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tv   Today  NBC  August 23, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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we'll be back in 25 minutes for a local news update. join us again at 9:00 for the latest in news, sports and weather. state of emergency. thousands flee om their homes as a massive wildfire threatens ancient and treasured city. heading out. as hurricane bill steers away from new england, it's still causindangeroucondions o aches, en delayinghetart of the psident'sacation. d royafutu? w viourfaces of princ wiiam' girlfrid fro bk in her school ys.
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s it aeay sign thasome day her prin would me we'llell you wha s's sing dhe queions se royal wahers are askg ts sund, dhe queions se royal wahers are askg ts sund, gust 23rd,009. ptns paid for by c-iversal telesion goodrning, everyone welcome "day" on ts moing. i'm lter holt. and i jen wolfe. we'r wchg hurrine bil a starts pull away fm t eastcoas >> bill m beovin , b thedanger byo mes,s ov, ill generingough as andig rk of r cuentslong the et coast, and caung safy officia from florida to new elando tell fksotay o of the ter, dpite t fac it might berightnd sunn wre the are. wel get a t latt on bill and it eec i a few nus. >> intenfyinganntor murder suspectyan alexander jenks. authoritiebeeve hele to
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na afterilli h -wif and w ty're sayg the fac athe wor milliincere ly complicin the sear. mu more onat comingup. firs a big sry deveping overss thi moing. the city o athens, grce threatened b masve ldfires. stepnigosk joins us wit the verylatest. good morning. >> repter: gd rning, st. mef athe' most iconic siteare slouded in ok the goverent dlared atate meen forhe regionnd evacuad 10,0 resides. fi of aensubur are bei thatened pushi theire depament t itslimind forcinsome resents to rest toarden hos to sp t flames the intseeat i ming the fight worse for the nrly 1,0 grk fefhter asoldie. th situaon iso bad tt firefighters fro oth untrs, inclung fran, italand cyess are on the way and sul aive lat day. e fir ban friday nht
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noh ofhe ci, 25 mile d quily re, cmon i greece thi timefyear. ajor wdfire yearsgo kied pplen t ys. th fe partme has yet to rease stastics forhis blaze, but wnesses areayg a lae numr ofowns have exriend heav dama, se themeing all but conmed byhe infern lester? stephie gos f us thi moing. thanyo w here's jea. lest, thks. we'll getll the latest now o hurricane bi,ulling away fromhe u.s., but lving danger ints wake the weather annel's jf morrow i liv in orlis, ssachuses. good morng, je. reporr: goo mornin jenn th's right heang up towar th canian pronces o nova scot and wfoundla, a may caus probls the. fo the eastoast of the united ates, it'slws bnbout theigh surf. bi has stayed offhe cst dehaved in that gard. thewell that ihas genere edas caud meig dge alg thcoast wi a vy,
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very hh possili and probabity ripcurren. w, a lot of beaesave been closed u and dow the cst o pele have en tolto sta out t wer likhere at usset ac o cape d. at's ptty mhhe cashis moing. billovesaway, that wl be reasseed it reay has p a cri in ople's vationshe, w want to out into thwar is las big -- o of th las bi weekend of the sumrte and reallycan' ricurrent ngerbecausall at wat, althat hh waves arcrashing up agait the ocea at water h to get bk out the somehow a itoes in thearrow ripurrent chnelsif youwill. that wha peopl runhe risk . if ty go in e ter, ty coulget caug inef tse d qukly swept out tose every fortunaty here, people are stang of th water. ande'reopeful unt bill wave start to calm down ler ,os peopl will heed the warnings andtayut othe water as ll. afr today,ill i preyuc out theicture a hopefuy, theropics will stay faly qet for while.
