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tv   Rewind News  FOX  November 13, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm EST

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of the united states. how everyone from politicians to voters are reacting. the governor's race is still to close to call. how many votes now separate the candidates and when we can expect a winner. and...hundreds of eugenics victims are watching their compensation caught up between a slow state budget and slow appeals process. renee chou shares one woman's story of how sterilization impacted her life. i'm kathryn brown....lets good evening ...thanks for joining us... this week.. court documents reveal more details about the night a cary cyclist was hit and killed.... a smithfield father is arrested and accused of killing his infant daughter... and.... the man convicted of masterminding a plot from his prison cell to kidnap the father of a former wake county prosecutor is heading to federal prison. court documents reveal new
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in cary. a search warrant says christopher moore hit the two cyclists, drove the damaged car to a nearby cul-de-sac with a bike quote "embedded into the hood and or windshield." the paperwork says he removed the bike and threw it into the street. after finding moore and the vehicle, investigators found blood spots and strand of hair stuck to the windshield. moore is charged with felony hit and run. one cyclist, lori cove, remains in the hospital in critical condition. a wake county jury convited a raleigh man courtney shot james deberry to death on halloween night in 2009. this was a retrial for the crime. charges against courtney and another co-defendant were dismissed in 2010 -- after a jury failed to reach an unanimous verdict. courtney was re- arrested last year. smithfield police say a father killed his infant daughter. guillermo tinajero- resendiz is charged with involuntary manslaughter and negligent child abuse. investigators were called to a home on bright leaf boulevard in
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officers found 6- month- old vivian sue resendiz-nesmith unresponsive. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. police say autopsy results led to the arrest. the baby's mother claims it was an accident. the man convicted of masterminding a plot from his prison cell to kidnap the father of a former wake county prosecutor is heading to federal prison. a wake county judge sentenced gang member kelvin melton thursday, to life in prison in one of the most secure facilities in the country-the adx supermax in florence, melton hatched a plot from his prison cell using a contraband cell phone to arrange the kidnapping frank janssen from his wake forest home in 2014. the kidnappers took to janssen to an apartment in atlanta where they had planned to kill him. john bruce/us attorney: it was heroic, great, able law enforcement that rescued the victim and put the pieces of this case together to show the whole pattern of criminality involved. the janssen family shared with
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friday the emotional impact the case has had on them. the judge said he was sending melton to the supermax to make sure he could never hurt anyone else again. new information about a deadly crash that shut down several streets in downtown raleigh friday morning. police say dominick downing was speeding through downtow when he lost control, slid sideways, hit a curb and a guardrail. downing is at wake med with life- threatening injuries. his passenger, kaylen downing was killed. police say the two are related. pause for decision 2016 open pause for decision 2016 open president obama is asking americans to move forward, after a divisive presidential election. we're not democrats first. we're not republicans first. we are americans first. we're patriots first. we all want what's best for this country." voters with varying political views say they are surprised by the election
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only was there mudslinging by the candidates, but by their supporters, especially online. aswral's amanda lamb tells us... there are supporters in both camps who are maintaining a cool diplomacy and a cautious sense of hopefulness that a country so-divided can be repaired. students at nc state gathered to watch hillary clinton's concession speech... clinton: we are stronger together and we will go forward together... everyone wants unity, that's a common theme for everyone, and hopefully that's something we'll see in the next couple of months. many people were surprised by the results since most polls had clinton winning. political experts say pollsters questioned too many urban voters and not enough rural voters. david mclennan/political science professor meredith college: we just didn't do a god job collecting data. logan mclamb/student: 10:25:26 kind of stunned, i wasn't expecting it at all, i thought for sure that hillary was going to win. :08
