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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  December 9, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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rules that say that the tickets are not to be sold, that they're not to be made for prot. these tickets are to be free. the spirit is of the season, that they are free. they should not be sold. >> the park service admits it would be difficult, though, to prosecute any offenders. and we'r talking about the tree lighting tickets on our website. what do you think? should tree lighting ticket holders be allowed to sell their tickets? or what doou think about people selling those tickets online, or wherever? go to our facebook page to discuss, comment, vent, whatever. and the problems, i think, with those tickets is ty're -- >> you're doing it right now? >> i don't even have the tickets. but for those who really want to go and they tried toget online and get those tickets, and they were given away already, those are the people i feel bad for. tom, it is going to be cold tonight. anyone going down there is going to he to bundle up. >> whether you pay or not it's going to be cold. we have our coldest morning of this cold, early winter pattern
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here. already, temperatures arod the region starting off this morning have dipped down into the mid teens in a few locations. close to washington. and that includes charles townty. parts of prince william and fauquier down into the mid teens this morning. it's just in the low 20s in prince george's, arlington, fairfax and montgomery county. and a little bit farther to northern month qomry county, northern loudoun county to the upr teens. only near 20, shenando valley and the panhandle of west virginia. in washington, 27 at national airport. right near the bay. in the low and mid 20s there. away from the waters, only in the upper teens. the winds have diminished greatly. in fact they're mostly calm. but there are a few bng the wi where the temperatures are in the 20s down into the teens. right now in the mountains of western maryland, and west virginia, temperatures in the uppe teens to near 20 degrees. d, we do have just a few clouds out in the mountains this morning, but otherwise, a clear sky. we've got the early winter
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constellations up. you see casseiopia and orion and the big dipper. temperatures around the region will only climb to the mid 30s this afternoon. this is today's forecast. we'll have lots of sunshine, sunrise, 7:15. sunset 4:46. let's check traffic. hos it looking? >> we do have overnight road construction crews that are ill active. the outer loop of the beltway is going to be one of them blocking just the left lane on the outer loop, as you can see. and no delays to get beyond that one. 95, that is free and clear. no work zones greeting you this early morning. fredericksburg, up to springfield is a clear shot. good news continues along 395 where you make it to and across the 14th at the posted speed limit. >> thank you very much. >> we're following breaking news from the uk. there are reports this morning that convicted lockerbie bomber abdel basset al megrahi is,
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quote, closeo death. al megrahi was released from a scottish prison last september because a doctor said he only had three months to live. he has terminal prostate cancer. but after his releasehe doctor said he could live for another decade. now, sources are telling the british tabloid "the sun" that al megrahi is on his death bed withis family by his side. al megrahi served eight years of a life sentence for the 1988 bombing of the pan am flight 103 as it flew from london to new york. 270 people were killed. firefighters in pnce george's county are busy overnight after a massive fire bre out in the 8600 block of normal school road. right now we don't know how this enormous fire broke out but we do know that the familyf five did make it out alive and unharmed. however, fthe family pet was killed in the blaze. we'll have a live reportn our 5:00 hour. and in montgomery county investigators are looking at what caused a huge fire at a mansion in potomac.
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firefighters had more than just the fire to worry about. they also had to battle mothe nature . >> reporter: chopper 4 captured this fast-moving fire that completely engulfed the first and second floors of this expensive mansion in potomac, maryland. montgomery county fire and rescue said it happened around 5:20 wednesday evening on query road. the couple renting this house did not wirk to go on camera but said all four ack pants and the dog made it out okay. but fire officials said it took about anour to get the thick smoke, and fire under control. >> the weather conditions played complete havoc on firefighting acvities. it makes it very hard coupling hose and uncoupling hose, get water out of this and it freezes and it provides, if you will, a hazard. >> more than a dozen fire trucks took over this wealthy neighborhood all night which left residents coming home from work worried. >> this old neighborhood has no fire hydrants. there are no water so we have to rely on the fire, you know,
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trucks. >> reporter: but firefighters me prepared with an elaborate water transportation system. at the closest water location, nearly a quarter of a mile away, tankers loaded up the water, then on scene pouredt into a dump site so that there was always enough on hand to put out the blaze. fire officials now want this scene to be a lesson to others. >> one, checkthe smoke alarms. two, make sure you have an escape plan. and three, we are now entering one of the worst times of the year right now with respect to cold weather, and we usually have a lot of fires, unfortunately, during this type of weather. >> the estimated damage is about $1 million. now at this point fire officials are not sure where or how the fire started. but everything is under investigation. here in potomac, news 4. this morning, two former prince george's county police training commanders who were transferred after a cheating scandal are suing to get their jobs back. according to "the washington post," the officers have accused former chief robertoylton of
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wanting to ignore problems for political reasons. after raising questions about their class, the two training officers were briefly suspended and then transferred to another department. an investigation is currently under way into what happened. it comes just days after hylton was fired by now county executive rushern baker. one person isdead and another in critical condition after a car hit them and then took off. the driver took off. it happened around 5:00 last night along walker mill road in distri heights. jackie bensen has more, including what kind of car the police are now looking for. >> reporter: shoes and other clothing remained in the road where the fatal impact occurred. police say that about 5:00 p.m. a small group of people had crossed county road in district heights and were attempting to cross the ramp to walker mill road, when two of them, a man and a woman, were struck by a car. >> they found two individuals lying in the roadway unconscious. they were transported to a local hospital where one is listed in critical condition, the other has passed away.
