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tv   Today  NBC  January 14, 2011 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good morng. emotional farewell. thousands of mourners say goodbye to 9-year-old christina taylor green, the youngest victimf the arizona shooting. this as t school that expelled jared loughner provide a chilling new portrait of the accused nman. first austral then braz. catastrophic mudslidesead to traumatic rescues near rio dejanio. andat and ewwwwy.
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a man met a rat on a new york city subway. "today" friday, january 14, city subway. "today" friday, january 14, 2011 captions paid for by nbc-universal television andelcome to "today" on this friday morning, i meredith viera. >> and i'm willie geist, in for matt this morning. let just say one thing, meredith. as someone who rides the subway every day, i thi i'llalk home today. >> i have seen rats in the subway, but i haven't seen them on the track. what abouthat poor guy? can u imagine waking up to that? i think he went backo sleep righ after. he handled it pretty well. >> i don't know where the rat go off, but it doesn't really matter. meanwhile some serious new
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the vatican has announced -- we'll go inside a world that's hard for most of us to understand. animal hoarrs, people who have a compulsiveeed to possess animals. a woman who owned 83 dogs. 59 years ago this very morning, weent on the airor the very first time. coming up a special look back at me of the highlights fm our past as we enter our 60th year. matt had lot of hair. i'm glad he's not here to hr that but l us begin with the shooting rpage in arizona as the first victim is laid to rest. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: meredith, good morning. four victims are hospitalized, the cgresswoman is still in critical condition, this as the first six funerals wa
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yesterday. they lined the streets of tucson. somead never met 9-year-old christina taylor green, but stilthey wanted to say goodbye. a tragic day, just like the day she was born, septeer 11, 2001. >> she began her life in a tragedy, 9/11 and her life was ended with a tragedy here in arizona. >> repter: her family paused below a patch work of flags called the ground zero flag, delivered from the site of th world trade cent, christina's small casket passed benth it too. her brother dallas's tears, her parents pain share by parents everywhere. christina was the youngest victim, the se age as the first family's youngestaughter sasha. in an on letter to parents across the country, michelle obama urged parents to talk to
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their children about christina. wean tell them about christina, the first ly wrote and about how much she wanteto give back. >> gab was my bes friend, it's going to bearder for me to get through life on a day to day basis. >> reporter: and every day, new signof hope for giffords, ristine gilly brand washere forhat the fir ment described by president obama. >> her eyes slowly coming ope and her husband could. believe it. >> reporter: husband mark kelly urged giffords to give the thumbs up. she raised her arm. >> we're saying, gabby, you can do it, everybody that loves this woman are around her hospital bed, all these people are there
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to say gabby we're with you. >> reporter: whmeanwhe police continue t build their case against jared lee loughner. police say thuday they found the bag he cared the day of the shooting. >> we end up and retrievedhe g and found inside several boxes of 9 millimeter amnition. >> reporter: the scene of cson's tragedy, auburban strip mall has been cleaned, ch of the crime tape removed. erocery store where the congsswoman was shot and six others killed is expected to reopen tomorrow, exactly one week later, community ting to return to normal as more victims are laid to rest this weekend. back here at the hospital, doctors say the congresswoman is makingemarkable strides. the other three victims, meredith, are all in fa conditi condition. >> that's good new dr nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical correspondent.
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it's hard to believe just six days ago conesswoman giffords was shot in the head and had that bult entered her brain in just a slightly different direction she woul be dead. t since she's moved h arms and her fingers. is what we're witnessing miraculous >> it's a combination of miraculo miralous, the angle of the bullet and we have to give credito this stellar medical field. they had her in e or and back in the icu in 38minutes. they treated it like it was a traditional wa zone. it made a huge difference in her recovery. she's showing ability to follow commands which sws tha connections are firing in her brain and the fact that she can follow with her eyes means she's
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c cognizant. >> it shows you what a little girl power can do. there's merit in those words? >> she's joking but beknow it's true. when people a sitting vigil and her husband is there and the television is on. you recognize, patient also tell you afterwards that the patient is surrounded. but there's a new voice, tha makes yr brain work a little bit harder. there are chemical changes, there are emotional changes, the is what i would call thought ience, there's somethg to it. but something pushed her a little bit. it was that familia vce in an unfamiliar setting and then of course the doctors ask them to leavbecause they didn't want to exhaust her. but a pnomenal sign. >> and the doctors are saying
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now they're going to sta aggressivehysical therapy with her. i know they have sat her up and they're going to puter in a chair day? >> they' not so worrd abo therainwelling at this point. now they're worried about norl stuff, they don't want ho get a blood clot, they want to protect her airway. >> they'll be able to hear he speak? >> they'lle ableo hear her speak and evaluate her brain. and now baby steps happen. a little bit every day that will be cumulative. will she be walking out of this hospital next friday? no. she'll be facing a long rehabilitati. a real shoutout again to those surgeons for beingo frank and yet not being pushed into saying thgs they really don't mean. but ts is really quite nderful. >> absolutely, dr. nancy, thank you so much. it is now 7:08 and once again herewillie.
