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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  November 7, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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right now on fox 50, the first female us attorney general, jenna reno, a polarizing figure in the clinton administration, she was 78. the candidates get ready for their final pitches today. less than 24 hours before election day. in hopes of getting the voters out. we are starting the work week with cooler temperatures. how much of a warm-up today. think you for joining us this monday morning. the day before election day. good morning everybody. it is chilly out there. >> it is.
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>> and here is a side that chilly air is coming. we were looking at these trees and all the leaves came off the trees so really starting to look a lot like fall. we typically see the peak of leaves season around this time and it is gorgeous. i had the pleasure of being out in the woods yesterday and the leaves are so pretty out there. in cary, 38 degrees. wake forest 34 roxborough. that is the coolest spot. at 34, some spots are seeing patchy frost. 44 irwin, 47 goldsboro. this morning expect temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s and 59 at lunch and a high of 63. that is cooler than yesterday when the temperature was 71. cool temperatures stick around all week and we have a few friends coming through and we will talk about what the
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brian of course takes you on the roads to see what you will get. problems on the southbound durham freeway. we have a crash just beyond briggs avenue in the easter connector and works on. all that traffic is coming out of downtown during squeezing into the left lane and we're not really seeing it showing up yet on the sensor readings ride from bingham street to i- 40 but the delays are just starting to build around briggs avenue and when we checked the reading in 10 minutes we will see some more significant backups than we see right now. you can see the red starting to show up there around briggs avenue. we will keep an eye on that. still looking good on 40 eastbound. chapel hill heading into our to be. if you are gaining -- going from downtown, the eastbound
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in the triangle, looking okay. typical delays on 40 westbound around the clayton bypass and an accident on 70 business at shenstone boulevard not too far from i-40. not affecting traffic westbound. a crash in knightdale getting cleared up from smithville to 1st. we are following breaking news. former attorney general jenna reno >> family member said she died of complications from parkinson's disease. renie hsu is in the newsroom. >> reporter: jenna reno was the first woman to serve as us attorney general. she was a former miami prosecutor who famously told reporters i don't do this. she served eight years as
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former president bill clinton. the longest and in a century and was one of the administration's most recognizable and polarizing figures. she faced criticism early in her tenure for the raid on the branch davidian compound in waco texas where david qureshi and 80 followers died. in the spring of 2000 reno and reach your hometown committee -- cumin community when she authorized elion gonzales seizure. havana home from his relatives to be returned to his father in cuba. after leaving washington she returned to florida and made an unsuccessful run for florida governor in 2002. she lost in a primary. a goddaughter says reno spent her final days at home in miami surrounded by family and friends. renie, thank you. both candidates will be in
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before the election. tracy potts reports, north carolina is part of the final push. >> reporter: with 42 million votes already in hillary clinton has a four point lead in our last nbc wall street journal poll and the fbi now says it's email review is over with no smoking gun and no charges and many of those 650,000 emails duplicates clinton did not mentioned it in new hampshire but she did talk about the day after the election. >> we will have some work to do to bring about healing and reconciliation after this election. we have to begin listening to one another and respecting one another. >> are we looking forward to tuesday evening? >> donald trump claims the fbi is protecting clinton. >> hillary clinton is guilty and she knows it. the fbi knows it.
