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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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ads just one month before the midterm elections. >> i'm not a witch. i'nothing you have heard. i'm you. >> this campaign is not about my family, it's not about divorces or affairs. >> can either of them capitalize on the anger of voters and win? this morning the candidate for governor speaks out. and the man allegedly attacked by mexican pirates. he was shot and killed she escaped with her life. this morning she will open up in a live interview. and hot stuff, the daredevils who test fate go down into a live volcano. daredevils who test fate go down into a live volcano. "today," october 20, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith viera. >> and i'm matt lauer. what about that volcano? and you say this is the last known footage of this man. >> exactly. >> this is incredible stuff, the daredevil photographer who took those images is going to visit us later in the show. and the race for governor here in new york is anything but boring. it has to do with this man carl pal dino. and he promises it's going to be nastier. so why does carl paladino think he should be governor of new york? we'll ask him in a surprise interview. and at's the most comprehensive survey of the sex habits of americans in more than a decade. ann is on assignment so natalee morales is over at the
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news desk. a u.s. missile strike i pakistan has reportedly killed five german militants. this came amid a terror plot in western europe. >> reporter: u.s. officials say "today" that the terror alert was issued for america traveling in europe because of a stream of threats, many rooted in pastan, including european mi militants being trained there. but officials do not want to panic u.s. tourists traveling abroad. the advice is simply to be careful in public places. and this note today homeland security officials say there's no known cnection to plots aimed at the u.s. but they should not be alarmed as they see extra security on am track. they do this every t months, most recently on september 10
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and during holiday weekends. contrary to some reportst was long planned and has nothing to do with the threats in europe. and there are no kno threats against the united states. sentencg today and a life term for phase sal shahzad. if his bomb had gone off, it would have been destating. jury deliberations are underway in that horrific home invasion case in connecticut that left threeembers of one family dead. jeff rossen is in new haven with more. >> reporter: the big question this morning, how long wil the jury take? they deliberated f two hours yesterday in the late afternoon and couldn't reach a verdict so they're back at it today and could go for the death penalty. the lone survivor, dr. william petit back at the courthouse. what's going through your mind right now? >> just waiting to see what the jury decides. >> reporter: he's waited three
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years for this moment. it was 2007 when prosecutors say two men broke into the petit home, beat william and tied him up and tied his two girls to the bed upstairs. the jury saw video of jenfer petit at a local bank, withdrawing $15,000 to may the ransom. and they heard the chilling 911 call. >> we have a lady who's in the bank right now who says that their husband and children are being held at their house. if the policere told, they will kill the chiren and the husband. >> reporter: prosecutors say they sexual assaulted and strangled jennifer petit before rning the house down. this mother and her two girls were killed. now stephen hayes is charged with 17 crimes, six of them capital fenies. if convicted of just one, he could face execution.
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now william petit waits for the verdict. here's the timeline going forward, if the jury reaches a guilty verdict, especially on one of the capital felony counts, today take a day or two off, and that same jury that decided guilt or innocence will dede whether or not to put stephen hayes to death. then it starts all over with the other defendant joshua co. police are now looking for a motive. overseas markets are mostly hier and cnbc melissa franzen is at the stock exchange. >> wre a bundle of nerves down here, let's start with ben bernanke speaking in rhode island last night saying the government shouldn't raise taxes or cut spending right now t economy is too fragile. also moody saying that -- and
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the yield on the two-year trsury here in the united states hitting historic lows. natalee, back to you. and the maker o sun chips is now scrapping those new environmentally friendly packages. consumers had complained that evenhough the bags are odegradable, they're just way too loud. the company ss they're not getting rid of their idea of environmentally friendly packaging, they're just looking for another alternative that's not so loud. >> it's sound like a plane laing in atlanta. >> mr. roker has the weather. >> it's pretty good, once you're here in the east where we have got some rain to talk about and it's not going anywhere, low
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and i think those showers will stay well north up around new york city, philadelphia, pennsylvania. right here we will be dry with increasing clouds. takoma park, laurtette 49 and up to fairfax and annandale, your hi today, 672 to 63 but with increasing clouds and an a breezy afternoon. so very chilly. your showers come tomorrow, about a tenth of an inch. it islose 2070 on thursday, 73 for friday. warming through the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. and now to politics. the tea party showed it's power during this year's primary
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season, but now some of its high profile candidates are attempting to remake their images with the midterm elections exactly one month away. we're going to talk to carl pal paladino, the tea party's candidate right here in new york. some of the biggest personalities and most talked about candidates are trying to deal with impressions that are less than flattering. that was also true in connecticut's first senate debate. where the former head of wwe wrestling linda mcmahon has closed a gap held by attorney general richard blumenthal. >> reporter: in connecticut a smackdown over money and politi. the superwealthy wrestling executive over the connecticut attorney general. linda mcmahon hit blum o thal
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for falsely claiming that h military service included time in vietnam. >> he lied about vietnam, what else has he lied abt? >> reporter: blumenthal who has apologized before explained again. >> on a few occasions out of hundreds where i commented on it, i described it inaccurately. >> mcmahon said the minimum wage should be looked at. >> she took home $46 million and now she's talking about lowering the minimum wage. >> you know that's a lie, i never said it. >> and republican candidate christine o'donnell is now taking on those old tapes of herself on tv. >> i dabbled in witchcraft, i hung around people who were doing these things. >> i'm not a witch, i'm nothing you have heard. i'm you. none of us is perfect. but none of us can be happy wit what we see all around us. >> another attempt at an image makeover in new york.
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>> this cpaign i not about my family, it's n about divorces or affairs. >> wealthy buffalo businessman carl paladino is trying to change the subject and the tone in his campaign for governor, after this hostile shougt matti match lt week with a newspaper reporter. >> i'll take you out? >> you're going to make me out? >> watch. >> and he's acknowledged an affair and a child out of wedlock. paladino also suggested that an debris cuomo cheated on his wife. >> i'm a builder, i know we can rebuild new york and get our state back on the road to a strong economy. >> and paladino had said these things about cuomo without offering proof. when he's ask to back down, he has not and has not offered an apology. and he says he can spend as much
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as it takes to get his message out. now with more, here's mat. >> carl paladino is the tea party backed candidate for governor of new york. >> you have seemed to embrace the mantle of the angry candidate, is that what you think voters want right now? >> i don't think it's anger. i think it's people that are very frustrated and i'm just a reflectionf that frustration. >> but they're frustrated at the status quo, what they have seen in washington and in state houses across this country for years and years. isn't part of that status quo anger and rage? srvet it nasty campaigning between candidates that gets pele know where once an official is elected? >> we have left that gutter politics. we're interested in talking about the issues. >> how can you turn a corner like that, how can you practice that gutter politics and all of a sudden say that's not me anymore.
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>> that's reaction, that was started by cuomo. they came out and attacked, attacked, attacked. >> you said this campaign will get nastier, that was a promise. if it's going to get nastier, are you going to participate it in or have you tned a corner? >> if that's the direction he wants to go in. we want to speak issues, we have challenged him to a debate. we're willing to debate every day from now until election day. we want to get those issues out to the people. we want him to answer to obama care, we want him to answer for the reckless mandates that are out there right now. >> one of the things you have said mr. paladino is tha you are going to ke a baseball bat to albany. you said i'm going to crack heads and i'm going to change things. those candidates get elected and th go to the state house or the white house and they run into the system and all of a
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sudden they reaze they don't need to crack heads, they need to build bridges. i don't think you're a bridge builder. >> we have been conditioned over the years to think that government in albany is the way government should be two men in a room. that's not the representative of the republic that the constitution outlined. we have legislators that sit there and wait for shelshell -- >> inmore general terms, obviously there's a lot of democrats out there who don't like you, it's a democratically dominated state. there are some republicans who don't like you, the state chairman of the conservative party said something, and i'm paraphrasing here that if you won the primary, it would be a dark period for the republican party. rick lazio apparently has a low opinion of you. who's your base who's going to help you get things done if you win and go to albany. >> my baseball bat is the
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people. the people. i have been speaking to the people for the last few months. that's why we had that huge plurality in the republican primary and that's why we're going to have this mandate coming to us from the entire electorate. it's the people and nobody wants to listen to the people. these rulers in albany who have been feeding at the public trough for so long, they don't want to change. >> you have admitted to sending a series of e-mailshat people have found highly offensive, there was language and words that were very offensive. there were charact zragss, even of president obama and michelle obama that many found highly offensive. you said that showed bad judgment. you're sayin that now when you're running for governor, you didn't when you pushed the send button on those e-mails. >> they want an answer as to why an debs cuomo took a bribe. >> they want to know if the
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person who's running for govern has good judgment. do you have good judgment? >> i have illustrated that for my entire career. we have ask andrew cuomo to explain his actions when he put his thumb on the prosecution of an debris farcus at hud. >> many think this is going to be a referendum on barack obama is that the way you see it or something else? >> new york state the people are concerned with a government that's recklessly spending their money, that's overtaxing them, that's burdening them withll kinds of rules and regulations and for sure is not paying attention to the creation of good, fulfilling jobs. i will do that. >> carl paladino who's running for governor of new york. thank you for ur time this morning. now to eorts to make cars safer. the government is rolling out a new vehicle safety rating system
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"toda day, one with tough new standards. tom costello has the details. >> reporter: good morning, meredith, most of us are familiar with the government's five sta crash system where cars get more stars depending on how well the cars do. so many cars areoing so well t government is changing the system and demanding even better results. for 30 years the government has been crash testing cars and awarding stars. five stars are the best rated cars, one car puts a car at the bottom of the list. but getting five stars just got tougher. the government is now adding side pole crash tests, and for the first time using female cras test dummies in it's evaluations. >> if we're raising the bar for safety and we know that there are a lot of wen that are driving or passengers in cars, we owe it to them to give them the idea that when they buy a car, they're going to be as safe
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as males. >> reporter: in recent years many vehicles have earned five-star ratings, now cars and trucks must utilize high-ch crash avoidance systems. systems that warn you when you're departing your lane or about to collide with another vehicle. and a new total overall score ranging from one to five. of t 55 models tested, only two earned a five. 29 cars earned a four, two cars earned a three, and one car earned a two, thnissan verse a. colorado state trooper eric winn says cars today almost cocoon people in an accident. >> the energy is disbursed through many parts of that vehicle. >> reporter: in 2009, traffic deaths fell to their lowest level since 1950.
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a total of 33,800 people died last year, that's nearly 10% fewer deaths than 2008 with when more than 37,000 people died and 9,000 death fewer deaths than in 2005. >> technology has played an incredible role in improving our accident fatality rate. >> reporter: and seat belts, today 85% of drivers buckle up. nissan is out with -- testing guidelines are stricter, 2011 model ratings are not comparable to 1990 through 2010 model ratings and it will make adstments as necessary. experts say you should lookt both crash test results, the government's and the insurance institute before you buy a car. it is 7:19 and once again here's matt. just over the border in mexico, parts of that country are under siege, violence is bad
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and it's getting worse. now amecans are getting caught in the fray. coming up we'll talk to a woman who was shot and killed when they were allegedly attacked by mexican rates. mark potter is in laredo with more. >> repter: here in laredo, texas rit across the border from mexico which is suffering a dramatic rise in drug related violence. it's a problem plaguing many mexican cities and towns, often quite close to the united states. for theast few years the worst of the violence has been i northern mexico, along the u.s. border with 47 people killed this past weekend alone. in a particularly dangerous atta, a handrenade exploded in a busy town square in guadalupe, a suburb of monterrey, one of mexico's biggest and richest cities. more than a dozen people including six children were injured in what authorities believe was an attack by drug
7:20 am
traffickers. earlier three explosives blew up elsewhere in monterrey. one near a u.s. consulate. this woman say we don't feel safe being out on the streets anymore. since late 2006, when mexican president felipe caldron began confronting the powerful drug cartels, nearly 30,000 people have been killed in a vicious war. and the traffickers lash out at the authorities and at rival georgia gangsgangs -- rival ganr control of smuggling routes to the uned states. in the resort down of acapulco, authorities are still looking for 20 mexican tourists who were kidnapped by gunmen last week and in towns and villages tro s throughout the country, residents are besieged by attacker who is outgun and outrun the authorities. >> intimidation through threats
7:21 am
or through violence itself. >> reporter: so far this year, 11 mention c1 11 mexican mayors have been killed. americans aren't immune either, a couple expecting a child gunned down in juarez after a birthday party, a tex teen found dead on the side of a mexican road. mexican officials have arrested and killed hundreds of traffickers reecht s recently, violence here shows no signs of letting up. now for the american couple reportedly chased by gunmen while on jet skis on the mexican side of a reservoir where we stand now, police say they have not yet found the body of the husband who was shot and killed during that attack. >> mark potter for us in texas this morning. >> and just ahead, we will talk to tiffany hartley about that ordeal, but first it is "today" on nbc.
