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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  April 20, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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age of 98. the founding member of the civil rights movement that left a lasting impression in washington and across the nation. we will take a look back at her life and legacy. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. we begin with this hour with that volcano in iceland. it continues to cause big problems for travelers around the world. stranded travelers hoping to get a break from the chaos in the skies over europe are still finding big problems this afternoon. many european flights took to the skies for first time in days. london's airports are still shut down. a massive flight backlog is growing and scientists are afraid there could be yet another volcanic eruption in iceland. that's where we begin with our live coverage this afternoon from nbc's chief science correspondent robert bazell. there's shimprovement. what's the la-- some improvemen.
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what's the latest? apparently we lost his satellite signal and we will try to go back to him later on "news4 at 4:00." again, there were concerns, though, that neighboring volcanoes could pose a threat later this week or in the weeks to come. as of this hour the volcano is not causing major flight delays at bwi or dulles airports. those are the two airports in washington region that handled international flights. the airports are advising you to check with your airlines directly for the latest flit information before you leave. be sure to stay with news4 on air and live for continuing coverage of this big story. julie carey will have more on the local impact coming up tonight on "news4 at 5:00." the leading female voice of the civil rights movement has died at the age of 98. dr. dorothy height influenced so many lives here and across the country. even those that didn't know her
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personally are feeling a tremendous loss. news4's megan mcgrath reports. >> reporter: she was unwavering in her pursuit of equal rights. role model for several generations. at the national council of negro women the organization she headed for more than 50 year, there was sorrow but also celebration of a life well lived. and a legacy of true impact. >> she was the woman. the major woman in the civil rights movement. all of the things that have opened up today in terms of jobs and housing and all of the things that, you know, earlier we didn't have. particularly as -- people of color. she was there to open those pathways. >> reporter: outside of the council headquarters is a if i can tour of dorothy height and the group's founder, mary mccloud mcthune. someone left a flower there this morning. a small tribute to a woman of great action and compassion.
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>> she believed could you accomplish more work around the dining room table than around conference tables. her hospitality, her sense of interest in other people and her ability to engage people in conversation, that would lead to great action was just outstanding. >> reporter: dorothy height passed away at howard university hospital just after 3:30 this morning. people making their way to work paused to pay tribute to a great woman and a great leader. >> she was very instrumental in working behind the scenes to make sure that people treated each other fairly. and she stood for that. that was her character. >> she never let us forget about how -- how they led for us, our generation and for our children. >> reporter: a friend says dr. height had just finished another book and wanted to at 9 8 do a
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book tour. they say she was active until the very end. in northwest, megan mcgrath, news4. >> you can learn more about dr. height's life and accomplishments on our website. president obama called dorothy height a hero to so many americans. even in the final weeks of her life. dr. height continued her fight to make our nation a more open and inclusive place for people of every race, gender, background and faith. mayor adrian fenty says the district of columbia mourns one of our most distinguished citizens. dr. height exemplified great dignity and strength at all times. the mayor declared today dr. dorothy height day in washington. and any order city flags -- ordered city flags to be flown at half-staff during her funeral. our coverage of the death of the civil rights icon continues tonight at 5:00. john schriffen spoke with local
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residents about the impact she made and the legacy she leaves behind. right now, severe weather is hitting parts of southern iceland which has caused technical problems moments ago. let's get right back now to the latest on the volcano from nbc's chief science correspondent robert bazell. bob, what's the latest? >> reporter: hello? this is robert bazell in iceland. i don't know if you can hear me. we have been having technical problem because there is a rainstorm coming in. that's good news for the ash because that means the ash will fall to the ground and not get up in the sky where it can hurt -- potentially hurt airline passengers. the volcano in iceland has been spewing out ash at a continuous level the last couple of days. if there is some kind of new ash cloud it is because of the changing wind patterns over the north at lab particular. volcano has been steady and there's no indication that it is going to get any worse in the