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back tyou, jenn >> weaerchanl's jeff rrow. than. once agn, he is leer. urrica bill'sffects are being fe ather wa on the land of maha's vinerd, delaying therrival of th present anhe fir family. noinss fmakbluf. good morng. >> repter:he present' arrivahas bn phe back a ho or so. was a stoy nighthere, a lot wind,otf ra. the orm i movg ofhorks aw fromhore andill beong ne b the te the presint d fir famil arre he. once h get he,henly blic ents onis schule e s arval an depaur it's a very prite cati, th white houses ying nothing isompletel private wh youre thereside of thenited stes. thin wil come up tt he wil have to respo . we,f course will fd out what 's doi wle 'sre. 's mosy about relaxaon, gettin ayrom washington and contentiou debat abo heal car ando on ando
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fort therare abou 10000 peopl he in e summerti. theye pud that e predent selectedhis isld as his vacati destatio with that of cose,omes loof trfic, congtion mixe feels, ctainly the ce wh the cntonsame he dung t '9s. the'rumornd speculation about what e predent and firs familyill do wle ty are here. ere'speculion that ter woods ght stop byo py golf, a there'specution thatprah win mighttop by visit t family. and so tt esident ama willravefromere hyannispt on cape cod toisit nato ted kenny. esident obamaas some grod to mak up o tt iue ashe cotry debesealth rm. >>e'll chat with you abo yo time snt on theland, ro anks. ster,heresident may be anni a wee o r & r, as ron ju meioned, but oppentsf hisealth pn an't ting a
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brk. ke viquea is at thehite use withmore. >>eporte the president i hittg ba ahe sinformation surunding his alth car anid new doub tha h can ultimely b successful i gting hlth care fohroucongress. at a tow hl i kansas, me opsiti tthe presidens alth ce reformplan ifhere's anydy else in throomhat wts the govement out of o pocts andutf oealthcare >> rorter:hilen h weekl inrnetaddrs, the pside an plad defense. >> that's notrue >>eporter:efutinone o at he calls oright diorsion othe pl. >>lleg immrantwouldot bevere >> rorter:n aegionshat the rrent b on using tax dollars rbortions wou b fted >>otng wil change und reform. reporter: andet agn, knocng down t fal cla that hasivemocrafits >>here are n so-caed dth
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pals, offsive notion to me anth amecan pele. >> rorte the predent tri toonnueo cal public anety. >>f youike you prite althnsurance plan,an you ep it >> rorter: rublicanshae it i theresint who plays fast andoose witthe facts. >> t rlity i whether or n u g to keep your plan or yo doctor vermuch in question und the pside's opos. >>eporte in fa, th congssionabudget oice says ar 6 milon peoeou se estinployer-bas covera under theousepl, an now at lst oneesct analyssays t debe is effectivy over >>eality doe't matte ymore, that ppleave sort tamped isapprove" oit, i don't ink tre anying the presidenoremoctsan . >> rorter:nparsan coo believeshatheve ovreacheand nowunhe risk electn losses nt ar. e presidt, mewhil i urngmecans to stay the cose >> there setng abo
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aust, gog ioseptber, whe everybo iashingn getsll wee wd up. >> rorter: jea, afo compcate mters en meor the president, tre's ier party fit of whethethe govement-spoored hlth re plan is necesry forform. ose wn hal aoss the cotry wiembersfongress will contin. jenn >>ike viqueira athehi hoe. thanksandnce again here's lester. >>for me overhe btl of alth care form we're jned by david egory,oderator of eet the press." >> good to see you, lester >>he presint has gonn to talkbo wha h healt car plan is t, knockown rumors anwhat h bies are suerstandings. thfact tthe speing tha much time on tha pt othe messe, what es that tl you abt whehilan ? >> in a ver diffiltlace right now,ndhe presidt's b appval ringn thessue
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of hlth ketins to onlyrow on theativside iterms of dippva the aluestion is,hat it? at doe h wan it to be? does he wan io include the so-called puic option, govement pla that would crte more cpetition wit ivate inrers? there is aealrevoltn th demoat par about wth atas to beart oreformr not. the presidt appea to have backed off hisledg to push for publiopon, sayg it's on a slir of e ovall reformefrt that really the tt. e battles witn the democricartys to wt it's gog pus r. >> weeard chaieook sgest that this wle thi could dangeremocra in t nex eltions. is there te wry nbo the overal policalmpact of wherthis thi is? absoluly. the president i being told, look lo whatappene till clinto psidentinton' heth care reform eortnd whent iled,epublicans seiz on i andade the most of it ihe miderm elections
