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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  November 26, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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so many people here so early. certainly a busy scene here. promising to remain that way until at least 10:00 tonight. we're live at tysons corner back to you. >> tha you, derrick ward. >> it's too busy. i would not go there. >> many other stores are already open to shoppers right now. as derrick mentioned, tysons corner is open and will remain open until 10:00 tonight. the premium outlets opened at midnight and will stay open until 10:00 p.m. pentagon shopng exterior will open at 5:00 a.m. fair oaks will open at 7:00. i guess that's late on a black friday. and montgomery mall will open at 6:00 a.m., although some stores opened as early as midnight. some of the bigger stores are
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already letting customers shop till they drop. they bothpened at 4:00 a.m. best buy is getting ready to open at 5:00 a.m., in just about a half hour. go to and search "black friday". >> for those up and shopping in alexandr alexandria, they don't have to worry about parking. it's a special incentive for oppers to visit old town to make their holiday purchases. >> and if you go outside today, i know what's going on. all those people are getting inside into the air-conditioning because it is so bizarrely warm. 63 degrees. >> and windy too. weird weather pattn out there. >> for now. we'll have a huge change. this time tomorrow will be in the 20s. eek! >> yeah. a big drop coming in later today. it is balmy and blustery. temperatures in the upper 50s to
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near 60 degrees. we have a few sprinkles owing up on radar. sohern montgomery county and right inside the beltway into northwest washington, one little shower that stretches over towards silver spring and northern arundel county. in western maryland there is a big change in temperature. colder air will be coming our way. 58 at national airport. right now in southern maryland, near 60 degrees. weather watchers on the northern neck, eastern shore, it'saround 60 degrees this morning. but mh colder air beginning to move into the mountains. right now it's down to freezing temperatures in the ohio valley. look at cincinnati. they're down to 29 degrees right now. some of that cold air is heading our way. it's a cool front triggering rain. the backside of the raichanges over to sleet there but it is quickly ending. the leading edge is coming ito
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our far westerniewing area, hagerstown and points west. it's breaking off to the east. we will plummet out the 50s. 40s this afternoon. and by this time tomorrow morning, we'll be down into the 20s starting off saturday morning. so a bigchange coming in. a look at saturday, sunday, monday in ten minutes. jerry, how is trfic? off to a quiet start. i guess folks are going shopping in virginia, had ien 95, capital beltway, 66, no early concerns. h.o.v. restrictions ar back on for today. so bear that in mind. a little bit of a break yestday but not today. let's head over to the american legion bridge. inner loop and outer loop between tysons corner and the i-270 spur moving without delay. one delay. north delphi road.
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traffic detoured. wilson bridge traffic a-okay so far. we are closely monitoring a developing story overseas. artillery shots have been heard again on island attacked earlier this week by north korea. tuesday, artillery fire poured down on many homes, killing four people, including two civilians. overnight, south korean military leaders said two explosive sounds were heard. so far authorities have not determined where it came from. north korea warned upcoming u.s. involved military drills are pushing the peninsula tohe brink of war. uss george washington is expected to conduct drills this weekend. a third blast inside a new zealand mine added to destruction there. emergency crews arrived to cleaned debris and reach the 29 workers o died inside. it happened almost a week to he minute after the first one.
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investigators say they likely died after the first blast. a buildup of methane gas caused each explosion. utility crews trying to restore power to 400 homes in arlington. it happened at brittany condominiums well fore dinner time. jackie benson talked to some who had to find other ways for their thanksgiving day meal. >> reporter: is not usually a big deal unless it's thanksgiving and you just put the turkey in the oven. jenny led her guests away from the thanksgiving feast that would not be. the power went out at her condominium brittany. >> they showed up and there was no fire starting quart tore 3:00. i couldn't put it in until late because they were coming late, right? we had lots of lukewarm food.
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>> reporter: she is a gracious host and good cook but the fooled not be the most memorable part of this thanksgiving. >> there was a turkey. it's still there. it's on the balcony in the 10th floor. if you like your turkey really, really rare, this is a great time for you to jump in and have a meal. >> so residents of the several hundred unit building spent the evening by candlelight. alex williams enjoyed an early afternoon dinner at the home of friends and came back to see their neighbors were not happy. >> there were about 20 some people. checked on them at noon time and things were okay. >> reporter: jackie benson, news 4 today. dominian virginia power said a transfoer caused that power outage. >> fir crews are still trying to figure out what caused a massive fire at a historic home
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in frederi, maryland. 70511 pool jones road. the house was owned by a doctor. the home dates back to the 1760s. it has not been occupied for years. one woman who grew up in the neighborhood remembers how beautiful it was when she was invited inside as a young girl. >> oh, it's beautiful on the inside. very or nate. gorgeous house that i can remember as a kid. >> and seeing it up in flames and smoke? >> it's sad. >> property magers tell news 4 they had plaedo turn the home into a rehab center for war veterans. this morning a police officer is on leave and one man is in custody after a dramatic hostage standoff in silver spring, maryland. it happened 11:30 yesterday northern, thayer avenue. a man crashed his car into a pole and started running. he then grabbed a hostage and
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shot a a tacoma police officer and he fired back. the officer is on routine administrative leave while investigats look at all the details >> 5degrees. on news 4 tonight, a sign of the season arrives here in the district >> it will certainly start to feel like winter. a check of thehilly forecast. your weather and traffic are next. but up next, forget white christmas. up 95 just a little ways they had a white thanksgiving.
