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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 23, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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teafnootrn a as ternoon at. i'satytrubcln. he man was sa m wheas wis sesay mp attempting to get the tolthe ser in advan othf ere coming storm and that is when the lightning struck. the 42-year-old man is hospitalized at this hour. he was taken by ambulance to suburban hospital and decision was made to transfer him by helicopter to the washington hospital center. no information about his condition has been made available but he was conscious and breathing on his own when he was wheeled into the helicopter. for more on the lightning we are seeing across our area, let's go upstairs to bob ryan. >> we are seeing more lightning. we had that one batch that did come across montgomery county and here is another one you can -- showing thank you lightning. quite a few strokes and all of these are those potentially deadly cloud-to-groundstrokes. remember, whatever -- especially if you are outside and hear the rumble of thunder don't wait until you begin to hear or see any lightning. thunder means possibly could be lightning. there is therea of rain that's
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now moving through washington. once again, and we are going to be seeing another batch slowly this will be settling down. here are the lightning safety rules. if you are outdoors you want to avoid things like golf courses and open spaces. once again, whenever you hear the rumble of thunder that means the potential is there for having cloud-to-ground lightning. look at the amount of rain that we have had rightere in northwest washington. and it is still raining very heavily. that shower moving off over a half inch of rain, that's more than we have had for the entire month up until today. the rain has been welcomed. lightning certainly is not. may be seeing a little bit more as we go through the next few days. i will tell you about that. no severe weather but the rumble of thunder and some dangerous lightening out there. back to you. >> all right. thank you, bob. a day after his prime time news conference to talk about health care, there is a setback. the president obama's reform plan. democratic leaders in the senate say they cannot take their first floor vote on the plan before the august recess. despite the president's demands to act quickly.
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news4's jim handelsman has more on this for us. >> reporter: barack obama's claiming that it is no big deal and says it is okay. the president had been pushing the house and the senate for floor votes on health care reform by august 7th. now the senate can't possibly vote until at least september. president obama had gone to cleveland to push health care reform when he learned the senate will not meet his august 7th deadline for a first vote. >> that's okay. i just want people to keep on working. and i want it done by the end of this week. i want it done by the fall. >> reporter: senators looking for ways for the obama reported more problems. >> we got into real tough -- >> reporter: senate finance committee chairman baucus privately said he needs more time. and senate majority leader reid gave it to him. >> it's better to have a product that is one that's based on
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quality and thoughtfulness rather than trying to jam something through. >> reporter: that's what republicans are saying. >> why are you in such a rush? >> reporter: in cleveland, president obama said again health care reform is an urgent priority. >> reform may be coming too soon for some in washington but it is not soon enough for the american people. >> reporter: republican leaders say they want reform. >> the president said last night status quo is unacceptable. we agree. >> reporter: but the president backsing a taxike like millionaires to buy insurance for the uninsured is unacceptable to the gop. >> why would we want to be taxing those who are going to be hiring american workers? that will just prolong this recession. >> reporter: on the house side speaker pelosi still wants a vote soon. >> more confident than ever we will go to the floor and we will win. >> keep up the heat. >>eporter: team obama learned today from the senate that this fight will drag out. democratic leaders fear the more
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time this takes the better the chance that major health care reform will be defeated. steve handelsman, news4, live from the hill. >> steve, thank you. federal officials provided an update into the investigation of what caused last month's deadly metro crash. the national transportation safety board says they are increasing their focus on the circuits near the crash site. also today, metro provided information about its plans to keep riders safe as this investigation continues. keith garvin has more on this story. he is in northwest d.c. >> reporter: metro officials say they have a long way to go before they could determine the cause of last month's crash. but they say this new information sheds some important light on what may have led to the deadly collision. ntsb investigators. after anyi date into the investigation was released this morning, the metro's general manager was compelled to speak. >> we would like on make sure that there is no confusion as to
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what was released today. >> reporter: investigators are looking at two parts of the circuit known as impedence. one was replaced five days before the collision. the ntsb announced the others were replaced in 2007 and showed power fluctuations over an 18-month period. fluctuations apparently were not enough to prevent the circuit from detecting an approaching train. >> we have not felt any failures. we are going through the wreckage to ensure there were no failure on doing that period of time. if we find that there were any cases where we failed to detect the train, you will hear this from us. >> reporter: the ntsb has asked metro to produce records from the past 18 months to see if the fluctuations were reported by operators. in the meantime, metro says it has taken extensive safety measures since the collision ane increased the frequency of their uirccit data review from once