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we're waiting to hear from fairfax police who found a man bleeding in his car at the metro station. it appears he was shot in the stomach. no word on his condition this morning. we're going to take a break now. we'll come back and look at our weather forecast and check out the rush hour too. stay with us.
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and welcome back. let's take a look outside because we do have a nice golden glow right under our clouds. temperatures are chilly. takoma park, 51. annandale, 57. increasing clouds. a sprinkle today. a chance of showers though tomorrow. jerry? the accident remains. now unfortunately another accident, alternate route, at blatensburg road and a quick check along 395. landmark to shirlington, lanes are open but very heavy to the 14th street bridge. joe? >> ahead on nbc four, magic week continues on "e
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7: now on a tuesday morning, it's the fifth day of
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october, 2010. we love that, high above your plaza, the top of the rock in midtown manhattan and down below some soaked people on our plaza. it's been raining for a couple of days he in the northeast, hopefully it clears out for the weekend. just ahead, the hottest video on the internet, no pun intended. daredevils descendnto an active volcano, how did they pull this off? coming up, we're going to meet the man behind it when he joins us exclusively. also ahead more incredible images, never before discovered creatures. plus the new survey that's revealing the startling truth about the sex lives of americans. do we want to know? we'll tell you about it coming up. but we begin this half hour withhe latest on the american
7:31 am
couple who were allegedly attacked by mexican pirates as they jet skied on a mexin border lake. >> reporter: they knew each other since high school and had a passion for adventure. but 29-year-old tiffany hartley and her 30-year-old husband david could never have imagined how a sightseeing trip would change their lives forever. last thursday, the couple ventured out into the falcon lake reservoir in south texas, trying to photograph an old partially submerged church in a mexican ghost town. >> they were over the border. >> did you see anybody? >> there are three boats. >> three boats? >> three boats and they came back looking at me. >> three boa and a barrage of bullets. david was shot in the back of the head. and then the ultimate agony, as the ambush continued, tiffany wasorced to abandon her dying husband in a desperate bid to
7:32 am
state of her own life. she finally reached shore, describing sheer terror in her call to 911. >> are you sure that your husband got shot? >> yes. in the head. >> was he thrown out of the jet see and that he's in the water or something? >> he was thrown off the jet ski and i couldn't pk him up to get him on mine. >> we're close to getting here landing on the water, but she was not hit. >> the falcon lake reservoir is a unique body of water. the u.s. mexico border runs right through the middle of it. tiffany admits they were on the mexican side. with gun toting pirates becoming more brazen in their attacks. texas authorities don't have juriiction on mexican side of the lake. >> w would like to try to retrieve the body. the way things are on the border, we wou need to be very well armed to protect ourselves. >> for a couple married a yeaei
7:33 am
years, it seems sadly ironic. that their goal was to live without fear. tiffany hartley is here with us along with david's parents. good morning to all of you and ease accept my condolences, i'm so sorry for your loss. >> good morning. >> tiffany, if i could start with you, could you take us back to last week whenou went jet skng with your husband david. why did you guys decide to go out there? >> my husband had been doing some research on that old church in mexico, a he loved history and he wanted to go s it before we headed back to colorado the followingweek. >> in may i know thathe tas department of public safety had
7:34 am
reported several incidents of gunmenobbing boaters. nay had worned americans about the lake, if you're going to go out there, whatever you do, don't cross over into the mexican side. i derstand you and david had even talked about the risks. why did you nore the danger involved there? >> we hadt heard anything for quite a while. my husband, being a manager of his -- the company down in mexico, he had to take care of them and make sure they were safe and make sure i was safe and i know he would never ever put me in a position of danger and we hadn't heard athing of anything going on over there. we had heard abo the pirates, but we didn't know, you know, we just hadn't heard anything recently. >> so at what point did you realize that you were both in
7:35 am
terrible danger? >> once we started seeing that the three boats were coming towards us and then they started chasing us, and then we just started hearing the fires, the gun fire. >> and then your husband was shot and you we fed with an agonizing decision, you either went back and tried to save him or saved your ownife or attempted to save your own life. can you tell us about that moment for you? >> when i looked bac after i had seen some bullets hit the water next to me, i looked back to check on david and i saw him fly over the jet ski and he had been hit. i quickly turned around and went to him and jumped off my jet ski and i had to turn him over because he was facedown in the water and turned him over and he was shot in the head. and that's when a boat came up,
7:36 am
one of the boats came up to me. and had a gun pointed at me trying to -- and that's when ey left and that's when i tried saving david and getting him on my jet ski but i couldn't get him up and i kept hearing god telle you have to go, you have to go. so i had to leave him. so i could get to safety. >> and i know that -- they have not recovered your husband's body or your son's body, dennis and pam, how are you coping? >> well, we're hacking in there. we have had a lot of support from friends here and everywhere. david's friends in colorado are planning a rally to bring david home. that is this friday in denver,
7:37 am
colorado at the mexican consulate at 1:00 p.m. >> do you feel the mexican authorities are doing allhey can to find david's body? >> no. >> no. >> no. . >> we need to desperate by get on the mexican side of the lake so we can search for him and bring him home. it's like plse, everybody, call your congress, call anybody that you can to have them get us over there. he has to come home. president obama, help us, president of mexico, help us, please. >> this is not something that there's a textbook on to know what we're supposed to do, we have been doing what we have beenirected to do by everybody and i don't feel we have been provided the right information to make stuff work and th's why we're pleaing to everydy
7:38 am
now, anybody that can help to let us know and to support us and to rally together to get him back home so we can have peace and closure on this and so that never happens to anybody else. >> and now tiffany, the mexican authorities are speaking with a south texas newspaper and questioning your story, they say they fnd no evidence of this attack or your husband's remains, saying we're not certain that this incident happened the way they are telling us. i want to give you a chance to respond to that. >> well, i would have to say that, you know, when the -- they know the pirates are out there, we knew that, we knew that there was a possibilityf them being there. i believe in my heart that they went back and took him and they're hiding our jet ski, they're hiding him.
7:39 am
and we just plea to that we get him back. and when you're looking a the end of the barrel of a gun and wondering if they' just going to shoot you too and wonder if your families are just going to never know where you are, and his mom knew we we there, but it's not anything for david not to call her for a few days. but they're not doing what they need to do to get in that water and find him. they're not getting in the water, they don't have people on the ground, they d't have people looking for him. and that's why we're pleading that. please. bring him back. >> they can'trove it if they don't look. >> tiffany, dennis, pam and nicky hartley, thank you so much, our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. >> thank you. >> now we're going to make a tough turn and get a check of
7:40 am
the weather from al. >> yesterday out west, in the phoeniarea, they you'regoing to need a jacket on. 37 in manassas, cowerton to 49, 47 degree is at great falls and
7:41 am
51 at takoma park. your high today, 62 63. that will be at 2:00 or 3:00. maybe an isolated sprinkle today. but a breezy 63. light showers tomoow. and then sunshine returns for the e of a workweek. >> and if you want to keep track of your weather all day long, check out the weather cnnel on cable or online. why would anyone walk around inside a volcano? we're going to meet the man behind these remarkable images right after this. you. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry, did you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd. you ent 8 days lost at sea ? no, uh. you love watching your neighbors watch tv ? at ally, you'll love our raise your rate cd that offers a one-time rate increase if our current rates go up. ally. do you love your bank ?
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active volcano and calmly walks around as red hot molten lava bubbles all around. the man behind this is volcanologist mr. mackley. i want to start out by saying i have seen this video and i know others have seen it and some people react this way, they say it's too incredible to be real, this had to be done with some kind of special effect o commuter. how do you respond to that? >> well, i take that as actually the ultimate complement. i mean just in the last few days,he views and comments in that video have gone completely insane, beyond what i would ever imagine. there was 700 e-mail this morning that i woke up to and about half of them went to the point of saying that it's a complete fake and one guy even suggested that i also fake the
7:46 am
moon landings. so i take it with a grain of salt. >> talk to me about where exactly this volcano is and how difficult it was to get you and your team there. >> well, probably until today most people in the united states probably never heard of marum, we spent a lot of money on a helicopter. or you walk for eight hours. then you might encounter some of the worst weather on the planet. this volcanoumps out so much greenhouse gas that it creates it's own weather in effect. so it's not a very nice place. >> you have said that nothing can compare to the mind-blowing rush of being so close to a spectacle like this. i think some people might be watching thinking those would be appropriate words on a tombstone
7:47 am
ifomething went wrong. >> a lot of people mighthink that i'm crazy, but i have actually been doing this for a long time and i'm still alive so that probably says something. but the biggest danger is of falling rocks, on your rope, knocking a rock loose that's going to hit you at 100 miles an hour. that's the biggest danger. of course the volcano could erupt more violently and all the expected and you could also be hit by lightning in the strait. >> i have been near volcanos or lava fields before, the heat is intee. and i was nowhere as close to at kind of a pool of lava as you were. describe the heat and the feeling for me. >> it's very hard to describe the heat, but perhaps anyon who's been close to a major fire or you know a burning factory or something, kwoyou can feel this incredible ray of heat. any firefighter will know exactly, there's a thing called
7:48 am
radiant heat and it comes out from the lava and it's incredibly intense and you have to have the suit and the breathing apparatus. and that suit was made by someone in the fire service. >> for someone who may be watch these images and the footage saying that sounds like a good way to spend my next vacation, what advice would you give them? >> well, i have been thinking about this for a while and i mean, i have been on things like tornado tours and things like that and i have -- i'm seriously coidering trying to make this an extreme tourist venture. i'm sure people would flo to this place to do that. >> well, good luck to you, the video as i said, the images are amazing and we appreciate you spending some time with us this morning. >> no problem, thank you very much.
7:49 am
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7:56 am
michelle rhee will announce. 73 of the district's 123 schools have higher ebb rollment this fall. rhee will discuss the numbers at 8:45 this morning. and itould soon be illegal to leave a dog tied or chained in montgomery county. it could require pet owners to stay in eye sight of a tethered dog or face a # 5 hub dollar fine. that penalty would go up if it would cause pain suffering to a dog. we'll take a break now and look at
7:57 am
four yeafor good reason.ich got fireas governor of maryland. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, heg corporations, even a bank that took billions fr a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. ddle cde do.
7:58 am
and welcome back. joe and i were just referring to our low ceiling this morning. we'll have clouds, lots of them. a breezy 63 high. a chance of showers tomorrow. 0.1.
7:59 am
jerry? thaccident atenning road cleared. a quick check elsewhere. 270 loaded up germantown on down but no accidents to worry about. ahead on nbc 4 magic week ahead on nbc 4 magic week with "ellen" with just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our maple cheddar breakfast sandwich. breakfast just got a who. 8:00 now on this tuesday morning, october 10, 2010.