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>> reporter: police believe the victims were coming from a nearby library, a little less than a mile away. the intersection where the collision occurred is ry dark, and made more so by the fact that a half dozen of the overhead street lights that are supposed to illuminate it are out. >> just drive carefully, especial in poorly lit areas. if you are walking home, make sure you're wearing some sort of ligh clothing so individuals driving could see you. >> reporter: police say some witnesses did see the vehicle and were able to describe it as a gold colored honda accord, an earl '90s model. investigators say it should have extensive front-end damage. anyone who sees that car is ked to call prince george's county police. jackie bensen, "news 4 today." a senate vote on repealing "don't ask, don't tell" is on holdor now. senate democrats decided to postpone a tax vote yesterday so they could negotiate more with republicans.
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the policy bs gays from serving openly in the military. senate majority leader harry reid said he wanted to win the support of republican senator susan collins of maine. she and other gop members support the appeal but want an open debate to address controversial issues in the legislatio the white house hopes to regain the support of senate democrats as tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year. many in the president's party believe he gave away too much to republicans by agreeing to an extension of all those cuts. the agreement wld extend tax breaks to all americans, including the very wealthy, for at least two years. this week, vice president joe biden has been on capitol hill trying to work out a compromise. meanwhile, the president is encouraging debate. >> i think democrats are looking at this bill, and they've already had a whole bunch of them who said, this makes sense. and i think the more they ok at it, the more of them are going to say, this makes sense. >> president obama has said he still does n think wealthier americans should get a tax cut, but he believes this current agreement is the only way to continue unemployment benefits for millions of people.
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the senate is expected to reject the so-called dream act today. the house passed it last night. the bill would give thousands of young, illegal immigrants brought to the u.s. before the age of 16 a chance to gain legal status if they join the military or attend college. 4:39 is our time. ahd on "news 4 today," wikileaks setting its sit on sarah palin. plus another homegrown terror arrest. this one right in our own ckyard. >> and if possible it may feel even colder today. weather and traffic next. 3q
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good morning. cold srt to this thursday morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now temperatures are down into the teens and low 20s throughout most of the region. it's 27 at national airport. the winds e calm, under a clear sky, lots of sun today with highs reaching just mid 30s. clouds coming in tonight. it will be a cloudy start to friday, a little sun in the afternoon tomorrow with highs low 40. mid 40s saturday and sunday, looks like a wet day sunday for the 'skins game. might even ends a few passing snow showers sunday night. a look into next week in ten minutes. how is traffic? >> good news on the outer loop of the capital beltway our earlier construction zone has been picked so we are free and clear around the capital beltway. 66 headed eastbound. keep the good news coming. no problems to report. this is the camera shot just east of business234. as you can see it's a wide-open commute headed away from us towards the capital beltway. eun and joe, back to you. >> thanks, ashley.