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it. i think it's very embarrassing. and now it is up to the american people to deliver the justice. >> president obama joins clinton tonight. >> the most qualified person ever to run. >> clinton is leading women, african-americans, latinos and early voters while trump leads men, seniors and whites full day of campaigning before polls open tomorrow. tracy potts, nbc news. trump is in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan today. clinton is making two stops in pennsylvania plus michigan and north carolina. early voters turned out in
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for the election. 44% of the states voters. the board of elections said there are more than one .5 million registered african- american voters in north carolina. those numbers have not reached the 2012 levels. hispanic early voting in north carolina is up by 75% with 165,000 registered voters. wral is where you want to be on election night for prospective you will not find anywhere else. 20 journalists will be in the field with candidates as they learn the results. we will have the fastest ec our coverage on wral begins at 7:00 into the night. it includes a special one-hour addition of our 11 fox news. david crabtree and laura leslie will be on wral 2 focused on local and state races. find that on channel 5 point to an time warner 555. all coverage will be on
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many communities are still fighting back from hurricane matthew. >> where they will be dealing with the cost of the storm
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state and local leaders will meet today to talk about hurricane relief efforts in wayne county. it was among the hardest hit by flooding for -- following
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the legislative delegation and officials from the county and city of goldsboro will discuss storm relief in next year's budget. the budget director will be at this meeting. state officials hope to educate you on what damage vehicles after the storm. they will give tips on how to avoid scams involving the sales of such vehicles. 5 on your side has tips on how to avoid flood damage vehicles on section. durham police trying to find out who shot a bb gun at a city bus. a bus was on glenbrook drive and was struck with a bb gun pellet. this was 6:30 pm last night. the bus was damage and no one on the bus was hurt. fire department is gathering feedback on a redo project of one of the fire stations. fire station 14 is being relocated to hardin road. the current location on lakeland trail is a big enough for future fire department
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expected to begin next year. you can review the plans and discuss the project in a public meeting at jc park community center tonight at 7:00. an election season full of twists and turns and of course drama. >> what action many broadway shows are taking on election night to get into the dramatic role. it could be part of a washington has made richard burr wealthy. we know that. burr voted himself 5 pay raises and his personal net worth increased 500%. but we're only beginning to learn how little work burr actually does. richard burr missed nearly 70% of his armed services committee hearings... even skipping one hearing to hold a dc fundraiser with lobbyists. it's why the observer says, "burr shows himself to be a consummate washington insider who routinely puts party
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ntent of this advertising. what's happened to our north carolina? pat mccrory's disastrous hb2 discrimination law has cost us jobs and damaged our reputation. duke energy's toxic coal ash threatens our drinking water, but mccrory's given them a sweetheart deal, leaving us to pay for cleaning up their mess. and while mccrory's given huge tax breaks to those at the top, his education cuts have left our schools falling behind.
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eddie murphy who parties all the time.
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>> he is also known for his singing. >> for good reason.>> [ laughter ].>> look at that. >> myrtle grove. >> the sun rose up about 6:45 am this morning. >> it sets so early now. >> was it not hard. bill let's >> i do. >> easier to get to bed at night.>> gosh, when it starts to get dark at 5:15 pm. [ laughter ].>> i have so much to do.>> what you gonna do. >> football. >> the sun marches on. lovely this morning. let's look at what we can expect over the next few days. cold out there this morning.
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for the western counties for tonight because it will be cold tonight. cold front that will arrive on wednesday but once again hardly any rain with this. that has been the theme for cold fronts ever since early october. we had matthew come in and every front that is common sense has brought less than a quarter of inch of rain. we may see the coldest weekend yet this fall over the weekend with high temperatures in the 50s and 40s. a good chance of freezing conditions for saturday night. here is the tall tower camera looking beautiful. not a cloud in the sky across the county. 41 is the current temperature and the dew point is 39. crisp out there this morning. 39 in roxborough. don't be surprised if you see patchy frost. up the road in south hill, not as chilly, 41. 41 rocky mount.
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it's great weather in my book. chilly air for a few days thanks to the high pressure system pushing down from the north and so the chilly air sits around ahead of the cold front back to the west with rain in louisiana and texas all the way to the dakotas and that front will sweep into the area on wednesday. by the time we hit that time not looking impressive. it stays nice and dry through atm allowing temperatures to get chilly and lunchtime tomorrow. during the afternoon tomorrow we see cloud cover with the front well to the of us tuesday night and wednesday morning. finally wednesday afternoon it starts to drop in. there's hardly any rain with that. 63 today and 67 tomorrow. election day, expect to see a lot of sunshine and cold in the morning at 38 miles in the afternoon. the front comes in on wednesday and will bring a chance of rain. mid to late afternoon, 30% chance of rain.
