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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:51pm EST

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> >. focused on people and community for 60 years. we promise a releaptless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. right now prayers tonight for the victims of devastating wildfires to our west. we'll taa lo at just how costly those fis have gotten. >> plus ac for another y sition his adnistration. and coernsbout e future of immigration across our nation. e effort tonighto try and speaking children. ocal spanish >>the batt over who won the governor's race in north carolina is getted more heated -- getting more heated. >> it's been more than a week and we didn't still know who the nextgovernor ll be.
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candidates within 4700 votes of each other, and night we learned governor mccrory challenging votes cast in 52 counties. adam owens is live in downtown raleigh to explain what all of this means. >> reporter: it appear it is counting is not over. there are protests to votes in north carolina counties. e latest challenge in the gorn's race volves most of those counties. there are claims votes were cast by felons and in the name cast multiple balts. in wake county nearly 30 votes having challenged. anotr sue, a federal cour order effecting the canvass in dozens of counties. last month the judge id people who's registrations were not turned over by thdmv in a timely manner should be alwed to vote provisionally. confming thecases uld take more time. adto that allegations of election fraud fr governor mccrory's mpaigninvolving
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dozen counties. the outcome could effect close races across the strait. in the governor's -- state. in the governor's raccoer leads mccrory by roughly 5,000 votes staid white. a -- statewide. a spokesperson for the mccrory campaign said we'll make sure every vote is counted, but cooper say it is election should be over now. a spokesperson said voters chose a new governor. it's time for the campaign tacceptt. add it all together, doesn't look like this will be decided tomorrow. state officials say it's likely counties will continue and extend their canvassing. back to u. >> adam owens live in downtown leigh night. thank u,dam. >> and this has ripple effects. the clay in determines -- delay indermining what won the race can cause other problems, especially for those planning the augural ll. the junior league organizes the
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-- year they don't though who they'll be honoring. invitations likely won't include the name of the next governor. >> we've been eager to host the ball. we've been ready to just have things in order and ready everything falling into place, but it's been a work in progress. >> rebecca says the party will go on. the party takes place january 7th. within the past we learned donaldtrump offered michael flynn the job of security advisor so carding to a -- according to a senior trump official. he wouldn't say if flynn officially accepted the job. it doesn't require senate confirmation. the job is based in the white house, and the occupant has frequent access to the president. coming up in the next half hour we'll lookat former critics of trump meeting face to face with the president-elect about
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team. a migration adcacy group is reaching out he spanish community sin donald trump was elected president. they held a eeting giving residence bide chce to -- residents a chanceto express concerns. ken smith is live with more. >> reporter: workers with the ganization said they've eldedozens of cafrom ncconed parents since the november 8th electi. some are concerned for their children, many of e children are afraid to go to school, some even concerned eir nitoeting was all about >> and when sawe're gog bud a wallwhh we will by the way, but we're going build a wall. >> reporter: donald trump's trump stanceover immigration dung the -- stance on immigration during the campaign concerns immigrants now that he's president-elect donald trp. with tse concerns in mind an immigration vocacy group put
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>> i'm more worried about our kids ane school >> reporte maa says now more than ev spanish speaking children feel targeted. >> they go to your use, they're saying thingslike that. that's cruel for the kids. >> reporter: she's concerned about kids like 13-year-old monica. she tells us why she hasn't experienced any negative reaction at concerned ouh family. >> one of drms is my pa rents eing allowed her. >> reporter: she was born in thus, but her parents are immigrants, ch like many families at the meetg. immigration ateywere at the etg offering advicend hope. >> tre are a lot of people in their corner and that there are still avenues for reli available. >>eporter: ws was the
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meetings by the organization the next meeting plaor tarbor tuesday. moore county soalk you. services want an independent investigation into thedeatof a 23 month old. he s found in a pond in april st a fehos after he was reported missing. his mother is charged in e case. according the fayetteville investigation three people are conducting recorders show his mother lost custody of her son in november of 2015after a drunken fight with her boyfriend. then regained custody two the s the minimum standards for keeping her son. yant is in jail charged with manslaughter and chd negligent. the erf's fice
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abt y wsuit referencing a deadly ting involving former depu. ty he shot and lled john liviston in november 2015. a grd jury clred him of criminal charg, but e fbi is looking into whether civil rights re violated. the sheriff says he cooperating th the us department of justice. and fema s approv extending the time survivors of hurrice matthew have register for you now have uil january 9th. it applies to 45 counes . a vigil. held tonight to pray for thos impacted by devastating wildfirein the western part of our state. >> so will you join me now as we pray for this community, prayfor r firefighters and pray for those around us. >> rgatheredin rutherford county to try and fight the fires with the power of prayer.
