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tv   Today  NBC  November 8, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good mornin breaking his silence. nearly two years after he left office, george w. bush finally speaks out in an exclusive interview. he talks about the argument that almost ruined his relationship with dick chen. >> he said, i can't believe you're going to leave a soldier on the battlefield? >> yeah, he did. as police keep their focus on him. and the long road to recovery, lindsay lohan spotted out and about as she undergoes hab at the betty ford clinic.
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will she get clean in time? her mother, dina opens up, will she get clean in time? her mother, dina opens up, "today," november 8, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. weath weather -- welcome to "today" on a monday morning. we begin with applause, for two of my new heroes, meredith and al completing the new york city marathon yesterday, way to go. >> way to go, you guys. >> how was it? >> it was fun, it was tough, especially aut mile 15 over that queen borough bridge. >> congratulations, that's a
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major accomplishment. >> did you win the medal? >> no, i did not. >> we're going to have much more on meredit and al's huge accomplishment. meanwhile coming up, he's one of the most controversial presidents ever. since leaving office, he has kept a very low profile, now he's stepping back into the game speaking exclusive to us. the prime time special airs tonight, but you'll hear him speak out about his argument with dick cheney. if your little boy wanted to dress up like a little girl, would it be okay with you? >> we're going t sak to a mom whose son wore girl's costume for halloween. plus some easy fixes that
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can make you a lot of money when you go about trying to sell your house. a developingtory, overnight, president obama wrapping up his tour through india today. >> reporter: good morning. this ishe longest visit to a single foreign country since the president tookoffice, signaling india's importance. and after those midterm elections where unemployment was the key issue--the president and first lady got the official welcome, a ceremonial arrival at the grand presidential palace at new delhi. the president met with the prime minister, trying to pry open its markets to more american goods. the president went out of his
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way to emphasize deals between the u.s. and ind are creating american jobs. >> i want toe able to say to the american people, when they ask me why are you spending time with india when they' taking our jobs? i'm going to say, well, they just created 50,000 jobs. >> reporter: the president's trip has been part public relations. the obamas has toured some of india's historic sites. the first lady doing a bit of shopping this morning at india's national craft museum. on sunday, the trip's enduring image, the first lady and after someprodding, the president doing a dance with some indian students. but the political woes followed him. an indian student ask him about the eltion. and in an interview on 60
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minutes taped before he left said that those who say he's lot his mojo may hav a point. >> we were so focused and so busy on getting stuff done tt we stopped paying attention to the fact that leadership isn't just legislation. >> reporter: from here the president heads to indonesia where he spent several years of his childhood. it's a trip he's canceled twice before and there's an erupted volcano now that administration officials are watching closely. for now they say the president's travel plans are intact. it is 7:05 and now here's matt. now to our interview with president george w. bush, his first since leaving office, he talked extensivelybout his presidency as he gets set to release his new memoir, "decision points" tomorrow.
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i think president bush you're going to get a lot of attention for a story you put in the book about the last portion of your presidency when you had a decision to make concerning scooter libby. he had been convicted for obstruction of justice. you thought long and hard about it >> i did. scooter is a loyal american who worked for vice prident cheney who got caught up in this valerie plame case and was indicted and convicted. and i chose to commute his sentence, i felt he had paid enough of a personality. >> critics immediately said if you're loyal to bush, you don't haveo go to prison. so i didn't come without a price? >> that's right. >> and yet vice president cheney wanted more? >> he did. he wanted me to pardon him. and this was a decision that -- a real life decision for the
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presidency, really. i chose to let the jury verdict stand after some serious deliberation. and the vice president was angry. >> you went to him and you told him, you said he was furious and he said, i can't believe you're going to leave a soldier on the battlefield? >> yeah, he did. >> has your relationship recovered? >> it s. i am pleased to report it has. >> you're friends today? >> he gave a very gray shous speech on his way out of town. i'm pleaseded to report we are. i was a little concerned at one time. it was a hard decision to make. but that's what you do when you're president, you make hard decisions. >> the president also took me to the church where he married his wife laura and he talked about the most important decision of his life, his decision to quit drinking years ago. in the book you say faith is a walk, is a journey toward greater understanding, you said
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you can't prove that god exists, but that shouldn't be the andard of belief because you can't prove that god doesn't exist. what was it in your own life that madeou take a deeper look at your own faith? >> i didn't like the person i was. i was dnking a lot. my parents did me a big favor, they plantedhe seed of faith. but i would go to churcso i wouldn't irritate my mother. >> president bush says hisaith helped him quit drinking cold turkey just after his 40th birthday. >> the book starts out wh laura saying can you tell me a day that you haven't had a drink? and when you drink you say yeah, i can. i had a beer before turn, bourbons, i wasn't a knee
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walking drunk. >> you were a habit tall drinker opposed to a drunk? >> in either case, alcohol becomes central to your life and i finally woke up and realized that i did not want live a life where alcohol is central. if i had not quit drinking i wouldn't be sitting here as a former president. talk about a few incidents where my quick town caused me to be stupid. >> you can catch the entire intervw with president bush tonight, it's a one-hour primary time special "decision points," it airs rit here at 8:00, 7:00 central. he will be live in our studio on wednesday morning. if you want to submit a question, you can go to or you can give it to ouus on facebook or twitter. >> good morning,everybody.
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also in the news, qantas engineers have found oil leaks in the rolls royce engines on three different planes in its grounded a-380 fleet. the river at the heart of haiti's water born cholera out break is threatening to overflow its banks today, the contaminated river could see through the crowded tent camps where 1 million haitians have been living since january's earthquake. a transformer explosion triggered a fire at indian point just north of new york city. and a radioactive water leak has closed vermont's only nuclear power plant until the reactor can cool. and msnbc says keith olbermann can return to his
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anchor chair after being sug suspended for doning to three political candidates. president obama is working to encourage overseas trade in india, ahead of the g-20 summit of economic powers this week. we have got erin burnett at the stock exchange. >> it was a big rally around the world last night. the market a little hung over this morning. the reason for the rally which was about 3% of the dow, was ben bernanke's decision to flood the american system with $600 billion. he says that will provide more of a benefit to americans than the costs that come with the policy that include rising prices for food and oil which this morning is nearly $97 a barrel. prices areaking off for air travelershis season. tickets are up 60% according to
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farecompare it is now 7:11. let's now go back to matt and our marathoners, our favorite marathoners, meredith and al. >> as we look and see what's going on, both
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good morning. sun's up and a clear sky. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right nowemperatures are chilly. we're just in the upper 30sto near 40 in the nearby suburbs. low 40s in washington. near 40 by the bay. across parts of central virginia, it's below freezing this morning. only in the s in the mountains. later today, though, it should climb into the 50s with lots of sun and a blustery northwest wind from the neengland storm will be affecting us here later this afternoon, overnight tonight and tomorrow with gusts up to 20 to 25 miles an hour. then mostly sunny on tuesday and again wednesday, diminished wind >> that's your latest weather. it remains a major mystery in utah, what happened to susan cox powell. the wife and mother vanished and her husband josh is considered a person of interest in the case. after a long silence, now he is speak out. >> reporter: josh powell who says his wife disappeared while he was off camping with their
7:14 am
two young sons now tells the salt lake tribune that he believes his wife is alive but mentally unstable and that her psychological problems caused her to leave the family behind. susan's family tells the newspaper, he's just looking for someone to blame. even powell's sister, jennifer graves who's estranged from him has a problem with what he's saying. >> i think that it's quite ludicrous the fact that they have pinned it on susan is silly. >> reporter: josh powell said of susan's family, quote, they want her to be perfect, a saint with no fallibility, but susan was not saint. he says she's very sexually motivated ant she's very financially motivad. >> it's hard to hear them slander her this way, these things are completely untrue.
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so why 11 months after she disappears are they suddenly trying to make her look like some horrible person? >> reporter: in the interview, josh powell spent a lot of time talking about susan's parents, complaining that they were directing a hate campaign against him on facebook and other social media, someone needs to take the velvet gloves off and treat the cox -- >> everything they say is making them look worse and this is more information that the police can act on. >> reporter: josh powell and his father steve declined to appear on cara, but he sent us an e-mail characterizing them as rumors and lies. this the one-year anniversary of susan cox' disappearance is now less than a month away. george lewis, nbc news, los
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angeles. meredith, thank you, any time aresident travels overseas his personal safetys always a concern. but in india, it's not just people president obama's security team is worried about. ian williams is in new delhi to tell us about that. >> reporter: security is always a big issue on these white house trips. but here i deli, authorities are grab -- in delhi they call it the monkey minutes. tens of thousands of them have invaded the city. security fces have been on prime mate alert. the main monkey invasion route lies in forests close to his hotel. we'll keep them away from the president,owed this policeman. monkey catchers havbeen working flat out for a bounty of
7:17 am
$15 a catch. they lure them into a rooftop cage, rounding them up to be released outside the city. it's a big problem, they bite the children so they can't go to school, told me. so far it's been a pretty good morning's work, the monkeys have become a real irritant in this area, t they have been accused of far worse. a deputy mayor of delhi felt that his death while fending off monkeys on his balcony, while they broke into the defense ministry, destroyshousands of documents. we're destroying langures, it's a lanky aggressive animal which scares away those causing problems. anybody caught feeding monkeys will be fined. though more drastic action, killing them off for instance,
7:18 am
isn't really an option, since the monkey is revered by the hindu religion. the monkey guard represent strength. animal rights groupsay the problem isn't the monkeys, it's man who have enroached on their habitat. police determined this visit by the world's most powerful man isn't upstage by a bch of monkeys. until now t presidential schedule has been uninterrupted by any monkey business. >> thank you vy much. coming up how lindsay lohan is faring in court-ordered rehab. her mother just visited her, we'll have a live
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this is your captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff.
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new yo city was pulsing with energy this weekend. somewhere in that crowd, two runners, one named meredith viera, the other al roker. they bh completed the whole 26.2 miles. we could not be more proud. >> thank you. >> we're at the start. >> after months of preparation, of training, we are ready, we are determined, we can do this. >> i can't even do that. yes! >> the 41st ing new york city marathon. the largest marathon in the world. >> how are you? ♪ let's see how far we have come ♪ >> there were moments that were hard, but melissa got me through them and that last sprint was
7:22 am
the best. i'm so proud. >> one, two, three, go team! >> congratulations. >> congratulations to you. >> man, you were great, you ran that thing like a pro. >> so did you. >> it's dark now, but, hey. >> it doesn't matter, we finished. >> thank you. >> thank you, al.
7:23 am
>> nice, what do you get for the people who just finhed the marathon? >> yeah, baby. >> rob small from new york city's exhale spa. does that feel good? >> darn good. >> and you were saying especially around the ankles? >> my ankles are really sore. >> and champagne. thk you. >> and you also get some roses. but wait, there's more. ould we tell them now that we took the subway? >> all kidding aside, you guys worked so hd getting to that day. we have heard all the stories that you guys did it and completed it. >> we thank lee our trainer. >> we're back ter your local news. [ air traffic controller ] okay, 245, proceed to your next cleared altitude. [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] today, truecourse flight management systems from ge allow for fuel savings, lower emissions
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good morning. it's 7:26 on this monday, the 8th of november. i'm joe krebs. in t news for today, d.c. police are investigating another deadlyit and run accident. early this morning someone hit a man near the intersection of south capital street and martin luther king jr. avenue in southwest. investigators are looking for a mercedes with front end damage. the victim's name has not been released. we'll take a bre and come [ female announcer ] this is wendy.endy is a big fan aetna mobile. because life takes wendy places. and life takes her family places. hi, mom. [ female announcer ] so knowing she can find
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good morning. sun's up and a clear sky. temperatures are chilly. right now near 40 in washington. the nearby suburbs, it's below freezing in a few locations in central virginia, snandoah valley and in the mountains. later we should make it into e 50s with lots of sun. a blustery wind this afternoon overnight into tomorrow. how's the traffic. >> tough morning along i-95 northbound fromfredericksburg to triangle jammed and then crawling from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. one more stop, maryland, haven't had any major accidents on 270.