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cool down thursday. friday temperature pumps up closer to 70. friday will be the mildest day. a bunch of cold air behind that front brings us to the 50s for saturday and sunday in the morning low sunday, 36 degrees. it is time for us to have a widespread frost and freeze. i had the pleasure of being out around homestead yesterday and the mosquitoes were bad. i'm lightweight, this is early >> you didn't think you needed it. >> i had the same thing last week. let's get an update on the delays on the southbound freeway. earlier crash beyond briggs avenue near the easton connector works on. flashing lights on the side of the road. thankfully both lanes have opened so we are getting full
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still residual delay. macon street i-40 and the southbound up to 12 minutes. this is coming down slowly but you will run into a little bit of a delay leaving downtown this morning away from bingham street towards briggs avenue. when you clear that accident site you are in good shape towards i-40. northbound side looking fine. no residual onlooker delays because of that incident on the southbound side. 85 looks good. so far so good have to watch for sun glare delays happening earlier than it has been lately. let's take at the -- take a look at the triangle. a crash on ray it on the north side of raleigh. accident with injuries on lake wheeler road around dairy drive. this is north of penny road. northbound side is very slow this morning as they get that accident cleared up. congestion and delays related to the crash.
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kurdish led forces backed by the us have announced the start of a campaign to retake caracas. the ice is headquarters. kurdish and air fighters prepare for the offensive yesterday. us considered the fighters as the most effective force against isis. defense secretary ash carter welcomed the announcement. in mosul, iraqi kurdish fighters exchange heavy fire with islamic state militants this morning. they are advancing on per shiga , a town east of that city. it is believed to be deserted except for dozens of militants. it is part of the broader push to drive the islamic state out of model -- mosul. in italy a tornado tore a destructive path through rome. this video captured on camera shows the violent twister as it knocked down buildings, trees and power lines. two people died. one of the victims was in a
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floors were ripped off by the twister there. another person died when a tree fell. dozens of injuries reported. jury selection today in the trial of dylan roof. he's accused of killing nine african- americans at a church in charleston south carolina. he was indicted on 33 counts related to 9 murders in the june shooting of last year. the initial jury pool had been narrowed to 512 charleston residents as of friday. a panel of 12 will be drawn from that number and will answer the question of followed by a question of life or death. search resumes for more remains buried on the property where a woman was found alive and chained in a battle container. two bodies have been found and one body has been identified as a boyfriend of the women found the life two months after her disappearance. todd cold is charged in four murders and is telling investigators where to find gravesites.
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near one of the world's largest oil hubs. there was quite a bit of damage in cushing, oklahoma. brick fagades collapsed and windowpanes shattered. the city manager question -- question whether the buildings may be unsafe and an assisted living center was evacuated. the quake lasted about 10 seconds and was felt as far away as iowa, illinois and texas. there have been 19 reported past few years. german prosecutors have widened their investigation into volkswagen's emissions scandal to include the chairman of the board. hans dieter poche was the chief financial officer with the company scandal breaking a year ago. volkswagen said in a statement yesterday two board members were under investigation for
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along with the former ceo of the company are accused of taking too long to inform investors of the problem. disabled gas pipeline up and running again in alabama after a deadly explosion. service resume yesterday. the pipeline moves gasoline from the gulf coast to new york city and provides 40% of the fuel supply on the east coast. the pipeline was knocked off- line last week in a deadly explosion and in september there was a leak that led to a gas shortage in higher prices. great white ways bowing to the power of election night. were taken the night off including the popular shows like phantom of the opera, and th sing a note on election night. the movie spoke to encourage voting and to avoid competition. some shows including the lion king and hamilton will play as normal tomorrow night. team coverage previewing rallies in north carolina today. one day before the election. candidates return to north carolina for a final push.
