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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  November 15, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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. now on fox 50, president- elect donald trump's transition continues, the controversial choice for a key role in his administration and president obama responded. a criminal investigation underway in the primary election in durham county and how it could play a role in the still-undecided race for governor. >> and raleigh continues to help a townrecover from hurricane matthew. thank you for joining us this foggy tuesday morning. i'm lena tillett. and i'm bill leslie and i'm fascinated by the spread of temperatures on the map. elizabeth? yeah.
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virginia line and roxboro and much warmer south and east because of clearing skies and cooler air behind the system. here is how rdu stacks up. see this bank of fog on the other side of terminal 2 there? cloud cover is lingering over downtown raleigh as well. durham, 36 and then 46 in buckhorn. so around triangle, a 10-degree spread. it's 30 in roxboro and 52 it's not that often that we see a huge spread in the temperatures. it's 39 in southern pines, and then 50 in fayetteville. it's not that far between southern pines and fayetteville. and here is the cooler air. you may think it's a chilly day today but it's not likely. we will have sunshine in the afternoon. 59 at lunchtime and a high of 65 this afternoon. patchy fog in spots especially
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brian has more. 7:02, elizabeth, and as we take a look at the camera at i- 40 at aviation, you can see the fog on the trees and not so much on the road. but as you drive around the rural areas, you probably have a better chance of seeing significant fog, not dense fog but you can see south and west of warren county and roanoake rapids this morning and a chance at least of seeing fog. we'll let you know if it gets terribly thick in the triangle area. on the cameras, we are not seeing big problemmings. problems. the thickest fog is on i 540 on the toll road. we'll watch it. as we checked live commute maps, pretty quiet overall with
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springs on the bypass at agents ferry road affecting westbound traffic. and not seeing big delays, but we have a new traffic pat nern place and an accident combined with the fresh traffic pattern could create delays. and delays 40 westbound, a look at cleveland road towards 42 in the distance and from 42 out to garner. bill? >> thank you, brian. president obama is embarking on his final trip oversees. overseas. >> as tracie potts reports, the president sleact taking heat
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>> the fact that republicans were silent on bannon's appointment is disturbing. >> reporter: steve bannon's website is a favorite of extremists and white nationalists. >> this is a balanced and sensible, very smart man. >> i look forward to having a discussion with whatsoever appointses me. >> reporter: obama is giving the president-elect advice on >> i think there are things that can set a tone. >> reporter: including reports that the campaign finance chair is considered as treasury secretary. >> a lot of hard work. >> reporter: laura ingraham press secretary and rudy giuliani and john bolton as secretary of state. >> i won't be attorney general. so i won't have to decide that
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i can escape that one. >> reporter: insiders say that the trump transition ahead of schedule. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. students across the country walked out of a classroom on monday to protest the election results. in los angeles, more than 1000 students from the heavily hispanic east sidewalked out of classes and in denver and houston. an ohio state university student is attacking an anti-trump protester on campus. protester timothy adams was giving a speech in the student unit at 6:00 when this happened. he was not seriously injured in the attack. a 24-year-old is charged with misdemeanor assault. the university says it does not tolerate intimidation or threats to students or faculty.
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1000 provisional ballots in the march primary election in durham count and whether crimes were committed. some votes may have been counted twice. this could play a role in the undecided race for governor as well. 94,000 votes were reported late on election night. mccrory, as you know, trails roy cooper by votes. wake county school leaders will get their final draft of the school plan. >> renee chou has more. renee? >> reporter: the latest plan may address concerns for parents who are looking at switching to a middle school next year. three new schools will open
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from schools including mills park elementsary. parents at mills park wants their kids to stay at that school. parents have campaigned hard for district leaders to reconsider the plan but were unsuccessful so far. a previous draft of the plan did not reverse the assignment. a final plan should be complete next month. lena and bill? >> when it comes to hurricane matthew's relief efforts, every bit helps. wral's mikaya thurmond is live with what city leaders should do. mikaya? >> reporter: good morning. for the last few weeks, communities have come together to help the flood-ravaged parts for the state. now, the fire department is
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step by allowing them to donate to the principal firefighters who lost equipment life the storm. councilmembers would have to approve the move today. what's included in the donation? 5 sets of turnout gear, coat, pants, pants, 5 pair of boots, and a camera. theysay in times like this, we surely know that every little bit counts. bill and lena? >> mikaya, thank you. all hurricane shelters are now closed. this is video from early
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a plan to go. firefighters continue to battle growing wildfires in western north carolina. >> coming up, concerns over air quality. >> and tv crews find 3 cows stranded on a grassy knoll in
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safety and containment.
