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tv   Today  NBC  October 4, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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americans traveling to europe to be on grd because of growing concerns about terrorist attacks by al qaeda that could be in the works. did he go too far? a florida father faces up to 120 years behind bars for confronting his daughter's alleged bullies on a school bus. would you haveone the same thing? "today" that man and his daughter speak out. and new images of those 33 trapped miners in chile, reveals theemarkable way they spend their time waiting for rescue theemarkable way they spend their time waiting for rescue "today," october 4, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal telesion and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. >> when the state department issues a travel alt, it's not typically to places like the united kingdom and france and
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that's what makes this new advisory rare. >> but it is short on specifics. it was just issued days after intelligence reports indicated a credible threat of potential terror attacks in western europe. we're going to get the latest on the develops story just ahead. also a day of fun on their jet skis when tragedy struck, a 911 call made by a woman moments before her husband was shot by pirates. and news you can really news, how long would it take your family to get to a safe place if your home suddenly caught fire? how much longer would you need if that fire occurred in the dead of night. we'll put one family to the test and they will help us all learn an important lesson about how crucial it is to have an escape plan in place. and more on that alert for americans traveling in europe. jim maceda is here with the latest. >> reporter: it's been five years since the last major
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attack here but american travelers are finding out that terrorism inurope is not history. for americans traveling abroad, europe has suddenly gotten more dangerous. >> i'll just keep my eyes open and hopefully things will work out. >> we're just going to be a little bit cautious now getting on the train. >> reporter: they're worried about the rare travel advisory issued on sunday that americans be on their guard. as european intelligencin recent weeks suggesthat terrorists could be preparing a coordinated attack in germany, the uk and elsewhere. but the warning references no specific threat. >> i think the draw to comend see beautiful, ancient history is more important than the worry of terrorist threats. >> reporter: still much of europe has heightened its terrorist threat level after a convergence of troubling reports. here in great britain, rumor of a so-called mumbaityle plot
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that kild 170 three yes ago. in france, rumors that a north african al qaeda affiliate has smuggled a female in. an officials are still asssing the credibility of an afghan man captured by u.s. soldiers in kabul and talk to u.s. agents. this man says that bin laden himself helped finance a terrorism plot against major u.s. cities. >> it's very nonspecific, but it's trying to raise awareness of international terrorism that threatens parts of the u.s. as
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well as western europe. >> reporter: for now american europes are staying vij jept. and today police arrested a man at a train center the paris. so far there's no dayshat he's part of a larger terrorist plot. >> tom coughlin is a terrorism expe exrt. we have got a terror alert issued by the state department which falls short of a terror warning which would have warned americans not to travel to certain countries. based on what you're hearing there and what you know, does that go far enough. >> i think it does for the moment, the threat level here in britain is severe. the protection to the royal family has been stepped up. therotection for all senior politicians has also been
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creaseded. basically the intelligence services here in london and elsewhere in europe have picked up indications that al qaeda is trying to carry out these mumbai style attacks throughout europe. the intelligence they picked up shows that people in pakistan are traveling around eope trying to get people going. >> but tom, let me go book, because based on what you just said, i want to go back to my first question, if in britain the threat level has been raised from gener to high and the british government is warning british citizens to avoid places like france or germany or be careful there, does it make any sense that considering that britain and the u.s. share intelligence so much, thathe u.s. wouldn't do something similar? >> quite. and i think that the americans have given advise to the hundreds of thousands of americansraveling around europe. but it's so much impossible to prevent these attacks if you've got these low intensity terror cells that just want to pick up
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a gun and start shooting people. so it's a very difficult one to thwart. >> if you look at the mumbai style attack on 2008. on the one hand you would think it might be easier to attack because you've got a lot more people who have to go out and act in a coordinated fashion. >> the problem is when they have tried to do something sophisticate by the heathrow terror plot of 2006, the plot has been exposed and the perpetrators jailed. bu the challenge of the security service and intelligence services in europe is if they just want to do these low intensity attacks, it becomes far more harder to stop them. if they want to cook up a bomb in their kitchen orpik up a gun and shoot one, that's far more
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difficult to stop >> this chatter that officials seem to be detecting, do you think that's directly connected with what we're hearing of increased reports of inkresed activity of u.s. drones on the border of pistan and afghanistan? >> they're all linked. my intelligence tells me that the reason this threat's been raised is that the british and the americans have picked up telephone communications between terror cells suggesting that they want to carry out these sort of attacks. the americans are responsible for putting the drones in. part of the reason this hasn't happened is because of a success fll drone sike which killed quite a few of the terrorists involved in this plot. >> if you were advisinging americans in particular about travel to europe, what would your advice be. >> i just think you need to be
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ry careful. if you're in a public place and somebody's acting suspiciously i would report it. but we can't let the terrorists dictate our lives and people need to getn with their plans and just be a lot more vigilant. >> thank you so much for your time, i appreciate it. it's 7:08, now here's amy. >> now to politics and mounting pressure on both parties with just four weeks to go until the crucial november elections. >> well, if we're less than a month until election day, we're at that point in the campaign where every day feels like a week to the actual candidate, the white house isn't just focused on trying to save its own democratic candidate, they're actually preparing for election day. >> reporter: president obama returned to washington from camp david late sunday after a weekend when the campaigning heated up coast to coast.
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>> it's time to stand together, fight togeer and we will win together. >> key democratic groups tried to rally their weekend march on the national mall. in california, the campaign for governor had taken a nasty turn and republican meg whitman fed candidate jerry brown. bro whitman has on the defense about when her housekeeper wasn this country illegally. whitman fired here in 2009, claiming that sh's when she found out. diaz claimed she knew long before then. whitman and her his says they did thing wrong. >> you and your surrogates put her deportation at risk,ou put her out there and you should be ashamed for sacrificing nicky diaz for your political ambitions. >> don't run for governor if you can't stand up on your two feet and say, hey, i made a mistake,
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i'm sorry, let's go on in here. >> you blame her, blame me, blame the unions, but you don't tech responsibility. >> whitman has boosted advertising an radio ads in jus the last couplof days. the first high profile tea party winner of 2010, republan rand paul -- paul played down his insurgent reputation saying he supported fellow kentuckian mitch mcconnell. >> i think mitch mcconnell will be the majority leader again. for his pt conway tried to distanceimself from his own party's leader. >> i'm a democrat, i'm certainly not going to be to the left of barack obama, i'm going to put kentucky first. >> reporter: as for the white house, the president isn't done shaking up his team. rahm emanuel is already
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campaigning in chicago. robert gibbs is trying to figur out what he's going to do next and there's some speculation he might take over the democratic national committee as h would be the spokesperson there during the startup of the presidential campaign. >> amount of movement. let us go over to the news desk right now, ann's on assignment and we have got nbc's willie geist over there at the news desk. willienice having you here. the supreme court bins a new term with a new woman the bench. >> one of the most prominent cases actually comes this week involving highly controversial protests at military funerals. it's one of two that tests the protecons of the first amendment. the court has ask to decide if it's protected speech when protesters show up at the
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funerals of u.s. service members killed in the line of duty. >> i'm preaching to this godless nation that you have departed from the lord. and god is going to punish you severely. and that's what's going on over there in iraq. >> reporter: when the turned up at the funeral of mathieu schneider, a marine who died in iraq, they carried signs sayg "god hates you" and "thank god for dead soldiers." his father say that's no place to stage protest. >> it's a funeral. that's what people seem to be forgetting about this whole thing, it's a funeral for god's sake. >> reporter: another challenges california's law that restricts theale of violent video games. the makers say the games are protected free expression like movies or comic books with
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parents already in control. >> they're aware of what games their kids are playing and they have a perfect right to make those decisions, thetate should stay out of it. >> reporter: as for elena kagan she'll be sitting out on about a thd of the cases presented because she worked on those cases. this morning for the third day in a row, tankers carrying fuel to u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan were attacked in pakistan. at rutgers university, a vigil for tyler clementi, an 18-year-old freshman who committed suicide after a sexual encounter with another man was streamed on line by his roommates. verizon is being fined $90 million forrism proper web access. most customer also get credits on their october or novembe
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and right here we've got rain showers moving through the area expected throughouthe day. at times it will be moderate and then get a little windy this afternoon. rain showers moving from south to north with the weather system
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rit around southern delaware. the temperature is 52 takoma park, poolsville at 51 and centreville 51 degrees. your high day 56 to 58. a little higher tomorrow. 65 on wednesday. still some rain showers, but those will be moving out, sunshine the end of the we. authorities in texas are renewing warnings about pirates terrorizing boaters on the u.s.-mexican border. an american was shot and killed when they were ambushed there. janet, an incredible story, good morning. >> reporter: it sure is, matt, good morning to you, i'm standingt the edge of the lake that straddles the u.s.-mexico border which has been turning into something of a war zone. the attacks have been happening here would soon turn dely, which it now appears they v it
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was a perfect day on falcon lake, or so thought tiffany and david hartley, one moment zipping along onet skis, the next they were under attack by a barrage of bullets, as tiffany described in that frantic call to 911. >> are you sure your husband got shot? >> yes, in his head. >> okay, was he thrown out of the jet ski that he's in the water with? >> reporter: tiffany hartley was forced to lve her husband' body behind, she sayss gunmen on three boats now targeted her. the falcon lake reservoir is a unique body of water. the u.s.-mexico border runs right through the middle of it. tiffany admits they were on the violence plagued mexican side. >> there's markers right here, that's what signifies to sports
7:18 am
men that thewere on the u.s. side or the mexico side. >> wardens took nbds out on falcon lake recently after surge of violence by drug cartels including the atented robbery of a san antonio doctor. >> two of the people stood up and started waiving machine-guns at me, kind of pointing them at me going, hey, hey, pull over, pull over. >> reporter: rick escaped, but the sheriff predicted that it was only a matter of time when somebody doesn't. >> a vortex of violence with a husband and wife caught in the cross fire, as the border wars wash closer to home. authorities have not been able to recover david hartley's body because it is on the mexico side of the lake where they say they have no jurisdiction. meanwhile tiffany hartley scheduled a news conference to talk abo what happened to her husband an then abruptly
7:19 am
canceled it, family members say because she feared for her own safety. >> janet shanlian in texas this morning. we appreciate it. it's now 19 minutes after the hour, here's amy. >> there's now hope ts morning that those chilean miners might be rescued sooner. >> reporter: today marks day 6 5 these men have been trapped under ground. the chileans are working with three different countries, americans, from canada and from soh africa. the south african are the closest, 396 feet away from the men. the bad news is their drill bit is so dull it's not making any progress, they have had to pull it out and they won't be able to resume drillg until wednesday. which means the american team is most likely to get to them first perhaps as early as late this week.
7:20 am
if you imagine a living hell in a sealed tube more than 800 feet under the ground, the video looks different. the 33 trapped miners have developed an exclusive society, they're clean shavened. they're working eight hour shifts mostly working with heavy machinery. one man's anxiety for his two children trapped down below is tempted by the anticipation of a rescue any day now. to better understand wha miners here face every day, alphonso and his brother invited me to join them deep in another mine. this gd mine shut down a year ago. >> what is it like for you coming in here? >> translar: it's difficult for me. >> because your trirn are trappe >> reporter: we carefully crossed a 30-degree ope.
7:21 am
we walked just under a mile when alphonso tells me for the first time in his mining career he feels nervous in here. will you let your children go back into the mine after this? he says, i don't think so. it goes without saying when you're this deep into a mine, the only light you have is the light you bring. we're about 600 feet here, and the surprise is how warm it is, it's about 80 degrees. the trapped minerare not only in slightly warmer conditions, but the condition is at about 80%. the most frustrating part of this says alphonso, not being able to di every y the trapped miners are removing about 20 tons of rock, debris that's collapsing in and around them as the drill bits get that much closer. with one of three escap pods now ready to go, there's a growing sense a happy ending is year.
7:22 am
so this is the side of the hole that they're drilling down to them. those escape pods will suck the men up through here. the question that has yet to be answered, will they put a pole down to make it easier for that's cape pod to come up or will they forego this and just drop it down and just bring them up. they haven't figured that out yet, they'll probably do some tests. > what would you have done? a father storms on to a sool bus and confronts his daughter's alleged bully. we will talk to that dad and hear fm his daughter for the first time. but rst this is "today" on nb
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my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher.
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my dad's an auto technian. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuitn in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the rst in my family to go college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there'never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. coming up a state trooper who hit and killed two girls while on duty has received workercomp.. plus would your children
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i'm joe krebs. in the news for us today, university of maryland police are warning the community to be on the lookout after an attack on campus. police say three men tackled a student around 4:30 yesterday morning and took his wallet and cell phone. this is the latest attack in a string of robberies targeting students. the others, however, occurred off campus. we'll take a break, come back and look at weather and traffic. stay with us. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our maple cheddar breakfast sandwich. breakfast just got a whole lot sweeter.
