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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  October 31, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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how he is being remembered. >> the fbi reopens its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. how democrats and republicans are responding for the first time since hurricane matthew devastated their community students head back to class. thank you for joining us i am lena. >> and i am renee chou. >> state representative linette repr 25 years -- paul luebke represented durham for the past 25 years. >>reporter: he was able to return and teach sociology at unc greensboro. a spokesperson says he had a recent sudden return of his cancer and paul luebke passed away sunday night at the age of 70. tributes are pouring in.
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representative paul luebke who was a dedicated servant and he had an undeniable passion for helping the people of north carolina from the state democratic party chair who served with lupe -- with paul luebke these words. we are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of representative paul luebke devoted his life and career to educating and serving others. it's a huge loss for the state in our thoughts and prayers are with paul's family. he will be missed. paul luebke was running for re- election. the democratic party and the 30th the district has to pick someone to fill his seat in to replace him in the election. but a sudden and sad loss for our state of north carolina. back to you. very sad news. thank you. in the next 24 hours we can learn about new e-mails that
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investigation of e-mail server and democrats are demanding answers and suggesting the director may have broken the wall -- law by interfering in the campaign. >> democrats are demanding that he provide details today whether the new e-mails are new , contain classified information or whether they are duplicates for which clinton has been cleared. >> we are calling on mr. comey to come forward and explain what is at issue. >> he has a duty to move forward professionally and in a timely way. >> harry reid suggests comey may have violated the hatch act by revealing big new information just days before an election. >> it's in the new usual thing when 11 days before presidential election something like this just gets introduce
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>> clinton avoided the issue campaigning in florida. >> there's a lot of noise and distraction. >> but donald trump suggested without proof that the fbi may have discovered thousands of missing clinton e-mails. >> i think that's the mother load. it could be a problem for clinton but other democrats. >> it will hang around the necks of down ballot candidate. >> with 21 million americans having already voted. tracie potts, nbc news washington this i election and our battleground state is getting plenty of visitors. tim kaine visit sanford this afternoon and he will appear at the dennis a wicker civic center at the 30:00 president obama is in north carolina this week. he will visit chapel hill on wednesday at 2:00 p.m. joe biden is coming to charlotte the day before. no word yet on donald trump --
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is in our state bill clinton spoke at a rally with the message targeted to our state. >> hillary's got a plan to create more than 10 million jobs just to through good infrastructure projects. not -- not just roads and bridges but detecting coastal areas like north carolina like rising sea levels because of climate change the former president entire speech is on fire to the visit the former president spoke to supporters in greensboro a new news poll released this week. find out how north carolina and feel about candidates in we will have results for president, governor all tomorrow starting at 4:00 p.m.
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>> it's gorgeous yesterday but on the warm side and it's cooling things down. >> can't have the kids sweating out their costumes. >> it would be too cold weather. i would have -- eight to see costumes with coats on them. we will be in the middle. raleigh sky cam showing bright sunshine. "fox 50" six in durham and 54 and weak forest. we have high temperatures in the 80s so it remained warm overnight but today temperatures start to cool off especially have a cold front crossing our area. 54 and carry and 61 in buckhorn in town by town is 61 in goldsboro and "fox 50" nine in fayetteville temperatures won't make it out of the 60s. sunshine 66 and looking at upper 60s low 70s depending on where you are and by 8:00 p.m. temperatures upper 50s. it will cool off it should feel fairly present for trick-or- treaters. we have one more warm-up and then our temperatures settle out
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show you that coming up. brian is here with another look at some places on the road 8:06 backups on for one inbound as you coming from the roseville area toward rally. as we zoom in there isn't accident at forest hill road and they are blocking traffic on southbound 41 if orosville. they need to plan on backups and an alternate route a good option would be burlington mills road and that will take you to louisville -- louisville road to the other side of the accident. we're seeing a delay on the other side of the crash is traffic picks up. you need to go in and make those plans to give yourself a lot of extra time or come up with the better alternate route than the one we offered. let's head out to garner. the earlier crash is gone and traffic flowing freely and a
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delay. down to 17 minutes now which is a great deal of improvement. by the time you get into south raleigh what -- run into more delays in the accident icon you see there is on south senator renfro and we're seeing a bit of a northbound delay and south saunders. beyond that heading out towards the airport we are looking good but outbound wade is jammed up between 440 and i-40 good news on the north side and update on the exit more at 540. all lanes are open and back to you thank you, brian. floodwaters from hurricane matthew took up thousands of cars and trucks. so where do all of those flooded cars go? what you should look out for the next time you are on the
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we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate.
