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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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30-second ti-out. >> al: they're tryg to save some time on t other side here so with 29 seconds, the ball a you're looking at about a 49 or 50-yard field goal from this ot. manninagrees with slowing this one down at this pot. saying don't make it easy. i tell you, would not be it's a prettyafe play. don't feel that comftable >> al: edwards right, holmes
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keller is on the right se. sanchez, good protection. you're right, they go to wards. the officials look at each oth and say it's a cch and he's inbounds. line and the clock is still running because he didn't go out he came down, was tkled. end the game here with a fld they might have been better >> referee: third and final >> al: taking anarlier time-out in ce they have a bobbled snap. ere's the matchup they love. good call. the knee did t down right today.
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the other was a wild anwhacky shootout. it's 32-yard field goal to win xboro. and the ts with ryan saying year, take one big step. what a huge pass for mark sahez. they showeso much confidence in him get that ball to ch easier kick for nick folk.
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over peyton manning. >> al: there's jason taylor, the long-time dolin. he moves on. colts are done. no rematch of the colts and the colts go wn today. post-game report om indy next. you know... withll this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like at. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried aw. gecko: uh.yeah... all right as long as we dot overdo it. vo: geico. fifteen minutes cou save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> al: a bit of the pro bowl shuffle, a tribu to the annual all-star game in hawaii from the ultitalented jimmy fallon, who was on the cover of the "lling ston this past week. the p bowl comes up on fox a week before the super bowl on january 30. mo immediately, opening act in seattle, foll-up in indianapolis. each in its own way terrific. cris collinsworth rightly id adam vinatieri has long since secured his place in the hall of fame.
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we thought it would be vinatieri victory tonight. nick lk nails one at the gun and the jets move on to face the patriots. meanwhile, we move on to andrea krer, on the field with an exultant rex ry and ladanian tomlinson. >> andrea: thank you, bob. coach ryan, you talked abou it's been personal. what is it like toinally beat peyton nning and the colts. >> it feels awesome, because this is a playoff. we're moving on. you know, the guys, the best there is. and, you know, they almost did it to us again coming back, but our offense had to pick up the defense again, and this is how we played all year. the dog fight. we knew it would beoming here and playing against yton manning and the colts. man, what a great feelg. just an amazing feeling. >> area: what did you do at halfti? wh i talked to you, you were furious. what did y do to get them going. >> tip the hat to the ofnse. it was unbievable. we totally dominated the sond half offensively.
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and thenn defense, we had to hold ser. i mean, itas one of those things you know, against peyton, you're never going to stop him completely our guys played well enough to get it done and eping them out of the end zone and our offense was just spectacular. >> andrea: r, appreciate your time. ladanian tomlinson, finally healthy for the ayoffs. what's it like to have this kind of performance, especial when you can play keep-away from peyton manng. >> it's emotional. exciting. all the things at once. you know, we knew it was going toe a dog fight. a great team, no one believed in us. we believed in ourselves. we felt like we could come here and win and weid that today. >> andrea: what was the difrence in the running game, beingble to grind it out? >> our offensive line controlled the line of scrmage. the guys up front did a gre job of moving them guys, giving us creases, shonn and i to run through. great all around effort from the gu, man. i tell you what, we're so happ to moven. >> andre: thanks very much, appreciate your time.
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bob? bob: andrea, thank you. statistics can ilminate, other mes mislead. for whatever it may be worth. mark sanchez in his young career is 3-1 in e postseason. peyton mannin hall of fame bound, is 9-10 inlayoff and super bowl game let's bri in tony dungy. in your view, wh was the key at the enof the game? >tony: well, bourque tb, the bi play of the me was the third down the colts had before vinatiers field goal. if they cvert the first down, adam wilkick the game winner with couple of seconds left. the jets broughtn all-out blitz and came after tm. peyton manning had this thr. there was great coverage and blair white couldn't pl it in. that allowed the ts to have time for that gameinning drive by sanchez. >>ob: tony, let's go back to the stun ner game one, the seahaw' upset the saints featuring tremendous performances by mt hasselbeck and marshawn lynch. >> ty: it really was.
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hasselbeck ga his team a lift, made great throws to get them going and then when they had to try to ice the game, marshaw lynch saved the best run of his career for the biggest time. we counted tm up in the post-game show. nine missed tackles. eight gu had a chance to get him. lynch isust determined. he's not going to be stopped, running through guys, guy aer guy after guy. alex brown has chance here. he'setermined. but youave to chalk this up to bad tacklingoo. this was t new orleans saints defense that really let them down today. great efforts by lynch, by hasselbeck, but not the best play by the new orleans sais. >> bob: tony, one more thing abt the game just concluded in in. what about the job darrelle revis did on reggie wayne one catch. >> tony: res is a great player. i thinkanning really didn't look to wayne that much. he fe he had other matchups, really wted to go garcon and on cromartie. but again, the biggest play of the game, they went away from
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wayne, went to the other side, but those guys held up. cromartie h one bad play on gacon but played a great game. >> bob: tony, thks again. we'll be back witmore from dy after this. the jets move on. this is how they did it. stream hd video. verizon 4glte. rule the air on the stest 4g network in america. access lightning speed with the 4glte usb modem for only $99.9after $50 mail-in rebate. ate something loaded with fat? now we got a beewith that. 25 of our mpbell's chunky soups gi you 100% lean meat and a full serving of vegetables. so, come on. have the chunky soup from campbell's.