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theexyear. arlie coalks about tt. othersave talked abo not on the predent falling apoval rating erall,ut among independen voter as well,mong thederly. iss a pblemhe president has tmsf ienty as we. the ritsbilized, ornid, trying to delay or deil healthareefm cane rried er intohe m term year. >> i want toet yr tughts a coue of thgs. cias aut t releahi repo oinrrogationtaics, cluding rorts thatome pronerwerehreatene wh imminenteath if theidn't ve up details. then there's this rort tt the militaryillamehe nes of some prisorseing hel in secrdeatio at do all those takenogetr mean? >> i cateshe potential f anher distraction inhe heth ce fit, b gsack to ansshe obama adnistrati haseen wrestlg th, wt to d to
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ld the busdmintration countae if thereere -- and the have bn allatns o torturandteppin overha li. e attoey gener still h to make aecision abo wther to pursue chargesbout the conduct interrogio. also t former vice present, ckhey, hasoughto have somef theseecordsleas. he says it will sw there we ots that re actlly derred becse o se of the techniqueshat wereused. >> david gregory,hankve ch. tnk you. now t'set check of thismoing' heaines from peter axander at t new desk. go mornin >> goo mni tyou at home anger cties t grover the release ofhe lockerebomber scland's justi official asti the disio to reas aelbat algrah he sst gives,ote, cfort to terrorts. he w releadhursday scotsh authoties o mpassiate grods becse he's dyingf cancer.
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> govement heah officials arerepari for a msive swine flu vacnend cpaig is fall, they pla to vainate ateast hal the country. worldealtrganatiois warng thatecond wave of th swine fandemi could h lar thisear durin the traditna flu season > with ch f cluers abo toom to acreechghalt, stoms ar swarmg dealship hin st-mute dl o thoew cars $3 blionroam ends tomorw nit when transportion ofcialsayhe pular progm will hav bned through the otted funds. filly, sanieog is try worth ois name ghten. thisreat da has ten a sho at the guinnsookf world recos as t tallest living canine hes 3 1/2 ftll,aller than the previou recd lder, his nam i gibsonlso great dane weave cheed wit our sourc d oiciay ts wou make tightetallnough t go on the
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des at snland. have y see tse guys wki down leste andnn you think it's a horse somemes,ot ado >>r to rnt sneynd. pua sade onit. >> was it m or w the great dane wri els? >> boots. >> 1 inchels. whatere ose? >> i d'tnow wt you're lking out, b jna mht veicked up onthat. iavo ea what you peop arealki abou janice huffs here wh a che ofhe ofhe weather. go morning. we'l tal about hurca bl andalk about thastorhich isowweinaken mg,ovinweakenin mg rthwd to the cadian ovinces, moving into colder ter. oute rainands have reached part ofainend southeastern cana aswell.ou ashe storm weans and pls aw, thsurfonditions will pre on e coastal sectns of the ea. wl make land fal over na scotia arod 2:00 ts afternoo as aategy 1torm
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ancontin to wken as it ves out int the atlantic. thtatiary froal boundy upnd downhe et coast continues to bring rain day. not as mu. as bl mov away, that bounda willove a good sunday morning to you. meteorologist, chuck bell. cloud cover first thing this morning. on the whole, it's going to be a pleasant sunday. we do have the chance for showers and thunderstorms later. but it will not be the torrential downpours like we saw yesterday. 66 in manassas. and partly sunny this afternoon. scattered showers and thunderstorms coming up. 40% chance of rain today. afternoon. expe some scaer storms ov theorthern ai. ow here jea. >> jani,thanks. upext on "toy, a man wh a past, w caut ithe focus o
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gaerin dus as olle floats throh the r. butitthe strength of zyrtec ® t fastest, -hr allgyelief, prome notoa as long to go r our d with ztec ® i ca love t air ™ . ah, at hits e spot en y demand thve best... ohi ! you have ttry... cottonel ultra toetap. ahhh 's t ultimate way... toe ki to ur behin i'in theap of luxury. w the lestn the manhunt for a reali tv coestant aused bruta murd. miel, good morng. >> repter:jenna,ood moing. more tn aeekince there's beenonfied sightin of ry jenks. re in caary, the pubc contins to calln ti.
