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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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roadways. give yourself extra time. coming up later, i will show you where the rain is now, where it's goingnd how much more i think we're going to see. >> thank you, doug. the storms caused quite a headache for drivers trying to navigate the tricky, wet roads. news 4's john triffin continues our team coverage from bethesda. >> hi, john. >> reporter: are on river road as the afternoon rush starts. talking to drivers today who are out in the weather certain mixed emotions. some were excite to see the rain because it's something we haven't seen much here recently. with the storms we have had this summer that knocked out power d tre around the region, others were thinking, here we go again. as cute as tristan chavez looks in rain ge he's not excited to be all bundled up. >> i he hates it. gets cranky, irritable.
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doesn't like it. >> reporter: he's not the only one complaining about the weather. the steady rain came down for most of the day caused headaches throughout the region. in rockville on route 28. this flooded overpass forced cars to squeeze from two lanes to one causing a back-up for blocks. >> it was really difficult with the level of rain we did get, the flow -- if it backs up, it will back up totally. >> motorists had to be careful in bethesda near grover and dickens lane. this tree came down in the middle of the road. drivered said the highways were just as treacherous. >> i was on t beltw to pick up my mother. it was quite dangerous. quite a downpour. >> reporter: as the creeks swelled and rain continued to pour, for many it was a welcome sight. today is only the second significant rainfall we have seen in september. >> it's been forever since it's rained all day. we ve had huge storms but this
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is nice. >> reporter: you don't have an umbrella out here. >> i like to get wet. it'sokay. >> reporter: rain doesn't bother you? >> no. it's very fine. >> i'm glad it's raining now. my grass is drying up. also because theast storm made me have a new roof. i'm testing it now. >> reporter: just about ten minutes ago the sun was out. it looked like things were cleang up. now the clouds have rolled back in. we may have another storm on the way. if you are rushing home to check on your roof or whatever you may do, be careful. authorities say the roads are slick. the sun hasn't dried them enough. slow down. take your time. you don't want to cause an accident on your way home tonight. live from river road, john schriffen. back to you. >> thank you, john. the morning storm left some in the dark. at one point petco reported 7,000 outages in d.c. and montgomery county. the number stands at 778.
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b.g.e. restored power to nearly 4,000 customers and only about 20 still waiting. dominion has 171 customers without power in northern virginia. we continue our team coverage in potomac in a community that's lost power with every storm. tracy wilkins tells us they are considering desperate measures. >> we have definitely seen worse weather than what we have had today, but for folks in river falls it doesn't seem to take much more than tis tonock out power. >> this year in particular has been very bad. there's always been power outages you wouldn't expect in this neighborhood. > reporter: now with light rain, no power again. but since so many of the homes of the community are on separate grids it's not a problem for everyone, just the same people over and over agai >> i have a 10-year-old afraid to be in the house when it rains by himself because he assume the power will go out. >> reporter: even with
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underground lines neighbors say the power outages persisted. now they have started a community listserv online. the main topic of discussion by more than two dozen families, where to get a good generator. some are considering purchasing them in bulk to cut down on costs. >> it's probably a list of 15 to 20 people looking to spend, i would guesstimate roughly $5,000 to $10,000 to install generators. others are asking the question, well, if everybody is runniing generators when we lose power what will that do to the noise level in the area? but we can'trely on pepco. >> reporter: spokesman say they have had five feeders go out in the area. anything can cause a problem from water seeping into the feeder of a number of issues. they will checkt out to find out what happened to the folks in river falls again. i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. >> we have breaking news in
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prince georges county. chopper 4 over the scene of a serious crash involving a 1-year-old child. it happened off floral park road in brandywine. officials say the child suffered life-threatening injuries, has been rushed to the hospital. three others suffered minor injuries. no word on what caused the crash. we'll bring you updates ashey become available. turning now to education nation. it's a week-long focus by nbc to discuss the state of t nation's schools and the problems they face. according to a new nbc news wall street journal poll the outlook is grim. using a letter grade system, 77% of those responding gave the nation's public schools a c or lower. only 2%gave schools an 58% said major changes or complete overhaul are needed to improve schools. the man who likely will become the next mayor of the district
