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tv   Today  NBC  April 9, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. another major setback at that west virginia mine. a fire has forced rescue teams to pull back again. we are live at the scene. murder in paradise. a producer of the hit reality show "survivor" questioned and released overnight over his wife's brutal murder in cancun, mexico. why aren't police letting him leave the country? and tiger roars again. tiger woods achieves a personal best opening round at the masters and is just two shots off the lead. but what did he think of those planes circling above with messages about his scandal? what he has to say about that, "today," friday, april 9th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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welcome to "today" on this friday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm ann curry in for matt this morning. there's been devastating news this morning for those families of those four missing miners because rescue workers on their second attempt to get to those missing miners were forced to leave because of a smoke from a fire inside the mine. >> before they did leave they check one more rescue chamber. it had not been deployed meaning that there was no one inside. they still have one more rescue chamber to check. as they wait for the toxic air to clear, they're now drilling a new hole to try and drop a camera inside the mine to hopefully see if that final chamber has been deployed. we'll have the latest in a moment. also ahead this morning, we've got incredible video of a really shocking accident that was caught on tape. it is hard to look at. a man was hit, we'll show it to you now -- hit by an oncoming
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car, flipped through the air and was slammed into the side of a bus. he suffered very serious injuries but he's feeling much better now. he's here to share his story. on a very different note, it is yellow, it is irritating and it is everywhere. pollen is at its worst in years in states all across the country. we'll tell you why things are so bad this spring and how to cope with it. we'll begin this morning with the latest setback in the attempt to reach those four missing miners in west virginia. nbc's ron mott is near that mine in naoma, west virginia. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: meredith, good morning. this is certainly a disappointing start to this day with these rescuers having to be turned back again now for the third time. this happens as there is increasing concern coming out of washington. the president has ordered the secretary of labor and the director of the mine safety and health administration to meet next week to get a full accounting of this mine's history of safety violations, violations that are higher than the industry average as rescuers
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will now regroup again with hopes of going back in to try to continue the search for a miracle. overnight the word came. good news for the miners and their families. >> i believe the families are relieved in knowing that this process is starting, which the end will be near. >> in the best scenario, we would find four survivors. >> reporter: thursday was a day of starts and stops. >> rescue teams will be entering the mines. >> reporter: -- that left much of the rescue plan up in the air because of the air. from poisonous. >> they don't have the margin of safety right now to say that they can go. >> reporter: -- to tolerable, back to dangerously toxic. >> we had a bit of a setback in the plan that we had. >> reporter: earlier four teams of rescuers, 32 people in all, loaded with gear were again ordered out of the mine after potentially explosive concentrations of gas were detected. they had tracked about two miles in, a lot on foot, coming within 500 feet of a rescue chamber where they hoped to find
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survivors, an expandible lifeline similar to this-month-old yet much larger with food, water and oxygen. officials say rescuers were dismayed about being turned around. >> very angry. you can imagine hauling equipment for a long distance, getting up exactly where you need to be, then having to double-time back out because you find yourself in harm's way. >> reporter: be in has obtained information provided to lawmakers on capitol hill that shows federal officials ordered all, or parts of, the upper big branch mine closed 61 times in just the past 15 months. despite what experts say is an alarming number of so-called withdrawal orders, federal regulators decided not take stronger action, even though they could, because the rate of serious violations was being reduced. the company spokesperson could not be preached for comment, but its ceo has addressed safety concerns this week. >> that doesn't mean the mine is unsafe, because every violation actually means an improvement in the safety in the sense that you make that correction and put in
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place processes to avoid its reoccurrence. >> reporter: the company has announced to the families affected that it will pay for those expenses. >> very sad. ron mott, thank you very much. news of this latest setback was obviously not the news rescuers of the family of those miners had hoped for. let's bring in joe manchin, the governor of west virginia. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> this is obviously extremely discouraging noe ining news. rescuers reached one of those chambers and discovered it was not deployed. what does that mean, "not deployed"? >> that means no one physically had opened up. like if you were going to inflate a life vest, you would pull a cord. it will not been deployed so nobody physically had been there in order to deploy. in order to get into it. so we have one left. that's up in the 22 main gate. the only way we can look at that
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now, we want to physically check that one. they're feverishly drilling a hole over the top with it. we hope everything goes right with the drill. they'll drop the camera down and by some time early this afternoon, meredith, we'll be able to have a visual. if that has not been deployed, then it changes everything then. people pretty much understand we're in a recovery mode then. >> at that point there is no hope. >> well, it's very, very bleak. i think that we all understand the conditions and the air quality and gases and all that. that's our hope. that's our sliver of hope for a miracle, and that's why everyone's still working feverishly. if by some chance we have that miracle, we have enough provisions, there's enough oxygen that would sustain those miners and we're praying for that. >> governor, what have you said to the families of those that are waiting for word of their loved ones? they've been waiting since
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monday. >> meredith, as i've said, these are the best people in the world, they're the toughest, hardest working people. they have more faith than any people i've ever been around in my life and they're drawing strength from each other. but it's trying. it's tough on them. five days now and most of them haven't left and they're just holding on and praying again. it's just very difficult. i don't know how to explain it any differently that all of us are hurting so much. you can just see the pain. but they know that everyone's doing what they can. and still yet, through all of their own pain and their own grieving, they're worried about the rescuers. they said, please, make sure they're safe. please, don't put them in harm's way. and these men that are out there, the rescuers, they're pushing and they're pushing themselves further. they're wanting to dmoanything everything they can to make sure they haven't left any unfinished
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stone unturned. they want to see that chamber but it is just too dangerous with the smoke. we know with the smoke, there is a fire. with that it made a very dangerous situation. they had to make the federal and state authorities had to make that call. >> i'm sure it was an extremely difficult call for them all that to make. west virginia governor joe manchin, thanks so much for your time this morning. >> thank you, meredith. >> nbc news analyst and long-time correspondent robert hager is with us now by phone. bob, good morning to you. let's talk about the fire in the mine. what type of danger does that present? >> that's just very, very grim news. methane gas is bad enough, but a fire which consumes more oxygen, which sends choking smoke through the tunnels, that's very, very bad news. not at all hopeful. >> they are talking now about lowering a camera into a hole that they're going to bore this morning. how feasible is that that we'll learn anything from that? >> oh, yeah, you can learn a lot from that.
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they've done that before, you lower a microphone down and see if you get any response. you lower a camera down, you can learn even more. when you got a hole and it is not big enough to lower rescuers through yet, a camera is a very good substitute. it can tell you a lot. in the case if they hit the area where this other undeployed -- or rescue chamber is, to see whether it was deployed or not, that would be vital to know that. >> let's say it was deployed and we're all praying that this blast chamber has been deployed. they have enough supplies, i understand, to sustain 15 miners for at least 96 hours. we're only talking about four missing miners. so could they survive longer than the 96 hours? >> they could, yes. time is running out, but they could survive longer. there have been cases -- i remember i covered one back in the 1970s where a miner in pennsylvania had been in -- i think it was maybe almost a week. everyone thought he was dead. they found him down there alive. and in china just i think it was last week, there were more than
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100 miners that they'd almost given up on, and then they found them all alive. so there have been cases through the years of things that you just couldn't imagine. so you can never give up hope until the very end. >> absolutely. we will not give up hope, bob hager. thank you so much. >> pretty tough. very, very tough. >> you could see it on the governor's face. more news to tell you about this morning from natalie morales at the news desk. good morning, everyone. president obama is on his way home from prague this morning after a one-day visit that included the signing of a nuclear arms reduction treaty with russia. next week the president will host officials from 50 nations for a nuclear summit. one foreign leader will not be at that nuclear summit. that's israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he's sending another government official instead. israeli leaders are concerned some countries will try to turn the summit into an anti-israel event. the military says four people are dead in the crash of a u.s. air force tilt rotor aircraft in southeastern
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afghanistan. that crash is now under investigation. in brazil, as many as 200 people are dead in a massive landslide near rio de janeiro after drenching rains there this week. officials call it a human and environmental catastrophe. overseas markets are mostly higher this morning. cnbc's trish regan is at the new york stock exchange. trish, what are we watching? i think dow 11,000. right? >> you bet, natalie. that's the level people are looking for. they'd like to see the dow close above that level. there are some signs out there that, well, perhaps, just perhaps, this economy is faring a little bit better. i'll point to the retail data that came out in yesterday's session. really showing that the consumer seems to be alive and well despite all of these concerns about jobs. we've also gotten some recent manufacturing data that is strong. so there are a few signs out there pointing to perhaps a recovery in the near term. however, as you well know, a lot of people have concerns about these mounting deficits and what that will mean in the long run. back to you. >> trish regan at the new york stock exchange, thanks.
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have a great weekend. it's arraignment day in massachusetts for the brother of skater nancy kerrigan. mark kerrigan faces a manslaughter charge in the death of their father. people in parts of the southeast are assessing the damage from severe storms thursday. there were five reports of tornadoes in alabama and florida and south carolina where at least 15 homes were damaged. it is 7:12 right now. you're up to date. let's turn it back over to meredith and ann. >> thank you very much, natalie. first matt abandoned us, now al has abandoned us to l.a. >> hey, al, good morning. >> but at least i'm here. >> that's true. >> quite right. and a gorgeous day yesterday in l.a. they got another one today. but out east, back home, things not looking that great. we got a frontal system moving across and that's bringing showers all the way from new england right down along the outer banks where there's some heavy showers and thunderstorms moving now. rainfall amounts generally light. we're talking about maybe one to two inches right along the outer banks, up into new england. we are looking at some heavy
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rain into northern new england. rest of the country, we've got beautiful weather out west. sunny skies. morning showers in the pacific northwest. looking at sunny skies from the southwest all the way into the southeast. some snow showers in western new york andnd western >> and that's your latest weather. ann? >> al, thank you. it felt normal. that's how tiger woods described his rousing return to competitive golf with a personal
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best opening round at the masters. we've got nbc's peter alexander at augusta with more on this story and also fallout from the new controversial tiger woods ad. >> reporter: good morning, ann. it looks like on the course, tiger woods never had the last five months of his life. he played like they never existed at all. came out shooting 68. that's is 4 under par. he's just two strokes behind the leader here at the masters, freddie couples. the crowd was obviously excited to see him. he was met by mild, subdued applause compared to the giant roars he may have seen in the past. nonetheless, he described it as normal, was happy to be back out on the course hitting his first shot right down the center of the fairway, what his coach described as one of the best shots he's ever seen. there was no heckling on the course itself, but there was some aerial mocking, if you will. there was a banner plane that flew by carrying a sign at one point that read, "sex addict? yeah, right. sure, me, too." in fact the faa is sending two aviation safety inspectors to meet the pilot of that plane to
7:15 am
check the credentials. tiger woods was on the 7th green. i was standing behind him when the plane flew by. after the event was done yesterday, he said he actually never saw that plane pass. finally, about that ad, there's been so much controversy. some people call it effective. other people called it creepy. the ad was his first done by nike since the scandal broke last november. it evoked an imagined conversation between the golfer and his late father, earl woods, it was presumably addressing the sex scandal. but it turns out it was selectively spliced audio from a 2004 interview with earl woods where he was talking not about tiger, but about his wife instead. in the original sound bite he doesn't even say "tiger" before making those comments. he was comparing the personalities, earl was, of himself and his wife. nonetheless, out here everybody's excited to see tiger get back out on the course today. he will tee off at 10:35 eastern time and at one point yesterday, as he was on side-by-side fairways with another former
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masters champion, vijay singh, tiger was surrounded by thousands of fans in the gallery. vijay singh was followed by just 37. it is clear who they came out here to see. >> peter alexander this morning, thank you. 7:15. here's meredith. a successful reality television producer who worked on the hit show "survivor" is now the focus of his wife's murder investigation after her body was discovered in a sewer near the cancun resort where the couple was vacationing. nbc's miguel almaguer has details. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: meredith, good morning. bruce red ford was released from police custody but he can't leave the country. he told investigators the last time he saw his wife was monday morning before she went shopping but this morning he remains a prime suspect in her murder investigation. in the beginning, friends say the couple had it all. bruce and monica quickly fell in love. they became the parents of two small children and had successful careers.
