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tv   Today  NBC  August 31, 2009 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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od morng. breakingnews. two firefightersie as they battle that massive wildfire raging near los angele least 35 homesave now destroyed. 12,000 more threatened. we will go live tohe scene. inde t hou ohoor e ba yard cp jaycee lee duggard and her kids liv in in the -yr-old ordea as
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officialuse chain saws and cadaverog to eand t instigion. >>miracle at sea. e coas gua calls o t search and increbly another ater finds tm allale, floating on a capsizedcatamar cataman. ho did they survive? e speak out in liv tervw ts monday, augus 31st, 2009. from nbc news,his "today" th matt lauernd meredithieir ve fm sdio 1 an roefelr plaza. >> welcome totoday." i'm meredith vira. i'm karl intnra. those 2800 firefights worng to ctain theo-called station fire doing s witeavy hearts. >> two firighters dd on sundayhen eir vic rold of a mountainde. as f the fire, it consumed
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,000 acres and engulfed more than 35omes. now t fla ming cser to theop of e mountai where ansmitte forvery mor tevision and rio staon for the ci a located. >> we will get report in a mont. alsoicha jackson's father eaks out about his n's death offially ruled a hice and said anyone wh was involved should pay. we will have tt exclusive interview wi joejason. >> a bit late an eyeener withhe surisin amount of fat,ugarnd calorieoundn the coffee drinks tt so many of usove to drin we wl begin with theagg andeadly wilire north of l angele migu is on the scene. go morni to you. >> reporter: mereth, good moing. thiss one othe first communities to be sam rold the staon fire. everything on thbloc and the area i a complete lo, but the devastion pes inompareo
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thgrief firefighters. they we found i ste rugd rrainday. a team o firefighters an overturn vehicle othe fronines. o were killed. >> ts accidt is tragi this is aery difficult time for los anle county fire department. >> reporter: a devasting loss the middle o an overellming fit. the statio fire is a nsr, swal ocean 42 thousand tn acs wi tur zone expandg day by day invery direction. mostf the fire h destroyed uninbited scrubld, but tireomnitiesrender siege. fire repor 18 properties stroyeand 35 ftted homes in this tunga neiborhoo ale. ese arehe fir pictures of cmunity wiped t. >> isik warzo. >> reporter: wh an estated
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10,000 homes still threated, least 2,0eople evacuate friday theos angeles area. >> i it's just anmber tt drifts andallsown, ts mighhe. >> reporter: chip won'teave yet. he wasupposed tovaate turday. >> if it's wind-dri, i'out of here. >>eporr: that'snef the fewces of goodne. e wins havet to kick , but the weather likehe fire herean turn on a dime. >> if we he a wind event it could bl ts all er the ace. reporter:ell er 6miles, 2,0 firefigersan doittl to sw itsre. crs onoot and itheir ntinue to le ground every hour. homes a not t onl concn. emergey comnication and televionowers he been surrounded by t ble. w this fe's tolls ased in les. >> pase, prars for the families of our two others we
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lost reporter: two figers lled in bla tt ctinues expand and shows no sign of slowg down. as firefighters cope wi the loss in eomingdays, my resides will retn to scene likehisndtherwill s, it, and nder. we should point out thi fire is only% coaine >> thank you so much. u.s.ort service chiefike etch ishe iident commandefor thetation fire. good morningo you, sir. >> good mornin >>s miguel pointedout,nly 5% had been contained. what is the latest. are you getting the ueran at all when i comes to this blaze? nowe are just ae to pk uphe fest comesn towards the comnities and there excellent firifying goingn lt night and especially up to theorth end of the fe and alohe foothill comnitiesoful
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cada, flintridgend son. >>our plan is to defeive. what doe tha an? it's in areas tt is too stp to work . the fir isorking qckly and th are letting the fir com to the in strategic are a eith burngut aroun t redenc or putng theire ous ces io the back yardof ople's homes at th int. it has beesuessful wre we can rk. you sd youave never seen a fire seado raply whout the winds touel is iwh wh igrinso ridly? >> is probly aombination of overwo wee o 100 gree mperur aingle dig relativeumidities combined with 10 years of drought and yea oldhat veot ever burned for decade it's aombinaon of all those toth alo with the steep
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topoaphy and the perfect storm. >> w hea the wther conditns a sposed to b coer tn itas been over the weend an more midity. are ose sitiveigns ias far as you are concerned? >> it'sllitiv but the nditions are still extreme. i'not sure if tre is that much of aifferenc beten 5 d or 5% hidity and 10% hudity in tms ofuel conditns it affects on fire behavior. inowhere 200 thousan fireghtersnd y los t of yo own or theeekendnd we ar s sry for tt loss. can y tell aut tho two men a theedicatn of all of the fireghternisng eir ve >> a of e fefightersre tremy dedated t protecti live and prerty. th regard tnydditiona
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foation gardin t acdentesterd, i don'have any more at thisime. i do nee to nnntion theare decated to protecting communits, homes and live >> a word of warning, when you give the orderso evua, i esstialhat they ave, correct? >> it is. we don ask for ecuatns without imment reat. sotimes itappe and somemes it doest. we ask the folks to heedur requts. >>hank you so ch od luc with e fiting of thosfires day. >> thank y, mereth. >> it 08. here karl. >> t disturbg sry tha h evernealking, the ordea o jayc l dugrd thaasted 18 long year ashe investigation folds,e get ou looknside the ma o secr at e prent times and shedwhere duggard and her
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chdren wept. george ilive wit the test. od morni to you. >> reporr:oodorng to you. poce and fbi ants wil resume their srch at t hom of phill garrido tryinto unearth evidence ov the weeke more than 20 offirs fm t localolice partmes d the sheriff fice aided by the f broug shovels, metal detectors and gsrainedo arch for human boes. n phiip garro, t m accusedfmpriningaycee duggd a age1 be td to a seriesfsolvedurders wse boeser dumd in an industalrea where he once work. >> we wt tee i tre is nk betwe grido and the en cas. it'soo early to say. >>end hisife hav plead
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t guilt to twoozen cminal counts was previsl sennced t in 77 in ath kidnapnd rape case and l out on parole 11 yea lat. dawa a detective on t reno nevada pole department whe he was arrest. >>or he s going to be let out, hshld he en neuteredt thlet. >> reporr: thi shows the strae cpound of tts where jaee duggardas kept andhe two daughrs he fatred with her. former custome o therinting businessere astounded when ey heardhe was the kidnapped girl on the ws >>hat's tirl i met. it was ahock forme. it was a pairf ale cpu cops at t unirsityf califoia, berkey who noticed gaido dis daughrs behang sangely hanng out
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religis terature. >> he ces bacn federal parole for a re and kidnping. the ar two young girlsith a registeredex offenr nvicd fo pe. mommy de kicks in. >> wilhere be more revetionof whamay have haened at th house? >> repter: se wereomen involv in prostitution this morning theather of phillip garrido spoke about his son. he was a sex addict. i belie he kled tho prostitutes. no evidence of that so far. >> thas for that. pat bros a crinal profer. autriesrecorrect, he held dugrd for8 years. lice wer at his house and neighbors d ccerns about hi how is it possibl he went undect foro long? >> w a shocked aboha a palled quite frankly tha a seffenr can be released from pron. he got 50-year sentencor
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holding a stranr inis storagenit a g0 yea whh hehould have gotten from an idi parole brd whoet him out and said he cld be halitatend hwas jusot monitored carefully enough and nobo went intis he to s what was gng o and ccked his property. outreo a neighbors did see someing andome didrert, but what happen isf you rert it an y d't g a reonseyou nothi and, you are not going to call back and say i'm still coerned becaus i figureut u are steing nos neighbor >>he secre eventthat ledo his arrt and the confession an briing his dghters to therkeley campus, is it unusual to want to bring girls ke thatut into the op. was h looking to g caught? absolely t. he gotn to the fac where he s gndse thinking he got ay witthisor 18 years. his md set, every day tha i
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get up a the police have knocd on m door, that fools. they haveo idea what i ing. and he can do wteve he wants. >> the police a searching ft propty for clues a to th murderof the oth wen fm the19s andany wer prostute if he isn fact guilty of the cres he is acced of, tte is als guilty ofex crimeand ev murder inhose cases? >> wldn'ut it pt him. what wouldurdereaofhim. he ia pchopat wheer he rapeor kills th, he doe at's necessary. definitely take a look ahim. thatoesn'tean there codn be another predator. you wilfind 15 ith aa. itay omanot be him. s father saide's aex dict. sh thing. you like having the per a controof hing sex. u areot aicdo it.
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jaycee's stepfher said he s guilt because s made bond with the prp traitor. at is the pcess of rehabilitang her. sh msed smuch i li. howikely iit that s can regain norlity. >>f you are stuck with somebo ahey hav pownd troll ove them you tend t look athem as aerson very imrtantou. th are t only person you know we see wom in abuve siations the think that's my sband d tt'sy partner d who i'm wi. this littl girlho is now a grown woma she ander ugers ne great therist. their fling a normalnd if theyave guilt to get over that and rlize tast was hoib, t there pple in coenatnam a other
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horrle suations and put that in the pas and rcho the fure. th all derve a futur >> patrown, thks very mu. >> l'setheck of the st theoporie talie sitting in r ann. >>elcome back, meredith and lcome to u, karl. anothe disturbing casto tell you out. a dpening murde mte in brunick, georgi 8th pernie frida wounds suffer over the weekendn an tackn mobil home. e victims ran from teegers to ults. poce sti do not know the kier is on the ose. theyre offing a reward. former vice presintick eneys lhing out a eric holder decisn t s if ty us terr suspec. cheney calls i an outrageuou that will do gat mage. ovseas marke are dn especially inhina where stocks fell by almost 7%.
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er burnett is there. obvioly what startedn cha is seang aund the rld. uld be pressure and september starts tomorw. y is thatsignifict? it's among t wor mon for stks. th a in the mod to pro whetherhese are sething even more or not. ey are not going to buy stos on hope amore. ere a lot of this to watch. some are over for t marke when you look at the dat tailers, h did the do in backo scol weillind out and construcon and unemploent pected to ki uto 9%. >>rin burnt, thank you. tragedy an airshow whe a ghter jet craed ding the show. both pilot were kill and officials thinkhe jet lt por afr hitti bir. high dra in germany where a da devil wald to the top of germy's highest mounton. he used theo raise ney for chity.
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>> aig victory forhe little leaguers frocha vista, californ. they sred a 6-3 come-frobend w to tak t little leagu wor sers chamonship the 5 straight time u.s teamas wonit. they are heroes at me. congratutions t team fm chula vis. u ep to te. let's g t meredi, ka, and al what a greattory. i'm notven gog there, mr. ker. >>ery hpy to be he. he h 10 we old tns a me. >> congtulaons. >>et's show you what's going on. no a lotf grea news in uthern cifnia. hav red fla warngshere andgain things t gting ch tter. les look also at a compcating fact. hurricane jime sou ofabo
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san lucas movingo the north northwesat aut 15 miles per ho. tang a lk at t patht brings it onor sotime tuesday morni into tuday aftnoon a a categor ree storm. th windsrom tt sto m fan theflam hofully e bter parf ats th some of tt moisture wks io sthn cafornia. we ao have a trocal stbanceut east tt cloudy and feeling like autumn here around the washington region on this monday morning. as we look at the radar, light rain over norts shar lotsville. will be passing through washington. low 60s in montgomery, fairfax and prince george's county. the bus stop forecast, cloudy and cool. dress your child for
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>>has youratest weaer mereth? >> ted kendy was laid to rest at arlinon nional cemetery overhe weeke follong an otional tribute in bost. chuck todd in washgton good morni to u. >> iwa an emotional weend both inoston andashingtons they pd fin rescts to gend a ico ted kenne. onhe hillsiden arlgton cemery whe he s id to stext t hisbrothers, lon linesf peoplaiteto pay respects to 10 kenny. >> he alled me differen. that wtcounts. >> theife of makin dierencehen he asked pope benect torayor hnd t letter was divered by present ama wn met the pope at th vatann jy and it was read atrlinon saturd ght. >> inow i he beenn
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imperftuman being, but with thhelp of my faith iri to rit path. i word toelcome t immigran,o fight discrimination, d expd access to heah care and education. i have oosed t deathenty d ught tenwar. >> the pope spded by offering his pyers. ♪ mourrs gatred inboon. the senator's wife viy and his rst wife, an hisiste an, the lt kennedy of h generatn. maa anderhusband, aold schwarnegger, allouinghe loss of eunice kendy shriv wh died elier ts mornin the othe four former esiden andreside obama. >> wweepecause we lov this ki a tenderero who
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rsevered thrghaged >> teddy j ske pernally about his dad. i saidill ner be able to climbp that hill. he lifted up in htron gentlerms and said somhing will nerforget. said, "i kw you can do . there is notng tt you can't ." we are goi to cmb tt hill gether even if it takes usll day. later on e steps othe nateheree serd 47 ars, hundreds oftaffers and friends burstnto applse, ping hoge to eir fme bo. ile se calledt this te end of an a, qstio about hisegymain whe it comes to hlth care. >> a lotas bn written aut how muchis voice has been missed and think i has,ut i think perhapsis passingill revigorate peoe toet it done. >> repubcan senator o ren
7:22 am
tch, personal frid said kenny was the oy democra whoou have cut aipartisa deal. >> there i no othemocrat to t them t do wha they he to don a compromise situation. >> noslgia is not likely to brg replins tth tae. th have to hry upndill that seat. theaschusetts legislature has t change e law t give e governo theower to appoint. e intesting thingappene yeerday. tedkeedy' best friend the nate staed talking up vicki kenned thesetor's wow who saidhe wouldn'te interested, but we are hearing a l of chatte ithould be a intesng week >> is itikely theyil cnge the law? it is likely the wil chang the law. what the will change i giving the governorheower to have anntimppoint. they wil still have that specia ectio which will take place sometim ithe third or 4tweekfanuary of next year, t having an interim
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appotee becae decratsee evy tehean geto get health ce pass. stiahead, our interview with micel ckson's father, joe cksonpeaks out for the fit ti sce his son death
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>>three men rcued aft theiboat capzes. >> tir sto after youloca ne.
