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tv   Today  NBC  June 4, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. is it working? a containment cap lowered on to the blow-out oil pipe in the gulf of mexico late last night. so far, even with it in place, oil is still gushing into the sea. has president obama prepares to make his third visit to the region for an up-close look at the heartbreaking scope of the disaster. caught. joran van der sloot arrested in chile after an international manhunt. he faces charges for murder in peru and now new charges here in the u.s. this morning, natalee holloway's uncle speaks out in an exclusive live interview. and, just in time. bieber fever has invaded rockefeller plaza. we've got fans of the teen idol for as far as the eye can see. they'll get a free concert today for a half-hour "today," friday,
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june 4th, 010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. we get here around 5:00 in the morning. my car pulls up. everybody is looking. i think they thought it was justin bieber coming out. they went, ah, too bad. lucky we got in the building today. there are so many people surrounding 30 rock. >> these people have no idea who we are. not one single idea. we're completely anonymous this morning, and that's just fine. a lot of these people got here over a day ago. they're going to really look forward to a big show in our 8:30 half-hour. also ahead, new details on the attempt to cut and cap the ruptured oil well at the bottom of the wolf. the containment cap was lowered into its position around 9:35 eastern time last night. but engineers are having a tough time telling just how well things are working because oil,
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as you can see, is still rushing out. as we've said, it is a delicate operation. you can see why we've got a section of pipe, about the same diameter right here in our studio. it looks big. but imagine trying to cap that a mile down beneath the surface of the ocean. it's a precision operation. we'll get the latest on that just ahead. it's been a year of ups and downs from kate gosselin. she divorced from jon, changed her look, wrote a book and competed on "dancing with the stars." she has a new reality show coming up. we'll talk to her about that and the status of her relationship with her ex. also we're going to talk exclusively to umpire jim joyce about his infamous blown call that cost a pitcher a perfect game and his emotional response to returning to the field on thursday. really a lot of people are praising both jim joyce and galarrago the pitcher for the way they handled this situation. we gin with the latest
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attempt to contain the gushing oil well pipe a mile below the ocean's surface down in the gulf. nbc's chief environmental affairs correspondent anne thompson is in venice, louisiana. anne, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. they got the containment cap on, but now the engineers will try to take a good look at the seal because that's the important component of this. how tight that seal is will determine how much oil will go up to a waiting tanker and how much oil will escape. thursday night, a mile beneath these polluted waters, bp secured a containment cap over the leaking riser pipe. earlier, engineers had used a pair of giant shears to cut through the pipe, allowing the oil to flow more freely an leaving behind a jagged edge. >> the amount of oil that might get through that seal is something we'll just have to determine as they put this thing down over the riser pipe and get the best fit they can. >> reporter: from bp's command center in houston, the ceo tony hayward called the cut a milestone but no quick fix for
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the spill. >> bp will be here for a very long time. we recognize that this is just the beginning. >> reporter: despite apologizing, hayward is still being criticized for this comment sunday. >> there's no one who wants this thing over more than i do. i'd like my life back. >> reporter: louisiana's governor called the remark "idiotic." >> i'm sorry for inconveniencing him. i don't know what he had's be doing. maybe he'd be on a summer vacation but we are permanently changing people's lifestyles down here. >> reporter: the president's spokesperson remembered the workers who died. >> there is 11 people that would all like to have their lives back. >> reporter: on a louisiana barrier island, innocent victims of this environmental catastrophe. birds trapped in the oil lapping the shore. some so covered in crude, wildlife experts are unsure what kind of birds they are. heartbreaking scenes from the growing spill threatening more of the gulf and louisiana. new computer models from the center for atmospheric research show the spill's impact could stretch beyond the gulf. if the oil gets into the loop
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current, scientists say it could travel to florida's atlantic coast in a matter of weeks and all the way up past cape hatteras, north carolina. now the federal government has delivered to bp the first of what is expected to be many bills. this one for $69 million. but as we can see in that video, especially with those birds, there are some things that money can't help. matt? >> anne thompson in venice, louisiana this morning, thank you very much. dug suttles is the chief operating officer for bp's exploration and production division. mr. suttles, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> we're seeing the cap in place. we're also seeing a lot of oil still leaking out. at this stage of the game, is it a success? are you actually capturing oil? is it going into a tanker on the surface? >> you know, matt, what we're seeing right now is we got the cap on last night successfully. what you see leaking out is there are four vents on the top
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of this cap. through the course of the day, as we begin to get the system operating, we'll successively close those four vents. they are there to prevent the hydrates from occurring. we're trying to minimize the amount of water that comes in. i think as we go through the day we'll see how successful we are. we're very pleased so far with what we're seeing. >> let me just ask the question again. at this moment you are capturing oil sm it is being brought to the surface and put on to a tanker? >> matt, there is flow coming up the pipe just now. i don't know the exact rate. we'll know that shortly but we do have flow going up the system right now and a bit later this morning we'll probably be able to start to measure that. then as the day moves forward, we'll successfully try -- successively try to optimize the system until we get a minimum amount of leakage out of this containment system. >> people are keeping their fingers crossed, as you can imagine, mr. suttles. i want to play you a comment that president obama made last night on "larry king live." these are tough words he had for bp. take a listen.
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>> i am furious at this entire situation because this is an example of where somebody didn't think through the consequences of their actions. >> isn't it saying that bp's failures impaeril an entire region and bp didn't act quickly enough. >> matt, this is a horrible event. we wish we could undo this thing. we're trying to get the flow stopped, fight it offshore. where it does come ashore, we're trying to respond very, very quickly. i don't know what the ultimate cause of this will be. investigations will get to that. the moratorium's been put in place so that it can't happen elsewhere until those are in place. those things all make sense. i know the anger and the frustration is there. >> i also want to call your attention to some comments made by your company's ceo tony hayward. he admitted that the company was
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not prepared for a disaster like this. he told the "financial times" in an interview published on thursday that bp didn't have the right equipment in place right after the explosion and that it was "an entirely fair criticism" to say bp wasn't fully prepared for a deep water oil leak. a lot of people want to know, how could the company not be prepared in even if it were a remote possibility that something like this could happen, how can a company like this not be prepared for a worst case scenario? >> you know, matt, i don't actually know what we should have had in place at the time. i think we were doing the same things everyone else in the industry was doing at the time we drilled this well. i think there clearly are things that we need to have that we don't have, that we didn't have when this started. the technology's got to be advanced. something's got to change with the safety systems. we've learned all that since the event. >> but mr. suttles, if mr. hayward admits that it is a fair criticism to say that the
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company wasn't fully prepared, you've got a lot of other wells all around the world. are you better prepared at those wells or about the same level of preparation? >> you know, matt, the practices we were deploying here in the gulf of mexico are the same as those deployed in every deepwater basin in the world and the same as those used across the industry. i think what we're talking about here, gaps in the way that the industry deals with the deep water and we're going to have to fill those gaps if this is going to continue. >> mr. suttles, thank you very much. doug suttles, the ceo of bp. thank you very much. >> thanks, matt. >> now here's meredith. as we mentioned, president obama heads to the gulf coast region today. nbc's savannah guthrie is in grand isle, louisiana. savannah, good morning to you. what will be the president's agenda when he gets down there? >> reporter: good morning, meredith. he's going to get a briefing as soon as he lands at the airport in new orleans from admiral thad allen and other local and state officials. then he'll come here to grand
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isle right on the coastline and see some of this damage for himself. he'll also talk to some local residents and business owners. i should mention, the president has now decided overnight to cancel a planned trip to indonesia and australia. he was supposed to leave a week from sunday. it was a week-long trip. they put it off again. you may remember, meredith, this trip was originally on the books for march. he canceled it then because of the health care debate. and officials say the need to monitor the crisis, to be here really outweighs any foreign policy value of this trip. they knew they would get a storm of criticism if he were seen half-way around the world, particularly because the initial plans were to also bring along his wife and children for some sight seeing in addition to the foreign policy purposes of the trip. so that trip is off for now. as i said, the president will be here later this afternoon. >> we were just looking at pictures of the president walking the beach the last time he was there. now you mention the word criticism in connection with him. he was criticized after that
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visit for not meeting with local residents. this time around will he meet with folks down there? >> reporter: he will. he'll meet with local residents, business owners, there's going to be something here in grand isle for security reasons we can't say where it will be. but he will talk to them and just speaking to folks last night at a local restaurant, they were saying they hoped he would do that. they hope he stays longer. they're not angry at him. many said they were glad he came last week but they want to talk to him, they want to be heard, they want to say how their lives have been changed. and they're mostly angry at bp and they really hope the federal government, the president, will step in and help them because they know their lives have been changed forever, meredith. >> savannah guthrie, thank you very much. a programming note -- tuesday on "today," matt will have an exclusive interview with president obama. tonight, the disaster in the gulf will be the focus of a special "dateline" at 9:00, 8:00 central time right here on nbc. there are new details this morning on the arrest of joran van der sloot, the man long suspected in the disappearance of alabama teen natalee
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holloway, was arrested in chile an thursday ending an international manhunt following a brutal murder in peru. michelle kosinski is in santiago with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. you think of the natalee holloway case, still unsolved. there's always been that question of what really happened, what was joran van der sloot's involvement. but this, he is now suspected of a brutal murder. this young woman found in his hotel room with her next broken. it almost even looks like a flashback to five years ago. joran van der sloot under arrest, again. but this time, for murder. nabbed by police in chile during an international manhunt, caught in a taxi after crossing the border from peru on monday. at one point hiring this driver. >> translator: he was silent. he was preoccupied. he was smoking too much. he told me that he came from lima and he was coming to chile
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for tourism. >> reporter: but back in peru in his hotel room, police would discover the body of stephany flores, her next broken, on wednesday. they say it was early is under the two were seen leaving a casino going to the room van der sloot ghookd his name. they say he left four hours later. at stephany's funeral and burial thursday, the grief intense, her father got down on one knee for a farewell kiss to his beloved daughter. yet news of van der sloot's arrest brought some comfort here. >> translator: he can pay for this crime that he committed against my daughter who is at peace, against the soul of this girl who died in aruba and who, up to now, has not rested in peace. >> reporter: investigators believe stephany was not sexually assaulted and that they have incriminating evidence against van der sloot. in the dutch press, one of his friends speculated that if joran was her killer, the crime was
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possibly more about money, saying joran had been asking friends for financial help. now the once-promising college-bound son of a judge is in custody for what two families hope is the last time, in different countries but strangely similar cases. joran van der sloot accused of a murder police believe happened five years to the day after alabama teenager natalee holloway disappeared in aruba, her body never found. she, too, last seen with him. her mother, beth, in a statement offered sympathy to the flores family and called for "swift and sure justice." on top of all this now, yesterday in alabama a federal criminal complaint was filed against him accusing him of extortion. he allegedly offered to give someone information about natalee holloway's disappearance, including the location of her remains, in exchange for a quarter of a million dollars. meredith? >> michelle kosinski, thank you very much.
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coming up, we'll hear more from natalee holloway's family when her uncle joins us for an exclusive live interview. first, ann's standing by at the news desk with all the headlines of the morning. ann, good morning. good morning. we begin with new efforts today to prevent another confrontation between israel and the ships that are trying to get to gaza. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is in tel aviv for us. good morning. what more can you tell us about what's happening there? >> reporter: well, with reports that there is another aid ship headed this way, israeli and u.s. officials are working franticly. the u.s. in particular. to try to avoid another confrontation at sea, another clash such as what happened, and to get more aid into gaza. in particular, i'm told that today at a meeting between george mitchell, the special envoy from the white house, and prime minister benjamin netanyahu, george mitchell did discuss ways to get more aid into gaza and to soften the blockade. israeli officials now tell me that the prime minister is considering ways to have the u.n. and other international
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inspectors look at future cargo deliveries into gaza to get more aid in, particularly to look at construction materials, concrete. other materials that gaza says it needs to build homes and schools with it, israel has been concerned the hamas leaders of gaza would be using to build bunkers for the military. i'm also told that the u.s. and israel are trying to work out a credible investigation that israel would run into the flotilla cliflow till la clash that led to the deaths of nine people and an investigation into what took place. >> andrea mitchell this morning, thank you. during the night a tragedy in bangladesh where at least 116 people were killed in a fire and more than 100 others were hurt. the fire apparently started with an electrical transformer exploded in heavy rain. border security was a big topic on thursday at the white house where the president met with the governor of arizona. governor jan brewer called for the completion of a fence along the border.