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carolina. >> we're finding out that the containment in the mountains is getting difficult because of the very, very dry conditions. the fire right here is the second highest priority fire in the nation. i think the first high priority fire is in georgia at this point in time. we are around the area of the highest priority fire according to the federal wild service. >> more than 20 wildfires are burning in thousands of acres have burned and hundreds had to leave home. only a few structures were damaged. dozens of firefighters from the triangle are on the front line. crews from wake and orange countys arrived yesterday to relieve the fire departments. the party rock fire has scorched more than 4500 acres. novelist mike peterson will stand trial for the murder of his wife next spring.
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his right to a fair trial was violated because the evidence was disturbed. a judge ordered a new trial in 2011. a new date is set for may. a judge will hear more arguments at fort bragg in the bowe bergdahl case. at, whether injuries to soldiers on a search mission should be allowed as comrades. she charged with desertion for walking off his post in afghanistan. the judge reset the trial for may 15th of next year, concerned that the prosecution wasn't getting the classified documents to the defense team in a timely mannerment. the fight to retake mosul
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a little brad paisley to kickoff your day today. >> a pretty view of downtown raleigh. >> you can see a little bit of fog. it was patchy this morning. >> my drive in was really foggy this morning. >> really? >> yeah. it was bizarre. so dark when we come in.
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direction, and there was none whatever. it was very patchy this morning, and we see a little bit of it on the cameras, and we'll start with the apex skycam. the sun is coming up and filtering through the low clout cover and fog, and we have sunshine in downtown apex. it won't be long before all the fog burns off. it hasn't caused any real traffic issues, and brian will come up with what's on the road 37, and i came in we are seeing the cooler air from the north filtering in. we'll turn that around. as the sun gets higher and warms up, mid-80s in the afternoon. the visibility has dropped below a quarter of a mile in south hill and 4 miles in southern pines. that's just an indication of low cloud cover. but again, the low clouds, they
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number on that. take a look at the temperatures. 30 in roxboro and 39 in southern pines and 37 at raleigh. then we jump over here to where we are dealing with the deck of overcast, 51 in goldsboro, and what a trip thas -- that is if you are driving up to raleigh. it's really unusual tow see such a huge spread in our temperatures even in morning hours. we have a deck of clouds showing up here just in the light gray on the satellite picture. this brought us the rain yesterday, and we will be approached by a cold front this afternoon and tonight, and that front gets closer to the mountains and falls apart and will not bring any rain. the rain along and ahead of the front on the southern end of it but unfortunately, those folks won't see much of that.
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the mountains and all dies out. high pressure sticks with us and will keep us dry today, tomorrow, and saturday when the next front comes in to bring us a better chance for rain later in the afternoon. the parade, it looks dry. 65 today and mid to upper 60s through thursday and we bump up to 73 for friday, beautiful, and a nice evening for football friday or whatever you have planned 7:00, 63, and 10:00, 56, so you will have to bundle up but not too bad, and we have the wral raleigh christmas pride saturday and the weather's looking decent. we start with sunshine in the morning and temperatures in the mid-50s, increasing clouds by lunchtime and feeling good for the parade. also windy at fayetteville street and then colder.
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brian's here with what you'll drive into. like lena was saying, looks soupy out there. it's 27:20 and you're looking at fog there in the distance in the apex area. nc 540 at u of u.s.-64. it could be thicker in area bus no problems with dense fog in the triangle south and west of sanford, fog out there, and north and east of the triangle along the border, i-95 heading away through roanoake rapids and southern virginia and i-85 into mecklenburg county, a chance of fog. the farther away from the city,
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the live commute map, look good overall, picking up delays through gash or 40 westbound and word of an accident on falls of neuse road. and 85 looks fine and we have a crash at 55 at avents ferry road leang the 55 bypass. allow extra time or consider main street as an alternate route. lena? >> thank you, brian. new overnight, president obama has landed in athens, greece to give a speech about democracy and globalization and plans to reassure allies that his successor, donald trump, supports nato.
