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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 8, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. a live look outside right now. roads are still covered with snow an ice. same story on the side roads. best advice this morning is stay off of the roadways. good morning and thanks for waking up with us very early this morning. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. making matters worse, we're under another winter storm watch. we'll check in with tom first. >> the federal government is closed today. all major public school systems in the area are closed as well. and all above ground metro stations will remain closed for today.
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>> now we got news of another serious storm heading this way fort myers, we just can't take it any more. >> i know we have to call it the double whammy. another storm is coming. here's the wide view, showing that it is gathering strength now across the central part of the nation and it's beginning to move our way. and as we continue to move off to the east the moisture is increasing. 23 degrees in washington. near 20 in the suburbs and rural areas, many locations in the single digits. this is a winter storm watch that is now in effect throughout most of the region, all those counties in blue includes prince george's, montgomery and fairfax, and we're also seeing the area of the winter storm watch remaining in effect, all the way into parts of pennsylvania and that stretches back into west virginia as well. now as we look at the view from space we have a clear sky here. we have some clouds over the mountains at this hour and a
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sunny day with highs right around freezing. i'll show you what i think we might get that will be coming up in the next half hour. >> i'm afraid to hear. >> we'll take a look at the roads out there because over the weekend a lot of plowing was going on but there's still a lot of roads with snow pack on them and a lot of side roads in the neighborhoods are almost impassable. >> my neighborhood still has not been plowed. the snow is packed down but still hard to get around. >> most of the interstates and highways have been plowed but still there's a snow pack on a lot of the roadways, and where is there is not a snow pack and some of the melting took place yesterday under all that sunlight a lot of that now is a sheet of ice. >> exactly. very difficult to get around. we've been telling people over the weekend to stay home. we may have to continue to tell people to do that to let crews do their work out there.
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>> let's go to jerry edwards and let's see what he sees out on the roadways. >> right from the get go it's not good. authorities are already this morning dealing with multiple accidents in all jurisdictions. the majority of the accidents are vehicles that are sliding off the roadway for obvious reasons. the conditions are very changeable throughout the area, some interstates are in better condition but then you lose all travel lanes. we'll get to that in just a second. on the beltway here in northern virginia looks are very deceiving. you might think that looks great, that is all ice. if it is shiny this morning it is ice. good day to stay off the roads. a lot of folks that i encountered this morning that had no business driving down this. let's go to maryland and show you what i'm talking about. on the beltway in prince george's county, as you head north from 202 on the inner loop traffic is moving at a good pace
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with relatively decent pavement. then north of that point you losell travel lanes to snow and ice in addition there's a tractor-trailer broken down in the roadway on the beltway, just north of this camera. so, please if you can postpone your travels until sunrise, let crews continue to work out there. they are doing their best but it's a monumental challenge. keep you updated throughout the day. >> thanks very much. it's not over. thanks very much. >> we're following breaking news out of falls church where the roof of a firehouse has collapsed. this happened at the station at 3600 block of firehouse lane. everyone who was in the building is accounted for. we have a crew headed to the scene and we'll have much more on this. >> 50,000 area residents remain in the dark this morning, dark and cold. pepco hopes to have power restored to most of its customers sometime today. 41,000 customers still have no
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electricity right now. in northern virginia more than 9,000 dominion customers are without power. the northern virginia electric cooperative says more than 4,000 of its customers remain in the dark. the southern maryland electric cooperative is reporting more than 1,000 people without power. bge is working to restore power to 4,000 of its customers. >> many of those people without power turned to hotel rooms to get a good night's sleep. >> only if they could get there on some nearly impassable roads. chris gordon has more. >> reporter: heavy snow downed power lines leaving bethesda locust states in the cold for 36 hours. the electricity came back on here sunday evening. >> it's cold. about 46 degrees in the house. >> reporter: how did it feel when the electricity came back down? >> felt good. >> reporter: these houses are
