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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  August 8, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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rw swearing in, today in front of family and friends, sonia sotomayor will be sworn in as the supreme court's first hispanic woman and 111th justice. summer heat -- get ready, the weekend warmup begins today and could end tomorrow with the hottest day of the season. and thousands are expected at redskins park today to watch and meet the players and coaches. good morning and welcome to the 00 edition of "news4 today," it is saturday, august 8, 2009, i'm eun yang. the news is straight ahead. first, we're going to check in
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with meteorologist steve villanueva for a look at the forecast. steve, good morning. >> good morning, eun and good morning everyone, it is going to be the warmest weather we've seen all season long. it's going to get quite hot in these parts, especially heading into monday. today, warm. but it's going to get warmer and warmer. so right now, 70 degrees in the beltway, 68 at dulles. icerp in k.ed dew points are still pretty comfortable. they're in the low 60s. but these numbers will start to climb with the southerly winds, at the moment on digital doppler all is quiet, most of us staying dry. we have clouds sitting on top of us, so a mix of sun and clouds for this afternoon, but nonetheless, quite warm with temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90. by the time we get to monday, temperatures near 100 degrees, very h stuff. it's about time, it is summer.
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eun, back to you for the news. thank you, steve. history is happening today, first hispanic supreme court justice will be sworn in. sonia sotomayor will take the oath twice, in a private ceremony with only her family and then a public ceremony. she will take her seat on the high court in september, when the justices convene for a special meeting. the family ofunice kennedy shriver is gathered at her hospital this morning. the 88-year-old sister of president john f. kennedy has been hospitalized for about a week. california governor, arnold schwarzenegger, who is married to shriver's daughter, maria, is also said to be by her side. she's said to be in critical condition at a massachusetts hospital. shriver had suffered a series of strokes in recent years. eunice kennedy shriver was a tireless advocate for the disabled she had a major impact across the country and also here in washington as a champion for special olympics. the cause closest to her heart.
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jackie benson exains >> it's a very reasonable experience for people. >> reporter: many in the washington area who have been touched by the good works of eunice kennedy shriver, say they're keeping her and her family in their prayers. the shrivers worship at our lady of mercy catholic church near their potomac home. as a teenager, catholic school principal joan h 0 everyone sner worked at a summer camp. >> that was my first introduction to working with children with disabilities and it impacted me tremendously. mrs. shriver came out and worked every day with the children. >> reporter: the summer camp grew into the internationally-recognized special olympics organization. special olympics president released a statement that said in part, our thoughts and prayers are with mrs. shriver
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and her family at this time. >> we have an inclusion program here at mercy for children with developmental disabilities. and mrs. shriver and the kennedy foundation originally helped us to get started by granting with grant money from the foundation. >> reporter: archbishop of washington spoke to the shriver family in massachusetts. jackie benson, "news4 today." >> this morning, police in the district are trying to figure out what happened it a woman found dead yesterday in the southeast, in the 3200 block of m street southeast just after 7:00 last night. officers were first called to the scene for the report of an unconscious person. the woman has ic en sent bodyent to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy. earlier this woman, searched for dupont park, say she goes there often. holzy has not been seen since july 24. police are not connecting the two cases at this time.
