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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 21, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm craig melvin in for jim handly today. we start with a story first reported on news4. nearly two dozen high school students from our area who went to china on an educational trip are now under quarantine in beijing because of the swine flu. >> their trip and/ordeal began a week ago when a youngster aboard their flight became sick and now the big questions are how long will the student have to sy in china and how many of their classmates are infected. trace illkins has more. >> reporter: a week ago these 22 students from our area set out for beijing, china to learn more about the culture and language. but now they are getting another lesson and how serious there chinese government is treating the swine flu. >> i assume we got it from jeff who had -- in the airport who was also in the group. we think he probably had it, you know, before we got off the plane. >> reporter: students say a
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member of the group had an elevated temperature on the plane. he later tested positive for swine flu and soon ten other students also became sick. >> this trip, unfortunately, met with the, i guess, worldwide fears of the swine flu and the chinese government is take nothing chances. >> reporter: his daughter, natalie, seen here a few days ago on this british report covering the incident was just told today that she's positive for swine flu. she spoke with the british crew while waiting for those results. >> i'm not scared. i think they will take good care of us. i'm with my friends in the hospital. they have been treated real well. they received american food. they have a tv. >> reporter: that good news only slightly eases the concerns of her dad because hi daughter is still being isolated. >> she's all alone and doesn't have much contact, if any, with her classmates. she's gone over to china with. >> reporter: tested positive for swine flu one saturday. today she talked to us from her
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hospital bed in beijing. how are you feeling physically? >> i was feeling pretty bad earlier. now it is -- it has become just a cough. before i was feverish and coughing and sneezing a lot. >> reporter: noreen is testing negative for swine flu and says she's looking forward to being leased soon. also looking forward to the story she will tell her classmate when school starts. >> a little funny. mine, i'm going to be able to go home and tell my friends that i had swine flu while i was in china. telling people, dramatic. >> reporter: the trip was sponsored by the con unusual us institute of maryland and paid for by the chinese government. the parents tell me the chinese government is also pay for the hospitalization and also making sure that the kids are in separate rooms as well. they are also offering to extend the trip if the kids decide they
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want to continue after they are ought beller. i'm tracee wilkins in bethesda, news4. not long ago a group of students from silver spring found themselves involved in a similar swine flu scare. students from the barry school went to china in may and were quarantined for a week. news4 was there as the students came home and were reunited with their families at bwi thurgood marshall airport. none of those students ended up getting the swine flu. the father of a 4-year-old boy rescued from a burning suv spoke out today. the boy's mother was driving an suv in milwaukee, wisconsin, when she hit a tree and that suv flipped over and burst into flames. heroic bystanders qui will i pulled the woman and her two 2-year-old daughter to safety. as the flames spread, two firefighter brothers managed to rescue d.j. harper from the melting car seat today. and his father talked. >> first want to take a minute to thank the firefights and all the brave citizens helped get my son out of the vehicle.
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and especially john and joe, the brothers that got my son out of the vehicle. >> reporter: doctors said today that the boy has been upgraded to serious but stable condition. he suffered severe burns on 20% of his body but doctors say they pekt expect him to recover well. on wall street today the closing bell has sounded. preliminary numbers show the dow gaining 60 points. nasdaq is up about four points on the day. and the new york stock exchange closed two points higher. and as congress and the obama administration figure out how to get the economy back on track, we are hearing about huge numbers being spent on banks, mortgage programs, and more. how much of your tax dollars have been spent? who is keeping track of it all? sit making a difference? tracy pots has answers now from capitol hill. >> reporter: 23.7 trillion
