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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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supporters are having their voices heard. the biggest travel day of the holiday weekend. prepare for long lines and long traffic. the morning that could keep you safe on the road. >> thanks for joining us, i'll lena tillet. >> and i'm renee chou. we're getting new information about an apartment fire. >> one person has died on tapers drive near new hope road and road. we're live at the scene with mikaya thurmond. and what are you learning? >> reporter: renee and lena, as you said, about five minutes ago we did confirm, unfortunately, that this fire had led to one death. we did originally know that one victim was pulled out of the apartment here and taken to the hospital. take a look at this scene. this was from just about 2 hours ago here off of tapers drive and this is new lewisburg road. fire crews as well as the
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get the fire under control in just about 20 minutes but again, one person, we have now learned, has died. at this time we're still working to learn what may have caused this fire, but of course, right before a holiday, this has to be absolutely devastating. renee and lena. >> mikaya thurmond, live in raleigh, through. the state bureau of investigation is looking into a tedly shooting involving that -- involving a durham police officer. a man died at the scene. police say a gun was found next to his body. no names have been released. also in durham, a homicide investigation is now underway after a man was found shot to death there. police say javan burk's body was found near the railroad tracks on monday. anyone with information about the shooting should call durham police. we head into the holiday weekend with
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requested a recount. >> meanwhile, supporters of his roy cooper are getting increasingly frustrated. they hold a news conference about the election. >> reporter: that news conference is set for 10 a.m. in durham, north carolina. naacp william barber says he'll addressed what he calls mccrory's "mounting myth's of rampant voter fraud" among things of the mccrory requested a recount yesterday. the trailing candidate is entitled to a recount if he's behind by less than 10,000 votes. a lawsuit was filed yesterday calling out more than 100,000 voters in the state. they challenged staple day registration voters because they don't face the same mail-in address verification as
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voters. they want a 30 day delay to look at the addresses. the cooper campaign said this is another attempt to disenfranchise voters. there was a u-haul truck and boxes outside the executive mansion and demonstrators say it's time for governor mccrory to concede to cooper. most counties have complete their counts. mccrory's campaign acknowledged this. the recount won't happen until the tallies have finished. they wanted to make sure they didn't miss a deadline under state law. three north carolina couples asked an appeals court to revive their challenge to a state law allowing magistrates to opt out of performing same sex marriages. they say a federal court erred
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dismissing their challenge. the lower court ruled that they lacked standing to sue. a magistrate who has a religious objection can refuse to perform same sex marriages based on a law that took effect in 2015. that pipe burst in the area around fair view road on monday morning. crews made repairs and repaved the lanes before reopening it to the public. there's effect for part of wake county this morning. a water main broke in southern cary yesterday afternoon much the advisory affects 120 homes around glasgow road in the mcgregor subti vision. the only business affected is mcgregor downs country club. all customers should boil their water for one minute before using it. the first of many frosts of the winter season. >> yes. it was somewhat exciting to see this morning, elizabeth.
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remember walking into the station and seeing frost in the grass. temperatures have been down in the 20s a number of times this year but i don't think we had the moisture and the cold temperatures together here. you can see the warm glow of sunshine downtown, but some cloud cover, too, and those clouds will thicken up as we get through the day. we'll end up with overcast conditions by late today. it will be cloudy to start with tomorrow morning and a shot of rain. when the rains moves in a few minutes. still cold, even though the sun has been up a little while. 33 in fayetteville, 35 in southern pines but upper 20s in roxboro and south hill. in your planner, this morning, temperatures are climbing into the 30s, 53 at lunchtime, a high of nearly 60 this afternoon but it will be greyer than yesterday. bryan is here with a look at what's happening on the roads.
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>> no, everything is nice and quiet on a lightly traveled wednesday morning. take a look at garner, this is 70 business at timber drive where just a few minutes ago we had an incident blocking the center lane of the eastbound 70, that's the traffic heading toward us there, what little there is. it's quiet on that typically busy road. 40 westbound through garner, out toward the airport this morning, looking clear. as you come in from durham, no delays heading toward rvu. good news er accident over in the eastern side of raleigh, take a look that the in a moment. want to zoom into durham and show you how 85 is looking, both directions clear. durham freeway looking good in both directions through the central part of town. newborn avenue accident is cleared up now. there could be a residual backup or two in a small area just inside the beltline.