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wow. welcome back. 4:40. a little bit of snow. did not stop this group from burning off a few calories. check out this father/son football bowl in philadelphia. the guys say out of the seven years they have played on thanksgiving, this is the first year it snowed. wow. it will be a thanksgiving you'll never forget. >> that's the way it should be played. >> looks like fun. can't belive it snowed uthere, tom. >> we had snow through central pennsylvania. just our northern/western suburbs. didn't last long. overnight have had blustery southwest winds that swept in mild air. right now out ahead of a front we have sprinkles in northeast washington and into northern prince george's county. off to our west another patch of blue getting light rain in
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washington county and western maryland and highlands of west virginia. and there's a big change in temperatures between here and where it's raining. only in the low to mid-40s in the panhandle of west virginia. closer to washington, we're in the mid and upper 50s. near 60 around the lower bay. all this associated with a front th's moving rain our way. we'll hikely have showers through midday. then later this afternoon, down to near 40 after sunset and 20s tomorrow morning. breezy and cold on saturday. sunny sunday and still cold. a bit milder monday. a look at next week in 10 minutes. some folks going shopping. some folks going to wo. new york avenue, anacostia, heading into town, third street tunnel looking pretty good this morng. we're just a little bit just a little bit of volume. let's ad over along the 395 corridor. h.o.v. restrictions, which were lifted yesterday, are back in force today.
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ed sell to the 14th street bridge moving nily. new hampshire avenue northbound delphi still closed. accident investigation continues. joe and eun. >> a right, jerry, thanks very much. >> 4:42 is your time. new research areow deadly secondhand smoke really is. hear from the devoted shopper who consistently lands in the front of the line. a live black friday report is next. stay with us.
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new air wick candles wrap the whole room with ribbon after ribbon of indulgent scent... like apple and sheer cinnamon. winter luxur by air wick. also available in scented oils. checking your top stories in the news for today. north korea warns that upcoming military drills are pushing to the brink of war. meanwhile, south korean auorities said they heard artillery shells today on an island attacked earlier this week by south korea but could
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not tell where they lidge nated >> a third explosion inside a new zealand mine. investigators say a buildup of methane gas caused the first blast that killed 29 workers. fire crews are investigating what caused a massive fire in frerick, maryland. the home had not been aupd for years, but there were plans to turn it into a rehabilitation center for war veterans. investigators said they have not yet figured out the case. it is black friday. wur just wake up to start your shoppi spree, a lot of people have already beat you. these people were standing outside the stores for hours before they finally opened at midnight. this year for the first time a few stores opened at 10:00 p.m. >> great deals. can't beat it. >> this is how it's done. holiday tradition.
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>> the line at the coach store is traditionally the longest. we talked to people who got there late yesterday afternoon. this is the sixth year e outlets have hosted midnight madness >> some have already en shopping for hours. the mall has been open since midnight and it is crowded it looks, derrick. >> reporter: it has turned into early morning madness now. i'm going to walk over here to tasha page. you said this started well before midnight. >> people were here at 100 lined up to get in the store. >> are the crowds greater or smaller than they were then. >> a lot smaller. >> and your day isn't over. you have a long day ahead of you. >> i have to head to fair oaks after. >> hope you have a lot of coffee. we're trying to restore the
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economy. i guess signs here are people do have money to spend. of course that's what these retailers hope. we're live at tysons corner. now back to you. >> for some people the deals are enough to make them skip thanksgiving dayaltogether. some people spent the entire holiday camped outside best buy-in falls church. one man has been first in line for five years. >> recession, you know? save here. >> man. for those who couldn't wait sears was open on thanksgiving day. kmart in anandale was open at 6:00 a.m. to a line of people that were waiting outside. >> with all the shopping, decorating, wrapping and cooking and baking, experts advised you not to let it wear you out. psychologists say much of our holiday stress comes from unrealistic expectations. instead, doctors say you should
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embrace the madness if you can. >> embrace that as opposed to try to make it better, trying to make it dressier. >> the madness, if you can, because the next best thing to peace on earth -- >> psychologist say people tend to be happiest when they're participating in rituals, much like our holiday traditions. first lady will receive the christmas tree. it will take a week for decorators to transform the tree into the centerpiece for the blue room. is year's tree comes from lleyton, pennsylvania. people will be lighting their town's christmas tree tonight. the annual tree lighting cereny starts at 7:00 at marcus square in old town. admission is free. there will be entertainment and a visit from santa claus.