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the 89-year-old was later indicted in july on seven counts, including first-degree murder. his arraignment is wednesday on u.s. district court. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. >> we'll take aome ome ba
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good morning. cloudy and cool. we have a little light rain south and east of washington. temperatures in the 50s and 60s.
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how is traffic? typically, heavy and slow. 66 headed for the capitol beltway. wilson bridge, no concerns and quite slow along 270 and several significant stretches. barbara, back to you. tonight on "news 4 at 5:00," the redskins patriots game is
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♪ 7:30n thi monday matt lauer and his family. , those are the brady bch ki onhe successfu sitcom. th door sinng andancing on t ort-lived bdy bun onhe varie hour.
7:31 am
l of drama unfolding. cindy adherselwill tell all abouit. ere she is all grown up. i'm redith vieirwith karl quintalla. were you a bra bun fan? >>an is say song rd i watched it. is tha gd enough? >> i was fan. i still amfan. i didt rememberhisariety hour at all. >> that's w t me. waed a md ke ali. i thouthat was ce because you don he to do chores >> she was good d tougtoo. we havan amangurviva or three m lost at sea aer eir at capsized. >> aftereek theald off thsech and deliveredhe ne to e families. anher boater foundhose men ive. we wil meet e m w sav m in a moment >> woo v excitg news to she. jenna sh haeger, the daughr of george bush joining the oday fily as aew
7:32 am
correspondt. jenna is a rding coordinator when and while she willontinue th wo, she wilontribe ors on issues including edation and begs in septber. areery cid abt th. >>riing a lot of perecve the sh. >> mhael jasosather, joe, speaking out fheirst time sin the coron red h sos death homici. jeffsnos angeles wh that. goodmorning. >> good mni to you. we sat dow withoe jacon er theeekend and tald about evethin from his grdchildreto the crimina caseoichael'srug use. heelves there we several pele iolved in miael's death d said allf em should pay. >> i keepthinking, iuscan't believthis happeneto m. >> how are y in >> i'm fine. sttill griing ov m son's loss
7:33 am
because he wathe grte all over the wld. i'proud that. >> wre met with joejaso at the palmsn las vas o satuay, what would havbeen michl's st birthday there was a tribute conrt lebratg michl's fe. wh it was over, joe and i discussed his tgic deh. >>re you angr >> no iot angry. i'm mad. >> whatre you mad abt? >> i dn'tnow all this was ing on at wha i mad about. youidn' kno michaelad a problewithhe medications? >> iidt knowe sakin thatmecation >>ourson's deas ruled a hoci. what doe the familwant now? >> they want justi that's what iseing done. >> cminaharges >> don kw. >> the coroner n onl decred the death i a micide, but rud propofol with oer
7:34 am
anti-aiety dru as a contribungfactor. his fashio conrad murrayav him propofol toelp him eep. >> didou kw he need to dr to sleep? >>no, did no first ti i ever hrd othe drug. >> dr. conradurray admted he gave it to him the morning he diand that is ruled the cause of ath. at ds that te yo >>hat tells me thereas foul play done. that's whait tells me. and tbe invesgatetoee what isehind a of this stuff, not jt dr. coad murray. do you want someone to pa seone shoulpay. t just soone, butll of them should pay that' inlved. >>ll the docto. >> i dn't say ctors. everybody elsehat is involved. abody tts invoed shoulday? >> that's rit. >> in our interview,oe wante
7:35 am
to focus o michael's lacy a a peormer,ut ahend of his li, iwasn't his career, but rathehis thr childn chl wamostro of. in keeping wh his wiesis 79-year-old moth has bn awarded ctody o princearis an blket. e doest liveith them and omis i will not benvolved in raising the children. >> howre the kids? >> the ks are fine. >> what e role do you py in e ki's lis. >> i'm their grandfather >> have youeen th? >>f urse. >> how oen? >> well,ut ilike thi i e them- i seth enough. time eugh. often enou. >> asou can see, j was choosi hisords vy carelly. at'shenendedhe interview. when i broughtphe kids. chael's children wle there as their fatrs lai to rest. it will be a priva ceremony
7:36 am
for fami a fendshis fridaytunse a forest lawn cete in glenle, californ. >> tnks veryuch. >> let's go outside with a check the weatherrom mr. roker. >>ongratations o winning a daytemmy ard for game sho st for milliaire thank y vy much. i tught thiwas theame sh. >> cgratulations as w take a look, we have a young sweet 16. at's yourname >> kit lynn. >>here areou fr? >>oure a tn and you are twinndou g braces. you shouldet somto match ur siste les check your weatr. we wl show you week ahead, low rmal contions teerature telesion .wise much belowormals youre above normal u in e plains. we are also looking at above normal out west and ecipitatn-wi, we expect to l of rain and rain late
7:37 am
the misssippi rivalley an sho cloudy, feeling more like autumn than august on this monday morning as we look at the radar, we are getting a few sprinkle in southern prince william county, stafford an spotsylvania. it will be moving into southern maryland over the next several minutes. elsewhere, cloudy and cool. 50s to the north and west. 40s in a few locations in the mountains. afternoon highs climbing into the mid 70s. tomorr >> wre are you guy fro >>rooklyn. >> if you want your latt atherrom brooklynrcros the 4 or 50 steand the world, go t the weath channel ateather.c online. meredith now to absolutely amazing
7:38 am
surval story. the fhermen fndaliv inngo theirapsid boat after ing lost at sea foror than a we. we wil talk with the mho found them driin 0 les offshore in mome. jat s e test. od morng to you. >>epter: gd morning. incredie tur ofents. the guy missing for eig da, a section of the gulf t ze of mneso w searche befo the cst grd called it of when hop was all but lost, three sport fisrmen on this at, thefforbleantasy madehat hado be the catch of their life andonore, prayers we answered. a rnion most thoht wld never me t ss how is evyby dog? >> reporter:t wa supse to be an overnht fishing trip until woke up to a ghtmare. i'munning arod tryinto get everody up a the wat out as fast a we can and whin
7:39 am
the minu, five conds,he boat just tumed over a caized. >>oing dow st, the til de wt was poteiall a lifeavincision. >> wre salge two bags of chip a six-pkfrackers anthre gallo of water. that's what weived o f the eigh ys. >>ore than aeek onop of a capsed boat ey knew they were being lood for because they saw the licopt. >>hat areuesdayorning or afteoon, we saw two of the cot guard helicopte fly by. theyidn't see . i have no idea howheyidn't e us. >> for extended 86,000 square mis,he size of minnesota. ter week, t coa gua called it off. >> you goat a point wre a cision has to de. it's an anizing choice but we formedheamils d it's a fficult thg t dut you get to the point where y he look at althe factors. no one facred on thisport bo tha spotted the n,
7:40 am
picked them up a me themhe st memable meal oheir lis. this is the three huniest guys in thewod. >> tyight have en found this mningr might nevehave de i it washe right pcet t rit time >> the ghost grd broughthem home how did t men surviv it was truly on aing and prayer. >> it wa onay to y bas that everydy h tir break dos. the pow of prayer had us eling fe as faas kwing that we re going t met out of i and didn't know how longe we goi to he to endure th. >>hey were cmitt he said lonenou. the menaid theyurvived cracrs, bubble g and wha theyescre a cntry boy know how. the hardest part was sing the helicopts tuesd and seeing tm faway. ck to you. >> amazing story andhank you very mh. a coa grd petty oicer sai
7:41 am
wh eddie and hisrew das like fding aeedle i a hatack. goodorning tyou, eie. >> gd morng. aer aeek oflookg,he cot guard had called o t arch. yoare i yr boat hdi back from louiana whe you picked it up and youee something the wate di you he any idea whait was yowe looking@fir? i didn't. wt righty the guys on e wato therig. we wereoing t a oil r to tr t fish and we walked by and they saw us on the boat andet off of t of the boatnd walk down to e bottomnd we we on thig to fish for about an hour or hour and a ha. >> on eay back, haou hed about theguys? did you knowhey were fishi and missing? >> had no ea. at was a week agond i didt hearothing >> whe you finally reached this boat and saw the thren
7:42 am
clinging to whawas aut two et worth o boa sckg out the wate actuay i was sitti on the ck of e bt and wanted get rdy to catch a blu marlin or methg. i see is going to hpen. i was sting on the cou and i thk itas jt a hizon was ght and i saw somhing about o miles overthere. i saw somethi bobble. i'm back the by myself a one ofhe guys sdhe i sothing er ere. a fi? sdno let check iout. ient on the top othe bt t the p levelnd couldn't see anything. iaid tur the bt around ihink there wasomhing over there. an inn tub or something. when w turd aundnd g er the, we could see a guy outher waving. >> wt ar shape werehey in whenoueached th? we got close tthe atnd we h theoast grd onhe ne of trying to tk t them ansee what it wa as we cked u we ller at's their mes.
7:43 am
when ty saidheir names, the coast ard idhey have bn missing r days. i said wl come g you. en i motiod that we were cking upo them, ty jumped swimmi to the bo.ey were stopping th. >> they we gtel because d you not been the, won know whaouldave happed thesthree. thank you so much. >> thank y. ts one of e luy rvors. odorning to u. good moing. i must say wwere talng to eddie, it is a miracle he came uponyo go for a week t cst guard had gen up hope at any poiid do you the same asouerelinging tthe boat? no en though we were on a thin line, at was strong enough t keep the hopelive and bei outher in the situaon le th, that a you c hang on to
7:44 am
>>hereereoments at least wherat least o if nll o you suffe friy hallucations. can u tl us about that? >> hlucitiontarted i guess out the 5th day or the 5th nigh we g tir ofeing on the bo all theime andanting to do other this and lk to her people. at timest smed like it w realhen you think about it so hard thait seeme le it just was reality. ke you walked and srted talking to him. yo looked at it like iwa ality. >> when u s eddie comg a you wi wt tned out tbe the rescu boat, ur retion >> my rst reti w is th real? you just haveo kind of s back a s i this rlr llucination. yohave t wak yourself up to
7:45 am
ke sur iis real. th it waand it was a vy rprising feeling ve surprising. >> wt arehape arehe tee of you iat thipoint? ysically and etional aft alyou have been throh. >> myself, that' t reasonhy made the interview today. i overerted yesterday with faly and fends and i h a cole of ns stations out he d real overdt. we are fe and aling. we are jus gng to take o time doingtnd mosf it is st severe burns. i have some bites fro jly fish and stuff on my legs, but nothinghate can'tet oursels out of. >> are y de fishi forhe me being? >> we made ct. we will have to puthat ase and find somhinglse d >> okay vely to s youuys eatg the sakinr on t boat. >>t was woerfu >> wish you continuedoo
7:46 am
health. thanks so mu. ill ahead, new infmation abt the scalled craig'sis killer. what h ex-fian is saying no rst ese meages @w@v@w
7:47 am
7:48 am
preparation for swinelu seas intensifies, gro in paicul is getting extra attentn. pean moths. prna mothe accou for of swinelueath reported t thecdc. have e chief mical itor, good morning tu.
7:49 am
this is ing tbe big dl fo anyone goi into flu seon, but especllyregnant mothers. whys so important for tm and new ms we? >> preantom a ming u of th fatitie o h1n u. th concern isot onl doou putn le, buthe is a change iyour and as youo alg in thpregnancy, your lungs get squhed and you don't breathe as well. this i an ficient virnd it skip f emple person t personnd the concerns young ther w may not hav a natural immuny and the babs won't ve natur immunit e pre target th cdc is sayg no mter what yourimeste g the sho as so as it's availle. >> it's? >>e are clecting dataight now. if w are goi to wait for fety da ande puris aut it, it may bfor months. flu shots have a gd sety cord and ts isoteally muchfferent. it's a nrain.
