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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  November 22, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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right now on fox 50, a horrific crash kills at least five children. the charges a school bus driver is buses across the nation. we are looking for things to keep your loved ones safe. >> the state's undecided race. what could happen during the state board of elections meeting. >> thank you for joining us this tuesday morning. i'm renee chou in for lena tillet. >> i'm bill leslie. glad to have you with us this morning. it's chilly out there but it's not as breezy. that's the gift that we get this morning. >> that helps amazing ly. let's take a look at our raleigh sky cam right now. the sun is just
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we have should be fairly clear today. a front could bring us some rain for, say, thursday morning. i'll show you that coming up on future cast. in durham it's 28. it's 28 in wake forest and here at the tv studios. it's 25 right now at our sensor in cary. 28 in roxboro, 26 in south hill. it's a cold morning out there. 29 in southern pines and 34 degrees in fayetteville. by 8:00 a.m. temperatures will be climbing back up to about freezing. 50 at close to the high of 54 yesterday. we have high fire danger because it's extremely dry. the the winds will be a bit more calm. officials ask you not to do any out door burning today. we will talk about thanksgiving day. coming up. bryan has some spot s to avoid. >> if you had to use capitol boulevard yesterday afternoon you will remember that it was
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because of a water main break that continues this morning and will continue through the day. that is between capitol boulevard and wake forest road and wade avenue as we take a look at it. comes in from 440 through downtown we'll talk about it. your best alternate routes are going to be atlantic avenue into downtown. another option might be crabtree boulevard to raleigh boulevard. side consider using glenwood coming in from 440. those are probably going to be more congested than usual through the day. you need to go ahead and plan on that. give yourself extra time through the morning and through the day to get to downtown raleigh. we'll have an update from emmy victor at the scene at the bottom of the hour. around the rest of the triangle
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wheeler reed at sierra drive south of i-40. a 17 minute ride through garner with on 440 westbound with delays between 442 and 440. i want to talk about an accident over in smithfield. bill will have details about the crash in a moment. an over night accident closed 95 at the 70 business interchange and because of some damage to the bridge. they have to inspect the 70 business bridge over 95. you can see some back ups through that area. bill. >> a little bit bryan, thank you very much. a tractor trailer crash ed in smithfield that shut down part of i-95. the driver is hurt but is expected to survive. we have video there. the tractor trailer was carrying frozen chickens. so yesterday morning we had bananas this morning frozen chicken. crews are
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smithfield. today transportation investigators will headquarters to chattanooga, tennessee to investigate the deadly bus crash that killed five children and hurt many more. >> they believe speed was a factor there and the drivers face many accounts including vehicular homicide. many parents wonder about their own child's bus and safety. >> wral's mikaya thurmond is live with a issue of school bus safety. mikaya. >> reporter: bill and renee, even before this terrible tragedy in chattanooga the national highway transportation administration had a answer about how safe are school buses. the answer, they are the safest way for children to travel to and from school. the administration said that buses are a seven times safer than traveling by car or truck. while more than 30,000 people are killed in crashes every year, six school aged children
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buses annually. we all want that number to be zero but statistics do reveal how rare school bus deaths really are. questions remain about why safety belts are not required on school buses like on cars. the government doesn't feel they are needed. for one thing, what passengers feel in a school bus crash is likely to be significantly less than what they experience in a car crash. also the high backed cushioned seats usually protect passengers in frontal crashes but seat belt advocates said 7 out of 10 real world accidents are not frontal. the federal government allows states and districts to set the rules when it comes to seat belts on school buses. you know, prior to living in raleigh i lived and worked in chattanooga for 2 years and this is devastating not only for them but for parents everywhere as they have to send their kids to school today. the bottom line is that seat belts are expensive and because many school systems
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very unlikely that we'll see them added to school buses any time soon. bill and renee. >> mikaya another chattanooga connection for you. you have family living there. actually on the same street where that crash happened. >> reporter: that's right. i spent all night and early this morning still talking to them as recently as an hour ago. i can say they are devastated. >> what a horrific situation. >> mikaya thurmond in raleigh. thank you very much. state board of elections officials are gathering again today in handling election complaints. the board declined to intervene in the vast majority of complaints. >> instead they will offer legal guidance. the mccrory campaign filed protests in half of the state's counties alleging voting by dead people, active felons and people voting in two states. those protests so far have largely been dismissed by
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boards as either factually incorrect or unproven. democrats say if they were upheld it still would not change
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durham police will get body cameras. donald trump is taking ability his top priorities after the inauguration. >> what he said he's going to do in his first 100 days of office. >> also ahead, a state department warning for americans
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president elect trump heads to his florida estate this afternoon putting his transition on hold for a few days for thanksgiving.