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near future. what's happen sing that scientists are learning that it is very difficult to know what to do with the -- with the scenario never faced before where they are seeing enormous am of ash, very sophisticated satellites. they don't know how the danger presents to airplanes. that has to be worked out through the next few weeks and month. >> bob bazell in southern iceland for us live. thank you, bob. mentioned rain there in the -- in iceland. back here at home, we have more sunshine and clear skies. but some storm clouds are set to move in on us tomorrow. >> veronica johnson is in the storm center with more on what we can expect. veronica, some are looking forward to this change. >> yes, indeed. change coming our way. that's going to help bring down the pollen even more because today the numbers are still running high just over 100 grains per cubic meter. it is 67 degrees now at adams morgan and in the district. clinton and landover, 67 degrees
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right now. mt. vernon and dale city at 69. you folks there in fairfax, franconia, you are at 67 degrees. this time tomorrow, though, will go from clouds to rain. some rain is expected. rain showers throughout the area. they will be scattered tomorrow. and you can see today filtered sunshine for us. making its way further to the north and east. our winds have been out of the south and southeast but the clouds, the winds, no promise for the game today. starts at 7:05. taking on the colorado rockies again. pleasant with the temperature of 63 degrees. first pitch time is 7:05 at national stadium by the time we get to 9:00 and 11:00 p.m., more clouds rolling in. 57 degrees by 11:00 p.m. it is not going to be that chilly at all during the overnight. but we will pick up the clouds and see showers about midday tomorrow. dry for later in the week. still the weekend, we will talk about that with the extended forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, veronica. firefighters made an unusual
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discovery while fighting a massive house fire in prince george's county overnight that began just over 2:00 this morning on cordon lane in bowie. once firefighters were able to knock the flames down, they discovered more than 100 marijuana plants inside the home. now firefighters are investigating what started the fire while police are investigating if this is a major grow house. there was a water warning today for people in several d.c. neighborhoods. the d.c. water and sewer authority says there was too much chlorine in the water. for most of the day customers in several sections of northwest were advised not to use tap water for drinking or cooking or for the laundry. wasa officials say the problem stems from an incident early this morning at their ft. reno facility. and the investigation is under way into exactly what caused the problem. the water advisory was lift d less than an hour ago. wasa says any faaset or tap that was not used since the advisory began early this morning should
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be flushed for at least ten minutes. wall street was the focus today on capitol hill but the question is whether lawmakers can put aside partisanship to work together on financial reform. news4's steve handelsman is on the hill with the answer to that question. what's the latest on that debate, steve? >> reporter: just imagine washington looking at what you just said and go yeah, right. they are going to put it aside. after what happened over the past 15 months or so. where on every single issue republicans in the senate and house on capitol hill said that the obama democrats have just got it wrong. and we are going to oppose that unanimously on health care reform. on the wall street bailout, on the stimulus plan. and on climate control and you name it. and now comes thin ray, financial regulation and not only does it look like this subject may offer new ways to control wall street, it is also rearing the head up here on capitol hill for first time in a long time. bipartisanship.
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why? well, among others, maryland's steny hoyer today said a key point of financial regulation of wall street in the obama plan and in the house and senate version, the republicans didn't like a $50 billion setaside for what republicans said was sure to be used for future bailouts of lending institutions who go bad. hoyer and other democrats said okay, we will put it aside. which prompted a rare display of praise on the part of republicans here. senate gop leader mcconnell saying it looks like we can work together. bob corker, partisan republican senator, saying late yesterday, well, maybe we shun have been so tough in our rhetoric. and in a hearing up here, on lehman brothers, the bankruptcy on wall street that seems to -- needs to be controlled, both parties ganged up on lehman brothers' feld. it looks like -- who knows when they actually look but looks
