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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  January 14, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> the death toll predicted to be in theens of thousands as resources continue to arrive to aid the injured, helpless and homeless. >> in responding to a disaster of this magnitude, it will require every element of our national capacity. our diplomacy and development assistance, the power of our military and the compassion of our country. >> this afternoon, search and rescue effts ramp up, trying to find any sign of survivors buried beneath the rubble. good afternoon. welcome to "news4 at 4." i'm jim handley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. the casualty numbers for the united nations personnel in haiti continue to mount this afternoon. >> 36 u.n. workers have been killed in the massive earthquake. nearly 200 still missing. eight have been rescued from the rubble of collapsed buildings. a spokesman for the u.n. peacekeeping mission say the dead influcludes police officer and civilians.
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about 160 u.n. national and international staffers are unaccounted for this evening, along with 18 police and ten military personnel. >> we're going to go now to nbc news for this special report. and at this hour, in port-au-prince, haiti, we are covering the news on two fronts for you today. first and foremost, most immediately, the desperate situation here in haiti. the news today, among the top stor stories, the new red cross projection that the number of dead could equal 45 to 50,000 before it's all over. haiti's president arrived here at the airport a short time ago, told reporters in his view, he estimates they have already buried 7,000 haitian victims of the quake. the situation on the street remains desperate. all the members of our team here on the ground have been out
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reporting various aspects of it. the chain of humanitarian aid has started. a lot of it isn't yet getting out into the streets. president obama, for his part, issu his good wishes and the good wishes of the american people to the haitian people today, though few of them will hear the message in a natio without power or communications. i mentioned another story, and we're covering thoug ining that national security front. for that, we go to pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete? >> brian, the department of homeland security says it's taking additional steps to increase aviation security. we're told this is in response to new intelligence indicating that al qaeda in yemen is planning another attack on the u.s. these steps include variations on what's been done since the discovery of the christmas-day bomb plot. the homeland security secretary
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janet napolitano says these new measures will increase the time it takes to get through security, especially for flights from overseas into the u.s., brian. >> all right. pete williams on wt is now the other story we'll be covering when we join you for nbc "nightly news" on this nbc station later this evening. as we continue our coverage of this continuing humanitarian disaster, the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake here in haiti. for my colleagues, i'm brian williams. nbc news, port-au-prince, haiti. welcome back here to "news4 at 4." more now on our coverage of the earthquake in haiti. amid reports that the death toll could top 50,000. aid continues to pour in to haiti. >> as mentioned earlier, president obama maintains that relief efforts are the priority. this has many haitian-americans continuing to wait for news from friends and relatives who may
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have been caught in the quake. kristen dahlgren is live now in the little haiti section of miami with more on all of this. kristen? >> hi there, pat and jim. nowhere are they watching those developments more closely than here in little haiti. they are watching as the death toll climbs, watches as some 40 search and rescue teams from around the globe try to find survivors, but time is now working against them. they are pictures that leave you speechless. no words seem strong enough to describe the devastation. it is a city and millions of lives literally in ruins. bodies are piling up in the streets. the stench is overpowering. two days after the quake, time is running out to find any life beneath the rubble. search and rescue crews from the u.s. have been working feverishly to comb through mountains of debris. occasionally they do find survivors, but telling harrowing tales of coming so close to
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death. >> i was hoping i would die quickly. instead of slowly because i was stuck. but then they got me out. >> reporter: she is a student at unc chapel hill now headed home. but for those left behind in haiti, the struggle to survive continues. thousands have been left homeless, forced to bathe in fountains and find food wherever they can. aid is on the way, but the airport couldn't handle the sheer volume of relief planes today and had to shut down air traffic for several hours. meaning for some help may not come in time. a reality that has left haitian-american communities reeling as they wait for word from loved ones and pray that their friends and families somehow suived. now, more than 5,000 u.s. service members are expected in haiti or just off the coast by next week. meantime, we are learning more
