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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  September 4, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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is upon us, folks. at this hour, thousands of drivers in our area are hitting the roads, making their get away for a long holiday weekend. welcome to news4 at 4:00, i'm jim handly. >> i'm eun yang. aaa says the majority of folks traveling will be heading out of town by car. just before the bay bridge trafs c eseem bto bov mgov smoothly at this hour. a ootpleo pere ae heading here is a l akh.oo ina i look at the boardwalk ance o city, maryland, where the crowds are growing by the hour. >> folks who aren't hitting the road, you can expect delays if you are riding rails or going to the airport. tracee wilkins has the latest. >> plenty of parties and lacrosse. >> reporter: whether it's a lacrosse tournament in bermuda. >> sun, sand, as if i ed more. >> reporter: or hanging out in south beach, miami, for the weekend. it's labor day weekend, the last weekend of summer. folks are getting out of town.
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>> 850,000 washingtonians heading out of town. 735,000 on the roads. holy smokes, a lot of travel. >> reporter: yes, a lot of travel. although it's down by14% in comparison to last year's labor day. most commuters polled by aaa say that's because labor day weekend came a wk later this year. metro officials were counting on those stats in hopes this weekend being the perfect three-day weekend to close three northern virginia metro stations. pentagon city, crystal city and ronald reagan national metro stations, all closed tonight at 9:30 p.m. and won't open until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. the fliers who took metro to national are planning ahead for the trip home monday morning. what are you going to do? >> either a taxi or maybe go to the pentagon and take the bus. >> reporter: also remember metro's got those free shuttles to help folks get around the blue and yellow line to get the stayings open again on tuesday.
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tracee wilkins, news4. let's get the latest on the last-minute rush out of town. ashley is live with the big picture for us. >> getting out of dodge not too bad. this here is the springfield area. 95 headed southbound going away from us, not too bad out of springfield. we did have an earlier action over the occuquan bridge. if you are traveling down toward the virginia beach area, taking 64 is no problem as you make your way past richmond. as far as the capital beltway is concerned, it is very slow. the interloop is jammed leaving the tysons area making your way toward silver spring. we are looking at 270 where we have a lot of volume off i-70. if you are taking 5301, now is the time to get on the roadways. we have some delays.
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it's going to be 450 heading toward the southern river airia. heading toward the toll plaza, you've got no problems. you're smoothly sailing along headed toward the eastern shore. back to you, jim. ythank you. ou are heading to the 't st ifcoon w m as cost as much this yearo t t fil your tank. tngravelifo to cape may, new jersey, will see regular unleaded gas selling for around $2.52 a gallon. as it nearly0$3.5$3.50 lastyear. . ar at rehoboth beach,as is averaging$2.57 a on llga. virginia beach, ll$2.41, more tn a buck cheaper than this weekend last year. we had a beautiful week here weatherwise. with all this nice weather, will it stay with us through the weekend? veronica johnson has our fast forecast. >> i think we'll be smiling on a very fine weekend weatherwise. let's start looking at the sat right and radar. no rain across the area put it
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in motion. you can see a few clouds making their way up the coast. eastern north carolina mainly and some of those clouds clipping around ocean city and rehoboth. salisbury at around ocean city now at about 78, 79. those water temperatures with this cool pattern even lower. stick your toes in at 74, 75 degrees. you might need one of those tight surf shirts to keep you warm. looks like saturday we are going to have higher temperatures. 82, 84 for ocean city with northeasterly nd a bit more of an east-northeasterly wind at rehoboth sunday. on your fast forecast across the area here, you probably noticed the clouds. those are going to be moving out. we d have a full moon tonight. it's a full corn moon that will be rising shortly after 7:00. a very fine holiday weekend
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coming up. don't think there will be any complaints. when are we going to get rain back around here? this has been one long dry stretch. jim? >> veronica, thank you. a drunk driving accident has taken the lives of a grandmother and her 2-year-old grandson.wen. itne peapd overnight at inrsti intersection of pncerili wamil wa y and university boulevard rkna. uvlipo sel t a s rear-endt t ie 60 ea d crassa a nd jothan wade-ortiz were e d'ilthchmonds aer another boy were inj a william mallory has beenrgha ced with dui. attended themyim j ffet con a .a.onpa t collins will have a live t n? it appears the worst wildfire in los angeles county history is dying down. the deadly arson fire killed two
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firefighters that has been burning for 11 days. 64 homes have been destroyed and three people have been burned. flames have scorched about 150,000 acres of the angeles national forest. firefighters have about 42% of the fire surrounded. they are using bulldozers to clean a containment line around the rest of the fire. there is discouraging economic news today amid the more recent signs of recovery. the unemployment rate made a bigger jump to 9.7% last month, a 26-year high. still the white house says today there is more positive news buried underneath these two numbers. brian moar has details. >> rorter: the nation's unemployment rate jumped higher than expected last month, hitting 9.7%. another 216,000 americans are looking for work. the obama administration says the bad news ist as terrible as it was. >> in january, the job loss was