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you're heading out, you should be in good shape. rdu airport expecting 35,000 people today and they're suggesting you arrive at the airport two hours early. if you haven't been to the airport in a while they've changed the parking situation a little bit. different levels of parking have different names. go to their website to learn more about that so you're ready when you get there. >> good advice, thank you. the planning for the transition of we >> up next, who is in the running to
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. wral news on fox 50 is back with renee chou and lena tillet. . donald trump is in florida today to celebrate thanksgiving with his family. this morning we're hearing the first report from a sitdown with the new york times editorial board, one of them involving nikki haley. >> very happy to be invited. >> reporter: we have learned that south carolina governor nikki haley accepted the offer as ambassador to the united nations this morning. she was highly critical of trump
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>> reporter: after a lengthy interview with the new york times editorial board, donald trump hints it's time to make peace with his former rival saying, in part, hillary clinton suffered greatly in many ways, and he needs to move on from her investigation. >> look, there's a tradition in american politics that after you win an election, you sort of put things behind you. >> reporter: except for criticism of the trump foundation which reported in a new filing it violated irs rules. it may have to pay more taxes according to tax experts. in the meantime, the president elect focused on filling his cabinet. >> no everyone will end up in the cabinet or government and most of them are not seeking that. . a group of computer scientists is urging hillary clinton's campaign to ask for a recount in three key states: pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan. the scientists say clinton received 7%
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use electronic voting machines. they suggest the machines could have been manipulated or hacked and while they haven't seen any evidence of it, they are calling for an independent review. the unprecedented security measures that will be in place for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >>. and the reason pilots for amazon's cargo planes have decided to go on strike ahead of the busy holiday
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>> i love it every time. >> you can't stand on listen. >> that's what you're supposed to did. >> i was standing here and then i didn't even know it, and all of a sudden. >> automatic. >> we have a twisty chair so it's good for us. >> you're going to need a move a lot to feel warmth outside right now. >> it's still really good and it might feel you because it is beautifully bright and sunny. take cam, looking down jones street and look up, you can see blue sky, but there's a little bit of high thin cloud cover there. we'll see more and more of that as we get through the day today. temperatures are creeping up a touch shall too. still cold, 31. our winds are calm at the airport and our dewpoint is at 27. more moisture in the atmosphere because of our approaching warm front that.
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overnight, temperatures more like mid to maybe even upper 40. nowhere close to freezing tomorrow morning because early in the morning we'll see a little rain coming in. honestly, i would rather it be cold and have snow come through but i know how most of you all are out there and behind the camera. [ laughter ]. >> 27 in south hill, 28 in roxboro right now, 33 in fayetteville, 35 in southern pines. increasing clouds today our warm front. you would think with this rain back here to our west and southwest, we would have nice measurable rain with this. it does not look like the case. thunderstorms down south, we were talking about our travel weather and houston seeing thunderstorms this morning. all of this thunderstorm activity will dive southward and then the energy with this low heads northward and the whole thing will split apart as it moves into
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of rain. by next week our weather pattern may change more. we're watching what happens in the tropics, hurricane otto downgraded to a tropical storm, slower wind speed made the difference. moving northwest at 5 miles an hour. still likely to become a hurricane before it makes landfall in costa rica and then it moves out into the pacific. so it is likely to cause fl impact on central america and not anybody else. 58 for our high today. traveling, looks good up and down the east coast. the clouds will thicken up but we'll be mainly dry today. the warm front comes through, cold front doesn't arrive until friday. all total with this not looking at a whole lot of rain. 65 tomorrow. we'll see a cloudy start to the day. we'll have rain most likely early in the morning through maybe mid to late morning.
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gone. 59 at noon. a mild afternoon at 65. friday looking a little on the grey side but it will be very pleasant in terms of temperatures. if you're going to the football game, nc state playing unc, it is 68 or 69 degrees. the weekend looks cooler, back to the mid to upper 50s for afternoon monday and tuesday, a nice warmup and tuesday could bring us our best chance of significant rain in quite some time. we'll talk more about that as we get closer to tuesday, renee. 1.4 million north carolinaans will be traveling 50 miles or more from home this weekend. the airports and roads will be busy aaa says it's up 2% from last year.