8:18 am
a reality sw coesta, ry jki wasno a a smoothoperator now,es bter knowns a suec ofn internation manhunt. poceay he killed 28ear-ol form mod jasmine fior the woman he mried in rch. they liv in the spotght tother. now,jenkins,hearks maye armed d has the rourc to keep ahead of authoritie >> ts aan onhe run who will do anything, at least initiall t avoid apehensi. >> reporr: afterhe muer police belie jnsrove 000 mes to nthst waington ey fou his c imall coastal town and his boat, which he may have use to enter cada. he inlgaroyalount poce are partf a nationwide drag t, the cithere rya nkingrew up and where he's mang headle newsvery y. e spect'sfath, d jenkins,s aromint aritec the two hav eve develed projects togeth. so residen say ryan jenkins betr kno in town foris
8:19 am
wealth and hiswome dnvestito involve in theurde ce may look at jenks' pastrelaonships. in one instance, hleaduiy to asslting his ex-glfrien wasentenced to5 mths probionnd counseng. >>t incdes ang nagent, counseling h directed destic olence counling relaonship unseling >>eporter:ow cght the focuof a real-le maunt. someho kw rn jenki here in calgy say ty believe the suspect ver resourcul a may ha faly,riennd moy her inhis ar. spokeo pice lastnit, and ty s thear vy aware of th. jea? >> miglalguer, thanyou ve much. t sonex relief y i say. ee-utiful! prescription nason is oven hp lieve ndoor d outor nal allergy symptom le congtionrunny andtchy ne d sneezi.
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> the relionshi between britn's pnce hry and ke middto foer ld? age , srring in a school play,ideo has rfaced. >> a fortu telr tls kate's characr thahe willeet a hasome richentlanhat wi tak her away from iall. he'll mry me. ha. nd. ha ,y hrtutte. >> the gentmas nam tur to bewiiam. >>he fac that i said harry a moment ago, we mntwilliam, of urse >>e d mean lliam, yeah. >> istereing, the py th maybe lifillmite art. when ias 13, i thoht i bry manilow. sometis the thingshaen,
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on this sunday morning, you can see a good shot of the district. mainly blue skies and a few clouds, but drier than it has en over the last couple days. chuck bell will have your forecast in a bit. for now, good morning, i am keith garvin on this sunday. this time tomorrow kids in our area will be getting up and getting ready for school.
8:27 am
prince georges county is inviting all parents to drop their kids off for the first day. and some spent part of their weekend cleaning up onruscacrmpe campuses across the >st. f for severalays der there will lane ig nmetiean p.o outer lane.lane. and also, watch out for the variable speed limits in the area. the redskins win one in the rain. the team got its first victory of the pre-season. they beat the defending super rookie threw two touchdown passes. the weather g
8:28 am
8:29 am
hopefully today is a day that we can dry out after all the rain we saw over the last couple days. especially, chuck. four inches in some spots? >> yeah, and today we have another chance for some rain showers and a passing thunderstorm. it will not be the same freak show of rainfall amounts that we saw around the area yesterday. here is a live picture from the city camera. plenty of ,ilsunshine, filtered sunshine getting through a few high clouds first thing this morning across the area. rainfall amounts across the area, three inches of rain just yesterday. 2.9 in rockville, maryland. and manassas, virginia, an inch and a half there. and a lot of spots yesterday really getting caught up on the rainfall that we have been missing out on around here for the last couple months. here is a check of doppler. no rain around the area just yet. but there are sprinkles in south
8:30 am
central west virginia. we do have a chance for showers today. temperatures right now hovering in the 70--degree mark. and not the torrential downpours we had yesterday and a chance of a few sprinkles first thing tomorrow morning for a lot of kids' first day back at the bus stops. >> freak show, industrial strength, it was ugly yesterday. >> yes, > and wee backn ts sundaymoinugus 2rd 09. ce cwd outdeur or destepping a coue of rn drophe. thanksor comg o wits anay, u gu. ouon the aza, i jna woe, alongith lestelt. ming up,he essenti gde tomart's viyard. >> t spotlight is o tt land o cape d, masshusetts, bau predent obama d the fst famil are heinthertoda forwe's
