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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 14, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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polls and those are votes that will not be counted. >> i think it's aunch -- i don't want to say the word. >> reporter: clarence was frustrated this morning after being told his pollingtation was not letting people vote when the polls opened at 7:00 a.m. workers were given incorrect instructions rom the d.c. board of elections, they were told to look for three seals on the ballot box which sigfies it with a not tampered with. ere were only two, so workers didn't know what to do. >> this is common across the country when you institute polling equipment, train workers and get them set up for one day. >> harr ementary was up and running, it took sherwood recreation center to clear um the confusion. >> the board of electis says in total, about 15 to 20 sites had this problem, but all but two opened up anyway, taking paper ballots. >> every voter that has voted a paper ballot andubmitted their ballot could be rest assured
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that ballot has been counted. >> some of the poll watches for the fenty and gray campaigns at these locations were not happy about how the d.c. board of elections is running this primary. >> as far as this right here, it's definitely a disgrace. >> this is just a fiasco. >> how did this happen? how did theyot check this the night before? >> we want everyone to vote. everybody vote. everybody should be able to vote. and it's just reprehensible that we spend all this money on new machines. we have all this staff. there should have been training. new election laws to open up the process, yet it's just as problematic as ever. >> the d.c. board of elections says it will not extend the hours at these sites in question. all sites in d.c. will close at 8:00, with the first set of results starting to trickle in around 8:30. reporng live from southeast, john trippen, back to you guys
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in the studio. >> thank you, john. recent poll numbers show vincent gray is leading mayor adrian fenty for the battle in the district. it's in part because of his ability to pull the city together. symptom sherwood continues our team coverage. >> got into city politics late in life. elected to the council just six years ago. gray says he's ready to lead the whole city. last april, 67-year-old d.c. council chairman vince gray ended months of speculation, trailing in campaign cash, organization and nme recognition to adrian fenty. gray voted early in his homeward seven. leading in every public opinion oll this ye, and hoping to close the deal wth democratic primary voters tonight. >> we brought a campaign that we set out to run from the very beginning. the pls have been all over the place. some days they're 3 to 1, some
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days they're 5, 17. we haven't paid a lot of attention to that. we paid more attention to the kind of campaign we wantsed to run. >> turnout tuesday was lighter in many places than expected. a campaigeven gray supporters say has been more marked by voter irritation than enthusiasm for gray. >> this may be one of the most important ections in the history of the city. i think it will speak to who people see. we've run on the campaign of one city. representing the people all across the city. the city needs to work together at this age. >> as gray toured the city tuesday, his campaign workers were saying they sensed a victory. the battle isn't over until the polls close tonight. the polls are open until 8:00 p.m. news 4's craig melvins d been following the fenty campaign, and he joins us now with his report. craig? >> good evening to you.
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we're here at the south dakota and hamiln and northeast, about 1100 folksoted so far. here at this middle school. we're told it's slightly lighter than what they expected. as you alluded to there, voters, supporters here this afternoon all said the same thing to me. if this race comes down to a referendum on fenty personality, adrian fenty is in trouble. if he loses as practically every poll suggests he will. what a fall from political grace will be. >> the votin -- i think the city habeen moving in a great direction, and we need to continue that. >> reporte williams says he's heard the complaints about mayor fenty, zee detached, arrogant e. >> we all have different personalities, but we have to lookat the facts. the city's better four years later.
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>> four years ago, a wildly popular adrian fenty did not jus win in a landslide, he won in every precinct. voters backed his reform ias. more developmen, more parks and recreation centers. four years later, many of those voters are disenchanted. rudy smith remembershe fenty euphoria. then she was hopeful, now she's disappointed. >> he didn't learn anything. you have have compassion for people across the city, not just one section of the city. >> neil timmons moved to northeast d.c. about three years ago. he's seen a different mayor. >> i see crime rates are down, baseball parks are up, what more do you want? >> itooks like what is generally considered to be a pretty good gauge of a success for a campaign, may also be out the window. vincent gray raised abo $2 million for his election to become mayor.