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the president complained that arizona's tough new immigration law is discriminatory. mcdonald's is recalling 12 million shrek drinking glasses after toxic cadmium was found in the painted designs on them. the mcdonald's company says customers who bought these glasses should stop using them. overseas markets are mostly higher this morning. cnbc's erin burnett is at the new york stock exchange. the attention there today is on jobs. >> it sure is, ann. america is adding jobs in the month of may. a big story about the jobs numbers though is people hired to conduct the census. we've seen them all around. those are jobs but they are temporary jobs. what really matters is whether american companies are hiring again. that's the most important number. that's why we could see a stubborn -- i guess that unemployment rate might stay a little higher than we wanted to as people come back into the workforce. award winning actress rue mcclanahan died on thursday of a stroke. best known for her role as blanche devereaux on "the golden
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girls," rue mcclanahan was 76 years old. tonight it is game four of the stanley cup finals with the blackhawks leading the flyers 2-1 games. and the lakers took game one of the nba finals last night beating the celtics 102-89. game two is sunday night. boom! 18 minutes past the hour. back to matt, meredith and al. >> ouch. >> ouch is right. mr. roker is back from florida but perhaps in a crazier situation, he's out on the plaza. we're getting ready for a concert.
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>> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you so much. bud selig, the commissioner of major league baseball says le not reverse an umpire's admitted
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blown call that cost detroit tigers pitcher armando galarrago a perfect game on wednesday night. how does jim joyce, the umpire, feel about that. he's with us now by phone for an exclusive interview. jim, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> i'll get to that question about bud selig's decision in a second. just give me a sense of the emotions you've gone through in the last 24 hours, jim? >> i've probably been at an all-time low, stemming to possibly an all-time high, i guess. >> explain that for me, the all-time high part of it. we understand the all-time low. why have things turned around so dramatically? >> it just comes from the supportive's received from my family, from the tigers organization, the indians organization, major league baseball, the support i received from them, and to be quite honest with you, the fans from the detroit area. >> take me back to wednesday night, that moment two outs in
7:21 am
the ninth. you're as big a witness to history at that moment as any of the people in that ballpark are watching at home. you know what's unfolding around you. then jason donald hits that grounder to the right side of the field, your side of the field, and galarrago goes over to cover first. how heavily was your heart pounding? >> i realized what was going on obviously and when the play was made, it just was one of those plays that was very close and i had been telling myself that, you know, one more out and this kid has a perfect game. and when this play happened, it exploded and i came up with safe. >> yeah. and did you think instantly you made the right or wrong call? >> instantly i thought i made the right call. >> when you went back and saw that videotape replayed for the first time, i know you immediately called to talk to galarrago, asked him to come over. you apologized in person. i know that was emotional for both of you. major league baseball, jim, told you, you could take yesterday off. you didn't have to go to the ballpark. you instead went, you were
7:22 am
behind home plate. and instead of the manager coming out to give the tigers lineup, it was galarrago. it seemed to really choke you up when he shook your hand. >> well, you know, you're exactly right. i couldn't walk away from that the next day. you can't walk away from what you have to do. and a lot of that credit should probably go to jim leyland. he was a class act through this whole thing and probably should have been one of the people that was probably the most upset. jim was actually the first one to come over to the locker room. and he just told me, he said, kid, he goes it happens and that's the way it is. and he sent galarrago out to the plate, it just -- you know, i'm very irish and i'm very emotional. i mean, it was one of those things that i guess it was just a great time for that situation to happen and when he came out, it just hit me hard again. >> bud selig make the right
7:23 am
call, jim? >> i'm going to leave that up to the commissioner's office, matt. because you know, my job is to umpire. and i do not get into the cision making on what should happen and what shouldn't happen. if major league baseball would like my opinion, i'm more than glad to give it, which i think is going to happen. >> you mind my opinion on something, jim? i'm a father of three. one of those young men is a sports fanatic. and you've given me a great teaching moment for my son. i think parents all around the country, this is about sportsmanship, the way you've handled yourself, grace under pressure. and i applaud you. i think you've done a great job, jim. >> thank you very much, matt. i think a lot of applaud should also going to armando galarrago also, because i tell you what, he has -- he has been stand-up through the whole thing and it just -- a bad situation turned into a pretty good situation. >> well, good luck to you, jim. thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you, matt. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. (announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid,
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our time is 7:26. a tragic accident in northeast washington. a boy fts hit and i canned by a car in the 17 hundred block of monteleo avenue. the car that hit him was not speeding and the driver did stop to try to help. we will look at the weather and check out the
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the cloud cover breaking up and it's mild and muggy. high in the upper 80s and we will likely get afternoon and evening thunderstorms. not as severe, but we could get storms in the afternoon and highs near 90. could get early to mid-afternoon thundershowers and dry after that. >> we have a new accident in the
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7:30 now on this friday morning, june 4th, 2010. it looks like a massive crowd. gathered in rockefeller plaza started yesterday morning. in less than an hour, they'll get a half-hour of live music on our summer concert stage. >> particularly heavy in one particular demographic out there. >> young, cute girls. inside studio 1a, i'm meredith vieira alongside matt lauer. >> we had jim joyce, the umpire involved in that infamous game call. i want to be clear, armando galarrago, the pitcher for the tigers, has just been an incredible sport and should teach our kids a lot of lessons himself. >> two very classy gentlemen. >> no question. you mentioned justin bieber.
7:31 am
we've got another young star we'll talk about today. jordan ramiro is 13, just became the youngest person to ever conquer mt. everest. he's here to talk about his remarkable journey and share exclusive home video that he took along the way. >> i think he's only got one more mountain to climb. mt. vincent in antarctica? something like that. >> he'll do it, i'm sure. where does kate gosselin's relationship with jon now stand and how are their eight kids doing? kate is here to talk to us about it all and tell us about two reality shows she has in the works. very busy lady. more on joran van der sloot and the connection to a young woman's murder in peru. we'll talk to natalee holloway's uncle about that in a moment. but first, here's nbc's lee cowan. >> reporter: arrested in chile for a murder in peru. not even the most artistic spider in the world could spin a web like joran van der sloot has pun. >> he's conducted himself in the last several years as someone you want to feel any sympathy
7:32 am
for. >> reporter: his story began five years ago in aruba, the day he met natalee holloway, a straight-a student from alabama on a high school graduation trip. when she didn't return from their chance encounter, van der sloot started spinning. one competing story after another. but there was always a common thread. >> the one thing was that he was always there. he was always there when natalee holloway died. >> reporter: first, he told police he dropped natalee off at the holiday inn. then he concocted a different story, that he simply left her on a nearby beach. inconsistencies landed him in jail, not once but twice. but charges were eventually dropped. but van der sloot it seemed just couldn't keep quiet about the girl who had made him infamous. in an undercover tape aired around the world, joran was caught confessing, so it seemed, saying that natalee had suffered
7:33 am
a seizure on that beach and he had dumped her body in the ocean. he later said though that that was a lie, only to spin another one. this time he says he sold natalee to a human trafficker. too much? perhaps. his latest story is that natalee simply fell off a balcony while dancing at a party. >> joran is clearly someone who at this point in his life is in such a bad state that someone came along with $10,000 and asked him to tell a fifth version of what happened, he'd do it. >> reporter: as recently as this past monday, prosecutors in alabama say van der sloot tried to extort $250,000 in exchange for disclosing the whereabouts of natalee holloway. does he know the truth? natalee's family insists he does. but, arrested again, this time in peru, stephany flores' body was found in his hotel room. natalee's never been seen again. her story in the hands of a man few believe.
7:34 am
for "today," lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> paul reynolds is natalee holloway's uncle. paul, good morning. what was your reaction when you heard that joran van der sloot had been arrested in chile for the murder of this young woman, stephany? >> i think the first reaction was just disbelief that this had happened. but knowing joran and knowing what we know he's done, it kind of makes sense that this is something that would happen later for him. it's such a tragedy for the family, for stephany's family, we feel what they're going through, it is a terrible thing they have to go through. it is a terrible thing our family's had to go through. there's no way to make it easy. it's going to be a difficult process for them. we just hope at this time that joran is put behind bars and he is kept away from people so that people can be safe. >> you know, he's also been charged with extorting this --
7:35 am
attempting to extort $250,000 in exchange for information about how she died and the location of her body, talking about natalee holloway now, your niece. do you think that that might trigger the aruban officials to re-open the case against joran? >> i feel that all these things together would trigger that. this is such a despicable act, the extortion. it is unbelievable. but combining that with his actions in peru, certainly we would hope that the people that were protecting him, that tried to help him see what he really is. i think they should pursue that. >> we'll bring in pat brown, a criminal profiler and author of "the profiler." pat, good morning to you. how would you characterize joran van der sloot? >> well, it's been kind of interesting because a lot of people have been saying this guy is a serial killer because there are now -- he's alleged to have killed two women. i don't believe that is true. what he is is a serial date rapist who has a rage problem. i believe he does rape women. i believe he uses drugs and alcohol to ply them.