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welcome back. it's a cool, nasty and wet start this monday, but i'm not seeing any reports o hearing any reports of any flooding
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across the area. there's your rain making its way northward with low prsure. our weather system right around southern delaware. on the cool side definitely today, takoma park at 52, poolsville at 51, centreville at 51. your high today 56 to 58. showers will start winding down but the wind will pick up. we've got more showers for wednesday. jerry. it's a very tough morning beuse of the weather so take a look along interstate 270. the only incident we had so far was an accident in hyattstown quicklycleared. this is what it looks like from germantown all the way down. new york avenue inbound had been closed to new jersey avenue. that has just reopened. a serious crash moved out of the roadway. >> thanks very much. we'll have more news, weather and traffic for you in 25 minutes. but for now we'll go back to
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it's monday morning, the 4th of august, 2010. it was a pretty nice weekend, some spots had sun, some spots had rain, but we have got a great crowd outside on the plaza. inside studio , i'm matt lauer longside amy robach. and just aad the father who stormed on to that school bus and confronted the students he believed were harassing his daughter. a lot of pple have seen this tape and ask themselves would i have done the same thing? we're going to talk to that father and hear from his ughter for the first time when they speak out i a live interview. should a former state trooper who was on duty chatting on thehone moments before he killed two young sisrs in a head-on collision receive workers compensation? he thinks so. and that has the mother of his victims upset. also ahead a warning to homeners about the recent increase in mortgage fraud
7:31 am
cases. details on that coming up. obviously a t of people taking advantage of bad situations. but let begin with that florida father who lashed out at his daughter's alleged bullies on a school bus. we'll talk to the family in a moment. but first how their story unfolded. >> reporter: on a school bus in suburban orlando, a father's fury caught on a security camera. >> my daughter has to get on this [ bleep ] bus. >> james nes, a 43-year-old private first class in the army was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing a school function. >> tell me which one. tell me whicone. >> jones admitted his temper got e best of his when he unleashed a tirade on some boys he claims were bullying his 12-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy.
7:32 am
a father's temper used to protect the daughter he loves. >> i was very much -- out of character for me. but my daughter, i still love her and i support her. >> jones alleges boys on the bus smacked his daughter on the back of the head, twisted her ear and shouted ruds comments. school officials say he never complained to them that his daughter was being harassed. the national center for education statistics say 25% of all students are bullied. but among kids with disabilities say 85% are targeted. >> whether it's getting mad or getting scared or getting angry, they're providing a response that makes theerson bullying feel in power and in control.
7:33 am
>> james says he's not going to let his daughter become a target. we are joined exclusively now by shatari jones and james jones. james you have said, look, i apologize, i stepped over a line on that bus, i shouldn't have done what i did. when you see the tape, though, and it takes you back to that moment, what goes through your mind? >> a lot of hur and stuff go through my mind, but that's my daughter and at that time i was going to do that, no matter what? >> did you weigh out the riskeward? did you saykay i may stop the bullying "toda ining today if it bus, but iay actually cause shatari problems down the road? did you think about that? >> no, when i got into that situation, my daughter finally tells me what's going on on this
7:34 am
bus, i'm thinking i'm going to talk to the bus driver, that's my initial attempt. i'm seeing this bus coming 20 minutes late, people are just yelling and arguing and hanging out the window. >> this was chaos on the bus. you could see there was a problem with control on the bus as soon as the bus pulled up? >> no control. and i'mike how i am going to put my daughter standing here crying on the bus. >> it was the day before that you told your mom for t first time that you didn't want to go on the bus. did you see a change in attitude? >> she was disinterested in everything because shatari likes to dabble in cooking and she didn want to do those things, and she didn't want to go to school and we were just in the erm part of school.
7:35 am
>> if this had been happening, did you stop andhink about should i tell my parents? will i be seen as a tattle teal? how long did you worry about this. >> a week before it stted. >> and what made you finally decide it was right to tell your mom? >> because if i don't tell her now, it will happen. >> because it was getting worse. >> were you afraid it was just going to get worse and worse? >> yes. >> what kinds of things were they doing o the bus. >> they would call me names. . >> we would all as parents love to wrap our children in a big bubble and protect them from everything. but we can't do it. and at some point you have to see.
7:36 am
i love my daughter, i love my kids. i ve my family. we're going to stop this bully we're just drying to help other kids, because other kid will see my kid suffering and they don't even know the pain we're going through. this has turned my whole world upside down. >> after this happened, it wasn't over on that bus, you got back to the house and then the news crews showed up and the police showed up. and shati, i know youere very upset about all of this, and actually you decided to
7:37 am
hospitalize? >> i was at work and my wife notified me that shatari had seen the tapes and she told her mom she needed to go somewhere d my wife notified me and we put her in the hospital under stress and now she's out and we're hopeful and stuff again. >> shatari, you haven't been back to school. do you hope to go back soon? do you want to go back? is it more difficult now? >> i don't want to go back. >> would you get on that bus again? do you think it would be different? >> yeah. but i would like to get on the bus again. >> natalee, how he's are the charges that james is facing? >> james is facing second-degree misdemeanor charges, that's the lowest charge we have in florida. he could spend some jail time and for a family that is living paycheck to paycheck, this will devastate the family.
7:38 am
>> i think i want to talko deborah and joiames, the good ns is that she eventually told you. there are other situations with bullying and unfortunately we have covered far too many of them on the show where a child says nothing and suffers in silence and then we read a terrible headline. >> but there's another thing about this, some kids out there that are goi to school, can't tell their parents at all, their parents are single parents, me and my wife love each oer that we were sticking by her. there's some parent who is don't even see their kids from the time they go to work until the timehey come home and the kids don't even get a chance to tell them. there's where we need to step up and say, this is my kid and i'm going to find out what's going on. even if they're on up there in age. >> you can't wrap your children in bubbles,
7:39 am
and right here we've got a weather system that's kind of stuck, so cloudy conditions today with rain showers moving
7:40 am
through. we're not really going to b out of the woods with this rain until about wedsday. it's moving from south to north right now with your weather system around southern delaware. temperatures range from 50 degrees in frederick county, 51 la plata. 65, mo >> and don't forget you can check your -- up next, the startling rise in mortgage fraud cases, how to avoid being scammed i you have fallen behind in your payments. we'll talk about that, few first these messages. for 25,000 miles.s it was always... [ laughing ] that seat's not happening without a bimiles upcharge. a miles upcharge wasn't part of the deal. was i supposed to go without my wife? [ elevator bell dings [ grunting ] haha, that s awkward. so we upgraded to the venture card from capital one.
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back at 7:44 on "today's" real estate. with more than 8 million mortgages behind on their payments, and people struggling to make their payments, scams are up. this is a huge problem, is estimated to cost between 4 billion and $6 billion annually and right away you want people to know how ty're being targeted. it can b based on your geographic location and any personal information you have that's been made public. >> most personal information is alrey public, including just a late foreclosure notice and many of these scam artists purchase whole lists of neighborhoods where everybody is behind on their pavements. >> and you have a list of top mortgage fraud states. you have been saying that florida has been particularly hard hit. >> florida is one of the highest states in the nation to have
7:45 am
foreclosur, so that's a nice, juicy target for those scam artists but there are many states trout the whole country that are being hit by scam artists. >> the first one you say is the rent to buy setup. what's problematic about that. >> this one is the most clever one, it's the mostommon one that you hear about. in this scenario someone approaches you and offers to give you a bailout on the house, but you have to sign over the deed to them. they say to you, i'm going to rent the house to you and you can buy it back at a cheap price,he sam cheap price i bought it for. what happe is they raise the rent, the rent is too high, you can't afford it back and you get evicted as a tennant. >> you als try to protect yourself by consulting a lawyer and don't sign a sales contract where you're formally released from yr mortgage. >> a lot of people will sign over the deed to their house and not think about what about the
7:46 am
mortgage? you need a piece of paper in the bank that says your mortgage has been forgiven. >> the next one you say is a bait and switch tactic, it involves refinancing and then misleading title transfers. >> someone approaches you and says i'll get you a gre deal on refinancing, sign here, but what the paper really is a transfer of title. >> and you say don't sign anything with blank spaces, wt else should you be looking for when you're looking to sign something? >> you should really consult an attorney, a lot of people think i don't have the money for it. but many advocates provideegal advice, just have an attorney look over the documents. >> phantom help or uront fees. who do people need to know? >> they should know that they the only thing that's legal is an appraisal fee for the house. but when someone approaches you like an angel in the night and suggests that they're going to
7:47 am
settle all your problems. >> and next is misleading fixed rates, this is another area where pple need to be careful. i would think fixed rates means people need to be careful. >> when you look at the detailed print, they actually refixed to a higher rate. >> barbara corcoran, always great advice. and you'll be back we should mention later on this morningo answer viewer e-mails aut mortgage fraud. so if you have a question, you can go to our website and send it in. coming up, wild and wacky reasons why some people dia 911, right after this.
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as parents, we teach your children to dial 911 in times of trouble. t apparently not all grown ups seem to understand what constitutes an emergency. nbc's michelleosinski is in florida to explain this to us. >> reporter: there might be some lessons to be learned here, and here's broward county florida, their 911 center gets 2.5 million calls every year. by some estimates half of those are not emergencies at all and then there's the percentage of those that simply defy explanation. like you just never know when an emergency will sike. >> i want chicken nuggets and they d't have chicken nuggets.
7:51 am
>> evyone's definition of an emergency is different. >> i need a ride. to the liquor store. [ no audio ] >> the list goes on. >> my toilet's overflowing, what do i do? >> i need to know how to make meatballs. >> april mcgill has fielded
7:52 am
calls y can'tven imagine here in broward county for 14 years. >> i was like, um. >> seven years of which arsome degree of this. >> she's spitting in my ear. >> she's trying to force me to eat something that the i don't nt. >> and this is what happed. >> what are some definite no, nos, like if it involves your toilet? >> your toilet, your turkey. >> i know you didn't seriously think that the police need to come to make sure you get your food? >> that's not an emergency. even if your lunch break is only 30 minutes, that is not an emergency. i am so sorry. >> thanks for telling us. will people ever learn? >> i bieve they will. i have hope. >> yes. >> nationwide, there a 240 million calls placed to 911 ever year and there's no real data on
7:53 am
how many of those are not emergencies or nonsense calls. but of course the problem is that while you're calling in about your toe stuck in a jar or a menacing rabbit in your yard, some people are calling in with an emergency kind of emergency. >> mielle, thank you very much. good lesson to learn, wee back right after this. stery to me. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through theody. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm hese nerves. i learned lyrica can ovide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and with le pain, i can do more of what matters to me. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, w or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior or any swelling or affected breathing, or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision
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7:56 am
it was a homecoming, of course, for donovan mcnabb who used to be the quarterback for the eagles. he received a warm ovation at first, but some fans did boo during the first offensive play by the redskins. the skins are now in first place in the nfc east at 2-2 for the season so far. 'll take a break, come back and look at weather and traffi four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason.
7:57 am
first, he protected tax loopholefor giant cable cableco. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even aank that took billions from a taxpar funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives aga and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our maple cheddar breakfast sandwich. breakfast just got a whole lot sweeter. welcome back. it's wet, it's nasty outside and it's cool too. temperatures are running in the 50s right now. we've got rain moving through most neighborhoods from south to north headed up.
7:58 am
showers throughout the day is what you can expect. at times even some moderate rain showers. a little bit of wind too. there's a pocket of heavier rain on the other side of i-81 just south of cumberland right now. 52 degrees right now in the district. district heights, prince george's county now at 52 degrees. fairfax at 51 and laytonsville and ashton just north at 51 degrees. yo high today about 56 to 58. we'll pick up a quarter to half an inch of rain. i don't think we'll see any flooding but we'll see this weather system stuck around our ea for a while. 65 with a slight chance of showers on wednesday. jerry. let's head out and take a look. this is what it looks like along i-95 from dale city all the way to 395 and the 14th street bridge. heavy and slow. the good news is there are no cidents. any incidents we had earlier are long cleared. let's see how it looks at the american legion bridge. inner loop running a bit slow. there may be a problem with he drain so heads up for that.