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scenes. >> vice president elect mike pence heads to new york today to rejoin the transition team. they're in no hurry to announce more cabinet officials before thanksgiving. >> it could come this week. it could come today. but we are not in a rush to publish names just because everybody is looking for the next story respectfully. >> sources tell nbc news former new york mayor and trump confidant rudy giuliani is now being considered as director of nati gingrich confirmed he will continue to advise but will not be part of the president's cabinet. he favors giuliani over mitt romney as secretary of state. >> rudy is a better pick and has the right temperament. we need somebody who is a fighter. >> if a -- in a video released by the transition team president-elect trump said his first 100 days will focus on jobs. >> i asked my transition team to don't a list of executive
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actions that we can take on day one to restore laws and bring back jobs. >> he plans to reduce regulations across the board focusing on energy. tracey pots, nbc news, washington. >> the transition team continues to face questions about conflicts of interest after his dc hotel hosted a reception for foreign diplomats. trump tweeted, prior to the election it was well known that i was all over the world. only the crooked media makes this a big deal. his spokeswoman insists there's nothing illegal. 7:12 now. damage assessments are underway in japan. >> the fees that airports across the nation are charging for taxis, parking and shuttling.
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amed our dewpoint is at 16, the lower that number, the dryer it is, and because it's still so dry today, we do have high fire danger. so officials ask you not to do any outdoor burning today. it's 25 in henderson, 24 in south hill and 25 in roanoke rapids. it's 30 right now in roxboro, 33 in rocky mount and wilson, we head south, it's 24 in sanford, 27 in smithfield and southern pines and 34 now in
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today high pressure still keeps control off ur weather. we'll be -- of our weather. we'll be nice and bright. here comes a front. it's producing a little bit of rain, it's produced a bunch of snow out in parts of the rockies. it's going to bring some snow really up to the northern great lakes area, but from chicago southward tomorrow, up and down the mississippi valley there'll be some rain which could affect some travel plans. we'll talk about what is not likely to affect travel plans is this tropical system. tropical storm otto just sort of drifting down here near central america. it may become a hurricane by tomorrow night and then move on across central america, most likely around nicaragua and costa rica and then it moves out into the pacific, not something that's going to cause any problem for the united states. it may cause some flooding problems because of that fairly
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chilly. 50 at lunchtime and 65 at 4:00. tomorrow 58 degrees. we have that front approaching. we'll be dry tomorrow all up and down the east coast, but that rain will start to edge eastward. by the time it gets here, it's not going to produce much for us. patchy light rain showers up through lunchtime tomorrow, 25 to 30% chance and then it drops way off. it's going to be a mild day thursday, 67, should see a little sunshine late in the day thursday. friday 67 degrees. sh on friday and some lucky folks will have tickets to the n.c. state-unc game. at lunchtime 62, climbs to almost 70. by the time the game finishes, should be really nice to be outside. and then turning a little cooler on saturday and sunday with high temperatures in the upper 50s which a close to normal for this time of year. so two fronts come through, one wednesday night and one friday night. but all together our chance of rain really only about a trace
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the mountains may see up to quarter to.30 of an inch, not much for them. they'll be happy to have a little bit, and temperatures on monday into the mid-60s. so pretty decent looking seven- day forecast. very little rain, but there could be just a light patchy shower come through for your morning. you're taking a look at what's happening on capitol boulevard. lookslike some more slow spots. >>reporter: yeah. seeing typical delays building especially on 40 westbound through garner. we'll take a look at drive times in a moment. here at 7:19, want to talk about the water main break from capital boulevard, southun right around fairview road. and, really, the road is blocked from wake forest road there at the exit down toward fairview. it is open at the wade avenue interchange this morning, but heading southbound from 440, you're going to have to get off at wake forest or atlantic avenue there and continue on your way through the southern -- or through northern downtown raleigh trying to get back into the central part of town. atlantic avenue is one alternate route, also crabtree
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for you and glenwood avenue also is a potential choice as you come in from 440. seeing a little bit of a delay building on the inbound side of glenwood avenue, but i checked the sensors ond atlantic and raleigh boulevard. right now at least traffic is moving along fairly well. we'll keep our eyes on it, let you know how that changes. that likely is going to be closed until 6:00 or so this evening, so this is something that will be with us through the day. overall looking okay in the triangle. no other big accidents to report at this point. over in smithfield, 95 southbound remains blocked 70 business bridge and the 70 business bridge itself over 95 is closed, inspected for damage. likely it's going to remain closed. both of those roads will remain closed until about 9:00 this morning. back to you. >> thank you, brian. a man accused of killing a san antonio police officer is apologizing to the officer's family. otis mckay told reporters that he lashed out at someone who didn't deserve it. mccain said he was angry because of several customs