7:36 am
but if he doesn't get what he wants, if they're not out of it enough so that he can rape them without them fighting back, and they do object to what he's doing, he gets very, very enraged, kind of like a domestic abuser when the woman says i'm leaving you. he says, what? you can't leave me, you have to do what i say. he's like that. that's when he goes crazy. >> pat, police have said in the case of stephany flores there is no evidence of a sexual assault at all. >> yes, because i think she fought him off very, very hard so he became so crazy that he did horrible things to her and he never got around to the rape part. he realized, look what i've done, now i have to get out here. this isn't like a serial killer who pre-med tameditates a sexua homicide, he'll jump out, grab a woman and pull her into the bushes. he is actually planning a date rape. obviously sometimes it doesn't go so well for him so he becomes angry. >> pat, the fact that stephany flores was murdered on may 30th, 2010, five years to the day that natalee holloway went missing,
7:37 am
is that pure coincidence, do you think, or is there something more sinister going on here? >> i tend to believe a lot of times in coincidence. but in this particular case i think there was probably an emotional issue going on in his head. i think when he took this girl it was to sort of celebrate the natalee's demise in his own mind, the day that that happened. he took this girl and says this time i'm going to get what i wanted, but she did the same thing natalee did. what he does is he blames the victim. he probably became very angry, look, you're just like natalee, you think you can come back here with me and not let me do what i want? you're just like natalee. this was really excessive violent rage. talking about overkill here with the bludgeoning, stabbing, breaking her next. that's incredible anger. i think in the back of his mind he was thinking about natalee and all the problems that natalee has caused him. now this girl's caused him more problems. he has a bull's-eye on his back, as his lawyer said, but he put
7:38 am
it there. >> thank you, pat brown. paul, what would you like to see happen in this case? >> i want to see him behind bars, locked up. i want him to have a lot of time to think about what he's done. i think that's the best thing. >> paul reynolds, thank you so much for being
7:39 am
good morning. we start off with a mild and muggy morning on this friday. we have the cloud cover breaking up and the sunshine returning. it will climb to near 90 by mid-afternoon and the heat and humidity, we could get thunderstorms developing by late afternoon and into tonight. probably not as severe as yesterday. tomorrow there is a risk of strong to severe storms mid-to late afternoon into the evening. some storms could produce wind damage and hail. >> and that's your latest
7:40 am
weather. meredith? >> al -- thank you. still ahead, divorce, drama and dancing. kate gosselin talks about it all in a live interview. but up next, the 13-year-old california boy who just became the youngest to ever scale mt. everest. he shares exclusive images of his amazing climb right after he shares exclusive images of his amazing climb right after this. hold on a second... come on up here where your brothers sit. [ birds chirping ] wow! did i ever tell you what it was like growing up with four sisters? that sounds fun. for them! [ male announcer ] chevy traverse. a consumers digest best buy. with a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. it seats eight comfortably -- not that it always has to. your hair mixes with pollen and dust. i get congested. but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. zyrtec-d® lets me breathe freer, so i can love the air™. (announcer) zyrtec-d®. behind the pharmacy counter. no prescription needed. who are you?!? i'm your "genie"! weren't you just wishing
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7:43 am
we're back at 7:43. most climbers train for decades just to attempt to climb mount everest. jordan ramiro just accomplished the dangerous deed at the age of
7:44 am
13. he's here for his first in-studio appearance since leaving the mountain. first, an exclusive home look at video of jordan's world-setting climb. it is a mountain that is as dangerous as it is majestic. mount everest has inspired thousands of climbers to make their way to the top. and in the process, claimed hundreds of lives. >> it's giant, it's a beauty. the most beautiful mountain i've ever seen in the world. >> reporter: when 13 yearly jordan ramiro started his ascent last month, he was attempting to become the youngest person ever to summit. >> how you feeling, jay? >> tired. had a big lunch right before this so probably that's what's weighing us down. >> you're doing great. >> still getting closer. >> reporter: jordan's quest began four years ago when he was 9. >> his mural at school, very crude drawing of the seven
7:45 am
summits on a mural walking outside of his school and said, i think i want to do that. i think i want to climb to the top of every peak in the world. >> reporter: from the tallest mountain in indonesia -- >> she have officially tackled the pyramid. >> reporter: to the highest peak in north america, jordan accomplished the toughest climbs on 5 of the 7 continents by the time he was 12. with its high altitude and thin air, mount everest presented jordan with his toughest challenge in his young climbing career. jordan battled high winds, headaches, and the weight of great expectations to make one final push to the top. after months of preparation and weeks of climbing, jordan reached the summit. >> he's fascinating. i can't wait to see with everybody else what will jordan come up with next. >> as i mentioned, jordan romero
7:46 am
is here exclusively with his father and mother who also made the climb. last time we talked to you you were at kind of an advanced base camp. take me from there. how bad did the altitude problems get for you? >> the altitude problems, you know, at first everybody had minor headaches, but everybody in the camp had that. >> minor headaches though? >> minor headaches. but later, we were all acclimated. we're up at 20,000 feet and going higher. so we all felt really good. >> i get light-headed when i go to the top of the rock over here at rockefeller center. can you explain to me what it is like in terms of getting your body to do what you want it to do at 20-plus-thousand feet? >> just climbing everybody re i 10% climbing, the rest is all just resting. and just staying in your tent, just acclimating to the
7:47 am
altitude. it's a long time. we spent up to four weeks up there just -- >> 50 days in total. 51 days. that's a long time. >> yeah. >> weather, what was it like? >> we had it all. we had glorious bluebird sunny days when you're just in a light single player of 20,000-plus feet. then we had the complete extreme, massive, massive late-winter storms, huge snow dumps, extremely high winds minus -- temperatures minus 40, 50, 60 fahrenheit with winds on top of that. >> did you have any -- >> we were dressed for it. >> were there any moments where you thought, okay, forget the final push, let's turn back, this is enough of an accomplishment already? >> when we got there, jordan looked at the mountain and said, you know what? if this is all we do, look at the mountain, i'm happy. but as we were climbing, everything went really smooth and jordan was so strong, we never thought to turn back. >> this is not without
7:48 am
controversy. a lot of people thought jordan, you were too young to attempt this and had no idea what effect this would have on you. what would you say to other parents out there of 13, 14, 12 year-olds whose children are going to watch you on tv and say, i want to attempt that. what do they need to know? >> well, i don't -- i wouldn't really recommend for kids my age or younger to go ahead and try it. you know, it was a very, very hard mountain and it took lots of dedication and so much hard work just preparing for it. especially during the climb. but we trained and prepared so hard. we took our time and effort into it so that's really what it takes. it's really not annest mountain. >> most of all of, we want to pass along our congratulations to the three of you. quite an achievement. jordan, way to go. nice to see you. paul, karen, thank you guys.
7:49 am
glad you're back safely. jordan has a new book coming out in a couple of weeks about his adventure, called "the boy who conquered everyest. up next, kate gosselin. ♪ ay, yay, yay, yay ♪ ay, yay, yay, yay est. up next, kate gosselin. ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby, baby... uh-oh ♪ ♪
7:50 am
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capri sun sunrise is a good source of calcium and vitamin c so every morning's a good morning. capri sun sunrise, i can respect that. just ahead, we'll talk to justin bieber. then the big moment. >> he'll take the stage for a full half-hour of music. that happens in less than 38
7:53 am
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7:55 am
so this never happens again. we will get this done. we will make this right. >> our time is 7:56. hazy sunshine this morning and heavy traffic on the 14th street
7:56 am
bridge. good morning. i'm joe krebs. a heads up if you are taking metro. add a half hour to your trip on the orange line because of construction on the silver line. there will be no service between the east falls church and westphals church station. metro will be offering free shuttle buses between the two stations. the rest of metro will open two hours earlier for people taking part in the race for the cure run and walk. metro will run at 5:00 a.m. the stations closest is metro southwest on the average and blue lines and ju sdishiary square and navy memorial on the green and yellow and come back and look
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> sunshine breaking out and humid and highs near 90. we could get scattered thundershowers and probably not as severe as yesterday. tomorrow we could get severe storms and highs near 90.
7:59 am
hot and sunny and passing thundershowers early to mid-afternoon and drier and cooler after that. how is the traffic? >> an earlier accident in the express lane has been cleared beyond the beltway, but damage done. it will be heavy and slow across the 14th as well. >> thank you. get all the news, weather, and traffic earlier. the news begins every morning at
8:00 am
8:00 now on a friday morning, the 4th day of june, 2010. bieber fever has descended upon our plaza. the crowd reaching a crescendo. his fans have packed into this plaza since the wee hours of the morning, some getting here more than a day ago for a concert that will take up an entire half-hour of our program. it will happen in just about 30 minutes. we're going to talk to the 15-year-old sensation in just a few minutes as well. i think they love justin bieber. >> i think so. >> probably the biggest crowd we've had, let me just say. >> jonas brothers maybe. >> oh, i love them! >> so nice.
8:01 am
also ahead, a lot of people love her, a lot of people don't. kate gosselin split with jon about a year ago and has been raising their eight kids, getting a new look, writing a book and "dancing with the stars." very, very busy lady. this morning, kate is here to talk to us about it all. that's coming up. then a programming note, on monday the evolution of this man right here, al's going to have -- i think it is a fascinating look at really your dealing with issues concerning your weight over the years. as we look at some of the images, it's been a complete transformation. but it has not been easy. >> no, it's not. anybody who struggles with this knows. there's both emotional and physical issues to deal with. we'll talk about that. we were supposed to run it thursday but since i went down to pensacola, we pushed it back. let's go inside. ann has a check of all the headlines. thanks, good morning.
8:02 am
in the news today, bp will test weather a containment cap placed over the gushing oil well in the gulf of mexico last night is working. on this broadcast this morning, a top bp official said at least some of the oil is being captured. >> there is flow coming up the pipe just now. i don't know the exact rate. we'll know that shortly but we do have flow going up the system right now and a bit later this morning we'll probably be able to start to measure that. then as the day moves forward, we'll successively try to optimize the system until we get a minimum amount of leakage out of this containment system. meantime, president obama today makes his third trip to the gulf for an update an the leak and its impact. a programming note, tonight a "dateline" special on the disaster in the gulf will be aired at 9:00, 8:00 central time right here on nbc. nbc news has learned that israel is considering ways to ease its naval blockade of gaza, both to salvage peace talks and prevent another clash at sea
8:03 am
like the one on monday. israel's president met with special enjoy george mitchell. officials said netanyahu will consider letting u.n. or other international inspections of future relief ships to make sure they do not carry weapons or other contraband. meantime, thousands of israelis gathered today in a show of support for the blockade of gaza. at the same time, iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, called this week's israeli raid barbaric. this morning, defense secretary robert gates on a trip to asia said south koreans should be reassured their alliance with the u.s. will ensure their security against north korea. however, he said he believes south korea may not seek a u.n. resolution over the sinking of one of its patrol boats because it's concerned about its increasing tension on the korean peninsula. a dutchman arrested and released twice in the disappearance of an american teenager was arrested thursday in chile. police say joran van der sloot is the main suspect in the
8:04 am
murder of a woman in peru last weekend. frighten is moments in ft. worth, texas on thursday when the front landing gear on a small plane would not fully extend before a landing. the gear collapsed during an emergency landing but the pilot and the passenger later walk away unhurt. it is now 8:04. time to go back
8:05 am
good morning. we have the cloud cover breaking up and temperatures at this hour into the mid-70s and it will climb to near 90 by mid-to late afternoon and it's going to be a humid day. we have a possibility of scattered storms developing late this afternoon into this evening. probably won't be as severe as yesterday. we have a chance of strong to severe storms in the middle of the afternoon into the evening. storms could produce wind damage and hail tomorrow. >> i don't know, but i have a hunch they may be calling for bieber. meredith. >> i think so, al. but up next, kate gosselin on
8:06 am
her new show after "dancing with the stars." okay, okay, we'll talk about him, too! brace yourself, we have him live on the plaza. haha, here already? i got another 300 miles in me. sure you do, honey. come on guys, give me a hand. we can make it to paper clip mountain! looks like somebody needs a comfort inn. hi, reservation for the carter family? ahh yes. your room is ready. [ female announcer ] free high-speed internet... relaxing pool... cozy beds and free breakfast with hot waffles. need to relax after a long day of vacation? comfort inn. now stay two times with comfort inn or any choice hotel... and you can earn a $50 restaurant gift card. book now at uh, maybe we should've asked for directions after all. busted! [ male announcer ] enjoy mcdonald's crispy, juicy, made with white meat chicken mcnuggets and celebrate the fun of dreamworks new "shrek forever after." [ donkey ] i'm lovin' it! time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water.
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back now at 8:10 with what has been a year full of drama, divorce and a little dancing mixed in for kate gosselin. this sunday she'll return to television. we've had a chance to sit down and talk about all the things that have happened in your life from separation to divorce, custody battles, new hairdo, new book, new reality show, the kids. talk to me about what this year has been for you on an emotional level, the journey you've traveled. >> this has definitely been a year. there's been so much change. there's been so much unexpected things. obviously that came our way. there's been so much good. i think the kids and i have had a chance really by this point to step back and really learn about ourselves and pull together as a unit and you know, we're getting there. >> you said at the start of 2010
8:11 am
your life was in shambles. >> it really was. it was a year of 2009 may be one that i'd prefer to erase if i could. 2010 was the marker for me that it was going to be a better year and the shambles no more and we were moving forward. and so far, i feel like we're in a good place. >> yet in april there was a little bit of a setback because jon filed papers, he wanted full custody of the kids, the eight children. where does that stand, kate, at this point? >> at this point john has rescinded on that. he's dropped the custody battle. at this very moment things are peaceful. he's amicable at this moment. i never know when that's going to change. it changes often. >> you always in the back of your mind worry about that? >> i do worry every day where we're going to be. at this very moment the kids are spending time with him at his apartment. i feel like things are moving along the way they should in more of a normal, if you can call it that, divorce situation.
8:12 am
and generally speaking, things are good at this moment. >> june 12th would have been your 11th wedding anniversary. that going to be a hard day for you? >> you know, not really. to me, i feel like it's just another day in this year of positivity and moving forward. i'm not going to sit and spend really a whole lot of time thinking about what could have been, what would be. i'm going to plunge ahead, as is customary for me just to move ahead and move on and think good thoughts. >> i know that jon has moved on in terms of his personal life. just saw a picture of him with a new girlfriend, the kids. it looked like he was introducing her to the kids. have you been able to move on? >> no. i don't feel like it's time. i feel like my kids need so much of me that i need to be there with them. personally, i don't feel ready to move forward. at some point, i'm sure that i
8:13 am
will. but the kids even talk about it. they bring it up. they wonder am i going to get married again and all of those things. i'm open and i talk to them about it, but jon's decisions remain his decisions. it's just for me to help the kids deal with it. >> but there's an interesting moment -- go ahead. finish your thought. >> it is just hard. they come home and i have to discuss things with them that, you know, they ask me questions, where his girlfriends are concerned. it is just a situation that i have to deal with with them. >> but there is a moment in the special where you are at the up-fronts for tlc for the cable network. sort of promoting your new shoes for now and in the fall. you pass a bunch of girls that are in bridal gowns and you ask them if they're married. when they say no, you basically say keep it that way. are you jaded about marriage, ever marrying again or is that just for the cameras? >> you know, i think whenever i meet a young girl now i think my
8:14 am
challenge to them is be really sure. i got married very young and i just want to be that person in their ear saying, be really, really, really sure. and what's the rush to get married young? that would be my advice to my daughters. i'm already telling them 30 and beyond. >> you wish you had made that choice now in retrospect. >> i do. i do. >> your show is coming back, "kate plus eight." it is going to be a series of specials. were you worried about exposing the kids again, whether they want this to happen? >> i was not worried in the least. i was so glad to open the door and have our crew come in the door and you'll see it in the special how the kids -- i didn't tell them who was coming. i opened the door and they screamed and shouted and attacked them. that to them is a very healthy, normal and they were thrilled to get back and go to florida. they can't wait to see what we have coming this summer. i am very happy that i was able to put that back in their lives.