7:59 am
outer op lanes are open but a little extra travel time certainly a vy good idea. >> all right, thanks. ahead this afternooon nbc 4, it is magic week on ellen, and she has a surprise for one of her guests. tune in at 3:00 here on nbc 4. now we'll go back to the "today" show after this shor we're back now, it's k4r8 on
8:00 am
a monday morning, it's the fourth day of october 2010. 53 degrees, a littleain in the air, a little wind going on as well. the good news is if you like this kind of weather, you're going to love the first part of this week. >> amy robach is here along with al roker. this is something that families have to think about, what would happen in the terrible ent that you had a fire in your home? how long would it take your family to get out to safety, what would happen if that fire took place in the middle of the night. we're going to have some important information for you that can really help save you in the eventf a tragedy. and anllinois state trooper who pleaded guilty to reckless homicide after killing two young sisters in a high speed accident filed for workers
8:01 am
compensation. with willalk to the outraged mother. we love it when whoppie goldberg stops by. things just annoy whoppie, just really annoying. >> things that fly up -- >> yeah. >> all that stuff. nn is on assignment this morning, we're happy to have willie geist join us at the news desk with all the headlines. "todatoday japan joined the united states and britain. security officials feel al qaeda or others may be planning terrorist attacks at tourist sites or at transit centers. police say at least five people were killed overnight by gunmen who set fire to about 20
8:02 am
fuel trucks. sma smaller attacks took place this morning. a candle light vigil was held last night at rut kgers university to remember tyler clementi. tgers' president calling the tragedy a chance to reaffirm the school's commitment to compassion and respect. at least four people were killed sunday and 13 iured when a church van rolled over in southern georgia. police say the drive may he lost control when the van blew a tire. a 5-year-old boy was found safe in a soybean field nearly 24 hours after he wandered away from home. hundreds of volunteers took part in that successful search msnbc's melissa franzen is at the new york stock exchange.
8:03 am
home. >> also bank of america has suspended foreclosures in 21 states, they say they want to review the procedures and mak sure they're doing them probably. gmac has already done the same. it's predicted that 1.2 million homes will go into foreclosure this. >> melissa, thanks so much. the social network had lots of trends over the weekend. the lm about the founding of facebook took in $20 million. legend of the guardians was second, wall street money never sleeps was third. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> it's your first anniversary.
8:04 am
and right here we have got a storm system stuck right near the coast. unrtunately it's not going to be moving too fast for the first couple of days of this week. we'll be stuck with clouds and shers, most of which will fall today. we've got in moving through the area and rain is likely through most of today. as far as temperatures go we're in t low 50s right now. the mercury is not going to budge very much, getting up to a
8:05 am
high today of 56 to 58 degrees. 63 tomorrow with clouds. showers on wednesday, the high >> and that's your latest weather. coming up next, would you want the man who killed your daughters in a high speed accident to receiveorkers compensation for his injuries? one mother shares her painful story right after these messages. [ male announcer ] when it comes to energy bills, let's see how low we can go. let's do some little things... that help us save bi add some insulation here. a little weather stripping there. maybe an energy starated appliance, or two. let's save money on the things that keep saving money. that way, we can turn a little energy into a lot of savings. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of staying at room temperature with owens corning insulation -- just $10.44 per roll.
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♪ so i found a new love a natural true love ♪ ♪ that comes from a leaf green and bright ♪ ♪ zero-calorie, guilt-free no artifiality ♪ ♪ my soul sings with joy and delight ♪ ♪ its name is truvia i had no idea ♪ ♪ and i am loving every single bite ♪ [ announcer ] truvia. honestly sweet. that's at 8:09, an illinois state trooper who killed two teenaged sisters in a high speed accident now wants workers compensation for injuries he sustained in that crash. this after he admitted to talk on the phone and sending e-mails whileriving 100 miles an ho just moments earlier. we'll talk to the mother of the two girls killed ithat accident. but first here's nbc's kevin tiles. >> reporter: an indescribable
8:10 am
tragedy. just hours earlier sisters jessica and kelly yule posted for this family picture. they were worried when they were laid coming home. >> a traffic accident never crossed my mind tha a few hours later the illinois state troopers would be on my doorstep with the coroner and a clergyman. >> jessica 18 and kelly 13 were killed instantly, shocking details of the crash in southern illinois only compounded the grief. the vehicle that hit themas driven by an illinois state policeman. >> it jt seemed to be one blow after another. >> reporter: officer mat mitchell said he was traveling at speeds of 106 miles an hour responding to an emergency, but he also admitted that at the same time he was talking to his girlfriend on his personal cell phone and e-mailing on his police computer moments before impact. >> he's dishonored the uniform, he's dishonored law enforment and he's undermined people's
8:11 am
respect for the law. >> my daughters were killed by somebody who was sworn to protect and rve them. >> reporter: when the case went to criminal court, he pled guilty to reckless homicide, his license suspended, his badge taken away, but no jail time. justice two days after that guilty plea, mitchell refused to admit guilt in a civ case. >> he came and he testified and he said i'm not responsible for this accident, i only pled guilty because i couldn't get a fair trial. and it was at that moment that i thought to myself, you know good rotten son of a -- >> now the officer has filed a worker's compensation claim for injuries he suffered in the crash. a statement, a spokesperson for mitchell says it's a pending claim and the state of illinois has a process and we want to let that process play out without any outside influenc.
8:12 am
since the accident, jessica and kelly's mom has worke tirelessly to change police pursuit policies and to beef up laws designed to prevent distracted driving. a mother's grief fro agony to action. for "today," kevin tibbles, cbs news, anything. >> jessica and kelly's mother is with us along with their stepsister. i know we're here to talk about mr. mitchell, but i want to start off talking about your daughters beuse's been nearly three months, we're coming up on the anniversary -- three years since their death. tell me what you mismos most abt your daughter >> the noise. it's so quiet around our house right now, they always had their friends over, their running up and down the stairs, they we arguing with madeleine, it's just -- it's a void. >> and yet you have to continue to relive what happened. you always will privately, but publicly because of what's going on now with mr. mitchell, he's
8:13 am
trying to as we just mentioned in the piece, file a workers compensation claim based on the accident that killed your daughter and according to most, he is likely to receive that money, it's going to be paid by the taxpayers because he was an ployee of the state of illinois. >> right. >> does this rub salt in the wound? i can only imagine it does. >> it's just one more policy that's been pointed out to us that we might nt to look at changing. >> and we also mentioned that although he pleaded guilty in the criminal charges, when it came to the civil suit, he refused to admit any wrong doing. >> right. >> has he ever expressed remorse to you for your loss. >> no. >> any communication with him through your attorneys, anything? >> no. >> how does that make you feel? would it make you feel better i he did? >> so much time has passed and the case has been covered so much that i think it would ring hollow. >> and i know you have been able turn your pain into advocacy,
8:14 am
you have certain done a lot in your daughters' name and in their nor. you've been very active in getting policies changes. tell me about that. >> one year to the day after they we kill, at thtime the director of the illinois state police larry trent issued sweeping policy changes and they were basically a four-tiered response to the -- they were required to use hands free business phones and i believe that personal cell phone use was going to be banned while on duty in the car. >> and that has to make you feel good that at least you're preventing this perhaps from happening to any other family. madeleine, you wereust 8hen you lost your sisters, but you've also done a lot, i'm sure, to keep their memory alive. tell me about that. >> we have done fund-raisers and scholarships and blood drives.
8:15 am
>> what do you miss most about your sisters? >> fighting. >> that's kirved of a funny response. that's what sisters do, though? >> yes. >> iknow. i see it every day. you ve recently been speaking, kim, to new classes of police officer recruits, what are you telling them? >> i tell them the story of jessica and kelly and what happened that last day. and i show them the last photographs of them that was taken just mer hours before they were killed. and i askhem to remember their faces while they're driving and while they're doing their jobs to make sure that no other family has too through what their father and i have gone through. someone said they turd my anguish into advocacy and i try to channel all of the anger and emotion that otherwise could be wasted into doing good in their name to keep their memories out there and to make sure that no one else has to go through this. >> kim and madeleine, thank you
8:16 am
so much for your strength. comin up next, how to survive a house fire at night. important information for your entire family. right after this. [ male announcer ] they say breakfast helps kids be their best. we think it probably helps teachers be their best too. quaker instant oatmeal. now some of your favorites have 25% less sugar than before and delious all natural flavors. so you can be amazing. does your breakfast make you amazing?
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8:20 am
this morning on "today's" consumer, we're talking about fire safety, "today" is the start of national fire prevention week. if your house caught fire while you were sleeping, would you be prepared? janice lieberman reportsn the issues. >> sadly people have no idea what to do. in just 2 1/2 minutes smoke from a fire can kill and night fires are three times more deadly. many lives could be saved if a plan was in place. nighttime, everyone is fast asleep. what would happen if fire broke out, would y be able to get to safety? this family is typical in that they have never discussed an escape plan. do you have a set plan?
8:21 am
especially if you can't see? >> with their permison, we decided to put their fire safety awareness to the test with a series of fire drills. >> we're going to put you to bed, we're going to wake you up, the lights are going to be out, and you have to get out, we're going to time you. okay? are you willing to give it a try? >> yes. >> go to bed. >> with several infrared cameras and a camera rolling, a smoke detect sounded in the dead of night. the family got out in a quick 22 seconds and dad made a detour to rescue their dog. >> how did it go? >> i think it went pretty quick. >> you feel confident? >> yes. >> for the second drill, we send the family back to bed and under the supervision of the fire department, we filled the house with theatricalsmoke, similar to what might happen in a real emergency. watch and listen, as our special
8:22 am
heat sensored cameras pick up their otions and movements. again, dad makes a dash for the dog. >> i got do get nico. this time it took a minute and four seconds for the family to get out. how does that feel? >> that was different, definitely different. >> it was coming into my room and i was like -- >> i couldn't see the railing, and i couldn't see you, but i had you. >> the fire training expert debriefs the family. what did they do wrong. >> first thing is when you wake up and you hear a smoke detector going off, you want to stay low. there was a little confusion
8:23 am
upstairs, of where everybody was. so having a designated meetin int outside will help. >> so they couldn't wait for each other. >> shouldn't wait for each other? >> you should doverything you can to get out of the house as quickly as possible. you need to know as a parent, that the kids know a primary way out, they know secondary way out and where to meet outside. that way you can focus on getting yourself out. so you came down the stairs, made som good time, but then you went back into the house, deeper into the house, potentially towards the fire to let the dog out. there may have been an easier way, maybe you could have opened the garage door from the outside. >> after teaching th family how to crawl in those conditions we -- two exits were blocked with simuled fire. this timehey crawled out safely and dad opened the garage door from the outside to rescue the dog. >> nico, come on.
8:24 am
>> their time, 58 seconds. >> tell me how it feels this timearound. >> good. >> much more confident. >> safer. >> what did you learn? >> getting low is good. >> having a plan of action is good. >> the family ctainly learned their lesson, they were petrified even though they knew it was just a drill. so today ishe day you need to discuss a pran with the family. >> edit, exit strategies in the home. >> you do not stop to find your blackberry, your wallet or anything. >> they did this instinctively. which is good. but a lot of families that's where they get caught. >> why is it good to close doors while you're sleeping?
8:25 am
>> it would keep out the re, when the smoke envelopes the house it just knocks you unconscious so that's just one layer of protection. >> when you're coming up with your family plan, draw a floor plan of the home, plan two ways to escape. inspect the windows and doo and this is the one i think of is whole story is most important, get that designated meeting place. >> because so many times people run back into a home and they're caught ithe fire. that is the fire department's job to rescue anyone that might be left. up next, what's bugging whoopie goldberg after your local news. 8:26 is your time, 51 degrees. a chilly, rainy start to your
8:26 am
workweek. veronica will have your forecast for just a moment. good morning, i'm eun yang. in the news today another attack targeting a university of maryland student. policeay three men tackled the student and stole his wallet and cell phone. this is the last attack in a string of robberies. the others happened off campus. we'll have your weather and traffic when we come back. stay with us. my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's aeceptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even thougtimes were tou... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward.
8:27 am
it's a wet one out there, cooltoo. some showers are making their way on through and temperatures are in the 50s right now. from foggy bottom at 52,
8:28 am
landover a 50 degrees, vienna also. we'll get up to 56 to 58 for a hi. showers until the evening hours. th it's going to get a little windy at times. 65 with a few more showers on wednesday. inbound new york avenue struggli to recover. it's jammed most of the way down to the third street tunnel. an earlier accident is gone. let's go over to maryland. very dreary. well below the speed limit but the travel lanes over on the beltway are open. be cautious out the. ahe this afternoon on nbc 4, it is magic week on ellen and she's got a surprise for one of her guests. tune in at 3:00 right here on nbc 4.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now, it is 8:30 on monday morning, the fourth day of tober, 2010. we have got bows a tiaras and all kinds of strange people out on the plaza this morning and they're putting up with the weather. putting up with chilly temperatures, a little rain in the air. they don't seem to mind. i'm here with amy robach and al roker. >> question for the group. >> yes. >> are you tired of rude people? >> ye >> are you tired of people who talk on their cell phones when they shouldn't be talking on their ll phones? >> yes. >> you know who's is tired?