7:29 am
backup begins germantown all the way down. watch out for sunshine delays. today on nbc 4, ellen tries to get bristol palino dish about dating and some homemade beauty secrets. that's at 3:00
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7:30 now on this monday morning, november 8, 2010. a newly released single from michael jason, is the first single from an album due out for the holidays. i'meredith viera alongside matt lauer and coming up an exclusive interview with dina lohan, she visited her daughter lindsay while in court-ordered rehab. there hasn been a kennedy
7:31 am
in -- we're going to hear from the congressman and also get some reaction from the never before seen photos of the president. we're going to hear from two moms wha they've done when they learned that their young sons wanted to dress like girls, one from halloween and the other one more than that. let's begin with lindsay lohan, one of hollywood's biggest stars whose successes and struggles from played out on a very public stage. now she's be-- nbc's jeff rosse with more. >> reporter: hi, matt, good morning to you, if the goal here is to get lindsay lohan clean and back on trap, it may already be working, according to reports she's been e-mails friends from inside rehab to apologize for her past behavior. but it's not over yet, lindsay has another eight weeks to go.
7:32 am
by now, she must be used to it. lindsay lohan facing questions about her sometimes reckless lifestyle, just over two weeks ago, she faced the judge again. the judge who would decide her fate, go back to rehab or back to jail. lohan's been to both several times, smming from her drunk driving arrest in 2007. this time the judge chose rehab. her mother, dina lohan spoke with matt this summer here on "toda "today". >> has she changed? >> yes, she's grown up considerably. >> do you think she's capable of going through rehab no matter how long it lasts and coming out a changederson able to handle her surrouings? >> absolutely. >> what gives you that confidence? >> age, you know, living life and growing up. >> reporter: but just month later, lindsay lohan failed another drug test, reportedly for cocaine. theudge got stern, telling the
7:33 am
actress, you're an addict, i hope you realize that. then he extended her rehab to january 3, 2011. >> this thing we call treatment or rehab is just part of the beginning of theprocess, getting them enrolled and intensively involved in what they have to do. >> reporter: former patients include chevy chase, kelsey grammer, david hasselhoff, ozzie osborne. a typical day includes 6:00 a.m. meetings, 10:00 a.m. exercise, and at 9:00 p.m. free time. >> the first order of business, learning how to live their life in a structured way. >> reporter: lohan indicated to the judge she can't afford the $50,000 bill for dg therapy, yet she was recently spotted performing retail thoer therapy at a nearby store.
7:34 am
>> i think she probably jt wanted to insert a little bit of glamour back into her life. remember, this is a girl who went shopping every day and was dropping $10,000 here and there. so this is a big change for her. >> reporter: some of lohas financial problems certainly center around h handbag company. some reports s it's not doing that well, with lindsay out of the mix for so long, butthers say she's still heavily involved from inside rehab via e-mail. lindsay lohan will s
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>> don't forget you can check your weather any te of the day or night, go to the weather channel on cable or online. you can make big money if you're trying to sell or just a lot happier if you're staying t. and some never before seen photos of jfk right after this.
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back now at 7:45 with congressman patrick kennedy, the neph of president john f. kennedy and the son of sator ted kennedy chose not to seek re-election this year. so for the first time in 60 years, there will be no kennedy serving on capitol ll. the end of the kennedy era, as so many people are saying, what are your thoughts about that? have you thought about it? >> it's actually for me the beginning of a new chapter and
7:46 am
it's actually seizing the remembrance of john f. kennedy that we're going to work on. earlier with george bush and his alcoholism, but frankly these are brain illnesses that need to be treated as such. we're going to mark the anniversary of president kennedy's moon shot address where he said we're going to go to the mn and return a man safely before the decade is out and say now we need to researc inner space, the inner space of the brain. the sputnik for our time are the suicide rate for our soldiers. nowur soldiers are killing emselves in greater numbers than are killed in combat. and these are active duty soldiers, we're not just talking verans. over 7,000 veterans take their own lives every year, which should be enough of a wakeup call for us. i'm almost shy of calling it mental illness or mental health.
7:47 am
>> why that. >> because it create this is separate but equal. anothearea of my uncle's tenure was giving that civil rights address and this is a civil right in the sense that people are being marginalized in our country. people with alsz himalzheimer's kids who have -- and yet we stig m advertise it. i think it's time we bring everybody back into the american family, just like joh kennedy talked about the civil rights. >> speaking of john kennedy, has some notephotos th have never been released. this is him campaigning during 1960. his call to service was what led you into politics. this is a bittersweet moment for you today? this is the day 50 years ago that he was elected president.
7:48 am
>> he led the way with so much promise and hope. that's a monikerhat we can use today, it was a can do attitude that people had. he gave a sense of home and pride for america. that's still available for america. we're still the greatest country in the world. we can do whatever we set our minds to. we did it back in the '60s and we cano it now and now do it for our solders and veterans. >> we just saw it in the midterm elections. people who a dissatisfied with their -- similar time, when the gop took control of the house. describe the mood then compared to the mood now. >> i think people are feeling frustrated, their economics situations dictate that. our veterans have three times the unemployment rate as the average american. if anybody ought to be the front of the line in this country, it ought to be our american heroes and if w don't go in there and
7:49 am
set them free from their being medica prisoners of war. now they're coming home, we think the war is er, but it isn't. they're prisoners of their brain injury, traumatic brain injury and ptsd. if john kennedy were here today, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, it uld be a veteran getting out of a wheelchair because we repaired the spinal cord tissue of that veteran. >> you have been open about your own addictions and bipolar illness. is this a day to day struggle to you? >> yes, it is, as my asthma would be. and the more acceptance we bring to this issue, the more we learn about the brain, is a very complex organ, it's a galaxy of neurons and we have got to go to that space now and bring home the discoveries that are going to unveil these mysteries that otherwise keep people
7:50 am
marginalized in society, because of the stigma, the prejudice, which is all based o ignorance. >> your dad, senator ted kennedy, a great man, watching him pass and being with him. >> to think about doing something for others because it takes the focus off yourself and welways have in our own worst neighborhood when we're in our head, we're thinking about our own problems, think about someone else's problems and you'll feel a l better. it's selfish to ben public service because you're doing something that helps you. >> are you going to miss it? >> i'm going to do it in a new y, a different wa >> good luck to you. >> thank you, meredith.
7:51 am
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our time right now is 7:56. 44 degrees. beautiful picture of the united states capitol this morning on this november the 8th, a monday here in the nation's capital. i'm joe krebs. in the news for today, instigators will return to a nearly built home in falls church today. neighbors sent us these pictures of that house engulfed in flames. we're told the owner had spent years trying to build his dream home which was almost complete. construction will finally begin on a new hotel across from the washington convention center. on wednesday district leaders will attend the official ground-breaking of the washington marriott marquee at the intersection of 9th street and massachusetts avenue. it's expected to boost the district's economy by attracting some major events at the convention center. we'll take a break and come back and look at our
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use your shop your way rewards card at kmart today... ...for the chance to win 1 of 30 trips to universal orlando resort... ...and step into the magic and excitement... ...of the wizarding world of harry potter! there's smart, and there's kmart smart. bright and chilly on this monday morning. good morning, i'm tom kierein. right now it's generally in the
7:59 am
40s throughout much of the region. it's 46 at natial airport. later today highs climbing into the mand upper 50s and a northwest wind that will increase this afternoon as high clouds drift in gusting 20 to miles an hour. they'll be with us tonight and tomorrow. then wednesday a diminished wind. jerry, how's the traffic? >> it's a tough one but beginning to settle down a little bit. 270 southbound it's all volume clarksburg odown. no accidents record. one more stop, the trip in virginia, 66 into the sunshine, very heavy and slow as you make theay from fair oa on in, but travel lanes are open. finally settling down a little bit on 95. that's how we're doing, joe. thankyou. later today on nbc 4, ellen tries to get bristol palin to dish about dating, and some homemade beauty ♪ where'd you learn to dothat so well. ♪ ♪ where'd you learn to do that so wl. ♪
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the new cadillac s. the cadillac of crossovers. cadillac. the new standard of the world. 8:00 now on a mony morning, the 8th day of november, 2010. kind or an overcast d here in the northeast. but we have got a lot of smiling faces out on the plaza. a lot of these people smiling for a great reason, because they finished the new york city marathon on sunday. all 26.2 miles. and they were joined by two of our own, meredith viera and al roker. you know what was very
8:01 am
impressi? you got a littl blister. >> i got my ugs on, so i'm okay. if these nice people here come back on friday, you know what they get? >> what. >> a concert from bon jovi out on the plaza and the boys in the band want you to help pick what songs they're going to play. "who says you can't go home? " you give love a bad name," and we weren't born to follow." go to today out on the plaza, meredith viera and al roker, and congratulations to all of you here. coming up today what
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good morning. here we have the bright sunshine. it rose an hour earlier this morning. and temperatures are now recovering to the mid and upper 40s throughout much of the region after we had a few locations that were a little below freezing in virginia and west virginia. we'll have it climb into the 50s later today with high clouds coming in and an increase in our northwesterly breeze as well, gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour this afternoon and overnight tonight in part of tomorrow. some high clouds in and out on tuesday with highs in the upper 50s. near 60 wedn >> more marathoners over here. when we come back, little boys who like to dress up as little girls, what should moms do? aftethese messages. ♪ oh oh oh
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8:11 am
>> reporter: it's a photo of a beaming child on halloween, delighted to be dressed as daphne from the cartoon scooby doo. but look more closely as daphne under that wig is a little boy. >> he said i think i want to be daphne. and we sai are you sure before we order it, are you sure? he said yes. >>t created a stir online with her blog about boo's halloween outfit and the negative reaction she received from other moms. she briwrites if you think that allowing my son to be a female character for halloween is somehow going to make him gay, then you're an idiot. i am not worried that your son will grow up to an actual ninja.
8:12 am
>> i don't want my children to feel that they always have to give in to what the world expects of them. >> reporter: and experts say regardless of the behavior at 5 years old, it's way too early to determine a child's future sexual orientation. >> every child hasendencies and feelings and inclinations, so if that's what's leading him to dress this way, okay, but i would be hesitant to say that that's going to be his declared sexuality. >> noatter what he turns into as a grown up, if he's left-handed, right-handed, any of this, these things don't matter to me, because he is my son. >> reporter: "ople" magazine recently featured a seattle mom who wrote a book about "my princess boy." >> dyson was almost 2 years old when he started having kind of a unique eye for everything beautiful. >> reporter:is parents' goal
8:13 am
now to increase awareness and understanding for little boys who like pretty things. >> i just want him to be happy and healthy and if this is the form he chooses to exprs himself, that's fine. >> and meredith, that blog post has set the internet on fire, generating 3 million hits and getting tens of thousands of responses. sarah's he along with sheryl who's son enjoys dressing in typical girl fashions, their story is featured in the most recent issue of "people" magazine. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> if i could start with you, your son boo decides he wants to go as daphne as halloween, is this the first time that he expressed interest in dressing up as a little girl? >> yes, last year he thought he wanted to be daphne but changed s mind.