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a federal appeals court in virginia upheld the conviction and death sentence for one of the d.c.-area snipers. the ruling against john allen muhammed was unanimous. lawyers for muhammed argued that he should not have been allowed to represent himself athe t art of the trial and argued that the prosecutors withheld key documents from the defense. friday's ruling leaves few options for additional appeals. muhammed is on death row for his part in the murder of 10 people in 2002. new concerns about the swine flu as parents and students get ready to return to school. the government just released new guidelines on how schools should handle the swine flu cases. the guidelines come as maryland ancenoheots un pheannerrsoasno died from the vis.ydanc ser hpe. >> reporter: a fifth person in maryland, a prince geor's county resident has died from the swine flu. health officials say it's a reminder that the disease is still spreading. >> we still have to respect this virus. >> reporter: the death comes as the centers for disease control release new guidelines on how school districts should handle
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swine flu cases when their doors open in several weeks. >> two flu seasons back to back, they overlap by a couple of months and evebody is really going to have to be healthy. take care of themselves. >> reporter: several schools in prince george's andtg monomery counties were closed due to swine flu cases in may. now the cdc is recommending that schools stay open, isolate infected students and staff and give them masks and send them home. >> i think it's a better approach, because it impacted the countwide. i think it's on the school-by-school basis will be the best way to handle it. and again, it's up to the parents, whether or not if your child has a sniffle or anything like that, to send the child to school. >> my concern would be whether or not they caught the infected child in time, and whether or not they have taken the necessary precautions to get all of the children that may have been exposed. >> reporter: prince george's county plans to offer flu mist clinics in the fall for the
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traditional flu season. and trials have begun on the swine flu vaccine that could come out in october. but some say they'll pass. >> when i was younger, i had bad reaction from the dbt shots, i had convulsions, stuff like that, especially being new, i'm scared with my kids trying it. >> reporter: the swine flu vaccine is expected to come in two doses over a three-week period. in addition to the regular flu shot many receive every year. in largo, maryland, darcy spencer, "news4 today." metro announces plans to do major track work on the red line this month. circuits being replaced in response to june's deadly plane crash. red lines will single track between the fort totten and tacoma stations and the red lin next weekend and the weekend of the 21st. and an accident between the braddock road and springfield exits ofhe outer loop of 495 have traffic blacked up this
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morning. the rooed is completely blockede a two-mile bacpku of vehicles trying to get on 595 southbound at the mixing bowl. and both directions of route 1 closed in woodbridge because of a serious accident. the nats have won six in row, a special day for fans at redskins park. here's more in today's "sports minute." >> good morning, your sports minute begins with the red-hot nationals. last night, down 5-0, the nationals came back to beat the diamondbacks 7-6. josh willingham drove in the game-winning run in the seventh, when he hit a two-rbi double. the nats extended their win streak to a big-league best six games. a fan appreciation day at redskins park, coach zorn is holding out nine players, including veterans santana moss. a record crowd of 28,000 fans attended last year.
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in tennis, andy roddick advanced to the semifinals. roddick will play 6'9" john isner tonight at 7:00. and in the wnba, the mystics hosting the detroit shock. alana beard helped the mystics to a 70-66 victory. the mystics improve to 11-9. 70 degrees, coming up on this saturday edition of "news4 today" -- >> you guys don't have any ideas. you have no idea. >> health care reform becomes heated air cross the country. plus new concerns about the widely-used airplane. and meet a mother willing to sell naming rights of her unborn baby. why and how she is doing it, coming up
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new concerns about the safety of the widely-used airbus a-330 jetliner much on at least a dozen recent flights, malfunctions made it impossible briefly for pilots to know how fast they were flying. the flights all operated by northwest airlines managed to land safely. a similar problem is believed to have contributed to the air france flight in june. nbc news has learned the faa and it's european counterpart plan to require airlines to change the airspeed meters on all a-330's. about a quarter of a million
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americans lost their jobs in july, an improvement from the previous month. the nation's unemployment rate dipped from 9.5%, to 9.4%. first drop in unemployment in 15 months. president obama says the numbers signal a change. >> we're losing jobs at less than half the rate we were when i took office. >> the president said the improvement can be traced back to his stimulus package of middle-class tax cuts, massive infrastructure spending and green technology investments. the other big issue on the national radar continues to be the health care crisis. it has some people fired up. members of congress are returning home to hear from their constituents are hearing more than expected. kelly o'donnell reports from town hall meetings that have erupted into all-out shouting matches. >> reporter: temperatures rising across the country, from florida to michigan, texas to colorado.