8:15 am
there's nothing negative about it. >> did it help -- you're saying it was almost providing a rock for the kids. same for you, as well? >> yes. i love our crew. the cameras are off and the cameras are on and i love them, the cameras are off and they're helping me around the house and my crew is an all-man crew and they know i have a list for them when they come, can you move this heavy box here, can you do that? they can't help me enough. for that, they are family. they are absolute family. some of our production assistants come and baby-sit my kids sometimes even. and it's family. it was putting back something that was positive from 2009 back into 2010 and i can't say enough. >> i got to let you go but very quickly, there is a scene in the special where you break down crying when you're talking about the transition you're making from being a stay-at-home mom to now a career mom, workingi inmo and also celebrity, for better or worse. >> you know, it is hard to say
8:16 am
good-bye to those quiet, peaceful moments from years ago. but i'm a mom who has to have a career or a job. all moms have bittersweet feelings about that. it is just about walking through it and dealing with it. whatever my kids need i'll do. that's what moms do. >> kate gosselin, always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> good luck with the shows, too. catch the remere of "kate plus eight" sunday night on tlc. bieber fever has hit a fever pitch here out on the plaza! lot of screaming girls. brenna came all the way from boston. she's a huge, huge fan. since you're such a big bieber fan, we've got some bieber trivia for you. justin's hit single "baby" features which rap artist? flo rida, ludacris, lil wayne or kanye west? >> ludacris. >> we'll keep you all guessing because we'll have the answer and also talk to justin bieber himself right after this. at cvs/pharmacy.
8:17 am
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8:20 am
i thought we were friends, gary. i really needed the space. you got the same carseat in there, gary. wait right there while daddy puts all this stuff back in the car. when this kind of thing happens, when another parent tries to copy your style, you just have to be the better man. [ male announcer ] meet the family and the new sienna on youtube. toyota. back now with our massive crowd that's descended on rockefeller plaza. they're waiting because in just a couple of minutes justin bieber is going to be on the stage. let's see if you all are really truly fans. before the break i asked you a trivia question. justin's hit single "baby" features which rap artist? >> ludacris!
8:21 am
>> ludacris? all right. because the question was flo rida, ludacris, lil wayne or kanye west. you are absolutely right. what's your name? >> margot. >> where did you come from? >> new jersey. >> what time did you get here? >> we got here last night. we came at 4:00 in the morning. >> a lot of people camped out overnight. guess what? you are going to get to see justin bieber here in just a few minutes but he's inside with matt right now. >> the sensation began three short years ago when his mom posted some voes on youtube. at the right open age of 16 justin bieber is on top of the music world, two hit albums, a north american tour and of course that famous hair. his latest album is "my world 2.0." justin, good morning. >> good morning! good to be here. >> is it all good? when you look at what's happening out there on the plaza and the fact that your life has changed completely in three years, is it all good or is there a downside? >> i mean most of the stuff is good. i get to travel the world, live my dream. but like there's definitely down sides like i'm away from my
8:22 am
family, like some of my family and my friends. >> if you want to go to a movie with a friend, can you just go out and do that? >> i mean usually. >> really? >> if i have kenny with me, my security. >> if you want to go to -- you want to take a run in central park, that's worth your life? >> yeah, a little bit. >> do you miss a anonymity, that just three years ago people would say maybe he is a cute kid but they didn't know who you were? >> it's pretty crazy that now i go out and i'm always asked for autographs and stuff. but it is kind of what i signed up for. >> you released an album. it went crazy. five months later you released your second album. do you ever worry you're releasing too much, too soon, that you should pace yourself a little bit more? >> i think that we wanted to split it up. it is kind of like one album but we split it up with two separate parts kind of to keep the buzz going. i don't know what they did, i
8:23 am
kind of do what i'm told. >> longevity. people talk about there are some artists who get white-hot, that's great. but then they have to be careful not to fizzle out. how do you start to chart your career? what are you looking at? where do you want to be five years from now? >> you know, i want to be an artist that doesn't just come out with one song and then they're done. i want to be able to like you said, have longevity, have my fans grow with me and just not just be a teen artist but kind of move up and be an adult artist. >> do you look at some other artists out there, other recording artists, people that you admire not for the music necessarily but for the way they've conducted themselves and handled the business or career side of things? >> for sure. justin or usher, for example. they both have started when they were like my age and look at them today. they're constantly like doing stuff.
8:24 am
justin timberlake's into movies now and is doing -- >> is that your dream? you want to branch out a little bit more? >> yeah, for sure. >> usher i know you mentioned, he's somewhat of a mentor of yours. i also know you had a birthday not long ago. is it true he gave you a range recovery for your 16th birthday? >> yep. >> he did? could you do me a favor, tell him i'm going to turn 53 on december 30th? >> yeah, i'll tell him. >> you promise? >> yeah. >> have you had a chance to even use that car? >> i was just in atlanta, i was driving it around. >> you have a full license? >> no, i have my permit. my mom was in the saengs seat. i wasn't too cool. >> that's pretty cool. it is a brand-new range recovery. you want to do something here in a second? why don't we just take a walk. >> first i have to show you my matt lauer impression. ready? >> okay, go ahead. >> the legs. you're missing the legs here. i don't know why i do that. >> it's cool though. this is my matt lauer impression. >> so in 40 years you can have this job.
8:25 am
i want to walk with you. i want to take you outside. if three years ago we took this same walk, silence. let's hear what happens today as we do this. >> all right, let's go. >> people have been coming here, justin, they started getting here i think some got here over a day ago. >> wow. >> there were about ten young ladies sleeping out -- wednesday night. they slept out thursday night as well. the rest of the bedlam started sometime around midnight last night. careful, jimmy mott. >> that's crazy. >> make a left right here. >> this noise you're hearing, that's not for me. >> that's not? i always thought it was. >> no, that's not for me. you go first.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
ask. >> scattered sunshine and tomorrow we could get severe to strong storms. up near 90 in the humidity. could get thundershowers. highway is the traffic? >> the inner loop is conyefted out of springfield towards 66. the earlier accident we had on 395 northbound has been cleared and as kwu key 3 springfield we are looking much better. >> get all your news, weather, and traffic earlier 8:30 now on this friday
8:29 am
8:30 am
morning, june 4th, 2010. the wait is almost over. justin bieber was here back in october. it was his first live performance. now he's getting ready to launch a north american tour and is going to take to our concert stage in a moment. for a full half-hour. he was just out here rehearsing and the kids are going crazy. >> we've got two big concerts
8:31 am
lined up next week, christina aguilera will be here on tuesday. next friday, one of our favorites, rascal flatts will be taking our summer stage. >> a great summer. >> but it is bieber fever today. we a're doing "what do you care about today." tell us about a group that's doing great work in your community. we're talking mom and pop, lower organizations, people who do wonderful work. one lucky winner will receive a $100,000 grant fr. >> come over here, guys. their new movie "get to the greek" opens today.
8:32 am
>> thank you very much. >> it is our co-starring debut. >> i need to go see justin bieber. i got bieber fever. >> i know. >> we were coming here anyways. we didn't know about the interview. >> you guys have some physical scenes together that are more an bieber fever. we can't really show them on morning television. >> yeah.
8:33 am
8:34 am
good morning. we have another warm morning under way and into the 70s and the sunshine has broken out over the last hour or so and will be near 90. 75 in washington and humidity is high. we have a chance of scattered afternoon or evening thundershowers. doesn't appear as severe as yesterday. tomorrow we could get storms that could produce danieling winds and hail. highs near 90. weaker thundershowers on sunday. >> there's bieber fever but there's also stanley cup fever
8:35 am
in the air. chicago blackhawks lead the philadelphia flyers 2-1 games. if you saw wednesday's game, you saw just how exciting hockey can be. >> score! >> all right. brendan shanahan, a three-time stanley cup winner, nhl's vice president of hockey and business development, good to see you. what are we going to be looking for for this next game? >> it's exciting. philadelphia's made it a series. got another big one on sunday night, 8:00 on nbc. >> when you talk about this time of the playoffs, this is what it all comes down to. what do the players think? >> it is a dream come true for these guys. unlike other sports where it's rings or things like this, everybody just wants to get their name on this trophy. >> it is really exciting. thank you so much. game four tonight. catch game five sunday at 8:00 eastern right here on nbc. all right, ladies and gentlemen, coming up next -- bieber fever! justin bieber.
8:36 am
but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> announcer: the "toyota concert series" on "today." brought to you by toyota. toyota. moving forward. >> we have been counting down to this moment for two days now. the moment has finally arrived. performing his smash hit, "baby," ladies and gentlemen, justin bieber. ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ whoa ♪ whoa ♪ you know you love me ♪ i know you care
8:39 am
♪ and i would never ♪ not be there ♪ you are my love ♪ you are my heart ♪ and we would never ever ever be apart ♪ ♪ are we an item girl quit playin' ♪ ♪ we're just friends ♪ what are you sayin' ♪ take another look right in my eyes ♪ ♪ my first love broke my heart for the first time ♪ ♪ and now i'm like ♪ baby baby baby oh ♪ i'm like baby baby baby ♪ no i'm like baby baby baby ♪ oh i thought you'd always be mine ♪ ♪ baby baby baby no ♪ i'm like baby baby baby no ♪ i'm like baby baby baby ♪ i thought you'd always be mine ♪ ♪ for you i would have done
8:40 am
whatever ♪ ♪ and no i can't believe we're not together ♪ ♪ and i'm gone play it cool while i'm losin' you ♪ ♪ i'll buy you anything i'll buy you any ring ♪ ♪ cause i'm in pieces so come fix me ♪ ♪ shake me 'til you can wake me from this bad dream ♪ ♪ i'm goin' down down down ♪ i can't believe my love is not around ♪ ♪ i'm like baby baby baby ♪ i'm like baby baby baby ♪ no like baby baby baby ♪ ♪ i thought you'd always be mine ♪ ♪ baby baby baby ♪ oh i'm like baby baby baby no i'm like baby baby baby ♪ ♪ oh i thought you'd always be mine ♪ ♪ i thought that you'd be mine
8:41 am
♪ i see you on facebook all the time ♪ ♪ now you're gone so far gone that i can't even find you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i thought my love would never put no one above us ♪ ♪ baby baby baby ♪ oh i'm like baby baby baby ♪ no i'm like baby baby oh ♪ i thought you'd always be mine ♪ ♪ baby baby baby oh ♪ i'm like baby baby baby no ♪ i'm like baby baby baby oh ♪ i thought you'd always be mine ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ yeah yeah yeah
8:42 am
♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ yeah yeah yeah now i'm all gone gone gone ♪ ♪ i'm gone >> thank you! >> justin bieber, thank you. more music from justin straight ahead. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
and now performing another song from his album "my borworl 2.0," ladies and gentlemen,
8:45 am
justin bieber. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:46 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:48 am
♪  ♪ ♪ >> justin bieber. he's not done. he has one more song. but first, this is "today" on nbc. the gas prices are going down, they go back up again.
8:49 am
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8:50 am
here he is one more time to sing his smash hit" one time," ladies and gentlemen, justin bieber. >> when i say justin, y'all say bieber. justin. >> bieber. >> justin.