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we turn to the political fallout over t trac events in arizona. will it really leado a new tone in washington? >> repter: after nearly a week of washington mrning the tragedy in tucson, we're actually seeing the first signs of the governmt getting back to work and first up is going to be that house republican effort to real the president's health care plan. the white house signaling a retu to normalcy is coming. >> because they would have wanted that. us getting back to the business of, again, how do we solve those problems? >> please welcome the presint of the united states, bara oba. >> reporter: but even beforehe president finished speaking in tucso tucson-- >> to the families of those we have lost. >> reporter: some are surpred by how many times she was interrupted by applausend cheering. >> kneelto pray with you today
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and will stand by you tomorrow. >> reporter: on what many thought would be a somber occasion. >> i read the speech several times and thought that the wouldn't be a lot o applau, if any. >> reporter: back in washington, the tone of th president's speech seemedo be hing at least a sho-term impact. this was supposed to be a contentious week, with house republicans voting to repeal the president's health care reform proposal. >> i'm proposing -- >> reporter: this whole conversation about tone and civility i one the president plans to bring up again, aides say at the state of the union. t many question how long this moment will last. >>here was a change right around 9/11nd now a few years later, we have been very partisan for a number of years. >> reporter: in her web address released early wednesday before the memorial service, sarah palin disputed the notion that today's politica tone is worse than ever. >> when was it less heated?
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back in those calm days when political figes literally settled their differenc with duling pistols? >> reporter: while many of her supporters wer happy she defended herself, some wonder if shehose the right words at the right time. >> i think she would have defendederself better if she had stayedbove the fray and not gotten into the politics. it's important for us to pause for a moment and make sure thate're talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds. >> repter: and speakg of getting back to business here in washingt, today is probabl the last day o the job for michael steele, chairn of the republican natiol committee. there's an election today. he's running for re-election, but prey much nobody except probably him really expects to t elected.
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>> david gregory is moderor at "meet the press," david, good morning. esident obama had a difficult sk the otheright in tucson in comforting the people of the country, and also to calm the political debate. how did h do? i think he did very bell. you see comments from the left and the right, everybo across the political spectrum. it did two things, which is to give voice to what people around the country have been feeling, th is sometng that aects people and families whether you knew the victims or not very deeply. and he took the country to a place that it didn't even know it needed to go. talking about -- i think it was a moment that all agreed tha he seized andind of charts a path for where washington and frankly the st of the country can go. >> i think we all agree civility
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is a worthy goal, but it is back to business. the republicanouse takes up theepeal of president obama's signaturereform law. why shouldhis time be a different? why wouldhe conversation change? >> cicism is war rantsed. i tnk washington can do a great job elevating moments like this to become a national moment of reflection, butashington is really capable of wasting these momentas well. if there's some hope, it's that we're in the middle of a time here, especially leading u to the state of the union address where thispirit can be tapped into again. there are even mov by senator tom yud daal of colorado in the state of the union to hav both parties sitting together instead of sitting apart. we're going t have bigebates about the role of government in ou lives, government spendi, health care and the like. it's a question of do people
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really want to make that turn? >> and sarah palin haseen right in the middle ofhis conversation, even linked to the shooting by some of her rhetoric. there is of cose no evidence of that all. and now getting criticism for that facebk statement she put out on the day of the memorial. what is the long-term impact on her political brand? >> it's so hardo gaugehat because we don't know where she's headed politically, other than being a big political star. in terms of running for the presidency, we don't know, we just know is a moment where she has huge political impact. >> i think some thought she made it more about her than it needed be, talking about a narrow band o supporters whoanted to settle scores after ing linked to this in such a way that was no supported by any evidence. she took an opportunity to go bigger as the president did and talk aut this political moment at we're in independent of what happened in tucson in terms
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of how we talk to one another. that's a criticism that she will carry with her and there's been a queson about whether she can steput of that narrow band o supporters. >> we have a special round table dedicated to these questions abt our political discourse moving forward, marti luther king's birthday, we'll begin the prram with a debate abo washingt, the debate over gun contro senar schumer and coburn join us for that discussi. and now let head over to thnews desk, where ann curry has a checof the morning's other top sties. good morning,everybody. also in the news this morning, wikiles is contributing $15,000 for t lal defense of the army private accused of one of the biggest security breaches in u.s. history. a soldier is chaed with leaking hundreds of thousands of
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documents to wikiaks. hundreds of abandoned cars still litter the highways in georgia. the deatholl from those floods and mudslides that you heard about from meredith earlr in brazil are still rising. at least 476 people are now known t have lostheir lives, many buried ashey slept in their hos. one woman was buried by the rubble of her home until she was rescued. survivors e their bare hands, even kitchen utenls. australia'seather bureau is saying the area could see above average cyclone activity through spri. this as waterlogged queensland stts a msive cleanup effort. the floodin has killed at least 25 people since november and displaced thousands of otrs. pope john paul ii is now one step closer to saint hood.