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28 deges. still to come a d.c. beer staple appears to be closing its doors. >> also, mike shanahan talking abt albert haynesworth. his take on their relationship may surprise you. and after the break, how federal investigators boarded what they sayas a terror plot
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4:45 is your time now. here's a look at the p stories we're following. thousands of people will gather on the ellipse when president obama and the first family light the national christmas tree. tickets to the event were distributed last monthhrough an online lottery. two massive house fires in maryland. one in prince george's county, the other in montgomy county. both families did get out all right but the family pet died in the beauy fire. investigators are currently loing into both fires to see how they started. they say this is peak season for house fires and urge you to check your smoke detectors to make sure they are working. there are reports this
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morning that lockerbie bomber abdel basset al megrahi is close to death. he was released from a scottish prison last september because the doctor said he only had three months to live. he is convicted authorities say the public was never in any danger. >> i heard this boom. you know. i thought maybe it was a pipe or something. when i got ready to life, this whole parking lot was swarming with police. >> it's scary. it's close to home.
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so, it's a very scary thing when it's that close to home. >> martinez drew the attention of the fbi after telling people that he wanted to be a martyr for islam. wikileaks has apparently targeted sarah palin. the former alaska governor told abz that hackers tried to hack into her political action coittee website. this came after palin's reaction last week to wikileaks releasing secret documents. palin called julian assange, quote, an anti-american with blood on his hands. palin aides say no harm was done to the website. this morning, several websites say they're back up and running after taking ait from wikileaks, mastercard, visa, paypal and a swiss bank all reported cyber attacks yesterday, keeping customers from getting into the sites. hackers calling themselves operation paybk claimed responsibility for the problem. last week, each website stopped processing donations to wileaks after th release of secret documents.
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well, hanukkah is over, but one maryland woman is hoping for one final miracle as her husband is being helin a cuban prison. ellen grubs traveled to cuba in november 2009. his wife judy said she was helping to set up internet access for members of the jewish population there. but he was arrested as he tried to return home. cuban officials have not officially charged him, but they've accused him of being a spy. >> he is absolutely not a spy. i mean, that is so preposterous. and we need toring him home. i wake up in the morning, and it's the first thing on my mind and it's the last thing on my mind at night. the unknowing is awful. it's awful. >> the family lives in potomac. judy says that allen has lost 90 pounds since being imprisoned. a northern virginia animal elter is tryi to find new homes for more than 160 cats.
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authorities say a woman hoarded all of the animals in her annandale home. the fairfax county animal shter says it doesn't have enough space to keep them all. community members have donated money and other resources to help care for the cats and prepare them for adoption. ferrell cats could be send to barnes in the region. the others will be ready to adopt in three to four weeks. >> the drama continues for the redskins as albert haynesworth appeals his ason-ending suspension. the 'skins were back on the field since the surprising announcement of his four-game suension. and now we have learned that he coach mike shanan made that decision on his own. owner dan synder did not play a role in the move. shanahan spoke with reporters and said the move to end haynesworth's season was not too difficult. >> i really had to -- a pretty good relationship with him. i was never argumentative, pretty good for the most part. a lot of drama. you know, when someone dictates when they'll go in, wn the won't go in, up say hey, enough is enough.
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>> next up for the hayneswoh-less redskins, home game against the taa bay buchanan nears on sunday. the white house correspondents' dinner will have a little new york flavor to it. "saturday night ve" star seth myers is tapd to be hosting the dinner. meyers, a ten-year veteran of "snl" is the show's head writer and host of weekendupdate. this is the first me myers has hosted. he was the emcee of the 2010 espy awards on espn. the white house correspondents' dinner will be at the washington hilton on april 30th. well, the popular washington bar with an unrivalled collection of beers may be closing. the brick cellar on 22nd northwest has been around since 1957. the owner says the bar will probably close by next year but has not said whether the bar is being sold. th family that owns the brick cellar also runs regional food and drink in chinatown. they have about 1200 difrent beers on its menu. enough to get it listed in the
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guinness book of world records. >> if the brick skeler closes -- >> how many of those have you been through? >> i think i tried 900 of them. >> all in one night. oh, what a night. >> oh, yeah. >> well, you want a warm beverage this morning. it is cold. good morning, i'm meteorologist tom kierein. again, we're starting off with unusually cold weather here. even for early december. this is really just -- it's just stupid cold. that's the only way you can say it. it's down into the teens now in much of the region, from forest heights to capitol hill, fairfax city and wheaton. we have lighter winds, thankfully. but temperatures are only in the teens to near 20. but the windchills just with a light breeze are down into the teens in most areas. and as we look at the other temperatures, right now in western maryland, west virginia, there it's down into the teens, as well, to near 20 degrees. on the eastern hore, notany
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relief there as well as the tidewater region and most of virginia. it is below freezing. even down into the carolinas, we're not alone. this is a large, cold air mass that stretches from the atlantic seaboard all the way into the midwest. and there's still some lake-effect snows around cleveland, and in pennsylvania. here we've got a clear sky this morning. the late autumn can stillations are gleaming. it's not even winter yet and we do have a few clouds over the mountain elsewhere lots of sunshine and for tay, maybe a few clouds this afternn, otrwise plenty of sun. but 's going to b col in fact we'll stay below freezingntil noontime. sunrise at 7:15. during the afternoon it may briefly ak into the mid 30s. sunset 4:46. by then right back down near freezing and overnight tonight, increasing clouds, and we should stay in the 20s through the night. sunrise tomorrow is at 7:16. during the day on iday, it looks like we'll have a cloudy start, but some sunshine back by later in the day. highs reaching just the low 40s.
