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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:58pm EST

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good evening. now, we have breaking news on salsberry street. we are gathering information we are going live with the latest, adam? at the moment it looks like the police blocked off 3-4 blocks here in downtown raleighy. you can see one of the spots that the police and the tape here behind me, live in this
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it all happened at 7:30 tonight. the police tell us they located a suspicious package. they are not getting more specific on what exactly they are looking at but say they found it in the 200 block of salsberry street. the police are asking people to avoid this spot tonight. derek black works at a restaurant in the blocked off area. he told me how things went down >> we noticed some cops around 7:30 and about an hour later they were telling folks that it was a dangerous situation, perhaps, so, that is when we should probably evacuate. >> reporter: the most the police will officially say right now is they are continuing to work thissing situation. they have not said how long
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for the second night in a row thousands of protesters are taking to the street across the nation to protest president- elect trump. let's take a look at oregon. you can see how many people packed the streets down there. they have signs and they are chanting in several locations. thousands on the ground ere. >> other protests are held in cities like baltimore. protesters are marching peacefully through the streets carrying signs and chanting. they are blocking traffic in this is a nonviolent demonstration there tonight. >> and let's look at the protests in minneapolis, min min where they have seen demonstrators blocking highways and bridges. these two appear to be peaceful protests. >> this was the scene in new haven, connecticut. they gathered outside of the federal courthouse to protest trump's protest to end
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are. >> we will it continue to up date. look for it on our newscast. and things could continue to change overnight. make sure to watch our morning news starting at 4:30 for the latest. >> new tonight, we learned trump has won arizona two days after the election. trump won north carolina and other swing states that pushed him over the top. >> a community where he quite a bit of success. thousands in this area of north carolina that turned johnston county into trump cotry. >> did you get the pork over there? >> reporter: here in smithfield. menu is albbq, justhe way the chef likes it. what else? trump was elected president of the united states. >> i have seen the same people
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everybody has the same agenda and nothing ever gets accomplished. nothing comes from it that i can tell. i mean, i just like the idea that we e trying something new for once. >> this wathe scene last week in a stop before election day at a rm. the field was packed. an estimated 15,000 people according to the candidate himself. >> i think he ll do what he says he will do. >> she hopes america what he does for the busi. >> a man of his word. he would not be where he is at. >> by the numbers, johnston county overwhelming three supported trump. giving the vote to 33%. >> i am just looking towards what he can do just for all people, not just for, you know, a certain race or what you do
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ng like that. at the end of the day i look at it this way, give the guy a chance. >> reporter: that is what many supporters are doing. giving trump a chance. i have to tell you i talked to a trump supporter. did not want to the go on camera but she breaked into a happy dance. i wish our camera was rolling. i can tell you that. really, truly, the bottom line and the common theme that we heard in talking to supporters is the rallies, there was a rally of an arena monday night he offered them a change and hope. when you think about it, that is kind of the similar theme that propelled barack obama to victory back in 2008. >> good point, ken smith, live in smithfield tonight, thank you. president barack obama and
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the white house today. >> setting up a white house. we talked about foreign policy, talking about domestic policy and, as i said last night my number one priority in the comiwong t months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is >> president barack obama told trump that his administration does whatever he can because he will succeed if trump succeeds, the countriry succeeds. he is looking forward to working with president barack obama in the future. >> joe biden tweeted out the picture of his meeting with vice president-elect pence. he met with the president as well. he offered his support to get through the transition in the several coming months.
