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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 29, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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now the closer view of the radar is showing an area of rain that has passed through the metro area, on the eastern shore. we have lingering drizzle but many roads and streets are wet at this time and temperatures are in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees in washington and the nearby suburbs. further to our west right now in the mid-40s in the shenandoah valley and blue ridge and it's in the upper 40s to near 50 across much of virginia. southern maryland, near the bay, eastern shore, temperatures there are around 50 degrees. for the rest of the day we'll have perhaps oth showers arriving again by mid-morning to late morning. . but between now and then we'll stay mostly dry but damp, just a little bit of drizzle from time to time. no steady rain falling for the next three or four hours. tonight more passing showers possible in through midday on tuesday. then a blustery wind will increase too overnight tonit. highs today in the upper 50s. right now hovering near 50.
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by dawn tomorrow it will bottom out in the low 40s. chilly and wet day on tuesday. occasial showers from time to time and through the morning and midday hours and then should be cloudy during the afternoon tuesday afternoon and evening we'll have temperatures right back down into the 40s and then 30s by dawn on wednesday. but, with some sunshine back and a big change in the pattern, we'll have much warmer weather moving in wednesday into the mid-60s, thursday sunny mid-70s. now we check the traffic on this monday morning. jerry, how is it looking? >> good morning. close into the beltway, definitely a weather issue. no accidents to report so far. but certainly want to be very cautious with the slili roadways, reduced visibility and dense fog developing out there. let's check things coming through clarksburg out of hyattstown. tough on visibility.
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be aware of that. lots of road spray. standing water in some locations. be very cautious. we'll keep you updated throughout the day. good morning. thanks, jerry. breaking news now at least 37 people are dead in central moscow after two explosions in the subway system early this morning. it happened during the morning rush hour in stations packed with passengers. russian officials said two female suicide bombers are responsible for the attack. no group claimed responsibility. russia has been fighting a growing islamist insurgency in recent years. in 2003 a chechen woman killed more than a dozen people at a rock concert. in december of that year a woman blew herself up in central moscow killing six people. in 2004 two different subway bombings killed nearly 50
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people. chechen rebels are blamed for the seeing of a school that left 300 dead. new york police will be increasing patrols as a result of the attacks. however right now metro here in the district says it is not increasing security on the rails. that said local police and firefighters will be practicing foa terror attack on the metrobus this morning. the emergency drill will take place at 10:00 a.m. in a parking lot at rfk stadium. they will simulate an explosion on a metrobus to tes their response. a similar drill was held at the rosslyn metro station sunday morning. president obama returns home this morning after making a surprise visit to afghanistan. the white house just posted some new pictures. this included this one the president having incident engineer with president karzai. while in afghanistan the president also gave a pep talk
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to u.s. troops. he reminded the service members of the importance of their mission. >> if this region flies backwards, if the taliban retakes this country and al qaeda can operate with impugnity then more american lives will be at stake. the afghan people will lose their chance at progress and prosperity. and theorld will be significantly less secure. >> the u.s. forces began a major push against the taliban last month in afghanistan. they are preparing for an even bigger one later this summer. now to a developing story out of korea. this morning north korea is issuing a threat to tuesday and to south korea. it says quote, unpredictable incidences could occur if the two countries continue to disturb security at one of its borders.
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this warning comes two days after a south korean military ship sank due to an unexplained explosion. i want is estimated as many as 46 crew members went down with the ship. today military divers are set to explore the wreckage. the south korean ship sank near the disputed yellow seaboarder, the scene of two deadly naval fights between the two koreans in the past. south korean officials say they have no indication of north korean involvement. police in prince george's county begin this work week trying to solve three murders from this weekend. three men. killed within hours of each other throughout the county. darcy spencer has the latest on the violence weekend. >> reporter: prince george's county police are investigating three homicides that happened this weekend. police were called to the 2200 block of university boulevard in langley park to check on the welfare of someone in the area just before 8:00 saturday night. there they found a man unconscious on the ground. he was pronounced dead on the
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scene. police have not said how he died. just minutes later at 8:00, police were call here to the 1300 block of eastwood drive in district heights. police say they found a man withdraw ma to his upper body. he was taken to the hospital where he died. someone who lives in the house tells news 4 the man who died lived in the basement and that's where he was murdered. neighbors say the appears there was a party happening at the house at the time of the killing. just after 2:00 a.m. on sunday police were called to the third homicide in the 3400 block of dallas drive in temple hills. two men were shot. they were taken to the hospital. one of themdied. the shooting happened in between the back of a bowling alley in the princeton estate apartments. prince george's county police have not identified any of the victims who were killed over the weekend, so far there have been 18 homicides here in the county this year. that's down from this time last year. in palmer park, darcy spencer,
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"news4 today." a local man has been arrested for a bomb threat that strand dozens of passengers aboard a cruise ship. the man from leesburg is facing serious charges. >> reporter: we're just waiting to get off the ship. after a three day cruise to the bahamas, passengers had to wait a few extra hours before they could get off the ship. >> it wasn't bad. got to stay on our cruise a little longer. >> reporter: as the ship made its way back to florida sun morning the crew got word of a bomb threat on board. a passenger reported hearing another passenger make the threat. immediately theoast guard and fbi were called in to search with everyone watching and waiting on the ship. >> they were real good about handling it and people were just kind of hanging out waiting. we stayed in our room until pretty much about 30 minutes before we got off. >> reporter: the threat was a