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the town hall meeting is democracy 101. forums for free speech. >> i actually have read this bill! >> reporter: but many have turned intoree for alls. >> at one point it felt like people were more worried about drowning each other out and that listening. >> reporter: the crowd shouting to get in and where members of congress like michigan democrat, john dengle, get shouted down. much of the passion and protest comes from conservative voices, opposed to a government-run plan for health care. the democratic national committee, in a web video, charged these protests are staged. >> now desperate republicans and their well-funded allies are organizing angry mobs. >> reporter: some say get stoked by the provocative megaphone of rush limbaugh, who went so far as accusing democrats of wanting to socialize medicine of nazi
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germany. >> the obama health care logo is dam close to a nazi swastika logo. >> reporter: democrats argue the anger is real. >> i think that the politicians should be carefully about so easily dismissing this many people showing up and participating in the process. >> reporter: vginia democrat jim moran expects to get an earful. >> it's fine to be opposed, i don't think it's fine to come in with the objective of disrupting the town hall meetings. >> that was kelly o'donnell reporting. president obama will use his internet radio address to talk about a health care reform bill. senator mel martinez of florida made a surprise announcement yesterday, he is stepping down. >> the next phase of my life is going to be in the private sector. however, as a private-sector citizen, i do hope that i can have a voice to speak on issues that i consider important. but that's as far as it goes. i have no specific plans for my
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future. >> martinez is a former chairman of the republican party. he had previsly announced plans not to run for re-election. opening up speculation for polical governor charlie crist might run for the vacant sit. martinez said he'll step down as soon as crist names a replacement. up next on "news4 today," an update on the morning's toporie.
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some young volunteers doing a little yard work for a very appreciative woman, 109-year-old edie williams. the teenaged workers, who had some run-ins with the law in the past, now members of the d.c. youth rehabilitation services free lawn services program. the program does what it says, gives people in need a helping hand with yard work. and ms. williams tells us she's grateful for the help. look at her, 109. >> boy, oh, boy. >> good for her. >> finally getting hot in d.c. we've been spoiled and lucky. >> those that like the hot weather, are going, where is it? >> like keith garvin. >> guess what -- >> we knew it would happen
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eventually. >> at some point this time we knew we were going to turn on the oven, it looks like it's going to happen, not today, but starting tomorrow and especially monday. monday will be the hottest day so far this season. good morning, everyone, get ready, we're going to see the temperatures climb on up over the next couple of days. basically, high pressure is going to start to build in over the area and the hot weather that's been out west is simply shifting east. so temperatures locally will be pushing 100 degrees by the time we get to monday. and the humidity will be increasing. today it will be comfortable out there. we do have some clouds out there, so we're going to be basically in and out of the clouds throughout the day today, with temperatures climbing up to about 90. around 89 degrees is the forecasted high for today. so we're starting off at 70 here in the district. 68 currently out at dulles. 63 in martinsburg. dew points in the low 60s. so it's still pretty comfortable out there. but these numbers will climb up to about 70 by the time we get
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to monday. so it will be quite humid and hot. the three h's of summer, hazy, hot and humid. all is quiet on digital doppler, but we can't rule out an isolated storm later on. not a big deal. 70 locally. heat is building from memphis to st. louis, up towards omaha. temperatures there will climb to the mid 90s. up to about 100 degrees in omaha. basically from chicago westward, heat advisories in effect. for us, though, high pressure is in control. we do have some clouds moving in overhead. so again, we'll be in and out of the clouds today. there is a big batch of rain across the, across the upper midwest. but that will stay to our north. for us, high pressure the main player. eventually the high will slide to the south, creating the southwesterly flow, which will help to bring in the heat and humidity. and as the warm front pushes north, it will take the moisture with it. for us, no rain, just a lot of warm weather coming in.
