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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  January 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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craig lvin, "ne 4 today." >> it's believable. almost a million people still without a me. >> and the haiti government revir revir revisaing the numbers. >> stay with us now. ews 4" today continues right now. >> we mourn withou for the fallen. we join you in your grief. >> hope in the face of tragedy. the presiden delivers some surprising newsn the condition of congresswoman grielle giffords. good morning. i'm joe ebs. >> i'm eun ng. welcome to "ne 4 today" on this thuray, july 1
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>> it's brrrsday. we've go the col winds that are blowing. yes,indeed, layer u this mornin upper 20s in washington and closer to the bay. but lk at the windchills. they're down to 10 degrees in many locations. the winds due to gting witnesseds out of the northwest at around 25 mes an hour it frigid in western maryland and west rginia where it snowed yesterday. right now it's in the teens there. in the last hours the persistent moisture tapping off the great lakestreaming down into the mountainso they may get more snow there. western maryland, hhlands of west virginia. for today we'll hav our highs climbing into the d-30s with a blustery wind and maybe some morning flurriesn frid. otherwise partlyloudy and remaining cold on sunday. a bit warmer but still colder
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thanaverage. mostly cloudy both days. highs near0 both days. a look at king day coming up. w a look at traffic on this thursday morning. ashley, how's itlooking? >>t's rolling issue-free. no problems. a couple of cars cruisg along. i-95 also gets a clean bill of health. no issues. and then up towa the beltway toward 39 'll find them open. out of maryland, re's the pace along 270. it's delitful. as you leave father hurley, they're lonely. eun, bac to you. >> thank you. it will be yet another emotional day fhose trying to cope with the tragedy in tucson today the families will pay respects for christina taylor-gen.
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she wasorn on september 11, 2001. she d gone with a neighbor to the event in the hopes of meeting the ngresswoman. a u.s. flag from the world trade nter that stood at the collapse of t twin tours will be display at her funeral. and, again, we had mentioned that christina's funeral will take place at aatholic church in tucson. president ama made christina  the maybe focus of his speech as he challenged all americans to beme better people. he delered an etional tribute last nig in arizona at tucson. he highlighted christins interest in pub lek servic he said americans should strive toive up toer pectations. >> i want america to be as good as she imagined it. all of us, we should do everything we can do to make sure ts cntry lives up to our children's expectations. >> president obama also said he
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visited gifrds in the hospil before that memorial service. thcrowd cheered when he shared that the congresswomanpened her eyes for the fir time. heren washington, sety is a big concern on capitol hill. lawmakers areonsidering what steps to take after the tucson tragedy. "news 4" tracee wilkins is live on capitol hil with this part of the ory. tracee, good morning to you. >> reporter:ood morning, eun. should congressmen be carrying guns? all ofhese questions wer asked on the floor yesterday, and wh we found is that most this debate aually fell along party lines. now, just yesterday we had more than ten congressmen that they suggest that congressmen be able to carry firearms at a times. they're expected to introduce a bill aowing weapons in d. krl and on the house floor itself. they received security briefing
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focusing on their options for otection and the democrats and republics h separate meetings. most arguing f increased fundg to prote them while republicans strongly disagreed. meanwhile today we're expected to find out when congress plans on get back to business, specifically dealing wh that ongoing health care deba. i'mracee wilkinse, leave o capitol hill. 22-year-old justin overcash was ot in the 8800 block. he w pronounced dead atn area hospital. police say the found enough marijuana on him to indicate an tent to distribute. he one of 13 homicides in prince george's county in the first 12 days of thi year. if youook at the m of the trbled area, you see that many of tho 13 homicides hpened
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che to the d.c. line. one of the killings so far, police say nine of the victims were targeted and sex of the cri -- six of t crimes were dru related. and police are investigating anothe shooting inrince george's county. a man was shot in the head of a hallway of an apament building. this happened around 7:30 last night in the 5900 block of cher hill lane. he was takeno the trauma center where he's still undergoing treatment. >> the ex-boyfriend of a las vegas dancer from maryland now faces charges of killing her. it w an emotional day i court yestery for the familyf 31-year-old deborah flores. >> i hope you rot in hell. >> that was the sister who spent days looking for her sister who disaeared december.