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dollars, that's enough money to send every child born in the u.s. since 1965 to harvard. and that's what the special inspector general says all these bank, auto and mortgage bailouts could add up to. now how much of that money should taxpayers expect to get back? >> i thi the idea of getting a dollar dollar return would be extremely unlikely. >> reporter: not all the money has been spent. for instance, in the t.a.r.p. program the bank rescue just over half of what was authorized has been loaned to banks. the inspector reported today 80% of the banks say they are lending the money. lawmakers want to know where. >> four businesses told me this weeken they can't get credit and are excellent businesses. the system is not working. >> reporter: fed chairman bernanke told congress the investments are working. slly. he's already talking about an exit strategy and eventually raising interest rates to avoid inflation. bernanke predicts the economy will start pulling out next year. >> we have a very long hall here because even though as the economy begins to turn up in
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terms of production, unemployment is going to stayte feel a really strong economy. >> reporter: lawmakers concerned that the commercial real estate, office buildings, shopping malls, could be a wild card because it is housing that seems to be stabilizing and the commercial market appears to be getting worse. chairman bernanke told congress today it will be 2011, two years from now, before we begin to see sustained growth. from capitol hill, tracie potts, news4. truckers will be getting less rest on the roads in virginia. >> a wayward manatee spotted in the chesapeake bay. >> four other stories making headlines in the washington area today. a witness at banita jacks and her boyfriend let her daughter smoke pot. wagland told the court jacks and her boyfriend laughed while the two youngest girls smoked marijuana. fogle, the girl's father, died
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in 2007. banita jacks is charged with killing her four daughters. a traffic alert for commuters in virginia. the ramp from telegraph road south to the inner loop of the beltway has been temporarily realigned. this is so crews can reconstruct parts of the ramp. it is all part of the continuing project to widen the beltway. the new ramp only accommodates one lane of traffic and will stay that way until the construction is finished. taking a bake from driving in virginia just got a little harder. 18 highway rest stops closed today as part of a move to cut costs. the stops include one in manassas and two in dale city. and two in laid smith, virginia. this morning, barms were put up to block the entrances. many travelers are upset by the closings. they say you need a safe place to pull over after hours of driving. governor tim kaine supports commercializing thstops and allowing businesses to step in
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and take them over. there was a rare sighting in the chesapeake bay last weekend. on saturday, a manatee was spotted swimming in the waters just off the shores. authorities of the national aquarium confirmed it was a manatee after seeing these photos. the pictures made it possible to identify the manatees by name. a spokesperson for manatee animal rescue program says her name is elia. well, we ned it and we are still waiting for it. talking about some rain. veronica johnson has our fast forecast from the storm center. when? >> well, it is -- coming a little bit of rain. not today so much. i thought for a minute you were asking about where summer because the he we haven't had that either. july rainfall is still standing at .26 of an inch of rain. yesterday we picked up at trace at reagan national. driest july on record.
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another cool one. low 80s temperatures instead our showers and thundershowers south of the area today. today they are in west virginia and west of i-81. grant county to hampshire county, that line cluster of storms headed into hardy county. for us it will be a dry evening. slightly humid conditions across the area where that cloud cover. 84 degrees, current temperature now at reagan national. look at elkins, west virginia. 66 degrees. like spring. later tonight cloud cover will be sticking around. a few breaks wire we could pick up the international space station and talk about that later. dropping to the mid and upper 70s by midnight. fast forecast, it is a mostly dry evening for us. more of the summer stickys coming to us and how many any 90-degree temperatures. could that be on the te i will have much more coming up in just a few minutes. pat? >> when "news4 at 4:00" continues, singer chris brown apologizes. >> i am very sad and very ashamed of what i have done.
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>> is saying sorry enough to restore his image? plus -- investigators are lookg at more than a dozen doctors. will any action be taken against them? a washington landmark hits the auction block. who will be the oer of one of the most famous buildings? find out why we may have been kept in the dark about just how deadly using cell phones can be behind the wheels.