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adria fenty, about $5 million. we're live from northeast tonight, craig melvin, news 4. >> thank you. primaries are also underway in six other states including w york, new hampshire and rhode island. but one ce getting an awful lot of extra attention tonight is the republican senate race in delaware. micah seke castle is facing chr o'nnell. his ads attack o'donnell for not paying her taxes and defaulting on her mortgage. o'donnell admits to some money problems. now sarah palin is throwing her weight behind her. the winner tonight will be competing for joe biden's senate seat. a race that will determine whether republicansill be able to gain control. coming up tonight at 30, live coverage of the gubernatorial races. you can also log on to
5:07 pm for live election results tonight as they come n. we're following breaking news from northeast d.c., six people are injured, including a child after circulator bus crashes into an suv at 7th and florida avenue in front of gaudette university. the intersection was closed for a short time, it's since reopened. the nfl is looking into clms that members of the new york jets may have sexually harassed a female sports reporter. inez seines was covering the team practice this weekend. another player noticed players nd coaches makes inappropriate comments in her direction. seines did not follow the complaint, she's glad the nfl is increst gating. clinton portis stepped up
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and no surprise, he had a lot to say about the matter on his radio show this morning. >> i should mention, portis does feel his comments have been taken out of context. clinton portis has never been shy to share his feelings, his comments have gotten him in trouble before, when he made controversial remarks about the accusations dogfighting against michael vick. today he has attention for his thoughts about female reporters in the locker room. here's what portis had to say about the harassment claim involving tv azteca sports reporter inez seines' complaint >> you have all these athletes. 53 men, i know you're doing a job, but at the same time, if i
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see somebody worth talking to, i'm sure they would do the same thing. >> clinton portis since has released a statement saying, i was wrong to make the comments i did. and i apologize. i respect the job that all reporters do. it's a tough job and we have to work and act in a professional manner. i understand and support the team onhese issues. the washington redskins have a clear and unambiguous policy about being professional on these issues. we will take the ncessary steps to remained everyone about it. we will have much more cominup in sports. >> we'll see you in a bit, lindsay, thank you. right now, cool, even clea skies as we look live outside. >> our chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking the condions out there. clear in some areas, clouds in others. we've seen clouds move in from a system off to the west. it's been another fantastic day all across the area. there's that mixture, ouds to the north of your screen, clear skies off to the west, out there
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toward sugarloaf and frederick maryland. a beautiful day as we look off to theorth and west right now. current temperature, 79 degrees. winds out of the north at about 9 miles an hour, they've been gusty duringhe day today, they're starting to diminish throughout the afternoon. sterling, virginia coming in at 78 degrees, herndon about the same. quantico coming in at 81. 71 degrees by 9:00 a.m., 67 by 11:00, waking up and walking out tohe door around 7:00 a.m., 61 degrees, with plenty of sunshine. more nice weather to come. and three, three tropical systems to talk about. i'llreak it down for you coming up. >> busy out ere. >> when we come right back. a local man is found murdered in florida, and the bizarre circumstances surrounding his death continue t unfold tonight. bus drivers spend a second day on strike, causing a problem for commuters. a battle over technology keeping them from getting behin the wheel. farewe to friday's? who's considering giving state
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and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fun to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer pense. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orles. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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difrmt d.c. polls will not ay open late tonight even though there were complaints about problems voting. the polls close tonight at 8:00. mayor fenty cast his ballot early this morning. and chairman gray cast his vote early today o paper. the winner will likely go on to become mayor, because there is
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no republican challenger in november's election. >> it was a good day to getut the vote. >> yeah, that's the biggest thing when it comes to election time. it's only hey, new weather guy, is it going to be a good day? >> the weather turn out great. >> weather is not a factor, and it is so many times. we have seen cloud cover move in, those clouds coming in from a storm system, youay have seen that game last night with the chiefs, where they saw all that rain. that's the same storm system bringing us the cloud cover across the wreathpen. temperaturewise 79 degrees, dewpoint 49, winds out at north at about 9 miles an hour. 79 in frederick, 78 in sterling. martinsburg comes in at 82 degrees. watch the winds stream on into the region. right across the area. south of the district we saw
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sunshine today, warmer temperatures. just about everybody, seeing some clouds. also a frontal boundary moving on through. the front will continue during the night tonight and into the day tomorrow. high pressure will dominate once again, we'll continue to see that until another frontal boundary moves through. this system may bring us a slight chance of a shower. best chance of that will be north of the city. most us will remain on the dry side. hurricane igor is still out there, still a major hurricane. winds bac to 145 miles an hour, it's strengthened once again, making its way to the we west-northwest at about 7 miles an hour, it's expected to come very close to bermuda. and then curve right back into the open atlantic. that's good news. a couple other things to talk about, we have other storms. hurricane julia, and a brand new tropical storm. this is karl right down here south of cuba, it will affect parts of mexico, right around
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cancun. if you interests in cancun over the next day or so, you have another stormo worry about. the trop you cans continue to be very active. partly cloudy tonight, diminishing winds 71 to 79 deees. tomorrow morning, waking up to another nice morning. temperatures 59 to 55 degrees. a little bit a cooler start out there. as we move through the day tomorrow, not bad at all, mostly sunny, 78 to 82 in the four-day forecast, 86 on thursday, 80 on friday. 30% chance of a shower again. most of us should remain on the dry side saturday. it's looking good. >> it is, indeed. thank you. sarah shourd was released from prison in iran today and reunited with her mother in oman. a few seconds of video of shourd was shown. 15 months ago, shourd and her fincee and a friend were arrested while hiking ar the unmarked border with iraq. officials released her on compassionate grounds.