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tonight about a plan to try to bring haitian children who are orphaned in this earthquake back here to south florida. in miami, kristen dahlgren. jim, back to you. >> kristen, thank you. this afternoon, we're seeing more pictures that illustrate the magnitude of the devastation caused by the earthquake. these images from google maps side by side comparisons of the port-au-prince city before and after the tremor. as you can see, rooftops have crumbled into rubble all over the streets. as the magnitude of the quake sinks in, a large number of relief workers from the washington area are deploying to haiti to help recover the dead and save the living. it was a brief moment to celebrate as members of the fairfax county urban search and rescue team pulled a security guard from the rubble at the united nations headquarters in port-au-prince. the man was able to walk away. one small victory. >> he was the first of many
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people that we hope to help. >> reporter: rescuers fear they won't be able to reach an estimated 150 u.n. worrs still trapped in the rubble. the fairfax team is familiar with the earthquake region. they were here in 2008 after a school collapsed. but this is a different story. >> the worst i've seen. obviously it's -- it was pretty nice to be able to find somebody that was -- that we were able to help. unfortunate that we couldn't get to everybody. we're going to keep trying and keep working while we're here. >> reporter: fairfax is now gearing up to send in a second team, just part of the washington area's response efforts to this disaster. red cross volunteers with local connections this morning headed to haiti. they loaded 1,000 pounds of communications and survival equipment before leaving dulles airport. >> we had already equipment there, but because of the enormous devastation, it's quite difficult to be able to help everybody quickly right now.
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>> reporter: once in haiti, the team will help do damage assessment and will help other rescuers already in haiti who are already running out of supplies. now, that second fairfax rescue team is scheduled to leave for haiti tonight. of course, there are many other local groups in this area that are coordinating to provide help, trying to do their part to help with a massive relief effort. you can always donate to the red cross. the number is 1-800-d-cross. you can also text "haiti" to 90999. that will donate $10, and it will be billed to your cell phone. you can always visit ten students from george mason university were on a mission trip to haiti when the quake struck. we've received word that they are safe. the student group is affiliated with mclean bible church. the group has food and water and is sleeping outdoors at a mission as a precaution against
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aftershocks. the students are expected to return to the u.s. asoon as they're able to get out. and be sure to stay with news4 on air and online for continuing covera of the haiti earthquake. we'll have live team coverage coming up on "news4 at 5." there is some good news for those coping with the tragedy in haiti. it's the weather. it doesn't seem to be hampering search and rescue efforts. >> bob ryan has more on what's going on. bob? >> we've mentioned, too, natural disasters and poor folks in haiti have been hit by hurricanes. this is the dry season. i want to show you this satellite picture. this is this afternoon from about 400 miles up. there you can see haiti and the island of hispaniola, dominican republic on the right side. there is port-au-prince. it has been sunny and while that helps, the heat does not. temperatures near 90 degrees. you get an idea, too, of the fault line that runs right along there so you can see how close that geologically active area is to port-au-prince.
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for us right now here in washington, we've had a break. our temperatures in southern maryland are into the 50s already. overnight tonight, right here in washgton, we may get down near freezing. it will be a chilly to cold night. certainly not as cold as it has been. the good news, our january thaw contins. more melting of that dirty ice and snow. there are changes coming up. i'll tell you about. i'll join you in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you, bob. we have breaking news right now. metro's general manager john catoe is resigning. this announcement this afternoon during a metro board meeting. catoe has spenthree years at the helm of the transit agency and now says it's time for him to move on. metro has had a tough year, as you'll recall, after june's deadly crash on the red line and recent accidents involving employees and riders. catoe's last day is april 2nd. metro board chairman jim graham says catoe's leadership will be missed.
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they'll begin the process of looking for his successor. a tanker truck explosion is still causing traffic troubles this afternoon in montgomery county. we're going to show you the huge fireball that could be seen when the tanker exploded on i-270 around 5:00 this morning. it took several hours before the fire was finally put out. the driver of the tanker lost control of his rig on i-270 in rockville. the driver managed to jump out of the truck before it exploded. flames could be seen for miles. neighbors nearby say they got a very rude awakening. >> and all of a sudden, there was this huge bang, which woke me up. and the entire house shook. it -- i mean, the bed shook, the house shook. it was huge. then there were a bunch of smaller sort of explosions. [ inaudible ] >> so it's kind of like fire? >> a few minutes later, looked out the window, hrd sirens.