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10 times, buck was penalized for missing tax deadlines. his business was dissolved. there's too much at stake to make buck newton attorney general. this buck stops here. there is no limit to what every student in north carolina can learn and achieve. not when we're 44th in per student funding. we should not ask for more money from you. he gave tax breaks to those at the top it's time to polish up our brand and once more say, "come check out north carolina." hb2 trashed our brand... costing us thousands of jobs.
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wral news on "fox 50" is back with renee tillett. >> bus routes are being changed to accommodate damage roads the library reopens for the first time in weeks. >> they are opening with limited service.
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offices were located in the basement and they are being relocated to the 1st and 2nd floors. the elevator still does not work and parking is limited because of renovation. renovation and repairs expected to last through the end of december. the friends of the library room was flooded and many books had to be thrown away in the book sales for november and february have been canceled. >> moore county sheriff says fema teams are in the county and they help people affected by flooding. the sheriff says they go door to door wearing fema identifiable clothing badges. look for them monday through saturday each week from 8:30 until 5:30. if you have any questions call the sheriff's office. state leaders taking action to make sure you don't get taken. this morning they are showcasing vehicles damaged by
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vehicles will reveal what you should look for to avoid scams involving the sale of damaged vehicles. this is happening in raleigh at 10:00 a.m. >> a rocks army and special forces making their move -- mood -- making their move on mosul. >> what we're learning about the latest thrust for the stronghold. >> a shooting that killed a 12- stronghold. >> a shooting that killed a 12- year-old narrator: want to go to paris? richard burr took a sixteen thousand dollar christmas trip to paris...paid for by the special interests. just one of richard burr's twenty six special interest trips. prague. barcelona. seville. stockholm. madrid... richard loves europe. cracking down on special interest trips. richard burr. twenty years in washington ...and europe... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content
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??thriller ? ? >> rest of the song now it's halloween. >> we are watching everybody. >> we are doing our best. >> i always wanted to learn the most of the roma -- roller and one-day i will learn it. >> [ laughter ] >> everyone knows of that one move. >> it's all i can do. leave it to michael. [ laughter ] >> at least it looks like fall outside right now
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how gorgeous they are today. it does change quickly. our leaves go two or three weeks in they are gone. it's beautiful for halloween. let's take a look at what is happening in south hill and pretty sunshine there and you can see -- on this view you can't even see a cloud in the sky. it is still warm and we have left over warmth from yesterday with highs in the 80s. it's amazing. 54 degrees is i do point. 54 is the temperature in roxborough. "fox 50" eight and erwin and 60 in rocky mount and 61 in goldsboro. a bit of a slow warm-up with nowhere close to the record high like we were yesterday. yesterday mid-80s and record was mid-80s and i think we missed it by two degrees. much cooler today. a record low as 30
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the kids don't have to bundle up undercoat but it will feel more crisp. the wettest halloween, four inches, a little four -- a little more than four inches. i'm thankful it's not going to be raining because it is such a mess when they look forward to the costumes you have to chase them around with an umbrella? i've done that. thanks to a cold front high of 69 moving in across the area. the cold front cooler air and set a mid-80s high temperatures should be mainly upper 60s. here is a look at "futurecast." cloud cover bright but we see partly cloudy skies through the afternoon and most likely we start with cloud cover and there is 7:00 a.m. and they may hang around lunch time before they thin out and even so we're not likely to see any rain. expect a lovely halloween forecast, 69 for trick-or- treaters and folks are heading
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64 degrees and at 9:00 "fox 50" six degrees. spooky things that may happen on halloween. ? ?i know. i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> saturday and sunday 67 and 69 so pretty weather in the forecast after a warm-up on thursday at 81 temperatures a little bit cooler saturday and sunday morning as well. so is elizabeth real or just? >> a ghost? >> all this time, the mystery. >> we will tell you the answer at the end of the newscast. >> thanks, elizabeth. special forces moving in to mosul and under heavy fire from militants. they entered a predawn assault
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car bombers are trying to stop the advance. troops are just two miles from the city limits and moving in with armored vehicles and abrams tanks is allied artillery hit islamic state positions. this is week two which is expected to last weeks if not months a lot -- iraqi police say a parked car bomb killing at least 10 and wounding 34. the bombing hit a popular fruit and vegetable market predominantly shiite neighborhood. it was the fifth such explosion in the capital. today's casualty toll now stands at 17 dead and over 60 -- over 60 wounded a first church held in the recently liberated town. the church was destroyed by isis. it is the biggest christian town and it fell to the islamic state group in 2014 and retaken
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week. we're learning more about the extent of damage from the latest earthquake to hit italy. it hit at the heart of the country's history and culture. it destroyed a benedictine cathedral and centuries old paintings. yesterday's tremor was the strongest in a series of quakes that started this summer but so new overnight. the week long search for a man wanted for double nerve -- a double murder. michael vance junior was killed in a shootout yesterday in oklahoma. at dewey county officer was responding to a report that the man was in the area. vance was later shot and killed by highway patrolman. vance is accused of killing two relatives on october 23rd and wounding two police officers.