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newly released government documents reveal cell phone use while driving is more dangerous than we have been told. the find wrgs not disclosed to
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the public for six years but today they emerged. michelle franzen has details. >> talking and texting while driving is a dangerous distraction. but a consumer watchdog group says americans have been kept in the dark about just how dangerous cell phone use can be. even when using a hands-free device. >> whether you are doing it on hands-free device or hand-held cell phone the distraction of the conversation causes the increased likelihood of a car crash. >> reporter: public citizens say since 2003, the national highway traffic safety administration failed to disclose the research. >> it is as few years backhands-free defrieses does not eliminate the risks. >> reporter: the u.s. transportation department did not comment a claims the agency withheld data but released a statement saying, quote, distracted driving causes crashes and we want to stress the best way to avoid accidents is for drivers to keep their eyes and their concentration on the road when they get behind
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the wheel. many drivers especially those who remember the days before cell phones agree. >> do one thing at a time. you need to drive or you are talking on the phone. >> reporter: not all states ban the use of cell phones while driving. laws vary from state to state. some states ban drivers 18ing and younger from using hand-held and hands-free electronic devices. there are examples and surveillance video of experienced drivers and operators distracted on the job. texting bus drivers driftation cross highways or running red lights, boston a trolley driver reportedly texting his girlfriend slammed into another olley. and in los angeles, last september, a commuter rail crashed, killed 25 a. the engineer had been texting. dangerous distractions on the job and on the road consumer groups say can be avoide michelle franzen, news4. >> according to "the new york times" the former national
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highway traffic safety administration head explained that he was urged not to disclose the findings to a void antagonizing members of congress. here in newsroom with a friend and colleague, tom sherwood. you spent much of the day at the watergate hotel and famed watergate. first of all, big auction today. what happened? >> first of all, i couldn' get in the watergate hotel because it was closed. it has been close ad couple of years now. monument. wanted to rebuild and put high-end co-ops hotel in and they went bankrupt and had to sell it. sold it. the original lender bought it back for $25 million. the monument realty owned $40 million. sent to -- no bidders. the new york lender bought the place and is going to see what to do with it. they will try to market it and reopen t hotel. >> that's part of the story, obviously, the watergate probably home of the most famous break-in american history. for folks that live in that
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area, who work in the area, this -- this meant a lot more. >> it does. it is a vibrant community. there are six buildings, showing video. we have them on the screen. six buildings in here. the hotel is one small part of it. these are very famous co-ops. when they first opened they sold for $200,000, it is over a million now. famous place there. there is a shopping center in there. we went into the complex and talked to people that live and work there, sell condos and co-ops there. it is a different place caught up in the old history. they lived there and want the hotel back. they want someone in there. >> are the folks that you talked to optimistic watergate will return to the former glory or have they -- lit never be what it was? >> it will never be as famous as it was in 1972 or 174 or what we will see now is they do think the hotel provided livelihood and they brought in people who -- gaess that use ad flower
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shop and restaurants. they want more life back there. they have a lot there but they want what had had. >> reporter: story runs at 5:00 and 6:00. >> tom sherwood in the newsroom. watergate story coming up. he is the commander in chief but says that he's no fashionista. tongues were wagging about president obama's attire when he showed up to throw out t first pitch at last week's all-star game in st. louis. the president showed up in a pair of well-worn, some say high-water jeans. mr. obama was unapologetic on the "today" show this morning. he says he is going to leave to it his wife to keep the touch of glamour in the white house. >> michelle, she looks fabulous. i'm a little frumpy. up until a few years ago, i only had four suits. she used to tease me because they would get really shiny. i hate to shop. those jeans are comfortable. and for those of you who -- you
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know, want your president to, you know, look greatn his tight jeans, sorry, i'm not the guy. >> president obama added that low-riders wouldn't fit him because he's not 20 years old. coming up on "news4 at 4:00," new rules at a safari park after a pack of baboons help themselves to a few pieces of luggage. liz crenshaw looks at the possible hidden dangers inside your frozen dinner. 20 years ago today the gaming industry changed forever. how game boy opened up a whole new gaming experience. (bell ringing)
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♪ traveling one day here and the next day gone ♪ >> that's mission control waking up the "endeavour" crew. "life is a highway" by rascal flatts. not long after that, the astronauts took care of a few towers. they used robotic arms to move equipment from "endeavour" to a storage area outside the international space station. it took two hours to complete. they prepared for the third
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space walk of the 16-day mission. and the astronauts took time out to answer a few questions from earth via twitternd youtube. the 40th anniversary of the apollo moon landing has you seeing stars, let google take you there. google earth includes a 3-d virtual tour of the moon. the new software features narrated guided tours by astronauts buzz aldrin and jack scidt. panoramic images of the moon shot by the apollo crew, satellite images, details on all the previous missions and the number of interesting facts like all the different pieces of state debris left up there. the new software is available to download but some free images are already available through google online mapping service. in case you want to take a peek. >> all right. thanks, pat. another nice day here. >> right. although we are talk inging a f minutes ago, some people want the rain. we need the rain. it is dry. look.