8:51 am
>> bieber. >> when i say one, y'all say time. one. >> time. >> one. >> time. ♪ me plus you i'ma tell you one time ♪ ♪ me plus you i'm tell you one time ♪ ♪ me plus you i'm tell you one time ♪ ♪ one time ♪ one time ♪ when i met you girl my heart went knock knock ♪ ♪ how to them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop ♪ ♪ and even though it's a struggle love is all we got ♪ ♪ and we gonna keep keep climbing to the mountain top ♪ ♪ your world is my world ♪ and my fight is your fight ♪ my breath is your breath ♪ and your heart ♪ and girl you're my one love my one heart ♪ ♪ my one life for sure ♪ let me tell you one time
8:52 am
♪ girl i love you girl i love you ♪ ♪ i'm tell you one time ♪ girl i love you girl i love you notes ♪ and i'm be your one guy ♪ you'll be my number one girl ♪ always making time for you ♪ i'm tell you one time ♪ i'm tell you one time ♪ you look so deep you know that it humbles me ♪ ♪ you're by my side them troubles them not trouble me ♪ ♪ many have called but the chosen is you ♪ ♪ whatever you want shawty i'll give it to you ♪ ♪ your world is my world ♪ and my fight is your fight ♪ my breath is your breath ♪ and your heart ♪ and girl you're my one love my one heart ♪ ♪ my one life for sure ♪ let me tell you one time ♪ i'm tell you one time ♪ i'm be your one guy ♪ you'll be be my one girl
8:53 am
♪ always making time for you ♪ i'm tell you one time notes ♪ i'm tell you one time ♪ shawty right there ♪ she's got everything i need ♪ and i'm tell her one time ♪ one time ♪ give you everything you need ♪ down to my last dime ♪ she makes me happy ♪ i know where i'll be ♪ right by your side ♪ cause she is the one ♪ and girl you're my one love my one heart ♪ ♪ my one life for sure ♪ let me tell you one time ♪ i'm tell you one time ♪ and i'm be your one guy ♪ you'll be my number one girl ♪ always making time for you ♪ i'm tell you one time ♪ i'm tell you one time
8:54 am
>> justin bieber, thank you. our concert is not over yet. we'll have one more song from justin coming up making a lot of girls very happy here on the plaza. but first, your local news and weather. and then more justin bieber.
8:55 am
>>. >> 8:56 is your time and you are looking at a live picture under hazy skies.
8:56 am
we will see it if storms are on the way. the strong storms left their mark on several homes in northern virginia. a 60-foot tree came through the roof of a house injuring a teenag teenager. we will take a break and have weather and traffic when we come back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> sunshine and it's humid and should make it to 90. scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms. i don't think they as severe. we could have more wind damage and hail from strong storms and highs near 90. on sunday, weaker thundershowers may come through early to mid-afternoon. how is the traffic now? >> the worst of the beltway delays will be out of virginia
8:59 am
leaving springfield for 66 and up towards the tollroad. the pace out of maryland is improving past university boulevard towards 29. which you are over to connecticut, you are back to the split speed limit. split speed limit. >> get your news, weather, split speed limit. >> get your news, weather, navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
9:00 am
♪ ♪ ne-never say never ♪ ne-never say never ♪ never say never never never never ♪ >> thank you! you're the best fans in the world. thank you so much. >> we're back now with more of "today" on this 4th day of june,
9:01 am
2010. not the heat that the crowd is suffering from, but bieber fever. justin bieber, justin, that's just amazing. >> thank you very much. >> this is just a glimpse of what you're going to see. >> xbox factory is sponsoring a tour starting in a couple weeks. >> what's the tour going to be like? >> the tour will have like fancy lights and a lot of like magic stuff. very cool. >> i can't imagine, a all the performances you do, you get a lot of down time. but when you do, i know these girls want to know, what is it you like to do? >> i just like to hang out with my friends. i'm a regular kid. i like to go to the movies and stuff.
9:02 am
>> when you are performing like this, you see these crowds with just thousands of fans, what do you thinking when you're performing? >> i'm just thinking about all the girls here and making them smile. >> well, i got to tell you -- >> you've changed so much. when you were here the last time, you had a big crowd, but to see the size of this, it's unbelievable. how has your life changed? >> it's changed a lot. i've been traveling around the world, getting to live my dream. it's been the best. >> justin bieber -- thank you so much. it is good seeing you. justin, thank you. thank you, young man. still to come, we're going to be talking about going paperless. >> it could make your life so much simpler. >> though i got justin bieber's autograph. i'm not throwing that away. also, giada delaurentiis
9:03 am
will be with us. >> let's go inside and get et latest news from ann curry. good morning, everybody. in the news, bp says today that a containment cap placed over the leaking gulf of oil oil well in mechanics -- gulf of mexico oil well last night is capturing some oil. a company official said testing later today should determine just how much of the oil is being recovered through a pipe connected to the cap. meantime, tar balls have now washed ashore in pensacola, florida. there are more heartbreaking scenes. about 30 oil-covered brown pelicans were found thursday on an island off the louisiana coast. they were removed from the endangered species list just last year. we'll have special coverage of this disaster in the gulf on "dateline," 9:00, 8:00 central time here on nbc. new figures this morning show the nation's unemployment rate dipping to 9.7% in may. that's a drop of br.2% from the month before. the economy added 431,000 jobs
9:04 am
in may but most of those were temporary jobs. toxic cadmium was found in the paints designs of mcdonald's shrek cups. people who bought the cups should stop using them. the throat of fire volcano in ecuador on thursday forced evacuation of two small towns. no injuries were reported by ash clouds have shut down the nation's main airport. and an annual right of passage this week for both people and for ducks. a mother duck has been hatching her eggs in the courtyard of a pennsylvania retirement home for the last ten years. and when they're old enough, the duck parade is then escorted through the home and across the street to a nearby pond where presumably they play a game of duck-duck-goose. adorable. it is now four minutes past the hour.
9:05 am
>> temperatures around 80 degrees and oornd 90 in the afternoon. another humid day on the way. 77 in washington and upper 70s to near 80. near 90 by mid-afternoon and late afternoon into the evening we could get scattered thundershowers and not as severe as yesterday, but we could get strong storms that could produce
9:06 am
damaging winds and hail. hot and >> that's your latest weather. al, thank you. joran slander slow the is in custody in south america arrested thursday in chile after crossing the border from peru. he's facing murder charges in the death of 21-year-old stephany flores and has long been suspected in the disappearance of american natalee holloway in 2005. nbc's michelle kosinski is in santiago, chile with new details. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. when you think of the natalee holloway case, the fact that it is still unsolved, there's always been that question there of what really happened, what was joran van der sloot's involvement. but now with this, he is suspected of a brutal murder. this young woman found in his hotel room, her next broken. it almost even looks like a flackback to five years ago. joran van der sloot under arrest again. but this time for murder.
9:07 am
nabbed by police in chile during an international manhunt, caught in a taxi after crossing the border from peru on monday. at one point hiring this driver. >> translator: he was silent. he was preoccupied. he was smoking too much. he told me that he came from lima and he was coming to chile for tourism. >> reporter: but back in peru in his hotel room, police would ntw discover the battered body of stephany flores, her next broken, until monday. they say van der sloot left four hours later. at stephany's burial thursday, the grief intense. her father got down on one knee for a farewell kiss to his beloved daughter. yet news of van der sloot's arrest brought some comfort here. >> translator: he can pay for this crime that he committed against my daughter who is at peace, against the soul of this girl who died in aruba, and who
9:08 am
up until now has not rested in peace. >> reporter: investigators believe stephany was not sexually assaulted and that they have incriminating evidence against van der sloot. in the dutch press, one of his friends speculated that if joran was her killer, the crime was possibly more about money saying joran had been asking friends for financial help. now the once-promising college-bound son of a judge is in custody for what two families hope is the last time. in different countries, but strangely similar cases. joran van der sloot accused of a murder police believe happened five years to the day after alabama teenager natalee holloway disappeared in aruba, her body never found, she, too, last seen with him. her mother beth offered sympathy in a statement to the flores family and called for "swift and sure justice." as we speak, joran van der sloot is being expelled from chile
9:09 am
soon to be handed over to authorities in peru. on top of all of this, charges were filed against him. >> stephany's brother ricardo flores with with us exclusively from purr rueeru along with his. we are so, so sorry for your loss and we cannot say that enough. tell me how your family is coping this morning, ricardo. >> they are very, very sad and it is a hard time for us. >> as we just saw in our report from michelle kosinski, there was such an emotional scene with your father as he leaned down to kiss stephany good-bye. so hard to see that. how is he doing this morning?
9:10 am
>> he is more calm. we believe that my dad's passing he is going to be with. >> when word came that stephany was missing, what was your initial reaction? >> that day we thought that somebody kidnapped her and when the time was passing and we didn't hear nothing about the possible kidnappers, for us it was like very hard. many things pass cross our mind. >> how would you like your sister, stephany, to be remembered, and rocio, your sister-in-law? >> well, she was a friendly person. she had a lot of friends.
9:11 am
she was very kind. she was very affectionate. really, she was a great girl. >> she was only 21, ricardo. she still has so much life. what were her hopes and dreams? >> she wanted to do business where she can involve people from our country and she told me that she wanted to do that also in the countries that are in our region. >> well, we are again so sorry for you and she was such a beautiful young girl. ricardo flores, rocio dominguez, thank you so much for being with us. we're back with more of "today" right after this. perstar and mom, martina mcbride and sunny d
9:12 am
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9:15 am
>> why do some people have reservations about doing this? >> people are worried about security. they like doing it the way they've always done it. we are creatures of habit. what you find is once people make the switch, they wish they had done it years before. >> the benefits? >> you have much, much less clutter. you don't have the bills piling up in your house and you really can't minimize the psychic hurt that you experience when you have all of that paper around you. people -- you become paralyzed. you are moving big chunks of your money out of your checking account using this paper to somebody else. it's very, very difficult to get over. >> and it hurts the environment. >> that's actually the benefit that the people -- a payment corporation did this study. they were looking for a big green benefit. instead what they found is that people told them i am happier once i get this clutter out of my life, and i'm a more satisfied customer of my banks,
9:16 am
my cable company and everybody else who i patronize this way. >> what about safety concerns? a lot of people are worried they see these news stories that somebody's hacked into a bank's computer or something like that. >> it's actually safer. the reason that it's safer is that once you're paperless and are banking online and doing everything else online, you tend to look at your money four times more often than people who bank the old-fashioned way. looking is the best way to know if you've been a victim of identity theft but you do have to take precautions. you could not bank when you take your laptop and you go to a starbucks. you want to do this from your home computer with a landline. make sure you've got your fire wall set up, and when you set up your passwords, they need to be ten characters long with letters and numbers, no information that somebody who reads your facebook page is going to be able to guess. >> and then also, most people -- most identity theft doesn't it happen from paper statements? >> that has been the trend. so getting rid of the paper means that you're no longer
9:17 am
going to be a victim of these dumpster divers, as they call them. but we can get our credit report three times a year, for free, by going to just do that because that's the easiest way to see what's going on in your file. >> is there an economic benefit? >> absolutely. not only do you save a lot of time, it only takes 15 minutes to bank online every month versus two hours if you write checks by hand. you save about $60 a year on stamps. and again, you're doing good things for the environment as well as for yourself and your psyche. >> and there is a certain satisfaction in that you get things done much quicker. >> if you want to make yourself as happy as possible, you not only do this online, you do it immediately. you don't wait to pay a bill. as soon as that bill comes, you deal with it, you get it done, you've taken control, you're driving rather than have somebody else driving for you. and that makes people substantially happier. >> you can focus on other things. because if you've got recurring bills, say your cable bill or
9:18 am
something that's a constant, you can set up a monthly automatic payment. >> right. then you know that you won't be late. one of the reasons that bill paying costs people so much additional money is just the late fees, the extra interest for not dealing with things. if you're one of those people that shoves bills in your purse, carries them around with you, you don't deal with them until a month too late, you're paying $30, $40 extra that you don't have to be pay. >> you were talking to my wife in the green room! >> yes, i was! we're going to get deborah online. >> i've been trying. if you can do it, i will give you 100 bucks right here. >> i couldn't get my own mother online. it took a member of her generation to do it so i will try and do it for you. >> jean chatzky, thanks so much. a look back at the life of one of our favorite "golden girls," rue mcclanahan. and just ahead, another song from justin bieber. but first these messages. ♪
9:19 am
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9:22 am
she is best remembered playing the sassy blanche devereaux on the hit show "the golden girls." rue mcclanahan died on thursday after suffering a stroke. nbc's janet schamlian takes a look back at her life. >> reporter: she started off broadway in the 1960s. making the move to television a decade later, in the series "maude." >> are you folks from out of town? >> yes -- no -- which town would you like us to be out of? >> reporter: but for emmy award winning actress rue mcclanahan, the role of her life came in the '80s. ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ >> reporter: it was the hit series "golden girls" where her star would shine brightest. >> let's rent an adult video, drink mimosas and frempb kiss the fellas. >> reporter: she was a saucy southern belle, blanche devereaux. this interview with the archive of american television. >> blanche is a man-crazy,
9:23 am
glamorous, extremely sexy and successful with men southern belle from atlanta, georgia. >> reporter: her personal life was spicy. she was married six times. >> my third husband i shouldn't have married. yeah, that was a big mistake. >> reporter: the 76-year-old was treated for breast cancer in 1997. she had heart bypass surgery last year. her death yesterday in new york followed a stroke and brain hemorrhage. >> my body is limp with exhaustion. i suppose all the greats knew this feeling. >> reporter: the golden years had taken their toll on the quartet. 88-year-old betty white is the sole living actress of the group and said of her friend's death -- rue was a close and dear friend. it hurts more than i even thought it would. after the show was canceled, mcclanahan went on to a number of other roles promoting one of them on "today," she reflected back. >> why do you think it's
9:24 am
resonated for some years? >> it's about friendship and it's about love. >> reporter: rue mcclanahan leaves behind one son, millions of fans, and a legacy of love and laughter. >> what do you have to say for yourself? >> damn, i'm good. >> reporter: for "today," janet schamlian, nbc news, los angeles. >> she was. she had the best lines, i thought, in "golden girls." >> blanch e we was a larger tha life character. >> we have a lot more coming up, including some beauty solutions. but first, your local news and weather. [ woman ] dear cat. gentle cat. your hair mixes with pollen and dust in the air. i get congested. my eyes itch. i have to banish you to the garden. but now with zyrtec-d®,
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>> 9:26 is the time and 81 degrees out there. it will be a hot and humid day and storms as well. tom will have the forecast after the news. in the news a heads up if you are taking metto this weekend. add a half hour to your tripe because of construction on the new silver line. there will be no service between the east falls church and westphals church station. metro will be offering free service between the two stations. we will have
9:27 am
>>ar sunshine back and temperatures near 80 and we have to get near 90.
