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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 10, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the operator said we would be stopping, a worker was hit. >> reporter: what happened after that? >> we sat for 40 minutes. >> reporter: in the tunnel? >> in the tunnel. i tried to take a nap, it was so long. >> reporter: what did you see around you? >> darkness. after about a 30-minute sit i was in the last train. we saw the guys coming up with flashlights in the tunnel. >> reporter: this is a blue and yellow line route. it was reported by the operator on the yellow line. >> what happened today was extremely unfortunate. it's something that we are in the early stages ofgatoring facts. i can tell you whatever it turns out to be, we are going to have to look at all our procedures again. >> this train is out of service. everyone must unload this train. >> reporter: for some time, train service between the airport and the braddock road
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stations suspended. the all-too familiar metro shuttle bus bridge used to transport people from one station to another. reaction from some passengers. >> accidents happen we have to pay attention to stuff like that. i don't know. metro has bad luck in the last several months. >> i find it unfortunate. i feel for the family that was involved in it. sometimes, you know, people get careless. it's unavoidable, but it's really a terrible inconvenience for all of us. i think we just need to be patient. >> reporter: this is what we know so far tonight. the victim they say is 44 years old. they say he w struck by that six-car outbound train. they say he is a communications worker who's been with metro for more than 12 years. his condition tonight is described as serious. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. this has been a tough time for metro.
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two other metro workers have beenle k odilnob in justmot pnt strucknd av prelgrngea-shi mdihineacg w ing as tas ainrack spotter.onsp safety standdown to employees a esrefrrhe course on rrack safety. st 18th,au aroet m subcacon wtotrasron erolectcute whilele installing wiring at th cos garage in northeast. ming up in about a half hour, what's next for metro. we'll take a uselo cr look at exactly atra the tlonsithe agen is doing about all these accidents and how to make rides safer. christ gordon will have that report at 5:30. veronica johnson here with your first weather. it's cloudy out there now. i'm seeing temperatures dropping. one or two isolated showers across the area. look at that cloud cover thickening up, moving west to fairfax. that's where some of those isolated showers are. north and west around potomac headed toward reston.
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we've got showers down around la plata, but a lot more rain east of us associated with that coastal storm north and west of the center now. as that low moves west, that rain will move ashore tonight. we are wet 9:00 and 11:00. until then isolated showers, but more widespread come late this evening. temperatures will be on the cool side dropping to the 60s. evening showers on your fast forecast. overnight, not any heavy rain, but certainly steady in some locations. the winds, you probably noticed those picking up, as well. coastal advisories up until 2:00 a.m. wel give y details i in a few minutes. the debate over health care reform now being ratcheted up after president obama's speech to congress last night. one of the key elements of reform is to provide health insurance to millisf o
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re americans. a new report out today hows those numbers are ingrowg. census bureau figure shogr 46.3 million people were uninsured last year. that is up from .7 million07.20 aytsal s analysts say the number i upn part because fewer employers are providing health care insurance to their workers. the president picking up where he left off last night pitched his health care reform proposal to a nursing group in washington today. the told members the time for talk is over. action on reform must happen now, but republicans are not buying what the president is selling. simply put, it will mean as folks go about their everyday lives, one thing they won't have to worry about as much is their health care. they will provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance. it will provide insurance to those who don't, and slow the growth of health care costs for our families, our businesses and our government. >> when it's all said and done,
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when you listen to the president's speech and thought about it, there was nothing new in the president's speech last night. >> republicans say the president's plan does not add up. deite what he says, health care reform will further balloon the federal deficit. a local man with a shotgun in his trunk tried to park near capitol hill while president obama was giving his speech. place arrested 28-year-old joshua bowman of falls church last night around 8:00. he tried to get through a security checkpoint near the cannon house office building and told officers he wanted to park. they asked to search his car and that's where they found a gun case in the trunk. officers say he told them he had a shotgun and ammo inside. police then arrested bowman charging him with having annen registered firearm and unregistered ammunition. >> anything that is out of ordinary such as an individual trying to gain access to restricted area is going to