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trump in the oval woman. they spoke about raising children in the white house hover tea. the children were 10 and 7. trump's child is 10. she took a tour of thwhite house including a visit to the truman balcony on th2nd floor. students concerned with the transition, in a release the school system says they are suortive of all of the families including those that speak english as language and refugees. they concern any students with concerns to let a teacher and principal know and making counselors a vailable to talk to thetudents. gearing up for what could be a legal battle in the undecided governor's race. cooper announced the legal team. now, mccory announced they filed the paperwork to set up a fund. they are separated by fewer than 0 votes. seven times that number. itis verified it could be a
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grou batinthe wildfire in western of our state. the fionly 15% contaped. a state of emergency is in effect for 25 counties. 20 -- contned. a state of emergency is in effect for 25 counties. residents are urged to leave. 12 homes were evacuated. the governor says the state of emergency will evacuations. >> this is extremely dangerous. dangerous and the structures for the people and the fires around them. >> the price gouging law is if effect. if you believe anyone is using the fires to make an unfair prove theit alert the attorney general's office. helping one of the areas
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black mold marks the walls from the floor to the ceiling. family treasures are unsalvageable. team yukon helps disasters around the world founded by 2 marines and made up of military veterans and some former first responders. >> to know that the skills that we acquired while we are in the military to know that there is an opportunity for us on to use on the skills. giving back what more could i want? >> they expect to help muck and gut 150 homes. the volunteer veterans will take tomorrow off. they have been asked to ride in the veteran's parade. singer and songwriter cohen has died it did not give a cause of death. he was one of the influential songwriters of his time. he wrote songs and a novel.
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hall of fame in 2008. ambush, leaving one dead and another injured. how the trap was set for officers in a small pennsylvania town. >> a gesture of good faith, a team making a new home in the cape fear region. >> we had a dip in temperature this afternoon. take a look at the highs. 65 at rdu. 65 in fayetteville. a bump in temperature tomorrow. a tumble for the weekend.
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breaking news in johnston county where a person is dead after a serious crash on highway 96 near old buhler road. six people are injured. their identities have not been released but four injuries are seri investigating. we will bring you updates on this as soon as we get it. >> a man coicted of the masterminding the plot from his prison cell that kidnapped the father of a wake county prosecutor is heading to federal prison. the judge sentenced gang member melton to life in risen to one of the most secure facilities in the country. the super max in florence, colorado. now for his wake forest home in
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us where they plan to kill him. they plan to rescue him just in time. >> it was heroic, it was great, able law enforcement that rescued the victim and put the pieces of this case together to show the whole pattern of criminality involved. >> the family shared with the judge today the emotional impact the case had on him. he was sending him to the super max else again. in custody after months on the run. clayton police took out warrants back in march. that is when they say he kidnapped a woman and assaulted her. he was arrested after a standoff in his home. the poli ted one other time on capturehim. that resulted in a high-speed chase. he got away. a shooting two people shot at walton street. when when the police arrived
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scene and a woman with a gunshot wound to her arm. she is expected to be okay. it has been 2 days since a cab driver was found dead on hill avenue. the police say the victim worked for a cab company that is not far from the crime scene. the investigators release the pictures today. they believe the person are in these pictures has information about this crime. ifyou have any information about this case call the police. we now know the name of the a woman killed whi durham street last night. now, crosses west morgan street at the theater with her husband when they were both hit. she died, he was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. the police don't expect and charges. a water main break in charlotte sent water shooting into the air. utility crews worked to repair the break that happened near a bridge this morning. you can see the mess it made. pretty big mess. the officials expect the road to be closed most of the day. telling people to avoid the
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hopefully it will be done by the morning commute. houston astros said thank you to three organizations for their work during hurricane matthew. they presented checks this afternoon. $2500 went to the salvation army. $1250 went to both the cities police and fire departments. now the astros are planning bring a team, minor league team to the city when a new baseball at this time. november 19th at 10:00 a.m. it is one of the largest holiday parade on the east coast. this year's parade will feature 115 entries including marching bands, which i love, floats, balloons, entertainers. bill and renee will be there hosting. ityou can not make it, it will be broadcast live on wral. theparade is next saturday in downtown raleigh. always fun. >> it is always fun to be on
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looking forward to waving -- it is always fun to be on the float and i will be there looking forward to waving. >> yes. it will be great. it is too far out to tell you what it will be. i am sure it will be cool. yes. >> it is chilly on out there right now. tomorrow, a bump in temperature, warms up a little bit. the next cold front. really cold next weekend. cold front for vet rans day. it lo passage. looking at a good potential for wet weather on monday. now, the american are models are jumping on the bandwagon on monday. wet and cool. more about this -- potential and there are fires going on out west as well.
