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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  November 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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this is going to be a tough play. when's the world series. >> chicago is the city of celebration this morning after the cubs won their first championship in 108 years. what a game it was. with five days to go, the presidential candidates make north carolina a top priority, and where they will be today. another shooting rocks the southern pines community. what we are learning about the victim. thank you for joining us. it is very warm out.
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tomorrow it will feel cold. >> we will be chilly in the morning but by saturday morning we will feel it. look at what's happening. the sunning -- the sun is lighting things out. a mix of sun and clouds but overall the sunshine will be like yesterday. temperatures a few degrees warmer than yesterday. we will head 83 today. 57 durham, 61 buckhorn. morning temperatures are warm. 60 in south hill, 60 goldsboro and 59 southern pines. your planner, expect temperatures close to 60. 78 at lunch time. 78 at lunchtime, early november. the high is 83 today. it changes after a cold front tonight. we will talk about the rain that will come with this. coming up.
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as we get closer to 7:02 am we look at the road whether index. some of us may see fog as we had out north of the triangle. around vance and granville county and the parts of northern durham county and into the south side of virginia, you can see a little bit of fog. keep that in mind around i-85. let's zoom into the triangle and get a closer look at the view routes are looking pretty typical for thursday morning. we see some delays on 40 westbound from garner around the clayton bypass. it slows down at the jones road interchange. as you had through south raleigh through the works own and beyond you are in good shape, 440 towards 540. a few crashes showing up and a report of an accident on the right shoulder of 440 eastbound
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minor crash in the clearing stages and one south of the airport at slater road. that likely has been moved off the road at this point. no delays to that area. looking good on major wrote -- roots. the latest battleground map is showing a slimming pattern of victory for hillary clinton as the candidates hit the same >> that battleground state is hours. >> reporter: nice and cool. stay on point to donald. no sidetracks, donald. nice and easy. >> donald trump staying on message overnight in florida. taking a page from bernie
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supporters he raised $100 million in small donations last month. >> it sounds more like a democrat thing not a republican thing.>> today trump and clinton both campaign in north carolina. african-american turnout is down from 2012. not good news for clinton as she awaits results of the fbi email investigation. she is also hoping to land arizona, a red state. >> we have a real chance to turn this state blue again. >> her message, imagining >> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, and insults latinos and african-americans and muslims and pows. who pits people against each other. instead of pulling us together. >> putting a wife to work is a
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>> clinton won't change washington. >> five days from america's final choice. tracy potts, nbc news. texas senator cruise will take his next stop today. the former candidate will appear with governor mike pence in iowa and michigan. he will speak at both stops before pence takes the stage. wral be on election night. >> we will have experience and knowledge on the local and national levels that you will not find anywhere else. our journalists will be in the field with candidates and campaigns as they were the outcomes of the races and the results. we will have the fastest returns of anyone else. the coverage on wral begins at 7:00 and we will continue into the night. it includes a special one hour addition of our 11:00 news. david crabtree will have more with three hours of election coverage focused on the races
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you will find that on channel 5 point to at the cable, time warner channel 1255. all coverage will be available on our website, wral app and social media accounts. these are a great way to stay informed when you can be in front of the tv. search continues for the person who broke into a polling site in kaplan county on the east regional library and clinton road in fayetteville yesterday. security footage shows someone tang window. voting equipment and materials were not tempered with. more than a century since the chicago cubs won the world series. overnight after a thrilling finale the billy goat curse is dead. renie choose is here to show us how it came about and how the
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you can bet a lot of those fans still celebrating. they will be for days and weeks. the cubs beat the indians in 10 innings after a rain delay and the game wasn't over until about 12:45 pm. the indians were down 6-3 in the bottom of the eighth but they tie things up with an rbi double and a two run home run. 17 minutes before the start of the 10th. when play resumed chicago got to work and then ben zobrist hit a double and the cubs beat the indians 8-7. zobrist was named world series mvp. he played briefly with our very own durables briefly. the cubs had in won a world series since 1908 which is the longest drought in baseball. thousands of fans in
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since the early morning hours. this is another interesting piece of the story. in 1993 there was a student named michael lee who wrote in his mission viejo california your book he said, chicago cubs, 2016 world champions, you heard it here first. a friend found that page and posted it online and it went viral. what else does he know. chicago cubs and to cleveland. what an epic extraordinary season for both teams. >> i just hate to see cleveland lose because they played so hard. >> but they got the big championship with the nba. they are okay for a little bit. communities are still struggling to recover from hurricane matthew. >> how fayetteville is using social media to update residents on damaged roads.