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is taking exception to remarks made today by president obama who today said the city's public schools could not give his two daughters the same quality of education they receive in their private school. tom sherwood joins us with the story. >> reporter: jim, the president appeared on "today" this morning. vincent gray wasted no time responding. >> there's been a lot of talk about public schools. charterchools are public schools. >> reporter: while the d.c. chancellor is getting national atttion on nbc's education nation special report th is week, her three years of reform have not won over president obama who sends his two daughters to a private school here. >> if those options are not available for enough children. >> reporter: on the "today" show monday morning a caller ask obama about education in the city. >> as a father of two delightful and seemingly bright daughters i want to know whether or not you think malia and sasha would get the same high quality rigorous
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education in a d.c. public school as compared to their very elite private academy they are attending now. >> i will be blunt with you. the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling i. >> reporter: obama acknowledge public schools are getting better. >> they have made important strides to move in the direction of reform. there are terrific individual schools in the d.c. system. that's true, by the way, in every city across the country. >> reporter: d.c. council chairman vincent gray, the democratic nominee for mayor politely objected to the president's cracterization of city schools. >> i did hear the comment. of course we wish he would rethink that. i think we have some excellent schools both in our traditional public schools and our charter schools. i think his daughters would get a first class education. at tend of the day eery parent has to make the decision that's best fortheir children. >> reporter: gray face as
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nominal election was reassuring business leaders that he will pursue education reform whether he remains as chancellor or not. he's said he'll make no personnel decisions on schools or other jobs until after the november 2 general election. back to you. >> reporter: coming up at 5:30 eun yangtakes a look at education reform, what's worked and what's next. log onto our website to learn more about education nation. more than 100 people were arrested outside the white house protesting against mountain top removing mining. they were part of a large group rallying to president oba and congress to end what they call an environmentally unsafe practice. during mountain top removal forests are cleared, explosives used and machines scoop out the
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exposed coal. sometimes they cover upstreams and pollute the water supply. now to the washington wizards. gilbert arenas is speaking out for the first time since being reinstated from his felony gun conviction. >> reporter: ndsay czarniak has more. >> the answer is not much. arenas seemed like a different person when he spoke. he didn't crack a mile. it wasn't just that he seemed sullen but he looked sad. he didn't talk about 30 days in a halfway house or the gun incident. he's been ordered not to. the message he wanted to get across is he just wants to play basketball. arenas sported a beard in his new number 9 jersey as he posed for the photo for the upcoming season. the amount of press that followed him around was more than the folks there to see john wahl. arenas has taken a serious approach to the game. there was a dramatic difference from the fun-loving arenas when he talked to the media.
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i asked how he's changed since we last saw him in action part of the team last year. >> i'm more to myself now. you know, i'm just getting older. so you automatically grow. just another year. year ten. i just want to play. it's part of my job. i have to deal with it. >> reporter: gilbert arenas had more to say. you will hear it in sports. >> we'll see you in a bit. when we ce back on news 4 at 5:00, redskins fans are seeing red after last night's loss to the rams. >> how the team plans to bounce back against the eagles. also coming up, sparks fly as a plane comes in for an emergency landing. what the pilot did that has some calling him a hero. how gps technology is being used to keep the area's youngest offenders out of trouble. and southwt pns to buy discount rival airtran.
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how the mega merger could affect your nxt flight. you're watching news 4 at 5:00 live in hd. we'll be right back. fo years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and r the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout.
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ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks an'. middle cde do.
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the storms that passed through the metro area this afternoon caused quite a headache for drivers in rockville. traffic was backed up for blocks along route 28 after clogged dins flooded a bidge there.