8:14 am
and this year he said i think i want to be daphne. we have costumes, capes and after halloween, they're a little bit burned out on dressing up. >> your blog has generated a t of positive response. even boo was the one who said, mom, i'm not sure i want to go . he thought he might get teased, you didn't? >> i really didn't. i really thought it was halloween, that you get to dress up and be what you are not. it's a fun holiday. no child said a word to him that day in any sort of negative capacity. >> it was the parents? >> it was. just a few. mo of them were 100% supportive, th teachers, the staff at the preschool loved it. they thought he was just adorable. >> and when those parents criticized you, what d you say to them? >> i just played it off. i didn't want to cause a big scene, i didn't want to make a stake in front of my son by
8:15 am
reactingn a negative way. >> and then after, you realized it was something you needed to blog on? >> it weighed on me heavily. >> your son dyson started dressing up when he was 2 he's now 5 years old. the first time you picked him up from preschool and you went out and bought some things he cld dress up. your initial reaction, were you concerned about this? >> absolutely. this has been a process for me and a journey for our family and it's an everyday thing and i commend people like sarah who are bringing up the exposure to this because really it's the discuson is what's going to make this more acceptable. we have children who are expressing themselves differently and we need to get to a place of acceptance. >> what was your concern specifically? >> i was concerned about the image. i wasoncerned that i was
8:16 am
raised in a family and just through books and knowledge and everything else, that traditional boys wore traditional boy clothing and so dyson really sort of put me on alert and helped me get through this process a little bit more of accepting him for who he really is. >> youctually spoke to your doctor and to a psychologist about the whole issue of gender identification and what could be ing on there. >> the only issue i heard was that there's gender confusion, we went to theoctors and psychiatrists and psychologists and we actually went down that path, and the verdict is you have a happy and healthy little boy who just likes to dress up. i started working with teachers and parents have started using the book after school. >> the book is called "my princess boy." there are others who criticize you and say by allowing him to continue to dress up and by iting a book like this, you're
8:17 am
actually going to put him in a situation where we will be bullied later in life. one person said if he wts to dress up as a little girl, let him do it in the privacy of his own home, letting him dress up in pubc is just not right. >> we went throu some of the redirection, i had some not proud mom moments, when he said i'm a princess, i said boy aren't princesses. anhe said, i'm a princess boy, he coined the term and he's driving this agenda, for who he is. i think as parents, our job is to love and support our children and if they are happy and healthy, and they are expressing themselves, we have to get to a place of accepting differences. >> you said to me in the commercial break, you said this is really a teachable moment. >> i think it's very important to understand that it's always difficult to be different and when children ar different, it makes everyone anxious, it makes parents anxious, it makes the other kids anxious and yet not evyone is typical.
8:18 am
and the most important piece here is that kids need to be supported. there's some kind of fluidity inside. when kids actually refuse to stop wearing male clothing and say no, no, no i'm only wearing girl clothing or i'm only wearing male clothing, that may be a simpymptom of something mo significant. that's the big role that parents have to play. >> when does it go beyond play and it something else that needs to be addressed and it goes on during the older years? >> i'm not playi ymore. i won't wear boy clothing, i'm only wearing girl clothing because i'm only a girl, i'm not a boy, that's a more significant thing than saying, sure, i'm playing princess today and i'm playing cowboy tomorrow or i'm not playing anything tomorrow, i'm ju going to wear some regular clothes.
8:19 am
and parents should think about that might mea something in -- that doesn't change the fact that we still would tell parents to be very supportive and loving, because the last thing we want is someone to not like themselves, not like their bodies. it doesn't make any difference what the clothes ar it's what they feel about themselves derneath. >> and up next, instant upgrade for your home that can really raise your asking price. radiating pain everywhe... and i wonded what it was. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result ofoveractive nerve that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromlgia pain. and less pain means i can do more with the ones i love. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
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seafood lunches starting at just6.99 ah, this is hey guys. what the eightsorry we're late. milk looks warm. finally got the whole gang together. maple brown sugar, strawberry delight, blueberry muffin. yeah, a little family reunion. [ wind rushes ] whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa! we're cereal here! what? just cooling it down. enough said. gotcha. safety first whoo-hoo! watch the whole grain! [ female announcer ] try kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® hot. just add warm milk and you've got a hot way to keep your kids full and focused all morning. oops. dude your eigh layers are showing. [ female announcer ] mini-wheats® hot. keeps 'em full, keeps 'em focused. >>this morning on "today's" real estate, our real estate experiod of time has some easy fixes that will pay off in the end. you say in a bad market, paying attention to the details is more important than ever. >> always, because the buyers are gmpy and they don't want
8:23 am
to pay top dollar, and they're going to want two dolrs for every one dollar they have to put in. >> this is not a major construction projt, we're talking about things most people can do on their own? >> and definitely, you want to put a lot of money into your house today because you're not going to get it back out. >> you say do some plant ing. plantin is an easy fix. most people don't pay attention to overgrown bushes, on first impression, people want to pay more for the house right away. >> you say put mulch in the garden, it always makes it look bigger and fresher. >> it makes it at least look cared for. >> you like to focus on shutters. you say these are an important thing, they catch the eye of the person driving by or walking up? >> not only that, they are the eyes of the house, much like putting eyelinern a beautiful eye, it makes that window pop, it's the cheapest improvement
8:24 am
you can make to make that house have a little more dignity. >> replace your mailbox, if it's old and banged up and put a fresh coat of paint on the front door as well. >> first impressions again. >> let's go to the kitchen, that's one of the most important selling points for any home. look at the cabinets, you're not suggesting that you replace them, but at least fix them. >> you could take the front doors off at a third of the cost of replacing them and you'll get your money back. >> and a back splash made out of stone, back splash is very important. >> there's one that needs a back splash, it's a little bit of space where you can make a big improvement. >> should you change out major appliances. >> only if you have enough money to do one, you could change out our refrigerator. >> why is the refrigerator so importt? >> because it takes up the most visual space when you walk into the kitchen. people think if there's a nice shiny refrigerator, people think
8:25 am
the rest of the kitchen is nicer too. >> a gallon of paint is the best home improvement that you can get. >> why is it so important to upgrade your lighting fixtures, why do people that come into your home spend so much time looking at lighting fixtures? >> it dates the home. the lightin fixture you bought ten years ago is already out of style. >> you want people to consider, this costs a little extramoney, but you want to consider having your home professionally staged. >> you want a designer to walk in and get rid of all the excess stuff, and make it look like a home out of a magazine. here's a perfectly staged room that used to look like a dump. t all they did was move things around. >> crown moldings always help a room. and in the bedroathroom you wan
8:26 am
make sure you clean the grout. >> new toilet seat is important, new grouting is important. anything to freshen up that room of the house. 8:26 is your time now. it's 46 degrees out there. another cold start to your workweek. tom will have the forecast after the news. good morning. i'm eunyang. d.c. police are looking for a driver involved in a deadly hit and run. early this morning someone hit a man near the intersection of south capital street and martin luther king jr. avenue in northwest. investigators are looking for a mercedes with fronend damage. the victim's name has not been released. anyone with information should call police.
8:27 am
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel likeourself again. oscilloccinum, nip it in the bud. sunny and chilly now on this monday morning. we've got the bright sun, we're in the 40s. 46 at national airport. later toy in the 50s. we'll have a few high clouds coming in. a northwest breeze as well will increase gusting 20to 25 miles an hour this afternoon and overght tonight and part of tuesday. we'll have sun again tomorrow. jerry, how's the traffic? speaking of the sun, we have plenty of sunshine delays in from the west. i-66 and the toll road, over the american legion bridge not too bad. the inner loop looks all right. the outer loop just a little slow down through tyson's corn are. one more stop making the trip
8:29 am
around 395, this is painful from the beltway all the way to the 14th street brge but all lanes are open. later today o nbc 4, ellen gets bristol palin to dish about dating and we learn some homemade ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪
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and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world. 8:30 now on this monday morning, november 8, 2010. areat day here in midtown, manhattan, a lot of smiling folks in the crowd. all because they finished the maraon or because they got an extra hour of sleep. thank you guys, and coming up,
8:31 am
actress grace mcadams is starring in a n movie and a morning news show. i can't imagine. morning news? never. >> a couple of unruly diva anchors on that show. obviously a lot of poetic license. as i mentioned before, russell crowe, the academy award winner is back. he's got a new movie, a real thriller, a cat and mouse type movie. although there are no cats and mice in it e we'. natalie cole is coming by and we have also -- we're going to be talking be her about everything that's been going on in her life. >> lindsay vaugh is here, she's opening up about her latest honor, she's glamour magazine's woman of the year. >> and no time for the weather.
8:32 am
>> let's check it out and see what's happening as far as today, we are looking for the week ahead, rain and snown the northeast, out west, above good morning. here we've got the bright sun and it's still chilly, though. temperatures around the region in the 40s. it's 46 at natnal airport and later today we should make it to the upper 50s with a few high clouds coming in. then we'll have a northerly and northwesterly breeze that will crease later this afternoon, overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. peak gusts around 25 miles an hour. then tomorrow the winds should diminish by the afternoon. we'll have high clouds in and out, highs upper 50s. lighter nds on wednesday. mostly sunny, high near 60. veterans day, sunny, high in the
8:33 am
50s. >> and that's your latest weather. don't forget, you can get your weatr any time of the day or night, go to watch on cable or online. we like to give you a look behind the scenes here at the today show. hollywood has made a movie about . it chronicles the fictional morning show and the people who work there. what better place than our control room to catch up with rachel mcadams. good morning good to see you. diva, unruly hosts, where did you come one that? >> it wasn't my idea. >> are you taking credit for that? >> no, i have much sympathy for the executive producer's role. but ere are maybe some divas. >> just maybe. tell me about that, the executive producer of this show, what drives her? >> well, cky, this is her first shot at a big morning
8:34 am
show, she came from a little show in new jersey, she got fired and this is her one chance to make it work. and she's doing the show with the lowest ratings. >> but that means there's always someplace to go, right? >> she's got somewhere to climb to. >> you play opposite diane keaton, and harrison ford, tell me a littlbit about that. >> they're so fun in this movie. harrison is such a funny guy, and she's so often the hero that you don't get to see that side him. he's so funny, he'so dry, everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious. >> you did your research, you actually spent some time hanging around here at the "today" show. was there anything that you actually learned while herehat you used in the movie. >> well, ah, a lot of stuff. we wound up using a lot of stuff. i learned that the real show is, no offense, matt, it's back here. it'sraziness back here.
8:35 am
and last time i was here he put me ithe chair which was terrifying and made me wear that headset. and then i got kind of comfortable with it and then he took it away he was like you're going to run the show. and then i didt get to. but it's great. it's really cool. i have some respect for what goes onack here. it's a tough job. >> because you're a movie veteran, i don't know if you have met joe michaels who's our director back there. >> quiet as a mouse. >> if we were casting a movie and you look at joe, what actor would play joe? would it be russell crowe or danny devito? what's next for you? >> what's next? i just finished doing a woody allen movie in paris which was great and i'm currently shooting in oklahoma.
8:36 am
so heading back there this afternoon. >> we're happy to have you. >> you're in it. >> i'm in it. >> you made the movie. >> in it acally? or in the background. >> we talk about you. >> does that qualify for a payment of any kind? >> the check's in the mail. >> great to have you back. we're going to have much more ahead on a monday morning, russell crowe is upstairs. but
8:37 am
8:38 am
academy award winner russell crowe gives his all in every single important. his latest movie "the next three days" is no exception. he pla a family man whose live changes. >> come on, smile.