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tomorrow, temperatures climbing to the mid 90s. by the time we get to monday, temperatures around 100 degrees. so enjoy today, because today will be the most comfortle day of the weekend. partly cloudy this afternoon, fo warm, temperatures right around 89 degrees. very warm out there. starting tomorrow, 96. and by the time we geto t monday, 98. oppressive stuff. we cool down a little by the time we got to the middle of the week. so we'll warm it up, cool it down. monday, the hottest day so far this year. >> we are due, thank you, steve. in sports now, andy roddick mofls onto the semifinals at the lake mason tennis classic in d.c. and the nats keep their streak alive. >> good morning, if you like me, you're asking the same question -- where have these nationals been all season? last night, the nats snake-bit the diamondbacks to extend their winning streak to a big-league best six games. let's go to the ballpark.
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in the bottom of the fifth, nats down 5-4. ryan zimmerman at the plate, and the all-star swinging a hot bat. drives the off-speed pitch. high and deep to right center. it's out for a home run. it's zimmerman's 24th of the season. tying a career high. we're tied 5-5. bottom seven, still knotted 5-5. josh willingham with two outs bases loaded. willingham sends one to left, niger morgan scores and here kos christian guzman, the nats take a 7-5 lead. willingham went 3 for 4 on the night. top eight, it's still 7-5 nats. ron vallom. check out guzman makes a great play, spins and throws to first and just gets him. or does he? watch the replay, it clearly shows the runner was safe. arizona's manager, a.j. hinch comes out to argue, he's like, you blew the call. jerry crawford, you can watch the rest of this game from the clubhouse. see ya later, my friend. and hinch wants his money's
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worth. check out crawford giving him an earful right back. nats win the game, 7-6, extending their win streak to a big-league best, six games. jim zorn, hosting a party and the skins welcoming fans to the park for an appreciation day. mr. zorn has a message to his guests traveling to ashberg. one way in, one way out, everybody has to be patient. the fans who are going to the park, you'll see guys like number 48, safety chris horton in action, but not everyone will be playing. tovoid injury, the team is holding out nine players, including veterans albert haynes worth, clinton poverty is and santana moss. jim zorn says it's still worth it. >> we'll have a good show, but it's going to be fastth and you may not see the stars really, albert, i'm not going to
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practice albert tomorrow, okay. he's not going to play. so if you're coming to see albert haynesworth, you'll see him on the sidelines. but you're going to see a lot of great veterans and a lot of good rookies, trying to make this football team -- it will be spirited. >> a lot of fun out at the park today. talking tennis, and thursday night, andy roddick experienced a huge achievement in his career, winning his 500th match. last month, roddy faced a giant 6'9" ilo karlovich. first game, second set, roddick serving at the near-court, hitting a slice backhand, pushing the volley wide. carlovich breaks serve. carlovich leading two games to one and somehow roddick returns serve. roddick hits a forehand and
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carlovich with a lobby, watch this hit over his head. roddick in the far court pounces on the short ball, comes to the net and puts away the lob. roddick wins in straight sets, 7-6, 7-6, advances to tonight's semifinal, to play 6'9" john isner and in the wnba, the mystics beat the detroit shock, 0-66. >> swinging and missing redskin. the two teams played into the morning, going 15 innings in a scoreless game that featured some dramatic plays, including this incredible catch to save the game for the red sox. but only tem prafrry. at 12:42a.m., new york finally got the best of boston. carlos rodriguez got a home run. not much time for the players to rest up after this classic.
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the two teams play again this afternoon. 6:26 your time. 70 degrees, still ahead in our next half hour -- new information about the fire that enlfed a massive home in northwest washington. plus, more speed cameras are coming to our area, we'll tell you where. and new information on the death of billy mays, stay with us. t
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sonia sotomayor will be sworn in today as the first hispanic supreme court justice. sotomayor won the unanimous approval of democratic senators during her confirmation vote. she will take her seat on the high court in september when the justices convene for a special meeting. a spokesman says the family of eunice kennedy shriver has gathered at a massachusetts hospital where shriver is said to be in critical condition. the 88-year-old shriver is a sister of president john f. kennedy and is best known for ishing the special olympics. and the outer loop lt warispelfingesd way in springfield is closed us becabee ca a serious accident. the accident happened on the beltway between braddock road and thet exi for southbound 95. traffic is starting to back up. > good morning and welcome back to "news4 today," the weekend edition, i'm eun yang.