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on "today" this morning president obama spoke about d.c. public schools. someone asked him if his daughte could get as good an education in a public school as they do in their private school. mr. obama said that while d.c. schools have made significant strides inreform, they continue to struggle. and more than 100 protesters were arrested outside the white house. they were calling on president obamand congress to end mountain top removal mining. forests are cleared, explosives used to blow apart the rock. the leftovers c sometimes wind up in nearby streams. doug joins us now. you came in early. >>ith t storms, yeah. nothing confirmed there. no damage reported yet, but we have had big storms and big rain as well. tom called in and his house had three inches o rain from earlier.
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that's why we had flash flood warnings. this is rock creek to the north of the beltway. you can see the extra water on the creek. see the water still flowing through? a couple of people -- well, animals taking advantage of this. >> oh, yeah. >> lok at that guy. >> nice shot. >> one of three bucks our photographer caught. outsi now, cloud cover around the region and still shower activity and rain but right now around the district seeing cloud cover. we'll continue to see it over the next couple of hours. 77 degrees now. heat index of 80. humidity 77. winds from the south at 20 miles per hour. it is a windy afternoon right now. wind gusts upward of 25 miles per hour. let's show you what's been happening. around the district, not a lot going on. to the eastern shores, shower activity there. the main area of rain is back to the west. back toward front royal, hagerstown. we're going to continue to watch
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this along 66. we'll show you the live version around winchester, calverton, right along 66 and 81. watch out in this area. very heavy rain falling as it moves toward the martinsburg, west virginia area as well. we'll watch that toward the north. to the south, more rain eventually fills in the rest of the area. that why we have a flash flood watch through the nht tonight into tomorrow morning. give yourself extra time tonight and especially tomorrow mornin during rush hour. wet leaves onheoads makinging them very slick. give yourself extra time there. 75 in sterling. fredricksburg and charlottesville as well. look at the moisture all with the area of low pressure. this upper level low just spinning down here. it's going to take its time out of here. it will move out during the day tomorrow. the area low pressure moves off tomorrow, taking shows and thunderstorms and the rain
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associated with it off toward the east. maybe showers early tomorrow, but then i think we'll clear out later in the afternoon before more rain moves in during the day on wednesday and thursday. this evening, showers and thunderstorms, heavy. isolated flooding. temperures in the l 70s. through the day tomorrow morning, scattered showers, wet roadways. 64 to 70 degrees overnightnd into tomorrow morning as we move through the day. early showers, afternoon clearing. windy and 74 to 80 degrees with wind gusts upwards of 30iles per hour. then more rain likely late wednesday into the early morning on thursday before we finally dry out on friday. thank you, doug. two of thecountry's largest low fare airlines could be combining. southwest announced plans to buy aitran in a $1.4 billion deal. >> if it happens the move would give southwest a presence at reagan airport. here's more on what it could mn for flyers.