8:31 am
vacati. they wera b delayed becau of t hurricane,heffects o the hurrice tt he passed thug ere. 'll get our own pernalou of the island's arms, fro the av channel' samth ow >>hat's the jen do. really? no i don -- the hais wrong. >> lesr goes, n t hai s ttle f, but- >> everyinglse - >> aartly ts is wha lookiken person wh do you lk like online? at's theuestio we're talking out. en ifou never h a cebook accotr twierfe, evyonetillas an online putationbeliev it or t. if you googleyourself eve if it's o pe o t page you'llasical fd setng about lester lt ho efftivean it be tt why people -- how peoe pceiv you? we'll lkbout what itea to haveourputi,ood or ba li and h totect . oncit's ere,t's hd to get d of i s. who doesn't lov areat cup of cofe hemoing? what bter to g it right wh
8:32 am
a eatoffee ker, french prsr -o the sll make rcolators? i guess theo. >> you'ra coee guy. >> not ally >> youave tea? >> tean theternn. afternn eees, 3:00, 40 thin >> i do that, but justith the cake. >> wellavou way of aling th . >>e . there i som raioming do here. wel getnoth check othe weather with jani. a littl bit of rn o yr parade, jenna. i ste that. she said that. everyoneee happy engh. whe are youfrom >>michan. and you areom? >> betsd maland youre fr? >>maland. maryla, too. too cute. y a from sycuse. >> and in loveith lest, this e. i'sorry. i ll y ou didn't i? let's ta a lookt t radar thismorning,roducingeeder bas o toutsrtsfmae, coasta eas, bk into pts
8:33 am
ofovscot, hea rain up at wa winnd ves. ill veroblems with t rip cuent andaves alo the eastern seaboard, b bl ls and less,s the srmoves away showerand storms he i hi, just a couple light sprinkles up in the west virginia mountains. sunshine in the washington area and a few showers out along the delaware coast as well. temperature is 70 degrees in fairfax county this morning. and 70 in hagerstown, maryland. 72 in beautiful southern maryland. and 40% chae of passing showers and thunderstorms, and maybe a sprinkle first thing tomorrow and then drier weather by the middle of the week. rees d 85n atlaa. >>emembe youc alwaychec tforecast a timey ggingno
8:34 am
re's st. jani, tha you. this mningn "day's" trav, sider' gui tthe fitfamily'sacation stiniortha's vinerd. we sntravelchnel' mantha bro to give us som sigh, snds andastes of the la isnd. oka soi've arriv on martha's vineyard. a small isld off t coaf cape c in th state of maacsett whi jusso happens be knowny just abt every sgle person inhe world. y? thiss where first familie lo t cati. >> mornin >> ilws le to hgut wi t lols. moing t binyayere athe cfeho wh big, artybrkft. e key is to sit at the coter, get theocalap and then justrend yeeading
8:35 am
an lisn t allheocal goip >> s whas goi on? aryou invid t cheea clton's wedding? the invitation didt come in the mailyet? after a ver big eakfast, i li to tak a long wk on t beh. favoreere i i gaown caed little ach. th ishy lehis beh. re we ar in aust t heig o mmer,nd i'm t on on this beh. sashand malia, one pie o trel aice wou behat you ha toome to onef my voritelacesnhe island, th farinstute. hithe. youus be tt. i am mantha >> yeah. niceo meetyou. >> wcome to th fm instite. educatiol farm tt work with his ds fm theslands well aseasonaesidts throught the year, gting themo lrn about tirood system. woerfu you twi and pl and it mesightou >> wld youathere herr
8:36 am
at the beach? re. i'm tired of th beach. escially on tay lik this >> lk a allhe avors. and everythgs homede rit? , you doive outampl o the lstcecrm? you gav me aobster chun yeah. it lobster and is i eam. that'sll've g to say. alsohe htori metdist mmity fous for i enchanti neiborhood o gingereadhomes, in e00 th becam t this' retreat. pretty sn none wante to stay i tenymor so ty ilt es beautulomesn thei place. i love to ke lg his. luily, tre a thousands o thsands pseed acres o th island for me too just th. this means y, mr.present. tond the day right, i'm come toona de fisng vilge
