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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 4, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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this morning on "early today," new reality. presint obama returns from hawaii to fac emboldened gop. rev loouglugzizing the way docts treat cancer. >> and italy kis off the new docts treat cancer. >> and italy kis off the new year with a sctacular show. capn hello and good rning. i'm lynn berry. today, we begin with back to work. after a ten-day hawaiian vacation, president obama returns to washgton today to
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face a new year with new challenges. among them, republican promises to investigate and overhaul se of the landmark policies of his presidency. there is some housekeeping to take care of, including naming a new chief of staff. tracie potts joins us from washington with more that. good morning. > reporter: listen, good morning. as you s, when the president returns in obama left hawaii headed back to waington. quite frankl straight into me political turbulence. we understand now that next wednesday, the house of reprentatives region which of tomorrow will be controlled by republicans will vote to repeal his health reform. this is expected possibly to pass e house, but likely not the senate. nancy pelosi who will be speaker forne more day said an appeal would basically equate to insurance companies being i charge of your health care.
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democrat may try to force this into pieceal votes. the new rublican is planning to investigation how the obama dministration is doing business. some sategists say that could back fire. the president got to pck a new chief of staff. we now understand that a wall streeguy, william daley is being considered. he metith the president last montin december. heis the fomer commerce secrery for bill clinton. lynn. >> tracie potts in washington, thanks. nbc news has learned the punishment for the commander of an aircft carrier under fire for having his crew watch videos he poduced with anti-gay slurs. captain owen honors will be temporarily relieved of his commnd as early as today pending the navy formal inveigation into the matt. that means honors would not be at the helm when the ship
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deploys to afgnistan in a uple of weeks. jay gray takes aloser lok at the coroversial deos. >> there's a really good chance you're going to be offended. >> reporter: the videoswere de during 006 and '7during intat commissions i iraqnd afghanistannd broadcast on the closed circuit video channel on movie night rarely do tse feature a senior officer who in this case, ccording to the navy, crossed e line. >> this evening, we've got some difrent chicks in the shower. >> reporter: this risk yeah fancyaced video featured derogatory comments about gayes and lesbians. the navy has launched a full investigatioand issued a written statement condemninghe videos which says, in part, those in command are charged to lead by ample and are held acuntable for settinghe proper tone and upstanding
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honor, curve and commitment. an overwhelming majority of commentsn the facebook page support captain owen honors. >> he's the best executive ofcer by far that i've worked uer. >> at the end of the ay, we need to let the navy go through this process and figure out whe the facts aren this. >> reporte jay gray, nbc tuesday. >> now here's a ok at other stories making news eay today in america. police in washington state are looking for two burglars who smashed through gss doors of a bowling alley with their minivan and drove out with an atm. one of the suspects took time to direct the driver to reverse into the machin it's not known how much money was inside. in ohio, 850 pounds ofot with an estimated worth avenue over $1 million was found wle authorities investigated a report home invasion.
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the county sheriff found it a cord bust. the 21-year-old vict of the invasion has been charged with possession and trafficking. and a florida man, in a campaign the to raise money for the wildlife rehabilition centerhe runs, he's been streaming live on his website living withlions. the lions seem friendly, although they sometimes play a little too roh. fortunately he doesn't ha to watch his back a the time since lions sleep up to 20 hours a day. >>now for a look at your nationalnd regional weather, here is nbc meteorologistill karins with the weather chnel forecast. what does he do the oer four hours? >> they eat. >> and this guy living among them. what is he tnking? i mean, i love the idea of raising moey for the center, but a bake sale. come on. >> yes. little lion cookies, maybe. >> yeah, y not. >> a little easier onhe eyes. that's a look at yourorecast.