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chris? >> reporter: southwest is coming to dca so for local travelers more convenience and choice without having todrive a the way to baltimore. southwes airlines flies more than 50% of all passengers at thurgood marshall bwi airport making it the largest carrier here. by merging with air-tran, southwest for the first time will start seing passengers at reagan national airport with 11 flights daily. it will also increase the number of flights at dulles international airport. i asked professor bob windell from robert h. smith's school of business what the merger will mean to passengers. >> i think the likely impact is that you will have higher fares and somewhat less service in the areas where they compete with each other. both southwe and air-tran are low cost carriers. they tend to compete for the se passenger group. i think over the long run you will see higher fares as a
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result. >> reporter: passengers on southwest say the service is friendly but the best feature they say is bags fly free. >> we checked two bags. i didn't have to pay for them. areyou hopeful when they acquire air tran that it continues? >> absolutely. that's one of the many reasons we fly southwest. >> reporter: these passengers are waiting for luggage on flights from tampa, dayton, boston and portland which they paid $20 per bag to check. some say the luggage policy alone will make them eager. >> great. then i will y southwest. as long as it's free bags. >> reporter: southwest is also picking up air trance hugs which means it will serve new york, boston and destinations throughout the caribbean. we're live tonight at reagan national airport. back you in the studio. >> all right. clear skies for now where you
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are, chris. still to come tonight it's a dangerous diagnosis and it happens with the click of a mouse. a trend that's making people sick. >> and are sports drinks as healthy as fruits and vegetables? some people think they are. >> i'm liz crenshaw. continuing our education nation coverage, school bus safety. what sdents, parents and drivers need to know is coming up. male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 5:00. >> the education nation summit takes place in new york city this week. it's education nation week here on nbc. >> school bus safety, how to gain homework success and what to ask during parent teacher conferences. liz crenshaw is here totell us what you need to know. >> reporter: we begin with school bus safety. about 23 million students nationwide rely on school buses and every year children are killed or severely injured in school bus-related accidents. the national highway traffic fety administration offers the following safety tips for students and for parents to enforce. for starters, get to the school bus stop at least fiveinutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. as the bus approaches you need to stand at least six feet away from the curb. tell the ds that's three giant steps. also, never walk behind a school bus. if you drop something near your
5:24 pm
bus, tell the bus driver. otherwe the driver may not see you try to pick it up. motorists need to be cautious as well. when you see red flashing lights and extended stop arm, motorists must stop their cars. redights indicate that children are either getting on or gettingi inoff the bus. on to homework now. if homework causes a headache for you and the kids, offers tips to get the job done. try setting the mood with music. research actually shows that music is a good motivator and children with adhd have shown better performance when they are listening to music when they do homework. be sure to define a workspace. be sure it is clear of clutter. the space doesn't always have to be a desk. try the kitchen table. that works out just fine. make homework a game. sometimes when recommememorizin flash cards. scrabble is good for spelling and geography can help with
5:25 pm
state capitals. there are lots of games available for the computer. use them. and a key to a successful school year is the parent teacher relationship. the parent teacher conference is the perfect opportunity for parents to ask quesons. schoolfamilyom came up with a list for parents. first, find out how to keep up with your child's assignments and h to keep up with how well your child is doing in class. also, ask what are students expected to master by the end of the year andow is that progress gauged and how will you be notified if your child is falling behind? a reminder for parents, if you have any changes in your family situation that could affect your child's behavior or achievement, you should mention that when meeting with the teacher. it's all about communication. i like the idea of music with homework. i didn't realize studies show it helps. give it a shot. >> creates a nice environment. >> it does. >>hank you, liz. >> best of luck out there. >> yeah. still ahead tonight, after years of debate, gamblers have a
5:26 pm
new place to press their luck in maryland. how the state's first ever casino is already helping the economy just hours after opening. d.c. looks at a new way to track juvenle offenders. i'll have details coming up on news 4. >> and a second person arrested in cnnection with a violent robbery outside strip mall. police say he's just 14 years old.
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a fast forward to the headlines. washington wizards guard gilbert arenas making his first public comments since he was arrested for taking guns into the wizards locker room. he took part in immediate yay ya day answering queions for about three minutes. he didn't say much and didn't smile, saying he just wants to play basketball. neighbors in potomac say all they need is rain and their power goes out. burying lines under ground didn solve the problem. they are so desperate they may buy generators in bulk. northwest airlines making a significant move to expand its presence on the east coast. southwest today says it has agreed to buy air-tran for $1 billion. if the merger goes through, southwest would have a presence at reagan national.