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well over 700,000 and we've seen it decline slowly over the past few months. >> reporter: vice president joe biden insists the president's stimulus efforts are saving jobs. >> if it would have been another 500,000 or a million jobs lost had we not had this recovery act running. >> reporter: in california, governor schwarzenegger helped break ground on a solar panel plant. >> in these tough times we need jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: economists say the stimulus return so far has been modest, at best. >> the only improvement in the job market is we are seeing fewer lay-offs. in manufacturing, largely because of what's going on in the vehicle sector and housing because the global construction is so low. >> reporter: the number of unemployed americans now stands at 14.9 million. many knocking on doors that just won't open. >> since october, i probably put
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in probably close to 80 resumes and applications with very little response. >> reporter: washington is struggling to get the economy working again. the white house expects a turnaround by early next year, but some economists say it will take another stimulus to keep it moving. brian moar, news4 washington. the disappointing news on jobs didn't seem to bother investors this friday. positive predictions for pc sales sent text stocks soaring. the numbers are still settling right now, but the dow is finishing the trading day with a gain of about the 8 points. the nasda is up about 35 and the s&p is up 13 points. new concerns for swine flu right here in our area. a crash on route 50 brings traffic to a standstill. here is a look at our stories making headlines in our area today. investigators are trying to figure out what started a house fire in the district. it happened before 8:00 a.m. in the 700 block chaplin street southeast. police say it started on the
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first floor of the duplex. firefighters were able to put it out quickly. no one was injured. early labor day travelers hit a snag on route 50 this morning. two tractor trailers collided south of wide mills and route 404. one of the trucks was trying to make a u-turn when the other hit it. no one was seriously injured, but police did have to close traffic in both directions while crews cleared up the debris. the university of maryland is reporting 64 suspected cases of swine flu today at its college park campus. six students are being encouraged to go home until they recover. those who can't go home will be reassigned to different dorm rooms. so far none of the infected has been hospitalized. umv officials tell us these cases are not a cause for panic. we'll have more coming up on news4 at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. some kids in our area got a chance to hang out with a couple of major leaguers. nats' pitcher craig standon and
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j.d. marshall helped them pick out sports gear. this was part of a prize package with the nationals' dream foundation that included a shopping spree. the family had a private baseball clinic with other nats players earlier this summer. it's quite a win there. coming up next, was the woman police say responsible for a deadly wrong-way drinking on drugs? her husband says no, but today family members of the victims are speaking out about the claims. a high-speed police chase with an unusual ending. what the suspect did when he gave himself up. plus, we'll tell you what happened moments before michael jackson's burial service was about to begin that has people asking a lot of questions today. >> it's friday. we are firing up the grill on the front lawn. eun is heading outdoors. we are going to cook something we haven't prepared so far this
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a former first daughter brings her unique perspective to "the today show."
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one of the topix in "the washington post" columnist. y, jenna bush -- i like the new look there. that back drop is cool. it's blue. >> you can't see my co-workers anymore. we are hiding them. >> let's start out with jenna bush. a lot of talk on your wednesday web chat. she is taking on a job september 14th, part time at nbc's "todayb >> s aill we a speal corresespondent for "today." she will file occional reports, maybe about a month or so. mostly on education. she's been teaching the last several years. for a couple of years in a washington charter school. more recently in baltimore. maybe a better creditation is she put herself out there in recent years. she shied away from the media when she was a white house kid. she wrote a book and went on a book tour. she turned out to be a very appealing television personality to a lot of people. so now she's making a step, at
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least a half step being a sort of reporter herself. >> cool. some of us remember when she was sticking her tongue out at photographers. that's it there. >> will have to work with them now. >> right. she also has a new do. >> yes. this is like for us sort of push the whole news of working to today off our radar. does she have brown hair no or all the people who fascinated with jenna bush, there are a lot of other people for whom the question is always, which one is she because they are twins. she was the blondetwin. her sister barbara was the brunette twin. now jenna seems to have darkened her hair to match her sister's do. we talked to her stylist who is at toca salon in georgetown. he says he hasn't changed the base color. we are looking at it thinking she's got brown hair now. i don't know if she will stay that way for tv. doesn't everybody go blonde when they become tv people? i don't know. we'll be watching.