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mark billy graham's birthday. i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable.
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s a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. linda coleman: i'm linda coleman, lcv victory fund is responsible and hb2 is a disaster. hb2 has cost us thousands of jobs. i know from my experience in the state cabinet what it takes to bring good jobs to north carolina. we have to recruit businesses based on our state's reputation. right now, north carolina is showing how not to create jobs. i'll work with roy cooper to get rid of hb2 and create good jobs,
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good morning. it is 7:26 am. i am bill leslie. clinton returns to raleigh for her last campaign stop. she will appear along with her husband bill clinton and daughter chelsea at nc state. doors open tonight at 8:45 pm. her final get out the vote rally begins at 11:45 pm. donald trump also coming back to north carolina today in raleigh earlier at thorton arena at the state fairgrounds.
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trump will begin at 3 pm. good weather for whatever you are doing. campaigning or playing golf. a little bit chilly in the morning and we will see that trend for the week. really nice out there. here is a look at the wral gardens and trees that have lost leaves and a little bit of color. 34 in roxborough, 38 southern pines, and a coat or jacket is needed. temperatures this afternoon and 67 degrees on tuesday. 7:27 am. heads-up in downtown durham as you had southbound on the durham freeway towards briggs avenue. south towards the park. run into delays because of an earlier crash. you can see the germ police car and flashing lights. both lanes are open. we saw residual delays earlier but now we look at nine minutes. things are slowly moving
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triangle we have a crash on the south side of raleigh around the nc state farm on lake wheeler road and terry lane north of penny road and you can see heavy delays on the northbound side away from penny road towards plimpton road. still to come, wake county made you -- join durham county
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north carolina has never been this critical in a presidential election. trump and clinton know if this -- know this. >> they are making vinyl stops in raleigh today. let us begin with amy victor at the state fairgrounds. >> reporter: good morning. many would consider this the last the last opportunity for donald trump to make an impression with voters in north carolina. polls will be open tomorrow and more of the half of the states registered voters have not voted yet and still have an opportunity to do so. this is considered a must win state for donald trump. he's been in north carolina every other day since tuesday. and trump ends a swing of events across the state here in raleigh. today's rally will be at norman arena on the fairgrounds.
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his running mate governor mike pence it will not be making an appearance in north carolina today. he is visiting several other battleground states as the day comes closer to election day. north carolina state will see hillary clinton today. that is where mikaya thurmond joins us with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. this will be clinton's final visit to north carolina before the election and she wont be visiting alone. clinton will be joined by her husband and former president clinton and joined by her daughter chelse they will host an election evening midnight get out the vote rally and she will discuss economic plans and her vision to create an america that is stronger together. the final clinton rally will be here at reynolds coliseum on the campus of nc state.
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starts at 11:45 pm. space is available on a first- come first-served basis but of course with two nominees in the state over the next 24 hours, things will be very busy on the political front. wral will have coverage of both. mikaya thurmond. the naacp is hosting a get out the vote news conference in fayetteville today. it's being held at noon at the evans metropolitan ame church. three counties ordered by judge to restore canceled voter registrations. a federal judge ruled that the purge of voters from the rolls violated the national voter registration act. it prohibits voter removal within 90 days of a federal election. the purge of targeted african- american voters. wake county employees could get six weeks of paid after -- paid leave after a child birth or adoption under a new proposal. commissioners plan to vote on the measure tonight and it
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complications. the city of raleigh doesn't offer paid leave right now. employees have to do unpaid leave through fmla. carey is studying this as well. durham county implemented a policy for 12 paid weeks of leave. billy graham's 90 birthday. no big events planned. 800 people helped billy graham celebrate his 95th birthday at the ministry facility in asheville. his son, franklin, said it's a party every sunday because he's made it through another week will host a prayer for the nation on his facebook page. chili avenue in the mountains. up on the mountain. it is a big long cabinet there. >> chilly down here as well. >> it is pretty. >> and the leaves are all off the trees up there in the mountains. we're getting into the peak leave season and it's beautiful. temperature starting to get cooler.