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you could see the plume of smoke way up in the sky. it looked like it was in the woods from behind our house. >> the truck was carrying 7,000 gallons of fuel. firefighters used a controlled burn and eventually the fire was put out. both directions of montrose road traffic have been closed for repairs. we're following more breaking news this afternoon about the wizards gun controversy. the "washington post" is reporting that gilbert arenas has been charged with a felony stemming from last month's incident in which he admitted bringing guns into the locker room. meanwhile, police searched the home of javaris crittenton today. they were looking for a silver handgun. no gun was found. crittenton and gilbert arenas are accused of drawing guns on each other at the verizon center last month. arenas has admitted to bringing four guns into the locker room. he was hoping to skip jail by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor
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charge. he was suspended by the nba indefinitely last month. "news4 at 4" is just getting started. up next, firing back. >> next at 4:15, what president obama is demanding from big banks that are giving out what he calls obscene bonuses. then at 4:30, remembering the life of a world-famous musician. and at 4:45 this evening, what you need to know to ensure you've got the right person handling your taxes this year.
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there is more bank bonus backlash today.
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president obama is urging congress now to impose a tax on banks that took government funds during the big bailout. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the latest for us. >> good afternoon, everyone. just a few days from now we're expecting to hear announcements of some of thoseig bonuses for this year, but just before that, president obama and congress are pressing these banks to share some of their profits with taxpayers. >> we want our money back. >> reporter: president obama wants congress to tax banks that took bailout money from the government. >> these companies are in good enough shape to afford massive bonuses, they are in good enough shape to pay back every penny to taxpayers. >> reporter: $117 billion paid over 12 years to recover what's still due from the bailout. >> we need to do something to rein in this obscene greed on wall street. >> reporter: separately, lawmakers want to tax half of any bank bonus over $50,000 and
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lend that money to small businesses. >> it is time for them to get the message that the money that we put into the banking industry was not to line their pockets. >> reporter: some republicans oppose any tax in a recession. >> why should you put a tax in place? we know that if you tax something, you're going to get less of it. if you incentivize something, you'll get more of it. >> reporter: some small banks and automakers that got bailouts wouldn't be taxed at all. >> it's not fairer to tax the banks to pay for the autos, but it's not even fair to tax banks that didn't take money or that didn't get in trouble to cover banks that did. >> reporter: still unknown, whether banks would pass that tax on to customers. back live now on the hill. that commission that's investigating the financial kriz is still meeting here on the hill today. it's their second day. they're now grilling the government about an fbi warning of mortgage fraud. four years before the crisis. and whether or not that warning was ignored.
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live from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts. >> thank yo new at 4:00 this afternoon, a special treat for visitors to the national air and space museum. a face-to-face chat with members of nasa's space shutt crew. the crew gave a public presentation in the museum's new exhibit entitled quae"moving be earth." they talked about their trip to the international space station in november. the included three spacewalks and the installation of platforms. they talked about the food they ate and they took questions from the audience. >> i think the most important thing about coming back to give the outreach from your experience is that one of these kids in here may be an engineer, a scientist, they may be a doctor that saves one of our lives one day. i think the space experience gets back down to earth when you inspire a child to be the next generation of explorer. >> the astronauts also urged
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schools across the country to continue to push youngsters into math and science course. >> what a thrill for those students today. coming up on "news4 at 4," how did it happen? >> a look back at the science behind why the haitian earthquake caused so much devastation. >>plus, some good news for women on how to treat migraine headaches without medication. and the love doctor is in. and it seems she might havehe quick fix to boost tourism in the district.
