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tv   Today  NBC  August 19, 2009 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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8:00 now on a wednesday morning. it's the 19th day of august 2009. we've steppe outside to say hi good morning. to the nice people who are cat 4. spending some of their time with hurricane bill strengthens to a us this morning here on powerful storm overnight. rockefeller plaza. i'm matt lauer along with this as a tornado tears through a busy shopping center in texas natalie morales and al roker. and strong storms pound parts of the east coast. natalie's in because ann got stuck in bad weather. breaking his silence. dr conrad murray, michael ann was in for meredith and this jackson's personal physician and is getting too confusing. the focus of a manslaughter >> i'm sure she was on the first flight out this morning, though, instigation, speaks out for the first time since the pop making it home safe. star's death. >> she's not on the plane, she's > asleep. got anybody on vacation here? >> because of all that is going on, i am afraid to return phone ladi, who's wearing shorts this morning? calls or use my e-mail. shorts, shorts, shorts? >> and he had even more to say okay? so, it's okay when you come to in his first interview. the "today" show to wear shorts. >> when you're on vacation. and arrested just hours >> right. >> yeah. >> is it okay, though, for the
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after our exclusive interview with the first "survivor" first lady of the united states champion, richard hatc police to wear shorts on vacation out in public? take him back to jail. michelle obama did it recently, wh happened? we'll ask his sister and his and some people are not happy attorney in an exclusive about that. interview today, wednesday, we're going to get into that august 19th, 2009. discussion coming up in a little while. >> she's on vacation. >> i was going to say, come on. >> they're out in the grand canyon. >> crazy. >> in the heat. hot, hot, hot. >> it was 100 something degrees. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> that's a lot of chafing if you're not wearing shorts. >> or for some, even if you are wearing shorts. anyway. >> too much information there, and good morning and welcome to "today" on a wednesday right. also ahead, another morning. i'm matt lauer along with political wife in the spotlight. natalie morales this morning, jenny sanford, the first lady of who's in for ann, who was supposed to be in for south carolina is now speaking out about her husband's affair. meredith -- >> who's on first? question is, is this the best >> but mother nature had other idea? also, can their marriage be plans. >> as you saw by some of the saved? we're going to talk about all of pictures we were showing you that coming up in a little bit. here in new york city. what a wild storm we had last night. and she's what everyone's ann, of course, was on assignment in washington, d.c., talking about, nora the yesterday when this storm hit. she was actually at the airport, piano-playing cat. >> everybody's talking about it? and of course, her flight got >> everybody's talking about canceled. so unfortunately, ann can't be this cat. her video on youtube a big hit. here this morning. you've got me instead, but look this morning, nora will grace us at the cleanup here. >> i'll tell you, these storms with a live performance. were crazy with heavy winds and
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she's already been cracking her the lightning. >> and the lightning. knuckles, ready to go. >> look at this. >> a viewer sent us this >> we've all put in our an picture. it's absolutely unbelievable to requests. should be interesting. see that bolt of lightning right over the new york city skyline all right. >> and nora being accompanied by there. kind of a beautiful shot, zz top. actually. so thanks to the viewers who sent that in to us. >> everyone's crazy about a >> if you weren't standing out sharp-dressed cat. in the storms, it would be >> yes, very nice. beautiful. >> exactly >> meanwhile, in the atlantic, >> let's go inside. bill became a major category 4 hoda kotb is at the news dk hurricane this morning, and with the headlines. forecasters say the conditions >> good morning, guys. good morning, everybody. are right for bill to gain even today in iraq, at least five more strength as it moves closer explosions struck near baghdad's to the east coast. let's get the latest on all the heavily fortified gen zone, killing at least 75 people. weather news. al is standing by. more than 300 others were hurt. al, good morning to you. >> all right, thanks a lot, matt. the bombs and mortar attacks first of all, the heat gets targetedraqi government worse in the pacific northwest, temperatures 15 to 20 degrees buildings. meantime, new violence and intimidation by the taliban as above normal. look at temperatures, up into afghanistan prepares for its the 90s through a good portion presidential election tomorrow. of the pacific northwest. look for records. here in the northeast, the heat nbc's chief foreign continues, although the area's correspondent richard engel has more from kabul. richard? shrinking just a little bit because of this bermuda high. >> reporter: hoda, as u.s. soldiers fighting in this oppressive temperatures again, into the upper 80s to low 90s. country well know, the terrain here is daunting. and we've got, of course, so, to help get out the vote, hurricane bill. afghans are using about 3,000 donkeys in this election. we've just gotten some reports from some radio son drops, preparations for voting are little radios that hurricane
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under way in the pensheer valley hunters drop into this. winds are 135 miles per hour northeast of kabul, with with gat graey 4 storms, but the mountains rich with emeralds and adobe villages by rivers still winds are at 158 miles per hour. high and quick from the melting so we'll see this maybe make it snow. but the trucks carrying the up to a category 5 storm, movin ballots, boxes, chairs and tables are at the end of the west-northwest at 16 miles per road. hour. now, the track of bill brings it and where the road ends, the to the west of bermuda as we donkeys begin. head on into the weekend but the pack animals are loaded up stays to the east of thenited and secured with ropes. states. it's a special day. however, within that cone of the donkeys are dressed in uncertainty, take a look. cape cod. so, we have to keep an eye on flowered bridles but remain that. and no matter what happens, all uncooperative as they begin weekend long we are going to be their large march. looking at dangerous rip caravans of donkeys are on the currents, waves of ten feet or move across afghanistan to reach higher from florida all the way the most isolated villages. this one is carrying about up to bar harbor, maine. so, that's going to be bad. 10,000 ballots. and in the midsection of the they'll walk for five hours, alwaysccompanied by armed country yesterday, 2:00, without guards, to make sure the ballots warning, tornado touchdown in aren't stolen or tampered with beaumont, texas. along the way. the sure-footed animals are the winds of 115 to 130 miles per only way to travel through dry hour flipped cars like toys, river beds and past villagers who silently watch the curious throwing them around parking traffic. 52-year-old mobl shaw, father of lot, causing damage. ten people injured.
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four people are still seven and retired teacher, told hospitalized today. so, again, unfortunatelunfortun me everyone here will vote. "it's our duty to select the next president," he said. watches or warnings before this but who will win? storm because it sort of popped with less than 24 hours left before the vote, there are two out of a system that popped clear front runners, president through. today we're looking at a risk of hamid karzai and his former very strong storms in missouri prime minister, abdullah today, so we'll be keeping an eye on that. abdullah. abdullah has been crossing the and we'll have more of your nation courting the rural vote, weather later on. matt? >> all right, al, see you in a promising to build roads, couple minutes. thank you very much. schools and hospitals. now to dr. conrad murray, >> this is the people who will the man at the center of the decide about their own future. michael jackson manslaughter >> reporter: karzai's strategy investigation. well, he's speaking out for the has been to build alliances with first time since jackson's death. nbc's jeff rossen is in los powerful tribal leaders and men angeles. he's got the latest on this. jeff, good morning to you. some here call war lords. >> reporter: hi, matt, good in a debate this week, karzai morning to you. this is our first real look at even reached out to the taliban. but karzai's government has been dr. murray, and it comes in a new video he posted on youtube. accused of corruption and the video itself is simple. taliban violence is on the rise. polls opened thursday mning dr. murray stares right into the and then the donkeys will ferry camera and reads off a teleprompter. he says he's been living in fear back the ballots. and told the truth. we're told results will come in >> because of all that is going when they come in. on, i am afraid to return phone calls or use my e-mail. the contest between abdullah and karzai is supposed to be so close, analysts say it could go therefore, i recorded this video to a runoff.
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to let all of you know that i >> richard engel in kabul, have been receiving your thanks. new mexico governor bill messages. richardson is hosting two north >>eporter: in the one-minute youtube video titled "dr. conrad korean diplomats today for two days of talks. murray thanks supporters," according to his office, michael jackson's personal richardson is not representing physician makes only a vague the obama administration, saying ference to the manslaughter the north koreans requested the investigation now focused on visit to discuss energy him. >> i have done all i could do. initiatives. the debate over health care continues to heat up around the i told the truth and i have country. on tuesday, representative barney frank faced off in front faith the truth will prevail. of a skeptical and sometimes >> reporter: but police sources contentious crowd. at a town hall meeting in tell nbc news they have more massachusetts. questions for dr. murray and haven't been able to schedule a third interview with him. >> why do you continue to support a nasty policy, as obama they've already searched his luxury home, offices, storage units and the pharmacy he used. has expressly supported this the sources say he administed policy? why are you suppoing it? the anesthetic propofol to >> when you ask me that jackson on the day he died. question, i'm going to revert to his lawyer maintains dr. murray my ethnic heritage and answer did nothing wrong, but the video you question with a question. doesn't address any of that. on what planet do you spend most >> i want to thank all of my of your time? patients and friends who have sent such kind e-mails, letters >> at least nine lawmakers will and messages to let me know of be holding town halls on health care around the country today. your support and prayers for me they are cleaning up in and my family. southeast texas after a tornado your messages give me strength struck without warning tuesday, collapsing the roof of a and courage and keep me going. department store in beaumont. vehicles were flipped on top of
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each other and several people they mean the world to me. received minor injuries. we've got some rough weather out there. it is now fe minutes past the >> dr. murray gets to get out and make a statement without hour. let's go back outside to matt and natalie. being cross examined by >> all right. prosecutors or asked any probing thank you, hoda. questions by pesky journalists. you know what, special request he just gets to float his side from these young ladies. of the story without being julie from san antonio, she's challenged. got this great shot of you >> please, don't worry. from -- >> 1996? >> the good old days, right? as long as i keep god in my heart and you in my life, i will >> 1996. >> wow, the day after my be fine. >> reporter: as dr. murray birthday. >> so, she needs a new picture. posted his video online, the jackson family announced plans >> i will send you that. meanwhile, al roker's got a for michael's funeral. check of the weather. >> thank you very much. after all the talk of a get a couple of red sox fans neverland burial, it won't here. what's your name? happen. instead, he'll be laid to rest >> jamie crosby. >> and what's your name, buddy? here at forest lawn cemetery, 15 >> owen! minutes from hollywood in >> owen, and here with mommy and glendale, california. the service will take place on daddy. what's the deal here for mommy what would have been jackson's and daddy? >> anniversary! >> their anniversary, oh! 51st birthday, saturday, august happy anniversary! 29th. where are you guys from? jackson's body will be placed >> massachusetts. inside a mausoleum. .> good to see you ys >> where michael's going to be buried now is highly secure and remote. there are other big-name movie good to see you. let's check your weather, pick city of the day, miami, florida, stars there, and it's not the kind of place that people are going to be able to visit. showers and temperatures in the
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upper 80s. and as we look, this is the latest on bill, right now 460 >> reporter: we're told it will be a private ceremony for family miles east of the leeward and friends. one other note about the dr. islands. 130-mile-per-hour category 4 murray video, matt. storm, but it is strengthening. i'm sure you noticed he has an and look at this track. accent. that's from his childhood bermuda, of course, on the growing up in the caribbean. strong side of the storm, as it >> jeff rossen in los angeles. is still a category 4. but you can also see the cone of jeff, i have onequestion. investigators say they have more uncertainty. cape cod is also in there, so questions for dr. murray. they would like to interview him we're going to have to really keep an eye on this, because it for a third time, but we keep is a powerful storm. hearing over the last couple of no matter what happens, we're weeks that they have been unable going to be looking at riptides to schedule that interview. why is that such a problem? from florida all the way up into new england over the weekend. >> reporter: look, there's nothing in the law or anywhere where are you ladies from? that says you have to help >> new jersey! >> ;;;;;;;; police build a case against you. for now, it's fully voluntary. remember, dr. murray has not humidity has considerably been labeled an official increased overnight. suspect. and right now temperatures are he hasn't even been arrested yet. and so, police have a couple of near 80 degrees, so a warm and options here. they can either keep asking him muggy start on this wednesday to voluntarily come in for an morning. interview or they can get enough and highs today should reach evidence, arrest him and haul near 90. quite a bit of cloudiness so him in for questioning, whether he likes it or not. probably not as hot as yesterday but it's going to be more humid and many legal experts say, and and there is a chance of a these are both former passing afternoon shower or prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers i spoke to, say they thundershower as well as probably wouldn't have had him talk to police even the first tomorrow, friday and saturday. two times, because anything you
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humid thursday, friday and say can and will be held against you, as they say, in a court of law, and could actually help police build a case against you. and so, many of the criminal defense lawyers say they wouldn't have him speak either. >> birthday, birthday, birthday! matt. >> jeff rossen, jeff, thank you >> all right, al, thanks very very much. also on tuesday, dr. murray sat much. when we come back, is south down for his first interview with gerald pozner, chief rolina's first lady blazing a new trail for political wives? we'll have that after this. investigative reporter. good morning to you. - ( ac blowing ) - help keep us cool? >> good morning, matt. ( women vocalizing ) >> we heard jeff say, in the piece, in this way, he gets to sit down in the video, it's a freebee. solar-powered ventilation... he's not asked probing questions. did you get to ask probing questions or were there to help cool you, restrictions placed on you? >> well, there were no available on the third-generation prius. restrictions. i had been trying to get this it's harmony between man, nature for weeks and somebody in the firm read my book on 9/11 and i and machine. had done books in texas on ross perot and the kennedy administration. vvo: when you can serve yourat family breakfast from walmart, between man, nature they were familiar with my work. it took a long time to sit with dr. murray. vo: for a little over $2 a person. it shapd to be by coincidence to the day this released this mom: just one breakfast a week and the savings really add up. video. but he wouldn't speak on the save money. live better. walmart. case because of an indictment
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pending. so nobody's going to ask him things about what happened with michael jackson, but he did talk in a very frank way and he comes over very personable. i must tell you, you know, 6'5" tall, lanky, he has a caribbean tint accent. he sat in the chair. has sort of expansive gestures, speaks very deliberately. he's very credible about -- like my life is split in two. >> what has he said about his life since michael jackson's there's the life i live. death? >> here's his quote, he says and the life i want to live. "terrible." he has a bodyguard now. fortunately, there's enbrel. he's received death threats. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, fatigue, he's viewed the press, he sees the articles about him. and stop joint damage. he believes that what sells, as because enbrel suppresses your immune system, a matter of fact, are things that are more salacious, gossipy and just filled with bad news. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, when i asked him what his biggest worry was, he said it is tuberculosis, lymphoma annervous system being made a scapegoat. he talked quite passionately and blood disorders have occurred. about his 20 years of medical before starting enbrel, your doctor should test service, how he had sold a house you for tuberculosis. when he was 19 to get the money also ask your doctor if you live in an area to go through medical school, and he said that he thought all of that was lost, because as he don't starenbrel if you have an infection, like the flu. put it, he was the last man standing with michael jackson. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, and what was so irritating to have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b,
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him about that is that he was have been treated for heart failure, very adamant that he's not a or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, concierge doctor, that he was not an enabling doctor. yet, this is how he's being bruising, bleeding or paleness. portrayed. and you know, before, in the umatologist if enbrel is right for you, piece coming up to this, matt, you heard from some defense and help bridge the gap between the life you live lawyers, or you know, jeff said and the life you want to live. there were people who said he should have never spoken to the police. his attorneys are connced that the nearly six hours of conversation that he has had with the police, he has never changed his story. i don't know what that story is because they won't release it -- >> right. >> but they say those are the facts that will get him xbox rated if he is charged. dinner with the girls tonight. >> clearly, he is under suspicion. mmm... mexican, or italian? they are trying to build a manslaughter case against him. i really want dessert tonight. they have searched his storage space and offices. i better skip breakfast. does he think charges will be brought? yep, this is all i need. >> look, the attorneys believe that now that the prosecutors ( stomach growls ) have it and are looking at it, they hope the charges won't be skipping breakfast to get ahead? brought, but these are realists. research shows that women that eat breakfast, the legal team are realists, and like the special k® breakfast, actually weigh ls. dr. murray is as well. the special k® breakfast, now in blueberry. what was intriguing is he said he doesn't just want to be so why skip? when you can eat all this... acquitted. he used the word exonerated, and still weigh less.