8:00 am
we have made our way outside on a rather brisk morning here, it's right arorodd 55 degrees. i'm m medith viera w wh mat lauer and al roker. the reviews for both books are out "today." >> what happens in the househo if one sells much more than the other. >> they each say they want the other one's book to do better than theirs. such liars. >> speaking of liars, a new survey on sex is out. the results are interesting,o men and women feel the same when it comes to sex? that seems like a ridiculous question and who is and who is not getting the message when it comes to safe sex? we'll tell you about those results in a minute. we have talked about edation and edution nation, the white house is now shining a
8:01 am
spotlight on higher education. we're going to be talking with the wife of vice president dr. jill biden, and melinda gates, the wife of bill gates about that. >> and we're going to get a check of the headlines and natalee is on assignment. >> good morning, everyone. anti-terror police in france is -- u.s. officials say they know of no new threats on american soil. meantime, germany's foreign ministry is investigating reports that a u.s. missile strike in pakistan killed five german militants including four of turkish descent. police say 24-year-old clifford miller targeted specific people all men as he drove through his neighborhood near the university of florida. he eventually took his own life. police did not reveal a motive. president obama is
8:02 am
highlighting the role of community colleges as you heard a little while ago at a white house summit. heaid sools are developing an educationed specialized workforce. he says he wants the u.s. to be the world's top producer of college graduates. christine o'donnell declear -- decres i am not a witch. she said in a talk show appearance that she had dabbled in witchcraft as a teenager. meanwhile candidates for a senate seat tussled in their first debate. and richard blumenthal said his false claims of having served in vietnam are old news. italian officials have called off their search for two american balloonists. they were comple in a balloon
8:03 am
race over europe when organizers say they likely hit the water at 50 miles an hour. and 33 miners trapped under ground could be freed by the mile of this month. original estimates had them coming out by christmas, but most likely it will be sometime next week. 03 right now, let's go
8:04 am
and right here our biggest proble the clouds and the chill, the morning chill. we're up a couple of degrees. finley town and an a coast ya, you're up. just to the south of us, your high temperature today, 62 to 63 deees. clouds for the afternoon. can't rule out an isolated
8:05 am
sprinkle, but i think our best chance of showers will come tomorrow. starting early and going late >> and that's your latest weather. when we come back, lisa rinna and harry hamlin talk about their new reality show and their duelling book and their love affair. get a room, guys, we're back right after this.
8:06 am
8:07 am
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back at 8:08. he's famously portrayed as a greek god and a laer. she's starred in "melrose place." now they're teaming up together on a new reality show. lisa has a novel named "scarlet." d he got one "full frontal nudity." . >> the books are making news again. >> they are, aren't they? >> you wereonest on your last
8:09 am
book, you said i did have an injection in my upper lip in the 1980s. it was an experience you had with a friend of yours and you received a lot of criticism after that. and now we read in "people" magazine that you in august actually had your lip size reduced. >> i did. >> was it because of the way people reacted to your coming out? >> it was really about the journey of our tv land show "harry loves lisa." i really never thought you could do anything about it. you have silice put in, it's permanent. so during e show, we go down this path. we go on this journey and i find out there's something you can do and after a lot of things going on i do it. d i do it for me. i do it because i no longer wanted my lips to be what defined me. >> your lips don't define you, trust me about that. but millions of people got tattoos over the last 20, 30 years and finally when they discovered a way to getid of them, millions of people went in
8:10 am
and got rid of those tattoos th they got at the spur of the moment. >> i had no way you could reduce it. >> were you shocked at how nasty people became when you came out and said yes, i did something to my lips? >> i did because i think naive today is bliss. ilways had these lips and i never paid attention. i never said it was true. and when i came out to say it, it just opened the floodgates. >> i fell in love with those lips, i kissed those lips for 18 years and there's nothing wrong with those lips. >> and these books a not going to break apart your love affair, are they? because you're not competing? >> i don't call it a memoir, it's sort of a romp up to the age of 25. >> it's so good. it's so good. >> let's talk about yours first, give you a little bit of love
8:11 am
here. the catalyst of this book was when you tried to cross the canadian border, was it last year? and you were stopped. >> i was going to do a job in vancouver and i was spped at the border because it took 40 years for an arrest that happened in berkeley to get into the computer there. after 9/11, they're all kind of a antsy. >> it was an arrest for things we used to do back in those ds in berkeley, but it was a felony arrest, but it didn't end up to be a felony, it ended up being a little misdemeanor. but it neverot into the computer, so they hod to assume that i was a hard core felon and i had to go throu criminal rehab and all of this in canada. but it inspired me to go back and think about what happened in that time of my life and i had to challenge my history of becoming a hard core
8:12 am
criminal from age 3 up to 55. and lisa's book is a novel. >> and your book is about hollywood and sex and drugs and good guys and bad guys. >> it's about my coming to hollywood and really about all the people i came across, the good ones, the bad ones and i put them all together. and what's fun about it is you can make them how y want. if you like them, you canake them crazy and nasty and if you love them, you can make them wonderful and vulnerable. >> would you say the main character is you? >> i had to write from what i know and not really being a fictional writer, i started with what i know. it is me in a sense, but it's me on steroids. >> we took the soup that we cread with allhe books and our stores and you mix it all up for this tv show that we made for tv land. >> why did you decide to do that, a reaty show? >> it's a good question, everybody asks this question. >> we wanted to do something
8:13 am
together, creatively, it just so happens that in my fe, every time i have ever done a tv show, my wife has been on the same time on a different channel. >> but those are different lives. >> except for when i was -- when you were on "melrose place." >> it was the recession, we're acto wait for the phone to ring. we're actors and i said let's create a show. we get to be at home with our >> you have two daughter zbhs we wish they could be in it all the time >> thewould like to be in the title. >> we have done this thing, we created it ourselves, we sold it ourselves, but it was a journey, a great journey. >> and it's on tv land, and tv land is the best network for this show to be on right now, bar none. we lucked out with tv land. becausehey have this huge hit out there with "hot in cleveland" now. >> very quickly, 15 years of
8:14 am
marriage, obvious successful, what is the secret? >> i know what my answer is. >> really? >> let's hear it. >> i dig him so much and i think you have to be so attracted to somebody in the beginning because you can so easily deval somebody and live gets so hard. i just dig him. >> no deval situatiuation. and i dig her. and i love those lips. >> he said the right thing. >> thank you to all of you, thank you tv land, thank you simon schuster. lisa rinna and harry hamlin, thank you so much. meanwhile up next, we're going to check out some strange new creatures from the deep freeze right after this. ♪
8:15 am
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8:18 am
back at 8:18, the obama administration is focusing on higher education "today." in a signf support, the bill and linda gates foundation is pledging $2 milliono community colleges in the next five years. ladies, good morning to both of you. >> good morning, matt. >> nice to see you both. >> dr. biden, let me start with you, you've been in education for almost 30 years now, 17 of those years at a community college and yet you call community colleges america's best kept secret. why are they such a good secret? >> they're a great secret, matt and i'm s excited about the summsu summit today because people are going to learn about community colleges. wering in companies that are in green technology or health
8:19 am
care related fields and what that means is that there will be jobs for americans. and if you want to go to a four-year college, you can come to us for two years and tn you can go right into the four-year college. >> do you think dr. biden that community colleges in some ways have an image problem? i remember when i was back in high school,eople tended to look down at community colleges and say they were for people who couldn't get into college, didn't want to go to college or something else. is it still a stigma? >> i think that's why we're having thissummit. we're trying to say to america, hey, we have changed and look what we have to offer, we have a great education, soome and take a look at us. so i think things are changing. >> mrs. gates, let's talk about this grant money, your foundation is dedicating some $35 million over five years to community colleges in states with a high proportion of low income families. so what are you goals? >> well, that's right, matt, so many students we have today over
8:20 am
8 million students in community colleges, they are working students, they often hold down a job and they have a child. to they're attending community colleges and the idea is not to have 25% of them complete with some sort of certifite or degree, but to get so many more of them through the system. make it easier for them to get through community college and get a job in the current economy. >> mk zuckerburg who's the founder and ceo of facebook recently pledged $100 million to the newarkchool system. is this the wave of the future in your opinion? are troubled schools across the country going to have to go out and solicit for guardian angels? >> i don't think that's the way of the future. think what he's done is absolutely fantastic because i think he can set new jersey on a path, but i think we have money in t systethat can be reused both at the high school level and at the community college
8:21 am
lev level. today we spend $2 billion remediating kids. that money can be refocused at the community college level. so we can do lots of things to stimulate the system. >> dr. biden, your family has done incredible things in terms of fill lant by. talk to that person out there who whatted just been through the recession, may they lost their job, their home, their retirement savings and maybe they're picking up the pieces and build their finances again, how do you convince that average person to donate to charity when they see tir own situation being so unstable? >> i think we're a generous a economy and i think that while there are many people who needs jobs or need more work than they have got. we also see people in our community who need our time and our help. so i think it's important we give our time, our energy, our money in any way to lift our own communities up and i think
8:22 am
community colleges are one way to do that and there's ways to do it in our own communities as well. >> and i think you have done a lot to raise the profiles of these institutions er the last many years. >> "todatoday's going to be a g day. >> thanks to both of you. now to the first ever global census of sea life. it took ten years t complete and uncovered thousands of exotic new species. here's nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: they are some of the newes discoveries from the deep. places left explored than anywhere else on earth. as much art as ience. these wondrous specieses are colorful and exotic and odd. this first of its kind census of marine life is the product of a decade long exploration. 2,700 scientists, nearly a quarter million species, one
8:23 am
amazing find after the next. >> scientists are loving it just like we r just the diversity of life, the richness of it, the connectedness of it. they're finding life in the deep ocean in place where they didn't think new species would exist and still they're finding it. >> the darth vader jelly fish, found in the arctic more than a lf mile below. and the vampire uid, native to california's monterrey bay. for scientists this is just a starting point. >> it's just the beginning, it's not the end. scientists are going to use the tools they develop for this exploration and carry on the work for future decades. but based on this census, it's going to be a treat. >> reporter: as one expert explained, this census is like exploring a dark house with a flashlight, just wait until we turn on the lights. for "today," peter alexander,
8:24 am
nbc news, new york. >> beautiful. >> just ahead, the new survey that is revealing the truth about sex in america. >> and it seems that the more responsible people are the unger people. very interesting. >> right after your local news and weather.
8:25 am
8:26 is your time now.
8:26 am
it looks nice, chilly out here. good morning. i'm eun yang. in the news today a man is in serious condition after a shooting last night on the grounds of the huntington metro station last night. fairfax police found him bleeding in a car and have not said whether he was shot or the shotas self-inflicted. he was shot in the stomach. the penn branch dmv on pennsylvania avenue southeast is offering free oralhiv testing for those waiting in line. not only will you get the results within 20 minutes, but you also get15 off your dmv fees. the test is provided by family & medical counseling service, a southeast nonprofit group. we'll take a break and have your weather and traffic when we come back.