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her body was found strapgle a dismembered encased in cement on sarday. she was once a rskins cheerleader. he's been charged with the dancer murder. he's due back in crt january 15. the county h agreed to settle a lawsuit. "the washington post" reports that t fairfax county will pay million to the famy of salvatore ka cey. s.w.a.t. team responded to the 37ear-old's fair oaks townhouse in 2006 to arrest him for illegal gambling. the offer excellently fired theun when his suv door bped him. they say he fire and was nowhere near t vehicle at the time. > federal authorities have joined polic to fd out how a lobbyist burned in her suv. she died after her suv caught
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fire investigators are looking into a number of posbilities into wide she department escape including a vehicle malfupg or a dical indianapolis accident. for now the incident is being called a tragic accident. a memorial service will be held for tomorrow he laid out his legislati and spending priorities. the governor urged lawmakers to aproven borrowing $3 bilon for ate road improvements with an emphis on northern virginia and haton roads. unusually low interest rates make it an opportune time. they' they'r wary of taking on any new debt p there focusing on jobs and college costs. >>his is unacceptable. college tuition has dbled for virgin students over the past decade. th is conscionable. >> theovernor also saluted a
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mafor his federal court challee and he cticized president obama r putting offshore o drillin off limit during the gulf oil spill. 5:08 is our me. still ahead, we' going to tell you what facebook is doing to try toind messing
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it's5:11 early on this ursday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tomear riens. right now, cold. under aartly cloudy sky low to mid-20s throughout most of the region. upper0shroughout chesapeake bay. windchills are down tohe low teens most locations. due to the winds gusting out of theorthwest around 25 miles an hour. all stilloming from that winter hurricane thatit new england yesterday with nearly 70-mile-an-hour 1-80winds and t feet of snow. in fact, nearly0 inches fell in parts of connecticut, that storm lge enough to whip up wind yesterday, overnight, a now today too. we'll have gusty winds midday. highs reaching 30s. we mig get a few flurries. tomorrow the sun returns. high 30s on friday. saturday and sunday, partly sunny both days. there might be flurries satuay night.
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a lookt kick day and next week in ten mines. ashley, how's traffic? >> we're watching the intersection of goldoro out in massachusetts. you head down toward the beltway following the headlights with no issues out o virginia as you lwaukee the trip along the i-95 corridor. 66, 395, dulletollway, all of them running accident and delay-free for now. od news. no problems on the marc line or metro rail >> i us now 5:13. whato your kids eat for lunch at school? we'll tellou of one
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good morning. it is now 5:15. here's a look atour top stories. esident obama delivered an emotional tribute last night at aemorial for the shooting rampage. he update the crowd on the condition of representativ gabrielle ffords. they cheered when he annnced she opened her eyes for the very first time. toda family andriends will pay respectso 9-year-old christina taor-green.
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she was one of six killed in the atta. her funeralill take place in tucson. twoirefighters were injured while trying to put out a fire in a attic. it happened in the 7200 block of lavonda court. we'll continue to bringou the late when those details become available. > and in last night's pursuit of the commonwealth speech, governor mcdonnell laid out the spending. he wants to issue $3 billion in bonds for new road construction. he ao hopes toocus on the nortrn virginia and hampton roads in viinia. back to you, e. this week marks the 15 years suns theidnapping of amber. now they'reartnering with facebook to save lives. >> rorter: when 12-year-old
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brittney smith went missing om her home, virgini police immediately tued to the internet. >> and instaly we notified our 24 thousand-plus fans. >> reporter: because so many like the police department's facebook page the news of t missing girl spread fast. >> wh the click of the button went images o brittney smith and jeff easly. >> reporter: he was spott five days later in san francisco with the 12-year-old girl. she was found becau someone had seen her image. >> ase all know, socl networking has few boundaries, d now amber alerts will benefit from that nearly limitless reach. >> reporter: partnering wit the national center forissing and exploited chilen facebook will now take this local concept nationwide. >> beginning todayacebook users will be ae to sign u to receivember alert bulletins