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but thankfully warmer. and even a bit milder on saturday and sunday, but still chilly, and even cooler than average. this time of year. the upper s. highs mid 40s saturday with mostly cloudy sky. looks like a cold rain on sunday. highs only in the mid 40s. in fact, rain may even end with a few passing snow shers sunday night as cold winds blow in another cold air mass. and it is going to be fridged again next week. with cold winds monday night into tuesday. probably won't even get above freezing on tuesday. ashley linder, how's it looking? >> well, as you travel down to 70 this early morning, no problems out of ederick, passing route 80, heading for 109. the head lights continuing down towards the capital beltway. out in virginia along 95, no big early signs of delay. here's the paypass 123 headed away from the camera, is up towards springfield in the sent irof your reen is the hov. you're cruising there. as we continue that northbound commute traveling along 395, you'll find the pace pass is also pleasant as you make your
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way to and across the 14th. you're in good shape there, as well. >> ashley, thanks very much. i think i'm going to call in frozen for next tuesday. e baltimore-washington parkway is the latest local roadway to be equipped with speed cameras. according to "the washington post" the cameras were put up this week just south of i-95, that's the beltway in anne arunl county. the parkway is being widened in that area so the posted work zone speed limit is 55 miles per hour. those caught exceeding the speed limit by 12 miles an hour will receive a warning up until december 29th. after that, it will be a $40 fine. a privateirm hired to turn around the troubled d.c. high school is out. the nonprofit firm friends of bedford has been running dunbar high school. the group was supposed to help increase security and order, giving studts a better and safer place to learn. but recently, the school has dealt with claims of gang violence. now, interim school superintendent chi yeah henderson says the group is no longer in control. she announced steven jackson the school's farmer principal will once again lead the schools.
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the president of james madison university in virginia plans to step down in 2012. lynnwood rose has led the university since 1998. during h time there the university has added 25 buildings and increased enrollment. rose says he wants to -- he wanted to announce his plans now to give the university ample time to find a replacement. 4:55 is your time now. 26 degrees. coming up, new reports about the -- >> also new at 5:00 a.m., a baltimore orioles player making some news for some controversy comments about the president. >> and next police say they have solved the murder of a hollywood publicist.
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well a murder mystery may finally be unraveling in beverly hills. ronni chasen was st to death last month. now lice say she was murdered by an ex-conwho was likely trying to rob her. the suspected gunman harold martin smith later shot and killed himself in the lobby of his apartment building when police came to question him. investigators say the gun he was holding was the same gun used to kill chasen. today hollywood star wesley snipes will start a federal prison sentence for failing to file his taxes. the actor was convicted by a jury in florida for failing t file his federal tax returns in 1999, 2000, and 2001. he faces a maximum sentence of three years in pennsylvania
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jail. snipes says the irs is trying to make a high-profile example out of him. there are reports that the r&b legend aret franklin has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. the singer canceled all of her shows through may but has t said why. last week franklin acknowledged that she underwent surgery in november. family members told "usa today" that she's doing better than doctors expected but would not discuss her illness. >> hope she has a speedy recovery. she's a legend. all right if you think an occasional cigarette every now and then can't hurt you, think again. a new report by the surgeon general says that even a bit of social smoking or inhaling secondhand smoke could be enough to block your arteries, and trigger a heart attack. regina benjamin says the 7,000 chemicals in each cigarette begin poisoning your body immediately. about 46 million adults, or one in five american smokers, about 443,000 die from tobacco-caus illnesses every year.


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