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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 8, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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election day. >> small towns and voting precincts where winners have already been declared. the precinct is open in north carolina, and we'll have 5 tips that you need to know bere you head to the polls. >> and local counties that will ting rights complaints. thank you for joining us this election day morning. i'm lena tillett. >> and i'm renee chou. thank wake county schools are preparing for a large voter turnout and will start two hours late because of number of ols are polling sites. >> oofts finally here, election day 2016. hilland donald trump have made their final arguments.
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say. tracie potts is in new york with more. >> reporter: hillary clinton is back in new york after winning the first of the day, 4 for clinton and 2 for donald trump. >> tomorrow night, this election will end. but i want you to understand our work together will be just beginning. >> reporter: clinton wrapped her campaign with celebrities there and with thphiladelphia. >> tomorrow, there be no qutiess abouthe outcome of this election. >> i am betting that tomorrow, you reject feand see hope. >> reporter: they ended with an early morning rally in michigan fordonald umand
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>> reporter: michigan hasn't voted republican since 1988. >> michigan sits at the crossroads of history. if we win michigan, we will win this historic election. >> reporter: he is hoping for a win in new hampshire where the polls are nearly deadlocked. >> new hampshire has never disappointed me. >> reporter: disappointment is surely to come to one of the candidates today. tracie york. this morning, we want to help you to get ready to cast your walt. wral's mikaya thurmond joins us live from the polling place in raleigh where the line is long. mikaya? >> reporter: that's right, renee. but that's a good thing and exactly what we want to see on election day as more than 2700 precincts have opened here. take a look at this line.
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and have been since 4:30 this morning. once the polls opened at 6:30, they will stay open until 7:30. there are tips as you plan your visit to the polls. first. me er if you are in line when the polls close, be sure to stay there. no matter what, you will be allowed to vote. next, no selfies. state law says you can't take a picture of your ballot and you anyone on the phone i'll voting, and if you haven't registered, it's too late. same-day registration is not available on election day and the photo id question. the photo id law was overturned this summer and you will not have to show photo id. and you can do curbside voting.
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renee? >> thank you, mikaya thurmond, showing us democracy in action. the department of justice is sending monitors to enforce the voting rights laws and will be on the ground in 70 jurisdictions across the country, and for us, cumberland, and robeson and wake counties, and they will by phone but local officials must respond to voting intimidation at polling places. tomorrow, political analyst david mcclennan will be threer break down the results. >> wral is where you want to be for a perspective you find have anywhere else.
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out in the field. >> the coverage will begin at 7:00 and continue into the night with a special 1-hour edition of the 11:00 news. >> david crabtree and laura leslie will be focused on local and state races on channel 5.2 and time/warner 1255. of course, all of our coverage will be available on, the wral app and social media accounts. to the polls, grab a jacket. >> and you will be greeted by sunshine, elizabeth. >> it's a beautiful day. we are looking at the raleigh skycam, and there is the polling center with people lined up around the building to vote and we are seeing that playing across the viewing area. it's chilly, and the sunshine will warm up the temperatures quickly, already warmer than
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temperatures in the mid-30s earlier, and 40 here at the tv studios and holly springs. some of the temperatures are chilly because they only update 20 minutes or every hour. and that's why we are seeing a disparity. 39 in south hill and rocky mount and 42 in southern pines which dropped down to 30 ea up nicely. lunchtime, 64 and a high of nearly 70, and we have cool weather in the forecast tomorrow with a cold front that comes through, and we'll talk about how much rain we'll see. brian is seeing slow places. the biggest problem, 440 westbound at capital with an earlier accident in the clearing stages. 8:06 and it's hard to see the trees in the median, and the
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blocked. big delays on the east side of raleigh. about an hour to make the trip from the i-40 merge to the wade i-404 merge. the best option is through the fortify. it is taking about 26 minutes which is slow but faster than the 4 that 440 westbound is taking. and 11 minutes to make the trip to 42 to 440 and the wade out to 540 slowing down just a bit. and because of the backups 40 westbound at wade avenue, we are seeing as usual backups on outbound wade from 440 to the i- 40 merge. slow traffic on the west side of raleigh, typical for this time of day. and we have congestion and sun glare from durham. and north of sanford, as far as
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blocked at colon road. there was an accident out there with slow traffic coming out of sanford this morning foash on u.s. con 1. avoid that if you can. take 15-501 to deep river road and pick up u.s. 1 north of the crash site. >> thank you, brian. it was a contentious race for north carolina governor. we run down the issues between the two candidates. and a city dealing with a major problem. what officials believe could have led to the sinkhole that
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north carolina voters will choose the state's next governor today and we're getting an idea of the three critical topics that voters are thinking about. the latest polls show a tight race between governor mccrory and roy cooper, and the latest poll is giving us an insight as to what voters are thinking about. first, the economy. we asked how strongly does the economy influence your vote for governor? 62%say strongly and 29%, somewhat, and 9% say not at all or they are unsure. the next highest priority among voters, we have been talking
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and teacher pay. teacher pay has gone up but according to the most recent census data in 2014, spending per pupil, and we asked how that influences? 58% strongly, --57% strongly and 30% somewhat. and we asked voters how strongly the issues are impacting their vote. and the unemployment rate, 5%
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businesses are opening in downtown rally which is good news for business. but the candidates have different visions as to taking the state forward, and the candidates for governor and senator are garnering a lot of attention but there are many local races including board, and bond, and many judicial races including one seat on the state supreme court. print newspapers may be disappearing but not after election day. no matter who wins, the papers are preparing extra copies for wednesday morning. in 2008, the papers were caught off guard when president obama was elected the first african- american president.