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for their state. a total of 53 new amber alert pages haveeen created, one for each state, the distrt of columbia, puertorico, and the virgin islands. >> repter: it's a tool tha may help t find felicia barnes. fabook with more than 500 mulln users might be able to brinher family happy ending. >> this should not happeno no child nhere in this country. >> reporter: johschrfen. "news 4." >> since faceboo began the agriculture department is planning to overhaul school lunches to make them mor nutritio nutritio. schools would have to cutodium in half, serve whole grains and serve low-fat milk, they'll require more servings of fruit and getables. paying for healthy foodill
5:19 am
stretch hool bunts but it's necessy to combathe rise in childhd obesity. peoplin the northeast are now digging out from their second severe snowstorm of the season. thsnow dropped between 12 and 22 inche of snow on the new england region creatingajor problems on the road. the weigh of the snow pulled down power lines and more than 2,000 flights were caelled. in connectut the snow came down at two to thr inches per hour and the plow could not keep up. >> thedea that we got t kinds of accumulations that we've gotten in the 12-hour period as opposed to 24-hour, and we're breaking recordss we stand here i quite remarkable >> there wereo major problems in new york city whi was basically paralyzed by t last storm. anwhile the snow brought trble for passenger going north d south out o our aria. dozens of flights at rgan and dulles were canceled but they
5:20 am
say stranded passengers foundt easi to get seats because planes aren't crowded this tomb of the year. at leaf that's someonsolation for people stuck at the rports. >> that's good news. a plac to sit and a pla to put yr bag. >> they had hurricane-force winds there and nearly 30 inches of snow. we're still feeling theffects of it. we're in theow to mid-20s around the region. look at the ndchills. wee only in the teens in many hoe indications bause the winds are still gusting to around 25 miles an hour, all comi from the great circulationround this winter-like hurricane at's been spinning east of the gulf of maine. still they'll be dealing with the aftermath of that there. they still he power outages. for us today we'll hav sunshine. the winds will tee minish this
5:21 am
ternoon. highs reaching the low to mid-30 and torrow, a chance of flurries and sun i the afternoon, highs inhe 30s. high near . might get some flurries saturda night. might get chilly rain on tuesday. ashley nder, how's traffic? >> ifou're tveling the gw parkwaearly this morning we have a report of a disabled hicle just prior to the capital beltway. that'sot what i wanted to sho u. we do have along the gw parkway the disabledrior to 395. # 5 etc. is starting to pick up volume a lorton int springfield t nothing going on aving woodbridge headed up toward route 1. out of maryland, capital beltway, free d clear. right at colesville, theead lights are leading there. no issues to report. on the rails we are line.
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eun and joe, back to you. >> 5:21. coming up, ted williams'mazing story takes another twist. his surprise announcement when we return. >> and a dui stop you have to see to believe. [ beeping ]
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and noit has 40% fewer calories than most regular so brands! ♪ make today a sunny day! sunnyd is giving away a prize day for a hundred days at, well, the homeless man who became a media senn saegs is now
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on his way to rehab. williams says tv psychologist dr. phil mcgraw influenced his decision to gethelp. he admitted yesrday he's now relapsed and struging with his alcohol addiction. he also said he's overwhelmed by all the offers he's received and needs help trying to forgive himself for all of his past failings. we, two men down in auin, tes, dressed upike cowboys. apparently got a little too much hee-haw in their giddyap. >> that's right. last week two m got dressed in cowboyats and chaps -- yes -- and de downtown. one was on a horse, the other on a mule. police stopped the two men and told the urban cowboys t walk the line. they wererrest and charged with pubuck ip toks indication d the animals were impounded. somebody's bicycle wasaken
5:26 am
away. >> do you think this stuff only happens texas? no comment. i'd better not say. >> it is now 5:25. 28 deees. still ahead, new details inhe killing of the universitof maryland student. what police belie led to his muer. >> and the debate over h to [ le announcer ] with fios
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another controversy voling sarah palin. this time it's i response to the shooting inarizona. good morning. i'm joekrebs, on the 13th day of january. skies not sending any precipitation our way. let's find out whether the skies are clear or cloudy and what we might have the rest of the day. tom? >> the roadsre delry and salty. we have tempetures around the region that are cold. 28 at the national airport. rura areas, weaer watchers porting low to mid-20s. right now near the bayt's in th 20s. the ndchill, they're down in the twins. out of the northwest around 20, 25 mil an hour. rit now only in the teens in most locations. around the bay, eastern shore and virgin tidewater, d-20s.