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of travel. there were 22 deaths in north carolina during this period last year. most road construction is being suspended by d.o.t. to help keep traffic moving. hundreds of people will be getting needed help before thanksgiving. the opportunity industrialization center of wilson is handing out free food this morning. they distribute food every quarter. they will offer confidential health scre blood pressure. flu shots will be available as well. late in the hurricane season, hurricane otto is sweeping across the caribbean off central america. it's heading for a land fall in costa rica where heavy rains has forced thousands out of their homes. they haven't seen this kind of storm since 1851. governor mccrory will give an update on the wildfires burning in the western part of the state. this comes as an arson
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underway over two wildfires in glowing rock. firefighters say it appears it is set in two locations. these pictures show the horton wildfire which could burn a thousand acres before crews have it contained. mandatory evacuations is underway in that area. the situation in aleppo is described as horrendous. bombs have killed 141 civilians, including 18 children. the city's hospitals devastated and are now inoperaable. the united nations between 250,000 and 275,000 are trapped in the area making matters worse aid has not reached the part of the city held by rebels since july. the macy's thanksgiving day parade will get an added line of security. dump trucks filled with sand. more than 80 city sanitation trucks filled with sand will be at strategic
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to any physical terror attack like the one in france. the nypd says there's no confirmation after credible threat at this time. you can watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade on wral tomorrow morning starting at nine. a federal judge has extending overtime pay. this order comes after 21 sued calling the rule unlawful. the u.s. judge agreed. employees making less than $47,500 a year were eligible for overtime pay. toyota announce add recall of 834 thousand sienna minivans. vehicles made between 2011 and this year
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toyota will repair the doors for free as soon as it comes out with a fix for the problem. pilots who fly cargo for amazon are on strike calling into question the timely delivery of the online retailers holiday packages. they launched their own line of cargo planes when it felt other freight service were not reliable. but pilots say they're overworked being forced to work on d getting comp time. dozens of flights have been cancelled. the pilots's employer says it will seek a court order to end the strike. the tar heels rolled past oklahoma state dominating from the start and building a 12 point lead in the opening 4.5 minutes. justin jackson had 22. the heels beat the cowboys
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wisconsin tonight for the championship. and enjoy maui in the process. >> yes. >> playing in paradise. one of the biggest awards he's ever received. >> coming up, why president obama says michael jordan deserves the presidential medal of freedom. and an investigation is underway now into a deadly police shooting in durham. what police say they heard just before it happened. stay with us. santa claus is coming to town, santa claus is coming to town, santa claus is
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. the time i aim lena tillet with your top stories. the deadly early morning apartment fire is under investigation in raleigh. it broke out in a building on tapers drive. a man was pulled from the burning building. no one was hurt and no one else was displaced. it was limited to one apartment. no word on what caused this fire. the state naccp leaders hold 5 news conference today to talk about the governor's race. they call governor mccrory's claim of
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trails by cooper by 6,000 votes. cold morning, elizabeth. >> absolutely. it's beginning to warm up a little bit with the sunshine out there right now and temperatures should climb into the upper 50s this afternoon similar to yesterday and the day before. looks beautiful. we do have high thin clouds starting to stream in and they'll thicken up in the afternoon. still 28 in roxboro but getting into the low 30s from raleigh through goldsboro fayetteville and southern pines. we start the thanksgiving mornin chance of patchy rain, ending at 65. won't be as cold for the next couple of mornings, friday variably cloudy with a high of near 70. we have a few minor accidents here on the map but a lot of those have cleare up here in the past few minutes. we're not seeing anything affecting major routes at this point. traffic volume has been light as we get ready for the holiday here. we have a report o an accident on 440 eastbound right around six forks
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a little indication of a slowdown. all deer on 85 and i-40. a smooth trip through downtown. lena. still to come on fox 50, the range of places you can take the kids this
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. the time is now 8:30. a community in durham is looking for answers in an officer involved shooting. an african american man is in his 20s was shot and killed. >> multiple witnesses are saying that the officer who fired shots is also black. the officer went to the hospital with a leg injury, the wound was not caused by a gunshot. the shooting happened at the corner of wabash and dayton streets in the mcdougald terrace community around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. investigators and neighbors spent hours >> emmy victor is live with what happened and what we're still waiting to learn. emmy. >> reporter: good morning. it's been about 20 hours or so since this incident occurred here in durham. and right now we're still waitinon police to release the names of those who were involved. there were four people, the man who was shot and killed, the officer that fired, and two other officers that were at the scene and we have not gathered their
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that at this time. we have given you information from the durham police department and what they say happened. they say that three uniformed officers in an unmarked vehicle were patrolling near mcdougald terrace and they stopped to speak to a man in the neighborhood. while they were having a conversation, the man made a sudden move to the waistband. the officers were in a struggle with the man. officer later say they heard a gunshot. one officer fired a man. it remains unclear how many shots were fired. a gun was found at the scene. the police department says that gun did not belong to them. all three officers, standard procedure, have been placed on administrative assignment and the state bureau of investigation will be handling the case. >> emmy victor reporting live from durham. this happened less than 24 hours after the city council voted to
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cameras for the police department. they will roll out as early as january. the first cameras will be given to officers in district 4. the chief thinks body cameras will be helpful in situations like this one. we're working to find out what led to an officer involved shooting this lumberton that ended with one person in the hospital. it happened at six last night at the dollar general on highway 401 and martin luther king boulevard. the sheriff's office could not who was shot. no officers were hurt. for many of us, getting ready for winter means pulling your coat out of the close the but some children don't have that luxury. help us change that with our coats for the children campaign. you can drop off new or gently used coats and toys at jiffy lube locations. you can go to for more information.