9:28 am
a chance of storms that could produce maybe just brief frequent lightning and a downpour, but not as severe as yesterday. tomorrow we could get strong storms that produces damaging winds and hail during the afternoon and early evening. highs near 90. weaker thundershowers coming through early to mid-afternoono sunday to be followed by drier and cooler weather. how is the traffic? >> not doing too badly. 14th street with heavy traffic because of official activity that has taken place. delay lays on the freeway and heading west from college park to sill veer spring. a car stopped in the right lane. back to you. >> get all your news, weather and traffic earlier. tune in at 4:30 for the
9:29 am
9:30 am
that's what's going on around the
9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
9:34 am
>> temperatures near 80 and the sky is hazy and we have the humidity. 77 in washington and we will climb to near 90 by mid-afternoon. passing thundershowers late this afternoon into this evening and not as severe as yesterday, but we might have winds and hail with passes thunderstorms. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up next, beauty solutions to keep you looking great in this heat and humidity right after this. [ female announcer ] right now when you stay two times with comfort suites or any choice hotel,
9:35 am
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9:38 am
this morning on "today's woman," beauty secrets to help us survive the summer. between the heat and humidity, summer weather seems to cause the perfect storm of hair, makeup and skin problems. but it doesn't have to according to linda wells. she's the editor in cleef of "allure" magazine. linda, good morning. a lot of people write you, e-mail you, asking you questions about this among your readers. >> that's right. they're obsessed with the idea of looking good but being able to have fun and not being obsessed. you don't want to be a person who can't go in the water and can't go in the sun and can't have fun but you want to look good. there are real simple things you can do to deal with the humidity, the sun, chlorine, salt, all those things that are conspiring against you. >> let's look at these concerns one by one. some people are concerned about their nail polish turning yellow in the summer. >> pale colors, it is the sun. pale colors turn yellow.
9:39 am
it is like when you put a newspaper outside and it turns yellow. you can really go dark rather than fight it. it is a little countertutive and it looks good and edgy in the summer. dark, almost purply-blue color. then you don't match your clothes. >> that's very hip and young. our daughters are doing that. >> that's opi called siberian nights. >> another factor is, they're concerned about in the heat their eye shadow tends to crease more? is that right? >> if you wear powder eye shadow, it creases more. the idea is that in the heat you think you'll put on powder to counteract the heat and humidity but it gets caky, creasy. instead of fighting it, go with something that's a cream. these new products, this is laura mercier. it has silicone in it and the silicone locks on to your skin. jane iredale mineral cream colors hang on to your skin better, too. >> good job, alexis.
9:40 am
you even closed your eyes. looks beautiful on you. the other thing i hear about all the time from my friends is frizzy hair in the summer. you actually have a solution. >> we do. it is our "allure" readers' biggest complaint is frizzy hair. the idea is not to iron or torture your hair, just go with it. alexis has her hair up. then wear a cotton band. this is by jennifer baer. >> you've actually pinned the hair band at the bottom. that's one of my problems, it always slides up. >> easy to pin it. it looks good. >> perfect. thank you so much. now, pool hair is another factor. a lot of -- especially blondes worry about hair turning green. >> chlorine has an oxidizing agent in it and it turns green and shows up on light hair. i always have green hair every summer i was on the swim team. you can put on conditioner. i didn't do that.
9:41 am
put on conditioner, this is chlorine conditioner. what's nice is this kind of bakes in the sun and gives you a real treatment. but if that feels like too much, you don't want to wear conditioner in the pool, just soak your hair in fresh water and it plurms mps up the cuticl. >> what about melting makeup? >> that is an issue. that's the idea of wanting to wear creams so you actually get a glow rather than fighting it with pouders. rather than wearing powder bronzer which a lot of women like but it can look a little dirty, try using a cream color. this is brick color, smear it on. it gives you a little sun-kissed glow without the heaviness of bronzer. >> i think we only have time for one more thing. have you a suggestion for basically oily skin? >> right. if you wear sunscreen sometimes you can break out. you want to look at the package and fine one that sais like thi
9:42 am
neutrogena. >> we're happy to see you, linda wells. thank you. coming up next, going tropical for your summer entertainment. giada delaurentiis has some good ideas, including fish tacos. heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet... and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with bifidus regularis is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. mmmm. the new taste is better than ever. and with only 70 calories activia light helps make it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia!
9:43 am
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9:45 am
( laughter ) push it down. push it down. thank you for helping. it's amazing what you can make out of a rainy day. childhood is calling. this morning, we're cooking with giada who was inspired by the tropics. with many warm weekends ahead, giada has ideas for a tiki-themed summer indicating menu featuring fish tacos. good to see you. >> good morning, al. >> you say this is not that difficult. a lot of the stuff that's ready available. >> yes. >> you can change up your entertaining. >> it is going to seem like a lot of steps. there are a few but they're very simple. i start by brushing wontons. you can get these in the refraj rated section of in your grocery
9:46 am
store. a lot of things you can do with them. brush with canola oil on both sides. put it in a little minimuffin -- or regular muffin continue. then you just kind of push the sides like that. you bake it at 375 degrees for five or six minutes. it is really fast so don't just leave it in the oven. they will torch. >> we've got a tiki torch! >> exactly. this is what they look like when they come out. because you oil them, they just pop out. let them cool before you fill them. then, i like to use tilapia. very light and flaky. use any fish that you like to use. i cut it in small pieces like this. just pan-fry it. salt, pepper, little olive oil. cook them up, two minutes. maybe a minute. this is the kind of thing to do last-minute. this you can do two days ahead of time. >> you want the fish freshly cooked. >> definitely. lime juice. olive oil. three tablespoons of olive oil and a little salt.
9:47 am
that is your dressing. this is why i'm saying, it seems like a lot but it is super easy to do. >> you can do this ahead. >> everything. yeah. pretty much. then what i like to do is add some color an some flavor. i do some avocado and i do some mango. you can do any fruit you like. i like a little bit of onion but a very mild onyion favor so i ue skal lons. i like arugula. i mix it all together. assemble this at the last minute. and then, to top it all off, which you don't have to if you don't want to, creme fraiche. wasabe powder to give it a little bit of a kick of flavor. a little bit of salt to bring out the wasabi. mix it together. that's it. this again you can do at the end. that's what they look like. >> you mound this into the cup. >> yes. we don't have one here but there we go. yes. mound it all in.
9:48 am
i usually do the salad first. the fish, and then a dollop of wasabi cream. >> sweet and sort of a little bit of spicy drumettes. i marinade them in lime juice, then i take them out of the marinade, back them off 400 degrees, 450 for 30 minutes. then what i do is reduce this down so i can brush them at the end and glaze them. >> our nice little tropical drink with little umbrellas. >> yes, fresh pineapple in the blender, rum, agave and lime juice. end with it a little ginger ale. cheers. >> giada delaurentiis. we're going to trade little umbrellas later. but first, since we've got him, one more song from teen heartthrob justin bieber.
9:49 am
9:50 am
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9:51 am
we've got hoda and kathie lee. i don't know why they're not here. >> throwing somebody under the bus. wow! >> we'll drink their share in just a couple of minutes. but first, of course, one more song from justin bieber singing "never say never" from the new album. >> happy weekend, everybody. ♪ never say never ♪ i never thought that i could
9:52 am
walk through fire ♪ ♪ i never thought that i could take a burn ♪ ♪ i never had the strength to take it higher ♪ ♪ until i reached the point of no return ♪ ♪ and there's just no turning back ♪ ♪ when you're heart's under attack ♪ ♪ gonna give everything i have ♪ it's my destiny ♪ i will never say never ♪ i will fight 'til forever ♪ whenever you knock me down i will not stay on the ground ♪ ♪ pick it up pick it up pick it up pick it up ♪ ♪ up up up up up ♪ and never say never ♪ ne-never say never ♪ ne-never say never ♪ i never thought that i could feel this power ♪
9:53 am
♪ hey i never thought that i could feel this free ♪ ♪ i'm strong enough to climb the highest tower ♪ ♪ and i'm fast enough to run across the sea ♪ ♪ cuz there's just no turning back ♪ ♪ when you're heart's under attack ♪ ♪ gonna give everything i have cuz this is my destiny ♪ i will never say never ♪ ♪ i will fight 'til forever ♪ whenever you knock me down i will not stay on the ground ♪ ♪ pick it up pick it up pick it up pick it up ♪ ♪ up up up up up ♪ i will never say never ♪ i will fight ♪ i will fight 'til forever ♪ make it right ♪ whenever you knock me down i will not stay on the ground ♪ ♪ pick it up pick it up pick it
9:54 am
up pick it up ♪ ♪ up up up up up ♪ ne-never say never ♪ ♪ ne-never say never ♪ never never say never ♪ ne-never say never ♪ ne-never say never ♪ ne-never say never ♪ never say never never never never ♪ >> thank you so much! you guys are the best fans in the world. thank you so much. cockledoodledooooo!
9:55 am
i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken.