8:39 am
>> hold on. >> you touch me again, i'm going to arrest you. >> stay where you are. >> this is my house. >> russell crowe, welcome back. good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> everybody tries to sum up a movie in a sentence or a phrase or a message and it's not easy with this one, but suffice it to say that if you don't like your reality, go about changing your ality? >> to a degree, yeah. i mean the conundrum that was putefore me was would you like to play a character who would do anything for his wife, you know. but in order to save his wife at a certain point, he has to turn into somebody that his wife is no longer love. >> and the guy that is an unlikely savior, he's a professor at a community college and all of a sudden thrust into
8:40 am
the role of trying to plan a prison break. it's not exactly what's on the resume for a professor. >> but he does it -- he goes about it the way that he knows. he gets on to his computer and he begins to research and he goi googles breaking out of prison. >> it'a cat and mouse thing, it's a real thriller. but i'm curious when you're shooting this, you're shooting it in such small sequences. >> 380 scenes, the script. >> so do you ever get a sense when you're making a movie as to how it's going to play out for the movie audience. >> you do, you have your hopes and dreams about that sort of stuff and quite often those are exceeded. but you never really know. even though you've done a spread over 50 days and you're doing tiny little scenes and seven or eight makeup changes in a day
8:41 am
because of the story, there's a possibility it won't gel. >> what's fascinating is you mentioned tiny bits of scenes. in this movie in particular, there are some little moments, and when i say little moments, they could be four seconds long or five seconds long that later in the movie you come back and say that was a lot more siificant than five seconds. >> what i like about this film myself is that you just don't really know the things that he's doing and you don't really follow, why is he doing that? and then later on he plays a card and you say he really did prepare himself. >> do you have one that you' most proud of? >> you mentioned "cinderella man." both movies i have made with ron howard, "a beautiful mind" and cinderella man," i'm hoping ron gives me another call. >> it's a good collaboration. i don't know why, but knowing
8:42 am
you a little bit, i was surprised you're on twitr. i don't know why. i just heard that and i thought, really? russell crowe the kind of guy who tweets every day? >> at the moment, i'm basically dead, my wife is promoting a record so i take the boys in school in the morning and i pick them up in the afternoon. and then there's the bedtime and the stories and i'm not finding there's any length of time for me to get involved in anything creative, running a football ga team and all the other things that i have gotten involved with over the years, i'm on the computer a l. om a cutting edge communications perspective, that's what first interested me, this is the next step in how we talk to each other. >> your recent tweet was you were in new york and you were giving up smoking and coffee at
8:43 am
the same time? do youealize there was a time when someone like me wouldn't sit across from you when you're giving up cigarettes and coffee? do you get a little cranky? >> i did, i got very cranky for a long time. there was some sort of chemical change going on in any body and i couldn't concentrate. it took me a couple of months at least to focus. the coffee was easy. nicotine is not so easy. but, yeah, i mean i just -- i got caught smoking a cigarette by my oldest boy charlie, and i managed to do it until he was 6 years old without him actually seeing him smoke. even though he would get into my car and say daddy stink. >> sck with it. this movie's great "the next three days." 8:43, the next three days
8:44 am
opens november 19. and up next, the unforgettable natalie cole, but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:45 am
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8:46 am
natalie cole, a nine-time grammy award winner, singer, songwriter and producer. now in her new memoir she writes about surving his death, drug addiction, and her recent health struggles. it's called love brought me back, a journey of loss and gain. yo look wonderful. >> thank you. >> how do you feel. >> i feel wonderful. i am so blessed, i really, really am. i don't know if you remember the last time that i was here, i was
8:47 am
pretty sick. >> nobody realized and the nt day -- >> i went into kidney failure. let's go back to the beginng of your book, you write i am amazed that i'm alive, given the crazy way that i live my life i should not be here. back in 1975, you we on top of your game, 25 years old, winning a grammy. and yet you're running up to harlem to buy heroin. >> yeah. it's azing that other worse things didn't happen. but because of that, i think i was probably addicted to heroin for maybe two tohree years. and that ended up -- that virus stayed in my body for many, many years. at was the beginning of the hep c when i was diagnosed back
8:48 am
in 2008. >> how bad was yourcondition? >> i had no idea. i was a workout crazed person for the last ten years, probably, i had no symptoms. >> but yr doctor want you to -- >> i was getting ready to have elective surgery and you have to take your blood tests and everything. and he called me i was in the studio, recording the "still unforgtable" cd. he sd there's some things that i'm concerned about. i want you to go see a liver guy. and he said you haveel c. i said what's thereatment for th that? and he said chemo. what would happen if i didn't do it? it's been 25 years. he said well, eventually you'll just start getting really, really si. and it wasn't a very pleasant diagnosis, so that was in february. in may i actually started the
8:49 am
treatment and then took a trip to japan and that was -- >> you were very, very i at that point. and you did come on this show and then the next day you found out you had kidney failure. at that time you were dealing with something else, your wonderful older sister cookie was going through - >> she managed to keep it from us for quite a while and her husband. and the next thing i knew, i was sitting next to her when she was in a coma and i get the call about the kidney. and that was outrageous, because a woman who was my nurse for a day a the hospital in los angeles saw me on larry king severaleeks later talking about my kidney and saying, oh, i wish we could do something for r, she was with her niece who then passed away several wee later and i got her kidney because of this woman. >> but in that moment when you got the call, you were wit your
8:50 am
sister and you were to, do i leave or do i not? >> i wouldn't wish that on anybody. and everybody was so -- it was such an emotional several hours while we we in the hospital that the only person i could call was my business manager at 4:00 in the morning saying they just called me they said they had a kidney for me, what should i do? i'm here with cookie, and he said, you know she would want you to have it,o for it. so i kissed her good bye. >> did you suffer from any survivors guilty? >> absolutely. and they didn't tell me that she passed, she passed several hours afr i went into theospital and they didn't tell me until after the transplant and i was -- i still have a lot of it. i really do. i miss her so terribly, you know, i try toeep from asking why, why, why? because that's not good to ask why, why. because it makes you crazy. but obviously god had his reasons. >> and this book is in part about the love between two sisters? >> yes.
8:51 am
>> and two older siste. >> jessica and patty. >> jessica is the young -- >> she had a stroke, wept into labor, she did deliver her little boy lucas. as a matter of fact we did the larry king show together and they're such a wonderful family and they have all become organ donors which is pretty special. >> so wonderful to see you like this as opposed to last time. >> amen. >> natal cole, "love brought me back". lindsay vaughn, one of glamour's women of the year. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee d teato choo. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute.
8:52 am
way to brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. we go through a lot. if i can stock up on the things my family needs at a really great price, i'll do it, i'll find the space. we know saving money is important. the gigantic stock-up sale at giant is going on now.
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take advantage of r biggest sale of the season with thousan of weekly specials, real deal savings, and more. the great thing is, stocking up sas me money. my namis elena velas, and th works for me. there's ver been a better time to stock up -- only at giant. this morning on "today's" woman, glamorous women of the year. for the 20th year glamour magazine is -- >> the editoin-chief of glamour and also "today's" women's lifestyle contribur. lindsay vaughn is one of this year's nominees. congratulations to you both. tell us about some of the other women that are involved in this as well? >> we have afternoon incredible group of winners, entertainers like fergie, julia roberts, to incredible women you have never heard of like a woman named dr.
8:54 am
hala abdi who with her daughter has opened the largest refugee camp in somalia. >> what is the common thread. >> tse women, they're not the kind of women who sit around wringing their hands over the world's problems, theyo out and do something about it. they doo much more than they actually have to. fergie has got an incredible career as a recording artist and she's ao very, very involved in children's projects. cher is er. >> lindsay, you have had a couple of honors in your life. you've done pretty well for yourlf, but when a magazine comes to you and says you're one of the outstanding women of the year, tell us about that. >> i just couldn't believe it. something like ts doesn't really happen to a skier like me. i'm completely thrilled and there's so many amazing women that are a part of this magazine and a part of this honor, woman
8:55 am
of the year, honestly, i'm completely honored. >> just bring us up to date a little t. you were here i think last in april. you're heading out in the next couple of days, you' ee're raci again? >> i'm out tomorrowo finland, so i'll go to the glamour awards tonight and it will be really fun. >> congratulations to you and all the other honorees. >> we'll see you soon. >> thank you. and when we come back, we're going to have a lot more including your local news and weather.
8:56 am
8:55 is your time. it's 48 grows out there. the sun is out. looks like a nice day. tom will have the forecast right after the news. good morni, i'm eun yang. people will rally outside the u.s. attorney's office this morning to protest a controversial decision. they'r angry all charges were dropped against five d.c. nine nightclub employees once accused of beating a man to death. some opponents of the decision are calling for a federal cil rights investigation. today's rally starts at 100 a.m. investigators will return to a nearly built home in fairfax county today to try to figure out how it burned to the ground. neighbors sent us the pictures of the falls church house engulfed in flames early yesterday morning. we're told the owner had spent yes trying to build his dream home, which s almost complete. your weather and traffic are up next. stay with us. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
8:57 am
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8:58 am
8:59 am
>>good morning. tom kierein with your four-day forecast. sunny today with highs in the 50s and a blustery northwest wind. we'll repeat this tomorrow. less wind tomorrow, high near 60. still loaded up 395 just above the beltway to downtown. one more stop on the top side of the beltway, outer loop near university boulevard, we had a medical emergency reported. looks like the lanes are open, though. later today on nbc 4, eln gets bristol palin to dish about dang and we learn some homemade beauty secrets. that's this af
9:00 am
we're back now with more of "today" on a monday mornin it's the 8th of november, 2010 as we continue to pan our crowd this morning, looking for people with those medals around their neck because we ve got lot of people who completed -- there you go right there -- the new york city marathon on sunday. meredith viera and al roker who both completed the grueling 26.2 miles. you're in great form. well done mr. roker. >> i appciate that. >> there's a nice picture of meredith and al at the finish line.
9:01 am
out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with natalee morales. lindsay lohan is at the betty ford clinic, she has eight more weeks to go. her mom, dina has been visiting her and this morning, she'll talk to us about how her daughter is doing in an exclusive interview. and then switching gears with the financial meltdown, a lot of folks have been keeping an eye on their nest eggs ndering about retirement, there's seven things you can cut your costs on now to make sure that your financial security is assured through your retirement. and then when you travel, whether you enjoy the great outdoors or perhaps live music or historical sites, we're going to reveal travel and major picks for the top five american cities to help you plan your next g away. a lot to get to in the busy
9:02 am
hour ahead. n's stding by at the news desk. in the news, haiti's water born cholera outbreak could dramatically worsen as the swollen river believed to be the source of the disease is expected to overflow today. it's expected to overflow the camps where 1 million haitians have been living since january's earthquake. >> on sunday, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said a credible military threat is the only way to quell iran's nuclear ambitions. economic and political sanctions agait iran are already having a deep impact. president obama is back from a long -- speaking to india's parliament this morning, the president so pledged to work with india against nuclear proliferati proliferation. two power plants have been
9:03 am
shut down after almost simultaneous but unrelated incidents. quantas engineersave found oil leaks in theolls royce engines on three different planes in it's grounded airbus a-380 fleet. the airline is keepi it's a-380s grounded pending an investigation. former president george w. bush talks about a decision not to pardonormer vice presidential aid scooter libby. the told matt vice president dick cheney wasn't happy about it. >> i let the jury verdict stand after some serious deliberation and the vice president was angry. >> when you went to him and you told him, you said he was furious and he said i can't believe you're going to leave a soldier on the battlefield. >> he did. >> has your relationship with dick cheney improve. >> we are friends today. >> and you can see matt's
9:04 am
interview with george w. bush tonight here on "decision points" here on nbc. and finally england is again all abuzz this morning with hope osz after royal wedding. jim maceda is here. >> reporter: their eighyear plus relationship has often felt like a marathon, but rumors of an engagement and a wedding date for kate and william are finally reaching fever pitch. some royal watchers are now certain that by christmas, the couple will announce their engagement and a summer wedding. >> kate will be looking to get married next july, the date, the 23rd of july has been penled in, i understand. >> reporter: the most serious side, johnson says scotland yard is now grooming a bodyguard for the middle class fiance who could one day be queen. >> from the moment she gets gaged, everythg changes, she's going to have a guy with a
9:05 am
gun standing next to her most of the time. >> carol and michael were invited last week for the first time to balmoral, the queen's scottish es skate. mrs. middleton even got lessons on how to stalk a deer wit a rifle. and there's this, after nearly disappears from the public eye, kate is back and at william's side. the couple beaming at the mu wedding of a mutual friend. william deeply distrusts the tabloid media wants to get married his way. and what about the dress? there's new speculation there too. royal watchers saying that one of kate's favorite designers issa may get the special commission. and what will kate do for christmas? traditionally no girl or boyfriends share in the roy family's christmas celebrations
9:06 am
unless they're already engaged to a windsor. we'll see. back to you. >> jim maceda giving us all the buzz. it is five minutes past the hour, let's get a check
9:07 am
good morning. temperatures around the region in the 40snd low 50s now, just past 9:00 on this monday morning. we'll haveots of sun today, just a few high clouds in later this afternoon with highs in the upper 50s. we'll have a northwest wind that will increase a bit this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow gusting to 20 to 25 miles an ho. tomorrow mning in the upper 30s. during the day on tuesday some high clouds in and out with highs in the upper 50s. near 60 with diminished wind on wednesday. for veterans day, it should be sunny. afternoon highs into the 50s. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? we turn now to the long road to recover for one of
9:08 am
hollywood's most famous faces. lindsay lohan was spotted out and about this weekend as she undergoes rehab at the betty ford clinic. lindsay stil has another eight weeks to go and many are wondering will the young actress finally get clean? earlier this morning i spoke exclusively with lindsay's moer dina and ask her how lindsay's doing. >> it was life changing, the betty ford center is just an amazing place and i spent two weeks there in family sessions and you're not necessarily with the person who's in the facility. you spend time with families of addiction. >> so you don't spend time actually with lindsay seeing what she's going through, you're more preparing yourself. >> they're more the co-dependency, they're helping the families dealing with the problems. >> when you talk to lindsay,
9:09 am
emotionally, what is her state of mind? >> happy, relaxed. she's just a different person. it really -- you know, she's beenn a couple of facilities, but this one to me has really changed her. >> when the judge said she needed to go here and sent her, he said to her in no uncertain terms, you're an addict. you and i have talked about this several times in the past. does lindsay fully get that? >> yes. and this teaches you that you are and she's young and i thank god that he didn't incarcerate hebecause that wouldn't have helped her. >> last time you were here we went back and forth on some issues a little bit and i'm going to let you answer, i'm not going to put wor in your mouth, but it appeared to me you were defending her or maybe even in denial yourself about her situation. so are you also comfortable with the ccept that your daughter
9:10 am
is an addict? >> yes. when i first came here initially, you know, that was for lindsay to admit. i put her in rehab when she was 19. as a mother, it wasn't for me to come to tell the world, i mean how many viewers do you have, about r prlems. that was for her to do. i wasn't in denial by far, but i think it was for her to come to her own evolution and not for me as a mother, we protect. i have three other children, it's not for me to say. even if my child was 5, i wouldn't say oh, she did something in preschool, that's -- you protect as a parent. so now i'm happy and relieved myself and coming on your show i was so nervous because also, our attorneys were like, you can't say this, this, this or th, and i was guarded. >> so now you can be open and honest as can lindsay that she has a problem she's addressing. and you said that a would make her able to move on from this and recover.