5:30 pm
now we fast forward to the weather. doug? >> can i say i would love to see that southwest airlines coming here? >> you are. we have already said it. >> i would love it. something else we would love is ain. we are getting the rain out there, even heavy rain at times, especially early this afternoon and early this morning. the heavy rain confined to the western portions of the viewing area toward hagerstown. we're going to continue to see heavy ra throughout the next couple of hours there. e rest of the area overnight tonight. we do have a flash flood watch in effect for the entire night intoomorrow morning. 77 degrees currently at the airpo. we'll see temperatures dip down into the mid to upper 60s to around 70. expect rain tonight and early tomorrow morning. then i think we'll be clearing out in the afternoon with a high temperature tomorrow around 80 degrees. you will most likely need the umbrella through the night tonight and into tomorrow morning. again later in th week. the four-day forecast coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, doug.
5:31 pm
>> gps technology is nothing new. there is a new twist to the way it's beinging used as the d.c. agencying that handles juvenile offenders they are plementing a new system to give tem real time tracking of the movements and whereabouts of juveniles on their watch. >> number of teenagers committed crimes, some of them violent while under the agency supervision. derrick ward as more. >> repter: it is theame global posioning technology in your car, but this application tells d.c.'s department of youth rehabilitation service that is young offenders are goi places they aren't supposed to. >> we get alerts in real time when they are not where they are supposed to be, when they are not where we tell them tobe. by utilizing that, we can respond immediately. >> reporter: to demonstrate i was fitted with one of the new ang lets. it takes some getting used to. but it's not uncomfortable. then i set out downtown to see how it works.
5:32 pm
>> we put this location in as sowhere i'm not supposed to be while wearing t bracelet. we'll show you what would happen. ideally a computer message would go out directly to personnel and they uld send one of their people or the police. detailed maps can even graph a person's movements over a given period of time. they also alert and alarm if tampered th or removed which isn't easy. >> there was some electronic monitoring but it was sporadic. the technology wasn't good. the second thing that was utilized was something called intensive third party monitong. we check on youth two, three times a day, but that had limitations. >> reporter: sometimes limitations can have dire consequences. a high profile multiple shooting in the district this year left four dead. the recent shooting in sherman circle left a ctholic university student dead. suspects in those ces and nearly a dozen others
5:33 pm
includinging joincluding i juveniles. >> it is an important tool we have. >> new security measures are in place at the pentagon metro. they began this morning. oicials moved employee checkpoints further away from th building entrance. the security enhancements will limit public ak success to two center walkways. the changes are inesponse to a shooting earlier this year wounding two security guards ending with the gunman being killed. >> a second teenager, a 14-year-old boy, is now in custody tonight accused in a brazen stabbing and robbery. it happened last tuesday outside a strip mall. a 5year-old property inspector was taking photos behind the canterbury village shopping center. he told police two boys approached him, demanded his camera. he refused and the teens allegedly knocked him to the ground, stabbed himthree times taking his camera, cell pho and money and ran off. a 15-year-old boy was arrested at the scene. the second teen was arrested at
5:34 pm
his home. the victim is expected to recover. >> president obama signed a small business job act today. he calls it one of his concrete moves to put americans to work. under the law small businesses that hire new employees are eligible for tax benefits. critics say the bill is a burden. >> it was criticalhat we cut taxes and make more loans available to entrepreneurs. >> there are a couple of welcome tax cuts small businesses he been looking for for years but they are, by and large, temporary, small and they are completely over whelmed by tax increases that small businesses fear. >> getting more americans back to work will be the president's pitch as he heads out tonight to campaign for deocrats. gamblers have a new place to hit the jackpot. 35 people were waiting at that time doors for the opening of the hollywood casino today in cecil county. there are 1500 slot machines there expected to bring in $100 million in annual and state
5:35 pm