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like now there might be a little bit of bipartisan cooperation on financial reform and regulation which democrats see here but will go forward and senate republican voter -- >> this issue might, as we said in the beginning, turn out to be different than the long debate over health care and other issues they had this great i did glide when you had a history of divide you don't say it is done until it is done. maybe. >> sounds good. the effort to establish voting rights for the district is dead again. house approval was expected this week for a bill that would have given d.c. a vote in the house but d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton asked democratic leaders to take the bill off the floor for the schedule today. the bill was controversial because the senate attacked an amendment that would have significantly restricted the city's ability to write its own gun laws. the d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton says she is shocked to learn this weekend that the house's draft of the gun provision went further. she says that the changes made
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the bill, in her words, even worse than she thought possible. when we come right back on "news4 at 4:00," we are just getting started. the obesity factor. >> up next, 4:15, how schoo lunches are actually endangering our national security. at 4:30, a boy targeted by fellow classmates and nearly burned to death is talking about that horrific ordeal. >> and at 4:45, new study out about the amount of salt in the food we eat. fo[ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. it has what other fertilizers don't. scotts patented all in one granule. every key nutrient combined into a single particle
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new report out this week
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claims childhood obesity in america is threatening national security. a group of retired military leaders issued the report which said nearly a third of americans between the ages of 17 and 24 are just too fat to join the military. on top of that, they place blame on school lunches. brian mooar has the story from the hill. >> reporter: are america's kids getting too fat to fight for their country? a new report says yes. a group of retired military leaders said that it is a growing national security problem. >> our report shows more than 99 million young adults are too overweight to enjoy the milit y military. that's 27% of young adults in this country. >> in fact, it has been shown that for the first time in our history that the health of children today is worse than that of their parents. >> reporter: the report blames school men use loaded with junk and fatty foods. >> what children eat and drink during school hours can
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constitute up to 40% of their daily nutrient intake. >> reporter: the obama administration is pushing for a healthy school breakfast and lunch program. price tag, $ 1 billion. >> youngsters the 3shgs is million of them have to be fed better. otherwise they are not going to perform as well and it will be health care problem in the future. as the generals and admirals have indicated it is a national security problem. >> reporter: are the schools the heart of the problem? >> it can't be blamed to one problem or source. >> a combination of things, parents, kids. >> i think it is societal. >> society. >> reporter: the retired military brass says that the solution is as easy as one, two, three. get junk food out of the schools and increase funding and get the schools to do what they do best -- teach. large numbers of recruits were turned away during world war ii but back then, it is because they weren't getting enough to eat. on capitol hill, brian mooar, news4. >> according to published report the military has turned away
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48,000 overweight recruits since 2005. that's more than all the american troops currently serving in afghanistan. after being delayed for a day due to bad weather, space shuttle "discovery" came in for a landing today. "discovery" has one more mission before it permanently retires for the rest of the shuttle's fleet. there was a difference in today's landing. discovery entered u.s. skies from the north and then zoomed over to the nation's midsection. nasa got reports of sonic booms being heard as far away as tuscaloosa, alabama. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has high hopes for the commonwealth's tourism industry. and what it can do for the local economy here. he spoke about virginia's tourism summit today in fairfax. governor accounted virginia's rich civil war history as a big draw but he stopped short of making any specific mention of his controversial declaration of april as confederate history
4:18 pm
month. he also said that tourism will play a big role in balancing the budget. >> tourism can make a big difference so every room night, every ticket to king's dominion, every time somebody visits the park, it is revenues that visit the prif al at sector, create tax revenues for the state. >> governor mcdonnell also talked about push to get more virginians to take vacations within the commonwealth. maryland governor martin o'malley was in college park continuing his jobs across maryland's tour. he said at the university of maryland to talk about the importance of a efficient government. new die that puts maryland at the top of a list in the country of states with jobs with huge growth for the month of march. the states saw an increase of 36,000 jobs last month. and during his visit he also counted a new ranking that put the university of maryland in the top ten for best values in public education.