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meaning he doesn't want an victory is... sweet. acquittal where somebody says you had a better witness, you had michael bodden versus henry lee, or you got off because the jury was in your favor. not even the occasional staring contest. he wants an exoneration, and he really believes -- this is a (announcer) start their school year off right with a great kellogg's breakfast man, let me tell you, when i at an unbeatable price. used to be a lawyer practicing, save money. live better. walmart. we would rate witnesses "a" to "f." he's an "a" in terms of how he when i really liked to be outside, comes over. i did not like suffering he's very personable, has a warm from nasal allergy symptoms like congestion. smile. the prosecutors, if he gets on but nasonex relief may i say... the stand, will have a difficult time, because he will connect bee-utiful! with the juriy. >> gerald posner, thank you for prescription nasonex is proven to help relieve your time this morning. indoor and outdoor i appreciate it. >> thanks, matt. nasal allergy symptoms >> it's 11 minutes after the like congestion, runny hour. here's natalie. and itchy nose and sneezing. >> matt, thank you. now to washington and a (announcer) side effects were generally mild rough patch for president obama. and included headache. viral infection, a new nbc news poll shows his sore throat, nosebleeds and coughing. job approval rating has taken ask your doctor about symptom relief with nasonex. another hit as he struggles to sell his health care reform plan. chuck todd is nbc's political go to director and chief white house for details, terms and conditions. correspondent. chuck, good morning. >> good morning, natalie. look, it's been a very heated three weeks of debate on health care, and right now it looks like history might be repeating itself, as president obama looks like he's facing similar back at 8:11. and now to the first lady of south carolina, jenny sanford, political problems that faced opening up about her husband's
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the clintons back when they tried to tackle health care in the '90s. affair. in a candid, new interview, she says governor sanford was >> constitutional -- >> he, he -- wait a minute. "obsessed" with seeing his mistress. reporter: there's passion. norah o'donnell's in washington there's anger. >> we have had it with with more. >> reporter: good morning. jaevenl sanford may be the new government. we are fed up. model for the wronged political we think it stinks. >> reporter: there's fear. spouse. >> i don't want this country she's moved out and put her turning into russia, turning husband on notice that he needs into a socialized country. to clean up his act. >> reporter: and even after for the first time, jenny president obama hosted three town hall meetings to sell his sanford is coming clean about her husband's infidelity and how plan last week -- >> getting a good deal from the insurance companies. she's moving on with or without that's what i'm fighting for. him. >> that i'm really focused on >> reporter: the public is still one thing and one thing that wary of his efforts to reform matters only and that's my family. health care. >> i'm not for sure if he isn't >> reporter: until now, she's avoided the spotlight, but in a touched with the true feelings new interview with "vogue" of the people who live here i magazine, she's remarkably america. >> reporter: a new nbc news poll candid, calling the gernor shows that most americans are skeptical of the current attempts to reform health care. "obsessed" with wanting to visit his argentinean lover. a majority, 54%, are worried the she says, "i have learned that president's efforts go too far, these affairs are almost like an changing the system for the addiction to alcohol or pornography." >> i've been unfaithful to my worse. while only 41% say his reform efforts don't go far enough. wife. and the poll also finds that i developed a relationship with large numbers of americans still believe the myths about the obama health care plan.
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what started as a dear, de 45% believe the plan will give friend from argentina. the government the power to cut >> reporter: it was in june that off care for the elderly. governor sanford, a rising republican star, admitted in an 50% believe the plan will use taxpayer money to pay for emotional and rambling press abortions. conference that he had had an 55% believe it will mean illegal immigrants get health insurance. affair with maria belenshipur. while independent fact-checkers say none of those statements are true, the misperceptions remain. >> i hurt her, i hurt you all, i >> people over the age of 65, hurt my wife, i hurt my boys. god forbid if they have a serious illness, such as cancer. >> jenny sanford says he was they're going to be pushed off suffering a midlife crisis. to the side and they're just "i think when a lot of men get going to be left to die. to this midpoint in life, they >> reporter: but according to our poll, when they hear the start asking questions that they facts, it's another story. probably should have asked a after being read a statement that includes actual details of long time ago." the obama health care plan, a she is just the latest of first wives wronged in public, majority, 53% say they are in favor of it, while only 43% starting with edwards, even oppose it. and almost everyone surveyed hillary clinton. but jenny sanford says she agreed that some kind of reform is necessary. understands why it's so common among people like politicians. >> i think that it's good for they become disconnected. the nation, because there's a "they'll say they need something and ten people want to give it lot of people that are suffering to them. it's an ego boost and it's easy that need health care. >> reporter: but many we spoke to drink your own kool-aid. as a wife, you do your best to to still expressed concern. >> i think that when government keep them grounded, but it's a
7:14 am
gets their hand in things that they muck it up pretty good. real challenge." and as for the revelations there >> well, natalie, as you noted, were other instances where the withhe president's job governor crossed lines as a ratings, this is the third married man- straight poll it's dropped. it is now sitting at 51% with >> was there ever any physical 40% disapproving. >> uck, what really stands out contact with women who were not in that piece, too, is a lot of misunderstanding over the your wife? >> mm-hmm, but again, i didn't president's health care reform here, and when you look at the cross the sex line. >> reporter: jenny sanford calls ratings there, the poll numbers, that news "punches to the gut." only 36% really believe that it for now, she's moved out of the is still a good idea. governor's mansion and is living 42% say it's a bad idea. alone with her four boys at her so, how concerned is the white home on sullivan's island. >> just take everything, you know, each moment as it comes. house over these numbers, and really, more importantly, over whether or not they believe they're losing control of the >> jenny sanford says she's focused on her kids and getting message? >> well, i think they feel like them started in a new school. they've stopped the bleeding she does say she is open to when it comes to losing control reconciliation and repairing of the message. their marriage, but that "the it was a bad end of july, early ball is in his court." part of august. the last week they feel like at natalie? >> norah o'donnell, thank you. least they didn't lose any more and robi ludwig is a ground. so, when they look at the field, psychotherapist and contributing they say, okay, it could have editor at "cookie" magazine. gotten worse, but the town halls good morning. >> good morning. that the president held at least >> as we saw there, jenny started acting as a sanford, she is not standing by her man, as we have seen with counterbalance to what was going on with those congressional town
7:15 am
halls and some of that other political spouses caught in these infidelity scandals. information. but i'll tell you, it is getting tough, it is why, for instance, she's handled this differently. but at the same time, governor you see the president starting sanford says in his mistress, he to think about, okay, what's it going to take to just get a deal and get something done quickly. found his soul mate. did she have a choice in what i can tell you, the white house she could do? >> this is a very different would love to hurry up, get a situation. bill passed in september and try to get this debate behind them. i mean, when other politicians have been caught, they did not i don't think they can ever win say, listen, i was having an the pr battl right now. at this point, they just want to affair with my soul mate. >> mm-hmm. get a bill passed, which that i'm in love with this other woman. >> i'm in love with this other they can get done, even if it woman. means politically taking a hit. either it was a mistake. >> and a lot of the debate this they recommitted to their wives week has centered on the public on some level. so, this is vy different. option. >> right. i mean, what's a woman to do >> over, you know, the private insurance, and our poll found when your husband says he's found his soul mate and it's not that 47% now oppose the public with you? option while 43% support it. >> she likens, you know, her and that's a shift from last month, when 46% supported it. husband's obsession with the so, how do you explain this? mistress to an addiction to alcohol or pornography, in is there still just a misunderstanding over what this is all about? saying that he is basically >> well, here's the big problem. obsessed with her. >> yeah. >> do you agree? i mean, in your years of this about 60% of the country has private insurance, and these folks are the ones that are most practice helping save marriages skeptical of any idea of a that that's what it becomes? >> well, when i think of a love addiction, i tend to think of public option, a government-run somebody who is chasing a insurance plan. and because of that, they sit fantasy or somebody who wants there and say, oh, geez, a government plan, that's going to somebody, unrequited love.
7:16 am
somehow limit me, that's going to hurt my insurance. when she might be calling an that's what they're hearing out addiction is someone who is there. and so, what the white house has confusing sexual attraction and to figure out and what our someone who is longing for love. pollsters told us is at the end and that may be the case. of the day, people don't feel but in addition to that, she's like, what's in it for me? also giving him an excuse. if seone has an addiction, what am i getting? and most people have insurance. they have an illness. and that's why you've heard the and if somebody is ill, then you white house try to talk about this as insurance reform. look, we will do this, we will almost, you look -- do that. >> you write it off. but right now that isn't what >> -- at the behavior in a very they're hearing. different way. they feel like all they're >> and she said to "vogue," i hearing is what they're not think my husband has some issues going to get anymore, what they may not get, what could be that he needs to work on about limited to them. happiness and what happiness and that's something that the white house hasn't been able to means. i think when a lot of men get to figure out how to turn around. that midpoint in life, they >> all right. chuck todd there in washington. start asking questions that they thanks so much, chuck. probably should have asked a >> you got it, natalie. long time ago." let us get the rest of the so, what is it about men and the morning's headlines now from midlife crisis? i mean, is there truth to that? >> well, i mean, there's a hoda kotb at the news desk. conflict between the calendar and how one experiences >> good morning, everybody. we begin with news that two themselves and dealing with loss north korean diplomats are in and having the life, perhaps, new mexico for two-day talks you never had or pursuing those with governor bill richardson. the white house says the north dreams that maybe you feel you koreans requested that visit. won't have another opportunity nbc's chief foreign affairs to pursue. one of the things that i think correspondent andrea mitchell was very interesting in this broke the news about the meeting "vogue" article was jenny and joins us now from sanford describes her washington.
7:17 am
andrea, is this some sort of relationship with her husband as not love at first sight, but a diplomatic thaw, do you think, in relations there? slow burn and more of a >> reporter: well, it ctainly is a change of mood. friendship. the meeting comes one day after so, one of the possibilities is maybe this relationship was bill clinton and president obama met at the white house to never passionate for him. i don't know. discuss clinton's recent trip to i'm not in his head. and maybe he wanted to pyongyang when he brought back experience something he never journalists laura ling and euna had with her. lee. on that trip, clinton found that and these are the questions we will really never know at this point. kim jong wail not as frail as >> and really quickly, can their the u.s. had thought and the leadership is less divided. north korea's longtime nuclear marriage be saved? >> if they really want it, negotiator sat in on the absolutely. meeting. sometimes you can overcome the problems in your marriage. in new mexico today, the two >> she said the ball's in his north koreans visiting governor richardson are the same court, so we'll have to wait and diplomats who invited him to see. robi ludwig, thank you. coming up next, appropriate north korea two years ago to recover the remains of missing vacationwear or a fa? pas u.s. soldiers. all this activity is the first faux pas? we're talking about the shorts and the controversy over sign of a real opening possibly michelle obama's wearing them. after a year of escalating deanna: it is definitely challenging. the curriculum isn't something tensions, including north korea's nuclear tests and from ten years ago, it's always current. missile firings. asked about that possibility, hillary clinton says that we what i'm learning i can use today. continue to offer north korea a tavares: it gives you real world experience. dialogue that could offer many benefits to the people of north i have the information directly from people who are working in the field. korea, the choices up to north i'm learning new management techniques. korea and more signals today. i'm learning new ways to interact with people. south korea canceled a test i've had so many teachers that have really done so much for me. minutes before launch and north korea says it will send a delegation to the funeral of
7:18 am
south korea's former president. you have that personalized attention, hoda? >> wow, interesting um, faculty's always available, around the clock. developments, andrea. thank you so much for that. a series of explosions when i was out looking for a job, looking for a reference, struck iraq's capital this morning, leaving at least 75 the first person i thought of was one of my instructors people dead, wounding more than 300 others. 'cause i knew she could speak to my character. the bomb and mortar attacks i just love the atmosphere, being able to have the interaction targeted iraqi government buildings near t green zone. gunfire erupted in - between other students. - it's a networking community afghanistan this morning, where and i've found that the friendships i've made three militants try to take over a bank in kabul. the taliban has vowed more are friendships for life. attacks ahead of tomorrow's - my name is deanna... - amanda... presidential election. friends and fellow nancy... - christina... journalists are remembering deanna: ...and i am a phoenix. famed columnist and tv commentator robert novak. he died tuesday in washington after a battle with brain cancer. robert novak was 78 years old. when i really liked to be outside, a casual bike ride for lance i did not like suffering armstrong turned into a mob from nasal allergy symptoms like congestion. scene in scotland on tuesday. but nasonex relief may i say... several hundred people turned out to catch a glimpse or get an bee-utiful! autograph from the seven-time prescription nasonex is proven tour de france champ after he to help relieve indoor and outdoor twittered that he'd be taking a nasal allergy symptoms like congestion, runny bike ride. and retirement? and itchy nose and sneezing. what retirement? (announcer) side effects were generally mild three-time mvp quarterback brett and included headache. viral infection, favre announced tuesday that he sore throat, nosebleeds and coughing. has signed on with the minnesota ask your doctor about symptom relief with nasonex. vikings. despite a torn rotator cup, and save up to $15 off your refills.
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favre will suit up for the go to vikings' preseason game on friday. for details, terms and conditions. it is now 18 minutes past the hour. so, he'll be 40 years old in october -- >> i think he's like 73. >> i think it's like the third time he's come back from retirement or something, right? >> probably. never know. hoda, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> you have a lot to talk about. that's right, i guess i do. >> a lot of weather. >> especially in the midsection of the country. et's show you the risk area, o car chita falls up ra dspi greatest threat for storms from kansas city into missouri with tornadoes on the radar. you can see they're firing up now from oklahoma city up into kansas city. rainfall amounts anywhere from one to three inches of rain. some areas, though, may pick up about five inches. ;;;;;;ñ;;;; the sparkly flakes. the honey-baked bunches! it is a warm and muggy the magic's in the mix. my favorite part? eating it. morning. good morning. now temperatures around the region a in the 70s, it's 77 honey bunches of oats. in washington, we've had taste the joy we put in every spoonful. humidity increase overnight honey bunches of oats. under a partly cloudy sky. we call the bunches in honey bunches of oats throughout the day partly sunny, the prize in the box. well, now there's a prize inside the prize. highs near 90. and a passing thundershower is pecans! pecans! possible this afternoon as well baked into crunchy oat bunches. as this evening. taste the delicious surprise in every spoonful. may be with a brief heavy
7:20 am
downpour and lightning and thunder. new honey bunches of oats with pecan bunches. more of the same on thursday, friday and saturday. beautiful. each day a chance of passing mainly afternoon thundershowers and hu >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. and now to a question that's causing controversy in florida. ah, that hits the spot. when a convicted sex offender has served his or her time, when you demand the very best... where can they live? nbc's kerry sanders is in miami, oh, i do! you have to try... cottonelle ultra toilet paper. where some residents are not pleased with the answer to that ahhh. it's the ultimate way... question. kerry, good morning. to be kind to your behind. >> reporter: well, matt, this is i'm in the lap of luxury. the short-term solution right now. i'm alongside a highway on biscayne bay, and you can see i hate my phone. what do i do? the tents. more than 50 sex offenders live ( shouting ) here because they cannot live this is crazy. you. near where children congregate. let's run a free upgrade check. one businessman saw this as an see if you're due for a new smartphone. opportunity, and that's not making everyone happy. don't i need to go to my carrier's store for that? no, you don't have to. we sell phones and plans on all the major networks. the investor buying foreclosed homes in this florida ok. well, is time travel possible? neighborhood doesn't want t show his face or reveal his yes, i am from the future. name. >> i am a sex offender. >> reporter: but what he's announcer: phones, plans, and advice
7:21 am
created with his property is frothousands of people eager right there on his website -- average cost per renter? >> $400 a month,nd that includes everything, cable and the internet. >> reporter: the statistics tell the story. two years ago in this back at 8:21 with a question -- are shorts appropriate for the country's first lady? one-square-mile neighborhood, the state sex offender registry here's nbc's lee cowan. showed four living here. >> reporter: perhaps there's a reason why there's no fashion now 110 live in this district in the nation's unincorporated fort lauderdale neighborhood. capital. washington seems suspect of anything too trendy or too all their pictures with limited details of the crimes are posted revealing. the first lady surprised a lot by law enforcement on the of d.c.'ers with herare arms, internet. one convicted of raping a so you can imagine what happened 9-year-old. others had sex with underage when she stepped off air force girlfriends. sex offenders argue, they've one last weekend with bare legs. >> i was surprised people were served their prison time. where are they supposed to live? like, look at her legs, look at -- it's like, look at how >> they're here everywhere. >> reporter: parents like cool she is. >> reporter: while fashionistas jennifer de la hora see it the world over rave about how comfortable the first lady seems another way. in her own skin, just how much >> how do i know somebody can't come over my six-foot fence, you skin she shows seems to strike some kind of puritanical nerve. know? it's scary, very scary. >> reporter: of all the spots, >> i think people are beginning why this neighborhood? to see her as someone who is turns out, this community was breaking a lot of barriers and
7:22 am
unknowingly boxed in. boundaries in terms of fashion, in terms of what people think is appropate for a first lady to local governments 150 miles in wear. all directions from here set >> reporter: the "huffington strict limits. post" ran a poll -- "does a mandatory buffer of at least 2,400 feet between a convicted michelle obama have the right to sex offender's home and a school bare legs?" or a playground. but the government for this it asked, tongue in cheek. one person respoed "get a tiny, unincorporated life." neighborhood never enacted that >> she's wearing midshih shorts. same law. now this residential zone has you can't say they're hardly become a pocket where newly inappropriate. they're not even sexy. >> reporter: some point out that released sex offenders can legally live. other first ladies were formal it's become so popular, there to a fault, laura bush, hillary are up to nine men per house. and some offenders waiting for a clinton, certainly barbara bush dressed the part. room to rent have pitched tents but the obama family prides under the bridge here. itself as being as regular as a government task force is now trying to establish a new law possible. after all, this was a vacation here, but -- to the grand canyon, not a grand >> it's a long, drawn-out process. ball room. >> most women look at those >> reporter: and even with a new law, sex offenders cannot be nd say that's what i would wear when i'm on vacation. forced out until their leases run out. >> reporter: a lot of internet and that was anticipated. space this week has been taken up over a single pair of shorts some leases run 25 years. that are at best only shortish. is it really drespect for the the folks who live in this tent office or just a prudent
7:23 am
city say they beg for a little clothing choice in eegr 106-deg compassion, that they are former weather? take that to the water cooler. sex offenders. but clearly, matt, this is a lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. case of nimby, not in my >> mary is the author of the backyard. >> kerry sanders in miami this upcoming book "mrs. o.: the face morning. kerry, thank you very much. still ahead, the first "survivor" champion, richard of fashion democracy" then the hatch in jail again. why was he arrested just a couple of hours after our exclusive interview? editor of "the washington post." we'll ask his sister and n t first, this is "today" on hi, ladies. nbc. >> hi, matt. >> i don't usually start a section by saying this is a bit crazy, but this is a bit crazy. this is a woman in 2009, she's on vacation and it's 104 degrees. i think there's nothing wrong with it. >> i think the question is what could be more appropriate than shorts for hiking the grand canyon with your family in mid-august? i don't think a skirt suit is going to cut it. >> and i want to be respectful of all opinions. you're not quite so sure about all this, are you? >> i am ambivalent about it only because the photograph that to me is the most residence nant is the one in which she is stepping off of air force one, and that's a very formal photograph.