5:30 am
of the last 12 hours we've bee wind whipped. we have a few clouds cing throughhis morning. maybe snow in tet manies of west virgia and maryland today. not here, clouds in and out and gusty wind in and out. mostly sunny this afteoon. we'll have temperatures breedy. supset, 5:08. a look at friday, saturday, nday. that will be at 5:41. ashley linder, how's traffic? we'veot typical volume delays. here's the pace the sw traffic will take you down toward the truck travels. after that no problem. out of virginia rht now along the gw park w headed southbound prior to 395 it's disabled vehicle. asou make the trip along the dulles toll road they're running ise-free. along 95 we're also doing just fi, leaving woodbridge up
5:31 am
toward the belay and 395 to and across the 14th. as we travel e rails ts morning we are on time for m.a.r.c., vre and metro rail. we're chonltding to follow a story. authorities say a man w shot in the head around 7:30 last night. this happened in the hallwayf an apartment buildingle t man was taken to prince george's trauma center where he's still undergoingtreatment. two maryland fefighters were injured aer trying to put out a fe in an attic. it happed last night in the 72 hup block of lavonda court in camp springs. we don't know tooany details but we know they were hurt fighti the blaze in the attic. > and check out this video of a big fe shot by a passerby in
5:32 am
prince george's county. this fire waso big it sprea tohe house next door. fortunately all five people got out of the first house unharmed, and n one was home in the second house. the university of marand student o was shot to death on tuesday has been entified, and police belve his murder is connected to a drug deal. 22-year-old justin deausha overcash was shot in the 8800 block of 88 avenue in delp. police say they found enough marijuana on him to indicate intent toistribute. it's one of 13 homicides in prince george's downny in the first 12 days the year. the sister is now apologi apologizingor her courtroom emotionaoutburst. >> i hope you rot in hell. >> her sister deborah novi yas
5:33 am
was found strangled dismembered and eased in cement. authorities have chaed her ex-boyfriend jason griith with the murder. he's d back in court on the 15th. fairfax county is prepared settle a lawsuit. "the washington post" reports that fairfax county will pay2 million tohe family of salvatore k locey. a s.w.a.t. tm respondedo the house in january of 26 to arrest hmm f el legal game ling. the officer saide accidently fired his wean whelp the suv door bumped him. locey's family say he intended to fire and was nowhere ar the vehicle. local lice are trying to fi out how a local lobbyist ed in her burning suv in her capitol town hillhome.
5:34 am
ashley tur tin dd after her suv caught fire. they're lookininto possibilities of w she did not escape inclung a vehicle malfunction or medical indianapol accident. a memorial service will be held tomorrow. family and friend his gather for the fupeal of kres tina taylor green. the 9-year-old was one of six people killed in sarday's shooting rampage in tucson, arizona. e had gone with a neighbor to congresswoman giffords' event i the hopes of meeting her. their daughter had recentl been elected to t student council at h school. funeral services willake place at a catholic church this afternoon. and president ama has called on the nation to honor the victim of the arina shootings by becoming better people he delved an emotional trute. the crowd of 26,000 cheered for
5:35 am
heroes in the strategy, giving hernandez a standing ovation. he helped giffords after she had been shot in t he. they also cheered wn president obama shared the latest on her condition. >> right after we went to visit, aew minutes after we left her room and se of the colleagues and friends were in the room, gabby opened r eyes for the first time. sh opened her eyes for the first time. >> the president urged americans to talk to each other, quot in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds squ. and congress has put off official biness until nex week due to thi tragedy in tucson. lawmakers once again plan to focus on their own security and celebrate theews that congresswoman giffos is showing signs o provement.
5:36 am
tracee wilns joining us live from citol hill this morning. good morning. reporter: good morning, joe, good morning, eun. the question w asked should coressmen be allowed to carry guns. should the marshal's office do mo? should they increase security? members of congress received security briefgs focusing o their options forrotection and the democrats and republicans had sarate befings yesterday. during the debate on the house floor, most democrats argued for increasedunding while reblicans strongly disagreed. and as many aten laurps have suggested that congressmen carry firems at all times. they're expected to introduce a bill allowing weapons in d.c., including on the actual house floor. # >> guns alone are not the
5:37 am
answer. more cops alone a not t answer. >> reporter: a man had been arrested f spicion of threatening aember of washington. he left a voice mail sayg that wanted to kill him. this was all due to his stance on tax cu. tracee wilkins lea this morning onapitol hill. back to you all i the studio.  >> tracee, thanks much. >> thanks very much,tracee. our time rightnow, 5:37. still ahead, one year later,he death toll in haiti, devastating eahquake continues to climb. wait until you hear all t peoplehe government now ss has died. plus another check on
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virginia's governor bob mcdonnell used last night's speech to lay out his spending and prrity. he urged congress to approve borrowing money to improve virginia and norampton roads. it will b a tough sell to members of both pties who are wary of takin on new debt. the governor ao promises to focus on jobs and college costs. >> this is unacceptable college tuition has doubled for viinia students over the past decade. this is unconscionable.
