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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  November 29, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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c1 right now on fox 50 the trump transition team is hinting at more big announcements as we learn who donald trump wants to fight against obamacare. and we continue to follow breaking news out of colombia, a news crash with a br jailian soccer team on board. what we're learning about survivors. and a warm start to the morning. we could see rain today. thank you for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie. good to have you with us on this windy, warm tuesday. elizabeth, how much rain will
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system at the end of last week, we thought oh, this is it is one. -- this is the one. but then it was apparent yesterday this will not bring us a lot of rain. as it moves across the piedmont into our area it's fizzling out. that said we will probably run go a tiny patch of rain but not enough to measure in the rain gauges. you will notice temperatures and that will be the impact. cloudy in roxboro and it will remain cloudy. 64 in wake forest and 62 in holly springs. 59 in south hill and 64 in erwin and 63 in southern pines. expect low 60s heading out the door and winds picking up, so expect gusts at 30, 35 miles per hour out of the southwest,
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of rain. another shot on wednesday night and we'll look at possibly severe weather at that. mikaya has a look at the roads. a look at the live drive times, 40 westbound, that is taking drivers 18 minutes. other spots on 40 are okay but we look at 40 westbound at u.s. 70 and we're seeing plenty of brake lights, a typical spot in the morning but 40 seems to be a major issue for this morning. overall on the live commute map, we are seeing mostly green. as we take a look in durham and raleigh, things are looking good, and wake forest as well. but we have a report of three accidents or stalled vehicles that we want to talk to you about or warn but, but first at salem church road, an accident with injuries near davis drive. we are not seeing red on the sensors meaning it's not
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for drivers but something to keep in mind. and on calvary drive, a stall but no red on the sensors yet and on 96 near 264, a stalled vehicle but good news. no red on the sensors. overall, things are looking good. allow yourself extra bill and renee? >> thank you, mikaya. donald trump will be meeting with more possibly candidates for his administration. >> and mitt romney is 1 of them. >> reporter: those announcements are expected to include georgia congressman tom price for the health and human services. he is the point person to re-
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and tennessee senator bob colter has emerged as a viable contender for second of state as insiders clash over mitt romney for the job who is in new york for a second meeting with the president-elect today. meantime, the recounts is on in wisconsin. >> i'm confident that the president-elect will win. >> reporter: it will cost $3.5 million. green party candidate jill recounts raise the money overnight. >> 100,000 donors said we deserve an election system we can have confidence in. >> reporter: but experts tell nbc that the recountss are unnecessary. >> it was clear that fraud was not widespread and not happening as a result of this. >> reporter: tracie potts,
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colombia. we have a new number in a plane crash, six people who survived. the plane crashed neary near medellin. heavy rainfall complicated the search. the chartered plane was carrying players from a brazilian soccer team to a regional final on the way to the airport at medellin. it was not clear what caused a fire emergency is forcing evacuations in and around g atlinburg, tennessee. the fires have been fueled by strong wind gusts, topping 70 miles per hour. this is a video from facebook posted by a hotel employee. they were posting later that they were rescued.
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and many people are driving by the flames on their way out of town. rain will bring relief to firefighters in western north carolina this week. meanwhile, they've already gained the upper hand on the horton fire near blowing rock, now 85% contained. volunteers were released to go back to their regular jobs. the horton fire has burned 1400 acres so far. and near lake lure is 40% contained. this time lapse shows how the fire grew on 12 acres on november 5 to 7100 acres on november 18th when the firefighters started to get it under control and stop the progress. a homicide investigation is under way in durham. this happened last night before
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eaved. avenue. the victim's name was not released. a man is in the hospital after he was hit on the road in johnston county on cover goods road between the river wood community and the arthur lock. lodge. a driver reported hitting a man with his passenger side mirror. the man was found and taken to wakemed. no word on the victim condition. 10,000 new toys for the durham rescue mission is needed this year. the toys should be new and unwrapped and given away on december 23. today is giving tuesday. maybe you'll use this day to help the durham rescue mission and other groups. americans are encouraged to volunteer or make donations to charity. the one-day charitable giving
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ago. it's opening a door to a more organized over the a specific day. 7:07 and we are learning more about a violent attack at ohio state university. >> what the suspect said that has investigators looking into possible ties to terrorism. and he spent hours cold,
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investigators are looking
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and car attack at osu was an act of terrorists. 11 people were injured. abdul razak ali artan said that he was kind of scared to pray in public. he was armed with a butcher knife when he ran in an ohio state police officer shot and killed him. in south korea, parliament is working on a transfer of power asking that the president step down. park said she will leave matters of her fate to the
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offices in cubal be closed for a second day in homage to the death of fidel castro. today, tens of thousands will be at revolution square in havana for a special tribute. after that, castro's ashes will embark on a 600- mile journey around the country before his funeral on sunday. texas is the second state in the u.s. to report a loca transmitted case of the zika. the woman lives in brownsville. she did not travel to the area where the virus is circulating. the virus can cause birth defects but this woman was not pregnant. next on fox 50 when a south carolina officer on trial for murder will take the stand in his own defense.