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>> just ahead on "news4 at 4:00," a dark day in history. >> a look back at the tragic turn of events that unfolded that claimed the lives of more than a dozen students. >> also ahead the big decision being made today by the d.c. city council that could make marijuana legal in the nation's capital. why olympic superstar apollo
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local students got a special visit from one of those decorated olympians apoll ow s . say yes to a healthy lifestyle and no to underage drinking. he visited an elementary school and started a foundation and is talking to kids across the country about making healthy choices. >> great idea to have him go and talk to kids. >> yes. they listen to him. >> they want to be like apollo. do what he has done. well, let's check on the weather now. veronica, feeling pretty good. >> it is feeling pretty, jim and
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pat. know it is not going to be sticking around because tomorrow, likely to be the second coolest day out of the month. second coolest afternoon at the very least. sunshine today. 67 degrees current temperature at reagan airport. dew point is at 34 degrees. the air is still dry. the wind is now calm. and we are looking at seasonable temperatures across the area today. let's take a look at the mid atlantic view and show you has been happening. we are a degree or two warmer than we were yesterday. but again, tomorrow likely to be the coolest afternoon you behind sunday's 59-degree high temperature. there's the clouds. high clouds. making their way through the area today from west to north and east. gone is the brilliant sunshine. it is going to be gone until thursday. there's your high-pressure system to the north and storm system that will be headed this way. down south. south of chattanooga, ten. fredericksburg from 75 to a
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temperature now of 73 degrees. your temperatures have been falling off. same thing in montgomery county. it is now 71 degrees in germantown, maryland. and no high heat off to the west. but while we do have a weak system there, making its way through eastern tennessee, this is a bigger storm system hitting the west coast and that's the one that dash around los angeles bringing some rain, could be washing out the gain there, first washout for baseball season with oakland, their game this evening. that's the system, though, on the west coast that will be heading to the east giving us more rain come the weekend. a few light showers expected throughout the day tomorrow. it is not going to be raining throughout the entire day. but starting about noontime, 11:00 a.m., light showers come through the area up until tomorrow evening. up until about 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. then back to sunshine for thursday. and temperatures will rebound, too. to get up to about 70 degrees on
4:25 pm
thursday. so here is your forecast. pleasant for the evening. few clouds around. 55, dropping to the upper 50s with a southeast wind at five to ten miles per hour. rain develops late morning, likely to be right after the morning rush. about 10:00 a.m. to middle of 11:00 a.m. showers coming into the area. 45 to 51 will start the day. and cooler with highs tomorrow right around 60 degrees. showers are likely tomorrow. 70% chance opinion then sunshine for thursday. few clouds sneak in on friday. but still pretty mild. ing in fact, we are going to see temperatures around 70 degrees through the weekend. but it is going to be wet and that wet weather with the slow-moving system that will be wetter, slower, and bigger, more complex. may start off with thunderstorms on sunday. with rain continuing into the first part of next week. and we could get about one to two inches of rain from this upcoming system. jim and pat? >> all right. thanks, veronica. >> all right. let's talk a little hockey now.
4:26 pm
washington caps fans have reason to celebrate today. the capitals beat the montreal canadiens 5-1. they lead the best-of-seven series 2-1. caps head coach, bruce boudreau, said last night's victory shows his team has the best record this season. boy, they looked hot on the ice last night. game four of the series tomorrow night in montreal. >> great game. lot of excitement. much more to come on "news4 at 4:00." victim speaks. >> boy targeted by fellow classmates and nearly burned to death is now talking about his horrifying or legal. >> plus, we will tell you why a senate committee has subpoenaed the obama administration. >> and a new poll shows how americans feel about marijuana legalization. the impact it could have on our economy. >> we are watching wall street this afternoon.
4:27 pm
the dow jones industrials rose 25 points. nasdaq closed up 20. and the s&p 500 closed up 9 points.
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welcome back, everyone, 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here are some of the stories we are following in the news now.
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civil rights champion dr. dorothy height died this morning. she served as an advocate for more than 57 years. in the 1950s and 1960s she was instrumental in helping dr. martin luther king jr. orchestrate the civil rights movement. among her many contributions she served as president of the national council of negro women. dr. height was 98 years old. the driver of the van involved in a deadly crash in southeast washington has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. it happened just before 7:00 last night in the 3600 block of alabama avenue. one person is dead and four children have been hospitalized. firefighters made an unusual find while fighting a massive house fire in bowie overnight. one firefight -- once firefighters were able to knock down the flames they discovered more than 100 marijuana plants inside. now firefighters are investigating what started the fire. police are investigating if this is a major grow house.
