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tv   Today  NBC  October 11, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning, anti-gay? w york's republican gubernatial candidate stirs up another trove on homosexuality. was he being homophobic as his opponent claims? who killed david hartley? two suspected identifies in the death of that american tourist allegedly killed by mexican pirates. where does the invtigation stand? we'll ask thevictim's wife. he wrestled with a black bear when he was attacked in his own driveway.
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's on the road to recovery and talking about his ordeal "today," monday, october 11, talking about his ordeal "today," monday, october 11, 2010. captions paid r by nbc-universal television and good morning, welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm and i'm ann curry. >> you've been on assignment for a while. >> it's great to be back. and this controversy regarding carl paladino. >> these remarks came in a spee to jewisheaders in brooklyn. he said kids should not be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid seal option, end quote. his opponent said those remarks showed stunning homophobia.
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also ahead this morning, a major break through in those efforts to reach those 33 trapped miners in chile. a drill reached their underground chamber over the weekend setting up a dramatic rescue attempt in the coming days. natalee morales has made her way there and will have a live report coming up. and a scandal involving nfl star brett favre, did the married quarterback make unwelcomed a vances towards women when he was a fau women? but we're going to talk to mr. paladino in a moment, but first nbc's kelly o'donnell has the latest on that. >> an emotionally charged issue in a couple of races on the campaign trail. but first in new york t candidate who nearly came to blows with a reporter and then tried to reset his public image
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has now ignited a new firestorm trying to win the support of a local group. >> leading orthodox jewish leaders in brooklyn, new york's republican candidate for governor carl paladino lashed out against gays and claimed gay marriage is b for everyone's children. >> i don't want them to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid sexual option, it isn't. >> reporter: he was speaking to a group that opposed gay marriage. >> you can depend on meo protect and defend your family from those who seek to bankrupt your citizens. >> i didn't march in a gay parade this year. a gay pride parade this year my opponent did. and that's not the exact that we
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should be showing our children. >> reporter: in response, cuomo's campaign said paladino showed a stunning homophobia. paladino had insisted he mea no harm. >> and don't misquote me as wanting to hurt homosexuals in any way. >> reporter: turn to controversy over a nazi uniform. >> you have one candidate in ohio who actually thinks it's a good bonding experience to go and re-enact nazi battles with his son. >> reporter: military re-enactments are about studying history. >> if they put on a uniform of one side or another, they're not embracing the ideology, not glorifying what those governments or political systems
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may have done. >> reporr: from controrsy to plastic politics. in philadelphia, the vp and president obama told democrats not give in to republican ways. >> ihink we're going to win, but you've got to prove them wrong. >> reporter: to the fight for barack obama's former senate seat in illinois on "meet the press." moderate republican congressman mark kirk was challenged on inaccurate claims that he had come under enemy fire overseas. >> i made mistakes with regard to my military misat the same times and i was careless an i learned a very painf and humbling lesson. >> reporter: he was questioned on the failed family bank he helped run. publicans labeled him a mob banker ove loans made to felons. >> did you know they were cracked? that you were loaning money to them >> i didn't know the extent of their activity. >> reporter: and the illinois senate race has big implications because the seat is currently
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held by a democrat and it is the republican mark kirk who has been leading in most polls. in the new york race, it's democrat andrew cuomo who has been leading in the race for gornor against carl paladino. >> mr. paladino, welcome back, good to see you. if you are elected governor of new york, will you active le re lere -- actively recruit gays in. >> wherever their expertise might be, we'll put them in our government. >> and it doesn't matter if thos people talk about being openly gay, even if they have been brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid sexual option? >> that remark has to do with schooling children. my feelings on homosexuality are
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unequivocal, i have absolutel no problem with it whatsoever. my only reservation is marriage. that's the only reservation i have. i have a lot of homosexuals working in my organization. >> but you didn't say that you don't want children to be brainwashed into thinkg that gay marriage is an equally valid or successful option, you said to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid successful option. first of all an option, if it's not equally valid or successful, is it a stupid option? >> the discrimination against homosexuals is horrible, it terrible. >> did you talk to your nephew before you said that? >> i have talked to him. >> i'm not talking about him being brainwashed. i'm talking about young
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children. young children should not be exposed to that at a young age, they don't understand it. it's a very difficult thing and exposing them to homosexuality, especially at a gay pride parade and i don't know if you have ever been to one, but they wear these little speedos and they grind against each other and it's just a terrible thing. >> let's use the second part of thequote, that homosexuality is an equally or successful option. one can only deduce from that comment that you do not think that the homosexual lifestyle is equal to the heterosexual lifestyle. >> it's a very, very ugly, okay, experience for those that are discriminated against, it's terrible, and it shouldn't be. our society should be more accepting. >> but don't comments like that create more discrimination? if the lifestyle isn't as valid
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successful, why shouldn't people treat homosexuals the same way ashey treat heterosexuals? >> if the press doesn't interpret my remarks properly and they want to skewer them, that's wrong where i come from. >> when you say your talk from your heart, my impression of that remark was that you weren't speaking from youreart that you were reading from notes. >> that section ofy presentation was written, okay, and it was handed to a staffer and it was put into the -- i ossed it out, i crossed out the - >> if that's the way it works, you agree to go speak to a group and that group gets to write the comments y need to make before
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that group? >> it was a discussion and they went too far in that discussion, and i crossed all that stuff out. the only part that i said was at you just quoted. >> i don't know whether it was the one of the leaders of the group that you were talking to or one of your staff members, actually had a line that sd homosexuality is dysfunctional. >> i did not say that. that's unacceptable. >> was that written by a staff member or was that written by the a member of the group you were talking to? >> i cssed it out in the car and i didn't say i and to repeat it is wrong. >> let's say a staff member of yours wrote it. >> a staff member did not write it. >> so a memr othe congregation did. >> somebody wrote that paragraph. >> if you're running for the hight office in the state of new york and you show up at events and they hand you a piece of paper and say here, that is what you have to say. >> i read it and i crossed out
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that remark about dysfunctional. that is not me, period. >> you said you aren't calling for people to harm homosexuals, my approach is live and let live. do you think anybody watching that event and watching you read those words gets the live and let live part of that philosophy? >> i would hope so because that's me. >> we have gone through a period of time in recent weeks where there's been violence against homosexuals, three men were attacked, i believe it was in brooklyn, in the bronx, excuse me. there was an attack at the famous stone wall in. there was a suicide of a gay student at rutgers. you're saying you don't want to bring harm to homosexuals, but are you worried that you might incite someone that's not as open minded as you claim to be? >> mr. cuomo took his daughters a guy pride parade, is that
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normal? would you do it? would you take your children to a gay pride parade? >> i think you can probably expose your children to a lot of differen things and help them make a decision. >> i don't think you should go and watch grown men grind againseach other, i think it's disgusting. that days before the primary, the poll had me down one point, i won by 26 points, you tell me how valid the polls are this year. e polls are all messed up because they can't predict the turnout. if they could predict the turnout, they might be a littl bit better, but they're all over the plac i didn't listen to the polls, the polls that i will listen to is on november 2. >> speaking the voters in new york who are trying to make up their minds in this kras right now, can you speak to them and tell them that you will be a governor for all theeople of
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new york and open minded about who you will include in your administration and your government? >> i say unequivocally that i will be a governor for all the people of new york and i have never moved off of that position. and yes, it got confused, but this is a clear illustration. >> do you regret the rerk? >> no, i don't regret the remark, the remarks that i made believe in. the remark that was deleted is nobody's business, it was put in there by somebody and i'm not responsible for that, i'm only responsible for what i say. and i have always stood by whatever i say. it started by anti-semitic. and met with 200 jewish leaders yesterday and they embrace me. and they don't believe that i'm anti-semit anti-semitic. all the people in buffalo came out and said he's not a racist and now we're into phase three and the press keeps doing
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andrew's work. but i'm fine with that. we'll keep vetting out issues and we're going to have some none next week at the debate because andrew has to account for himself. >> carl paladino, i appreciate you coming back. it's 7:13, and now here's ann. now to chile where the rescue of those 33 trapped miners is entering its final stage. natalee more or less is in piapo,hile. >> reporter: a lot of excitement here as a rescue is now imnent. but a lot of work to be done. "today" they will complete the final phase of re-enforcing the shaft down to where the miners are. be now all are cnting down to a wednesday rescue. it was the drill watched around the world. on day 66, finally break through. above ground, the bell all had
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been waiting for here finally rang. watching a weekend of celebrations for the families, tears of joy flowed as the engineers and drillers were doused in campaign. american drillers were on the team that broke through first. >> we saw the knows piece of our lp pole opener. that's the moment i knew that we made it. >> you walk underneath your feet and you realize that there are 33 guys that are counting on you. >> reporter: their job is done here, but already the next phase of the rescue i well underway. the first couple hundred feet of the shaft are being re-enforced with steel tubes, next installing t mechanism that will lower the rescue capsule. and still to be determined, the order the miners will be rescued in. they're fighting for who will be the last. a testament to the bonds they have forged. meanwhile, more familyembers
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arrive at the now very crowded camp hope in anticipation of a happy reunion. lily gomez is already imagining when she will see her husband mario gomez again. >> i just want to hug him and kiss him and tel him how much i love him. >> reporter: byron is also kointding down the days of when he'll see the dad. as little boys do, he's even digging his own mine rescue. back in the miners hotown, prayers for a safe return, a sentiment shared around the world. and to give you an idea of how the wod is watching this, camp hope is now overflowing. more than 2,000 journalists from 200 countries are now here for what will be a historic rescue. ann, i can tell you since i was here two weeks ago, this place has changed drastically. ann? >> we're all waiting for great
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news, natalee, thank you so much this morning. ann is here, we have got amy robach over at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a rare look at the new gua in north korea and the heir apparent to kim jong-il. >> reporter: good morning. north korea wants to send a message to the outside world that power is shifting within this mysterious military state. long live kim jong-un. kim jong-il visibly ailing. they came to watch the biggest parade in north korea's history, a show of strength and
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succession. controlling the fifth largest army in the world, asia's most powerful fily in control. after all the war with south korea and the united states has never technically ended. although the north korea regime can light up the night sky, t states can provide power to light the streets. we slipped away from the center of pyongyang, after the sun goes down, this is a country trapped in darkness. and the question must be how will the young general kim jong-un exercise his absolute power when it is eventually handed down to him. today defense secretary robert gates is talking to students who wrptd even alive
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during the vietnam war. he spoke of friendly ties with the u.s. a big jump in gas prices, the price of gas is up more than 8 cents a gallon in the last two weeks, $2.77 for regular. and one giant leap f space tourism. virgin galactic space 2 made it's first flight over the desert. it's quest is to take paying customers to space and back again. just in case you want to get out your checkbook, $200,000. amy, thank you very much. stephany abrams in for al this
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good morning. here off to a beautiful start on this columbus day. we have temperatures around the region in the low 60s in washington and near the bay. elsewhere we're generally in the 50s and have a mostly clear sky and will have lotsf sun. highs southeastinto the mid-80s by afternoon. tomorrow partly cloudy and cooler with a northwest breeze. small chance of a shower, highs upper 70s. then on wednesday, partly sunny, upper 60s, rain likely and cooler on thursday, drying out for the weekend. just ahead, new developments in the case of an american tourist allegedly shot and killed by mexican pirates. have two ss been identified or not? we'll get the latest on that story and talk with the victim's wife and mother.
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still ahead t survival of a brutal bear attack opens up about the ordeal and his road to recovery. a special columbus day concert from nickelodeon's big-time rush. but first, your local ws and weather.
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make sure your home and medicine cabinet are freshly stocked. ♪ right now buy select walgreens brand cold, flu or cough relief and get one free. get it before you get it... at walgreens. there's a way to be prepared. good morning. it's 7:26 on this monday, october 11th, 2010. in the news for today, traffic is moving again after a violent and deadly crash. it happened near the intersection of route 1 and ea-west highway this morning in riverdale. police say one woman died, another was taken to the hospital suffering from serious juries. the women were trying to get away from officers. a look at weather and traffic coming up next. stay with us
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ju drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our maple cheddar breaast sandwich. breakfast just got a whole lot sweeter. good morning. dawn in th region on this columbus day morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. highs today soaring to the low to mid-80s. tomorrow cooler, slight chance of a shower. even cooler wednesday and thursday, a likelihood of rain thursday. how's the traffic? >> easy going. 395 northbound looking good all the way into town. as a matter fact,verything moving along pretty well. let's check out elsewhere.