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it was a iet day yesterday, noing too dramatic. it a very cold morning with minneapolis 2 degrees and some of that cold air spilled down into colorado and wyoming, also. the windchill gets your attention. we've been focusing on grand for, the last two mornings. your windchill is about minus 30. very cold air. this is typical that we get these cold outbreaks like this in the middle and jennings of january. we have a weak system heading through the great las. you may see snolakes out the this morning out ahead of this system, maybe northe ohio, northern pennsylvania,ain showers down there in areas around houston, around the lf coast. here is a look at thatradar. here is light snow. detroit hasn't been reporting yet. it is possible you'll see a snow shower this morning. in buffalo, the forecast calls for mae an inch today a th's about it. ssibly the same thing for eri too. the way e forecast looks out there, quiet, very much like
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yeerday. temperatures seasonal up and do the ea coast. enjoy wh should be a nice tuesday. now here is a look at the weather outde your window. we're going to continue with kansas city, missouritoday. not bad. 36 degrees. new orleans, 62. not bad. increasing clouds, though. orlando, flora, after tha very col december, everyone is hapy with this. 75 degrees. makes for a very nice day so, lynn, if you want to get warm an toasty, florida is about the only spot. >> sounds lovey. all right, bill. thank you. oming up, stocks get off to a flying start anthe national det crashes through a new ceiling. yo early morning business headles are straight ahead. plus, has she fnd someone new? rumors areflying. coming up, season high for lebr james and a little luck goes a long way in the orang bowl. you're watching "early today.
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back to "early today." i lynn berry. here are some of your top headlines this morning. harvard researchers sa they have dwoopdlood test so precise, it can spot a single cancer cell among a billion healthy one the test is ars away from public use, but scientists hope if it becomes a reality, it could detect recurrence he sooner and replace painful biopsies. invtigators are trying to solve the mysterious murder of a mitary expert whose body was found dumped in a deware landfill on you in year's eve. according to those who knew him, 66-ar-old john wheeler who served in three administrations seemed a very unlikely pern to mt some a gruesome end. a n 60-minute/vanity fair poll finds themajority, 61% of americans, think the u.s. should raise taxesor the rich to
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balance the budget. the second mostavored metho cutting to defense budgt. iran has invited representives of several nations to vsit its nuclear installations this month, including russia and china, but not the united states. the obama add mip administration quickly dismissed the overture yestday saying it is, quote, a clevermploy to divide the international community. and it may be a few days late, but italy's mt. edna p on a fireworks display yesterday to start the new year. and now here's an early look how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,690. the s&p rose poin and the nasdaq shod shot up 38. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei climbed 169 points while in hong kong, the hang seng added 232. stocks started off the year with a big lift onmonday and makd be
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a promising sign for the rest of 2011. both the dow and the s&p 0 reached new two-year highs and the nasdaq 100 hadts highest close in nearly ten years. historically, januy says a lot about how the rest of the year goes. for instance, since 1929 if stocks endjanuary higher, 73% of the time the s&p rises for he year. monday's data sent a positi tone. the nati's manufacturing sector grew for a 17th straight month in december. meanwhile, construction spendin increased in november to its highest level since june. glol data was also encouraging. china's factory inflation cool in december and markets in europe got a boost word maufacturing there picked up steam. here, financials led the w. bank of america jumped over 6% afteit agreed to pay $2.8 billion to mortgage finance giants fannie mae and freddie mac to sttle claims over bad
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mortgages. the nasdaq wasriven by apple ich rose over 2% after one analyst rsed its estimas and price targets. goldman sachs rose almost 3% after a report it bought a stake in facebook at 50dz billion. optimism the econo is mending came with a price. overnight in asia, oilnched back towards $92 barrel. keep an eye on johnson & johnso today after it announced partnership with boston scientists on a ground breakling blood test for canc. and finally, a reminder our troles are not exactly over. the u.s. treasur website ports as of the lastday of 2010 for the first time the national debtopped $14 trillion. miami million aires light it up, shaq gives it a li. plus, in lst night's orange bl, luckas literally on
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stanfo's side. your early morning spts headlines are just ahead. a peaceful start continues for your jaary weather. your forecast isoming up. you're watching "early today."
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> good morning. if u're just waking up, this is "rly today."