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skies at rdu. southwesterly wind. the wind tomorrow, it will usher in warmer air before our front goes on by. now, we are at 45. close to home, the temperatures are in the 40s, but 53 right now at holly springs. now, 45 in durham and stpraoeuf -- stpraoeuf at wral. now, tomorrow opposite. 2-3 -- 75 at wral. now, tomorrow, ishould be opsite. now, high pressure extending from texas all of the way to the east coast. now t is jt sprawling across the area and it is chilly here in the east. there is the next cold front. it will pass by dry, quickly, moving down to the south and moving by. now, ahead of it, the front tomorrow, it will warm us up. looking at the numbers
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45 at rdu. 51 at cincinnati. 48 in memphis. 62, the coldest air still locked up in the air for canada that will get he f the weekend. check out future casts. showing a lot of clear sky. tomorrow morning, waking up to sunshine and lower 40s by 8:00 a.m. here is the front making the its way through the valley at lunchtime. making a b line down to the south. no rain with it. maybe cloud cover, partly to mostly sunny in the afternoon. it is to the front. side morning, waking up to the 30s. lower to middle 50s. the kids are playing soccer. be pwupdel up, games in the afternoon. still cold, too. breezy here in -- bundle up, games in the afternoon. still cold, too. eezy here in the eaar temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s in the morning, warming up quickly in the 60s, then, arting see a build up of cloud cover here in georgia. an area of low pressure that develops off of the southeast
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the east t on monday we willtalk about it tomorrow. clear sky, upper 30s and 40s now, 42 starting the friday morning out chilly, a lot of sunshine. lunchtime, 60s, upper 60s and lower 70s showing up. should be a beautiful afternoon. the winds will pick up front passes. saturday, chilly. monday, checking out future cast. we will see what isays. there is the cloud cover on monday morning. there is the potential for rain. it is in the afternoon. we will see clouds on tuesday and be in the 60s next week. so, go rain and unfortunately it does not look like it will rape in the mountains. we will talk about that. >> all right. >> thank you. now t it may have been two miles but for a lost dog it was
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im by dog trying to get back to its owner. -- journey. >> we will had hear from the epic swim by a dog trying to get back to its owner.
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-- [break in captioning] lowering it in areas and poor schoolsism the panthers took time to honor veterans
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players, cheerleaders, now, the army reserve headquarters in charlotte. they came with more than handshakes and high-fives and gave out t-shirts and other items. a florida plan is back with his beloved pit bull after he jumped off of a sea wall. >> now, they explain how the dog was rescued after swimming 2 miles. >> lotof just happen months and a ton of energy. >> reporter: monday moing her owner t her out. after 10 minutes he went to check on her. >> i came back out here and, you know, she is nowhere to be found. looked over here. looked to the side of the
10:37 pm
swimming through the aisles here in fort lauderdale swimming several miles ending up here at the secret woods nature center now, literally traveled 2 miles. >> the pit bull is all muzzle. he legs are about 6 inches. >> every time i have seen her swim. at the pool or beach she sinks. >> hours later, captain, out on the river, working. seeing the pup spyuggling. >> she is trying to swim over to the shore at secret woods but there were down trees and things blocked it and the branches where she could not get through. then tried to get over and get through the wall. she was trying to hand on to the driftwood. >> going to the boat and grabbed her.
10:38 pm
her on the boat. >> reporter: he seen an article about the rescue later that day. >> not for the tow captain, she would have been gone. >> contacting little. savior of the family, the fact they are in the middle of the job and they are able to stop what they are doing and pull this doing out. >> a lucky dog. >> okay. >> she is. she thank goodness they are the for her. kate perry left fans disappointed in china during a major shopping holiday. >> she canceled the performance because of an emergency. still ahead. find out who will take her place.