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it's amazing what soup can do.™ gingerbread men! egg nog! [ female announcer ] grab a box of multigrain cheerios. get a code to... ...a 7 daylan from the biggest loser to get going on that new years weight ss. get t box. get the code. get started! >>bob: jim care reappearing inhibited aalways just down the hallway from the footbl studios at 30 rock. he's hting an all new saturd "saturday night live,"oming up immediately following ur local news. right now, to wrap this one up
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and acally wrap up our season of football nbc, we go to al and cris. al? >> al: as you know, and cris you know, the's such a big line between buand star. antonio cromartie, befe we forget, he gives up the touchdown, the long touchdown to garcon. what he did, he took a yard into the end zonethe kickoff with brad smith not ready to run it back and brought it back 47 yards tthe 46, put the jets in position to get folk in position to win the game. >> cris: and let's give mark sanchez a little credit too there at the end of the ga. brian schottenheimer, rex ryan showed a lot of confidce in a quarteack that was not that accurate tonigh and it paid huge vidends, turned that -yard field goal into one much shorter and more makable. >> al: the jetsaced the patriots on a monday nightthey were both 9-2. the jets played their worst game ofhe year. the patriots, who played a lot of great ges, may have killed their best
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killed them 45-3, blew them out early . what doou expect next weekend. >> cris: the patriots for m money, cleay the best team in football. tom brady will bthe mvp, i don't think there's any queson about it. the jets lost jimeonard before the game on aractice friday towards the e. he's theuarterback of the defense. they'll beuch better prepared for this one. >> al: cheers to you, my friend. >> cris: it's been fun. >> al: great season. great games on sunday night football. thisne on a saturday, 17-16, the jets knocking off the colts. in 30 minutes, it's anll new "saturday nit live" with host jim carrey. for cris collinsworth and andrea kremer, al michaels saying so for cris collinsworth and andrea kremer, al michaels saying so long from indianapolis. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by c-universal television
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tonight, a baffling questn remains --why? >> we're going toet to the bottom of this and we'll get through this. and a good saturdayevening. i'm crg melvin. we have reporters on the scene and on capitol hill tonigh we'll get to tm in just a moment. but for those of you who have t been following the news today, a popular arizona congresswoman was gunned down this morning as she held a meeting with her constients. tonit, we're told that the congresswoman is in crical condition. we're also told that h doctors pect her to make a full recovery. meanwhile, about 30 minutes ago we learned that the 9 year old that was killed. we learned that year old was born in maryland a born on 9/11nd featured in a book called "faces of hope." more on that in a ment. there s a vigil held on capitol hill and also been a great deal of debate throughout the day over what this might
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mean for the future of securg congress people in this country. all that, ocourse, will pla out over the next few days. right now we'll srt with jay gray. he's live from tucs, arizona, the scene of today's tragedy. jay? >> reporter: gabriella gifford fighting in this tucson hospital while there's still an uneasy tension in the city and sense of shock that stretches much further. late today, investigators confirmed the deayttack in tucson wasimed at congresswoman gaiella giffords. >> yes, she was the target. >> reporter: the triggerman was apparently 22-year-old jared lofner. police won't identify him but are convinced he was not working alone. >> there's some rson to believe he came to this location with another individual. >> reporter:olice and federal ents are stillooking for the man who may have broughtim to th tucson shoppingenter where giffords was hting a
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town hall meeting. >> he wasarging through the tables to the congressman. >> it was really surreal. >> reporter: unfortunely, the shooting rampage w all too real. six people dead including a 9-year-old girl and a federal judge who had just stopped by to visit his friend. 13, including giffords wer injured. the effects of the massacre rehing all the way to the whe house. >> it is a tragedy for arizona. and a tragedy for our entire country. >> reporr: and officers say it could have been even worse. >> probably would havehot othereople had he not been tackled by two people. >> reporter: tonight gfords in critical conditionith a gunshot wound to the he. >> with guarded optimis i hope she will survive, but this is a very devastating und. >> reporter: gifford's4ubd, an astronaut, rushed from nasa where he had been training for an upcoming shuttle mission where federal agents have taken the lead in the invesgates. >> we're utilizing allesources necessary to inse that those
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responsible are brought to justice. >> tucson sheriff clarence dupnik this he has solid clues calling the suspect unbalanc, unstab and perhaps, incited by politicalrhetoric. >> that may be free speech but it's not without consequens. >> reporter: consequences at have hit the harst in arizona tonight. now, giffords no stranger to violence. aides say she'seen threatened several times during h three terms in congress and last march, the windows i her tucson office were shattered after controversial health carvote. in tuon, i'm jay gray. back to you. >> y, thank you so much. coverage continues with rcy live on capitol hill where gifford's colleagues and supporters anxiously await word of her condition. darcy? >> reporter: craig, members of coress are shock and saddened but committed to continue