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you don't have a house. >> no. i don't have a yard. >> right. >> no. no. >> driest july on record. look at this damage. folks in colorado and denver woke up, jefferson county, tree on top of their house. a tree on top of the car there. yes. they are cleaning up today. looking at the damage. storms rolled through there last night. confirmed tornado. plenty of wind, rain, and even denver,and around the denenver colodo areat nighre one big system there. and showers and storms in the iord tneheth nniord more in th here we are quiet and dry. cloud cover across the area. 84 degrees. current temperature. went up a couple of degrees. dew point temperature is at 56 degrees. hey, in 2009 now only february in april are the two months that have been warmer than average. so the average high now is 89 degrees. here we are holding at 84. cool, too, down south. 83 in raleigh, north carolina. 81 in cincinnati. and look at the stack of 70s just to the west of our area. and you know, they were cooking a couple of weeks ago.
4:24 pm
the dew point temperature is at 56 degrees. get that number over 60 and better and it starts to get a little sticky around here. so that's one thing we are going to have to cope with over the next couple of days is the rising humidity levels for wednesday, thursday, and, yes, some humidity across the area. and getting into this rain 65 to 69 degrees. then for the weekend, early part of next week, very humid conditions across the area. so there -- right around the coast you can see old stationary weather system. this will be will be dying out to the north and west, upper-level that will be pinwheeling system tlus us and getting us showers and storms and tomorrow like today there -- isolated and mainly west of the area. because that's the case today. and around counties like grant and hampshire and hardy county. thunderstorms. moving to the northeast from grant county to hampshire county, pendleton, hardy county. again, staying out of our area. look at college park. 80 degrees. monthly range is .09 of an inch
4:25 pm
of rain. central park, 67 degrees, northeast wind and feels like spring there today. let's talk about what is coming up for our area. partly cloudy skies during the overnight. good chance to see the international space space station and back to that later. back to the west top. more showers and thundershowers. they will be firing again tomorrow. and slightly better chance for thursday of this week. so we are warm for your evening. sun sets at 8:29. temperatures dropping from the low 80s to the 70s over the next couple of hours. by tomorrow morning, with a light wind, once again, mainly out south and southeast at five to ten, warm at 65 and 70 degrees tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, again tomorrow, we will be back in the 80s and maybe higher temperature. 85 to close to 90. warm and humid. e next two days, sticky across the area. we will talk more about the storms and what the weekend holds in just a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica.
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>> did you have a nintendo game? >> i have one in my house now and gave it to my nephew when he was 9. sat in my house. >> one of the most popular successful video games in the business and still going strong. >> it is. updated it a couple of times. today marks the 20th anniversary of nintendo's game boy and the first device to put an entire game console in the palm of your hands. the original came with four games and including tetrus and super mario. the number of games exploded and so did advances in the game boy system. >> the firsthand held game that had interchangeable cartridges. so it opened up a whole new experience foreign hand-held gaming. >> nintendo sold 118 million original game boy units. the company released its latest hand-held console, nintendo, dsi. >> back then they were black and white, game boys. >> of course. >> tetrus was the only game -- i
4:27 pm
was a tetrus junky. >> will's still something out there for you. >> when we come back here on "news4 at 4:00," singer chris brown publicly apologizing to rihanna. is it too little too late? >> also the investigation into michael jackson's death is widening. the number of doctors being investigated skyrocketed. >> red cars used to be the target when it came on speeding tickets. times have changed. find out which kind of car tops the list now. an
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welcome back to news4 at 4:30. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm craig melvin. 22 high school students from our area are quarantined in beijing, china a because of swine flu concerns. several of them showed symptoms on the flight to china a week ago and several have tested positive for the virus. the students traveled to the country's part of an educational trip. the inspector general of the trip meant to rescue financial firms and auto manufacturers says all those bailouts could cost $23.7 billion. neil told lawmakers taxpayer was get some of that money back but won't be dollar for dollar return. also today, fed chair bernanke predicted the economy will start slowly recovering next year. >> consumer group says americans have been kept in the dark about just how dangerous cell phone
4:31 pm
use can be. even when using an hands-free device. government documents detailed the danger six years ago but findings released today through a freedom of information act request. while they remain in seclusion the parents of u.s. soldier captured in afghanistan say that support to their son and family has been overwhelming. >> army private was captud three weeks ago in afghanistan. u.s. military officials say that the troops are sparing no effort to get him back. p president obama shared his thoughts on the matter. leanne gregg has more. >> reporter: here in haley, the ribbons are up as they rally around their hometown soldier now a prisoner of war. >> the community is always together. they are always -- they are there for all of our people. always have been. always will be. >> reporter: president obama told nbc's meredith vieira the u.s. is working for t release of 23-year-old army private. >> we are doing everything we can. i can't talk in detail -- >> have you spoken to hi his
