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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  December 19, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today. it is saturday, december 19th, 2009. we are taking a live look outside. it is a snowstorm that is one for the record books. we have live team coverage this morning. we are going to start with meteorologist, chuck bell, who has been watching the conditions and tracking this storm, chuck is in the storm center with all the latest. you promised snow and it is
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here. good morning. >> good morning, and happy weekend! the snow is here and it is not going anywhere very soon. here i the latest watches and warnings. winter storm warnings are up for everybody but just to enhance our chances of getting some extra snow, we also have a blizzard warning until 6:00 this evening. the blizzard warning is for an arundel, calvert, charles, prince george's and st. mary's counties in the great state of maryland. the heaviest snow amounts are likely going to be just to the east of washington. out towards the bay and out on to the eastern shore as well, be ready for a lot of snow during the datoday. here is a look at live doppler, there is plenty of snow across the area. the wider view shows that the snow goes all the way down to portions of southern virginia and northern portions of north carolina. that's all still yet to come in
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our direction. so we are in the snow for most, if not all, of the day long today. 27 degrees here in town. 30 in annapolis right now. 33, southern maryland. heavy sleet falling down towards the richmond area. up here in this part of the world, i think that we are going to see most, if not all, snow, and a lot of it. you may get a little mixing in across the far southern tip of st. mary's county. other than that, nothing but snow. plenty of wind energy getting into this storm as well as the storm intense phis over the outer banks of north carolina. windchills are now in the teens and low 20s across the area. we are not going to see much recovery there. look at the visibilities now. the lower the visibility, the high the snowfall rates. a half mile visibility in the washington areas, half mile in fair tax and louden, under a mile in prince george's county. our forecast for today, snow and
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more snow! all day long. snowfall amounts will be copious at best. i think we are seeing some spots out towards the bay may very well end up with 24 inches of snow. right around the immediate washington area, 12 to 18 inches is a very good estimate of how much we are going to get. further north and west, winchester, frederick, maryland, almost everybody is going to get at least a foot. some places out west of town may be limited to 12, 18. right around the city of washington, 12 to 20 inches of snow is a serious, seriously good chance across the area. again, here is radar. you can see the main area of low pressure now. the first area of low pressure, way down here across south virginia. as that transfers the energy out towards the coastline, the secondary line will develop off the outer banks of north
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carolina. that will keep us with the east to northeasterly wind all day today. that's going to pump the moisture in over top of this very cold air. snow is a big part of our forecast for the rest of the day. if you don't have to go anywhere, don't make a plan to go. find your favorite spot to sit in and be ready to watch the snow come down all day long today. >> agreed, chuck. it is lovely to see, though. thanks so much. back with you in just a minute. the winter storm has left some people in our area in the dark. pepco is reporting about 1600 customers without power, bg&e has about 19. dominion, 168 and novach, 72. this storm effecvely shutting down everything, all of the closures will be scrolling on your screen throughout the morning. here are some of the major cancellations. in virginia, schools in fairfax,
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arlington, alexandria and prince william. prince george's county cancels all weekend activities. university of maryland, no main commencements today. if you do not absolutely have to go outside, then don't do it. already, road crews are having a tough time keeping up with mother nature. julie carey continues our coverage. how bad is it out there? >> reporter: good morning. i'm at tysons corner center. route 123 right behind me there. it is pretty bad. take a look here at what is beneath my feet. prince william county, building up to 8 inches. vdot has about 1400 trucks and plows out on the road right now. those crews came on at about midnight. they are working a 12-hour shift
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right now. it has only made a slight difference out on the interstates. i took i-66 to get out here. it was a very difficult drive. the good news is, there are not many people out there. of tleet cahree cars i saw, onem was off the side of the road. vdot, barr vdot, barely keeping up with this storm. they can't run the plows up and down often enough to keep up with this. the good news is, though, their focus is the interstates right now. they have made a few passes through some subdivisions but only a few. again, they don't want thisnow to pile so high, they can't move it out of the way. conditions, as you can imagine, very difficult out on the road. slow-going. it goes without saying, you shouldn't go out if you don't have to. the guy who was driving that car behind me can tell you all about t he decided to take off from new jersey about 9:00 last night, got stuck out on the interstate and had to be towed
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into this service station. i don't think he is going any farther today. joining me right now, though, is somebody who, against the best advice is headed out today. this is david nordegren. tell me why you are out and about today. >> i live in waterford. we own a landscape business. we have about 70 contracts that we have to plow. so that's why we are out. >> reporter: so 70 contracts to plow. these are like subdivisions, that sort of thing. where do you think you will be? >> i wil be in the mcclain area, we do some targets and some best buy. i will be in the tie sons area. my advice is to stay home. it is treacherous out here. >> you are in trucks that are loaded and equipped for this sort of thing. what did you find, what was the road surface like coming in from waterford? >> very slippery, i was following a car and he went up on a bank. he got stuck. i have four-wheel drive so i got out of it.