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dakota pipeline demonstrators are called upon to converge on the army corps of engineers and banks who support the pipeline. the protesters say the pipeline threatens drinking water and cultural sites. those behind the pipeline said they want more study. the displaced 54,000 people. others are in host communities. meanwhile, the islamic state is claiming responsibility for two suicide bombings. international criminal court prosecutors say that the
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dozens of detainees decades ago, held in detention centers in afghanistan. prosecutor says that u.s. military personnel appear to have targeted those that they tortured. crews in new zealand are rescuing hundreds who are stranded after a cut off access to a town there. a navy ship is due to arrive in the area tomorrow morning. the magnitude 7.8 quake that struck early on monday killed 2 people. and two cows and a cat that were stranded on a patch of grass in new zealand are safe. take a look.
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this farm. new zealand's 10 million cattle
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good i'm bill leslie. it's 7:26. your top stories now. the judge in the case against army sergeant bowe bergdahl has set a new trial date at fort bragg, may 15th of next year. the judge was concerned that the prosecution doesn't get classified documents to the defense team in a timely manner. bergdahl is accused of walking off his post in afghanistan in 2009. the wake county school
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draft for the 2017-2018 school year and may address the concerns of parents that children at mills park elementary could change schools multiple times. the weather is interesting, elizabeth. absolutely with more sunshine and patchy fog but look. you can see low cloud cover and fog in spots this morning. we are seeing a wide range cold in foxborough at 30 and 51 in clinton, and cloud cover is here holding in the heating and the cooler air coming in behind the system that brought us the showers yesterday. 65 today, so chilly but we should warm up nicely. brian? 7:27, elizabeth, as we take a look at our camera at i-40 at harrison, and you can see the low cloud cover hangover i-40 but not affecting the traffic
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as you see on the road weather index, west of the triangle and north and east of the triangle. a crash in apex, 64 at shepherd vineyard road and falls of neuse, >> thank you, brian.
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welcome back. the time is now 7:30. governor mccrory heads to robeson county today. >> he will be attending a meeting on hurricane matthew recovery. emmy victor is live in lumberton with more on what the governor hopes to accomplish. good morning, emmy. >> reporter: good morning. lumberton is the first stop in the series of regional recovery meetings. robeson county was one of the hardest hit areas in the they will go over relief efforts and fundraising efforts to develop long-term plans to help communities rebuild. governor mccrory formed this committee late in october as a way to directly hear from those affected. the meeting comes 1 day after the governor requested more than $1 billion in federal disaster aid. most of the money will be used for housing infrastructure and
7:31 am
robeson county college. the governor is still urging people to donate at back to you. >>thank you, emmy victor. a disaster recovery center is temporarily open in halifax county. fema will provide informa other recovery information. it will stay open until 6:00 tomorrow night. there is an event in fayetteville to discuss hurricane relief efforts in cumberland county. the coalition's goal is to help people ask are for assistance after fema and federal loans have been exhausted.
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autopsy report of keith scott who was shot and killed in september sparking nationwide protests. scott was shot once in the back, once in the abdomen, and once in the arm. there was no alcohol or cocaine in his system. scott's wife said she believes that he was shot because of his race and was unarmed. police insist that he was armed. paid leave while the investigation continues. we are learning more about a murder/suicide involving a sheriffs department and his wife. the two were involved in a bitter custody battle. policesay that jeremy pearce forced his way into becky pearce's parents's home.
7:33 am
dead and their small children were found unharmed. pearce was placed on a 30-day suspension but would not say why. a local teacher is on paid leave after months of text messages she sent to an 8th grade student. latoya snead resigned from the mcgee's crossroads elementary school last year after sendin talking about love and relationship. the ethics advisory committee reviewed her case but did not take action. 5 on your side investigated and found that johnston county schools never turned over the texts in question and the committee never asked for them. we asked for the text messages,
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opened the case. some residents are expressing concern about a storage facility that will be at sunrise avenue in raleigh. residentssay they don't want to see a large building from their backyard. the owner said he will ask the city to consider adding speed bumps and no through traffic signs to ease traffic and add two congressman want highway 264 to be named a high priority. representatives but therfield and jones sent a letters to the transportation secretary asking that 264 from zebulon to the greenville bypassing approved. the interstate will be completed within 25 years. it's chilly again but the temperature will warm up. a nice day, elizabeth? yeah, low to mid-50s
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degree jump today. nice and bright in rocks bow, -- roxboro, and we are seeing the cooler air behind the system from yesterday, and that will allow our temperatures to cool down quickly. 48 in rocky mount and wilson and roxboro, 32, and 37 at garner. we have a huge range this is is a bit unusual for our area. lunchtime, clouding to 60 and sunshine and mid-60 this is afternoon and back down to 59 at 5:00. expect lingering clouds in a couple of spots, invariably cloudy and a couple areas of patchy fog. we will range from freezing to 50 degrees. but this afternoon, it will be more uniform and a nice week ahead.