7:50 am
wh they ar sayg is the ris ofot gettihe vacne is grear than goinghead and getting e sh. it a o-fold meage. get the regular flu stow caustheyill b availab th wee a as soon as h1ns avaible, g ose. >> eumoni ishere a pumonia vaccine? isow intendefor people ov 65 and cpromis immun systems. if y hav ahma or another underlying pblem, lk to your obyn and i know it worri wometo g shots, bu ts is withurpoful stightn message fromheovernment. geit. thank you vy much. >>e are ba aft this. head, behind ahead, behind the
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
scenes of thbrady vaety show. ciyrady herse, sun oleson.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
here in the nation's capitol, we are starting with cloudy, cool weather. we will seehat we can expect coming up shortly. good morning. i'm brash i'm barbara harrison. students at george washington university are warned with a spip in violent crime. a recent incident.
7:57 am
police say they are stepping up patrols. students are being reminded to travel in groups, especially at night. more than 1,200 prince jo george's county stou deepts don't have class scheduled. the school district says it is working around the clock to fix the problem. we will get the forecast for y l
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. cloudy and cool. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. getting a few sprinkles into southern prince george's county, staffordnd spotsylvania. sunshine back this afternoon with highs in the mid 70s. mostly sunny on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. each day with low humidity, highs reaching the upper 70s. friday and saturday and sunday, staying dry with highs near 80s. we are back to school, work and backed up on the capitol beltway. college park to silver spring. good ws, all lanes are open. wilson bridge is quiet. new york avenue jammed. a couple of earlier problems headed through northeast should be out of the roadway. barbara. >> thanks, jerry. tonight on "news 4 at 5:00," the redskins patriots
8:00 am
aust 31st, 2009. it mightee like tummer st got stard, bute he reacd th las dayf august ere does the te go? i approach mylock othe plaza, i'm medit vieir wit karl quintnerra. he's matt d al.
8:01 am
everyby remembers the bra bunch. they got tir sht-ved bra buh variety ho. now susan oleson was written a te all about the perien. we wil catch upith her and she though thow w a clunker. >> s did mt of . >>n its entiry anpeople loved to talkbout. >> always good information. the accused craig'is kiner bost aest andharged with nting women he metline. th rning, n infmaonn philiprkoff's alleg doue livend what his fiance i sayi. >> on a liger no,ive suring ways you c cut $5 of you budt every mont tt's good. i want to ge a shout out t my buddies a theiew who w bes talkhow hos. good morning to you,nn.
8:02 am
>> good morning to you. fireghtersattlin aug wildfi near l aeles a mourng the loss of two of eir own killesunday when their vehicle rolled off mounta de thetati fire consumed32,000 acres an35omes. guelnow more an 10,000 homeare threened, right? >> rorr: yetali lst 10 thousd then homes and tns have been acuate th officl count of the hes dama sidebout 18,ut nbc news h bee able tori throh aew neigorhoods. this w t sne bck aft bloc of threa of the los gele suburb. deructionometen this area. the fireti stands at rghly ,000 acres. atumber is eected to explode in the morng when ew can get a more accurate count. is on 5% ctained. ey are dealing wh ve b problems. high temperatures andow air
8:03 am
qualitar going to behe biggest issues theeal th today. ugy 2,0 firefhters ar onheround and manyttacking fromhe air frombovend bew. it goi to be a long day a ey also say they a fighting this fire with a heavyeart as they mourn theoss owo o their n refite. ba tyou. >> a huge loss for surend a long week fothem ank you so muc wheoutheast georg where resints are o edge ter masslang ove the weekd. ve people from teenars to adults were found killein a mobile home an 8th perso died sunda a onether ishospitalized. police dnot know if the suect isn the loos investators califora are ing shels, chain saws d cadaver do tsearch two properesn cneionith theidnapping of jayce lee duggd he capti f 18 ars. phlip gardoad access ton
8:04 am
adjoining oper. they have not saiwhathey are lookfoor if they are investatinotr crimes. > moving day i spaces they unloadhousands of pndof eqpment carried tthe internionaspace stion. the re han shas and hs t shuttle docked. among the equipmen a treadmill nad for sthen coer >> hundreds o peoe inunda d augeomato fight ien r a good use t raise money r the arican cancer societ itks pretty grs. 8:04 and bkve to meredh dkarl. allhese nee is a huge bowl of standhey are set. y a right, natalie. gorgus. kefall beauful. >>esterday was inedible the weend inew york mor smer d now were feelinthe cooler air. i don't want t doal jobor him. i wastaing de of thanks a lot. my goness. we have two grgiaaches. ure goingo th.s. en?
8:05 am
>> we are. eat. od for you. veryice. let's check your weathe weill sh you f da th pick cit is nbc u 6osy clou and 87 in new oran as we take aook at teek ahead fo today, wey he betiful weather in new england and acros the plas d windy. dry founately in calirnia. nshi in e pific northwest looking for tomorrow. you will be lookingt plenty of clou on the southst and atntic cot. windyn the mid-plainsown into theex and oklaha border area and warm in e cific northwest and sizzling certainly feeling like autumn on this final dog of august. good morning. right now under the cloud cover, a few sprinkles in prince george's county, western charles and across the potomac into stafford and spotsylvania,
8:06 am
passing south of washington. temperature now, 64. low 60s prince george's montgomery, fairfax and arlington. cooler farther north. sun back this afternoon with highs in the low a uple of cut today. what's your name? >>ey kay. >> and itlyn. >> o to ffo. iill shuffff t karl >> coming up next, the wildest andhackie ments from t bradbu cara and f. susaolesonakaindyrady after th. roostecrow ] it affects youenti day. toet goonight's slee tr2-layer amen cr. the rst yer diolvequickly. helyou fall asleep. and unli other eep ds, a send dsoes slowly to help you stay asleep. when taking ambien c don't drive or opera machinery
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8:11 am
bradiegotogher to do a variety show called one of the wot, that isorst of all time. susan oles who played cindy ady wrote aook abouthe experience. love t love yo bdi, a story abohe bra bunch variy hour. od morning to you. >>ood morning. anghose w cled it o of the wst sho is u. the rst line ho does television's favorite family end upn history's wst show was earrassnt and you ld your fendsot to wah th thin y wte about it? >> well, you kwhere have be oth brady vtus that haven't been a that eat o, t thiss just so sptalarly d. it was bad with such flairnd glter and glitz that it's actually fun and fun. >>ou alsoaidne of th asons you wte theook is so history wouldever repea
8:12 am
itself and never t to duplicate this. >>e must remeer. ted nicholson w washe mn authorut together a website devoted to the bra bunch riethour. ient to the website a i w amazed becse i locke out a lot the memiesf the sh. he wand me to write something onhe website. liked the swo the hocaust d h wanted m to do more that waanwe goto talking. >> l's talk about howheho evolved. brady bunchenff the air in 71 and ts was the bin child ofyd and martyroft a hr puffin sff was their cation and the don and mar variety ho and you gue hosted at show with her ca mbers omhe brady bunch. they cvied you t create is varie hour aoby was that kn on it. how dithathey do ? >>hat's the azing tng i
8:13 am
it a ce oms aeangn the dnynd marie show and the ratings went through the roof and we sai let'sive them their own varietyshow. itasuch cra ea. you werelaying yr characrs t. >>eah. the acal brady famy moved om their home to the beach and now ty have variety show. th made no sensetllnd that part of e beay of e show th wholehing makeso sense. >> why did y aee t do it? half othe rean why all of aeed to do iis we had been outf productn ande missed eacother. we areha goofy, czy in lov th each other. >> naiveo wt thork tails. evlu did not. the was an issue there and she was reaced. >> she wnd weot our own kean. >> was that hard for you? yo werelose toe. >> vy clos knew i wou miss hea lot.
8:14 am
she had oer things todo sheadone bond poraitf a teenage run away. shead an obligion and neverhoug as jeri as replacingeve. she is fakeja >> janndlonce werhe two th h t talent to do this show. and barry william theynewow to sg and t rest ofou were doing little bit of it, buthis wa like fishut of water. very fish out of wate th's why it'so azy. you he people singing and dancing and we can't. >> that's a vel idor a riety show th i s typic of the variy sho back en. the ss were kindf wild. donnandaly a sting rink an you had a pl. >> whad poolnstead of atinrink. e dcersado do double ty. it was big sctacular thin
8:15 am
>> you must ha hespect f at w thedi >>n thebo, they were the unsunghees. th worke s hard aeall under not su great coitions. >> you talk aut a l of the mistakes kt in tsh. thin wld go wrongn rehesalsnd you kep em. >> it was an ed wd producon. t, int. we don hav time toot jen one where y were flping the you know what. soonfell or somethg d it was kept in the ow. so behind the scen, fficulthings we going. maureen mormick h been on abt her abu ougs. that w happeninghile this ow was in production. >>yeah. that wasur fst indation at there was anying going on with maureen. beeveme, i wld never he said anying about it hadhe not alreadyome out with it in her book. rober reed had not vealed he wasay altugh he was
8:16 am
dresng as cmen manda o the show. >> i don know if hot a ri out of wearing dressesn the sh, bu whas sbo that ie all knew,ut i don't thinke knew we kn. there isn a bunnysu. he refus to do a pie-rowing scen on the bradyun becse it was undignified. ere he is. >> you tk authat an embarrsmenthehow was and peop don't rembeit, b it has be paried man times. the were only nine esos all together? >> yeah. what do u thk it about is show tha lenttself to th? >> in this wayt redeems ielf so of becauset's bad ou toary. sets an example of theorst elementsf e 70s. you take the glitternd the b music anthen p all the stuff
8:17 am
on america'savorite family. it's aimeaplef th miakeshat shouldn't happen again. >> you say just to fai there was aot of hard work that went intot and y wt to make surehathats noticedy people. >> vy good people d very od work. theholehing didt turn out so good, but good peopleer involved. inow you stay close the ka othe ae sll love eac other. >>e're do. >> want toall youindy s boly but sus, tha y ry mh. >>hank you. >> love le yo brady rl cafine buzz ll. th uelievablemoun of calories inour farite coffe inks, but first these messages.
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8:21 am
> noto t lates oth craig's st killer se. you rembephiliparkoff accudf preying onomen he und onads.
8:22 am
i crged with a numbe of imes, iludi murd. we lookt the casen th octoberssue of "nity fair." od morning to yo thiss a pie not jus about is case, but the characteriics of the w and e y inhich the webade hi crimes possible, but also how itelped the polic find him later. >> exactly. this cme was perpetrated o enternet and solved on t inrnet i don'think st people derstandhere is no pva ymorendell leaveig cyr footints even if he userack phone and fak name, he was easily und bracing bk his icks. crg's lt f exampleee cord o ery sine ad you ever go tond every click you makend how lgouta when you ar ere. if y kno whichomputegot that click and go ckward yocan find ou for police it was a mter of exploiting thoseesoues.
8:23 am
>> they ho get search rrants in der to get this privatinformion, butt's not easy bauset's very technica but going t googl and facebook, once ty knowho the subscribers the waye do and thenl time ty did a old fashned polior was a stakeff aispartment beuse he was on ai-fi reless a seral pple who uld have bn thaterso >>peakgf rkoff,he dia portred hims a clean hud m udent, very telligt. you foundhings that sugsted a dker side to not just his past, but h prent. >>, for exame, gradued in ree years fro college. qutionab an intelgent person. u guysroke the story that he has en e-mailing on crais list and menor traie ansvestite spoke to the and all the
8:24 am
messagesoingackndrth. heent in hisacook pture d thereertherhings also foexame in the trd aac he had,eri to gag the woma with an s and mevicnd eyound when they googl his me and phone number after the crime, tse s and m webtes ca up as well >> let's tal aut his fnce at the me. mega was supportivef him and couldn believe this was the matohom she was engaged and eventual gave in a said s, thiss not the m i ew. w ishein >>he h beg medal schl the cibbe. the ieresting thing is they re pla ag great big wdi d d aeautifulite. th were notven going to liv together she s going to school ithe cabbea and he was going to stay atosn university. i inkha she -- it' har for heroive uphe idea o
8:25 am
whshe thoughtheas in love withecse sheelt they were one another's first lov and he protected r, buthe is gng on t a diffent li. >> does she stillovhim? >> d'tnow the answer to that. i thinkt's hd to give up the idea of what you thougou we in love with >> carn is the mother othe murder victim and feelshathe mea sportrayed her daughter in the wake of therime >>armen guzman i spoke to in spish because s doesn't speak english. she wa upset that th mia thought tha t victi w a prostitute e was not. she s a masseuse and someone who had bnarenr and goher job on craig's list. when the tips disappear becae she hado gont rehab for alcoholi, sheecame a masseuse a tt kept ongoing on craig lis >>ery quickly, they cald
8:26 am
sourceth internet cities withou poli. do you expt mor rulion of the we >> the 43tate attorneys general w are up in arms aut this, but they are proteed by feral w. th sit canno be sue b what haenby thirdpartieill 8:26 is our time right now this monday morning. 64 degrees. lot of clouds out there as well on this 31st day of august. good morning. i'm joe krebs. today is the first day of school and there are crossing guard and school zone safety reminders. montgomery county police remind drivers schools reopen today. this requires extra vigilance to ensure safety during this critical time of the year.reow n weill take a breakow
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. we have cloud cover and a cool start to the day. light rain falling in southern prince george's county, charles, fredericksburg, heading off to the north and east. temperatures are cool, 64, washington. 60 in the surrounding suburbs. 50s farther west and north. highs today with a little sun back this morning. should reach the mid 70s. tomorrow, mostly sunny. 50s morning, afternoon highs. upper 70s. jerry, how is the traffic. an accident new jersey avenue just about new york avenue has everything jammed up.