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>> reporter: with all these contract crews, any second thoughts putting them out there today? >> we have hit all the jobs once. we are going at them again, kind of like they do the highways. can he keep hitting them until it stops. hopefully, we stop soon. >> reporter: the challenge is with this storm, quality and depth of the snow? >> it is extremely deep. one for the record books. the deepest i have ever plowed is 16 inches. this may go above that. >> it could be before the end of today. good luck to you. be safe out there, david. thanks for joining us. they are also right next door in tysons corner center mall. they have been furiously parking in that lot. we will be checking in with them later today to see what the status there is. stay at home. it's very difficult out on the rhodes right now. >>ll right, julie carey in tysons corner, thank you. the winter storm is cause willing a mess on the roadways. on the beltway, several travel tractors could not get up the
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hill between branch avenue and saint barnabus road. icy road conditions caused drivers to get stuck. traffic is clear. drivers were jammed for hours. joining us by phone is first sergeant russell newl from the police. how are the rhodoads and what happened this morning? sounds like it was pretty bad out there.
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once t snow is clear, there is the deicing equipment on the ground and melting happens, and then it freezes because the temperatures are so low. is that still a problem now?
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>> stay home until we get an opportunity to clear the roadways. it is not worth risking life or limb. >> absolutely. thank you so much first sergeant russ newl from the maryland state police. be safe out there. we're going to now check in with megan mcgrath, who is live in northwest washington. we know the snow is not slowing down over there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it is not slowing down at all. it is steady. we are seeing a fair amount of traffic out here despite all the warnings to stay home. this line of traffic here. it is a tough go. this is wisconsin avenue. we are in tinley town in northwest washington. the people are out and about. they are going to work. they say they have no choice but to be out there. we have seen a number of plows go through. the far lane is looking pretty
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good. slushy, you can see a little bit of pavement underneath there. the plows are out and about. we have had a tremendous amount of snow. take a look at this newspaper box. you can see how much snow has fallen overnight, 6 to 8nches easily. a secondary road, you can see that the plow has not gone through at all. that is going to be the case. they are going to mainly concentrate on those main rhodes. th quinton works for the postal service. you have to go to work? >> go to work,em. >> reporter: talk about what the roads are like and where you came from? >> the roads are fair right now. they are not great. coming from the four towns area, the rhodes are pretty bad. if you don't have to be out here, you shouldn't be. make an attempt to get to work and get some mail delivered. >> reporter: this is a big-time of the year for you. you have to choice. are you going to be out and making deliveries? >> i hope i will be. i am going to make a big attempt
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to do that today. >> reporter: how do your trucks do in this snow? >> we have traction. we have up land ders. this is the first time well be le to drive them in the snow. i don't know how they will be. >> reporter: a lot of folks out there who have no choice but to be out there. we have seen a number of plow drivers nearby a 7/11 here. they are stopping to get coffey. a lot of contractors out there. they have contracts. you just heard julie tk to someone. they have to get out there and plow those parking lots. we are seeing a fair amount of police presence out here as well. on my way in, for a stretch of roadway, wisconsin avenue was shut down because they had an accident on a stretch through the glover park area. we are seeing fender-benders out there. the road conditions are far from perfect. stay how many. back to you. >> i am sure we are going to see
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a lot more road closures. megan mcgrath this morning. we have team coverage with more on this historic monster snowstorm. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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a lot of customers are looking for shovels to dig out. finding the right shovel is the first tip to shoveling. warm up your muscles first and stretch before you start to avoid injury. avoid morning cigarettes and coffee. drink plenty of water, dehydration is a big issue in cold winter months. do not lift the snow and throw it over your shoulders. simply push the snow to the side. this will save your back and energy. if you must lift, lift properly by bending your knees and lifting with your legs.