revenue. it is also a boost to the local economy. 350obs have been created. most of the people were pleased with the establishment although some expressed disappntment at the lack of table games. >> union station once again tops the list of the 25 busiest metro stop in may the ridership was more than 32,000 according to the washington business journal. after union station, metro center was second and with 30,000 daily riders and chinatown. the least busiest metro stop for the second year was friendship heights up here in northwest d.c. with almost 10,000 riders. when we come back on news 4 at 5:00 tonight, cell phone vid captures the tense moments as a plane cos in for a landing without any landing gear. >> as part of our continuinging coverage ofducation nation week here at nbc, tonight a look at d.c. schools chancellor michelle rey's successes in the
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classroom. cleermz. >> stay with us. we are live in hd. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number onechools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. in the nbc special series education nation news 4 talked to the powerful and controversial head of d.c.'s school systems. >> she's been credited with improving student achievement
5:39 pm
and is tang a hit from what critics describe as her heavy-handed approach. now the future of the d.c. school chancellor isn't clear. >> eun yan sat down for an interview on what drives her passion for education. >> you wake up every morning and you know that kids are getting a really crappy education right now. >> reporter: in the documentary "waiting for superman" d.c. schools chancellor appears to be a superwoman, an education reformer who puts children first at any cost. >> there's nothinging, i think, more important or fulfilling than a person could be makinging sure children are getting a great education. >> repter: the film opens in d.c. october 1 uovers the plight of the nation's education system through the eyes of the very children our schools are failing. improving education is her singular focus. >> we are not going to continue this dysfunction and madness under my watch. not while i'm here.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: this is j.l. wilson elementary school where students attend classes in new building. here, student achievement is soaring. 84% of students alsoualify for free lunch and that goes to the heart of one of her primary principles. >> it is possible to ensure that poor minority kids are gettingi an excellent education. it is poible to overcome every single one of the challenges to ensure that every single kid has an excellent teacher in front of them every day. those are things people think are impossible but we want to take the excuses away. >> reporter: to that end she hired hundreds of teachers for poor performance and closed 26 schools drawing fire from parent and the teacher union. those critics voted out one of her strongest supporters, mayor fenti which means she could lose her job. >> the things we were doing, firing teachers, moving
5:41 pm
principalsup, closing schools, were not politically popular things to do. they were the right things for kids but made adults uncomfortable. >> reporter: her efforts resulted in 7% to 16% higher test skoers and a 6% increase in graduation rates. the achievement gap has narrowed in areas by nearly 20%. after years of gains, progress stalled this last year. proficiency scores for some schools dropped 4 to 5 points and the achievement gap in secondary students widened less than 2%. >> you look at the distance that we havto go before we can say every child in the school system is being well served by the public education system we created. we're not going to rest until we get to that point. >> reporter: that's why many education experts believe her departure would be a huge blow to the children of d.c. >> i love kids. i feel so passionately about what their potential is and what
5:42 pm
they n become or accomplish if we, as the adults in this educational system, are serving them correctly. >> reporter: eun yang, news 4, washington. >> as eun yang report the methods have been controversial because several schools have been closed and teachers laid off. tonight at 6:00, t washington teachers uion president weighs in on her performance. the education nation series continues tonight at 7:00 on nbc nightly news with brian williams. we invite you to check our website nbc a local father writes about his decision to take his twins out oftraditional classrooms and to home school them. up next on news 4 at 5:00 tonight, more pilots are napping on the job. why experts say that's a good thing. in sports the skins are looking for answers after a tough loss to
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four years ago, b ehrlich got fired as governor of myland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last fr years, he worked as a hired gun r big corporations, even a bank that took billis from a taxpayer funded baiut. ehrlich sides with corrate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help.