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the maryland side, 270 wide open. reminder, no hov restrictions today because of the holiy. coming up on "ellen" david spade stops by along with the situation from the jersey shore. you can watch thatight here on nbc 4 at 3:00 this afternoon. now back to "today."
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7:30 on a mondamorning, the 11th of october, 2010. not too bad out there. we have not nickelodeon's g-time rush o on the plaza. good for all the kids who are out of school on this columbus day. meanwhilinside the studio. i'm matt lauer. along with ann curry. we're welcoming ann back from assignment. meredith is off "today." >> she'll be back tomorrow.
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>> johis left eye was so damage it had to be removed. coming up we'll be talking to him about that encounter last september and about his recovery ever since. does an ohio school have a serious problem with bullies? fourteens have died by their own hands in the course of three years. also tomorrow here on "today," we have got to mention weave got a live and rare interview with secretary of state condoleezza rice. we're going to be tking to her about her new memoirs and the current state of the world, that's condoleezza rice here on "today." we begin with the develops in a murder of an american killed by pirates on a border
7:32 am
lake. janet shanlian has the latest on this story. >> reporter: we're now 11 days intohis investigation, no sign of david hartley, and today similar conflicting reports from mexico about whether tre are suspects in this case. also we're getting a look at the hartleys and their activities on the day of the reported attack. these are david hartley's last hour, driving his truck, pulling the couple's jet ski as they headed to falcon lake. just a short time later, his wife tiffany said they came under a barrage of gun fire while jet skii. david was sh in the head on the mexico side of the water way. on the police dash camera, hartley can b heard talking with texas trooper who is stopped him for an expired registration sticker. >> where are you headed to? >> falcon lake? >> up to falcon? >> yes. >> how long were you going to stay thereupon? >> at falcon? just today. >> mexican police have
7:33 am
identified two brothers connected to a drug cartel. but mexican officials dismissed those reports to a texas newspaper. u.s. authorities are puzzled as well. >> we're trying figure out ho this came about. >> tiffany is still frustrated. >> until we get more video or pictures to say this is what they're doing, you know, we're just kind of opening and praying that they're doing what they say they're doing. >> reporter: tiffany gave nbc news an exclusive look at evidence authorities have analyzed. including her jet ski, the one she raced back to the u.s. side of the lake, and her life vest, the one that county sheriff says contains microscopic stains. looking back on a marriage filled with adventure she wonders whether that passion for excitement may have caused david his life. with all that grief, still no
7:34 am
closure. >> you hear this, you hear that, yodon't know what's true, you don't know what to believe. but i'm not giving up hope that we are going to find him and that we are going to bring him home. so everything we do get, i hope, i always hope. >> the hartley's had been planning to move back to their home state o colorado this week, but for now, tiffany remains here in texas focused on bringingavid home. matt back to you. >> that's janel shanlian in texas for us. tiffany is here along with her mother pam. ladies, good morning to both of you. tiffany, this is very nfusing, over the weekend we had been hearing that mexican ahorities had identified two suspects in connection with your husband's murder, they have connections with a drug gang and now mexican officials are denying they're eyeing any suspectin this.
7:35 am
what are you hearing? >> yeah, i just heard about that they're nowaying that they're not -- that they don't have any suspects. so, yeah, this is very frustrating. at one momen we do have suspects, at another moment we don't. you know, easter way, i hope that they do find somebody that can leaus to where david is. ultimately that's all we want. >> did somebody in an official positi either.s. authorities or mexican authorities tell you directly that these two suspects were under consideration? >> no, not directly, no. >> and now, i mean this takes you back to square one in some ways. are you concerned that this investigation is basically stalled now? >> no, i think that the mexic authorities are still searching for david. think they are doing what ty can. but then again, we're not there so we can't really see what
7:36 am
they're doin we're just getting word of what they're doing over there. so hopefully, they'll keep on the search and we'll find them this week. >> and now that they're saying there are no suspect at this moment, are you worried? i mean you have faced some very difficult questions over the past week or two about any possib involvement y might have in david's disappearance or death, are you concerned that without those two suspects that to the focus will again turn to you? >> not really. i think everyone's, you know, on my side and they do believe that david is out there and that the pirates did sht him. so either way, if these weren't the two suspects, i think somebody else will come forward, hopefully, somebody will touch their heart and know that we just want david back ultimately. and until we have him back, it's not final. >> pam, nothing can happen quickly enough for a mother o's lost a son, are you frustrated by the pace of this?
7:37 am
>> yes. i mean i don't want to seem critical, i mean we're so thankful for all the support that we're getting from the authorities. bu there's nothing worse than sitting and goin what's going on? what's happening? it's like, you know, we need information. >> and at no point over the last several days as the bond between you and tiffany changed at all? you still are in complete agreement as to what happened? >> totally. totally. i mean she's not my blood daughter, but she's just as important as my real daughter. i mean i support her 100%. >> pamartley and tiffany hartley, ladies as i said, thank you for sharing your time with us this morning. >> can i say one thing. >> of course, pam. >> it's like with all the love and support that we have got, people have to see what a good person david was.
7:38 am
and it's like please, he does not need to be discarded this way. please help us to bring him home. please. >> pam and tiffany hartley, ladies our condolences and our thanks again for you joining us this morning. >> tha you. >> thank you. >>let's get a check of the weather from stephanie abrams who's filling in for i'm meteorolost tom
7:39 am
kierein. as we look at the temperatures around the region, it's generally in the low 60s in washington and right near the bay. elsewhere we're in the 50s. out of the mountains right now it's in the 40s. later today we'll climb into the mid-80s. it will feel like summer for a few hours by mid-afternoon. then on tuesday slight chance of a shower and cooler. highs only in the 60s wednesday and thursday. rain likely on thursday. >> it's anita's 14th birthday, but not too young to mary logan, though? brett favre sent inappropriate messages to a female employee of the new york jets. >> reporter: bre favre turned 41 sunday and while the sr quarterback is refusing to talk about these allegations, it's clear this story is not going away any time soon.
7:40 am
with a super bowl championship and three v.p.'s, brett favre is one of the most celebrated players in nfl history the father of two is the nfl's only grandfather. with a long list of endorsements. >> i'm comfortable in wrangler. as a father, as a family man, as a grandfather, as a very solid guy that represents the nfl brand, he makes a lot of money in endorsements right now, his brantd's in big trouble. >> reporter: tuble stemming from allegations first reported on the sports blog dead favre has -- single digseason w the new york jets. a one-time maxim pin up landed a job with the jets at the same time favre joineded the team. favre took notice of her and began leaving voicemails. >> i'm going back to the hotel to just -- just chill.
7:41 am
so um, sd me a text because i'll be in the building for a couple of hours. i would love to have y come over tonight. >> nbc newsouldn't verify the authenticity of the recordings. at the same time the voicemails were left, she was also sent xts of a nude man's private parts, though is source is unclear. she now hosts a cable sports show has declined comments. they paid an undisclosed amount of money to obtai the photos and voicemails. >> there absolutely could be someone else impersonating brett favre and making brett fre look bad. but at this point, it's entirely unlikely. >> reporter: favre now plays for the mnesota vikings who face the jets toght. the quarterback dodged questions about the reports in a pre-game press conference. >> i'm not getting into that.
7:42 am
i got my hands full with the jets. >> reporter: now two more women tell dead spin they too ceiveded unwanted a vances from favre. the website declined to reveal their names. >> if that's true, he's got to throw himself on the mercy of the public, nfl fans, of women across the country, his wife. >> now the nfl is looking into the matter under its personal conduct policy. so favre could face a fine, even suspension. but commissioner roger goodell stressed the league would make sure they understand the facts before they make any determined tion. still to come this morning, the man who was nearly killed by a black bear speaks outbout his miraculous survival and recovery. but first these messages. hi!
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that's as lean as it delicious. it's really good. he loves the turkey burgers. if i can give her something that's good for her and lean, 'd totally make this for her. ancr: make the switch. look for jennio at a store near you. back now at 7:45. in afghanistan violence is ragingn spite of u.s. troop surge there. what i the state of the war? a former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and author of a new book which is called "without hesitation, the odyssey of an american general." you were the chairman of the joint chis of staff on 9/11
7:46 am
and you helped plan the initial attack on afghanistan. now as we begin our tenth year in afghanistan, are you surprised that we are still there? >> not at all surprised, ann. and as i addressed in the book, when we first wen in, we seized the initiative, we had the taliban, we took down the taliban, we had al qaeda on the run. we had the initiative. but in 03, wn we invaded iraq, we diverted our attention and afghanistan kind of went t the back page. subsequently we saw a resurgence of the taliban, a resurgence of al qaeda elements and it wasn't until stanley mcchrystal hit the ground and made an amessment and said i need 40,000 troops in order to regain that initiative. you combine that with the karzai government, the central government having trouble establishing control, which b
7:47 am
the way, george tenet on the 12th of september said the major challenge we will face in afghanistan is getting control and establishing a central government and as you can see the war warts are still in control. heroin productn has gone from 12% to about 90% since we have been there. so the warlords are firmly in control. >> on ts basis, how long do you think we're going to still be there? is the president's draw down in july in your view doable? >> the troops are doing a fantastic job, but the larger issue is can karzai establish control and do the nation building things that will allow him to have a stable government if we start coming out in 2011 or 2012. and i think that's a bridge too far. i do not believe that we'll have a stable government there that
7:48 am
can with stand a u.s. troops withdrawal. >> so you're thinking we're going to be there longer than people might be expect ing. if we are going to leave a stable government behind and not the old afghanistan that brought us 9/11, i think that's exactly what the primetime will be. >> overnight we learned from president karzai that he's confirmed these reports that he's been engaged in formal talks with the taliban and he's been doing this for some time in order to end the war. is this a goo sign or a bad sign? could it hasten the help of this war? >> i think there's a possibility it could hasten it. i think we have to worry about the conditions under which he -- if he can strike a deal with the taliban where he stays in control and gives themome minority position or whatever, i wouldn't rule that out as necessarily bad, certainly it could lead to at least havg a
7:49 am
stable government as we start the withdrawal ofur troops. >> you give high marks to former president clinton who named you as the joint chief of staff and you gave mostly high marks to president bush, but you did not give high marks, in fact you had the knives out for the former secretary of defense, donald ruchls, you called him a know it all bullyho beat the drum for war in iraq under false pretenses. if that was true,hat was his motivation, sir? >> i don't know what the motivation was, i give high marks to both presidents. i think they're both great men, they both did all the right things from my perspective, fm a military perspective. i was very kind i think to bill clinton who did a great job. i didn't disparage anyone but i had to tell the truth about what i experienced during m ente four years. in that regard, i had to use what would be considering disparaging remarks from secretary rumsfeld.
7:50 am
but my wife personally did not lead to team work and what i thought was best for america's armed forces. >> you said he put politics ahead of policy. so in the end, when we look back through history at what happened in iraq, do you think he or present bush will be vindicated as some thing they might be? >> well, think the school is still out on thatquestion, ann, it's a great question. and i think over time, certainly iraq is bette without saddam. thers no question sadm needed to go. but what's left for the iraqi people is what's important. once u.s. forces are predominantly out of iraq will they have a democratic type government or will the iranis come in and seize control of iraq as they have wanted to do for a long time. that's an open question. we see some very troubling things going on in iraq right
7:51 am
n now, their inability to aoint a government. >> book about alife, the making of a great general. and i want to really thank you for -- and also about history because of 9/11 and it's called "without hesitation". hugh shelton, thank you for having here. >> it's my pleasure. and coming up, we'll be talking about the fourteen agers in the same school who have died by their own hands in three years. were they all bullied to death? we'll talk to the families coming up after these messages. . it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawbries in the mix. can i have some more? honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious. nobody does it quite like us.
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just ahead can it rival the iphone? the new windows phone.
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good morning. i'm pat lawson mus our time now is 7:56 on this monday, october 11th. a reminder to metro riders. both the wst and mcpherson stations will be closed. also no blue or orange line service at the metro center station. shuttles will be provided. normal service is expected to resume tomorrow morning. washington has sort of become the nfl's version of the cardiac kids. the team came from behind to eek out a win yesterday. washington entered the fourth quarter down b ten but clawed their waback and won in overtime 16-13. weather and traffic are coming up next.