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39 garner. forecast for today, we will climb to the low 60s at lunchtime and hold their into the afternoon. definitely cooler than it was yesterday afternoon when we had 70 degrees. at lunchtime, 59 in downtown durham. may be breezy and a northeast wind bringing and cool air and breezy from time to time but 63 for the high today. normal is mid-sixties so it is brian is in the traffic center talking about whll run into. you may run into a slowdown on the southbound side of the durham freeway because of an earlier crash at briggs avenue. it is getting cleared up and the delay is easing up on the southbound side. we've noticed the northbound side of the durham freeway is starting to slow down.
7:35 am
as the delays build. consider using 55 westbound as the alternate route from i-40. also since the last check of traffic we are starting to see conditions deteriorating on 40 eastbound away from 54 to the durham freeway. congestion and sun glare delays. there earlier because of the timeshift. need to give yourself time leaving chapel hill into the park this morning. around the rest of the tr southbound side of raleigh around nc state farm creating delays on lake wheeler road north of penny road. that along with congestion slow between 1010 road and try road. towards zebulun, a report of an accident on 64 heading westbound out towards lizard lake road. those delays are well in advance of the 96 interchange. on the far eastern side of wake county.
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this morning. take an alternate route this morning. back to you. millennials are teaching the world how to travel. how smart phones and apps like airbnb and uber can help
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narrator: want to go to paris? richard burr took a sixteen thousand dollar christmas trip to paris...paid for by the special interests. just one of richard burr's twenty six special interest trips. prague. barcelona. seville. stockholm. madrid... richard loves europe. no wonder richard burr voted against cracking down on special interest trips. richard burr. twenty years in washington ...and europe... serving himself.
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like many other generations, millennials love to travel but it is the way
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changing the landscape of the travel industry. joining us to give us insight into how millennial travel is the youngest american to visit every single country in the world. he has visited all 193 un member states at 318 total countries. he's been to every country plus the north and south poles. today he is in the city that never sleeps. new york city. thank you for joining me. teach as your ways. what can we learn.>> thank you for that from her millennials we can learn a lot. the top travel destinations for the holiday season actually would be new york and cancun and basically from millennials we could see that the sharing economy, these destinations and others is up big time this year. places like airbnb and uber. they are becoming more familiar to people led by millennials
7:40 am
basically with the trust in these things we see millennials lead the way and other people come in behind them. also millennials are starting to travel with insurance. they use alliance for most needs. they have a fabulous app called the travel smart app where you can get real-time flight stats and you can get help on the ground if something were to happen to you. so using airbnb or uber -- are millennials driven by drive travel? >> millennials are always driven by saving money. the sharing economy, you can save a little bit. like couch surfing, you can stay for free. i think they like more of a local field for something like airbnb and uber is something i use every day. i have become extremely comfortable with it. >> what are trop travel
7:41 am
season. >> as i mentioned briefly, new york is the top domestic travel destination for millennials and everybody else based on data compiled by alliance travel insurance based on bookings. cancun would be the top international destination. while we've seen a little bit of a decline in bookings in europe due to recent terrorism events and istanbul, travel to europe is still going strong and the top destinations would be london, still paris even though it is down a little bit. and amsterdam and munich. in the us also, los angeles and orlando and las vegas. >> and zika has had a surprising impact in florida. >> yes. exactly. that had a little bit of an outbreak in florida us to travel to florida is down about
7:42 am
thing for travelers because the winter season in florida is generally pretty busy so with less people going there and less money being spent you can find deals down there. it's a good time to go if you are not freaked out by zika. i was just in florida and i think it's okay.>> the ultimate traveler, thank you so much. a popular raleigh attraction has a new way to while crowds before they get to the front door. park that is now open to visitors. the winning streak continues for marvel. doctor strange cast a spell.