7:17 am
he was a producer for the hit cbs show "survivor." and helped create mtv's smash show "pimp my ride." she ran a successful brazilian restaurant and club in los angeles for more than a decade. but thursday, on her 42nd birthday, police in cancun, mexico, found monica's body in a sewer and detained her husband for questioning. >> translator: we're currently interrogating him since he was the last person who was in contact with her and are attempting to corroborate his story with the testimony of the hotel personnel. >> reporter: investigators believe monica was strangled to death and authorities say bruce has scratches on his next. >> she was a very caring person. she did not deserve to die like that. it's not fair. >> reporter: last week the couple traveled to this swanky cancun resort with their children, taking time, say family members, to work on their marriage. monica's sister reportedly says bruce was having an affair, but monica agreed to give him
7:18 am
another chance. after monica was reported missing, giani flew to mexico to find her sister. >> they had problems in the past and they were trying to reconcile and be in a good mood for the kids and, you know, being a family and happy. that's what the trip was about. >> reporter: the day monica disappeared, hotel guests reportedly told police they heard loud arguing and yelling coming from the couple's room. but back in los angeles, outside their multi-million dollar home, neighbors, friends and colleagues were shocked by news of the crime. >> he was just a laid back, pretty mellow, easy-going guy. i couldn't imagine that he would have that in him. and i hope that he wouldn't. >> reporter: a family vacation that ended in a murder and a hollywood producer who is facing a real-life drama of his own. >> oh, my god. i was in shock. i'm still in shock. like devastated.
7:19 am
just totally devastating. monica did not deserve to die. >> reporter: monica's body was found in a sewer that was on hotel property. we're told her husband does have a lawyer in cancun and again, while he's been released from police custody, he cannot leave the country. meredith? >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much. 7:19. here's ann. if you're doing a lot of sniffling and sneezing, you're in good company. the spring allergy season is really shaping up to be one of the worst in years. we've got nbc's chief medical editor, dr. nancy snyderman joining us now with the lowdown. >> pring spring is in the air. the bees are out, flowers are in bloom. problem is, not everybody's so happy about it. the annual pollen attack has begun early. thanks to heavy winter snow and rain and now unusually warm temperatures across much of the country. >> the worst i've ever seen. yes, it is. >> reporter: in georgia, the pollen count is at near-record levels. al williams has been cleaning the yellow dust off his car
7:20 am
every few hours. >> three minutes from now it will be back to where it was. >> reporter: for more than 40 million americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, few things feel worse. >> messed up your sinuses. makes you feel really bad. >> reporter: the main culprit this time of year is tree pollen. like the birch trees growing right outside dr. jillian shepherd's new york city office. >> this is still a couple of weeks away from developing that fine powder. >> reporter: but her practice is already picking up speed. >> the phones start ringing, people say, please, squeeze me in. the minute you see the first flower on the first tree, that's it. >> reporter: and for a lot of people, it doesn't take long for the misery to set in. >> i get the watery eyes, the runny nose, can't breathe. i get it pretty bad. >> reporter: as for the age-old question -- spring colds versus allergies. how can you tell the difference? >> allergies never cause a fever. allergies rarely cause sore throats. and most colds start with symptoms in the throat. itchy eyes are major problem
7:21 am
which one never sees with a cold. >> reporter: for most people over the countrier medicines are just fine. but when those don't work, it is time to pick up the phone and call your doctor. if you're looking for an over-the-counter medication, those antihistamines and decongestants can work but nasal sprays work. in the meantime, run in the morning when the pollen is on the ground, take off your clothes at the end of the day, throw them in the dirty laundry. wash your hair. >> you have a map showing what areas of the country are worse than others. >> red spots are obviously the hotspots. atlanta, up to phoenix, tulsa. boy, you can see sort of the eastern creep and that middle creep. lot of snow, lot of water, and now a lot of warm weather. perfect storm. >> you're reporting basically it is coming early. is this pollen/allergy season going to end early if. >> the rain we're seeing right now will make today better but
7:22 am
it will make things grow more. so expect this -- trees, grasses, then you get a respite. then guess what? hay fever in august. >> thank you this morning. ahead, an exclusive interview with this man who survived being hit by a car and being thrown into a bus. we'll hear how he is doing now. but first, this is "to
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7:30 now on this friday morning, the 9th of april, 2010. it's cooled off a lot here in the big apple after a week of temperatures in the 80s and 90s. but we still have a hot crowd outside on the plaza. we'll head outside in a moment. inside studio 1a, i'm here with a hot mama. actually, meredith vieira and matt will be back on monday. he's got a very important golf tournament today. we've also got some shocking video to show you this morning. we'll warn you, you may find it disturbing. a man was hit by a car as he darts as cross the street, he was tossed 15 feet into the air and slammed into a bus he had just been riding. incredibly, this man, sean
7:31 am
mills, survived. he's here this morning for an exclusive live interview about what happened and his recovery. plus, for the first time we are getting a good look at some of the so-called mean girls who allegedly bullied phoebe prince so badly that she committed suicide. we'll get the latest, including new details about the torment that prince dealt with in her final days. plus, one of the most debated religious relics of all time, the shroud of turin. is it really the burial cloth of jesus, or just an elaborate hoax? what scientists are now doing to answer that question as the shroud is set to be unveiled this weekend for the first time in a decade. but let's begin with that man who is lucky to be alive after a terrible accident caught on tape in jacksonville beach, florida. again, we should warn with you be this video is disturbing. it looks like something out of an action movie. a man darts out into traffic and is hit by a car. tossing the man into the air like a rag doll before he slams on to the hood of the car, then falls into the path of a bus.
7:32 am
but this is no movie for 28-year-old sean mills who had actually been taking that bus home from work. mills got off the bus and tried to dart across the street behind the bus when he was hit by a car and literally thrown under the bus. >> i saw him in the air, hit the bus, then the ground. he was up as high as the bus, i think. >> reporter: watch again as the car coming up on the driver's side of the bus slammed into mills throwing him 15 feet into the air, and into the side of the bus. >> i heard the crash and i thought that it was two cars actually crashing into each other. it was so loud. and then we looked out and saw sean laying in the road. >> reporter: lucky for mills, this bus driver hit the brakes nearly before running over mills. >> he was folded in half. his back was definitely broken. i thought he was done. i mean i thought there was no hope at that point. >> reporter: mills was badly injured, suffering brain trauma,
7:33 am
spinal cord and next injuries, and multiple fractures. >> when i looked at him, i was holding his hand, i didn't think he would make it at all. >> reporter: but mills miraculously survived and spent several weeks recovering at a local rehabilitation center. today mills has no memory of the accident, only this incredible video. sean mills is with us exclusively this morning along with his attorney. good morning to both of you. sean, have you no memory of the accident. when you look at that video, that is the only way for you to know exactly what happened. what's your reaction when you see that video? >> devastating. it is a miracle that i walked away from that one. >> i know. can you stand to look at it? it is hard for me or anyone. >> it is hard to look at it. >> when you think back, what is the last memory that you have? >> getting on to the jca bus two hours prior to the incident. two-hour bus ride.
7:34 am
i remember getting on to the bus and that's all. >> having lost the memory, nevertheless woo when we just outlined your injuries, they were pretty devastating. you suffered trauma. tell me more about what other injuries you suffered. >> my spinal cord was crushed. i had a compound fracture on my left leg from the knee to the ankle where the bumper of the -- hit the bumper of the car. my collarbone was fractured. and my brain swelled up. i had a concussion. >> when you think about it now, you're sitting here on the "today" show and talking, and i know that you're in a wheelchair normally but you look and sound terrific. how do you attribute this recovery? >> i just thank god and the paramedic that was there. he was off of duty and he seen me actually fly in the air. got out of his car immediately and responded. the pedestrians came around, gave it their all to get me
7:35 am
stable. >> so the good samaritans, as well as the paramedic that helped save your life? >> exactly. if it wasn't for those, i wouldn't be here today. >> i notice the driver also stopped his car and ran over to you as well. >> yes. >> megan, i guess the question for you is, we don't know why shaun decided to step behind the bus and cross into ongoing traffic. is there a legal liability? i know that the driver of that car was not cited. >> correct. the driver wasn't cited. however, we have reached a settlement with that person. >> regarding insurance and that kind of thing? >> correct. we have reached a settlement. we are still pursuing jta bus. can't really see on the video, but where shaun was allowed to get off the bus, the sidewalk was closed, it was all under construction. basically there was nowhere for him to go except in the roadway where there was oncoming traffic or where he could cross and have
7:36 am
an encounter such as this. >> you are saying he was dropped off in a place that was safe. so maybe -- since you don't remember, can you explain at all why you would have crossed behind the bus into oncoming traffic? >> sure. usually when i get off the bus, i continue to go down the sidewalk on that side of the road and wait until i get to my house to cross the road. but i guess there wasn't really -- i just think there wasn't much of an alternative but to go -- because the sidewalk was closed and they were doing construction work. i just figured i'd go ahead and get on over there to cross the street. >> that's a good warning for anyone getting off a bus, just to be very, very, very careful. it can be very dangerous. shaun, i know you have a lot of physical therapy ahead of you, but it looks like you're doing great. >> it's awesome. >> thank you. now we'll go to los angeles where al roker has a look at the
7:37 am
day's weather. hey, al. >> hey, good morning, ann. we've got a change in the jet stream coming up. let's take a look, show you what's happening. and again we have a storm track
7:38 am
>> don't forget, you can check your weather any time of day or night on weather channel on cable or online. it is a story that sends chills down the spine of any parent. 15-year-old phoebe prince committed suicide after she was apparently tormented by bullies at school. now we are learning more about her final days. nbc's jeff rossen is in hadley, massachusetts. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, meredith, good morning to you. these are the new court papers, 60 pages of them. it is a chilling read. very disturbing details about phoebe's final days, her final hours, how she was bullied, how she was threatened. in fact, just the day before she killed herself, according to the papers, phoebe told a close friend, "school has become close to intolerable lately." but most disturbing of all, what happened to her, what she went through in those final hours.
7:39 am
this is hour first glimpse at oe of the alleged bullies, the so-called "mean girls." is there anything you'd like to say to the family? sharon chanon velazquez showed up at a massachusetts courthouse charged with others accused of bullies 15-year-old phoebe prince to death. phoebe hanged herself at home to escape the torment at school. in new court papers obtained by nbc news, new details of phoebe's torturous final days. for months, the bullies called her a stupid "expletive" and a whore threatening to punch miss prince in the face. according to the papers, the bullies cornered phoebe in the school bathroom screaming at her. prosecutors say the mean girls were jealous of phoebe because she had dated two boys they liked. one of them the school star
7:40 am
football player. those boys are now charged with statutory rape. the mean girls allegedly told phoebe, "stay away from people's men." classmates say it was so blatant, almost everyone knew. what would they call her? >> a slut and an irish whore. >> reporter: and it was about to get even worse. just hours before phoebe committed suicide, court papers say the bullies confronted her in the school library yelling "close your legs. i hate stupid sluts." as phoebe walked home that day, the final chapter. >> you got a car with a couple of kids in it, chucks a drink out the window, called her an irish slut, an irish whore, why don't you go kill yourself?" and she did. >> reporter: news of phoebe's tragic death spread all the way to her childhood home in ireland. she lived in this quaint irish village for years and only moved to massachusetts recently. from a toddler with so much potential to a teenager, phoebe's friends in ireland describe her as bright but
7:41 am
sensitive, a bookworm. >> she was very, very, very creative. loved to achieve. loved to get on well and had no problems with the other girls or boys. >> reporter: phoebe's village in the irish countryside is her final resting place. public outrage here in massachusetts is growing. the alleged bullies are now being bullied themselves, meredith. there are several websites that have popped up targeting these alleged bullies with nasty messages, nasty pictures and some of their lawyers are now saying they're getting physical threats. really no one wins here. >> jeff rossen, thank you very much. up next, the enduring mystery of the shroud of turin as the controversial relic goes on public display for the first time in years. right after this. ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ ♪ express yourself
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over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts®. and they're all for fun and fun for all. pop-tarts®. made for fun. we are back now at 7:44 with a controversial relic going on display for the first time in years. the shroud of turin. so is it real or is it a fake? nbc's keith miller is in torino, italy. keith, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. it has been ten years since the shroud went on public display here at the cathedral in turin. and so far, the vatican says it has issued 1.3 million tickets for people to view it. the shroud is a mystery that has lasted for centuries. to the faithful, it is a miracle. venerated as the burial cloth of jes jesus, a divine sign showing the
7:45 am
image of christ himself. the tlo the shroud first apeefd in the middle ages in france, but the faint imprint only became visible as the image we know today when a photographer produced the first negative more than 100 years ago. it shows a bearded man who appears to have been tortured, and crucified. the image has inspired artist impressions of christ through the ages. today, graphic artist ray dowelling using modern technology says this is the genuine 3-d image of the face on the shroud created for the history channel's "the real face of jesus." is it the face of christ? or is the shroud a clever hoax? a carbon dating test in 1988 puts the age of the cloth in medieval times. but the sample used for testing has been contested by some scientists. others say it is an image that can be replicated using basic
7:46 am
chemicals. or using heat to achieve the faint imprints similar to the shroud. or, could knowledge of lenses have been used to create a primitive photograph on cloth? a computer scientist at stanford university insists the image on the shroud was not made by man. >> they never guess the same characteristics of the shroud. this is actually very coherent with a blood stain with a plasma around it. it's extremely unlikely that it was done by human hands. >> reporter: scientific tests have done plant imprints on the shroud, place it in the holy land. >> the only place on earth where people could put this plant fresh on the body covered by the shroud. the only place on earth has been the area of jerusalem. >> reporter: what continues to baffle scientists is how the imprint on the shroud doesn't penetrate the fibers but creates a perfect 3-d image of what some
7:47 am
believe could be the moment of resurrection. the vatican has never claimed that the shroud is genuine and is reportedly willing to submit the cloth to further scientific testing. as the shroud goes on public display this friday, the truth is a matter of faith. meredith? >> keith miller, thank you very much. still ahead on this friday, when to spend and when to splur splurge. it always happens.