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he's early. the event wille held rain or shine. if you think you're busy, think of mr. claus. all these events he has to go through. >> i just put away the turkey and the fixings. >> santa embraces the chaos every year. a balmy start to this friday. we have on radar a few sprinkles showing up ahead of a cool front that are going to dramatically drop our temperatures later today. right now it's rather balmy. light rain in northern prince george's county. that light rain is heading north and east. other showers in washington county. farther west, western maryland, hilands of west virginia. right now the temperatures are balmy, washington, upper 50s to near 60. prince george's, arlington, fairfax. weather watchers reporting there as well as on the eastern shore. farther to our west ty're getting rain.
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hagerstown, 42. martinsburg, 45. below freezing in ohio. cincinnati is only at 29 degrees. and farther north and west it's in the single digits in the upper midwest this morning. very cold, unusually cold air or late november coming in. you can see this area of color. this is rain. western pennsylvania, western maryland, west virginia. far western edge changes to sn. much dryer air is pushing this moisture east and it's tending to dry out as it passes east. we'll have a few psing showers this morning. sunrise, 7:02. 50s in the morning and midday. after that front goes by, a little sunshine breaking out mid to late afternoon. temperatures in the 40s by then. sunset, 4:48. late tonight, by dnight, probably near 40 degrees.
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then the upper 20s in many locations tomorrow morning. our sunrise on saturday, 7:04. we'll have lots of sun tomorrow but it will be breezy and cold. nur temperatures in the 30s. sunday afternoon, bright and sunny, afternoonhighs only in the low to mid-40s again. we'll have diminished wind sunday. for monday, quite a bit of nshine. a few clouds late in the day. a bit milder. r50 degrees for highs. here's a look into next week. tuesday we'll have a front coming through once again. it may stall out a bit. showers likely on tuesday, tuesday night and wednesday. highs in the 50s. morning lowe's 40s. and chilly air moving in behin that front as we get into thursday. that's the way it looks. check weather channel on cable.
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if you're traveng check out international weather there, too. how is traffic? doing pretty well on the prce george's. south passing andrews air force base, wilson bridge looking good. see if th's the case elwhere. district, 295 looking good. so far on the the drive d pavement. if you're making the trip through northeast, the sousa bridge moving along well >> this is the day a black cat could be your lucky charm. this is another story. we're talng about video game sales. this is call of duty. we'll have that story coming up. now is the time to adopt a pet. animal league of alexandria is
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hosting a black friday event. you can adopt these between 1:00 and 8:00 p.m. on eisenhower avenue. prince george's county is hosting a similar event. the county's animal management group will be adopting black cats and dogs at a reduced free between noon and 6:00 p.m. that's at animal services facility in upper marlboro. an important headline in ws for or your health this morning. a new study sgests secondhand smoke kills 600 people every year. scientists found 40% of children and more than 30% of nonsmoking meand women regularly breathe in secondhand smoke. 4:54, 60 degrees still. that means we are minutes away from the moment some very cold shoppers have been waiting for. the doors are about to swing open for black friday. we will bring it to you li.
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plus, sir elton john will have a royal wedding secret slip. and where drivers may soon have more to worry about than
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new york city's cab drivers might soon be a little faier thanks to a proposal for a new
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dress code. regulators want drivers to present a professional appearance, and that includes fines for violating the dss codes. right now they can't be fined for banned items like tank tops and swim trunks. it is expected to be approved sometime nexmonth >> sir elton john may be taking part in one of the country's biggest events. john hinted to a british radio station that he may perform at the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. the couple announced their engagement and set a week of april 29th of next year. he was a good friend of lliam's mother, princess diana, and performed at her funeral in 1997. >> just hinted, though. >> i wder what the hint was. >> right. >> i'll see you at the wedding. >> i would love to see elton john live at a wedding. in fact, that would be a nice tribute to the wedding.
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all right. stay with us, everyone. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. 4:59, one minute to go before 5:00. the black fridayeals are within reach for shoppers who have spent the entire night waitg outside in the balmy temperatures, the weirdly warm temperatures following thanksgiving night. and you canee right there someone has just stepped out from the store to kind of give the people some instructions. this is a live look right now. >> i think he is explaining you have to have a ticket first to get the products that you wanted. >> he reminds me of stepping


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