8:31 am
whoopie goldberg. is it just me, or is it nuts of us there? in kathy families out there? >> the comic strip. >> it is a popular comic strip and it's ending it's 34-year run on sunday. how to keep the cold out and the heat in as winter approaches. just some timely tips to winter rise your home. >> what do your dreams say about you? what do they mean? it is about to get decidedly more handsome around here, we are joined now by one of the stars of the new nbc show "the event." >> good see you. >> actually it's mr. president. you playhe present, how cool is that? >> i think i've gotten spoiled, i'm going to keep the service
8:32 am
with me wherever i go. >> how many people do you think have watched the promos for this show and seen the first couple of episodes and they walk around going, what is the event? how much do you know? >> i know a little bit. i'm privileged, i know some. the way it's kind of structured, there's the preevent, there's the event, and there's the aftermath over the whole five years. >>t's planned out that far in advance? >> yes, they have really strategy jiszed the whole thing. which is kind of rare for a tv show to really think it thrgh like that. >> a lot of people comparing to it lost in some way, in that there's this life force out there, we don't quite know wha it is. how does tt compare? >> stylistically, it's like 24 meets lost. 24 the hh octane political conspiracy act pekt of it and about 5% of the whole lost.
8:33 am
8:34 am
absolutely it is wet outside. showers are moving through. we'll get some moderate showers at times today. a little wind too for the afternoon. all the way from d.c. down i-95 wet right now. 52 your at which in the district. 50 degrees at landover. 52 at indian head and down through quantico. the high, 56 to 58. agai windy, even a little breezy tomorrow. we'll get a break from the showers but more of it for wednesday. dryi >> and that's your latest weather, don't forget, you can check your weather any time of the day or night on the weather channel or cable or
8:35 am
four yrs ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jk up our rates 72%. and for e last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer
8:36 am
funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do.
8:37 am
>>we're back now at 8:37 with what's bugging whoopie goldberg, the actress won an oscar, a tony and an emmy. is it just me or is it nuts out there? e two are not mutually exclusive. >>pparently not. it could be both. >> before we talk about the book, i got to talk about the cover. you are on the cover. on the commode. are you that much of a multitasker? what's going on there? >> this is one of the things that bugs me is people see other folks and they say i'm never going to get another opportunity to talk to them again. and this whats happened to me -- >> people come up to me and put their hands under and say can you give me an autograph?
8:38 am
>> no, not really? >> on my grandchildren. >> and for a long time, i thought, well, that's part of the gig, but i think it really has spread in a very strange way. it's happening, odd things like th are happeni ining all over t place. >> not really odd things, but rude things. you're upset that there seems to be a loss of civility in the world. >> a loss of civity, i don't understand why i have to sit next to you on the phone trying to eat -- when i'm trying to eat. i don't want to know your business. i don't want to know. i don't want to -- i don't want you to come up and touch me in an intimate way unless younow me. >> but you're not like me in a jeremy wgerm germy way, it's so familiarity. >> yes, it is. >> do you thin that's uniquely american. >> no, it's worldwide. before i wrote this, i talked to a lot of my friends and said what really aggravating you
8:39 am
and a lot of this has tdo with what people responded to. you know, i have friends who have kids who are sports kids and th get freaked out when grown people are screaming at coaches or referees but also screaming at their children. >> you write something in your book that i think is a little bit controversial about language. i'm going to read it to you, but i'm going to have to read it carefully. you say the words that go up by ar are study and dummy. i would love to teach every word to say the f-word because to me this is a word that doesn't ve any effect, but stupid and dummy, they are harsh, ugly words. >> i believe that and iave always believed that. if someone comes up and says, man, you're stupid, it gets you in a way that nothing else can hit you. >> and if you hear it over and over again. >> it's horrible and you grow up to think, that but grow up feeling that, butith the word they mentioned in the book, it
8:40 am
doesn't have that effect. >> you almost discount the person using it because you think they probably are not all that intelligent. >> i don't know. >> what did you make of that flight attendant? i'm just curious, you remember the guy that got tired of dealing -- >> i totally understand that. >> even though he got on the loud speaker and used an expletive? >> it's not like they're identified, but i understand, i you're in service work, like i talk a lot about the tsa folks. to me, going t the airport with an attitude is already a problem. because those guys, a, they're trying to watch everything, trying to accommodate what you want, trying not to be crappy to you, trying to keep a good -- and here we come, we got containers this big, knowing -- know, we go to the airport knowing the containers too big. so take it out of the damned suitcase. >> make it easier for the rest of us. >> make it easy for everybody.
8:41 am
it's commo sense stuff. >> the other thing you write in the book, since we both do live television, we have to deal with this all the time. you don't jt say everything that comes to your mind? >> no. >> i think the way you describe in the book is think it, but don't necessarily s it. yeah. >> do you find it dficult to actually live by that rule? >> no. i mean, what hangs over my head is a real sue. which is if you drop that ball on television, it's $350,000 per place you're being broadcast. so that's a pretty clear -- >> does that stay in the back of your mind? >> absolutely, who can afford that? so you would never me that kind of mistake. >> i have come close. >> come close, but you knew, you didn't do it. >> can we get better at all this or are we too far down this road of a lack of civility? >> of course we can get tter. you know, i have to work it every day. i ve to make sure that i'm not doing certain things that make
8:42 am
me crazy, like if you go to the bar, don't get in the car, just don't get in the car. if you are driving to work, put your lipstick or comb your hair before you leave. get up earlier. >> you said in the bo,f somebody gets caught texting or using their cell phone while they're driving, the car should disappear forever? >> no, no, that's if you drink and drive. >> i thought that was texting and drive. >> if you drink and drive. >> you should go away for a lot longer than a month. >> a lot longer than a month. but toe, there are no consequences. if we look at these folks who have had five and six and seven drinking and driving incidents and they're still driving, duh! >> that's our fault. we have to say, okay, the first time you do it, we have to make a consequence, and that consequence is you don't get to drive. to me, these things like dring or walking down the street freely, these are things that
8:43 am
we -- we're lucky to be able to do. so to me if you drink and drive, you should not have a car. because there's no -- aot of smoking commercials show your bad lungs and uff. no drinking and driving commercials show you what can happen. >> you also have a children's book, right. >> i do. look at my girl. >> you're multitasking here. >> i'm working on everybody at once. >> the book is it me or are there nuts out there? coming up walter mondale,
8:44 am
8:45 am
my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is ring out of rea... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. at the age of 32, walter mondale became the youngest attorney general in minnesota history beginning a life of public service. he went on to service in the u.s. senate and as vice
8:46 am
president under president jimmy carter and he is opening up about it all. i have to ask as you sat down to write your memoirs, what lsons from your political career did you deliberately put into the book as it relates to today's environment? because there are some very eerily similarhings that are going on today that were going on in your vice presidency? >> there are very man events that i have been involved,ow many o them maybe with some difference apply "todatoday? i have got a chapter abouthe rules fight to try to make the senate operable so they can get things done. and in my closing apter, i talk about the invility and paralysis that we had. we didn't have as much of it in those days, but we dealt with it. >> and a lot has been compared
8:47 am
to president jimmy carter's presidency, to president obama's and in fact in a recent interview, you said when faced with a bad economy and bad pol numbers, that president carter should have gone out in fro of the people, in front of the public more, and you told the new yorker you see a similar problem with obama. you said i think he needs to get rid of those teleprompters and connect. >> that's the way it came out, what i said was i think carter should have gotn out earlier. we have the hostage crisis with our people being taken hostage in iran and the president was working in the white house and at some point, i said mr. president, you've got to get out, across america, making your point. it's a little bit different issue in terms of my suggestions for obama. bu those idiot boards that they
8:48 am
read are distracting, i believe, and he is really good, smart as he can be, he needs to talk right into that camera and talk to people, because people are hurting. >> and the elections are coming up. >> that istrue. >> in fact your own run against ronald reagan back in 1984, you wrote reagan was selling morning america, i was selling a route canal. what did you mean byhat and do you think that president obama and democrats are facing a similar situation come november? >> you know, i'm the old grain, i was talking about the problems we had and how we had to find answers. and reagan was up there talking about morning in america and how nice it was to be in that town and so on. that's right. you know, i don think a president -- i think president obama, as he is, has got to talk about real problems. that's not what i meant to say. but i think he's got to find a way of having people feel him and knowing that he cares, he
8:49 am
can do that, but he has to do that. >> tell me about how you and jimmy carter changed the role of president that had lasting effects? >> until jimmy carter and i were in the white house, the vice president was really stand by equipment, really just waiting there unless the president died or something. you go to funerals, that was t big thing. but we did what we call executivized the vice presidency and i went into the west wing, i worked wit the president around the clock for four solid years. that's a new pattern that i think has really been good. every later vice president has done it. joe biden is doing a great job of it now. >> theook is "the good fight" walter mondale, thank you for joining us. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
8:50 am
meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a lendar hat shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you'rrunning low. we calthat danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪
8:51 am
♪ [ male announcer ] it's a universal gesture... ♪ a way of telling the world "you did it!"... without saying a word. introducing the mercedes-benz sls...amg. [ engine revs ] ♪ the best or nothing... that is what dres us. 34 years filled with laughs, diet issues and boyfriend problems. the comic strip kathy came to an end on sunday. george lewis caught up with it's creator. >> it started illustrating the worst moments of my day. i would send the drawings home with notes to mom and dad telling them was doing okay. >> she sent those angst written
8:52 am
doodles to a comic strip syndicate for and launched her career as a cartoonist. in 1978, with her strich and a handful of papers after two years she appeared on the "today" show. >> the women's movement has put a lot of us in a position of suddenly floundering between two different ideals. on one side we have the traditional values of home and motherhood and on the other side there's a whole new set of valu for a whole new set of women. >> i remember being paralyzed with fear and i was, i could barely speak. >> reporter: btling to fit into a bikini, waiting for her boyfriend to call or coping with advice from mom. the rea kathy's relationship with her mother was something they talked about in a 1986 interview. >> like so many mothers and daughters, our relationship is founded on me begging heror
8:53 am
advice and then screaming at her when she gives it to me. >> when iee it in the newspaper, i say isn't that nice. i'm not concern about what she put in the paper. >> some of the best mail i have ever gotten has been from mother daughter teams who write to tell me that relationship between kathy and her mom i just like them. >> some feminists have criticized kathy as playing into stereotypes of women. do you thinkhat cticism is unfair? >> i feel that women who bound out of bed in the morning and go do their 45 minutes of exercise and have the low fat breakfast and go off to their great jobs, they don't need to read kathy in the morning. i write the comic strips for the woman who spends that extra0 minutes in bed trying to remember what she ate before she went to bed and what impact that will have on the dress for successoutfit she's going to try to get in "today."
8:54 am
>> chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, aaak! >> one of the proudest things about my career is knowing how many refrigerators have kathy's -- have had kathy's comic strips posted on them. i don't think there's any greater honor. these books have every strip that ever ran in them. >> reporter: but finally with more than 10,000 daily strips, kathy decided she need more time with her own daughter and her real parents. >> what was it like sending out the last strip? >> the experience of drawing the last str and sending it off was-i'm going to start wping. it was very emotional. the panic of almost missing the last deadline, you know, overcame the emotional mess of the moment a little bit because
8:55 am
that would be even worse to be so upset about sending the last one in a have it be late. >> reporter: long time fans of the strip can sum up its disappearance in one kathiesque word, aaak. >> it's the end of an era. >> at least. still ahead, what your dreams really mean >> but first your local news and weather. 8:56 is your time now. it is 53 degrees on this monday, october 4th, 2010. good morning, i'm eun yang. in theews today we are learning this morning that a serial burglar has struck several more times in fairfax
8:56 am
county. police say the crimes happened over the weekend. this comes after at last 87 other reports of someone breaking into homes in that area. according to police, the suspected thief is targeting similar large suburban areas, while people are sleeping. days after getting out of the hospital, former president jimmy carter and his wife are scheduled to be in d.c. today to work with habitat for humanity. the carters will team up with a group to build six homes in the ivy city neighborhood. we'll take a break and have weather and traffic when we come back. stay with us.