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news4 is teaming up with the american red cross to help the people of haiti. here's what you can do. you can visit the agency's website at and you can use your cell phone and text the word "haiti" to the number 90999. that will provide a $10 donation which will be added to your cell phone bill next month. joining me right now is cheryl kravitz with the american red cross national capitol region. the red cross announced today $9 million -- $10 million donated
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to haiti. what is the agency going to be using this money for? >> we're providing immediate assistance to the victims on the ground in haiti. that comes in the form of relief, of shelter, clothing, food, water, basic needs. basic essential needs. >> i'm sure your just getting flooded with stories. tell us about the people who are calling and wanting to help. >> there's a couple of things. i'd like to say thank you to our community. our community has really stepped forward. especially to the red cross volunteers, people like you and me who live, work and play here and are coming forward to help us in this region. one of the really heart-warming stories that happened yesterday, a young girl came to our headquarters. she's 12 years old. she had saved $19 from raking leaves last fall. she was going to buy video games or whatever with it, and she decided instead that she wanted to give the money to the red cross to help victims in haiti. i thought that was one of the more heart-warming stories i've heard. >> there are many people who are
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calling because they want to do something. they want to send money and help. tell us how they can help. >> the best way to help is by contributing funds. in the past 24 hours or a little bit over that, since we allowed people to use the text message to send $10 a person, as of 9:00 this morning, we have raised $3 million. that's amazing when you think about the numbers of people that are helping that way. they can visit our website at or they can call 1-800-red-cross. if people are interested in volunteering for the red cross -- because disaster happen every day. they can visit the r and volunteer for us. >> you're going to stick around for the hour. >> i am. >> thank you, cheryl kravitz. and, again, you can donate to the red cross by calling
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their number. also, go to the website and search "help." jim? >> making it easy for so many people. bob, you mentioned they're dealing with heat down there, too. >> they're 90 degrees and sunshine. we've got a bit warmer here. outside, our temperatures made it up into the 40s. right now outside, our current temperature here in washington is still into the 40s. our average high now is 42 degrees. we're into a period where we do getarmer air now. look at the morning low temperatures. it was cold again down south. jacksonville, 28. the record is 23 degrees. and you can see all over the south now, temperatures have recovered into the 50s. our temperatures, five, six degrees above where they were yesterday. remember that cold, frigid pattern we had starting in late december through so much of january. now that jet stream is moving to the north. there's still some cold air around the dakotas, but overall it's certainly a milder pattern than what we had.
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so overnight tonight, we've got a few high clouds coming. the next area down here is some storminess but with that change in the pattern by the time it gets here, it would be in the form of some chilly rains on sunday. the meantime, still high pressure tomorrow. so we'll still have some milder air with westerly winds, a weak weather front comes through. there's that moisture coming up as we get on into sunday. so clear skies, cool tonight with a few high clouds out there as we'll see tomorrow morning. overall, it will be for the most part some high, thin clouds. and then some sunshine. temperatures around freezing. any of those wet spots will be refreezing. so watch out for some of that with the leftover piles of snow from the big storm still around. tomorrow for the most part sunny, a bit milder. might even call it pleasant with the temperatures up into the high 40s to 50 degrees. saturday, i think we start off the weekend with a nice pattern. that storminess from our south brings in some cold rains.
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cold rains. only in the 40s. and then for martin luther king day on the holiday, back to sunshine. jim and pat? >> all right. thank you, bob. much more ahead. new at 4:30, coverage of the devastation in haiti. >> the efforts right here in our community to help with the massive recovery effort. plus, looking back today on the life of a famous musician who helped shape the
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and welcome back, everybody. i'm jim handley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. some of the stories we're following in the news this hour, metro general manager john catoe is retiring after three years with the transit agency. the announcement came this afternoon during a metro board meeting. catoe says it's time for him to move beyond current distractions. metro has had a tough year after june's deadly crash on the red line and his contract was renewed earlier this year. metro is facing a $40 million budget shortfall. washington wizards star gilbert arenas has been charged with a felony this afternoon. the one count of carrying without a license carries a prison term of up to five years. arenas and javaris crittenton are accused of drawing guns on each other in the locker room. police searched for a gun in crittenton's home today but they found nothing.