9:11 am
she's not that much older than she was then and wenow that she had trouble the last time she got out of rehab, do you think this will be different? >> we take it one day at a time. i don't have a crystal ball. i pray hard and i hope she will be able -- she wants to start her own facility and help other children. she's so public that i think we can only be positive and look to the future to help other families. >> let me ask you to put a couple of things in perspective, we saw the video of her out over the weekend, doing a little shopping. in the past when she had been seen during rehab, the idea was that she had skipped rehab and was out of rehab. but this was approved by someone at betty ford? >> she spent the 30-odd days in a facility and now she's in a home. it's like a safety net, they let you out to live your life.
9:12 am
you're going to go back, lindsay is going to go back, loves film, that's what she wants to do. but the pressure and the press, it's trier points, it's people, places and things. >> they don't want to keep her in a bubble. >> right. >> there's an online report from one of the gossip threadshere, of an emoonal reunion between her and her father michael. >> i don't read the gossips, i don't know whether it's fact or physician, but whatever the facility wishes for her, it's all about lindsay and her healing. >> do you think it would help for her to have a healthier relationship with michael? >> absolutely. >> for the whole family to pull together for the sake of lindsay? >> my parents were married for 50 years so i don't understand, i've been a single mom for 15 years and i have sole custody of my children. i'm here for lindsay, whatever willake lindsay heal and her
9:13 am
better, that can only help. >> that was earlier this morning with dina lohan. comingup, getting the bugs out of your house, we're talking about the flu virus, we'll tell you what youan do to protect your family this season. but up next, the costs you can can eliminate now for a christmas shopping in december? amateurs. that's why this savvy santa locked up all the hottest gifts months ago with sears layaway. four affordable paymen and no finance charges.
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9:17 am
we're going to start at number 7 and work our way to number 1. >> right. >> number 7, you say eliminate costs before you retire, what you want to do is lower your investment fees? >> you're going to be rolling your01(k) into an ira, you may take a lump sum and put it into annuities. the fees are important to watch because in any case 7% investment fees can eat into your returns significantly. >> also when there a jobs like lawn care or painting the house, things like this, these are things you can maybe do yourself. >> you've been delegating because y've been really busy. think abou which of those things do you actually like to do, and maybe you want to look into bartering with friends, if you can fix a computer and your friend likes to garden, you can swap. >> these are things you really need to do to help kind of, you know, bring the corners in a
9:18 am
little bit. >> if you've got any big expenditures that you're excting to hit in retirement, if you know the roof is on its last couple of years, you want to set aside a separate pool of money so that you don't have to further dig into those retirement savings. >> big ticket items? >> absolutely. what we're aiming for here is during retirement is to leave the nest egg in the requirement account so it can continue to grow tax deferred for as long as possible. so anything you do to set aside a pool of money will help. >> this doesn't hold true for retir retirees, anybody can do this. get rid of the credit card debt? >> getid of the high interest credit card bt. if you are overwhelmed, see a credit counselor, three or four years before you retire and they can put you on a four-year plan to clear the debt so that you understand what you've got going forwd.
9:19 am
>> drop unnecessary phones and other connections. >> everybody should do this too, if you've got a land line and a cell phone if you've got cable and internet, chances are you've got a lot of services that are overlapping rig now, you don't have to pay for both,o through the bills, do an audit, go to a website like bill and ask yourself do i really need two different phones with voicemail and call waiting or can i just get relate of one? >> a lot of people are droppin their cable and just using the internet to watch tf. >> absolutely. >> limit yourself to one car. >> if you're both retiring at the same time and you've been getting around withwo cars, getting rids of one not only limits the cost you're paying for the car, but for parking, for maintenance, for insurance. it's a huge net. my mother and her new husband just got a zip car membership instead of that new car. it's economical. >> and finally pay off your mortga. >> some people disagree with me because mortgage is cheap debt.
9:20 am
but the relief that comes with not having a mortgage when your paycheck shrinks because you're retiring just enables you to breathe. if you're refinancing, don't take out a new 30-year loan, take out a loan that will bridge you to retirement. take it down to a 15 year or a 10-year so that you won't have that when you slow down. utting on the fashionhow right after these messages. le announcer ] imagine the possibilities with stelara® for adults. stelara® helps control moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and incree your risk of infections. some serious infections, like tuberculosis,
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9:23 am
taste all nine. the second season of the fashion ow ultimate collection is getting a fashion show. bravo has enlisted imon and isaac, good to have you here. we saw this group of designers who are working together to create a collection. >> thisime we have two houses, there's a blue team and a green team. and they work together to do two collections that each week you get those two fabulous run way collections side by side. it's really something. >> and we have added you to the show, how is it going? >> i'm bringing my bubbly and veryrickly personality. i want to tell all the viewers why i'm weari this because we're supposed to be -- i'm so excited abouthis.
9:24 am
really, i can't wait for it. so tuesday ghts, 10:00 p.m. on bravo and it is really you see real fashion shows. and you really see how it really works in the real world. instead of making a dss out of an umbrella. >> and you're the mute in the first round of competition. they're supposed to design a collection that you would wea >> inspired by me. >> and what were you looking for? >> i was looking for something that i would probably ar, something that is classic, something that's not too trendy, something that's not too short and they did all that. >> and it comes with verhigh heels. >> that's exactly it. how do you pick a winner then, in your mind, isaac, what are you looking for in this season? >> the desiers are all great, but what i was trying to do is to connect with who they were as designers. and in the end, a kind of purity prevails. in the end, it was purely about
9:25 am
design, i think. >> and do y think you guys have done that? do you think you he a big name there? >> i really do. >> the most important thing i think -- >> the second season airs tomorrow at 10:00, 9:00 central i'm on bravo. perfect game day recipe? crescent bacon-cheddar pinwheels. just unroll the dough, add the ingredients,
9:26 am
roll up, bake, and present. wow... these look so good. and so easy. for this recipe and more, visit 9:26 is your time. 50 degrees, a cool morning, but sunny outside. tom will have your forecast right after the news. good morning, i'm eun yang. d.c. police are looking for a driver involved in a deadly hit and run. someone hit a man near the inrsection of soh capital street and martin luther king jr. avenue in southwest. investigators are now looking for a mercedes with front end damage. the national park service will hold a plic meeting tonight to talk about replacing the visitors screening facility at the washington monument. one new suggestion includes building underground tunnels around the monument. tonight's meeting starts at 5:30 at the national park service headquarters on ohio drive. we'll take a quick break and
9:27 am
we'[ female announcer ]k and joe here likes saving money. that's why joe likes aetna's paymt estimator. he gets to compare out-of-pocket health care costs before they come out of his pocket. at's awesome. [ female announcer ] now let's say every joe in america uses it. looks like everyone likes saving money. ah, the potential of putting people first. thanks joe. know more. get better. get a smarter health plan. ♪ aetna.m.
9:28 am
good morning. bright sunshine, temperatures in the 40s around the region. later today it will climb into the upper 50s. now 50 degrees at national airport and we'll have a few high clouds perhaps ler this afternoon and onight. in addition a wind will incase out of the northwest gusting to 25 miles an hour this afternoon, tonight and into tuesday. jerry, how's the traffic? still loaded up. an accident 395 northbound at seminary road. to the shoulder. now the backup is above that.
9:29 am
pentagon to the 14th street bridge really crawling. outer loop of river road a broken down car just moved to the shoulder. bit of a delay off the 270 spur. later today on nbc 4, ellen gets b
9:30 am
♪ a little girl with an amazingly grown up voice. the 10-year-old who wowed the nation with her performance on "america's got talent" this summer. and she's going to wow us aga when she performs right here on "today." >> so angelic. >> beautiful voice. coming up in this half hour, whether you're looking to see historical sites or go on an adventure. everything fromestaurants to
9:31 am
hotels to culture, we're going to reveal the top five in each category so you can plan your perfect get away. how to keep the flu ay, we'll tell you where those nasty germs are likely lurks. and another way to keep healthy, a nutritious green soup from portugal. we're going to show you how to make this warm and cozy dinner for the cooler nights ahead. >> it's going bright sunshine, a blue sky.
9:32 am
temperatures now around 50 degrees. later today the winds will increase out of the northwest gusting over 25 miles an hour with highs in the upper 50s. it will be feel than thatwith a blustery wind. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine, though. a few late clouds late tis afternoon, tonight and tuesday. morrow blustery, highs in the upper 50s. winds diminish o wednesday. for veterans day, afternoon highs mid-50s. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up next, the best cities to visit in the good old usa. first these messages.
9:33 am
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at log on today and discover why kleenex brand is softness worth sharing. ♪ i'm a tveling man this morning on "today's" travel, maybe you're thinking about visiting one of these great cities here in the united states, but you're not sure which one to go to. leisure and travel's picks. the featured director for travel and leisure magazine. can you see this now on your new ipad app? >> thank you so much once again for acknowledging the ipad app. it is available for download. this is not our picks of the favorite cities -- >> the readers. >> not only the readers but
9:37 am
travelers. a traveler who wanted to say something about great cities in america, 35 of them, they got to go on travel and cast their votes in over 50 different categories and their results are going to be live here. >> charleston, south carolina did pretty well >> not only did they come in number one in friendliest people, but they also came in number one in most attractive people. d they also became number one in best b and bs and inn. >> so really friendly and attractive people at a bed and breakfast? >> who can put you up. one of our favorites is winward mansion. >> next up, t city for ethnic food no surprise right here in new york. >> no need for a drumroll. i like the fact that we got both
9:38 am
ethnic foods and -- we like to kind of spin the globe, decide where we want to go eat based on what we're in the mood for. literally in the shadow of the empire state building. if i want vietnamese, i can go to un choi. i can go to toto ramen which is delicious and if i'm not mood for pizza, and new york is fantastic. >> we don't have a lot of pizza. >> we do. we have neapolitan pizza which is as good as being in naples. >> best cityor historical monuments. what a surprise, washington, d.c.? >> it was kind of a close race, we had washington, we had chorlston and we had savnah and washington pulled out ahead because of course we -- >> have people not heard of the lincoln memorial? >> and the washington monume. and the white house.