8:57 am
8:58 am
it's gloomy out there, dreary. we've got low clouds. from those cloud a few rain showers are falling. you can see them here on our digital doppler radar. the last couple of hours, e biggest batch on the side of i-85. some occasional showers through the day. 52 the tempature now. we'll get up to a high of 56 to 58. we'll get a little bit of a break tomorrow. 63 the high. then a chance for more coming through on wednesday. take a live look at the inner loop of the beltway. delays begin as you leave springfield most of the way up to 66. no incidents there. headed the opposi direction on the outer loop of the capital beltway, look for delays because of a broken-down vehicle repoed in the roadway around telegraph road. authorities ar headed over to deal with that right now. there we go. look for delays as you leave
8:59 am
springfield headed toward telegraph road. today on nbc 4, a local family gets a dramatic home makeover courtesy of nate bechlt rkus. we're back now with more of "today" on a monday morning, the fourth day of october, 2010.
9:00 am
we mentioned before, not the nicest day here in the northeas but a very nice crowd of people gathered out on the plaza. it's really blustery, kind of windy out here. i'm matt lauer along with amy robach. mr. roker joins us as well. coming up in this half hour, if you're planning on traveling to europe in the near future, we should tell you the state department has iued travel alert formericans. there is no specific date or threat or country involved in that alert. but they want americans to be particularly cautious when heading to major european citi, we'll tell you what you need to know. also these ads on t and radio about companies that will help you lower your mortgage payments, if you're one of those 7 million homeowners who are behind on their mortgages and need some advice, barbara corcoran has stuck around this morning to answer some of your
9:01 am
questions. i have a question, do you all usually remember your eams? >> no, not so well. >> i remember mine, but have you ever had a dream tha you're falling? one that your teeth all fl out? if you go outside without your clothes on. >> only in the fall. >> i agree that al is falling. >> all right, well, apparently dreams are just a normal part of the sleep process. do they mean something? if so, what do they mean? we're going to interpret other people's dreams because aprently these two don't have them. >> i had a dream that i ate a giant marshmallow once. i woke up and my pillow was gone. >> let's go inside, willie geist filling in for ann at the news desk. we have got the headlines. willie. as we have been reporting this morning, there's a travel
9:02 am
alert for americans in europe. the stateepartment telling them to be vigilant and to use comment sense amid an increase in threat of terror attacks. >> reporter: it's been more than five years now since the last major attack here, but american travelers are finding out that terrorism inurope is not history. for americans traveling abroad, europe has suddenly gotten more dangerous. >> i'll just keep my eyes open and hopefullthings will work out. >> we're just going to be a little bit more cautious getting on the train. >> reporter: a travel advisory issued on sunday that americans be on their barred as terrorists could be preparing a coordinated attack in france, germany, the uk and elsewhere. but the alert mentions no specific threat and does not warn americans tovoid traveling here, many were shrugging it off. >> i think that the draw to come
9:03 am
and see beautiful ancient history is more impornt than the worry of terrorist threats >> still, much of europe is heightened it's terrorist threat leve after a convergence of troubling reports. here in great britian, word of the so-called mumbai style plot which killed 170 two yearsago. the plot has included mostly western jihadists attacking european cities with bombs and guns, it was apparently foiled in its early stages. a north african al qaeda affiliate has smuggled a female suicide bomber into paris to target the eiffel tower or the subway. and in germany, officials are still assessing the credibility of a 36-year-old germany afghan man captured by u.s. soldiers in kabul and talking to american agents there. this source has reportedly claimed that osama b laden himself has planned and financed a spontaneous terror plot
9:04 am
against several european cities. the latest u.s. tvel alert has not been made lightly. >> it's very nonspecific, but nevertheless, it's trying to raise awareness of an international threat posed to the u.s. as well as western europe. >> and now where americans spend much of their tim soaking up the sights and hopefully staying vigilant. >> there's no sign offism innocent threat against germany, meanwhile we're learning that police have arresd a man suspected of a series of bomb threats in paris, including a very busy train station there, there's so far no indication that this is part of a larger terrorist ot. >> the taliban is vowing more attacks on nat convoys in pakistan. this morning for the trd day in a row, tankers carrying fuel to u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan were attacked in pakistan. today marks four months since the vis appearance of oregon second grader kyron
9:05 am
horman. search teams rurned to a small island in portland in a renewed search for clues. police say they have no fresh leads but they're trying to be thorough and eliminate some possibilities. verizon wireless is refunding as much as $90 million formproperly charges for web access or data usage in the last few years. most customers will get credit in their october or november bills. the manho pioneered invote to fertilization has been awarded the nobel prize. it has led to the births of an estimated four million babies over the last three decades. and the supreme court bins a new term on this first mday in october with three women on the bench including new justice elena kagan. it's six past the hour, n let's get another check on the weather from al. >> thanks a
9:06 am
right here it's rain, rain and more rain, but these are not tropical rains, so we're not going to see the 2, 3-inch totals upwards that we saw with nicole. we'll see a quarter to a half inch of rain that will be ending a little later this evening. showers moving on over into areas of i-81 and it's on t cool side too. 52 the current temperature rig now. our high about 56 to 58. then in the mid-60s on wednesday with a few more showers until
9:07 am
sunshine and 70s at the end of the week. and now to protecting yourself from mortgage scams. it's at least a $4 billion business in this cntry. today real estate contributor barbara corcoran is here to answer your questions. a lot of people in trouble. first of all we want to talk about the fact that if somebody comes to you and says i can help you with my history, my credit histy, you say that's a bad on >> it's a bad one, people really need help with their credit and that's whyhey're so vulnerable. when someone says to you, i'm going to use my credit history it's always accompanied by and sign the deed over me. that is losing the house and you get nothing for it. >> ivan writes if the government is supposed to be helping all homeowners why a some banks not participating or following the rules? >> here's the rub, the truth of the matter is that they don't have to follow the rules because
9:08 am
there arno rules. whether the banks want to play the game with the government or not is entirely up to them, although there are incentives for them to play, it's totally optional. and a lot of people don't know that and they really don't have to play. >> so it's up to your indidual bank? >> ter reza writes i'm in the process of foreclosure and i have been told that my suation is a slam dunk fraud case. i i do not have the income to pay for attorney to fight my case, i have no place to go and the foreclosure has destroyed my credit. >> so many people are usually taken advantage in the contract signing and whether thereereshea case or not, it's a question of she signed this. but if she didn't get what she signed up for, she can go to the fbi, it's called fraud and they're happy to help her.
9:09 am
>> donna says i applied for a federal home affordable modification loan six months ago, i have yet to receive a decion even though they said they would let me know in 30 days. i called a private company for help last week and they want to deposit of $500. usually it's a $500 fee to investigate the situation. so you're best off keeping the money right there in your pocket. >> anything she might be able to do? >> you can go to a consumer ght and register you client. >> i'm in foreclosure, i have attempted to apply for a mortgage modification four times, each time the bank has told me i'm missing the same documentation. i have sent in enough money to reinstate the law and the bank holds it and sends it back. i think the banks are scamming people just as much as the
9:10 am
scammers. >> there's a lot of people that might agr with that statement that the banks are scamming just as much as the scammers. the banks are overwhelmed with refinancing applications, particularly now that rates are close to 4% so they just can't handle the case load. what you should be doing is every single step along the way, you shld be putting it in writing and sending a c official mags by certified mail because by law a lending institution can't ignore certified mail. >> you've got to document everything. >> she'll still stand in line, but she'll get to the fro of the line and that's what certified mail does for you. >> we received a letter from our mortgage company stati that because of our good credit, they couldower our rate and monthly payment without absolutely no closing costs. but when all was said and done, our fixed rateroppeded far lesshan that what i prompts promised. where do we go wrong.
9:11 am
>> by not reading the fine print and just signing up, you don't know what you really get until the bill actually comes. there's probably not a thing she can dof that's what the document reflects. bad news, right. >> because people are in such desperate shape. >> we have one more e-mail, this one is from irene and irenys i'm trying to help my brother-in-law who says someone from his neighborho called him wanting to come to his house and discuss giving him a reverse mortgage. >> reverse mortgages themselves are not the scams, but what i heard is someone in their neighborhood is coming to his house, that's a typical approach for a scam artist because you trust seone from your own 2345ibd if they're carbon monoxiding on your door. one she should go to a reverse mortgage broker. >> and coming up, simple ways to get your home in shape for winter to keep you wm and save
9:12 am
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9:16 am
lindsay lohan is back in rehab again. here are the inside scoop on all the hollywood buzz, pop culture correspondent couney haslet. let's start with lindsay right there where you are in hollywood. where did she end up this time? >> i like how you say this time. that was very charitable of you. right now she's in rehab, she's ging it yet another go and from what ie been told by people who are close to lindsay, she's taking it seriously, thi isn't something she's doing just to do because she has to go through the motions. remember this time she went on her own, this is not court ordered, she doesn't have to be back in court until october 22. she's here in california, her family has disclose nad to me,
9:17 am
but they're not naming the rehab center. the lohan family is beginning to re1e78able the michael jackson family, you've got parents fighting, you've got siblings who are in the mix and quite honestly, lindsay is their sole source of income. it's hard to play tough love when you need her to go book to work. >> nothing changed the previous times, is there any reason to believe she's more serious now than she has been? >> benefit of the doubt, maybe? it's a little bit har to think that -- i think everybody loves a come back story, everybody wants to see her do well. at the end of the day, she's a fantastic, fantastic actress, i have spoke o to so many directors who have worked with her on film and they say this girl has chops, she's talented, she could be a huge, huge star.
9:18 am
she'sade the fatal flaw of letting the fame bug biter her really hard. so the whole family can get togeer and say, okay, we want her to get better, it's not going to happen. i think the proof will be if she can come out ofrehab, stop going to clubs even if you're just drinking red bulls. it's ridiculous that she's going out like she is. sh needs to get back to work and do good work. this may all be behind her, look at robert downe jr. i think everyone says the exgirlfriend is looking for more money, but just call it what it is. she got a 300% raise just last week in her child support. she was receing $5,000, that was up to $20,000. next step here we're going to see ox san'a speak publicly.
9:19 am
i think that sooner rather than later, maybe mel gibson needs to come out and say his side of the story. in so many ways he's been the model client from a pr standpointecause his publicity team has just basically said, you know what? we'll let court documents speak for themselves, we'll let all this dust settle. we're not going to s a single word. and i can tell you for a celebrity to keep their mouth shut when so much is being accused of them. that's a huge, huge thing and mel gibson has been able to do it up until now u but i think his side of the story should come out. >> i guess he's hoping it will all kind of die down. but he's on tape. how do you recover from those tapes that we have all heard? >> the other thing that's interesting here is that o
9:20 am
oksana -- it's completely out of control. it's got to be hard to take all that back. but just like with the ldsay lohan story, everybody loves a come back. and with these actors and these celebrities in hollywood, they have got this platform to pretend they'reomebody else and be likable in that milieu. and so if you can get back on screen and do good work that people like and people buy tiets, suddenly you're fine again. >> before i let you go, i have got to ask you about the facebook movie,everybody's talking about. in the last few weeks it's brought mark zuckerberg the founder out of his shell. why all this buzz about this particular movie? >> don't you love that? i don't think that's such a coincidence that finally mark zuckerberg is coming out that his movie that map paints him as an unlikable fellow has made millions at the box office.
9:21 am
the rest of the country didn't seem to care so much about a story that some are coining as being a little bit t techie or inside baseball and ironically a lot of people thought it might be too young at the end of the day, but there was a west coast screening for the academy members here in l.a. just the other day and it was a packed house and really good feedback, so we might be seeing some oscar love for the facebook moe. >> he said himself i only wish my life was as glamorous as it's portrayed in the movie. >> there's sti time. coming up here, a mother of two who won her battle against obity dropping 145 pounds. we'll check out how she looks now and how she did it. but first these messages. its great. i eat anything that i want.
9:22 am
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9:26 am
region. here it is kind of nasty out there this monday morning, october 4th, 20. good morning at 9:26,i'm barbara rrison. university of maryland police are warning t community to be on the lookout after an attack oncampus. three men tackled a student around 4:30 yesterday morning and took his wallet and cell phone. this is the latest attack in a string of robberies targeting students. thothersappened off campus. we'll take a look at the forecast and at the traffic. stay with us, we'll be right
9:27 am
9:28 am
it's wet out there, it's cool out there too. nasty weather to start off our workweek with some showers making their way through the area. there they are on radar. the temperature right now is at 52 degrees. georgetown and silver spring and potomac at 50. we'll go up to a hi of 56 to 58 and more rain on wednesday. at this hour we are still dealing with lingering effects of the weather. the inner loop, n accidents, just volume headed up to i-66. those of you coming in from the north, 270 remains very heavy germantown all the way on down. we'll have more news, weather an traffic for you in 25 minutes. for now, we're going back to the "today" show after a short break.