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every 30 days to twicerc daily. three hours of computerized reports are re edewfter each rush hour and every anomaly that's found is thoroughly investigated. metro riders say even though the increased measures have led to the delays they would rather be safe than dealing with another tragedy. >> i think everyone is in a state of heightened alert and i suspect that this is a safer time to ride just because everybody is being ultra careful than two months ago. >> reporter: the metro officials say since that deadly accident they have not seen the so-called fluctuations in the circuit in question but continue to monitor the device. reporting live from the metro station in northwest, keith xwar vin, news4. back to you. >> thanks, keith. we are learning more tonight about the prosecution's case against the d.c. mother accused of killing her four children. two expert witnesses testified today in the trial of banita jacks. jacks was arrested in january 2008 after u.s. marshals found the decomposing bodies of her four daughters in her southeast
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d.c. home. a for sent sick anthropologist testified today tt jacks teenage daughter was stabbed three times in the stomach. he said the younger daughters were probably strangled. also today an insect expert testified that based upon bugs found in jacks' home, the girls were dead at least two months, perhaps longer. injers jer, a corruption scheme involving black market kidneys, fake handbags and thousands of dollars in bribes. several prominent politicians dol ive inonamosthe involved inh , veinyoatigrsthtwreen mayors, state lawmakers and several ran ice. >> reporter: by the busload new jersey public officials were led away on the corruption related charges. the raids across the state began at 6:00 a.m. inside the fbi command center.
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>> execute, execute, execute. >> reporter: then one by one, the reports came back. >> subject is in custody. >> reporter: 40 suspects captured. among them, peter cammarano, the mayor of hoboken. dennis elwell. the deputy mayor of jsey city, beldini. the list goes on and on. >> the list of people we arrested sounds like it should be the roster for a meeting of community leaders. sadly, they weren't meeting in a board room this morning. they were in the fbi booking room. >> reporter: the roundup is called operation big rig, part of a ten-year probe of corruption and the arrest this day include charges against public officials from four counties. in jersey city, the fbi says many officials are on tape taking cash payoffs from an fbi cooperating witness who posed as a developer.
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from the command center more than 300 fbi and irs agents were dispatched and sent from location to location to make arrests and seize evidence. amid this investigation, agents also uncovered what they say was a large money laundering scheme involving numerous ran ice and community leaders from brooklyning and deal, new jersey, who investigators say funneled millions back and forth overseas to and from israel and switzerland taking a big cut for themselves p p. >> these complaints painted a disgraceful picture of religious leaders heading money laundering crews acting as crime bosses. >> reporter: one man charged accused of trafficking human organs, allegedly trying to charge 160 thousand dollars to get kidney donors in israel to help people here. these are corruption arrests today come after there have been more than 100 convictions on corruption related charges of
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public officials. at this hour the court appearances continue for some of those charged. many of the lawyers denying any wrongdoing and again, the fbi calling this the buggest investigation of its kind in new jersey state history. and we are told the investigation continues wh possibly more arrests in the weeks and months ahead. wendy, back to you. >> thank you so much. a wall street search today pushes the dow past 9000 pnt s for the first time since january today is the fstirst time since jathar6y that6 the dow closed tabe r january stocks saw a tenuafjar ary stocks saw a steady jae-hthrentmo decline reaching their lowestntntoi p a near oi00e at th beginning oft march. oday positive earnings fmro ford and 3mra eou nc dgeordstves enough to take the dow to 9060 points. more signs after real estate recovery. also helped push stocks higher today. existing home sales rose more than 3.5% from may to june
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according to the national association of realtors. that's the third straight monthly increase for previously owned homes. the median sales price also rose about 4% to 181,800 dollars. but that still is well below the $215,000 level from just a year ago. coming up in our broadcast, just minutes ago police in massachusetts wrapped up their news conference regarding the arrest of a black harvard professor that has caused such a controversy. nfl quarterback ben roethlisberger today publicly addressing sexual assault allegations he is facing. >> we are going to tell you what religious leaders are trying do to comfort families with loved ones buried in the cemetery where the graves were dug up and plots resold. >> find out what some folks working at the l.a. coroner's office did with michael jackson's death certificate that has them in some hot water. >> what's going on in sports, dan? >> coming up, redskins draft pick with local ties. speaking of local ties, fred
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funk played like a champ. plus pitching perfection. we are talking perfect game, folks. "news4 at 6:00" continues. (announcer) illness doesn't care where you live... ...or if you're already sick... ...or if you lose your job. your health insurance shouldn't either. so let's fix health care. if everyone's covered, we can make health care as affordable as possible. and the words "pre-existing condition" become thing of the past... we're america's health insurance companies. pporting bipartisan reform that congress can build on.