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police in south florida tonight are investigating the murder of a businesan from the d.c. area. the body of samuel delbracco was found in his house in pompano beach, florida. we're hearing more from those who knew him. jane watrell is in our studio with details. >> south florida authorities say sam delbracco made frequent trips to his home in an exclusive gated community. a community that neighbors say hadn't seen a murder in 20 years. >> reporter: sam was known for his outsed pernality. when a friend in alexandria hadn't heard from him sunday night, she called pompano beach police to check on him. he was a victim of murder. >> he was e of the kindest, most generus people on our street. >> reporter: his former next door neighbor in alexandria
5:19 pm
couldn't believe the news. she kne the public relations communicator fort least five years. >> i was struck by his involvement in the community. d his carryicaring and sense ho. i'm sorry, it's such a shock for me. >> reporter: with the homicide investigation pending, the alexandria based strategy firm issued statement saying pci communications is shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of our president and ceo sam del bracco. it was just a few months ago, when he moved to a gated home in the alexandria section sf fairfax county, and had been making extensive renovations at the time of his death. >> they had had been working nonstop on the house renovating and things like that. i haven't really heard anything i guess today. so maybe that's the reason. >> a police spokeswoman in
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florida says an autopsy has been performed to determine how sam was killed. but the results are not being released at this time. jim and wendy? >> thank you, gin. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, tracking a dangerous trend. why metro police are warnin tech savvy commuters to be etra alert when they're riding the rails. increasing the cost but adding convenience. the local city making major chings to its parkingeters. i'm liz crenshaw. hate dropped cell phone calls? find out which wireless carrier scored best ad which scored worst in our region.
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which cell phone carrier has the best service in our area? >> is a 3,000 mile oil change rule really a myth?
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liz crenshaw is here with details on these stories. >> we begin with used car sales, the recession has csed used car prices to sore. with new car sales down, there are fewe late model trade-ins and that affects supply and demand. dealers are keeping older vehicles on their lots, rather than sending them to auction. when drivers keep cars longer rather than trading them in, dealers must pay top dollar for used car inventory. speaking of keeping your used car running smthly, how far should you drive before changing the oil in your car? break that habit of every 3,000 miles. it's a myth and ss because of technological advances, an average car's interest val is aroundp 7,800 miles now. the porsche can go 20,000 miles before an oil change. service centers and deers use
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the 3,000 mile change as a marketing tactic to get you into the service bay on a regular basis. the quick oil change industry defends that 3,000 mile rule. because busy car owners seldom read the driver's manual, they have no idea how often the oil should be changed in their car. phonily, are you tired dropped calls on your cell phone? jd powers and associates examined six regions i the country. the mid-atlantic region ranks verizon wireless as the best with the fewest dropped calls and at as the worst, with the most dropped calls in our region. verizon has topped its competitors forhe last six years, the siannual study measures wireless calls based on several problem areas. customers with wireless problems are more likely to switch
5:26 pm
carriers in the next year. verizon wireless topping again. >> all right. >> good for them. >> thanks, liz. with your allergies start up, you know the usual culprits. certain foods may be making your runny nose and itchy eyes worse. we're going to find out why some state workers may soon transition to a four-day workweek. residents here in prince georges county are turning out to elect the next county execute. i'll have the latest on tur
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[ horns honking ] hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! fast forward through the headlines. an american hiker has been released from iran. u.s. officials are calling for the release of the other two hikers. in south florida. police investigating the murder of a businessman from d.c. the body of samuel del bracco was found in his house in flora. del bracco was the ceo of pci communications in alexandria.