7:24 am
that's the photograph that the press corps gathers around to take. and i think it is in many ways symbolic of the office. >> should she have gotten off the plane wearing slacks and then gone into a car, gone in a restroom in 106-degree heat and change into shorts? i'm not trying to be sarcastic here. >> yes, you are, matt. >> i'm not. should she have done that? first, it's a plane. it's not like she's going for a state visit. she's on vacation. >> and that's why i said i'm ambivalent about it because i do think that one of the reasons we are so struck by the photograph is because we don't see first ladies looking that informal. and i think it's a wonderful thing that she's bringing informai informality to that position, but on the other hand, we're still grappling with what the first lady is supposed to be all about. >> but mary, robin raises the question, and i think in paraphrasing here -- this office of the presidency. so, does the office shape the family or should the family have some role in shaping the office? and she's a modern woman.
7:25 am
>> exactly. i think women have really connected to michelle obama, recognizing that there are moments when she's dressed down, moments when she's dressed up, that she's playing different roles that speaks to different women. >> jeans would be bad coming off air force one, a baseball hat? i wonder where the line is. >> well, i think it's a conant tug-of-war and i think there's a lot more leeway for the president, who regularly gets off of air force one in jeans or a baseball cap. he has been photographed in shorts and no one responds with a second glance other than to suggest, perhaps, the press still to come, a good choice corps erred in taking the or a bad one? the debate over michelle obama's photograph. whereas with her, the error perhaps is on her for allowing decision to wear shorts in herself to be photographed that public. plus, valuable advice if you way. >> all right, ladies, thank you. but we are talking about it, want sell your old gold for aren't we? >> indeed. cash. >> we are. >> mary and robin, thank you what you need to know after your very much. local news and weather. we want to know what you think about michelle obama wearing shorts in public. go on to our website,, to weigh in. we'll give the results of that informal poll tomorrow. and just
7:26 am
our time right now is 8:26, 79 degrees. a lot of sunshine, moisture in the air, too. it is humid, we'll get the forecast coming up. good morning. i'm joe krebs. in the news, crews are on the scene of a water main break in alexandria in the 100 block of good morning. time now is 7:26. south reynolds street. a few customers have no water i'm barbara harrison. in the news at this hour, metro because of this break. metro trains will continue running a little slower than riders can expect a slower commute. the agency plans to continue normal. the transit agency announced plans to keep running every running trains manually. train manually now, the shift the shift came after the june from the computer to manual 22nd crash in which nine people operation came after the june were killed. 22nd crash in which nine were metro says when operators are controlling the trains they td killed. metro says that when operators are controlling the trains they to spend more time at platforms tend to spend more time at and take more time to station platforms and take more accelerate. a tree comes down on an time to accelerate. we'll come back and look at our apartment building in prince weather and check out the rush george's county this morning on hour. southern avenue and boulevard heights. several people were forced from their apartments and utilities had to be shut off t. good news, no reports of injuries.
7:27 am
we'll come back with weather and traffic in a moment.
7:28 am
good morning. temperatures near 80 degrees, increased humidity overnight and it's going to be a steamy day with highs near 90 and a chance of passing afternoon or evening at this hour we've had the thundershowers. then tomorrow, friday and saturday more humid, highs nr humidity increase. we're in the 70s, high today 90. perhaps passing showers and near 90 and a chance of passing thundershowers each day. jerry, how's traffic? afternoon and evening >> we're loaded up on 270 thundershowers. more humid thursday, friday and southbound, had an accident saturday with a chance of around shady grove road which afternoon and evening thundershowers with highs near has been cleared but delays south of germantown. 90. jerry, how's traffic? >> not bad this morning. earlier accident new york avenue 95 northbound minimal delays, up from the prince william parkway is gone. police checking at the beltway lanes are open. for another accident. an accident kenilworth inbound >> thanks, jerry. at the district line that has tonight, gluten-free food. you may see the labels on been cleared. >> thanks. products in the store. tonight at 5:00 p.m., more and more because a growing gluten-free food. number of people need it
7:29 am
you may see the labels in the a look at celiac disease. store. a lot more in coming days because there is a growing number of people that need it. tonight a closer look at celiac disease, why it's so hard to diagnose.
7:30 am
♪ we're back now at 7:30 on a wednesday morning, 19th day of ♪ i am unwritten, can't read my august, 2009. that is the wildly popular youtube video of nora the mind ♪ 8:30 now on a wednesday morning, 19th day of august piano-playg cat. apparently, this is a talent 2009. that is british pop sensation that she picked up by watching natasha bedingfield, and she is her owner. and nora is standing by live to going to bring her beautiful voice to our plaza this friday tickle the ivories for us a little later this morning. morning for a live concert. set your tivos if you've got to if you're in the area, come on go off to work. down. she's a great performer and a i'm matt lawyer alongside really nice lady. natalie morales. and then, a week from friday, a meredith has the morning off and ann got stuck in some bad huge crowd expected on the plaza weather. also ahead, richard hatch is for that young lady right there. back behind bars. that is miley cyrus. he was arrested just a couple of hours after we aired our and she will be rocking the
7:31 am
exclusive interview with the plaza friday, august 28th. original "survivor" champion, his first since being released so, a couple of big shows coming from prison for tax evasion. up here on the plaza. the question this morning, why? >> that one is going to be huge. was it something he did or was >> oh, yeah. it's going to be huge. it something he said in that >> coming in for that one. interview? we're going to speak to richard >> already got the kids' list hatch's sister and attorney in just a couple of minutes. lined up? >> that's a list to get on. >> and he had permission to talk >> we've got connections. with you, right? we can help you out. >> we cleared it through the >> we know a guy. board of prisons -- bureau of >> exactly. i'm matt lauer along with prisons, and so did richard natalie morales. natalie's here while ann is hatch. so it's still a mystery as to stuck and meredith is on why he was taken into custody. vacation. we've got al roker here as well. >> we'll find out in a little bit. plus, the wife of mark hoda kotb is in for natalie, who's in for ann, who's in for sanford breaks her silence about her husband's affair. meredith. we told you some of what jenny >> i'm really confused. sanford had to say saturday in >> hoda will be playing an interview with "vogue" shortstop next. >> if ever a distraction. magazine. we'll have more just ahead, >> exactly right. including her impact her words speaking of concerts, we've got could have on other politicians a big one. >> big one coming up. who stray. and you've probably seen the she's the number one feline online. commercials that proclaim now is that's right. we've got nora, the the time to sell your old gold piano-playing cat. jewelry for quick cash, but just how much money will you actually guess what? she is standing by live to put a make? well, you might not likwhat we show on for us. >> i can't wait. >> she had a lot of demand. actually uncovered. let's begin this half hour, she wanted avion and catnip in though, with the arrest of richard hatch. it happened just a couple of hours after we aired our
7:32 am
exclusive interview with him. her dressing room. so we've got this. "today" national correspondent it's a big one. >> can't wait to hr her play. amy robach is up in newport, rhode island, where hatch was >> and also, upstairs they're serving time under home confinement. getting ready to cook. she watched the segment on the amy, good morning to you. michelle obama shorts, couldn't >> reporter: good morning, matt. believe anyone was upset about it. well, the past 24 hours have she said wear the shorts, wear changed dramatically for richard them on. >> i agree. >> season six of "top chef." hatch. he has gone from house arrest here in newport, rhode island, >> "top chef." back to jail. >> premieres tonight. it all happened after your interview aired, an interview also, we've got a great where hatch said he had inspirational story behind the permission to speak. best little high scol football >> the winner of the first team in the country, the redmen there in kansas. "survivor" competition is rich. so, we're going to be talking about them coming up. >> okay, good. meanwhile, we've got a check of the weather. >> yes, we do. >> it's been busy this morning. >> reporter: from winning the >> it has been a busy day and it reality show "survivor" in 2000 and taking home the will probably stay busy a day. that's why you want to check out million-dollar prize -- >> any comment today? the weather channel when you >> reporter: to serving nearly can. record highs in the pacific four years in prison for failing northwest today, light risk of to pay taxes on those winnings, strong storms from texas on into richard hatch has never been the upper plains. afraid to speak his mind. rain in the upper plains as well. tomorrow that risk moves to the >> i know people perceive me as east in the upper ohio river valley. the record highs continue out cocky and arrogant, and a big west. th part of that, if not all of it's my responsibility. i grew up as a fat, gay kid in a good morning. we have a thick summer haze over
7:33 am
community that doesn't washington, and this live appreciate fat, gay people. picture from our sky watcher so, you develop some insecurities and you cover those camera, you can see it is a hot insecurities sometime i think, and humid morning around 80 degrees already. with an overreaction. highs near 90 but with >> reporter: for the last three considerable cloudiness later on months, hatch has been under house arrest in rhode island, we'll probably not be as hot as fitted with a monitoring yesterday but humid and a chance bracelet around his ankle. of passing afternoon and evening tuesday on "today," he broke his thundershowers. silence for the first time since even more humid tomorrow as well as friday and saturday. his tax conviction, telling matt afternoon each day passing he was innocent of the charges showers and thundershowers are against him and claiming he's a possible. victim of discrimination because he's gay. >> are you saying to me that if you were heterosexual, you would not have gone to prison? >> and that's your latest >> i didn't mean to allude to it. i meant to state that weather. now let's head on down to washington, d.c., and say hello definitively. yeah, i do. to mr. willard scott. i do believe that. >> reporter: just hours after did you see ann down there, that interview aired, hatch was willard? >> i've been looking for her. once again taken into police custody. i think she's up in that tree his lawyer says hatch was told hiding from me. he had improper contact with the public, but when he talked to hi, andy, we love you. matt, in a part of the interview no, i'm thrilled to watch that pussycat. that did not air tuesday, hatch >> okay, well, you stand by. >> i understand both paws this said he had permission to speak to nbc. >> you know, i've been denied time, big finish. that's it. happy birthday from smuck the opportunity to speak for nearly four years now. i've been told by the bureau of i like the orange prisons, no. ma e,ad too.
7:34 am
ra rywbsty m favorite. no permission, period. conniebenemerito but finally, we got permission li,caia to do this, and again, i'm just california, 101. attributes longevity to her grateful. why have i wanted to talk? filipino diet and well, if you were innocent -- and i'm absolutely innocent -- vitamins. favorite memory isfotamins. it's not a question, it's no favorite memory isxoni it nnhe t enidxoni i the s bl yoest.heurae s youresheart. objective observer could etabizh possibly think anything other elizabeth hoizrd of white plain than i'm innocent. and i've been denied the opportunity to speak for 3 1/2 new york. 100 years old. has lived in the same house for years. >> you're not worried at all that by doing something they don't want you to do, you're s!arye lovear going to somehow impact your future in this? >> well, i can't do something they don't want me to do. il ndymgwor a dothy gwilym and dorothy esvida, if i do something they don't harrisburg, pennsylvania, right want me to do, even something up the road from us. ie years they've been marrd. simple, then i'm back in pron. >> then, by sitting here talking he ie8,9 she's 92. to me right now, are you placing attributes their marital yourself in jeopardy? ndha s. >> no, i got permission. htongouha dinds. how abou t w, mnot ahansea we got permission to do this holding means a lot, interview, and that's why i'm ha s. doing it. >> reporter: the barnstable estherrattray, reading, county sheriff's office confirms massachusetts, 107 years old. they have richard hatch in enjoys reading mystery novels custody but we fuse to give us and claims there is o t rheag mng to any more information. they did, however, refer us to her ngy,evlot jitus go llwill. the federal bureau of prisons, and that's it. who they work with. wi happ byirppdath to dau.yo that agency also declined to mro fro tgehl comment. matt, back to you. >> all right, amy, thank you
7:35 am
lwaukekee, wisconsin. very much. 100 years old. kristen hatch was there when her retired accountant. brother was taken into custody. moved on over to she's with us now along with fa family tsveo eltrav. travel. cynthia rivas, richard hatch's attorney. ladies, good morning to both of .appy da.ys you. >> good morning, matt. and we have elsieeenridge,gridn >> good morning, matt. >> kristen, you know, i had a richmond,virginia, 1000 years chance to meet you on monday. we were at your house, which is old. worked in the new york city where richard is serving out his supper clubs years ago playing home confinement. the piano. and then after this interview still plays duke ellington yesterday, the interview aired favorites for her friends. and that's it, that's all. yesterday, you were there, what happened? and now back to mr. matt, the >> the sheriff knocked on the man who's the cat who can play door, wch he typically does the piano. >> well, we'll get to that in a once a week. second. that's right. willard, thank you very much. good to see you. he usually calls first. and actually, yesterday, they you have seen her do it live -- just knocked at the door. or you've seen her do it on the when i went up to the door, he internet. can she do it live? came in with another gentleman nora the piano-playing cat is around 7 feet tall, fully going to put on a show for us. but first, this is "today" on dressed in uniform, which he had nb never come there with before, and walked down the stairs and told rich that he needed to go with them, they were taking him back to prison. rich said, do what you need to do. can you just tell me why? and he was more concerned with finding the battery for the ankle bracelet than really
7:36 am
giving rich an explanati at that point. and as he sent me off to get the ankle bracelet, i heard him tell rich he did an interview and that's why he was going back to prison. >> we talked about this when we were up there. richard had gone through the right channels and he had gotten permission to do the interview. we also went through those channels and got permission to sit down with richard. but there was a rather tense or turse phone call earlier in the day before we did that interview with a sheriff's deputy. can you tell me about that? >> initially in the morning when people were here to set up for the interview, we received a phone call at my house and the sheriff demanded that i get rich. and i explained to him that he was in the shower, and he was adamant that i hand him the phone in the shower right at that moment, so i did. and i could hear rich, on rich's end, saying that he had permission. he didn't know what he was talking about, that he would need to speak to the b.o.p. and his attorney but had already been cleared and everything was
7:37 am
set to go after that, rich left and spoke with his attorney outside, and cynthia got on the phone with the b.o.p., and hours later assured all of us that it was fine and that rich was cleared to go. >> okay. >> so, my understanding is that rich believed he was all set to do the interview. >> that's a good segue. let me bring cynthia in. you know, everybody thought the proper permission was granted, and now he is being -- apparently, the reason he is back in custody is for having improper contact with the public. cynthia, what more can you tell us? you've spoken to richard overnight. >> i have spoken to richard, and matt, i'm so sorry to say i really don't know what the grounds are for why they have him back in jail. i haven't had any response yet to my very my phone calls, to all of my contacts at the bureau ♪ as well as the barnstable county sheriff's department. we are back at 8:37, and and then i also, of course, talked to the jail, to see if this morning on "today's pets," someone would explain to me why yes, the piano-playing cat, nora, who's become a smash hit they have taken rich into on the internet.