7:57 am
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good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. the suis up and a partly cloudy sky on this columbus day morning. we have a lightful start. this afteron feeling like summer, tomorrow cooler with a northwest breeze, partly cloudy with a small chance of a shower. rain likely thursday. w's the traffic, jerry? the top side of the capital beltway, no worries between college park and silver spring. over in virginian acident just happened 95 northbound in dale city. left lane blocked, police have just arrived. we'll keep you updated. today on nbc 4, ellen tries to pry a secret out of
8:00 am
we're back now. it is 8:00 on a monday morning, it's also the 11th day of october, 2010. a bird's-eye view of a big crowd gathered on our plaza this morning. we have been ovrun in some ways by little people because school is out and a lot of these young people are here because we have got a concert coming up in our next half hour from those guys right there, that is big time rush. they have got a hit show on nickelodeon and they're about to make their big-time debut on our
8:01 am
plaza. meanwhile out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, redith is taking the day off. and coming up, do you own a smart phone? >> not yet. >> they're obviously all the rage, people buying the newest model where there is a new smart phone entering the competition right there. that is the windows phone 7. also coming up we're going to be talking with the washington state man who was mauled by a black bear back in september. he was mauled in the driveway of his vacation home and he speaks outs about the fight of h life and also his remarkable recovery. >> he's lucky to be alive that guy. >> she laid with him on the driveway until the ambulance came. a remarkable story of love and courage. >> also last week, i was in
8:02 am
southern sudan and among the group the actor and activist george clooney who was very concerned about the great fear of the war in darfur now reigniting in now southern suda there's a lot of concern about atrocities and even possibly genocide. so he's on a mission to try to stop this war. and the u.n. security council went there last week. we'll be talking to george live the one of his first interviews tually in about three years, he says, here live tomorrow on "today." >> we look forward to that, and we look forwardo you reporting on that. let's go inside, amy robach is at the news desk. the rescue countdown has begun for 33 miners trapped under ground for more than two months. officials hope to sta hoisting the miners out one by one in a
8:03 am
steel cage on wednesday. > north korea has given its strongest indication so far that kim jong-il will --im jong-un was made a four-star general just two weeks ago. two amecans were among the three men who won the nobel prize for economics. an gasoline prices are on the rise. the nationwide average is $2.77 that's up about eight cents from just two weeks a lot. the newest electric cars promise to ease some of our dependence on gas and oil. >> this is a chevy bolt and general motors has been saying for three years this will be a revolutionary vehicle with a range of up to350 miles, fully loaded and fully charged.
8:04 am
after driving it last week, we can say it's unlike any vehicle we have every driven. i'm all charged up, sun glasses are ready. let's take this bolt for arive and see if i get 350 miles. we blast off out of millford, michigan, the fir 100 miles all electric power. one thing you'll definitely notice while you're driving the volt is ow quiet it is. >> it sounded like a spaceship. >> i like the whole center console there, it's like a big ipod. >> and it's so quiet- >> it's so smooth, you don't even hear it. >> reporter: gm build in a friendly chirp. three years in the making the volt will join stiff competitn and at a sticker price of
8:05 am
$41,000. gm is hoping all it's bells and whistles and chir chirps will pay off. >> it's quiet and the fact that you can fuel it at home has enough value to take up the difference. >> reporter: up pops a fuel pump showing the engine is now on gas assist. we pull into flint, michigan where elizabeth whitley lives, she's buying one of the first volts. >> it's one of the quietest cars i have ever driven. >> reporter: the high-tech interior is not quite like being on the deck of the star ship enterprise, but it is high on the cool factor. >> back life in the chevy volt as we start it off, the star ship enterprise sound. one thing is re, gm needs this to be a successful vehicle. amy, back to you. the social network held on
8:06 am
to the top spot at the box office over the weekend taking in over $15 million according to early estimates. life as we know it was second and secretariat was third. it is 8:05 and time for the weather and in for al this morning, the weather channel's stephanie good morning. it's a pleasant start to this
8:07 am
columbus day morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. now in the 50s and low 60s. 63 at national airport. it may climb another 20 degrees or so for highs. mid-80s in the metro areasnd on the eastern shore. elsewhere the mid-80s by mid-ternoon. then tomorrow partly cloudy and cooler with a northwest breeze, small chance of a shower. even cooler with a northeast windn wednesday. rain likely thursday. friday into the weekend looks like we'll dry out. >> malt, looks -- matt, looks like we have a future colleague in training here. >> what's it like to wrestle with a bear and sure sflooif this man shares his incredible story right after these messages. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday, happy birthday...
8:08 am
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back now at 8:10 with the survivor of the a vicious bear attack in washington state. his doctors call his recover a miracle. we'll speak to him in just a moment. but first, here's nbc's lee cowan. >> reporter: to look at himou would expect to hear pretty grizzly account of what really took his life back in september. but the details of his encounter with a black bear are more than unsettling. >> i just remember being bitten on the heaand the sound that makes as her teeth were going into my head.
8:12 am
>> reporter: the attack happened ile john, city councilman from bellevue, washington was out for a walk. at the end of his driveway, he heard the sound of claws on the pavent. and then something he'll never forget, the hot breath of an animal he knew was about to attack. >> we hit, we went down, got up, she got back on top of me, i kept trying to push her aside. >> reporter: his wife frantically called 911. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> i'm at north shore road and my husband's been attacked by a bear. >> your husband'been attacked by a bear. >> i'm dying. >> he said he's dying. >> reporter: but doctors say it didn't look good. >> he had several parts of his face and scalp were hanging off with bone exposed. >> reporter: he's been through six surgeries and more to come just to put john back together
8:13 am
again. >> i need to get a t-sht tha says "i won." >> reporter: victory in a battle with a black bear is one few can claim. john says he's not proud, just lucky. >> john is now with us, john, good morning. >> good morning, ann. >> thank you so much for being with us after all you have gone through, but now after six reconstructive surgeries, what you wt to say abo how you're doing this morning? >> i actually feel very good, very strong, continue to get better every day and yesterday i gothe good news from the doctors that i'll be able to go home later today, so i'm very excited about that. >> when youisten to the 911 call that we heard earlier in the piece, it just seems like it's a miracle that you're even speaking to us this morning. what do you remember of the atta when you were in the grips of that bear, john? >> there were several things that i remember, again, just
8:14 am
walking down at the end of the driveway, hearing the rustle of the grass along the side of the road and thenhis large exhale from the bear as she began to run towards me on the road, the claws on the road. and then just launching into me. and then it was just a huge battle. she was -- i really felt i needed to stand up, keep on my feet or i was most likely going to die. so i jus tried to keep on my feet. she was behind me and grabbing at my head and tearing and occasionally biting. i remember h biting her teeth going on my skull and the noise that that made is something that just sticks with me. >> at one point, there seemed to have been a break. do you think that you might have been able to escape sooner had you not stayed to save your dogs? >> no, i think it was -- in fact
8:15 am
there was one point that i started toun up the driveway, she came back and it was just -- she was in attack mode. i think that she thought we were a threat to her food supply. she had been working around there according to the game agents. and i think that's why it's so rarehat a black bear would attack. but that's most likely why she just saw us as a threat to her potential food supply. >> and this happening just in your own drivewa of your vacation home in w >> we're looking forward to going back, it's where we love to be, we'll go back and make sure we can do that again. >> i want to ask you about your e bear was still pacing back and forth, she laid down next to
8:16 am
you as the emergency team was on its way. what do you want to say about your wife this morning and how she handled herself? >> well, she is remarkable. i have known that about her since i met her. but it was remarkable. she had this little small flashlight that she kept following the bear and the bear was pacing on the road and she was staying out there making sure that the bear didn't come ck. and i kept wanting her to go back in the house so that she would be safe, but she stayed by my side the whole time and i'm alive because of her. i love her tremendously. >> tremendous courage on her part to stay out there with you knowing that the bear was there. >> very, very, very much. we were both so relieved when the medic unit arrived. >> we're relved to see you this morning. and in great spirits considering and with the story of love and
8:17 am
courage. thank you so much for being with us and we all wish you wel >> thank you, ann. and just ahead, microft ceo inveils the new windows phone right after this. ] have you built your better breakfast? what are you waiting for? rush to subway. i'm all over it. [ male announcer ] a big day deserves a better breakfast. take your pick of a dee-licious line of our newest $5 footlong breakfast melts -- from the sunrise subway melt to the tasty steak, egg and cheese. they're all around delicious! knock out morning hunger. with breakfast at subway. hard hitting flavor. make it the way you want. glazer ] make breakfast the play of the day. at subway. [ glazer ] subway. build your better brefast.
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8:21 am
over the last many years. >> over the last year or two, i would grow with that. >> why has it been so hard to compete with the likes of apple and blackberry. >> i don't know, but right now we're pushing forward, and that's the key, to push forward. >> the company has a huge stake in what you're introdung "today," and on a personal note so do we. >> he went out and said one of the reasons was problems in the cell phone area. have you fixed it? >> look at these beautiful new phones? >> all right, talk to me about this, why is it differt. >> what we really do is tried to make it really about you. wonderfully yours a we say, intuitive, but your life. you go to the start screen and right there on the screen, your friends, what's new with them, what'soing on should be right there. wonderfullyourself, always consistent all the way through the experience, whether you're
8:22 am
in xbox, whether you're in your own context or whether you're just checking in on a friend. >> you have different companies making different versions of this phonehat will be available, why did you go tha route. >> if you really want to have the phone be individual, people have different needs, some people will want keyboards, some people will want very thin and light, some people will want music, sound, different kinds of cames. >> one of the keys to this phone is the hub. you showed me the start page, so if you go to the phone or whatever, you hit a hub and that kind of sets up everying in that category right in front of you. >> that's right, so if i want to see all my pictures, i can browse through what i've taken, what's been posted to me on twitter and facebook. whatever the case may be. >> it seems the litmus test is it's as sexy as the iphone, that's what people want to know. is it going to create thebuzz,
8:23 am
and you smile every time i mention that word, but it is what people consider to be the standard. >> a lot of good things out there, and yet i tnk when people look at the windows phon they'll say this is a different kind of phone, this phone is about , this phone is delightful. >> you continue to say that the pc, not the phone, b the pc is the most incredible smart device on the planet. but are we fast approaching a time when pple do all of their computing -- all o their computing needs can be met with one of these phones? >> i think people are going to have a different set of needs, when they want to b productive, when they want to be on the go, when they want to sit back and watch the "today" show. >> you said recently in an interview that you are -- that you're enthusiasti about the economy, that it's going to recover d you see good things even hiring, is microsoft hiring people? we want to know where the jobs are. is microsoft hire ing.
8:24 am
we absolutely have openings, absolutely. >> if the success of this is what you hope it to be, you'll be hiring even more people? >> you got that right. >> when i demo this, i have a tough time getting the phones back from people, that's a good sign about the excitement. >> it's a good sign. miosoft introducing its new addition into the cell phone market. let's go over to ann. our friends at "saturday night live" had a lot of fun this past weekend with everything from facebook to the president. t's take a look. >> well, it finally happened. your mom is on facebook. the my mom is on facebook filter does what you do naturally, it lies to your mom. >> speaking of a women's conference in washington on monday, the president's speech
8:25 am
was interrupted when the presidential seal from his podium fell off two years early. >> so this november 2, vote for christine o'donnell, aka the enchant tresz, because i'm not a witch and if i am, do you really want t cross me? ♪ >> sorry. >> that's what i would be doing if i were singing, apologize. we have got a life concert on the plaza and they are big time rush. we're going to hear from them. >> and it's a great day to have them, because it's a holiday from school, lots o kids out on
8:26 am
the plaza getting ready for that show. it comes up after your local news and weather. 8:26 is your time now, 72 degrees. a touch of summer this mid-october. good morning. i'm eun yang. in the news today arlington will temporarily transform into a movie set today. filming for "transformers 3" will shut down columbia pike in arlington from south jay to washington boulevard from 5:00 until 9:00 night. movie makers are using sites around the air force memorial. tomorrow through thursday expect periodic closures on 3rdnd 4th streets along with pennsylvania and maryland avenues. we'll take a break and have weather and traffic when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. starting off in columbus day wi and 60s around the region. now 63. highs in the low tond mid-80s later today. tomorrow cooler, maybe rain and a likelihood of rain thursday. jerry, how's the >> better than nomal. little fender-bender 95 at dale city. lanes already open.