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>> on the 14th, that's right. paris jackson made a trip to the salon and it caused quite air, parentally. >> there are british tabloid reports that when she was getting her hair cut, the security team moved in and swept up all her trimmed hair onto a plastic bag presumably so her hair could not be dna tested. at least that's the allegation. i was at the salon an hour ago. they swept my hair up off the floor, too i assumed because they didn't want it lying around on the floor. who knows? good gossip stuff though. >> your hair looks great by the way. >> thank you. >> have a great weekend. thanks, amy. it's friday. it's a beautiful summer day. one of the last, i might add.
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what a time to cook outside for the weekend. we haven't done sausage all summer long. it's one of the staples. join me is dan maron. >> thanks for having me. >> today you bought us kilbasa. what is that? >> it's just a polish sausage. it's a polish word for sausage. anything can be a kelbasa. you can find it in your grocery store. i get mine from a farmer in pennsylvania. >> show some of these fun techniques. >> first thing you want know, it will come presmoked, but is usually light smoked. best way is on a charcoal grill. get nice ambers going ahead of time. you want it hot, but not
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screaming hot. then you are going to want to impart smoke. there are lots of way to do that. if you don't have charcoal, we'll talk about your favorite toy first. you can use a smoking gun. >> this is called a smoking gun. that's the real name of this tool right here. >> you can order those online from polyscience. >> what about the wood chips? >> soak those. these are apple wood. soak those up to anywhere up to 18 hours, not longer than that. let them dry before they go on the flame. you can use cedar planks are fun. these are fun. cedar paper. those are good for fish. cherry wood. you can actually drop it in the water and let it soak in that little contraption.
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>> dennis mann, we'll check back later. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> we are hungry. coming up next on news4 at 4:00, addicted to surfing the net? there is a new way to help break the habit and get you offline. the businesses tt are driving hard during these times. some say abusive tactics may be the reason why. we'll tell but a major recall affecting millions of dvd thay over e country. start.
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dat touerthan city, they have ah have a great day. tr sming vide a jielothest avtr w t the waves.loin. thisss courtesy of the keit beththorer nstinea ws lyhad . th ntheasterly wins it's making theater temperatures cooler this week, 74, 75 degrees. let's talk about our temperatures across the area.
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we are at 82 degrees. the warmest that it's been all week long. 82 degrees. a few clouds across the area. still quite comfortable. relative humidity now at 41% with a north wind fg.or us at 6 miles per hour. last september 4th, 95 degrees and we tied for the record on that date. last year we had a bit of a heat wave going on. look at ocean city right now. the air temperature at 81 degrees. 39% relative humidity. comfortable there, too. there is that north-northeasterly wind. rehoboth, too. much cooler. there is the cloud cover. that low pressure system that's been stalled out here creating that northeasterly wind. eventually that's going to start, move in a little further away from the area. still this weekend, it's an east to northeasterly wind at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. high pressure still the dominant weather feature, still providing
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the area with dry air and comfortable conditions right through the weekend we can expect that. 82, the temperature. 86 in raleigh. 82 not bad in atlanta, georgia. or memphis, tennessee. keep in mind that's the pattern we've been under, all the way down through the east. some great conditions. that northerly wind and dry air continuing to come in. dew point in the mid 50s. i don't think it's going to be until about thursday next week we start to see humidity start to climb. it's ironic here we are finishing up summer and we have the best stretch of weather we had all summer long with sunshine and low humidity. and dry air tearing apart this system. nothing more than a big rain storm right now with less of erica pulling to the north-northwest. to the bahamas by about sunday time period now, moving slower. it will bring more of that heavy rain that puerto rico has seen today. more of that heading across the dominican republic. four to six inch rains, perhaps. maybe at the end of next week we
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could see the residual moisture from it. nice conditions. quiet weather pattern continues this weekend. full corn move wit temperatures dropping from the upper 70s to the low 70s. by tomorrow morning, we'll be starting out in the 60s with clear skies and a pretty sunny, nice day coming up. season will start about 65 to 63 degrees. your high tomorrow in the low 80s. eun, jim? >> so nice. >> coming up next on news4 at 4:00, we've got much more in our next half hour. the family of two of the victims killed in that tragic wrong-way crash in new york are speaking out today. what they are saying about the claims the driver who caused the wreck was drunk. >> also find out what happened at michael jackson's burial last night that's prompting a lot of speculation today. >> plus this special precaution being taken by daycare workers to prevent the spread swine flu.