8:37 am
the wtidef e land. as these spots do someinve raren t eastcot, wat e suet. i he vypecialuest ininme for ts occaon. i jt he t g pkim up. myate is loter. sunsetwhen allhe famils gath they bring theichai, beachlanket and sid dies. producti c bque elorate or justrder a lobsr at one of the o fish maets d s down o a rock and eatnd wathe sunset. not a b vation,hu thas to santharownor that tour. nowornother pspecti of the nerd, we tn tonbc's ron len. ro you've bee goihe f yes. at do u supses the actionf the island for the obas >> repte ie b comg up here abo 30ars,lester. it a vy spealple, somethinthat samanth didt
8:38 am
meio becau of therry, it's a v difficult place to get to. we had toake som effor to ge to. yoca fly,f urse, butos ople ce on bt. thfaesyou canrive a c 45 mes ahour. the are norafflightsno ains like mcdond's. we were just talng authat here. anotr thing that's scial out th island, tre's a very significa african-eric community here that's bn here f generatis. it ver unie in tha regd acrosshe couny. i n't thin there ather ple likeit. th'snef the gat atacons. thershisty, tre fami. and'm sur that's pt of wha has drawn the obas bac re. eye bn here fore,efore e prident bame t presidt. he has lot o fends here, whoummer he, whoacatn re. ere's real cmuty o people re. as to wt ty'reoing t, the vineyardsn'tbout going to rtauran and hanging o a lot. theris at, b is more out stoppingy people homes,itng on a bk poh, rocking air oratever a spending qet time,amily time, counity ti. that what mt peopleere love aboutit.
8:39 am
>> ron len, apprecie the inght. anks vy much. you can cah samaha brn's grt weekends satday gh at 10: pm the tral chanl. >rewing the perfect cup of jo aft the mesges. y mecation. i cannote one e 61illion amerins whdo n refill their presiptis on te. readill atvs phaacy automacally fills my pscriptns and reminds me picthemp. you an, reminds me to pk th up. [ chkles op by ur loc cvs prmacy a if readyfl is right for you, anget $2couponook. adyfl, lyt cvs phmacy. even durg times li tse, there is lht ginninto shine ain itomes fm a reaurant dowown. a shopn in strt. a facty arnd the cner. enepnes like these e the mostowerl rce in thecono.
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yo might not le wha comes up. youever get a second chance to ma a fir imprsion,hey say,nd tt'sspeclly te line. >> we re living in cca and liz was tin t be an trs. thenly tng she erooked wasor aex li. >> you'llev find it >> it' o youtube. >> googled a frid of ne. iound o he hadeenrrested in new jersey repter:or a mo, what's fou online ffects what happensn the wod. >> got an-mail from a job apicatioi h applior omhe hr dictor. heaid ihoht youer eat, but i'mot great with yobein one of th hottest sority girls. i googl my me. this gir goeto mscol, ha my se me and is onne pls. >> 28 surveyy execunet found th 86 o rruiters u
8:43 am
sech engin toearn more out jobapplants. 44% id they didt hire somee causef wt the fod line. >>hink that it's rational and asonle t go online and do se resear. lov liv a no exceio it'sustlunccom fou 63% of ngles gooed someo befe after they went on their first te. >> i lk upheirace bo, read their ttter and look a evythi. >>hese tngs are peistent what y share i yr social twks will obably b the r a veryongtime. >>omrtin thout. hereith advicen how to ott yo line putaon, w medrofess atoluma univsi. good moing. >>oo morng. >>hen you thi aboonli profes, we thinkfacebo, twitr anspac wh ees there that we shld be wored aut? how ep does is go >>o evethin onli. what youee too is to ggle yourse, go on all t searc ennes ansee what bei
8:44 am