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murder of benefit gentlemanman marconi, the deputy was shot inside his patrol car on sunday during a traffic stop. the missouri police officer who was shot twice in the face has been released from the hospital. he was attacked in st. louis while he sat in traffic sunday. the gunman was killed in a shootout with police. a magnitude 7.4 earthquake triggered a small tsunami near fukushima, japan. there were no reports of deaths or serious injuries after the quake hit, but it temporarily fuel pooling system. a tsunami of up to three feet high was observed around fukushima, the same region devastated by a 2011 quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. kanye west has been hospitalized in what police are calling psychiatric hold. this comes after west abruptly canceled the remaining dates of his national tour. sources say he was hospitalized
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feuds. he attacked fellow musicians jay-z and beyonce. he told fans at a concert that if he would have voted, he would have voted for donald trump. the state department is warning american travelers about the risk of terrorist attacks in europe during the holiday season. the advisory says credible information indicates that islamic state and al-qaida militants continue to plan attacks and warns travelers to be cautious at holiday festivals and outdoor markets. the state department says americans should crowds and be vigilant when visiting tourist sites and taking public transportation. brown transportation fees cost travelers more than $183 million last year at the 50 largest airports in america. airports add the surcharges of up to $5 a ride which is typically passed directly onto the traveler. there are similar charges for limousines, uber and lyft drivers, even hotel shuttle buses and car rental companies get the surcharge.
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necessary to maintain roads, create new parking lanes or hire staff to direct traffic. the investigation into wells fargo's fake account scandal won't be done until late spring. an independent board of directors is investigating more than 6,000 branch banks. thousands of wells fargo employees were fired after it was discovered they opened unauthorized accounts. the board will review a 2007 letter that was addressed to former ceo john stumpf. in the company. michael jordan will receive the presidential medal of freedom today. jordan, who played at u.n.c. and in the nba before becoming the owner of the charlotte hornets is among gone people who will receive the highest civilian honor. president obama calls the award a tribute to the idea that we all have the opportunity to change our country for the better. wral's jeff bradley is in d.c. watch for his live reports later tonight. there's a section of capitol boulevard in raleigh
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yesterday's water main break and when this could all be fixed. plus it's the time of year for ham and turkey and traffic.
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good morning. it's 7:26. state board of elections officials are gathering to talk about handling election complaints. the state board declined to intervene in the vast majority of complaints. instead they will offer legal guidance related to concerns about alleged deceased voters, people who may have voted in two states. the vote canvas continues in durham county. a hearing on complaints is
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protests were either withdrawn, dismissed or deferred until the state board's meeting coming up today. let's check with elizabeth and see if we are deferring anything in terms of cold weather. >> it's still chilly. it will stay that way through tomorrow morning. after that, our morning lows will warm up and so will our afternoon highs. we have lots of sunshine from the north carolina museum of natural sciences. it's cold too with airport, 30 roxboro, 29 goldsboro, 34 fayetteville. our high this afternoon is in the mid 50s. that's where we were yesterday, 58 tomorrow with increasing clouds and a chance of a shower first thing on thanksgiving morning. south bound capital boulevard remains closed at fairview road just north of wade avenue because of the water main break yesterday. the city says it is likely going to remain closed through
7:28 am
this is going to affect our morning and evening commute. think of alternate routes today, maybe atlantic avenue, crabtree to raleigh or glenwood. all of those appear to be delay free right now. we have a report of a crash on thorn ton at capital boulevard. >> thanks. up next, how crews are doing as
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a major artery into downtown raleigh is blocked. >> a water main break discovered yesterday morning is still having an impact on the morning commute. let's go to bryan for the latest and the detours. >> it's not just the morning commute. this will be with us through the day and probably will affect our evening commute. this is south bound capital boulevard. it is blocked because of the water main break that happened about 9:00 let's check with emme victor who is on the scene. >> reporter: crews are working very diligently. you can see that a number of asphalt trucks have arrived to the scene. the first thing they have been working on is getting the pipe fixed. it looks like they're almost done. for now they're working to resurface the road. this will affect morning commuters and even the evening commuters as they work on this throughout the day.