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forecast. brian is here with a look at the lingering fog on the roads. not seeing much on the cameras around the triangle. and i'll show you the road weather index in a moment. here at 7:36, watching traffic in the fortify work zone, 40 westbound backing up on the left side of the screen approaching south sa bit. up to 18 minutes from 440 out to wade and beyond. we are look good from wade easer to 540, not many big backups just yet. as we check the road weather index as we head out to lee, chatham and chapel hill, we are likely seeing fog and north and east of the triangle, roanoake rapids, warrenton, a chance of running into fog.
7:37 am
at fog on the western side of wake county, they cleared up nicely. as we take a closer look at the triangle, we look at the sensor readings and accident data, watching the delays from wake forest inbound capital boulevard, and 540 westbound from lewisburg to creedmoor, and it's still clayton bypass westbound. we have an next holly springs, an earlier crash that appears to have cleared up from the 55 bypass at avents ferry road. still seeing resittual delays from main street to holly springs road. back to you. a data breach that cost a tech company millions. >> the claims that forced them
7:38 am
including north carolina. and the restaurant chain that denies free meals on veterans day to vets.
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$1 million will be paid to 15 different states for a data breach affected by customers from adobe. this affected more than 52,000 people in our state.
7:41 am
didn't use reasonable security measures to protect them against the attack. the attackers got away with data including credit card members, e-mail and physical addresss and user names. the president of the chili's restaurants chain apologized to a veteran who had his free veteran's day meal taken away. this is a picture of a marring removing his meal at a chili's in walker hill, texas. walker said that military id, and he said that another diner questioned the uniform he was wearing. the manager has been removed in the job. ibm has launched a new effort to connect north carolina veterans with high- skilled tech jobs. returning service members will get assistance with job placement.
7:42 am
the national guard head answereds. the nypd is responding to an article in the isis magazine that calls for a lone wolf attack on the thanksgiving macy's day parade. it also called the parade a quote, excellent target. the police department said it will use a security strategy to keep people safe. and how the angus barn stood out on a local list. and a school takes on the mannequin challenge but this is
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i don't think that's robert goulet. >> what's wham. >> wham! >> god, bill. that's wham. [laughter] >> i am sitting here thinking what is his name? i see his face perfectly. >> george michael. >> what? >> george michael. >> george michael. that's.
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elevator with george michael covering the inaugural flight of united airlines. >> that was a long time ago. >> it was. and steffi graf was there as well. >> oh, wow. that was in a hotel? >> yeah. >> in paris? >> yeah. [laughter] >> fancy, bill. >> anyway, weather. yes, the weather is very interesting. take a look at the tall tower camera. where the tall tower is, we're seeing clear skies. look at the patches of fog. this is a neat view this morning. we have one up here kind of close. and look at downtown raleigh. in eastern wake county looking westward, a band of fog, and then along the horizon, no fog. so you will run into a little
7:47 am
brian said that the cameras are showing it dissipating and tell dissipate rapidly over the next hour to two hours. it turned chilly. when i came in, temperatures were mid to upper 40s and cooler sarah filtering in behind yesterday's system especially if skies will clear. 100% relative humidity, and this is a look at the visibility, low in south hill, less than a yard of a and this is an interesting morning for us. and a huge range in the temperatures. 32 in rocks bow to 52 in golds row, and the reason we are so much warmer here, we are hanging on to the warmer air from yesterday. and back to the west, the skies have cleared and cooler sarah filtering in with clear skies leading to temperatures, and the triangle, mid to upper 30s.