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hoax. the search for explosives on board turned up nothing but deputies took one suspect into custody. passengers say they didn't mind the late arrival at port cape canaveral. better safe than sorry. >> there was nothing to worry about. they let us know that everything was cleared and we were just waiting for the coast guard to release us. >> instead of leaving the boat or ship as we were supposed to, we were detained until now. thank god nobody got hurt and that's the whole thing. >> people seemed to have a good attitude. he is out of jail and posted bond. he's charged with making a false report. right now it is 4:38. ahead a series of secretive raids. >> what the fbi is saying about weekend roundup of suspects with ties to a christian militia group. >> we're following breaking news in russia. two suicide attacks, dozens killed on crowded subway trains. the roads are wet and
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slippery. the morning rush could get ugly. when the rain will
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good morning. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. 54 degrees in washington. the regional radar showing we had moderate to heavy rain overnight. that passed off to our east. another surge coming up out of the carolinas arriving later today. lingering drizzle around much of
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the region. temperatures in the 40s to near 50 degrees. except right in washington mid-50s and in southern maryland. we'll have cloudy day with occasional showers throughout the day. coming back again by mid to le morning and afternoon and overnight. warming up and drying out mid-week. how is the traffic? >> going to be a tough commute for folks around the area. be cautious out there. over at the american legion bridge approach right side outer loop left side inner loop. no incidents to report. some areas some pretty dense fog has developed here in the course of the last couple of hours. let's go virginia, take a live look along the 95 corridor. lorton interchanges so far so good up to the capital beltway. no major accidents on the roster. we'll try to keep it that way. back to you. it's 4:42. ahead local college studio audience with a cause. why a group of georgetown students spent part of their weekend chained to a statue.
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fbi raids targeting militia trina groups. what led up to a police shooting that ended with a toddler being rushed to the hospital.
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. in central moscow 35 people are dead and dozens injured after two explosions went off in crowded subway stations. these blasts happened within 45 minutes of each other during monday morning rush hour.
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a government supposed person said two chechen female suicide bomb's are responsible. local officials are practicing for a terror attack on a metrobus this morning. the simulated bus explosion at rfk stadium. it begins at 10:00 a.m. a similar drill happened yesterday at the rosslyn metro station. president obama will return home today after making a quick six hour trip to afghanistan. while there the president met with u.s. troops and reminded them of the importance of this mission. he also met with president karzai and pressured him to improve local afghan government and end drug trade. former first lady barbara bush remains in the hospital where she's undergoing a series of tests. she was taken there saturday morning after feeling sick for a week. she has not been diagnosed with anything yet. she calls the tests routine. officials in new york city are preparing for another search of remains of victims who died in the september 11th attacks. the search is part of a three
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month project that officials hope will bring closures to families who lost loved once that want day. they will comb through materials excavated from ground zero over the last two years. the project begins friday. a florida toddler remains in critical condition three days after he was shot after police officers opened fire on a robbery suspect. that little boy's father is questioning whether police acted appropriately. this all went down friday in jacksonville when police say an armed bang robber car jacked a woman whose son and step-daughter were also in the car. as he started to drive away police say five officers opened fire. the robbery suspect was killed but the 2-year-old boy was also hit. his father calls the officers actions reckless. >> the boy's mother was also
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shot in the foot. police say officers may fire at a moving vehicle only as a last resort or if a life is in danger. they are investigating the entire case. the fbi conducted weekend raids in the midwest. a coordinated effort involving three states. thee people were taken into custody in ohio, michigan and indiana. a militia leader in michigan said one of the raids was against a christian militia groups. law enforcement officials said some of the people arrested face gun charges. pope benedict marked holy week without any mention to the sex abuse case. he said christ leads christians to the truth. meanwhile the way he handle sex abuse cases before he became pope some accuse him as being
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part of the problem. >> it's a major story and headline and it dogs the church wherever it goes. therefore, the church has to restore credibility in the eyes, the minds, the hearts of catholics and other people around the world. >> pope benedict will have other opportunities to publicly address the scandal during holy week events in the coming days. locally some catholics have very strong opinions about this latest cameplaguing the church. >> others chose the start of the holy week to call the catholic church to task on other issues. >> reporter: it's the start of the holy week, palm sunday to good friday. this year the catholic church fine itsel embroiled in controversy, local palm sunday observances were held all over the area. >> we gather today as a people of prayer, we gather in solidarity. >> reporter: a parishoner who
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converted to catholicism in the past year while the pope issued strong condemnations regarding pedophileia it's time to speak up again. >> for victim out there it's a trauma and tragedy. they need an apology from the top of the church. >> reporter: as is often the case in washington, politics can permeate everything. a group led by anti-abortion activist randall terry protested the offering of commune none to supporters of abortion rights. the police were called to keep things orderly. one parishoner wanted to part in the debate. >> recognize many wish we were more engaged politically from past priests. when we get in the pulpit, people seated in front of us
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represent right, middle, left and every shade in between and our message has to be spiritual. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. just about 4:51. time for weather and traffic together on the 1s. good morning, tom kierein. a little wet out there? >> the rain has tapered off temporarily which is good news for the morning commute. many roads, streets and sidewalks still wet from overnight rain. no rain falling in the metro area. heavy to moderate rain in southern maryland, st. mary's county. another area of rain coming up from charlottesville, coming into the metrorea in three or four hours. about an inch and a half has fallen to our west and north. washington 0.08. southern maryland had over an inch of rain. another inch later on today.