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the cambridge, massachusetts, police department held a news conference defending the arrest of a black a varde professor who was arrested while trying to get into his home last week. even though charges were opped, the case was thrust
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back into the spotlight last night when president obama talked about it during a prime time news conference. kristen dahlgren has our report zblsh the cambridge police acted stupidly. >> reporter: they are five words that touched off a firestorm. the president criticizing a massachusetts police force and inciting a long history of racial profiling in america. >> i don't know not having been there and not seeing all the facts what role race played in that. but i think it is fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry. >> reporter: henry lewis gates jr., harvard scholar, t president considers a friend was arrested last week when he returned from a trip and struggled to get his front door open. and a neighbor thought it was a break-in and when police showed they say gates refused to cooperate and accused him of racism. william carter snapped his picture. >> i noticed him being -- moving
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around erratically and, you know, agitated state. but i was surprised to find out it was such a well-known and well-respected individual. >> reporter: though disorderly conduct charges were eventually dropped, gates' daughter says her father was humiliated. >> horrified. no one would expect to get arrested in their own homes. no one. >> reporter: gates demanded an apology and is still considering a lawsuit. but the officer says he has no need to apologize. and disappointed the president commented without knowing the full story. a story sure to continue to spur controversy and as what happened in a small town now a draws a nation, including the president, in a race debate. kristen dahlgren, news4. >> this afternoon's press conference the cambridge police commissioner said he doesn't think the sergeant acted based on professor gates' race and come bridge police department says it will appoint a panel to investigate the incident and make recommendations on how to
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better handle similar situations in the future. nfl quarterback ben roethlisberger calls the rape allegations against him false, reckless, outrageous. the pittsburgh steelers star spoke out for the first time today since the allegations surfaced. a 31-year-old nevada woman is suing him for $440,000 claiming that he sexually assaulted her last summer at a hotel casino in lake tahoe. a criminal complaint was never filed. roethlisberger said he will fight this. >> saturday was the first that i learned of her accusations. her false and vicious allegations are an take on my family and on me. i would never, ever force myself on a woman. >> the suit also accuses the hotel casino where the woman claimed the rape took place of trying to cover it up. religious leaders gathered today in suburban chicago trying to right the unthinkable wrongs done at a desecrated cemetery. leaders from the protestant,
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catholic and jewish faiths came together in prayer at the burr oaks cemetery in alsip and reconsecrated the grounds of the gravesites where workers allegedly dug up bodies in order to resell burial plots. those who participated in the gathering say they want to provide comfort to families affected. >> for people to desecrate these graves and to do these terrible things it just shows enormous disrespect for god and tremendous disrespect forther people. >> cook county board has voted to sue the cemetery owners for the costs of the investigation into the grave digging scheme. secretary of state hillary clinton has strong words for north korea today. she address eed asian leaders aa regional summit in thailand urging them to enforce sanctions against north korea for its nuclear program and sai north korea has no friends left in the international community. >> as we enforce sanctions we are open to talks with north
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korea. but we are not interested in half measures. we do not intend to reward the north just for returning to the table. >> pyongyang has no intention of returning to the talks. when we come back tonight on "news4 at 6:00," vandals target a clothing store displaying a t-shirt featuring a message about gay marriage. an update on the casef the maryland driver given a ticket for going too slowly. >> and bob is back with another check on the lightning going through our area. stick around. (announcer) the official $5
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we had some wild weather. still popping up all over the place. no cohesiveness. >> all the way up saturated. we get the showers and it is like somebody dumped a bucket with lightning. we do need the rain. outside look at our sky. we really see the sky and time lapse with the way things were building up and moving through some showers earlier. and another batch. sort of a boiling atmosphere. our temperature outside right now after the high temperature, 87 degrees. down to the high 70s. believe it or not, with all that rain, officially in washington, a trace of rain,t is still the driest july ever and look at this. we had -- little bit leftover of the rainbow. with the lower sun, lot of folks probably looking towards the east with the sun at your back. you are able to see rainbowness the area. 79 degrees. it is still very humid. heat index, 81 degrees.