8:29 am
we'll hit over to northwest, new york avenue looks good, kinl worth avenue no worries. no hov restrictions because of the holiday. >> today on nbc 4, ellen tries >> ti was driving in northeies california. my son was asleep. i really didn't see it coming. i dn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. my car did. thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial. ♪ through mercedes-benz financial. the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
8:30 am
8:30 now on a monday morning, columbus day, lots of people home from school, lots of people on rockefeller plaza. it's their network premier
8:31 am
concert. we're happy to have them here on the plaza. meanwhile we have made our way to the rink here at rockefeller center. meredith's off "todatoday, natas on assignment. al's off today. it opened on christmas day 1936, here we are 74 years later. >> there's a couple of restaurants, if you haven't been to rockefeller center. get a front row seat right by the window and watch people fall on their faces >> i challenge you guys. >> also i want to mention something that's coming up this morning in this next half hour. we have got hillary duff in the house, she's a singer and an actress. she's now, guess what, she's an author, she's written a
8:32 am
panormal thriller. it's been a long time dream of hers. we're going to talk to her about that. it's her first book, apparently there are others being planned. >> we have the ice rink behind us and thanksgiving is coming up. so we're launching a search for your best side dish recipes. so submit your recipe, we're going t pick the best and bring you here to new york to prepare your best side dish for us.
8:33 am
good morning. here we have still a cool temperature around the region. it's just in the 50s and low 60s but it should climb up quickly by noon time to near 80 and by mid-afternoon hit the mid-8s. tomorrow will be partly sunny, afternoon highs upper 70s with a northwest breeze. small chance of a passing shower. on wednesday mostly cloudy in the upper 60s and thursday a likelihood of passing showers. frid into the weekend we should dry out. saturday and sunday sunny, highs in the 60s, morning lows in the 40s. >> when we come back, singer, actress and now author hillary duff. we catch up with her but first this is "today" on next. [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything.
8:34 am
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i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago: dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running -- to make the state we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
8:36 am
back now a 8:35 with what some say is a disturbing pattern at one high school in ohio. four student who is died by their ownands ithe faa past four years. their family say all were bullied. this morning we'll speak with the mother and the sister of two of the students. but jeff rossen is in ohio with details on this story. >> reporter: real sad state of affairs, it feels like every week these days there's a new case of school bullying and suicide. and country, a school here, achool there. that's why this school reay got our attention. there's one particular high school, auburb of cleveland, and a well respected school district where four different students in as many years have taken their own lives. some of their families are suing the district saying the schl didn't do enough to stop the torture.
8:37 am
what do you say to a moer who lost her little girl? she was just 16, she loved life, but in the hallways of mentor high, her family says she faced nonstop torment. >> what names did the bullies call her? >> whore. slut. >> then it got physical. >> they were pushing her down the stairs. they were slamming her locker on her. th were hitting her. >> reporter: her family says they complained to school officials more than 20 times but nothing was done. she couldn't take it anymore and hanged herself with a rope out her own bedroom window. >> she didn't see any other way out. >> reporter: and she wasn't the firs one year earlier, another student at mentor high took his own life. >> the bullies were i would describe as terrorists. they were little terrorists. they flicked his ear, they pushed him into lockers, they
8:38 am
called him gay, fag. the bullies went up to him and said, why don't you go home and shoot yourself, it's not like anyone would care. >> reporter: and later? >> hours later he shot himself. >> reporter: administrators ignored the bullying calling it gross negligence and they say there's a frightening pattern here. >> bullied, deceased bullied, deceased. >> in 2006, jennifer was harassed about her learning disability. and then in 2007, eric's suicide, and then weeks later meredith took her own life. in a statement to nbc news, the school superintendent said they have had anti-bullying policies in pce for years, kindergarten through grade 12 that address acceptance, tolerance and mental
8:39 am
health, we continue to reew, modify and grow these programs to ensure we are meeti ining students' needs. but to parents, that's not enough. >> he's the first thing on my mind when i wake up and the last thing when i go t bed. >> reporter: the families are in fact suing for monetary damages mostly here, but more importantly, they're trying to send a message to school districts across the country to protect the students walking the hallways and they're also trying to send a message to the stnts themselves, the kids who walk by and see the bullying happen. they say if these kids walk by and do nothing, they're just as guilty as thbullies themselves. >>en meyers is the attorney who filed the lawsuits on their
8:40 am
behalves. good morning to all of you. janice, mbe i should start with you and what happened to your son eric and why do you think so many cases over the course of these past four years seem to be linked to bullying? can you explain what's happening? >> i believe that's the school culture, a school culture of violence, verbal and physical is tolerated. if the kids who are bullies continue, it's just awful. they just -- they just terrorize these other kids becau they're different, because theyelieve different, because they live different. and that's wrong. >> you talked to the school about what was happening to eric and what was their response? >> they were response was oh, we had no idea that this was happening. and my response to them was shame on you. this is your school. how dare you not know what's
8:41 am
going on in you school? you've got the inmates taking over the asylum. shame on you. >> suzanna, your sister as we heard in this report we just saw from jeff really also had to say such terrible bullying, according to the reports. and at her wake, if there was actually some very tough moments for your family. whathappened? >> there was a girl who -- she was still laughing at her and her beautiful dress tt she wanted to wear for her prom. so also did she pick for the prom she had on her for her wake. the girl was laughing at her still there. >> at the wake. >> after going back to school, that school protected the girl and they never protected my sister like they were supposed to. >> i guess the question is what responsibility does a school have in the circumstances?
8:42 am
kim let me ask you this because you filed the lawsuits on behalf of these two teams. the mentor school district says it has a very aggressive plan in place to take on bullying. have you bn able to see this plan? can you give us any details o this plan. >> we don't know all the details. there's two aspects to any sort of plan, one is what you teach the kids and they can have assemblies and they can have all sorts of lessons that they teach the kids, but probably the more important part is what the teachers and administrators are doing whe they see this sort of thing happening and i believe that what led to some of these deaths is that this bullying was going on, it was incessant, it was constant and the teachers and the administrators for whatever reason took a hands off laz si fair approach. >> we're almost out of town and
8:43 am
we have heard cases of bullying al across this country and of itself taking their lives as a result, not just as a school where you are, but in her schools, so what is it that you think, janice that a school should do when they have evidence of bullying? what spefically can they do? >> a school should have a true zero tolerance, if a staff member sees or hearst, they need to confront him. when children are being raised by their parents and they do something wrong, do you go to bed and say oh, i'm too tired to deal with? and deal with it in the morning? or do you deal with it right then. you cannot turn your back on even one instance of this kind of terrorism. it's wrong and the kids will be taught that they can get away with it and it willontinue throughout that you are whole life. >> we are out of time, but certainly this story will continue and we hope to find out how all this turns out.
8:44 am
janice, suzanna, we're all so sorry for your losses and we appreciate you being here this morning and ken myers, tha you so much for your perspective "today." . >> thank you. >> and we're back in a moment, but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of yr money?
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woman 1 syi didn'owatrnor man 3: he worked for ak 10 blion doanother bamillion.apsed.axers7 h big s don't need help. ddle css marylanders do. he's had a hit reporting career and now he's about to add author to her rume because her first book is out, it's a paranormal love story called "elixir." hillary duff, good morning to you. my goodness, how is it that -- it feels though at such a young age, you're already doing so.
8:47 am
how did you write a book. >> i think my life, i wanted to do music, i've done my tv show and writing a book just felt like a naturallace to go. so much of what i have done is about telling the story, whether it's writing a song or being in a movie and acting out someone else story and so it's -- i had this idea and i thought why nogo for it and try it. >> you have had this idea for a long time. coming back to you. >> i thought about it for like three years. i should i write a script? >> the main character is klea. but it's not autobiographical. >> it's t, no. >> so what happens to klea? >> of course when you're writing, things from yourself
8:48 am
filter through into the character andhat was definitely something that we relate to each other is the kind of thing that's in the spotlight. basically there's a very juicy love triangle and finding herself and going on this adventure and she wanted to be a photo journalist and her dad had gone missing and along the way, this whole paranormal aspect kind of takes over. this man is appears in her pictures and she feels this connection to her, maybe they have been soul mates in a past life. >> it's interesting you actually turn something like this into actually a show or a movemt because then you could may the part. but also, the thought has crossed your mind. >> yeah. >> buthen you're writing, often times, you're absolutely right, a lot of your own life gets in there. and you're also a newlywed, your
8:49 am
husband plays with the penguins and this all seems to be going on at the same time, were you channeling that al into your writing, do you think? >> i guess i'm very lucky, very much in love and so definitely that part of the book was the most interesting to me and the part that, you know, i felt myself wanting to write the most about was their connection and this love and a girl falling in love f the first time really and not really getting into be totally in control of it. and, you know, it's not the same as my life. people know enough about my life. so it is a very unique story. but those things did filter through. >> and the fact that you write your own songs probably -- many of your own songs probably helped you in writing this book in the sense of being in that zone, being in tt creative process. >> i think it gave me the confidence if anything to know that i have a voice and that i have strong ideas and if i want to do something, i have to throw
8:50 am
myself into it and go for it. and i had help writing my book, i i had a wonderful co-author that had writtenooks before, her name is ise. and i also had help writing songs or being directed in a movie. so definitely surrounding yourself with good people that can help in positive way helped make this come true for me. >> well, cgratulations, i mean, you don't have any potical ambitions, do you? you sm to be making everything else happen. but the book is called "elixir." and ngratulations your first book. is there more come ing. the first one is a little bit of a cliffhanger. >> hillary duff, good luck to you, not that you need it. and coming up, big time rush coming up. live on the plaza.
8:51 am
8:52 am
they are the stars of a hit show on nickelodeon. ladies a gentlemen, big time rush.
8:53 am
♪ i get a call on a random afternoon ♪ ♪ i pick it up and i see that it's you ♪ ♪ like my heart you were breaking the news ♪ ♪ you said it's over it's over it's over ♪ ♪ heading out because i'm out of my mind ♪ ♪ all my friends are going to see me tonight ♪ ♪ i'm stayingere until the sun starts to rise ♪ ♪ and i'm gonna i'm gonna i gonna ♪ ♪ dance hard laugh hard ♪ turn the husband sick up now ♪ party like a rock star ♪ can i get a wt now? i wear i'll do anything i he to ♪ ♪ until iorget about you ♪ until i forget about you
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8:56 am
8:55 is your time, 69 degrees out there. it's going to be a gorgeous day, nice and warm. tom will have your forecast after the news. in the news for today, a prince george's county police academy instructor accused in a cheating scandal has been moved out of his teaching job and into a different unit the police chief said the instructor was transferre to the police department's sex offender registration unit. the teacher, who denies any wrongdoing, recorded perfect scores for students because he was too lazy to write down their grades but did not give students answers for the tests. we'll take a break and have weather and traffic when we come back. stay with .
8:57 am
my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. dad's an autoechnician. my mom's a receptionist.
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8:59 am
good morning. temperatures are climbing into the 60s and we have some sunshine on this columbus day. it will warm into the mi 80s by mid-afternoon and then too many could recall with a northwest wind should bring in perhaps a passing sher or small chance of that. wednesday even cooler with rain likely on thursday drying out into the weekend. the traffic? >> kansas avenue northwest heads up, utility work continues. the road is passable but just be cautious. 66 eastbound, a little bit of a delay, just a very minor slowdown in fair oaks headed for the capital beltway with the lanes all open. >> thank you, jerry. we'll have m
9:00 am
we're back n with more of "today" on a monday morning, the 11th day of october, 2010. a great day for a concert and the first concert ever for us for a group called big time rush and they have been ne enough to wake up early and join us "today." guys, good morning, nice to have you. >> a lot has happened to you guys in one ar. when you think about it, coming from obscurity to a hit show on nickelodeon, a debut alb coming out ink today, how
9:01 am
are you handling it all? >> thank you guys so much. it's amazing. >> meantime, about the tv show, i understandhat tonight's episode is so exciting that james you actually tweeted about it. why do you think that your shows have been so appealing? >> big time rush is going to be huge, we have a lot of drama, we actually have an entire carnival on a wednesday night. we're really excited and i think our show is successful because all of us realize -- >> i imagine you're thick as thieves behind the scenes as well. congratulations to you. >> the show continues, thank you
9:02 am
for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. do you mind saying hi to some of your fans o there? >> you guys have been awesome, thank you so much! >> coming up, we're going to have an update from chile where their miners that have been trapped for two months now have hope. a drill bit reached their chamber over the weekend, they could be going home. natalee morales is le and she'll have a report in a couple of minutes. a lot of people are still having trouble with their credit cards, even thoh there's new regulations designed to protect consumers. we're going to find out what to watch for. >> also, we have heard 1067 about marilyn monroe, but there are new excerpts from her diary, marilyn in her own words, wt was it like for the woman considered to be the most
9:03 am
beautiful in hollywood, marilyn then and now, we'll hear from her in her own words. >> if this is a baromer, i'm pretty excited. but this is time of year where you want to talk about how your kids are doing. >> let's go inside, amy robach has got the headlines. amy, take it away if you can hear us. dramatic hours in chile, officials hope that by wednesday they can start rescuing those 33 miners trapped for more than two months. natalee morales is in copiapo, chi chile. >> reporter: a lot of work still to be done over the necked few days. a dramatic break through over the weekend, but now they're compting the final phase.