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pushing through western nort carolina. it's likely to number will grow. thousands of firefighters continue twork the front lines of re. thgovernor pat mccrory announced a $10,000 reward for information leing an rest of anyone that mahave started any of the wildfires. he also praised refighters calling their acons hero. >> they're still putting this thint d their strategy of using ros and creeks natural iers has be extremely ccsful, and th back burning has been extrely successful, and the use of helicopters has been extremely successful, iteen a gras roots effort. >> several durham firefighters left early this morning to help contain the wildfires, and they'll rk12 urhis the next couple of day. there's a growing mber of triangle departments working in the area.
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out in the effort. so far the state spenmore than 15 milln llars fighting the wildfires. the. we he an important recall to tell you about tonight. pride meats out offayetteville is relling thousands of pounds of pork barbecue because the meats were made with a ontains soy and it wasn't on the finished label. w packages from november 15th of 2014 through no 11th of for more details on the reca go to recall. > a cargsh head to a aground.rona port runs ngp thfort to free it. plus n puncd in the facepolice officer, an it'sllught on ra. the chies tions after the video made it to social med. > and avel changes are coming soon at rdu. you'll notice if you plan holiday. t of the rport this >>and the warming today will have stalle and it rtainly did. we had the same high as yesterday.
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fatteville, but tomorrow we face a warm up and the air quality will lily
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we bought a new washer and dryer from the homimprovement store. i'm afraid you're ffering from bo fobo fobo. fobo... of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings get up to 40% . off storewide. plus 24-months special financg. anfr divery.
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electronics. iture. hhgregg wral news on fox 50. lice releas sueillance video of two n
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roery outside a drugstore. it happened abou he walgreens fayettelle road. the victim was approached from hindslammed to thground and had his keys stol. the suspects took off with the victims 1998 toyota. the car is still ssing, but the victim is okay. a man shot outside a fast od restauranin raleigis ill in t hospital tonight. the man was shot outside a bojangles on south wilmington lastnigh 18-year-old was detaedt but no charges have been filed. >. and the name of a motorcyclist killed has been releasted. robert lyons was killed when the motorcycle he was on collided with another car. at this time no charges have been filed. the inlet is closed because of a stranded cargo ship. the ship ran aground earlier
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way to moor head city state port. no one hurt, and no damage was done to the ship. the wake county school superintendent was named north carolina's school superintendent of the year, recognized for his strategic plan pushing for a graduate rate of percent. he was also recognized in 2005. >. weare funeral arrangements r zora feldn. she spent her entire caer in education, a served a term as school board mber and was re- elected to ad term lt week. students at w. t. brown are remeerg the name sake of their school.
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scol on opening daevery year. he was est also also a community activist and left a mark on the chil he touched. >> ha very kind man and he bieved in equal righsots, like it doesn't matter what race you are, u yoshould sh get a fair education >> the grave side service and burialis tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. at m rdens. and wrest two daom the ristmaparade. the cime c to wntown raleigh thisaturday at 10:00 a.m. 'sone of the largest holiy paradeon thst coast. marching bands,balloons, floats, we'll all bemarching through the reets there too. in all the parade has 115 entries. if you can't make it to parade don't worry it will be broadcast liveon wral. billeslie, renee chou, and brian shrader will be there to brinyou the excitent
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>> yes, it isd 's going to be nice! >> and it won'tbe either. >> dn righbalmy. >> yeah about 68 by e start, and bythe end aping 70 >> my goodness. carrng a bunch of kidse >> feels ke a miami christmas ra because it's warm but at least's dry. we have a cold front coming alonnot gettinhere until later inthafternoon, and that's when we expect an opportunity of rain anthen tomorr mperaturesoaring. again at 69 to but tomorrow 76 to across the area. o days ofwarmth. tomorrow the warmest and saturday warm as well, and since we'll have a southwest wind our air quality ll likely suffer rrow and also saturday. that should push some smoke our dictn, so be tt if yhave breathing issues. we call it a 50/50 weekend.rm saturday offering a small chance ofrain.