6:23 pm
look at the temperatures around the east right now. 70s to our north and 60s in boston. what kind of july has this been? many areas well below average for july. but the humidity is still out there and with this humidity, and a little wave that's been coming through, that's the reason we have seen no showers and thundershowers. a circulation off the coast. rain coming into block island where it is 64 degrees right now. here we are in washington. and there you can see that area of pretty heavy showers and thundershowers that lightning continues to move in to you folks to calvert county and back of it all now, things are beginning to diminish a bit in terms of out into loudoun county and out to western parts of fairfax. this was t shower that moved through northwest washington. there is another batch for you folk into southeast washington. and out towards sea eebrook. couple of others. another one forming around chantilly. for the next hour, we will still
6:24 pm
see these with a lot of instability in the atmosphere moving through. earlier tom kierein had over an inch of rain in a few minutes. there is thether batch around huntingtown now. all of this moving towards the northeast and unfortunately, not everybody has bn getting needed rain. look at mclean. this is the amount of rain for just today. almost an inch of rain. that's the month total so it has been about three to four weeks of really dry weather. right here in northwest washington we have had over a half inch of rain, at the same time, down to arlington and national airport, a trace and means less than .01 of an inch. germantown getting welcomed rain in a way even though lightning is not welcomed. that area of storminess off the new england coast tomorrow will be up with very heavy are ins moving up, down east maine and back of it, as it move off we will get into northwesterly winds. so not quite as humid tomorrow. although again, there may be pop-up variety showers and thundershowers. while we have been dry, look at
6:25 pm
the flood watches and coastal flood watches out. all the way from down east maine and including massachusetts and even on into long island. temperatures tomorrow for us will be up near 90 degrees. again, so for the remainder of the evening, those showers gradually diminishing after 8:00, 9:00. things settling down. temperatures will be dipping into the high 70s as they are now. i think there may be a few breaks and i will show you later where we can see the international space station and shuttle tonight. high in the sky. and tomorrow overall will be partly cloudy. when you get up in morning and there is that slight chance for afternoon thundershower. more hit and miss variety tomorrow. then a lot of sunshine and hot for saturday. temperatures into the low 90s. and a risk of an afternoon thunderstorm late sunday by and large the weekend, i think, will be great. tell you more about beach and boating, too. looks like a good weekend heading to the beaches. next week remaining like july. hot and near 90. >> will it still be july next week? >> i think so. >> imagine that.