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lawmakers are braving the winter storm to head to work on the hill. lawmakers are vote ong a defense spending bill and other must-have matters. democrats are on a tight schedule to vote on the health care issue by christmas. harry reid will reveal the final vote. he is confident about passage. ben nelson is still holding out, the nebraska lawmaker is the 60th votdemocrats need to pass the bill. all right, of course, we are having continuing coverage. chuck, you are the man of the hour. little known fact. you kind of predicted this this weekend. >> last weekend, i would have never predicted the record, of course. there were early indications we might have snow this weekend. all indications are that we are going to have a lot of snow this weekend. don't go away. you want a complete check of a snow-filled forecast coming right up. playing the postseason
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grinch. >> could he be coming to town? >> no dummies in the locker room. >> on the next "redskins showtime." >> tonig
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after a foot does it make that much differences? >> after you have already had 12
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inches on the ground and it is still coming, the overall impact doesn't change a whole lot. the problems you have at 12 inches, you have the same level of problems at 20 inches. if you started getting to 20, 24, 36, that's another ball game. i think we are in store for a real wallop. >> a least a foot? >> at least a foot. if you know anybody that turns 77 years old the day before yesterday, that was the last time we set the december single day snow record, december the 17th, 1932 is the all-time, one-day december record in washington. 11.5 inches. that's all we had then and i say all then because i suspect that we are not just going to flirt about or break the record. i think we are going to crush the record for the month of december. in fact, our all-time snowiest
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december, 16.2. we could break the all-time snowiest month record in a single day here in the washington area. we are going to be close. 28 degrees, our couldn't temperature. the dew point, 256789 the atmosphere nearly saturated. the windchill down into the mid teens. there you see it. the snowiest december, 16.2 in 1962. winter storm warnings up. now, we have actually seen blizzard warnings for prince george's, an arundel, calvert, st. mary's and charles in maryland. that is a blizzard warning. the blizzard warning goes until 6:00 p.m. this evening. the winter storm warning continues all the way through until 6:00 tomorrow morning. another 23 hours from now. so be ready for a lot of snow across the area. here is a look at doppler and over about the last hour or so, you can see the bands of snow continuing to lift in. don't be fooled out by the thinning out of ♪ down here in the southern part of the radar.