8:27 am
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we're back at 8: now on a tuesday morning, it's also the fifth morning of october, 2010. it's a little dreary in the northeast as it has been for the past couple of days, there is light at the end of the tunnel, though, according to mr. roker and we're looking forward to that. meanwhile out on t plaza, i'm ma lauer along with meredith viera, natalee morales and al roker. and coming up, what we have been waiting for, what are americans up t in the bedroom. >> the most comprehensive national survey of our sexual -- wh do we call it? behavior. and you're going to be surprised at some of these results. about 6,000 people participated from the age of 14 to 94. also ahea when you think of your bills, think about saving for retirement, the car payments, do you just get
8:31 am
overwhelmed? a lot of people i think right now in this economy is especially overwhelming. how to improve your relationship with your moneyndsych yourlf rich. >> and if you get tired of the same old burger, we have got a burger for you, this is a vietnamese inspireded burger. and you know the burger's got to be good when the chef's name is spike. that just says burge >> he's won all kinds of burger competition. >> he won the big burger bash here in neyork. >> before we go any further, let's say hi to alley she won the nail biting challenge on the biggest loser. nice to see you, good morning. let's talk about where things are, you started out, you were 322 pounds. >> yeah. >> lost 17 pounds on the rampnc and now you're home, how are you
8:32 am
doing? >> pretty good. so far i have lost 85 pounds and just taking it day by day. >> it was you the youngest contestant versus tena, the dest contestant. you were voted off. why do you think they were against you. >> i think it was a ge play move. >> they were more worried about you being competitive? >> she had an injury, so i was the biggest threat. >> thisappens to a lot of folks who have lost weight, whether conscusly or subconsciously your family members can sabotage you, your moleft a candy bar on the counter, she knows that's your weakness, what did you say? >> i didn't say too much, but i just think at the time she wasn't ready, but i have talked to her sce and -- >> wasn't ready for what? >> ready to help me, to be my support syst. but, you know, we have talked and we know that it's going to be a working relationship. >> and it's gotten better? >> and yore now living with
8:33 am
your trainer? >> i'm living with amanda rouse and it's been amazing. >> it's
8:34 am
ah, the clouds are over us already, but i think those showers will stay out of here for us today. maybe a little sprinkle or spritz. that's about it. 46 ferry farms in fredericksburg and in leesburg and clarksville now between 48 and 52 degrees. high today 62 to about 63. that will be during the afternoon. and, again, breezy today. we lose the wnd tomorrow. but some showers coming through. it is sunshine. the end of the week, 73. >> and don't forget your check your weather any time of the day
8:35 am
arre or night, the weather channel on cable or line. we're going to talk about a survey about the sex lives of america. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
this morning on "today's" health, prizing revolution on seal behavior and habits conducted since 1994. nancy snyderman chief medical editor. >> ts is quite a survey, ages 14 to 94 were ask about their sexual habits and i guess the big headlis is about condom use andeenagers seem to be more responsible than older adults when it comes to using condoms. >> i think it's one of the big
8:38 am
headlines and the other one is this study is one of the biggest where we have looked at sex and sexual activity really takes conventional wisdom and turns it upside down. in the united states we always assume that people are having sex, that they're older and that teenagers must be having sex all the ti. finally we have some numbers to go with it. and what you talked about, condom use is one of the interestinthings and that is people who are having sexual relations over the age of 40 are not using condoms as regularly and as responsibly as teenagers. and if you break it down by race, african-americans and latinos are more responsible than white people. and that's a real heads up for people over the age of 40 who think they can't get a sexually transmitted disease. >> exactly, 70% to 80% of teens used a condom the last time they had it. so they are definitely getting the message. >> condoms have now become part of their sexual education and we start of destigmatized it
8:39 am
somewhat. but what does an average 45 or 55-year-old woman think about when she's entering a n sual relationship, whether or not she can get pregnant. but we forget that sexually transmitted diseases can be just as important and hiv has had little spikes in various communities around the country in the post 60-year-old age group in women. so a real reminder unless you're in a monogamous relationship and unless you rlly know your partner and you have unprotected sex, you are taking a risk. >> another important finding is that we tend to think that teens only have sex onheir minds, that's all they want to do. but in fact the study showed that among 17-year-olds, 40% of boys and 31% of gir said they have had sexual intercourse, which is lower than you would have thought. >> lower than you would have thought which i think goeinto the experimentation of that. many haven't had sex for the last 09 days so.
8:40 am
it really goes to the rom"romeod juliet" yet aspect. when a 17-year-old starts to experiment. there's a natural mature ration process. and by 80, 90 and even 94-year-olds were talking about sexualleasure in this study. so i think we have to take the blinders off and start to look at sexual health as health and part of the sort of animal experimentation that goes along with living. >> and it's an interesting finding when it comes to a communication eak down. 85% of men said their ptners climaxed the last time they had sex, 64% of women reported that they actually did and some of ese women even reported having pain and i think this is one of the turn it upside down things. so whether or not women say they're satisfied because they don't want to disappoint a partner, whether women fake an orga orgasm, which means they don't want to disappoint a partner. or whether men always think they are better than they really are,
8:41 am
you can make your own assumptions, that really says that women and men may be having sex but they aren't necessarily talking about what makes it good for either one of them. >> thank you so much. >> you bet, meredith. >> and up next, how do impro your relationship with money and psych yourself rich. this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
"today's" money is brought to you by fidelity investments, turnere. >> we rabach at 8:43, and this morning your relionship with money, people's feelings towards the economy and their personal finances are deterioratindeteri. here's what some people we talked to had to say. >> emotionally money makes me feel crazy. >> yeah, there's no security in it. it's fluid, it comes and goes.
8:44 am
one day you might have it, one day you might not. >> my relationship with money is scary and just trying to provide and make that mortge payment and make that car payment and putting food on the table. >> i feel secure with my financial relationship with money beuse i never live outside of my means. >> we have a frenemy kind of relationship, obviously i nd money survive but i want to kind of pretend that i don't need it. >> my relationship with money is complicated, now because i have so little and i have so little because i could have done a little bit better in prior years. >> how co-you develop a healthier relationship toward money. the author of a new book called psych yourself rich, get the mindset you need to build your financial life. i always thinkou think finances, you think numbers on a spreadsheet or a monthly checking out statement. this is an emotional sue. people, you know, scarey,
8:45 am
complicated, insecure. is that a bad thing. >> it's a huge problem. i intervwed behavioral exper expertsers economists, when we harbor negative feelings with money and about money, what that ultimately ds is create a mind trap in youread so that we are unable to make healthy rational decisions. >> and the guy at the end there said that his relationship with money is influenced by the ft that he just lost a lot. but for most people it goes much further back, doesn't it? >> it's rooted in how we were raised. mom and dad played a huge role in o money relationship. i think it's how they fought over money or how they didn't talk about money, how they delayed their gratification our just showered you be gifts. >> and every major life adds a chapter to tha money book, and we have just been through what for some people have been a terribly destructive chapter with this recessio >> absolutely, so money's an
8:46 am
emotional mess, so whether we're in a ecession or not, we would still be having this conversation. the risk is if you go into a down economy -- people who go through life, their defense mechanism when they're not happy in their relationship is to ignore it. they don't open up their bills, they don't check their 401(k) statements. >> and the results of that? >> you wake up one day and your house is in foreclosure, you don't have a job and you don't have a plan b. >> one of the things you suggest toeople is if you want to improve your relationship with money and make it healthier, take a trip down money lane, what do you want me to do? >> look at the good -- when you did save up to buy thathouse, what did that process feel like, what did you do? learn from that, ekt extract from that. a gentleman in the clip that
8:47 am
said he lived beyond his means and now because of the job market he's forced to take bett steps going forward. >> if you lose a lot of money in a recession you are bound to have some fear. most peopl find that fear, those money zombies you talked about paralyzing, but you talked in the book about using that fear as a motivational force? how do you do that? it sounds easy but it's not. >> you have to understand where is that fear coming from, and visualize that fear? what is your worst-case scenario fear? that you're going to lose your house? that you're not going to be abl to make that mortgage ts month. kind of visualize it and then use fear as aobilizer and a motivational tool. >> there are a lot of people that just cut way back after very hard financial times and you say it's possible to probably do more cutting
8:48 am
expenses? where do you start. >> you start with the basics, where you're living and what you're driving, do you have to sell yr car? do you have to get a second job? >> by any means possible? >> you have t -- in every relationship there are compromises. >> this book you're not saying is necessarily going to make people rich financially, rich in different way? >> rich in terms of financial security, it's not sexy million dollar ferraris and mansions. if you loses your job tomorrow, you can make that mortgage payment and then some. it's not sexy but it's security. >> the book is called "psych yourself rich." friday we're going to look at how the recession isorcing people to retire early. so if you've got a question, you can go to our website and file
8:49 am
it there. up next the classic burger, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen, we're going back to basics. he won the judge's prize at the 2009 new york city wine and fd festival's burger bash. he's goi to try to repeat
8:51 am
friday at this year's events. good morning to you. >> good morning, how is it going? >> it's gng really well. you won last time with the obama burger. >> exactly. >> i'm going to be doing another burger from the cookbook, it's a vietnamese buer, it's got pickled vegetables and fresh herbs in it. >> before we get to that, this event is for charity? >> i look forward to this event every year. a bunch of chefs get tonighto celebrate. all the proceeds go to food banks in new york and stuff. >> what do you call this burger again. >> this is the blazing barn. so we're going to do some pickled vegetables. so we just have a little bit of sugar and some water and some vinegar in here. >> you sce these with a ndolin, right?
8:52 am
>> if you don't have a mandolin, find somebody that does. >> you can do knife cuts if you want. they don't have to be perfect. they're going to be pickled. what i like to do is pour the pickling liquid while it's hot. >> why do you wt it while it's hot? >> this is bestf you hold in the fridge overnight. there we go. >> thiis the vietnamese influence here? >> this is the vietnamese influence? this burger is kind of like the vietnamese sandwich. it's got the vegetables and the spice in it. all you do is cook your burger medium rare, with salt and pepper. >> so no special spices in the burlingtoner. >> >> just a little saltnd
8:53 am
pepper. really simple. >> you're putting it on a potato ro. >> i love the texture of potato rolls. it's just ki of delicious, it's my preference. you can use a regular roll. just let it steep for about 20 minutes, but usually overnight you're going to get better results. and we have this delicious mayonn mayonnaise, with a little bit of condensed milk. >> you guys can only eat if you're going to vote f me at burger bash. throw some fresh herbs on there. >> that looks great. >> and now for your fries you have used sweet potato. >> yes, sweet potato. >> hard work around the "today" show. you work up an appetite. >> i just roast a little bit of
8:54 am
brown sugar a little bit of fresh herbs. let them do their thing. >> taka coup of bites there. this is your version of a milk snake. >> we usually serve it with wings. >> condensed milks, right? >> you know do a vietnamese milk shake, we have the custard in ere, we're going to add a little bit of milk. >> the that whole milk? >> just whole milk. a little simple serum made out of coffee and stuff. i always add a little bitf condensed milk. >> why? >> just to tone it out a little bit. you can always use a little bit of yogurt or sour cream. >> how's the burger? >> oh! >> that's already actually in the syrup. and we're going to use that
8:55 am
garnish. but i like the way you're paying attention here. >> you left something out. >> mix that up. perfect. >> we're running out of time. >> good luck on friday, by that way. 8:55 is your time now on this tuesday, october 5th, 2010. good morning. i'm eun yang. with four weeks until election day they'll begin a series of town hall meetings tonight at
8:56 am
6:30. in ward 5 at community academy charter public school. a hiring freeze willtart tomorrow as well for the district to help offset a $175 million shortfall. the ban restricts most employee travel and tranling and limits money for supplies. it also warns city agencies they may need to cut their budgets. we'll take break and your ather and traffic when we come
8:57 am
four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason.
8:58 am
first, he prected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last fouyears, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corpote executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks an'. middle cde do. with mostly cloudy skies we're slowly warming up. 64 with a few showers tomorrow within seasonal and sunny at the end of the week. 73 on friday. jerry? veronica, stl rush hour to deal with.
8:59 am
inner belt in virginia we had a broken down car. that's been cleared. one more stop see how we're doing. 270 looking pretty good. eun? ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard the world. we're back with more of
9:00 am
"today" on this fifth day of october 2010. we are promising an improvement in the weather later. >> by friday. >> okay, inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer, along with natalee morales and al roker. a couple went out for a day of jet iing, they were attacked in a hail of bullets, the husband is believed to have been killed and his wife escaped. the wife is telling her side of the story. we're going to have more on that in just a couple of minutes. we're going to give you some lp with your diet. there's a lot of confusion today about how much vitamin d you immediate and the real benefits of green tea.