6:26 pm
it will feel like july in july. >> thank you, bob. still ahead, we will tell you what led deputy to use a stun gun on a defendant in court. >> wife of former prince george's county police corporal keith washington says he was wrongfully convicted of killing a furniture deliverymen and wounding his helper. we will hear from her. >> we look at the memorial for broadcast legend walter cronkite. >> we have new information about the amount of swine flu vaccine that's expected to be available this fall. >> coming up in sports, white sok pitcher makes history. we go one on one with redskins head coach jim zorn. plus, former maryland star kevin barnes getting paid by his hometown team. hometown team. "news4 at 6:00" continues. if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act,
6:27 pm
she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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(announcer) it's right here, it's easy... r ♪ i al's the money you could be saving wh h geico. p♪ someb ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. ufuffled music right here, it's easy... it's the money you could be saving with geico. r♪ > we are back now with a look at the stories making headlines tonight. >> president obama was back pushing his health care reform plan today at a town hall meeting in cleveland. the president conceded congress won't make his august deadline for a vote on overhauling health care. he says it is okay that senators want to take extra time to craft a bill. but he wants it done by the end of the year. >> new developments tonight in the investigation into what might have caused last month's deadly metro crash that killed nine people. investigators are looking at a
6:30 pm
circuit at the crash site. one of its components was replaced five days before that collision. the ntsb says another piece replaced an n '07 shows power fluctuations over an 18-month period. >> a sweeping corruption probe in new jersey has resulted in 40 arrests, including three mayors and two state lawmakers and several ran ice. federal prosecutors say the investigation initially focused on a money laundering network that operated between the u.s. and israel. authorities say that one of the suspects trafficked black market human kidneys. new information tonight about the case of a jogger attack at rock creek park. vandals target a clothing store displaying a t-shirt featuring a message about gay marriage. we will tell you about a college student attacked by a shark. the wife of former prince george's county police corporal, keith washington, says he was wrongly convicted much killing a furniture deliveryman and
6:31 pm
wounding another. today stacy washington showed news4 new evidence that she says warrants a new trial for her husband. chris gordon is here with our exclusive report. chris? >> reporter: stacy washington spoke with me after she met with prince george's county state's attorney glen ivey. see says her husband shot in self-defense and that the chief witness against him perjurered himself. keith washington was tried and convicted of killing marlo furniture deliveryman brandon clark and wounding his helper. washington is now serving a 45-year sentence. the shooting happened at washington's home in accokeek, maryland. the night of january 24th, 2007. now his wife, stacy, says new evidence surfaced during the civil trial brought against her husband and that ended in a mistrial. and evidence that she says cast doubt on the credibility of the survivor of the shooting, robert white. >> mr. white's testimony in the civil trial.
6:32 pm
he completely refused testimony that he gave in the criminal trial. this is a man who is a liar, who has admitted himself to being a liar. who has perjurered himself in the testimony on whose testimony my husband is imprisoned. now, when my daughter says to me mom, we told the truth and dad is still didn't come home, what do we do now? my answer to her is we do everything we can to make the justice system do what it is supposed to do. >> reporter:rs. washington says she is sure her husband shot in self-defense. >> and i know that it was self-defense because i saw myself that these two men, both of sy significantly larger than my husband, were upstairs
6:33 pm
in the hallway beating him. >> reporter: prince george's county state's attorney glen ivey said he had a retired judge review keith washington's case. >> mr. washington and his attorney, i think, will decide whether they want to file a motion for new trial. that's an option that's available to them. we would oppose that at this point. >> reporter: keith washington is appealing his conviction and 45-year prison sentence. jim? >> chris gordon. thank you, chris. authorities now have a person of interest in an attack on a jogger in rock creek park. that person of interest is not in custody, though. u.s. park police tell us a man assault ad woman around 7:00 a.m. yesterday while she was jogging down the path near  bingham road. he allegedly grabbed the woman and pushed her into the woods. police are now calling this a case of aggravated assault. mott sexual assault as previously reported. those who go into the park are urged not to go alone. a t-shirt advocating gay rights may have prompted vandals
6:34 pm