7:48 am
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back at 7:49 with a real-life desperate housewives battle that feels like it came right from the show's riders. >> reporter: cat fights. greeting matches. >> don't psycho analyze mere. >> reporter: and revenge. no, it's not a plot line from abc's desperate housewives but real-life drama. actress nick let sheridan plays a steaming, scheming real estate agent on the prime time soap. >> edie, is that really you? >> you know someone else my age with a body like this? >> reporter: in an explosive lawsuit filed monday, sheridan claims the show's producer, mark cherry, was abusive, even slapping her during an argument in 2008. now she's hitting back with a $20 million lawsuit alleging assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful
7:51 am
termination. >> i think people were shocked at the level of detail and just how kind of absurd a lot of the allegations were. >> reporter: in legal papers, sheridan says the onset smackdown happened during the show's fifth season. after confronting cherry about the script, sheridan says he "took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head." >> what we have heard is that mark cherry can be very difficult. he does have a temper and that ni nicollette sheridan did not get along with him. that's no secret in hollywood. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit, sheridan told abc about the attack but says cherry only became more aggressive, eventually carrying out one final act of revenge. >> it was a big, noisy character and she left in a big, noisy way. >> reporter: mark cherry wasn't kidding. sheridan's character was killed off bringing an electrifying end to sheridan's role on the show and her six-figure per episode
7:52 am
paycheck. >> the defense is going to argue here that she had motivation other than the truth to bring a claim like this, that she may be seeking compensation since she no longer has gainful employment as a leading kind of actress in the series. >> reporter: the lawsuit also claims cherry directed his ire at co-star teri hatcher as well, and after she complained to abc about his behavior, he said, "i hope teri hatcher gets hit by a car and dies." but at least one desperate housewife is standing by cherry. >> he's funny and sweet and really, probably could not harm a fly. >> reporter: abc says, "we investigated similar claims made by miss sheridan last year and found them to be without meter." the women of wisteria lane knew well the wrath of edi. now abc and mark cherry are facing the wrath of the woman who brought her to life. for "today," nbc news, los angeles. >> that's a mess.
7:53 am
>> we're not going to hear the end of that. looking for a new grill and other home goods to spruce up your house? when to spend and when to save an "today's friday whip." ♪ [ sniffs ] morning. you got in pretty late last night. dad, i'm not sixteen anymore. still, it was late. well... you're not gonna have to worry about that anymore. yeah, why's that? ♪ todd's a lucky man. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ that's what i told him when we talked last week.
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morning, april 9th, 2010. we have a large, boisterous crowd out on the plaza. they're very happy that it is friday. i'm meredith vieira, along with ann curry who's filling in for matt this morning. al is in l.a. just ahead, it is raining but spring is here. you probably want to spruce up your home a little bit now that it is spring time. >> yeah, but it can get very costly. whether you're dealing with floors, furniture or appliances, whether is it worth it to spend a little more money and when can you buy on the cheap? we'll tell you all about it just ahead. >> i like that, "buying on the cheap." that's a good thing. also ahead, we'll hear
8:01 am
exclusively from the alleged member of the so-called bling ring, a group of young celebrity wannabes accused of selling millions of dollars in jewelry and design eer clothes from hollywood stars. there is a lot of acrimonious conversation happening, what should you do if other parents leave you mean and negative comments online. >> they shouldn't do that. let's head inside where natalie morales is at the news desk. good morning, everyone. some discouraging news this morning from west virginia. rescuers were again forced to leave that damaged coal mine without learning the fate of four missing miners. officials said search teams did reach one of the mine's safety chambers but found it had not been used. they also found smoke indicating a fire somewhere within the mine. for a second straight day the build-up of dangerous gases was just too great for rescuers to remain underground. they now hope to be check a second safety chamber by
8:02 am
drilling a hole and lowering a camera. funerals are being held today for some of the 25 miners confirmed dead in monday's explosion. rescuers in brazil worked for a second night to find victims of a mudslide that swept away a hillside shantytown. officials feared as many as 200 people were killed, in addition to some 150 known dead after a week of heavy rain. president obama met with east european leaders this morning before leaving prague where he signed a landmark treaty with russia yesterday. next week he'll head a nuclear summit. the persian gulf diplomat who caused a bomb scare aboard a united airlines flight will be sent home to qatar. officials say alma dady was flying to denver wednesday to visit an imprisoned lshg agent when he joked about setting his shoe on fire. military jets scrambled to escort the plane. now here's brian williams with a look at what's coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news." brian?
8:03 am
>> hey, natalie, good morning. coming up tonight on "nightly news,"
8:04 am
>> that's your latest weather. up next, "today's friday
8:05 am
whip." when to splurge and whether to save on household items we use every day. that's after this. they say kids can't keep anything nice. please. i say teach them when they're young, you know? when their brains are like sponges and they can learn things. you're doing such a good job. what's cool about my sienna? well, two things. the available dual-view entertainment center... so much fun. and the second thing is the styling. i mean, it's like they took my essence, bottled it, and then poured it all over the car. oops. i'm proud of you, honey. but get more sponges, ok? [ male announcer ] meet the family and the new sienna on youtube.
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8:09 am
whip" is brought to you by mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it. this morning on "today's friday whip," should you spend or save on your home? whether it's the floors or your kitchen, keeping everything up to date can cost a fortune. >> we'll ask four experts when you should save and when you should splurge. hey, vern, good morning. when you think outdoor furniture you always think of the table and chairs. is it a good place to splurge or should you spend here? >> this is absolutely where you should splurge. when you think about it, anything you're actually going to sit on or use heavily is a great place to splurge. this is a crate and barrel set for $699. it's actually polystyren. this is uv and antioxidant treated. it is not going to fade. it is also poutpowder coated on metal. >> you can leave it out all
8:10 am
year. >> absolutely. >> what about when it comes to cushions? >> when it comes to cushions, that's a good area to have fun with. make sure your splurge items are fairly neutral but other items are things you can have fun with, give a punch of color. >> you can switch them out every year. >> absolutely. >> when it comes to chairs, in this case a lounge chair, that's wicker. >> this is artificial wicker but it is actually better than real wicker because it will be fade and water resistant. >> spend on this one? >> this is a good splurge item. absolutely. again, it is neutral. >> if you want to save, get one of these side tables, you say. >> absolutely. $49.95. these are great because you can have are fun with the color. you're not going to be sitting on it or standing on it. that's a wonderful place to save money. >> i missed the most obvious on a day like today, the umbrella i'm underneath. is that a good place where you can splurge? >> this is actually a good save
8:11 am
item. because you aren't going to be sitting on it, hopefully, or standing on it. this is a good place to save. this base you can actually reuse. then every year just kind of get a new umbrella if you want. >> different color or whatever it is. >> absolutely. have fun with color here. >> vern, thank you. >> what's the bottom line on your decks and floors? george, good morning. decks can be expensive. talk about when you should save and when you should splurge. >> if you're going to build a deck, you should splurge. get a man-made product, recycled plastic and sawdust. it is not going to fade. really the cost is up front. >> what if you don't want to use plastic? >> you'll want to go with a good hardwood, mahogany or something similar. these decks once they are put down -- >> what if the weather is nice and you won't have hard weather on your deck. you have to splurge? >> the save is with paving stones.
8:12 am
paving stone patios are a flexible system so they won't bow and crack. they are blue, sierra, sand, but they have -- you name it, they have any color you want. you can also get planters, fireplaces, walls. i personally am a big fan of these. >> upkeep is great. >> if you lay it correctly, you have your patio for life. i am now standing on the indoor floor. if you want to splurge, this is a house you'll live in for the rest of your life, go hardwood. i'm fourth generation on the same hardwood floors in my house. but if you change your style a lot, if it is a fixer-upper, go with bamboo or laminate floor. they cost half the price and i think they look fantastic. >> the resale if you try to -- >> bamboo floors, laminate floors, you can't even tell that bamboo floor isn't a good solid hardwood floor. >> a few seconds left, talk
8:13 am
about tiles. they change and go out of style. >> they do. they are as expensive to put down as a hardwood floor. small spaces, bathroom, maybe kitchen. splurge on tiles but go with something classic because style changes all the time. >> george, thanks. good tips. >> should you then break the bank on your blenders and bakeware? we turn to good housekeeping's editor in chief, rosemary ellis. good morning. talk about the appliances we should be spending money on. you say start first with the basics -- a good coffeemaker. >> we're constantly testing these machines to see what works and what's worth a splurge. a coffeemaker if you love a good cup of coffee like me is worth the splurge. for two reasons. first, it brews at a higher temperature and also brews faster, both of which translate to a better cup of coffee. this is the cuisinart model, it is about $99. definitely worth the bucs. >> programmable, too. >> nice bells and whistles. >> you really do taste the
8:14 am
difference. >> yes. >> you say if you are a baker, it is a good idea to splurge on a high-end mixer. >> that's right. these machines are expensive but they do a couple of things that little hand mixers don't. they handle a much larger load, so if you're making three batches of cookies, you can do it much faster. they also have more attachments so you can do more different things. pasta and doughs. all kinds of things. this is $350. it's a lot. but it will last for decades. if you cook a lot, if you bake especially, it is really worth investing in one of these. >> where not to spend, things like the blender. why? >> technology has gotten so much better in the last few years. basically any reputable blender will make smooth soups, good smoothies and a lot of these even do good margaritas. you don't have to spend a lot. this is from hamilton beach, about $35. >> crock pots, too? >> crock pots are simple machines. so you can spend a lot more. you can spend three or four
8:15 am
times what this costs, get a lot of bells and whistles, but they're going to cook the same. this is from crock pot. it is about $45. but this like all of these appliances go on sale. i found this yesterday for $25. >> it is nice, stainless. >> it looks nice, has a big capacity. a good machine. >> one more that we don't have here you say worth the splurge is what? >> a panini maker. higher-end machines toast better, heat all the way through. you get a better, crispier texture. >> my kids love that. thanks so much. back outside unagain to meredith. >> last but not least, grills. kevin o'connor, houst of "this old house." start with the splurges. this weber is expensive but you say it is worth it. >> this is $850. this is a big grill. you're talking about size here.