9:29 am
i thoughtt was very strange that it was there.
9:30 am
this is the event for the most fabulous ladies in atlanta like me and dre and kim. what i have seen i ain't never seen that. i see plain jane. >> just a little peek at the drama unfolding in hotlanta this season on the real housewives of atlanta. i hope that wasn't one of em. we're going to meet the feisty women from the beach state tomorrow. meanwhile coming up on this half hour, understanding your dreams. >> it's a fascinating subject. everyone usuallyants to know why they dreamt what they dreamt. they were falling off a bridge, they were flying, maybe running out of time on a test. unable to read the prompter in the morning. well this morning, we're going to go over the five most common dreams and what they're telling you about yourself. >> there's a chill in the air. >> yeah.
9:31 am
>> so it's time to start thinking about keeping your home warm for the window, from sealing your windows and doors to simply programming your thermostat, there's some inexpensive things that you can do to save yourself hundreds of doll this is winter, we'll sh you seven ways to winter proof your home. and then maximum flavor with minimum fuss. we're ing to show you how to simplify your life with dishes that use just five ingredients. but fit another check of the weher.
9:32 am
and right here it's wet too. there's a system that's uck right around the coast that's going to meander the next couple of days, but the showers that we're going to have coming through, about a quarter to a half inch of rain so nothing like the rains we got from the remnants of nicole. we're cool. 52 your current temperature. 50 in somof the outlying areas. the high 56 to about 58. then we get a break tomorrow from the rain but not the clouds. a few showers for wednesday. sunshine starts thursday and rolls through the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up, whether you're flying or falling, we'll tell you what those dreams really mean. right after this. d months, you may notice something a little different about eggland's best eggs. now, in addition to the taste and nutrition you and your family love, eggland's best will proudly be displaying its support for susan g. komen for the cure®,
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9:36 am
you wake up and realize it's just a dream. teeth dreams are the most common along with flying and being undressed in public. what do they all need? "today's" contributor is here with the answer. are dreams rdomr do they really mea something typically? >> neuroscientists for a while had argued they were random where psychologists would say they had very deep aning. when they look at the brain, deep structures that arebout emotion, really emotional content wake up while you're dreaming. dreams do express some emotional content and are probably driven by that. so, yes, they mean somethi to you. back in the days of where people actually thought you could dream the future. and people still think i dreamed that and nowt happened. >> exactly. what's going on there? >> you can't predict the future. but what you do is pick up suonsciously little clues about something going on that's never registered in our conscious mind, but it is
9:37 am
thought somewhere deep inside that you're not aware of and thatan pop-up in a dream and then it seems to you, ah-ha, i must have predicted the future. >> you wake up and you think, i didn't have any dreams and sometimes you feel like you had a million dreams. are there cerin times that you dream more often than others? you have to be a little tired, or a long night's sfleep. >> actually you dream every night. you tend to dream like four to seven times a night. you tend to dream during the deepest part of sleep. but you can dream at any time. but the thing is you tend not to remember your dreams unless you woke up right after them and even sometimes teninutes later people can't remember their dreams. you may think that you're not dreaming, but you probably are. >> and some dreams can be disturbing, people die in your dream or you're about to die in
9:38 am
your dream. but some dreams are repetitive. >> dreams are t mind's way of working things out. if you're impacted about what's going on during the day, you might dre about something that's -- but at the end of the day, sleep is supposed to protect you to some degree from being anxious, it's restorative, that you can work out these anxiety producing things by having dreams and still being protected by sleep. >> let's go ove some of these commondreams. teeth dreams, usually it's your teeth falling out. it's a really common dream, it might be your teeth are loose, you're missing your teeth, they're crumbling. it's often a concern about aging or in a younger pers, freud would say, becausereud said many things are about your sexual parts, concerned for women about maybe their femininity, for men maybe about their masculinity. we tend to think about overall
9:39 am
body integrity. we think something may be going on with your body >> what about dreams of nakedness. >> this is again, very common, you're exposed, you feel vulnerable, it might be something coming up in yr mind that you're concerned about being vulnerable in or something that's ongoing and you're afraid of being revealed in some way. >>hat abt flying? >> flying is usually a very pleasant dream. usually it's not something terrible, you're not usuly out of control. you usually feel in control. it's sort of a triumphant, a joyous kind of feeling, i'm sorrying, i'm ambitious and i'm going to make it. >> what about falling, you wake up and you almost jump up. what is that? >> that is really kind of the opposite, it's your mind's expression of i'm worried about not making it, i feel like i'm going to fail. it may even be an expression of guilt about something that's actual going on, like i'm a
9:40 am
fallen person. >> test dreams, people have thesereamshat they're running out on a test. i have had dreams that i'm on a stage and i don't know what play i'm in and i don't know my lines, or you show up for your exam and you haven't taken any of the classes. >> this is probably the most common type of dream. it all represents am i going to make it? i'm anxious about something that's going on, am i going to be able to make it through. but we often dream about something that happened already in the past, but now we're suddenly there and it's not working out. this may be your mind's way of reassuring yourself about something that's cing up, well, i did that already and i did make it through. for instance if it's a high school test dream, but i took that test and i passed that test. so i'm going to be okay. the important thing about dreams is that things can symbolize other things, so why is there a hat in my dream? why is there a cigar in my dream? it might not be what it appears
9:41 am
to be. you have to think back, what does it mean to me? what does that object or does the momentean to me which can be quite individual. so overall, you want to remember that dreams are an expression of wishes or an expression of fear. me sort of fear going on. you have to think what is the wish that i have going on in my life? what is the concern that i have going on? >> very interesting stuff. appreciate it. coming u next, it's that time of year that you need to winter proof your he to save lots of money or your heating bills. that afor 25,000 miles? but when you call... let me check. oh fudge, nothing without a big miles upcharge. it's either pay their miles upcharges or connect through mooseneck! [ freezing ] i can't feel my feet. switched to the venture card from capital one -- so no more games. let's go see those gndkids. [ male announcer ] don't pay miles upcharges. don't play games. get the flight you want with thventure card at [ loving it ] help! what's inour wallet?
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our new slow-smoked honey chipotle baby back ribs, or grilled all-white meat chicken fajitas served over a bed of sizzling peppers and onions. grab a friend and get one appetizer plus two entrees with chili's $20 dinner for two. this morningn "today's" home, winter proofing your house, as the cold weather a approaches, there's some things you can do now to keep your he in good shape from the inside out and i could save you lots of money. it's all in the current issue of woman's day magazine. elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning. >> it's only october, but you say it's not too early to start
9:45 am
and begin outside, you say? >>egin outside, and this is really about saving money. bottom line these might be things you know already to do. but think of it as your winter checklist, see a you're going in, you don't want to forget these things. outdoor furniture can be quite expensive. so you want to cover anything heavy, like teke can stay out, but your -- you want to get a breathe kl vortex cover. you want to put it over, tightly secure it. make sure that no water pools because that will freeze. >> there's certain woods that ne a little more than a cover perhaps? >> actually this, you could do that, but this is actually for your chimney. if you have a leak in your chimney, that can be a really costly leak. what you cano is you can put a weher sealant on it, a water sealant. and you can do it yourself,
9:46 am
believe it or not, you probably don't even need a ladder to do it. it's about $75 an hour to have a professional do it. you just want it on the wood as you would paint a wall. >> we have candles here not just to s the mood, but for a reason. >> candles are to see if you have a draft. a really good tck is to light a candle. take it over to your window or door and if it thickers that means you have a draft. in order to deal with a draft, t's go over to our window. what you're going to want to do is caulk along the edges. th is just an acrylic latex caulk and you can even still open your window, come springtime if you want to take it out, you can just take a razor blade and take it out. if your windows are like mine, a breeze is constantly coming in. you can save a lot of money on your heating just by doing that.
9:47 am
>> a lot of people are intimidated by the gun. >> it'easy, just just go along the edge. if the gun scares you, you can also do wther stripping, it's not pretty, but it's prettier when you see it reflected in your heating bill. >> easy enough even for me to do it. i want to skip ahead, because this is rely interesting 's an interesting way to save a couple of bucks. >> you definitely want to insulate, if you have forced air heat like i do in my house, you death want to go and get some precut insulation and pop it in, pop it over those vents because you want to keep the hot air in, same thing with water pipes, if you're going to heat your water, you want to it stay as warm a possible in the pipes so the water heater has to do less work, in order to find your water heater pipes, you go to your water heater, you follow your pipes that are coming out if you feel any heat, that's a water pipe. you can get insulation that just
9:48 am
pops right over it. you want to have a blanket that covers you water heater. thi we're talking about 10% to 20% in savings by just doing this kind of stuff. >> and thermostats, you want to have one that can help you save money as well. >> you want your house to stay at one continuous temperature. people think that by turning it up and down, that's efficient. 68 degrees is kind of optimal. the difference when 68 and 72 degrees is like a 20% savings. so if you keep it a 68, if you get a little cold, you can also program it so it kicks in when you're home. if you out at work all day, there's no reason to be keeping it sup, superhot. >> this is another thing, appliances can be faulty, again this happened to me with my refrigerator, they can use a lot more energy than they need to. in order to check it, you can do a couple of things, you can check through three years worth
9:49 am
of bills and see if there's been any major fluctuations, that way you know you might have a faulty appliance. you can buy something like this, you plug it into your outlet, it tells you what that output is and compare that output to the manual of your appliances. some good advice. i'm going to get up on my chimney today, you can find more tips in the current edition of woman's day magazine. hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. yeah, you're right!
9:50 am
♪ [ male nouncer ] capital one banks are everywhere. [ clang! ] with hundreds of branches and atms, they're hard to miss. hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wall? ove, go long!
9:51 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen, dinner with minimal fuss and just a few ingredients. a new cookbook, five ingredient chef recipes based on a food network show of the same name. ase hut these recipes up. you have kept them pretty
9:52 am
simple. salt, pper and water are free ingredients. >> salt, pepper and water are three ingredients that don't cot. oil does count. >> so we're making a nice nut encrusted chicken breast. >> yes, it's pecan, butter milk, chicken and oil. so supereasy. pound away. and this is justo it cooks nice and even, the big, fat part of the breast there, make it nice and even. so this is kind of le making fried chicken, but not like totally deep frying it and giving it breading. the hardest part is basically working e processor. and give that a buzz and it will look like this. nice crumbs. and this has bn marinating for about an hour. that butter milk makes it really good. and what's great, butter milk,
9:53 am
southern roots. kind of why i chose it. but this turned it really, really juicy. just shake off the excess and right on in. it's easy, easy cooking. and it's so good. >> we're cooking it on both sides, a few minutes because there's nuts it'sretty fast and easy. flip it. >> so you don't want the nuts to burn? >> it gives me a little bit of extra flavor. that's why the fat counts in my ingredients. >> these fries are relatively healthy? >> they're not. >> i add parmesan cheese. so i love to make it look like fries, and you can get the kids in the kitchen helping, you can cut these in any shapes you want. you can make them cute. awesome. some hot aisle.
9:54 am
>> there you go. >> the great thing is you can make it ahead of time. >> exactly. two ingredients, right on in, and just coo it until it's nice and golden brown on beth sides. everybody want to get a bite? thz five ingredients, supereasy. make it from scratch. >> beautiful. >> and then we have got the chicken. the . >> are they edible? >> they're edible. >> have you ever seen this show? have you ever seen us actually t stuff? >> they're delicious. >> she wants to pop me. >> they're good, amy. >> they're delicious. >> of course the recipes are on our website at and stil ahead, we have got a lot more coming up with hoda and kathy lee.
9:55 am
>> and a woman [ female announcer ] this is wendy. wendy is a big fan of aetna mobile. because life takes wendy plac. and life takes her family places. hi, mom. [ female announcer ] so knowing she can find in network doctors and pharmacies whenever or erever she m directlyrom her mobile phone is important to wey. ♪ where to next, wdy? ♪ know more. get better. get a smarter health plan,
9:56 am
the rain is still falling. live picture of the white house. you can see the rainnd the fog still out there this morning at 9:56. good morning, everyone. i'm barbara harrison. it's october 4th 2010. in the news, university of maryland police are warning the community to be on the lookout after an attack on campus. police say three men tackled a
9:57 am
student around 4:30 yesterday rning and took his wallet and cell hone. this is the latest attack in a string of robberies targeting students. the others have happened off campus. we'll check the forecast now. we have veronica with us. >> good morning, barbara. it's definitely damp out there and drizzly too. showers coming through the area with some wind. 52 is your current temperature righnow in the district. 50 degrees at merryfield, 50 at hillcrest. we'll see a high of 56 to 58. break from the showers tomorrow. we'll get a quarter of an inch and more showers. not much coming through on wednesday. plenty of rush hour and it is very, very tough. 395 from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge just crawling. just the activity on the shoulder the only thing we can find. one more stop at the american legion bridge. it's well below the speed limit from the i-270 spur headed wn
9:58 am
to tyson's corner. just the weather, no accidents reported. ahead this afternoon on nbc 4, it's magic week on ellen and she's t a surprise for one of her gue [ male announcer ] looking for a mpleteicture of your money?