9:39 am
>> the holocaust museum? all these places? >> one thing that people may not realize, you can go to the top of the washington monument, you can take an elevator up. but a lot of people wait in line for hours to get their tickets, which arefree. one thing that is a sneaky thing you can do is you can go online and reserve yourickets and you don't have to go and stand in li. it's a $1.50 charge, but it's worth it. >> nashville, whi of course is known as music city. >> country music capital is number one. and you had taylor swift on recently and shes a natural resident and she will sing about everything including how she loves living in nooshl. -- nashville. >> the list of amazing musicns from nashville keeps on growing and one place to go there is the station inn. every monday is a band called the time jumpers, they're an 11
9:40 am
piece country swing band. they have been doing it for ten years, it's one of the funne things to do to get a little slice of the grand old opry. >> and folks who like the outdoorsi love this one, portland, oregon. >> portland, oregon has been doing so well as a great food destinatio if you want to be outdoors, 36,000 acres of green areas in the city is one of those places where you can't basically walk without finding some beautiful place to be outdoors. we love the japanese garden there, there's five acres and beautiful views of mt. hoo >> all right, thanks so much. coming up next, easy ways to flu-proof your home. right after these messages. we're here at the winter dishwashing championship,
9:41 am
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9:43 am
9:44 am
"today's" healthy home is brought to you by clorox, help stop the spreadf germs with clorox disinfecting products. ts morning on "today's" healthy home, flu-proofing your house. if you want to avoid the fevers and the achy joints this year, there's of course the flu vaccine, but there's also smart things you can do in your own house to protect yourself from the virus. the senior editor of "this old house" magazine, good to have you here. more than 200,000 people are hospitalized with complications related to the flu every year. the flu shot is your first line of defense. >> exactly.
9:45 am
>> the second line of defense is really taking a look at your surroundings and there are veral years that the magazine focused on. first of all, flu virus, how long does it survive? >> people get the flu when somedy coughs or sneezes and a healthy person i exposed to the germs in those droplets. say if somebody coughs and it lands on the sink. so if you touch your sink, and then touch your eyes or mouth, yore exposed. >> the germy hot spots, the telephone and the remote control. because if you're at home, mt likely you're doing this? >> the sick person touches them and then you touch it, and before you know it you've got the same coughs or sniffles. you want to do the weekly -- on a weekly basis, anyway just to keep yourself a little set. going to the bedroom or the
9:46 am
bathroom. >> and the computer desk top, how much bacteria are we exposed to? in our newsroom, people actually share compers. >> the bad news for them, comput desk tops have up to 400 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat. >> lovely. >> take your wipes wh you every where you go. >> it makes sense because if you're using your hands and you're coughing and sneezing, that's where the germs are goi to land. >> what ingredients are we looking for specifically, because there's so many different cleaners out there, are weooking for antiacterials? >> one of two words, either disinfect or sanitize. and those words mean officially that they n kill germs. the epa on its website has a list of about 500 products that can kill germs. some people like to make their own cleaning products, you can use lemon juice, or tea tree
9:47 am
oil, those will kill germs, but the studies are inconclusive as to whether they are as good. . >> and then when we talk about cleaning, in fact one of the things that a lot of us do is you tend to take that spon and you wipe down the surfaces, but you're actually spreading it around? >> make sure the things you clean with a themselves clean, a dirty rag, a dirty mop, a dirty sponge, you have to wash those things in really, really hot water in between uses to kill those germs and you can put them in the microwave or the dishwasher. you may also want to switch to paper towels when somebody's sick at home. >> the humidifier i know scientists say that they actually think that humidifiers can actually reduce se of the bacteria in a home, whereas
9:48 am
others believe that it breeds bacteria. >> the problem wh humidifiers is that people don't tend to clean them appropriately. there are two things you must do. change the filter as often as the manufacturer says. keep the inside cleaned by using distilled water which doesn't have minerals in it so you don't get the deposits that can breed bacteria inside. dump it out and clean the inside, clean it with hydrogen peroxide. and you can have those things mostly in a whole house system would be ideal because you're humidifying the whole environment. put it in the room where the sick person is speing most of their time. and coming up next, if you do he the flu, the recipe for a hearty and healthy soup.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning in "today's" kitchen, one of portugal's best loved soup, he's one of o best loved chefs, it's a soup that is bright in color and flavor. the executive chefnd owner of duro restaurant in connecticut. is this a traditional portuguese soup? >> the americans eat french onion soup. the portugals eat this soup. potato based, collard greens and
9:52 am
kale. for the collard greens, you want to zing that right out. and what we do, we roll it up into a little roll. and you're going to be able to cu ne and thin so that it don't ge a little tough on you when it cooks and it's easier to cook fast. >> you cut right in, take off the skin. there's two types, this is a not so dry chilos, and there's anothetype which h a smoke flavor to it. so we'll get some nice little thin slices going. add it in there, to start the soup off, basically i've got some boiling water, take some diced potato. i use russet potatoes because
9:53 am
they're great for cooking down. we have a little bit of garlic, and a couple of chunks of the chourico. after you mash the potato up, you get it ne and creamy. now yo consistency is up to you. i like it nice and pureed, at which point you can take some of these collard greens, it infuses into the soup. you don't want to cook it too long, cause will turn a little brown on you. so for nice vibrant color, you add just before it's done. >> wheno you put the sausage in there? >> the sausage we can add now as well. i have taken some traditional
9:54 am
portuguese bread and this is a very earthy, old world type of bread. you grill it up and you have me nice little breads over here. so here, we have the soup with a little bit of kale, collard greens, chourico and olive oil. and you have to enjoy a little piece of the grill. >> dipping it in there too, right? >> makes it extra hearty. what do you think? >> fantastic. >> coming straight through. >> thank you again. >> hoda and kathie lee are coming up with mario lopez. but first your local news.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
chilly outside again tay. the u.s. capitol there in view with a beautiful blue backdrop. great-looking day out there but a little on the cold side. 53 right new in washington. good morning, i'm barbara harrison. in the news at this hour, right now in the district people are getting ready to rally outside the u.s. attorney's office to protest a controversial court ruling. they're angry that all charges were dropped against five d.c. nine nightclub employees once accused of beating a man to death. some opponts of the decision are now calling for a federal civil rights investigation. that rally starts in just a few minutes at 10:00. we'll have the latest today on news 4 midday. tom joins us now with a look at our forecast for the week. temperatures of climbed into the 50s and later today we should hit the upper 50s, perhaps near 60 by perhaps early to mid-afternoon. we'll get that early sunset. sunset today is at 5:00.
9:58 am
before then we should make it into the upper 50s. tomorrow with a blustery wind beginning late this afternoon and tonight, it will be with us and gust over 25 miles an hour. we'll have high clouds in and out on tuesday. highs in the upper 50s. near 60 on wednesday. for veterans day, sunny, mid-50s. jerry, how's the affic? >> take alive look. still a little rush hour along 395 but slowly but surely winding down. accident seminary road has been cleared so the lanes are open now headed into downtown. through southeast utility work continues, pennsylvania avenue at branch avenue outheast. couple of extra minutes travel time. barbar >> thanks, jerry. later today on nbc 4, ellen gets bristol palin to [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew
9:59 am
fresh, delicio coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. from 15 leading brands, including green mountain coffee. it's the way to breweverp
10:00 am
in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. welcome to our show. it is fun day. it is november 8th . >> yes, it is. >> th of us had big weekends in different places. how was rehoboth. >> i was in rehoboth. there say great book, a tiny bookstorealled browse about. people really come to rehoboth, they read there. they read in rehoboth beach. we had a nice crowd there, all asking about you. >> you sold a ton of books.
10:01 am
>> they asked when is kathie lee coming, did she used to live here, that's the whole group from browse about, a nice group. they all -- people were serving ice cream with you, they work down the street from you. >> the custard, i got fired. >> that's what she said. that's exactly that she said. >> i gaveaway too much of it to the surfer boys. >> is that what it was? >> they were hungry. they didn't have any money and they were really cute. >> hannah was down there. >> i'm going to go to rehoboth. i gotta start spending a little more -- my daddy passed away in rehoboth, at our house there, eight years ago this month and it is hard for me to be there. but anyway -- >> how was your weekend? >> somebody came to see you from my family there. >> yes, mishi's husband, your ster's husband -- >> craig. >> i don't know him. he's like, hey, will you sign my book. i said, sure. and i opened it up and it said to mishi, i already signed t i said this is mishi's book, who is this freak? i'm mishi's husband craig.
10:02 am
>> the whole family said, she's gorgeous. hoda is so striking. she's all right. >> it was a treat, though, to see him. >> he's a wonderful guy. mishi and my mom wre not with you because they were in connecticut with me for cassidy's play and there is cas in "the odyssey". >> look at her. you can't tell anything from that. it is what it is. >> say exactly how she was. she was -- >> she was -- i was thrilled with her growth as an actress. thrilled with it. like how she -- she just nailed it and got better every -- and finally three performances and she goes, now it is fun and now we don't get to do it anymore. >> i n't believe how much she had to memorize for that play. >> pages and pages and pages of -- but then you barely learn it and you have to perform it before you can work on your characterization. but her -- her -- there was a young man named sten from
10:03 am
sweden. it is not even his first language and heever acted before. he's so good. to have the two leads have such chemistry it was great. just great. i'm just trying to get back to normal at our house a little bit. we moved into our little- that we're calling now the spa, the little apartment -- our one-bedroom apartment that we're renting. >> she has one. you have one. and i have another one. >> mine is now -- we decided we're going to call it the spa. because it stands for the sexy party apartment. >> it is so fun getting in there, isn't it? >> it is. we're neighbors and -- >> we're doing -- we're teasing it, we're not giving it away, we're doing a trading pces piece where i get to live kathie lee's life for a day and you get to live ne. >> yeah. >> how much fun is that going to be for you? >> i'm looking forward to it. it is going to be long and arduous because you get up much earlier -- i get up at 5:00,ou
10:04 am
get up at 4:00. >> yeah. >> you have to call karen. >> yes. >> getn the horn, girl. >> call karen and get on the treadmill with a bunch other weird people up that early on treadmills. i'm not looking forward to it, i got to be honest. >> get ready. get your game face . speaking of running, al roker and meredith vieira did something incredible as you guys probably know. they ran the new york city marathon. astonishing. meredith finished in just under six hours. watch this. watch. do a sound bite. ♪ >> it is just -- i'm reallyso proud of them. >> i mean -- >> so proud. that's -- to see them that day, when you think about it, think about -- i guess meredith took six and al took aut seven hours, think about what you do in the course of six hours, you wake up, read the paper, do
10:05 am
stuff, clean around the house. all that time they were running, running, running. >> and the preparation for it. look at al, h's had one knee replaced and think how far he's come with the weight loss. >> the kids. >> it is so great. >> it was so cool to watch them finish and meredith said, hold on -- meredith is never -- it is never aboutmeredith. >> it is never about meredith. for first te, i love she said that, she looked up and she said i'm just so proud. she did something that was monumental for her. and look a deborah, she's -- anyway, the chiln miner finished too. he did very well. and congrats to everybody. just makes you want to do that. >> you were having brunch all day long. and i was at church, of course. >> of course you were. >> yes. all right, apparently michael jackson recorded a lot of music before he passed away. now, sony has just released somethg called breaking news and it is making its world premiere online. it was recorded, they say, in
10:06 am
2007. not officially released. but they're -- listen to it and see if it sounds like him. ♪ just when you thought he was done ♪ ♪ he goes to give it again ♪ >> sounds just like him. >> some people said it did and some didn't. >> skeptics. they don't believe anything. >> weird to hear him sing after he's passed away, huh? >> listen, if somebody like me has a gazillion hours of recorded stuff that is not released, how much michael jackson has, younow what i'm saying? they uslly record 40 songs and come down to the 12 that are -- >> that's a good one. >> i don't think there is any question it is him. >> i don'teither. here is the cool story, there was a guy in new jersey -- >> this comes under the title, what would you do. >> exactly. there was a -- what if u found a backpack laying there in the woods that you happened upon. you get out, open it up and inside you find $5,000 worth of cash and a bunch of jewelry. what would you do in that case?