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raise suspicions in our officers. >> the suspect asked to park inside the barricade when they stopped him. an> police m wh aoltss aedaunoemtt apted to last nighttt itn las night i lt 12,100 blofe.ivdrive. inveat oln wa woman waski wngalou iden a aparenmpt tmwhleco menx an a mp approached and staed nt meatmo lshe ter moment at eth wanomnd ae woman and threat with a ife.ree and h feend an he investigator myan mi t poes ran might be silagh ttac lar attack that happened on sunday on pinnederview terrace. new developments tonight in a deadly crash in leesburg this morning. police say the driver accused of hitting another carsi abandoned his car and tried to hitchhike to escap the scene. this is the man charged, just rin robert schuback from ashburn. the 25-year-old is now facing hit-and-run plus dui charges. tracee wilkins picks up the story. >> reporter: this is what was left of the two-door toyota. the passenger side is all but
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gone after the driver's sideswiped a dump truck. the accident killed the passenger. >> the passenger was pronounced at the scene. from what i saw he did have his seat belt on. >> reporter: around 1:40 this morning, the toyota was heading westbound on route 7 when it lost control, hitting the dump truck filled with asphalt. >> he thought he had a blowout, a small car weighing 3,500 pounds hitting 60,000 pounds,e was only traveling about 40 miles per hour. he didn't see the vehicle approach and didn't realize it was an auto accident. >> reporter: what is shocking is what happened after the accident. they say the driver left the accident scene, crossedver route 7 on foot heading eastbound. they say they found him a short time later trying to hitch hike. >> i imagine he panicked. i don't think we had any 911 calls from him. he was located within 1/2 mile of the scene. >> reporter: witnesses reported
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seeing the drive swerving erratically coming down the road. alcohol was found inside the vehicle. the driver is undergoing dui testing. >> they have applied consent law in virginia. >> reporter: how long could it take to find out the results of those tests? >> blood test would take weeks where the breath test is immediate. child passenger safety week starts saturday in the district. d.c. fire and rescue officials launched the initiative to remind parents there is no room for mistakes when it comes to keeping your children safe. many parents tell you correctly installing that child safety seat is harder than it looks. as part of safety week, d.c. residents can schedule a safety seat installation or inspection. in april this year, the martin family had the seat for their infant twins re-installed correctly and they were in a serious accident the next day. >> emergency people that came looked at the car seats and said your car seats are installed
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great. that made us feel a lot better. >> we immediately rushed back to look at them. believe it or not, they slept through the whole thing. >> officials say the lives of about 350 children under the age of 5 are saved every year due to safety seat and booster seats. the safety seat inspection is available by appointment. you can go to coming up, a day of service. how to honor the lives lost on september 11th. the house of pain. we'll take you to america's busiest fire house. >> flu season. we are not talking about the h1n1 virus. wh feds
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while the health care debate continues on the hill, miles away uninsured residents are turning to the primary department for their primary
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care needs. engine company 10 in northeast isn't just the busiest single fire engine in d.c., it's the busiest in the nation. with many residents not able to afford a trip to the doctor's office, they are calling engine 10 for help and doing it so often it is nicknamed the house of pain. tom costello who is about to do a big report tonight is here to debrief us on this. what are the kind of calls? what is bogging them down? >> reporter: any veteran firefighters in d.c. and anybody who lives around station 10 knows they are called the house of pain because they run so many calls. this engine alone is handling 6,500 calls a year. that's 18 to 20 calls a day. these guys barely have time to get a sandwich. we spent a day with them tuesday. the trouble is people legitimately call them for a heart attack possibly or stroke or seizure. that's all legitimate and fine and they expect that. they are getting a lot of calls for a headache and sore throat
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and "i can't figure out what medicine to take." they are in a poor neighborhood. they are often viewed as not only maybe the last resort, but maybe the first resort because you know you dial 911, you are going to get four guys on an engine there in four minutes. they are pretty well trained. so as a result, the new fire chief, he's not so new anymore, chief ruben said we have to do something about it. 30 people in 2007, 30, were responsible for 2,000 calls to fire and ems in d.c. just 30 people. so they decided, we need to be more proactive. instead of waiting for them to call 911, we need to say, let's go to their door and knock on it, cold call and say, how are you feeling today? let's check your blood pressure. let's check your ekg. how is your blood glucose doing? have you seen the doctor lately? it's called street calls, a new d.c. ems program. it's been very successful.