9:56 am
9:57 am
joo pretty bad damage. are we getting more storms today? >> we will, but not as bad as thes ha hit yesterday. temperatures are exceeding 80 degrees and will like lie hit 90. there is a chance of afternoon and evening thundershowers and they won't be as severe, but they could be in the afternoon and evening. strong storms coming through and near 90. warm and humid and the upper ikts and eak er thundershowers possible. let's check the traffic. huh is it looking? >> late delays request a problem
9:58 am
earlier. here we are on the beltway and broken down car here and delays are gone. >> get your news, weather, and traffic earlier at 4:30. tune in for the day's news, [ static ]
9:59 am
♪ plug and play. now understanding my diabetes is that simple. [ male announcer ] the contour usb meter from bayer. [ nick ] look at this. the software's built right in. how cool is that? [ male announcer ] it's the first meter with plug-and-play technology, helping you transform ordinary testing information into deeper understanding. [ nick ] a meter that plugs into my nonstop life -- that's my simple win. [ male announcer ] the contour usb meter. only from bayer. [ static ]
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. yes, indeedy you made it to dry day, june 4th. we want to give our best wishes to our friend and producer tammy filler who's this far from having her baby. >> we have been on the journey with her. she's due on monday but we don't know what's going to happen now. we thought it would be delivered way early and now -- >> she's miserable. >> uncomfortable. >> the woman's huge. >> she said she can't walk. she waddles around. >> oh, we're praying for you and the baby and dan. we want good news next week. >> there is a story of a woman suing one of the airlines. first of all, everybody sues for everything. >> oh, gosh. >> here's the story.
10:01 am
ginger mcguire woke up -- >> she's 36. >> she was on a flight, fell asleep. everyone got off the plane. they locked the plane up because nobody knew ginger was there. she woke up at 4:00 in the mo morning or something going, "where is everybody"? then she decided to sue for false imprisonment, negligence, emotional distress and breach of contract. >> yeah. but it was a one-hour flight or something like that. it left dulles in virginia, washington, d.c. area and was to arrive in philadelphia at 12:30. >> in the morning. >> she knew what time it was because she looked at the cell phone. why didn't she call someone? >> number one, the airline should have walked the aisle. >> it's late. everybody's tired. >> but since they didn't, they made a mistake, when she wakes up, she should have called 9-1-1 instead of not calling for help. instead, she's suing.
10:02 am
i think everybody is suing for everything. >> i'm sick of the victimization stuff. it crowds out the people who are truly suffering and deserve to have a lawsuit. >> what was the other lawsuit? was someone else suing for something? >> lindsay lohan. >> way to go, sarah. >> what was the other one? >> the e-trade -- >> oh, the baby. >> the woman who said she was too pretty to work at citibank. they said she got fired because she was too pretty and she was distracting. she's suing because she said she's too pretty. >> who's got the guts to say that? >> can you imagine? >> are there pictures that they were like -- >> what are you doing? >> i'm sick of frivolous lawsuits and a lot of things. it's friday. you get sick of things. >> it's enough. >> i'm not sick of cody. it it's been a week already.
10:03 am
>> we want to give you a round of applause. >> homerun. way to go, buddy. [ applause ] >> it may have been a fluke. >> so you saw three movies and you'll analyze them today? >> right. we got "get him to the greek," "splice" and "marmaduke." >> is there a person next to you? jill martin? >> bobby tomas. >> cody moved on and claire -- >> oh, my god. you're going to get me in trouble. >> now sarah's jealous. >> i heard he likes blonds. >> he does. you're right. . >> all right. p. >> all right. there is a new thing out there called couch surfing. >> my kids have been doing it for years. >> the deal with couch surfing
10:04 am
is if you want to go overseas you can go overseas -- >> basically mooching off people. and they encourage it. >> go to a million people do it and it's a cheap way to travel and get by. >> people open up their homes for people to come and take up a bed in their home. i guess it's a safety issue that's huge though. i wouldn't want my kids doing it. they have had only one incident in six years. >> yeah. i guess it's a way -- you stay in the youth hostels when you go. i traveled overseas with my brother. we just went wherever. we stayed at a y, a youth hostel. >> didn't pick up parasites? nothing? >> not a thing. it was sad. we should talk about these doughnuts. >> they smell so good. you can have one and i can't. >> it is national doughnut day. >> who knew? >> it's the first friday of
10:05 am
every june every year. >> the nice thing is the chicago salvation army started it in 1938 to honor the women who served doughnuts to soldiers in world war i. >> krispy kreme offers a free doughnut, one per customer. dunkin donuts has a free one when you get something to drink. >> maybe we could get the picture we showed yesterday of hoda after a binge. >> come on. that's rude. >> let's put it up there. that could be you. >> wait. get k.l.g.'s up. get it up there. >> there you go. you eat too many doughnuts and that's what happens. >> that's what happens when you're 100 pounds overweight. >> i wish we had done bobbi. next. >> come on up. >> come on, sweetie. >> we're going from doughnut day
10:06 am
to strappy sandals. >> are you jealous that cody's over there with her? >> no. >> why? what's wrong with my son? >> i have so many e-mails saying, wow, i didn't realize you were really that old. >> oh, my gosh! >> cody, get over there. >> officially i'm a cougar and my friends are reveling in that fact. >> this is what i come on the show for. >> beautiful women. >> beautiful women all around. hoda and you -- well, your my mo -- you're my mother. >> and any lady that knows when you put on new shoes you can get blister, so a rub relief stick. this sounds awful. you put it on an area that's rubbing and it's fantastic.
10:07 am
>> it puts a barrier. >> a barrier between your shoe and skin. >> oh, it does. >> that's smart. >> even christine can attest to heeltastic, something my friends turned me onto. this is an on it meaintmentoint. two nights and your skin is super soft. >> it's lemony. >> it's great. last but not least you may see my flashing fingernails. these metallic manicures are all the rage with celebrity. now they are offering a diy kit. peel this on, rub it and file it down. then you can peel it off when you're done. >> you're kidding. >> i got this done in 20 minutes last night. [ buzzer ] [ applause ] >> i can do your nails, cody. >> you have to have the twinkly
10:08 am
toes. >> i don't want you going around in new york city with them. >> no. don't do it. >> i'll stick with the beautiful women. >> see you later. >> here's something guys are doing. redbook sent out seven guys to do all kinds of manscaping maintenance. >> stuff women usually go through all the time. they wanted to see how men reacted to it. >> body scrubs, bikini waxes, mani-pedis. >> that's so disturbing. what else? >> hair coloring, tanning. the guy who did the bikini wax drank a bunch of whiskey and said it wasn't so bad. >> yeah, "it wasn't so bad". >> they have no idea. this is one of the covers. adorable. >> chris o'donnell, the cutest guy. look at his kids. >> that's the wholesome cover.
10:09 am
when you flip it you get the cosmo cover. >> the stuff that's the same with a different picture. every month on every magazine since i have been reading them since the 1700s. we still buy them because we haven't solved our problems. >> we never will. hi, sarah. >> we were asking friend ifs your man said he was getting a bikini wax what you would say. demi said, i would laugh my head off. mamma said, ew and then a suspicious, why? >> yes. we agree. >> exactamundo, baby. >> coming up, a great singer, kylie minogue is out with a new video. >> and you will see it here for the first time. we'll be right back. ♪
10:10 am
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10:13 am
♪ all the lovers ♪ that have come before ♪ they don't compare to you >> that was me this morning. you are watching the u.s. tv debut. we are so excited about kylie minogue's latest single "all the lovers." it won't even be in stores until july. >> when you hear the song you just cannot help but move your body. that's a sexy video. i'm sorry. >> and she's here moving her body now. >> hello! >> great to see you again. we're honored to do the debut. >> i'm happy to see you both. >> this is a lot of body slapping and stuff happening here. >> she shot it in downtown l.a. >> i just turned up. >> it's the kardashians. >> must have been fun. this is just a fun kind of dance
10:14 am
song. is that what the c.d. is about? >> e's euphoric with lots of rush moments. it's basically a pop-dance album, but it's emotive. you feel a lot with it. the first single "all the lovers" is a good benchmark of what the album has. >> it reflects where you're at in life. >> life is pretty good right now. >> uh-huh. >> you have faced some serious challenges with your health and everything else. you found love. >> yes. >> that makes a huge difference. you seem to have an attitude which -- you fiercely take things on. >> yeah. >> were you raised that way? >> my parents were very supportive with anything the three kids wanted to do. i really learned a lot about my mother's strength. i think most people grow up with the father being the dominant
10:15 am
figure. but when i was ill and went through all of that, my mom was by my side. she was incredible. >> you will never forget it. >> if i have inherited a tiny bit of that, i'm thankful. >> i remember when you were diagnosed with breast cancer. it was almost five years ago? >> i was diagnosed five years ago. i have a little ways to go yet to have a total -- whoo whoo! >> how are you feeling? great physically? >> yeah. as you know it's just a new normal. >> you do get used to it. we glanced over your love, but you're happy in your love life. >> hello. >> hello. yeah, it's good. >> want to talk about it? >> oh, there he is. >> cute zblmpl! >> who is he? >> the weird thing is he's 6'4" and i'm 5'0". >> a hunk of burning love. >> he's from spain and he's adorable. he's level-headed and kind of -- when i get crazy and caught up
10:16 am
with everything, he'll bring it down to something kind of -- >> keeps perspective for you. >> -- understandable, yeah. >> where did you meet him? >> this is so corny. >> we like it corny. >> i had a line of fragrances and i did one for men. he was the model. >> the model! >> i swear there was no casting couch event. >> this fragrance, we actually have it. you have a couple of them. >> i have a new one. this is -- >> oh, i love the packaging. i loved the other one. this is -- >> that one's pink sparkle. it's for the pink champagne girls. >> ooh, that's beautiful. >> oh, that's beautiful. >> do you love it? >> oh, yeah. >> it's light. >> smells like you. you probably put it on today. oh, my gosh. if you want to smell like kylie minogue and look like her, too, it's in this bottle. >> good luck with everything
10:17 am
with the cd and video. beautiful. >> fantastic. we love to see you. come see us any time. >> up next, a smart way to -- >> spend your summertime. >> first, these messages. hi. i'm emily ilic. i'm going to start the activia 14-day challenge today. problems that i have are, you know, irregularity... i do have some doubts if it works. i think it's really good. um... i like the flavors. i think from being a skeptic in the beginning i do think that activia actually works. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ activia would we eat better? [ rewinding ]
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10:20 am
♪ just spend that money ♪ till the money's all gone >> time for trimming your summer spending. it's easy to get caught up in concerts and entertaining. >> how can you cut costs? the author of "you're so money," live rich, even when you're not. >> so you drop a lot of money going to the movies, something so basic, so pricey. >> add the parking and food. >> dinner and a movie, the best weapon is coupons. for restaurants the best coupons are in
10:21 am
>> they come in the mail. >> you can also print them out. lots of buy one get one free. and you can get $10 coupons worth $25. >> really? >> an easy savings there. >> why doesn't everybody do it? it's free money. >> it is. and you can eat with a companion, bring a friend and eat for free. movies, go to costco or aaa and get discounted movie tickets. my mom gets two for $15. they are good at any movie and regal theaters, a national chain, has family movie day. sometimes they're free during the week. go to >> amazing. let's go to the beach. >> your favorite place. >> tips from the beach, first tip, go to the dollar stores for toys for the kids. they're cheap. i found these goggles for a dollar. they are $8 or $9 elsewhere.
10:22 am
whatever beach gear you need whether it's towels, sunblock, buy it in your town, not where the beach is. the prices are jacked up there. and bathing suits, the best time to buy bathing suits online for the biggest discount is sunday. >> why? >> i guess it's a search. shopittome, an online shopping service found the best deals on sundays for the new bathing suits. we got this one for 50% off. >> are we talking about food? >> again, buy locally. here we are for a backyard barbecue. >> hoda -- >> this is all for me, exactly. >> for the popular snacks and drinks, buy in bulk. make it a byob, booze and byom for meat. for your cups, plasticware, plates, go to the dollar store and stick with white, not the star spangled banner ones. they will last all year round.
10:23 am
>> cheaper. >> travel budgets are getting smaller this year. so whether you're driving around or going on a plane, when you want to book tickets, travel experts say the cheapest deals are on wednesdays. that's the tip for that. for hotel rooms, call the manager on sunday evening. that's because the traffic is quieted down. you can get on the phone directly with the manager and ask for deals. >> what if you go online? do you get a better deal if you go online and book or if you call? >> find the deals online and then call and say, here's what i found, can you beat it? that's usually a third party website. they would rather give you the deal directly. >> that's smart. >> finally, weddings, we have so many to go to in the summer. this is the big trend. gifts of service. what does that mean? wrap up a talent or skill you have and present it in a nice gift for the -- my friends are
10:24 am
getting married this fall. a friend of the family is making wedding invitations. it's a cost saver for the bride and groom. >> and that's her gift. >> bring your flip camera and create nice alternative behind the scene footage or the bride and groom or make the cake if you're a baker. only if you're good. >> good advice. >> coming up next, the results of the ambush makeover. >> and choosing the right wine for your wedding. how many cups is it? six. oh, that's not six yet. whoa. where's the pan? both: over there. ( laughter ) push it down. push it down. thank you for helping. it's amazing what you can make out of a rainy day. childhood is calling. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a new liquid gel.