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logan: 10:26:47 since he is a ceo and has been for many years, i feel like he is going to surround himself with the smartest most gifted people that america has to offer and he's going to try to make sure he runs the country the best that he can. :16 layla mccutcheon/student: i'm a little shocked... layla mccutcheon voted for clinton. 10:22:17 amanda: are you disappointed? layla: a little, a little. but i like the way he said his acceptance speech. i felt that it was a different version than i had seen of him before. past the negative campaigns. terri edwards/voter: getting angry, getting mad at people, being rude to each other is not going to solve it. we just have to pray that hopefully we'll learn from this and do our part the next time elections come around. larry zucchino/voter: i think we all have to come together and make it work because we don't have any choice at this point. i think we'll find a way. mclennan: i think what people elected him to do is to get things done and i think that's how at least 53 percent of the americans are going to judge him, is does he
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that was amanda lamb reporting... political analysts say the days before trump is sworn in will have a big impact on how he is viewed by those who did not support him -- adding who he puts on his cabinet, his first policy decisions and how he interacts with congress will be key. many sacrificed sleep to watch the election returns roll in. reached for phones, tvs and newspapers to learn how the votes fell. donald trump won 290 electoral votes to become the president- elect. he only needed 270. however, he lost the popular vote. this is the second time in since the 1800s the winner has lost the popular vote - the other was george w bush in 2000. the governor's race still hands in the balance. the margin is razor thin - fewer than 5- thousand votes. incumbent pat mccrory is calling for
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ballots to be counted before declaring a winner - and there are more than 60 thousand of those that we know of so far that need to be counted. but as bryan mims roy cooper is already counting the election as a victory. roy cooper coming out, cheering crowds shortly before one a- m, roy cooper appeared before a throng of supporters and declared himself the governor-elect. "because of your hard work, we have won this race for governor of north carolina." meanwhile, just a few miles away, governor pat mccrory said the democratic process would take a while longer. "and we've got to respect the election system. because no one respects democracy more than governor pat mccrory and ann mccrory, okay?" the day after came with dueling press releases. mccrory campaign strategist chris lacivita said tens of thousands of absentee, military and provisional ballots must still be counted: "and claiming an outcome before
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irresponsible and disrespectful to the voters of north carolina whose voices are yet to be heard." the state's g-o-p chairman also vowed to send volunteers and teams of lawyers across the state to ensure an accurate count. so here's what happens now: election boards in all 100 counties will review all provisional ballots to see how many can be counted. a provisional ballot is one in which there are questions about the voter's registration and eligibility. mail-in and absentee ballots will also be counted -- as long as they're received by november 14th and were postmarked on or despite this process, cooper's camp sent this press release: "last night, the people of north carolina chose a new governor with new priorities. "with all precincts reporting, we have a strong lead and are confident that once the results are certified, we will confirm last night's victory." that was bryan mims reporting... the mccrory campaign is also concerned about what it calls possible irregularities with more than 90-thousand ballots from durham county.
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certify results of provisional ballots on november 18th. so it could be more than a week before we know for sure who'll occupy the governor's mansion. the winner of that race will be working with a republican legislature. very little changed in the balance of power on jones street. several republican incumbents faced tight races in the state senate, and all of them won re-election, keeping a veto-proof majority. in the state house, democrats gained one seat.. they needed three more to break the republicans' supermajority. these results are also prelimi absentee ballots are processed. the last time we had a democratic governor and republican lawmakers was in 2012, under bev perdue. u-s senator richard burr will have a third term in office. the republican incumbent held off a challenge from democrat deborah ross. this race was considered critical for democrats trying to regain control of the senate. wake county superior court judge mike morgan moves to the state supreme court, with an election victory over 2-term associate justice bob edmunds.