to smash out store window in silver spring and happened at the american apparel store on colesville road. the t-shirt bears the words legalize gay and repeal prop 8 now referring to the california measure that bans same-sex marriage. a store's spokesperson said they got threatening phone calls from people upset about the company's gay marriage support. >> it is not right. it is not. if someone chooses to put that in share shop it is their choice. >> it is horrible in this day and age that really shouldn't happen. >> it is not fair to them. you know. they are supporting gay whatever. they should be able to do that. >> montgomery county police are investigating the vandal itsm and will determine if this was a hate crime. a local man is upset that police pulled him over for driving too slowly. eric says it happened tuesday nit on route 50 in prince george's county. he says the ticket was for going 58 in a 65-mile perfect hour
6:35 pm
zone. what's more he says that he was pulled over while still in a 55-mile-an-hour zone. he says he will fight his ticket in court. today maryland state police responded to this story. they said that the celrgrghahaes for rfo ca indomerma command at the college park barrack said we will allowt io o playtself out in the judicial system. if you travel over the chain bridge, eec in th c cesinng the coming days. the change willecff attou bound n.affic and hdingou from d.c. to rel cilus wdj a lingn. the crews will adjus t stnstructier bridaran ripe he roadway tose creatri a parate lane for traffic turning on to route 123. currently traffic turning on to 123 and heading on to glebe road share a single lane. the changes should take effect early next week. the work is part of the ongoing bridge project that began last
6:36 pm
month. a funeral service held today for one of america's most beloved and trusted journalists, the private ceremony for walter cronkite was in new york city. several recognizable faces from tv news were among the colleagues, friends, andov led ones at the church. michelle franzen with our story. >> family, friends, colleagues, and even fans of walter cronkite gathered in midtown manhattan for his funeral service. >> for if we live, we live unto the lord. >> reporter: the episcopal church was where cronkite and his family worshipped over the decade. one of the first to speak, andy rooney, fellow newsman who met cronkite in london. >> you get to know someone pretty well in a war. >> reporter: but he was too emotional to continue. >> he has been such a good friend over the years. please excuse me.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: overwhelming sorrow mixed with fond memories. one of cronkites friends cited a passage. >> my teacher, my ship mate and pal, it is time for me to say good night, old boy. it's all been sensational. i love you. and miss you so. fair winds and following seas forever. rest in peace. my dear old friend. >> reporter: cronkite's son, chip, remembered the man known as dad who just happened to be the most trusted man in america. >> i loved my dad. i loved him coming home for dinner so we could talk about that night's program. i loved riding my bike to meet him in the summer when he drove home to the country house.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: there were also moments that marked cronkite's lighter side and his love of jazz music. a final and fitting note for the man who lived life to the fullest. walter cronkite's final resting place will be in missouri. next to his late wife, betsy. in new york, michelle franzen, news4. >> another memorial will be held in the next few weeks at new york's lincoln center for the performing arts. when we come back tonight on "news4 at 6:00," a deputy use as stun gun to subdue a defendant during court. >> we will tell you about a shark attack off the coast of florida. >> police are looking for whoever stole trucks. packed with $70,000 worth of beer. we will be right back. l
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6:41 pm
gfrmgts evening. bob ryan, storm center 4. still have lightning, thunder, and some very heavy rains out there. you can see that area of lightning that's moved through a washington now and prince george's county to you folks there. things are settling down a bit. but there are still some very localized heavy rains. here is how things look. looking down washington, you can see skies will clear and there is a possibility depending on just where you live. you may be able to see the international space station and space shuttle dock tonight, looking towards the north-northwest and east. very high in the sky. 9:51. highest in the sky. more than 50 degrees high and very bright. and then moving out towards the east. so that's again looking a little bit towards the north and north west towards the northeast. tomorrow look for slight chance,
6:42 pm
again, of late afternoon or evening thundershower. and not as widespread as today. then sunny and hot for the weekend. back to you. >> thank you, bob. scary moments in the water for one florida colge student now recover a shark bite. this happened off the coast of florida's st. pete beach in the waters of the gulf of mexico. a shark bit the 19-year-old student below her right knee. fire and rescue say it was a serious bite. they have not identified the type of shark that bit her. workers at the los angeles county coroner's office are in trouble for allegedly making copies of mike's death certificate. an official at the coroner's office says at least six workers accessed the death certificate hundreds of time before it became public record and were not authorized to do so. the workers printed copies of it. the employees didn't break any laws but officials say their actions were inappropriate since they weren't involved in jackson's death investigation. the cause of death on the certificate is currently listed