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part of that is just because the beam can't see that far down through all the hvy snow that's owl there. here is a look at regional doppler. the extent of the heavy snow continues all the way down to southwestern and south central virginia. heavy rain and heavy sleet in the richmond area, the lower tip of the delmarva pence insul la, mostly rain. as this area of low pressure bombs off the delmarva coastline, later on this afternoon and evening, it may enhance the snowfall on the west side of the bay. that's the reason the weather service has upgraded from winter storm warning to blizzard for our eastern and southeastern suburbs. as that low bombs off the coast, it throws the moisture back in. it will create a little band of snowfall off to the south and east. heavy snow down towards roek oak and blacksburg. most of southwestern virginia, over a foot of snow on the
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ground. near 14 inches outside of charlottesville as ll. a lot of snow ought there. the snow continues up into southern maryland out on to the eastern shore. if you were thinking about traveling anywhere today, think again. very few planes, trains or automobiles are going to be able to move around at all today. if you had a flight in or out of any of our three major airports, dwi, national or dulles, my guess is your flight will be canceled. you will have to call your airline. nonetheless, a lot of problems. my colleague, tom kierein in storm center 4 with more on the snow, where it is coming down, how fast it is coming down? tom, what do you have for us? weather watchers are checking in. all around the entire region are reporting snow. richmond and points south and east, sleet and even rain. as we look at some of the temperatures around at this hour, certainly cold enough for it to stick. road temperatures and ground temperatures have been frozen
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for several days. whatever has fallen, has stuck. the one good news is it is very shovelable. light and fluffy snow. if you know somebody who pumps iron at the gym, tell them to go outside and pump some snow. that's what those people are for. current windchill, down into the teens. winds gusting to around 20, 25 miles an hour. because it is so fluffy and dry, it is going to easily drift. these are the current visibilities. up to one mile in washington. that's a little bit better. half mile visibility at a rate of one inch per hour. it has lightened up a little bit. it is snowing from baltimore to annapolis. charlottesville, down to a third of a mile. snowing at a rate of almost two inches an hour. hagerstown getting snowfall rates of about an inch an hour. we have strong, gusty winds on tap for us for the rest of the afternoon. we will have temperatures
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climbing to us just near 30 degrees. this is analogous to the storm of 1983. that storm occurred in february of '83. i remember, i was here for that. we got 16 inches of snow from that storm. now, let's find out what's going to happen over the next 24, 36 hours. chuck? thanks, tom. you know the guys at gold's gym don't like being referred to as those people. i would be on the lookout for any of those people coming looking for you. heavy snow, blowing and drifting. how much snow are we talking about? right along the western side ofs chess pe chesapeake bay, the low end, 16 inches. the high end, 24 inches. annapolis down to chesapeake beach and the southern tip of calgary county, 16 to 24. through the heart of the washington metropolitan area, the low end, 12 inches, the
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record for a one-day snowfall to as much as 20 inches. back out to the west, 10 to 18 inches of snow total. the general sense. the heaviest of the snow falling off to the south and east of washington. there is the radar. plenty of snow across the area at this point in time. the winds are still very gusty. temperatures only into the upper 20s and near 30. here is the satellite review. y area of low pressure headed for the coastline. by 8:00 tonight, the last of the heavy snow being squeezed out just to the east of the washington area. that lifts away. we could see light snow flurries continue through much of the overnight hours before things start to turn back to a quieter weather pattern for us. by 10:00 this morning, heavy snow coming out of central virginia pushing right into the area. by 4:00 this afternoon, one to two inches of snow per hour are
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possible. that will make the rhodes very, very dangerous. do not go outside and drive around this afternoon. i know everyone is going to go out and do it anyway. our official position is you should stay at home all day today. the moderate snow coming to an end after 9:00, 10:00 this evening. the light snow coming to an end as this all ends up. 12 to 20 inches around town. 16 to 24 along the bay. heavy snow, blowing and drifting today. temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s. windy and cold tomorrow with a few tapering snow flurries. monday and tuesday, cold, sunshine, back in place. as we get towards wednesday, partly cloudy. thursday is christmas eve and friday is christmas day. it will probably not be all snow but we may have more winter weather to worry about. christmas eve, christmas day. from this perspective, 6:30 on a saturday morning, that's a long
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ways away. we will get all the snow we wanted to. >> thanks so much. let's check with ashley linder to get the updates on the road conditions out there. ashley, good morning. >> good morning, eun. i don't have toll you twice. don't commit to the roadways unless youave to be there. we have a couple of issues around the area. the capital beltway, here is what it looks like, the view at river road. we have snow-covered roadways and a lot of people going well below the posted speed limit. adding insult to injury, you can't see the lines on the roadway. a lot of people are following the clearest path in front of them, which is what we suggest. there is a lot of activity around touchblt if you are traveling between bethesda and silv spring, all sorts of disabled vehicles. around 355, ang lo tlong the rie of the roadway. it is going to be a factor for you. the issue we have on the inner
6:31 am
loop towards central avenue, a jack knifed tractor-trailer. drivers were squeezing by to the right to get by. i can't stress enough, all around the capital beltway and major roadways, people slipping and sliding. out of springfield, we have a great amount of volume around the area. the headlights that are coming at us continuing towards 395, i should say, the reason why they are going so slow is that they are behind a plow truck convoy. now, these convoys are all around the area this morning. it is certainly in your best interest to stick behind them and stay where they are. you don't want to drive around these people. a lot of people are trying to get around the plow truck convoys. unfortunately, that's just making the plow truck's job more difficult. they get first priority. let them clear the way so everybody else can get by. it is definitely a nasty little ride. would not commit to the roadways unless you had to.