9:04 am
they're re-enforcing the shaft down to where the miners are as they now begin the countdown to what is expectedo be a bends rescue. it was the drill watched around the world. on day 66, finally break through. above ground, the bell all had been waiting for here finally rang. watching a weekend of cebrations. for the families tears of joy flowed as the engineers and drillers were doused in champagne. it has been an all around global effort, two american drillers were on the team that broke through first. >> we saw the nose piece of our lp opener that's the moment that i knew. >> you think that beneath your feet 2,000 feet down there's 33 men that are counting on you. >> reporter: the first couple hundred feet of the shaft are being re-enforced with steel bes, next installing the
9:05 am
mechanism which will lower the rescue capsule. and still to be determined the order the miners will be rescued in. >> the solidarity they have developed has been >> reporter: they're fighting over who will be the last, a testment to the bonds they have forge. family members are arriving in anticipation of a happy reunion. >> i just want to hug and kiss him and tell him how much love him. >> reporter: byron is also counting down the days until he'll see his dad. as little boys do, he's even digging his own mine rescue. back in the miners hometown, prayers for a safe return, sentiment shared around the world. and yore looking life right
9:06 am
now, this is new this morning, they have put up a tarp around that rescue area, reportedly to give the miners privacy once they are brought up to the surface as they adjust to conditions and as they are reunited with their families once again, which of course all cannot wait for that moment here. amy? new york's republican candidate for governor carl paladino defended his remarks when she said that he doesn't wantids brainwashed into thinking gay marriage is acceptable. earlier he spoke about his opponent andrew cuomo and said that children should not be exposeded to gay culture. >> mr. cuomo took his daughters to a gay pride parade, is that norm until would you do that? >> i think you can probably expose your children to a lot of different things and let them make their own decisions. >> i don't think is appropriate for them to go there and watch grown men grind
9:07 am
against each other. i don't think that's appropriate. well, it appears that for the second year in a row, social security recipients will not get a cost of living increase. the government is expected to announce this week that inflion is too low to trigger an increase in next year check. and virgin galactic spaceship took off over the mojave desert. eventually the plan is to take paying passengers to space and back again. let's go back to mattnd ann and a screaming crowd. >> still
9:08 am
good morning. heating into the 60s now with the sunshine. a fewlouds coming through on this columbus day morning. right now 66 at national airport. later today it should climb into the mid-80s with lots of sun, a few clouds coming through. then tonight partly cloudy, nea 60 by dawn tomorrow. partly sunny tuesday. a northwest breeze should cool things down. small chance of a shower. a northeastwind on wednesday makes it even cooler, highs upper 60s and mostly cloudy. then a storm system on thursday will likely bring rain with highs in the low 60s. drying out friday and looks like a nice weekendo fo>> now, james favorite weather. >> favorite weather is today, it's gorgeous. >> you were born here. >> i was born here, but i'm used to los angeles. this morning on "today's"
9:09 am
money, the good news is americans are now carrying less credit card debt than they were a year ago, but many consumers still remain vulnerable to hidden fees and polici. good morning to you both, good to see you. jean, a lot of people are trying to figure out what the changes are and how they impact the credit card debt so many people carry. >> i think the biggest of those changes is the inability these days because of the card act to raise th interest rate on an existing balance. that's a big deal. but there are a lot of fees that the credit card companies can still impose on people and we need people to be on the lkout for them. >> greg, consumer reports took an in-depth look at credit cards today and what was the thing that you found the most? in addition to the fact that people still complain about credit card companies and their practices. >> despite the changes to the law which is a good thing, people are still pretty
9:10 am
dissatisfied i think in part because interest rates are rising on credit cards at a time when interest rates aren't rising on anything else you can think of. and fees and rising also. >> the credit card companies lost a huge amount of money because they can no longer charge overdraft fees unless consumers tell them that they're opting in. it's about $38 billion in revenue. they're looking for other ways to make that up. and the biggest one we have seen so far is this annual fee which had disappeared and now it's back. they ao swapped fixed rate cadsor variable rate cards, which means when interest rates go up and they will, everybody will get aate increase >> you touched on this a little bit, check your rates and fees? >> that's absolutely right. you have to open the mail that you get fm your credit card company. because we don't like bad news and we figure, you know, just
9:11 am
like a letter from the irs, it's going to be bad news, but the only way to protect yourself is to open these envelopes and read it and if you don't like what's in it, look for a different card. >> the other tip is watch for new cards, you open your mailbox and you're likely to see a flood of things promising things. >> thers a lot of these deals where you transfer your balance to a new credit card at zero interest, but they have raised th fees on that an enormous amount. some of them charge 5%. and the interest rate can go up from there. >> the thing that surprised me most in you story is there are a huge number of balance transfer offers out there these days and you would think the credit card companies would not be marketing so heavily but they are and there are some that are better than others, cards from credit unions have significantly lower fees. >> so make sure you compare there. and you also say jean, raise the value of reward.
9:12 am
this is something i have been enticed by, you're getting something somehow when you use your credit card. >> you have to use your credit card a lot for these rewards to make sense, otherwise reward cards tend toave higher interest rates and it costs so much to carry that card that you end up paying for the rerds down the line. >> restructure your debt. how do you do that? >> the first thing we urge consumers to do i pay it down if at all possible, and particularly going into this holiday season, try to use that credit card less, pay with sh, pay with a debit ca. but you can also look at one of these zero deals in transferring your balance, but make sure you bet into a good one. >> can you still have good credit if you don't use or open credit cards, my husband and i have one just in case something happens, but i pay it off instead of paying the minimum.
9:13 am
>> monique use it four times a year, you really need to have a pattern of using that card and paying it off. you can have good credit score without using a card, it's just very difficult. >> greg, jean, thank you again, and coming up, making sure your ki are on the right back now that they're back in school. but now an intimate glimpse into the private life of marilyn monroe, a hollywood legend. [ female announcer ] imaginthe possibilities ith stelara® for adults. stelara® helps control moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clrer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minima at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serius infections, like tuberculosis, require hospitalization. before starting stelara®,
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9:17 am
♪ i want to be loved by you >> reporter: marilyn monroe is an in for the ages, which a story that's about to get a little bit brighter. a new book sheds light on the turbulent life of the actress. made up to a collection of notes and letters monroe left to her acting teacher lee straussberg recently discovered by lee's wife anna. the book highlights notes that marilyn beganriting around 1951 details insecurities and fears along with optimism and dreams. it also touches on her three marriages, most notably those who yankee great joe dimaggio and playwrite george miller. showcasing her signature bombshell style. >> that kind of reached a height when she did niagara. and that's when she began to
9:18 am
project the most brilliantumb blond character of the 20th century. >> reporter: but publishers say her writingers reveal a more cultured and curus marilyn, her greatest fear disappointing those she loved. but you wouldn't think that by her birthday salute to john f. kennedy in 1962 ♪ happy birthday mr. president ♪ >> reporter: there's one element that the archives leave unswered, her death. >> so many sere is and so many stories have been put out about her death that the cse is batesed in mystery. >>eporter: and nearly half a century since that tragic death, marilyn monroe still fascinates her fans. >> courtney is the executive editor of the publisher reasing "fragments."
9:19 am
>> handwritten notes she jotted down in hots and in journals. her writings reveal that although she was one of the biggest sex symbols of her time and probably even in present day, she wasconflicted about sex. >> she is indeed. there's a line in her journal about wanting to overcome these early anxieties about her body, sort of reflects on her childhood with her very strict foster mother saying i've got to let these things go but also use them for my work. >> there's a deeply personal part of her book and this is referring to one of her three husbands arthur miller and the breakdown of that third marriage. and she writes, i guess i have always been deeply terrified to really be someone's wife since i know from life one cannot love another ever really. she had some very dark thoughts. >> that's right.
9:20 am
this is what she wrote when she discovered in miller's journal that he was sometimes embarrassed and disappointed in her and this created an incredible rupture of trust and that's a thing tt comes up over and over again in her writings that she's alone and she can only rlly rely on herself. >>nd there's some that are silly and fun. >> she wrote a poem about what happens when you wear hospital gown that's open at the back. >> her bare derriere is out in the air when i'm not aware. we talked a little bit about this but in terms of these personal writings we really fee what she felt about herself, and not someone who would think out herself when she was what she was. women revered her, men loved her. >> she was always telling herself, i'm strong, i'm frail
9:21 am
but i'm strong, and there's a dichotomy there. >> her acting coach inherited her us state, that's who's releasing this book n a letter, she reveals her emotional insecurity. as you know for years i he been struggling to find emotional security with little success for very different reasons. >> she was briwriting to him to suggest that they start a production company together. this is very rare for women of the time to take control of their careers from t hollywood system and she wrote this seven months before she died. so we know that she even then was planning for her future. >> it's a fascinating look into her life. the book is "fragments" by marilyn monroe. coming up a big-time concert from big time rush, they've got one more song, but first these messages.
9:22 am
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still to come, a back to school progress report for your children. >> but first your local news and weather. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit.
9:26 am
good morning. take a look at this sky over washington. lots of sunshine out there again for three straight days. looks like it's going to be anher summery-like day here in the nation's capital. the time is 9:26 on this monday, october 11th, 2010. a lot of folks have th day off because it's a holiy. i'm pat lawson muse. if you're joining us this morning, we hope you're enjoying your holiday. we'll have the complete look at weather and traffic coming up after this break.
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. i'm tom kierein, off to a pleasant start on this columbus day morning. we have temperatures around the mid-60s or so and it's going to continue to climb into the mid-80s by mid-afternoon and we'll have a few clouds innd out. then tomorrow it will be partly cloudy, a bit cooler with a northwest breeze and a small chance of a passing shower. o then on wednesday a northeasterly breeze cools things down. rain likely thursday and much cooler. drying off friday into the weekend. along interstate 66 good news, everything is wide open. no hov restrictions for this morning.
9:29 am
of crse that will apply for this afternoon's rush hour as well, what there was of it. over on the cal tap beltway and green belt. both directions from i-95 to the wilson bridge moving along well. coming up today on news 4, ellen tries to pry a secret
9:30 am
i don't spend a nickel unless i need it. the miles are the goal. >> that's it? you're saving just a save? >> let's just say that i have a number in mind and i haven't hit it yet. >> that's a little abstract. what's the target? >> 10 million miles. >> george clooney has dedicated a lot of his life tosudan.