7:38 am
as we said, nora now began actually tickling the ivories a custody when the interview, as few years back, shortly after you know, we worked with your being adopted by betsy alexander people, your producers. we got out of the clearances with the people, the b.o.p. and bernal yao, and they are i'm confident i will have more with us now from philadelphia. nice to see you there. information soon. >> let me ask you a question >> hello. some people at home might be >> nice to be here. >> now, let's begin by saying wondering about here, cynthia. where's nora? is it possible in your opinion i know she's there with you. that it is less about the fact and she actually, i understand, that richard did an interview, is a little bit of a diva, is and perhaps more about what that right? because she needs to be in her richard said in that interview, own studio in her own home to play the piano, right? claiming prosecutorial >> that's right. she's a studio musician, right. misconduct and discrimination, even on the part of the judge in his trial? and she -- you know, we had her off in the green room, and we brought her down. >> i don't think so, but i she doesn't like being held, so, really don't know. she's sort of putting up with us i mean, everything richard said is public record. holding her right now. we're hoping that doesn't interfere with her artistic that is our best understanding inspiration on the piano, of the case is that it's a because she's never played live combination of prosecutorial before. it's always been on tape, so -- >> betsy, you teach piano -- i'm misconduct and discrimination based on sexual orientation. sorry, i didn't mean to interrupt. you teach piano. he's the modern-day hurricane. >> i do. >> so, your idea is that nora is i know you and i have had that imitating you after watching you for so long?
7:39 am
conversation, though, in >> oh, absolutely. deference to reuben carter. i mean, she was obsessed with of course, reuben spent 20 years the piano from the time i in prison before he was zox brought her home as a kitten. she would dance in circles on rated. >> let me ask you this, cynthia, top of it. i don't know if you saw the he is in jail right now, not a video "whose piano is it federal prison. is it your understanding he'll stay there or might he be taken anyway?" but she dances in circles. back to prison? she used to do that all the time quickly, if you will. >> i really don't know. when she was a kitten. they haven't returned any of my put her head overhe kids' music. calls. the prison -- the barnstable oh, here she goes. >> is she starting to play? county jail and the sheriff's >> hopefully. hopefully, she's going to. >> go ahead, nora. department has to take their >> oh. directions from the bureau. are you going to play? >> she says too much pressure. so -- live television. >> you're waiting to hear. >> i can't imagine why they would -- yeah, that's right, i'm waiting to hear. and i'm troubled that i haven't >> what exactly is she playing heard at this late date there, betsy? anything. i did get -- i did reach one of the sheriff's, but she was >> interpretation. >> a stage mother here. grocery shopping last night and said she couldn't talk to me yes, i'm feeling greatly relieved because i really didn't until the morning. know if she was going to. >> all right. >> so, i'm hopin this morning i this is her own thing. will get calls. >> we will follow up on it. it's not a trick. it's not something we taught her. she plays when we're not in the cynthia ribas and kristen hatch. room, she plays when we're in the room. ladies, thanks to both of you. sometimes she plays when we don't want her to play. >> thank you, matt. >> thank you, matt. >> we'll get the latest i can be teaching a child or an information on this story and
7:40 am
bring it to you when we have it. adult who's trying to >> wild. concentrate and then nora hops on the bench. so many questions than answers it's crazy. there. >> betsy, when we see her, she let's get a check of the weather once again from al roker seems to love the ivories there. for us. i've got to ask, though, some >> okay, thank you, natalie and people may be cynics and say do matt. we have some nice waving ladies. you put catnip or anything to where are you from? entice her in the keys? >> california, maryland. >> oh, my god. >> wow, two states in one! >> because she likes -- she rubs that's great. her face on the keys. but it's a city called >> look, if i put catnip on californian maryland. >> yes, in maryland. those keys, nora would be rolling her entire body on the >> and she went to elementary -- keys, because she's like a total >> oh, my, i'm confused, but catnip addict, okay? she would be rolling around in good to see you all. there, and then she would lay on we have a strong risk of storms the bench and roll around. from oklahoma into illinois. record highs pacific northwest. then she would lick all the heavy rain, remnants of ana nr catnip off her body. 90. of course, i wouldn't do that. a chance of mainly afternoon passing thundershowers. by the way, this piano has a improving, lower humidity re computer in it. and if i put a drop of anything on here, that would be like good-bye to my piano which i >> and for your latest weather mortgaged the house to buy. >> i notice that nora is staring information, check out the weather channel on cable or at her reflection in the back online. part of the piano. matt? >> all right, al, thanks very can't take her eyes off herself. much. still ahead, the debate -- it's like meredith, actually. and believe it or not, there is one -- over first lady michelle so -- >> meredith is off vacation. oh, wow. obama's shorts. >> that's why it's safe to say
7:41 am
inappropriate or okay? we'll get into that. that. >> you know how when you pass a mirror? >> yeah. but up next, cash for gold. >> when you pass a mirror, you ateewh nou to n know before you have to look in it, check out race out to sell your old your reflection. jewelry, right after this. that's sort of where nora's head is at. she does it for hours. >> what is next for nora, betsy? >> well, she just finished a brand new book called "how to live the purfect life and make every day a catnip day," and we're looking for the right publisher for it, but it's all about her philosophy about why she's so happy and a talented cat and how you, too, can be happy and talented in your life. >> that's cool. >> she's very philosophical. >> bernal hasn't said anything. bernal, when is zz top getting back together? [ laughter ] >> you know, that really depends on how long the beard is. when it's about three jchz shorter, i'm willie nelson. >> i'm hoping it gets long enough to braid it. that's my plan. >> it's a good look. it's a good look. >> you know artists, we're like -- >> we got it. >> we're artists. our look is our thing. >> that's great.
7:42 am
>> but she -- have you heard catcerto, where she plays with the orchestra? >> you know what, i'm going to go on youtube right now. >> unfortunately, we're out of time, but we will logon to that. thank you. we appreciate it. thank you, everybody. >> thank you, nora, for playing. thank you. >> thanks. coming up next, our hot chef pat milochi does some cooking to the tunes of
7:43 am
7:44 am
♪ this morning on "today's kitchen," back to basics. "top chef" host padma lakshmi. the show's sixth season kicks off tonight on bravo, and this time, 17 cheftestants are >> announcer: "today's consumer" is brought to you by bank of packing up their pots and pans and heading to vegas, baby. america. get the most out of your padma lakshmi's here to tell us everyday purchases today. about that and to cook a recipe back at 7:45. from her book "easy exotic." and this morning on "today's consumer," turning gold into thanks for coming back.
7:45 am
cash. while the economy may be down, >> thank you for having me back. the price of gold is way up. >> how are you doing? >> great. so, the question is, is now the >> can we start off with a time to sell your old jewelry? congratulations for an emmy consumer reporter janice lieberman is a contributing award. along with the guest host. i mean, six years, but it's not editor on "reader's digest" like you've been a tv host -- magazine. janice, good morning. >> it' actually five seasons >> good morning. we see these ads everywhere. the value of gold has for me. it was shorter. >> that's right. skyrocketed in the past several >> actually, about 2 1/2 years years, just like it did in the for me or 3 years, so. >> are you excited about the potential of winning an emmy? 1980s, and you see the ads everywhere touting gold parties and mail-in offers. >> i'm excited to take my it all sounds tempting, but is mother. i think she's looking forward to it too good to be true? it and i'm happy for the show. we decided to find out. i think everyone works really there's cake and conversation. hard in the show, and if our nomination gives them one more for the show, then all the >> thanks. better. >> oh, thanks. i think it's great. >> what's going to be different about the show in vegas? >> reporter: but it's cash that these golden girls crave. does the location actually impact things? >> the location always impacts things. >> you're $5,443.49. you know, we try and bring as much as the environment into the >> wow. challenges and the food as we >> reporter: pawn it, package it can. that's what a good chef would or have yourself a party. do. >> right. >> you know, use local the gold rush is on. ingredients. so, a lot of citrus, seafood, and women like dot gerber who mailed off her jewelry are caribbean in miami. in vegas, you know, you have the striking. >> i got a check back for desert, which doesn't give you a lot of stuff to work with, but $1,800. >> reporter: so, is it worth it you know, we have cactus in
7:46 am
to sell your jewelry? there -- well, we decided to have some >> and you've got magicians and fun with this. we took one item, shopped it showgirls, which is good. >> which is the thing. around to find out how much we all of the environment in vegas, would actually get. the gambling lingo and all of those tricks do take a part in at, we bought four the challenges. >> chefs take greater risks, of these 14-karat figaro gold maybe? >> they should always take greater risks, but yeah, they chain necklaces for $69.99 a do. there's more at stake. for instance, we have high-stake quick fires where you can give piece. up immunity for a $15,000 chip, we tried this simple non-scientific experiment. at a pawn shop we were offered or you know, you can decide to just $3, a jeweler $5. double down or things like that. >> i was kidding about the aweo maile a one tone cash4gol and one to red swan, where we showgirls. you do have the showgirls. >> we had to have them, you know. got a check for only $3.46 and >> okay. >> they tried to get me in one of those outfits and i drew the $7.34 respectively. line. i thought it was -- >> they try to get me in those why so little and why the here as well. as we continue to talk about the show, you're making a recipe disparity? today. we asked a gem expert to >> it's so easy. >> you said that to me outside. you said this is going to take a minute, matt. explain. we purchased this necklace for >> it's very easy. >> what are we making? $70 online, and had we tried to >> i chose this recipe because sell it at various outlets, we it's really simple. got quotes from $3 to a little it's a spanish dish with chick more than $7. peas and spinach. that doesn't seem like much. and it's made traditionally with you can barely get a cup of coffee for that. cooked spinach that's been squeezed out, you know, the >> you paid a very full, very moisture's been squeezed out.
7:47 am
so, i have that here and i've high retail price for it, not an got both ways later to show you. unfair price, necessarily. >> do you have to use fresh spinach or can you use -- you have roughly about $19 or $20 worth of gold in this chain, >> you can use frozen spinach in a pinch. this is so easy. but you have manufacturing cost, i like raw spinach because i think it contains more of the you have marketing cost, nutrients, the iron and all of packaging, and of course, the the minerals and vitamins. company has to make a profit. and you know, when you mix the >> reporter: that's a significant profit in all these olive oil and lemon juice in, it cases. david taffett owns lippen cots, starts to wilt anyway after it sits. here we have a little bit of chives. so, the ingredients are just the parent company of several olive oil, lemon juice, chick gold jewelry buying stores, peas, which you can boil, soak and boil your own and use -- including red swan, where a >> some red pepper. former nbc news staffer is an >> red bell pepper. >> what's this? executive. how do you determine the price? >> these are cucumbers. >> the price changes every day just like the stock market, now, i just -- >> can i put them in now? where gold prices can go up or >> yeah, go ahead. down and then we pay a percentage. and you can add olive oil for me >> reporter: barri unique designer items, most used gold while i add the lemon juice. is just melted down. so, what you get all boiled down >> tell me when. >> add about half of that. there you go. >> okay. >> and this is a great, to the karat, weight and its versatile recipe, so -- >> is this done? daily value. >> salt and pepper and it will >> if you sold a piece of gold, something that cost you $70, the be done. >> just a pinch? >> that's it, yeah. real value between the wholesale price of that gold on the market and you can make this with black might be $15. beans or black-eyed peas, >> reporter: so, if you're
7:48 am
thinking about selling your arugula or any greens. gold, consider an appraisable. that's why this is areat recipe. you can take this template -- to maximize your money, shop >> you also asked if i like your items around at various spicy foods, so you can make local and reputable dealers. this -- jazz this up a little when you're ready to sell, bi >> yes, totally. in fact, i have some crushed red whether mailing it in or bringing it to a local jeweler, pepper for you, which i'm going to add. and that's it. you should first say no thanks. you can serve it as an hors d'oeuvre -- >> serve it with peanuts? >> you should never accept the >> take that over here. bring that with me over here. first offer. >> as we do that, i saw an our experience has proven that companies will make two and article you were featured in the three additional offers. other day, talking about chefs >> reporter: if you're still not and how they eat all ts food happy, don't accept the check and tend to have a roly-poly and request your items back, image. and yet, you have managed to stay in great -- how do you do because as we discovered, you might get much less than what that? >> it's hard. it's not easy. i mean, right now i have about you expected. five pounds to go to still lose unless, of course, you're like for my "top chef" weight, but dot gerber, you have no big you know, you just exercise. expectations and you're just happy with some extra spending i box -- here, let's spoon some money. >> i was thrilled to death in here and you can taste some because i had no idea that it there. i've added some red chili to was worth that much, and i'm make it spicier. going to use it. >> let's taste some of the just go with the money to buy a freshest stuff here. >> yeah. new oriental rug. it might need a little more salt. i saw you were easy on the salt, >> sounds good. experts say the number one way but -- >> mm-mmm. >> see, it's done. to get the most money is to shop again, it's very easy. it around, which is easiest, of it's vegetarian, but it has course, if you do it in person. protein. and if you did want to lose some
7:49 am
take your gold to a number of weight, this would be a great local jewelers and compare the way to do it. offers, and you can send it in >> very healthy. as well. since you are an emmy-nominated >> now, you have that $70 host and i have a mouth full of necklace that you tried to sell, food, why don't you read the 14-karat gold. tease that's up there? why do you think you didn't get >> okay, a reminder -- not even a fraction of the >> no, y'r e supposed to say price? was it because the actual gold padma, thank you. >> oh, padma, thank you. value was too low? >> no, we're paying for a reminder, "top chef las vegas" marketing and advertising and premieres tonight on bravo. the retail space. it was only worth $19 in actual and we will be right back. this is "today" on nbc. gold. >> nicely done. so, that's why we got a fraction the emmy goes to -- of it. >> all right, janice lieberman, thanks so much. coming up next, get ready to feel old. life through the eyes of the class of you want to, the class of 2013.
7:50 am
7:51 am
kids all across the country are starting to head back to school, and that means it's time for high school football. in kansas, the smith center redmen enter the season with 67 consecutive wins. that's the longest streak in the country. and five state titles in a row. but that's only part of this team's incredible story. "the new york times" reporter joe drape is the author of the new book "are boys a perfect season." joe, good morning. >> thanks for having me, natalie. >> nice to have you here. this is a really great story, because it's about a lot more than football and this team. it's about a community, right? >> it's about a community and it's about the old values of love, patience, hard work. you know, i went there in 2007 and did a story for the "times," and the first thing the coach told me, roger barter, was none of this is about football, it's about raising kids. it's what we do real well here. and you know, that resonated with me, natalie. i had a 3-year-old -- at the time, jack was 3 -- and i need help raising kids.