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sentencing is under way for colin mckenzie-gude, the man found with bomb-making materials in his room. he's facing up to ten years in prison. police searched his house two years ago and found several weapons including an ak-47, two shotguns and two smoke grenades. the latest now on the situation in haiti where the red cross is confirming 45 to 50,000 people were killed in the disaster. president obama announced that one of the largest relief efforts in recent history is moving towards haiti now. >> and commercial flights have been suspended so that desper e desperately needed aid can get in to the country. al roker talked to some of the relief workers. >> reporter: little recovery can take place in port-au-prince without a fully functioning airport. early wednesday, americans with
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the inte-- recognizing they're luckily to just survive. among them, one injured. what happened? >> we were in our office at about 5:00 conducting our regular business. had a very large earthquake. everyone managed to get out of the building safely there was a lot of damage to our building and to many of the buildings around. we're probably one of the lucky ones because the buildings on both sides of us collapsed. >> you only had one injury? >> yes, just one. >> reporter: relief workers from around the world made their way in. what are you going to be doing? >> first of all, we're going to try to search for people. going to rescue them. >> reporter: help also came from canada. these soldiers spent the day unloading supplies. >> when you've talked to some of the people that you've rescued, what have they been telling you? >> some of the stories are just
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mind-boggling. very sad. very emotional. they're very glad to be out of here. >> reporter: american special forces say relief is here and this is just the beginning. >> we're prepared to be here as long as we need to. we're an initial force. this is going to be a long effort. all sorts of folks are trying to help out this cause. >> that was al roker reporting. the u.s. relief effort includes thousands of troops and civilian rescue workers backed by more than $100 million in funds. the baltimore-based naval hospital ship, the usns comfort, is bound for haiti. it's scheduled to leave port on saturday morning on what could be the biggest mission in the comfort's history. the navy is staffing the vessel with 550 doctors, nurses and technicians from the national naval medical center. it will be equipped with 250 beds and four operating rooms. the ship hopes to arrive in haiti by next friday. and a reminder, you can
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always donate to the red cross. the number is 1-808-red-cross. or text the were "haiti" to 90999 to donate $10. of course, you can always visit the red cross online at back to that breaking new us bout gilbert arenas. gilbert arenas has been charged with a felony stemming from last month's incident in which he admitted brings guns into the locker room. pat collins is live with more at d.c.'s superior court. pat? >> jim, according to documents filed inside the superior court here, wizards star gilbert arenas has been charged with one felony count of carrying a pistol without a license. that's a felony count. it carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in jail. this is a big setback for
4:35 pm
arenas, the big star on the wizards basketball team. his defense team had hoped to negotiate some sort of plea deal that would allow him to be charged with a misdemeanor, avoid all jail time, and perhaps pay a fine, do some community service and then sometime in the future resume his basketball career. but now with this felony charge looming, that could delay arenas' return to the nba for some time. now, as you recall, this all goes back to december 21st. there was some sort of confrontation in the wizards' locker room at the verizon center. arenas pulled out some handguns he had brought to the locker room from his home in virginia. christmas eve, december 24th, he turned those guns over to the police after that incident. then came this investigation. there's a grand jury that was called. witnesses were called to testify
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in front of the grand jury. and now tonight, tonight we have the results of this investigation. one felony charge, carrying a pistol without a license against wizards star gilbert arenas. i'll be back at 5:00 with more. jim, bac to you. >> all right. we'll see you then, pat collins. thank you. an arizona mother who refuses to tell police where her missing baby son is has opened up to a family friend. 23-year-old elizabeth johnson is in jail now on kidnapping and child abuse charges after confessing to killing her 8-month-old son gabriel. but police believe gabriel is still alive. now his mother is talking from jail to a family friend. that woman says johnson told her the boy is safe and that she gave him to a couple that she met at a texas motel just after christmas. >> according to elizabeth, these people are going to try to hide this baby. according to her, they are trying to hide this baby because
4:37 pm
they believe that in a few years nobody will notice who this baby is. >> but police are suspicious of smith and her husband, accusing them of holding back information. police say the couple had tried to adopt gabriel themselves. police are searching for the boy. one of the smoothest and most soulful voices is silent today. ♪ teddy pendergrass has died. he was one of the 1970's most powerful crooners. pendergrass was also an inspirational figure after a car accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. pendergrass died wednesday night in pennsylvania after a long battle with colon cancer. he was 59 years old. just ahead on "news4 at 4," the doctor is in. >> that's right.