9:31 am
we traveled with him just last week and we're going to bring you his story tomorrow here on "today," including a live interview with george clooney. >> he has a voice that people will listen to hopefully. >> on this trip, i really was sold. on his overt, he just really has dedicated himself, i will say however, that looking your worst and being covered with with the two-time sexiest man alive. coming up in ts half hour, we're going to talk about back to school checkups. >> the kids have been settling
9:32 am
in with their school routine. so it's a time to nip any problems they have been having with their friends or emotional development. we have ur areas that you should talk to your kids about. >> when your kids come home are school hungry and they're looking for a sweet treat, what do you do. >> you don't give it to them all the time. >> it took him 16 tries to get this cake right. he's done some hard work with a t of heart and soul in it. we're going to taste that. >> itastes like real oranges. i had a bite already. some gave me a taste. it was really good. >> the stars of their own nickelodeon show have been thrilling fans on our plaza. i just love it, the kids are so happy. they have another song to make fans happy. >> stephanie abrams is in for al this morning. >> it's going to be hot this morning anywhere from the
9:33 am
mid-atlantic all the way throughout the northern plains. good morning. right now we're into the mid-60s. it's partly cloudy on tis columbus day morning. i'm meteorologist tokiern. now 66 in washington, climbing later today in the mid-80s with lots of sun and low humidity. tomorrow, partly cloudy, a northwesterly breeze should cool things down a bit. small chance of a passing shower. wednesday, mostly cloudy, a northeast wind making it cooler and rainikely on thursday and cool. then drying out friday, saturday and sunday sunshine, highs in the 60s. morning lows in the 40s. >> so i say enjoy t warmth while it's here because a couple of weeks and you guys are going to be saying, where is that warmth, steph? coming up next, a report card on your kids' well-being. one month into the school year, we're going to tell you the
9:34 am
questions u should be ask right after this. [ women ] ♪ pop-tarts happy sunshine time! ♪ [ man ] ♪ grab a pop-tart and you might just start ♪ ♪ to sing songs like a meadow lark ♪ ♪ stretch and yawn ♪ blow a kiss to mom ♪ causeop-tarts mornings are the bomb ♪ ♪ so, rise and shiiiiine
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9:37 am
>> this morning on parting "today," a back to school check up, research shows this is the best time to assess how your child is adjusti to his or her new routine and make adjustments if necessary. you have four aas you say parents should be checkingp on their children in this 30-day children. why is this a good time to do it. >> because school is in full swing and if ere's any problems, now is when they really start to crop up and this is actually the best time to nip them in the bud. >> the first area is academic. i think it's too soon to find
9:38 am
out how your child is doing academically. >> you know how home wor is going on with t. most schools now have a website, utilize it, go into that website, you do have to register and it's free, you can find out about their graeds and test scores, and ao about absences, let your kid know you're checking up on them. >> the next o is probably one of the most difficult for parents and this is the social development. what are you looking for? >> you're looking for is your child getting along with others because that plays an enormous role in not only your child's self-esteem but also to be able to concentrate in that classroom. first of a does he have friends? everyone's going to come home with nobody likes me, everybody hates me,ut here's your index. ask your child to draw a map of
9:39 am
either the cafeteria or the playground. why? because that's the place that kids con greg gait socially. you'll find instantly whether your kid at least has a couple of loyal friends. >> i know this has been a big news headline and that's bullying and it's a huge concern for parents because everyone's so aware of what canappen in the end. the worst part is parents don't even know their kids are being bullied. >> here's a couple of quick finds that we're overlooking. bullying is repeated and it almost always happens in the same places what are called hot spots i a school. they are the places where the adults are not there. ask your child first of all where are the places where you feel safest at the school? you can even print off a map of theschool. where are the places you and your friends are avoiding. a little clue, it's usual bathrooms, 43% of kids are
9:40 am
running home to use the bathroom because they're afraid to use it in the school. hallways and lockers for bigger kids. fringe places of the playground. what you then do is create a safety plan for your child. cybe bullying is electronic. here's a couple of clues. google your child's name, first and last because then you'll see if there's a presence. and you can monitor, watch how your child reacts when an e-mail or a text comes in or if you walk by the computer. ive there's jitteriness or jumpiness, that's sign. >> and next your child's emotional state, emotional well-being. >> stress, it's huge and 80% of kids say it is rising, so here is your little index here. rewind to the beginning of school. that's what you're looking for, have you seen a marked change in your child's normal?
9:41 am
far more irritable, far more emotional, slack of sleep, he can't focus. you'll then begin to see, it must be something at school that's triggering it. if it lasts every day or if it continues, get help. the second thing is check the overload. >> activity overload, that's a big problem with kids. >> a great little conversation, pullut the calendar, sitown with your child and say let's look at it. >> cut just one thing and you n't feel like car pool or a taxi cab. >> and last but not least, this physical checkup, it can't be ignored in being a good parent. making sure they get the have, nations they need and they're going properly. >> number one is sleep, watch your child first tng in the morning. if you need a crane service to pull him out of bed and it just started after school started. do a rewind and look at your
9:42 am
bedtime schedule. stick to a routine. make sure you turn off the tv and the computer at least 30 minutes before dead. the flickering images will impact your child's sleep. and pull the cell phone. because 60% of kids say they're using that cell phone after the lights are out and you may not know it. coming up next, an orange cake with the zest of portugal right after this. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen, we are starting at the navel, navel oranges, that is. a moist and fragrant orange and olive oil cake. good morning, david. in your book you say this was the hardest recipe. 13 tries? >> 13 tries. >> why? >> because when i wen to the
9:46 am
baky in portugal, it was a chiffon cake. i kept had to try it and i thought this was an orange olive oil. >> but you didn't give it up? >> the 12 or 13th time. we finally came up with this cake which is marvelous. >> nice, i would have loved to have been there to taste the 13 othe tries. >> you want to pour in some sur and what this does is makes a lucious, yummy base for the cake. >> you can use a hand mixer? >> you can use a hand mixer. do this forive minutes, so i gets very fluffy and very, very nice. and you want to take the baking powder and also some kosher salt. this is plain old all purpose flour.
9:47 am
you whisk it in. this is where the magic happens. because what we have here is this mixture, l fluffy. if you want to help me, you take the olive oil, and what i will do, i will turn this on here real low. >> and you use olive oil instead of butter. >> instead of butter and you put flour olive oil, flour olive oil. and you pour that in, half of that >> you said fruity olive oil. i didn't realize there was -- >> you don't want it to be grassy. and you don't want pepper. >> and a little bit more flour and you pour the rest of the olive oil in. it's really very simple. >>hy do you prefer ole oil over butter? other than the obvious reason. >> it's a very good question and the reason why is in portugal they don't have a lot of cows. so not a lot o butter. >> use your resources that you
9:48 am
have around you. >> so olive oil is what they use and of courset's a lot of olive oil is grown there. >> so we blend this. >> and then orange juice, it goes right in. >> okay. >> and orange zest. >> nice. >> no pulp in your orange juice, that would be awkward. >> when that's all blended up properly, you come here, this is the cake, it's all done. a couple of tips, you really want to have a light colored pan. if it's too dark, thell make the cake too dark and it will burn the outside. also you want to give it a rap, a real good wrap. sethe doubles coming up? they break up so give it that nice even texture. >> howong do you bake it for. >> for an hour and 15. i already cut a piece for you, it's right there. >> very nice, david. >> tell me what you thk. >> i'll tell you right away because i love food.
9:49 am
it's so moist. >> and this really stays, you can mail this to somebody through the mail. >> i don't know i i want to mail a cake. but this is delicious. >> thank you. >> david lee. thank you verymuch. 13 times was a charm and if your kids are off for the holiday, they'll want to catch this. one more song from the nickelodeon band big time rush. but first this is "todayon nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
> still to come, how to get out of an awkward situation. >> but first, we know you've all been waiting for performing the smash hit big time rush. ♪ oh, it's gonna be a big night ♪
9:52 am
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beautiful day here in the naon's capital on this columbus day. 70 degrees right now with that mercury climbing. it's 9:56 monday, october 11th, 2010. we have an update on a story wv been following, a violent crash near the intersection of route 1 and easwest highway in riverdale. police say both women survived the crash, however both have critical injuries we're told. a spokesperson initially told news 4 thatne of the victims had died. investigators say thecrash happened after the women were involved in some sort of crime and then tried to run from police. let's take a look outside. beautiful morning out there. as i said, it looks like we've got some blue sky. i can't see any clouds but tom might. hey, tom, good morning. >> there are just a few, baara. good to see you. columbus day under way with beautiful weather. we're well into the 60s and it
9:58 am
will hit the 80s later this afternoon. a little touch of sumer this october by mid-afternoon. tomorrow a bit cooler with a northwesterly breeze and small chance of a shower tomorrow. then on wednesday, partly sunny, upper highs in the upper 60s. drying out friday into the weekend. >> we're looking good this morning. noworries, 395 wide open across the 14th street bridge. let's head over and see how we're dog top side of the capital beltway. typicay we're jammed to silver spring. not so this morning, moving nicely college park all the way to the american legion bridge. >> we'll have a lot more news, weather and traffic in about an [ male announcer ] looking for a comple pictu of your moy?
9:59 am
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>>from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. it is the beginning of the week, it is fun day, october 11th. we're so glad you're with us. it is columbus day. hopefully everybody is havi a lovely day off. >> i hope everyone is. in new york, it is a festive day. we have parades that run down fifth anue and the east side of manhattan. >> which means avoid it unless you want to be part of that because it makes life rough. we're not going to avoid it
10:01 am
because today begins the onslaught of hoda's book, opening tomorrow, dropping tomorrow. but about 8,000 people coming to nny deutsch's tonight. >> dropping tomorrow. >> dropping tomorrow. >> i think when donny mentioned that he might be interested in hosting this, i think he's having second thoughts about t. wouldn't you think? >> he's been renovating this beautiful place for four years and it is going to get trashed before he gets toove in. you know what your friends a like. come on. >> stop it. >> i can't look at jonathan. >> we'll talk about jonathan in a second. he had a wilder weekend than i did. >> it started to fall because that's when the ice skating rink opened. >> it already did. >> it oped this weekend. people are on the ice skating rink. we know one person there, kate, she is always skating. >> she goes into depression when it closes inhe spring. we're talking about you, kate. there she is. she's spinning. that's her. >> that's kate, a stage manager,
10:02 am
she's amazing, a happy woman. >> she is. how was your weekend? >> it was terrific. we flew down to palm beach on friday, the best trips are when you just decide at the last minute, you know? we went down and the weather was gorgeous and, of course it is not high season there so we had the place to ourselves, except for six people. one i met out of the way of the restroom stall, she said, , my gosh, kathilee, i said, yes, she said, when are you coming back to television? i said two and a half years ago is when i'm going to come back. that wasn't going so well. yesterday, we're getting ready to leave. we're coming out of a restaurant called that doo a eed taboo sha mature ladies, very mature, and dressed to the nines and you can see them coming becau nobody else like them in all palm beach and they're coming down the avenue and they go, kathie lee, here we go.
10:03 am
the one woman looks at and says i like your bangs better. that was my weekend. >> some of your friends made the journey l the waycross to dubai. emily worda. >> i know. >> and her family went to dubai. her daughter is playing in a tennis tournament. >> her brother moved his family there so she has family there. >> my sister met emily, they had lunch. here is the issue. she came bearing a gift and my sister was certain it was regifted. it was regifted. we have living proof of why. this is what emily brought to my sister. >> oh, my gosh. that is regifted >> that blanket that someone made with our faces on it. my sister is like what am i supposed to do with this thing? >> that was auctioned off at ever green commons couple of weeks ago in michigan. that is so funny. do you know what it is like for her to pack that and take it all the way to dubai. >> what is she going to do with it? >> sleep with you every night. do you have any idea how many people want to sleep with you,
10:04 am
hoda. >> you are unbelievable. okay. it is a big day because they rang the bell in chile because the miners, they have broken through and there is a clear pathway for the miners to come out. >> is it chile or chile? >> i would say chile. >> chile, all right. >> it is going to -- just to get someone out ofhe hole -- >> how far down are they? >> i think a half mile ride in a capsule, okay? these guys -- >> 20 minutes. >> imagineoing a half mile in a tiny caule, but after what they have been through, i'm sure that's nothing. they're told they have to wear shades and have sweaters when they come out because they have been underground. >> how long now, two months? is it two months they have been there? >> we'll find out. >> ralph knows everything. >> he does know everything. i think the greatest part about this story is you would think they would be clamoring to get out first but the truth is they were all wanting to be the last one out, you go ahead of me, you go ahead of me. >> they're fighting over it.
