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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 9, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we're in for another nasty winter storm and the worst part, roads are still packed with snow and icend the power is still out from the blizzard. good morning, everyone and thanks for joining us for "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. the reason it will be shut down once again today. the federal government is closed today so is every public school system in the metro region. the d.c. government is operating on time. >> let's get now from meteorologist tom kierein the latest on forecast and this other storm that's heading our way. tom, good morning. >> another serious storm,
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unfortunately, will paralyze the region again beginning by noon time, light snow moving in. as we take a look at the wide view this storm has bn gathering strength since yesterday, a dual prong system, upper level low over iowa and moisture moving in out of the gulf of mexico, streaming up to the north. the radar showing that this snow continues to move into west virginia, now snowing moderately in southwestern west virginia into ohio and indiana. rain further to the south. this whole system is heading up our way. here's washington. now, we have temperatures that are certain lie frigid this morning down in the teens and single digits across much of the region. now 27 degrees in washington. it's in the teens in montgomery, fairfax, prince george's and arlington county. all of these counties in color are under a winter storm warning benning at noon today all the way until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. so this is going to be a long lasting storm with a variety of
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effects on the region and once again, unfortunately, it is really going to have an enormous impact on us similar to saturday's storm although impacting us with not as much snow but with more wind. look at these other counties. it will hit an enormous area. it is now under a warning all the way from ohio into west virginia, virginia, maryland, delaware, new jersey, southern connecticut, southern new york state. so ts is a storm that will have an enormous impact throughout the region. over the last six hours we had some clouds coming in ahead of that snow. snowing in southwest virginia at this hour and into the ohio valley and eastern kentucky. here's the storm timeline. by noon time some flurries, light snow by 4:00 p.m. steadier light snow moving in. by midnight we may have it mixed with sleet and then all snow further to our west, perhaps a mix of rain in southern maryland in the northern neck by
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midnight. by dawn tomorrow it's going to change over, wherever it's mixing and range to all snow and then it's going to snow throughout much of the day on wednesday andaper off and end by 7:00 on wednesday evening. here are the totals i expect from this storm. s.w.a.t. of eight to 12 inches from the panhandle of west virginia across northern virginia, including arlington, fairfax, montgomery county and d.c. higher amounts up to 20 inches parts of howard county into northern frederick, carroll, baltimore counties northeastern maryland and lighter amounts because of the mix of perhaps more sleet and rain further to our south. huge impact, four to eight inches of snow there. so, all of this should be done by tomorrow night and we'll have some very strong winds as well that will be gusting to nearly 40 mil per hour by tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening
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and that's going to cause drifting of the snow. eight to 12 inches of snow of drifts of four to five feet with those winds blowing at the 40 miles per hour. so it's going to have an enormous impact because of the wind. sun returns thursday into friday. now on this tuesday morning let's check on the traffic. jerry, things looking any better? >> good morning. yes, they are looking better, far from perfect but much better than just 24 or even 12 hours ago. let's take a live look at the beltway in northern virginia. crews continue to clean up. they are in the travel portion of the roadway in all jurisdictions. very changeable road conditions. some spots clear and looking good and then you'll come up on a bunch of ice and snow pack so be very cautious. up here in germantown travel lanes are open on 270 no worries until you get down to the spur, still a little on the bumpy side. crews try to get ahead of the
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next one which is on its way. eun and joe, good morning. >> more work for them. >> this morning people are still waiting for the lights and heat to come back on. thousands are still without power this morning. pepco is reporting more than 13,000 people with no electricity. in northern virginia, dominion power is working to restore power to more than 1700 people and the northern virginia electric cooperative or novec says more than 1,000 of its customers don't have electricity. utility companies say they are working as quickly as they can but some residents are losing patience. >> you called pepco and what did they tell you? >> they originally said friday then they revised it back thursday morning. we've been calling in every six to eight hours. >> all maryland counties affected by last weekend's blizzard are operating warming shelters for residents who do not have heat. >> this morning getting around is still tough.