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in west -- less than a week sends a southern pines man to the hospital. several people including children were at a cookout when shots rang out last night. the victim was treated for non- life-threatening injury to his leg and no one else was hurt. the victims name has not been released. police are looking for a light- colored possibly gray suv or a jeep without a state tag. it may be connected. another drive-by shooting
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girl and injured a three-year- old boy. police say it is too soon to determine if they are connected. duke university police looking for an armed robber. this happened last night on the central campus. the suspect used a knife to rob someone making a food delivery in the parking lot at 1911 yearby street. they believe the robber called in the order as well and he was last seen running towards anderson street encouraged to walk in groups or get a ride late at night. hundreds gathered for the final air home protest in raleigh. house bill two opponents stood in front of the governor's mansion blasting warns and protests to the bill. the group was also hoping to set a world record during their
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the city of fayetteville is tackling flood damage roads with the town hall meeting on facebook. the number of roads were submerged during flooding from hurricane matthew. sections of some roadways washed away. today at noon residents can log on to the city's facebook page to get answers from city engineers and ot staff. fema needs help after hurricane matthew. they have teamed up with north carolina works to find people to do disaster recovery work. employees will learn firsthand about the recovery process and positions are posted as the need arises. if you are interested contact and see a concern facing our schools statewide. north carolina school districts addressing the teacher turnover issue. drivers are reacting to the teacher turnover issue. drivers are reacting to the news of the latest want to go to paris?
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i'm roy cooper... and when i grew up on this farm in nash county, i learned you have to work together to get things done. that hasn't been happening in raleigh. as governor, i'll put partisan politics aside... so we can turn around our economy and fix our schools. no more social legislation that divides our state and hurts our reputation. we can build a better north carolina...
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take me out to the ballgame. take me out with the crowd. buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. i don't care if i never cared back. >> depressing scene out there in cleveland. >> but in chicago, situation at wrigley field. >> their people milling about out there. [ laughter ]. may be a few hangovers out there. >> they will be celebrating to the weekend. i'm sure they will do a parade in the whole thing.
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if you like to yesterday you will love today. temperatures this morning are extremely warm. we will talk about what to expect in the next few days and this will be the last warm day we may see for a while looking well ahead into next week. temperatures closer to normal. if you like it enjoyed the temperatures near record highs today. the cold front tonight will change everything tomorrow and that will extend into next week. not much rain with this one. we will see a 10th of an inch or a trace of rain but not much. cooler t extend into next week. in raleigh it looks like we have low cloud cover that has developed and sometimes it's hard to tell because the sun is coming up whether we're seeing a little bit of that or not but we are recording some at the airport. 57 is the current temperature. the temperatures are warm. low cloud cover you see developing should burn off quickly by midmorning. the dew point is 56 and that is- the temperature. we take a look at visibility, 3
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not concerning. it is a note that the ceiling is lower at the bottoms of the clouds. you may see a little bit of cloud cover this morning. it shouldn't last long. 59 south hill, 60 fayetteville, 60 southern pines. 59 and a noticeable warm-up. 12 degrees warmer in southern here comes the front that will change all of that. there are some showers with this front and you can see the rain is not terribly impressive. the front continues to swing into the area overnight tonight and it will be nice and dry and quiet all day today. not likely to see any rain until after sunset and even then it may be around midnight before the rain begins. there it is cruising to the triangle at 5 am and then it is
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the commute unless the front slows down. we will be talking more about that during the evening newscast. looking at friday, looks beautiful and saturday as well. lots of sunshine. much cooler temperatures. 83 today, 67 tomorrow, and very light amounts of rain, anywhere in -- anywhere from a foot in east to nothing of the triangle. on saturday 40 degrees will be the first cool morning in a few days. veterans day parade in downtown fayetteville starts at 10 am with about 52 degrees. i would recommend finding it the sunny side of the street to stand on. we host that on wral. you on saturday morning. we would love to see you at the parade. daylight savings ends on saturday night. before you go to bed don't forget to turn your clocks back. sunrise on sunday is 6:42 am. that is always a big change. tuesday for election day the weather looks good. it will be cool but right.