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the kardashian family. rob and chyne had their baby. katy perry kids are disappointed after canceling an appearance because of an emergency. supposed to kick off singles day with fans. the day is a 24-hour period of
10:42 pm
retail site. now, the company named perry, a global ambassador earlier this year. david beckham will take her place. >> it sometime to look at what's trending, what do you got? >> a good trade off. >> yes. can he sing? >> no. but boy can he bend it. >> oh, yeah. >> what exactly is it? >> okay. here we go. this mom, i am going to give her a lot of credit. mike i think this will be our moms at check her out. [ laughter ] this is at a golden state warriors game. look at her go. >> that is when the kids are coming down the steps and popcorn and all of that. >> i don't know who this is. >> yes.
10:43 pm
>> the next kid, my gosh. unbelievable. >> you tried to solve a rubik's cube, right? >> no, did not. >> well you have to read the book. >> that is cheating. [ laughter ] >> well, moving the sticker? >> what? >> mike? >> never did that. you did that? >> you peel them away and- [ laughter ] >> what did you get out of that? sense of satisfaction? >> might have been. i was 5th [ laughter ] check out this guy. hold on. >> wow! less than 5 seconds. can you believe that? less than five seconds. he took a look at it, studied it and then boom. this is in slow motion and look how fast it goes. >> i don't have it for puzzles. >> not like that, no. >> no. >> that is insane. >> incredible. >> he is good. >> that is crazy.
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hits now. i can not remember how many millions of views with it. all ofthese links on my pace book page. if you would like to so that for yourself. if you have something on what's trending send me a message. >> all right, thank you. new laws can make streets safer for cyclists. still ahead, what the changes an for bikers and drivers, mike? the drought is spreading throughout the south and east. no rn around. perhaps in texas there is rain in our forecast, though. we will take a look at how much rain could fall on monday in weather everything is this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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breaking news, anti-trump protesters are going on in greensboro and salem. >> in greensro 3people gathered. 30 people at the protest in salem. these protests are peaceful. demonstrators are holding signs and marching through the streets voicing their concerns about trump as president. in 2013, 22 cyclists were killed in crashes. >> with the sunsetting earlier cyclists are harder to see during the evening commute. wral found out about a new bicycle law that requires more safety measures and how raleigh is trying to save cyclists
10:48 pm
use bikes get across campus. verall, safe. >> yes. i enjoy biking. >> the freshman says he uses a front light and a rear red light when he is out after dark. >> ii am on the road i feel like i am easily seen. i don't have to rry about being hit from behind. >> reporter: it safer and soon it will be state law. the current law requires a whitehead light on the night. starting december 1st, cyclists will need to use a read rear light wear rephrebgve clothing. >> a lot of people,ip cluing myself, almost hit riding our bikes. >> promoting transportation alternatives. we followed as she and other employees tag on bikes at nc state. offering 14% off of lights and shops. >> good educational time for us to get that. >> his lights make him feel safer. it is a good idea to make them
10:49 pm
something that is needed. drivers and the cyclists. >> he says the shops ar offering the discounts voluntarily and the cy is not subsidizing the offer. we have a link on our web site. pestrians can use the coupon to get reflective clothing. a food bank of central and eastn north carolinas now on capitol boulevard. the new distribution and community center allows for expanded services to fight hunger. there is nor freezer space for food. more loading dock space to help them get food to people that serve more quickly. best buy,target, walmart, all revealed deep discounts today. they announced plans to open early. look for all of them to open their doors on thanksgiving day. best buy locationswill close at 10 a.m. friday morning and reopen at 8:00 all 3 stores will have expanded online deals. stpap chat unveiled new
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line of video glasses. the maines are called snap box. the glasses record 10 seconds of video ata time and upload it to the snap chat app. each cost dollars 129. you can virtually try them on before you buy them. the machines wl be moved through several locations you and will get an aler24ours before they show up in your city. >> all right. >> all right. >> we are all at? >> going and rush to get that. a stocking stuffer. >> don't have time for >> i use twitter and instagram and facebook. no sn chat. >> yes. >> we have been talking about earthquakes and snow. volcanos. you will like this story from peru. check it out.
