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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 7, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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he's in the hospital tonht in critical condition.
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good evening. i'm jim vance. >> she is president john f. kennedy's younger sister and tonight she's surrounded byer husband and children and grandchildren. the 88-year-old shriver has been hospitalized for about a week. she suffered a series of strokes in recent years and has been living near the kennedy family compou where her younger brother is staying as he battles brain cancer. >> she's made an impact with a cause that's close to her heart. that's the special olympics, with more on this? >> reporter: mrs. shriver is the heart and soul of the organization which began at her maryland home. >> faces is a reasonable experience of people. >> reporter: many people in the washington area who have been touched by the work of eunice
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kennedy shriver say they're keeping her and her family in their prayers. they worship near the catholic home. as a teenager, a woman worked at an establishment that they had established at their counter home. >> that was my finlt intro dukds to working with children with them. mrs. shriver came out every day and worked with the children as well and she was very inspirational to me. >> reporter: the summer camp grew into the internationally recognized special olympics organization based in downtown d.c. special olympics president brady lumm released a statement that said in part our thoughts and prayers are with mrs. shriverer anher family at this time. >> we have a inclusion program here for children with developmental disabilities and mrs. shriverer and the kennedy foundation originally helped us to get started by starting with
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grant money for the foundation. >> reporter: archbishop of washington spoke to the shriver e family in massachusetts this afternoon. >> thanks, jackie. a federal appeals court upheld the conviction and death sentence. it was rue nan muss. lawyers had argued that he hould not have been allowed to represent himself at the start of the thtrial. lwey always argued that prosecutors withheld key document documents from the defense. today's rulings leave few options for him. he's currently on death row for his part in the murder of 10 people in 2002. the government has released new guidelines on how schools should handle swine flu cases. the guidelines come as maryland has announced another death from that disease. darcy spencer is live out there. >> reporter: i can tell you many
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parents are concerned about how the swine flu may affect this coming school year. basically hac is recommends recommends tt hoecsce olta shat the school stay open and children who are s sickentay ho. a fifth person, a prince george's county resident has swine flu. it's a reminder that the disease is still spreading. the death comes as the centers for disease control releases new guidelines on how the schools should handle swine flu cases when their doors open in several weeks. >> two flu seasonsing back to back, they're going to kroefr lap and people are going to have ko be healthy and take care of th selves. >> reporter: essentially schools were closed due to swine flu cases in may. now the cdc is correct mended that the school stay open, isolate the students and masks, give them masks, and send them home. >> i think it's a better approach because it impacted the county wide i think on a school-by-school
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basis would be the best way to handle it. again, it's up to the parents if their child has a sniffle or anything like that to send a child to school. >> my concern would be whether or not they caught the infected child in time and whether or not they've taken the necessary precautions to get all of the children that may have been exposed. >> reporter: prince george's county plans to offer flew clinic shots during the flu season and clinical trials have begun for a flew vaccine that's come out in october. some say they'll pass. >> when i was younger i had a bad reaction where it gave me convulsions and it wu really sick. stuff like, that especially with it being new, i'm scared with my kids trying it. >> it's expected to come in two doses, three weeks apart. that would be in addition to many of the flu shots that many people receive every year.