writteaboutou or, a y saw inhe piec names that e li yours. 'sot obvioushat peop, en ty lk atsomethg, ght behinkin they're findg yo, t thereinng someone se. >> thausedo consided vain tooogle yourlf. ve de it m not hpy witall the thgs youind. butouay it' cessary. it's alth rit? >> it' called o surfg, completelyfe, natur tivity avebody should do . you wa toee what'ut ere. >>hethere'th conpt of cleani u you onli pril yoshldsk yourlf, why do u wa to clean that up why ithat a queioyou ould a befe you en beg thprocess? >> y hav tbe rea forhat might be othe. i tell pple sometimt m noteallymatt, especlly if it'suriedeer whin gooe an rht on tront page. but uon't kno uil you look you wa to singo urself h muchoes thi affe meirectly or are peoe t really gngo see it >>hyasteour te cleaning up sethi that pple aret going s or i
8:45 am
consuentia anay? you tal about reducin you exposure. >> nutting up li yourlf tha mightadd, bri orra mor thin, more oubltoyou. don't thing tha mig g you in troue, iluding rantg online. ach you fen and you peop aroun you that anythin yodoline lasts foreve as you've ard. it's very important. so, the les you eose yourlf, so t speak, iner of ouble, theess troub you're goingo ha. >>here a alsoervis to he you. ere' somethingalledhe putationefenderhacan lp withn online clean . at is at? >>here areerces tt say theyill go after t vario weites wre tngs are lisd abou you itepends ohat your partular sittion is. bu tycall i wou sayhat yohaveo e, rely,hat ou there and the decid ether 's worth doing. >> lt question,f you c't gerid of it, byhe nate content. is, i fou the most teresting. ght? >> tha means going onne, vingou oimple wsite sohat t bad stuff goe
8:46 am
fuhedown so, ke sure y'ren fabo and linked in wit od cleanfoation. the veropular ses end up ingigr on ggle tha some other. t mor positiv sitou post o the, allha native d stuff i found onag 140 of og will stay on 140? >> exactly. i don' carefee waydown >> youon't matter? idon't. >>henon'tother. sree, thanks foreing here. if you're coffeelover, u mhink a great cup o joe isll ithe bean turnsut what you bw tm in i justs portan here to tel us whioffee ke deliver the bt c is od edito phil levert gd e you. >> gd to seeyo ster. let's tk t basic now. wate and various crsenes of the groun emselv. thas ke coee i about % war. we he t lk at wt kd of coffeeaker we'oing to use to the grin
8:47 am
we asked avers, who w o taste tes a coue of month agfor the best coffe i america to brewp something ecial r us ifou'r going too frenc prs, you want toorsest grd. if you're goingo do a dp taerks aediu grd. uant tbe sureo get t right grd. otrwise iton't ste. >> t presss simp. add boili water. let it si depeing h strong y le it you psstdown. the lyhi i d'tike aboufren press - i do like the steft --hey are rribleo clea l therind get in tt filtern tottomnd they' tough. it very dratic looking, is t nessarily the best cup of coff yan buy. >> y conol the taste of ateast h songt is >> extly. >> peolat mes the stroes coff? >> stronst coee. granothers alws hadhat coffee gog, tha cofe pot.
8:48 am
it's because caffeineets trsmitd t the wer byime and pressure iou woul percator, you don' he a lot ofressure, but the cofe kes percolatin if yowould. the test mr. cfe this $49. >>t haaotfells a istles on . >>t es ces withe water filter. u wanto useold wat a spri water. al, theaper fter really dictates t kdf grind. foexpl is,av a at bottom you'll use aedm indf coffee. rll narro -- >>ine grd. so,ain, allhose littl subtesake big fference. to the electroc wod, tasso is one of the smartt chines o ere. for ample, everyapsule has lile b code on it. this is auay milknre. atar codes tellshat teerature t mhine sul rk , wh the se of t cup ind how lgt shou
8:49 am
brew r. hohocola, coffee, milk >>t knowwhat kinof cofe and how should berewe >> ectly. ghinhere theyave i o war filter and aittl signatio of when thatee chged. here isnothervaatio >> wt peop don't know is right here, that looik a little dpap filter i you wod. th's t way it works. it punctures here, gshrough e filter a pctur her to come out. at likabout the thrig mache -- this is $169 this i $199. you can get abo 30iffere kinds, tea, oan cou ha. >> i real variety. andpressohaveeen ve polar. >> thiis my farite. simple. te machin th is79. you put t caple in ther 's aled le is abo 20 fferen varietie you press the butnnd thas
8:50 am
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8:51 am
hehould itch adv pm. thbetter night sle.