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they added a second car. they want to add a third car. the notion is, let's see if we can have these calls, which are really should be for a general practitioner doctor. let's reduce those so our firefighters and paramedics are going to real emergencies. >> is it more costeffective? >> that's what they believe and hope. >> what impact are these medical calls having on the rest of their emergency calls? >> any given day, d.c. fire and ems responds to 425 calls, district, in the entire districtwide. as a result of 80% of them being medical -- we spent the day with them. you can't go three minutes without the tones going off again and again. unless you are a fire fighter or a fire junkie and you listen to scanners all day, you may not appreciate how busy these guys are. it's not just d.c. we see this in los angeles, houston, any city that has poor people, poor citizens who aren't
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adequately covered by health care or maybe don't have the means to go to a general practitioner all the time. they let chronic medical issues become a real problem. then when things get out of hand they call 911. the key is, can we keep these issues from getting out of hand? >> we get to go behind the scenes a live with them for a day. >> we are going to ride with engine 10 on nbc nightly news tonight and you run my spot on 11:00. i get double billing. >> it's worth it. t one.s a good story and an station 10, "the house of pain." and they all want to work there. >> they are dedicated people. >> they are good guys. >> thanks, tom. you bet. all righty. we are going to move furniture tomorrow morning. is it going to be raining, veronica? >> it's going to be wet. i'm not expecting any deluge out of this system. we are going to see steady rain and showers continuing to pass
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through the area overnight. it took a while for that rain to get here. clouds today and we even got sunshine at some point. you'll see in just a moment that rain is sitting very close to no rea right just over thether coming our we erover the next few hours. 70s the temperature. dew point at 53 degrees and going up. the wind is starting to crank up, as well, as this storm system gets closer to us. less than 200 miles now east of the mouth of the bay and moving westward. there is that rain, the heaviest to the north and west of the center. that's going to push ashore. the other thing as this storm system moves in, winds picking up. norfolk at 31 miles per hour. through the delaware beaches up to long island here. as well as galeo,too, upewo n viad,oary c f eeld c t shesory u cee s the water levels se to a foot to
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abeovtt above normal. annapolis high tide time 10:20 p.m. alexandria at 1:00 a.m. let's zoom in a little bit. we have light showers out there. northern fairfax county around potomac headed toward reston. another cell around la plata. st. mary's and solomons will probably get it first. you can see that line, the leading edge of salisbury just around ocean city and dover. that is pushing westward. ocean city today close to an inch of rain already. look at the temperatures. 69. winds out of the northwest at 21 miles per hour. solomon's out of the north 10 miles per hour. temperatures there 67. in the neighborhoods around pax river, 66 degrees. wind at 27 miles per hour. temperatures in the 70s. 80s to the west. we'll see a pattern change come our way this weekend and will start warming up, as well.