9:01 am
and then paying for college, bad news for parents out there, thers more steep rises in college students. how can a family already on a stressed budget pay for college. we're going to tell you what steps you can take in just a minute. >> i know you've got news headlines, but that was a gat burgerbchlt i liked the shake. >> natale got a check of all the headlines. new this morning, police in france arrested 12 men linked to islac extremists. a missile strike came amid concerns about a terror plot. a terror cell said to be behind that plot is believed to be hiding in pakistan and u.s. officials say they know of no threats aimed at this country. today in court a mandatory life term for faisal shahzad.
9:02 am
a gunman in gainesville, florida shot and killed five men before shooting and killing himself. >> the republican that was royaling theew york governor's race told matt this morning that he was just voicing the frustration of voters when he said he would take a basebl bat to the state capitol. carl paladino threatened -- meanwhile in the delaware senate race, christine o'donnell declares in her new ad that she is not a witch, the reference to a talk show appearance where she admitted dabblg in witchcraft as a teen. today president obama is hosting a summit on community colleges on what works and what does. he wants the u.s. to become the world's top producer of college graduates by 2010. >> prince william at co-pilot in h first rescue as royal search and rescue pilot.
9:03 am
william and his teammates picked up a man who was seriously ill from a gas production platform. they flew him to a site where an ambulance was waiting. i thi and right here we are warm aing up slowly because we've got so many clouds across the area pretty much covering the area,
9:04 am
and maybe an isolated sprinkle during the afternoon as clouds really start to thicken and the cloud deck starts to lower. from 53 to 62. then 58 degrees by 6:00 p.m. so showers, those will be coming your way tomorrow. 68 with sunshine thursday. more sunshine friday on through the weekend now to the american coue who allegedly were attacked by pirates on the mexican border. firshere's nbc's janet shanlian >> reporter: they knew each other since high school and had a passion for adventure. but 29-year-old tiffany hartley and her 30-year-old husband david could never he imagined how a sightseeing trip on jet skis could change their lives forever. last thursday the couple ventured out on to the falcon lake reservoir in south texas.
9:05 am
>> we were about five minutes away from that place, coming back towards the united states and they were accosted by mexican pirates. >> did you see anybody? >> there were three boats, and they cam back looking at me. >> three boats and a barrage of bullets, david was shot in the back of the head. an then the ultimate agony, as the ambush continues, tiffany was forced to abandon her dying husband in a bid save her own life. >> are you sure that your husband got shot? >> yes, in his head. >> okay, was he thrown out of the gee ski that he's in the water or something? >>e was thrown off the jet ski and i couldn't pick him up to get him on mine. >> leaving the man she called the love of her life. >> she came close to getting her, she saw bullets landing on
9:06 am
the water, but she was not hit. >> the.s. mexico border runs right throu the middle of fall c falcon reservoir texas authorities don't have jurisdiction on the mexican side of the lake. >> we would like to go out there and try to retrieve that body. obviously the way things are now on the border, we could need to be armed to protect ourselves. >> for a couple married a year, it seems sadly ironic, tiffany says her goal was to live life to the fullest and to live without fear. janet shanlian, nbc news, houston. >> viemeredith viera spoke to t family earlier and spoke to tiffany about that fateful day and why they decided to go to the lake. >> my husband had been doing some research on that old church in mexico, and he loved history and he wanted to go see it before we headed back to
9:07 am
colorado the following week. >> in may i know that the tas department of public safety reported several incidents involving pirates robbing boaters at gunpoint, in fact ere was a pirate sighting as recently as august 31st, i believe and they had warned americans about the lake. if you're going to gout there, whatever you do, don't cross over into the mexican side. i understand you and david had even talked about the risk. so why did you ignore the danger involved there? >> w haven't heard anything for quite a while. my husband being a manager of the company down in mexico he had to take car of them and make sure they were safe and make sure i was safe and i know he would never, ever put me in a position of danger and we hadn't heard anything of anything going on over there, we had heard about the pirates, but we didn't
9:08 am
know, we just hadn't heard anything recently. >> at what point did you realize that you were in terrible danger? >> once we started seeing that the three boats were coming towards us and then they started chasing us and then we just started hearing the fi, the gun fire. >> and then your husband was shot and you were faced with ank and tried to save him or attempt to save your own life. can you tell us about that moment for you. >> when i looked back after i had seen some bullets hit the water next to me i looked back to check on david and i saw him fly over the jet ski, he had been hit. i quickly turned around and went to him and jumped off my jet ski and iad to turn him over
9:09 am
because he was facedown in the water and turned hiover and he was shot in the head. and that's when a boat came up, one of the boats came up to me and had a gun pointed at me, trying to decide what to do with me andhen they left and that's when i triedaving david and getting him on to my jet ski. but i just -- i couldn't get him up and i jt keptearing god tell me, you have to go, you have to go. so i had to ollie him. -- so i had to leave him. so i could get to safety. >> and i know this is hard for you now because they have not recovered your husband's body o your son's body, denni and pam, how are you coping? >> we'll, we're hangi in there, we have had a lot of support. from friends here and everywhere.
9:10 am
david's friends in corado are planning a rally to bring home. that is this friday in denver, colorado at the mexican consulate at 1:00 p.m. >> do you feel the mexican authorities are doing all they can to find david's body? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. we need to desperately get on the mexican side of the lake so we can search for him and bring him home. >> a now tiffany, did the mexican authorities speaking with the south texas newspaper and questioning your story, they say they found no evidence of this attack o your husband's remains, saying we're not certain this incident happened the way they are telling us. i want to give you a chance to responto that. >> well, i would have to say that, you know, when they -- they know the pirates are out there, we knew that, we knew
9:11 am
that there was a possibility of them being there. i believe in my heart that they went back and took him and they're hing our jet ski, they're hiding hi and we just pray that we get him back. >> that was tiffany hartley and family with meredith viera and we'll be back with more of "today" right after these messages. mmmmmm. mmmmmm.
9:12 am
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this morning on joy's diet s.o.s., joy bauer a registered dietitian is addressing everything from vitamin d to bottled green tea. as always,e have got tons of good questions from our viewers. heather in calloway, maryland joins us on the phone "today." go morning, heather, what's your question for joy? >> caller: good morning, joe, my car told me i have low vitamin d levels and encouraged me to eat more dairy food and take a supment. i thought am i supposed to be taking my vitamin d supplement with some sort of fat like 2% milk? help, there's so much confcting information. >> you're absolutely right, vitamin d is a fat soluble
9:16 am
vitamin, and what that means is that it's a vitamin that dissolves in fat. but vitamin d also can be bound or be bound to protein and the protein in a fat free skim milk will do the trick. it will act as a carrier and it will facilitate absorption in the intestines. when itomes to fat free yogurt, not all brand are fortified with vitd minute d.c. so check out out to make sure. the supplents should be taken with the largest mea of the day, either with or after. because the largest meal of the day is going to offer up the most fat. and fat increases or optimizes the absorption of those vitamin d supplements. >> big meal, take the supplement, heather. >> okay, next question comes from marcie and she's also on the phone with us fm great
9:17 am
valley, new york. good morning to you, marci >> caller: good morning, my question is i have a 4-month-old and she gets up still one or two times a night and i was wondering every once in a while i still get a little bit hungry in the morning when she is' awake, and is it okay to have a little snack or should i not? >> and you're breast feeding, that's why you're getting up in the middle of night with her? >> caller: yes. >> it's perfectly fine to have a snack and it makes sense that you' eeare hungry, and when you sleep prived, because you're up around the clock with your baby, your hormones that regulate younger tend to get a little bit messed up so that makes you feelungry as well. if you eat at 2:00 in the monk, or 4:00 in the morning, those calories not automatically going to turn to fat and increase your weight. but that being said, youo want
9:18 am
to be strategic with what you snacking on. first you want to pick something that's low in calories if you're still ting to knock off some of the baby weight, i would say 150 calories or less. and you want to make sure that the quality of your snack is nutrient dense and that's because you're nursing and you want your baby to have quality food. something like a piece of fruit, a rice cake or a smear of peanut butter will do the trick. in the middle of the night when you're really tired sta away from the cookies and the chips and dry serial and the crackers out of the box or out of the bag because it's amazing how much you can eat when you're half asleep. >> when you're breast feeding, is it only like 500 calories a day extra that you need? >> that's exactly right. you need about 500 additional calories beyond what you normally need when you're
9:19 am
nursing, you really areungrier because you still want to watch what you're eating because most women when they're nursing want to knock off some of that baby weight as well. >> next is a viewer e-mail. lois writes, do bottl cold diet green teas have the same nutritional value as hot green teas. >> unfortunately, no. and there was this great report this year and wt it showed is that commercial bottled green teas have significantly less polly fine nolls, and those are those compounds that give green tea all the health promoting benefits and that's because most companiewill typically deliberately remove or lessen the polyppolyphenoles so your b bet is to freshly brew your own green tea. freshly brewed is the keyword
9:20 am
here. and that's going to give you all the benefits and if you don't like ithot, you want to steep it in six ouns of hot or boiling water and then pour it over a glass filled with ice. no more than one or two teaspoons of sugar or drink it straight up. >> bottled green teas generally are nilled with sugar. >> and they are expensive and you can save aot of cash when you make it yourself. and you get all the health promoting benefits. coming up next in our next half hour, eight beauty sins you could be committing, how to avoid them and put your best face forward afterhese messages. i'd get this tightness in my chest. so i went back to my doctor again. we chose symbicort to help control my asthma symptoms all day and night. [ man ] symbicort improves my lung function, starting within 15 minutes. symbicort will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. it is a combination of two medicines
9:21 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
under a mostly cloudy sky, our temperatures are rising slowly. we started out at 50 dreers. now 54 degrees in town. ure high tay, 62 to 63. maybe a sprinkle, but showers for tomorrow. only a slight chance of the sunshine at the end o the week. jerry. still a bit of a rush hour left. just moderate volume. no late accidents. travel lanes are open. and one more stop. over to virginia, backed up for just a little bit to the 14th street bridge. eun? >> ask injury. thank you. stay with us.