6:43 pm
as defeed. note to defendant, not not do this in court. in a kentucky courtroom today, this was caught on camera in louisville. the president, percy philip, was in court for retaliating against a witness. he lunged at a prosecutor after the prosecutor apparently said something he didn't like. one deputy used his stun gun to subdue phillips. the sheriff's office will conducts an internal investigation into this. florida police are looking for a couple of beer burglars. authorities say two guys stole two trucks carrying several thousand bottles of imported mexican beer. the trailers carrying the beer were not marked p. one had 2,000 six packs of corona and the second carrying a thousand cases. both trucks were taken within a short time of each other. coming up on "news4 at 6:00," we are going to hearrom a
6:44 pm
112-year-old man who is now the oldest man in the entire world. >> wow. coming up in sports, we will be talking redskins. jim zorn, head coach of the redskins, shares his thoughts on jason campbell and his job security. chicago's mark burley provides us with a thrilling thursday. plus -- fred funk getting funky at the senior british open. "news4 at 6:00" continues. (annou
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little bit of redskin news today. >> summer is not over for you but for us, it is almost coming to an end because training camp starts next thursday for the redskins. they are hoping to have first round draft pick, one rookie who is already to go is kevin barnes. third round picked signed his contract today. barnes played his college ball at maryland and is the highest quarterback selected by the skins since carlos rojners 2005. his most memorable play while playing for the terps this hit right here on running back best. check it out. boom. it became the youtube sensation, one of the best hits of the year in college football. one more time. that is just nasty. barnes plays high school ball in glen burnie, maryland. we, of course, will be broadcasting the preseason game here on nbc 4 and have our full smorgasbord of redskins show throughout the season. including the jim zorn show. i caught up with the head coach this week and we hit on all the
6:48 pm
hot topics, including his quarterback and his job security. here just a little snippet of the energy. >> is it fair to say that this team will go as far as jason campbell again? >> he's -- absolutely a key ingredient but we have, you know, it is a -- what makes it so good is nobody -- people might care to talk about that but nobody wilcare if it happens that he gets injured. we still have to win. you know, i would never rest a whole season on one player's shoulders. that would be awful. and i'm certainly not going to do that. so he is a key ingredient and i think he will have a great season. my outlook for him is, you know, upbeat and, you know, i suspect he will better in his second year in this offense than he was in his first year this off
6:49 pm
zblens is the win now mentality fair for nfl head coaches? it seemed like years ago, head coach had more than two years to build a program. it is not that way anymore. is that fair? >> i don't know if it is not that way. i don't know. you only give me two years? that's what you give me? >> i will give you plenty more but the reality is that, you know, things are out therell the time. >> you know, the way that i'm trying to -- i think the way most nfl coaches are trying to build a program, we have to win. you have to win now. i wanted to win last year. i wanted to win it all last year. i don't know if we can go 16-0. would love to. going to fight to. i plan to. you know what i'm saying? it is hard to win. >> redskins head coach jim zorn ready to get training camp under way. that starts next thursday. president obama had to adjust his agenda this afternoon and had nothing to do with
6:50 pm
health care. the president placed a congratulatory call to a pitch other his favorite baseball team. mark buehrle. tossed a perfect game. 18th perfect game in major ague baseball history. it would not are have happened without an assist from a very wise man. this is mark buehrle having a day to remember in chicago. top of the ninth. buehrle facing gabe kapler. crushes one to left. wise is tracking it. check out this catch. at the wall. jumps up and that is highway robbery. what a catch to keep the perfect game intact. take another look. wise brought into the game in the ninth as a defensive replacement. i say that was a good call. paying big-time dividends. buehrle needs one more out. jason bartlett at the plate. bartlett grounds one to short ramirez to first and that is it. game, set, match. a perfect game. just the 18th in major league
6:51 pm
history and the white sox win it 5-0 behind buehrle's big day. >> i don't know how to explain it. i mean, no-hitter, never thought i would throw a perfect game. pet never say never in this game because crazy stuff can happen. >> that's mark buehrle. 18th perfect game in major league baseball history. nationals at home for a makeup game against the cardinals. nats are trying to win their third in a row. something that has not happened very much this season. last night they took down the mets thanks to sh willingham and one of their rookie pitchers. this is the rook i was talking about. lines one over nyjer morgan's head. he isly going to end up with a triple here. cristian guzman, watch the relay throw. i mean, this is just basic baseball. looked like the nationals were going to blow it again. so in comes a run.