7:31 am
capital boulevard right off of wade avenue. that's when the water main break happened here meaning that water was really surrounding this entire area. really the best thing to do at this point is to avoid this area if you are traveling downtown. i have seen a number of cars come to the area and have been forced to turn around. if you know an alternate route, use it. what are those? >> there are a few options. one the city yesterday is atlantic avenue. you can take that to the central part of raleigh. it got pretty badly backed up yesterday. keep in mind that a lot of the routes are going to fill up and back up through the day as people try to get around the mess. another option to consider if you are heading to the eastern side of downtown raleigh would be crabtree boulevard to raleigh. another option from the north and west would be glenwood avenue. take that toward wade avenue and beyond to get to the
7:32 am
at the moment all three of the alternate routes are in good shape. that's good news here at 7:32 in the heart of the morning commute for the alternate routes to be in good shape. that's a hopeful sign that we won't see big problems through the day. around the rest of the triangle, it looks like a quiet morning so far. we have a delay on 40 west bound through garner. once you are beyond that, it looks smooth through and beyond, a sun glare delay is not backing things up too badly as you leave chapel hill. look for a crash on thorn ton at capital boulevard. it looks like it might contribute to the inbound delays as you approach thorn ton and durant. in johnston we had an accident on 95 south. a truck crashed into the 70 business bridge. 95 south is closed at 70 business and because of damage to the bridge, 70 business over
7:33 am
inspect it. it is likely that this will not reopen until at least 9:00 this morning. >> thank you. the body of a soldier found dead in his barracks last week will be flown home to alabama today. david winchester worked as a biomedical repair technician. army investigators are trying to figure out how the 21 year old died. >> i didn't get a call. and my heart sunk because i knew. i knew what they were going to tell me. >> funeral services for winchester are friday afternoon in his hometown of adamsville. a group of fort bragg soldiers deploys today. they will support operations in the u.s. central command area of responsibility. they'll say good-bye to their
7:34 am
there's no word on how long they will be gone. join wral news tonight on a mission to reunite a soldier with his missing purple heart. ten years after the medal was found watch the purple heart returned to its thankful owner. hurricane matthew recovery committee continues to reach out to those hardest hit by the storm. the team stopped the committee is telling local government agencies to make quick decisions on the longterm recovery plan. the fayetteville mayor says the city isn't issuing permits to homes with 50% damage. communities around lake lure and chimney rock in the mountains reopened to the public after a wildfire forced evacuations for more than a week. crews have been fighting the party rock fire which has burned nearly 7200 acres since the 5 5th of this month.
7:35 am
north carolina is fueling about a dozen wildfires across the mountains. a lot of people will be eating turkey on thanksgiving. others will be feasting on ham. that's why this will be one of the busiest parking lots in north raleigh this week. honey baked hams just north of north hills. people are starting to trickle in to pick up holiday orders. expect extra traffic today and tomorrow. we just learned they've got a smoked it's not just ham. >> no wonder it's going to be busy. >> no doubt. i have been there before and they move that line through quickly. i have also driven by when the line of cars was way down the road. it is a pretty morning. look at all the color in the trees. it is just gorgeous out there. even though it looks hazy, we have mainly clear skies.
7:36 am
chilly like yesterday, 27 henderson, 33 in wilson. temperatures by lunch climb to about 50. we'll warm to the mid 50s for our afternoon high about 3:00 or so in the afternoon. by 5:00, temperatures start dropping to about 50 again. if you are headed out the door for your morning run or to walk the dog, it's chilly. bundle up with hats and gloves. if you will be outside very long, you will be happy to have it. we have it's very dry. low humidity means fires can spread quickly. it will not be as windy as yesterday. we are watching a cold front that may bring showers early on thanksgiving morning. i will show you that. we have a look at what to avoid on the roads this morning. brian will have more about that. >> thank you. if you like iced cold coffee you will need extra change for starbucks.