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of durham on 54 towards chapel hill. take a look at that camera. this is likely not really fog on the ground causing problems. this camera is high off the ground so it is low ceiling. no delay showing up on eastbound leaving chapel hill. some may see some fog on the ground as you head north of the triangle along i-85 and the south side of virginia. in henderson towards oxford, and roxborough keep that in mind. a few accidents starting to show up. a report from one of the twitter followers about 70 westbound traffic leaving clayton, busy this morning. and accident at guy road eastbound side. we're seeing a westbound on the a delay. look out for a crash on normand at try on and a accident at
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i want to remind you about the political rallies this evening. because of the timing they could cause problems for the evening commute. hillary clinton's rally at walnut creek starts at 7:45 pm. right there in the heart of the evening commute you could run into some heavy traffic on the southeast side. donald trump rally in johnson county at the farm, starts at 7:00 on batten road off of i-95. we could see some traffic jams in that area. triangle have been busy but no reports of shortages after this week's pipeline explosion. and explosion in alabama on monday night shutdown a pipeline that delivers 70% of the states fuel. at a marathon station the owner told us he had a bruise in business but he hasn't seen a rush on the palms. gas prices could rise in the coming days but so far the organization hasn't seen any substantial increases. the centers for disease control say the health care
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uninsured americans to low levels. under the affordable care act, 20 affordable care act, 20 million americans have in coverage but the center for disease control new report says progress has slowed. the number of uninsured people dipped by only 200,000 between 2015 and the first six months of this year. open enrollment started this week and it runs through the end of january. tonight we have an in story to tell you about women's health. a woman dies every 80 seconds from heart disease and the fact is them warning signs are different. they are the emotional story of a family's loss and the woman who survived a heart attack. that story will be tonight at 6:00. 9000 teachers left north carolina classrooms this last year. the state board of education shows 33% left for retirement or relocation. 53% of those who left sided personal reasons and many saying the birth of a second child was
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>> the state needs to recognize that the current salary of the teacher may not be enough to offset the childcare costs for as few as two kids. those things have to be considered. and we will make changes that might affect the teachers decision to stay in the profession. >> as we move forward we have to make sure that we customize the approach of recruiting and retaining teachers in ou according to the areas from which we see challenges. >> one change recommended in the report is allowing teachers to report directly to the state while choosing to leave instead of reporting to the individual school. warrants show the adopted father of a missing girl admitted to being an abusive father. sandy parsons admitted to investigators he physically abused his daughter erica parsons. it states he locked her in a
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it says sandy parsons admitted to investigators erica was dead. and he shared details about the disposal of her body. this happened two days before her remains were uncovered. the all-out battleground what's happened to our north carolina? pat mccrory's disastrous hb2 discrimination law has cost us jobs and damaged our reputation. duke energy's toxic coal ash threatens our drinking water, but mccrory's given them a sweetheart deal, leaving us to pay for cleaning up their mess.
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our schools falling behind. we can't afford four more years of pat mccrory. a congressional district known as "the octopus", another called "the snake", and 28 state legislative districts all drawn by politicians in raleigh to segregate african-american voters, all upheld by judge bob edmunds. but federal judges rejected edmunds' decision for misusing race for partisan gain. he's endorsed by president obama. mike morgan: north carolina needs a judge who's fair. we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate. buck missed nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one.
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should show more respect for the rule of law." we need to stop this buck here. 7:26 am. i and bill leslie. police in southern pines are looking for the gunman in a second drive-by shooting in less than a week. the man was shot in the leg last night in west illinois street area. people were gathered for a cookout. he should be okay. bedell is giving residents a chance to talk about roads, damage and last months flooding
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facebook town hall meeting today at noon. it will be a warm day in fayetteville.>> and pretty as well. low cloud cover in spots but sunshine will take over as we get to the day. a mix of sun and clouds in south hill. temperatures are warm. 60 right now and south hill. 54 rocky mount, 59 southern pines, and the forecast we climbed way above 83 today and puts us at a front comes through tonight with small amounts of rain but a lot of cool air behind so just 67 friday. we start saturday morning at 40 and end up with highs in the mid 60s. a little fog north of the triangle. no problems here in the triangle area proper. north of raleigh. as we look at the live commute map, crashes popping up including one just over the way johnston county line and big delays as you leave clayton on 70 westbound. this is that guy road.