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anyone to exert emthselves or outside. the orange is for exertion for folks who are sensitive to air pollutantschilolder adultse with breathing or hurtss, and here in the of quality, those unusually te r setoolntlutas in air, you migwant to limit the outdoor enterings. strong northweswind after th t passe it shod r out the oke,and sht have an susard night d sunday. raleigh skam, chilly and 45. the dewpoint 43. we settle in the 40s tonight. ak, 40 at south you'reaving to work the late
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here's wt'happening across theasterrt of untry. we have the storm syst shaping up out west. for us it's high presre. on the back side of the high we ha a southerly flow, t th the hi moving out we'll warm up witthe southerly flow, d the res we, at smoke ge pushed general direction. ct to e st we have the -- farther to the west we have a frt taking shape, and you see e , bluethat's snow. we'll talk more about that in the next blizzardarngs, winter storm waings, ld temperas,re anall this heading our way at least temperature-wise, not the precipitatn really, but it's really warm ahead of the fron 69 in kans city, 63 in cincinnati., 74 indallas. this warms stays with us through the first part of day saturday, but th thcold invades and we'll feel a difference once e front
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tounshin lunce htimtomorrow ithe low 70s, mid upper 70s to afternoon. there's the front with showers and storms, and tomorrow could be severe off to the west, but when it starts to enter the drought st it starts to fall apart, and when it comes crawling here saturday evchance of showers, the front moves by colderr aimovein, and ld enough for snow in the motains, quite interesting fous, clear, 40s, in fayettevilleyour fitness forecast, a jacket n thrne moing. luncimed the jackets, put the shorts, 72. d u can ar the srts and short sleeveshirts tomorr afternoon. mid and upper 70s. bo feeling good, and the winds light from the southwes of west. so not that windy, but it's windy thfirst part of day saturday wechristmas parade.
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night. sunday 49. boy, that'll . hurt especially with wind. and then we warm back up, and thanksgiving day a little in and mild in the low 60 so numbe a over the place. >> yeah, season is this mike? >> i'm not sure, it keeps bounng from spring to fall. we're following breaking news in durham. driver lost control in a construction ne along highway a police cruiser. >> polsay no one was hurt. look for updat in e next hour. lebron james says muhammed ali shaped his li. >> >. and he wants to honor him wia g chec the panthe and saints got kicked in the gut withes last saurday, who bounces back better, and wake forest
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>.the first time they met this year the panthers overcame deficit to losey three on a late field goal tonight the rematch with th saints for the entire country watch.
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but wehave thisnd information board. rs have blocked field goal. cam to ted before the half, and a 17point lead. wert live from chloe after the game colus wral. louisvillemoving up to 5th in the latest college football poll. the cardinals lead any kind of resu booster to cle t the season. tonight ths visit houston, a am that at cotry. the cougars are currently unnked but absolutely laying the lumber to louisville. greg ward jr. to dukeit's that kind of gothree touchdowns jackson is sacked four times in the first half, andthen before e thhalf a wide receiver pass, bonner toallen. early in the 3rd it's ill 31- 0 houston.
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part the maui classic they play at the university of hawaii tomorrow at 1:00 a.m. eastern time, then take the flight to maui to take part in the maii invitational monday. >> we have to go with the right mind set. i know it's a nice place to go, but we have dreams and a vision r our team, and i think this is a great opportunity for us. >> it's a nine-day trip, be ae to be other lit i think it will help usutspecially down th road, but like i said we're a e group,but 'lbecome even closer. >> carolina gets a trip hawaii, wa forest is playing ha crlesto south carolina. a wonderful ple, but it's not hawaii. wake forest gets all three triples in the opening half.