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that's what andy williams was singing about. >> that time of the year when we're counting down to the wral tower lighting. look at the clock, just 50 hour to go. [laughter] >> dot math in your head.
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time. >> a lot of sunshine out there. it will be a weird day. >> i would rather have rain. >> i know. i remember friday we were getting excited about the rain for tuesday and wednesday, and we may have an inch or two. but as we went into the weekend into the day yesterday, it looked like it was not going to happen. and a band of rain back to the west and every time rain got closer to us, it fizzled right today. not that you won't see a patchy shower or two but it won't add up to much in the rain gauge. a weird day, very warm and windy and maybe a sprinkle or two but for the most part, the wind and warm temperatures the impact for today. our cloud cover in rocks -- roxboro, and winds gusting 30 to 35 in the mid-morning to
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steady winds south at 17, and we are expecting a blustery day, watch the trash cans. so they are not rolling around. 64 in goldsboro and clinton, so very, very warm, running from 25 to 35 miles per hour warmer than this time yesterday. amazing what a southerly strong wind flow. we are seeing windier conditions to the west. so a good chunk of the area, raleigh westward, winds at 12 to 18 miles per hour and gusts at 20 to 25. rain in the mountains, and they'll get a decent soaking from 1-3" in the mountains, heavier amounts down south
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so much needed rain there, and not so much here. as a matter of fact, we start here at 8:00 a.m. with the chance for rain and it looks good, greensboro and through the day, you think the band comes through here but no. it just dissipates with a 25 to 40% chance of rain and again, the amounts in the rain gauge, very light. here's tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., not much chance of rain. finally in the afternoon, a band of rain comes right on through the area. that's going to bring us our best chance of rain and we may have thunderstorms with that coming through wednesday. a marginal risk for severe weather and the biggest threat, wind damage. let's take a look and i'll show you the maps all total from tuesday to wednesday. likely to see anywhere from a trace and maybe up to .50" from
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to the west from the triad westward, an inch and spots in the mountains where they really need the rain but not an impressive amount of rain. just enough to settle the dust. another shot at it in the second half of the weekend on sunday, a front that approaches us from the south. a cool day on sunday, especially today and tomorrow and we see the rain, on the mild side but a the roads. and you have spots folks might want to stay away from. that's right and luckily no major issues. 40 westbound, delays i-440, drivers will need 20 minutes, and do allow yourself extra time. as we take a look at the clayton bypass, no, the picture
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traffic is simply not moving. this is not caused by an accident. i looked at the area and checked in with d.o.t. this is not an accident, just a delay for drivers passing through, and overall on the map, as i promised, plenty of green in durham and wake forest with reports of three incidents. the most recent at bridge street. as you just saw on sensor it just changed in red to blue, so it's clearing. and the other accident we are keeping our eye on, 264, now clear. so that's good news as drivers head out. bill and renee? >> mikaya, thank you very much.
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person is on life support more than a week after a rare condition known as thunderstorm asthma struck melbourne, australia. it caused the rye grass pollen grains to explodes with the tiny particles penetrating deeply into the people's lungs. two victims died in the hospital last night and this morning. we will be filed against a charlotte-mecklenburg police officer. the da has requested to meet with keith scott's family.