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welcome back at 4:30, i'm eun yang. >> i'm jim handly. it is labor day weekend. more than 39 million americans are expected to go out of town. aaa tells us that includes more than 800,000 people in our area. for those taking to the skies this weekend, a reminder. the metro station of reagan national airport will remain closed until tuesday. the unemployment rate rose to 9.7% in august. that's the highest level we've seen in 26 years. still the white house and other analysts say job losses are tapering off. the government expects more job losses as the economy recovers. and with the first week of classes barely er, the university of maryland is reporting 64 suspected cases of swine flu at the college park campus. so far none of the infected has been hospitalized.
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unv officials are taking precautions to spread the virus. health experts are out with a new warning. >> childcare providers should be among the first in line to get flu vaccinations. steve handelsman has the story. the unc daycare center in chapel ll, north carolina. the kids know about swine flu prevention. how hand washing can slow the spread of h1n1. and this center is already following the new daycare protocol issued by the centers for disease control, to check kids for fever when they arrive. >> really basically just to identify children who might be getting sick and try to exclude them from school so they don't explode the other children. >> reporter: preschoolers who aren't sick can stay. when four teenagers from this minnesota 4h group at the state fair came down with swine flu, more than 100 kids were sent
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home for reasons not yet known. adolescents seem more at risk for death from h1n1. officials hope the outbreak can be tracked usi the web. maryland the center of h1n1 research is a leader in the online effort. 166 cases so far, seven deaths. swine flu is infecting the health care debate. the incoming ama president says the outbreak will expose the problem of america's uninsured. >> we are going to see those 46 million people out there are not going to be able to get the care they need. we are going to do everything possible to make sure they do, t i think it is going to, if you will knock the scab off, of the problem we've got in this country. >> reporter: an outbreak of swine flu politics as preparations for the disease accelerate. in the next few weeks, more websites will go up to encourage americans to report their
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infection. the outbreak can be trapped day to day. steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. the funeral of michael jackson proved to be a scene of intimate sorrow for his loved ones. the private service was held last night at forest lawn cemetery in glendale, california. his brothers carried his coffin into the mausoleum, each wearing a crystal-stud glove. guests said the service began with jackson's children placing a small crown on their father's casket. when it ended, many of the 200 guests hugged one another and cried. there is also word jackson's mother katherine was so emotional she had to be helped to her car. news cameras were not allowed in during the service. jacksons hired their owned production team. just as the service was about to begin, the video ended abruptly. >> defenders of the jackson family might say they let fans worldwide share at least
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somewhat in this private service. a cynic might say they teased us and some day we'll have to pay to see the actual service. >> after the funeral about 250 family and friends gathered at a restaurant to celebrate the singer's life. jackson's death has been ruled a homicide, but no charges have been filed. the family that lost a father and brother in that horrible wrong way crash in new york are saking out today about the husband of the woman who caused it. diane schuler's family is convinced she was neither drunk nor on drugs when she crashed into another vehicle and killed eight people. police say she drove about two miles in the wrong direction on a busy new york parkway in july. earlier this week, her husband daniel told "larry king live" his wife didn't drink and there must be a medical reason behind her action. the family wants an independent lab to examine samples from her autopsy, and her body to be exhumed for more analysis. families of the victims say
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shueler's statements are insulting and beyond outrageous. >> you are making excuses for people who are going to drink, get behind aheel and come up with something like, i had a tooth ache? think about all the people that are killed by dnk driving. you know, in america. i would like to see more preventive measures done. >> reporter: the batardi family called for the driver's husband to submit hair samples to see if the couple had a history of drug use. medical reports have shown his wife consumed about ten shots of vodka and smoked marijuana about 15 minutes before the crash. when we come right back, when someone dies, is that person's social security number ever reissued? liz crenshaw will have the answer for us. plus, eun is heading back outside to check on the kielbasa and sausage watch. ññññ hit l akoo les tart s with a lo
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outside where we have a few clouds across the area. especially d.c., south and east of d.c. those clouds will be moving out of here and our skies will be clearing. good weather for this last fling
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of summer. 82, the temperature now. 84 in manassas. 82 in quantico. if you've got plans to head to the game, it's going to be quite nice. 79 degrees. first pitch at 7:05 as we take on the marlins. temperatures will be dipping down to the 50s generallycross the area. low 50s north and west. maybe a few lower spots in winchester and martinsburg. 63 in d.c. 58 in marlboro. 86 the high for tomorrow. so if grilling is on your agenda, no worries this weekend. let's look at the seven-day forecast. light wind. not a whole lot of smoke will be getting blown around. a lot of warmth through monday. the high on monday about 84, 85 degrees. we continue that into next week. not until about wednesday or thursday we see an increase in y.midity across the dahurs o tneu. cnc rofai tdarsy. back to you.
