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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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that's a good start. but what's this? i can check my fantasy stats without changing the channel. and get an alert any time my team enters e red zone. and then watch every red zone play on nfl redzone. watch out couch, u've got competition as daddy's favorite. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with dabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v visit a long night in the district could just be ginning. while we are seeing winners declared in maryland and in six other states, only the very first precincts have reported. >> we're beginning big races in maryland and d.c. tonight.
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many include big names in local politics, mayors, governors and senators. this is the final primary night nationwide and will lead us into an event ful general election season. we havell the results in the district and reaction as votes continue tocome in. >> everywhere but in the district, there are very few votes starting to come in. there are aut 3100 votes counted now. that's about 1% of the precincts reporting in this democratic primary for mayor in the district. >> and the delay in rults follows some delayed openings for 20 polling places in the city this morning. workers at those locations say they were given confusing directions about the voting machines. in some cases voters go paper ballots. the d.c. board of elections said anybody who properly cast a paper ballot had their vote counted. the vince gray group, though, tried to keep the polls open later, but they vetoed that
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request. >> vincent graham and his supporters are waiting to hear results. >> they're not just waiting. some of them are dancing behind me. there is a victory mood here but no declaration of victy yet. he went around the city rallying his voters. gray started late, well behind with campaign money and organization. but the widespread anger and s disaffection was evident. >> you see east of the river, black, white, other backgrounds. that's really what this campaign has been about. it's been about bringing people together, really tryg to unite this city. we've seen this ty really divided over the past four years. not just along racial lines but along economic lines,lines
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between those who have their voice heard and those who don't. i think that's what this campaign is about and if he wins what his administration will be about. i think there are a lot of people in this city who were willing to listen to vince gray's message because they have felt so disenfranchised and margeali marginalized by the mayor. i think his positive steps forward have really helped do that. >> we' waiting for the official word, but the question here is has the 67-year-old chairman and city council replaced adrian fenty who came into office four years ago but apparently skwaquandered his popularity. they really expect gray to be the winner sometime later in the night. greg, back to you.
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>> we'll find out. thanks, tom. >> mayor vin netty tried to keep the focus on everybody else this hour. how is the mood over there, craig? >> the mood has not changed very much at all through the night. mayor fenty not here just yet, but you can see campaign movers are. a campaign spokesman told me he sdn expect to see the mayor until after the board of elections. he also added that probably won't be any time before midnight. meanwhile, mayor fenty casting his ballot earlier today here in rthwest. he cast that ballot with his wife and his three children along with him there. they used a paper ballot this morning. as tom just alluded to the mayor over the past few weeks
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facing an uphill battle. lots of polls. in fact, virtually all the polls having the mayor well behind council chair vincent gray. i talked to folks here throughout the course of the evening. they we aware of the polls, they are aware othe perceptions as well, but they still seem quite optimistic. thy've been dancing, they've been eating, and seral of them predicted that mayor fenty would surprise the polital role by winning. his campaign spokesman now on the election. take a listen. >> we've heard it's actually up in some places, turnout is very strong. >> what surprised you most? >> i think the spirit, you know, among all these people out here today. the "washington post" poll came out a couple weeks ago showed us down, accorng to their
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numbers. i think that energyized a lot of people. >> now, the campaign spokesman there, sean madigan, told me throughout the eveng they continue to be surprised by low turnout in certain areas and high turnout in others. he wouldn't elaborate, t he did indicate they were more surprised tonight than he thought they would have been. a side note here as well. i asked him about the delay and the tabulation of the votes. he also said he was surprised by that but acknowledged there was lots of new blood at the board of elections here in d.c. we're live here on georgia avenue headquarters and we expect to be here for some time. back to you. >> all right, craig, thank you. the top job in prince george's county, maryland has seen its share of crime, from shortage of mail. there were no shortage of candidates, either. he has held onto thatlead so
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far. darcy is at his campaign head quarters tonight. darcy? >> he's run for county executive three times. he's certainly hoping tonight, the third time, is the charm, and as r as the early rerns we're seeing, he has a substantial lead in this democratic primary. now, baker's main issues in his campaign have been education and jobs. he's really pushing for development around the 15 metro stations here in prince george's county. his closest rival at this point in the early returns is sheriff michael jackson. he says his experience in prince george's county the lst four years makes him the most qualified candidate. also running in this primary, couilmember sam bean, levi and businessman henry turner. but those three are not having as many numbers come in in their favor so far this evening. it was a very low turnout here in prince george's county in
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this primary today, and candidates worked very hard to get their supporters out to the polls. let's hear first from baker and then sherry jackson. >> the third time the charm? >> i think so. i feel good. i think we're going to be good tonight. >> is it your last try? if you don't win this one, you're done? >> i think this is it,nd i think we're going to prevail tonight. it feels really good from every part of the county. we're doing very well. i feel good about our ances. >> i feel great. i love elections. we're hoping for a big push this evening. we're getting prepared. we've had a great team of volunteers who are dedicated and passionte about what we're doing and about the new direction that we're about to set forth here in the county. >> now in recent days, there were a lot of allegations of voter fraud. there was a sample ballot that was basically thrn out determined to be illegal by the attorney general of this state.