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eun, back to you. >> thanks so much, ashley. check in with you in a bit. it is now 6:31. 28 degrees. more on this winter storm straight ahead. out braving the elements in this record-setting snowfall. live team coverage just ahead.
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a weekend whiteout. >> this is at the top of the lis fort what we prepare for. >> drivers left stranded. local j local jurisdictions under a state of emergency. good morning. welcome back to ns"news 4 today
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saturday, december 19, 2009. this is a snowstorm for the record books. this will break the one-day total but for the snowiest december on record. chuck bell is here in the studio with us. he is going to give us the latest on all the snowment a am. >> i this i a foot of snow is very much in the range. the month jart of people will see more than a foot. the one-day report is 11.5 at national airport 77 years ago. i think we will get at least 12. in all reality, forecast for national airport may have to go a bit higher than 12 inches. that is more like on the or of about 16 inches perhaps. there is a check of doppler radar. you can see it is snowing all up and down the commonwealth of virginia down south and east of richmond. it is all snow out to the west of there. all snowcross west virginia and southern pennsylvania.
6:37 am
all snow across the old line state of maryland and all snow right here in the washington area. my colleague, tom kierein is in storm center 4 with more of the latest. what do you have going on? >> the weather watchers are up bright and early reporting in snow totals around the northern neck of rginia, jen shriver, they are right on the bay, some warmer air is getting involved to the southern part of the chesapeake bay. on top of the 3 inches of snow she had overnight, it has changed over to rain there. as we take a look at the radar, we can show you some of the change over to some sleet where you see the pink zone. around richmond, sleet. it is rain farther south and east into eastern parts of north carolina around the lower part of the bay where you see the green on the radar. this is rain. it is trying to warm up a little bit here in st. mary's county. a little bit of sleet there as well as over to near
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fredericksburg. all north and west of that, it is all snow this morning. we do have a blizzard warning in effect. those counties in read. strong winds in addition to heavy snow causing serious blowing and drifting, an arundel, calvert, st. mary's, charles and prince george's county will be dealing with the heaviest warnings. these are the current visibilities. this ifs gives you an idea of h the snowfall rates are going. a third of a mile in charlottesville, 2 inches per hour. washington, two miles. that's light snow. visibility in prince george's county at about 1.3 miles. heavy snows. baltimore down to annapolis up towards hagerstown where they have half mile visible. temperatures cold enough for everything to stick. windchills now into the teens with the winds that have been
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gusting to around 20 to 30 miles an hour. pax river just had a gust of 35. with this light, fluffy snow, it is going to be drifting. snowfall totals reported by weather watchers and observers around. 5 to 6 inches in washington, montgomery, fairfax, prince george's. charlottesville, 16 inches. annapolis, 7 inches, common in southern maryland. 5 inches farther west and north. chuck, how is it going to be looking into the foote wuture? >> 5 or 6 inches on the ground. forecast continues for more snow through the rest of the day. temperatures holding below the freezing mark areawide. heavy snow. blowing and drifting is likely. on average, between 12 and 24 inches of snow. here is the bull's eye. the heaviest of the snow, eastern prince george's county out towards the bay, could get 16 to 24 inches. right around town, 12 to 20
6:40 am