10:07 am
would you, a, try to find the rightful owner or b, take it to your house and spend the money and cash in thejewels? >> what would you do? >> i would dfinitely -- i would try to find the person. >> i would try to find the person. the whole time i would be praying i couldn't. >> stop. >> because then- tried, but i couldn't find them. then, of course, i would give it to charity. >> charity. i think people are really-- i think a lot of people return things. i remember i left my wallet in a cab and the cab driver ended up returning it completely full, like it was of cards and -- and then he brow beat me about why do you put all your credit cards in one place, you could be in big trouble if someone else found it. >> let me ask you this, have you changed your ways? >> no. haveou met me. this person is walking around with their jewels and money in a backpack - >> with all these gps stuff. >> i think a lot of people carry their stuff with them because they feel -- >> but that seems likehe best way to lose it. because you put somethingown
10:08 am
for a second, it could be -- >> today there was a lady in the gym,nd she was going into the shower with her purse. with her purse. >> naked carrying her purse. >> she had her t-shirt and shorts on but going to the shower, you can change in there, had her purse and hanging it on the rack. >> people like you are in the gym, of course. >> my mom would have a friend o would carry around all of her jewels in a -- like a grocery plastic grocery bag, just carry it, because you never know. people like to be closeto their things. where's my purse? people are constantly -- >> the older you get -- >> the more you want to hang o to tough. >> panic attack sets in. i won't mention my mother, but they do. >> you need to have your stuff nearby. i don't care about my stuff yet. i'm sure the day will come when i do, but i don't. >> how isyour apartment coming along? what am i going to see when i wake up? >> now i'm into hefty bags. i've gotten through some of the boxes. i cannot tell you how frustrating it is to find
10:09 am
clothes in the bags because i don't have a chest of drawers yet. they haven't ce. i'm digging through. that's what happens. >> that's what i can expect? is there food in the refriger e refrigerator for me? >> there is a little leftover chicken, i think. >> how old? >> fray, friday. it will be good. you'll enjoy it. you'll enjoy it. >> this will not turn out well at all. >> you were sending out e-mails, wh do you put at the end of the e-mail to signo? some people put different words, one word thing, cheers or whatever. if you write cheers, this is what it says about you. i'm casual, yet professional. all right. and you would -- you do thanks. >> i say thanks or thanks so much and that says, do what i've asked and let's leave it at that, shall we? >> and those who sign best say, i wish good things for you. i don't think that's what tha means. i think you sign it because you're trying to figure out wt to sign. >> best wishes, best regards. >> but best. >> meaning i wish you the best. >> that doesn't mean -- you don't mean it. >> or i'm the best and you're
10:10 am
lucky you're receiving my e-mail. i don't know. another reason i don't e-mail. >> a lot of people do xo. >> you're an xoxo. >> i know. because it is easy and people know that -- >> you're sending love. >> i like that. >> forite things. >> yeah. okay, get busy. >> every week, i think -- i don't have i have another favorite thing and then i realize i do. every month when we do our everyone has a story, write a little note to our performer and give them as a gift this. it is grethers. you already did this. >> no, i didn't, did i? >> yes, you did. but let's do it again. but they'r really good. >> they're sugar free and come in black currant and cherry. and all the broadway stars use them. the voice teachers around town only say use these. >> those are great. >> they don't dry you out at all. they're excellent. th cost this huge thing, that's what i've been paying for this? $50.
10:11 am
>> that's a lot. >>, they're gorgeous. >> this is tattered and beaten, but it's mine. it looks like a purse you uldn't want to carry, but i'll show you what it is. >> it has to be an ipod thing. >> hold on. pl your -- i'll hold it up. >> this is that home ipod thing. >> ihome. >> then you go like this, play. i hope there are baeries in it. you turn it on. hold on. hold on. >> listen to what she's listening to. hold on. >> get ready. you can carry it around like a purse. hold on. just wait. ♪ this is how we do it this is how we do it ♪ >> this is not thursday. >> this is how we do it. isn't it cute? you carry it around like a little purse. ♪ this is how we do it >> don't like the muic. but i like the idea.
10:12 am
so -- ♪ this is how we do it it's friy night ♪ >> i'm turning it down. i'm trying to turn it down. >> a vbig show, everybody. we'll take a sneak peek at a sand sculptor who has been working for hours and hours and hours. this is matt long. he's been here since early this morning. >> what is he making? he'll reveal it later. >> it looks a little weird- >> a little like lucy and ethel to me. >> it kind of does. you know who is here with me today? >> i saw him outside. his dimples are exquisite. >> they're getting bigger, mario lopez is in the house. a lot going on, this guy. >> tons. a new dad, new show. and then we're goin to -- we're going to premiere something brand-new, who is it our fan of the week? could it be you? we'll finout.
10:13 am
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extra host mario lopez has more than celebrity news keeping him up at night. now his source of sleep
10:16 am
deprivation comes from a little bundle of love named gia frances francesca. >> yes, you'll get to meet the newest addition to the lopez family on mario's new reality show called "mario lopez: saved by the baby." but first, we get to see another side of the tv show host as he shares his pet peeve of overpacking with his then pregnant girlfriend courtney. take a look. >> please pack what you need in one carry-on and tell your family to do the same because you know how you can wash the clothes there and it is international travel, we can lose things. the is always drama. you have bad luck with everything. >> i know. but i'm pregnant. >> so what does that mean? the clothes is bigger? what does that mean? >> you have to listen to her hello. i'm pregnant. are you a control freak, mario? >> no, i'm not. we just had drama with -- for some reason, the airlines love to lose my luggage. so i'm ike, honey, please, we can fit it on the carry-on. where we're going, they wash the clothes for you. it was a vacation. we hang out inhorts the whole time or bathing suits or
10:17 am
whatever. >> did she listen to you? >> of course not. she never does. i always defer to her. but i try to campaign. >> now you have this beautiful new child, you know what traveling with a baby is like. you need -- >> a whole other thing. >> a cargo jet. >> i know that from my sister and her three ds. she's only about three weeks right there. you know what's funny, i thought babies were born bald, by the way, i was -- she was -- she was a whole full head of hair. that blew me away forsome reason. >> my father thought i was meant for the zoo, i was so -- look at that. >> come on, the biceps with the baby. >> that's what we like. is there a baby in that picture? >> nothi sexier than watching a manove his children, i think. i think that is the sexiest thing on earth. >> it was weird, because everybody told me about, of course, the lack of sleep, this and that, but what nobody told me is how different i would feel because i never felt that sort of love before and i was just overwhelmed with emotion and pride and it was just -- that sounds corny, but it was like a
10:18 am
life changing expernce that i didn't know how to handle at the moment. but i'm so fired up. and i waited to find out what we were having. strongly suggest to people out there who are pregnant because i wanted at -- it is that mome, and it was great. i walked out of the delivery room and said we had bets on everything, the sex and the weight and everything. and it was great. and all the little tests pointed it to being a boy and i thought it was a girl. >> how did it change your relationship with courty? >> it strengthened it. i look at her with more love and admiration and more respect. she's an amazing mother. >> was her pregnancy easy and birth was good? >> a poster child for pregnancy. she ner got sick. she was -- she looks great now, six weeks later. >> oh! >> she was just allbelly. her face and body from the back, you couldn't tell anything. just a little belly. >> was she into the reality show? you tu the spotlight on your life -- >> that's a good question. the genesis, i'm writing a first
10:19 am
time father book, i'm thinking this would be a cool reality show. i pitched to her and said would you be up for this? it cld be fun. then the show was supposed to be me juggling all my jobs, following my friends and taking this journey to being a first-time father. buthen the baby comes, it becomes all about the baby. >> the baby calls all the shots. >> iis so funny, i hope you girls check it out, because it is really funnynd we lay it all out there and we're very real. we inform a lot of people and hopefully people find it enterining but we had a lot of fun. at first ias reluctant, my gosh, what did i get myself into, it is going to be a little invasive. >> everybody says get married now. >> who knows if she wants to keep me. the jury is out. we'll see. >> srt woman. >> we like her. >> mario, we love you, darling. you can watch "mario lopez: saved by the baby" on what, hod >> on vh1. i'm sorry is there a baby in that picture? what' going on behind the
10:20 am
cyrus family closed doors? we'll bring you all the buzz. nd sara haines introduces us to our fan of the week. final. ♪ we found a pla we can actually afford. he this we did it for him, but it's probably more for me. know, that's my baby. my five-and-a-half-foot baby. [ male announcer ] get unlimited talk and text with the new walmart family mobile plan, where families can save $1,200 a year. what will you do with your savings? ♪ how'd you do th? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars.
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allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and rning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dlars at discover a restful lunesta night. what makes a hershey's bar pure? ["melt with you" playing] pure fun. pu joy. pu delicious cholate. pure hershey's. all right, that's the sound of our new monday series called "fan of the week". >> here to introduce us to first holder of the title is our very own sara haines. what have you got for us? >> it wasery difficult, but after weeding through countless kathie lee and hoda groupies, an
10:23 am
understatement, we were able to find one who stoo out from the crowd and the winner is, drum roll, john ingino, he works as a flight attendant and calls hoda and kathie lee his apprentice flight attendants. he takes cutouts to work with him and we have klg at 30,000 miles, he even takes pictures of you guys with celebrity guests like lorenzo lamas, he's a soap opera star. andthen we had cutouts -- when you -- >> he sleeps with us? >> he's not in there as you can se just the two of you together, snuggling. but walso have a little bit of -- he -- when he's not flying, he loves to sing, travel, watch football, cook, he's been a fan of the show since the very beginning. his first parts is when you sing in unison, ala louis licari.
10:24 am
he likes when you compete, because there is always cheating, hoda. he loves when the crew gets involved and he says you got to love the wine. he sounds like our kind of guy. >> i like him. >> john, when you're coming to new york on one of your trips, please come and visit us here at -- i think we want you to. >> we're not 100%, but we think. >> this is a situation where we chose him, may be signing him a signed cd and book. >> of course we should do that. >> we might do that for him. >> out might have 16 cds, which one do you think he would lik >> whichever one you have the most of. >> are you kidding me? still to come, a lot of enterinment buzz after this. >> and you'll find out who is named glamour girl of the year. make your christmas story unforgettable!
10:25 am
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that's 1.888.818.3467. at 800-974-66 tty/v. it's time to get more for your money. it's time for fios. we're back on this fun day with today's buzz. taking you behind t celebrity scene. >> absolutely. here to dish out the scoop, bonnie fuller, editor in chief of hollywood and rose ann colletti. >> we're talking about a bunch of celebs getting engaged or married. and nick le'shai has been dating melissa manillo. >> for years. forever. >> how did he pop the question? >> he got down on his knees, very romantic and presented her with an extremely large ring.
10:31 am
>> how large was it? >> 4.5 carats. >> that's respectable. >> that's a good size, weighs down that hand a little t. he was able to pop the question on his knee. >> he does squats. >> how long was he down there? >> they had a reality show, and jessica. >> many people thought it contributed to the demise of their marriage. >> do you think he'll do that? >> no. he has said there is going to be no reality show about it. but, yes, it did contribute to the mise of their marriage, however, it made them both stars. now, jessica has not taken too well to this new engagement. >> but s's happy in her own life right now, isn't she? >> she is. but pop eater says she was very saddened by this announcement. >> i think if you're kind of happy, i still think you're a little bummed when your ex gets married. >> she had a lot of ups and downs with her men in her recent relationships. >> john mayer. >> what is it about john mayer? it seems like every time -- >> they all think they're the ones that can change him. >> turn him around, i know. >> he's inspired so many son.