5:45 pm
middle cde do. now let's fast forward throughhe headlines. the district's department of youth rehabilitation services is now tracking young offenders by using gps devic on their ankles. in this pilot program case managers see if teen offenders are attending school and treatment programs. helps enforce house arrest. a second teenager is now in custody tonight charged with the stabbing and robbery of a property inspector taking pictures behind a strip mall. both suspects are being held now without bond. the victim is expected to survive. gamblers ha a new place to hit the jackpot. the hollywood casino opened for business today in perriville, maryland. it features 1500 slot machines which are expected to bring in
5:46 pm
100 million dollars in state revenue. that could be a good place to be with all of the rain out there. not a lot going on nowcross most of the area. still some rain and heavier rain. 77. you c see where the rain is now, mostly to the west of the i-95 corridor. to the east around portions of the eastern shore down toward st. mary's county. the heavy rain off to the north and west toward martinsburg. we'll ctinue to see the rain moving through. you could see another inch over the next hour or so. more rain down around richmond. we could expect to see that come throughovernight. here's the four-day forecast. 80 tomorrow. 76 on wednesday. better chance of rain. into thursday once again. >> thank you. once again, redskins fans aren't happy this morning. >> not at all. lindsay has the highs and lows. too manylows. >> the rams los 28 of their
5:47 pm
previous 29 games. this is not a happy day at redskins park. >> we did haveomething to celebrate. >> coach shanahan said clinton portis was nursing a hand injury yesterday which is why wee went down. shanahan said he wasn't benched in the second half but the team was following its intended game plan. this was a horrendous lo for the redskins. dan helly was in st. louis and took the pulse in the locker room. >> they flat out whipped our [ bleep ]. we have to get prepared, look at the film and see what went wrong. we have to get ready for next week. >> everything was frusatinging. it was frustrating as an offense to watch the defense struggle and not get off the field. it was tou for us to have all the false startsnd holding penalties and things that killed us all day. there were some big plays. th was great. but there wasn't a coistency
5:48 pm
there. that tills you. >> we all have ownership in this. you don't win, we have lo two ball games in a row. you don't point fingers. you look and ask yourself what can i do to help this team win? >> it's a matter oforrecting mistakes, the off sides, going the wrong way, you know, the little things that can ruin the game for you. we beat ourselves. we gave up points early in the game. we didn't take advantage of some oppornities. that's what happened. >> you may not think you're letting them off the hook. or it's just the rams, but you look at their record. you look at the young quarterback. look at how the line played before, giving up nine sac before this game. things like that. so it's little keys that probably make you think that way. >> reporter: albert haynesworth continues in his back-up roll and could be soon joined by
5:49 pm
clinton partis. despite his longest run of the year he spent a portion of the second half on the sidelines. >> that was the plan. i thought bolton did a wonderful job running in the first half. i'm not sure what the yardage was. we'll keep clinton in on the third down and ryan on the first and second. >> i can't question it. when they call my number and tell me to go in, i went into the game. >> were you surprise bid how little you played in the second hf? >> i'm not surprised by much. ryan went out and had big runs. i think he provided the big playability they wer looking for. so i guess he was hot. >> clinton and i talk all the time. the most important thing in this situation is to continue to show support and we all have the confidence knowing when he gets back in there that he can create big plays for us. >> reporter: next eek the redskins in philadelphia for the first time since the big trades
5:50 pm
that sent mcnabb to washington. he's already calling it a must win game. some unsettling times if you're a redskins fan. from st. louis, dan hellie, news 4 sports. >> michael vick threw for 291 yards yesterday and three touchdowns. eagles -- and ran for one. >> he's refreshed. >> yeah. they have that for next week. another big test for the redskins defense. >> okay. thanks, lindsay. a new study suggests teenagers believe sports drinks are part of a hethy lifestyle. although soda and flavored sports drinks are high in sugar and calories, teenagers think the sport drinks are healthier. those that drank them are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink milk and exercise. marketing associating a healthier lifestyle with the sports beverages is the reason behind all of this.
5:51 pm
a dramatic emergency landing is caught on tape. some pilots may be encoaged to doze off on the job, and a british man jumps into the record books. all stories that make you say -- what? >> head down, stay down! >> new amateur video sho scary moments during an emergency landing at jfk airport in new york. the plane's landing gear was stuck making the emergency landing cessary. in this video shot by a pasenger, sparks can be seen out a window as one of the wings drags along the runway. none of the 60 passengers aboard the delta flight was hurt. dending on where you sit or how you fly, sleeping on a plane may not be an option, but it's somethin something pilots may be able to do in the future. researchers are looking at pilots taking quick naps to avoid fatigue in the cockpit.