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this morning. >> layers in general because it warms up, elizabeth. >> absolutely. that's one of the joys of living here. most days with sunshine it warms up. will see changes to the weather in the next 24 hours. high thin clouds behind the sky line of downtown durham. those clouds thicken up as we get through the day. a warm front is approaching, a mild day for thanksgiving, but we start the day with a few spotty showers and i'm going to show you that coming up ten minutes or so on futurecast. it's starting to warm up a little bit. it's still cold out there, but no longer in the 20s for the most part. starting to climb up into the 30s now. 30 in benton, 33 in clinton, 32 in roxboro, 28 in wake forest, but 31 in garner. temperatures will warm on up to 50 at lunchtime, upper 50s for a high mid-afternoon and 5:00 back down
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our high temperature will be 58 degrees. should be mid-60s for tomorrow, but again we'll talk about the changes for thanksgiving day and how long it will stay mild in a few minutes. >> thanks, elizabeth. many teachers didn't begin their professional careers in the classroom. they tried something else only to find a calling in education. >> in partnership with the north carolina education lottery, we see why jeffrey henry's path to bit different than most. >> move on to the next one. write it down and move on. >> reporter: jeffrey henry stands out at cleveland elementary in clayton in more ways than one. >> you're the only male teacher in this school. how is that? what's that like? >> it's interesting. it's fun. >> reporter: he's also a former marine who enlisted after 9/11. in fact his career has had many interesting twists along the
8:35 am
worked at a female prison and i have a degree in criminal justice and i felt like i was missing mark. >> reporter: he wanted to reach young people earlier in their lives. he says being a marine and a teacher are vastly different. >> the structure, the procedure, kids thrive off of thrive off of procedure. >> reporter: it hess makes the connection. >> as soon as you have the connection you can do anything you want with the student. >> reporter: what makes this right for you. >> the kids, the impact, seeing their faces, seeing them struggle and then
8:36 am
teachers go to and search teacher of the week. the day we've been waiting for. >> thanksgiving day is tomorrow. what can you do with the rest of the weekend? 25 activity to keep your family busy. the holidays are difficult for people impacted by hurricane matthew.
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. wral news on fox 50 is back with renee chou and lena tillet. thanksgiving is tomorrow, and you can almost smell that turkey cooking. >> but what are your plans for the rest of this long weekend? joining us this morning with a look at some of the family friendly
8:39 am
on this weekend is sarah. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> the chinese lantern festival is here. >> i got a preview on it on monday, it was great. >> absolutely beautiful. we went last year twice because it was so wonderful. there are 23 different displays. if you went last year, they are all new except for the giant dragon in the lake. one thing i liked is the about what you're seeing. so they have a zodiac display and you can learn about that or learn about the different things that are there. but it is a lot of fun. it is very family friendly. >> you walk through the display. >> you walk through the display. it's something like 15,000 l.e.d. lights. the dragon is 9 tons and it's in the water so highly recommend it. that is opening on friday through january 15th. we have time. >> i am that he not going to be here this weekend. >> you have plenty of time.
8:40 am
but he's starting to make its rounds. >> he is at the mall now, he is sitting for pictures. one thing to know is if you know which mall you're going to go to, check the website because you can actually get a santa pass so you don't have to wait in line. you can book your time. there might be some savings if you plan on buying pictures. so definitely plan on that because this is really his busy weekend. and go back in time for a dickens weekend. >> it looks beautiful. they have father christmas there instead of santa claus and they have ginger bred and hot apple sider and a procession of candles in the evening and fireworks to finish it off. it looks magical. not too far from the triangle. >> or go ice skating in downtown raleigh. >> yeah.