7:48 am
in eastern north carolina that is eroding a bit. and the system that was with us yesterday is pushing offshore with the cooler air behind it, hence the drop in the temperatures this morning. another front back to the west, and boy, the mountains just wish they could see this rain. but they are not going to see it. that front will bump in and fall apart before it brings any rain. this is a look at the high resolution satellite images from nasa yesterday. way it was headed. most of the smoke pushed to the south, and today, a west northwest flow and charlotte more in the line of fire, and i don't know if we will see that smoke today but air quality is bad across the mountains with an idea that you can see the smoke from space. the air quality alert reaches to charlotte and almost to the triad area. we don't see it here but the
7:49 am
the extreme drought in the western part of the state. our next best chance of rain is saturday. looking at fairly small amounts in the afternoon, and in the meantime, we brighten up. a high of 65 and temperatures in the 60s until friday whenever we hit 73 which is very nice and saturday is the wral raleigh christmas parade. that, of course, is something we all look forward to, and we have the potential for rain 8:00 and expect the beginning of the day to be sunny. brian is look forward to that. mild and you won't have to bundle up as much. >> that's a good thing. layering, that's the key. 7:49, and there is 1 french at tw alexander drive and the trip town mangum will taking
7:50 am
slow but no big delays. southbound is delay free. let's take a look at the road weather index, watching the fog here, cleared up nicely around the triangle. but thed -weather index believes we could see some along sanford and the north carolina-virginia border from oxford, henderson and mecklenburg county, virginia to rr zooming into the triangle, a crash at falls of neuse at bland road and apex at 74. and in durham, we are picking up delays right now on the south side of durham, 40 eastbound, leading chapel hill
7:51 am
15-501 to 101, 40 minutes, and 440 westbound is backed up from the knightdale bypass to wade avenue and slow on wade out to the airport. bill? >> thank you very much, brian. congratulations are in order to the angus barn, 1 of the top grossing restaurant in the country at 33 with annual sales of better than million. it is the only north carolina restaurant on the list. we are 5 days away from the wral christmas parade. the pageantly and excitement comes to downtown saturday at 10:00 a.m. with marching bands, floats, balloons, entertainers, all sort was things marching downtown. in all, there are 115 entries,
7:52 am
we'll broadcast live on wral. bill, brian shrader, and renee will be there to bring you will fun. once again, saturday in downtown raleigh. and renee chou is here with what's trending this morning. people have come up with an interesting and unique way to protest vice president-elect mike pence. he wants to see roe v wade history and to de-fund planned parenthood. a number of people have donated to planned parenthood, many in mike pence's name, and some entered the address of the indiana governor's statehouse so that the vice president- elect will receive thank you votes for the organization for
7:53 am
donated. and the mannequin challenge is still going strong. see how the unc gymnastics team conquered it. >> you can tell they have good cores. >> look at the people on the balance beam, though. >> oh, my gosh. thas part -- o just holding that in the air. i mean, look. just amazing. [laughter] >> that's what i would probably do; right? >> i love that one. that's the best one. >> very, very creative. >> no fair. >> i know. they can hold those crazy poses.
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the time is 7:56. i'm lena tillett. here are your top stories. governor mccrory's hurricane matthew group will hold their fi to discuss fundraising efforts and community out reach and long-term plans. the meeting will be at robeson county community college at 1:00. the occupancy report for keith scott shows a charlotte police officer shot him once in the back, once in the abdomen, and once if the arm. the toxicology report show thas
7:57 am
convulsive drugs. we were at 30 in roxboro this morning, and in fayetteville, we were at 50. so there was at least a 20- degree spread this morning. a little cloud cover in fayetteville and 32 in roxboro and 50 in fayetteville and mid to upper 30s around the triangle. skies will clear as we head throughout morning and everyone warms up to the mid to upper 60 this is afternoon and upper on wednesday and thursday and morning lows in the next couple days. upper 30s to low 40s. brian? elizabeth, seeing a little fog north and east of the triangle. we want to keep that in mind but in the triangle, things are clear, and on the roads, not looking so bad with a couple of crashes, one 64 at shepherds vineyard in apex and the other on falls of neuse road at bland road. and delays on 440 westbound
7:58 am
wade heading to i-40 because traffic is busy on 40 westbound u.s. one towards harrison and delays on durham 40 eastbound away from chapel hill. thank you, brian.
7:59 am
now at 8:00, president- elect donald trump's transition continues, the controversial
8:00 am
obama is responding. a criminal investigation is underway over the primary election in durham county, how it could play a role in the still undecided race for governor. and how the city of raleigh plans to help one town as they ton recover from hurricane matthew. thank you for joining us this tuesday morning. i'm lena tillett. >> and i'm renee chou. before leaving on his final trip overseas, president obama weighed in >> and as tracie potts reports, the president-elect is taking heat for a controversial choice for a top advisor. >> reporter: crimp is pouring in on president-elect donald trump's choice of steve bannon as chief strategist. >> the fact that republicans have been silent on bannon's appointment is a disturbing sign. >> reporter: bannon's swab website is a favorite of white


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