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times and chicago tribune are planning to print extra copies. the tribune is printing far less than what was printed after the cubs' world series. and more trouble for samsung, and it's not over the galaxy note 7. and what happens next in the case of a severe weather killer in south carolina af
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cooper: when we lost the nba all-star game... the ncaas... and the acc championships... it hurt north carolina's economy and our national reputation. but this election for governor is not just about one bad law. it's about them. i'm roy cooper. and this election is about finally stopping the loss of our teachers, lowering taxes on families and growing our economy.
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you know, maybe this is the picture we have post-election day, just nice and calm. >> unfortunately, it will be gray tomorrow, the cloud cover
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>> you wore your big puffy coat in. >> i did. i was so happy this morning. >> we were in the 30s. >> yes, and the temperatures are warming up. i mean, afthe sunshine, the clear sky, the temperatures will really start to climb. let's take a look at what we are seeing. out to south hill where it's beautiful and patriotic. and the huge american flag, and it is gorgeous blue sky and to the right, the colonial the temperatures in te. mid-30s and now 40 at the airport. and the dew point at 38 so it's feeling good. 39 in south hill and 40 in henderson and 44 in roxboro and 39 in rocky mount wilson and 40 in chapel hill. that's coat weather for me but sanford dipped into the upper 20s briefly. 37 there now and 44 in fayetteville and 46 in
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we'll warm up nicely to the mid- 60s to near 70. rain to the west and a high pressure system that will hold the clouds back today and eventually, the rain shifts eastward and over the mountains and runs into the high pressure system with a dry air mass and the energy goes north and much of this will dissipate and not squeeze much out of it once it gets here. here is the chance of rain. this is tomorrow and early in the morning, a in south hill and 20% around the triangle area, and taking it out closer to lunchtime, a 30 to 35% chance raleigh and east. southern pipes, the chances pretty slim. the skies will clear and looks like it will be a pretty day by the afternoon. cloud cover with the front coming through early on which
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once we get to 7:30, 57 after a high of 69, and 64 for tomorrow and 62 on thursday and back to sunshine and another front on friday. ahead of the front, mild so football friday looks good. temperatures at 10:00 p.m., 51. one of the last football fridays of the regular season and then we go into the playoffs. no matter where you are going on friday evening, temperatures should feel good. once the front moves through, it will open the door to the cold air. so saturday, sunny but 56 degrees and normal is 65. so well below normal on saturday, and then the cold air comes in on saturday night and sunday morning. that's when we will really feel the chill at 30 degrees and 42 is the normal. the record, 23 in 1977.
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and monday morning, cold. 34degrees and i may be back with my puffy coat. but for the rest of the week, i'll throw it back on the closet. >> is that your gray one? >> no. that's the fuzzy one and it's short, and this one, it's long and puffy. >> keeping you warm. >> prepared. >> weird to feel that way when we are used to warmer weather. this is how we deal with the cold and >> thank you, elizabeth. crews are continuing to battle wildfires burning in western north carolina after a recent run of dry weather. one of the fires broke out last week in cherokee county and burned bay 1600 acres. they are working to conpain a
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and pollution is more parents at the equator than anywhere else on the earth. researchers found that pollution has the biggest impact on the global ozone layer. researchers said that the equator has a lot of sunlight and intense heat and produces more ozone, and it shows world leaders need to strategically reduce emissions especially in the higher a 5-lane road collapse caused building damage and caused disruption to electric and water and gas supplies. the sinkhole is more than half the size of an olympic pool. no word on what caused it but media reports suggest ongoing subway construction work may have been a factor. new developments into an ongoing investigation in south
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property of todd kholhepp. he may be linked to seven women's deaths and holding a woman host nag -- hostage in a storage container. a woman charged with pushing another woman into the path of an oncoming subway train in new york city may be linked to another death. policesay that the suspect pushed the victim yesterday afternoon and the at the scene. investigators are working through the surveillance videos to figure out what led to the attack. samsung is not commenting on the report that another model phone exploded. a woman in france said that her samsung j 5 got really hot and then caught fire and the back of the phone blew off. the model has been on the market for months now and this is the first known problem.