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we'll get started with a look at the forecast with meteorologist steve villanueva up in the storm center. >> good morning eun and everyone, it will be a warm day today, but not a wsarm as tomorrow, nor as warm as monday. monday will be the warmest day we've had so far this season. 68, dults, we're heading up to about 90 today. dew points on the low 60s. so that's pretty comfortable. but by tomorrow, those numbers will climb, making it feel a lot more impressive. we're quiet on digital doppler. we could see a stray shower later on today. but not a big deal. we'll be in and out of the clouds today. we'll call it partly sunny, temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees. tomorrow, we're to the mid 90s. by the time we get to monday, temperatures around 100 degrees and humid as well. the dog days of summer are upon us. more weather in just a few. back to you. new details about a fire at the home of a well-known washingtonian, the home of peggy
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cafritz was destroyed in a fire. decades-old wiring and a narrow, winding road caused problems for firefighters. investigators are looking into what caused the fire and the firefighters' response. >> reporter: mayor adrian fenty led a team of city, water and fire officials back to chain bridge road friday, offering the first preliminary report on the massive fire last week that raced through the cafritz mansion, a 15,000 square-foot home filled with millis of dollars of art work collected for years by peggy cooper cafritz. >> what was most striking upon arriving at the scene, was that the first floor was almost entirely engulfein flames. >> reporter: fire department officials say the lavish mansion did not have an interior sprinkler system that might have helped ease the damage. >> we would always encourage residents to have sprinkler systems, the right and safe
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thing to do any neighborhood. >> reporter: but the mayor said the isolated and hilly chain bridge road area was the major factor, too, along with outdated water mains. >> the water main on chain bridge road is 75 years old. there are no side streets to go off of. the street goes all the way through. no side streets on either direction. >> reporter: mayor fenty stopped short of blaming either the fire department or the city's water agency. two agencies that have feuded in the past over preparedness. the review of the fire is continuing. news4 asked the mayor if the chain bridge neighborhood is safe now, if another fire breaks out. >> the short answer to your question may actually be yes, there are some challenges leer. >> reporter: the mayor said the narrow, high, and isolated neighborhoods like chain bridge, the fire department may have to use its huge water trucks to bring in more water to fight any fires. tom sherwood, "news4 day." the report says hydrants there are attached to a
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75-year-old cast iron water main, which is not uncommon. but test shows the hydrant's flow was far less than needed to fight the fire. drivers are going to want to slow down on more roads in maryland. speed cameras going up in new karlt carrollton. when officers can't be around to patrol the areas. more department are planning to follow the thinking. authorities in frederick and chee valvar will be operating speed cameras. a state law that allows them in and around schools and highway work zones takes effect october 1. pedestrian safety is a major concern, two deadly zwents this week is putting a spotlight on the issue again. the accidents happen on busy roads and in both cases the victim was not in the crosswalk. university boulevard at new hampshire avenue in tacoma park is one of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians.
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montgomery county has pumped millions of dollars into safety improvements, more crosswalks, better signage and timed signals. but the problem is, people don't always use them. >> people walk across in spite of the big red hand. >> irwynn mack is chairman of the montgomery county traffic safety and advisory committee. he knows the area and knows firsthand that simply crossing the street can be a treacherous feat. he was driving nearby when he hit a woman who stepped out into the middle of the road. she survived >> all of us are impatient. nobody wants to wait for 20-second countdowns but look what jeopardy you put yourself into. >> these median fences were meant to discourage medians from crossing in the middle of the road. they do it time and again. >> in woodbridge, a man was hit by two cars and killed when he tried to cross jefferson davis highway. he was not in a crosswalk. and in bethesda, a man was struck and killed on river road and wilson lane, he was not in a crosswalk, either.