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also a new york-based union dropped a couple hundred thousand dollars in mailers into some local races. those mailers were very negative against some campaigns, including the jackson campaign here at the county executive race. now, we are here at the baker victory party here at six flags america in largo. you can see people are very happy. there is avery festive atmosphere he. they're certainly hoping for a victory tonight, and right now their numbers are looking very good. i'm dcy spencer reporting live from largo. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks, darcy. we return now to the republican candidate for county executive. douglas rosenfeld appears to have a substantial lead over his opponent, vovak. >> there is a lot more still ahead tonight on news4 at 11:00.
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a heavyweight set in maryland. a woman died after being hit by a car in one of the busiest maryland areas. he also worked as an fbi informant. great day today, but will it stay that way through the rest of the work week and what about the weekend? the forecast, i'll have it for you. he's no stranger to controversy. today the redskins running back made me comments on the radio that he probably would li hey, ove, i'm goa need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honking ] hey, the's one right up the street.
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chris gordon has results now and an early look at whatight be one of the most interesting races in the general election come november. chris? >> well, jim, in today's republican primary, bob ehrlich decisively defeated ian murphy who had endorsement of former alaska governor sarah palin. ehrlich says it means he can now attract democrats as he now takes aim at o'malley who beat him four years ago. governor martin o'malley will need a big turnout for the election in november. and he needs toshore up voters who became disillusioned when taxes were raised. >> we've been going through e worst economy since the great depression. i'm angry that our economy was run into the ditch. i'm angry that wa street bankers ere he could orecked ou
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took our savings. we're all angry. >> we left with a surplus with unemployment under 4, wh business competence at an all-time high. all that's gone now. >> to have improved our schools, to have reduced crime to its lowest level since 1975, to have a rate of job creation that's twice what the rest of the nation is doing are all good stories that we need to tell. >> and just because the democrats are going to win in montgomery county doesn't mean you can't get your 38, 40, 42 maer42%. and to the extent a republican can get in the 40s in mont gomtry county or high 40s in prince george's county, you're going to win the race. >> this tight race is expected to attrct national attention and maybe an indicator which way the political winds are blowing across the country. back to you now in t newsroom.
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>> barbara mikulski easy won the campaign tonight and is still a heavy favorite. it's unclear who will be her republican opponent. right now it shows eric wargotz in a battle against attorney jim rutledge for that seat. the tea party appears to have won a snificant ra in delaware. candidate christine o'donnell has upset nine-term congressman and former delaware governor mike castle. nearly complete returns shows o'donnell with 53% of the vote. she'll now faceemocrat chris kuntz for the democratic seat held for six years by vice president joe biden. kuntz ran unopposed. we'll have the latest on the evacuation of the eiffel tower in paris earlier toy. and doug will tell u
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i want to update you on that top story now. a delay in the results in the several races across the district. the one everyone is watching, of course, is the race for mayor. there are only 2% of precinc reporting right now. at this time vincent gray has 59% of the vote to mayor fenty's 39%. those figures again, though, are rather irrelevant in that they are the very first results we're seeing as we now go past 11:15 at night. one of two johns hopkins graduate students struck by a suspected drunk driver has died. julia buck bachleitner was hit.