8:29 am
creating quite a mess. heads up if you are heading over there. police are with it. headed for downtown, 395, the outbound side of the 14th street bridge. loaded up. may have an issue there. inbound, looks like the travel lanes remain open. "news 4 at 5:00" p.m., redskins patriots game is over but tonight
8:30 am
8:30 othis monda mornin gu 31st, 2009. feels like aint of falln the air. cooler dayor the start herenockefeer plaza, everyone seems to lovinit. a ly i a lobster hatrom
8:31 am
ine. coming up inhi half hour, lot o people use caffeine inks as an eyeoper. >> n so much me. >> yes. >> jus ahea we wilopen you eyes to show y h much fat, gar an calors a cmmed in youravit dnks a he we he twinky, mayonnae and en pizza. caloriesfat, andugar have alternatives. >> saking of that, we will tale heah oblems bore ey star we will talkbout a pgr at a clinichat cld be the wav of the future as compaesry get their empyees tbe healthy an not get sic in e first plac ou senp itoy's fountain of youth anti-aging quesons ming up. we he answers foyo that's from "ell magazi.
8:32 am
>> dor not go iere. ter on how ds this sod? fiveasy ways to c $500 off ur buet. we will getnto th in just a ttle b. it's amangndhey are sti stanng, di andgentlen. remeer where rkefeller plaza usedo be? >> remember,r.aseous? let's show you whas happeng asar as the wee ahea much ave normalondition o west much below in the soueast and io the ctral pins. precipition-wise, were looking at wet wther in th southeast. ra week ithe mimissisppi rir valleynd shors a cloudy morning. a live view from our sky watcher
8:33 am
camera overlooking washington. we have had these clouds around coming from a stalled front south an east of us. it is producing light rain in southern prince george's county and charles and stafford, spotsle vain yarks setting off to the north and eastment cool morning, 64, washington. ne nearby suburbs. later on >> that'your lates weatr. r weatr 24-7go to the weather chanl on cable for onne >> iere with my friendarah from houston. yo knoow not toet sick we willellhe rest you afr this. first is is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
>>back at 8:35. weavepecial two-rt seri,ow noto get sick. heal car reforms the bject of fie dete, tik baer foundreating iless before it stkes. >> no washiton wre present obama's fl crt alth care rerm. >> theresident made his priori, hlthare reform. t preside makes pus >> pside obama's ple for massiveverhall of the hlt careystem in th coury. la month, he vitedhe evand clinic. >> the rson i visit t clevelandlinic is because along wi theayo clinic, they haveeen ableo drive dow stsore thanny oereah care stem out there while intaining e highest ality. ne way they achve sucss
8:37 am
is tough aellnes program, festyle 180. >> 75%f the medical costs in e united states are caused by ur thgs. physic inacvity, fd chces, tacco a stress. >> t program has bn blt arou theeyareas. hong to trea disease bore it stke e rsttep is getting rticipants in the cloosz room to lea strsmanagent physaleducio >> anyeeeli thiin tir knees? >>utrition and evecooking. ne tng that youuys don th program is g pple in the kitchen. how di tha captu it? >> tt's theey. people s coueach nutrition andake themo stend sho tmow t read lals. the ke is gting them to learn y to ck althy. you can't eat heahy i y
8:38 am
n't ck hethy. food cnges. >>r. elizabeth is th dector of lestyle 180 and seen dratic result >> ty s benefs qckly they sleep betr andheir ergy i better. >> a you getting grasp on yourealtbecause othe prram? >> yeah. i'm gtingverythingll p together. i feel a l mor flexie and ving arod more. >>e are cmbingp the ll. msing me to do a lot of thgs i knew i s supposed to do, but i wn't doin wt'she benefit to the compy? the ployer ty fe better. theyreot aent asuch becae ty feel bter. >> get in deeper. >> erybody wins n. >> do you see other cpany dos this local cpaniesre startin see t befit of style 180. >> le theuto group owned by jim brown who sent7 of his
8:39 am
ployee to thprogra >> w sed in months $31,000. that subsntial. everyorporaon n wor should do it that'she het t clelan inic. by stainsmall and cngin whathey serven cams and expanding to the couny, promotingealt foots i loc stes a the ballrk, their vion is that these efforts willeach oanizations nationally, creatingealter an wlthiercotry. >> ifeilave a competitive enviroent for js in america, weillaintain our standd of ving and heo avoid chronic disease and get d ofhat we have. >> d nancy snydermas th chiemedica editor is is fasciting because it appears to b working a if we casolv the problems, aot of our oth pbls lonte go away. how realistics it that this woulbereplicated >> tribly reastic. 's taking big stab at .
8:40 am
it's a chi wellness oicer and ces and cfs, b he i cwo. everythi old i new aga. the ancient civilations where u paid the doctor to keepou ll. whenou got sick,ou didn' pay the dtor or the . reimbued you. if y eat decently and if you move a get basic exercise, reducehe stres a ctainly n't sme, you te away most of the con illnesses tt t up the heal car dollars and kill us. >>e are looking atstatisti. 60% bankruptcies were mical costs. 75% ofealth care cost diabes, heartdisease, hh blood pressure thathomps away. >> aren'theyellingmericans th thingee he beenol for yea andhe hits don't change. >> solutely. wh they say is lo, w undersnd thatuman beis e herd anals.
8:41 am
if we d this and assume the peerressure wi hp a the workace is place of wellss, peaps weanange. th is nol. youook at the whee pical wheel and the pients in the cter andhe docrs andurseand resratory therapists and all theisse exrts e on the outside and youook athat patient as the b andhanging th part as makinghe hubhealthy, you chan things. that's what they are dng. iorked for johnson jns before. they have en doinghis f years and at hay havhown is yo canaveoney bynvting in t healtof the peoe who workor y. that's wt this is going t do >> youhink tresoing to be a push among cporate amera? here'swhy. if you sme, if you are overight, you cost me ney. it'sn my best interest get u alth it's my btom line. >> ty are repcatinghings ke this. inntes.
8:42 am
>> incentivesndeer presre. the cleveland clinic doesn't hire cigarette smers. >> that's gal? >>n moststates. >> if you smoke, will bng yo int a proam and iest in you gting offf the makeure tests t if i g you clean, i. you. the ne spot is you wch f obesy. i am invtingn youheth dou invest i my bottom ne. >> fascating. when we ce bk, calories and yo favorit cfe drinks ññññ
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> thi morningn eatthis, n that. your favore cfeedrinks th caffeineixight help you
8:45 am
perk up anporkut at the sa ti. th autr of eat this,ot th, theestnd wstoo america. goodorning to you. >>oo rninmeredith. u tnk of juicean things li iner of a lotf sugar and die drin, sa andtuff. coffee can be wors >> the problem is that today coff drinks have more from zzo buzzkill an average c of joe used to be 40 calories now evege i340. th's t badws. thgood newisou can lose lotfeit fast by making smt chois. i have a b wa los 25 pound by just staying wi the dnks chter eathis a not that. >> and going tthe rht ace. we will start with dunki duts frozen cappuccino withole mi. >> this is a mk shak ifmerica isunning on is,
8:46 am
wl be slod to aalk or a crawl. is is0 calories an ove 100 grams o suga th's 26 spofulsfsugar, the equivalentf fr twines. >> ts could be the twink defense thefuture >>nles yourffice has coh and an alarm oc you y be messed up >> what's the aernative? get the medm coffee with skimmilk you ll save 4 caries. overhe course of aear tt, is like 35 pnds and u ll only g 44 grams o sugarnd no fat. it's not as yummy. >> is not,ut mh better. >> we wl go to starbucks. ventwhite cholate mocha. it's like drinkg a dessert. like cake ia cup. youave 580 calies and 22
8:47 am
gram of faand 75 gms o suga the equivent isix blpoons ofull fa ma. yououldn't put that inou ink, butt's the equilent of wtoure inking. what's gre abouttarbks is you ca d 87,000 combinatis of in. >> you creat your ow >> i have a cmel cafend ty have sugree syrup to addo the drin inhisase it'130 calori. >> vers 580. >> vers 580. you can doonfat ce mocha if you wtimilaraste and you are sing 400 calories and over theourse o a ye, th's5 unds. if you can meittle change big relts. >>his iscari me. dn't kw cold stone had coffee drin. th ione ofth. this is the lata cafe latte.
8:48 am
it's 00aliean 90 gms of fat. you are getng75ramsf gar. this ias many calorie as a adult man wld havin a day anthe equalent of 10lices of pza with haand pineape. ha a whole piz and tore sles that's the equivalent. if youo to col stone if y ge the milkarl latte, it's one rd dferent, but 1500 calories diffence. 280 calies d 1 grams of fat d you save 1500 calories which every da ishreeoundin a we. >> thas a tremends amount. >> mcdond'got into coffe d t fancier coffees big time. witht ces big timeeight gain. >>his a large moenga.
8:49 am
you have 0 cories d 1 ams ofat. 49rams of sugar. that lik six fudge ckles. u woulde betr off havin plain coffee >> what if youake this rt off. >> thehipped creams 5 to 100 calories youf bterff getting a larg cappuino for 18 calori. you willave 220 and it's 10 grams of f and sugar and l in sugar and high in caffeine. >>or thoseho d't dri coffee, theres rock st. >> we all right get too much ergy. weon't nee re this drinks liteore meat lo thaneiichards orick jaggar. yo have 280 calories d 62 gramof sug. it's like fiveiqdoreos. >> b tyave an alternati
8:50 am
here ts ishe lightanilla roasted. 100 caries >> how to tm 00 off your monty buet.rss thi " otoisc.da rst, this is "toda on nbc. n
8:51 am
thisorning on lnard's look, a placehatillri
8:52 am
u backn time and help you findtems that can brg smile to yr ce. >> if humans were powered by batters, this wou be th eal anging station. is uncommon uque sto th cmon name and aomn pruct at i anythin but i this fast-changin wod. >> weallurselves theur have aor of the practical and hardo fi. were aut sff that works d solves o of li's ltle prlems. >> outf my little pblemas keing up with m anhis the sons. as they didhed tough the western verntstore, a sto ened in 1946y his dad who originatalog i a blu maer lisd 36 item the hse a to eat, the toear and 12 to ad. w -- you c g everythg fm stoveolisho -- >> sing picks. >> and a lot more.
8:53 am
most being the type of pduct thatad lal following fore fallingut o favorit th n bre of multipyer. the reseamehis fily, rm believers in the underdog and e no frills uerwear and undervalueproduct tthe incipa of undering simplity thatoff eshed the way goo were designed and rk. for instae -- life buoyoa ud to r on commercials anthey wenlike this. ♪ ♪ th this orange ce with a strong smell. is is serious uff. >> jus a this a serio buness wh o stos and a ilrderatal bringing in nearly $100 million i sales and emoying 100 vermters.