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seeing highs in the low 80s this weekend and clearing skies. let's talk about the futurecast here. the leading edge of this rain shield really will be important as to how much rain falls across the area. will be the haves and have-nots. i think most of i-95 area east will be wet during the overnight. could get 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain. there is that low then that starts moving back out by late friday. we'll start clearing out a little bit. maybe after lingering showers saturday. showers develop. those are coming in already. temperatures from 64, 67 degree range over the next few hours here. we'll start the day tomorrow quite cool in the 50s with rain showers mainly north, but still wet weather around. 55 to 62 degrees. your high temperature tomorrow, better than today. i think we'll get into the mid 70s tomorrow. wet weather around tonight, nothing heavy. 1/4 inch and we'll deal with the wind and probably breezy conditions to start the day at
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least tomorrow. >> thanks. still ahead, a safe ride home. metro taking a new look at safety procedures after another serious accident. we'll find out what needs to be or test perfect for er dinnertime. pizza wars. . and tell bus someone you think is special. e-heil t ir sto aarnd cleil close-up picture or c video to today at
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the words "you lie." a congress shouts athe president. now it's local folks who are holding back. tom sherwood joins us live with the story. >> reporter: one day you can be barely known in congress, and the next day you can be famous. the health care speech was a big moment for president obama, but two of the most memorable words,
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"you lie" came from a congressional heckler. suddenly little-known problem congressman joe wilson of south carolina was infamous, no matter were political views. >> i thought it was inappropriate, regardless of what side of the fence you are on. >> disrespectful. >> even though we disagree, we can be respectful. >> reporter: wilson almt immediately called the white house wednesday to apologize and did so publically thursday. >> last night i heard from the leadership they wanted me to contact the white house and state my statements were inappropriate. i did. >> reporter: still, lson's down,wndo, byinun ated ptottem ts t on. th website wikipedia shut off comments, citing too many attempts at vandalism to wilson's page. obama turned the other cheek saying it's a good moment to
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remember, disagree without being disagreeable. >> i'm a big believer we all make mistakes. he apologized quickly and witho without's equivocation. >> many people were still irritated. what do you think should happen to him? or do you think he is embarrassed enough already? >> i think he is embarrassed enough already. the people who elected him, they have to hold him responsible. this is uncivilized. >> the guy was making a speech to the rest of the country and to say something like that, i don't care what his thinking was, should not have said that. >> reporter: it's unclear whether this incident actually helps obama, but it h helped democrat rob miller running against wilson. he raised $100,000 since "you lie" became an incident. back to you.
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for months now we've been telling you about the swine flu outbreak. health officials say don't forget about the dangers of seasonal flu. representatives with the centers for disease control and department of health and human services put out that message today. they are urging people not only to get a swine flu shot this year, but a seasonal flu shot, as well. >> every year approximately 200,000 americans are hospitalized with seasonal flu. every year about 36,000 americans die, so this is a serious disease. >> the seasonal flu shot is available right now. health officials want to remind people the vaccine will not protect against the h1n1 virus. you will need a separate shot for that one. the h1n1 vaccine is expected to be ready next month. we are hearing more reports about the spread of the swine flu on local college campuses. there are reports george washington university has 35 cases. georgetown has 50. the university of maryland has
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344 cases reported over the past two weeks. howard university avoided the flu bug. there are no reported cases on campus. did you know swine flu germs can survive on surfaces from two to eight hours? think of how many public surfaces you touch in one day. local transit official plan to clean more during flu season. metro officials plan to clean buses and trains twice a week. the potomac and rappahannock transportation commission plans to disinfect bus poles and seats once a day. a tribute to the victims of 9/11. flips, twists and turns. have you heard about cavelia? >> the battle is on. who wins favorite pizza for the next acamic ye?ye
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welcome back. i'm keith garvin. >> i'm wendy rieger. the shuttle returns, the long trek home for "discovery." he'll inis in, paula is out. new concerns as metro's safety
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record takes another hit. we begin this half hour with a call forvierce on the eighth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. julie carey joins us from arlington near the pentagon with that story. >> reporter: as is customary on the 9/11 anniversary will take place at the pentagon. the first time it will be held amid the memorial dedicated just last year. a much bigger tribute will be held across the nation and washington area as thousands are called to community service. at the pentagon memorial, a wreath is already in place as the hours wind down to the anniversary. for a year now since the memorial's dedication, family members of the victims have been able to come here to find solace. visitors pay tribute to the 184 lled in the terrorist attack on the pentagon. >> it's very fresh. eight years later. >> reporter: in the pentagon office where mary bradley survived 9/11, 26 of her colleagues perished. she is invited to tomorr's
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ceremony, but decided to pay her respects today. it's very relaxing. you get to sit out here and you can sit on those benches. you can think about the people that you worked with. and you can almost see them. >> reporter: hundreds of other washington area residents will honor the fallen in another day. this southeast washington home is one spo where 50 volunteers will converge to take part in president obama's united we serve effort. >> the main thing like about this, we have these. >> reporter: this 74 is thrilled with the home improvement already completed by rebuilding together volunteers. like 9/11 families, she knows all about sudden loss. two of her sons, one in the navy, the other in the marines, were killed in vietnam. tomorrow her house will be transformed as volunteers honor 9/11 victims by helping others. >> tomorrow will be a good day in terms of bei able to help this family and make a real
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impact. it will be a day of remembrance. of keeping in mind everything that others had to give up so that we can succeed. >> reporter: isabel can't believe what is taking place at the home see's been in for 53 years. >> i haven't stopped crying yet because as old as i am, i never thought that no one but the lord would help me get my house like this. every time somebody says something to me about it, tears come up into my eyes. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00, a look at what this eighth anniversary and the memorial means to the pentagon survivors. live from arington, julie k carey, back to you. thank you. local governments are encouraging residents to sign up for emergency text alerts. messages are free and offer official information about where to go and what to do. few people have taken advantage of the program. you can do so online.