5:30 pm
authorities say del bracco made frequent trips to his home there. so far no arrests. the nfl looking into claims that members of the new york jets sexually harrised a female sports reporter. inez seines was covering the team this weekend. now, let's fast forward to the weather. doug? >> another picture perfect day out there. a carbon copy of what we've seen over the last couple days, a little on the cooler side. depending on where you are, it's a beautiful afternoon. 79 degrs currently, winds out of the north at about miles an hour. they've been gusting upwards of , they're starting to diminish. 79 in winchester, culpepper, virginia coming in at 82 degrees. temperatures around 78 for tomorrow in frederick and annapolis. 82 in washington, d.c.. upper marlboro coming in at 80
5:31 pm
degrees, nice day out there on our wednesday. the rest of the forecast up in a little bit. >> thank you, can doug. maryland voters today are choosing who will represent the democratic and republican parties in the race for governor this november. >> the front-runners are the incumbent martin o'malley, and the candidate he defeated fo years ago, bob ehrlich. each of them must get past today's primary. chris gordon joins us with more from the studio. >> reporter: bob ehrlich told me when he first announcd his bid for election, he wasn't inviting former vice presidential candidate sarah palin to back him. earlier she threw her support behind brian murphy. it will be interesting to see what impacthat has on today's primary voting. >> we're going to continue this winning tradition here. >> bob ehrlich, who i seeking the republica nomation accompanied his parents who voted in baltimore.
5:32 pm
just before going in to cast his ballot, his mom gave him a kiss for good luck. ehrlich and his runningmate participated in maryland's early voting last week. ehrlich's challenger in this primary is brian murphy, who voted with his wife in chevy chase, maryland. he was endord by former alaskan governor and republican vice presidential nominee sarah palin. >> it's important for everyone around the country, it's been overwhelming. it's been won wonderful, exciting and we think we can win. >> reporter: martin o'malley toured polling places around the state. this one at bethesda elementary school. the o'malley/brown slate had two sets of challengers on the ballot. barring an upset in either party, it appears likely that november's election will be a rematch between o'malley and ehrlich. >> i think it's going to be a tough contest. and i'm looking forward to it,
5:33 pm
whenever people are given the opportunity to decide to move forward or slip back, we've always chosen to move forward. and that's the people i serve. keep making progress, so we create more jobs and better opportunities for our kids. >> governor o'malley holds a slim three-point lead against ehrlich in recent polls. with six weeks to go until the general election. one high ranking democratic official today predicted this govern governor's race could be a real barn burner, which means an extremely exciting event with theoutcome hanging in the balance. back to you. >> chris gordon, thanks. our team coverage of the maryland primaries continues with darcy spencer. she's got more now on the closely watched race for prince georges county executive. who's vying to be the ne leader for the county's neay 900,000 residents. >> reporter: as you know, this is an extremely critical primary here in prince georges county.
5:34 pm
chances e, whoever wins the democratic primary today will become the next county executive in prince georges county. there are no repuican challengers. there are a lot of politking and electioning going on here in upper marlboro. the candidates are baker, jackson, dean, levi and turner. they're all vying to become the next county executive. the county board elections told me today that surprisingly, turnout has been extremely low today. as of 3:00, only about 2% of voters had had gone to the polls. >> it's surprisingly going very slow. the percentage of people coming out has been very, very minimal. we're thinking at first a lot of this is due to the fact that we had thearly voting for the first time this year.