4:31 pm
residents of several northwest d.c. neighborhoods were advised not to use tap water today for anything other than flushing the toilet. the reason, there were -- there was just too much chlorine in the water because of the problem at the ft. reno station. the advisory was lifted an hour ago. tomorrowing our news at 4:30 this afternoon, the next chapter for a florida teenager who was badly burned by a group of classmates last fall. it has been a very painful recovery. the 15-year-old, michael brewer, never gave up the will to live. tomorrow he goes back to school for the first time since the attack. the youngster appeared on the "today" show this morning. here's kerry sanders with the story. >> reporter: are you excited about that? what are you feeling come back to school? >> excited. i can't wait. >> why is that? >> i miss school. >> you do? >> reporter: if double play know you might never suspect. 15-year-old michael brewer was severely burned over 60% of his
4:32 pm
body. but outward appearances can be deceiving. doctors say that the florida teenager still faces years of pain and medical attention. his life altered in an instant last october when he was surrounded by school classmates at an apartment complex off campus. doused in alcohol and then lit on fire. authorities say that it all came down to a disagreement over money owed for a video game. >> scars as big as two and three inches that protrude from his body. scar tissue. rub him down and feel his elbows and arms and legs. it is awful. >> reporter: michael has undergone months of physical therapy in this room. sometimes excruciatingly painful. he's also out in the public and smiling. as a guest at a recent miami heat game. and at a bake sale to help pay his medical bills. >> i think that's the those -- that's what kept me alive, all these prayers and believing in
4:33 pm
me. >> reporter: the three teenagers accused of attempted murder of michael's burning are charged as adults. as for michael, those closest to him say that he's looking forward and not back. >> he's not so fearful anymore. people talk to him. >> reporter: just weeks ago, michael reached out to his friend and classmate, josie ratley. one victim helping another. she was beaten and kicked in the head. like michael, both victims of teen violence with very serious consequences. >> what do you say to her and her family? >> i hope she gets better. and i hope i see her again. get stronger like i did, every day. >> kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. >> michael also said that he's now enjoying sports again. his favorite, riding his skateboard and playing basketball. lawmakers are suggesting that the obama administration
4:34 pm
may be covering up some critical details in the ft. hood shooting case. 13 people were killed in that texas military base last november when major hasan opened fire. a senate committee subpoenaed the white house for information on the shooting. the committee wants to know whether the government had information that could have prevented the shooting. the defense department says it does not want to compromise the prosecution of major hasan. the jury has been seated in the trial of a man arrested for hacking into sarah palin's e-mail. 22-year-old david cornell of tennessee is facing four felony charges. he is accused of hacking palin's yahoo account when she was running for vice president. if convicted he could go to jail for as long as 50 years. sarah palin is scheduled to testify at the trial. >> no classes today at columbine high school on this 11th anniversary of the massacre at the littleton, colorado, school. two students killed and 12
4:35 pm
fellow classmates and a teacher before taking their own lives on april 20th, 1999. the incident remains the deadliest shooting ever in an american high school. it also continues to prompt national discussion about issues like school security, gun control, and bullying. president obama will be in west virginia this coming weekend to deliver a eulogy for the 29 miners killed in a coal mine explosion earlier this month. the white house says that both the president and vice president will attend a memorial service for the man on sunday. that blast at the upper big branch mine in raleigh county was the nation's worst coal mine disaster in 40 years. since then, the president ordered a sweeping review of mine safety records and called for stricter mining laws. just ahead on "news4 at 4:00," technology leak. >> what an employee lost in a bar that could be the proceed type for the next high-tech cell
4:36 pm
phone. >> what a new study says about sugar is and the danger it could pose on your health. texting and talking and what brand-new study says is becoming more popular.
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
it appears text sing replacing talking. the peer research center says half teenagers send 50 or more text messages ada and a third sends more 00. it wonders how many people they are talking to face to face or even over the telephone. regular phone. the survey found that 75% of teens who own cell phones make about five calls a day.
4:39 pm
many of those to their parents because they have to. >> because they have to check in. texting can be more efficient, though. if you don't have the time -- >> so impercental. you have stationery at home. just gathering dust. >> i think veronica would rather text when she has bad weather news to break. you would? >> text when i have bad weather news? depends who i'm breaking it to. my kids, i would text them. i tell them, guys watch the forecast just like everybody else. that's what i tell them. >> turn tables. there you go. >> yes. got to keep the kids in check. take a look outside. today we had not the blue sky, not the brilliant sky we had yesterday. but not too bad. lots of high clouds across the area. we are seeing filtered sunshine and pollen count today still high. not in the stratosphere. 200 grains per cubic meter. at the top of the list. we are in the mid and upper 60s across the area. and it feels like spring.
4:40 pm
it feels like mid and late april around here. tomorrow, though, we will feel cool, more like march around the area. we will start at 50 and it will be dry, 7:00 a.m. showers will come in about 11:00 a.m. and con through the afternoon. jim, pat? >> thanks, veronica. when we come back on "news4 at 4:00," marijuana and money. >> new poll about american's thoughts on marijuana legalization and how could it impact the economy. too much salt is bad for your health. you know that. there is a major move being considered by the fda. we have street do's and don'ts of job interviews and how to better your chances of landing a new gig.