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>> it can be dangerous if you're not using the crosswalks and watching where you're going. because peop are flying down busy streets like this. >> but many pedestrians say they cross in the middle of the street out of convenience. especially if the crosswalk is out of the way and they're in a rush. >> i tend to gravitate towards crosswalks. but if there's no traffic, i cross without one, anyway how. >> officials want to change that behavior, by educating people, ignoring crosswalks and the signals that go with them, is not a risk worth taking. >> i'm inclined to get inside the white line and wait my turn and wait a little more and make eye contact with people. >> safety experts say drivers need to take responsibility for pedestrian safety as well. drivers should watch out for people in the roadway. even if they're not in the cross testimony walk. a band ofs burglarsbeo t rsat to th houses in fairfax houses in x co ty looking f certa
6:37 am
decoration. 16 burglaries in the western part of the county. this is the deity, ganish, in eastern religion, she's believed to bring good luck. but garlands were hanging in most of the houses burglarized. police say they don't know why the house are being targeted. the attorney whose case prompted the supreme court to overturn d.c.'s gun ban is back in court. this time allen gurra is challenging measures that prohibit carrying guns in the district. another plaintiff lives in maryland, was charged with carrying a loaded gun when he was pulled over for speeding in the district. under d.c.'s current law, guns are only allowed to be kept in homes for self-defense. and unruly fan became the main attraction at a major league baseball game in oakland. stadium security and police asked him to leave, but he wouldn't go. when officers tried to arrest him, they say he pushed them
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away. that's when police cleared the rows in front and behind him. then they had to use a taser on the man three times. some people in the crowd thought police went too far and screamed for them to stop. that man is charged with resisting arrest. and autopsy report on tv pitchman, billy mays found that cocaine contributed to his death. tests found mays had used cocaine within days of his death in june. he was found dead in his florida condo. the medical examiner ruled that mays died from hearst disease, but cocaine use was likely a factor. his family called the results quote, speculation. they say they're considering getting an independent review of the autopsy report. mays was 50 years old. 6:38 is your time, 70 degrees. still ahead on "news4 today," the weekend edition. virginia giving back to school shoppers, a welcome break, when you can get tax-free this weekend. plus, you don't need to know how to play, you can fake it. local air guitarists vie for a
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chance to show off their skills
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. [ bell ringing ] the closing bell signified the end to another good day on wall street. stocks soared after the news on the job front.
6:42 am
the dow gained 114 points to close at 9370, a gain of more than 2% for the week. the nasdaq closed uthd 27 pointsed a the s&p 500 gained 14 points. the fourth straight week of gains for the indices. wall street gains and the job report, just part of the a busy week in the world of business, cnbc takes a look back. >> reporter: the big story this past week -- jobs. the labor department's july employment report shows that companies cut 247,000 jobs. yes, that's bad, but far fewer than expected. and the national unemployment rate dropped lower to 9.4%. although there's a long way to go before recovery, president obama says we may be seeing quote, the beginning of the end of the recession. the cash for clunkers program is such a luge success congress approved another $10 billion this week to keep the incentives going until at least labor day. and forbes reported its first sales increase to two
6:43 am
years. -- ford. stocks levels were driven to the highest level in years. after some encouraging earnings report sent brighter outlooks for the rest of the year. but retailers said sales at department stores and mall-based retailers averaging a decline ever 5% last month. but teen retailer, aeropostale saw sales increase 16%. tj maxx sales rose as well. pending home sales up for the fifth month in a row. i'm michelle caruso cabrera, get all of your news on cnbc, celebrating its 20th year. a good weekend to go back-to-school shopping. virginia entices pampbts with tax-free shopping. the state sales tax holiday began yesterday, runs through sunday. rginia's 5% sales tax will be waived on school supplies and up to clothes and shoes.