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in sports, last night at the orangebowl, the stanford cardinals showed why their quaerback and their head coach aren such high demand these days. here's nbc's fred roggin with a early look at all your sports headlines. good morning. depding on what rumor you believe,stanford's head coach, jim harugh iseading to the 49ers or to the broncos. en again, it could be michigan.. no matter what, his stock is thrgh the roof after a decisive win in the orae bowl. the question is projected in the nfl picknumber one pick in the draft. outscored the hoes, 27. staford cruise to the orange bowl victory, 40-12. -on-coacwas handed his walking papers. cleveland browns fired eric mangini after a 5-11 season. remember when everyone thought that eric bolster's job
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was on the line? he was named eastern confence coach of the month. lebron jame and dwyane de shared th conference player of the month award. lebron had a season high with 38. at conit, 96-82. > shaq has carried tams in the past. now he just carries players into the locker room. rajon rondo. the celts rally from 10 back to tae the lead. last chance for minnesota. it was off the mar celts wonit, 96-93. final shot of the nigh wasn't by a player,ut by a mascot. rocky of the denver nuets drain it. if the nggets can't keep carmelo anthony, maybe ty can re-sign rocky. that's your early look at sports on "earltoday." i'm fred roggin.
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well, ose face sold the most magazines in 2010? yor early morning entertainment adlines are straight ahead. plus, it's unusual to give birth to twins,ut it's even more rare to havthem in different years. you're wating "early today."
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welcome back on is tuesday. anoth quiet weather td da just light snow expected around
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buffalo and erie possibly snow shors around detroit this morning. rain psible around the texas coast during the day today, butoverbut overall, the east coast will dry cold start in denver. 35 this ternoon. tomorrow, denver warms up to about 45. so that is heading in the right direction. a little rain in the gulf coast into tomorrow. s far as new england goes, chilly and windy. a little clipper sstem will blow through on wednesday, but no big stormsre on the way, at least not until friday or saturday, so good news. ifou're watching us on news challenge 34 in binghamton, new york,rop off your christmas tree in near appalachia. that's your "early today" event of the day, lynn. >> thanks smuch, bill. now here's a lk at this morning's headlines in enrtainment. she may not have topped 2010's concert sales, but lady gaga was
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the cover girl of the year. she soldmore than three times the monthly average and was by far the top seller of 2010. lady gaga's cosmo cover was the glossy's best selling issue of the yr. but there is a flip side. taylor swft was the worst cover. r elle cover was th worst perfmer of the year in october. elsewhe, newly free lidsay lohan is rportedly hing a sober coach before deciding whetherhe'll live in new york or los angels. finally, e-line reports sandra bull lock and ryan reynolds spen new year's eve in texas. >> that's so mean toinclude taylor swift a the lowest
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selling. how do you thi she feels? we have to be fair. we have to gi both sides of the story today. >> poor girl. this comes to us from 13 news in rockford, illois. adison was born with jst one minute left in 2010. en faim came her brothe aiden, right after midnight in 2011. the near impossible result stemmed from a complication tha forced mom to deliver 28 days early. no doubt it will lead to a few sibling disagreements in the coming years. th's great for thm. i'm lynn ber, and this is arly today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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well, this is what it looks like outside at is hour. 4:28. 30 drees on january h, 2011. good morning to you i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. welcomeo news 4for this tuesday, january 4th,2011. th morning investigators are attempting to retrace the steps of a military expert whose body was found in a delaware landfill. john wheeler served in three republican administrations and hpd build one of washington's most treasured memorials. the question is who would have
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? craigelvin reports. >> reporter: worker spotted a by new year's ev morningt this landfill sth of wilmington, delaware. police identified him at 6-year-old john wheeler, iii, graduate of west point, harvard a yale, whose own decorated military career helped him bld the washington memorial. >> he helped build a team of people, talented people that we would need to figure out how to do his. >> do our lives reflect the best that within the livesf those whose names are on the walls of this memorial? >> wheeler w last seen gets off an amtrakrain from d.c. that was last tuesday. his body w dumped into one of te trash bins, somewhere along this route in n


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