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"news 4 your health." how much salt do you consume each day? the amount may be a lot less if the federal government has its way. the fda's planning to launch an initiative now to reduce the amount of salt most americans consume every day. there would eventually be legal limits on how much salt can be included in food products. that limit hasn't been determined yet. the initiative will be faced in over several years so the americans can get used to eating less salty foods. it is not just salt. lot of americans are consuming too much sugar akoshding to a new study. many americans are getting four times the recommended amount. researchers looked at 6,000 american adults.
4:44 pm
they found those that consumed the most added sugars and sweeteners in foods and beverage has higher levels of blood fats in their sis pemex perts say sugar sweetened cereals and sweet treats from v the highest levels of added sugar. breaking news. the bill to legalize medical marijuana in washington passed the d.c.'s city council. it would allow seriously and chronically ill patients to get up to two ounces of pot every 30 day was the doctor's prescription. the council passed the bill unanimously today and it will have to survive another council vote next month. it will probably take a few more months for medical marijuana programs to get off the ground if it becomes finalized, law. while the debate is in the district, currently focused on medical needs here in the district, that is, the argument to legalize it across the country is often folks used on what it could do for the economy. there is a new cnbc associated press poll out that shows how
4:45 pm
people feel about marijuana and money. the results may be a bit surprising. cnbc's trish regan joins us with more on that issue. trish, tell us more about this poll and what people think about legalizing marijuana. we understand we do not yet have her. when we get her we will bring the interview to you as soon as we can get her up. ahead on "news4 at 4:00," we are going to have the story of the new iphone. just where the prototype for what could be the next high-tech craze was found. just where that high-tech craze was found, plus why president obama and kate gosselinerter and children were automatic under one roof. we will have that story. >> check us out on twitter and facebook. we are always posting updates and breaking news. you can find us on both sites by searching "news4 at 4:00." copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so i can join the fun at my family barbeque.
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it all adds up to the scotts advantage. it's a difference you can see. a difference you can feel. it's a difference you can enjoy. and now it's up to $5 off your next purchase. go to to get your coupon. for a lawn that can't be beat, get a fertilizer that can't be copied. get the scotts advantage. to kill dandelions, get turf builder with plus 2 weed control. welcome back. veronica johnson in storm center 4. we are looking at sunshine across the area today. but we are going to have high clouds above right now. temperatures in the mid and upper 60s through the area. cleveland park currently at 67 degrees. suitland and prince george's county, 67. alexandria, warm spot, 69. warmest weather to south and west with culpeper at 70.
4:49 pm
in bethesda, you folks right now at 67 degrees. let's take a look at radar because this time tomorrow we will have some showers across the area. that rain associated with a slow-moving and weak low-pressure system. it is currently south of clarkville in tennessee. you can see the rain there coming east and northeast. not a lot of rain and tomorrow and system we will see between a zpenth a quarter of an inch. in the 60s now. tomorrow is sun. only about a high of 60 degrees or so. we will start out between 45 and 50. pass the umbrella. it will be dry in the morning with showers developing late morning. by around 10 o'clock, 11:00 a.m. cloud cover at 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., 50 to 52 degrees throughout the area. then by the afternoon tomorrow, the high again about 60 to 61 degrees. scattered showers through the area. not going to be wet every hour, every minimum of the day. tomorrow it will not abreal soaker. it will be damp for the most
4:50 pm
part. and gray and feel really like march. there is your sunshine for thursday. close to 70. better chance of hitting 70 on friday. and saturday upper 60s through the area. and with mostly cloudy skies. 50% chance of rain showers right now. and rain continues with an east wind on sunday and monday. cop see between one and two inches of rain. it will be our first april weekend with showers on both days. jim? >> all right. thanks, veronica. back to our other business story now. while the marijuana debate in the district is currently focused on the medical needs the argument to legalize it across the country is focused on what it would do to the economy. there is a new cnbc associated press poll that shows how people feel about marijuana and money. the results may be a bit surprising. cnbc's trish regan joins us now with more. trish? >> hi, jim. you know, these -- findings were
4:51 pm
pretty extraordinary. what we found in the poll was that 55% of americans, they opposed the legalization of marijuana for any purpose. that would be recreational or medicinal use. one-third of americans say that they are for it for any purpose whatsoever. now one thing that i thought was inyesterdayably interesting was that when you look at the original 55%, jim, that said that they opposed it, and you say well, what about if some of that revenue that you could make off of taxing marijuana went to state services and state programs and in other words, your state would make money off of it. we saw softening. 14% of that original said in that case they would be for it. about 11% said that they were then at that point undecided. still overwhelmingly about -- of that original group, the majority of them were still very hesitant. that said, you know, we are at a very interesting time in history. if you look back to the 1930s, during the prohibition day, it
4:52 pm
was repealed if part for economic reasons. perhaps coming to that again. i have a documentary on tonight's cnbc at 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight. you can check out our cnbc special online we will look forward to that. we will be right back. stick around.