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john collins 24 rest got the win over utep, and pl villanova tomorrow afternoon. watts scores 28 points to lead north carolina to the win over alabama a and m. five blue devils hit doubleigures in the whipping of grand canyon. campbell university is making another major sports announcement or will tomorrow. the carolina league in 2017 and 18. the single a affiliate will play in the baseball facility, so for two years it's going to be the astros. and in the american the mvp is angels outfielder mike trout who once committed to east caroli. never played there. this is trt's second mvp
10:27 pm
edition. the cubs kris bryant won, ju the sixth player to follow up a rookie of the year campaign with an mvp, and he woth world series as well. >> >. that's a sweet year for him. >> top that [ laughter ] >> yeah, really. >> thanks jeff. at the age of 7 an amputee is showing the world she can do whatever she sets her mind to. the young gymnast's inspirations sllto come. and what's travelers at rdu.
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t's just say ty heven't be donaldtrump's biggest supporters. >> >. t now former critics of donald trump are prarg down wi they could discuss possible jobs in trump's administraon. >> reporter: some the loudest voices during the republican debates. >> nominating donald would >> repoer: now singing different tune. >> i'm g ready to get on a plane donald trump's name on the side. >> reporter: potentially for good reason. >> donald trump isn't looking to if i can your out who supported him and who didn't, if you're the best person for the job he wants u for the team. >> rerter: governor haley once an outspoken opponent. >> i taught me little ones not to push people around. >>eporter: now being
10:31 pm
state. another consideration is romney who blasted hiin the prars. >> he's a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: but after the election tweeted best wishes for the lieu did i elected president -- elected president. >> this man is a pathological liar. >> reporter: the man dubbed lying ted is on the short list of attornegeneral. >> commerce, education, and the, what's the there, letee. >> reporter: fast forward si year ricperry may potentiallhead the department of energy. as theteam kes shape, the president-elect is expected to to go back on the roadnd resurrect the rally. dubbing it the thank america tour. trump plans to hit swing states that helped elect him president. >> now the stops of thank america tour haven't been announced. according to his sors it
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> tomorrow a government task force witravel to see the site where a tanker exploded killing several people. a truck driver turned off a road to sell fuel. local residents gathered around to buy it when it caught fire. the cause is under investigation. the man that admitted to opening fire at a planned parenthood office is still not mentally competent to stand trial. that's the ruling today from a judge in colorado. robert dear faces 175 charges including murder. he admitted to his role in the shooting in colorado springs that ended with three deaths and nine injuries. he's undergoing treatment at the state mental hospital. the next hearing is set for february 15th. an accused bomber is hit with an eight count federal indictment this week. he's charged with planting and setting off bombs in new jersey and new york in september. more than 30 people were hurt. among the new charges using a weapon of mass destruction and
10:33 pm
he pleaded not guilty. if convicted he could facea ndory life sentence a police officer in as sars is on leave -- iarizona on afr video sn of m punching woman. she was trying to arrest her, but she resisted. the video later showed up on social media. the officer was put on leave and the chief ordered an internal a woman survived the first bear attack in decades. she was on the way to her daughter's home and tried to fight offer the animal before deciding to lie still. she suffered a broken arm, cuts, and wounds to her arms and needed more than 70 stitches. >> a first grader in texas is pin conspiring others with her passion, drive, and love of gymnastics. autumn is a double amputee.
10:34 pm
due to a prenatal stroke causing the muscles to die away. fast forward a couple of years she's gotten into gymnastics and she's created a bond with her teacher. >> she gets a little afraid in the beginning when it's time to try something new, but the moment she figures it out she's good. she doesn't have any fears. >> reporter: what's the biggest thing you learn from her? >> what a lesson. autumn also participates in cheer leading. >> she's adorable. the son of former carolina panther ray carruth celebrated his 17th birthday at a horseback riding farm. ray was convicted of murder of the mother of chancellor.
10:35 pm
>. and lebron james is honoring muhammed ali to the tune of 22 million dollars dollars. he donated the money to an exhibit about ali that separates his -- lebrates his achievements in the ring, and politics and culture. a group of baseball fields were center stage for the durham bulls. nearly two dozen staffers and players headed out to the park for some off season from new sod to fresh paint to all around fixing up the place they fully refurbished the field. next spring about 450 kids will play baseball there. 10 triangle nonprofits were recognized with the gsk impact award. they awarded each nonprofit with a $40,000 gift at a ceremony, yes, that was brian
10:36 pm
durham bulls vice president delivered the keynote address. awards are giving to associations that build healthier communities. some wake county students explored future job opportunities today. sanderson high school held the annual hispanic career fair today. businesses included job core, wake check, and the us army. ken smith was also there talking about the business we're still a week away from black friday. >> but one man is in line already and ready to shop, and he didn't just get there. how long he's been waiting to get those holiday deals. and the knew ruling in a wrongful -- new ruling in the
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with five different games and over 40 million in total prizes, holiday scratch-offs are the most thrilling gift of the season.