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will begin towards clayton. give yourself extra time. we have a few accidents popping up around the triangle. again earlier crash at lumley at 540 cleared up. delays ought gorman. taking 20 minutes. still to come, where the presidential candidates will be in north carolina today as they try to dru land hb2 is n: i'ma disaster. an, hb2 has cost us thousands of jobs. i know from my experience in the state cabinet what it takes to bring good jobs to north carolina. we have to recruit businesses based on our state's reputation. right now, north carolina is showing how not to create jobs. as lieutenant governor,
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the time is now 7:30 am. a big day north carolina for the presidential candidates. possibly a make or break day. hillary clinton and donald trump will be making campaign stops. it is hard to keep up with them all. mikaya thurmond is in raleigh. we are previewing those visits. let us begin with renie. >> reporter: republican nominee is holding his first event of the day in concorde will be at the farm in selma. with less than a week left until election day campaign stops in north carolina could sway undecided voters out there. our state is the must win for donald when -- for donald trump to win. ohio and florida could give trump and neck -- enough to
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a poll shows donald trump with a lead over hillary clinton in north carolina. to other recent polls show it is more of a tossup between the two candidates. trumps concorde rally at the cabarrus arena at 4:00 today and doors open it when pm. trumps rally in selma start that 7:00. doors open it for be an. he has held for other rallies over the past month. let's go to mikaya thurmond in raleigh. >> reporter: morning. we're here outside of walnut creek amphitheater, one of those two sops that hillary clinton will be making in north carolina today. both of which will be rallies. she is expected to urge voters to get out early and vote. clinton will also lay out her plans to create an economy that works for everyone. the first rally will be in greenville afterwards that she will head to walnut creek music pavilion in raleigh.
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sanders who will be campaigning for clinton and she will also be joined by singer burrell williams, known for pop hits like happy. doors will open for clinton's rally in greenville at 1:15 pm. it starts at 3:15 pm. doors will open at one of -- walnut creek at 4:45 pm. the rally starts at 7:45 pm. with several north carolina business -- visits today from two candidates it is going to be very busy on the political front but we will have coverage thank you very much. substance abuse class escapee is back and has the -- custody. jonathan small is facing charges for firearms charges. authorities say he left the roxborough satellite training center yesterday and he was there with other inmates attending educational classes.
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the teacher who stepped on an american flag as part of a lesson about the first amendment will no longer work for the cumberland county school system. lee francis with a history teacher at classical high school. yesterday he met with the cumberland county superintended and the associate superintendent for human resources. they decided not to renew his contract at the end of the year. a downtown raleigh pub that closed a year ago is reopening with a fresh new look. irish pub on south lund street and it is reopening today on hargett street. the welcome party kicks off tomorrow with a series of events. the location will have some familiar elements. it will continue its history of posting live entertainment including irish bands and answers. i'm sure a lot of people will enjoy some beer today. with the warm temperatures. [ laughter ]. it's a day to get outside and have a good time.
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morning in some places. but we will see a lot of son and very warm temperatures. 57 term. 61 holly springs and 54 wake forest. 52 roxborough. that is the cool spot. 60 fayetteville. 59 goldsboro. by lunch time downtown durham, 78 degrees. we will not see a temperature like that at lunch time. not for a while may be, in the spring. temperatures look like they will turn cooler and stay that way well into next week. enjoy it if you like this kind of weather. 83 for the high today. we have a cold front that comes through and will cool temperatures down. it will be chilly. you will need to cook for several mornings next week. that is coming up in the seven- day forecast. our live commute mix is busy with minor
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you see some read showing up. those are the drive times on 40 westbound in a moment. the accident having the greatest impact now is as you leave clayton heading towards garner on 70. business westbound. we have an accident at guy road and east 70 backing towards downtown. they continue beyond the way johnston county line. typical backups on the westbound side of i-40 around clayton bypass, 20 minutes to make that overall trip according to the beltline slip. we take a look at that drive time, 442 the wade avenue interchange, 20 minutes. most delays between 440 heading to lake wheeler and norman. because of the backups in the works and we're seeing slow traffic coming in from garner