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focusing final days on key battle ground states. >> the final message before polls open today.
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i'm renee chou. we begin with sluggish traffic on beltline. we are able to clear accident at 440 westbound at capital. we have all lanes open but heavy residual delays. the i-440 westbound at outbound wade is taking 45 minutes. still, a better options just to
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wade to 540 is moving along smoothly. a reminder of traffic u.s. 1 northbound heading to sanford at colon road, an accident there. renee? thank you, brian. the wake county school day will begin two hours late because a number of schools are polling sites and two johnston county elementary and riverdale elementary schools will be closed because they are polling sites. about 2700 00 north carolina precincts opened at 6:30 this morning. if you haven't already registered to vote, too late. same-day registration is not available. but we will have beautiful weather, elizabeth. and plenty of sunshine with temperatures warming up quickly after starting in the 30s.
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the american flag flying and the blue sky behind it. 34 in roxboro and 42 in southern pines, and 47 in south hill. a high near 70 this afternoon and a front comes through tomorrow with maybe .1", not a whole lot and try and cooler on thursday. renee? >> thank you, elizabeth. still to come on fox 50, happened to our north carolina? pat mccrory's disastrous hb2 discrimination law has cost us jobs and damaged our reputation. duke energy's toxic coal ash threatens our drinking water, but mccrory's given them a sweetheart deal, leaving us to pay for cleaning up their mess. and while mccrory's given huge tax breaks to those at the top,
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the time is 8:30. after an unprecedented and exhausting campaign season election day is finally here. >> and the presidential candidates were both at rallies that lasted well into the overnight hours. donald trump in michigan and hillary clinton right here in raleigh. emmy victor is live outside reynolds coliseum that hosted hillary clinton at midnight. emmy? >> reporter: this morning marks it is end of a round of clinton after months and months of scheduled appearances. it all ended right here in raleigh. 5500 people at reynolds coliseum in the middle of the night. >> it's an amazing experience. >> reporter: north carolina state university was the final campaign stop for hillary clinton. >> and i am so excited that i finally goat -- get to vote for my mom. >> reporter: joined by husband
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nominee spoke to a fired-up crowd. >> it's not just my name or donald trump's name on the ballot. it's the kind of country we want. >> reporter: she laid out the vision for everyone. >> for the millions of americans struggling with student debt, we are going to help you pay that down and pay that off.none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we had done more; right? >> reporter: short of surprisings for millennials with lady gaga and jon bon jovi performing. north carolina has enough electoral votes to gain a victory. >> probably one of the closest states. it's important that everyone gets out to vote. >> reporter: republican nominee donald trump held his
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rapids, michigan. the final stop was supposed to be new hampshire and his campaign added a scheduled number of events as they made the 11th hour push into traditionally democratic states telling supporters today was their independence day. >> we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we again. >> reporter: trump is leaving nothing to chance here in the tar heel state. he held a rally yeerday afternoon at the state fairgrounds. touch outlined the divide between his own campaign and establishment telling the crowd he would root out corruption in washington if elected to be president. we'll have to see what happens when the polls open in north carolina. back to you. >> emmy, thank you.
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voted early and millions more today with the polling sites opening at 6:30. 2700 precincts will stay open until 7:30. it's important to than if you are in line when the polls close, stay there. you will be allowed to vote, and no selfies. you cannot take a picture of your ballot and you cannot talk to anyone on the voting and same day registration is not available and the mast vast majority of voters will not have to show photo id, and if you cannot make it into the poling place, you can vote curbside. chance the wrapper is
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he headlined the get out the vote concert. when they arrived, the long line of voters cast their ballots, and chance also voted. 1million people in illinois have cast early ballots. and shaw university students are turning voting into a campus-wide activity today with a stroll to the polls event. they will walk from the center to the chavitz park area to encourage the get out the vote. the cemetery where susan b. anthony is buried will extend the hours today. many leave "i voted" stickers on her marker. she died 14 years before women won the right to vote.