8:41 am
the downtown outdoor ice is open nice, open on thanksgiving day so if you want to work off the turkey before you go back tore more, you can go ice skating and it's also open all weekend. long hours, so you can really get, you know, go in the morning with young kids, go in the evening with your teenagers, it's lot of fun. i think it's $10 to skate and that includes the skate rentals. >> because it will be can still ice skate. >> magic ice. not like it was in new york when i was growing up. >> rudolph the musical is back. >> this is at the duke energy center there through december 24th. it is faithful to the tv classic. all of the songs are back. a lot of fun for younger kids. i would say 8 and under. and i think it's about an hour long as well so it's the perfect timing and just
8:42 am
they have stuff outside where you can buy stuffed rudolphs and things. it's an adorable show. take it in. >> it stays true to the tv classic. >> true to the tv classic even with frosty the snowman guy, the way he moves, kind of, like he does in the tv special. he moves the same way on the stage. >> i need to check that out. >> north carolina symphony helps us kelbrate the holiday. >> there are tickets left and over the weekend they have holiday plots. lots of sing along opportunities. the kids one today has the frozen music. it's been playing on and on and on. that is a fun way especially if you have grandparents in town, that's a fun way for many generations to kind of get ready to celebrate. >> a christmas classic is screening this weekend, which ones.
8:43 am
screen starting at marbles this weekend. one screening through december 24th. and then at park west village in morrisville on sunday, i believe, and wednesday. i have all the details on the website. and today at park west vehicle they're doing a christmas story which another christmas classic. >> so the holidays can get stressful. what if you want to release that stress somehow? >> you can take an hike, right? >> that's true. >> you can take smash some things at the graphic exchange on friday and they are having this -- you go and you buy something that you can smash like a plate or some sort of, like, knickknack or something and you throw it against a dumpster. it's good. >> bric-a-brac in my closet. >> they is a fundraiser, they
8:44 am
and they have other activities. >> and you can take an hike. i have information about that. >>. >> thank you, sarah. >> for all 20 events and thanksgiving weekend activities, just search mom on 8:44 now. it is the nation's highest civilian honor. >> the president's remarks as michael jordan received the presidential medal of freedom. [blues / country music] don't miss cabela's black friday doorbuster sale.
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plus, the first 600 in line will receive a free giveaway from over $8,000 in prizes. doors open at 5am. can't wait? shop thanksgiving day for incredible deals at
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?the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. since we have no place to go, let it
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? ?. ? it doesn't show signs of stopping and i've brought some corn for popping ? ?. >> that's my idol. lena horne. [ laughter ]. >> i was named for her. >> i did not realize. >> that. >> i was obsessing about lena horne when i was a child. >> you do like her music or else you named -- >> i love her music. >> i love that song by the way. >> me too. let it snow, let it snow. >> we're feeling the holiday spirit around here. >> it is cold enough, and you know, if we had these cold temperatures tomorrow morning when the front was coming through we'd have something, but, you know, not around here. typically just right about the time the precipitation comes the cold air warms up and that's what we'll see
8:48 am
looking west down -- through wake county, and you can see a lot of high thin cloud cover there. that's going to thicken up as we get through the day today. expect it to be fairly cloudy by late this afternoon. 31 is our current temperature so still chilly even though the sun has been out for a couple of hours now. our dewpoint 27, getting up there, too. so increasing moisture, which is good, we could use all the moisture we can get. and increasing temperatures, too. we started off this morning with temperatures anywhere from say the low to mid to upper 20s i and now we're looking at low to mid-30s. 35 southern pines, 32 in goldsboro. youhood sunshine add sunshine and it doesn't feel that bad. the western half of the state from western part of our viewing area back towards the mountains already seeing those clouds streaming in from the west. a decent looking band of rain ahead of the cold front and it would be
8:49 am
but it's just going to be very little, probably only going to see a trace to a tenth of an inch of rain out of this one. but our weather pattern may change for next week. our next chance of rain really, a slim chance friday night, but a pretty good chance on tuesday, unless something changes that may be or most significant rain we've seen in weeks, almost months, really. maybe since hurricane matthew. futurecast showing the increase in thickening up in the afternoon, but sunset most likely overcast. overcast tomorrow morning but soon after that the rain shifts eastwards, very little of it that falls into the rain gauges and it will be variably cloudy through the afternoon, temperatures in the mid-60s. we are looking at the potential for wetter conditions next week, we certainly could use the rain, and the best chance will be the mountains and they