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was shot in self defense. michael slager is charged with murder of walter scott, and he is expected to take the stand in his own defense. if convicted, slager faces 30 years to life in prison. jury selection continues in the federal trial of the man people in a south carolina church. a judge allowed dylann roof to represent himself in the trial and called the decision unwise. jury selection is expected to take weeks. roof could face the death penalty if convicted. johnthony walker will be
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wreck endangerment in the chattanooga school bus crash. it remains unknown why walker was not on his regular route but investigators say no drugs or alcohol were found in his system. a man continues to recover after spending hours trapped in a sinkhole in durham on redwood road late saturday night early sunday morning, there for showers, screaming for help until a man fishing nearby heard him and called 911. >> he wassable very cold for a long period of time, shaking uncontrollably and he kept saying he was okay and wasn't hurt. >> the fisherman told the 911 dispatcher said he remembers
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lot of. families are still recovering from hurricane
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it is 7:26. i'm renee chou with your top stories. wake county school board member will be discussing assignments. members want to look at the numbers one more time before making a decision. we could know this week if charges will be filed against a charlotte-mecklenburg police officer who shot and killed keith scott. the district attorney requested
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the defense said that he was shot in self defense. 7:26 and temperatures feel like they would mid to late afternoon, and we are tracking the rain to the west and it's not making progress into the viewing area. we won't see much rain, just patchy light showers at any point today, a little bit of that in the western part of the viewing area. gray skiess in raleigh right now. the temperatures, 60 in south hill. 64 in goldsboro and so pines, mainly mid-60s, and we'll climb to 72 this afternoon and windy. blustery this afternoon, and gusts at 30 to 35 miles per hour this afternoon. a chance of rain mainly late and wednesday night we clear out. mikaya? 7:27, elizabeth, and a look at the live drive times. delays at 15-501 northbound from nc 54 to i-40, 7 minutes
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minutes. and delays on the clayton bys pass at i-40 and u.s. 70, stop and go traffic. on the live commute map, plenty of green in wake forest and clayton as well. >> mikaya, thank you. there is the day where election results will be finalized. still to come, the disputes
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we are three weeks after election day and there is one race undecided. >> there is a major obstacle blocking the certification of the gubernatorial race with incumbent pat mccrory and roy cooper. emmy victor has more on what is being done to bring closure. emmy? >> reporter: renee and bill, today is the day they prepared the certification of the vote t so for the governor's race. conversation will be held this week that may bring them closer to finding out who the governor is. the first in durham county with a hearing scheduled for tomorrow. thomas stark asked a recount, was rejected, and is appealing to the state board for the
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turns in certain legal documents. a federal lawsuit was filed questioning the ballots cast with the same-day registration. back to you. >> emmy victor, thank you for the update. princeville town leaders will hold a meeting to determine what to do in the wake of hurricane matthew. some residents are asking for the government to buy of their homes to move to safer, higher ground. many of them lost their homes twice, once in matthew and in 1999 in hurricane floyd. roughly two dozen residents have shown an interest in the buy out. another meeting is set for thursday. another set of hurricane relief meetings wraps up in raleigh today. the goal is to collect information from government
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carolina on the best way to approach recovery efforts. that input will help come up with a long-term plan. police and residents say they want solutions in a neighborhood that have seen a fair share of violence. a community conversation was held at the mcdougald recreation center. they said the goal was to foster healthy relationships. this comes after the police- involved that killed 34-year-old frank clark. the meeting was closed to the media but we spoke with chief davis. >> i want to reserve the privacy of the community members. we are very concerned and committed to help them get through this. >> the interaction, the approach, and how residents are
7:33 am
better way of approaching our residents, i feel we can make a big difference. >> the shooting is still under investigation and three officers are on administrative a signment. the wake county school board plans to take over the debate for the school board assignments. some students from mills park in cary could be moved to hill horton's creek elementary. parents are upset saying it horton's creek population could become over crowded as well. school board members want to look at the numbers one more time before making a decision. the north carolina central community honorss the life of its chancellor. students, faculty, and alumni
7:34 am
saunders-white. she is remembered as approachable and took time to meet the students one on one. a restraining order was filed against the demolition of belhaven hospital. catholic bishop michael burbidge will conduct his final mass before he leaves the state to become the new bern only of -- new bishop in arlington, virginia.