8:54 am
>> onef thehis is ty a uchingiece of the childhd d mories ofhat it was lik in dsone by it's comforting and assuring. >> i brings back memories of when was 5. thislaces the best. >> youan keep finngew thingshatou fort eve existe >>ike theld metal snkies and theubblgum cigars and e t fine pie fiingsnd onnd on. >> couldetost her lost angst the onc lost productis and vanishe way of life now discered. >> you trave all or arica an it's harr and hder fi this thatou autheic an the world of genera and masstail and of chain sres and chain restaurants, you g in a place invery city and eve
8:55 am
wn ithe same stuff. you go to a villageeren vermt where litt has changed in the lasoueuned yrs an it cnged he since we opened in 1946. >> a welcome sight f tse w rember andhose whodon't. for day, mike leonard, nbc news, westn veont. >>hawas before my ey.nglilish lh >> elish leather. >>e will be ck aer your lol ne. l
8:56 am
our time right now is 8:55. monday, the 31st, the final day of august, 2009. i'm joe krebs. breaking news out of frederick, maryland. firefighters right now are battling a two-alarm fire at a townhouse. chopper 4 is over the scene on victoria scare. you can see down there in the middle of your screen a row of townhouses, the second one from the right it looks like has a bunch of debris in the front. it is once aimed at the building. it looks like the fire is probably out. a lot of debris in the front as they clean out the fire. they must have destroyed one of those townhouses. for thousands of students, it's the end of summer. it is the first day of school in montgomery county. police want drivers to be careful and look out for crossing guards and school
8:57 am
zones. >> sg students in prince george's county are starting their second day of school. admin stay tors are working around the clock trying to straighten out the stead you'lli scheduling problems because of a comput ook will akeakre and look
8:58 am
8:59 am
it's cloud by and mid 60sght right now. a little light rain south and east of washington. later on today. how is the traffic. outer loop of the beltway still below the speed limit as you make the drive in new hampshire to george avenue. it appears things are improving. wilson bridge looking pretty good. now,
9:00 am
onhis back to workwee monday morning, the last day of august, 2009. wherdoes summer go? never really had it. thnice fksreelebrati the fin week ocaon. bc's karluintanillaho is ried to be here because he
9:01 am
has0 week o twins and hn excu. >> anything a home isretty good. how does savg 00 a month und? ettygood. pamperinyour petithout spending a fortune and the five secretthatillelpou save yourllet. >> tht against fatherim anwhromis to restore th youthful glow and do the oductis al rk? th experts share 11 pduct at can hel holdack the rages of ti. we wl fillou in on the seets. >> bacto sooseason all right. >> a wderful me. >> from pens and pins ilso back to hool cloth a tim to g the fily to hit the book hois your sde goingo tote everythin arou. how to pick t perfect backpack from wels to raps. we will ruthrougthe options.
9:02 am
>> natalieas got the news. >>ood morning. firefightersn califnia are struggng t ctainaging wifire nearos angele ire that turned deadly on nday. twoirefigersild sunday when their vehle w overrun by fil ithe so-callestion fire a rolledown mouain side. mo than 4200 aes he burnedith dozens of home to get more from migue reporte thetation fair is amonster,waowing 42 thousandhen acr wh t burn zon eanng day by day every diction. the fires moving very quickly a t firefhters are letting the fire come them. >> reporr: mos of e destroyedscrubld, b n entire commuties a und ege. fire officials report properti destrod. nbc newsisvere 35 fttened
9:03 am
homes in thi tujun ighborhoodalone. thesarehe fst picresf communityompleteliped t. >> is le a war zo. >> worry 10,0omes sll reatened b t fastoving blaze, atea,000 peoe have evacuate friday the los geles area >> i it's just a little eer th drift over, thisight help rorter:hip won't lea t. he was supsed to leave saturday. >> for it's wind-driven, i'm o of her >> reporter: the notorioanta an wins veet to kick up but the fe can turnn a di. >> for we got a santa ana wind, this would blow all overhe place. >>eporter: setchin wl ov 60les, 2,000 firefighters can d little to slow thespread ews foot a in e air continue tooseround ery ho. mes areot t only concern. emergency cmunicaon and televisionows have been
9:04 am
surrounded b the blaz now th fire's tolls meased in lives. >> ease pyers for the family oour two brhers we lost. >>eporte twoirefights killed in ala that coitions texpandnd shows noign oflowing down. >> that are report from miguel. there is a dpeni murder mystery in brunswk, geora. on sunday, an 8th person die iday wounds suffere in atck i a mobil home. police don't know if the kler is on e loose. theyre oering a rerd. police i califora are diggi for mor evidence inonnectn with pllip gardo w imprised a young girl for 18 years. they used shovels to big upis back yar and use cader dogs athe propert next do. they wand to investigate whetr he was lked to a stri of solved murders in theea
9:05 am
>>hree texas boater h a azg svival story t tell they were found sting on top of tir csized catamaran 0 miles from nd. they called offhe search biople on atheroat fou th. they survid on ips, cracker ana w gallonsf wer. incredib. at the box fice, the horror fli "the fin deination"ook in over $28 million. inglorus bas arts was secd ann haowii w thirdrd let's ge checkn the weher. we w slhe what'going on ou aofo you c we e hapl storm stems. ci tin atltic and in the gwec.lileto th, buts we checout what' going onlo the coas showers and thderstorms alonghe carola coast. out st thing are high and d and at's a proem for the fireghte a continueso drive thgo news tt the
9:06 am
santa aindsave not kicd . a lo of rai your feeling like autumn on this final day of august under the cloudy sky. a little sprinkle activity, a little light rain in southern an aron dal, northern calvary county east of fredericksburg. it is heading off north an east. south of washington. temperature in washington, 64. low 6 os in the surrounding suburbs. cooler far west and north. some sun back this > this morning on day's ne saving $500 moh. we offer you extra cashbut rhing o rng outo get the secondr thirdjob, w came upith 103 wayto cut yr ending by 00 a month. weave a seor write
9:07 am
do theips the magine covered, is a bad aa or are w talki about scics? we looke at all partsf your life. everody nts to save money, but we camep with more th 0ays wre y can trimhe fat fromour budge without trimming thefun. you don'feel prived. >> that's importt. >> first of all, a lot ofig ras foredit car a cable bills. at can you do to cut toney here? >>lways smart t attack e relar bis. a well-placed threanown as netiatio can work wonders reduce the rates. withour cred card, a lotf op have hh rates and you want toeduce tha andall customerervice and l them know you wan toakehe bancand tnsfer it to anothecompan they wan toeep yr biness anas tm if the cane u a ler te this will rketr if you
9:08 am
ve sre of 750r high and ner ha been la. >> what e about t cl phone? call the cl pne carrier and say i'm thinking about switching to anoer carrier. that's ual goofor to % f. you cable bi, there is competitn betwn satellite an t phone comnies are offeng. >> thas the k t wn you ar negoatg, they kw you n go somewherelse with the cablcompan ask f t latest ctome protio ifou won't, say you willo to the teleonerovider. at cansuallyutour bill well. >> you can se asuch as $46. by ing those three ings >> grory shopping ey a not cheap. what can do u to cut t bl there? >> it' simp. kindf psychogical, but2/3 of our snding is iulse bu. don' go uessou g onca week, bring a list and you are less likely to make the splues.
9:09 am
>>ha is psychogical. >> if u have aist, you wl stay witn your dget. >>an you se by gngith the famies and going t costco >> sure. th aual cost ce stly. split it wit a fily memrr aeibor a it wil be cheaper. youan save $200 a month? >> that's right. >> buying this at theig ti can save y money ner thoht of buyin tires as seasonal. theres anff ssonor alst everying y buy. it mes sense if you buy the swsuit now it wille cap and the winte coain marc it wille chear. ifou buy tiresn july, tt's thmiddlef eringeason anmost people buy tires ahead, it's cheer tbuy the summ. >> kitchen wa? >> in th spring orovember ar the te wheis the stores are trying to clear out aad of the dding shopping sson and
9:10 am
lidayhoppingeasonnd may eafr discous. >> linens >> i january. yocanave up to40%. are filiarith thwhe sales ey have. th stores arying getou in aerhe holidays and they give yig diounts. >> what knew? yoknew. lle. my sisr has a dauter goi of to colle. you n save money right mn certainreas especiall in bos. >> ty have goneff to the campus already,nsteadf buying bksnew,ouan ren the books. rent xt books? you can re. a couplof webte where you can ve 50% by rting. they are probay not going t ep them anyw. >> unless ey a repeati the cls. 28 there. groopingour t. youay treays to cutback >> we aot saying d'tave a pet, but insteadfayin f kenl o a pet nay, why
9:11 am
don't you tradeervis with a neigor or iend. do thi with myouldou he beenall theim ae sav a bundle of money. if you want your d to loo nice, takit to aroomg hool and save about 50% in helpg ur doing look good. >> wot take your pethe.uts. thks so much. coming u bobby brown will hel youleanp me u mistakes to look your st. >> dipping yr intohe fountainf youth a1 ways to fighthe sig of ing.
9:12 am
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eythlso need vamin d elp eyumsorbal c. wi yidlaits, trixogurt anurt, ey both. pl yo tt, o forid t go- id to feze and thaw lunchim c kiavpeane theifavo gurin their lunch box to feze and thaw lunchim - gort fre a eat thorning on das founta of yoh, you an-agi questions swered oplean to kw how to look
9:15 am
younr and maintain your glow thout spending lot o money. we answer tse pressin question on allure mazin withhe bt sk procts on the market today. linda,oomorng. ank u forelpingo answer l of ourueions fit questionss how u ca predict how your ski wil ag loo at your mother a your bits. if youpent yr fe sun bathing, you know youille in oubl 's a matchf both. >> harly dyou art investing in pducts? >>ou cantartt three mons ol maybe y areothinking abt that. >> y can u skroen and that pvents 95% of ski agg. ifou use it every day, you wille great sha. thateansn oudy days and driving in the car. u vaays cause aimging penetrate thglass of a c.
9:16 am
ifou drive at, youillee aiminging on the ltorthan e rig side. you have tpply i all the time. if youeeflashlight,hat's the onltime you d't nd it >> if yr paren dn't art at the age o three nths,an youeverse the damage alread done? >>t's so ch bette to srt rit ay and protegainst wh theamage has been do. you ca also use oerroducts to revse . l's tk aut the produs on t marketight now. wh is the differenc bween ov the count a prescription oductis? itdens on wha categy you are dling with. if you dea wit retil, a rong produ has more of th active ineed yens wch i vitami a. it irrates skinmore, but innocent it's more feive. yohao wgh the diffences and e price is different. prescrtion is more expenve th oveth counter. >> retins is one of the ws reverse the damag >>xactly. doors real believe tt retinol isne of the best ways
9:17 am
to revse some of the damage. it gets r of e duless and otects and iroves collan and elasticity. >>se sun shre like you wld a moisturiz andou don't have to deal withoisturizernd sun shrine theutra gina wh spf 30. you want to use minum of f 15. anheod is sp15. >> a at your drugore. >>e were talking about this retinol prection fluid. this is l'orealrevital ft. they are more effeive. ey used to be weaker and h lessngredien tha haseen prove d you can usthov the count they' iess irriting and build utohe prcrtion. >> thethuzzword youave
9:18 am
hethanetinol is antixida and how they work. >> the are great. doctors are ehusitic about them. eyrotect t skin cells from ee radicals caused by thesun, pollution, a smok thatak the sn lo old. >> as u. >> y arerotectin your sn. some are expenve. this is $1. this i this gat ingdient at docrsre enthusitic abt it. penetrates quily a com from apps a the apples now, there is atudy thataid the appl cel can hp skin cls ild andregenera. at's good. ifoueensitivein, q 10 is great and it's a less nse and eat. >> bags,ar circ,nother question weave be get for exampl vwers and wll dl
9:19 am
with tt and as you age,our es get puffyndarker. how can you helthat? >>has o of the thing the won ticefit. one the things you can do is pens on what cor the circles are. if it's brown, that's an excess of melin and y can use a blching cream. onef the gre ti-oxidas is an eye cream like this. if t ccles are rple, tamik is bieved to work. doctordon' think anything workserywe, but even primro has vitamin k. if yave pfiness le a l pele ual theaus noenoughleep andrinking tomuch alcohol or geintoo much salt. all liftylehing >>top doi ahothings, t that is too easy butut the cafine on you skin
9:20 am
it's an anti-ilaaty. i love the rolle >> fal bro sts are first signs that you see. the freckling of your ce. yourchest. the only a-approved grednt forro spots i in escription or over the counter. itakes a lgime t wk. that'she drag. you want to make sureou apply sunscreen anse the bleaching creamnd one is theam b i fade cream. will te a coupl of wee? >> a cple o months e biggest grient i patien. orlse you can get a prescrtion which is stronger. e yo dermatologi for that. >> thankou so much. ill in today'skihen, an isla twi on a smer vorite we a tking about cb cake first ese messages. s contributi cholestel to plae ilp my teries.
9:21 am
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9:25 am
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9:27 am
good morning. the time is 9:26. 64 degrees on this final day of august, 2009. good morning. i'm joe krebs. let's see what the weather is going to be lik morninggood mor. we have had a cloudy and cool start. feeling more like autumn than late august, low and mid 60s, climbing into the mid 70s. a little sun back. a few sprinkles passing south of washington. tomorrow, afternoon highs in the upper 70s. that's the way it l rksooig ks
9:28 am
good morning. back to school in montgomery county. still sluggish in a couple of spots.