8:50 am
than normal conditions for the western part of the state for next week and that's good news. and also may be warmer than normal as well, and so we'll enjoy that certainly. we take a look at our seven-day forecast. 58 our high this afternoon. that's a little below normal. travel weather looking good up and down the east coast from florida all the way up to maine. we should be dry, but of course this front starts to shift eastward and it will bring showers early tomorrow morning. the front itself doesn't come through until later on friday so thursday and friday look fairly mild. 65 the high temperature tomorrow. most i have the rain that we see in the morning should be out of here by lunchtime. 59 at noon, and 65 for the high temperature. 69 on friday and variably cloudy and then temperatures drop off on saturday, 59 degrees. a lot of folks head out to get their christmas tree on the saturday after christmas, weather looks nice for that. seasonably chilly with a temperature 51
8:51 am
5:00, 55 degrees. sunday, chilly too. morning lows, stay above freezing now all the way through tuesday. bryan is here with a look at what's happening on the beltline. >> minor incident blocking the left line of 440 eastbound up toward ridge road and glen avenue, traffic is getting back and traffic is light enough that it's not causing big delays but something to keep in mind on that eastbound ride on 440. a lot of these are minor crashes but have cleared up right here on the map. take the icons off and get a look at the sensor readings the major routes are in fine shape. getting to the airport this morning, so far so good on 40 westbound, clear to aviation or airport boulevard, 40 eastbound out of durham is looking fine. if you're coming in from 540 in either direction your trip to rdu is delay free. if you haven't been to the
8:52 am
christmas, the parking details have changed a little bit out there. they have a few different levels of parking and they've named it different things. the premier and central parking, that's between the two terminals, within walking distance of the terminals. your best bet if you're in a hurry. if you want to save money there is the economy option and they have a shuttle bus that comes through and takes you back through the day. you can get details about the new parking a special delivery at the fayetteville regional airport. yep, that's santa. you see him popping his head out of a c-1 c-130. toys for tots delivered toys yesterday. volunteers will sort out of
8:53 am
seven counties. michael jordan has won more than his fair share of awards on some amazing stages over the years, but last night michael jordan topped those awards receiving the nation's highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. the president called the 21 members of the class of 2016 impressive. said they are innovators who inspired him. he said jordan's name is equal with excellence. >> there is a someone the michael jordan of. michael jordan of neuro surgery or the michael jordan of rabbis or the michael jordan of outrigger canoeing. they know what you are talking about because michael jordan is the michael jordan of greatest. he is the definition of somebody
8:54 am
recognizes it. >> wow, jordan wins the award three years after coach dean smith. before receiving the medal of freedom from president obama, many took part in a mannequin challenge. ellen degeneres posted this on
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8:56 am
. the time now is 8:56. i'm lena tillet. >> and i'm renee chou.
8:57 am
deadly shooting involving a durham police officer. the man shot was frank clark of durham. the three officers involved in the shooting, officer cs barkley, nv sutherland and, cq goss. and officer sutherland was taken to the hospital for a leg injury and he has since been released. clark died at the scene, police say a gun was found next to his body. a cold warming up. >> still cold out there with temperatures mainly in the 30s. raleigh sky cam showing sunshine but high thin cloud cover moving in as well. those clouds will thicken up and will be overcast by later on today, this afternoon in particular. temperatures are starting to warm up. 35 in southern pines, 32 goldsboro, 35 in south hill and upper 50s for highs this afternoon. chance of showers early tomorrow and then variably cloudy with a high of
8:58 am
lane of 440 eastbound at ridge road. raleigh is on the scene. traffic volumes light enough that we're not seeing big delays with that. check around the rest of the triangle, a few minor accident this morning, major routes are in good shape. airport delays, in the northeast, southeast, and midwest we're just fine. today at noon how many americans will unwrap a new adventure
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: doing good. how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank you very much, now. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man ste h good one for you today. returning for their second day, with a total of $20,000, from long island, new york, it's the champs. it's the van cott family! [cheering and applause] and from birmingham, alabama, home of hot 107.7, it's the henry family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the


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