8:16 am
500 square inches of grilling space but most importantly, when you open this lid, you've got 11 inches of height. you can cook a thanksgiving turkey in this if you want. serious grill. three stainless steel burners. buy as much stainless steel as you can. >> why is that. >> because it will last in the elements and you'll keep these outside. this is a nice -- well worth the money. >> absolutely. >> this is another thing you say is worth the money as well. why? >> this is a splurge because this is the gourmet model. this lets you do a lot of things. it is also big. 39 hamburgers on this one. >> this is for someone who likes to do a lot of parties. >> and also lots of different cooking. a side burner for your sauces. but the big thing, it has a smoker down below. if you got the patience, you are looking at a smoked brisket there with this grill. >> how much is this? >> this one is about $500. it comes from brinkman. >> these are both gas grills. correct? >> both propane but most of these models you can either get
8:17 am
natural gas or propane. everything here is propane. >> can you go back and forth to the charcoal and gas on any of these? >> no. buy a stand-alone charcoal or get into the gas. >> what's better? >> it depends on your preference. charcoal gives you the smokey flavor. but most people are going with the gas, push a button, it is on and ready to go. >> this is if you want to save. >> you're not actually scrimping on too much. it is a little smaller here. you're also getting a side burner, but this is infrared cooking. instead of using a flame to make hot air to cook the meet, this is actually infrared waves cooking the meat. a lot of chefs like that because they say it doesn't dry things out. this is $400. >> that's half the price of the other one. >> absolutely. >> this is from kenmore. again, smaller but it still has features. side burner and it's got a little timer right here so in case you're too long in the cooler and you forgot -- >> why do you look at me that way when you say that?
8:18 am
>> but this right now is on sale for $300. a real bargain. >> kenmore is a good name. >> they're all really good models. >> kevin, thank you so much. >> pleasure. pray for some sun. still ahead, how to cope with negative comments about your parenting skills from other parents. first, this is "today" on nbc. it's the chevy spring event. and everyone deserves a car they can count on. one that's backed by a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. and named a consumers digest best buy, two years in a row. discover malibu for yourself and see why over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. during the spring event, qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on this new malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at chevy dealer dot com.
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8:22 am
group of kids accused of robbing some of hollywood's biggest stars. tonight on "dateline," an alleged member of the group known as the bling ring tells his side of the story. josh mankiewicz has more on this story. >> reporter: ann, good morning. this story is about a group of young people who had every advantage in life -- good homes, good schools, nice cars. but if police here in los angeles are right, what they did was take advantage of the rich and famous. they're a group of middle-class kids who police say spent the last year and a half burglarizing the homes of young hollywood stars, from par hilton and lindsey lohan, to orlando bloom and the star of mtv's "the hills."
8:23 am
it was at her first security cameras first got a glimpse of the suspects. they're clearly in no hurry, stopping to chat, making multiple trips into the home. police say they soon learned the kids on the video were 18 year-olds nick prugo and rachel lee. prugo not only confessed, but ratted out all the other players as well. >> they look very similar to the people whom they victimized, younger, well dressed, well groomed, normal, fashionable people. >> reporter: according to court documents, this was "oceans eleven" meets seven/11. part caper, part quick-stop shopping. >> she liked clothes. that's pretty much how the sites were chosen. >> reporter: cops say members of the bling ring cased their targets with high-resolution
8:24 am
maps off the internet. and they followed their celebrity victims' every move in order to know when they'd be away from home. >> utilizing the internet, utilizing surveillance, utilizing all kinds of things that are pretty advanced as far as tactics to accomplish this mission which was to get the stuff. >> reporter: paris hilton's home was broken into multiple times. cameras on the property show a man entering her front door. >> they're pointing the finger at me saying this and that, taking advantage? yes. lied about? yes. >> reporter: police say the guy on row is roy lopez, charged with burglarizing hilton's home and has never spoken publicly until now. >> there is a security video police say is you breaking into paris hilton's house. is that you? >> no, that is not me. >> reporter: for all the defendants, a court may end up deciding whether what might have started as a fascination with
8:25 am
celebrities, could end up costing them years in prison. roy lopez stands out from this group because he is not from a privileged background. tonight on "dateline" he'll talk about how he feels he's been taken advantage of because of that. all but one of the defendants have pleaded not guilty. >> thanks so much, josh mankiewicz. you can catch "dateline's" "the bling ring" tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central here an nbc. what's amazing, you wonder what would cause people to do that. >> he said it starts with obsession over the celebrities themselves, then evolves into something a lot more. >> seems like a waste of time. coming up, how cars get their unusual names. >> like what? the mustang? did you ever name your car? is. >> yes. >> what was yours? >> i called my ca
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:30 on this friday morning, the 9th day of april, 2010. a chilly start to the day here in this part of midtown manhattan but we have a great group of people here on the plaza getting up close and personal with our cameraman this morning, as are we. just ahead, we'll talk about
8:31 am
how our cars have gotten their names. >> names like the prius, just ahead, we'll talk about how they got those names. and also the dark side of parenting. a lot of moms and dads are now posting intimate details about how they raise their children online and a lot of people identify with those things they're writing. but how do you handle it when other patient bloggers get suddenly super critical of your posts? we'll get into that, whether there is something about talking about parenting that makes you more vulnerable to that. >> it can get very nasty, that's for sure. also we'll head into "today's" kitchen later on with todd english. he'll show you how to make delicious artichokes. i love them. >> he'll make a soup, i understand. >> wonderful! first, let's head out to l.a. where al's standing by
8:32 am
8:33 am
>> don't forget over the weekend, you want to check your weather, go to the weather channel on cable or online. just ahead, when parents turn on other parents online. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car, what are you really buying? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds...
8:34 am
in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-benz. the c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial. ♪
8:35 am
>> announcer: "today's moms" is brought to you by walmart. save money. live better. walmart. this morning on "today's moms," an inside look at parent blockers. the online community of moms is diverse and ever growing with be but every once in a while a tweet or comment can be taken out of context. >> blogging certainly big business. 23 million women read, write or comment on them every week.
8:36 am
with that amount of traffic, there is bound to be some negativity. the online world of so-called mom blogs, a place for women to seek comfort and community is also a place of criticism and cattiness. >> stop taking care of your husband's issues and get a real job. >> you still breastfeed your 18-month-old? that's weird. >> those who don't vaccinate deserve to have their children taken away. >> have sex with him. how hard is it? >> reporter: jen is a mom, author and blogger. seven years ago she created m a >> they trashed anything that they could find about me. it felt like being high school all over again. >> reporter: she quickly learned that online negative comments come with the territory. >> the higher up a food chain in mom blogging you go, the thicker skin you need. so over the last seven years of blogging, i've learned to
8:37 am
anticipate when someone's going to make a comment and i've learned to let a lot of it go. >> reporter: jen tried to post a daily blog and her site received 70,000 hate views a month. >> the important thing when you're blogging is to not write in fear. if you think every sentence is going to create backlash then you're not going to write from your heart. >> reporter: and heart to this mom is what matters most. >> the best thing about mommy blogging is the fact that you can help other moms who are going through the same thing you have. we're all in this together. >> while it does allow constructive criticism and comments that disagree with her views, she does not tolerate rude comments or nastiness. >> isabelle is the founder of and susan is an independent marketing consultant and co-founder of blog with integrity. good morning to both of you. just seeing that, we are in a time though, not just for mom bloggers but really just
8:38 am
throughout the internet. there is a lot of, i would say, some of you might say honesty? some people might say out-and-out meanness in view of some of the comments. what do you think, isabel? >> i think disagreement exists everywhere on the internet but the name calling, the finger pointing, yeah, that exists on parenting blogs. but in fact, i think it actually exists more on things like political blogs, sports blogs, entertainment blogs. i think you'd be really hard-pressed to find the type of compassion, the type of caring that you get from readers of parenting blogs. i think the parenting community is actually defined by a tremendous amount of support. you're there together through the sleepless nights of new motherhood, through the messiness of toilet training, through the tragedies like losses of children, and through the triumphs of seeing each other publish best-selling books. now that's really what defines i think parenting on blogs. >> susan, there is,
8:39 am
nevertheless, an addition in our culture, this kind of -- the june cleaver expectation we still have of parents and this kind of -- we have a very short definition of what makes a good parent. it's easy to criticize outside that box. does that play into this? >> we don't want to put mom or parents on a pedestal but we don't want to tear down either. a little disagreement is healthy and we do that as humans, we disagree with each other. one of the key components of blog with integrity is pledge to attack the idea, not the person. you want to disagree with someone, disagree on what their idea is, not who they are. >> that's really difficult when there is such disagreement among many women about whether one should stay at home or whether one should work. >> i think it does touch upon emotions, but you hear over and over the refrain that "i blog because i know that i'm not alone now, and now others know
8:40 am
that they're not alone as well." that really i think is what resonates. that truthfulness that really resonates. you may hear that some disagreement and -- sonl disagreement from others. and sometimes the finger pointing but it really comes from the fact that i think some people don't know how to use their words properly and they attack the person rather than attacking the idea. >> what would be your advice? you talk about blogging with integrity. this is obviously something that's very -- well, needed. i wonder what would be your best advice on how to do that and how to also own and live with what you say, not be derailed because you're worried about being criticized. >> you have to be responsible for your own words. we are passionate about this stuff. we care. that's why we're blogging, so we care about what we're saying. be responsible for your words and blog with integrity. we talk about owning your words. even if you eoccasionally have to eat them. be willing to go back if you do make a mistake.
8:41 am
just realizing we're all people, we're all human and respond to each other in that way. yes, it will take time. but if we think about it, really try to do it that way, we're going to get there. >> there are always going to be those that do the argument, they'll not speak to the point but say something mean about you. at a point we have to let it go like water on a duck's back. really. >> it is also a drop in the bucket when you compare it to the overall support that's out there. >> the best thing do when you get to a troll, is ignore them. if they don't get the attention, they'll go away. >> troll. we now have a word for those people. thank you so much, susan and isabel. up next, how your favorite cars are named. we'll find out. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:43. have you ever wondered how the automakers come up with names for cars? "today" national correspondent jenna wolfe found out. >> hey, good morning. you know how expectant parents ago nice over naming their babies? well, imagine if you're an automaker and your two-ton baby is being shipped out all over the world. the name game is about as complicated as it gets. have you ever wondered what's in a car name? >> the horizon. >> firebird. >> volkswagen passat. >> do you know what a passat means? >> no idea. >> in the late 1800s when cars were invented and people started selling cars, there's been more than 10,000 names for our industry. >> reporter: automakers love a good theme. >> a name that sounds expensive or sounds reliable or something
8:45 am
sounds, obviously. >> reporter: you've got the winds like volkswagen passat, trade wind. or jetta, jet stream. or cars named after cities, sfa, monte carlo. animals are good also. the mercury cougar and the ford mustang. >> the process of coming up with a name sometimes involves hundreds of people. >> reporter: a ford marketing executive -- >> one of the people that would surprise people about names is how long it takes to just get a name completed. in most cases as it multi-year event. >> reporter: the name game combines psychology and semantics. certain words emote strength. charger. titan. or words that sound sleek and sexy like carrera or tsome carmakers, particularly foreign ones, follow another route.
8:46 am
>> luxury car companies use numbers. rather than names. >> reporter: this emphasizes the overall brand, often a meaning like a certain luxury level like the bmw 3, 5 and 7 series. or 430 can indicate a 4.3 liter engine. audi's 4, 6 or 8 indicates bigger cars. >> this sounds like something your math teacher would say to you. >> reporter: which leads us to some names that just simply ran out of gas. >> the quintessential example is the chevy nova. nova in spanish means no-go. >> reporter: on's worst name lead, the bub roo brat, . e >> vigor. >> the hummer. i mean is that a good name or a bad name. >> bad, bad name. >> the ford probe.
8:47 am
>> not something i would have chosen. >> reporter: evidently finding the right name for a car is no easy task. what are some successful car names that have worked over the years. >> mustang. corvette. another name that resonates with everyone. you know what that car is sand sounds like power. golf. cars that have sold millions and millions of cars all over the world. >> reporter: reliable car and reliable name. >> absolutely. >> reporter: that's the perfect combination. they also have to make sure the car works in certain languages because a certain word may have an inappropriate -- hummer -- or derogatory meaning in another country. >> i didn't know hummer had a bad meaning -- >> i didn't really understand it when i was in the piece but it was explained to me afterwards. there are words that car companies make up like voex wag-a contest for people to write in and they come up with a name which is the combination of an iguana and tiger. there is really no rhyme or reason but a whole psychological
8:48 am
background. >> what's your favorite? >> the trss5921 with a fraction at the end. that just rolls off the tongue. >> very interesting piece. >> thank you. up next -- >> awkward! >> -- a real choke artist. amazing >> announcer: "today's
8:49 am
8:50 am
is brought to you by new crystal light pure fitness. a pure way to water your body. this morning on "today's kitchen," back to basics with spring time favorites -- artichokes. cookbook author jeff potting is here with two unusual ways to prepare artichokes. i love them. >> what's better in spring time than artichokes. i love, love these preparations. really fun. we have the two -- these artichokes -- it is artichoke season, spring time. the large artichoke which you can buy, we'll do preparation -- any difference besides size? >> just the size, ease of preparation. >> size matters. >> moving on to soups. you're going to make an artichoke soup.