9:29 am
i'm talking abo the cam
9:30 am
pain to host "saturday night liv live", i didn't know what facebook was, and now they do know what it is, i have to say it sounds like a huge waste of time. >> hotter than ever star betty white, she has bee so busy over the last year or so but she found time recently to let us in on a day in the life of a hollywood megastar. we're going to have that for you on tomorrow on "today." she is such a cool lady. >> and coming out, there's a new study out saying that families just can't save up enough money for their kids college. what you and your kids can do to make college affordable. do you know putting on too much moisturizer could be doing more harm than good. we're going to go over a list of eight beauty sins to avoid. >> when you're putting in your
9:31 am
contact lenses, don't do this. because you're going to get wrinkles. you needo go like this. who doesn't like a little piece of candy? just in time for halloween, the candy queen, i like to call her the candy princess. >> don't do that, either, that's another beauty don't. they're get stuck to your eyes. she's going to show you how candy can be the main event. for "today," we have got beautiful weather down the gulf into the mid plains, wet weather risk in the southern plains. that rain continues tomorrow clouds across the area today. a little bit of filtered
9:32 am
sunshine. those clouds probably not producing any rain other than maybe a sprinkle. then we've got maybe a chance to get a little more rain showers in tomorrow. your high today, 62. it's going to be breezy for the afternoon. tomorrow, again, a little bit of wet weather. 0.1 of rain. close to 70 on thursday and low to mid-70s starting friday and going right through the weekend a fantastic weekend coming up. even columbusay is looking a-okay. >> by the way, the thing that natalee was doing, you should never do it in slow motion. >> it's really scary. definitely a beauty sin. and we're going to tell you more about your beauty sins. also is it ever too late to save how to payor college. we're going to get some financial advice right after this. [ male announcer ] a little bit of this,
9:33 am
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guess who just reached the finish line ? the lil zoomers speedway. ( cheers ) only from fisher-price. play. laugh. grow. the cinnamon, the sugar, the crunch. but i am the only one who's been really hard at wk on the t-shi, the bumper sticker and the handshe. high...and five! i could use a little help from my cinnamon sisterhood. how are we going to pay for college? there e a lot of families wondering just that. according to a survey done 65% of parents admitted the recession has changed how they're planning to pay for college. there's more information in "today's" "usa today." a colle admissions expert and ceo of apply and a personal finance expert. so you conducted this survey and
9:36 am
there were some surprising results including parents now saying they're looking at selecting a school more by weather they can afford to pay for it, cost and finance as opposed to the school's reputation >> that's exactly right. so reputation is less important, though academics are still number one, tuition feesnd availability of financial aid are the big keys. and it's really important for families when they're putting together their college list for them to be balanced for them to have a financial and academic safety school on their li. >> and as high school seniors get ready now to start doing the application process, what should they and their parents now be doing to manage their kids' expectations especially in these tough economic times. >> firstf all they should have a franke chat with their kids and wre finding with the survey they are doi that, parents are sitting down and
9:37 am
talking about what they can afford to pay towards that college educationnd they should have that conversation early before those acceptance letters come out in april. >> i get into the college i want to, but we can't afford it. >> and have some of those safe schools on the list, as a backup school. >> a lot of americans, while they believe in the high value of education, 22% of parents polled a mitted to not having put any money aside forollege. that would be a huge problem. >> it's tremeously difficult to do that when one of the spouses have lost a job. the first thing you have to do is payhe bil that are most important "today" like keeping a roof over your head. go to fasfa, it's free, but you apply for federal government aid. more and more folks need that financial aid and it's ve, very important to do that and also to know whe you're going to put your money.
9:38 am
sallie mae also came out "today" and showed that more than half of parents areot putting their ney in 529s where the money can grow tax free, instead the majority of it is going to tax and savings account. so find out more information on 529s can be a little bit intimidating because there's a lot of factor to factor in. . >> i know from talking to you and listening to what you said on "today's" money 911, people thk oh, maybe i'll tap into my retirement fund. and you say that's a big no. >> it's putting your oxygen mask on first, you've got to take care of yourself first, ask your child, do you want to be taking care of me down the road? if you don pay attention to your own retirement, whether it's pulling equity out of your home or pulling money out of your retirement fund, your child's going to have to take care of you.
9:39 am
but also think about for them, their young adults gng into school and coming out, they have many, many more years to pay off the loans than you do. so make sure to take care of yourself first. and when you take out loans, take it out in their name. >> when you're looking at the cost of college, a lot of folks look at the cost of room and board, but there are a lot of other costs as well, right? >> many families are not thinking aboutudgeting for the cost of applying to college. and at a applywise we're finding thatarents are spending $3,000 just on applying to llege. it's really important to start saving early. >> are there other areas that they might not be looking at as far as hidden costs? >> almost over $3,000 you have already spent, so you've got to make sure you to sit down and talk withour child about their expectations, what a you going to pay for? what are they going to pay for?
9:40 am
and credit cards. credit is not evil in and of itself. it's a greatime to build your credit. but you have to co-sign or open a card joint with your parents. don't use your parents card, be responsible with your on card. >> it looks like the average senior comes out of college with $4,000 worth of credit card debt. >> especially when starting salaries are below $30,000. try to avoid a ton of debt, but if you get into it, use it responsibly and have a good credit score. >> how are the ways to cuthe cost of college? >> there are so many ways and families are looking at sending their kids to a community college for two years and then transferring into a four-year college. students can also take a gap year and work for a year and put that money towards your tuition. you can save at least 25% on tuition, room and board. and you can take ap classes and
9:41 am
ap exams and taking online college courses that can transf to credits. you should also look at scholarship money, there's over $3 billion in scholarship money out ther >> there's more information on this on our website. and coming up, rinsing your face in hot water is a skin care no no. we're goin to tell you why and fill you in on some of the other sins you may be committing in your daily beauty routine right after these messages. yes! ♪ look, ey fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? eating right...whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheers has five whole ains and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. ancr: on seember 2nd we took over a restaurant
9:42 am
just for a day. then we made lunch for the neighbors. thousands oturkey burgers on us. to show people there's a burger that's as lean as it is delicious. it's really good. he loves the turkey burgers. if i can give her something that's good for her and lean, i'd totally make this for her. ancr: make the stch. look for jennie-o at a store near you.
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9:44 am
this morning on "today's" beauty, eight beauty sins. we have got your daily beauty regimen down to a science. so why is it despite all of your pampering your face is losing it's luster. falling asleep with our makeup still on, without fully cleaning our face? >> when you go to sleep without washing your face, you're basically leaving a whole y's worth of oil, dirt, makeup, debris on your face and it's going to not allow your skin to breathe and clog your pours, so you really want to make sure you wash your face at night. if you're really sleepy and can't drag yourself to thsink, leave cleansing clos next to your bed. >> let your skin breathe. speaking of hitting the pillow, one of the other big beauty sins is always sleeping on the same side of your face? why is that such a bad thing.
9:45 am
>> just like muscle memory, there is wrinkle memory. ever time you lay on one side of your face, you're going to cause a wrinkle to form. obviously you want to change it up. use a fluffy pillow or a u aped pillow to support yr face andeep your neck up. >> is there a tip to switching? just make sure you kind of fluff the pillow up? >> you want a fluffy pillow instead of a firm one. >> next cleansing with water that is too hot. that is not a good thing to do? >> too hot can cause capillaries to burst and cause redness and it's really not great for your skin. what you want to use instead is lukewarm water, which usually runs between 72, 75 degrees, so much better for yourkin. >> rubbing your eyes, doing
9:46 am
this, all of that, putting your contact lenses. >> that's really bad for your sk around your eyes. it's very sensitive this area. >> the skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin on your entire body. the more you setch and pull, the more that skin is going to sag. so when putting in your contacts, you want to use your fourth digit because that -- use an eye cream every day and night before bedtime. >> next on the list is washing your face before your hair? why does the order really matter there? >> it's something you wouldn't think about, but when you're in the shower,tart at the top, work your way down, when you wash your hair, oils from your hair seep down into your face. start with your hair, then wash yourace. >> okay. and another one that we i think tend to do a little bit too much, isaybe wearing a little bit too much fial moisture'ser. we have been told to moisturize
9:47 am
but there is too much of a good ing. >> all you need is a dime-sized amount. you want enough to coat your entire face. if you use anything more, you're just not going to penetrate deep enough into your tsues and it's going to clog your pores. >> another thing we hear a lot that you should do, and actually it's not a good thing. is drinking through a straw. we thought it was good for your teeth. >> great for not getting stains or your teeth, but terrible for getting fine lines around your mouth. i love drinking through a straw but i'm going to look old before my time because of the the puckering. >> wearing your po tail too tight. >> when you pull your pony tail too tight it's going to loosen the hairline. pull back your hair loose by and never tightly. >> you won't have that tension
9:48 am
headache. >> pony tails shouldn't hurt, it should sweep the hair off your face. >> it's not a magic facelift. >> exactly. >> some great information for us. thank you. > coming up next, candy is the centerpiece of the party. how to have some fun with candy halloween and all year long. hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
9:49 am
capital one bank. they're everywhere. yeah, you're right! ♪ [ male announcer ] capital one banks are everywhere. [ clang! ] with hundreds of branches and atms, they're hard to miss.
9:50 am
hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! candy is not just a special treat anymore. now youan satisfy your sweet tooth while your decorate and entertain. the founder and ceo of dylan's candy bar, it's cled dylan's candy bar, unwrap your sweet life. we have got halloween coming up of course. and that's of course a big candy night. and you can have some fun not
9:51 am
only havin the candy but also decorating and creating theme. >> halloween is the most fun, because the stuff is so disgusting. this is gus and gummy eyeballs, alledible. this is blood and fingers. >> this is like jelly, right? >> could be. and gummy teeth, and gummy eyeballs which are kind of fun. and it actually getsven more disgusting when you get into gummy bugs and gummy make snakes and gum write bats. this is fun because you can dip them in mud or chocolate. it's really chocolate? >> and it's great for adult parties. a lot of adults of having halloween parties. >> i don't like the consistency of the gummy. you can put them in your teeth and create fake teeth. >> candy is great, there's so many varieties.
9:52 am
and these candy corns come in so many different flavors and colors, gum balls for birthdays or christmas parties. >> and it's a conversation piece. >> and people love candy, that's why it's so much fun. >> birthday for every different age. they all love the color. these are gum balls, a centerpiece, a great way to serve people. mimicking the round shape of the place mats, the colors and shapes and swirls of things. >> the napkins and the place mats basically kind of mimics what's in here? >> it's a color festival. even candy dots, the button paper make great napkin place holders. >> there are a lot of candies that are coming back, retro
9:53 am
candy is very hot right now. >> people, especially after september 11 really love nostalgia and really felt comforted by the american classics. adults love that because they want to really get close to their childhood and that's why candy is fun, it really brings out the child in everyone. >> bono loves turkey. >> and then you take it and you slam it on the table. >> you can have it for a special occasion. you could have a bad hair day or a baby shower. candy is gate for that. >> a chocolate ducky. so it's the perfect candy treat. and you have blue jelly beans for water or for a shower. another favor for everybody. if you don't know if somebody's
9:54 am
having a boy or a rl. you can mix it. you can do m&m's or other kinds of candy. >> this could be a bridle daal shower? >> people have proposed with candy in our store, so this is a bunch or hershey kisses that's sort of mimicking -- and white items, white and cleanliness and purity are very popular at weddings. and actually there's bitterness and the sugarcoating is the sweetness and light. >> it's really all fun, testive things. >> dylan, it's good to see you. >> i only have eyes for you, al. >> coming up, the latest on the ladies on atlanta. ♪
9:55 am
9:56 am
[ female announcer ] have you ever en a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the mdle of the ocean? or tried something really ld? y not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. visit today. a chilly day out there and someclouds above us, as you can see in the live picture of the capital. 55 degrees in washington right now. it's tuesday, october 5th, 2010. i'm barba harrison, good morning. we're continuing to follow breaking news. firefighters battling a blaze.
9:57 am
they're telling news 4 heavy flames are showing on the top floor of a three-story parent co apartment complex. we'll bring you the latest as we learn it. a check on the traffic. very chilly. first day it's really feeling like fall. >> this morning, cool readings in the western sub is bushes and this morning, too, you probably noticed the dramat sky. the clouds hanging over us. 54 degrees. 52 green belt and mitchellville. meanwhile hernan and gainesville, y're at 50 degrees. a high of 52 with clouds throughout the day. a little breezy as well. showers copping our way tomorrow. jerry? >> all right, monica. virginia southbound as you head from lorten on down. i-270, not bad.
9:58 am
police were checking an accident reported near shady grove road. over than that, we're doing fine. be sure to stick around for "news 4" midday coming up in just about an hour. we're going back
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1 a. rockefeller plaza. >> hi, it's booze day. >> people are getting a hang of these names. >> see what you started? >> we started it. >> yeah, blameher for everything. >> i want to thank everybody for coming out last night to see, it was called, born for broadway. and it benefitted the christopher and dana reed foundation. find a cure for paralysis. not find a sure but fin care for people who suffer from paralysis until there say cure. this is the thing, these broadway stars, they work six days a week, eig shows a week. it's brutal, brutal schedule. monday is pretty much their only day off.