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there is a link on search "alert." don't be concerned if you see police officers searching the metro on marc station you use today or tomorrow. it's just a drill. several law enforcement agencies are taking part in a training exercise to prepare them for a real-life emergency. police insist there is no new intelligence to suggest an attack is being planned. they run these drills a few times each year. a 44-year-old metro worker is recovering after being hit by a train in alexandria this morning. the worker suffered serious injuries and had to be flown by helicopter to a local hospital. christ gordon happened to be at metro headquarters when news of today's accident arrived. >> reporter: the first information to arrive was incomplete. they didn't know who was injured or how it happened. what they did know was it was another serious blow to their safety record.
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ironically, metro's board of directors was meeting to discuss safety, among other things, when word arrived that a metro worker had been struck by a train. >> the operator of the train reported that they believe they came in contact with the person and contacted the control center. that's how we became aware of it. >> reporter: since june when the worst accident in metro's history killed nine people there have been a series of serious accidents. just weeks ago, a repair crew member was killed by a heavy piece of equipment while working on track. metro ordereded a stand down, suspending all track work for days while its employees were given safety refresher courses. now a metro worker is hit by a train, ending what had already been a sad and frustrating summer with yet another tragedy. >> to try to find out how could this hpen begin all the safety standards we put in place. we always had in place, but intensified tremendously over
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the last couple of months. >> reporter: the string of accidents has metro riders wondering, what's being done? >> i think there are a lot of kinks they need to work out, and that it's a problem they have to work on, but it's such a huge undertaking that it's hard to really find one reason why all this is going wrong. >> i think somebody is not doing their job properly. it's just too much happening. too much back-to-back with this other accident they had. i think maybe they need to look further into it. >> reporter: metro is investigating. they say safety has been the top priority since the system opened more than 30 years ago. metro officials are hard pressed to explain why they have had so many serious accidents lately, but they say they believe and they are confident that metro is safe for its riders.
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keith, wendy, back to you. still to come tonight, "discovery" is coming home. how the astronauts started their day in space. >> and we'll have more storms on the way, but what about your orweekend?
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"discovery" astronauts waking up this morning with the beatles. ironic because bad weather could keep the crew in orbit for an extra day or two. "discovery" is scheduled to land 7:05 in florida tonight but thunderstorms are looming. they could look for an alternate site, possibly california. the cost of going solar is cheaper than ever before. a message for a group of local business leaders and
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homeowners who say anyone can afford to install solar panels. they held the news conference in germantown that recently converted to solar power. when consumers take advantage of state and local subsidies to purchase solar equipment, they will see a return in eight years or less in the form of energy savings. we all know solar energy is good for helping the environment, fighting global warming, but it has to make sense for the pocketbooks of average citizens. today it does make sense. an eight-year payback on all your investment on solar. that is really amazing. >> experts say solar panels can reduce 17% of the energy needed for afrng homes in our area. we are not going to get a lot of sun tomorrow, are we? >> not a lot. probably by sunday we'll all start smiling because of sunshine across the area. it will take that long to get this system out of here. 70 degrees the temperature right now. the cloud cover keeping us cool. 69 springfield and quantico and
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p afrp x river 66 degrees. we are watching that rain south and east of the area. st. mary's, we are fweting wet. more of it just off to the west around maryland's eastern shore. cloudy, cool. we could easily get the game in. most of that rain will be over the area about 9:00. temperatures in the 50s during the overnight period. we'll see highs tomorrow in the mid 70s. 30% chance of showers and mainly during the morning hours for the weekend we dry out. back to you. >> thanks. coming up, ellen's big announcement. how she broke the "american idol" news. >> ask an historic game between redskins and giants. up next. >> who is the official pizza of montgomery college?