10:05 am
why? >> they're good guys. they havthis great camaraderie, they say, y go first, i'm good, i'm good. >> the last gets the biggest cheer, you know what i'm sayin showbiz people, no, no, no, you go first. nobody wants to be the opening act, everybody wants to be the finale. >> one guy is down there who, when he was trappe his wife showed up and his girlfriend. this guy better stay there. >> he's going to be last out. >> his name is yanni. he'll be the last one out. >> yanni barios. okay. i wonder what is going to happen. too bad they're not in america. that would be a heck of a reality series. >> living down there? >> no, following yanni with the wife and the girlfriend. >> that will be juicy. oh, my mom's in town. >> to hell in back. >> my mom's in town, by the way. >> you said she's been driving you crazy. >> no, she's the best. >> no, you were telling me early on about your mother visiting. that's all i'm saying. it is a little bit of a problem. >> anyway, she's here, she's
10:06 am
here for the book party, has her party dress on, she's good to go. >> do your mom for me. >> you'll see her in person tonight. >> yes, but what time are you coming? >> what? keep in mind there is a parade, a lot of italian people, a lot of -- >> party from 6:00 to 8:00 so we're going to come at 5:30 ecause -- >> are you excited, hoda man? >> i think it is going to be fun. >> i want you to be happy. is there anything you would change now abo this book because pretty soon millions of people will be reading abut it and it is too late to change. >> i don't know if there is anything in there that i would take out. there were things you would take out. >> there is a few things i think you should have taken out, but you didn't give me the galley before it went straight to print. that's all right. >> i was afraid if gave it to you, you would say don't put that and i wouldn't. and now you did. >> sound counsel as you were writing this, did i not, give you sound counsel? >> yes. >> but it's all in there. >> and you know what it is? is it time for our favorite things? >> yes, it is time for our
10:07 am
favorite things. >> guess what my favorite thing is today? just imagine, here it comes. here it comes. no, it is not jonathan in t bra. no. >> oh! >>hoda's book, which had we noticed -- had we mentioned, dropping tomorrow. i'm the onlyperson besides -- yes, right, did you hear jerry is saying congratulations. >> jerry, thank you. >> i'm the only person who actually read the book and besides -- >> not to fond of it. >> it is a great book. everybody is going to love it. i want to be the first to cheer you on. >> aren't y sweet. thank you. >> drops tomorrow, but is availablnow on amazon. what is your favore thing, hoda woman, besides jonathan? >> if you've ever put makeup on, and it goes on splotchy and you can't -- you want your skin to be a smooth pallet, there is this miracle thing, it is cled the present, by philosophy. >> i love that great company. >> it is 25 bucks. put it on your skin, it shrinks
10:08 am
your schokin, makes it smooth, looks like such a clean pallet. they call it liquid makeup. they sayou can use this. >> sort of like preparation h, which is also very good. >> what? >> a little bit more expensive, but -- >> preparation h is for shrinking bags under you eyes. >> it is for everything, trust me. >> it is? >> yes, i smother myself in it. >> you do? >> oh, yeah. >> all right, now it is time for our other favorite thing and that's jonathan. >> jonathan looks like he's wearing a -- >> we're sorry. we want to apologize. john is such a good sport and it was his birthday. >> today. >> today is his birthday. we thought we would give him something nice. >> this looks like a bra. >> it is a bra. >> what else is it, jonathan? >> called the emergency bra and it doubles -- here you go, kathie, it doubles as a gas mask. >> and a nursing bra. >> how does the gas mask portion work? >> put it around your neck and clasp it around it and put it
10:09 am
around your face. >> can't any b work like that? >> i guess this was ma by a ukrainian scientist. >> those wacky ukrainians. what a sense of humor they have. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> poor jonathan, he nced for us a couple of weeks ago, the man couldn't get a date. >> now it's over. >> now you're going to get the kind of dates you don't want, there you go, baby. thank you, jonathan. >> sara has her favorite thing. >> i probably should say my parents because they're visiting, because we'll go with another ok, this is by matthew ricard called "happiness," it is something you can constantly refer back to. one of my favorite quotes, seeking happiness outside of yourself is like looking for the sun in a cave facing north. >> i don't agree with tht, though. >> it is saying that, lik it is hopeless, you need to find your own inner peace and it has like little meditations at the end of each chapt that are simple. i've gone bac to this 100 times and given it to everyone i know. >> i like it. i want to read that. will you give it to me? >> i will gi it to you.
10:10 am
can we trade? >>up next, cory feldman finds himself in our studio. he's happy about it. >> he must be anything but lost. >> look at little cory. >> my gosh. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you start. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soucan do.™ with stelara® for adults. stelara® helps control moderate or severe plaque psoriasis
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♪ [ male announcer ] old el paso stand 'n stuff taco shells. old el paso. feed your fiesta. trick or treat. trick or treat. weren't you guys just here? no. yes. no. [ female announcer ] make halloweenhe most fun night of the year. walmart has this can for an average of 20% less than other stores. save money. live better. walmart.
10:13 am
corey feldman starred in "the last boys," it marked the beginning of a great friendship with his co-star, t late actor cory halftime. >> the third installmt is about to make its debut. here is a sneak peek at corey's character as he tries to save a young boy from the grips of deadly vampires. >> check, check, check. >> all right. once inside, our main objective is to extract peter. killing vampires is our second priority. all right, everybody. let's rock 'n' roll. >> let's rock ' roll.
10:14 am
>> rock 'n' roll. >> rock 'n' roll, baby. >> corey, hello. >> very serious stuff. the original you did with corey, was it weird going back and doing this installment of it? >> without him? >> yes, without him. >> well, we got our feet wet so to speak on "the tribe." there was twosequels, one that was a little less heard of than this one, but "the tribe" we shot a couple of years ago d corey did a cameo in that film. that was very nice, nostalgic and because of some political problems, between him and, you know, his work ethic at the time, he wasn't able to come back for the third one. but ironically when you watch this film there is some very eerie things that happen, because when you watch i you'll go, wow, they went back and reshot the scenes and added them after his death, but we didn't, it is actually shot as the script w written. so there is a scene wher actually i go and visit his grave, a cemetery scene, and the irony of it is i was on the phe with him the night before
10:15 am
we shot that scene. >> what was thatconversation like? >> well, it was interesting because he was very kind of upset he wasn't in the movie. i said, listen, i'm really sorry, i would lve to have you but there is only so much i can do. if you stay clean, you know, stay on top of your game, be a good boy, we'll get you back for t next one and that would be great. he got very excited about this. and so excited, in fact, and the true nature of what was corey ha haim, off the cuff, he goes and calls the press and says to the press, i'm doing the next "lost boys," i'll be starring in it with feldman. the next day we get to the set and we're at the cemetery and we're shooting the scene and all the producers and i are standing around and we're looking at the newspaper, and i'm going, so, well, good news, everybody, apparently we're making another "lost boys" and apparently corey haim is starring in it. it was bittersweet. but he ddn't die for several months after that. and fortunately him and i had a chance to really reconnect. he did get his life together for the record. >> he did? >> yes. it was reported misappropately
10:16 am
that he was -- that he died from a drug overdose, which, in fact, was not true. >> what did he die from? he died of an enlarged heart and pneumonia. he had in fact been clean for a year and the autopsy results showed that but it got buried in the press. >> i dot remember reading that, unfortunately. >> that's why i wanted to clarify. >> that's great. he was on the road to -- >> he was a good boy, taking care of his sick mom who had cancer, cookingfor her, cleaning for her, taking care of her on a daily basis and they found no drugs his system. >> did you ever read that? >> i didn't. i didn't read that. in addition to acting, you're also a music, and do you have a lot going in that department? >> i do. we have very exciting things going on. >> tell us, corey. >> i'll give it all to you. >> jealous, baby. >> we have created this new type of event, i guess there is no other way to put it, but it is an interactive experience, only at house of blues venues, it is called the lost boys ball. it is celebrating the release of the new "lost boys" which comes
10:17 am
out tomorrow, but this is an interactive event, come to a house of blues during the month of october for halloween, dress up in costume, you're actually part of the event with us, pick your favorite costumes, a costume contest, we're showing the original "lost boys" on big screens, theatrical kind of setting. my band truth movement will forum a full one-hour show. >> stop it. >> yes. a full hour. >> no. op it. >> corey. >> and the music, you know, knd of integrates because we have some music in the new "lost boys" film. >> you executive produced this as well. >> yes. >> very important. >> i know. coy, thank you very much for being with us. >> nice to see you. we're sorry of the loss of your friend. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. i'm glad to be here. >> tt will be on dvd tomorrow. >> blue ray and pay-per-view. >> get out of town. >> if you want more information about the lost boys ball, go to my website, up next, awkward situations. ♪
10:18 am
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10:20 am
we often deal with awkward situations at some point or another, so we asked you to write us in and we got terrific responses. >> yes, we did. from dating a colleague to getting defriended on facebook, here with help is philip galanos who writes the social qs column for "the new york times" and roddy ludwig, psychotherapist to the stars. >> here we go. >> all set. question one. i have been seeing a co-worker and we both agreed to keep it
10:21 am
hush-hush for a while. another co-worker found out, told everyone we work with and now both of russ being teased to the brink. now he will hardly say a single word to me. what's to be done? >> good news/bad news here. good news is in a week, the office gossip mill is done with you. >> yeah. >> but the bad news is your boyfriend takes a powder with a little ribbing from colleagues, that doesn't sound so great. >> that basically says that he's an immature guy, but if you're curious, you can certainly try to find a way to have a conversation with him and say, hey, listen, what's the deal. >> he didn't do anything wrong. the co-worker found out about it. >> but the way he handled it was wrng. you don't then ignore your girlfrie or the woman you've been dating. >> she can still say, rachel can still say, oh, stick -- let's stick withthis, i want to stick with it, how about you? >> if he doesn't want to, you still have to work with the guy. that's the problems with -- that why hoda and i don't go out together, you know?
10:22 am
>> question two. my dad met his girlfriend less than two months ago. within the first month he told her he loved her and spent the night. he's in his 50s, owns his house and due to the economy i live with him. i don't know if i should say anything. i know she's not trying to take mom's place but i barely know her and i think she's moving too fast. >> i think she should have a conversation with her father in a nonjudgmeal way and t him know she feels uncomfortable with th situation. having said that, there is a reason why adult parents and adult children should not live together. >> yeah. >> because, you know, it makes things awkward after a period of time. >> it is not like he went to las vegas and came back with a show girl after a long weekend. two months is plenty of time to fall in love with someone. >> i don't know how old this young girl is, but it is just weird, you're living there, and your father is with a woman you don't know and -- >> it depends how old she is. if she's 30, get out of the house and find a way to live independently. >> this is the new economy. the new econoy, though, is
10:23 am
where else is she going to go? >> if you're living at your dad's house, he should do what he wants. >> she should have a conversation, because maybe he'll change his behavior, maybe he's just not thinking it has any impact on his daughter. >> or maybe he can explain to her just what it is that is so appealing about this woman. >> maybe she could try to break them up. >> or send them to las vegas and he'll meet a show girl and come back with her. >> that will last. >> here is one about facebook and defriending. two years ago i commented about something written on my sister's facebook page. to me it wasn't anything bad but she deleted me from her facebook page and we hav't talked since. >> two years is a -- two years tells me there is other issues here. >> i agree. >> let's make it a simple issue and say, like, sometimes you put something, type something up, think it is so funny, or witty, and it doesn't come across because you're not smiling when you say it, not a good tone of voice, so call up and say, geez, i' sorry, but two weeks
10:24 am
tells -- two years tells me -- >> i agree. there are underlying issues here. because you don't defriend your sister. and then not have a conversation for two years. so have that conversation, apologize, say you weren't aware that it wouldave this kind of impact, and find out what's really going on. >> most people that hurt somebody's feelings don't intend to, do they? >> sometimes people do. we all do it, but we don't need to >> sometimes people do. >> that's their mo, they do that all the time. most people don't mean to. >> i will say, kathie lee, is that it is usually based on hurt. the attack is based on some kind of hurt going on. it is a counterattack. >> but kathie lee's point is, if you dn't mean it, but you see that there is some terrible consequence going on, go fix it. >> five seconds, we got to . >> one, two, three. >> a there rumors about ryan seacrest actually true, hoda? >> what rumors? systems from gelight mt
10:25 am
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we're back on this fun day with "today's buzz" and enou sop to keep you dishing all day long. >> between miley cyrus and ryan seacrest, an cohen has it all. >> how are you, doll? how was your weekend? >> my weekend was great. >> too bad we can't talk about that. but anyway -- >> weteased ryan seacrest coming out of the commcial, we said we were going to -- >> rumors. >> rumors abound. yes, please clear up the rumors. >> basically there are reports that ryan seacrest is starting a
10:31 am
new cable channel. >> oprah has hers, where's ryan's? >> it is ryan seacrest in conjunction with caa and aeg, aeg, the big concert people, they'retalking about doing a new pop culture and music channel which sounds like they're gunning for mtv which doesn't do much music at this point. i talked to cao over the weekend d they said it is so preliminary, but it is so in the early stages, and as we have seen from oprah's starting her own channel, it takes a while. it is not easy to start a cable channel. >> not only that, he's already so embedded with e. it would be a direct competition to e. >> he's sayingt wouldn't be a direct competition to e. it would be music-based. e doesn't do music. e is pop culture and entertainment. >> i think there has to be a music channel. you can't find it. >> but mtv at 5:30 in the morning. >> one used to be big and -- >> boy, does hoda start tweeting at about 5:00 a.m. that's when she starts tweeting. >> that's when i get going.