10:51 pm
rock formations, they have two pools of magma. the eruptions according to scientists. how cool is that? >> time lapse video showing the smoke coming out of one of them. let's take a look at weather desk top. what is happening with t he drghsituation exe southeast on. and, growing here in north carolina. now, this is the broadview, what is happening in the southeast. new england seeing drought as well. as we zoom in, the south and east. and 1010 and the dark red. not on the scale but that is the top end of the drought category. it is exceptional. notice how it is extending out. notice it last week. the drought is spreading here in north carolina. now, the yellow you see is the dry conditions. not part of the drought status. but, it is dry nonetheless as you get towards charlotte and closing in on the triad. we had all of the rape in
10:52 pm
not in a drought situation yet. 52 days without rainfall at the airport. now, the fires are spreading in the last half-hour, we are talking about the fire spreading west of north carolina. now, these are the current large fires that are going across the southeast. arkansas, mississippi, alabama, then, you add the georgia fires to the mix and the south carolina fires to the mix. the ones here in north carolina, also tennessee, kentucky, and also virginia. and all 38 large fires ongoing in the southeastern part of the country. for the first time ina long time. no fires going on out west. they are confined to the southeast. there are 3 large fires going on in north carolina as linda mentioned in the past half- hour. 15% contained. it may be awhile before things calm down out in thewestern part of the state and the southeast in general. now, the last half-hour potential rain coming in on monday. this is the rainfall potential
10:53 pm
counties in the east could see up to an inch. in the darker blue and the greens. a quarter of an inch to half an inch. lighter shade of greens. now, that is not a good situation. hopefully things will change. tomorrow, vetens up a bit. cooler air for the weekend. side, cool for the weekend. 53. sunday morning especially cold with that 28. that is the hard freeze. we will hope for monday to see the rain. hopefully the friends out west will get the rain. >> yes. look at that. >> thank you, mike. time now for a look at out and about. first up, halloween. now, you will see costumes
10:54 pm
>> seeing com-con. now, photo shoots start tomorrow at noon specifically for star wars characters. >> mike is excite about that. the give gala. get a ticket, offer a service, a gift or a talent to children and families be treated at unc and duke hospitals. it starts at 8:00 at marvel's kids museum. the arboredum will be all lit up. enjoying live music, food trucks it is 15 dollars for nonmembers. children 12 and under get in for $5. for more, search out and about. you can don't load the app and take it with you on the go. ahead of veterans day. dentists across north carolina are coming together to help our
10:55 pm
north carolina the state dental society collected more than 600 pounds of toothbrushes and floss. now, organizers say they stepped in to help. dental supplies are not provided for u.s. soldiers. one of the oldest fighting forces in the country turns 241 today. the us marine corp celebrated its anniversary. they were called the continental marines when they were created the anniversary falls the day before veterans day. the christmas tree for rockefeller center will be on its way. >> the spruce was cut down in new york. two cranes moved the tree on a flatbed truck for the 140 mile trip. it is due to arrive in manhattan on saturday and decorated with 5,000 lights. imagine taking those down. >> yeah.
10:56 pm
november 30th during the christmas at rockefeller center special right here on wral. and the new class is out for the 2016 national toy hall of fame. after several tphoplinations, little people from fisher price finally made it. in 1959, the company sold more than two billion little people sets. that is several people. dungeons and dragons was in there, and the swing was inducted for the longevity. >> i am shocked. >> everybody has used that. >> simple as the swing. what about the tire swing? does that count? >> now, it is not a toy. >> thanks for joining us for weather and traffic every 10
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>> really nice to have the support. >> cleared up child abuse allegations, brad pitt finally speaks. i'm liz hernandez. but what does this mean for his future with their children? >> tell me when you're ready. >> the presidents meet. i'm scott evans. but what happened to the traditional photo with the first ladies? is it the transition controversy or not? happened. ? >> harry's first event since sticking up for his new girl. i'm kit hoover. and did meghan markle just clear her schedule to make time for her prince? >> why do i laugh at home but feel shamed out in the world? explain that to me. >> refusing to be judged for and defined by her past. our powerful exclusive with nicole richie. then garth brooks on teaming up with wife tricia.


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