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a majority on north carolina's supreme court for the first time in nearly 20 years. next on rewind... the unanswered questions -- what happened to a missing wake county mother. what warrants reveal about the investigation into the woman's son. and.... a local family is opening up about their grief, after their young daughter was hit and killed outside their home. 74-year-old carolyn fox disappeared without a trace in
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schrader is behind bars on a number of charges, including abusing an elderly or disabled person. schrader has not been charged in his mother's disappearance. but search warrants released this week reveal he made "vague and inconsistent statements" about his mother's whereabouts. candace sweat has the story. fox was reported missing in early october by a friend...and investigators discovered she had not
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schrader was questioned and told investigators his mother was on an island in the philippines. he also said he believed his mother visited friends in canada before going to the phillipines. investigators followed up on those claims and discovered fox doesn't have a passport and never left the country. they've searched the home fox and his mother shared three times since she was reported missing. in an application for search warrants investigators stated they believe schrader is involved in his mothers disappearance and had brought her bodily harm. on july 28th investigators took 28 items from the homes - including shoes, a checkbook, a computer and a chainsaw. they've even gone as far to look into fox's financial records - which show her mortgage is 60 past due and many of her credit cards are maxed out. a local family is sharing their grief, after their young daughter was hit and killed outside their home. 3-year-old maleah coats was hit by a car on old us 1 near shearon harris
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investigators - the girl ran into the road, but the parents question that. they say she was in the yard with her father and siblings, putting together a toy just before she was hit. their sense of loss is unbearable. ivette ruiz/mother: my daughter is not at home. i can't go home. i can't sleep. i miss her. it's hard to look at my husband and know that our family isn't complete anymore. a roadside memorial marks the spot where the girl was killed. expect charges to be filed against the driver. next on rewind , we take you back to check on elnora, a woman sterilized by the state when she was just 16- years-old. we've followed her story as the state promised to make things right. next state officials explain why she hasn't received her full compensation. it's one of the darkest chapters
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thousands of north carolinians, deemed "unfit" to be parents. three years ago, state lawmakers voted to help rectify the wrong, by setting aside ten million dollars to compensate living victims. in 2014, more than 200 north carolina victims received their first compensation check of $20-thousand dollars. last year, they received the 2nd payment of $15- thousand dollars. victims are still waiting on a final payment. wral's renee chou has one woman's frustrating wait. wral's renee chou has one woman's frustrating wait. nats here on this patch of land in leland, it's peaceful. quiet. and lonely, for elnora mills. elnora mills: tryingt it's now only her... living in this mobile home in brunswick county. her husband of 48 years, buddy, died in may from cancer. elnora mills. he's better off where's he at. he's not suffering. he wanted to stay a little big longer while i get my last check. that check is money the state promised her, after what it did to her when she was 16. elnora had her appendix removed, but doctors also sterilized her
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later, she married buddy and they wanted to have kids. but the kids never came. elnora mills: it's still not right what the state did to us. i think they did us dirty. elnora used the restitution money she's already received, to put new doors on the house. she also paid for his funeral, his grave... and his medical bills. now she has medical bills for a cancer that started in her nose and spread, making her blind in one eye. elnora mills: and it make senators and the legislators. elnora: why is it taking y'all so long to pay people fixed by the state? they need their money like i do. we asked representative paul stam, the house speaker pro tem, where that money is. paul stam: the money is appropriated and in the custody of the state treasurer. and we're waiting for the courts to tell
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get for her third and final payment. the hold up is in the state supreme court, where it hasn't ruled on 8 appeals from people who say they are eugenics victims and entitled to payment. only until those are resolved, will state leaders know how many people will split the money left in the compensation fund. the final payments may be around 8- thousand. stam is aware of elnora's pleas for answers. her too. paul stam: many times. renee: what have you been able to tell her? paul stam: they're owed that money from the state and i wish they could be paid immediately but i'm not in charge of the world. but in elnora's world... elnora: i talk to him all the time. she says she can hear her husband telling her not to give up, to keep fighting for her money. elnora: but he won't be here to see me get my last
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office, but got no response. we also contacted senator thom tillis' office. they referred us to the department of administration. officials there say they simply mail the checks-- they have no authority on the timing. local school kids now have access to a brand new -- and special playground. next on rewind..find out why there's only a few playgrounds like this in the state.
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a ribbon- cutting for the always dream playground. it is built specifically to help children with severe disabilities find ways to play outdoors like the rest of their classmates. students from west millbrook high school got involved and built some of the equipment. lead mine elementary is one of a handful of schools across north carolina with this kind of playground. that's all the time we have for
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