9:29 am
outer loop, some activity at the american legion bridge slowing everybody down. inner loop, pretty good. uneven pavement. watch for that. other than that, we are setting down at the wilson bridge. problems in northeast have been taken care of and traffic settling down. the coaches
9:30 am
>>here is noay out oit. you ar theaughte o a llywood hey weight. you are carving yr oth. rur willis wl fill us in on
9:31 am
her lates oject. coming up,ac to hool. allinds of things wha t worrabout. the isne itehat is part shion atemt and par work that nee attentio the all-importt backpk. we wl veelon fining e best for stunts of any age. als ahd, answers fm betyxperbobby brow sh has ansrs to you qutions fr chaing your beauty roune as y a to coping with changes aft prnancy. today'skitchen. a tastef the island krab cakes. cuine of the sun a drinking. orget thcrabakes. nd is over >> and aheckf th wther fo us. >>yes, do. weill show youhat's going o asar ahurrice jina,his a pott sto aire dangerit r flag warnis
9:32 am
intoouerlifoia. as far a thaath ofhat ejimena ioab can lucas tsdayorng int tuesday afternoo the srms it has been a cloudy and cool start to this workweek on this final day of august. right now, light rain falling in southern maryland and eastern shore of northern neck of virginia. north and west of washington, cloud cover thinning out a little bit. a little sun breaking out shortly in the shenandoah valley. temperatures there near 60. some sun is back this afternoon throughout the entire region into the mid 70s. and that your latest atr. up ne, up ne, banci the load a how to get the btackpk and theightne firefighter yr
9:33 am
udent's needas they head backo school. clea sw drns, eans pipe was. liquid-plumr foaming pe sna. ♪oo doooo woman: ere's ly o sinfectingip with a lowtrk rmul cloxisinfeing wipe ligh& fit has 80 cories versus 100n the other ading brand ana taste you'llind... [sluuurrrrpppp!] resistible ght fit. greatast fewecalories. so metli remedamily's "ifs"the guesswork. combinintwessential insuraes...
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rm le and sality. inne affdable package. stt building your saty net wi our term life and disabili tooat ♪ tre's ly e rd for this ♪ ♪ it's bliss ♪ only one word describe cholatthis crey, this ric this indulgt. bls. here's bliss chocolate. 's nojust chocote. 's bls. new anti-agi eye rolle reduces puffiness immediely -- and also helps withines andrinks. t surgery. this is our way too ur eyes. new regeneri antiging e rolr. light fit ha80 calors versus00 in the other leing brand ana taste u'll find... luuurrrrpppp!] resistible. light fi great tast fewer caries.
9:35 am
>>this morning on back to school da picking t right backpackorour childhich
9:36 am
les e first day of elentarychool or the fir dayf college, a solid bkpack is aritical part o your student's livend identi. here the editor a souern livi magazine >> gd t see you,al. >> tre basic res to picng a backck >> look ftrong suppo bk stps. dotheaputn th. th is holding the backpack in place. youant yourackpack to be no mo than 10% of your child's bodyweight. th nee toeaot to take everhi and the kitchen sin withthem. >> thas what theocker for. >>earing down without question. you d't want ito han more th fou inches below t waisine. u have t tighten the raps. you don't want it haing. it's all about good poste. kidsre caringhelo. >>here do you fall on bkpack or the wheels.
9:37 am
t wheeledack bkecomes arushnd theyut moren it. th a lugng tha upstas potentiay or on tth bus. th cld hurt tir back dog that as well it's bter to stick th regular backpack and be consvative about wha you ta. fir oall for preschoolers. >> you havo undstand the backpack has to siz to the student. theyon't need lo a sippy cup and ahange of clotng? e one fm la's end is teific. it has a plast pouch tut a picturof t k o t das artwork or y can he it monogrammed. perfectly sized forthem then the cutes with creates on em. u wanthem to pk their favori a go rit elementary ho. >> siz up a ty b more, but they a notaking ttmuch. lethem he fun. is pol dotne i from old
9:38 am
navyndrom $7 to each. >> youon hav t break the bank. >> tis aood backpa. they are notakin tt muc stuff. this other one is cl becau it's mad out of recle plasc bottles. ever backpack ps toork six, 16 ounce and ps them outf th rbage. th is environmently conscious cae i has the recycle snn it >> y go t middlescol >> this hether thg. if you see your kid cryinon oneshlderove io the messenger ba that i mad to go acss th. th is from case gi is come wit the fun shaie d y c decoratet and ty cado a graffiti lo. this is a cl bkpk fro o gi w is known f the
9:39 am
snowboards andhey do the special backpk thahas a place r the skatebrd obously tt is gng toake it heie but oods gooor the kid whos a sports fanatic. >>ouove to hh school and colle. >> high school andolle, you ar caring mo. dhaes a you hav alace for laptop. i like ts one. this is om target. one of the things that is great thisungee cord to put your sweater rough it. to of mpartmentalized. it h a padded areaor the laptop and great for travel. this is when you take erything with u. i likehis one fm aashvle compan we likeouldou state yr namesumps. it madut ofalliic nylon usedor world w ii ptecte
9:40 am
ge. is is instctible fm a compyalle ll. tnk you. dssing already. >> i kwady.already. next, answe to your buty dileas fro bby bro. tethese messages. utgena te correcting night rum ) with high performancsoy to even skinon and active retinol t eed cell tn ov. inicly shown viblyade owspots in 14 nights. i even o my skint night sot los unger, flawlessn the morning. (announcer) neutgenaone rrti w yocan fadend prent discoloratns all day. new tone rrting spf 30. so i ways he tino's pizza ros. big pizza tae a biteize roll at kid can resist. plus i get two bonus x to forir sool. toino's pizzros. the pia way to snack. that's why i gothe pillsryoaster strudel. wam, fky, stry with delicus swe filling
9:41 am
my ks will love. plus getwo bus boxtopfor their scho. toaster strudel. the e ds wanto e. toaster strudel. ilhaven' tried tia? i am definitely a skti my commercials di't convin you? acally my mom convinced me. and? actia definitely helped with my casional irregulari. take thectiviahallge. works or yo money back! ♪ aivia t yo make me another atloaf ♪ ♪ no - ♪ forget e c and chse ♪ - ♪ oh no ♪ i want someun pid on bun ♪ ♪ i want maich, please..♪ make tight a manwich night. - ♪ i wan a nwich,lease ♪ - ♪ a-a-ahh.
9:42 am
>>his mning expertdvic from bobby bro. this artt and enterprise h seen it all and she i heo answerour e-ml questio out making t most of your ma up. good morning. good moing. >> iot of gre eails fro viewers. th fst isro kie in lorado who as dear bobbi brow i'm 29 and m skin is wreck fray pgnancy two years ago. my typic make up reg ment just doesn't wo anymore wouike to learn tipon eveng o my sk. >>ew moms don't he a lotf
9:43 am
time. ey nd qui andeasy. spent e time to get t right cors if your skin oil waswith a product for oily sn and gor oil-ee fountion. even outhe skinonell over and use a bronzer. that willel theolor and it's quick and easy. n't fortboutnsadf powder din the y, use oil-ee ctrol pads that absorb theil that comes out of thskin. >> that's aypalhing for peleo go fr combition in to all of a sudden. >>sing t much pder mak you look ce e. lite bit of blurb and lip os >> deanna i kentuckwrites what is the best way to cover u redness. i was diagnosed witlupus and ev if i u fouatiothe redness sws through. i ne youvi. >> sheer hasry skinnd the
9:44 am
moisture bal will even up the sk and giveou moture make sure toundion is yellow. yellowone ts r of redness. you onl need heer amount. if there is extra blemiss, use blesh conol sckn yeow to go on top of the blemishnd only cover t blemish and not the whole face >> peopleake the mistake o overcreeng and ithowsp more. >>t looks lik you haveoo much bad makup on. use aronzero help >> broer hps even o yr in. i don'think anyone shoul n have brzer. they fixo manyissu. >>ouan suze it ye ound? the only ones who shod not buyhe bnzersre the porcelain glsnd everye else sulhave a brzer. >> cha reen west poin new york. i' 38 andn arm wife and the mother oournd i ual can get by, b nowhai'm gettin
9:45 am
older,onr i i nd wearake up day. i dot knowhato wr itnd how topply it. i amhe queenf make up in a minu. cano m fen a minute. not five nutes. wh sheeeds is aoncealer t ge r oark circles or a cream blurb on yr che and lips. at ick. a coat of masca a i the is time,ine yr eyewi penc and if you g to shadow you get to it. you nd the few tngs that wi makhe biggestifference eekly. potou is great for everybody. >> theipor a popefine and finish. that the process. that's not going t teou0 minutes. >> a minute. i ll you. ma up in minute. >> here'srom karen in henderson. i am 55 years old and i have
9:46 am
silver white hr and dark bwn ey and conrned the makup shes ilway ud may ne approprie now. wanto know what you recommend. >> sheeeds toven o wit llow tones and itead of usingark brown, go more gray. e trick for her is to fin lor that ps her skin. a gorous woman. >> sheer beautiful and wring glasses s eye liner wil have her eyestand t. put a bit of blb. a pk o aicot will make her po a a brighte liti. itou beear. if shes not lipstick peon, nk and ro, but not bwn. >> wt ar about the fouation es that change request yr hair cor? >> no. your snolor doesn cng ancyrom msachusetts sd i wil celebte t 10th
9:47 am
anniversary of m 50 rtay. though i don feelyage, don't always cognize the pers i seen the mior. >> evebo wants tnowow to lk ss tid. the secr of e yef i concear. onceou get ttonine you eyes. dot befrai of a dark bro or ablk. i le to do a bck o the t and brown underneath and a cole of coats of mascara. withhe coealeowo choo the rht she. that probayhe hde thg. >>formul mak sure is creamy and n dr th's important sot won'tet in the lesnd also color shld be ehade lighter than youroundation a for tse of us w have assue with dark cile a corct of a pink or pch willrighn u uer thice. whenou have tse two things erythi ee a piece of cake. great aice. thank you.
9:48 am
to the viewer w is-maid us, ank yo so much. we wl spice n
9:49 am
9:50 am
> thisorningn the kitcn, a paion for coong ahege of 9, cindyudso is an award winning chef who calls it is you seen of the sub. shes thewner i coral bles, florida andou will opening up new rtaurant. >>n grand cayman island. >> what's cuisine of esun? >> anythingant io be fresh, seon. >> fgesickles. cuine of t bay. everythgs seasonal and lots of color anvibrt. i ll have yohelp me.
9:51 am
weeed to bomcurry. blooping curryeans we pu it in f and wisk that together and the flrs plode. >> eggs a yo. the goe t cuy. >> i lot of peoereightg wi curry bause they a n sure iit wl b spicy or not d they d't kw howo use it. en the moms w hatpice lovehe gb cakes. i figur thiis are thing to he labor day. we make min grab cakesnd largfo an entree. >> gia crabakess bigs your ad. >>giant. d ls o colo >> y added ylow anded pepp and red onio >> you wl see how qck and ea this is. don'tfry. we added a lite bit of bter. go to gves no because w don't want t break up tha jumbo lump.
9:52 am
nothing woe than biting into a jumbo lump crab cake wh no lumps. now hand mix . >> five yearsgo you have never heard of th. >> for mes them lig and fluffy we have a little bitf salt a go aad with t pepr. will mix with our hands and be gently anform the int round hockey puc a srhem an finish them in the afternoon. weill ma the big right now. we me littnes for the cnic. you wilorm sk. we hop the stick tother. per arehey a not stky. think we nd re >> in e perfectrld, you let it s forive minutes a it absos e moiure a we ve ourrab cakes. >>perfect. >> you are not hired. we will take one othes iade
9:53 am
eaier and t this buttner there. 's n d, it's good we wil get tha gng and siling and bwnhem o eier de. >>ow long? >> it will tak a f seconds mae 10 seconds. if it was hotter,tould have beeninant. that what eyook like. >>hen poth in the ov. >> tt'right. >> pophem in the afternoon. >> thevens popp. >> look at the minion. >> whas the saa? >> aapaya salsa. which e is thi >> i shod him. buing downy kihen. how are you? >> great. good to see you. >> then at le that and wwi vet wit a reay great dry
9:54 am
reeceling. >> thank you so much andood luck wh the new restaura. >> thankyou. >> what e do we have comin up? >> rumor willis willha wit hodand kathyee. >>ir we haveour local ne and weatr.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:56. 64 delightful degrees. i am joe krebs. a white supremacist charged with killing a security guard at the u.s. holocaust museum is expected in federal cost. james von brunn shot and killed offir steven jons. he was later indicted on seven counts, including first-degree murder. his arraignment is scheduled for wednesday. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. summer break over for kids
9:57 am
in montgomery county. this is the first day of school in the county. there were crossing guards and school zone safety reminders out today. montgomery county police are reminding drivers and residents that most county schools are reopening. that requires extra vigilance to keep the kids safe during this important time of year. prince george county has been back in school. more than 1,200 students still do not have class schedules. the school district says it is working around the clo can to fix that problem. let's go to tom curran in storm center 4. the sky has brightened over washington. live view from the sky watcher camera. getting sunshine breaking out in northwest washington and points west, the sun is coming out. still, cloudy points east where there is still a few sprinkles in calvary county, southern st.