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of three people have been found in front of the home near newton in harvey county. a person driving by called police about the bodies. an 18-month-old child was found but not harmed. police say they have no suspects and they are not releasing the names of the victims. >> newly two dozen people are hurt after the driver plowed through a crowd of fans leaving virginia. state police say a driver was attempting to pass another vehicle and post race traffic when it struck a crowd of people. at least 22 people were hurt including nine who are hospitalized. the incident occurred an hour after the race concluded in in an area where the drivers were asking for autographs the shooting of walter scott. video shows officer michael slager chasing and then shootings got. he pulled them off -- pulled him over last april. the video does not tell the whole story slager faces 30
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convicted. jury selection begins in the trial of a former cincinnati police officer accused of murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. ray killed a man in 2015. he pulled the man over for missing front license plate it may be warm in north carolina but that's not the case. snowing -- snowy conditions and slow vehicles conditions caused vehicles to grow -- go to us -- very slow climb. drivers not aware found themselves stuck in rising snow. traffic officials say this is early in the year for such dangerous with her wet -- winter weather. >> there will be -- will be a game six. cubs and indians take a break
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lead. the cubs got the first win at wrigley field since 1945. the 4th inning a big win for the cubs veteran david ross with the deep flyball and bases loaded and it it's good for the sac fly and what becomes the game winning one -- game winning run. now the cubs want to be the first team to overcome a three- one series deficit since the 1985 orioles. game six tomorrow night. cubs and progressive field in cleveland. the first pitch is at 8:00. >> a smaller and safer earlier halloween separation. >> what is being done to prepare for chappell hill's home grown halloween. >> the warning for students today after weekend attack.
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what's happened to our north carolina? pat mccrory's disastrous hb2 discrimination law has cost us jobs and damaged our reputation. duke energy's toxic coal ash threatens our drinking water, but mccrory's given them a sweetheart deal, leaving us to pay for cleaning up their mess.
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the time is and i am lena tillett with your top stories. no word yet for services for paul luebke. he represented durham for the past 25 years. schools reopened today with a two hour delay. employees are to report to work at normal time to get campuses ready for students. bus routes will be changed to
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the mid-80s. look at this gorgeous day. lucky strike tower in downtown durham with blue sky behind it and expected temperatures to be noticeably cooler. 60 rocky mount and 61 in goldsboro but cooler air filters and and our high today only 69 this afternoon and a much cooler 47 for tomorrow morning 674 tomorrow and high of 78 wednesday and we see a warm-up by the middle of the week lena? a 27:00 a.m. and we look at on time traffic. -- 8:27 a.m. -- garner clearing up nicely and slow by the clayton bypass. look at the northbound side of highway "fox 50." backed up because of an earlier crash that led to big delays and a lot of people looking for an alternate route that has a slow and 42 to business 70 and garner.