5:41 am
>> the governor also saluted state attorney for the federal health care l and he criticized president obama f putting offshore oil drilling off limits during the gulf o spill and the maryland state legislatures also in session no the 90-day general assembly ben yesterday in annapolis where the state's growing budget deficit is aop priority right now the deficit i $1.6 billion. ey're considering deep spendi cuts and even tax increases. one union representing loubing against cuttingensions and health care. the lawmakers may also te up the issue of legalizing gay rriage or civil eurounions duri this session. they're csidering selling naming rights to some facilities to balance the budget. it may helpity eves get corporate sponsorship. city leaders stress they wl
5:42 am
not do biness with tobacco, alcohol, or firearms businesses and no offense everybody names could beused. >> if you had a building north-american after you, what do you thi the ilding be named? >> a fire plug. >> maybe a cothouse. >> i like the sound of that. wh's the forecast? >>e could call it krebsburg. >> this morning you need to layer up. it's cold in the low to mid-20s in the suburbs and rural areas. per 20s near the chesapeake bay. weather watchers rorting clouds to our west and gusting 1-800-s o. gusting to around 20 miles app hour. windchills inhe teens firsthand in e last 12 hours, beginning to pl away from this
5:43 am
but we're still getti winds from the sto that will be with us here from time to time. and wll reach theow to mid 30s by mid afternoon. by then the wind should begin t diminish. might hav a few flurries tomorrow morning. sun back tomorrow in the low to mid-30s. sunday, partly sunny. look at king day and t next fe days in a few minutes. ashley, hos traffic? >> a dabled vehicle prior to 95 iscleared. it's back up to speed and running issue-free. one disabledvehicle. you'll find it there. that's not going to a any time to your commute. it's there. the bger delays are going to kick up the dust further south. just beyond 109. as you continueurther south by the team you lead up to 11 the pace started to wind little bit. here we a on the wilson bridge. there e no problems to report as you head to oxon hill. on the rails we do have a
5:44 am
brunswk delay. 890 is runng 10 minutes late. along dre and metro, we are on time. eun and e, back to you. >> thas very much. it is now 5:43. still ahead, another controversy inlving sarah pa
5:45 am
5:46 am
>>today family and friends will pay their respects to christina tayl-green. her funeral will take pce at a catholic church this afternoo christina was born on 9/11 a day after the terro attacks. a u.s. flag fromhe world trade center that withstood the collapse of thewen tours will be displayedt christa's funeral. and a condition of
5:47 am
congresswoman gabrielle giffords is improving. president obama id he visited giffords in the hospital before the ceremony. the crow cheered when he shared th the congresswoman opened her eyes for the first time. > and this morning there's a lotf talk about a comment former vice-presential candidate sah palin made in a recent facebk video post. melissa mel lay is in the news room with more? >> this is all about theerm "blo "blood. yts europeanhristians accus tm to kill children to use their blood in religious rituals. she's also been criticized for posting an online campaign map that put theistrict of congresswoman gabrielleiffords and others in the cross hairs.
5:48 am
it created ao. take aisten to palin's commts. >> journalists and pun digits should not manufacture it to incite the behavior and all right they condemn. that is reprehensible. >> her use of the term has caught t attention o jewish groups. theyish palin had ud another phrase itead of one fraught with so much pain. >> meept a university history professor says pail lis usage of the term leadsim to believe she didn't know it was history. >> reporting live from the news room, thank very much, meliss >> haiti's govnment is
5:49 am
revising the left of those who died ithe quake. they say more than 16,000 have died inhe quake. meanwhile this have not become any better in t povey-stricken country. only 10% of the rubble haseen removed. about 800,000 peoplere still homeless and living in tent camps and t country is dealing with a kol la outbreakthat's kiing people by the tens of thousands. "news 4" cig melvin went adele fie and spoke to survivors who ske of the devastation as well aez those who went down to helprebuild the untry. >> reporter: wednesd night the memberries of the earthquake still were. marie jolie lost her niece. her husband lost her hand. i pulled on the door. the bedroom dr chanollapsed together and i couldn't get out. >> she was me than a 00 here
5:50 am
who prayed, sapg, and paused to remeer those who died one year ago. susan taylor w one of the tens of thousands o volunteers who rushed to haiti in the aftermath. >> it was distrous, it was horrible. but the tng that inspired all of us was t spirit of the people they were so glad to see th, that raised their hopes s far. >> reporter: he talks frequently to tse still there. he ss for many the hopes have been dashed thanks to a painful slowry building of the in infrastructure and mostrecently an election mired in controversy. wednesy night this church filled with grieves haitians, calling for the same thingshey called for a year ago. >> we have a moral
5:51 am
responsibility to our brother and our sisters. >> marie jolie, the woman from the storyhere who survivedhe kwaek last yr is set to rush return to haiti. i asked her wt are the two things they need most. without hesitation she said dicine and housing. from maryland, craig melvin, "news 4 today." >> 5:51 is the time. time for traffic and weather on the ones. do we see any storms in our forecast for the future? >> peaps. we'll talk about that in a second. right now no problems travel wise. watch out. some of your footing may be slippery this morning because it's a stone cold thursday morning. it's 28 whe the one ter snowfa is 3 1/2 inches. tempatures are cold. we're down into the low and mid 20s in the rural areas t near the belt way.