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all lit up but many are empty. people left to see the super bowl at parties or in a hotel where they came to spend the night to escape the cold. >> we were sitting in our apartment with our coats on and hats on and gloves on and five blankets wrapped around us. we gave up. we're not toughing it out any longer. we're lucky because by the time we got here we were one of the last people who got a hotel room. >> reporter: at this doubletree hotel in bethesda this family said they couldn't take it any longer. >> this is the third night. government officials told everybody to stay in their houses. too dangerous to come out. there's no warming sites in montgomery county. pepco doesn't give any indication when they will get to our place. possibly by tuesday night. here we are taking things in our own hands and checking in. >> reporter: snowplows are getting parking lots ready. streets are slippery as
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temperatures drop. this motorist ended up on a snow bank on cedar lane and needed a helping hand to get back on their way. this is chris gordon, "news4 today." d.c. schools today but that decision came after an announcement was made that schools would be opened. that sparked an uproar from parents, many of whom called us. the walkways around the schools are clear but neighborhoods are still covered with school. >> everything else in d.c. is closed. federal government is closed. all the charter schools are closed. these kidsave to walk to school. also not that they have to walk to school, they also have to catch the subway and buses and they are not running. >> the decision was reversed because they re-evaluated all the road clearing that still needed to be done. d.c. administrators must report to work today but can be an hour late. >> in virginia this morning many people are digging themselves out of thenow and you can see
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the pavement on some roadways but others appear to remain untouched and unplow. darcy spencer continues our team coverage now from arlington. >> reporter: many of the main roads are passable but the same can't be said for a lot of side streets and neighborhood streets. some folks say they have yet to see a plow. this fairfax street has been plowed but that doesn't mean residents can get out. the cul-de-sac hasn't been touched because the plow operators blade broke. residents can see the street from their driveways. they just can't get there. >> i wouldn't even try my four wheel pickup now. no. i can't get it out. >> we made a call to the city and they said they are working on it. we're just overwhelmed. pretty reliable so we're hoping for them to come back later on this evening. >> reporter: some residents and their cars have been plowed in. snow banks separate them from the carsnd home.
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the only way to get around is on foot. >> we can't get out. i'm on the other side of the snow bank. no way we can get out. we can by foot. the city is really great. they always do a great job. just a matter of time with this much snow. >> reporter: on i-66otorists moving snow. down to wet bare pavement in some stretches. all weekend transportation workers tackled the job of clearing roads and parking lots preparing for businesses to re-open. schools will be closed here again but for some kids that's not necessarily a good thing. >> kind of excited about it but then again you have to take days off from the end of the school year or take off teacher work days so i'm not excited about that. >> reporter: darcy spencer, "news4 today." metro is still working to get its system up and running. underground trains are expected to start by 7:00 a.m. but only
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run at 30 minute intervals. all above ground stations remain closed. metrobus will begin picking up passengers at 9:00 this morning. service will be limited. metro access service are suspended forhe day. d.c. circulator will be running. rides will be free of charge. there will be no service today on the camden and brunswick lines of the marc trains. maryland transit officials say conditions are still poor and there are downed trees on the line. vre also not operating any trains today due to the widespread power outages. >> if you plan to take amtrak today call ahead or look at many trains heading south out of washington remained cancelled. most northbound northeast regional trains will be running with a few cancellations. acela express between bosto and d.c. will operate on a full schedule today. local airports are working to get travel back to normal this morning. at ronald reagan washington national airport no flights are taking off or landing but
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flights are expected to resume later today. dulles airport is expecting about 100 flights today as opposed to 700 on a normal day. bwi marshall has one runway open at this time. all airports are asking you to call ahead and check on your flight status before coming to the airport. >> you can see all the work going on trying to get those runways dry and clear and safe for planes departing and arriving. we're just getting started here on "news4 today." a live look outside where everything is still frozen. it's dangerous out there. we'll get an update on the roads plus the latest winter storm headed our way when we return.