7:52 am
i think most people would like to have help raising kids, and so, i was intrigued and i wanted to go back. >> and you brought your family back and you moved in with them for a year to write this book. you thought there was a much bigger story here than not, you know, more than their winning streak and more than the football game. and over the course of the season, what you learn is that even though they lost in the 2008 season, they lost 12 seniors, so, they lost, you know, pretty much their team and they srted out with a new crop of seniors. you see this group of young men, though, really gel and grow in their confidence and become an incredible team. >> yeah. and they were following the greatest high school class in kansas football, legendary. still ahead, nora the cat and they were an unconfident that plays piano. bunch. they weren't very good in junior >> we will have a special live performance after your local high. news and weather. >> boy, she's really good, huh? they didn't have confidence. and i watched them grow from >> she's just getting warmed up. boys to men. >> love the charlie brown tune. and that's what was really touching to me. and i watched a coaching staff be educators and be teachers and move them incrementally. i mean, all the time they talked about life's lessons. you know, their philosophy is,
7:53 am
15 years from now, i hope you learned something in this locker room that's going to make you a better person and a better man. >> and you know, tell me about the town of smith center, because i think this town really is, you know, sort of, in football, the life blood really of the values of what these boys are raised with, right? >> you know, it's a wonderful community and it's a community of mentors. they all take care of the kids. i mean, it's that it takes a village to raise a kid. you know what's important, what i found great was the same people who were at the friday night football games werehe at e thursday afternoonio junr jig h school volleall h games, were at the school plays, were at the school concerts. i mean -- >> this is a town of less than 2,000 people, though, i understand. no shopping malls. >> there's not a mcdonald's or a walmart within 90 miles. >> so, that gives them the ability to really, i mean, spend time with their kids and focus on their kids. >> they focus on their kids. and you know, the other 'r eystthju e e l they're just like us. i mean, both parents work, both parents are rushing their kids to it. their moms domeikre tndous stuf
7:54 am
for them back there. they're up early, getting them ready for school. they're cooking dinner late at night. you know, everybody's involved. >> winning isn't everything, as you say. i mean -- >> no. you know, and that's what really appealed to me. "friday night lights" is the benchmark -- >> the book and the movie and tv show here on nbc to follow. >> and you know, i fou the bright side. i found the uplift there. i mean, they're doing it to raise kids and make better people. they're not doing it to play football. >> so, there's a story that we can all take away from it and learn. thank you so much for bringing it to us. the book is called "our boys." joe drape, thank you ag ren. >> thanks, natalie. still ahead, the financial questions you want answered with our "money 911" panel.
7:55 am
our time right now is 8:55. coming up on 8:56. 79 degrees, bright sunshine, a lot of humidity out there now. a nice day in the nation's capital on the muggy side out we're going to get very warm. there right now. we'll get the forecast from tom already 77 degrees here in kierein coming up. i'm joe krebs on this august 19, washington. good morning. time now 7:. 2009. in the news today, crews are
7:56 am
in the news, investigators are trying to fix a water main break looking for clues into the murder of a pizza shop owner in in alexandria. a 12-inch main broke on south northeast washington. police discovered the body of 44-year-old shahabuddin rana in reynolds street. washington suites hotel is his pizza mart on fourth street without water. yesterday. the restaurant was not open at three fire hydrants don't have water. the time. south reynolds is closed from an autopsy is scheduled to the 200 block to duke. determine the cause of death. if you take the metro to if you take metro to work, work your ride may get more wireless carriers are installing convenient. wireless carriers are installing equipment that will allow equipment that will allow passengers to make calls, send passengers to make call, send text and surf the web in 20 text and surf the web. underground tunnels. the expanded service should be the extended service should be available by october 16. available by the middle of october. metro hopes for all of its metro hopes for all of the underground stations to have underground stations to have wireless coverage by 2012. wireless coverage by 2012. we'll take a break and come back we'll come back and look at with weather and traffic. weather and traffic. stay with us.
7:57 am
good morning. humidity increased overnight, temperatures in the upper 70s around the region and we're
7:58 am
going to have a hot and humid day near 90. chance of passing afternoon and evening thundershowers. as well as tomorrow, friday and saturday. thursday through saturday even more humid. highs near 90 may be passing thundershowers each day, mainly in the afternoon. then drying out saturday evening into sunday, monday and tuesday. lower humidity moving in with highs in the 80s a wsning lows in the 60s. now jerry, how's traffic? >> some trouble out there, 270 southbound at shady grove road accident left side of the roadway is blocked there. northeast police dealing with an accident new york avenue inbound between south dakota avenue and ple ensberg road. southeast, no worries. barbara. >> thank you. tonight at 5:00, gluten-free food, you may see the labels on products in theli a few high clouds passing over washington at this hour, and it's a steamy morning. we're around 80 degrees, we'll hit near 90 by this afternoon with a chance of a passing thundershower as well as perhaps
7:59 am
early this evening, more humid thursday, friday and saturday. how's traffic? >> an accident 66 inbound outside of manassas, left side of the roadway there, police are on the scene. the rush hour winding down, 395 briefly heave to the 14th street bridge. no accidents. >> thanks. tonight at 5:00, gluten-free food. you may see the labels on products in the store more often because more people need it. a close look at celiac disease and why it's hard to diagnose.
8:00 am
back with more of "today" now on a tuesday morning, august 19th, 2009. kind of a nice day to be standing outside, at least for the moment, before the burners kick in and it really gets hot and sticky here in the northeast, as it's expected to a little later today. had some very severe thunderstorms in the area last night. some airports were clod for a little while. flights were very much delayed. that grounded our ann curry in washington, but she'll rejoin us tomorrow. we're happy to have natalie morales here. al roker joins us as well. >> hundreds of trees got knocked down in central park last night. >> it was a -- >> really powerful. >> i was listening last night at 10:00 as hail was hitting my window. >> and the lightning. unbelievable. >> if you yesterday saw our
8:01 am
interview with "survivor" winner richard hatch. he w the winner of the first "survivor." then he spent time in a federal prison for tax evasion, the last several months under home or house arrest up in newport, rhode island. well, shortly after our interview aired yesterday, richard hatch was taken back into custody. he's now in a jail in massachusetts. why? we're going to talk to his attorney and his sister and try and get to the bottom of that. >> all right. then, if it's wednesday, it must be "today's money 911." this morning our panel has advice on everything from having to survive a layoff, which a lot of people are facing, best strategies for paying down credit card debt. is it ever the right idea to take out a home equity line to help? we'll have the answers to that and a whole lot more. all right, also coming up, keeping your style fresh through the fall. we're already talking fall fashions here and how you can save some money and look stylish with just a few tweaks to your summer staples for the next few months. >> okay. and giada de laurentiis's in
8:02 am
the house with great ideas. first, to the news desk and hoda. >> good morning, guys. good morning, everybody. today has been the deadliest day in iraq since june. multiple car bombs and martars killed 70 people and wounded some 300 others. they also damaged the parliament building. ratcheting up vionce in afghanistan on the eve of elections there. gunmen stormed a kabul bank today and battled police for hours. taliban militants have vowed to disrupt tomorrow's vote. lawmakers will hold more town hall meetings across the country today, pushing health care reform to sometimes skeptical crowds. a new nbc news poll finds 42% of americans think president obama's health care reforms are a bad idea with 36% in favor. there was no early warning tuesday before a tornado ripped through a shopping center parking lot in beaumont, texas. part of a department store roof collapsed. four people spent the night in the hospital.
8:03 am
meantime in colorado, a funnel cloud made for an ominous sight but did not touch down or cause any damage. richard hatch, the first winner of the reality show "survivor," was arrested once again just hours after an exclusive interview with matt that aired on tuesday. "today" naonal correspondent amy robach is outside hatch's home in newport, rhode island where he was arrested. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. in fact, the past 24 hours have changed dramatically for richard hatch. he has gone from being on house arrest here in rhode island back to jail. this all happened, of course, after his interview with matt yesterday, an interview where hatch said he had permission to speak. >> the winner of the first "survivor" competition is rich. >> reporter: from winning the reality show "survivor" in the year 2000 and taking home the million-dollar prize -- >> any comment today? >> reporter: -- to serving nearly four years in prison for failing to pay taxes on those
8:04 am
winnings, richard hatch has never been afraid to speak his mind. >> i know people perceive me as cocky and arrogant, and a big part of that, if not all of it's my responsibility. i grew up as a fat, gay kid in a community that doesn't appreciate fat, gay people. so, you develop some insecurities and you cover those insecurities sometimes, i think, with an overreaction. >> reporter: for the last three months, hatch has been under house arrest in rhode island, fitted with a monitoring bracelet around his ankle. tuesday on "today," he broke his silence for the first time since his tax conviction, telling matt he w innocent of the charges against him and claiming he's a victim of discrimination because he's gay. >> are you saying to me that if you were heterosexual, you would not have gone to prison? >> i didn't mean to allude to it. i meant to state that definitive. yeah, i do, i do believe that. >> reporter: just hours after that interview aired, hatch was once again taken into police custody. his lawyer says hatch was told he had improper contact with the public.
8:05 am
but when he talked to matt, in a part of the interview that did not air tuesday, hatch said he had permission to speak to nbc. >> you know, i've been denied the opportunity to speak for nearly four years now. i've been told by the bureau of prisons no, no permission, period. but finally, we got permission to do this. and again, i'm just grateful. why have i wanted to talk? well, if you were innocent -- and i'm absolutely innocent -- it's not a question, it's no objective observer could possibly think anything other than i'm innocent, and i've been denied the opportunity to speak for 3 1/2 years. >> you're not worried at all that by doing something they don't want you to do, you're going to somehow impact your future in this? >> well, i can't do something they don't want me to do. if i don't something they don't want me to do, even something simple, then i'm back in prison. >> well, then by sitting here talking to me right now, are you placing yourself in jeopardy? >> no, i got permission. we got permission to do this interview and that's why i'm doing it. >> reporter: earlier this morning we spoke with richard
8:06 am
hatch's attorney who says she is still trying to get to the bottom of this rest. she has contacted the federal bureau of prisons. she's also tried to speak to local authorities. so far, no real answers, she claims. she's going to try to get those later today. hoda, back to you. >> amy robach in newport, rhode island. thanks, ame. you are now up to date. now over to al keror. roker. a lot going on right now. first of all, in the pacific northwest, a big upper ridge bringing temperatures above normal, temperatures 80s to 90s to 100 degrees with heat warnings and adsories. here in the east, a big bermuda high creating humid, oppressive conditions from the northeast into new england with temperatures in the 80s and low 90s. and then we've got hurricane bill, now a strong category 4, 135-mile-per-hour winds moving west-northwest 16 miles per hour. track of the storm brings it alongside to the west of bermuda. that's the strong side of the storm. but if you also look, the cone
8:07 am
of uncertainty also includes nantucket and cape cod. no matter where, we can expect this weekend to have from florida all the way up into new england, strong rip currents right here get ready for a steamy hot day. temperatures already in the0s. low 80s across the area. upper 70s, martinsburg and winchester, 77, 78 degrees. 82 in town. on the radar right now there is nothing but like yesterday there is a chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms. and a slight risk that some of those storms could be severe. isolated severe, that's a possibility with high winds. possibly hail. temperatures the remainder o now onto our wednesday's special, "today's money 911" from school loans to mortgage payments and credit card debt, we're answering all your questions this half hour. here with help, "today" financial editor jean chatzky,
8:08 am
founder of david bach, who's been busting a move during the "money 911" sang and cnbc's carmen wong ulrich. we have natalie on the plaza, hoda. first up to natalie with a skype question. natalie? >> we have nancy clark from mesa, arizona, on skype with us. go on, nancy. what's your question for our panel? >> yes, i will be laid off at the end of this month. i've been with a company for 25 years, and i'd like to reduce my monthly expense. i was wondering, should i take out a 401(k) loan now while i'm still employed to pay off some of this debt? >> and we're sorry to hear that you're going to be laid off, but how do you know that you are, that that's for sure? >> oh, it's been in the plan. they've been very straight forward. it's a gat company, just difficult times. >> all right. well, let's turn it over to our panel. jean, do you have an answer for
8:09 am
her about taking a loan on her 401(k)? >> yeah. >> i know what you normally advise here. >> absolutely, and the advice is going to be the same. you don't want to do it, but for a very specific reason. if you take a loan from your 401(k) and you leave the company, they can actually ask you for that money back inside of 60 days. and if you don't have it to give back to them, that can be treated as a withdrawal, which means you're going to pay taxes and penalties on that amount. so, it's not something that you want to do. instead, what i hope that you're doing is focusing on what's next. you have known that this is coming for a while, so you should be out there looking for that next job. and should you land one while your severance is still coming in, then it's windfall city because you've got salary and severance, and tns. you use that money to really wail on that debt. >> okay, nancy, good luck. thank you. now a phone call, kelly in norcross, georgia. good morning, kelly. what's your question? >> caller: good morning. my home will be paid off in may of next year. i have no other significant
8:10 am
debts, no credit card balances. i'd like to know what focus i should use and where should i put my money to get the most benefits. >> okay. now, do you have any plans for what you want to do, kelly? >> eventually in the next year or two, i would like to possibly move to another home, but other than that, no real plans. >> david, thoughts for kelly? >> well, first of all, kelly, i would say this, congratulations! i mean, i love the fact that your mortgage is almost paid off! so, how old are you right now? >> caller: 48. >> 48 and your home's paid off. love, love, love this! my fears are with people like you, you can retire five to ten years sooner now because your home is paid off. if you want to move to a bigger home or a new home for retirement, here's what i want you to do and this is for anyone in hersituation. you basically take the mortgage payments, once that mortgage is paid off, take the mortgage payments and start investing those payments until you're ready to buy your property. i would go to
8:11 am
the reason i like ishares is these are exchange-trading mutual funds, low costs, diversified. look at the bond fund category. you're not going to really look at this until 2010. in 2010 when you look at this, look at corporate bonds, high-yield bond funds and muni bond funds depending on your tax bracket. but gracticongratulations, grea situation to be in. >> terrific. this is an e-mail from alex. alex writes -- "i will be receiving a portion of my husband's 401(k) from divorce proceedings. i would like to know if i can take money out without penalties. is there a way to refinance a home in this situation in this market, in arizona? our home has no equity because we also have a line of credit from a separate bank that we would like to include in the refinance. we have $240,000 and $76,000 on the equity line of credit." a lot of stuff going on with that. >> first of up with the 401(k) odd divorce. let's start with that. this is the one opportunity you have, actually, to take that money out -- i'm not saying you should -- but you can take it out without the 10% penalty for
8:12 am
taking it out before you're 59 1/2. however, it's not necessarily what you want to do, because you'll still have to pay taxes on it. so instead, roll that money over into an i.r.a. that you can control, not your husband, so that you can also add to it and continue to keep it growing. now, as for the home, listen in this situation, first of all, you've got to have two players and they have to play along with you. if your home is under your husband's and yourself, both your names, are you together on the refi? and you have two different loans with two different lenders, so they both have to work together. now, she's under water. go to go to, both places. look at the paperwork. see and apply to call for the refi under the president's plan and get a non-profit housing counselor to work with you. because as we know, and we've talked about this a lot, the plan is not working as quickly or as well as it should be, so you need a lot of muscle behind you to help you get through this and get the refi. >> but you can actually be more under water than you could be just a few minutes ago. they've actually expanded the
8:13 am
plan, so it's a good try. >> it's a better time to try because there's more wiggle room in there. >> now we head across the street to hoda with a viewer question. >> a lot of questions at dean & deluca. jill and joe from huntsley, illinois. a question involving health care. >> my husband and i are a small business owner with 25 employees. as i understand it, if one of them chooses not to have health care through us, we will be penalized 8%. is this true? >> a lot of questions about the health care plan. take that question. >> i don't know if you've seen the health care plan. it's like this thick and nobody's really read through every page of. it but here's the truth, we don't really know what's going to happen at this point. what i can tell you as a small business owner, the penalties they're talking about is for those who don't offer health care, period. so, the idea here is the government wants to penalize small businesses that don't offer health care. i believe in the situation you're talking about, where someone opts out, there will not be a penalty, but i have to tell you, we don't really know yet. we don't really know yet. >> that's the most frustrating part of this entire plan.
8:14 am
we go back and forth between the house and the senate and the different bills and different committees. i have not seen one bottom-line estimate of how much this is going to cost and who is going to pay for it and what it means to the individual. and i have to say, if they were focusing on what this would actually cost individual people, we would be a lot clearer and a lot further along in this debate. >> i say we lock them in a gym and they don't come out. >> that's right. >> until they've got something. >> david paterson's school of government. >> exactly. >> we're going to take a brea but when we come back, what you should know about those 529 plans and your child's education, along with more answers to your questions. then later, tricks to working your wardrobeathere iardrobe i a fall closet by saving you money through your "money 911." the blue goes on the left. (announcer) getting ready for the big game? ohhhh... bring it. bouy extra soft-- the bounty with a little extra softness! it's super absorbent. and it works extra hard for your money. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty extra soft out-scrubs two sheets of the bargain brand.