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y26u2y yi0y an atlanta judge wants bobbi christie that brown's boyfriend to pay in a wrongful death case. he failed to meet court deadlines, so the conservator
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marion cotilrd is eang out aithe rumors e had an affair wi brad pitt, even calling the romantic scenes caught awkward. some say she was part of reason pitt was getting a divorce. it's the end of the road for the country's favorite duck hunting family. the current season of duck dynasty will be the last. the reality show became a hit after the premier in 2012, but lately, and the series finale is april 12th. and now what's trending. >> well, everyone seems to have cameras everywhere these days as you know, and this is the one in the baby's room watching, well the grandma went up to go tuck the baby in to sleep that night, but the grandma's a little on the shorter side. >> oh no. >> so she had to use a stepladder. >> don't do it. >> to put the little one down. >> be careful. >> oh! >> she didn't listen on the
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did she? >> i don't think so, we wouldn't have used it in the case, but you protect it and kind of roll, but i hope nobody saw that. i should be safe because it's dark, but of course they have the camera, and it's got the night vision almost [ laughter ] >> grandma, no! >> look at the baby, no crying, everybody is fine, but poor grandma. it's been season times plus. >> grandma not proud of that e. >> very embarrassed did well, our second video featuring babies [ laughter ] >> the cheerios challenge! these are so cute, but we have more. look how cute! [ laughter ] >> it's borderline rude [ laughter ]
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around when my kids a little. >> that's a challenge. >> i'll have to try it when my husband falls asleep on the sofa. >> please take a picture. >> and gerald we didn't want you to feel left out [ laughter ] >> , wow, wonderful! they look like hamburgers. >> you know who you can thank for the picture? >> kelly. my facebook page if you would like to share those [ laughter ] >> see, now i have to try and see how many i can actually stack [ laughter ] >> and if you have something you think should be on what's trending send me a message. >> you want to try that one again? [ laughter ] >> priceless. [ laughter ] some exciting times coming to rdu international. what they have planned to make
10:43 pm
the forecast, and also deep in brought off to the west. the drought has expanded, and even ash normally drying conditions closing in on our viewing area. we'll talk about the potential for rain in the coming days.
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we have new video just into
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70 near holloway street. a person lost control in a construction zone and hit a durham police cruiser. you can look for updates on our news after the pant hersgame on wral. the busiest travel seasons of and one of the busiest airports in americcod lose staff because of a strike. hundreds of baggage hand letters, cab -- handlers at chicago's airport have voted to go on strike demanding better working conditions and higher pay. changes are on the way rdu internatiol. here' ns and coming up in thmonths ahead. >> reporter: two new restaurants on the way for terminal 2 at rdu. the first one is a starbucks, the second locations for starbucks here. the second one is a blue moon tab room and pub. both set to open next week, and if you have family coming into you' want to know about this change. rdu just put up new signs all
10:47 pm
cell phone waiting lot easier to fine. and another big announcement, announcing their 47th nonstop flight here. that's a direct night to new orleans starting in february. >> more than a hundred people a day are already going to new orleans, so we have a feeling that even more people now will take advantage of this. >> reporter: rdu airport is expecting record numbers of passengers this year, hitting 10 million any day now, so the new flight and restaurants are a way to keep up growing number of people coming flu here. -- through here. 170,000 passengers are expected at rdu thanksgiving week which they classify as tuesday through monday. >> many more driving. >> oh, yeah, and the weather looking quiet, maybe a little rain thanksgiving day, but not a great chance. >> we'll all be inside stuffing our faces. >> and prior to thanksgiving it
10:48 pm
in colorado they're having problems because of a lock of snow. copper -- lack of snow. copper mountain at colorado can't slow down the us ski team. it opened with sunny skies ask the not a lot of snow. but they're getting it now. snow making teams having easy, but the skiers are looking to get a jump on the they're just 40 percent open because of the conditions. and weather desk top, we'll look at the satellite picture, and you can definitely see the snow coming down out west right now. this is the storm system we've been talking about all week that's forming, and you can see the snow falling across colorado. the storm system taking shape, the primary low, the primary center of the storm right here, it will travel to the northeast tonight, and there's the heavy snow spread from minnesota to