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. our coverage of the blizzard of 2010, as we have been saying all morning long, it is very
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cold out there. 24 degrees as we take a live look at ronald reagan washington national airport. and a lot of roads are still frozen, covered with ice and snow this morning. the major interstates at least? >> i-270 still some ice related issues. along 301 there was a problem with the utilities a little earlier. that's been cleared out. throughout the rest of the state, the temperatures dropped last night. the road will be frozen again. so, we're concerned about black
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ice throughout the area. as well as limited lane coverage in some areas. i can't pinpoint too many because as the crews have been out they have been clearing some areas. looking at the camas here and primarily they look good. but there's still, again, isolated coverage. one of the thing that we're really concerned about is pedestrians walking in the street, walking in the highway because the sidewalks aren't cleared. there are a lot of people in the roadway itself. so we're asking particularly in the early morning areas for drivers to watch out for pedestrians. >> and, sandy, we're expecting another storms believe it or not. >> yeah, believe it or not. >> what's the plan looking ahead. we know it will be tough already for the crews to do the job they have ahead of them right now. >> actually this snow that might be coming is expected to be lighter and drier so it will help out. it's not a heavy wet snow like
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the one we've just experienced or are still experiencing. we are still fully deployed. everyone is still out there. and we will continue to do whatever is necessary to get the roads passable and safe. >> okay. knowing that the storm is coming esday night into wednesday, what your going to be doing from now until then to get rid of this, what is left on the roadways and the ice that has formed. >> one of the problems is where are we going to put the snow? it's no longer a matter of -- it isn't a matter of just plowing. it's a matter of removing the snow and taking it somewhere to dump it, to offload it. for example, you know, when the plows come along the highway and push the snow across ramps, that ramp of snow has in some places grown to seven feet or so. you can't move that with a plow. it has to be lifted up, put in a dump truck and carried away.
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so, those are the kinds of things we'll be doing this morning to get ready for tomorrow. >> the work is not completed yet. good luck and thanks for all the work of all your people who have been working incredibly long hours. >> we'll pass it along. >> thank you so much. let's go to tom kierein in storm center 4 to find out what's headed our way? >> unfortunately another snowstorm is coming, a santa ana storm, not as bad as the one we had on saturday. as we take a look at the wide view we have a storm gathering strength in the central plains, spreading snow in indiana and kentucky. that may be arriving here by tomorrow around noon time. current temperatures are cold. we're in the teens to near 20 degrees or so. low 20s near the bay. 23 in washington. winter storm watch, meaning the potential for accumulating snow across northern virginia, the district and almost all of maryland, the eastern shore, panhandle of west virginia and up into pennsylvania for tuesday
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into wednesday. now we're off to a clear start. we'll have lots of sunshine today. clouds over the mountas. temperatures this afternoon climbing to right around the freezing mark. no melting. increasing clouds night. by noon time and afternoon light snow, moderate to heavy snow at times tuesday night tapering off to light snow wednesday with gusty winds, temperatures still generally below freezing throughout the entire time. here are the always i expect. unfortunately up to as much as ten inches of snow throughout much of the region, not as much, mayba little bit of rain and sleet further east. jerry, how is the traffic now? >> we'll check out 95 corridor in northern virginia. just below lorton road and for the most part, let me put it this way, it is better than it has been but it's not good. let me point out a couple of things. this is pavement, potentially icy but this is what the spokesperson miss dobson was
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saying from maryland, these are big old mound of snow and as they come over you'll see those vehicles, they are hitting their brakes and if you don't know what you're doing you'll slide over that snow and ice on the interstate. although they are better they are not good by any means. let's go to maryland, i-270 southbound right at the split. again, same situation. big chunk of snow. 270 is in present decent condition until you get south of montrose road then it's completely snow covered wall to wall and icy and slick and catching a lot of people by surprise. ther had been an accident on 270 after old georgetown road. a lot of accidents already today. see if you can postpone your travels more. >> good advice. >> it is 4:48. still ahead -- >> those of you who do have to go out tomorrow the commute will be a difficult one. we'll have the latest conditions coming up. stay with us.
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. 4:50 is our time. 24 degrees as we take a live look outside on this honored morning and continue our coverage of blizzard of 2010. good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." here's the latest happening right now. many of you will enjoy another day off school or work. the federal government is closed. every major school district in d.c., maryland and virginia also closed. more than 50,000 people are still in the dark, though, because ever widespread power outages. most of those people are pepco customers in maryland. on metro lines all above ground stations remain closed. underground trains will run every 30 minutes. at the airport limited number of flights are taking off and landing at dulles and bwi marshall airport. some folks are dealing with property loss as a result of the blizzard of 2010.