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what's new in the district that could boost tourism in the city. plus, the new device that is helping women in the fight against migraines. the big announcement by kate gosselin is her future plans for reality tv. it hard to breathe.
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and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. we had a great day, grandpa! we sure did. ask your doctor how advair helps improve lung function for better breathing. (announcer) find out how to get your first full prescription free at d.c. tourism is getting a big boost on a new stimulus plan from dr. ruth westheimer. the -yr-old sex therapist
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was sworn in today as honorary secretary of love and relationships. destination d.c.'s february promotion is designed to stimulate the economy by highlighting the romantic and fun side of the district. for more information on the destination d.c. date night program, go to and search the word "date." she's still got it going on. love her smile. >> she should stimulate the city's tourism industry. let's get the latest on the weather. got a little warmer today. >> a little bit. maybe you can -- i love it. if you're a snow lover, maybe you may not love the next storm that's coming our way. i think it will be chilly rain. outside we're getting daylight at the tail end of the day. our temperatures down in fredericksburg, folks around 50 degrees. and you can see culpepper right now, 54 degrees. charlottesville, 53 degrees. around the east, too, it's getting noticeably milder. there are high clouds that are out there. a little bit of moisture coming
4:42 pm
in. high-level, southerly breezes. overnight tonight, it will get below freezing in town. any of those wet spots, you want to watch out for that. maybe degrees in some of the nearby suburbs. once again tomorrow, i think around 50 degrees with a lot of sunshine. nice start to the weekend. there's that cold rain, very likely to be coming in on sunday. but for martin luther king day on the holiday, i think we'll be back to sunshine and temperatures above average. no sign of a dramatic return of the winter cold. more seasonable next week. when we come back on "news4 at 4," it's that time of year again. time to star thinking about your taxes. >> here we go. we'll have some advice on what to look out for and what to watch out for in a tax preparer. plus, an important health alert today from the fda for every parent about some problems with certain baby foods. and wait until you hear what
4:43 pm
conan o'brien has to say about late-night shakeup
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yes, it is that time of year again. time to start filing and filling out those tax forms. if you'd rather pay someone else to do this for you, nbc's bob hanson has a little advice about things to look out for when choosing a tax preparer. >> paycheck information. >> reporter: eric pulls out a
4:46 pm
year of receipts getting ready for another year's tax return. >> basically getting all my pay stubs together, getting my w-2 forms. >> reporter: this same scenario will be played out all over the country. eric does his own taxes, but most people hire someone else to do it. how do you pick a tax preparer? >> i would have no idea where to begin with that. >> reporter: ed says finding someone to do your taxes should be based on ability and trust. >> you may get a nice refund, but you may have to give it back with far more than interest. >> reporter: that's why people in the tax business say you want to avoid people making exaggerated claims about big refunds before they've even seen your paperwork. >> the irs and the state are digging up every penalty on the books they could levy right now that they haven't used. you know, there are certain penalties that they let slide. not anymore. >> choose somebody who is looking out for your best interest. no matter who prepares your tax return, bottom line is you're
4:47 pm
the one responsible for the information on it. >> reporter: a lot of times the best place to find a preparer is by talking to your friends and neighbors. do they have someone they like? start with them. also, find someone who is still around after the tax season in case there's a problem.ñi ask about their experience, ask about the price, and don't sign anything until you read it over. >> if they're asking you, don't worry about signing the return, i'll do that. or if they just act like something isn't right, you might want to choose somebody else. >> reporter: for now, eric doesn't have to worry about all this. how long did it takeim to do his taxes last year? >> probably 20 minutes. >> you're pretty fortunate. >> yeah, very fortunate. very lucky. but it did get rejected. >> that was bob hanson reporting. the irs also has a program that offers free tax preparation for the elderly and for other qualified taxpayers. a new device out could help people with migraines get relief from the pain without using
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drugs. this device is called soothe-away. it's a thermo device that relieves migraines, tension, or stress headache pain in the forehead, your temples, eyes and sinus region. the device may be helpful for other ailments, too, such as post-surgery pain relief, bruises, swelling, or sore joints. >> migraine patients kept tepping me that they use ice or heat. i know that there wasn't such a good device on the market that would possibly give them continuous effect that they want. so i kept thinking about it. and also, we needed this for surgery, after cosmetic procedures. we do the same thing. >> you don't need a prescription to buy it, but experts suggest talking to your doctor about using this device. the device is available online and costs about $300. the food and drug administration is issuing an
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alert today of certain types of baby food. the warning covers all varieties of happy tot stage four baby food and certain types of habby baby stage one and two baby food. some of the pouches they come in are leaking and could swell, indicating there may be possibl. the recall is for all expiration codes between october 2010 and january 2011. still ahead on "news4 at 4," it's official. >> wait until you hear the latest news surrounding reality tv star kate gosselin. plus, the big changes coming to netflix and why it's now teaming up with nintendo.