7:37 am
$.10 to $.30. about 90% of the menu including hot coffee and tea did not see a price change. on a cold morning you can't imagine going out without a warm coat. there are plenty kids who done have one to keep them warm this holiday season. our 28th annual coats for the children campaign is underway. help by donating new or gently used coats and new toys at participating jiffy lube locations throughout the viewing area through the year, december 31. donations can be made by going to and searching key word coats or it ex coats to 41444. google wants to help you plan your holiday shopping strategy. >> the new tool being rolled out today that will help you become what google calls a super shopper. >> they are bigger than life and a huge attraction for a local museum. find out how many people
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the thursday night strategies are already been drawn up. pieces are in place and in some cases the lines are already forming. we aren't talking football. we are talking one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. the day after thanksgiving is the official start of the busy holiday shopping season, and this year google wants to help you shop smart and maybe even avoid some crowds. joining us is google's retail trends expert daniel seaburg. it is good to have you with us. >> good to be with you, bill. good morning. >> let's start with the new feature on google maps that
7:41 am
how crowded shops, grocery stores, restaurants are. tell us how this works. >> sure. the idea is that during the holiday season we want to turn you into somewhat of a super shopper meaning saving money, time, maybe even headaches. for folks not interested in braving huge crowds in stores like many of us, what we have launched starting today is a new tool through google search and google maps where you type in the retailer you would like to go to. around how busy the store is. you've also got data that's more historical so you can get a sense of maybe when the crowds will be smaller. often we see with electronic or apparel stores that the afternoon hours are the busiest. if you were to go in the morning or early evening, people have to work around their schedules, but the idea is to give you a sense of the best time to go in the store.
7:42 am
towards mobile browsing and purchasing. how quickly has this changed year to year? is it a sign that americans are putting more trust in online shopping? >> i think that it is. i would say -- we would say that folks are really not waiting necessarily until black friday or even cyber monday when it comes to finding deals online. these days your smart phone is something of your shopping buddy. if you search for particular products today we'll surface price comparisons to help you save money, whether the product is available, where you can get it near you, some ratings. all of this can be done from your smart phone while you are on the go, sitting at home, you have a free minute at work or something and you can get into the shopping season without having to wait for deals. granted there are retailers that offer these things on black friday and cyber monday. but really the convenience factor is there any time. so we are seeing that people
7:43 am
>> quickly, what are some gifts and searches trending for 2017? >> if we look at raleigh in particular, the nintendo entertainment is a bit old school but it's making a come back. hatch ables. if you have kids you know about them. the dgi phantom 3 is a drone. other consume are electronic products, apple iphone 6s, google home, our assistant in the launched, top apparel in raleigh, ugg boots, mice wind breaker -- nike wind breaker. it is similar to nationally. >> very interesting stuff. our google retail trends expert, thank you so much for being with us today. he was known to capture the spirit and popular culture of every day american life.
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cold out there? >> yes, you will need your coat again. let's look at what's going on out there. you can see skies are clear for the most part with a hint of clouds. tomorrow afternoon skies cloud up as our cold front approaches. we have a cold front late wednesday and early thursday and another one friday night and early saturday. that will drop our temperatures a little bit. the one this comes through thursday morning may bring a slight chance of showers. it doesn't look like we will see much. it is cold this morning at the airport. our dew point is 16. that means our air mass is very dry. the lower the number, the drier the air is. because itso dry, we have high fire danger. you don't want do any outdoor burning. the winds are calm which is good, helps our fire situation. still you don't want to risk it as dry as it is. any fires would spread quickly. last check there was a fire burning, the closest is west of richmond. with winds out of the north
7:48 am
of smoke later today and tomorrow and our winds will shift into late wednesday and early thursday back to westerly southwesterly. it is 24 in south hill, 27 henderson. town by town, 24 sanford, 27 southern pines. it is chilly out there. our fayetteville temperature is 34 degrees. satellite and radar showing clear skies but there is a little bit of cloud cover ahead of our front producing a little bit of rain back here high pressure keeps things dry for us but this low pressure system and front continues to shift eastward. i will show you when it arrives on futurecast. we take you through this evening with nothing but sunshine and a few high thin clouds. we'll see clouds thickening on wednesday. there is lunch time. we take you to the afternoon, it looks cloudy. here is our front, looking very disorganized as it comes across tennessee and mountains of north carolina. they're hoping for rain, a
7:49 am
them fight the fire. every little bit is helpful. watch what happens when it crosses the mountains. by 2:00 we see sun peeking through. futurecast doesn't hold out hope for us getting much rain. we are looking at another front late friday and early saturday and the total of both looks like a trace to a 10th of a than inch. this is nothing that's going to have a big impact on your thanksgiving day. it should be warm ahead of the front. tomorrow if you are traveling, pretty good news. up and down looks dry, a snowstorm for new york in the last 48 hours. some folks saw a foot and a half of snow. they will be dry today and tomorrow. if you are traveling to the northeast, it is okay. we have this approaching front with rain in the middle of the country and snow north of chicago. it doesn't look like chicago will see snow. the next batch of snow is for the sierra and part of the rockies.