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we are on kielbasa watch on the front lawn with dennis mann with the grill and morrison house. you put the apple wood right on to the charcoal. grilled this gorgeous kielbasa. it smells wonderful out here. you but the biscuits right on to the grill. i've never seen that done before. >> it was something that spurted out of me not wanting to go inside on my days off. i try to do as much on the grill as i can. you pack your dough into a cast-iron pan. roll out your dough. cut it like making a normal biscuit and pack it tightly onto a cast-iron pan. you want to keep it elevated off the immediate heat. then keep it covered. you should have nice beautiful biscuits. we have a couple over here that are done. >> what about the fixings for the kielbasa?
4:40 pm
same cast-iron? >> yeah. it depends. i'm from new jersey so sausage, peppers and onions is a staple, even if you are not italian. just sauteed peppers and onions in a cast-iron on the grill. that is great for a sandwich like i've got here. a little bit of that on there. >> delicious. this side you have the cole slaw? >> just cole slaw with a little mayonnaise base and apple cider vinegar. and a little barbecue sauce. >> dennis, thanks so much for joining us this afternoon. jim, this looks so good, i can't wait to dig in. back to you. >> and do it inside. bring it on back in. it looks great. >> you've got it. this is for me. >> i like those biscuits on a grill. who knew? details of a major recall affecting millions of dvd
4:41 pm
players. i'm liz crenshaw. at the qstion. he question.
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we have a recall to pass along now. if you own one of these durabrand dvd players, stop using it. e consumer product safety commission says 2.4 million of th players' circuit boards can overheat causing burns o start a fire. walmart sold these players. you can return them for a full refund. so when athletes are fine, where does the money go? when a person dies, is a social security number reissued? can you freeze fresh eggs. liz crenshaw is answeringr you roonesndm fa.wafi ytieson frona
4:45 pm
can she freeze her fresh eggs? he tri>>me e an bcaggoard >> the american egg board it is possible to freeze fre sh iits possible to freeze f eg ns, ott eggs, but not in the shell. fez freesheggs, break them, beat them until ty are blende t prouhem into a zer container and gh tlti y. tightly. to unthaw, place them inhe fridge overnight or uer ldco, running water. eitrhe case, you should use the eggs as soon as they are thawed. that's nice because sometimes eggs are on sale. >> i would have thought about the shell. himr jyandlas h w a j aginskg that >> next from that person's. atth rson's social security number ever reissued? >> i like this question. i didn't know the answer. we took the question to the social security administration. it says no. it does not cu risenutys.mberre security numbers.ecurity soe saladecitaly administration has meor th me ut agn bo5.5 mgnutboil 5.5 nd ii
4:46 pm
er er nuye however, thent creurre numberin system provides enough numbers for several more generations to come. so there is no need to reissue the numbers. >> they are to the going to run? a notny tt? >> not any time aso onon >>ueniomro fstue n from a sports figure gets fin for misdeeds, we hear about it all the time, whe does that money go? >> we took your question to llbaskotball, ba etnd a otball, basketball and at f nlalnafoootblea l the national football leagu ey mon g toes teo eyonth goes t ti aru thehi w prerslayeith w rsye with meh ime use udseor f cha ftablr mi ions, youth support and medical researchss the nba says it ar vusio m ey major ous andor m aj league baseball says it splits shnd a nd ndrl the em nceah ticwh ataisesnceov team which pr baseballyerme p me baseball players and to membersm sem mil aiendrs families
4:47 pm
gufoereg n earo er negro leagueeye pndrsla a to players from the epr professiue qniost f gor questioo to c consider on "ask on atli twa nz gtshbcomonin.c. o titliz at t use this e-mail address to contact us about any story idea you have. coming up, what is the difference between a yam and a sweet potato? it's fall. should you close unused credit accounts, and how do you ripen an avocado? those are the questions and those answers are coming up on "ask liz." >> those fines, didn't know that. >> they send them to different charities and groups. >> in that case, raise the fines. some of these guys can afford it. >> interesting way to think about putting money in the right place. >> you hear about the punitive thing, not charity. >> still ahead, a father who lashed out at the media outside his daughter's trial gets his day in court. aconvicted to the in