6:44 am
and virginia is the only place to save on taxes. d.c. and maryland canceled their tax-free holidays this year. saying they can't afford to do it because of budget shortages. the first family is doing something a lot of people do this time of year. going on a family vacation, they'll be heading west next week, visiting some notable natural landmarks, making stops at yellowstone national park and the grand canyon. white house spokesman robert gibbs said he hopes the trip encourages people to explore our national parks. and the president is expected to hold a few town hall-style meetings along the way. we have sports and weather straight ahead, we'll be back with your forecast.
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the today show is coming up next on "news4 today." lester holt joins us with a preview. >> good to see you, eun. coming up this morning, the health care debate reaching a fever pitch. organized protests, genuine anger? what's going on. we'll sort it out. plus new guidelines about coping with outbreaks of swine flu, what health officials are now recommending and bring you some simple tips that could help keep your family safe. and who's going to replace paula abdul on "american idol"? we'll run through a list of possible celebrity contenders and get reaction to paula's
6:48 am
departure. and she's back -- meryl streep brings julia child to the big screen in the new film "julie and julia." and we'll meet the real woman whose fascination with julia child inspired the movie. that's coming up, and for now, back to you. >> i love meryl streep. >> she's one of the best living actors right now of our time. >> my wife constantly makes we watch "mama mia." over and over and over again. >> you know, i've never seen that movie. i can't imagine meryl streep being bad in anything. >> she's wonderful. good morning, how are you? >> we're doing well. >> enjoying your summer? >> yes. >> good to go on vacation? >> we did. we had such great weather i our area this summer. no one had to leave. but changes. >> changing for -- i guess, i
6:49 am
don't know. depending on what you like. i think the weather's been perfect. but it will be hot, downright hot by the time we go monday. >> how hot? >> i will tell you right now how hot it will be. good morning, everyone. it looks like finally the door will open and let the heat in fact, the heat is going to push the door on down and come on in. today will be or mfe cobltayda comfortable day this weekend. tomorrow temperatures climb to the mid 90s. and by the time we get to monday, temperatures around 100 degrees, it could feel warmer than that with the humidity. so here's what it looks like outside. there are plenty of clouds out there this morning. there's a disturbance off to the north ha is throwing some clouds our way. so we'll be in and o of the clouds today. we'll call it partly sunny with temperatures climbing up to again around 90. so 70 right now in the district. 65 springfield, 70 down the road in quantico.
6:50 am
dew points in the lower 60sth eventually the numbers start to climb as the southwesterly winds bring in the heat and humidity. all is quiet on digital doppler. 70 locally. a comfortable 54 up in buffalo. already, 80 degrees in omaha this morning. they're heading up to about 100. 95 memphis. this is where the heat will be building, this will be heading our way tomorrow. they have heat advisories in effect, from chicagoland westward. that's how warm it will be there today. so there's a disturbance to the north producing lots of rain across the great lakes. that's going to stay to the north of us. it's all tied to a warm front. for us the next couple of days, high pressure will the main feature. the winds go southwesterly tomorrow. this in turn will bring in the heat and humidity, which will stick around into monday. and then finally the front will drop down into the area, cooling us down for the middle and end of the week. but for today, partly cloudy, warm, delightful. temperatures around 90 degrees.
6:51 am
basically upper 80s to around 90 degrees. dew point, the humidity still swhacoblmforta e today, but it gets worse tomorrow andor enve worser then next day. >> errswo?rs >> you heard it here first. >> hottest day is monday, with temperatures around 100 with humidity. >> thank you, steve. up next on "news4 today" the weekend edition -- how much would you pay to name a stranger's baby? one woman hopes to find out that it's going to be a whole lot. we'll explain.