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serving their constituents and continuing to me with the community and many are calling for the plit wal rhetoric in this country to be tend to down. the capitol, residents gather for a canelight vig drawn together by facebook and twitter to show supportor the arizona congresswoman o was shot and wounded in tucson this afternoon. >> i've had the privilege and honor ofnowing congresswoman giffords for a few years. and sheas wonderful woman. i think it's tragic that she is fighting for her life along with so many others right now. >> reporter: flowers were place at herffice in the building on capitol hill. ma were stunned at the ngresswoman was shot in the head whi meeting with constitch went outside a gcery store. >> i can't imagine a more fundamenl attack against this country than to shoot at elected officials. >> reporter: jim cby once hd the seat in congress now held by giffords. >> sheas always very personal,
11:22 pm
well-liked person and i don't think there was a lot of hostility towards her so to speculate about the motivation for is would be very premature. >> i w stunned and then i was angry. >>his congresswoman eleanor ho hole forton, sheaid it's very, very tragic. >> rorter: they say they don't believe it's necessaryo provide personal security for each member ofcongress. >> i'm sure there will be calls for more security for members of congress but i don't think in the end there will be. i think most members of congress will rist it. >> i don't take this onevent to mean that 440 of us are in ouble 37 and if wedo, if that's the way we el, we need to get in anoth line of work. >> reporter: giords' chief of sta staff sent o a statement
11:23 pm
thanking law enforment and medical officials for their fe-saving efforts on the scene and on behalf of the congressman here on capitol hill. legislatioin the house will be suspendedext week as mbers of congress deal witthe shooting and wounding one of their own. reporting live from capitol hill, darcy spencer, news4. >> thank you. we should notthe last time a sitting congressman was shot was in 1978, california congressman ryan was shot and killed in guyana. it became the site of a mass suicide. we'lcontinue to follow the ory. you calook for the very latest righhere on news4 tomorrow morning and you can go to our website, nbc and a developing story. a police chase that started and ended with gunfire in prince george's unty. police say theyried to pull the driver overhen he took
11:24 pm
off. 're told shots were fired by bothhe suspect and officer when they reached route 3 near route 450. the driver was hit. he was taken to the hostal at this point we've not gotten any word on his condition. federal invesgators spent th day combing through mail facilies in the district aft a piece of mail flared up in nortast. it was business as usual at the v street facilittoday but police say a device flared around 2:00 yesterday after a postal worker tossed it into a bin. the facility that screens and processes government mail was evacuated and searched. the package was similar to two other packages th ignited in marylandovernment buildings on thursday. all three packages are being sent to an f crime lab in quantico for alysis. tonight, we may know what happened to the former redskin eerleader missing in las vegas. no one has seen her since last month. more on the potential break in that case jusa minute. and it didn't take much sno to send dozens ofars and
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trucks slipping and sliding in northern virginia today. a some uappy singles band together. they're suing a popular internet dang site. hey, chuck bell. hey,craig. we have a lot of cold air blowing in on a strong northwesterly wind. a complete check of a chilly recast for tomorrow and the mention of the more possibility of snow in the future. all that's coming up. and y, chuck, in the nfl, two wild games on wildcard weekend. wizards go for their fst road win. hoabout that?
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the former boyfriend after a missing woman in las vegas has now been arrted on suspion
11:28 pm
of murder. debbie flores thnevarez. she s a cheerleading and locally a show girln the vegas strip. she was last seen with her ex-boyfriend jason griffith on december 12th. griffi, is now being held without bail. aan is dead and his yng son in the hospital after a wreck involving a stolen car. it happened around 10: last night on route 50 in buoy. state police say a stolen cadiac suv wastopped in the middle of the road with n lights on. another car slammed into it. the driver of thatcar, a 50-year-old jose helm died at the hospitalnd his 10-year-old son is in critical condition. the two people in the cadillac were not hurt. both wer taken into custody. >>the dusting of snow sparked a chain reaction involving at least 52 cars in dale city. this is along i-95round 8:00
11:29 pm
this morning. state poli say the initial accident was between a truck and tractor-trailer. the pile-up shut down i-95 south for more tn two hours. in all, ten ople were taken to the hospital for minor injurie after the break, the j that you should be gratefu you don't have. and also, bitter love seekers, joining together to sue we'll tell you all abo that. and chuck wl tell us about another chance for snow on the hori [ alarblares, indistinct conversations ] [ female announcer ] importan. n i have a couple weeks? [ female announcer ] but with yopit light's two week tune up, you could be ready you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks whenou replace breakfast and lunch with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you havet changed a bit. neitr have you... sean. well, ye. [ female announcer ] go to to start your two week tune u this week yoplait lighyogurt


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