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like lewisburg road has reopened around forced fill in the sensors are not showing delays. we had an earlier crash that blocked the southbound side at lewisburg road. looking good through the 4:00 to 5:00 work zone and earlier crash has a slow coming in from downtown and back to you thanks, brian. students return coleman, and hb2 is a disaster. hb2 has cost us thousands of jobs. i know from my experience in the state cabinet what it takes to bring good jobs to north carolina. we have to recruit businesses based on our state's reputation. right now, north carolina is showing how not to create jobs. as lieutenant governor, i'll work with roy cooper to
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cooper: when we lost the nba all-star game... the ncaas... and the acc championships... it hurt north carolina's economy and our national reputation. but this election for governor is not just about one bad law. it's about them. i'm roy cooper. and this election is about finally stopping the loss of our teachers, lowering taxes on families and growing our economy. focused on people and community for 60 years. we promise a relentless pursuit
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news on "fox 50" the time is now a 30:00 and there will be extra staff in the middle school and more county to help grieving students and staff after 12- year-old was shot and killed friday and southern pines. >> a 3-year-old was shot but survived. a teenager and a man in jail charged in connection with the crime. michalak joins us live in herthage where they are michalak? >> lena emery year-old was left dead and the 3-year-old and the hospital. southern pine police arrested montese mcmanus charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon -- weapon. the rest comes after hundreds of people gathered at a vigil for those shooting victims. 12-year-old campbell and 3-year-
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playing on a porch on west michigan avenue by the afternoon. today grief counselors on hand at southern middle school where campbell was a sixth grader. spoke marcy cooper says the district will also send social workers and psychologists to assist as well she says they even plan on having service dogs available for students. >> it is something i don't think you are prepared for becaus something like that to happen. >> crawford's first court appearance is set for november 22nd. mcmanus court date has yet to be set. when he and lena? >> thanks. mikaya thurmond reporting live police on an active crime scene. we have accrue at westerly crossing and you can see this here quite an active scene and
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area. no official word on what people are -- police are investigating and we will update you as soon as we get the latest police say a pizza restaurant employee shot and killed one of three armed robbers this happened at a pizza hut while it was closed -- while the restaurant was closed. three people were robbing the store when one of the employees pulled out a personal handgun and shot one of the robbers. police recovered a recovered by the person who was killed they are still looking for the other two suspects who ran away a mother is charged in a dw i that happened yesterday morning in stokes sale. 35-year-old schafer driving her scv the wrong way on highway one when she slammed into a church man. off 15 people in the van were hurt.
8:33 am
her one-month-old baby suffered minor injuries. the van was traveling from virginia to salisbury north carolina. and see state students being warned about a possible sex assault in an off-campus security house. a female student said she was attacked yesterday morning at the delta epsilon count -- house on chamberlain street police have only a vague description of trust their instincts and travel in groups and report anything suspicious ahead of environmental quality plans to be in town today. a site is hacked -- is set up to handle yard debris. he has been visiting sites to promote the quick cleanup of some of the hardest humid that's the hardest hit communities. only after insuring they will harm the environment can be remove from the storm debris sites chappell hill is getting
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halloween celebration. franklin street is closed at 8:00 p.m. and will remain closed until 10:30 and encourages more family with younger children to attend in the town is reducing the perimeter of the celebration to keep it smaller and safer chappell hill police did not make any arrests. police say about 40,000 people took part. i am sure we will see some creative costumes out there. >> it is fun people watching their ap in on a lot of their costumes. >> it's going to be chilly and cooler. yesterday our temperatures climbed up to the low to mid 80s and it will feel more like fall. this is a look at our wral gardens. isn't it beautiful? the trees are aflame in color and it will feel warm. it's warm this morning because of the heat. 61 in benson and 61 in rocky mount and "fox 50" six degrees and garner.
8:35 am
the mid-and upper 60s may top out at 70 this afternoon and it will stay nice and dry and we will have nice weather for trick-or-treaters. as we had out temperatures are likely mid-60s dropping down to mid-50s. at lunchtime. >> 66 degrees with the mix of sunshine and clouds today. a northeasterly wind keeping temperatures down from yesterday with a high of 69 it stays cool for couple of days and we get one more really warm spell and coming up. back to you. >> thanks, elizabeth. a new report finds asthmatic children are sensitive to dust mites and mold which are common in humid environments. can trigger asthma symptoms. three quarters of homes have detectable amounts of mouse and other pathogens. limiting exposure to smoke and household cleaners can prevent
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as hospital infections become an increasing problem a new study finds nurses scrubs may be threatening -- spreading potential he dangerous gems. researchers from duke and -- examined samples of 40 icu nurses. they found 22 instances of antibiotic resistant germs transmitted from a patient or room to the scrubs. >> even if you are beyond hunted by halloween there's something scary tomorrow. open enrollment for health insurance. experts say there are several ways to keep it from being so frightful details from nbc's chris clapham. >>reporter: a common mistake people make selecting the right -- right health insurance panic -- plant is being too much attention to monthly premiums. >> you could pay more out of pocket to see physicians even
8:37 am
least expensive plan. >> doctor ken thorpe is a professor at emory and chairman of the partnership to fight chronic disease. 's group just conducted a survey just-in-time for open enrollment un-american spheres about healthcare and health insurance. >> the scariest part of it is just really not knowing where to start to compare these plants. in professor thorpe starts with a better bad. >> you want to compare across the different plan choices you have and whether your hospital is covered and whether your medications are covered and if they are how much you pay out of pocket. >> 93% of insured americans are covered through boyer -- employer-based health insurance medicare or medicaid and they all offer incentive and
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chris clapham, nbc news tesla rolls out the next phase for your one-stop clean energy opening. >> new solar panels like nothing else on the market. >> almost time to go trick-or- treating but who is eating the candy in your house, the results of a new survey next. >> three numbers 334 and alled "the snake:" a long, skinny congressional district drawn along i-85 to segregate african american voters. "the snake" and others like it were drawn by state legislators as a partisan power grab. and justice bob edmunds? he wrote the decision supporting his party's discrimination. but federal judges rejected edmunds' opinion and said the power grab was all about race.