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wannabe guitar heroes vie for the title, air guitar champion right here in the district last night. >> the 930 club played host to the u.s. air guitar championship. there was quite a turn-out and quite a lot of folks on stage making fools of themselves, as you can imagine. the winr will travel to finland to compete for the world title. and i'll bet there will be some competitors from our area. well the redskins begin
6:55 am
their preseason games this week for the first game the redskins travel to baltimore this wednesday to take on the ravensments on the 22nd, the steelers come to town. the patriots are here the 28th and the final preseason game has the redskins traveling to jacksonville on september 3rd. thursday is fan appreciation day at redskins park. gates open at noon. in baseball this morning, the nationals keep on winning. here's akeem determinish with highlights. if you're like me, you're something the same question -- where have the nationals been all season? last night the nats won over the diamondbacks to extend their winning streak to six games. we start in the bottom of the fifth, nats down 5-4. ryan zimmerman at the plate. the all-star swinging a hot bat, drives the offspeed pitch high and deep to right center, out for a home run, zimmerman's 24th this season. bottom seven, still knotted 5-5,
6:56 am
josh willingham sends one to left. niger morgan scores and here comes christian guzman. the nats take a 7-5 lead. willingham went 3 for 4 on the night. top eight, it's still 7-5 nats. ron vellom in the game gets a ground ball to short. check out guzman, spins and throws to first and just gets him, or does he? watch the replay and it clearly shows the runner was safe. arizona's manager, a.j. hinch comes out to argue, like, you blew the ll. jerry crawford said you can watch the rest of the game from the club house. see ya later, my friend. and hinch wants his money's worth. check out crawford, giving him an earful right back. the nats hang on to win the game 7-6 extending their win streak to a big-league best six games. jim zorn and the redskins are hosting a big house party and you're invited. set to welcome skins nation to
6:57 am
the park for a fan appreciation day, but mr. zorn has a message for his guests traveling to ash burn, one way in, one way out, everybody has to be patient. jim zorn and the redskins had a light workout yesterday and a light scrimmage. you'll see 48 chris horton in action, but not everyone will be playing. to avoid injury, the team is holding out nine players, including albert haynesworth, clinton portis and santana moss. jim zorn said, hey, it will still be worth it. >> we'll have a pretty good show, but it's going to be fast. you may not see the stars in, in really, albert, i'm not going to practice albert tomorrow. so he's not going to play. so if you're coming to see albert haynesworth, you'll see him on the sideline, you can see him warm up. but that's probably going to be it. but you'll see a lot of great veterans and a lot of good rookies trying to make this
6:58 am
football tea it will be spirited. >> talking tennis, thursday night, andy rotdic experienced a huge achievement in his career, winning his 500th match. last night he faced a giant, 6'10" ilo carlovich. he's 2-0 all-time against that opponent. roddick serving in the near-court, a slicing backhand, he pushes the volley wide, carlovich breaks serve and roddick is not happy. crushes an extra ball out on to 16th street. carlovich serving, leading two games to one and somehow roddick returns serve. roddick then hits the forehand, carlovich with the volley and roddick with a lob, shot over the head of the 6'10" opponent, that was nifty. match point in the tiebreaker, roddick in the far court, pounces on the short ball comes to the net and puts away the lob. roddick wins in straight sets, 7-6, 7-6 and advances to
6:59 am
tonight's 7:00 semifinal, to play 6'9" john isner. in the nba last night, the mystics beat the detroit shock, 70-66. that's all for sports, have a great day. an arkansas mother is turning to ebay to help name her baby. 36-year-old la von drummond has put the naming rights to her unborn son up for sale. she said she's trying toaise money to help support herself and her ilam fy she saom sbe familybeamem mrs ae opposed to the idea of selling her child's name online. but she promises to honor the winning name. how much would you pay to name another baby? >> that's "news4 today." thanks for joining us today. we'll be back in 25 minutes for. and be sure to join us at 9:00 for a full hour and a half of news, sports and weather. until then, have a great
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