10:32 am
>> another celebrity couple, the woman from "ncing with the stars," karina smirnoff. >> that's a cute story. they wereengaged in october. and he proposed to her at a restaurant in malibu. it was a whole setup. her manager took her to the restaurant, and said you're ing to have a private meeting with the head of twitter. the manager exits, in comes brad penny, drops down on his knee, opens up a ring box. another knee and a 4.5 carat ring. so another big -- >> what is it with 4.5? >> $125,000. >> that's so funny. >> some people would say it wasn't big enough or expensive engh because he makes $7.5 million aear playing ball. >> that's his business, though, right? >> how big do you need it? seriously. >> in this time of recession. >> big enough. >> people keep talking about leann rimes and eddie cibrian or whatever. they keep saying they're engaged. are they officially engaged? what's the story? >> they're not officially
10:33 am
gaged. but lee ann contributed to this misconception. they posted a picture of herself and eddie down on his knee proposing to her. and then she got all up in arms and after eonline broke the story, she went on twitter and said they're ong, how dare they, we're not engaged, but we're in love and we're happy. >> and we were teasing. >> there may be a back story here. they m have wanted to keep it secret because they want to sell the exclusive rights so that may be what's really going on. >> has this damaged her, though? a like lee ann, every time she's here she's a delight. but she's been known a little like angelina jolie, they're considered home wrecker becau both of them were married to other people. >> at's right. i mean, she spoke out about it in a recent special, and she said i am no home wrecker, however, there is big uproar when she's on the cover of "shape" that a lot of the readers wrote in and said why are you putting a man stealer on the cover?
10:34 am
we don't like that. >> nobody knows the rl story there either. >> miley cyrus is getting a lot of ink. you saw the pictures, didn't you? >> they are. i love miley. >> what was goin on? >> she was in spain and she was having a drink of beer. >> in madrid. she's in a club in madrid with a bunch of he friends, she's been over there for the mtv european awards and there she is holding corona. >> she's a month away, a couple of weeks away from her 18th birthday. 18 is the legal drinking age. >> in spain. >> it is not strictly enforced over there. >> no, no. most europenans they're -- well never mind. >> let her slide on that one. >> where was it, berlin or some place in germany where the grinding thing and the outfit with the -- she's been doing so much of that, racy outfits, grinding against her dancers, riding around on beds in videos. i think a lot of it is very cumulative and disturbs parents of her fans. >> what is the story with her mom and dad now? i read they were separated or what's the story? >> they announced tt they're
10:35 am
divorcing. there is a lot of rumors that there was an -- that the mom tisch had an alleged affair with brett michaels. but he's deed it up the wazoo. and miley said when she's over in europe that her best birthday present would be to have her familyll together for her birthday. >> of coue, she loves her parents. there was also some question about his own infidelities on the other side as well through the years. >> oh, yes. >> i'm not saying that they're true, but, you know, it all -- it is almost impossible to remain in a steady grounded family with all of that going on. >> with all of is going on with her, with the grinding and the bad clothing and all of that, she has carried this family crisis off with a lot of grace and dignity. she really has. >> shs a great girl. we wish them the best. >> ladies, thank you. >> go out and do what you do, go dig up some more dirt. see you next time. up next, glamour magazine mes iwomen ofhe year. this is always fun. >> plus, the guy responsible for these beautiful works of sand art reveals his special creation he's making for us.
10:36 am
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for the 20th year, "glamour" magazine honors a handful of women w are leaders in their field. >> cindy levy is th editor in chief and our women's lifestyle contributor and she's here with two of "glamour's" honorees tonight donatella versace and lisa leslie. nice to see all of you. congratulations to both of you. >> cindy, how do you -- it is
10:40 am
interesting how you select, because everybody is so different obviously, donatella, lisa, you have a lot of terrific celebs, but what is the common threa >> we're looking for women who have broken barriers in all different kinds of fields from women like lisa who four olympic gold medals. >> hello. >> and first woman ever to du in a pro basketball game. >> is that right? >> yes. >> something that most of us can only dream of she accomplished. and donatella took over one of the world's most importa fashion brands and turned it into an empire. these are women who have pushed us all forward in some way. >> and you're honoring julia roberts. >> queen rania, fergie, cher is our lifetime achievement award and an award t a wom who with her daughte who are all doctors in somalia have turned their family farm into one of the world's largest camps for displaced people. >> wow, tat's fabulous. >> amazing, amazing women. >> so when you were called, donatella, and told you were being honored, what was your reaction? >> i was so happy. i w so happy because this is a
10:41 am
big award. why me? >> the company you're in, you're in a darn good company. >> lisa, what about for you? >> it is amazing to be honored by "glamour." we love to play fashion and dress up, it is a great honor to mix the two. i love being a role model for so many young boys and girls in our country. >> i think it is great how you changed the face of sports. women playing sports in high school has jumped from 7% to 42%. how do you think that changes a young girl? >> i think it is great because statistics show girls are more likely not to do drugs or go to school or more likely to go to college when you participate in extracurricular activities. and it is great for us to get that self-esteem, that's what it is about. is learningo love yourself. that's what sports did to me. i didn't ask to be 6'5", that's this is what god gave me. i did the best i can in fashion
10:42 am
and maintaining my feminine while still playing sports. >> a great book author too, we should point out. >> that's right. >> cindy, describe what the night is like. it is very star studded. >> we haven't been, i don't want to say anything. tell us what it is like. what ist like? we'll live vicariously. >> it is a wonderful night. we do the event at carnegie hall and each winner has her award presented by someone who she is close with. so it becomes more meaningl and intimate than sometimes the case at those events. but the wonderful thing about e night is there is incredible mix of women, it is not all people you see together ordinarily. sometimes those women, the women w are from halfway around the world have accomplished amang things are the ones who really move us all the most. >> great to see all of you. congratulations. >> and congrat on 20 years. >> thank you, thank you. >> all right. up next, from donatella versace to donatella arpaella
10:43 am
who donatellas in the show. >> what are the chances of that. >> a few more minutes until that surprise sand sculpture is revealed. stick around fothat. [ female announcer ] can your body wash nourish this deeply? the moisturizer in other body washes sits on top of skin. only dove has nutriummoisture, which can nourish deep down. dove bodyash with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin.
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time for "today's kitchen" and we're getting saucy with pizza. not just any pizza, pizza that will help your hangover. >> donatella arpaella is the chef and owner of donatella, her restaurant, the ninth. you're unbelievable. >> turning them out, baby. >> you serve a wide variety of pizzas in your -- >> in my neapolitan pizza with the most fantastic oven, all in gold mosaic tile and made from italy. >> the oven is important. >> the oven is everything to the pizza, yes. today i'm going to show you how to make one at home, which is kind of hard. i made it easy for you. you like easy, right? >> we like simple. this is a hangover pizza. >> hangover pizza, when you're hung over, what do you like to eat, an g and cheese in the
10:48 am
morning. >> i don't know. >> you don't know what that's like. come on. >>e serve it in the restaurant, you rolout dough, preheat your oven as hot as you can and put a sheet pan in instead of a cooking stone. you want it to be hot. roll out the dough on parchment pap, you don't want to burn yourself. really easy. you put it in the oven, cook it for eight minutes. >> you put it on -- >> y want to -- because this goes in the oven, and it makes it really hot. keep it preheating for 30 minutes. >> okay. >> the whole thing about a pizza is to make your oven as hot as possible. >> what's with the shape? were you still drunk when you did it? >> that's the beautiful thing about a piza. >> it looks like a kidney. >> this has a cream cheese quality it is not hard tfind. go for the robiolla, it is delicious. do you know how to cracan egg? >> that was just rude, do you know how to crack an egg?
10:49 am
careful. she's crunching it in her hand like a fist. >> you're supposed to crack it on the pizza. go for it. >> i'll do it. >> beautiful. nice. >> want another one? >> right top? >> right on top. you put it -- we'll did a lito salt and pepper. >> sometimes that happens. >> very good, hoda. salt, fresh pepper. put it back in the oven for about four minutes until the white sets. thewe come over here. >> that's the -- that's the deal? >> yeah. >> and then you -- >> that's the whole thing? >> that's it. >> you add a little fresh arugula on, spiy. and so important, truffle oil. >> love truffle oil. >> truff oil makes anything better, right? >> what is so great about it? >> it is delicious. >> it is expensive but delicious. >> they ve brands that are not so expensive anymore. you can get them in the supermarket. >> really? >> you have a hgover, you want the fat. >> that's that? >> how does one eat it?
10:50 am
>> you just cut it. >> here yo go. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >>i'm not allowed to have cheese or bread, this should be interesting. >> one bite. >> what's in this area? >> i'm making a hangover ocktail. >> of course you are. that makes perfect sense. >> it is nonalcoholic f you want to add a shot in, sometimes they say the hair othe dog is better. it is made with cherry juice. i like cherry bundy and orange juice. cherry juice is -- has very high antioxidants, more than pom. pomegranate is the big range. cherr juice is the new big range. here is the ice, add some orange juice. a lot of vitamin c. it is the truffle oil, right? it is so easy for the kids, they want a snack. go whole foods and buy pizza dough. it is so easy. a little simple syrup. shake. >> shake, all right. >> i don't know if you want to shake too hard when you have a hangover. pour with a little mint and i'll top it with a little club soda. this is great for a hangover.
10:51 am
high in vitamin c, high in antioxidants, perfect for coming up with the holidays now. though you two never drink. you ladies -- >> no. >> isn't it fun? >> only when it is necessary. >> exactly. >> donatla, thanks. when will you open your new restaurant? >> i don't know. donatla, my first r, come to the bar. >> okay. thank you so much, swede suieti now that we're finished with these, our sand sculptor is about to reveal his greatest creation yet. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
10:52 am
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10:54 am
if you're just tuning in, matt long, a master sand sculptor, arrived at 5:00 this morning and he's been working so hard ever since. >> now he's down at our scene dock, where he's been for the better part of six hour. he's ready, he's in our studio, to reveal his latest creation. hello, matt.
10:55 am
>> hello, girls. great to be here, thank you. >> it is great to see you. >> befe you show us our stuff, you do some credible work that we have seen -- just crazy, crazy sand sculptures. >> it has taken off in the united stes. and the competition, as you can see, and the degree of skill and art is just skyrocketing. >> were you a sculptor by trade to begin with? >> myself, no. i have no artistic training what so ever. >> that's unbelievable. >> yeah, i just saw someone do this in the sand one day and i was hooked and one thing le to another. the last piece is from this year's world championship, the united states team, we came in second. >> wow, congratulations. if you had clay, you couldn't do what you do with sand? >> there is something about the temporal nature of sand and the texture it a tough medium to work. >> let's reveal. we got to show it. let's turn it. who are these people? >> who are those women? >> these women are not as beautiful as the real thing. let me tell you. >> okay.
10:56 am
so kathie lee is the one -- >> so flaering. i'm the one with the bigger bazoom. >> i'm the one who looks astonished. >> you can tell by the medium. >> yes, i see. >> first of all -- >> i need more -- i need more time to capture the beauty. >> i tnk you did -- >> we'll sen youown to the cellar again. >> the loading dock. >> i think there are too many teh. >> you got a lot going on. >> a lot of teeth, but -- >> i think it is amazing, i really -- and how do you feel when you've done one and the wave comesn and they take it away? >> most of the sculptures i do i get to walk away from. when they take them down, sometimes it hurts. this won't hurt as much as some. but if you've done a great job and you know it is going down or see it, it kind of hurtsa little. >> and special sand back there. >> special sand.
10:57 am
we're here for the sand sculpting event. this is the ssta key sand. >> you can't sell yours? >> no. >> we can't buy it for the living room? >> no. >> tomorrow, brett michaels a nora ephron will be with us. >> have a great day, everybody.
10:58 am
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