10:32 am
>> oh, my lord. >> i get going. the weekend, did you see any movies this weekend? >>"social network," number one again. the thing i found interesting, just from talking to people, people are going to see that movie again and again. >> i've seen it twice. it is just brilliant. >> there you go. >> my friend armey right there. >> armey hammer. he gave you the 411 about mark zuckerberg. >> when you're inside something, you learn things that are -- >> so that was number one. people e going back to see it again and again and again. >> miley cyrus, always a little controversy surrounding miley. >> the same controversy over and over. >> she's 17. she's got her latest music video is -- she's pushing the envelope even further. she's kind of grinding on a bed, she's blindfolded, she's dirty dancing. >> maybe it is halloween. >> no, it is actually not halloween. it is a friday or saturday or even a tuesday night. no, kathie lee, don't give her the benefit of the doubt.
10:33 am
what do we think about a 17-year-old? she's a role model for a lot of young ladies. and, you know, britney kind of set the pace here. >> i know. >> years ago, and it seems like the place that you maybe have to go to sell records. i don't know. >> has anyone done it well? has anyone made the transition from young musician to grown-up musician and done it well, do you think? >> i think christina aguilera has. no? >> i think so. she's just not selling any records now. >> she's going to be huge. she's truly talented. >> very talented. she'll be great. she'll be fine. i hate to see that, as a pare, that's your worst nightmare watching that happen. you look at rehab, therapy, all the way down and pray that they get through it all. >> a lot of celebs are coming out after the death -- the suicide of the young boy from rutgers and a lot of people -- >> another one over the weekend in oklaho. what happened last friday was that anderson cooper wasn
10:34 am
"ellen" talking about a movie called "dilemma", the trailer he had seen in which someone -- vince vaughn in the trailer says that's so gay, disparangly using the word gay to mean a bad thing. anderson talked about it on "ellen" and universal, to their credit, cut it out of the trailer. >> do you tnk it was -- >> still in the movie. >> it is still in the movie. i do think it is offensive. i think you to watch what you say. and i do. i think that there is so much badness going around right now. and so -- there is kids who are gay who are struggling today, and today i national coming out day, actual. and, you know, they need role models and they need to know that maybe it does get better and i think it does get better. >> it is tough to be a teenager anyway. >> it is. it is. >> you introduce the other -- >> it's true. >> the "d.c. housewives". >> the reunion is on fuego thursday night at 9:00 on brao.
10:35 am
the women, none of them believe that michaele has ms which is a shocking little accusation, followed by the premiere of "the beverly hills housewives". >> i met lisa. >> she's one of the beverly hills housewives? >> yes. she owns one of my favorite restaurants out there. >> they're all goingo be on your show, i think, on wednesday. >> they are? >> we never know. all right. >> good to see you. >> great to see you. see you at yourook party, hoda. >> we'll be there. up next, never hav a bad hair day, never again, hoda woman. bobbi shows you what you need right after this. and the attention they bring ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things♪ [ female announcer ] unlike some regular conditioners that just work on the surface, new dove intensive repair with fiber actives also helps reconstruct hair from the inside and leaves it beautiful on the outside. ♪ new dove intensive repair. keep on doing your favorite things and let dove take care of the damage.
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time for "bobbie's style buzz" and all the product you'll need to make the most of your mane. >> from treatments to touchups to even the way to correct a bad color job, not that anyone around here needs it, bobbie thomas is here to help. missbobbie girl. >> we talked about hairor as long as i've known you, hoda, over and over. >> yes. >> there is a lot out there. i wanted to share some collections that have caught my eye. first up, mixed chicks. the name alone is what it says. it was created by two women, karen and wendy, who thought thereas a void in the marketplace for multicultural hair types. they kept blending all difrent products so they created their own collection and their fans
10:40 am
are halle berry. another collection, this is pulogy. it is really been a pioneer in color preservation. what i like about this is the story, the founder had a friend struggling with ovarian cancer and wanted to create a gentle cleanser that was sulfate free, ccinogen free, and has performance value to it. what i like is theyoth concentrated formulas. some people say why should i spend that much on a shampoo? it gives you 80 shampoos so 33 cents per application. if you spend more, you'll let it stretch a little more. >> you won't color your hair as often. >> yes. this is profound beauty, another collection i'm a fan of. online, their website allows you to click throu a questionnaire that is find your routine. it will help you figure out if you want straight hair, volume hair, your hair type, they give you easy pick up this one box, there is three full size products, they have three different results for the styling. so you can get, if you want straight hair, pick up this box, three products. there is your routine right there. if you want volume, they have that too. >> different products for a
10:41 am
different outcome. >> unite is a cool boutique collection inalons everywhere, stylists love this. this is a blow in and set serum to help keep the liftnd the curl in your hair. >> especially after you had one of those treatments. >> this will help you do -- it is a versatile product, but something coming out in january ready has everyone buzzing. check out the nozzle on is hairspray. >> oh. >> this is their new go 365. if you can get a better shot. it allows you to twist it so you can see whether it should be soft, medium or hard to hold. >> megathrust. >> when you first spray the irspray on, maybe the next day you don't want it as heavy, this gives you three different hairsprays in one. that's a great value buy. >> i like this next one. >> tress treatments. i have known about this for over a decade. ecofriendly fans, like drew barrymore, love the re-useable packaging and thengredients are everythin from cherry to avocado, stuff you can eat. it is great. it works.
10:42 am
and this dd conditioner is great for people who have finehair, that kind of almost looks thinning and it will not make it heavy. the no-no pack is a great conditioner and i know this is something that is really helped you afterhe kerotin treatment, keep the curl. >> it has? >> another thing, chronologyese, you can get it at the salon, the treatment. if you buy this for $145 tarngs investment but you get ten trtments at home. >> they used every color, they used every single color in the rainbow. >> now, yes. >> that's he best color touchup i ever tried. >> i tried it. >> i'm not looking. no. it is perfect. your party is tonight. >> everyone who has ever doubted whaa drugstore can offer, this is great. today their color touchups are
10:43 am
fantastic. this is nice and easy. mix the two in this little plastic container and vy simple, ten minutes. >> in and out. >> and i've got four hair colors, it does blend. this is great. look at th little fingertip applicator. this is -- >> what's that? >> l'oreal's highlights and you use this brush on your fingertip to draw on the highlights. exactly. that's what that's for. >> interesting. >> if you do mess up, kathie, you can find color oops at a drugstore near you. >> show us something -- >> friday in my dressing room, bobbie comes to see me, looks at my shoes andsaid, kathie lee, that's disgusting, i'm king you -- i went out shoe shopping myself, baby. >> look at those. >> hot mama rocking it. >> very impressed. >> i can't walk, but they're awfully pretty. >> bobbie, love you. how to refresh your hou for fall with quick fix i tips. maybe some of this we can use again. i don't know. nacho cheese [ laughs ]
10:44 am
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10:48 am
with the lazy days of summer behind us and the holiday rush closer than we would like to think, there is no time like now to take care of all ose little home projects that have been begging for yur attention. >> years in your case. >> i know it. >> that means checking off the home maintenance to list. frank fontana, ho of hgtv's "design on a dime" and he's here to get us started. a new book out, congratulions. >> that's right. >> you're very important. >> thk you. >> when we start, you say start with a front door, which seems look a smart place to begin. >> curb's everything. >> first impressions are everything. the first thing you want to do is prep, which minds sanding, getting rid of the scratches and the dirt. if you take this, kathie lee, and hoda, i'll have you do this. this is the craftsman multitool, not the dentist's office, but here you go. what you do is get in the edges with your sander. why i like these tools, probably can't hear me, but -- >> why do you like them?
10:49 am
>> that's interesting. >> what's great about this is really the portability of it and the batteries, you can use it in all different tools. once you get it sanded and prepped, make sure all the scratches are off. we' hit it right there. >> oh, yeah. >> that's easy, right? >> i'm gng to move down here. >> you got to be prepared for a l of hours. this is going to take a while. >> absolutely. >> don't people -- they do it too fast, they don't prep properly andhen they have to redo it a year later becse it chips, it is terrible. >> it is the truth. want to do it right the first time. >> so smart. >> now we start painting? >> now y have your door sanded, it is time to paint. you want to use the right tools. even a paint brush, these little angles, these weird cuts -- >> they'rehere for a reason. >> they are. this is perfect for the moulding. we'll start with an exterior paint. >> i love to paint. >> you do? use your edges and mouldings here. this is behr's ultra paint, paint and primer all in one.
10:50 am
>> oh, good, which makes sense. >> sav money and time and for $35 a gallon, can't beat that. you're going crazy. >> i love it. >> you have to paint in one direction. >> i like to paint in one direction, full coverage, move on to the next row. >> me too. >>all right. while you're doing that, i'll talk aut story paint. this is fun. this is simple. a little tupperware, and some blue tape, a little labeling, bathroom, kitchen, helps down the road when you're looking for the touchup paint, don't search through everything, you have it all labeled. >> okay. is this the door that we finished? look how beautiful. >> you did a great job. fantastic. you can get the doors from and the paint. >> take off your hardware instead of having to paint all around it. it is silly. >> unless you're a pro like me, i like to edge andest my skills, but i prefer -- yeah, i know. >> time to cleanup. >> let's clean. this is from haan usa, a portable steamer. i love this bad boy. >> backing it up, baby. >> hair, watch the lid.
10:51 am
>> eck this out. you can use this inside and outside. i use this all over my house. and it is perfect for inside, outside, gets those dirty gutters. noisy segment today, right? >> i like it. >> it is not that heavy it looks like. just filled with water, right? >> you wa to give it a shot? >> yes, i like this stuff. >> pu that button on top and point that in the right direction. right here. >> oh, that one. >> yeah, baby. >> get in there. >> really get in there. it is super hot. you don't need any chemicals. it is ecofriendly. >> okay. >> comes with nine different attachments. i'll grab this from you. >> that's hot. be careful. >> a couple of minutes. we're cleaning the carpets here, right? >> bambino has been here. >> if you want to going to ecofriendly route, this say little ketchup that has been setting in. >> what is this? >> a unique carpet shampoo mixed with wate douse it on and just like that, it pulls up your stain. wipeit up.
10:52 am
>> that's not bad. >> it will get in there further when you have time. let's talk about saving some energy, okay. filtrate has new thermostats out. >> good. >> this one is like an ipad. it is touch pad, you can do the whole thing, set your temperature. this one is a seven-day programmable. if you go on vacation, set it for when you come back, boom, your house is -- >> you can install that yourself? >> pretty simple. just a couple of wires in t back. >> okay. >> if you're not comfortable, get your handy man over. this is a fun invention, the kilowatt from green depot. it checks your dormant electronics. you know how your bill es up and up and you're like i'm not doing anythi different. it shows y how much electricity you're sucking up while it is doing nothing. your coffeemaker, your computer, you can see -- >> think out all the things. >> plugged rit now all around my apartment. and my lights are on. i mean that too. >> mind the gaps. and, you know, one of the
10:53 am
biggest energy consumption is leaks. so, you know, your windows, your doors, here is a new product called the window sealer, called the window kit. get this at and it is like giant saran wrap for your window. it bloc out all the leaks. >> frank, thank you very much. we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
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protect the bay -- finally it's why i'munning- to make the state we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
10:56 am
and it is time for miss sara haines who has a few special visitors here today. >> i do. my m and dad and my brother. >> are they here for the dropping of hoda's book. >> are you coming to the party? >> they'll be part of the line outside that wants to bust in. >> how do i get in there. >> they're visiting from the midwest, right? >> florida now. originally iowa, yeah. >> beautiful. what a family. >> gorgeous family, sara, you really do. your brother's hot too. >> everyone says that whenever
10:57 am
he's here. >> he needs to move over and get in the light if you're going to be in show s bbusiness. >> he's camera shy, this one. >> hillary duff has a nov out, "iris" or something like that. >> vanilla ice. and condoleezza rice has a book out too. she'll be with us. >> and hoda has a big book coming out tomorrow.
10:58 am
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