9:58 am
mary's, northern neck of virginia. temperatures around the region beginning to hit the low and mid 60s and will climb to the low to mid 70s later on today with more sunshine. there is still a chance of maybe another passing shower south and east of washington later on today and clearing out tonight down into the 50s tomorrow morning. tomorrow should be mostly sunny with low humidity in the upper 70s. more of the same through thursday. jerry, how is the traffic? work crew rs setting up shop 95 westbound. look for mid-day delays there. southbound appears tore okay. headed for downtown along 395, all cleared out for the morning drive. even the outbound 14th street bridge looks pretty good. joe, thanks very much. tonight at 5:00, the redskins rs patriots game is over.
9:59 am
10:00 am
> hi, everybody. it's monday, it'ust 31st. it's theer last da of gust, which deresses e. >> it does deess me, t you are ba. >> i back >> you spenteek on t her cst with all those oer ople, doi whatev you do outthre how as it?
10:01 am
>>it was great. itas hot. my gosh, they were hing suc a at wav it wasaing like czy here becausof the tropical sto and allthat, but it as like 120 notvenin thelley. i wt to do the jimmy kimme show. inhe parking lot, sitti in the n, it sai 128 degrees. >> that's like dai. >> so i got out my thong anad a hec of time. no, did not. >> yore o kimmel comgup. > it's going toir thursday nigh >> how would we describ y on kimmel? >> one rd - berser io rserk, andore in a good way >> we want to give a big ki to our good frideredh vira, who won f her sow "who wan to be a milliaire?" goodor r. >i kw,oodor her. >> t emmys came and wen >> i did th once. it w a heevet,dur
10:02 am
pritime. i gues la tightitas prmetim bu nown thcw. >> itumbled upon it cideal, b cgrats to all the inners, from all he othershs. >> who didn't win >> can isay - i just have t th off m chest, cause m so grosse out by it. th guy onhe front pef a lo of theapers day. kidnaed a little 11ears olrl, h chilen with r, b what'so upttin aut the whole thins he w convied befo. >> s, o dnapping and rape. >> he serd ten years of a 50year sentence. he was convted o kidpping and ld ago young childin a shed eyethim outafer te years and now look. i mean, it makes sio my stomh. >>hat do you say if you're the paole officer or e whe bod- nhe fficer, but the board and yo wake up inhe morninand rali the guy you thought warehabitad has --
10:03 am
and aegedly may be involved in with abo t homicides of hooke in the rea. >>'m sory, b i know --th story has be frontage for the lt four days, but s repulve, but it onef the stories i keep readieven though it kes ick. >> plus his wife is implicated. i btl with child health all the time. it's not getting better. eve dayour childrenief ild abe or negctn o countr one chi everyen send we kno of i abused. >> know neighbs see thing and somimes say ings, b i thin -- weeretalking out this, when you spe? en is it tim >> oneneighbor did, sai chiren areeing hldn tents. they went to the fnt poch, lked to him abo a half ho and nhing ever came t. howouldou el if you were th sheff thatidn'to the next step? >> t weird rdon, the two children e very ups that tir dad is being he in
10:04 am
prin. hey're ups abou it >> ey n' know abohis monsterif of his. >>ou kn w i would like to hear from? his ife. it's o thg iou're the pers tha'soing it,th's rrific. if you ar siingexto h hroughout it a -- >> t, you knowremeer little sa sinerg, an ternational stry hreyes ago, joeltein rgad been thishild todeat rember, what w the woman's name? his we. sameing, that same look of just -- >> samelook. >>eah, they're --ounow wh i'm sain su ase the, too aegedly. >> aleged. ane men from this depressing? s, weneed the answ toss life's woies, but we needt inhree mites, becau we' ve bus >>hey do ha this thing i ew york. obvisly people e gng throh tough times. losi their bs, ises wi money, n they ha think pschiais apsycholosts
10:05 am
offi the-minute sessios. it's eed shrinki. you goo this spot in qeens. >> atou me you craz battling trfic will make you azy. you nver leav t island. >> no, i do go to queens. it's cled e suby. ce you're there, the shrinks -- you tlk oneor a quickie,nd ten you' supposedto feel etter. itepends o what shrink you get. i ha a gentleman i've been going toee o andon for many, man year oe of t mo inedible godest psyiatrists,sually you do't put tos two wos together, he's amazin tow mucof an awer n you g in three minutes ne ofe'sos pressing prolems? >> but the facthat th is neessary tellg you just how despete ople a for help. >>it bcause of the interne >wt? >> s. yes. were oshuman now, remember? >>e re stuman. well, they ve that saying whre peole are getting busted --his is s
10:06 am
intesting. okay. y know how peop are twittering, twting, sayingll the busiss online. th djsaid, hey i'vgot this ig i'moing to t pd. the ir w tacking im. they lk on his ge, e at he g id, he say gotai a cerin amount ofmon, and they gets him. >> why are tyellg anybody hathey me anyway? at is ju riculous. >> pple tellg everything it's insane. tweeting,twiering, ppl nt to know they s thing >> at ast irs got the $2,0 or sothgro them. >> you have to be careful. you do't ha ve worry about theseind of things. becae i n't eet or any f those things >do you eve thin aout tweeti? >>never,never, ever. ittakes engh eergyto live youlife and tlk about ling yor life. i think ithe mostncdibly narcsist thi in the r.
10:07 am
>> let's talk aut us. now u can have your o ersonalize ltle lunch pai your persolize evething. hoda is ovthere. you can hve everything sent to yo preciousne-- >> by the way, these e call frele boxes s they are -- all yohave to do is go to frkl xecom. >> probably. >> f $26.95, sticks f your kids withour kid a name on it, aok, we areuch ego mancs. >> we didn't do this. thy me them . >> your meis in the bo. incss hoda lesn ig, beaiful castle. it's ve swet. 's st tha it -- >> that's where yu ve t send -- >> now, there living ofampu how is at? >> to see wher heives at home and then wre helive at school, you woer w hecan
10:08 am
actuay behap. but he is. >> so he has mil crates and the whole thing? >> oh, pas we ha sme goodws. >> tell. our thuday is cming up ths week. we' going t cllur wiers thi month. every month w get amazing sti om evebody. this mon weicked patria and aaromiller ombrsto coecticu aon wro about h ife. theve been high school sweethearts. love herike crazy. e has aunbievayra sease calledh.s.,and she ch excriati inpa al t time, because it feels lke your skin isttched as f as it bsolelypoible, and itreates credib pinfu pokets of fluidunderneathhe skin. hers hywe pickedher. sd, ite ofeverytng, setim she c't evenug her dahterecauseheain is so krushating. sh was bedriddg wh h o
10:09 am
chilen whaapned ise nver opd smilinbecause she alwaysfeellikeomebyas it wsehanshe does. e you on the phoneaaon, patria? hel. yes, . >> congratutis. m gos i can'telieve it. >> i'm so orwhelmd, i n't ev belie it. >> howwill yeeliday, ho i'm doi oka my son we back to school, so t was a lile emotionalhis wek. in hanging inther >> aaron, you sndike an incredle y. oh, tnk ou. >> hsamazing. >well,it's macle ear doing so well. e're goingo hear out it en you'reithus on thursy. >> we' see you. packour bags. >> have asafe trip. thank youso mh for sharg your ory. >> tnk yo ian't it. >> it'fun, difrent kif song dav and i have itten ou basically abouthat kind of -- tere's two dividend kds opeoplein theworld, peoe
10:10 am
who comainboutvything andhe peoe whoee e glass t full lookt you. love tha drs. and yore so tall. >> so adorabl >> i don even ow. >> sh's got the microphon tooimportant >> wll fure it out. >> tank you fo bng her >> t'so -- >> sara how ae you? >> i wanted tell oplee ma be givng some thinway at the end of the sh. you'reot hre o our page, oumight wan tojoin. >> i want rumor's dress. >> next,emi moore a llis's daghter,ut she's film star iner own right. >> comg up.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
rum ll is steppg ot the show of hfamous rtsnd joining the rksf llyod'sextgeneratn. >> rumor is bagn the big screen in " errority w." >> he sid it w right. ou' stronger than , okay? see noay outof thi >> the is no way out of this. >> i ha ith thers nway t. ro welce. >> thankyou. >> wow. >>toe a horr movie star,
10:14 am
you have to ve theworld's faous scre. did y havto autionith a scrm? we didn't wasne o those ings ere we wer on t,oin rehearsals or tha sce a i kind of scream and lkedat the grls and thout, whoa, were di that me rom? >> me on, growing up in a usehold, y had t scream -- i screed in other moves -- >> did you have fm traing, rumor? i di it a litt bit, you know, inigh scol a kind of thin like that,ut i never ally wt t any specific school for i when you lookt you-hat eneis vy otiona how d you g yourself geared up for that? >> especially -e were out in pitturgh,ay 20 deree when all t gir andou're into ,it helps y get into that,ecause itsoigh intensitynd emotional. but it definitely takes a lot o of you. in one of the enes ieard yowere in a real
10:15 am
auterhouse. th would it for me. >>yeah. >> e studhee ot s. >>the who stuo? >>ye, theyurd it to ths. you wld lk bnd there' drains on the floor, thesewed oks on the ceiling. it w kind o creepy. >> a housefhorrors. youe look all right. you comromusbv o obvus famouparent iithard totep o on yo anday th is who im, this is what i abt? >> honely, ie beenai a lot about wit ople. when i go t oautidin, the pant aren'tthe onescting in the moie. the endof the y, i don' inkasting directoeall care >> it mig get you in the doo t no the job. >> never does. d your parents help? >> yeah, i'll realinewith them or sa hey, wou y gu look a this ript but themost important opions arey litesisters. they'll definitely give gve me a stightansr,ecause they' kind a rangtoo. >> he one youao pleases
10:16 am
ur director. thyo movies agn. so how i yopersal life going? we neve hear about that. y're o othe sar that sta off tt meter thing you dot wa to get on. i've beme aotal tt cck, honestly. i've been cooki atitc tcng the food netrk anoing tat wholethg. i'vbeenaking pies yoha>e? >> for yr 21yo brthdayou partd in rtas. >> idi at was so mchfun. yh m w mily. >> i'm sorry. l! >> whhon aryou? ut i thiwe know. >> i'm wearing thegh, gh hes an the frret hea knd of kept hiing mn t face. i'm thiing, my god,'m going toallof >>ust the beginning, swtie. we wh you a terrific carr. >> gd luk. >> ain t mov opens taters ationwide on fday, ptembe11. whene comeback, the do's and don't's of what to war for a night at the thear. see you after this.
10:17 am
10:18 am
10:19 am
10:20 am
> anow o toay's dons to dos. >> the high-class fashionthat ed to fillhe sts hasiven y a muoreasual feel at sometime incles shts, shirts, fp-flops and more. >> wealled in theashion editor at larg for "glamour" s spivey uthisraft >> rememb when wesed to dres up t goo theeater? pele used t weardressesnd high heels. now it's iplops, eakers, ip-flop shor, dirty t-shirts i mea gone a the glo ds. when y goohe eate in w yk, what dyou thin o of couse you thi of ressing up. but we're trists witonly the ays, a we didn't nt to carry lgage. >> ok herck.