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florida senator mel martinez surprised many in the world by announcing his resignation. >> the next phase of my life is going to be in the private sector. i do hopecy can have a voice to speak on issues i consider important. he had said earlier he would not run for a second term in 2010. he says he'll step down as soon as florida's republican governor charlie crist names his replacement. the first lady of south carolina moved out of the governor's mansion today. jenny sanford says she's taking her sons and moving back to the charleston area for the school year. back in june her husband mark sanford admitted to a year-long affair with a woman in argentina. mrs. sanford said she would remain involved with her activities as first lady. >> we're having a beautiful august evening, and let's see how long this
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s last, bob. >> almost a little touch of autumn, isn't it? it's been a beautiful day. if you're heading out to the beach, it will be much warmer and hot often here. that's not a bad spot to be. early this morning there were spots into the 50s. right now it is still mighty fine. look at frederick, maryland. 66 degrees. southern maryland, to around clinton. 64. big changes to come. we made it in the 80s tore. i think near 90 tomorrow. i think before the weekend is over, mid to high 90s. guess what else is coming back? good old details. >> coming up, a burglary ring. >> a concern about the next quick one. equipment malfunctions on a widely used aircraft are making it impossible for a pay lot to know how fast they're flying. later baseball fans turn away from the game to watch the action in the stands. >> and coming up in sports jim
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zorn has a statement. and the nats taking on the d'backs and whybo
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winding road both presented problems of firefighters at the home of peggy. last week flames engulfed her mansion on claim bridge road in upper northwest. ipish live they had difficulty getting water to fight the flames. mayor adrian fenty assisted in finding facts. there were outdated water mains close to the home and the difficulty in assessing fire hydrants. >> the home is 75 years old. there's no side streets to go off of. the streets go all the way tlau on those side streets in either
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direction. >> the mayor said there could be a problem if there was another fire. these types of neighborhood the fire department may have to start using water trucks to bring more water to the scene. a group of bug lares appears houses in houses in forng a for a rt there have 1 bee66 such burglaries since january. most of them in the western part of the county. the most recent one was last week. this is the deity ganiche. she's said to bring luck but garlands such as this one have been hanging in almost all the horses that were burglarized. the thieves mostly took jewelry, electronics, and passports. police say they don't know why those houses are being targeted. virginia's sales tack holiday began today. it runs through sunday. the 5% sales tax will be waved on school supplies that cost up to 20 bucks and clothing and
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shoes up to $100. d. krchl and maryland canceled their tax-free holiday saying they need all the money to make up the budget shortages. >> coming up, surprising results from an autopsy from one of the tv's s
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an aging water main burst. it disrupted subway service. tenants and store owners were kept out of the era all morning. they were only allowed to return this afternoon to ase the damage. water stood four feet in some buildings. the water main that broke was installed in 1870. >> there are some new concerns tonight about the safety of the widely used airbus a-330 jetliner when a dozen
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malfunctions briefly made it impore for the pilots to know just how fast they were flying. those flights, all of them, operated by northwest airlines all managed to land safely but a similar breakdown is said to have contributed to an air crash jet that killed 228 people off the coast in june. they will put out directives next week requiring the airlines to change the air speed meters on the a-330. >> there is some encouraging news on the jobs front. in july the nati's up employment rate dipped slightly. it beat the economic's expectations and i tell first in unemployment in 15 months. just under 250,000 jobs were lost last month. that's an improvement over the nearly half a million that were lost in june. in a speech at the white house president obama said that the figures show that the worst of the recession is behind us.
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>> today we're pointed in the right direction. we're losing jobs at less than half the rate we were when i took office. >> the president claims his stimulus package of middle class tax cuff, massive spending and green technology investments are taking off. >> the view if the ground tells something of a dint story. millions of machineries still are without a job. despite the fact that d.c. has faired better than the rest of the country, there are still plenty ofeople here who are having a tough time finding work. that's forcing some people to get creative. a maryland university student, she's selling knives this summer because she couldn't find an internship that would pay her. >> it's really, really difficult, especially like for a paying internship. it's really challengedust because a lot of people aren't hiring. if they're hiring they're not
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willing to pay. >> she does expect to make about 12 grand selling knives this summer. >> president obama, the fir lady and their two daughters will visit yellow stone national pack, the grand canyon. it's to encourage peel to visit the national parks. he's expected to hold a few town hall meetings along the way. a woman in the district who's 109 years old can enjoy an immaculately groomed lawn tonight thanks to some tankers in the area. the young volunteers have all had run-ins in the past but now they're part of the d.c. rehabilitation services, free lawn services program. that program gives needy people a little help with yard work. the 100-year-old ms. 'dy willias says she grateful for their
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help. >> and when you're 109 sit back and watch the grass grow. >> and be thankful that you can. after a spectacular day, no prettier spot in the whole wild world, i don't think, on an august day like we've had with that nice refreshing air. it's a one-day affair but we're take it, right? 73 degrees, our records for the weekend. let me assure you we're not going to break any records this season. 101 for tomorrow and 102. both of those records. those will be staying. look at the temperatures. the high temperatures around the country today. here's where the heat has been on. mid part of the country. but even that is not all of that unusual. even phoenix. phoenix was 102 today. that was four degrees below average and look at the pacific northwest where temperatures were only around 60 out in great falls and then to montana. our temperature was only two degrees below average, but, boy,
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is it still dry and it's still delightful. here's the humidity. dew point's in the 7. that's going to be coming our way. a little ripple in the atmosphere. that will produce showers. we've got high clouds coming in on us. as a result with the high clouds not as cool as it's been. right now in and around us, nothing going on radar. the pufl area of high pressure that brought all the wonderful weather moves off. tomorrow back to the south and southwesterly winds. if yo gou and the bay i think the winds will pick up and nice sailing weather and there will be low pressure to our north. a slight chance as we get into the humidity we may see a pop-up variety here, especially if you're heading to the mountains of west virginia. tomorrow near 90 degrees and a bit more humid. look at raleigh.