8:40 am
wral news on "fox 50" is back with renee chou and lena tillett. >> a powerful series of earthquakes is eerily familiar.
8:41 am
could help prepare areas for future disasters. >>reporter: dramatic doesn't describe the images. >> fortunately the earthquake was not a surprise. >>reporter: wral interviewed scientist teaching in science -- students using technology. but the professors words up here almost prophetic. she said that central ada -- central italy has a history of seismic activity and more tremors could be coming. >> there is along the line that ron -- runs along the spine of italy.
8:42 am
quakes but it can prepare communities most susceptible. >> then we can work on educating general public and educating administration and putting our effort into building safe structures. and earn -- in durham, lena tillett. tyler perry's altar ego topped the box office while two popular tom spanked. your pick
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there is no limit to what every student in north carolina can learn and achieve. not when we're 44th in per student funding. we should not ask for more money from you. he gave tax breaks to those at the top while raising taxes 67 ways on the middle class. it's time to polish up our brand and once more say, "come check out north carolina." costing us thousands of jobs.
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? ?our tribute to bill because he requested this for this halloween. monster mash. it's such a good halloween song. >> it's on the playlist. >> across generations. >> my mom would play this for us too. >> you still have to love it. >> it's a classic. we have classic trick-or- treating weather. >> we do. it's so nice. you never know exactly what it's going to be like in october. yesterday was warm and fortunately today is perfect. let's talk about it.
8:46 am
yesterday mid-80s and a big change but close to normal. costume friendly weather so you don't have to wear some big furry thing and overdressed. after that our temperatures should settle down and be close to normal. it looks pretty over downtown raleigh with a lot of sunshine this is from the museum of natural sciences looking over towards the legislative building. "fox 50" six is a current temperature and now that is warm for this time of day but it was so warm yesterday we just had lingering warmth that stuck with us. 54 is the dew point. temperature in south hill "fox 50" five and "fox 50" five in roxboro. town by town 61 in smithfield and "fox 50" nine and play at bill and it's pleasant out there.
8:47 am
allow the filter -- the colder air to filter and. we won't see a quick warm-up. highs in the mid-60s some spots now but do not make it out of the 60s this afternoon and here is a look at what is coming. a taste of cooler temperatures you can see in the color contours but by wednesday we are back into these orange red colors and that puts us back into the 80s that sticks around for thursday and then the cold front comes through and watch what happens. back into the cooler temperatures for friday, saturday and sunday and that will feel nice. ruptures back into the 60s for highs which is where they should be and all the warmth moves back off to the west. 67 for today, 78 for wednesday and thursday and that's where we get back into the warm temperatures. it's going to be nice to have dry weather for trick-or- treating. it's a little dry out there and we are no threat for dry conditions in our state but there are severe dart --
8:48 am
mountains 84 degrees at back in 1974 compared to 80 or 81 our forecast high and 68 is normal and we get into friday and much, much cooler behind the front and the front comes through thursday night in may brings showers and that is a next best chance of rain and cooler temperatures into the weekend with 60s on saturday and sunday. we have a lovely forecast for the trick-or-treaters. nothing too scary and temperatures degrees. don't let anyone put a spell on you. [ laughter ] where did she go? i guess we will finish the halloween forecasts. 64. >> she is gone. >> [ laughter ] >> okay i will sit up straight. electric car maker tesla is
8:49 am
like a traditional roof. see landes -- elon musk made the announcement and they will be invisible from the street. they are meant to generate power for a power wall. the price will be announced depending on the announcement with solar city bags in buckets full of halloween treats and apparently parents partake. 1000 parents were surveyed with children under the age of 18 and 62% of the parents secretly eat their children's candy wral slow start veterans with live coverage of fayetteville 2016 veterans day parade. brian schrader and i will host our broadcast. it marches through historic downtown fayetteville. it honors world war ii veterans, the greatest generation. parade starts at 10:00 a.m.