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the ncaas... and the acc championships...
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it's about them. i'm roy cooper. and this election is about finally stopping the loss of our teachers, lowering taxes on families and growing our economy.
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[ music ]. i'm sorry go ahead. >> i am just -- pad is stuck in the 80s this morning. can we move to another -- [ laughter ]. another decade. [ laughter ]. >> they've got the beat and we've got the beach.
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>> i should've let you say that first. [ laughter ].>> it is too chilly for the beach. >> it is. you will wear a big old jacket and a hat out there. if you are me. bill is out there romping around in a short and t-shirts. [ laughter ].>> without his red suit or anything.>> for me i am taking the code out and every morning but it's about time. we're moving on to the middle of november. this is a museum skycam. it is gorgeous, clear skies and sunshine. dry and we will stay dry for most of this week. we don't really have much of a weather pattern right now that will bring us any rain. 41 is the current temperature at the airport. dew point is 39. it was cooler yesterday morning and we dropped to 37 at the
7:47 am
warmer. 34 in roxboro. hold the spot -- coldest spot of the morning. you may see some patchy frost but it wouldn't be the first time already. it is warmer and south hill at 42. chapel hill 44. 39 smithfield. 33 sanford. 38 southern pines. you have a smattering o where is the chilly air coming from? high pressure system with winds rotating clockwise push in the cool air in and it will remain chilly. highs in the 60s and some 50s over the weekend. even though the cold front will come through we are not going to see a lot of rain with it arriving on wednesday afternoon. tonight a frost advisory in effect from charlotte and
7:48 am
through asheville. we've had freezing temperatures around booth. it may extend eastern tool include a few of the western counties and we will see by noon the weather service adding us in there. we will talk more about that than. warmth on the other side of the mountains. it creeps in tuesday or tomorrow ahead of the front and behind the front we're back it will be cool on thursday. friday we bump into warmer temperatures and over the weekend, temperatures dive into virginia and that gives a shot of chilly air for saturday and sunday. 63 today and 67 tomorrow. it is election day. the weather looks good as long as you don't mind being cool. election forecast, 6:30 am, 38 degrees. front comes through wednesday with about a 30% chance for
7:49 am
almost 70 on friday. behind friday's front temperatures will be chilly so a morning low of about 40 degrees at a high of 56 on saturday. that is 10 degrees below normal. highs in the 50s again sunday with a chilly 36. brand is here to look at slow traffic. it looks like slow in both directions. typical eastbound delays away from 540. this morning on the westbound side in addition to the congestion we have a crash blocking the median. that appears to be accident but it is really slowing things down heading away from raleigh towards the airport and rtv. latest live drivetime updates from the sensors, 17 minutes to garner. on the south and sides of raleigh, 19 minutes from 440 19 minutes from 442 wade avenue. from wade to 540 with that accident blocking the median, up to 10 minutes of.