7:36 am
onto 40 west from the jones road area towards the 440 split. we have an accident reported on normand at try on on the southwest side of raleigh this morning. a lot of those other accidents that you saw are very minor and largely have cleared up by this point. let's look at durham, 85 looks good. the freeway also looks good beef -- between i-40 and downtown and 40 eastbound right now through chapel hill, no big delays from 5501 two the germ- fr veterans are having trouble finding jobs. the challenges facing veterans seeking higher education and tips for successful transition. pick four numbers 926. carolina cash five numbers,
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according to a new survey, 40% of experience did not help them with civilian careers. their unemployment rates are staggering. the employment rate hovering around 449% with women veterans facing a 9.6% unemployment rate than their male counterparts. as the us military continues to downsize, veterans are seeking higher education in record numbers. joining us is retired army colonel carlin williams and naval veteran krista jackson. good morning. >> doctor williams, you graduated from auburn university and earned your
7:40 am
and you are a veteran. how can advanced education help veterans achieve upward mobility. >> one of the key things that when veterans are coming out of the military is they had to figure out what the was -- rest of the like is gonna be like. they have to look at education and skill level and match those to what they want to do in civilian life. they need to do that before they come out so they are ready to go. >> what you think the challenges are for veterans facing the students traditional college campuses? >> i would say one of the biggest challenges is translating skills. from the military. i was a combat photographer and is difficult to translate skills that you would use out in the field deployed in a war zone when you come back and you are trying to discover what kind of career you would like to have.>> tell us more about
7:41 am
you came back with several challenges and responsibilities as a veteran. >> yes, in 2012 my mother was in a major car accident and i took in my nephew whom she was taken care of so she actually came out to live with me. when i left the military in 2013 my family had grown from me and my daughter to 4 people. it was very important for me to and take my next steps so i can provide for my family. >> what did you do?>> i actually went through a transition program that the navy has in san diego. and then i decided i needed to take the next steps to get my education. i did not have a bachelors yet.
7:42 am
what i did as i looked into opportunities and i found the university of phoenix at a communications program in line with some of the training i had received in the military. they transfer those skills into that skills and earned into credits and allowed me to get my bachelors in a reasonable amount of time. >> quickly, doctor williams, is that what you would suggest, advanced education? are working adults so they need to find a place like the university of phoenix where they go online and still maintain a job. we take a lot of veteran credits, as many as we can apply and then they can go from there and do the rest of their civilian jobs that they want to. doctor carlin williams and kristen jackson, thank you so much for joining me to talk about an important issue. time now is 7:42 am.
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country music. and r&b star crashed the we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate. buck missed nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one.
7:44 am
should show more respect for the rule of law."
7:46 am
this is a song from the latest album. we will play those tunes tomorrow night at the beautiful record hall in henderson. that is beautiful. >> so beautiful. good job. and the scenery as well. very pretty song. >> it is fun to have you playing again. >> we are excited. it is a great new facility. a crown jewel for the town. so thrilled to be there. it is not that far from the triangle. chuck bradley's mom will be there. [ laughter ]. hopefully a bunch of you can make it as well. i need to get up there and see it. it's been a while since i've heard you play. live in person besides here during commercial breaks. the polished version. that is fun stuff.
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mix of sun and cloud cover. you can see a few clouds there and blue trying to be through as the sun is coming up. 57 is the current temperature. went to southwest at 6. dew point is 56. a little on the moist side. this is the visibility down to a half a mile in roxboro. not really technically fog. a little bit showing up on brian's weather index. but some low clouds spots. raleigh at 5 miles and the ceiling is dropping. it won't have much of an impact on the way the weather feels as you head out. 60 degrees in south hill. 54 in rapids. 10 x 10, 51 sanford, 60 fayetteville. check out the temperatures, this is a right at the fair.