4:32 pm
family? >> i have not simply because we want to make sure that before we do, we have something to tell them. >> my fellow americans. >> he remains in taliban custody after being taken hostage earlier this month in afghanistan. this propaganda video surfaced over the weekend showing the soldier appearing unharmed but under duress. >> i'm afraid that i might never see them again and that i will never be able to tell them that i love them again. >> his family remains in seclusion. >> they want to be careful so that they don't do anything to inflame the situation. >> reporter: leeane, known him most of her life, she is talked to him about joining the military. >> it wasn't a surprise. it was sometng that was kind of -- we always knew he wanted to do. >> reporter: but now his unexpected capture and the grueling wait for what's next. >> we don't do gloom and doom, you know. everybody is really positive and upbeat and trying to send that positive upbeat message to bo
4:33 pm
and the community. >> reporter: cautiously optimistic and positive, there's still no public information about taliban terms for the possible release of the american soldier. from haily, hyde idaho, i'm leanne gregg. new developments on the michael jackson case for you today. first the investigation. one week after jackson died, there was word that five doctors were being questioned. now a source close to the case tells nbc news 19 doctors are w under the microscope. but it could take months or years to take action against them. and investigators found several bottles of prescription drugs at the singer's home. also some new information today regarding michael jackson's estate. his mother, katherine, is reportedly still deciding whether to fight for more control of the estate. she already has temporary custody of michael jackson's three children. also, word today that aeg, the company selling the rights to more footage taken during michael jackson's last rehearsal possibly so they can turn the footage into a movie.
4:34 pm
some hollywood studios are bidding $50 million for the rights. some small two-door cars are getting high marks for safety. the insurance institute for highway safety gave the ford focus and volvo c-30 top scores in front end and side crashes. also getting top stores, two door versions of cobalt and honda civic. insurance institute executives called the test results on the smaller models good news. red cars used to be the targ when it came to getting speeding tickets. times have changed. hybrid drivers now top the list for getting the most traffic tickets on the road. that's according to a new insurance study conducted by the firm quality planning. the reason, well, researchers believe since hybrid drivers save more on gas, they are simply on the road more often and so your chances are getting a ticket go way up. >> still ahead on "news4 at 4:00," could a monkey be the
4:35 pm
main suspect in a robbery at a plant shop? one business owner says since the primate was caught red-hand. why healthy eating -- why it aesn't have to be so bland
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a little humid but without any hi welcba welcome back. veronica johnson in storm center 4. tomorrow humid and some higher temperatures across the area. now today we have that cloud cover across the area. anywhere from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. certainly west in west virginia with northeast. cooler at 66 degrees.
4:38 pm
elkins, west virginia. it is 84 currently at washington national. 81 in hagerstown. and 81 is the temperature that we expect by first pitch time. 7:05 is the washington nationals. taking on the new york mets. warm and humid out there. so get yourself a drink. 69, temperature by later tonight and tomorrow morning, 64 in martinsburg. it will be a dry overnight period for us. dry start to the day tomorrow. tomorrow like today i think we are going to see very few thunderstorms across the area. just sticky and close to being pretty hot, near 90 degrees. 86 for thursday with the best chance of showers and storms for the here is another good reason to avoid the salt shaker. it seems a diet high in salt and may reduce the effectiveness of blood pressure medication. british researchers looked at a small group of patients that had trouble controlling their hypertension despite the fact they are taking drugs to treat
4:39 pm
it. those reduced their salt intake to a half teaspoon a day were able to lower their blood pressure measurements after just seven days. estimated 20 to 30% of the people with high blood pressure are resistant to the drugs that treat it. a splash of indian curry apparently may do more than just add flavor to your food. it may also help protect your arteries from from fatty buildup. a study out of france. researchers say the substance that gives curry the distinctive yellow color and also lowered levels of fat deposits in mice. the ingredient is studied for cancer fighting benefits as well. >> that's interesting. still to come this afternoon, trouble on the track. what caused this freight train to nearly tip over. >> and chris brown is saying is he's sorry to his former girlfrie, rihanna. why some say brown's apology
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now singer chris brown's public apology to his former girlfriend, rihanna, a two-minute video posted on his website, brown pleads for forgiveness. is it too little too late, though? lee cowan has that story. ♪ >> reporter: on the r&b singer's web page, just below "with you," is another chris brown with you. >> what i did was unacceptable.