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it's a quiet weather pattern today. what good is it? it's easy to get out of town. look at the airports across the east. much of the eastern portion of the country. no trouble whatsoever with zero delays at the major airports. 64 to 65 degrees. the clouds get out of here. temperatures will drop to the low 60s. more seasonable conditions expected. saturday the high up to 86 degrees. average now is 83. right through the weekend it's going to be nice. there is a look at labor day. >> thanks, veronica. >> up next, an unusual end to a police chase. the sus expect removes his clothes as he surrenders to police. the controversial industryg th urg these tough econom
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here are some of the top stories making news on the web today. >> an unusual end to a police chase in southern california. the suspect strips down to his underwear. it happened in palmdale after a chase that went on for several miles. when the suspect surrendered in the parking lot of the sheriff's department, gotut of the car and took off his clothes. police believe he may have been trying to prove he wasn't armed. >> a scuffle with the media gets the father in trouble. he attacked a cameraman after a court hearing for his daughter bonnie sweeten. she claimed she and her daughter were kidnapped, then went to disney world. if you think you may be addicted to an internet, a new rehab center opened its doors. the restart internet addiction recovery program is located 30 miles away from seattle. it offers a 45-day cold turkey approach that weans addicts off
4:56 pm
video games, texting and excessive use of social networking sites. the cost? $14,000. ironically, the center is located near microsoft's head quarters. so far the center has only one patient. >> the list of the most stolen cars in america is out. topping the list, the 1994 honda accord. the national insurance crime bureau says more than 55,000 accords were stolen last year. thieves like them because they don't have theft protection technology. their parts are valuable on the black market. second on the stolen car list is the '95 honda civic followed by the '89 toyota camera. the recession 20 months old and counting created a new economic landscape now that millions lost their jobs. one industry is thriving. some say it's because of its abusive tactics.
4:57 pm
"dateline" chris hanson has more. >> reporter: more than 6 people lost their job since the great recession began. americs owe an unprecedented $2.5 trillion. >> is this the next crisis? >> reporter: elizabeth is a harvard law professor and leading expert on consumer debt. >> middle class america is under attack. >> reporter: there is one industry that's thriving during these hard times. debt collection. experts say some collectors are turning to more abusive tactics to earn their commissions. >> this is an industry that makes its money by being out of control. >> reporter: some harass. >> he slithered over the border like a snake. >> you want to go to the big house? >> reporter: army sergeant charles houston, an iraq war vet and his wife long since paid off their debt when they received a call from someone claiming to be an investigator. >> unfortunately, i do have to
4:58 pm
submit my paperwork over to the military investigators. >> reporter: he threatened to have charles put out of the military. he was treating this like a criminal matter. the houstons filed a civil suit and won. for example, a debt collector can't call late at night, lie, swear or tell anyone about the money you owe. the idea is to protect consumers from harassment. >> the fact is that the track record is excellent. >> reporter: rose enanderson represents the largest debt collection trade group. debt collectors have an image of phoning all hours, harassing people. where do you think that image came from? >> it came from the bad acts of a few. >> reporter: the federal trade commission reports it gets more complaints about debt collection than any other industry. >> no, you answer my question. >> reporter: and the calls keep on coming. chris hanson, nbc news, new rk.rk
4:59 pm
e>> wnv iite to you wch hanson's entire report "debt trap" sunday neat here on nbc 4. that is news4 at 4:00 today. news4 at 5:00 begins now. tonight on news4 at 5:00, swine flu fears race around a local campus. kids are getting sick and numbers are in the double digits. students protest the administration for what's not being done. >> holiday weekend from the beach and backyard barbecues, we've got you covered. our top story tonight, a sudrected krve left a jimmy buffeton c artcet concert pavilion. heed cshrash into another car a prince william


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