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here is a title worth fighting for, being named montgomery college rockville's favorite pizza. >> winning that honor for the next academic year brought out four local pizza purveyors ready and able to fight it out. it brought out liz crenshaw on hand to witness the taste competition and didn't bring any samples back. >> it wasn't today. they left nothing behind. it was gone. the battle royale for you tonight. all in the name of fun. montgomery college is home to more than 23,000 students, 15,000 attending just the rockville campus. if you want to be named favorite pizza for this group, you have to put your pies on the taste test line. i'm liz crenshaw. the battle is on.
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who wins favorite pizza for the next academic year? our taste test is coming up on news4 at 5:00. >> unfortunately we just ran the tease instead of the package. we'll try to get that together for you. essentially they went at it for about four hours, which was fun. >> whoa. that's a lot of pizza. how many kids did you have? >> there were more tha200 students doing it. >> a lot of pizza, a lot of happy college students. >> you want me to give the answer? >> no, wait. we can do a couple of other things and find it in the machine, yeah. >> all right. >> we've been hassling her already. >> this is a problem now. see? i'll run out and get pizza. >> i would be more than happy to tell you what's coming up at 6:00. as a matter of fact, coming up at 6:00, we are going to have a report from capitol hill
5:47 pm
surrounding the controversy sparked by republican congressman joe wilson of south carolina. he's the one that southed out, "you lie" during president obama's health care speech last night. there are some changes to tell you about regarding security down in dulles airport. we'll explain how passengers are going to be impacted by that. and we are going to tell but a group of hockey players who are not letting their age slow them down. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. >> thank you, sir. the speculation about the next new judge on "american idol" is over. talk show host ellen degeneres broke the news on her program. the news came yesterday as she taped the show that airs today. she replaces paula abdul who left after a contract dispute. she will be the first judge who does not have an industry background. she plans to judge as a person who likes to buy music. >> i am going to be the new judge on "american idol." >> let's check in with dan hellie who is going to do rewinding to let us see a few
5:48 pm
things that happened in the past. >> the redskins, as you ow, opening up the season on the road against the giants. as we've seen in the past, playing the meadowlands, not easy forhe skins. time to go old school. it's redskins rewind. it's back. we are looking back at the skins/giants game from 1991. it went down to the wire. october 27, 1991. a day of redemption and comeback. joe gibbs has the redskins at 7-0. the giants are next on the schedule, a team the skins lost to the last six times they played them. in the meadowlands, a repeat performance is under way. new york leads 13-0 at halftime. while the giants' defense is stifling, the skins' offense is trifling. gary clark wants to hide. skins' quarter mark grin looked
5:49 pm
to 84 in the end zone only to see the ball slip right through his hands. when a receiver drops an easy one like that, you have to go to him again. on another long rout. griffin looked for clark one more time. clark right under it. the jmu grad misses the ball again. time for redemption. third quarter. from the giants' 7 yard line, the bonus to clark and this time he hangs on. skins trail 13-7 now. fourth quarter, long again. again he chooses gary clark. this a 54-yard attempt. it stays in his hands. clark gives the skins a 14-13 lead. >> i was able to come over a few plays myself to make up for the first half i dropped the ball. it's a big game for us, an emotional win for us. kind of drained right now. don't know if i'm come organize going. i'm glad we have the win. >> vindication. it's sweet.
5:50 pm
they are a great team. we have to face them again, i'm sure it will be the same type of fight. i hope we can win that one, too. >> one final piece of drama. skins up 17-13 with 25 seconds to go. jeff hostetler leading a last-second charge for the giants. his pass picked off by wilbur marshall. wilbur laterals it. coach gibbs none too pleased. >> 8 plus for the interception, he gets an f for trying to lateral this. the only way we can lose the game is to pitch that thing around. i wanted to tackle him myself at that point. get down, get down, i was yelling. >> the win however said a bunch, as the skins rolled off 11 straight wins. they finished 14-2 and they were champions of super bowl xxvi.