4:43 pm
100%. i can only ask and pray you forgive me, please. >> right here up front chris brown. >> reporter: an apology for what he did shortly after this in february. the girl on his arm, pop star rihanna who went from looking like this to this. bleeding and bruised. on theve of the grammy awards, the music industry's chart topping couple got in an argument. according to a police affidavit brown repeatedly punched rihanna in the face. even choked her. brown eventually pleaded guilty to felony assault p ahough he says his attorney advised him not to speak, he said that the time had come to address the crime and rihanna directly. >> i had told rihanna countless times and i'm telling you today that i am truly, truly sorry. and that i wasn't able to handle situation differently and better. >> this is more for his fans and everyone in the industry and everyone that is blacklisted him. >> reporter: viciousness of the assault hit brown's fans hard. and his image as a role model tumbled and some domestic
4:44 pm
violence experts questioning not only the motive but the sincerity behind his apology. >> i definitely think that this is an attempt to somehow get back that clean image that he once had. but in my mind, it shows he still isn't getting it. >> reporter: brown claims no excuses but hinted the am doesn't fall far from the tree. >> i grew up in a home where there was domestic violence. and i saw firsthand what uncontrolled rage can do. i sought and continuing to seek what occurred in february can never happen again. >> reporter: brown will likely get probation when he's sentenced next month. lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> chris brown's apology is one of the most popular stories on today and many of you posted your reaction to the video on our website. >> what a washed up fool to think anyone's- anyone
4:45 pm
forgives his actions. maybe god but not the c-i did buying public. >> another viewer wrote in to say this. >> give him credit for talking about what happened and apologizing. everybody needs to lay off of him. >> another viewer posted this comb. comment. >> we would love to get your thoughts on brown's apology. do you think it is too little too late. go to and voice your opinion by voting in our question of the day. when we come back, planning a vacation for the fall? hotels and airlines are getting creative with those deals. offering freebies for anything from participating in an essay to who it will pick. >> and some starbucks customers started their day off with a smile. what the coffee shop was giving out for free. coming up tonight on "news4
4:46 pm
at 5:00" -- >> good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. we will tell you about an 89-year-old virginia man that police say pulled a gun on people who were trying to rip him off. and we will have a website that's ranking the 30 worst foods in america. lindsey has lunch with one of the biggest names in tennis.. @,
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veronica johnson left the building and is outside with a quick check on the forecast. >> hey there, craig. tomorrow this time it will be hot out here. upper 80s, the temperatures. today not too bed. in the low 80s across the area. little bit of humidity. last year this time, we were smack dab in our hottest week of the year with all seven days, 90 degrees or higher. it will be a pleasant evening and a good evening to get out and check the international space station because it will be king its path high in the sky. take a look at the graphic because it starts northwestern sky at 10:32. bright object moving fast and highest in the sky at 10:35 before fading to the northeastern sky. at the international space station. all right. let's talk temperatures across the area. take a look at the radar, too. because showers and thundershowers, those we off to the west of the area and west virginia and you can see the lightning there. tomorrow our chances will be like today. west of the area, isolated. 84, the temperature tomorrow this time about 87 degrees or so. and meanwhile, we are talking
4:50 pm
about a rise in humidity as well. later this week a pattern change. there is the pattern now with the jet stream upper-level winds down to the deep south by the end of the week. starti on friday. running not just throughing the weekend but into the beginning of next week and a hot pattern close to 90 degrees each day. so a cool start for tomorrow morning. afternoon high for tomorrow, 87 degrees. some scattered showers and storms. see you back here tomorrow. hotels and airlines are coming up with creative inventive promotions to lure ers. in "usa today details a few. some odquirky. british airways isng h diol an essay contest for nners get free d-.unrotrip tickets and the starwood hotel isffer cingompanies and ornionzaga fs tireaece con ifon they book theirere. and tth ere. e.d get this on guests who can for0poo 2 for 2 seconds can get a f free room
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upgrade. >> can you still do it? >> i can still do that. didn't you learn to hula? >> i did not. i did not. >> was it a girl's thing? >> i didn't say that but we did play with basketballs and things like that. a lot of hula hoops hanging around. coming up, monkey business caught on camera. take a look at this. you have to look at the portion of the screen. more of this after the break. concern that a primate may be behind bold break-ins. >> before you take out your next frozen dinner, liz crenshaw shows us the possible hidden dangers lurking inside.