10:21 am
wheredo y get the clothes? >> i get em at e mall, actlly. in order t get teion yo have to standut a bit. >> iresse for the theer. where you you ing? ithink i'm ging to e thter, b -- thi iam. >> does anody dress upfor the heer yme? here is one womaneang a dre tth thear. thonly woann a dres aryo gng t buy tickets to seeow? >> yes. >>oka a you going togo dressed like this? >>yes. >> i me, ahosehe sa fl-flo? >> n they're ffent. >> tl mebout urofit choi. >> thoht it wase goo >>e've got t fixis, mediately. ♪ i feelretty ♪ oh s pretty >> oh, a little trist here. evry girl nee a ttle blac
10:22 am
dress, righ and sus is here with us today. >> ulove your rk, don you? >> you do. >> i do. islwachanging a nev getsdull. there's alwys someonehat nee. >>are you g i that? that's at myauter says all the tim ty're goingo a pla n toplay anthat is a prlem. people st d't dress amore. for those of us wh drs oper. >> we g eery wedsdaynd --ell we a prettiy. >> rit. so wher's thop you wet? >> ann taylor, simp because there chain thei imato me plaul and un and ve o sa great, grea dress. let okat brnn >> too tig of athithirt, to srt orts flip-ops that rt eotve matchi, dhe e yoshld see e fingernls. ty were coletelyll differt cors
10:23 am
>> , no,no. >> andovered wh friendsh bracele racets. we have s s was woi a cmp thi summe. sh's rling. ser dorable. >>he'sromaustlia, bu she me t ameca, mhattan in partula without e lbd,he littlbla drss. >> here'she before agnof brianna. come on, iann t's se how we changed your look. look at tht. >> , peec >> wow >> oh, i love it >> you mght not goo a tinee that u mit ha to go at nit. >> we we asks sto" a nig. i lovehe color, d th jewelry atnntaylo those are two. i bing both of them. >> you ve two combined. >> even the shoes, hien atform, tse ann taylor. oh,arli. very ic. iike the utch, oo. is it fm ann taylor? >> the trickso never mch. y dotwant anythingtoe
10:24 am
matching. that's why we chose theray should,eopard bag. >> wt did you tinkhen susie gged up in fronof erybody >> itas great. it was so excid. i uldn beeve it. you di't mnd yur nls goin back t au nature >> i was actually hpy. itas go to go >> wh do y think ofhe drs and t whole ofit? i lov. i feel so good. i c'telieve was going to wer tha >> wl, adorable. like wt you're doing. i le tha you are opng people on the steet. >>nsulti theeck of the and making them up. >>hoan s no to fr cloes and loin gorgeo? >> and u havethe fendsip racets. >> b i will begivinghem bac >> suy, thank you so much > still to ce,heatest celebrity new an gssip on 'soda "tod's buz." >> plusacques torsake the rfect chocote ch cookie foran i cre sandwich.
10:25 am
>>fter your cal ne.
10:26 am
. montgomery schools, kids head back to class. good morning. i'm joe krebs. coming up on news 4 midday, should pregnant women get a swine flu vaccine. we will run through the latest recommendations. news 4
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
it'sime's time for today "today'sbuzz. >> whaareou ing if you want to beilled in by pop cture >> bravo andycoen is here wi us to fill in. tre w somead ne that i read aut this ekend. we heard abo dj am and w he surved the car wck -- >> plane rash
10:31 am
> sory, a crash,nd then to hearhowhe died tragically. >> not ma peole know whoe was. >> y, tere is a picref m. yousuly saw him next to opl heted. >> heardim at a club i chicag dj'ing and understd imdiately whye wasfaus. that's bause the g was amazg dj, truly. wh h did was incredie. there wa aeason he was s uccessl beyd the people h dated. apparenlye washat aegedly addtedo pnklersfter tt triag ple crh, which he survived. >> which happe a lot. andthen, youow, cack as well. >>but they fndcrk pipe. > they fnd a crackpipe >> that ppen witheople who throug horrible, hrrible injuries. >>physic trauma. >>hysil injur a lot of pain, but he was also try to go rehabilitate youngidsho were on drugs. andow they shot a sh on mtv, so don't kow what
10:32 am
they'll do wit that show. >> earliere had joe ckson on, and i waseading how some jason brotrswould be on a reityshow they had be pitchg long before. >> they d been pching i for while. a & e is goingo he sh. the qstion s, my mi,s is footage thas already been shot. i know thehad bn shootin foote r a whil so i don' know thiis preously ot otager new ftage. i thnk tre will b tremendo nterest out of t gateonhis show, ut i don't know if it ll sustain itlf. >> lo rm. is ijust the boy it n laya or jaet? >> yeah, exacy. >> chris broken, w fundout at it isentce em to be a slapn the wrst. >>e s totay 100 awa fm rihan. for a ng time. this is insane. exptat, qute entertainmt-industry-relat events, whe th go 30 feet
10:33 am
awafrom her whch t m it's like the judge isow saying, ok, producers of t teen choce awds next year, you can haven awkwd cutaway the two of th sitting ne each other. >> he also t comnity serce >> he di and he's o "lar king live" wdnesday night. >> it wednesday yeah yeah that will be intesting. >> i guess his mom came out and sai thankou to al his fanned to anding by him. >> arehe over rihna and chs? how c yo be gethr? right. >> not a very sasfying relationship,f you have to stay thatar art >> remy pive mercy poisonin >> is inedible. this ring -- h --eeft h broadwayhow saygead unusuallhigh levels of meury,e said >>because heas eang sushi
10:34 am
every night. >>ent in arbraon. everyon in n york city sd ere's no way this guy will be -- w't be hiredagain, but the ruling w in his favor. ey nt the rbitration, oy,ou kow wha we buyit, you'reokay, y're off the ook. >> how did itwork? ditheydo tests on him? h do we knw? it as hind csed doors, and they ruled in his for, whh is incdie -- >> theymay haveuled in his fav, but long term, i d't now on procer into that would wan toake thechance again onhim. he's tente acor, no question >> coue. tnk you. >>s that it? th's a wgot. that'shat you do, andy. >> wh do i do >> you do i all and you d it well. you can catch an, i you are a late-nit erson, trsda nig lis a dnight, wheneosts"watch whatapns live" on brav >>something upext hnow a bi out, peeverce is isthe inspirin stoes
10:35 am
ildhd canc svivors, right after ts. c
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
>> tomrow kis off childhood canr awarenes nth. ckluyaylucky to have twochdhd caer survirs with us. they shareheir amazing
10:39 am
urneysn ersevence." >> the author created a nonofit to send childhood canrurvivors to llege. acork aolen glider are herewith he y are 24 years o. >> iam, s. >>here d youome up with thiinteres >> it happed when was 6 yearsl i went to a campith somef nir famy frids, and it s fo cildren goin thrgh ea o, and as 6rs sethig kinof spked withi i ianted ck b i we backhen i s 13 i was s derro kd ids own ageand ind f trned my word upsedn. >>ou started your foundation at the age of 15. >> hello >> i know. >> how many kids havyou sent tocollege? >> isbout i ess ov-- >> over100, in't it? >> wejust gave out re,
10:40 am
about 0 now, and, yeah >>ipiringipiringtories collee en wer you diagse >> wn was5 1. did u unrstandhat tha diagnosis ant a that age? >> no,t was all hpening so fa, a b shk. found out,nd twoays later had thave emgency bin surry. so iteally ppened fast,nd he more dfficult rt fo me was th revery ocs. >> wt chemothepy? >> i actualy was ve fortunate the fathatjustad brai surgery. >> but i love what you did. i wh everyone would do this etherhey'r goihrough soethingrnot. u kept a journal, where u kept a grateful st. i d. >> how d that help you? >> my good friend introducedhe gritudjournalto m helped to look back at the milestes. in her i waseang throu i today i adhe stngth to walk a fewsteps, today i waed
10:41 am
wn stairs. i'm sograteful forth. it niceo look bk at the littlemilestones andt keeps you going. gratide is aealing ing. what abou you, zach? >>i wa dinosed wn ias , right before my 13th bthday,nd fiay d ler i was i d ergecy surgey. >> now, at 12,ou wereayin u didn'teally undsta the graty of a that age, di you,zac >> tat's rht. i dn't underand t gvity ofit, becaue, y ow, the st ide atteantto be the hostal isfrom, y know, the - was from the -- was from the medi and, y know, it's not as --t's where near as -- the -- well - the gravit itos i nowhere near whatt ally is when i'sirst -- >> the reality o i >> as it's portraed in t media. everyne wts to ta
10:42 am
somethg awayfrom you exriens. olleen, wh would b the takeawy? >> forme i had to refine stngth. think oentimes society, ke, views seeking o he or gathering support fm others, or even crying as a akness but i thinkt takes a ro an courages person t do thos this. tt was rlly a big takeay mesge, d sothing that hepeme. yoare stng, andza. d caryn,godnk t>> u. >> tnku. >> e, e pson cannge t world, een a te 15-year-d athe time. theook iscaed "persevence." >>bsolutely. thank you all souc. p nexerfect ccola chip cooki you guys derve th,or the feerce eafem sandch. jacquetorres, righafter this.
10:43 am
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10:46 am
"toy's kitchen" isrought y by >>nown "today's kihe
10:47 am
wee getng au. >> chocolate ip cokiesre a perft way to end yourlabor d rbecue. >> jacques toes,hoate latie bonur. >> how e ou? >> lot of butter, a lot of sugar, and a lotfchocolate. i he hre some butter, a bit of bwnsugar. it'slrea creamed. i' going to d a bit of sugar >>ust a dash. >> a little more >> so y wait until everythin is nice d fluffy. >> fo uneaten eggs. >> beautiful >>nd lke to be them myself. > of courseyou . >> then the salt bakg powd, baki da, everythg wh t flower, then the vanill real vanilla, and en w add t flour,andery slowly beuse
10:48 am
sometime -- it goes flying. >> you don't do cholate chs, buthe scs. >> i do tesedisc ihow yo wh we are goingto mixat. d't ha to fini it. henou finish ishere. >> yo do it ke a browe. >>exact. then you pre , shen ta a kni re, and you cut the itt squars, then ke tm, move em into ty. so far sogoo it's prett ea. >> n cookig so far. > y coo them when they ge to thi point. >> theunny thing is you square t, andthen when y ok them, hey beco round. >> it's justphysic >> i'm in th middle? >>f urseou are. > take your cookie
10:49 am
sidedow one them, and then a uakeour favorite ice cream. is is chocole, this vanilla. th is amango sorb. this rahocolate ice cream. what you want to do isake a ni ball, took at t si of that. >big big. >> whilahi ourweight,we make it nicnd pat down. >>he it's ey to put the scoop io water so the ice cream or sorbe comes out easil then ta the other people a smoosh it >> that's t f part. >> you can eat it right away. >> ofouse you ca. >> or put ihe freer. at the time t pary, ke it out. >> we don'twant it in t fezere want to eat it. theseare nd of rd to eat. >> weut them in the eezer
10:50 am
aew inut, theeco hder,orf you phem on a plate i has to bemesy, ice crm has to be messy. t's s god. >> alth is a chocolate we ke. i specialize on cholate. th'sha iell in my coany, sa lotf differnt stf. tha you, jacqs. >> more, more. >>oming up next,e are going to dce orou 1/ knowhat off. of
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
>>miles broadhead wa a pul andnergetic ntestant on"dance yor hnieoff," briing dance and diet gether. they featured ful-figur chllengers w. unrecognizae. >> miles was eliminad durg we 5,bu atere was kick off,his p later surged, his
10:54 am
waisine diapared. that's miles now, lookt miles right here, who's sitti in thechair. that's miesnd hisister mimi. oh,y osh. >> dhe who thing you went through inir you to continue nd as famil you stted losing e staed with me when went to tape the show, both mysisters g on he badwagonand said yo n't b thonlyne losi weightn e family. >> they ntedo encoageou. >> d i feltncouraged, knowi they were back i utah long ight wi as i w goin tough in inne ocess. >> i like t nceptf this showbecause dancing is un, it doesn't fe like- >> it's not like training for a -- triathn, don't evring . >> how ch weight did y lose ile o the show? >> on thow itas 26 pous. >> isurprised, you lost 90 in tota i' surpsed y lt souch more o yourown, because i wou thi withothe
10:55 am
danci -- >> it was lifeste change had to make. when got hoe, i qui my job as a bateer, i ld my car i bike evywhere i go. ths was soimrtan totake it to thefini le for me. are you de now? >> i've lo all the weight want to os in fact wa put onfive pounds of scles. >>he let me fee his s. hoda, yohave to have feel. th're amazg. >> m osh. w your wgh loss going? >> i d'tweh myself. hat mes fr a lofatin disord issu,ut b b cantell yo have ne down eht zes. >>whatdid u differently? >> f mei've always been fitness-mied. i've always ran, exercised, it as nuriti. ce i sat down with miles and said this isowou hao t,he weight meed off. >> you id y h a problem th yur mebolism. you were acuall exercising t mu a your weighastaying actly whereit --
10:56 am
>> i exerced half t time d bere and i eat twice as uch. >> iles,hat's t secrets. wht e you eating that helped yo you know, it funny, because i eat a lot, but ep thin specic ka loirdget. >> but small meals. >> small mealshroughhe day andots vegetable, probabl o zen appes week. nutriti doesn't ve to mean starving uelf, in fact it colelyopposite. usedto skip brkfast, lch, and only eat dinnr. n i eat all day a a. en you wer heaviest you ipped o als? all t peoplenur joy fit club,hey dn't ea >> and it's theiggest mistake you could ma. if youon't ea brefast, you're tnding toward erti. yoget off work and starving and you gorge yourself you don't realize the damage it dong. >>you didn win the ow, and look at u. >>e won the sh.
10:57 am
>> mimi,congratsto u >> n his heieos great. you canatch th sh toght at 1000,9: cera onhe oxyg network. >> tomoow jenn mccarthy an geoeforeman. e' gog tant tofit. have are day, everydy. we are gng t see y tomorr. weome back. >>home? . yeah. >> oh thank you. congrulatns, yoguys. >
10:58 am
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