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>> fortunately some above ground metro stations in therea will re-open today. megan mcgrath is near the king street station in alexandria with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're going to start seeing limited above ground service here today at 5:00 this morning. we're at the king street station. they have been working hard to clear thearking lot. what metro is saying they have about 75% of the spaces in the lots available, so they got a lot of parking, not all of it but were able to clear up 75% of those space. let's look at some video. you can see they are starting to position trains out there on the tracks. they are moving around, getting things in place and begin that limited service at 5:00 this morning, including here at the king street metro station. now should mention that not everything is going to be able to open. there are 15 stations on the red and blue lines that are closed because of drifting snow out
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there on tracks. it's just too high to run the rails, run on the rails in those sections. 15 stations will be closed. another train is coming in here to place. we have a half hour to go before the railspen and they begin taking passengers. they are preparing for that. they are moving trains around on the tracks getting them in place for that 5:00 a.m. start time. if you need to get to work today and planning to take metro you can do that. keep in mind it won't be like regular service. in addition to having stations closed they are running on a limited service which means they will have trains every 30 minutes. when you do see a train it's likely to be very crowded because they are only coming every 30 minutes and of course a continuing challenge out there on the roadways. we'll have more on that coming up in the next half hour. >> it looks like there are big mound of snow behind you. what about the parking lots? >> yeah. you can see this enormous mound
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of snow here and this is the case all across the region. so much snow they don't know where to dump it. th's going to challenge them getting this stuff out of the way. in terms of the road, this diagonal road that runs in front of the king street metro station it is snow packed and covered and very bumpy because of the way in which everything froze. you'll be driving along and it's not a great condition. same thing with route 1, also pretty bad. so, still a lot of challenges out there on the roadways. once you get to the parking lots they made an effort to clear the parking lot as much as possible. they are looking better than a lot of other things but not all the spaces are available. >> tough going in a lot of those parking lots on a normal day. megan, thanks very much. >> amtrak will also be offering limited service. acela express and regional trains between d.c. and new york are cancel for today. the reason storm brought down
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trees and power lines on parts of the track. if you plan on taking amtrak check your status on >> marc trains will be running on the s or special schedule. vre has cancelled all of its trains for today. >> just when things were getting back to normal at the airports more cancellations could be luck in the works. this is a live look at ronald reagan washington national airport which started to get planes in and out yesterday afternoon. crews worked hard to clear runways at bwi and dulles airport. southwest has flights cancelled for today and wednesday and other carriers could follow suit. check your flight status online before you head to the airport. >> this morning you may notice things look a little different around here because we're actually bringing you the news from a temporary studio here at channel 4. >> our main studio, is under a major renovation. we'll be bring being you the
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news from here for just a few weeks. bear with us in that time and hope you stay with us. it's now 4:39. 25 degrees. we're just getting started this morning and we're bracing for another big storm. >> the power is coming back on for many people. but what happens when it all goes out again?
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25 degrees. this is a live look at a huge mound of snow in alexandria. this is what's left over from the last storm and before it can be cleared out guess what more snow is coming. >> that's what they have to do when they plow the street. they have to put it somewhere. at 2:00 this morning they put it at the ends of my driveway. >> how convenient for you. >> good exercise to get the shovel out there. >> this is what people will be dealing with for the rest of the
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week. tom kierein will let us know how bad it will be. >> of course we'll be adding more snow, two already heavily impacted region from the saturday storm. right now looking at the radar we have a broad area of snow all throughout the midwest and ohio valley now just coming in to west virginia, southwest virginia. frigid temperatures this morning, partly to mostly cloudy now 27 in washington, teens in the suburbs, single digits in some rural areas. noon today to 7:00 p.m. wednesday, winter storm warning in effect throughout the entire region as well as further north and west. this storm will have huge impacts. we've seen the leading edge of that snow coming into the mountains and southern shenandoah valley. should be arriving here noon time. light snow initially. afternoon evening hours maybe more intensity. midnight mixing with sleet as well and some rain further to our south and east in that green zone. by dawn on wednesday everything will change to all snow where there's a mix and we'll see
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total amounts around our region of eight to 12 inches across northern virginia, the district of columbia and throughout much of maryland and further northern parts of maryland, northeastern maryland up to 20 inches lighter always further to the south. how is the traffic? >> generally speaking, we're looking pretty good. there are still some very serious issues along the bridges, ramps and overpasses. even on the interstates you'll lose one of the travel lanes under ice and snow. secondary roadways still have a long way to go and they have been very troublesome and crews are doing the best they can. let's take a look and if you're traveling the beltway, prince george's county, beltway over 202 in landover. looking better but, again going to have to be very cautious as you head on out if you have to head on out throughout the day today. we'll keep you updated. another winter storm set to dump about a foot of snow on the region. there's a big question on a lot of people's minds.