10:49 pm
colorado, and blizzard warnings for parts of minute minute and parts of the -- minnesota and parts of upper midwest. there's the blizzard warning for parts of minnesota and south dakota. winter storm warnings for nebraska and south dakota into minnesota, and they're expecting the heaviest snow in the region here all the way to the north and up where there could be up to a foot of snow and blaze adder conditions -- blizzard conditions. the snow blowing and drifting, 30s. here's the snow fall potential and see who's going to see the heaviest snow. last night we were just looking in this region, but some snow snow called fall here in the east. up to minnesota about a foot but in minneapolis maybe up to six inches over parts of west virginia and pennsylvania as
10:50 pm
mountains seeing flurries in the late afternoon and evening saturday into saturday night as we have the strong northwest flow. you see the little gray there. that could be a trace to an inch or two, so it's possible up there. let's take a look at the rain fall potential. the last half hour we looked at futurecast showing the front coming in bringing the chance of rain, but the measurable rain is looking like it will be off to the west where some thunderstorms could form, especially across the lower mississippi valley, about three the blue, and quarter inch to half inch with the green, and it's saying no rain for us, but there will be some showers saturday, but nothing really measurable. not helping the drought conditions. 76 the forecast high tomorrow. windy saturday and warm. the high about 73 occurs around lunchtime, but turning colder
10:51 pm
40s to low 50s, and by thanksgiving it may end up being mild wita small chance of rain. >> all right, we can do that. thank you mike. when we come back we take you out and about. >> how you can participate in the santa paws 5k, plus a local
10:52 pm
hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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it's time for this week's t and abbest bets for the weekend, and it's not thanksgiving yet, but it will feel and look a lot like christmas sunday. the santa paws 5k races money for the aspa of wake county. guess what, i'll be santa aus! santa paws excuse me. it's always fun. a lot of dogs and people and it's a great place sociale. haven't been peed yet. saturday is the annual north hills tree lighting. eny live music, a trackless train, snow pes, crafts, an a boce house. a different santa will be there at 6:00 p.m. to light the tree and take pictures. if you need to get a jump start on holiday shopping and want a unique gift check out the durham art walk. you can talk a tour at the durham arts council downtown.
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than 200 artists in addition to live music and food. there are plenty of other events going on this weekend, go to and search out and about to see them all. you can also download the out and about app and take it with you on the go. >. disney will light up the sky this holiday season with hundreds of dancing drones. together with intel they're launching a new show called star bright holidays. this sounds the drones are equipped with lights that create more than 4 billion color come by nays. starlight -- combinations. star bright holidays take place near orlando and it's free to all guests. it's the first time a drone show of this scale has been performed. what a sight, that's so neat! >. well, one person super ready for the holidays, it's
10:56 pm
jarvis johnson lives in arizona, and he's an avid black friday shopper, and he's already in line. he set up shop last friday! >> did he bring his own couch? >> i think so he's got the canopy, couc microwave and ill. he's been doing it nine years. he's like a pro! look at that! big ticket item he wants is tv. >. and a bungee jump record, a british man went down to dump a biscuit into a cup of tea, 230 feet. the world record. >> i wonder how many practice
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?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from.
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?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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>> is he threatened by you? is he jealous of you? >> just how serious is the tension between fellow fox news stars megyn kelly and bill o'reilly? i'll kit hoover. now gretchen carlson reveals more from her past. >> and he sved my face >> how did you me it work? >> an ongoing thing. >> the divorce is officiall off. i'll liz hernandez. our patrick dempsey exclusive. >> the only place that miley ever comes from is a place of love. >> i think now i want to be -- >> i'm scott evans with the cyrus family. >> ran across the room and jumped on me. >> really? >> and he's not kidding. goldie.rets of his love for i'm natalie morales. then i don know what kit and i


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