10:01 am
and every monday, all around new york city, there are benefits. and almost every broadway star is performing at them. it's just unbelievable. >> you were out late, by the way, missy. >> 12:30. that's late. >> very late. >> the people responsible know who they are. >> exactly. now, you guys are going to like this story. >> okay. why are we wearing white after labor day. inappropriate? >> no, no, . remember what they said. about breakle rules. >> no, they said if you break the rules, be prepared to pay the consequences. >> no, they said there are no rules. you can wear white after labor day? >> who are they? >> so,his is great. i know you guys have been o the airlines, and every time you get up there, you see the flight attendant tell you the exits are on the right, left, put your mask on and everybody hands them or reads your paper, whatever. >> you do. >> there's an airline that have
10:02 am
changed things a little bit. they do theirs to lady gaga's musi musi >> and breathe normally. emergency exits are marked alongside each cabin exits. >> where are they? ♪ this aircraft is equipped with an escape system. in case of emergency evacuation, lights will illuminate leading you the exits. >> heaven forbid. if something goes wrong, they can be sued. >> here's at happens. they do the real demdemo. >> no. i want to be left alone. you know what i'm saying? i already sat there. i'm like you, politely watching. i feel so bad for the stewardess and flight attendants.
10:03 am
>> because they're telling you, this is how you buck your seatbelt. i'm thinking, move of us know how to do that, we ride in cars. click, click. >> i've flown. >> i paid close attention, but when they tell you here's how you open the seatbelt - >> that is why i look at them like, i know. because it just -- >> you know how hard that is for them to do, day after day after day. >> but i do look for theexits. >> here they are. >> but it was to tictoc. >> what do people think? >> come on. so much better than the other way. >> all ight. you know what? you lost yet another poll. >> yes. yes, you did. >> 60 minutes and "vanity fair" did a poll, on who the single most eligible woman -- the single woman most eligible in the entire world. i would have thought you'd be right up there at the top.
10:04 am
but you're not. >> i love this show. >> okay. so the most eligie single woman on thelobe is jennifer aniston. >> she got 41%. >> 29%. >> okay. now, next is halle berry, she got 21%. and then elin nordigren, tiger woods' -- >> yeah, she's -- >> 15%. >> rounding it out, we've got betty white with 11%, and lady gaga. lady gaga is 6% less desirable than betty white. >> why did they sdwich you right in between betty white and lady gaga. >> after betty whe? >> she's 80. >> all right. i go after betty white. >> no, but she's better known, you know. >> that's mean. okay. that's just not kind.
10:05 am
>> i dn't think people realize how truly eligible you are. >> stop saying stuff like that. sounds desperate. >> but you ar. >> talk about this for a second -- >> speaking of. >> this is interesting, a brand-new sex survey. itas huge, gotten tons and tons and tons of press. these are conclusions that we've come to from the sex survey. 85% of men said their last sex partner had an orgasm. >> you can stop heating our cheerios. it's a fact of life. they still talk about these things. 80% said their last partner had an org gas many. 64% of women repord having an gasm. >> so somebody is lying. >> people are faking it. if you do the math. 11% of faking it. >> wheat the point in faking it? >> because -- to make them feel better, you know. >> i do that for stewards, and flight attendants, but i --
10:06 am
>> not at home, baby. oh, yes. all righty, then. okay. here's anothe one. there was an article in the times, that one of our producers found that said, when you are driving in a car, people feel that they can cut you off -- >> they feel invincible. >> yes, they do. sometimes there's an exit, you're waing in the back of the line going slow. and you see this car, rushing up along the side, watching him, watching him. and he turns and gets in front. >> cuts the line. >> and this woman who wrote the article said, why don't you do the same thing if you're in line at the bank. why don't you go ahead an cut rightp to the front like that. >> yeah. >> what do you think about all of that? >> i think that people feel there's a whole bunch of stee around them. not going to be hld accountable. they fake their exit. not held accountable. >> first of all, i told you i did that one time accidently, because i was going to miss my
10:07 am
exit. . that's a different thing. >> then i wave to the guy like sorry, with the face. he rolls wn the window and drped the "f" bomb. ripped me a new one. i felt terrible. i'm not good. if i miss my exit, i'm going to egypt. like there's no way back. i need to turn. >> you're fond of each other. >> i am. >> but i couldn't believe, i still have post traumatic. >> this is several years ago. >> i don't like when people yell at me. i don't, i don't. i feel really terrible. >> you feel demeaned and degraded. you want to say, i'm so sorry -- yeah. you think you're inching, inching, inching like that to make sure i didn't get in. but anyway -- >> i wonder if he is one of those guys that was polled, you know wat i'm saying? >> probably >> yeah. >> have you ever cut in line? >> let me ask you a question. long, long, long, long line. u have a question. you don't have to buy -- youe
10:08 am
not buying anything, you're not returning, you have a question. do you go to the front -- >> yeah, i say, i'm sorry, still have a question. >> people don't like that, because you're taking up there time. >> most people are nice as well. i hate when i do it. i don't like to do it. i don't choose to do it. you know you're at the airport, standing in line at security. sometimes people cognize you and come and get you and take you to the front of the line. >> do you do that? >> no, no, no, security. i know i'm standing in line for security. sometime us feel -- then you're apologizing to everybody along the line, that, you know -- it's not flight. everybody suld stand in line, wait your turn. but i love it when that -- >> okay. what else is going on? >> so it's time to tell you again, we need your video. this is such a big cool thing. one lucky choir group is going to get here in studio 1 a. we need you to spend in your
10:09 am
videos of established choir group. 20 people or viewer, we don't have that much money. at least 13 years old, right? and only nee ten more days to get this into us. >> we need a nice current video. not an old video you shot a long timeago or something like that. >> do we have anybody coming to get us? >> they are glamourg. >> we have one. >> the singamajigs. >> we talked about cutting in line. rebecca said i do cut in line at school. why don't these moms pull all of the way up? what's up with that? >> how gorgeous does your hair look today? >> oh, forget the line. >> that's what i was thinking. i don't know. that -- you don't have anonymity there. people know you, you know your car and know your d.
10:10 am
>> that can get tricky. some of those lines. we've all been in places, there were fi registers, and a mob of people. every time someone put their hand up, it was a free person. i like order. >> except in your n home. which is completely disordered. >> exactly. you have to have your achilles heel somewhere. okay? >> all right. cong up next -- >> whe looks nice on you. >> wait, do you remember last time she was here what she was doing? the woman has to flash something every time she's here. at lea she's with heown husband this time.
10:11 am
[laughter] be smart. veggie smart.
10:12 am
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10:13 am
in the 1980s, harry hamlin had women swooning with his lit, l.a. law. and a decade later, mrs. hamlin, tter known as lisa rinna, had the hit show "melrose place." both lisa and harry have something new to write home about. they've each authored abook,
10:14 am
lisa's is a memoir called "starlittl"sta "starlit" and harry's is about him his youth. >> our clothing store is being robbed as we speak. i'm gting the call right now, which is going to tell me what's going on. adt is useless -- >> no, no, no. let's talk about our show while he's talking about that -- >> oh, lord. let's talk about "harry loves lisa" tomorrow on tvland. >> the stores being robbed? >> it is seriously being robbed? >> it's 7:15 in l. >> did they take much? > whatdid they take? >> seven years. >> they took piles from the first two rac. by the way -- it's nothing,
10:15 am
nothing. okay. >> wel deal withthis. this is our life. this is at our shows about. >> i'll call you back. >> was anybody hurt? >> it was closed, right? the storyas closed. >> lisa is with me now. >> thank you very much. sorry, girl, i had to do that. >> why weren't the camer for "harry loves lisa" running then. >> what about a company that's supposed to come and protect you. >> sherman oaks. >> beautiful part of town. >> beautiful store, we have beautiful stuff. >> you still do. it was just stuff. >> i was just clothes. we're fine. the kids good. >> but, i mean, that's what this whole show is about. you know, it's life. >> reality shows about all of this stuff tat happened all of the time. >> sounds like it's trauma. >> really? >> no, we do ha fun. >> do you keep thecameras out of certain parts of your life?
10:16 am
>> we do. we created this show. and it's ours, so we keep the camera out of the bedroom, out of the bathroom. >> doesn't matter if the camera is not in your bedroom anymore. last book told us about evething we know is going on. we know everything. >> we want to talk about these two books, we are running out of time. let's talk about full frontal for a second. it's about your life up to 25. >> up to 25. >> you admit that's only because the lies and words the publisher wanted. >> the publisher wanted a certain amount of words. and i got to those. >> it's so emotional. we read our books on the plane. we sat on the plane, reading, reading, reading. so oving, so emotional. he's a brilliant writer. >> so juicy. >> so lisa. >> i saw you went to jail. >> jail? >> i went to yale, and i also went to jail. >> yale and jail. >> you've had a full life,
10:17 am
haven't you? any regrets? >> no. i recommended jail for evyone. >> i have not been to jail. nor do i have a mug shot. maybe the only one here. >> stop. you guys stop. >> we don't think so. tell us this book real quick. this is a novel. this is a romantic classic. it's fiction but based on everything aboume and my life. i base it on people that you a i all know. >> chris jenner is in there. >> chris jenneris absolutely in there. >> good to see you, good luck with your books and your show. >> and our store. >> and our show. >> up next, they opened the doors for the new sson last night but today the atlanta housewives, listen. stay where you are. my red dress, and... my daughter's favorite tee -- all in one ld. shout color catcher absorbs the colors that run.
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10:20 am
new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you can join the fight against breast ccer every time you enjoan activia. give hope with every cup of activia. "the real housewives of atlanta" return for the third season and ladies are already delivering more fire works than the fourth o july. all of the drama thanks to two new faces and heated rivalries. housewives, are here to fill us in, in case you missed the big debut last night. how did go? >> it was exciting. >> yes. >> you look good, you look good. >> i have to say, the atlanta housewives always brought a lot of viewers. i think you brought more than anyone. what makes your kindof housewife show unique? you guys aretough on each
10:21 am
other. >> well -- i think someone can relate -- someone out there can relate to each and every one of us. and it's real. >> you are all friends. you're fighting, friends, not friends. what's happening? wt are younow? >> okay. so who do you dislike on the show? who can't we stand? >> i don't feel that way. like i can't stand anydy. >> you know who you like. >> seriously. >> come on. you never hold back. >> whatever. >> but there's stuff going on in your life rightnow. is that making you a little more tenderized towards stuff because you're hurting yourself? no, no, no, i do have things going on in my personal life. women will be able to relate to me a little me. i'm having issues with my husband. remember, i was call aid cheater on all of my blog, i was called a treater. >> were you? >> i would never cheat. i would never cheat on my
10:22 am
husband. those who know me, know i would never do somethng like that. i think you see the truth come out on the show. >> it's taking its toll on your marriage. >> not calling me a cheat. my husband never believed that. >> how about everying on the surface for everybody to see, dissect and condemn. you get a lot of condemnation. that's got to be enormus pressure on any relationship. >> me personally losing my privacy is pressure for me. >> you chose it. you chose it. >> i didn't know that. >> not to that extreme, no. you have to understand, we never did a reality show, before. you're thinking -- you're not thinking, my business, frst of all, we didn't know we had a hit show. >> you didn't? >> no. >> you don't get the news down there? >> we didn't know -- we just started -- we didn't know it will be imkt paed. >> this has really changed, mainly in the design world. you create clothes, jewelry and things like that.
10:23 am
how hasit canged your life? that's my passion. it's been really good as far as the fashion world. i showed the fashion. but i had a change of heart. you want to be an action res no now? >> so when you started taking excellence -- >> do you guys watch the other -- do you watch the other housewives, jersey? we know you do. what do you think when you watch the other housewives? >> i didn't watch d.c. i enjoy them. we're all very different. >> do you guys regret? we talk about this. your busiss is out. you said you didn't know. now you doknow. do you regretthe choice so mary smith can judge your life? >> i was being judged before i was on tv. it's not that. >> i regret losing all of my privacy, like to this level. i didn't know that.