5:35 pm
>> because of the economy and everything goingon, health care, education, the foreclosures, i just think if i don't get here and vote, then no change will happen >> i'm looking for the next county executive to continue with the work that's begun. but just to get out of schools healthier, i'm really looking for somebody to come on and continue to move our county forward. >> elections officials as well as t candidates themselves are urging people to come out and vote. they feel the turnout is going to be key, and deciding who exactly will win this race. now, they're hoping turnout will pick up later this afternoon and eveng as people get home from work and me back out. the polls will remain open until 8:00 tonight. darcy spencer, news 4. >> thank you. it's a five-w race between democrats for the state's attorney seat in prince georges county. the candidates, the head of the
5:36 pm
county's revenue authority, county council chair tom dunoga. general mark spencer, circuit court clerk peggy mcgee and joseph wright. the winner of today's race will succd glenn ivy as his term is up. ike leggitt is running unopposed. two men are dying for the appointment. meanwhile, there's a crowded field in the race for the county council's at large seats. democratic voters have nine candidates to chose from. they can only chose four. four gop candidates are also in the running. you net live election results on ourwebsite all night long at d.c. police tell us one of two young women hit by a car while they were walking in adams morgan last night has died.
5:37 pm
julia bachlitener was hilt by a drunk driver. both victims were grad students at a program for john's hopkins. a commission created by virginia's governorob mcdonald is recommending many state agencies operate on a four-day workweek to help reduce energy and custodial costsand improve employee mother ail. it would not apply to revenue. they're recommending stopping e toll-free numbers. and create one stop service centers where residents could conduct state business for multiple agencies. if you park in alexandria you won't be digging for change to feed the parking meter soon. new meters are coming to old
5:38 pm
town and they will ta creit cards. driver s will also be paying moe for that feature. a 75 cent rate increase, it means drivers will pay $1.75 an hour to park in old town. coming up, a clash over cameras, why the technology has forced some bus drivers to stop working and go on strike. the unusual security force that's been brought in to guard the grace at thi vineyard. >> you're watching news 4 at 5:00, and we're coming right back.
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at itshighest. >> still ahead on news 4 at 5:00. fruits and vegetables, they could be good for your waistline, experts say it could be taking a serious toll on your allergies. lunch with lindsay. why caron
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another pretty nice day out there today. a few more clouds outside. starting to see the clouds move on down to the south. you can see the clearing skies off the distance. maryland seeing a lot of sunshine. other areas that saw sunshine today. responsible sponsylvania, herndon county saw some clouds. temperaturewi, we're at 78 in sterling, 79 in manassas and quantico coming in at 80. 86 thursday, warming up nicely, ahead of a frontal boundary that could give us a slight chance of a shower on friday morning. guys? >> thank you, doug. >>robitussen, nyquil, dimetapp
5:47 pm
are being used to get a cheap high. >> now the fda is meeting to decide whether the cold medicines should be available only by escription. experts say if you drink two bottles or more, you can get an irregular heartbeat, seizures, it could even kill you. a survey found emergency room visits related to dex abuse jumped 70% between 2004 and 2008. here's some fod for ought, if you suffer from seasol allergies. certain fruits and vegetables can make your runny nose and itchy eyes even worse. peopleensitive to tree pollen may be sensitive to almonds, app apples and carrots. doctors say sometimes the body reads chemils in certain foods as allergens. >> interesting. > turning now to sports, and lindsay's mom is the one serving
5:48 pm
lunch with caron butler. >> the theme of this lunch is home. sincee was traded to the wizards in 2005, caron butler had become a fan favorite, known for his big plays on the crt. also for his habit of chewing straws during the game. when the gilbert arenas drama led a dismantling of the team. butler still considers this area home. he agroetd eed to catch me up o old life. so i took him to one of the best lunch spots around, my mom's kitchen. >> hi, caron. >> what are you make today? >> we are having fresh tomato basil soup. i hope you like that. chicken sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches in tear yak can i sauce. and key lime pie for dessert.