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8:18 am
rose is on the phone with a question about 529 funds. funds. good morning, rose. >> caller: good morning, everybody. >> and your question? >> caller: my son is a high school senior this year and i wondered if it's still beneficial to be putting my money into a 529 plan, and is ohio's really the worst? >> wow! >> wow. >> she's starting from a negative. quickly, what are 529s? >> 529s are state-sponsored college savings plans. they allow you to put money away for college and then not pay taxes on it when you withdraw the money. when your son is a senior, you've missed a lot of that opportunity already. you can still put the money away. you may get a state tax deduction in order, if you actually do that. but go to the website ohio actually has threeplans, and one of them is quite good. i believe it actually ranks third in the country. so, there are options there. the thing for people to remember is you don't have to invest in your state's plan if you're not happy with it. you can go elsewhere.
8:19 am
you might not get the state tax benefits. >> did that answer the question for you, rose? >> caller: well, i had one other question with that. i have been contributing and i am still ongoing contributing. >> okay. >> caller: i just want to know if i should continue while he is going to be in college or should i stop now? >> again, you can still get those benefits. the most important thing to do is to look at your mix. look at how that money in the account is invested, because if you've still got him invested aggressively and he's heading off to college, that's a mistake. you want to make sure that that money is moved to safety, the most conservative option they have for you is where you want to be, because you can't afford toose any of that money right now. >> all right, rose, thank you. and rose very strong on the follow-up question there. we like that. >> excellent. >> very impressive. thank you, rose. all right, now let's head across the stet to hoda. >> we've got angie and her family from seattle. angie, what's your question? >> my question is that i've heard historically in the stock market the largest gains have been after a recession or a depression. is this true? and whe should i start investing in order to catch this
8:20 am
waive? >> carmen, this one's for you. >> oh, hoda. angie, you missed therain a bit on this one, out you are correct. i mean, think about it. with recessions and depressions, you have the biggest dips, you're going to have the biggest gains. it is very reactionary, but listen, the time to really have gotten in is at the bottom. i wish we could have called the bottom, but back in march. now we're talking about, you missed july. july was the biggest gains, over 20%, since the 1930s. now we're going to see, and everyone's projecting, we've seen it a little bit this week, the market is going to go back down. the key here is get in as soon as you possibly can and stay in. don't get in and out trying to time the market. just keep investing. >> timers are the sufferers. >> you really can't call. it it's a gamble. but the key here is long-term investing is dollar cost averaging. putting money in every month, every two weeks, a certain amount of money over time. >> you wind up ahead of the game. >> you buy at different levels and it eecvens itself out. >> it's only a sufferer's game
8:21 am
if you can't figure it out. the market crashed. we went up 42% since march. and to her question, we have seen rallies between 50% to 130% after the by of the market. so, you're right, we didn't know -- >> absolutely, but after the fact. after the fact. so, let's say in march, let's say if you start investing in april or in march, you're golden. but even if you put your money in now, we still have a long ways to go, so just get in as soon as you can so you can be part of it. >> that's right. because if you're not in it, you can't win it. >> can't win. it that's right. that's right. >> during the commercial break we'll have more cliches that we can put on our website. jean chatzky, david bach, carmen wong ulrich, thank you very much. you can watch carmen's show saturday eveng on "on the money." if you have questions, go to still to come, dave spader wants you to see something the family can enjoy, and it's just in time for vacation. but first, these messages.
8:22 am
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still to come, why flowers are still blooming in your closet for the fall. >> and giada's she's going to get juice to tell us about her fruit recipes. >> that's all after your local news and weather. this is one way of getting vitamins and minerals. this is another. new total blueberry pomegranate cereal gives you 100% of the daily value of 12 essential vitamins and minerals. plus the bold new taste of blueberries and pomegranate with crispy whole grain flakes and crunchy oat clusters. total, a truly delicious way to get vitamins and minerals. how are you getting 100%? visit and get a free sample.
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our time right now is 9:26, 79 degrees. good morning. i'm joe krebs. let's see what the forecast looks like. tom kierein is in storm center 4. >> actually -- that's okay. ot hoheanndtr a steamy one today with temperatures up to near 90.
8:27 am
taking a look outside youan see the haze across the area. temperatures at 82 degrees right in d.c., 79 quantico and a southwest wind, we're going to rise again to near 90 degrees. another day with afternoon thunderstorms, evening, too, could be isolated severe ones with heavy rain. joe? >> veronica, thanks much.
8:28 am
on the top side of the capital beltway a little backup into silver spring and bethesda. other than that okay, no lane concerns. right now moving nicely. however, we'll be watching for the midday construction. we'll keep you updated on that. joe? >> thanks. tonight at 5:00, gluten-free foods, you may see the labels in the store more and more because there's a growing number of people that need it. tonight a closer look at celiac
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ i got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine ♪ that's pop star and the star of our friday summer concert series, british singer and songwriter, ms. natasha bedingfield, singing "pocket full of sunshine," the weather song. we'll have a sky full of sunshine friday when she stops by. or we're hoping for the sunshine. anyway, come on down for some fun. meanwhile, while ann makes her way all the way from washington -- >> d.c. >> that was a storm last night, though. >> yeah, because i guess ann never heard of the train. hoda kotb had to get up -- >> too late. >> yeah, i guess. they shut down amtrak at 6:00. anyway, hoda got up a little early here to help out this morning. and i understand you two are cooking up a special assignment.
8:31 am
>> yeah. >> special is a good word for it. >> we're running in a triathlon. together. >> she got me into it, so i have her to blame. >> congratulations. >> it involves running and swimming and biking. >> the swimming part is the part that we fear the most. >> like an open-water type of swim? >> you swim in the ocean. i've got to tell you, i swam a couple laps. i don't swim well. >> i don't either. >> i swam two laps and was hype ventilating. >> ann curry's husband brian could give you tips. he swam the english channel. >> are you kidding? >> seriously. >> oh. >> we have a good trainer. >> has a major crush -- >> hold on a second! >> those are not -- >> oh, that looks good. >> i'm the slow one. see the grandma? that was me. >> wow. >> very sad. >> we have four weeks to train, which is hardly enough time. >> uh-oh, they're already lowering the bar. >> it's mainie. it's a sprint. it's a short triathlon. >> hey, i'm impressed. i'm impressed. >> it's a short one. so we'll survive and be okay, and you're going to be our
8:32 am
lifeguard. did you know? >> what else? also coming up, bobbie thomas is here to show us some seasonist style choices, tips on putting together pieces that can be worn through the summer months into the fall, so you can be stylish and save money all of the time. >> i'm just the opposite, i'm stylist in season. and giada de laurentiis is back, whipping up fine desserts featuring the fruits that are so fresh right now, peaches, mangos, plums. jad yahogiada giada's got it all going on for us. >> yummy, delicious. you've got the weather for us. a lot to talk about. and still a lot more to talk about today. for today, strong storms in the midsection of the country, record highs in the pacific northwest, heavy rain from remnants of ana down in florida. tomorrow the risk of strong storms stretch from the eastern great lakes all the way down into northeastern texas. the record highs continue this hot and very moist air mass sticking with us. our temperatures in the low 80s across the area, 82 degrees right there in d.c., 79 in
8:33 am
quantico and 83 at pax river, strong southwesterly wind, temperatures up to near 90. there is a 40% chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms. i do think that some of these storms may be severe, isolated severe, with strong winds, possibly hail, continued storms through saturday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up, bobbie thomas is in the goe's t she's going to show you how to ease your way into fall without saying good-bye to summer. i really want dessert tonight. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need. ( stomach growls ) skipping breakfast to get ahead? research shows that women that eat breakfast, like the special k® breakfast, actually weigh less. the special k® breakfast, now in bluerry. so why skip? when you can eat all this... and still weigh le. victory is... sweet.
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8:37 am
fast and keep your flowers in bloom, because "today's" style editor bobbie thomas is here with her seasonal take on style. bobbie, good morning. good morning. >> you say don't pack away all the summer clothing, actually leave some of the pieces out because you can transition them into fall. how do you figure out what's going to work? what is a seasonless piece? >> it's really about your personality and being creative. there are so many trends happening in the summer season that are going to carry into fall and fall trends, such as florals, that are really big and you can pick them off a summer sale rack. >> the first strategy is to rethink your florals. you typically associate florals to spring and summer, bright colors and floral lace and everything. today our model nancy is going to come out. >> this is a floral skirt from new port news. so many florals northwest. nancy has shown you have to really work this into your winter wardrobe. we found this jacket at homeans for $38. it's great with a ttleneck or
8:38 am
boots that you own. so work it into winter. it's nice. it's a fresh trend that you can work on without spending the money. >> and some people think not the plaid with the floral, but there is the mixing and matching of text yours and patterns. >> exactly. find the similar colors to repeat and you're good. >> looks good on nancy. thank you, nancy. our next category is to reuse accessories. we're seeing you've got a great, bold necklace on today. and here on the mannequin we see some of the summer accessories, but these can actually help lighten some of the looks in the fall, right? >> yeah, it's all about the styling secrets. in the summer, we collect wooden beningl bangles, and you'll see it lightens up the color in the fall. so charcoal gray instead of black. keep it more natural. and we kept her nude pair of shoes just by adding a fishnet type of hosiery with it. >> darker type. >> yh. go the opposite way. it's a new way to look at your
8:39 am
basics, especially for work, and reuse the accessories. >> and the statement necklace really is what everybody's wearing. the big trend for the fall. >> big statement necklace. >> all right. thank you so much, casey. next is to reinvent our neutrals. and you know, summer khakis, we all wear them, the white. >> it's a uniform. >> it's a uniform for a lot of us, but you can add things in to embellish your wardrobe. >> we often see the khaki and t-shirt with flip-flops in the summer, but you can really dress that up and move it into fall. i love this look on julie. we added a scarf from dillards, the plaid says autumn, add sparkle with the jewelry. this is a nice cord blazer. nice touch again. $44 from jcpenney, so very affordable. and we pulled her shoes out of storage. she said i love these shoes and really want to wear them. it dressed up the basics. >> and the khakis you can roll them up. >> and add a boot to cover. >> or maybe a tight. everything is accessible these
8:40 am
days. thoo thanks so much, julie. next category is to recycle brights. we all have that one, bright, bold dress in our closet, maybe more than one. >> yes. >> you say don't pack it away just yet. we can make it work for fall. >> we talk about the lbd as the little black dress. i like the little bright dress for fall. go the opposite way for the accent. with roesshida, we just added black. it takes another twist. it dresses us up for work or you can wear it out. this is $28 from francesca's collection. if you already own one or buy it on sale for $28, you can turn it into a sophisticat look. >> or add a cardigan. >> trench coat. >> it keeps the look longer. >> and pink is a big color for fall. there's just a lot you can do. i really want to hope that these looks inspire you to take something that you already own and look at that before you go shopping, because we really can cut costs that way. >> absolutely. let's bring all of the models out for one last look. you look great.
8:41 am
thank you so much to all of you. roshida looking great out of your page uniform that we usually see you in. very nice, ladies, thanks. and bobbie thomas, thanks to you. always check out bobbie's column in "the buzz" in weekly." coming up next, al's cooking up something delicious with giada de laurentiis right after this. well, hello there. that's what i'm talking about. (announcer) does your air greet you? say hello to new airwick imotion. it's the only scented oil with a motion sensor, that sees you and says hi back with a boost of fresh scent. when was the last time your scented oil greeted you? airwick imotion. airwick, it's good to be home. ♪ ♪ i got troubles, oh ♪ but not today ♪ 'cause they're gonna wash away ♪ ♪ they're gonna wash away ♪
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8:45 am
>> announcer: "today's kitchen" is brought to you by new dove body wash with nutrient moisture. this morning on "today's kitchen," we are cooking with giada. "today" contributor and italian chef giada de laurentiis, she is here to stir up some delicious desser, and i have the fabulous task of helping her out. >> yes! i'm so excited. >> yes! so, it is august. you drive by these farm stands, and i mean, the baskets are overflowing right now. >> yes. kind of like our outfits. look how colorful we are today. >> yes, we are. >> so, what you want to do is look for vibrantly colored fruit. and you want to hold them and make sure they don't have, you know, marks and scrapes all over them. >> no soft spots. >> no soft spots, you know. >> what do you like right now? what is your favorite stuff going on right now? >> peaches, berries are very
8:46 am
nice, and apricots. i love apricots. >> so you're going to do some cooking. >> change it up a bit. obviously, the fruits are fresh, but when you buy a lot of them, you want to do something different. i use plums, apricots and peaches, lots of color, and i skewer them in water for about a half hour so they don't burn up on the grill. and i take the pan, inside or outside, whatever you want, and sprile sugar. just a sugary crust. >> i've brushed them with a little maple syrup a couple times. >> you can do that, too. >> you can do that? >> you can do that too. and spray the grill so it doesn't stick. >> it doesn't take long. >> five minutes. five minutes. >> both sides? >> i like both sides, yeah. and it warms the fruit through a little bit, tenderizes it with a sugary crust. so it's a nice treat, especially with kids, nice treat in the summertime. >> no fat and a little sugar. >> exactly. you can go that way. >> i split the table. >> and what i do with this one is, you see i have a little ice cream over there?
8:47 am
>> yes. >> i like to serve it with ice cream and i put them right over the ice cream. so, you've got a little treat in the thing. so, now -- >> you're going to make something special. >> we're going to switch places. what i'm going to do here is show you this little dessert, but before we do that, i found that a lotf people are intimidated by cutting mango. >> i do not know how to cut mango. >> most people don't. i'm going to show you today. so pick up your knife -- >> wasn't it chris ket yang, mango. >> mango, that's right. so take a sharp knife, cut the two ends off and set it upright. so now it doesn't roll around, okay? because you're always fearful it's going to move around. >> right. >> then i kind of peel it like you would if you were peeling an apple, and just kind of go between the flesh and the skin of the mango, just like this. now, everybody has their own way of doing it. some people like to cut the mango in four and then just kind of make little marks in it and peel it out. i find it's more difficult that way. >> are there different kinds of mangos? >> yes. >> because i find some are more fibery than others.
8:48 am
>> depends where they're from. some are sweeter than others. right now, any mango you're going to find is going to be really, really juicy and delicious. then move it like that, set it back upright, so it's solid. >> solid. >> it doesn't roll around anywhere. and just cut all along the pit. so, just kind of -- you can kind of feel where the pit goes and let the knife run -- >> if there's a little resistance, you're hitting the pit. >> correct. so just kind of cut all around the pit. then i just take it and you can do whatever you want with it. you can cut it in half and cut it in little cubes like we're going to do for my dessert here, my raspberry and mango in syrup. >> that's perfect. >> you all right there? >> fine. good. >> that's all good. you can just leave them. >> close enough. before someone gets hurt. >> you can eat this later. suck on this later. >> did you hear that? she told me to suck on this later. unbelievable! >> i meant put it in your mouth, gnaw on it. i meant it in a nice way. >> i'm sure you did. a nice way. >> you know, you don't want to waste fruit, righ >> mm-mmm, no.
8:49 am
>> then you cut it in cubes, all right? got it? >> yep. >> you can do mine, too, while i explain the rest. how's that? >> great. thank you. >> so, what i like to do is put the mango and raspberries aside and do some syrup. sugar, lemon zest, lemon juice, cinnamon sticks, two sticks, actually, and two annis pods. >> kind of spicy. >> well, it's kind of warm and spicy. this could be in the summer. you can make it, chill it, or do it in the wintertime warm with ice cream. in the summertime, i chill it. i basically make the prosecco syrup, make it thicker and then let it cool. >> how do we serve this? >> then i just spoon the fruit. you can do this with peaches and plums. this is just my favorite combination. let's see here. we'll do a little bit of the syrup right overthere. and then -- >> a little whipped cream? >> a little whipped cream. in the summertime, i like whipped cream. in the winte time, i like ice cream. so it just depends. >> and lemon zest.
8:50 am
>> the zest just to make it colorful and pretty. and then serve. this is for you. >> very nice. thank you. thank you very much. giada de laurentiis. thank you so very much. >> you're welcome. happy birthday. >> oh, tomorrow. >> tomorrow, but yes, happy birthday. >> as a card, she's saying you can suck on this. we're back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> what s that?at
8:51 am
8:52 am
giada de laurentiis does it again. >> that's right. and guess who joined us? they're talking, i think, about michelle obama and the shorts. >> apparently, it's a big controversy. who knew? >> we talked about it a little bit yesterday when it got a little traction, then it just keeps getting more interesting. i can't believe there's all this hoo-ha. >> she's trying to say we started the whole thing. >> she's on vacation. >> she's a little bitter, but not much. >> there's no point in the discussion. she's on vacation.