7:50 am
58 tomorrow, increasing clouds. we stay mostly dry but also mostly cloudy especially during the afternoon. we get intothe chance for showers early on thanksgiving day, about a 30% chance early in the morning. when it is all said and done even friday's front coming through all total, a trace to a 10th of an inch of rain, so there is very little with our waves that come through. friday looks good, nice looking temperatures for this time of year. i see your map. >> we have a couple accidents that have popped up. it's 7:50. let's start with the capital boulevard problem, the water main break. around fairview, it is blocked from wake forest to the fairview wade area. we are starting to see heavy delays on alternate routes. you might consider using glenwood from the north and west. the main alternate routes from
7:51 am
boulevard area would be atlantic avenue to wake forest road to downtown. you see the heavy delays as you move away from capital. raleigh boulevard is backing up south bound, crabtree to raleigh boulevard is another option for you this morning. this will be closed through the day and probably won't reopen until the end of the evening commute. plan alternate routes and delays on south bound capital boulevard near downtown. north bound traffic is moving well. out of the durhamra line, blocked with a crash. both lanes are blocked. we have delays on 70 towards hillsborough. your best bet is to stay on 70 and pick up i-85 on the other side of that. we have a crash on thorn ton and capital. 95 remains blocked in smith field at the 70 business interchange. likely it will be closed until 9:00. they have closed 70 business
7:52 am
>> thank you. north carolina museum of art set a new attendance record. about 10,000 visitors turned out this month to celebrate the opening of the new art park. that makes it the best attended event ever hosted by the museum. the expansion includes new gardens, lawns, walkways. plenty people stop by to visit the exhibit associated with the opening. the traveling installation of five glowing bunnies. they he will bizz beth said they were -- elizabeth said they were absolutely fantastic. oak grove cemetery, oberlin cemetery in raleigh, college heights neighborhood in durham and six rosen wall schools across the state, nominations
7:53 am
thanks to a $70,000 grant. a painting that depicts undecided voter sold for $6.5 million. it reflects sentiment during the 1944 presidential election much like the 2016 race. which one, undecided, man in voting booth shows a man pondering between the democratic president franklin delanor roosevelt and republican thomas e dewey. rock well is best known for coverage of the saturday eveng a number of years ago at the museum of art in raleigh. the school bus tragedy in chattanooga has parents understandably shaken. >> how worried should we be about our children's safety on school buses? we have some perspective coming
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
it is 7:56. water main break repairs at capital boulevard clogging up traffic in downtown raleigh. >> as those repairs traffic yesterday, this morning south bound capital boulevard remains blocked between wake forest and fairview road. it's likely going to remain blocked through the day, probably not reopening until maybe 6:00 this evening. allow plenty of extra time as you find alternate routes. you may consider using atlantic avenue to head into downtown raleigh. notice where atlantic turns
7:57 am
consider using crabtree to raleigh as an alternate coming into the eastern side. between hillsborough and durham on 85 north we have an accident. we had all lanes blocked at the county line a moment ago. the accident is moved to the right shoulder. we are still seeing heavy traffic. 95 south remains blocked in smith field because of an earlier crash at 70 business center exchange. >> thanks. michael jordan receives the highest civilian honor. president obama of 21 recipients of the presidential medal of freedom. he played for the bulls and wizards a total of 15 seasons. let's get a check of the weather. >> it's chilly of course. we are looking at clear skies. here is what's happening in apex, nothing but sunshine. we will see temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s. it is 24 in south hill, 39
7:58 am
cold everywhere. mid 50s this afternoon, 58 tomorrow with increasing clouds and a slight chance of showers early thursday. thursday will be mild with a high of 67. >> thanks. coming up in our next half
7:59 am
right now on fox 50, a horrific crash kills at least five children in chattanooga,
8:00 am
required on school buses across the nation. should they be? we're looking at rules put into place to keep your loved ones safe. >> the state is still undecided -- state's still undecided race. what can happen during the state board of elections meeting. thank you for joining us. >> we begin with breaking news, a tractor trailer crash in the smith field area of johnston has shut down part of brian schrader has been talking about that. the driver is hurt but expected to survive. crews are working to clean the scene. investigators will head to chattanooga to look into the deadly school bus crash that killed at least five children and injured more. >> the bus wound up on its side and wrapped around a tree. police think speed was a factor. the bus driver faces charges including multiple counts of vehicular homicide.


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