9:59 am
meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a money bar that sws at's scheduled to go out, at youe put ide... and how much you really have available, ght now to spend on the things you want. and you can free up money with a simple slide. it's built to help make your financial life a whole lot easier. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathy gifford and hoda kotb. >> our producer is back after six months of turnity leaof mat leave. >> you've been gone for a while. we'll show you why. there she is. >> she's in day care for the first time today, right? >> she's still asleep when i go to work. i brought you guys a couple pictures, too. >> we're going to go through them in detail. >> she is adorable. congratulations, sandy. welcome back to a different kind of zoo. >> i'm excited for this one. >> welcome. welcomeback. >> and thanks for kristen who
10:01 am
did a great job while you were gone. >> s, she did. >> we always do favorite thing on mondays. today i'm going to talk about favorite things. i'm going to continue my love affair of western michigan. our difference, oh friends are from southern holland. and these shoes were sent to you. this is the biggest size they come in. they have your name on the side. they make darling planters. you are moving to a new -- >> apartment. >> thank yo. >> this is for my ndlord, anyway. holland is such a beautiful little city. >> is it? >> it's a city, but does't feel like a city. it's almost like disney world. it's so clean, you can eat off -- ltle museums everywhere, ar everywhere.
10:02 am
>> what did you do when you went? >> i'll get to that in a second. first thing, we got o the plane and went right to grand rapids. we have a few days to do this. it's called art child. it's the brain child of the founder's brand son, rick. it's unbelievable. faced on the concept of, build it and they will come. they opened up the entire city of artists of any kind of medium to come in and show their wares. 1700 people did it this year. it's all over the city. >> that's the one i went to. that is done -- that's 28 feet wide by 8 feet call called calvary. the guy that painted it with a number 2 pencil. he didn't paint it. he drew it. i got to talk with imh. people are lined p. you have to understand, times are hard. he found this picture in an
10:03 am
anique store and was inspired literay to draw it. literally took 800 hours to do it. you hear so much about grand rapids and hear how the inner cities were depressed. you could not get through the streets. >> you're kidding me. no, bars are filled,people looking at babies, looking at art. it's such a brilliant thing. everybody should do it in their cities. >> it's sponsored mostly by the amway family. that night, i wanted to stay, because there's so much good stuff. dear friend emily from holland, the prince family. some families make everything happen. 25 years ago. my friend emily and her dad built something called evergreen comms, which was a center for not theelderly, but people over
10:04 am
50. not the elderly, but seniors. this place is like disney world for adults. >> what can you do? >> you can do anything. you can learn to paint, you can learn to sew. you can do your taxes, learn to swim. hot meals. 400 people th take care of there. with 700 volunteers to make it work. never had government funding. always been from the private sector. frank and i went to help them raise money. we raised $650,000, and most of it came from auctioning you off. you are so big in holland. i hope you don't mind, but i auctioned you. >> some people are coming to visit the "today" show. and we're going to take them to lunch. we went for almost $135,000, baby. >> yes, yes. >> oh! >> we better dress up. >> yes, we look forward to that. here's the thing, there's so much bad new, then go to a place like at. a lot of good news and a lot of
10:05 am
work being done by amazing people. and frank had to go immediately to meawlands. it was honored again. the ring of honor. we're exhausted. tonight i'll be at christoer and dana reed foundation for broadway. then i'm collapsing. >> i watched "the blind side" twice on the couch. anay, it was on hbo. 6:45. we could watch that movie a thousand times and i packed boxes. that was my weekend. there is -- there was a story that happened today, and we heard about it today, and it was so moving to all of us. we were in the makeup room. coming up -- >> i walked in what the interview was on. so i got caught up in it. there was a father whose daughter is 12 years old and she has cerebral palsy, she's getting on a school bus. she's getting hit on the back of the head. calling her terrible names, they
10:06 am
were throwing condoms at her. he walked on the bus. and listen. >> this is my daughter. >> okay. now, he admits that he lost his mind and shouldn't have gotten that crazy. after his daughter came home in tears day after day. he had just enough. he came on the "today" show, sat on the couch with his daughter. i have to tell you, it was heartbreaking to watch, because this young girl who they nuure and cared for. she's been through so much. >> she used to be protected on the bus by her older sister. his older sister graduated. >> it's cruel. listen to what the little gir had to say. >> i didn't want to go back. >> would you get on that bus again if it could be different? . yeah. but i don't like to get on the bus again. >> so it's heartbreaking to watch that. and this is for -- the good news
10:07 am
is, she told her dad -- a lot of kids g bullied and don't say anything. >> and taking their own lives as a result. >> that's a hard thing. when i was a kid. i was in 7th grade. i sat on the bus because i was the weird one. >> you said that, because your hair was so big. >>eople didn't know what i was, my background. they harass you. i'm holding them. the bus is pulling up and this bully, i guess you call him. came up and took my books and threw them in the woods. i'm standing there with nothing. i'm getting on the bus. the bus driver said, what are you waing for? go get your books. i remember the humiliation of picking them up and getting on the bus. and you feel like that. a lot of kids go through it. and i think this little girl will be stronger. >> here's the thing, there's misdeanor charges brought up against the father. i don't think there's a parent
10:08 am
alive that doesn't understand exact what he's doing. when somebody takes onour kid, i hope that these kids learned a lesson. and i hope the parents of the kids of the kids doing the bullying learns a lesson. let's bring up misdemeanor charges against children allowed to bully like that. >> let me bring a couple things up. this is breast cancer awareness month. this is the forward ring i wear every day. this is -- jennifer mitter is my girl. these are special edition breast cancer bracelets. 20% goes to the breast cancer research foundation. >> she does a lot of stuff. >> ool. >> here's my favorite thing. it's for you. it's for everybod at -- here at the set. you've been so nice, every time you've come here. they want you to have this
10:09 am
fabulous basket. it's also emily's sister's mpany we'll digin to it, or do it later? >> it's a little splurge item. a facial moisture, about $130. i got it as a gift and best thing i ever had. >> once you use it, you can't go back. it is such great stuff. >> you have other great stuff? >> yes, i do. >> let's just take amoment. let's groove on that for a moment. >> kind of like thursday. >> we'll s hello to megan mitchell fromwooster, ohio. at the age of 39. almost a year ago tomorrow, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. and she realized there wasn't enough being done for young women diagnosed with t. >> she was 39. a lot of patients in their 40s.
10:10 am
you think there's nothing out there. she started to make cool girlfriend bags for women under 40. she's on the phone with us. megan. >> hello. >> how are you? congratulations. >> thank you so much. it's nice to talk to you two. >> we're going to talk to you in person on thursday. >> dave and i had written a song. i hopeou like very much. it was very inspirational, her letter. we're in the m the october. breast cancer awareness month. you were a natural, i guess we could say the word winner. there you are. we look forward to meeting you in person, megan. meeting you. take care. >> ha a safe trip. sweet sweetie. >coming up next, what is it like playing the president of the united states when you're not. blair underwood is here, he can play anything he wants to, if you know what i mean. >> stop it. i can do a little cash...
10:11 am
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10:13 am
i'm offering a deal. if be find the people who did this to live freely among us. >> we stand together. >> lived behind bars for 66 years. now they have n hope for release. do you think of all your people one won't talk? >> ye she does. >> he's not the president but plays one on tv. on the new hit show. . he plays president martinez.
10:14 am
it's glad to have him in studio with us. how are you? >> that was the great laura inez. >> we had her on. she was terrific. this show got attraction right from the jump. the promos were a killer. we wanted to know what happened to the plane. we want to know that too. >> we're glad to say nbc has done such an amazing job of promoting that show. pushing it, and marketing which is great. that said, what i amost proud about. the show. thehow works. every show is a cliff hanger. >> we talked to laura about the fact that many actors in the show do not know what the event is. how much of tha do you know? >> i know a lot. she knows more, because she's the leader of these others -- these notven people. >> that's been established. >> but i don't want to know too much. i like to be in control. we talked about that before. this is one of the few times, i'm sitting back -- letme know
10:15 am
what i need to know. >> it might be helping you in your portrayal. >> i'm thinking. i'm going to go with that >> playing the president, how did y figure out how to work that character. did you watch barack obama, did you watch other presidents? >> you've met him several times. >> i have. but even more so. sit and watching somebody you would vote for or anyone that has been in office. what is most important is to trust that person. believehat person is going to lead you. as long as you show confidence and empathy towards other, you're on e right track. >> how would you describe the event? a lot of people are still covering it. a lot of people say it's lost and "24" mixed together. it's a hybrid. it's political thriller. conspiracy thriller. five or six of it, the lost aspect. >> you said th others are not human. but almost. they're mssing a little teeny thing. >> in theecond episode last
10:16 am
week, their dna is 2% different than ours. >> no, 1%. the president said, wait a minute, so they're ople. one of the other characters, blake, said no, really chimpanzees a only different than our dna. that's the question. >> here's the question i might have. since you discovered something new everyweek. can people pick it up now or go back to see it online? what do you suggest? because you get hooked. >> you get hooked. i'm glad you asked that. every episode has a roundup, when the show starts, this is what happened last week. soyou under it. my kids tell me all of the time. i'm old school. i have to get the tape. dad, >> how old are your kids? 9, 11 and 13. >> you've been married 18, 16 years now? . 16 years.
10:17 am
>> we're talking about raising kids with all of this technology. do you let them facebook, twitter? >> it's the vein of my existence. i twitter a lot. you're opening your kids up to a whole other world. this is so more advanced to whe we were, or where we are now. >> they don't have any healthy fear either. you know, fear is a healthy thing in some ways. >> you haveo teach them right from wrong. you can't circumvent the technology, they bypass it. >> right from wrong. >> that's what i'm saying. >> good luck, blair. i'd vote for you any day. >> good to see you. catch the event at 9:00, 8:00 central time on nbc. >> can you change the characters? we'llalk about that after this. i'm home.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
grabber, kind of perfectionists. bossy. >> thas about right. >> my brother is none of those things. my sister is all of those ings. >> the important thing is. it's not an exact science. it's no guarantee. not like your child's fate is written in stone. >> middle child, somewhere in the middle. >> in other words they sometimes feel left out. tend to be a little less bonded with the family and as a result maybe more likely to form friendships and bnds outside the family. might be the first child to sleep over at a friend's house, for example, so not a bad thing. >> you also feel like your older sibling got a lot of attention and you're sort of lost in the middle. >> exactly. that's why 's good to have a middle ild to put that child in the spotlight. say the middle child will choose where you go for dinner. >> get me out of it. >> what about the baby? >> well, they are often
10:22 am
rule-brokers. when they are growing up, the rule don't apply to them as strictly as the siblings, you want to keep the rules to all of the kids in your household. >> or apply more so. they feel theyever get a chance to spread their wings a little bit. >> that's my younger brother, adam. >> my younger brother is a rule-follower. he's a bit shy. >> most of those don't fit. you're saying that's the norm in most families? >> that i there are definitely pattes. one thing researchers showed older children are more likely to person over 100 thousand th the middle or younger. >> how about potential success of oldes child? >> thing thing he are more comfortable with adults which is great. one thing adults respond well to they look at them in the eye or speak to them. on the other hand, you might find that the only child might
10:23 am
have trouble forming bonds. you put your only childut there in the world or clases or teams, gve lots of opportunities for interaction. >> teach all of them like blair was saying, right from wrong. why do you have to be told this? >> exactly. >> the oldest child. my sister had all of the rules put on he. i think our parents got looser. they came from cairo. >> i think when you raise a kid, you're strict and the second one you let a few things go. >> in our family, the first one was a boy and second ones boy. >> you tend to protect girls more than boys. >> we have to think this through. >> i think she has. >> what conclusion did you come to? you want to look at opportunities to counterbalance. older children are perfectionists. let the child see you fail so the child won't be afraid. follow that along no matter what
10:24 am
theage of the child. counterbalance thosetendencies. >> all right. still to come. our boy, andy cohen is back with the buzz. this time he's part of it. >> 145 pounds down. we'll meet our newest joy fit ember. he's got quite the story to tell after your local news. lways lovd the scent of gain laundry detergent. and the momenthe set eyes on gain fabric softener... she found herself overwhelmed with desire. ♪ ahhhhh, the things we do for love. the amang scent of gain in detergent, fabric softener, and now in a dish soap too. wow. sniff sniff hooray! that answers the big questions... about cinnamon toast crunch. like, am i gonna bliss out over this? spoiler ert: yes, i will! mmm! m! [ gasps ] i'm ok!