8:53 am
>> james is in the makeup room. wonderful. >> shorts. >> shorts. speaking of shorts. >> it's our theme. >> with the same director who did that great movie for kids, "spy kids," so terrific. richard rodriguez. >> and natalie and i are doing a -- >> are we really doing it? >> yeah, we are. >> you're actually swimming? >> they're in training for it. >> in traing right now. >> are they coming out to your house to do a little training? >> we are. >> yes, and i am going to be waving wito them with my cockta from the porch. >> you will be the cheerleader. >> everybody needs one of those. you ow i'm highly medicated. i can't be doing that. >> okay, which one's natalie? which one -- >> swimming like that. >> hoda, that's really good, the little paddle. >> just like michael phelps. >> i don't know. >> i'm going to give her some of the little wings things. you can have the filotei. omg up in our hour, the big hour of the "today" show. >> the what? >> the big hour of the "today" show. >> she's medicated.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
our time right now is 9:56. 79 degrees here in the nation's capital. a lot of sunshine, a lot of humidity out there as you can see in the air. we're going to get the forecast, meteorologist veronica johnson is coming up. crews are trying to fix a water main break in alexandria. a 12-inch main broke on south reynolds street. the washington suites hotel is without water now and 14 buildings including one set of condos. three fire hydrants don't have water. south reynolds is closed from the 200 block to duke street. if you take the metro to work and like to use your cell phone during the commute, wireless carriers are installing equipment to allow passengers to make calls, send text and surf the web in 20 underground tunnels. the service should be available by october 16. metro hopes for all of the underground stations to have wireless coverage by 2012.
8:57 am
thousands of students in the area still have not received required vaccinations. d.c. schools begin on monday but students have until september 6 gto up-to-date on their shots. d.c. schools offer clinics rr motoow and saturday. the names are on the screen kelly, cramer, coolidge high ololn northwest and valu i so het. southeast. the health department offen o georgia avenueill open on friday until 7:00. now let's get a check of our forecast. veronica. >> joe, our sky out there is starting to look on the hazy side. a little gunky with all of the humidity in the air. we pan out across the area. on radar, nothing is showing up as of yet but once again we could have more afternoon and evening thunderstorms. temperatures in the low 80s. will rise to near 90 degrees.
8:58 am
temperatures holding near 90 afternoon storms for saturday. >> let's check things out and slow going. midday road work. 95 northbound headed up to lorton you lose the right lane. the rush hour winding down, no late issues at the wilson bridge, 270 southbound all the way down looking good. >> thanks. tonight at 5:00, gluten-free food. you may see the label on products in the store more frequently because there is a growing number of people who need it. need it. a
8:59 am
9:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hi, everybod it's wednesday. it's august 19th. we're so glad you're joining us today, aren't we, hoda woman? >> it is hump day. >> what? >> hump day. and we're going to your house. okay? >> why don't you explain for all the fine people out there that just took their children and ran from the room. >> all right. so, here's the deal. natalie and myself are doing a triathlon. >> yes, you are. >> allegedly. >> you're in training for it. >> allegedly. >> and you are our coach, cheerleader, and you know. >> no i said i wouldn't do it so they're throwing me in to do something. >> and can i be honest, i
9:01 am
thought you were going to do it. >> why would i d it? >> because "self" magazine asked you to do it. >> i would do a lot for "self" magazine, but not the thath lohn. finding out what you are in world is finding out what you aren't. >> it's at your house -- >> i'm the hostess and you're all welcome at my house. >> i'm nervous about the triathlon. >> we've got a baby wading pool. you'll be fine. >> you have to swim in the ocean in the open water. >> it's the long island sound. you just have to be concerned about some clams and muscles. you'll be fine. >> it's in new jersey. >> but eventually. long island sound. you don't know what's in there. >> i'm not a good swimmer. >> i don't know. you do a lot of things extremely well. >> that's not one of them, swimming i'm nervous about it. >> i'm going to get the little wings things that we have from cody and cassidy's day. >> the wings? i need the device. so, it was a big day. we haven't heard from dr. conrad murray, who was the doctor who was with michael jackson, and he
9:02 am
spoke out. he taped something for youtube. this is interesting. and i kind of wonder if it's a new way people are going to start doing things. >> 's a safe way. >> you can talk to youtube. you read the teleprompter, basically, follow your script and nobody asks you a question. >> right. >> and you get to put your message out there. >> tough questions. we have a little clip. >> let's listen to a little clip. >> i want to thank all of my patients and friends who have sent such kind e-mails, leers and messages to let me know of your support and prayers for me and my family. because of all that is going on, i am afraid to return phone calls or use my e-mail. therefore, i recorded this video to let all of you know that i have been receiving your messages. >> and he went on to say he's not afraid because he's told the truth and the truth will eventually come forth. >> he spoke for about a minute. it wasn't really a long deal. interesting. he hasn't been charged with anything at this point. >> right. >> and who knows what's going to happen, but it's interesting th he's speaking out. he actually did an interview
9:03 am
with some other journalist -- >> really? that hasn't aired yet. >> hasn't aired yet, right. so i'm curious to see that. >> well, it's also interesting that the results of the autopsy have been in for quite a while now, and by the police request, they are keeping it under wraps still as they go forward with their investigation of dr. murray. >> i think the whole thing is -- i think it's interesting. i mean, there was -- i think the journalist who interviewed him said he kind of categorized himself -- dr. murray's the last man standing, like i just happened to be there when everything went down as opposed to -- and he claimed he wasn't one of the concierge doctors that -- >> he was living in the house with him, wasn't he? >> i think if you're giving someone propofol to put someone to sleep prior to an operation. >> which he admitted to. he looked weary. i wonder if he's afraid to do the e-mails and respond because there's no way to keep things private at all. >> you are still sick. >> i'm sicker than a dog. a lesser woman would be dead and would not be here. >> see, that's dedication.
9:04 am
you don't call in sick. don't do any of that. how many days have you called in sick? >> you know, you've heard the whole thing hacked to death? i almost hacked frank to death last night. you know? honestly, when you're just hacking so badly that the other person dies because you're just driving them so crazy. >> crazy? >> and it's nasty -- >> it is nasty. >> and you're brave to sit here with me. >> i have not caught your cold yet. >> they say i'm not -- >> you're not contagious? >> not contagious anymore. but then, you and i don't, you know, exchange body fluids or anything, so -- >> so, let's move on. >> not yet. >> all right. so, we broke a story yesterday. >> so cute, isn't she? >> we broke a story yesterday -- >> talk about good arms. it's not just michelle obama who's got good arms, baby. >> we broke a story, each though we were just among the first to report it. >> we broke it. let's just say so. >> so, michelle obama's shorts. she wore shorts. it turned out to be aig thing. we didn't know why. here she is wearing shorts. >> how weird.
9:05 am
>> anyway, she got off the plane, she wore them in arizona where it was hot. now -- >> she liked her shorts. >> so, this used discussion about the first lady wearing shorts. >> everybody's got an opinion. >> so, what's yours? should she or shouldn't she? >> well, when i originally saw the first stills from her l aring srti a-nkhe -l ai think at -- they were either at the grand canyon -- i think they were at the grand canyon, and it seemed completely appropriate. apparently now, getting off of air force one i can see, you know, maybe that some people might have an issue that it's not very presidential. but then again, she's not our president, she's our first lady. i don't know. here's the thing -- the poll said as of 9:00 a.m. this morning, 58% of people said that it was appropriate. only 15%, almost 16% said no. >> that it wasn't. >> but i would like to ask, what is inappropriate about it? is it the fact that she d esn't look good in the shorts in heir mind? >> she looks good. >> inth eir mind. or was it that they weren't fittedhorts -- >> here's the thing, when you're over 40, like we are --
9:06 am
>> how old is mrs. obama? >> i think she's 42. >> that's a young woman by today's standards. >> i think there are a lot of women who are around 40. i wore shorts. i don't care. you wear shorts, you don't care. >> you have great legs and you're healthy -- >> i would wear them anyway. i like how shorts feel, but some people have an issu we always act in the fashion statements, is that appropriate with someone over 50 with the short length -- >> who makes the rules, though? >> josie and those people -- >> but josie can't tell me how to live my life. i think it's different where she's not out in an environment where that dress seems appropriate. she gets off of air force -- see, there it looks right, right? she could have changed on air force one i think is what some people are saying. >> they pointed out that president obama says it's okay that people wear short sleeves in the white house and under the bush administration, they had to wear a jacket. it could be -- >> it's their style. >> they're a more casual couple. >> with the huge problems we have in this world, this is the least of them. >> but we keep talking about it
9:07 am
>> we talked about it yesterday. we're getting great ratings. we're going to talk about it until they go down. all about that. >> what is the mindset of college that we were going to talk about yesterday? >> it's interesting when you think about it. the kids going in for their freshmen years now were born in 199. so, is it beloit college? >> beloit. >> i was born in france. it's beloit to me. they released the mindset list for a snapshot of how incoming freshmen view the world. if you think about it, if you say watergate hotel to kids, they'll think monica lewinski at an apartment there, instead of what happened with nixan during the troubling years when nixon was president and how that changed the world and ultimately led to his resigning. there are so many things they haven't done. cultural relativism i think we're talking about. >> if you asked your parents, why doesn't kathie lee and hoda know x and y. we lived watergate, we get it. we saw. it it's not something we had to read about and try to figure --
9:08 am
i think when it's history, it's harder to connect to than when it's in your lifetime. you're watching nixon on the screen and say wow, i'll never forget that moment or whatever it is. i think if you're younger, you have to read up on it, and it's a different world. >> the trouble is nobody reads up on anything anymore. they google something and get a little information without any context. >> i know. i know. >> that's the trouble. they don't think thin through. >> i know. that's not what they do. but i also think, too -- >> but they've never known life without computers. >> technology. i know. the library, the dewey decimal system. >> the encyclopeeda. they don't have anything like that. >> remember the world book encyclopedia? >> still have it. that's where i go if i need to know -- >> you do not. >> i make cass or cody google for me. i might break a nail. >> also some of that stuff on the interweb -- >> is not accurate. >> is not right. hello, sara. >> what year were you born in?
9:09 am
>> 1977. >> did you have oral thermometers then? >> yeah. >> you shook it -- >> you were always worried if you dropped it, the mercury. we had the dewey decimal system, yeah yeah. yidi, her name is yidi like heidi. >> yidi! >> wrote in saying why are we talking about the fact that president obama was not wearing shorts in that heat and we're so busy -- >> that is the question. >> because he didn't want to and he's the president, okay? >> he wasn't in the mood. >> that's the idea when it comes to this now. i sort of can. >> why? >> because she's walking to a limo? >> because she's walking off air force one and is walking into the limo. she has an opportunity to change in the plane. that may be it. >> i'm for wearing them in the limo. >> as long as you're comfortable, wear a thong, i don't care. up next, why your child may become a bigger fan of james spader, who's in the house with us today. >> and doesn't look too thrilled to be here. but that's after these messages and a look at some of today's favorite photos.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
you've got the rock now, dad. you n have anything you want. just wish for it. >> this is all your doing, isn't it, young lady? >> no, dad, just listen. >> we're here to talk about a box, a black box, not a round, colorful rock. this box needs to be able to do everything. >> that's what this does. >> that's the last of it. go to your room and don't ever come out! >> no! i wish you would just listen to me for a change. >> how did he make his ears do that? the man's an excellent actor. >> yes. that's three-time emmy award-winning actor james spader, but in the few film called "shorts," he plays a villain, carbon black. james, welcome. >> it's all shorts today, isn't it? >> it's all about shorts! >> you got that right. >> i thought she looked great in
9:14 am
shorts. >> did you? what's your feeling on that? >> who cares? >> who cares? >> exactly. >> but if the ratings are good. >> that's what it's about, and you have had good ratings in your day. >> would have looked good in a mini skirt. >> you have no problem with that. >> you have no problem that i might be infecting you. >> i was hoping you were going to switch seats. >> i get to get close, finally. hello. >> please. >> anyway, she's sick and he's got a 1-year-old at the hotel, right? >> yes. >> let's talk about your film. >> are you happy now? >> i'm happy. >> oh. >> i'm happy now. >> aren't you sweet. >> i am happy now. >> get the purell in here. >> we have a ton of it over there. >> so, the premise of your movie has got to do with this rock that brings wishes. tell us about that. >> robert rodriguez's son actually came up with this idea. >> little kid, ors he -- >> yeah, little kid. he's got five kids. and i can't remember which one it was. but he, you know, you see -- it's been, you know, the premise of many films and things, you
9:15 am
know, somebody being -- >> it's like a genie in the bottle thing. >> right, but no, somebody being inspired, an adult being inspired by their child. >> by a child. >> and then either doing, making some business decision or making a film or doing, you know, and he did that. he asked his son. i think his son was 9 or something, 9 or 10, and he asked his son what he would love to see in the film and this is the result of that. and actually, during production, he'd bring his son into when they'd be figuring out visual effects and features -- >> he's an expert, a kid. >> is this in your mind, is this what you imagined and so on? and the result was this. it wasn't studio executives, wasn't development people, it wasn't -- >> i love that. >> it was robert and his son. >> what drew you to this movie, your own young family? >> that and also, i just -- i always respond to anything that takes me by surprise, you know? always, throughout my career, it's always been, if something arrives and it's completely unexpected -- >> it's the challenge. >> nine times out of ten, i'm going to say yes to it. and this was so out of left
9:16 am
field. i wasn't looking for a film. i was finishing this television series i've been doing for a while. the schedule was crazy. and this arrived. i had never really thought about doing a film like this. but i was intrigued by robert rodriguez and his facility. he's got a studio down in austin, texas, which he truly has built. and i think going back to his first kids film that he made, i think that's what financed the studio down there, and so -- >> so that's where you shot it. >> yeah. >> oh, fun. >> did you like working with all those kids? was that fun? >> yeah. you know, on the television show i did, we had kids come in and they would be central characters in stories over the years. >> bill is a big kid anyway. >> he is as well. but kids, they're consummate professionals, they're so eager to be there, they're so excited, as all these kids were, and they were incredibly talented. you know. they were great to work with. >> many timeshey have the least amount of attitude on a set. >> without a doubt. without a doubt. >> if you had three wishes like
9:17 am
people are given on this show, what would your three wishes be? >> a bagel would be good right now. start with a bagel. >> yep. >> a hand wash. sorry. sorry, kathie. um, uh, maybe a wet towel? >> that will do it. james spader, thank you so much. >> we're going to make all of your dreams come true. >> and you can catch "sports" in a theater near you starting on friday. up next, you've heard the screaming, but what is everyone really saying about health care? >> we're going to get to the bottom of this, we think. >> at least we'll try.
9:18 am
9:19 am
9:20 am
fufz been watching tv and you see all the running around and the yelling and insanity. we're not talking about our show. we're talking about the town halls around health care. >> why is everyone so fired up? >> it's so bright. >> okay. >> i'm blind! look at that. >> it's not about you, all right? it's about health care. care about other people for once in your life, all right? why is everybody so fired up, and do people even know what's really going on with health care? to give us perspective, who do we have, hode? >> i can't read. i've got stuff in my eyes. >> dan abrams, our nbc news chief, and we have politico's white house reporter and chuck nice, who is very nice, is vh 16k's "best week ever" host. welcome to all of you. >> you can't turn on the tv without watching a town hall that is out of control. >> they're not all out of control. is it all of them? >> maybe what we're showing is. >> maybe what we're showing is.