5:49 pm
>> do you like that? >> i'm in. >> you got traded to dallas in february. and for you, i would imagine it was a good situation obviously, you go to a playoff contender. was it a fresh page for you, did you feel like in your career? what was it like when you got there? >> it was fun. getting the warm welcome. and going over with guys i played with. >> deshawn. at the same time, i understand it was busess. but just leaving the city that i was so accustomed to. >> you moved so much in your career, this wathe place you had been for five years, right? >> this is the place i call home. this is a place i conser truly home. >> the nba put a ban on your
5:50 pm
straw chewing? >> yeah. >> what happened? the last time you had lunch with me you demonstrated. >> going to dallas, at first, when we did the trade, the first nine out of 11 gamesas on television. and the crowd, the fans, everybody just was chewing straws. and i think it brought so ch attention to the straw thing that, you know, the commissioner, he wasn't having it. you know, i don't want any kids outhere chewing straws, they choke on them or something. you can chew the straw, just not while you're playing. that's cool, that'sa great compromise. >> when you look back at the situation from last season, and 2 sta it started off you, antawn jamison, gilbert arenas and everything falls out. you and anton end up leaving. when you look back on that, how shockings that that that happened to you? and was that something that just
5:51 pm
kind of left your mind once you moved on. ? or do you think back about it and think what could have been? >> it was a shock, but me and -- i was jt more concerned about reaching out to gilbert, during his trying time, because that's -- that's a brother of ours, we thought he was going through a lot. so, you know just looking at what he was going through, bein tradednd going to another team, still getting an opportunity to live your dream, you know, do something you love doing, that was like, that made that whole thing that much easier. >> thank you for coming. it's great. a big treat for me. >> thank you. >> i hope you enjoyed your lunch. >> i did. >> come back any time, even if lindsay's not here. >> you're great. >> i don't know how i feel about that happening.
5:52 pm
but. >> on't feel too good not getting any key lime pie. >> i'll put the recipe up on the website. caron considers this area home. his family still lives here, still does charity work in the area. >> thank you. jim vance has a look at what's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> coming up tonight, arlington national cemetery planning to exhume the body a soldier after an investigation revealed that grades weren't misabelled there. a company memo may reveal officials knew about those aging pipelines aimed at a deadly gas explosion in california. it melting ice in norway has uncovered some artifacts. viking artifacts from a long time ago. those stories and more coming up tonight at 6:00. forget about putting the recipe up on the website, bring the pie in here. >> that's what we're talking about. >> if you won't bring it, mom, you are welcome here any time. with a key lime pie or without a
5:53 pm
key lime pie. >> that's a good shoutout. >> anyone's mother with food is welcome here. >> we'll see you
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be careful with your ipods and smart phones because robberies are more common. the devices can easily be snatched from the riders, especially those sitting or standing close to the doors. in the first six months of this year, there were more than 500 robberies on metro's trains and buses. >> talks have broken off tonight between a private bus company in prince georges county and the union representing its drivers. >> service on the bus has been cut in half. as drivers continue to strike for better pay and better working conditions. derek ward has the details. >> the strike began on monday. nearly 150 drivers traded their bus lines for the picket lines. at issue, their working
5:57 pm
conditions. >> wages, job security. >> things like a full lunch hour, one big problem that me of the drivers have are security cameras that have been mounted in the buses. the company put them there for security and safety. the operators say that they actually threatened their job security. because ose cameras can be activated by a quick application of the brakes. >> it's like step on the brakes. tryg to avoid an accident. most times we will get suspended or get -- i mean, get days off. >> 25 prince georges county routes are affected. service continues, but it's scaled back. >> we have trained replacement drivers we found from other locations, and some of our supervisory staff has been trained. people have to be cerfied and trained to drive safely. we have 31 buses of 60
5:58 pm
operating. there will be more every day. >>eporter: so far passengers aren't feeling the pinch yet, and they prefer the bus over metro bus. >> the other bus tak too long tocome. so this one comes a little quicker. >> what are you going to do if it doesn't end up coming today? >> here it comes. >> these drivers say they don't want the public to be heard, they apologize for any inconveniences. they don't want to be here, and theknow their place is behind the wheel. they wl be here for as long as it takes to get their demands met. >> we want to go back to work. the is no word on when the negotiations will start again. >> the bus serves 14,000 riders every day, that's about 40% of the county's public transportation needs, rides are free while the strike continues. >> that's it for news 4 at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
local businessman was rdered in a gated community in florida. >> confusion has led to delays at two of the polling sites i d.c. >> in maryland, voters trickled in to cast their ballots in a race for five candidates who are trying to become the new prince georges county executive. >> we begin with primary day in the district where the next mayor of the nation's capital will be determined. good evening i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. vince gray hopes to keep the momentum going in his favor. gray has led in the recent voter polls. in the meantime, some people ran into delays at the polls. we have crews all ov the city. our coverage begins with a look at the fenty camp tonight. craig? >> doreen, good evenng to you, 1,257 voters, that's the number that have cost a ballot


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