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we see the ads on tv and online all the time for free credit reports. a lot of consumers find out the hard way that those reports are not really free. you have to sign up for services that require you to pay a monthly fee before you get the report. now the federal trade commission has cracked down. first phase of a new rule went into effect this month. websites in print ads for free credit reports must have full disclosure that tells you where to really go for your free report. the only authorized site is the second phase of the rule applies to tv and radio ads. that goes into effect september 1st. has the next generation of the wildly popular iphone been accidently revealed publicly? a tech blog claims to have a new 4-g apple iphone found in a california bar ten miles from apple's headquarters. the device is similar to the current iphone except it has two
4:56 pm
cameras. one in the front and the other in the back to allow for video conferencing. it also has a removable battery which would be a first for the iphone. the blog says that it found the apple parts inside the phone but there's no way to know if this is the new iphone, prototype, or a well-done knockoff. many people are looking for a job these days. so once land the big sbrir what do you do to make sure you stand out in the crowd? tracy davidson has our story. >> go on the interview. absolute. >> i lucky to get in the door. you are one of many. and you -- you can't lose sight of that. >> two interview experts agreed to give tuesday do's and don'ts and tell me somethingsome seem obvious but people miss them all the time. harris fischman is president of first financial group and says don't overstate your experience. >> when we check and do reference checking, know the person, the opportunity, you -- we find out. so don't lie. be honest. and don't overstate your
4:57 pm
expectations. and experience. >> but do prepare. >> you also need to come prepared with lots of good examples of what you have accomplished we tend to talk an awful lot about activity but it is about results. what are the results? have you done your homework when it comes to that company and the industry. >> reporter: marjorie brody says that also be polite to everyone. >> if there has been any type of administrative person or person at the front desk, you want to make sure that you are gracious to that person. from the time you are called to get your actions if you do. i have had more times that administrative help said to me don't hire that person. they were rude to me. >> reporter: don't be late. don't be talking on your phone when you walk in. don't smell. >> coming into an interview smelling of strong perfume or cologne or cigarettes are turnoffs for some people. you can overdo some of that stuff as well.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: know when the interview is over and ask what's next. >> i also like clothes. with some knowledge of what's to happen next. >> brody always says that to send followup e-mails thanking your potential employer and send a handwritten note as well. that's it for "news4 at 4:00." "news4 at 5:00" starts right now. as the leading female voice in the civil rights movement dorothy height often said if the time is not right, we have to ripen the time. for much of her life height committed her thoughts, her words and her actions to ripening. dedicating herself to the causes of african-americans and whim and children. today the world loss a tireless advocate. as the civil rights icon passed away after 98 glorious years on
4:59 pm
earth. >> welcome to "news4 at 5:00." i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. >> dr. dorothy height influenced so many lives. even those who didn't know her personally are feeling the tremendous loss. news4's john schriffen is in our newsroom with reaction to her death. john? >> wendy, there is an african proverb that says we are because they were. dr. dorothy height was a leader who is being remembered tonight for touching so many lives. she's instrumental in the civil rights movement. she's one of the people who would actually on the stage when dr. martin luther king spoke during the 1963 "i have a dream" speech that was so special for many. she was the only one on the stage and even though she was than allowed to speak, many said she persevered and was able to accomplish so many goals throughout her life. wendy, coming up later, we will have the rest of the piece coming up on dr.


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