10:25 am
new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
10:26 am
>> in the news for today, expect delays on the metro. add a half hour to the rip on the orange line because of construction on the silver line. there will be no service between the east falls church and westphals church. metro will be offering free shuttle buses. the newscast is
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back on this dry day and it's time for the reports of the plaza ambush makeovers. >> two lucky ladies were snapped from the crowd for a new look courtesy of our makeover team. stylist to the stars louis fekara and jill martin from us weekly. how did you snap up these ladies? >> i think the theme today is chic and beautiful. we found good-looking women but gave them an incredible look. >> one of our lucky ladies is named judy floyd. she's 70 years old from cheboygan falls, wisconsin. she was married for 48 years, has six children, 19 grandchildren. her daily beauty routine consists of brushing her teeth. i won't go on. she's here with a group of friends. let's listen to the story. >> hello, i'm here with the
10:31 am
whole group and i know judy deserves this. tell us why? >> judy lost her husband a year ago. we have been trying to cheer her up ever since. >> we are going to cheer you up with three hours of pampering. she has 19 grandchildren! that's unbelievable. >> oh, i'm ready for a new look. >> we are going to make you the hottest grandma in the country. >> you bet. >> she was a hottie before. >> here are the bull striders. kathy, linda, tina and liz. keep the blindfolds on until you get the green light. >> i don't know what a bull strider is. >> here's judy before. let's see the new you. ♪ [ cheers ] >> oh, my gosh! come on over. >> come over here. >> wow. >> are you ready? take off the blindfolds. >> oh! >> gorgeous! >> can you believe it? >> do you want to see yourself?
10:32 am
>> i think so. >> i think you do. >> turn around. >> oh, my goodness. i love it. >> awesome. >> don't take this the wrong way, but you don't look like a bull strider. do you know what i mean? what is that? >> well, we walk every day on a golf course called the bull. >> oh, good for you. >> efb nicknamed the -- we have been nicknamed the bull striders. >> the hair is beautiful. >> simple and chic. she had a classic look and i wanted to keep it. so jennifer lawrence gave her a short, layers cut. easy to maintain. her haircolor was beautiful. i just added a little bit. >> i like it. >> what do you think? amazing? >> the eyes are just popping. love it. >> and no offense, but she's the hottest strider now. >> it's white house/black
10:33 am
market. i love this jacket. you can wear it with jeans or dress it up and the skirt is t.j. maxx. >> gorgeous. [ applause ] >> walk over there with your friends. >> our second lady, sharon mcdonald is 42 from garden city, new york. she's been married and has two daughters. she said when she's not trying to blow dry her hair unsuccessfully she puts it in a ponytail. she's with her daughters allison and kelly and her brother brian. let's listen to the story. >> i know you want this for mom. tell us why? >> because she's cool. >> you want her to look cool? >> uh-huh. >> and you want this. tell us why? >> because she signs us up for a lot of stuff and she cooks for us and cleans for us a little bit. >> what great daughters. you told me you are really ready for three hours of pampering. >> it would be wonderful. thank you. >> are you ready to see a whole
10:34 am
new mommy? >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> all righty. sharon is here with her daughters, i told you already. let's take a look at her before. sorry. there was a wine thing that popped up, caught my attention. >> here's sharon. >> wow! ♪ >> oh, my gosh, sharon. >> stop it. >> wow! >> kids, ready? brian, ready? take off the blindfolds. >> wow! >> wow, sharon, turn around. >> oh, my god! it's awesome. very nice. >> oh, my gosh. great job. it's really nice. >> what do you think? >> she doesn't look as old. >> she doesn't look as old as she is? >> louis, tell us about the hair. >> i wanted to keep the look classic. both ladies have beautiful, classic features. this is a simple a-line bob.
10:35 am
we made the upper lip bigger with a neutral liner and filled it in on top. >> so awesome. >> you love the hair? >> and that yellow is her color. >> it's great to have a fun summer dress. this is calvin klein from t.j. maxx. and the necklace is sequins. >> oh, sequins. >> lucky. >> let's bring up judy. >> you both look absolutely gorgeous. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> the reason i was -- something popped in the room. so next up we'll pick the perfect wines for a summer wedding after this. >> i think it was champagne. ♪ going to the chapel ♪ gonna get married e in handy.. for big jobs like this. nice. yeah, just watch... scott towels have unique ridges that soak up everyday spills -- even faster than bounty towels. - i had no idea. - it's cleanup done right.
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[ sniffing ] febreze you plug in to the wall. [ male announcer ] when you plug in a febreze noticeables, it's all that people notice. [ man ] wow. that is amazing. i know. imagine. [ sniffing ] febreze you plug in to the wall. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] from febreze comes noticeables. freshness you'll notice or your money back.
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10:39 am
if you're planning to tie the knot this summer, nothing makes a reception like good music, good food and great wine. >> i'll drink to that. leslie is our resident wine connoisseur, author of "simple and savvy wine guide". >> it's dry day, but for you we'll make an exception. this is usually the expensive part of the wedding. >> the wines i have chosen are under $20 with the exception of just a few bubblies. you don't have to spend a fortune. prosecco is the sparkling wine of choice. it's from italy. grab a big old glass. >> huge. >> a nice amount of breakfast wine. >> i like mine in a vase, but
10:40 am
anyway -- or a fish bowl. >> with a straw. >> that's nice. >> it's lovely and $15 a bottle. you can do this if you're having an outdoor wedding. chill them down, put in a straw and you don't need flutes. >> small enough to hide in the purse for the movies. >> i just slip it right down and it stays. >> if you want to upgrade a little bit and splurge, this is the iron horse. >> it's great. >> fabulous. this is the wedding couvet. it's sparkling wine from california. one of the best producers. >> you have to call it sparkling wine if it doesn't come from the champagne valley. >> i like it sweeter than that. >> this is a gorgeous wine for the head table. >> she wants the straw. >> silverado.
10:41 am
>> think of the weddings in terms of day or night. >> right. >> for day, i like something light like pinot noir or sauvignon blanc. this is a terrific one. >> you may love it. it's a classic. >> i don't. but i like silver ado wine but not this one. >> it's great with fish. >> this is from brancott, pinot noir. >> see the difference in color? >> this is a chardonnay from buena vista. >> oh, buena vista is terrific. >> terrific from california. this is chardonnay, under $20. and this cabernet goes great with red meat dishes. all widely available. >> and under $20. >> now a great idea i love is forget the shower where people get plates and all that stuff.
10:42 am
throw a wine shower. everybody bring a bottle. you all pitch in and buy a cellar and stock them up. >> that is a great idea. she's amazing. >> for alcoholic friends, that's a great one. >> and with wedding cake, look at this beauty. >> we were using this earlier. >> it looked familiar. >> i have seen that cake before. >> it's not real. >> serious? oh, it isn't. >> do you know what though? >> that's okay. >> this is moscato. you need a little bit of sweetness to have it with cake. this is from robert mondavi. under $10 a bottle. >> too sweet for me. >> with cake it's delicious. >> they laughed at mondavi when he tried to have a valley there. we'll be right back with why
10:43 am
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if you are of a certain age and you're still single you have probably heard the line "oh, i have a nice guy for you" way too many times. >> it's time to embrace your age and status. jennifer and alexis can be heard on sirius and xm radio. >> i can't believe you allowed us to come. >> we like you in a weird way. just in a weird way. >> so maureen was saying you go from single to unmarried. there is a transition. >> it's if you want to be rude and i sulting to someone and that's the only thing you can find then you say, oh, she's unmarried. >> it sounds sad. half the people that are married are miserable. >> i never think of myself as unmarried.
10:48 am
what? >> you're divorced. >> but you're of a different culture. when i was growing up there was a spinster sort of -- old maid. >> kathie lee, i think people still have that mindset. >> most people get married. so they assume you should. >> do most people get married? >> i think the majority. >> most people don't stay married. >> but they try it. >> over and over again. >> i thought the jennifer aniston thing was weird. people always look at her and go, poor jennifer aniston. i'm like -- >> i can want find anything wrong with her. there is nothing wrong with her. great life, great career, beautiful, healthy. >> she was married once. >> she was married. >> to a gorgeous man. >> a movie star. >> that's the only thing they can find to be nasty about. >> what do you say when somebody says, oh, you're unmarried? >> usually say it anonymously via the internet. they say i'm an old maid and i
10:49 am
say, that's technically impossible because i'm divorced. think of something else. >> is it because they think there must be something wrong with you? >> sure. i'm unlikable and whatever. which may be true, but -- >> somebody did marry you once. >> and you're happily married, at least that's what you say. >> i love being married. >> that's what she says. >> what do you like about your husband? >> he's a good guy. he's cute. >> did you see the movie "sex and the city 2"? >> no. >> samantha is in her 50s, unmarried and -- >> she has multiple sex partners. >> nothing wrong with that when you're an adult. >> some people think there is something wrong with it. >> what is wrong with it, kathie lee? >> no, i -- >> if you're a man it's great.
10:50 am
then you're hot. >> if you're a woman it makes you shut lutty? >> i think it's okay. >> i'm trying to light a fire under you. >> if you're single and you want to have sex with different people, maybe not in the same night. >> what is wrong with you? ew. >> we were trying to define slut and we figure -- >> speaking of that -- all right, hurry. >> sex with more than one person within 24 hours. >> then you're a slut. >> i am, too. >> you're on the hallmark channel. >> in september we'll have a talk show. >> you, too? >> yeah. >> that's trouble. >> we're looking forward to it. >> have a great weekend. >> up next the fabulous cody
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
♪ >> it's time for our weekend movie preview and something for everyone. >> our own film student cody gifford is here with his top picks. >> hi, cody. three in one day. >> you're busy. >> busy man. >> okay, "get him to the greek" if people saw "forgetting sarah marshall" it's similar. >> it doesn't really have the heart. >> i loved "forgetting sarah marshall." >> yeah. >> we met russell brand. he was a charming guy. we just loved him. i saw the first half hour of this and i found the humor to be raunchy. it wasn't funny to me. >> right. it's more sexual. it kind of goes for the cheaper thrills. >> yeah. >> it follows a rock star coming from great britain to the greek theater in l.a. >> for a comeback concert. >> a 10-year anniversary thing.
10:55 am
it's raunchy, but there are certain moments where they are all hopped up on whatever and -- you know -- i don't want to give too much away. >> i can't watch sex scenes with you. it's weird. >> i know. i'm next to her like looking over and the guys are, you know, this person, that person. >> boinking things. >> i was going to use that same word. >> you can say that. >> "splice" is in theaters. what's that? >> it's the sci-fi thriller for the weekend. >> adrian brody. >> not really his type but he pulls it off well. it's not what you expect from previews. i expected an "alien"-type movie, but it's kind of sick, twisted. it deals with human emotion inside this monster that's been created through a genetic mistake. they try to create a new protein, a new medicine.
10:56 am
>> with harrowing results. >> it's a catastrophic meltdown. >> like a frankenstein thing. >> it is. >> you create something and it turns on you. >> the creature creator mythology is what we learn about you. >> mr. smartypants. >> it turns out the creator is more flawed in the movie. >> real life, too. >> i think so. >> and "marmaduke". >> i think the kids will like it. it's about a talking dog. the parents are not aware that the dog can talk. but the dog -- they moved to the o.c. from kansas. >> culture shock. >> it is. it's like the teenager is dealing with how to fit in and the dog dealing with how to fit in on the playground. >> with the california dogs. >> there is a surf contest. it's fun. >> we love you. >> you love me? >> love you, love you. >> i don't know why. >> next week the kardashian sisters will be on. have an awesome week, everybody.
10:57 am
stop standpoint.
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