5:52 pm
a ten-minute nap could be good for safety. one pilot said the cockp is a warm and cozy place when the sun is shining. a british man who jumped his way into the record books is living to tell about it today. james beal set a new world record for the most number of bungee jumps done by one person in one hour. he jumped 42 times crushing the previous record of 19. he performed the leaps from a crane 160 feet in the air above london. he says he didn't prepa too much before t record. he had only done six jumps in an hour. >> i wonderf that makes you taller. >> how do you prepare for that? >> deep breathing or something. >> a lot of whiskey. >> that's always good, too. so what's up for 6:00? >> coming up, president obama said today that he wouldn't send his kids to d.c. public schools because they are stl
5:53 pm
struggling. we'll hear what the next mayor of the city has to say about that. a jury in california has reached a verdict in the death of a ballplayer from our area. here's another mega merger in the works. we'll tell you about southwest airlines and air-tran coming together and what it may mean for passengers in the d.c. area and we have a souped-up do you know -- dune buggy. >> another reason for people who worry a lot to wor a lot. when they use the internet to diagnose aches and pains it could be a sign of a more serious problem.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
>> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 5:00. >> many people are turning to the web to diagnose their ailments. experts say that's not a great idea. >> a new poll says millions of americans are addicted to searching for symptoms online. nbc's colleen williams reports in today's news for your health. >> i was terrified i was going todie. i was so afraid of dying that i couldn't enjoy life. >> reporter: paul was convinced he was sick. he went to the internet and plugged his symptoms into commercial site like >> i was on there a good 20, 30 times a day. i thought i had lung cancer. i thought i had testicular cancer, stomach cancer, head and
5:57 pm
neck cancer. >> reporter: he had none of those. the disease he suffered wasn't from cancer of any kind. it was cyberchondria, diagnosing diseases online. therere 175 million cyberchondriacs in the u.s. >> people escalate fears, anxiety and symptoms by doing internet searches about conditions. >> reporter: dr. david barren is an expert on it which he says can become a self-fulfiing prophecy. >> if i notice i'm shaking and i look up and think i may have parkinson's disease on the internet as opposed to perhap maybe i drank too much coffee. the anxiety makes me shake more. >> reporter: the doctor says they are usually drawn to the most sensational sit. >> it's more engaging and captivatinging into read about tumors thanaffeine withdrawal headaches. >> reporter: he says the firs site is likely to be the most
5:58 pm
popular with the scariest diagnosis. >> the internet, you put in haec a headache and it goes bananas. it goes most popular to least popular, not likely. >> repoer: headaches are a favorite fixaton for them but what you get from the first key stroke may be enough to make your head explode. the resulting anxiety, according to our own medical editor may lead to a hemorrhage of your wallet and, even worse, as you seek medical help you m not need. >> it will scare you. it may lead to dangerous tests. >> reporter: doctors say to visit websites run by the mayo clinic, jos-hopkins and journals to get reliable information. the national institute of health is also a good online resource. >> be careful commercial sites. sponsors may get editorial control for medicines they sell. >> tt's it for news 4 at 5:00.
5:59 pm
>> news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: now live in hd, this is news 4 at 6:00. >> lots of heavy rain in the area. a couple of storms around, too. >> a woman is critically injured when a car hits her andhe driver leaves the scene. >> reporter: president obama's small business bill helping some of the local restaurants build ev more stores. we begin toght with the president saying that his daughters could not get a great education in the d.c. public school syste which is still strugglinging. good evening. today the president said the d.c. school system is struggling. council chairman vincent gray weighed in on the presint's comments. tom sherwood has the story. tom? >> reporter: the president spoke on the nbc "today" show. vince gray was quick to respond. >> rorter: michelle rhee is getting lots of nation


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