inches and at least 10 to 18 out in the higher spots west of town. all snow all the time. >> the up side is that the kids can go outside. >> it is saturday. it is saturday. >> it is a wintry mess in the district right now. crews are trying to clear the streets. the snow continues to fall. megan mcgrath is live in tinley town. >> reporter: it is bad out there, very, very slushy. a yum number of plows have gone. wisconsin avenue in tinley, a lot of slush on the roadway. i am starting to see too many cars driving too fast. a little while ago, last time we spoke to you, we were pretty much just seeing snowplows and people that have to work out there. we saw doughnut delivery people, some police officers and the like. they were really the only ones out. now, we are starting to see more activity. i saw, believe it or not, a sports car driving by a little while ago. it was driving way too fast for
6:41 am
the conditions. you can see across here at tinley minimart, they are trying to dig out their parking lot to open for business. a big job ahead of them. we are seeing quite a bit of ow in northwest washington, 8 inches or so. it is, as you can see, still coming down. that is going to be the situation all day long. it is coming down. here is someone who is out and about. hey, we are live here at channel 4. first of all, what are you doing outside? >> i work the morning shift at the sport and health. we are closed. i am just going to put a sign up telling folks. >> reporter: what do you think about the conditions? what are you seeing? >> it is a lot more than i was expecting. my mother was supposed to fly in today. a bit upsetting. what can you do? >> you put the sign up and you get to go home and relax. a day off. be careful as you go out there. the sidewalks, as you can see here, have not been shoveled. it is early.
6:42 am
the snow came down over the evening hours here and through the night. a lot of folks haven't gotten to the sidewalks. if you don't have to leave, stay at home and enjoy. eun, back to you. >> i think that's a great idea. megan mcgrath in nthwest this morning. we are taking a live look outside for this historic storm in d.c. stay with news 4 for continuing coverage. we'll be right back.
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you have seen the treaerous road conditions out there. julie carey continues our team coverage in tyson's corners with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: route 123, you see right behind me. the plows are moving fine. i can tell you, even in the time i have been here, conditions have key tedeteriorated. vdot is determining this moderate to dangerous. here on 123, which, if anything, is heavily.
6:46 am
the wind is picking up. a mixture of snow and ice coming down. to find out a little more about what it is like out there this morning, we will talk to somebody who has braved the weather. doug scott has traveled in to the mall from haymarket. you didn't leave 'til midnight last night. tell me about what it was like. >> about two hours last night home and two hours to get back this morning. four hours of commuting in a five-hour period of time, not too much fun. >> reporter: what route did you take, i-66? >> 66 to 495 and 66 was barely passable. 495 was a mess as well. >> reporter: did you see a lot of cars off the road or were you alone? >> a few cars on the road and a few cars off. >> reporter: about 50/50? >> you got it.
6:47 am
>> reporter: so you think you are turning around and going home now? >> i am. i am going to fill up with some gas and hit the road. >> reporter: and hope you have a safe trip back that way. doug scott, thanks for joining us. vdot tells us they have some 1400 trucks and plows out across north virginia, louden, prince william, fairfax and arlington countys. they are doing the best they can to make some passes up and down the roads clear to keep the snow clear. that should keep things from getting slick underneath. they are going to keep at it and try to stay on top of this. they may even get a few trucks into some of the main subdivision rhodes. there are some 7,000 miles of subdivision in northern virginia. few of those roads will see plows. i am julie carey, back to you. we are bringing you continuing coverage all morning. chuck bell will tell you more about why the storm is one of
6:48 am
historic proportions. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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. i imagine v dot will have a tough time keeping up with the ma main roads.