8:51 am
>> basically what we're doing, be this is inspired by a wonderful dish, tuscan dish, papa paomodoro. this is beautiful pancetta. a kind of ham. it is made from the pork belly, like bacon but it is not smoked. so it's salted and cured. that sauteing with onions. garlic. olive oil and the artichoke bottoms. you steam and cut up the bottoms like this. put bread in. this is a classic old tuscan way of making soup. you thicken the soup with bread. we do that. i put some basil in there. we put chicken stock or you can use water if you don't want that. you don't need pancetta if you want to make it completely vegetarian. >> kind of this breaks down,
8:52 am
cook it for about 20 or 30 minutes. this is what happens. it's so simple and so delicious. there's a whole meal. of course, as a chef what you have to always do, jazz it up a little bit. you can eat it just like this with olive oil and parmesan cheese. but i've roasted cherry tomatoes, i'm putting them with crab meat. any type of crab meat you like. again you don't have to do this but of course it is just -- >> this goes in the soup? is. >> yes. >> you always make it really tasty. >> what i love is, my style of cooking is really about common ingredients in uncommon ways. it gives it that chef taste -- >> like a chef at home. >> i've got torn mint in there. >> look at that!
8:53 am
>> crab, tomatoes. i'm going to show you a preparation of some spaghetti with artichokes as well which is really -- >> ow! >> now are you going to make artichokes with pasta? >> yes. this is just hot water. we have cheese shaved in here, lots of black pepper. stir that around. this is very itch like a car carbonera.
8:54 am
a lot of olive oil. there's a lot less fat in hard cheese like this. this is spaghetti. nice, fresh spaghetti. put this right in here. now this -- just toss this around like that. beautiful spaghetti like this. i want to show you this real quickly here. we actually have cheese artichokes. we make salads out of these. italians actually make a raw artichoke salad. >> this is not a cooked artichoke. >> just likely cooked. >> what you are shaving is likely cooked. >> what's it mean? lightly cooked? >> three or four minutes. in a san with salt and pepper. olive oil. >> i'm in love again with you! >> why serve this at the restaurant. >> little more cheese over the sauce. beautiful.
8:55 am
what i have here is toasted almond which actually -- >> who would have thunk that? >> we put that over the top. >> well done.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on this tgif friday morning, the 9th day of april, 2010. here in rockefeller plaza, the heart of manhattan. we're kicking off the weekend this morning. despite the rain this morning. msnbc's tamron hall is joining us again. al's in los angeles. natalie morales. in a moment we'll talk about another delay in the search for four miners. as you know, missing since that massive underground explosion in west virginia on monday. explosive gas and smoke has now stopped the rescuers, forced rescuers to stop their search
9:01 am
again and this is as families have been holding out hope. we'll have a live report on the story that is so heartbreaking coming up in a moment. >> truly. also ahead -- he's back. tiger woods returned to golf on thursday for the first time since that thanksgiving night accident that led to revelations that he'd been cheating on his wife and the golf superstar did not miss a beat. it was his best opening round at the masters ever. we'll have much more on his return in a moment. apparently the fans loved him. huge amount of people following him in the gallery. there were a couple of incidents that we'll talk about, banners that were -- fly-by banners in the sky. but he did great. >> see if he holds on. also if you think your home is your castle, you've come to the right place. coming up, we have some houses to show you on market right now that are fit for royalty. barbara corcoran has found some real beauties from oregon to georgia. >> can we afford it? >> some of them are affordable. they go down in price. we'll go through the list. you've flooded us with entries for the top dog, ann's
9:02 am
favorite competition, sem semi-finalists. we'll reveal the finalists in a little while. but first we've got a check of the morning's top stories. natalie? >> in the news this morning, in west virginia another setback for rescuers trying to find those four missing miners. ron mott is in nadma, west virginia. ron, what's the latest on the situation there? >> reporter: certainly a disappointing start to the day. this is the third time they've had to retreat these rescuers but they did manage to accomplish something very crucial today. they were able to check one of the remaining two rescue chambers that they'd be trying to get to. they found that this one was not deployed. earlier today meredith asked governor joe manchin exactly what that means. >> that means it had not -- no one physically had opened it. if you were going to inflate a life vest? you would pull a cord. it had not been deployed. so nobody physically had been there in order to deploy it, nor
9:03 am
to get into it. so we have one left. that's up in the 22 main gate. the only way we can look at that now, we want to physically check that one. they're feverishly drilling a hole over the top of it. we hope everything goes right with the drill. if they're on top, they drop the camera down and by some time early this afternoon, meredith, we'll be able to have a visual. if that has not been deployed, then it changes everything then. people pretty much understand we're in a recovery mode then. >> reporter: all of this drama taking place with concern rising out of washington. president obama expects a report next week from mine officials about exactly what happened here over the years, especially with these safety violations. the first round of funerals are set to begin today. four funerals. by the weekend the first seven people who have been recovered out of this mine will be laid to rest. back up to you. >> such a difficult situation there in west virginia.
9:04 am
thanks so much, ron mott. in brazil, heavy equipment is being used to search for as many as 200 people buried by a mudslide wednesday night. a week of record rainfall had already claimed more than 150 lives. the military says four people are dead in the crash of a u.s. air force tilt rotor aircraft in southeastern afghanistan. that crash is now under investigation. president obama is on his way home from prague this morning after a one-day visit that included the signing of a nuclear arms reduction treaty with russia. next week the president will host officials from 50 nations for a nuclear summit. one foreign leader will not be at that nuclear summit though, that's israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. instead he is sending a deputy, the israeli government is concerned some countries would try to turn this summit into an anti-israel event. a walk in space this morning for two astronauts outside the international space station. they disconnected a 1,700-pound empty ammonium tank and prepared a new one to go in its place. they also got some amazing looks
9:05 am
at earth saying, "you don't get a view like this every day." i wish we had a view like that every day! >> i would so go into space just to see that. wouldn't that be something. >> maybe there is a chance. but now, i think we want to get a check of the weather from al roker who, hey, al, you know what? earlier when anthony over here in the studio called us the charlie's angels"? that makes you charlie if we're angels. hi, charlie! >> good morning, angels. actually,
9:06 am
>> and that's your latest weather. natalie? al, thank you. since al's not here, i get to steal barbara corcoran, gorgeous
9:07 am
homes starting at $350,000. whether you are looking for a spanish villa or want a make a splash in your own backyard tool, "today" real estate expert barbara corcoran has found some good ones today. very beautiful ones. not as cheap as if you have seen in the past. >> a little higher priced today. >> pacific northwest. i love the pacific northwest. you found a great place happy valley, oregon. a home there priced -- it's actually reduced in price, about $668,000. tell me what you get for that money. >> you get an awful lot here in happy valley. to start off with, you get the name happy valley. how could you have a bad day in a place like that? this is very close to portland. it is close to mt. hood ski and wilderness areas. it is all about views, this particular home. that is a view of that very happy valley. it is from every single window in the house. when you get into the living room you'll see you have soaring windows overlooking the city. that's beautiful sitting there?
9:08 am
can you imagine? huge window, double-height windows. the kitchen is equally beautiful. the lovely, spacious living room. you can't quite see it from there but again you have sues out every single window in total privacy. there's that kitchen. totally modern. thanking new. there is nothing you could want in a kitchen that that one doesn't have to offer. the master bedroom overlooks, again, that same big valley. there is a magnificent stairs, curved staircase going up to the second landing there. that's almost like a piece of art there. a separate bar. there's also a balcony. master bedroom has its own bath and there is a dessert in this house. on the back end, there are two levels of huge decks for great entertaining. that was a working fireplace. >> amazing. it is worth that price tag, and then some. let's move on to oklahoma city. look at a house that's priced just under $530,000. this also has a beautiful backyard. >> what's different about oklahoma city is it was built on the livestock business and it still is one of the biggest livestock markets in the world.
9:09 am
it used to be a major film exchange back in the days of the silent films, but that is the backyard right there. nobody's peeking in. you have a beautifully shaped pool and that adjacent terrace with your own barbecue. inside there is a warm interior with warm wood floors, exposed beams throughout the house, lots of expensive woods used. living room has vaulted ceilings, big windows, a brick fireplace. the kitchen when you get to that in just a moment, very, very ornate, breakfast bar. each of the bedrooms are huge, each with wood paneling, wood trims if you're into that kind of thing. >> it is the tudor style. is that popular? >> people either love a tudor home or hate a tudor home. the advantage is they have tall, tall ceilings. high-peaked roofs. the disadvantage is very often they aren't very bright but this home is that exception. >> next, savannah, georgia,
9:10 am
southern belle of a city. this one comes in at just under $500,000. >> that is one of the oldest cities in america. it is a picture-perfect city. why i like this house, it is very different the way you'd picture a southern home. the only thing it has in common with your stereotype home is it is partially white on the outside. everything about this home is very, very modern. it is actually a mid-century home and it was way ahead of its time. it shows -- it wears the test of time very well. there is original parquet flooring throughout the home, a gracious entry foyer combined with a living/dining room. family room also has a fireplace. the kitchen is totally modern. what it has against which we can't quite see is an adjacent breakfast area. that also opens on to a back deck. there is also a spare room in this house that's being used as an art studio because they can't think of what else to do with it. there are enough rooms. it is 20 by 20 feet big. sliding doors open on to the shady garden in the backyard. >> savannah is great for
9:11 am
tourism. >> people love savannah. >> next, freemont, nebraska listed for $440,000. as you can see we're working our way down in the price tag. >> but you won't think of this house as a cheap house. it is much bigger than the inside than it appears on the outside. 20 minutes from omaha. it has lakes, recreation parks that draw almost 1 million people a year. there is your backyard. i say that's a party backyard. beautifully mature trees. beautiful vista views, huge deck with plenty of southeasting. you really have a fun time just on the outside. there's the inside, plenty of tall ceilings, lots of natural light. when you walk out on that lower deck that we saw just a minute ago, it also has what you couldn't see, rec room, wet bar, cozy scene for a party house. >> moving in! meanwhile we saw the pole in the backyard. is that a plus or minus when it comes to selling and buying? >> in nebraska they have she solid months of sunshine each year so that's a good idea. but putting in a pool or not putting in a pool has everything to do with the weather.
9:12 am
it pays if it has great weather and it is a bad idea if you don't. >> barbara corcoran, thanks for bringing those great homes to us. still this morning, getting that glow from the inside out. which foods are best for your skin? also up next, tiger roars. the golf star plays his first competitive round again since the sex scandal. we'll have reaction from the masters right after this. [ female announcer ] moms always want to give 100%. and they can without even trying. caprisun 100% juice is a full serving of fruit and no added sugar. so your kids get 100% goodness in the pouch they love. caprisun 100% juice. i can respect that.
9:13 am
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i'm george duran and this is the hunt's crash kitchen tour. these tomatoes are not my favorite. this, my friends, is what i am bringing to the table. hunt's flashsteams every tomato to keep that backyard garden fresh taste. isn't it time to take a fresh look at your tomatoes? tiger woods returned to professional golf at the masters, the first competitive
9:15 am
round he's played since his life was turned upside down more than four months ago. for many fans, it felt as though he'd never been away. nbc's peter alexander is in augusta with more. >> reporter: tamron, good morning. tiger woods came back with a roar playing so well that he actually made personal history, his best first round ever here in 16 appearances at the masters shooting 4 under par just two strokes behind the leader, fred couples. he was met by warm applause. there was no mechanheckling min little aerial mocking at one point with a banner that read, "sex addict? yeah, right. sure, me, too." there was also new controversy about what was an already-controversial ad that came out from nike late wednesday. the ad which appears to evoke an imagined lecture from tiger woods' father, earl, to his son was actually selectively spliced from an interview that took
9:16 am
place in 2004 where earl woods was not actually talking about tiger or to him, he was talking about tiger's mom. finally, it is obvious why the fans are here, they're here to see tiger woods. he's back on the course again today. yesterday as we followed him there was one point where he was on side-by-side fairways with another past masters champion. vijay singh. tiger surrounded by thousands of fans. there were just 37 following singh. tamron? >> peter alexander, thank you. kate coyne is senior editor at "people" magazine. good morning. you hear peter talk about the number of people following vijay singh, 30 and the many more following tiger woods. what's that tell sfus. >> it is not surprising. it is perhaps the most hotly anticipated golf tournament of all time. i can't think of any time people have been more excited to tune in to golf. that's all because of tiger. it is all because it was his first tournament back. >> we were saying tiger roared back and that he had a great game. i was reading blogs, people are
9:17 am
praising this comeback. who's more surprised? the fans or you think tiger woods? >> i don't think tiger's very surprised. i think a lot of what we're seeing from yesterday's performance is what he's been talking about throughout his quest to come back, which is a search for control. he needs to get control back over his personal life, over his impulses and over his game. and yesterday he was completely looking like a man in control. >> you mention control. we talk a lot about how they control the atmosphere at the tournament. it is a prestigious tournament but they can't control the air. we saw those banners. one of them said something to the effect of, "tiger, did you mean booty-ism." a reference to his buddhism. tiger says he didn't see that. >> everyone else saw it. that's probably the smartest answer tiger could possibly give that he didn't see it. if you didn't see it, you don't have to comment on it.