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a strong leader in the religious community of raleigh. >> what an opportunity for him. all right. our hopes for significant rain rapidly diminishing, elizabeth. yeah. we saw that yesterday. and we have the potential to see rain tomorrow but it's not likely to be inchess much inches, more like a trace. right now, it's gray and very overnight last night and in the morning and you can see the band in the mountains. every now and then it will try and escape and come across the viewing area and runs into a brick wall. we are not seeing any of that. the impact, windy conditions. town by town, 65 in apex, and 65 in garner, and temperatures warm up to nearly 70 by
7:36 am
to mid-70s with patchy light rain. don't get me wrong. there has been some rain. it won't be a completely dry day but it won't add up to totals in the rain gauges. gray and it's breezy, southwest winds at 10 to 15 and looking at gusts 20 to 25 and later this afternoon the gusts be more on the order of say, 30 to 35 miles per hour. we'll lk bit. mikaya has a look at what's landing on the roads and a couple of slow spots. we have gotten some major problems in the last 15 minutes, elizabeth. this is just one of them, i 40 at reedy creek. there is the westbound lanes impacted, a 2-car accident, and you can see the lights flashing as a result. the two vehicles blocking the
7:37 am
to pass through, move over when you see the flashing lights. it will help the officers and responders get to the accident. another accident we're keeping our eye on, i-40 at harrison avenue. this traffic has come to a stop here. again, westbound lanes, the accident is just ahead of this. but, again, those are the westbound lanes at i 40 and harrison. the clayton bypass, i-40 at 70, and the traffic has stop. you think that is a still picture picture but the cars are just stopped. and we are seeing accidents light up all over the place, really in raleigh and holly springs. we are going to check in on a few others. the first at bridge street on 401, an accident with injuries we are keeping your eye on, and it looks like we still have the
7:38 am
both directions are blocked on salem church road. again f you can, allow yourself extra time. and at chapel hill, major delays on i-40 northbound. mikaya, thank you very much. doing a great job in for brian shrader. sometimes, the best gifts are not wrapped in a box with a bow. >> how you and your family can celebrate giving tuesday with a
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after thanksgiving, black friday, cyber monday, and small business saturday, it's giving tuesday which can be part of the holiday season. some of the best gifts aren't wrapped in a box with a bow. joining us this morning with gift ideas that can change lives, save lives and create new family traditions, we have greg from the non-profit world vision. what a pleasure to have you two with us today. >> thank you for having us, mr. bill. >> reporter: hey, greg first, holidays are a special time for traditions. the families can make new holiday traditions by exchanging gifts to help end extreme poverty. what are some of the gift
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kids about giving. the world vision catalog, it has a lot of ideas and you can choose from 100 gifts, clothing, shelter, farm animals to help fight poverty here and abroad. and on giving tuesday, any gift you give very twice the impact due to our friends at 31 gifts, matching up to $2 million in >> so that's like 2 for one. go clip now. >> reporter: rya, you are an ambassador for the wash up initiative. tell us about the holidays. >> you were just talking about how some kids want a new bicycle or toy or gadget but most of the kids i know, the top of their wish list is just having clean water to drink and a good school to go to or a clean toilet to use, and it's
7:43 am
like that through this program that dr. greg was talking about. but, basically, we try and make sure that kids stay happy and clean and healthy. being healthyy is a -- healthy is a gift every day. >> and bill, in the catalog this year, we have the sesame street wash up kit with raya and her friend, elmo, and it has educational resources including books and videos that feature the muppets and teaches kids life lessons about clean water and sanitation and hygiene. >> reporter: you guys are great. and we should point out that have tar heel roots with a doctorate from north carolina
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getting us the mood forgiving today on giving tuesday. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. happy holidays. >> reporter: happy holiday us to. coming up, a local football team gets a chance to compete on the national stage. how the north raleigh bulldogs
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a legend, john legend, "o, holy night." >> one of my favorite. we were saying what would be your favorite? "o, holy night" for me, no matter who sings it. >> i like "coventry carol." >> oh, there are so many of them. >> we could expand to christmas songs. >> i'll think about that. >> a lot of christmas songs for the tower lighting is -- this thursday. 50 hours away. 60 hours away. we were looking forward to rain today.