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>> where will all the snow go? >> we have an updated forecast on this major winter storm set to start in just a few hours.
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our time is 4:47. 13 minutes until 5:00 in the morning. 25 cold degrees and look at this in alexandria this morning. a lot of snow covered roadways and parking lots especially if you're heading towards metro. big mound of snow in the parking lot. a lot of above ground stations are operating again. good morning. because of the snow on the ground and threat of more to come, all area school systems remain closed today. the federal government is also closed for a second straight day. the d.c. national guard has activated all full time personnel to help with today's storm. they are expected to check in at the d.c. armory at 10:00 this morning. metro will re-open some above ground stations. 15 stations on the red and blue lines will remain closed and
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others could shut down again if we get more snow and we'll get more snow. flights are landing and taking off from reagan, dulles and bwi marshall but that could change as new snow arrives. southwest has cancelled flights for today and tomorrow. >> thousands of area residents still have no power this morning and thousands more might lose theirs during this next winter storm. what should you do if you're one of them? kimberly suiters joins us now with some tips. good morning. >> good morning. if you all can see us out there congratulations but with another round of heavy snow and high winds on the way, thousands more people could lose power. this is what you need to know. if your power goes out turn off all electric appliances, the stove, your tv, computer and things you can reach, unplug them. you want to leave on one electric light and leave your reigerator plugged in. when you see that light come back on turn your appliances on
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one by one. another big question what to do with that food in your refrigerator and freezer? if you keep the doors close ad full freezer will stay at freezing temperatures for two days. half freezer about one day. no peeking. even if you're frozen foods have begun to frost they are still safe if they have ice cystals or still cold. if you refreeze they will be safe but the quality may not be as good. when dealing with cold food they should be all right if the door stays closed. what foods should you be worried about spoiling. meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs and soft cheeses. keep an eyes on cooked beans, cooked rice, cooked potatoes, and custards. some foods that won't spoil is salad dressing, mayo and hard cheese. some food is safe at any temperature, that's carbonated
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beverages, unopened juices. when in doubt throw it out. with freezing temperatures you can pack up your food and put it outdoors and one final piece of advice, eun, right now you are advised about to make a plan about where to go in case you lose electricity to your friends, neighbors or in-laws won't be too surprised or too annoyed. >> thank you. we still haven't recovered from the weekend blizzard and now another storm is on the way. district leads say they are working as quickly as they can to clear the snow from the neighborhoods. the problem is there's so much of it with nowhere to go. >> we know that there's still are at least blocks of neighborhoods where it's tough to pass. this is a lot of snow. it hasn't even gotten to 32 degrees since the snow stopped, so even though we're fortunate to have sun the last couple of days not a lot of place where's the snow could go.
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>> d.c. transportation officials say plows will work around the clock to get as much snow cleared before today's storm. since many of the side streets are packed with snow, lots of drivers are getting stuck. one police officer got stuck on a side street in southeast washington. he had to get some help digging out his car. the snow emergency has been lifted in the district which means you can now park along thosing marked routes. >> crews are working hard to clearing streets. crews are working 12 hour shifts right now and city officials say the long hours are taking a toll on some workers. other issue is side streets. vdot said somehow people are parked before the storm. the problem is -- >> the biggest problem we have is when somebody parks halfway into a space and halfway out of a space. if you get two of those near each other you can't get the plow down the street. >> crews spent the night salting roads to prevent refreeze.