9:18 am
i think if he'd even have spent five minutes staring at the sky, his response should have been "i didn't see it." >> people are talking about the nike ad and the founder of nike was walking arm in arm with tiger's mother along the course. what's the buzz? i've heard creepy. i've heard brilliant. >> i'm going with odd on the ad. it is an odd ad. but i think any first ad featuring tiger was likely to be a little bit bizarre. if it had been a traditional ad where he was pumping his fist and scoring birdies and having a really great time on the george course, that would have seemed really odd. >> elin, do we know if she an the kids are in seclusion or off in sweden? >> there's been reports she was going to sweden. i think the most notable thing was that no one saw her yesterday. the fact that she wasn't there, that was expected.
9:19 am
but at the very least, there were no images of her out getting her nails done or going shopping or openly not watching him. the illusion is still there that perhaps she was at home watching on tv like the many other millions of people. >> very interesting. kate coyne, thank you very much, senior editor at "people" magazine. still ahead, "ambush makeovers." wait until you see the magic our experts work on these women. but up next, the first finalists in our top dog competition after this. then you may not be seeing the whole picture. ask your doctor about trilipix. if you're at high risk of heart disease and taking a statin to lower bad cholesterol, along with diet, adding trilipix can lower fatty triglycerides and raise good cholesterol to help improve all three cholesterol numbers. trilipix has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or stroke more than a statin alone. trilipix is not for everyone, including people with liver, gallbladder, or severe kidney disease, or nursing women.
9:20 am
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>> announcer: "today's top dog" is brought to i by zyrtec. today we introduced you to our first round of semi-finalists. black lab jami from pennsylvania. they call her mom's little helper ghelp er. >> next, 5-year-old chip, a jack russell from orlando. he can fetch a tissue. our third semi-finalist, bandit from wisconsin. he has become a soccer superstar and a great practice partner. >> drum roll, please? you ready to find out? here it is, the first finalist for "today's top dog" is -- jami. >> man's best friend.
9:24 am
never were truer words spoken, especially when referring to our beautiful black lab jami. she is the epitome of what every dog should be -- helpful, kind, curious, and intelligent. she recognizes and responds to over 70 english words, such as diaper, keys and bib. she isn't just a pet, she's something of a big sister to her new baby brother. and she definitely does her share of the dirty work. >> that's great! i want one of those dogs. diaper-fetching dogs. next week we'll have a new round of semi-finalists vying so fill the spot next to jami. still time to enter. the deadline is april 23rd. still ahead on "today," you are what you eat. we know that. we'll tell you which foods are best for healthy skin. and the one piece of clothing every woman needs in her closet. >> that's right. a white shirt. it has to be the right fitting
9:25 am
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you know, dr. king dreamed the dream, but we don't have to just dream the dream anymore. we get to vote that dream into reality. >> of course, you know who she is -- queen of daytime talk, the woman that helped get barack obama elected president and can turn unknown authors into household names. talking about oprah winfrey. but there is one book she may not like too much, an unauthorized biography by kitty kelly. we'll talk with the best-selling author about her new oprah book and its explosive allegations monday on "today." stay tuned for that one. still to come in just a moment with the weather warming up, it is time to show a little skin. you always want of course to
9:31 am
look its best but we'll show you how to eat your way to healthier, glowing skin. yes, you are what you eat. and it is a must-have for every woman's closet -- a plain white shirt. like natalie's. it would make certain lay big difference but you have to have the right fit to flatter your figure. we'll help you find the best fit for your body. that's off-white, jenna. >> people at home are going to look -- hers is really off-white. >> whoa! >> it has to be crisp white. >> you know who these are are, amy robach and jenna wolfe to tell us what's coming up this weekend. >> we'll show you the life of a horder. a man whose inability to part with his belongings is so out of control, he's on the verge of a crisis. plus, if you head to the salad bar for lunch and you think those fast-food salads are a better option than cheeseburgers, maybe not so much. we'll show you eat this salad
9:32 am
and not that one so all salads are not created equally. apparently. >> holding d the dressing. her name is ruby. she because just 3 years old when she was hit by a car. we'll find out how she's doing and meet her and her owner tomorrow on "today." let's head back to los angeles for one last check of the weather from mr. roker. al? >> all right, thanks, guys. as we check out what's going on for your weekend, things looking pretty good throughout much of the country. in fact, you'll see for tomorrow, really up and dow
9:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. tamron? >> al, thank you very much. up next, food for thought. we're going to tell you what to eat to get younger looking skin. first though, these messages.
9:34 am
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we have power foods that will keep your skin glowing. is it really true you are what you eat and it comes from within? >> foods that are in your kitchen are just as important to keeping your skin young, glowing, smooth as the creams in your bathroom. >> beauty starts in the kitchen. let's get started with some power foods. starting with leafy greens. how are these good for you? >> romaine lettuce in particular, six leaves provides 100% of the daily value of vitamin a. this revitalized our skin by increasing cell turnover. not just your face benefits, potassium helps boost circulation. >> go for the leafy green salads like with the romaine salads. >> yes. tomatoes that are on that salad when i want people to remember, eating red helps keep skin from turning red. one study found that people who eat the most tomatoes and
9:38 am
tomorrow products are 25% more protected against sunburn. great natural protection. >> that's wonderful. who knew? straw berries, love straw berries. they can actually help your skin keep from sagging? is that true? >> it is true. >> i'm going to start eating them right now. >> straw berries, one cup has up to 130% of the daily value for vitamin c. this is a powerful antioxidant that boosts collagen. collagen is what keeps skin firm and smooth and prevents the sagging. >> helps cell turnover and all of that. what about the apples here? >> apples may help protect you against skin cancer. the peel has an antioxidant that studies show helps provide a hefty dose of protection against uvb rays that burn our skin and trigger skin cancer. i have to say just a week helps protect women against heart disease. >> even better. let's move over to proteins. you like soy and eggs. one keeps the skin firm, the
9:39 am
other protects from uv damage. >> the great news about soy protein like edemame, a study recently found women in their early 30s and 40s who ate soy protein in their diet noticed a significant improvement in skin firmness and fine lines. >> and the eggs? >> the eggs, the antioxidants in eggs quadruple protection against the uv rays that cause fine lines, brown spots and cancer. multiple protection. also women who eat eggs their skin is better hydrated so you're getting moisture back. >> speaking of hydration, nuts, too, have a lot to do with that, too. right? >> loaded with good fats. almonds deliver a surge of moisture and they also a handful a day boosts vitamin e. vitamin e is one of the most important antioxidants for keeping skin healthy. walnuts have omega-3 fatty acids
9:40 am
that keep skin moist. >> hot chocolate. >> doesn't this look fantastic. >> but it is dark hot chocolate. what's the difference? >> women who drink hot change lat made with dark chocolate positively glowed after one study immediately for two hours. when they followed the habit for two weeks, their skin got softer and firmer. >> a license to eat. courtney smith, thank you so much. our beauty editor bobbi brown will be here next tuesday answering your most pressing makeup questions. if you have one, go to and ask away. she'll be here on tuesday. next, the dramatic real-life story behind the famed hbo series, the pacific. [ bottle one ] mr. clean magic eraser extra power.
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nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ made with real fruit and now with more... of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. the hbo miniseries "the pacific" tells the true story of a group of marines fighting the
9:44 am
japanese in world war ii. one of those marines has written about his war experience in the new book, "islands of the dammed, a marine at war in the pacific." good morning, gentlemen. thanks for joining me. this is the luckiest friday, i have to be honest. r.v., martin plays you. i can see why they cast him. what did you think? >> i thought they needed to stretch him out a little bit. >> in other wor thought he was d too handsome to play. >> you've done a great job. you're visiting from ireland. you came all the way here to be side by side with r.v. for this interview. >> from dublin. yeah. just a brief encounter. >> r.v. is a texas legend here.
9:45 am
how did you get the texas legend down and how did you learn so much about r.v. and his story? >> well, hbo were kind enough to send me earlier footage of r.v. i was very lucky r679 r.v. was enough to speak to me beforehand. i wanted to get his essence. >> i imagine part of the story, anyone who wants to know about r.v. and these wonderful marines is reading the book. r.v., i was struck by you were inspired to write your story which reads like a diary. what did you want young people out there to know and why did you write the book? >> i wrote the book for the simple reason that i wanted to let people know that there was a battle that had never been heard of by very many people. and we had 6,500 casualties there in 30 days in the 81st wildcat division army relieved us. they had 250 kis and about 1,200
9:46 am
wounded after we left. >> but it wasn't easy as just putting pen to the paper. part of the book you write, "for 35 years i pushed the war out of my mind. i never talked about it to anyone, period." >> that's true. i absolutely did not talk about it to my parents, or my wife, my children, or anyone at work. there was three guys, combat marines, where i worked and we never talked about it. we might tell something funny but we never talked about the gore of the deal. >> when you saw your words, your story, being played out by martin, what did you think? >> i think he did an excellent job. i was real proud that he got the part because he's done such a good job portraying me in that, in the series. >> martin, you've got an american hero. i know you don't like to call yourself a hero but we'll do that for you. what an honor that must have been for you. >> as you say, being from
9:47 am
dublin, it's been a surreal experience from start to finish. the whole project getting to know the guys that i worked with and playing r.v. and trying to do him justice. not only that, getting to know the story of world war ii and the pacific, the american war in pacific was just intriguing from start to finish. and to get to play r.v. in that story is -- i'm honored, flattered. >> i grew up with a dad in the army. master sergeant. what's so special about you marines? >> we bond i think better than any other branch of the service. >> you said "we are the ones that get it done." >> get it done. we get it done. cut the red tape. let's get it done. >> well you've gotten it done. we are so thankful for people like you. thank you for sharing your story so so many others have been able to read it. it's just been my pleasure to meet you. martin, best you luck. we'll be watching for your big
9:48 am
career. the book is called "island of the dammed." catch "the pacific" sunday night at 9:00, 8:00 central on hbo. a fantastic series. up next, a classic for every body type -- the perfect white my daughter--obsessed with fashion. she never met a label she didn't love. then, my best friend took me to t.j.maxx. i thought it was knock offs, but i came home with all the brands we both love.
9:49 am
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9:50 am
this morning on "today's style," a classic white shirt is the one piece of clothing every woman needs in her closet, but not every style flatters every figure. jackie stafford, executive style director at "shape" magazine is here to give us the best fit for our body type. we got to have a new white shirt every year. >> now i feel bad, i should be wearing my white shirt. >> i wore mine just for you so thanks for playing along with your own segment. let's get started with different kinds of shirts that you found. but it is all about the fit and flatter your body type.
9:51 am
if you want to minimize a large bust, what type of shirts do you not want to buy? >> you wouldn't want to buy anything with a lot of embellishment, ruffles, pockets on the front. you want to look for plainer, simpler things. >> let's show sandra. this white shirt works really well for her. who knew she had a large bust? >> i know. >> nice to have good friends like you. >> this is a classic shirt if you are busty. it doesn't have any extra embellishment, no pockets or ruffles. we have a covered placket. what that means is that you can't see the buttons. if there weren't any pulling across the bust, you wouldn't see that. >> also i love your eye probably goes a lot to the collar and detail in the collar. even the shoulders are beautiful. you look great, sandra.