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10:26 am
morning in the cold rain swinging a hammer. coming up on news 4 midday, what president carter is doing working in the northeast d.c. neighborhood that we were just looking at. good morning, i'm barbara haison. also coming up, will the rain stick aroundall week? veronica johnson has [ male announcer ] are you paying more and mo for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month .
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10:29 am
we're back on this monday with the spuds and scoop we can
10:30 am
dish. facebook network has fans buzzing. watch what happens live on bravo has all ofhe 411. >> i'm gat. i can't believe ho watched "the blind side" twice this weekend. >> we do. it was on saturday and sunday. at 6:45. >> i i understand that. >> on the couch with "the lined side." you need to think about that. >> she misses me on the weekends. i look so much like sandra bullock in that movie,he misses me. it's very, very psychotic, basically. >> "the social network" -- >> i saw it again. >> you saw it twice? >> friday night. >> best reviewed movie in a very long time, about 100% great review, number one at the box office. interesting thing is. how many older people went to see it. and they thought it was going to
10:31 am
be such a young movie. eryone and their dog is on facebook right now. everyone is interested in this movie. the interesting -- great piece in "the new york times" today about the difference between the older audiences and younger audiences, and what their perception of mark zuckerberg is. older audiences think he was ruthless, and stabbed all of his friends in the back to get ahea that was a bad thing. young audiences say that's what you have to do to get ahead. >> doesn't it tell you about the future of our nation? >> doesn't it concern yo kathie lee? >> they took major creative liberties. the sty -- >> we like to know the truth, andy cohen with the 411. >> so, you know, there is -- >> you're going to take an
10:32 am
actor's word? >> no, access to what had access to. >> he wants to believe the guy gave $100 million because she's a sweetheart. >> there's disputes about the integrity of this story. >> there's a dispute about your housewife every single day. they wouldn't have a career if you weren't. >> every day. >> kanye west. he gave it on "saturday night live," saturday, actually. we're now forgetting his terrible perform an on the mtv awars. i am. "snl" is really making a huge -- 38 years in "snl." peormances, last two shows have been amazing, katy perry and kanye look like mtv award perform 's. >> in the box. >> yes, they are.
10:33 am
>> there's the very sad story abouthe rutgers student that kill themselves. there's a better twist callied the "it gets better" campaign. >> there have been so many suicides in the last couple weeks alone. this is the campaign i took part of. a lot of gay celebrities if you want to call them people, and just gay people everywhere, posting videos youtube, talking about their experiences growing up gay. and the message is, it gets better. and the hope is everyone w is being bullied. jewel did one. everybody can do it. 9 out of 10 gay kids report getting bullied in school, bullying is a huge problem. we talked about it earlier. so hopefully, people will listen and hear that it does get better when you grow up. i did, it's on youtube.
10:34 am
>> you mean they really worked? >> i've been trying to protect you all of this time. >> thank ou. >> trying to protect you -- you've been bullying me. >> yes. >> equal opportunity -- >> lindsay lh lohan back in reh. >> she is. i asked if she had been in contact with lohan. she hasn't spoken with her. she, and everyone else recognizedow talented, she hopes this latest stint at betty ford is reported as one that helps her out. >> by the way, andy's show which is on at midnight or 11:00. he gets hot celebs. he had jerry seinfeld. >> yes. >> you had tina fey. >> it's li. speaking of cocktails. hoda is coming on with the
10:35 am
millionaire match maker. >> sley stanger's book. >> he'll be at the party. i like it when you sin my song. >> i love singi your song. >> all right. cookie face. thanks a lot. up next, thousand woman managed to drop 145 pounds. it's easy, she did it. if you're using other moisturizing body washes, you might as welbe. you see, their moisturizer sits on top of skin, almost as if you're wearing it. only dove deep moisture has nutriummoisture a breakthrough formula with natural moisturizers that can nourish deep down. it's the most effective natural nourishment ever. dove deep moisture with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment foyour skin. [ female announcer ] there's chocola, and then there's this.
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it's time to look at the joy fit club and induction of the newest member. she was a 48-year-old oordinator from the home health agency from wellington, new jersey. she lost 145 pounds. >> before we meet renee stafford, let's take a look at her story. >> hi. my name is renee. i'm a married 48-year-old ther of two. i spent more than half my lifetime overweight. my weight gain started when i was 15. back then iate ate whatever i wanted. after i got married my weight soared. i started suffering om health issues. i was on ten medications. i needed injections just to be able to walk. at 4'11" my weight reached 275 pounds. i was in complete misery. everything i did was difficult from walking to climbing stairs,
10:40 am
even sitting. family vacations were hardest. i could barley take my kids on a music ride. it was heartbreaking. one day i was watching the show. at the end of the show there was an announcement about the biggest loser diet plan. i decided to give it try. i also went to the gym. 3 1/2 years later, i made it to my goal weight, 130 pounds and i maintained that weight for a year and a half. today i'm helthy, happy, i feel like a completely different person. >> all right. before we ask renee to come out, we're hear with today's contributing nutritionist and leader of the joy fit club. joy bauer. >> she's a tiny little thing. s shorter than me. she's 4'11", can you imagine, on that small frame losing 145 pounds. it's quite a transformation. >> all of the health problems. >> what was her food?
10:41 am
>> fast food. she was a fast food junkie, in order to make this work she had to come up with alternatives. to satisfyer cravings, chinese take out. white rice and pepper steak. now she saw taste the onions in oil spray. lean steak andortion control half a cup of brown rice which has more fiber. and more filling. half the calorie, instead ofhe classic, loaded cheeseburger with oversized fries she now throws in the microwave a veggie burger, low fat cheese on some 100 calorie breads out there. they are great. and she makes oven roasted sweet potato fries. i put that o our website. everyone who wts that recipe, they can make it as well. >> even if you make a potato.
10:42 am
>> could be white. the sweet potato adds a dose of beta-carote beta-carotene. >> we can't wait. >> this is renee's before picture. come out and join the joy fit club. ♪ >> wow! wow! wow, wow, wow. >> look at you. just look at you. wo. >> thank you. >> you're an adorable munchkin. how lg did it take for the weight to come off? >> 3 1/2 years. i know we all lose a lot and then sort of plateau. how did you make it through those -- >> my plateau, i had alady lost 89 pounds. that just kept me going. i knew that eventually, if i kee doing what i'm doing, i'm ing to break it. i upped my exercise, then i started to break it. i kept doing it but doing a littlemore.
10:43 am
>> that's crazy. >> that's so important. >> my husband, my family. a great group of girls on we tked every day with our issues -- >> you helped each other. >> weight loss. >> yeah, yeah. now you look at what you used to eat, what do you think? >> i can't believe ate that much food. just the thought of it. >> you still eat it but you prepare it differently. >> and i enjoy it more. >> and your health problems, what happened to those? >> they disappeared. >> that's the thing that's the most important part. >> renee, we're so happy for you. >> if you or someone you know should be considered on a spot the joy fit club you know where to go. we want you to be part of the joy fit club. you can also read renee's story and get helpful nutritional tips. >> and other fashion emergencies
10:44 am
courtesy of jill marn. we'll be right back. dancing there? flying there how about eating soup tget there? delicious campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, energy, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. helping you get to a happier place. have a nice trip. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. so fisher-price created the stride-to-ride dino. he'll help her little feet take those big first steps. and when she's ready, shell love soting around. only from fisher-price. play. laugh. grow. mmmmmm. mmmmmm.
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10:48 am
time for today's style and solutions for fashion emergency. >> who knows how to stop a fashion blender, better than our girl on the go, jill martin, contributor to "today" and "us weekly" magazine. we have a lot going on here. >> this is in honor of tammy coming back today. the mommy hook which i do not need. all you do is latch it on like this to a shopping cart or to a troller, d it holds all of your bags. i just saw one yesterday in the airport. this is like your purse. >> oh, my god, it is. >> babies a us. >> and this, not for me again. it's for the kitchen, and i don don't cook.
10:49 am
put the apron on and flip it up. and you see -- how long you should boil an egg. >> how long -- runny yoke, 4 minutes. >> how great is that. you don't have to reach for anything and get it dirty. >> very cute, very cute. >> okay. this, i love. because i'm always cold in movie theaters, and running around. this is a bag with a wrap in . that doubles as a scarf. all different sizes. starting at $30, chilly it doesn't wrinkle. look, this is a big one. if you're going to a park. it's inexpensive. if you're having a picnic you wrap it around. >> look at that. it's cute. kind of chilly right now. >> thank you. i love the >> this, i love. these are these little kids. i once showed but they've since upgraded. this is be my guest kit. this is one of them. and they come -- you love to
10:50 am
write cards. come was a card. toothbrush, wash cloth, shampoo. they he on the go, grooms men, bridesmaids. everything in there. tylenol. wipe and go. actually use nail files. they doesn't eak. >> isn't that handy? >> i'm looking at thing, gee, this is fantastic. >> dental floss. >> this is the one i use. you know. >> anyway. okay. >> commando -- >> commando panty, i love these, therere no lines, on your dresses and pants. now they've made tights in all different kinds. do you see panties or underwear? >> i say underwear. >> anyway, so they double as both. and then this is actually a no line -- you know how it digs into your waist? no, no, it does, it holds up. >> they have a new tture to them. >> and then you don't see it una
10:51 am
dress. >> these are going to go underneath -- >> stop taking everything. >> okay. that's $30 to $34. good investment. fall to winter. these are patent leather fold-up -- >> this is another two for one, they go right in here. they're running from heels, want to put them on. it turns into a tote, this little thing. so it's another two for one. you put your heels in this. >> you're running everywhere. in fact it's -- >> it's genius. for a one-eyed woman, you are really -- >> i know. okay. this is great. you take all of the different makeup that you like to use. they come with little magnets and u put it in this one thing. >> a ton of stuff you don't use, >> more mercy, let's say,
10:52 am
putting your blush on thea"%< magnet. >> 29.50. i love a lot. do you drive a lot? >> i do at connecticut, everybody lots at me but i do it. >> you're not a good driver? >> i'm an excellent driver, they're just not used to it. >> you put this on the back of the heels. i know a lotf people e-mail with problem, put this on the back of your heel, shoe you can see it on the back. >> you see there's plastic on the heels. >> when you're driving. randomly the case poses as a business card holder. that's off topic. and the needs everyone is talking about. lease aring leggings with the built-in control tops. these aregreat. bare and it's built in. >> feel how soft they are. >> comes in all different. boot cut, skinny. >> where do you wear them?
10:53 am
>> to work out -- >> she is thinking of everything. >> you live in them. >>20 seconds, this -- >> okay. if you're a side sleeper or back sleeper, feel this. >> this is from brookstone. but it's for a side sleer, because it gives the support for your neck. >> good night. good nig. thank you very much. ♪ [ female announcer ] this is wendy. wendy is a big fan of aetna mobile. because life takes wendy places. and life takes her family places. hi, mom. [ female announcer ] so knowing she can find in network doctors and pharmacies whenever or wherever she needs them directly from her mobile phone is important twendy.
10:54 am
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10:56 am
this is when w usually go to miss sarah haines. but we want to welcome you back -- >> there's not enough tammy. welcome back, cake. tammy was gone, as you know, for several months -- >> six months. she had cute baby, ashlyn.
10:57 am
crazy gorgeous. hello. and you got through the first show, noproblems. >> if flew by. you make the time fly. >> that's what we do for america. >> lisa rinna will stop by. >> plus the real housewives of atlanta. how many are there? atlanta. how many are there? >> have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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i thought there would be this huge giant box and lots of hole drilling. i saw nothing! really, nothing. they made a nice thin slice right in the lawn and laid down the cable, a our lawn is just the way it was. nothing was dug up, so i'm very pleased. the clarity of pictureon t? way beyond anything we'd ever seen. [ male announcer ] now see for yourself -- call today and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month foa year with no term contract required. you'll see the reason the cable companies want you to be scared of fios is really because they're scared of fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. right now, a troubling warning for americans tveling


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