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right now temperatures again randally in the 40s west and north of 95 but near washington south and east of interstate 95 temperatures in the low to mid-50s. 54 in washington. prince george's county near 50. upper 40s montgomery, arlington and fairfax county and we do have a little patchy fog especially to our west and north where visibility is down to half a mile in a few locations. three mile visibility in washington. out in the mountains, temperatures in the upper 30s. eastern shore in the mid-50s and near 60 in southeastern virginia where they are getting some of that steady rain. here's the radar over the last six hours and we've seen this rainfall continuing from overnight, it was range fairly heavily around late evening last evening. now another batch of moderate to heavy rain coming out of north carolina just coming in to southern virginia at this hour. the wider view showing this is associated with a weather front that stretches from new england all the way down to the carolinas. that's going to be continuing to drift off to the east. as it does it will be forming low pressure right around cape hatteras.
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that low will track along the coast and bring in more atlantic moisture. so for today occasional showers through the day. rain will return by mid-morning. we'll have temperatures then in the low 50s. mid-50s by noon time. occasional showers. sunrise at 6:58. sunset 7:29. few more showers, perhaps from time to time the within will increase out of the northwest, gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. sunrise tomorrow 6:56. likely have this rain tapering off and ending midday on tuesday. highs in the low 50. drying out and warming up on wednesday and thursday with sunshine back. 60s wednesday. 70s on thursday. friday, saturday and sunday with some nice sunshine so a great end to the week. looks like a terrific weekend coming up. how is the traffic? >> around northern virginia, capil beltway area where so far it's pretty quiet and looks like the rain lightened up a
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little bit. plenty of road spray on the beltway. the lanes are open between i-66 down to the wilson bridge in both directions. keep your speeds down the roads still going to be potentially slick. one more stop, take a look along th 270 corridor. you can really tell it's 270. southbound traffic there the left side of your screen and certainly a lot of road spray, reduced visibility. give yourself plenty ever space, plenty of braking distance this morning and just plan accordingly. we'll keep you updated. that's how we're doing right now. ladies, back to you. all the more reason to get up with us at 4:30 in the morning. coming up, he's been one busy bad guy. >> police searching for a serial robber. a virginia's family life turned upside down. >> next, chained for change. why a group of georgetown students spent their weekend strapped to a statue.
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mission accomplished for georgetown students who chained themselves to a statue on saturday. the university has agreed to meet with them tomorrow. the students are angry over what they call a lack of access to sex education on campus. they also want georgetown health plan to cover birth control. the students chained themselves to a statue for eight hours. they duct taped their mouths
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shut to symbolize censorship. dulles south police are looking for a serial bank robber. the latest incident happened on friday when he held up the chevy chase bank in northwest. he held up three other banks along pennsylvania avenue. the man has gray whiskers, wears a black skull cap and carries a black shoulder bag. each time he walks io the bank he hands the tell ear note and demands cash. it will soon become a lot easier for people to walk or ride to the rhode island metro station. the board approved plans to build a bicycle and pedestrian bring that leads to the station in northeast d.c. the bridge is meant to provide a safe and direct route to the station and neighborhoods to the west. it will also give access from the metropolitan branch trail. the bridge is expected to open in the fall of 2011. "forbes" magazine has come out with the top fuel-efficient
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nonhybrid cars. the magazine looked at gas mileage per gallon and total fuel costs. it was a tie for first place. volkswaggen and jetta topped the list. toyota's sub compact yaris was second. the popular honda crv which runs on napt gas and fit made the top ten. what seemed like a sudden turn of good fortune for a central virginia family ended up being a big financial burden. the family discovered $88 billion had been deposited in their checking account on friday. they knew it was a mistake. they contacted their bank. bank manager said they had to freeze the account over the weekend while they fixed the prlem but that meant the family could not access the money that was legitimately theirs. >> my husband talked to three different people all they all told us that they can't access the account and they can't fix


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