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his ballot from out of state for the presidential election. he was on board the international space station. so how does an astronaut vote when they know they will be orbiting the earth on election day? about a year prior, they prepare, and 6 months prior, they send it back. equating today to new year's eve or the visit by pope francis with more than 5000 officers to secure midtown with both hillary clinton and donald trump will be on election night. police will be posted at polling places across the city. we are already seeing long lines at polling places at raleigh and beyond. a beautiful day out there.
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it's warmer at least. >> exactly. it's starting to warm up with the sunshine. we had temperatures drop into the low 30s. officially 33 at rdu. this is a look at the long line wrapped around the building there. the temperatures are warming up and standing in the sun feels better than being in the shade. 40 in clayton and 45 in roanoake rapids. a hour to hour and a half. lunchtime, 62 and warm into the mid to upper 60 this is afternoon, and 5:00, 63 and sunshine. if you are about to head out the door to walk the dog or take a stroll, head out for the morning run, temperatures in the low to mid-40s and a nice warm up is coming. we do have world -- cold mornings in the 7-day forecast
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a campbell university who died in a fall. the 18-year-old fell out of his third floor dorm room window on thursday night and died. police do not believe that foul play was involved. a local family is opening up about their grief after their young daughter was hit and killed outside their home on old the driver and a witness told investigators that she ran out in the road but her parents question that saying she was in the yard with her father and siblings putting together a toy when she was hit. their sense of slows unbearable. >> my daughter's to the at home. i can't sleep. i miss her.
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and know our family isn't complete anymore. >> a roadside memorial marks the spot where the girl was killed. the highway patrol does not expect to file charges against the driver. court documents reveal new informnation a hit and run crash that injured two cyclists in cary. policesay that christopher moore hit the two cyclists and drove the car to a nearby cul- de-sac with the bike, embedded in the windshield. investigators found blood an strands of hair stuck to the windshield. 1 cyclist, lori cove, remains in the hospital in critical condition. it's easier than ever for anyone to take part in the election process. up next, how a nasa astronaut got a chance to perform his
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all eyes on the top of the ticket but we're also watching the gubernatorial race between governor mccrory and attorney general roy cooper and mccrory and cooper are nearly tied and let's take a look at some of the latest numbers, the final numbers we will see before the exit polls come out. let's take a look at the first poll here, roy cooper up 50% to mccrory's 47%, last week, cooper was up 2 points and now
8:42 am
that shows cooper just 1 point on pat mccrory. and this pretty much mirrors our wral poll that was taken with survey usa last week and released on tuesday, cooper with 48% of the vote and 47% of the vote for mccrory. so for all intents and purposes this is a tied race. we the races throughout the day. make sure you tune into wral at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 to learn more about what voters are saying in the exit polls. moving on now, a record-breaker on the court and out to prove he still has it. coming up, steph curry's lights out performance on the court. stay with us. i'm roy cooper... and when i grew up on this farm in nash county,
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that hasn't been happening in raleigh. as governor, i'll put partisan politics aside... so we can turn around our economy and fix our schools. no more social legislation that divides our state and hurts our reputation. we can build a better north carolina...
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all the sunshine out there makes you feel very patriotic, doesn't it? what a gorgeous day. >> beautiful. >> that's nice, not seeing the bare trees but the pretty trees. >> last week, we were looking at two trees they were just on fire, gorgeous, and the next day, it was window friday and all the leaves were gone. >> that was the bright red
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there. >> and the deep blue sky and yellow and red leaves, gorgeous, and the coldest morning so far this season. on apex, you can see everything is looking just fine and blue sky out there. 40degrees is the current temperature. temperatures are warming up a bit from this morning. it's 39 41 in goldsboro, and our low temperatures look like this. i think people think we receive the low temperature at midnight. in some cases t makes sense. but think about this. once the sun sets, the atmosphere cools and cools until the sun comes up and warms things up again. so we tend to see the low
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right about sunrise before the sun has a chance to warm things up. so earlier, 6:30, 7:00, 30 in roxboro and 33 at the airport and 30 in southern pines and 33 in rocky mount. so a lot of places right at or below freezing and a couple of spots not quite there. it was a cold morning and the sunshine is warming things up dry for us, and we see little of this making it across the mountains into our area. the high pressure system will help to hold the rain to the west and force it to the north. a lot of energy with the front will be north. we are not going to see a whole lot of rain. it will be nice to see some. we haven't seen much measurable rain sentence matthew.