9:21 am
>> so, the point is, is it about health care? or is there something else going on? >> part of it is the media coverage. there is no question, some of this is about health care. some of this is also about the fact that the media loves conflict. so they cover one of these town halls and it gets covered, so more people show up at the next one and the next one. >> so we're feeding the flame. >> to some degree. that doesn't mean it's illegitimate. that just means it's a practical reality about how it's happening and why it's happening. >> people are frightened when it comes to health care. >> people are frightened, scared, worried about the economy. there are all sorts of concerns here. the president now is going to start about security. health insurance reform is a way to have security, and for people to be secure in their health care plans. also what we might see is the clintons coming out talking about health care and pushing for health care, because i think there is a sense in the white house that the message isn't quite getting out. >> wow. >> chuck? >> do you want a message on health care to get out, you certainly need the clintons to make that happen. we all know how that went before. >> tough. >> yeah. >> but isn't the problem that when we talk about obamacare, we
9:22 am
don't know what that means. there are two plans in the senate and three in the house. >> right. >> and so, we don't really know what it is -- >> there's the problem right there >> and that's the problem. >> the problem right there is you actually just nailed down the problem. >> thank you. >> people are screaming and hollering about what they do not know. >> because it has not been presented to them. >> but what they're doing is they're complaining about what they do not want as opposed to what they do want. >> but they have that right as an american citizen. >> of course they do. >> we did a poll at nbc and they said people have so much misinformation about the health care plan. when they understood there weren't death panels and weren't this and weren't that, opinions changed. i think there is misinformation that's out there. >> now i'm against it. see, i was for health care when i heard there were death panels. i was like, this is what i want! now, you know, now they're saying -- >> i think there is misinformation, but there's also some miss leading information, like we said. there are five plans out there and nobody's really sure how we're going to pay for it. >> that's what's missing the most, how -- and people are terrified.
9:23 am
people listen at hme and they are not allowed to live in such a way that you spend more money than you have brought in. we see our government basically printing money that we do not have to pay for something we can't afford. that makes people crazy. >> i wish they'd just say, per individual, this is how much this plan is going to cost. >> they don't know, hoda. >> i know, but there's got to be a way. >> the problem again, as you're talking about, as you point out, all these different plans, which is, there are some that are compromise, and they're talking about does there need to be this public option, try the co-ops, et cetera. so, you have all of these different factions sort of create their own plans. and look, and i think it's important that people recognize what the differences are in the plans, but it's not, you know, it's not stuff that you can say in a line or two. >> that's the trouble. >> you can cover people yelling at each other saying i don't want death pnlz! >> i have never heard so many people say nazi than the last two weeks. >> they're concerned about the fascism -- >> that's such a ridiculous
9:24 am
extreme. i can't believe that word -- >> i think people are really concerned about it. >> there's a lot of extreme talk out there, and i mean, i think -- >> on both sides. >> on both sides, yeah. >> i think the reason it is, it's like a kid who you ask to try something that they've never tried and they go, no! no, i don't want that, no, i don't, i don't! and they've never even had it. anybody who's ever had a kid knows that there's something you will offer them -- even ice cream for the first time. do you wt some ice cream? no, no, i don't want that. it's hard. >> change is hard, especially for elderly people. >> we've got to go. >> thanks, you guys, so much. >> thank you. that was a fun panel. >> we'll say all and that's what we mean.
9:25 am
9:26 am
a water main break in northern virginia. hundreds of hotel guests and people in a condo could be without water for hours. we'll have a live report. good morning. also coming up on "news 4 midday" could the medicine you're taking be causing weight gain? the answer is yes. we'll tell you what you can do about the extra pillunpods.poun. "news 4 midday" begins at 11:00 a.m.
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♪ vacation, all i ever wanted and we're back on this wednesday with more of "today," and it is time to play "who knew?" it's a popular time of summer to take vacation, so we thought we would test your knowledge on vacation spots. kathie lee's across the street at the digital cafe, where everybody's a winner. anyway, she's ready to hand out $100 to those who answer the quiz questions correctly. and for those who don't, they get the cd. >> they want the cd, hoda, all right? >> and from "travel & leisure" magazine to help. there is still time to get away? >> yeah, it's still summer. i'm going away in three days. >> which of the following presidents is not on mt. rushmore? george washington, john adams, thomas jefferson or theodore
9:31 am
roosevelt? >> "d." [ buzzer ] >> you got the best prize for your baby girl! look how excited she is! >> thank you. >> she is thrilled! >> all right, so, the correct answer is? >> well, lincoln is the one. john adams is not on and lincoln is. so george washington, jefferson, roosevelt and lincoln. so, some things to know about mt. rushmore -- >> what? >> it took 14 years to bui, and the sculptor who started it, he was 60 when he started it and it took until he was 74. there were 400 people who worked on it. and each of the presidents is six stories high. their noses alone, 20 feet along. >> did you google all that information? >> you know what -- >> you are so smart. >> we have skills. >> back across to kathie. >> this gentleman's visiting from winnipeg, canada. which of the following cities did the "today" show cast not visit during "today takes a vacation," lake george, key west, las vegas or dallas?
9:32 am
>> lake george. >> no, darling. you weren't paying attention, but you're going to get ♪ everyone has a story all right, hoda! >> dallas was the wrong answer, but the right answer was san antonio, where kathie lee and i went. >> oh, my gosh, san antonio. you went. there are 28 million visitors every year to san antonio, and because it's a great city. you loved it there, right? >> we loved it. we had so much fun. lots of great margaritas. >> i saw that. actually, it did great on "travel & leisure's" american cities survey for great food, for cheap food, for a great family vacation and great for affordabili affordability. >> and visiting from crofton, maryland, where are the old faithful geyser located? grand canyon, yosemite national park, yellowstone national park or sun's valley national park? >> i'm going to guess "c," yellow stone. >> i think you would be right. there you go, congratulations. >> that's a nice family.
9:33 am
>> it is yellowstone national park. this geyser is famous because it is prompted every half hour to two hours it erupts for 1.5 to 25 minutes. do you know anybody le that who erupts -- >> no, i don't. >> well, t obamas just visited. we have footage of them being there. and what's great is three times a year they decided the park would be free. so all of the park visitorship skyrocketed this year as a result. >> great shot. i didn't realize how high it goes up. >> it actually goes up 184 feet. that's now three times the size of the president. >> you're like a human google. you're unbelievable. across the street to kathie. >> this lucky lady is visiting from alberta, canada. any americans here today? in the u.s., it is customary to tip between 15% to 20% for great restaurant service. what is the norm while tipping your server while in europe? have you ever been to europe? >> no.
9:34 am
>> okay, let's see. a, not tipping at all, b, tip 15% to 20%, tip is often included or tip is never included? >> "c." >> there you go! that's good to know. >> this is fantastic because i was just in barcelona. every time i go to europe, i'm like, how much do i tip? now, it is included. but because the waiters get a cost of living, they get paid basically the base living salary. however, you should include 5% to 15%, depending how great it is. now, here in the u.s., it's so important to remember that waiters get very low wages. they get $4.81 on average an hour. >> that's below minimum. >> i know -- >> is that legal? >> yes, because you have to supplement it with your tip. so, 20% is really the norm now. >> okay, got it. back across to kath. >> from ohio, last question. which airport had the least amount of flight delays in 2009? salt lake city, minneapolis, chicago or cleveland? >> well, we're going to go with cleveland because we're from cleveland. >> and you'd be wrong.
9:35 am
>> oh! >> those cds are hot, hot, hot. all right, so, salt lake city. >> salt lake city for the second time in a row. now, can you guess -- >> why? because not many people go? >> no, no, no. they're just good. they know what they're doing. want to know which ones are the worst ones? >> where? >> new york, baby, newark and laguardia. and the absolute worst is newark. >> i love newark. it's like a mall. >> because you spend a lot of time there when your flights are delayed. >> thank you so much for playing. kathie lee, come on back. come on. we're going to check on our triathlon training. me with pool hair. not pretty. you don't want to see it, seriously.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
just when we thought tey had done it all, hoda kotb and natalie morales are putting their strength and endurance to the real test, agreeing, for god only knows why -- >> that's what we're saying. >> -- to do a triathlon!
9:39 am
we sent some cameras along to check out their >> natalie. >> natalie. >> natalie. >> bring it in, robert. ♪ >> she goes for the hug and the kiss. there you go. >> i'm going to get something out of this whole deal. keep your hands right there. i'm starting to like this triathlon training. >> hoda, this is training for a triathlon, not finding a husband. are you single, robert? hoda wants to know. he's single, hoda. >> i've been on the bike for, i don't know, maybe 4 1/2 minutes, and this is what i've learned. i've learned a lot of things, but the thing that is probably the most important thing i've learned on this bike is rob is hot. >> i've been on the bike for five minutes, and what i've learned is i'm going to get no attention because hoda's getting
9:40 am
all of rob, if you know what i mean. >> when it's all over, that's the best part. >> really? >> because you've accomplished it, you're done. then the fun begins. >> the fun's already happening. >> might be the best thing in my li li life. >> he's like very white right now. ♪ >> so far, we have learned how to bike on a ten-speed bike with rob. we've learned how to run on a treadmill with rob. and now we're going to go swimming with rob. it's an all-around experience. and i have two goals in the pool. number one is to not drown. and the other, which is far more important, not to get my hair wet. there's not a drop of water that's getting in here. i wonder if rob's going to think we're cute now.
9:41 am
>> we're going to do four laps and see where we're at, then we'll build on that. >> is my hair going to get wet? >> no. if not, i'll style it for you when we're done. >> i'm coming. >> yay! >> woo! >> this is just day one. i'm feeling that i'm going to get better. i'm going to learn to swim by the end of this. i can feel it. okay? bye. >> okay! >> rob. rob here with us. he's the president of terrier try right here in new york city. and lucy danziger is editor in chief of "self" magazine, which wants to help you remake your shape. and natalie morales is here as well. >> who loves to work out and does these things anyway. >> so does hoda.
9:42 am
>> natalie, there are so many reasons to hate natalie. >> come on. let's talk about why lucy brought us into this whole thing. because "self" magazine started this whole thing with us. >> and now it's a runaway train, i have to say. the truth is that five years ago, i did my first triathlon. i was hooked because you can have fun and get really fit. and -- >> you lost like 25 pounds. >> yeah. i mean, i wouldn't get out of bed unless there with a deadline. and you have a rain day, so you bike one day, swim the next, you never feel like you're working out, get incredibly fit, it's so much fun. >> wait a minute. how can you never feel like you're working out? >> because you're not tired. >> i'm not going to let her get away with that, i'm sorry. i'm a trained journalist. >> you train for a race and you get tired running every day and run yourself into the ground and injury. here you see results you'll never see at the gym and doing the same thing every day. >> like cross training. >> cross training. you get fun and fit and by challenging yourself, it's exhilarating and you have a great time and reach your body goals. >> rob, give us an assessment of
9:43 am
how we've been doing. i have to be honest, i was in the pool one time, almost hyperventilated, two laps. and i went bike riding for one lap. >> we went more than one lap. >> she did good on that ride. >> she did good. >> it's not a matter of being lazy. she gets up every morning and goes to the gym at 5:00 in the morning. >> tell what our problems are. what are the issues we need to deal with? >> well, i have inherited two great triathletes, or two athletes, i should say, that we're going to turn into triathletes. you're both great runners and it's a matter of teaching you how to ride a bike and swim a little bit and get from the swim to the bike and the bike to the run. >> what is natalie's biggest strength? >> running. >> what's hoda's biggest strength? >> flirting. >> he tells it like it is. >> anyone can do this. these guys come with a running background, but i've been a member of this team for over a year, and there are all levels of athletes. there are people who have never swam a lap who robert gets in the pool and says just start. >> got to start some time. >> you can go to the y. anybody can do. >> it's hard to swim the
9:44 am
freestyle, that's hard. i like the side stroke. it's easier, more leisurely. >> what's wrong with doing it her way? >> we're going to teach her how to do it the right way. >> we should say, we're not doing marathon triathlon here. it's a mini, so. >> in under an hour. >> it's a 400-meet swim, a 9 1/2-mile bike ride followed by a run. it's doable, jst hard if you're training for one sport. >> how long is it again? >> 400 yards. >> which is four football fields in swimming. >> about half a mile. that's 20 lengt of the pool. anybody can do it. you just have to build up. >> the triathlons are hot. people are doing them now. >> in their 40s. >> it's a crave. >> one of the fastest growing sports in america. and i have a theory because a lot of spinners go out on their bike and think i can run and bike, why not swim and then we have a sport? >> i have a friend who has an injury from running so she's getting into biking and swimming. so there you go. how having an injury --
9:45 am
>> i'm just in it for sport. honestly. why am i doing this again? >> because you didn't want to do it. >> natalie loves to do this. >> i was sold on this set you were doing it. >> we thought -- what happened to you? >> she' be there. >> yes, she will. >> would never have said yes if natalie was in in the beginning because she's going to beat me and make me look bad. >> it's going to be such fun. can't stand it. >> she'll send out the cute lifeguards, more importantly. >> hoda, we wish you the best with the training. we're all going to my house right after the show. thank you, lucy, thank you, rob. >> thank you. >> you can follow along at home. you can go online and do this. go to reach your goals at >> aye-yi-yi, the woman could go on and on and on. >> cooking in the kitchen after this.
9:46 am
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9:48 am
9:49 am
♪ and we're back with "today's kitchen," and we are getting saucy with one of the three
9:50 am
remaining chefs from bravo's "top chef masters." >> tonight is the finale and michael from california is one of the last chefs standing. so, let's look at a scene from last week's episode when tempers -- imagine this -- started to flair, and it was not a town hall meeting. >> by the time i look at the station, i look over and dale's got the fridge already full of stuff. i'm like, dale, what the hell? >> you want me to go in back, do you understand, young man? >> and he throws "young man" in here and it's belittling and we're not here for that. you don't even know me, so why are you getting up in my face? >> you don't want to go this way with me. >> what are you going to do about it? >> what did you do about it? did you push him? what happened? >> it's "top chef," a little culinary rugby. >> john, is any of that real? is it staged? >> i was just cooking. >> were you really angry at that point? >> we were cooking for 200 people, so we were already many minutes into it. you know how the television --
9:51 am
>> there is also pressure when you're trying to do something right. >> yeah, yeah. i have three dynamite sous-chefs that were into it and there was 200 people. >> and they don't have respect for the elderly anymore, is that what you're saying? >> oh, michael! >> just kidding. what are we making today? >> a salad, right? >> a great summer salad. this is one of the dishes i had on "top chef" early to get me this far. this is a citrus dressing. lemons -- >> peel and everything. >> just like with carrot juice. >> there's so many vitamins in that and so much good stuff in the pulp. >> exactly, and there's tons. >> there's a machine for everything these days. look at that. >> whoa, whoa! >> okay, that's nuts! >> that was like me last night. sorry. i'm not well, all right? >> what else are you grinding up in there, just oranges? >> oranges and lemons and shallots. i'll pretend i didn't hear that. >> i have a cold, a cold. >> ranges, lemons and shallots.
9:52 am
>> now, if you give me a little salt and pepper in here. >> pepper. >> salt. >> give me a few twists of that. >> i don't see the salt. >> this is salt here. >> that looks like -- >> kosher salt? >> it's white. >> sea salt. >> okay, now you take the citrus. the great thing about the dressing is you can do this -- >> what's that, olive oil? >> extra virgin. >> you put a lot in there. >> it's just 50/50. normally, they're 80% olive l, which is very -- >> same amount of calories as butter, but better for you. >> so much better for you. that's what the citrus dressing looks like. now -- >> that's it? we're finished with the dressing? >> now we have mayo over here. now sifting the eggs, push them through any strainer that you have. >> why do you do that? >> you need to separate the whites and yolks, otherwise they're mucked up together and we'll toss it into the salad. >> you like the texture? >> if you chopped them up, it's kind of hard. you can grate them. you can do grated egg whites
9:53 am
separately from that. so, this citrus dressing, corn, eggs. >> now, this i love. this is a bunt cake pan. >> right. >> right? and you stuck an ear of corn on there. >> exactly, because every time -- >> why? >> it looks attractive. it could be a centerfield. >> now what's -- >> every time i cut corn without this, it's like a yard sale of corn in my kitchen. check this out. so it catches all the corn for you. >> ah, smart. >> a nice little tip. now, to stoss this salad, i hav the pieces that i've julienned. >> we're almost out of time. >> the citrus dressing goes in. go ahead and stir it up. almonds go on top of that, a little of this on top of that. >> the cheese, the cheese? >> and a little pepper. that's the salad, fresh corn dressing. >> this is what we're going to see tonight on "top chef" -- >> this is a preview of one of my dishes. >> check this out, this cute guy here. >> and a little napa valley. >> again, that is on bravo
9:54 am
tonight at 10:15. that's an interesting time. 9:15 central. that's the final. >> and we'll be back with mor
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
all right, if you like "the real housewives of atlanta," tune in tomorrow. kim will be here, controversial kim. >> that's important, right? >> yes, it is, very, very important. >> we'll see you all tomorrow. have a great day, everybody. >> ke care. bye-bye. -- captions by vitac --
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