6:52 pm
we are tied at one. bottom of the sixth. adam dunn is up. the big guy pull this one into right field. jeff francoeur. this is ugly. lost it in the lights. had no idea where the ball was. all he could do was duck and cover. so the ball goes to the wall. done with a stand-up double. two batters later. the nationa would make him pay. willingham at the plate and he absolutely launches this one. two-run jack. the nationals taking a 3-1 lead. play good baseball. 13th home run of the soap. top of the seventh. stammen trying to do his best john lannan impression. seven innings. nationals take it 3-1. they are in the midst of a rare winning streak. >> that's how you start winning streaks and that's how you start playing winning baseball.
6:53 pm
start the pitching. you are going to have to bang out, you know, ten hits, six runs. you are in the going to start many winning streaks and you have to have good pihing. that's important last couple of nights to get starts like that. >> handily asked me two makes a streak with the nationals? momentum. a roll. serious roll of epic proportions with the team this year. if they could win two in a row on a regular basis they would be feeling good about them seles. >> get onboard. fred funk atop the leaderboard at the senior british open. funk burdenied five of his final eight holes. he goes into the second round with the two-shot lead. 59-year-old watson, you remember him, he almost won the british open last week. he is three shots back. watson on number five. mighty comfortable across the pond. and he has won five regular british opens in his career and trying to win the senior version. gets the birdie to go. shoots a three under 67. three shots behind the leader. here he is. takoma park native fd funk out
6:54 pm
of the bunker on 17. get in the jar! the birdie for funk! he was absolutely feeling it. former maryland golf coach on 18 for birdie. he reads it perfectly. the speed, the line, and it just trick also in and shoots a first round 64 at six under par. the leaderboard says it all. fred is getting funky. i don't know if they did that on purpose or an accident. not the first time. >> you are right about that. >> coming up we have new information about the swine flu vaccine. expected to be available later this year. >> we are going to hear advice on living a long life from the oldest man in t world. (announcer) illness doesn't care where you live... ...or if you're already sick... ...or if you lose your job. your health insurance shouldn't either. so let's fix health care. if everyone's covered, we can make health care
6:55 pm
as affordable as possible. and the words "pre-existing condition" become a thing of the past... we're america's health insurance companies. supporting bipartisan reform that congress can build on.
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6:57 pm
if all goes as planned, a swine flu vaccination should be available in just a few months. federal health officials say they expect to have 160 million doses of the vaccine ready by october. but vaccine makers are still facing some mar hurdles. the chief ingredient is grown in chicken eggs and companies are getting far fewer doses per egg than they usually get with a standard flu vaccine. government officials hope 160 million doses will be enough. the estimate assumes a low dose of the vaccine will work. let's see if the skies have
6:58 pm
settled down. bob? >> trying to settle down. there are still more showers and even more lightning. you can see still skies over us with building. here's doppler. you can see that while some of the thunderstorms settled down there is a new batch now into fairfax county and out around centreville and heading in towards, once again, mclean. so overnight tonight there will be more of those after about 9:00, ten cloak they settle down. heading out for the beaches i think a lot of great sailing weather and beach weather, too. some winds from the south and southwest, 10 knots or so on saturday. and on sunday, there might be a late afternn thundershower but for most part a lot of nshine. water temperatures now into the mid 70s. enjoy. tell you more at 11:00. >> thank you, bob. also tonight at 11:00, new bill introduced in the senate demands federal safety standards for subway systems. it comes after the deadly metro crash. he will hear from ben car den who is one of the co-sponsors.
6:59 pm
a husband and wife arrested for 20 burglaries between them. plus, is there anything worse than seeing a shark in the ocean? how about a gator? >> he has become a media sensation. and living legends simply for living. walter bruin sing 112. he lives in great falls, montana, and he's the oldest living man in the united states. he officially became the oldest living man in the world after the previous title holder of a british man died earlier this week. he was born in 1896 and spends a lot of time doing interviews and says his new title doesn't faze him. >> people seem to like it. you know. to me, it is just a number. >> bruening says his goal is to keep learning something new every day. he looks great. >> sounds good, too good he oks great for


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