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and dry conditions with clear skies for most of election day, and at 5:00, we will see clouds blowing this. polls close at 7:30 and it won't be raining but it will be warmer tonight with showers in the forecast for tomorrow and light and patchy and roll through and the best chance will be in the middle of the day and then turning cooler on thursday. 69 today and 64 for tomorrow and cloudy skies for much the best chance of rain, 30 to 35% chance and the amounts light and really talking about .1", and a front will come through on tried and knock the temperatures back again for the weekend. saturday's high, 56, and that's down from the normal of 65. for reference, the record of 80 last year and 71, and then
8:49 am
may have a freeze level issued for wednesday morning. 42 is normal and 23 is the record. so 30 is nowhere close to the record for this time of year. and cold on monday morning with temperatures in the low to mid- 30s. more common to see the temperatures near freezing for this time of year. i pulled out my quote. i was going to -- >> i know. going to show it off and say this is how much warmer than you? [laughter] it's not bothering me. >> pretty funny. >> thanks, elizabeth. moving on now, tesla is cutting the cord on customers by ending the free unlimited use of super charging stations. cars ordered after january 2016 will get 1000 miles for free,
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to charge for supercharging. most owners only use them during long road trips and charge at home 19% of the time. a university of virginia administrator will get $3 million from rolling stone. nicole eramo was awarded the money after it was concluded that she was discredited about a gaping rape saying that the article portrayed her as a villain. and prompted a police investigation into the assault. police found no evidence to backup the rape claim. 1 game after missing ought his shots from beyond the arc, seth curry broke his own record to drain 13 three pointers in 1
8:51 am
curry went 157 games with at least one 3. speeding is only okay on the racetrack. dale earnhardt junior was pulled over for driving too fast on the way to the texas murder speedway on sunday. he was practicing. his fiancee posted this picture on twitter. she did let her fans know that the officer let junior off with a warn. >> the movie but there was a real life snake on a plane to mexico. we want to warn you that this was disturbing to look at. the reportile was seen on an aeromexico flight on a trip to mexico city over the weekend. it was hanging from the ceiling from behind the overhead luggage compartment. i don't even -- they were able
8:52 am
and--oh, ugh. >> they are investigating how the snake got here. terrifying. >> you will have to come over with me to the natural science museum and let me introduce you to a snake. >> work through my fears? >> the therapy begin moose snakes -- begins. >> and work through. >> if you saw one hanging -- >> i to charge for that snake. >> extra $25. [laughter] hey, did you hear today was the election day? >> today? really? >> we better enjoy the stories while we can. a bird with donald trump. this is from abilene, texas.
8:53 am
looks like mr. trump, and jimmy brown, our ed -- editor adopted a rabbit, and has similar hair. [laughter] for fairness, i did not see any pantsuit-wearing animals for the other side here. but they -- there may be a demand for that. if we get word of that, we will and central florida, daytona beach, this happened over of the weekend when police had to try and take a squealing suspect into custody. this 200-pound hog that they had to capture, named rolly, by the way -- . >> oh, really? >> rolly, but close, and they helped to keep the pig off i-95
8:54 am
but not an easy capture and they were able to take rolly into custody and at last check, they were at the humane society waiting to see if her owner could be found and if not, she will go up for adoption. >> any charges for the pig?
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welcome back.
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i'm renee chou. >> and i'm lenaly lena tillette. last night was the last stop for hillary clinton to share the stwaij her husband, bill clinton and daughter chelsea, and trump stopped in raleigh. the polls are showing it's a close race between the two candidates. we are starting in the low skyrocketing with lots of sunshine looking from the north carolina museum of natural sciences. sunshine everywhere. 48 in raleigh and 42 in southern pines and 49 in south hill. a quick warm up and on our way to nearly 70 this afternoon. clouds tomorrow and little rain and cool or thursday with sunshine and 62. brian? elizabeth, good news on the
8:58 am
at -- 440 at capital have eased up, and we have slow downs on 40 westbound as you head away from 540 to the durham freeway interchange. allow extra time heading into rtp. there will be a lot of heavy traffic around the polling sites. look out for pedestrians and be safe. back to you. >> thank you, brian. voters are being greeted by long lines at the polls on experiencing technical difficulty.
8:59 am
cooper: when we lost the nba all-star game... the ncaas... and the acc championships... it hurt north carolina's economy and our national reputation. but this election for governor is not just about one bad law. it's about them. i'm roy cooper. and this election is about finally stopping the loss of our teachers,
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