creative. >> you can catch the one a performance of hercules versus vampires this sunday october 30th 3:00 p.m. in downtown raleigh.
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and the opera .org struck the world series is headed back to the north side of chicago for the first time in decades. coming up game to highlights of the where and why you will be able to get a free taco next week. political ads can be we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate. buck missed nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one. 10 times, buck was penalized for missing tax deadlines. his business was dissolved. there's too much at stake
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?? ?? ?? ?? with the card that offers the best choice of doctors and hospitals you have the compassion of the cross, the security of the shield, and a range of plans to drive you forward.
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there a few more clouds out there than yesterday but is gorgeous. >> the sun is up over the horizon you can see some cloud cover. the sunrise or that's the sunrise is pretty with them cloud cover. you don't want to be obscured but it's gorgeous. >> it is inviting today for folks leaving their homes. you should want to go outside. >> it is not as cold as yesterday but still warming up a little bit and warm with the theme of our weather for the
7:46 am
over the weekend. here's a look at our sky camera and you can see some grace goes there skies hanging over the legislative building. they are doing some roof work. hint of a breeze and hints of sun showing up on the trees and a beautiful morning. our temperatures are pretty chilly yesterday. it was 39 at the airport and now it is 50 degrees. or dewpoin 40s. our temperatures across the region cooler in some places. forty-one in roanoke rapids and i did see a temperature dip their to about 39. everybody else is in the 40s and 50s right now. forty-five in south hill 43 and roxborough and 45 and rocky mount in wilson. town by town 45 and smithfield -- smithfield 45 in sanford and
7:47 am
overnight it tends to hold in the daytime heating and doesn't allow it to escape the atmosphere as quickly. it becomes a little warmer. temperatures are warmer this morning. to the west with a cold front and there is very little rain with us front. it's gonna come across the mountains and it's going to ring out even more of the rain. very little we will see the round here. this is a look at our chance of rain. we start at and i can guarantee we won't see any rain during daylight hours. after sunset we will start to see the chance going up to 30% chance or 35% chance around south hill and virginia by 10:00. and the threat moves through. we get to 30% chance in raleigh at 2:00 a.m. a 50% chance closer to the virginia line.
7:48 am
-- fayetteville. we take a look at how much rain we may say for the next five days it is very little. a good chunk of the country is looking at very little rain. most of the rain with our front is going to be up here into new york and pennsylvania with half an inch at a quarter of an inch. for us a quarter or less or maybe even done. that is for the next five days. tonight that will bring us less than a tenth of an inch and another front on sunday and drops our temperature. it's good be beautiful with lots of sunshine and of course that means good weather for the trick-or-treaters on monday. if you take a few out with you expect temperatures to be close to 70 about 6:00 p.m. and at 9:00 p.m. 61. it will feel great and the weekend looks beautiful for anything you do plan.
7:49 am
no one close to freezing anytime soon. we are seeing a train -- for change now. a new trend on 40 westbound. we are starting to times decreasing on garner as traffic starts to ease up at a lot of the traffic backed up in bumgarner is moving up to the south side of raleigh. we're looking at a 70 minute ride between 440 and wait avenue. still pretty slow overall in the new thing is that we are starting to see some of the lanes filling up and getting congested. heading between wait avenue and 540 you're looking good. to seven minutes to make the trip out of the park. we have seen we've seen some congestion in
7:50 am
we have a few minor accidents around the triangle. none are causing big delays with the exception perhaps of this report accident on the 28 and garnet. we're seeing some delays on the westbound side of 70 and it up toward the 401 merge. we had earlier report of a disabled vehicle on 40 westbound it looks like that is clearing up nicely. netflix has rates increase 30% during trick-or-treat. researchers found pause rates were highest in tallahassee florida and lima ohio. net lexuses nationwide in pauses of the most at 7:29 p.m. at making at the golden hours for trick-or-treaters to maximize the candy collection. apple is delaying the launch of the new air pods the
7:51 am
seven that did not come with a headphone jack. they were scheduled to be released in late october. now apple isn't saying when they will be released a white need more time. you can still listen to audio or using other wireless headset or by using an adapter. you don't have to be a baseball fan to score a new taco next week. they had a steel the base steal the taco promotion. in game one a base was stolen tuesday night get a free doritos locals taco next wednesday. last night kleven took the first time -- cleveland took the first game in chicago took the last night and is now tied. harry truman was president last time the cubs played in the world series.
7:52 am
coverage at 7:30 gametime it. -- 8:00. we are all tired of the political ads they are negative and depressing. how about an ad that is cute charming and funny. >> we have room to put 2700 people in her jail. it the cost is $103 a day. >> gerald doesn't have any hobbies. >> last year's tax rate was .4169. this year we continue down to 38-38. >> is he always like that. >> yes all the time. >> the 3838 is probably can go somewhere between 3838 and 1.69. >> most people leave their work
7:53 am
>> all he wants to do is fix things. >> there is an 18 18 wheeler parked in a neighborhood. >> please relax please -- please relax gerald. please. >> is that's that not brilliant. it's a brilliant. i hope it catches on and other people do that. >> for the sake of his wife reelect him. >> we need a good laugh during political season.
7:54 am
there is no limit to what every student in north carolina can learn and achieve. not when we're 44th in per student funding. we should not ask for more money from you. he gave tax breaks to those at the top while raising taxes 67 ways on the middle class. it's time to polish up our brand and once more say, "come check out north carolina." hb2 trashed our brand... costing us thousands of jobs.
7:56 am
. the could be some relief from walleye the locations. early voting is expanding. it expands from 9-20 sites. crews are working on a preliminary design for the temporary breach of would like damn. the state expects to get a by tomorrow. the state has ordered the damage breach safety measure to allow the water to drink the lake. a final breach plan is due next
7:57 am
we are going to see a very warm condition as again to the weekend. today is gonna be on the gray side. we're going to take a look at what is going on out there. this is our sky camera and you can see great conditions. he will see sunshine from time to time but it will be the nice bright blue sky. it's warmer than it was yesterday. forty-three it roxborough 51 in fayetteville. temperates in the upper 30s in many places at this time yesterday. mid 70s this afternoon chance of some patchy light tonight. sunshine friday and saturday and saturdays high almost 80 degrees. things are using up in it garner but they're getting worse on the south side of raleigh. sixty minutes from 42 up to 440. give yourself extra time. still looking good between wait avenue and 540. a delay free seven minutes.
7:58 am
traffic this morning at glover road blocking the left lane. also sings a very heavy northbound delays this morning. the investigation into vandalism at the gop headquarters leads to another discovery.
7:59 am
. hillary clinton and michelle obama team of rain appeared in north carolina today donald
8:00 am
poll numbers -- were new poll numbers are showing. the search for clues in the vandalism of the gop headquarters in hillsboro leads to the discovery of the death of another climb -- crime with someone in a clown mask. hillary clinton will be at a rally in winston-salem today with first lady michelle obama. >> donald trump will campaign today in another battleground state. we have new information about early voters. >> today clinton and michelle obama team up in north carolina. >> we cannot for a minute. no complacency here. donald trump says he can still win and he is right. >> and nbc target smart analysis shows more than 10 million americans have already voted with more democrats at the polls then any title ground state.


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