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time to take a look at the stories making news on the web today. >> investigators in central california are trying to figure out what made a freight train jump the tracks. it happened yesterday. cleanup crews are trying to pick up the mess on a rail line near stockton. no one was hurt. one of the cars did start to leak non-hazardous material. several texas store owners are dealing with some serious monkey business this afternoon. take a look at the highlighted portion of your screen. security cameras caught what appears to be a monkey, burglarizing their store. the primate is the suspect in the latest break-in at the plant in richardson, texas. the owners are convinced that a mondakey has been trained to snk
4:55 pm
in and steal several hundred dollars of plants. the monkey was caught inside the store. 40 plaptsz mysteriously gone. great video from the u.k. this afternoon of baboo attacking a car. these pictures were taken at a safari park. as you can see, these animals figured out how to open up rooftop carriers on cars but in reality this was a demonstration set up by the park to show visitors how easily primate could help themselves to luggage. did you get your free morning treat today? it was free pastry day at starbucks. starbucks locations across the country gave away thousands of baked treats when people bought their morning cups of coffee. many folks think frozen unprepared foods is as simple as heat and heat. this afternoon liz crenshaw has a warning for anyone that's ever tossed their frozen meal in the microwave or conventional oven and eaten it worry-free.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: how about some of this parmesan and ravioli? >> american frozen food aisle is an amazing place contain everything you may want to eat from breakfast foods to entree items and pizza to pot pies. >> our big concern with the products is that consumers don't always realize that a frozen product may not be fully cooked. it looks like it is because the front of the package has a beautifulbeau beautiful fully cooked meal. that product may be partly raw. >> reporter: sarah klein from the center of science and public interests says partly raw food can harbor dangerous bacteria such as e. coli, salmonella. >> the difference between heating the product, it makes it taste good. cooking a product is what makes it safe. >> reporter: to fully understand klein's warning, nbc producer,
4:57 pm
we took a trip to the frozen fotiec. what consumers need to know if frozen food cooking instructions are followed, the food is safe to eat. but the problem is many people don't follow or understand the directions which are rarely uniform andtiometimes difficult to achieve. this product must be cooked to an internal temperature greater than 150 prior to eating. whoever withies about that? >> microwave, six to eight minutes. until hot in the center. what's that mean? >> reporter: can you tell from this whether this is cooked or not? >> no. >> reporter: no. instructions often ask you to let the food sit after microwaving. this is not so the food can cool down to eat. this is so the food can continue cooking. take this pot pie which read 132 degree aer cooking. it did reach a safe 160 degrees
4:58 pm
but after we let it sit more than five minutes. would you do that? when is the last time you stuck a thermometer into your frozen food? sarah klein says there is a sure fire way to make frozen food safe. >> you know, the best solutions to this kind of problem is to the manufacturer to ensure the food is safe before it reechles consumers. >> reporter: until then, if you want to be perfectly safe with frozen food, know your microwave, wattage and power, and use an instant read thermometer before consuming your frozen food, and follow package directions exactly because if you don't -- >> you can get very ill from a frozen product just as you could from any other undercooked product. >> reporter: liz crenshaw, news4. >> american frozen food institute told liz that the industry works diligently to ensure product safety but for frozen food products not ready to eat consumers need to follow specific cooking instructions for safety and including standing times, stir directions, and thermometer use.
4:59 pm
"news4 at 4:00." "news4 at 5:00" starts right now. just ahead on "news4 at 5:00," two dozen students from the d.c. area are being quarantined in china because of swine flu concerns. >> and auction today for the watergate hotel will tell you who now owns one of washington's most recognizable buildings. >> reporter: police say an 89-year-old virginia man that caught three guys trying to rip him off decided he had enough and pulled out a gun. >> good evening. welcome to "news4 at 5:00." i'm wenderm handly has the nigh. ndhaas h the night off.enev tg,s en eving, the trial o afev montgomery county doctor charged with drug po on.s ceay s they found cocaine drug paraphernalia during aan aid on dr. greenberg' he office in april. this evening, we are hearing from his wife about those charges. pat collins has more on this story from rockville. >> reporter: this trial is still going on. it is a


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