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take a look. yesterday at the southwest marina in southwest washington, one boat just did not survive the weight of the snow and sank into the waters off the washington channel. >> not just boats either. buildings are collapsing. a lot of big problems. >> roof collapses and we're covering a story of a roof collapse at a firestation which we'll have more later. >> 4:52 is your time. when you step outside this morning watch your step. it is very icy out there. all that snow you worked so hard remove has frozen solid and now news of another storm headed our way.
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4:54. 24 degrees. a live look at tyson's corner where some of the roads are clear but a lot of side roads remain messy this morning. work crews are still asking folks to stay inside, if you can at least for the morning to get their job done and make some more progress. >> a lot of folks aren't staying
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inside. on bourbon street, it's buzzing as new orleans celebrate. they upset the colts 31-17. this was the santsz first championship in franchise history. quarterback drew brees was named the game's mvp. he tied a super bowl record with 32 completions. yes, the saints will celebrate with their fans on tuesday, that's tomorrow with parade through new orleans. the city, though, is already as you can see has begun the celebration. the french quarter was packed with saints fans. but the time it ended it was
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sheer pan sheer chaos. the snow shut down about everything. we're getting a look at a fun moment we missed in woodley park. that's tai shan's mommy who climbed a tree to get a bird's eye view of the snow. the pandas excellent climbers because of their short claws and nap high up in the trees sometimes. >> i wonder if she's still there. >> great picture. at least somebody is enjoying it. well unfortunately more on the way. this is just adding insult to what has happened on saturday. another storm. another major storm coming but not as bad as the one that hit on the weekend. well as we take a look at the map and the view outside no precipitation now. a clear sky. it's cold. temperatures below freezing all around the region. yes, another snowstorm is coming. it's gathering strength now in the central plains. this one looks like it will be a
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drier snow so at least it will be easier to deal with, it's not tapping a lot of gulf moisture. the snow is pushing into indiana and western kentucky. that snow is up in illinois as well and this is going to continue to march our way here as we do get into tomorrow. right now, 23 in washington, near 20 degrees out in prince george's county, montgomery, fairfax and arlington county near 20. many other locations are down in the teens at this hour. southern maryland and around the chesapeake bay, northern neck mid-20s there. we're below freezing around the region. these counties in blue are under a winter storm watch nrks clouds all of northern virginia, including prince william, fairfax, loudoun, maryland and prince george's and district of columbia and anne arundel and howard and frederick counties, all these counties that got hammered with the heavy snow on saturday will perhaps get quite a bit more snow beginning tomorrow. it's cold out in the mountains in the mid-teens there. eastern shore now near 20
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degrees. and the view from space showing mostly clear sky but a few clouds lingering over the mountains of west virginia and parts of the shenandoah valley. for today sunshine highs reaching near freezing then tonight increasing clouds in the teens tomorrow morning. the morning should be dry but by noon time looks like light snow developing, maybe some light snow, maybe an inch or two on the ground b sunset tuesday. moderate to heavy snow tuesday evening into wednesday morning, then should taper off and end by wednesday afternoon, just be light snow as it begins to end and strong gusty winds with this storm probably in a broader area. this one may have strong winds from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches, from this storm on wednesday, so we may have more power outages unfortunately. and this is the way it looks, unfortunately, it's looking at least another five to as much as ten inches of snow from this storm, all that area in gray including almost all of northern virginia, the shenandoah valley,
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panhandle of west virginia, almost all of maryland, southern maryland that pink zone further south and east, lower parts of the eastern shore, may start as rain and sleet tomorrow afternoon and change over to snow tomorrow afternoon with three to five inches there. how is our traffic? >> 66 westbound just west of the capital beltway, again better, not perfect. the travel lanes actually are clear for the most part where you can see the lane markings here and that's very good news. be alert there's a lot of crews still out in the travel portion of the roadway and it's a very mixed bag as far as conditions go. let's go to maryland very quickly, and you can see on the beltway near connecticut avenue authorities are still out there working to clear. let me update you quickly on a couple of things. we've had multiple accidents on the gw parkway. conditions are flat out bad as you approach the spur. route 301 is


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