9:52 am
thank you. now let's say that your problem area is more the bottom half. what styles should you look for and what should you stay away from here? >> if you want to camouflage a heavier bottom half, draw the eye upward. you want to give the illusion of creating a tiny little waist here. again we have a short capped sleeve which gives the exaggerated shoulder which draws the eye up which creates a much more hourglass silhouette. this is a perfect type of shirt if you are more bottom heavy. >> $44. great price to go along with it. ellen, looks great. thank you so much. the right shirt often can define a perfect waistline. to do so, avoid our boxy shape? >> yep. avoid boxy shapes if you want to create more of a waist here. this shirt is from kohl's. you have the horizontal line
9:53 am
giving you an illusion of a more curved silhouette. it gives you the illusion of creating a leaner torso. >> it is about creating a optical illusion. the v-next collar there, too. >> again the exaggerated shoulder. >> donna, looks great on you. if you have a bigger bustline and add volume to your top half? >> if you want to give yourself more the look you have already, we found this at victoria's secret. you're wearing ruffles. ruffles, el bellishment. you want to do the opposite of what you were doing if you are big-busted. again, we have an exaggerated shoulder here, great trend going forward. this creates more of an illusion of a fuller bust. >> this is what's very in right now. >> very trendy. the ruffles, feminine details.
9:54 am
>> thank you so much, carly. okay, then warm weather this week, getting everybody ready for summer fashions. a sleeveless shirt is also the option especially in that 90-degree day we had. >> exactly. perfect shirt but sleeveless option. we found this at white house black market. you can dress this up. we have great jewelry here. what we did here was to go from evening, you can add a sparkling jacket or blazer. this is a very versatile short-sleeve shirt. >> she has great arms. >> great to show off fabulous arms. finally, the weekend. you don't want to look too dressed up but you want a casual fun look. >> the reason why we love this one, by jcpenney, it is a sheer white shirt. you can dress it down, pair with jeans, wear it with black pants. you can wear it over a tank,
9:55 am
thrown a little denim jacket over it. a much more casual option and it is sheer for the weekend. >> gorgeous to layer on. wonderful job, ladies. perfect fit for all of them. thank you. hoda and kathie lee will be here with th
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> you're in trouble. hi, everybody. it is dry day -- it's hard to say that sometimes. >> i want something that was just a little inappropriate and i was feeling badly about it. god got back at me. we love our tammy, but she's needing help to move these days. >> she's getting close to her due date. >> she is. and we're excited. we had a lot of fun last night. >> we're really burning the candle at both ends.
10:01 am
>> you can hear it in my voice. my problem is the after parties. >> you know what i'm saying? >> she's crazy on them. >> they always have bands that play too loud. they were good last night, but they played too loud and they were talking to everybody. we went to the opening of "the adams addams family." >> it had belly laughs. >> nathan and bebe. >> look at frank and john. >> are these all from our bruce? >> yes. >> thank you for sending those. the critics, my gosh -- >> be careful. >> the critics were not kind, but i think that -- >> who cares? >> i think audiences will love it. >> they do love it. >> there were times when i was
10:02 am
splitting my side. >> there are bits that are hysterical. >> when gomez starts talking about the ancestors and their weirdness, i was crying. my friend, cara lee carmelo almost steals the show. she ends the first act, and she's brilliant. good for you, my cara lee. >> take the family. you'll love it. >> i think some of the reviewers had some points that were interesting, but overall, i think it's a very entertaining. i always go by frank. frank is not exactly your typical broadway person. >> he was laughing, right? >> my gosh, he thought it was so much fun, so yeah, it's a good show. >> a lot of guys may not have been at broadway, but they certainly were watching tiger f he had his best round at the masters ever. he said he was nervous, but he's in the zone, knows how to focus and compartmentalize, but
10:03 am
overshe had -- >> there was so rude. >> it meant, tiger, did you mean bootyism? >> did it fly around a lock time? >> yeah, they had another one. >> who are these people that did that? i just think that's really rude and not in the spirit of the masters at all, one of the classiest sports events ever. >> he said no, it doesn't price me. i think it's one of those things when you are golfing, you have to focus, it's all about you and the ball. i can see him doing what he does. i've been vicinity indicated. this story -- >> not necessarily. not so quick, barbie. >> there was a guy in fairfax, in his house, naked. then he got arrested, because they said it was indecent
10:04 am
exposure, but yet he was in his own home. >> continue. >> a woman was walking by with her small child. >> there he is. >> walking by with her small child, saw the man in question -- >> >> this we just found out in -- apparently she gave a salute with the finger, if you know what i mean. with her 7 years old son. that's a lovely role model. >> he was arrested, charged, and then he went and appealed it, and it was overturned. >> i'm happy for both of you. here's the thing, though. the guy says his roommates had gone to work and left him alone. >> for the first time in a while. >> what do you do immediately? you strip down and start packing your stuff and make breakfast? >> some people do that. >> then draw your blinds. do whatever you want. be as weird as you want to be, but c'mon.
10:05 am
>> i do think if you are aware -- have you ever walked around your apartment scantily -- >> i told you i've never been naked in my life. never. never. >> i think in your own home, sometimes, it's your own business, but if you're in front of a big picture window, it's another thing. >> the one thing we agree about is what an ideo -- part me -- this diplomat was. apparently now he trying to take a smoke on -- >> this is the story of this guy. he was going from d.c. to denver. he goes to the bathroom, smoking a cigarette. >> makes a joke about it when the marshals come to him. >> ha, ha, they bring out the f-16s, scramble them. it turns out it was a false ala alarm. it turns out he was on his way to go to visit an imprisoned sleeper agent. they're imprisoned in denver? apparently some are in denver. he went to talk to him. one of the new york lawmakers -- >> i think it was peter king,
10:06 am
representative king. >> was saying what you were saying yesterday, maybe that country should pay restitution for the cost of scrambling the jets and doing all the other business. >> is it qatar or "cutter"? they're saying restitution is only $50,000. i think it dosss $50,000 to start up the engines. >> the parking tickets? >> the country already owes $113,000 in unpaid parking tickets. >> if you look through all the different nations, because they don't have to pay -- they don't -- they're not -- they're excused under the law, there's a weird diplomatic deal. i don't know why. >> i think we need to look at that. >> real quick, okay. you know what? -- >> we have a terrible deficit in new york, by the way. we're practically bankrupt. if only those people would start paying their bills, we might, you know, make a little progress. >> we're introducing something new on our program today --
10:07 am
>> it's against my wishes, but if you think it works out -- >> it's something we'll call bobbie's buzz. >> she brought all three of her puppies here today. >> stop. that's terrible. bobbie gets a single minute to tend us the trendy things. >> we're talking about dogs, your for you-legged friends. fifi is part of the family. >> hello kitty earrings. it's disturbing, bobbie. >> listen, i only have a minute. >> there's the timer. there it is. go. >> so acici coming into our lives, we had a ton of stuff sent my way. i did not know there were boas and earrings for dogs. believe it or not. >> they don't hurt them. >> no, they're magnets.
10:08 am
>> but then they could swallow them. >> definitely supervised. definitely a line by high maintenance -- that's a -- i also found out rain jackets for dogs, but cesar, the food company kicked their own pup off the dog food and put cici's face on the dog food. >> did you know that, sweetheart? >> there's a ton of stuff. the last but not least is a gift for you, hoda, you can have a fish condo. [ buzzer ] >> you did it. >> every friday you come with stuff. >> we love you. thank you, darling. >> thank you. speaking of fun, we have a very exciting new thing to announce about our curtis stone. what's up? >> this contest this time around, curtis will give a deserving mom a cooked dinner at
10:09 am
home. go on to klg, and it ends april 16th. >> i would love to see him go to my mother's house. my gosh. all right. coming up next, why is this special young woman who's under so much pressure to be thin? >> it wasn't because she's the daughter of one of the most famous supermodels. we'll explain. ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's perfect blend of real fruit and the goodness of dairy
10:10 am
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10:12 am
imagine you are the daughter of a supermodel. now imagine you weigh 330 pounds. >> that's how sulaka haywood starts the story in this week's "glamour." hello, how are you? >> hi, so nice to be here. >> thanks for having me. >> your mom is this incredible
10:13 am
supermodel, iman, and you struggled with your weight. >> there was no pressure at home, because at home i'm a daughter to a mother and a father. >> your father was a super athlete as well. >> yes, an olympic athlete. at home it was a completely different situation, i'm just their daughter and at the end of the day they just want me to be healthy. >> 330 pounds. >> at my heaviest i was 330 pounds. >> you tried everything. what were a couple things? >> pretty much the standard fare. slim-fast, atkins, jenny craig. >> did they work for a while? >> all of them worked for a while, but i would always gain the weight back plus interest. >> when you were young, your mother had a sweet way of telling you it was enough, and she would say it in italian, "basta," say, but you chose to
10:14 am
have the gastric bypass. >> well, i chose to have the gastric bypass, and i should preface this by saying i was always happy, at 3 hundred, 320, whatever weight, i was always happy, but at age 26, i was having an inincreasely heart to be to get out of bed. i was developing osteoporosis, and i just wasn't feeling vital anymore. if this is at 26, what's going to happen down the line? i had tried everything. gastric bypass was the last resort. >> the weight came off over time, but what's the main difference you're feeling? >> well, you know, the difference i feel now is, now that the weight is gone and that's no longer an issue for me, i really had to look within and figure out what exactly is it to be happy? and where is my self worth now?
10:15 am
now i'm so much happier, not bay i lost the weight, but because i feel such a sense of contentment with myself. with the weight gone, i really went through a sort of spiritual transformation, and it wasn't just about buying skinny jeans and getting some semijackets. i really started to question what it meant to me. >> the burden earp carrying. >> and what it means to be beautiful and a woman. >> what about reaction from other people? i know every woman si you have such a pretty face, it would be good if you work on that. are you getting a lot of reaction? >> i get a lot of reaction. at my lowest was 160 pounds. a lot of people would be, are you a model? which is a strange thing to ask anybody anyway it is. >> your pediatrician when you were young said to your mom you'll have to be very careful, because she's got obesity, a tendency toward obesity on that side of your family, right?
10:16 am
so your mom was aware. she wasn't trying to be harmful, but protect you? >> she was doing what any mother would do, you know, at the advice of a pediatrician, but at 8 years old, if you want a twinkie, you'll find a way to get it. >> twinkie just turned 80, by the way. >> did it? happy birthday. >> what's your takeaway at home, people who are struggling with this issue. >> my takeaway is that, you know, whatever size you're at, you have to find happiness within, and all the answers will come from that place, whether it's to lose weight. at the end of the day, the numbers on the scale are inconsequence quench al inconsequenceal, it's all about health. >> very nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> nice article. up next, hopping on the highway to a husband. that's right, you heard us right.
10:17 am
>> okay. right after this. ♪ hit the road jack . so how long does it take a fresh vegetable to start losing essential nutrients? not long. in fact, green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week. that's why green giant freezes them within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. ho ho ho green giant ♪ mmm... hot fudge sundae. ♪ ooh! frosted blueberry?!?
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10:20 am
it's time for "today's relationships," and hitting the road for love. >> two women have taken their romantic destiny into their own hands, by getting behind the wheel and in search of mr. right and hoda is not one of them. they are chronicles their experience on you're blogging about it all the way along. >> you're looking for the husband, and you're the friend who sometimes steals the guys along the way. >> no, no, no. >> that happened completely by accident. she's a best friend. >> you were going to do it yourself, after a 20-year crease as a broadcasters. >> 22 years in this business,
10:21 am
and then i decided, you know what? it's so demanding, the time constraints, i'm watching my life pass me by. >> no dates in four years? >> how is that possible? >> i don't know. >> are you weird? >> no, i'm not. all of my guy friends -- okay, i am a little weird. i said, i want sit by and wait any longer. >> are you approaching it like a job? if you want to find someone, you have to -- >> exactly. >> >> i'm also a former reporter, i got laid off in september. we were communicating. over the years our friendship has grown and we've gotten closer. we keep having these outrageous and comical stories of our single lives, and sharing, going, what just happened? that evolved to highway to a husband. >> i'll bet hollywood is listening.