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more now on news4's effort to help the american red cross get aid to the people of haiti. cheryl kravitz of the american red cross is back here with us. what are the priority needs there now, cheryl? >> right now we're providing immediate assistance to the victims of the haitian earthquake. and that includes things like food and water and shelter, emergency medical aid and a
4:53 pm
helping hand for them. >> how are you getting that in? >> we're getting that in very, very slowly. we had one of our disaster relief workers leave this morning. from what i understand from information we received from our national headquarters, she flew into haiti, but to get from the airport to get to where the disaster is, she'd have to go on the ground. i don't know how she's been able to do that. >> okay. cheryl kravitz from the american red cross. you can help by donating to the agency. go to the website. call them at 800-red-cross. or text the word "haiti to" to 90999. that will provide a $10 donation which will be billed to your cell phone next month. we'll have more later in the afternoon. >> after the break, conan o'brien continues poking fun at nbc. what he has to say now. stay with us.
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the late-night shake-up is becoming a showdown between jay leno and conan o'brien. both comedians have each other in their cross hairs as well as nbc, which is moving leno to a half hour at 11:35. that would push the "tonight show" to 12:05, which conan o'brien says he won't do. lee cowan has the latest.
4:57 pm
>> conan o'brien! >> reporter: for the moment, nbc executives are at the mercy of the comedian that they helped create. if his performance last night was any indication, nbc brass are in for a rough couple of weeks. his audience is tuning in to watch the fight. conan had a few suggestions. >> replace the flag from the giant slalom course with breached nbc contracts. reserve the right to cancel ski jumps mid-jump. move the bronze up to gold's place, silver stays where it is and add a new medal for fourth place called the nbc. >> reporter: but the zinger of the right was reserved not for nbc but for the man he was supposed to replace. >> hosting the "tonight show" has been the fulfillment of a life-long dream for me. i just want to say to the kids
4:58 pm
out there watching, you can do anything you want in life. yeah. yeah. unless jay leno wants to do it too. >> reporter: that one landed hard. for his part, though, jay leno was a bit more tame about his impending departure. >> conan said nbc had only given him seven months to make his show work. seven months? how did he get that deal? we only got four. >> reporter: viewers seem to view conan as the underdog in this fight. how long can he keep it up? >> and here's a fun fact. nbc spent more time building this studio than using it. >> reporter: he's betting the jokes will last longer than nbc's sense of humor holds out. lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> the celebrity news website tmz is reporting that jay leno and nbc have negotiated a new contract moving him to 11:35, restoring jay and leaving conan out. "people" magazine is reporting that conan is likely to stop
4:59 pm
hosting the "tonight show" xt friday. stay tuned. and stay tuned for "news4 at 5." it's heading your way next. breaking news tonight. the star the washington wizards basketball team has been charged with felony gun possession in the district. it's a crime that carries a maximum five years in jail and a fine. the guns became an issue after arenas and wizards teammate javaris crittenton got into an argument after a card game. gilbert arenas admitted to bringing guns to the locker room at the verizon center. we have crews out gathering more information and reaction. we'll bring that to you in just a few minutes. good evening. welcome to "news4 at 5." i' jim handley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. first, the latest this evening on the


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