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98. and then 100 degrees on sunday and i think our temperatures on sunday will be in the mid 90s. enjoy the evening. a lot of high cloud. but once again very pleasant temperatures. humidity will be coming back tomorrow but i won't be anything terrible. temperatures near 90 degrees. at least reasonable humidity. then the farther and farther you get, the more humid it will be getting. tomorrow spartly cloudy with a fair amount of sunshine. temperatures tomorrow evening into the low to mid 80s. then sunday there's that day with that skazyky sky back with the westerly wind coming in more monday than sunday. but sunday hardly any bargain. 996, 98, 90 onmonday.
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not quite as bad. so getting hot but not a long, long extended heat wave. >> coming up, billy meays' famiy reacting to autopsy reports showing cocaine. and in sports,
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so the question one might ask might be what's going on here. >> yeah. >> six in a row. >> the nationals are red hot, my frnd. got to love it. if you're like me, you're asking where have they been all season. they snake-bit the diamondbacks.
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let's go to the ballpark. nats down 5-4. ryan zimmerman at the plate and the all-star swinging a hot bat swings it again. drives the off-speed pitch high and deep to right center. out for a hom run. it's zimmerman's 24th of the season tying a career high. bottom seven, still knotted at five. the bases loaded. he's an exquisite situational hitter. nyjer morgan scores. so does kristian guzman. top eight now. it's still 7-5. ron vallone in the game. gets a ground ball to short. guzman makes an excellent play, spins an goes to first and just gets him or does he. the replay clearly shows the runner is safe. arizona's manager comes out to argue. he's like you grew the call.
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crawford says you can walk to the clubhouse. see you later. he gives him an earful and crawford gives it right back. they extend their streak. i could watch that forever. jim zorn and the redskins are hosting a really big house party tomorrow and you're invited. mr. zorn has a message for his guests traveling to ashburn. there's one way in and one way out. everyone has to be patient. jim zorn and the redskins had a light work out before tomorrow's scrimmage. the fans going to the park you'll see guys like safety chris horton. to avoid injury they're holding out nine player. jim zorn says, hey, it will still be worth it. >> we're going to have a pretty good show but i think it's e going to be fast.
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you may not see the stars in i'm not going to practice albert tomorrow. if you're coming to watch him, he'll be on the sidelines. you're going to see a lot of great veterans and a lot of good rookies trying to make this football team and it will be spirited. >> talking tennis now, in last night andy roddick experience add huge achoovment in his career, winning his 500th match. andy roddick is 2-0 all-time against car let vich, the leg mason. he hits a slice backhand. roddick not happy. he crushes an extra ball out to 16th street.
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carlevich. >> somehow he returnses solve. watch this. roddick with a lob. match point, the tie breaker, roddick in the far court. pounces on the short ball. comes to the net and right here putting the lob away. oh, yeah, roddick wins in straight sets, 7-6, 7-6. the mystics beat the detroit shock 70-66. everybody's winning tonight. >> good for them? coming up, not the way to watch a game.
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an autopsy report on tv pitchman billy mays found out that cocaine may have contributed to his death. they found out he used cocaine within days of his death. the medical examiner ruled that he died from heart disease but cocaine use was likely a factor. the families call the results speculation. they say they're considering an independent review of the autopsy report. mays was 50 years old. >> and unruly and apparently drunk fan became a major attraction at a baseball game in oakland. stadium security and police asked h imto leave several times. he wouldn't have go. pushed an officer's hand away when they tried to arrest him. that's when they cleared the rows in front and behind him and zapped him three times with a
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taser. many in the crowd screamed for them to stop. he was charged with resistingann arrest. tracks are being replaced in response to june's deadly train crash. starting that month they'll single track between the fort totten and tacokoma stations. the red line will be shut down
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one of the guitar heroes vied for the title of air guitar
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championship right here in the district tonight. >> nice. >> all right. the 9:30 club played host to the u.s. air guitar championships. quite a turnout and quite a few people onstage doing their thing. oh, my. tonight's winner will travel to finland to compete for the world title. at last check the competition was still going on. so now's your chance. get on up and get down there at the 9:30 club. they might even be there. >> the best. >> "the tonight show" is next.


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