10:22 am
>> i hope it turns out. >> it's thelma and louise without the violence, and without brad pitt. >> he can come along anytime. >> you're in the car, driving to a city -- >> what do you drive? >> a nissan xterra. >> do you go to diners? what are we doing here? >> we have a lot of friends and family across the country, we find interesting things that happen from place to place. we roll into town, and we may go out, go to an event. we may go to a park and run. it's getting there. we're determined. >> so you're at a restaurant, how do you go about meeting people around you? like what are you doing? you do something -- >> she's the instigator. she talks a good game, but sometimes she's really -- so sometimes he's smiling at you, you need to go talk to him.
10:23 am
and the reactions are -- >> what do you say? >> it's crazy. we hand them the card and women say -- >> who are these guys? lots of guys. >> unfortunately these guys are just good friends, they're not potentials, but they look good. and we'll happened women the cards and they say, please take us with us, and the men look at the card and step back, and go, oh, interesting. >> has it worked with anybody? >> it has. i've had three dates with a gentleman in austin, texas. >> with the same guy? >> and he's actually called back. >> whoa. >> she's like a 12-year-old. >> where do you go when she's on a date? >> austin was great, because i used to live there. i have a lot of friends there, so i keep myself busy, but i'm independent and can find things to do. >> i think i could stay in austin a long time. >> how do you do it financially?
10:24 am
>> truthfully we would love any sponsor. i love my xterra. we also can't do without the febreeze. >> any secret. >> we've been with friends and family, able to make pitstops. we haven't gotten to the point where we roll into truck stops. in the time frame, i would love to see the country. so either until i see ought 50 states, i find a husband or the money runs out. >> we love following your journeys. thank you so much. still to come, flushing away your bathroom with budget-conscious ideas. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best. grow up strong. with big g kid cereals.
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we're back on this friday with the results of today's friday ambush makeovers. >> louis licari and jill martin didn't let the rain put damper on their day. >> no, they didn't. how did we do? it was all wet and icky. >> but many women to pick from, and everyone looked like they needed a makeover only because of the weather. >> the rain doesn't help. >> the first lucky lady is lisa hill. she's 50 years old today. shies from winnipeg, manitoba, she's been married for 22 years
10:31 am
and they have two daughters. she's spent her days teaching high school phys ed, she's been wearing gym clothes constantly forever and wants a new look, because her daughter is graduating. let's listen to her story. >> well, i'm happy you stopped screaming for one moment so i could ask you a question to why you want this makeover. >> every friday i watch this, and this has been a dream. i just can't believe it. this is just so exciting. >> i know you said this for your sister. >> she had a really rough year. she buried her mother-in-law on tuesday, her husband had stage 4 colon cancer, she nursed him back to health, and she really deserves this makeover. >> and it's your birthday. are you ready to be a queen? >> i really am. >> what a lovely, lovely lady. >> first of all, we should point out that her sister andrea and her nieces sara and christy are
10:32 am
all here. keep blows blindfolds on. here is the picture again of lisa before. all right, lisa, let's see the new you. >> oh, my gosh. wow! she's rocking it. >> hold on. are you ready to take off your blindfolds? >> okay. you're going to absolutely die. are you ready to see yourself? >> i'm ready. >> are you sure? >> i think so. >> turn around. >> wow. my goodness. >> i think she likes what she sees. >> i look completely different. >> tell us about the hair. >> first of all, happy birthday, lisa. >> thank you. >> lisa has fine hair, and it was cut in a shag that made it-looking even finer, so we receive it soft and sexy around
10:33 am
the face. she had her hair striped, so i decided to pick the red, which fits her personality. >> she has more energy than anybody. >> what do you think? >> i can't believe it. you look awesome. >> jill, that dress is rocking. >> she had about a thousand cups of coffee. but look at the body that was hiding under the sweatparts. and they're going to see a broadway show. >> what are you going to see? >> "billy elliott." >> happy birthday. our second lady. she's from rovena, ohio. she and her husband will be celebrating their fourth anniversary next week. she's been working in floral design for the past 20 years and works in a shipping factory. her daily routine consists of wearing no make and pulling her
10:34 am
hair back. she's with her sister, niece and nephew. here's her story. >> we have another birthday girl. happy birthday. why do you want this makeover? >> i need something new at this stage in my life. i have to look good. >> we're going to make you look fabulous. >> we'll turn you from factory working to fabulous why douse this for your sister? >> absolutely. she's always doing things for everyone else. so absolutely. >> are you ready for three hours of pampering? >> yes, i am. >> here's vickie's family. let's bring out the new vickie crystal adams. >> oh, my gosh. wow. >> step up just a little bit. >> kim, jennifer and joe, take off your blindfolds take a look.
10:35 am
>> without, vickie, you want to turn around? >> oh, my. >> you look beautiful. >> guys, can we have some kleenex, please? >> louis, control yourself. >> first of all, jennifer gave her a great haircut. i liked her hair. when she colored it at home, she made the mistake that many do, colored it from roots to end. only do the regrowth, and in it she had purple eye shadow which made her eyes perfect. >> we need some cleanness for louis and vehicle yi. >> we wanted to give her pieces she can wear at home. this is at macy's. >> kim, what do you think? >> i don't know what to say.
10:36 am
she's just always doing so many other things for other people. she's a single mom and just always worked several jobs. it's just great she now has this opportunity to do something -- >> a big hand for vickie. >> come on out. great laze to both of you. up next, a makeover for your bathroom. >> that's important. >> i don't think that's a proper segue, from the ladies to the bathroom? stop it. you know you want me. i'm so rich and chocolatey. good thing you've got special k® chocolatey delight cereal. with ice-cold milk, it's the so chocolatey... so satisfying lower-calorie snack... that gets you your chocolatey fix... without undoing your day. so long, late-night cravings. come on, baby, don't leave-- hello, special k® chocolatey delight. that, on the list of things kids love, our party pizzas have just passed toy robots.
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10:39 am
♪ these are a few of my favourite things ♪ ♪ when the curls break, when the ends split ♪ ♪ when my hair goes mad ♪ i simply remember my favourite thing ♪ ♪ and then i don't feel so bad ♪ because we all damage our hair, we've invented new... dove damage therapy with fiber actives in every product. dove takes care of the damage. time for "today's home" and a budget bathroom makeover. >> from the countertops to storage, celebrity designer and host of hgtv's "design on a dime," frank has some great ideas. >> how are you? >> i'm fantastic. >> formica, this used to be just plain old white. >> yes. a beautiful base vanity from home depot, but i wasn't
10:40 am
creating the top, so i create da faux finish. this is called countertop doughing, specifically made for laminate. i need your help. we're going to take a bit of the bit of paint and create some veining, one i get the second color on, you're going to pound the brush. it's pretty much that simp. this is called stippling. you can go over it and over again. >> ear going to feather, really gently. >> it's softening the edges, you
10:41 am
look like dusting. >> i don't know what i'm doing. >> you're doing it perfectly. >> you repeat this and it looks like this. this has home shield, an antimicrobial value to it. >> and it lasts a long time? >> years. this is a basic mirror -- >> i think that came from ballard's. i know that mirror. >> it came from my garage. >> this is fluted molding. these are like $1 corner blocks. >> i was wrong. >> i blinged out the mirror by cutting these down to size, using only glue, and put it on just like that. >> it looks like a very expensive one from ballard's. >> under $15 to make.
10:42 am
>> that's terrific. >> some simple storage solution. toilet paper is one of the most bulky, and mine's full with -- >> what do you got in there, frank? >> i can't tell you that on national tv. >> but vases like this work perfectly. if you're not digging it, you can take some wallpaper, line it so it's decorative. >> kind of like a wastepaper basket. >> these are from these are galvanized steel. they come exposed, so it's like upian styles. you can buy the shelves or doors separate. >> it's a very hip look. >> and they're rustproof. they work perfectly. >> frank usually i don't think you bring great stuff, but today -- >> thank. >> these are toilet tattoos.
10:43 am
>> oh, no. i'm just in amazement. >> this goes right on. you can literally put it on the inside our outside. what i love is you can clean them up. again, they're resistance to mildew -- >> i love the one with the dog. >> more importantly. what i though you would love is i got you guys something special. >> now you've done it. i was giving to give her that for christmas. >> this is for you? i don't want that. >> i thought every morning, you can think of each other -- >> that's not my dog. >> we have those pictures. >> that's not cici. who is that? >> i'm doing this at my house, just so you know. >> they do come in a variety of colors. >> you know who we're sending them to? >> jimmy fallon. >> yes! >> that's a great idea. you can get them for about $10.
10:44 am
for the custom they're around $24. >> frank, good you stuff. >> thanks so much. coming up, from the bathroom to the kitchen, these segues are tough. we're going to pair cheese and wine, after this. [ female announcer ] any hair shines in the spotlight. aveeno hair shines in real life. new aveeno nourish plus shine with active naturals wheat smooths damaged cuticles for 75% more shine in one use. real shine, for real life. yours. [ female announcer ] new aveeno nourish plus shine.
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10:48 am
we're back in "today's kitchen" and we're getting saucy with tony, who should have been here on wine day. >> he's the chef and owner of spiaja in chicago, a favorite place of president and his wife michelle obama. good morning, tony. >> don't you both look lovely this morning. >> not as lovely as you. >> this is parmiagano.
10:49 am
it goes we can with the sparkles wine, with the prosecco. we love bubbles. and then the next dish is a crostino. >> wait a second, we have to live here for a moment. >> you can take your wine with you. >> there's a little rose down the road. >> there is. >> this is a springtime crostini in this case, because there's lots of them, and fresh ricotta, asparagus is bests best right now, some black pepper, maybe a bite, bite and a half. this is a rose from southern france, so the wine bar food has wines and little small plates from all over the mediterranean, so we have wines from a lot of
10:50 am
mediterranean countries, easy to find, very affordable, like $8.95, a lot of fruit, but finishes dry. delicious, right? you could drink that all morning. >> i'm taking this one with me. >> should we move on? >> we have 15 minute foss this segment, don't we? >> this is the concept in wine bar food called the mozzarella bar, this is like going to your deli, picking out your favorite cheeses and just sort of assembling it all, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, cured meats, good with the red mine. this is a dolcetto, and chianti would be good ago well. >> here's some baby arule --
10:51 am
arugula. >> are we cooking anything? >> this is a dolcetto, but a chianti would be great as well. this is the most expensive, like $15, so not crazy. i don't want to light you on fire. >> look what's back here. >> this is a white wine from greece. this is the kind of wine you have on your yacht in the mediterranean. >> every weekend. >> you're going to do this. all you have to do is push that button down. we have ouzo, we have shrimp out of the oven. you have to do it quick -- no that quick. ouzo. >> light it. >> go, go. what's happening? >> it's on fire. >> here are the flavors from the med trainia. ouzo, lemon, garlic. >> and shrimp on steroids.
10:52 am
those are huge. >> we let the flame burn down and then douse the flame with lemon. >> you want to do that? >> it hasn't died down. >> that's because you poured too much ouzo in there. >> douse it. >> do you want to try some of it -- it may be a little boozy. >> how about these? >> these are better, they're hot. >> tony, i think we have to run while we're enjoying this, but thank you so much. >> so far you're our favorite guest. >> thank you, tony. >> thank you, honey, so much. we'll be back after your local news. >> and a bite or two. i'm lucy sykes. i'm a fashion stylist. what i do is dress people for magazines and tv.
10:53 am
my job is to hunt down the best fashion and stay on budget. my secret? t.j.maxx. their buyers have their finger on the pulse of what's on trend. they buy directly from designers and you see the savings! i dress fashionistas. but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you!
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10:55 am
we want to thank tony again for such a spread. thank you. >> you're welcome. next week, valerie harper, chloe kardashian and one of the
10:56 am
real housewives of new york. >> here's a look back at the week that was. >> have a great weekend. another beautiful day. the rain is coming, though, hoda woman. like how good she looks. she comes to play. >> i want to be tethered to you and paddled. >> we could work that out. c'mon. >> i'm a dairy queen girl. i don't know, that doesn't ring my bell. >> don't need to pull alcohol in it to enjoy it. >> did we put alcohol in it? >> imagine that, someone did. >> i swear "today" is the only place you watch your colleagues roll in in bathing suits. >> oh, my gosh! >> i'm ready for a change.
10:57 am
>> guys, do we have some kleenex, please? >> is kissing a good indicator of what kind of sexual partner you have? >> yes, yes, and yes. >> the answer is actually no. >> what! >> no, no, no.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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