10:24 am
>> you can honestly couldn't get that. >> she's already been a figure on your show in the public eye. even if she left the show -- >> calm don. we could get on television. >> i know. good luck. all of the best to you. >> thank you so much. they're on mondays, 9:00, 8:00 central. >> all right. we have a lot coming up. really? sure. you're made with fiber, just like me. but best of all, you're the perfect size for smaer kids. [ femalannouncer ] give your little ones kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats little bites™ cereal in chocolate and now original flavor. they're an excellent source of fiber packed in a smaller ze. [ doorbell rings ] oh, it's original littleite™. we're off to practice keeping 'em full and focused. yeah! we've got big shoes to fill!
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out of oxon hill. coming up on "news 4" midday, we'll have the latest o on whether everyone wasble to get out safely and the latest on the damage. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. also coming up the nobel price for medicine goes to the mans who work led to the first test [ female announcer ] this is wendy. wendy is a big fan of aetna mobile.
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we are back on this tuesday
10:30 am
with eat smart todaynd friendly competition to make you make right choices when you order off a menu. >> since it's so easy when you're eating out. we asked the editor to come up with a quiz. to see the segments. >> i think we've established we don't know much at all. >> nothing. >> that's dangerous. let's put it this way. let's think about going out to breakfast. everybody likes to have breakfast meats. one side we have canadian bacon. the other, we have turkey bacon. same amount. two ounces. ne of them have ten grams of fat, one has five. which is lower? >> turkey bacon. >> no, canadian bacon. don't always think turkey is the lower fat choice. >> you get that point. >> i would say turkey too. but i'll take it. >> next is sushi, we know this.
10:31 am
low fat, but what about the sides, think about the soy sauce, this is reduced sodi soy sauce, two tlespoons. does this contain 15%, 30%, or 15% for the whole day. >> i am going to finish -- i'm saying it has the most. >> 50%. that is right. good for you. >> sodium still has a lot. >> all i know, is i want it. it looks so good. >> anyway, here's a main dish salad. getarian. think about that. tofu, vinegar on the side. if you match this up caloriewie, which has the same calories. lettu lettuce, tomato and mahy y mayonnaise. >> when you get this salad, know
10:32 am
that you're having a sstantial meal. >> that's a good answer. >> all right. it's 2-1. wheat the prize? >> okay. onion soup. always a good go-to unless you' date. does this bowl, six ounces with croutons and cheese, does this have more or less than 350 calories. >> more. >> more. >> i not letting her get the question out. >> because i'm anticipating. >> that's totally fine. >> it's 400 calories. thk about this next time you get a clear soup. let's get to cocktails. this may be a tiebreaker. all of these four things, mimosa, bloody mary. a light beer and large glass of whe wine. one of these hasore than 135 calories. >> kathie lee.
10:33 am
>> the bloody mary. i don't think so. >> i'm going with the memos be >> must be the white whine. almost 200 calories. >> think about that. >> well, i got to be honest. >> we're not using fish bowls, that's what we use. >> turkey is not the popular item still. >> two more quick questions. we'll see the tiebreaker. these are two different burgers, turkey burger, lean beef burger, do these have the same, or does the ground turkey burger have more or the same or less fat than lean ground beef. >> lean ground beef. >> i'm going to say the turkey because i thnk it has less. >> no. >> i think it's the same. >> it's the same, you're right.
10:34 am
ground tkey is about the same. >> it's a tiebreaker. >> maybe it will be a tie. >>hich of these has the most two calorie, pink lemonade, 12 ounces, apple juice, 100% 'ple juice -- >> what's bubbling? >> i'm sorry, ginger ale and this is apple juice. >> i'm going for it. about to tie the game. ready? lemonade. >> oh! i've got it anyway, i'm going to say apple juice. >> apple juice. >> and look what we have is your prize. bailey's irish cream an coffee. >> nice gift. you take so much from us. guess what. >> yes. >> nice. thanks, jerry. >> i can get more. thank you, madilyn.
10:35 am
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10:39 am
caes milan is here wi training tips. best part you can have caesar handy. guess what, he just released a brand-new book on cesar's rules. he also s a program on the travel channel. >> this is about rehabilitation, about dog training. i'm showing people options they have to train a dog. >> we have different problems, as you can tell along here. >> you're going to fix these dogs, so weave one by one in front of us. >> they've been fixed, if you know what i mean. >> let's train more. >> what's the problem? >> mark has satchel, he ament doed this dog, and what's the problem with your dog? >> our main problem is he doesn't come when he's called. we've been trying to train them to do that. he does it about 30% of the time. and we'd love him to b a little
10:40 am
more -- you know, a lite more obedient. we're trying to figure out -- do you consider this a problem right now, or -- >> this is a b of a problem. it's unusual for him. it's unusual. >> i think you got more than one problem. >> i think so too. most people focus on what they want or what the dog really needs at that time. the harness is notmade for controlling purpose. only thing we have to do is change to the other leash, just ask the dog to redirect the attention to us. >> okay. >> see what i'm saying? >> okay. so we just stop him from -- there you go. this is the beginning of it. >> what happened? >> the problem is mark. >> the problem is obviously mark. >> if you study the body language -- he's pulling the leash back. he said stop it, stop it. >> he wants attention. >> let's see if mark can do it. >> satchel -- oh! >> a little too much.
10:41 am
good boy, good boy. >> that's all right. >> it's gentle touch. >> all right. alright. >> let's -- we'll move down the wall. all right. that was cruel. >> come here, buddy. next we have laura, our boss' sistant. tell us what the issue with rocco. >> basically, he's a very friendly, playful, social dog. except when we want to goout. he lives on the terrace, he's anxious to go out. he'll go out and look at anything to bark at. somebody that's going in the ack of the park. and he just gets very, very upset about it. and it's not a regular bark. it's like -- i's li a beast bark he gets all upset over it. he do it constantly. we can't take him out. >> i was observing when she took him down stairs in the green room. rocco sit, rocco sit.
10:42 am
rocco, rocco. >> rocco. >> high five. >> the point is, is how people express themself to us, rocco, rocco, rocco. so if you're trng to calm the dog down because he gets excited. what you're saying, my dog gets excited for everything. what they don't realize, they make them excited inside the house. >> so you shouldn't yell at them? >> n no, rocco,it, rocco, sit. rock so rocco is like, what do you mean? >> noonder their eyes like that. >> what should rocco do? once. >> now rocco's sitting. he's calming himself down. >> that tongue, that is hysterical. >> he calms down a lot. his eyes were pretty up there. >> there's two down.
10:43 am
you did it on o. we're going down to caitlyn, her chihuahua bentley, aggressive? tell us about your dog. >> he's super loveable. at my boyfriend's house, they have a papillon. he will attack that dog. all of a sudden i well viciously try and bite him. >> wow. >> when you enterinto the house, is he entering fist or behind? >> he' usually first, walking in with me. >> so we have to change that. we have to talk aboutthat. we have to go in. >> thisis not about training the dog as much as training the person to understand the rules. if you enter first, and you aim the territory, that's how they are going to see it. but if you enter first, they going to claim the territory. >> will that stop the aggression if she enters fist. >> it's dominance, not aggression. they'll say who is going to rule this -- >> should she carry them in? >> you can shoes choos that.
10:44 am
if the dog is doing that -- depends what state of mine the dog is in. not so much they meet but the state of mind. >> all in cesar's new book. yes, everything is. thank you so much. >> the dog is the dog whisperer. yes, you heard us right. you got to whisper a long way. >> look how good everybody is. [ sighs ] ...i can't describe them. ♪ we need dairies because they produce milk and butter and all of that stuff we use daily. when my dad gets older, run his dairy. i wanted to do that! [ chuckles ] ♪ so fisher-price created the stride-to-ride dino. he'll help her little feet take those big first steps. and when she's ready, shell love scooting around. only from fisher-price. play. laugh. gw.
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10:48 am
we're bac about w today's style and how to find the right to fight your wardrobe. >> p tos, ar fun and funky until youry to wear one of these. here is tracy. glamour magazine's style an editor. hello, ladies. >> when are we going to get this right? >> i've been here two an a half years, we've had 15,000 bra
10:49 am
segments. >> we need them. >> they're always inge chaing, right? >> quickest way to ruin a fabulous outfit is with the wrong bra. you ve to get foundations right. >> every shows your bra straps now. >> they're fun and decorative. you can do that. even showing your bra. we'll show you today. >> we're having sets of twins coming out. the first is wearing the outfit and the send one is showing the proper bra too with the outfit. first is anna, i'm sorry, wearing a new dress from h&m. she is here with her twin steer, gigi. >> nude is major, major. seeing it all over the runways, nude is different for eve woman. you need match your skin tone as best you can. if you have coffee color complexion you wear coffey color or if you wear peaches and cream, wear a peaches and cream kind of dress. problem is what you wear underit. >> we have push-up bra.
10:50 am
you can see a lace overlay is fantastic, this is a push-up draw. it's getting her maximum definition of her bust line for that pretty frilly top. it's fun to wear something that's attractive and sexy. >> i love that brand of bra. >> it has memory foam that hugs a breast and gets good lift. >> ain't enough memory for me. >> we have charice, she's petite and her twin sister, charicia. tell us about the dress. >> this dress is never going out of style it's the classic diane von ferstenberg wrap dress. it flatters so many different figure, and ows a lot of cleavage, the way to d it with the right bra. >> you have the right color, how did you do that? >> it's if unto fine a fashion
10:51 am
bra. every woman needs a plunging bra for wrap top, v-neck tops. for sweaters. >> if you can't afford all kind of color, get it in the white or nude. >> or black. black is a great classic. you'll be surprised. something fashionable. wear under anything mid tone or darker. there's a lot times you wear a fashion bra like this, most people would not think you could. you can wear a red bra una white shirt. >> stop it, susy. >> you can. >> did you flip a coin to see who was going to wear the bra or who was going to wear the dress? >> we had a last minute switch. >> you lost your couge. >> i would too. >> sheer is a big trend this fall too. we have danielle and her sister courtney both out today. >> hi, guys. >> there's a time your father would never let you out of the house looking like that. wasn't too far in the distant past. >> this is a risque kind of look. if you wea this, you'll get a
10:52 am
lot of attention. nine times out of ten it's a glamour don't to show your bra. nine times out of ten you go for it. sheer is popular and you have to make your bra pop. >> this is not that different than wearing a baing suit. it's no t-shirt bra. fun part, it's in beautiful purple. you can see it really shines through and looks really stunng underneath. and of course, having nice high heels d going out, you can look very fashionable. >> i stopped my daughter -- i would. most america would sit there ing, darn rig you would. >> thanks, guys. >> not that you don't look lovely. >> if you look like that, you haveto plunge it. >> tomicia is coming out. and her sister camicia. tell us about it. >> the one shoulder dress is strapless. a lot of curvier women couldn't weart because they couldn't
10:53 am
keep it up. it's one shoulde this bra has the support. >> one shoulder is great alternative. you have a bra with one shoulder strap. you still get the look. >> this is as classic example when getting f is so important. because the strapless br is the mostle challenging bra you can wear. this graw comes in "g" cup. we can fit the girls d uplifted. >> very beautiful. even the stripe across this dress, you can see he's really up there. this bra also converts to a regular bra for every day. >> ladies, thanks for coming out. >> we'll b back with more of [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
10:54 am
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10:56 am
all right it's time to check in with miss sarah. >> we all love ma and newly adopted satchel. fans laughed on the fall.
10:57 am
that made me laugh outloud. when he pulled the dog. i know he didn't mean to pull that hare. the look on kathie lee's face is priceless. >> he loves that dog. >> great new movie. see you. >> great new movie. see you. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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