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>> some roofs are starting to collapse. we already have, last night firefighters arrived on 3rd street in the southeast because a townhouse began to sag. four people had to be evacuated. the building next door can also be unsound. firefighters are weary of the impact of more snow in the forecast. >> we have a foot of snow on a lot of these roofs already. another 10, 12 inches, another foot could be a real issue. >> firefighters say that you should look out for water stains, sudden water stains especially, creaking noises that you can't explain. this could be a sign that something is wrong with your roof if you notice anything out of the ordinary, call the firefighters. don't go on the roof yourself because your body weight could cause a collapse. a story we stumbled out across over the weekend.
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we have a happy ending to a dog that disapardon in two feet of snow. >> the first flakes of the next snow set to start in a
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spears >> 25 degrees, a lovely look at the capitol dome on this cold morning. snow all over the region still covering the ground and more snow on the way. a lot of people are just closing their eyes and hoping it will go away. >> let's go to tom kierein at storm center 4 to get the details. >> unfortunatelyie another stor coming in. just light snow. heavy impact is tonight. right now as we look at the regional radar snowing across west virginia and southwest virginia into the ohio valley. huge storm system taking shape now, snowing from the upper midwest, illinois, indiana, michigan all the way down to kentucky, tennessee, parts of
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missouri and arkansas. this is all coming up our way here. right now no snow around our region yet. temperatures in the teens and the suburbs and prince george's, montgomery, fairfax, arlington counties. 27 degrees in washington. mid-20s in southern maryland near the bay and it's just near 10 degrees around the shenandoah valley and the rural areas, much of virginia. all these counties filled with color under a winter storm warning and includes our entire region. winter storm warning begins noon today until 7:00 p.m. wednesday. that's the time when we'll have snow impacting the region. not just hereunder a warning, all these other counties in pennsylvania, new jersey, ohio, kentucky, west virginia all the way down to western carolinas under this winter storm warning. this storm will have widespread massive effects. cloud cover is increasing ahead of that and cloudy at 9:00 this morning. by noon some light snow, light snow by mid-afternoon until 6:00 p.m. by then we might have a couple of inches on the ground by 6:00
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p.m. temperatures will be below freezing throughout the day. sunrise 7:06. overnight tonight the snow will pick up in intensity. may mix with sleet around the metro area. further south and east a little bit of rain and some sleet. and then by dawn tomorrow, around the metro area we could have six inches on the ground. here's the timeline forhe storm. some light snow initially moving in this afternoon. by midnight we may get a mix ever sleet there in that pink zone including washington, eastern suburbs may mix with sleet and rain in the green zone. then by 8:00 in the morning whenever there was a sleet mix it could go back to snow and rain will pull off to the et and go to perhaps mostly snow there too, tapering off and ending by wednesday evening. total always around northern virginia, panhandle of west virginia, metro area including montgomery, fairfax, arlington, prince george's county the district of columbia up to 12
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inches. higher amounts further north and east up around baltimore and howard county and further to our south because of that mix of sleet and rain four to eight amounts. sunshine returns on thursday into friday. big story tomorrow after the snow ends very strong winds. drifting and blowing snow into wednesday night and thursday morning. now, jerry, how is the traffic? >> good morning. we'll head out, take a live look at interstate 66 again. looking better. not perfect. the on and off-ramps are treacherous with most interstates around the area so something you definitely want to keep in mind. 95 in dale city very bumpy because of ice and snow pack still. let's go over to maryland. beltway near river road. doing okay. have report of an accident on 270 southbound just approaching montgomery village avenue. we'll keep you updated. thanks very much. what are the snowplow crews doing with the snow.
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yesterday vdot loaded up several dump trucks in alexandria. they are dumping the snow beneath or underneath the wilson bridge. in the district crews are dumping snow at the old d.c. general hospital grounds. transportation officials say plow drivers are working around the clock to clear the snow as fast as they can. we have a happy ending to a story that emerged on saturday. >> remember baxter, an abandoned dog that was rescued from a shelter in south carolina. he was being sent to new jersey when he escaped on friday. his handler searched every wherefore him saturday night and last night they got the news they had been waiting for. >> they saw dog footprints with no people footprints following and figured it might be him and followed the footprints. >> baxter is doing well. he's now in new jersey where


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