5:51 pm
they beat the bills in that super bowl. gary clark and art monk both over 1,000 receiving kwards that season. it was a great year for gary clark. 1,340 yards and ten touchdowns. the fun bunch was right before that. ricky sanders, art monk and gary clark. fun group of receivers. >> looking for fun this season. >> hope so. coming up, cavalia, what is it?
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cavalia returns to the washington area tomorrow night in pentagon city. one of the performers is from alexandria. >> james buchanan tells news4 how he developed the skills to become one of the stars of the show. ♪ >> i saw it and i had never seen anything like it. it was an amazing show to see. multimedia, acrobatics, equestrian. i started in the stables in canada. a few years later when they needed a rider for the show, i auditioned. here i am. i started as a trick rider and built up my act so now i'm doing five numbers in the show.
5:55 pm
really try to stay focused on what their body language is telling me. if they are spooked, if they are relaxed. they are like people and have different days and feel differently different days. some days they might be willing to work great and i don't have to do much. other days it's a struggle. when i working with the acrobat is when we are on the circle. mostly trying to keep my body position out so the horse stays out. as long as i can keep the horse where i'm supposed to be, i can focus on the acrobat. i love it. it's a thrill and it's something different every night. it's the same show every night, but it's with live animals so it changes. every night is something different and it's a challenge. >> looks like that would be good exercise. a lot of core. a lot of core. >> time for one last check of
5:56 pm
the weather. we are closing out today with overcast skies yet again. temperatures cool through the area. right now the leading edge of that rain, that is going to bring more wid spread showers through the area. it's around dover, salisbury and south of st. ry's. that's pushing west. it will be pushing our way. next couple of hours we'll see more shower activity across the area. fredricksburg, virginia, 69 degrees. your high today was 74. wind gusts at 17 miles per hour. the winds starting to crank up in eastern locations. king george 12 miles per hour. ocean city, wind gusts today 38 miles per hour. again, the rain is just east of the area. showers developing over the next couple of hours and moving in by 9:00, most locations wet. 64 degrees the temperature. we dropped to about 63. 62y midnight.
5:57 pm
again, showers across the area, even wet weather for tomorrow morning and the wind will be picking up. as far as that wind, too, there is a coastal advisory that's posted until 2:00 a.m. that coastal advisory does include areas from virginia beach northward all the way, including the delaware beaches, the maryland beaches north up to long island. already as you saw we saw winds up to around 40 miles per hour at ocean city. winds could easily go to 40 and 50 miles per hour. winds sustained north and northeast at 20 miles per hour. cool temperatures are dropping. we are likely to see one of the coolest mornings of the week coming up. meanwhile, tomorrow by the afternoon, i think we'llrt sta to see highs much more improved over today. in the mid 70s instead of in the upper 60s. some sunshine for the afternoon. light showers around for
5:58 pm
tomorrow morning and we'll start to see things taper off by the ternoon. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. >> summer does not last long enough. not those of us who love heat by me. >> were you here for the 90 degree week? >> not enough of them. >> evidently. i'll send you pictures of us drooping. still aad or coming up, the fight for health care reform. >> jim vance and doreen gentzler are next. a metro employee is hospitalized b s hit by a train this morning. >> shuttle "discovery" scheduled to return to earth after 7:00 this evening. >> health authorities urging people to get their seasonal flu vaccine as soon as they can. >>. >> evidence how emotional the debate over health care in this country has gotten echoed within the walls of the u.s. capitol last night. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. during president obama's speech
5:59 pm
to a joint session of congress, south carolina congressman joe wilson shouted, "you lie." today president obama promised to push forward and call out those who he says misrepresent his plan. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: encouraged by his speech, president obama told is cabinet today to push harder for health care reform. >> the time is ripe and we are going to move aggressively to get this done. >> reporter: the obama point man in the senate max baucus. the president last tight night did not insist on government insurance. >> we should remain open to other ideas that accomplish our ultimate goal. >> reporter: in a shift, speaker pelosi today agreed. >> so far we haven't seen a better idea, but it could be there. >> reporter: a high-profile backer of the public


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