7:48 am
yesterday, it was becoming parents there wouldn't be a whole lot for us today. but in general, we're talking less than .50", more like a quarter to a trace for our viewing area, and that's the way it's been. that won't help us much in terms of how far behind we are, 2.5" behind for the month of november and the month of november is almost over but running behind this month. you can see no rain over us, have been thankful to have the rain, and winter wind as well, and it helped to fan fires around gatlinburg, and we talked about the evacuations there. we'll be talking about that through the newscast. it's a gray morning and you think it's cold out. nowhere close, 65 degrees and a south wind at 17 miles per hour and gusts up to 30 miles per hour at the airport.
7:49 am
and that is a look at the wind speeds. and it's not as heavy from rocky mount to goldsboro to clinton. that is a look at the wind gust. these are gusty winds from raleigh to erwin, rock hill and southern pines, getting gusty with the rain back to the west look at how warm it is, 61 in henderson and 65 in clinton. here comes the band of rain. it's been fairly steady in the mountains. as it tries to push eastward, there is not a lot of atmosphere for it to shift. we had strong storms overnight in parts of alabama and georgia
7:50 am
potential for strong storms again during the day today. we'll have the development of another line of storms along the cold front to the west. and we may have severe weather here and things will be quiet for us today. tomorrow that, changes. we get into a marginal risk for severe and could end up with isolated reports of wind damage. let's talk about the timing of the rain. today, you could run into a parchy the best chance likely to be plan to to 3:00 or so, and the amounts will be very light. wednesday, a better chance of measurable rain, likely to be late in the day, a 70% chance overnight and back down on thursday at 62. and a lot of fun things happening on saturday, one of them, winterfest in downtown
7:51 am
ago. it will be chilly with showers that will move in for sunday and monday. and mikaya, that accident on i- 40 will create headaches. it is, and that's not the only one we have to worry about. the roads, major issues, i-40 at reedy creek. you can see d.o.t. is there on the scene trying to get things under control, and they've got the two inner lanes closed as a result of accident. the good news is i don't believe there were any injuries associated with it but take a look at 40 westbound at harrison avenue. those delays are major issues for drivers causing a problem, and you can see the traffic there totally creating a mess. we can see where it's happening on the live commute map. where you can see the red, it's impacting both directions of
7:52 am
you can see a number of accidents across the live commute map. as we look at the bridge street area near 401, an accident with injuries. luckily, the sensors are showing green. not causing too much of a headache, and it looks like they have cleared up. another accident at 64 but the one near salem church road and davis drive causing problems fo in chapel hill, 15-501, issues from nc 54 to 40 and 40 to downtown durham. bill and renee? a raleigh pop warner football team has plenty of reasons to celebrate this morning. i am not sure what he said but the north raleigh bulldogs are headed to the pop warner super
7:53 am
sports. one in 7 billion, the last person alive from the last century. emma morano will turn 117. up until last year, she liveed by herself and full-time caregiver. she said that her secret to longevity is eating an egg every day and drinking homemade brandy. however, she does not eat birthday cake saying the last time she did, she did not feel
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it is 7:56. good morning. i'm bill leslie with your top stories. we could hear as early as today on the voting continuing to canvass the november ballots. durham county needs to submit legal papers before the state board will consider a recount. today is the day to certify the results from the races of 3 weeks ago. the weather was interesting
7:57 am
interesting, elizabeth. we wish we were seeing more rain. we might run into a patchy shower but it won't amount to much in the rain gauges. a gray day. 63 in roxboro and 64 in goldsboro. you don't need a winter coat. and the other thing is windy conditions with gusts up to 30 miles per hour at the airport and 72 today and 75 tomorrow and we may evening. mikaya? elizabeth, we have a number of d.o.t. crews i-40 at reedy creek working to clear an accident. and they are trying to get the drivers to move over. another major accident is over on 40 westbound at harrison avenue. that traffic is completely
7:58 am
map where the sensors are showing red. >> mikaya, thank you very much. he was trapped for hours in a sinkhole. next on fox 50 how first ness be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at hints at more big announcements today as we learn
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the fight against obamacare. we continue to follow breaking news from south america, the of colombia, and a plane crash that took the lives of a soccer team. and it will be a warm and windy day. thank you for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie. good to have you with us. announcement from the trump transition team and it will include at least one major cabinet position. >> and mitt romney is back for a second meeting tonight. tracie potts has that and the latest on the recounts in several states. >> very important announcements. >> reporter: the announcements are expected to include georgia congressman tom price as secretary of health and human services, an orthopedic surgeon


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