8:50 am
and we invite you to join us on twitter using hashtag # wral parade. show your pictures and register attribute. you may use your tweets during our broadcast the folks in key west had fun with the election campaign. the parade theme was political voodoo and ballot box barbarians. giant heads adorned one of the floats. another featured a band of barbarians chanting vote. thousands lined the streets to see the flamboyant costumes. the parade wrapping up a ten- day costume event. >> tyler perry's who i'm india halloween. latest movie about his tough talking grandmother remained number one for the second street week with an estimated $17 million call. that was enough to scare away the third
8:51 am
howard and starring tom hanks bombed. the tom cruise action flick earned about $10 million. moviegoers are being enchanted by doctor strange -- doctor strange. the latest marble movie starring benedict cumberbatch as a surgeon turned sorcerer opened with $86 million and that's more than the in the us combined. it opens into us-japan china brazil on friday. a farmer changing the face of jack-o'-lanterns as we know them. the farm is more lab the pumpkin patch. he is a scientist behind pumpkin stein, his creations are not carved, they are grown. he uses a special mold which the pumpkins grow into it took him five years to find the right
8:52 am
50" thousand pumpkin signs. that cost about $100 -- 200 "fox 50" thousand orders? dinner. >> >> i think it there will be some copycats. >> the prices will be dropping. i forgot to bring my halloween costume but elizabeth wore hers. she's got a start fleet plant -- badge. >> i plan this on friday. >> i had captain kirk and i let you down. >> i will wear it proudly. >> this is my favorite of all of elizabeth's outfit.
8:53 am
week and now she is on the starship enterprise. i love it. >> captain elizabeth on the bridge [ laughter ] >> let's go speaking of space and space objects look what happened in japan. a fireball caught on camera. nice way to get your halloween going. and they zoom in. they were on it here. that's cool. isn't that neat? this is just a is. >> it's a ufo? [ laughter ] >> many people called. >> captain elizabeth gardner firing the torpedoes. >> watch out i will be mew up. [ laughter ] >> it's goofy. here is something else. scary moment. a man got into a panda -- enclosure to impress his female
8:54 am
zoo with and the panda attacked them and they start wrestling. nobody is hurt but let's enjoy the struggle. this is what you get when you do something stupid. don't do this. >> it's like a wrestling match. >> he got more than he bargained for. >> [ laughter ] i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible
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the time now is a "fox 50" six a.m. i am lena tillett. >> i am renee chou. >> jalin the campbell was a
8:57 am
playing on the porch. campbell died and a 3-year-old shot but survived. a teenager is charged with murder and a man with accessory after the fact. perfect trick- or-treating weather. >> i hope everyone has their costumes ready to go. nothing but blue skies. temperatures feeling mild and "fox 50" mont -- "fox 50" nine in roxborough and 60 degrees in rocky mount. we warm-up to just 69 and partly cloudy for much of today. noticeably cooler tomorrow and warm-up on wednesday to 78. happy halloween, brian. >> thank you captain gardner. it is a "fox 50" 7:00 a.m. let's look at the live commute. your ending with accidents clearing up and major routes
8:58 am
eastbound as you leave chappell hill. slow between seven "fox 50" one heading out toward "fox 50" five in back to you thanks, brian. because of the recent hurricane flooded vehicles could be up for sale. coming up we have advice on how to avoid a scam. >> heavy police presence that began early this morning in the wester -- western n minutes richard burr, by the numbers: over 20 years in washington: burr voted himself 5 pay raises... took 26 trips paid for by special interests...
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ust fine for richard burr... but he's not working for us, missing 66% of his senate committee hearings, including 65% of armed services hearings. that's richard burr. working for himself, not north carolina. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. afscme people is responsible cooper: when we lost the nba all-star game... the ncaas... and the acc championships... it hurt north carolina's economy and our national reputation. but this election for governor is not just about one bad law. it's about them. i'm roy cooper. and this election is about finally stopping the loss of our teachers, lowering taxes on families and growing our economy.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: how you doin'? how y'all? how's everybody? thank you. thank you very much. i appreciate you now. thank y'all. i appreciate it. thank y'all very much. ha ha ha. everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for their fourth day with a total--40,945 bucks. from colorado springs, colorado, it's the gant family. [cheering and applause] and from right here in atlanta, georgia, it's the latimer family. [cheering and applause]


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