8:52 am
> earerhis year we brghyou the inspiring sto of california teager, trick ern, who maype st of his time in wheelchair, t ha't stoed him from pursug his passn, surfg. ju before his 1th birthd, i sited himnd fnd tt as he gets olr, he ao gets stroer. one,o, the! trick ersons in thzone >> it' goneore fro bng surfing to le spiritua is isy sond hom re, you
8:53 am
know >>ike ny califni kids trickrew uith surf drms. >> i went sfiyestday. >> believle feat for seone whope nearlyis entireif in eelchair. it w 1995. pristine fall daynd jenfer wasut with her14-monthld sowhen h letof h hand r st sit cond. one cond, he was the. thnextse hewasn't in a fakcident, car backed up ove trick. s spinal cord was crusd. heas completely palyz from theeck down but astoddlern rehab, it soon bame clr,othing would op thi ki >> he lrned how to wateri, jetski,ayak a sail and a nch otherstuff. >>is bigst wishfl? to rehat perct wave he sa he nt to arn w tourf. i'm like, oh, ah, ok. don't know howe'reoing to ma that haen. >>ntilhe hea aut jesse
8:54 am
biauera well-known sfer with apinal cor injury >>end i he aimil ju. i s like i cano at. toughlar'spinaor awareness organition, lif lls on pricks getting a chance toive o his drm. usinguct tape andoa wedges trk fits his elbsnto hoers, which kee him steady the rfard. >> he's prty fearless. >> a tm of vuntes then caies trick epnto t ocea >>ook at t size othe waves. >>hen e rhtaveeaks, thitchm. >> and for a few sctacar monts, 's cpletely free.
8:55 am
>> t hpuild stngth paick goes tough intenve ysic therapy at a facily call pject wa. slowlyhe's regaingis scle ntrol. whene firstet patrick in march,e was surng with his high schoo surf team ur month lar, check ts out. it's t u.s. ope osurfg, theuper bowl oth spt. an patrickas the, one of st fr welchair sfers chen f a hibion. >> ias on the wer wh myavitepr. i was inro o hundrs of ousandof pple doi wt i love to d most. >> tn there' na, hisew servicg. >> he goi t come withe t scho ithe ll. >> na will helpatrickecome mu more inpendent, assting withverythingrom adevery goo mom. >> t a dpped pen. a new team, embkingn li's ne chapter. ery days betr than e la day.
8:56 am
>>hawas aming. th wasus fouronths and yo s how muc hha improved. it interesting to see what t ne fo, fiv years wile for m. >> i'm gla we caught upith him. > wel be rig bacwith more aer these message i ally want dessert night. ietter sp breaast. p, ts is a i nd. ( stomh grls ) skippi brefast to gethead search showshat wome that eat bakfast, likehepeci k® breakfa, actulyeigh ls. e ecial k® breakst, now blueber. why sp? whenouan eatll ts... d still weh ss. viory is... ee d ople love hanes unrwear. ♪ i ke tshake myoo-tay ke your mily cfortle th no de-uunrwear at an unatab price. ve money li better. walmart.
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8:58 am
> time for a checkf whas congp ts morningn "me thpres" joining u from washingto d.c agains merator dav egy. od morning again. >>ood morning, erlest.le fresh skepticmbout t u. olitaryn afghantan.oihe clf the chel of mue joinefstfef f en u.s.mbsado t ghanistan, a t veryatest on the fig of health ca form wi us orenatchnd decratic senator chu schume >> tt willot forus xt wkend ontoday," sne
8:59 am
fl fearss tchool year arts, thorities ar bcing foa big outbak. whitney houon ming a meback, fo theirst time in yes. ll seeou bk her tight for night ws. until en, soong d have a eat day. en so far a weekend washout. two straight days of downpours. chuck will tell us if we will stay dry today. thousands of bikers will hit the roads in our area to raise awareness of hiv and aids testing. that story coming up. this time tomorrow, more kids will be heading back to class, some of them pitching in early by cleaning up their own schools.


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