7:48 am
out after that. this red line is the normal temperature which is 67 to 68 this time of year. that 83 is well above normal but it is the last temperature in the 80s we will see through the extended period into next week and beyond. it doesn't look like we had a big warm-up coming. 67 friday and 64 saturday and 67 sunday. we will hang out in the mid-60s for the weekend. temperatures in the morning will be chilly at four degrees. -- 40 degrees. here is a look at the cold front heading our way. a little bit of rain with this. there won't be a lot, quarter of an inch or less and likely folks who don't see any rain at all. let's talk about what happens with the temperature and we will watch the front come through on future cast. we start at noon today with mid- 70s and warm to the low 80s this afternoon. the rain begins around midnight
7:49 am
temperatures start to drop. it stays mild overnight until early in the morning and then we drop into the 50s and temperatures in the 60s at lunchtime and we sit in the 60s as the cold air comes pouring in. it will really feel it on saturday morning. 83 today and 67 tomorrow. 64 the high on saturday after starting out 40. if you are headed to the fayetteville veterans day parade at 10 am on saturday it will be chilly, 52 degrees. it stays cool into next week. i sequel but these temperatures are close to normal. and nice election day forecast. temperatures near-normal. chilly when the polls open with 40 degrees. closing at seven with 40 degrees. closing at 730 with 40 degrees. closing at 7:30 pm. yesterday it looked at the same. the weather looks nice. no rain in the forecast for election day.>> we don't have
7:50 am
this gives you the idea that north of the triangle especially is when you have the greatest chance of running into fog this morning. let's keep an eye on this disability and i will let you know. as we zoom into the triangle we are picking up a few accidents still although things are easing up in terms of the number of crashes this morning. there is one on lynchburg road not too far from 540. also a report of an earlier accident on newbern avenue near 440. nothing on the camera same at gorman and try, a minor trash -- crash. delays on a 70 business westbound leaving clayton because of an accident at guy road. allow extra time. things that cleared up nicely on 40 westbound through garner. 20 minute reading is coming down quickly. it's probably close to 15 minutes with most delays heading up towards 440 between
7:51 am
to the south side of raleigh, still congestion through there. by the time you get to us 1 no delays. a true signal the holiday season is here, the biltmore is getting ready for christmas. visitors lying to the entrance to witness. santa riding on a horse-drawn wagon pulling a 35 foot tree to the mansion. and a team of people got to work raising and securing the glorious fraser fern. after it was set, engineering got things going and started adding ornaments. this tradition dates back to 1895. you could've gotten started -- star fatigue watching cma awards. vince gill, alabama, ricky skaggs and my favorite, beyonci. >> [ music ] she performed her
7:52 am
garth brooks, miranda lambert and carrie underwood. maren morris one the best new artist award. area church won album of the year. carrie underwood won female vocalist of the year. chris stapleton won male vocalist of the year. garth brooks won entertainer of the year. reni chu is here. >> it's all about the world series. matzoh congratulations to the cubbies. we will start with president obama saying it happened, cubs win world series. that change even the south side or can believe in. come to the white house before
7:53 am
bob newhart, and the billy goat is dead as it said from the beginning. i'm getting too old for this. actor -- not actor bill murray, the chicago white sox have been reaching out. on bringing another world series championship to the city of chicago. classy and sportsmanlike. and then we also have stephen colbert, the cubs win, congrats chicago. see you in 2124. 108 years later. [ laughter ]. > as his atms in. [ laughter ]. we had one more. also treading on the lebron james, he recorded a message for the indians saying how proud he is of the team and that they should use this year
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the time is now 7:56 am. i am lena to let. donald trump takes a break from marathon campaigning in florida to travel state, north carolina. he will make appearances at rallies in selma and concorde. he is focusing on clinton's email troubles. hillary clinton asking voters to imagine what a trump presidency would look like. in light of what he has said and done. she is also in north carolina today in greenville and a rally with bernie sanders in raleigh. an absolutely perfect day.
7:57 am
plenty of sunshine. here is a look at the museum skycam from the museum of natural science. a good bit of sunshine over downtown raleigh. sunshine in most places this morning. expect today to be partly cloudy. 57 in raleigh. 60 fayetteville and south hill. extremely warm morning and a warm afternoon with a high of 83. a front comes through tonight with little rain but with cool air so 67 friday and 64 for saturday. especially north of the triangle. look at the road whether index around roxborough towards oxford and then henderson along i-85. you can see fog. just give yourself a few extra minutes. as we look at the life commute map, an accident on three more road. we are picking up some delays on the inbound side of 50 this morning coming away from 540. an accident on which bird road
7:58 am
cleared up for the most part. for delays on 70 business westbound as you leave clayton heading towards garner, an accident at guy road that will
7:59 am
this is going to be a tough play.
8:00 am
's chicago a city of celebration. the cuffs when the first championship in eight years. -- and 108 years. with five days ago, the candidates make north carolina a priority. where they will try to get out the vote. another shooting rocks the southern pines community. what we are learning about the victim. thanks for joining us. the time is 8:00. latest slimming path to victory for clinton as both candidates hit the same state today.>> that battleground state is hours. >> we have to be nice and cool. nice and cool. standpoint, donald. stay on point. no sidetracks donald. niceties he.


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