6:51 am
>> the big roads are not going to get better with the snow coming down. 1 to 2 inches per hour will keep the vdot and maryland folks and d.c. folks busy. it continues to snow and snow hard. temperatures are in the mid to upper 20s. we take a look at our city camera this morning. people inches and crawling there way along the area. temperatures in the 20s. winds out of the north and northeast at near 20 miles per hour. windchills are in the mid teens at this point in time. here we go on our weather graphics computer. winter storm warnings are up. you can see our snowiest december for the entire month, 16.2. back in 1962. we may exceed that today. we will in a few spots. downtown in a few spots. storm totals will be copious. here is a look at theradar. all snow across virginia and maryland until you get down to the richmond area. southeastern virginia towards tidewater, things are easier.
6:52 am
visibility coming up just a bit as the snow has eased oh so slightly. temperatures well below freezing. current windchills, mid teens. winds are gusting between 20 and 30 miles per hour. what's the differences between a winter storm warning and a blizzard warning? the wind. if the winds are strong enough, that's what creates blizzard laich conditioblizzardlike conditions. 12 to 24 inches around town. here is oat figures forecast map. the bull's-eye will be prince george's, an arundel, charles and st. mary's counties. some spots, 16 to as much as 24 inches of snow. perhaps right there at the naval academy. 12 to 20 inches even in town. that's a boatload of snow right there. our extended forecast calls for the snow to end overnight late tonight early tomorrow. a little bit of a quiet pattern for monday, tuesday, and wednesday and another chance for
6:53 am
wintry weather christmas eve. >> it won't be like this one. >> thank you, chuck. airlines are delays and canceling flights. the winter storm is affecting air travel across the country. joining us from phone from the washington metropolitan area is rob. i can't imagine any flights are getting out of any of the airports in our area, rob? i'm surprised. what are you recommending that travelers do this morning, though?
6:54 am
rob, thanks for joining us. we will check in with you later today. we are bringing you continuing coverage of this monster winter storm. stay with us. we'll be right back. i must have the wrong house.
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sister? oh, i've missed you so much. they waited up all night for you, you know. it's a long way from wt africa. ahhhhh... coffee. he's here. i brought you something from far away.
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really? what are you doing? you're my present this year. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ ♪ folgers in your cup. ♪ we're looking at a live picture at 6:57 much the snow is on the ground covering troads. treacherous out there. here i the forecast map. plenty of snow. about 12 to 20xd inches around town. blizzard warnings are posted. send us snow reports and pictures. you can head to our regular
6:58 am
saturday morning viewers know. send it directly to me i am still looking for a good name for this storm. if you have a great name idea, we will gradually review the name suggs. megan mcgrath live in tenley town. she has been there all morning long with the latest. hi, megan. >> reporter: the snow is coming down. that is going to be the situation all day long. we are seeing quite a bit of traffic here. i am rather surprised at the number of vehicles we are seeing on wisconsin avenue. we are here in tenley. we are seeing a lot of vehicles, folks who need to work, a lot of police officers, contractors who go out there and plow the parking lots in the area. they have got no choice. they have to be out in it. we are starting to see quite a
6:59 am
few people that look like they are out and about, not a good idea. the rhodes are not in good shape. the plows are out that i. they are doing an excellent job. we are talking about a lot of snow. i would say we have about 8 inches of snow in the location where i am. it is going to come down all day long. it is only going to continue to accumulate. it is tough. they only have so many plows out there. mother nature is not giving them a break. so they are asking that motoris give them a break. get off the road so that they can get out there and plow. eun, back to you. >> thanks so much this morning. that does it for us. stay with news 4 all day today. we will bring the latest on the snow and road conditions. traffic. all of that. stay with news 4. we will be back in 25 minutes with another update and hope to see you at 9:00 for a full hour of news, weather and sports. until then, have a great morning.


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