7:50 am
we have the sun glare delays, and a little worse right now because of timeshift. the sun at an angle in the middle of the morning commute. have eastbound delays but overall trip on 54 to the durham freeway is taking 12 minutes. let's look at the alternate route which is 54 eastbound. alexander drive is 13 minutes. really it is best to stay put on 40 eastbound. the rest of the triangle, the slow on 440 west burn -- westbound. delays on 40 west, outbound trip will be slow between 440 and i for. north carolina museum of art has a newly expanded park. the anna jim [ null ] museum park reopened with the celebration and construction to expand the part began in august of last year. the project included the
7:51 am
and contemporary gardens and new promenade connecting the park and the galleries. doctor strange was no stranger to high ticket sales this weekend. the film ruled the box office with $85 million, the 14th street number one debut for the marvel universe. the family-friendly animated film trolls trail that number two with $46 million. the world war ii drama hacksaw ridge rounded out the top with $20 million. fox has renewed the simpsons for the 29th and 30th season. it will get to 669 episodes becoming the largest number of episodes for any scripted tv show. it will break the record held by gunsmoke which aired 635 times. you can watch this until sunday
7:52 am
renate you will tell us what is trending. >> happy ending to a story that went viral about hunter job in's. colors -- a college student who had a kit kat stolen out of his car. he shared on social media the strange note that the thief left. apologizing for stealing the candy bar out of the cupholder of his unmarked car and saying nothing else was stolen. when the folks at hershey got wind of the story they said they sent him 6500 replacement candy bars and stuffed them all in his car. [ laughter ]. talking about great karma and what the student did. he did hand out all the candy bars. to fellow students on campus. [ laughter ]. that's all the post halloween candy. to the internet to the newest of session, manikin challenge. if you haven't heard of this, this is a challenge to assume a
7:53 am
the song black beatles players in the background. this is ohio state getting in on the fun. pittsburgh steelers also tried it out. you have to be motionless the whole time just like madigan. in roseville they tried it out. this all started with high school students at a high school in jacksonville florida and it had caught on very quickly. popular with football teams and high schools. so you know, freeze hard. look here. we have a manikin challenge going on. >> i saw that flickr.>> [ laughter ]. >> and the things that go viral, right? >> we will work on it for tomorrow. [ laughter ].
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the time is 7:56 am. i am lena to let. billy graham's 98th birthday no big events planned but three years ago 800 people helped billy graham celebrate his 95th birthday. wake county commissioners will take a vote today on a plan to give county employees paid parental leave. it would cover most -- both fathers and mothers of adopted and foster children and newborns. commissioners are talking about six weeks of leave in eight weeks if there are childbirth
7:57 am
morning.>> no problems with the weather. it should be cool this time of year. the garden is looking pretty. the trees have lost leaves and temperatures of 36 in roxboro. 46 now in southern pines, 43 fayetteville. temperatures are starting to warm up. expect low to mid 60s across the area today cool night tonight with temperatures from the mid-30s to low 40s. patchy frost. tomorrow looks pleasant for election day. high temperatures in the upper 60s. slow ride through wake county. on 40 westbound. we have congestion through garner and raleigh and an accident blocking the median of 40 west around 540. 17 minutes through garner. 22 minutes of two wade avenue and from wade to 540, 14 minutes.
7:58 am
442 the i-40 merge. interim, big delays on the north boundary way. 38 minutes from i-40 to macon street. six states are 38 minutes from i-40 to macon street. six states are getting all the attention from i'm roy cooper... and when i grew up on this farm in nash county, i learned you have to work together to get things done. but for too long now, that hasn't been happening in raleigh. as governor, i'll put partisan politics aside... so we can turn around our economy and fix our schools. and hurts our reputation. we can build a better north carolina... and it starts with all of us working together to get it done. a congressional district known as "the octopus", another called "the snake", and 28 state legislative districts all drawn by politicians in raleigh to segregate african-american voters, all upheld by judge bob edmunds.
7:59 am
choice for state supreme court? judge mike morgan. he's endorsed by president obama. mike morgan: north carolina needs a judge who's fair. on fox 50, the first female us attorney general jana reno
8:00 am
the sometimes polarizing figure is a clinton administration and she was 78. candidates get ready to make the final pitch. less than 24 hours before election day. where they plan to hold rallies in hopes of getting voters to the polls. starting the workweek with cooler temperatures. texas department of public safety sargeant elizabeth carter tells us how much it will warm up today. thank you for joining us. i am le age of 78. >> she died of complications from parkinson's disease. bill leslie is in the newsroom with more.>> reporter: jana reno was the first woman to serve as a us attorney general. she was a former miami prosecutor who famously told reporters. she served eight years as attorney general under president former president bill clinton. the longest stint in a century and was one of the administration's most


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