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she died from her injuries today. the 26-year-old stude was from austria in the school of advanced international studies. she spent her first year of that udy in italy before coming here this year. >> those who were in italy and now come to washington are particularly devastated. >> the driver involved h been charged with aggravated assault and driving while intoxicated. parking meters in old time alex andrea soon will accept credit cards. the city is spending more than $1 million to replace its o coin-operated mers. the new devices should hit the streets early next year, but parking in alexandria will be more expensive. a 70% price increase means drivers will pay now $1.75 per hour. a newspaper in tennessees sayg a man behind the famous civil rights photographs worked as an informant for the fbi.
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his name was ernest withers. many of the era's most important events are in history because he captured them on fim. withers told the fbi about the workings of the civil rights' inner circle. wit withers died in 1997. his family doesn't believe the attlez are true a allegations and his family will fight them. great night out there. it will contue to be a great night, great day tomorrow, and guess what? more great weathern store. outside right now, a very nice shot of the international airport, reagan international. we saw high temperatures today and a high of 84 degrees. still nice today even though we did seeuite a few clouds out there, those clouds maki their way in from the west. currently we're sitting at 69
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degrees. dew point and hudity at69%. 71 in hagerstown, maryland. 72 back towards mart inzburg, so the higher elevations getting a little more warmth there. quinton, maryland coming in at 58. we did see some clouds in the west today, and it's now sinking to the south as our frontal boundary does the same. tomorrow expect a nice start, 54 to 58 degrees. behind it more nice weather. high pressure still dominating. it's almost like a broken record. a cold front moves through. high pressure reacts with it and behind it. we see beautiful knconditions. that's what's going to happen tomorrow. and on thursday we'll see a frontal boundary move through the area. best chance of a thunderstorm would be north of washington probably late thursday night into friday morning, but i think most of us will remain on the
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dry side. and guess what? behind this fruontal boundary, more high pressure and more nice weather ase head into the weekend. the hurricane has winds at 155 miles an hour. that is one category short of category 5. it may head into bermuda in the next five days. we also have tropical storm carl which is 45 miles perour and also hurricane julia which is now 105 miles an hour. so the tropics are active right now, but igor the only one in effect right now down towards cancun. that could come to shore during the day tomorrow and friday. 55 to 59 degrees as we make our way through the day tomorrow. here is your next four days showing you conditions will stay nice with a high of 86 degrees
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during the day on thursday. saturday looking great. up next, dan wi join us with sp
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always something, isn't it? >> with clinton? >> he was on a streak there, a streak of new, improved behavior. >> he said he wanted to be really low key, but i don't know if he really meant it. or he didn't realize exactly what he was saying here. we're talking about a reporter, and she's been t hottest search topic on google after much of the day after making the
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morning talk show circuit. sainz's practice said the new york jets caused quite a stir and even has an investigatn team to find out if sinz was haraed. they were reportedly throwing balls to get her attention, and when she walked in the locker room, there were catcalls. she put what she was wearing on twitter, saying it was not inappropriate. she said she felt uncomfortable in the locker room but did not feel threatened or harassed. everyone is weighing in on this, including the fan this afternoon. somebody got to do something. she going to want somebody.
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what kind of woman won't? i know you're doing your job, but at the same time, i'm going to look for somebody. i sure they would do the same thing. >> didn't take long for spin control to go into effect from the redskins. this statement was issued from portis. i was wrong to make theomments i did and i apologize. i respect the job that all reporters do. it was a tough job and we all have to woshlg ark and act in a professional manner. i support the tem. the redskins also made a statement a apologizing for ortis' actions. nationals also winners tonight. hernandez pitched out eight innings and had a home run. >> thanks, think about the internet.
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as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investg, keepg information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t. . there was a bomb threat that forced the evacuation of the eiffel tower and the area around it tonight. it turned out to be a fse alarm but authorities in france are on edge. the heightened anxiety comes in the wake of a bill currently making its way through the french parliament that dealt with the face-coveng islamic veils called burkas in public it's still unclear who paid for the release of an american hiker imprisoned in iran for
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over a year. sarah shourd waflown from iran after being released o $500,000 bail. they made the bail payment without violating united sanctions in iran.
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11:34 and the waiting game
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continues across the district. tonight supporters of both mayor fenty and councilchairman gray are waiting to hear results. ss than 10% are reporti on the mayor's race, and you can see gray out in front. but these are very early returns, and n brks krrbc [ lauger ]


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