5:52 am
upper 20s in washington and right near the chesapeake bay and have the winds gusting in the nort and west so the ndchills around the regio are onlyn the teens this morninging so definitel layer up. offo work and school on this thursday morng. temperatures aroundhe bay, lower eastern shor southeastern virginia mid-20s. some of these locations in the high spots cld pick up another three t four inches of snow on top of what felt the yesterday. all of this coming from the great like winter hurricane tt hit new england sterday. up t 30 irmgs of snow. but now is finally beginning to end. wee still windy there. we have a few clouds coming from the west. students at the bus sto this morning includi you. i'll beisiting there later today. e's going t be a breezy and cold morning. temperatures just in the 20s and someunshine in and out and a windy day to follow highs reaing low to mid-30s.
5:53 am
sunset at 5:08. we'll have that crescent moon up. by dawn tomorrow, cloudy. we might get a few flurries starting off friday morning. dung the day on friday, sun back in the afternoon. diminishedwupds. highs reaching the mid 30s and then cold again saturday morning. partly sunny again sundaynd ne 40 and for martin luther king day on nday, should be cloudy. ghs reaching the mid and upper 0s. looks like rain is the next storm system coming our wayn tuesday and drying out on wednesy. ashley, how's affic? >> here's the pace into springeld. a little heavy but not too -- not too much below the speed limi as we travel the top sight of the beltway, no accents to report a bit of coestion. here the pace past 29.
5:54 am
270 uth is starting to hit the brakes. germantown is ing to be the worth worst of it. after that down toward t ltway, you are up to speed. hle eun, back you. >> floodwaters rushedhrough australia's third largest city as the nearb river crested near reco levels. entire nghborhoods in brisbane are under war. at least0 people have died. one of the latest vtims was a ma who was stuck in a water stormway. stories are inuntated with water or affected byit. many are told their homes would never be livl again. >> the noreastern part of the united stateis suffering with its third winter storm in three weeks. more tn two feet of snow fell in som locations andor hundreds of thousands it is yes yet another day of trying to dig out. kurt gregory reports.
5:55 am
>>eporter: motherature la latest punch handed in new engld. >> how's it been shoveling so far? >> back-breaking. >> reporter: me than 100,000 peopleose power in maachusetts. >> it's cold, and lots of blankets. >> reporter: logan international airport stays open. connecticut also buried byhe storm. more than two feet on the ground in newfairfield and danbury. >> we need the mack daddy snow blower. >> reporter: it llapsed a roo and provided a winter hiday for kids all over new england. the new york aa spared thi time. 9 inches fell ithe big apple t plow crews fell to the task.
5:56 am
the northeast has plenty of it. there's measurable snow on the ground in 49 o our 50 states kurt ggory, nbc news. >> dozens of flights at reagan nation am a dulles airrt re delayed yesterday because of the snow troubles. but airlines id travel passengers found it'sier to get new seats because planes arnot crowded this time of year. >> finallyhe second wner has come forward. no, i wouldn't be here, joe. >> it wasn idaho woman who claid the other half of the 380 million dollar ize. . she is planning a future meeting with reporters. >> well, if she chooses the cash option it's $100 million bless
5:57 am
taxes. if she chooseshe annuity payments 26 payments over5 years, $7.5 million a year. >> lahti shares the jackp with a couple from neighboring waington state. shcould by a lot of lattes. >> do you thinklahti could be a nay tifb name? >> ahead, who got the bgest ovatn at this year's estate of the comnwealth and it was not the governor. >> plus get out the shovel or get out your wallet. what lawmakers in the district are now considering. >> a taking a look outside right now. it is a cold da in the nati's capitol. the wind wdchill making it feel like it's in your teens.
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