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e move means that pope john paul wl be bee yachtified, the lasttep towards saint od. melissa franzen is at the new york sto exchange this rning. >> we have a flurry data today rarding retail sales, consumer spending, retail prices giving us insight to how much inflation is out there. next up is superbrand jpmorgan. back to you. the broadway premier of spider-man turn off the dark is bein postponed for yet another moh for what the producers call fine-tuning. this is the fourth delay for the accident prone $65illion show whicwas originally slated to en last month.
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he sunken -- dna testing on rough samples from t wre detected an iron eating bacteria that cld destroy what's lt of the ship in 20 years. and as the saying goesn the subway, if you see something, say something. but ifou see this, you may not know what to say shot on a new york subway car, this video sms to show a say rat crawling on a sleeping n's face. the you go, the subway rider o taped the incident said he wa shocked the man went right back to sleep after the encounter. that's not thenly thi to be shocked about. i'm shocked about the fact that thman wasn't warned, right, and the fact that there allegedly was a rat on the bway. there you go. >> where does he keep his metro card? >> i didn't think we would see you untilhe fall. >> are y disappointed? >> no, i not disappointed, but you were pretty covered in snow there. >> the people
7:19 am
theselurries mayeeaving a brief dusting as they pass off to the east. it's cold. temperures are in the teens, low and mid-20s. later today the mid-30s. aittle sun breaking out this
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afternoon. partly sunny. highs near 40. >> and that's your latest weather. it is me tooll out the red carpet, hollywood's award season kicks into full swing right here on nbc with the 68th annu golden globe awards. george lewis has a preview. >> reporter: this yea it's t stammering sovereign. >> i have a voice. >> reporter: vers the gazilliore geek. versus the brawling boxer. >> if you don't fight, ty'll make us pay. >> reporter: the movie "the king's speech is loaded with seven golden globe nominations. while theocial network has six, as does the fighter. >> this is the golden globes, hollywood's foreign press and most people do think the king's eech because it is about an english king after all. it's probably the front-runner. >> reporter: the hollywood foreign press has a reputation fo making somimes quirky
7:21 am
choices. take the fil the tourist, crucied b the critics, but nomited for three glob, while theidely acclaimed cohen brothers true grit got n nominations, zero. then there's the party atmosphere of the ceremon itself, complete with open bar. >> everyone there is drinking and partying a with some of the results of who the winne are, you would think tha maybe they were drinking when they were voting. >> reporter: they also hand out golden globes for tv shows and those nominations are a bit more predictable. ee, a popularnd critical hit on fox has a total of five nonations. nbc's 30 rock, a perennial favorite picked up three, as d amc's mad men, another hearty perennial. hbo leads all networks is the total nominations, including boardwalk empire, the city's the
7:22 am
pacific. sunday ght's golden glos co just days before the oscar nominees. for "today," george lewis, nbc news, los anles. >> so have you seen all the movies? >> i have seen some of the movies. i have small children so i have seen toy story 3 andtangled. >> i have sn a bunch of them, there are a lot of good movies. >> you liked true grit. >> i liked true grit and i led the king's speech. who will win and what wil the sts wear more importantly, you can get all of the excitemt live on sunda night starting at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific time
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7:27 am
macarthur toward reservoir and fox hall. 95 headed southbound out of ryland, an accident just prier to 175nvolved a couple of vehicles, one on its roof. 've temporarily stopped traffic. they've got a tow truck headed toward the scene, but big delays. >> thanks ver mu
7:28 am
good morning. we havsnow flurries acrs northern virnia intoairfax
7:29 am
county. northern presence george's county, nthern anne arundel. these flurries drifting to the east. it's cold. in the 20s. later today reaching the mid-30. joe? >> thanks very much, tom. it's a popar new year's
7:30 am
well, he we are. good morning to you, the ver first morninghat i hope and expect to be a great many good morngs between you and i. >> 7: now on this friday morning, january 14, 2011. and at was how it lood 59 years ago ts morning as "today" firstit the airwaves. coming uon our 60th year, we're going toake a look at how we got here, from the hos to the lighter moments that has define this remarkable program through the years. i'm meredith viera along with willie geist who's in for mt today. newly released school
7:31 am
records that highlight accused arizona gunman jared loughner's troubled pattern o behavior plus a lot of people consider themselves animal vers, buthat if you had an uncontrollable need for tse animals, coming up we're gng to meet a recovering animal arder. >> and no, meredith, this is not a pickup line. what is your sign? >> y know w's upset about this, it was capricorn, it's now sagittari sagittariu >> they chand our zodiac signs. so we'll let people know what that means for you. the anbc's mike tiabbi is tucson, good morning. >> reporter: for 22-year-old jared loughner, the timeline of
7:32 am
tragedy actual began just about a year ago ts winter, that's when his behior started turning from the odd and quirky, and even frightening. is time last year, jared loughner still had a few cse friends, but one of them, zane tierrez said that last mar heut them all loose. >> he said i don't want to see talk to you anymore. >> reporter: school records deribe four major incidents involving loughner in the next few months, including complaints about classmates about how creepy he was, saying things like w don't weust strap bombs to babiesnd fears the confrontations initiated by lohner might become physical. teachers classmates and police noticedis jittery eyes his confused lk and might be a mental healt concern. he was removed from class and twice kicked out of unemployment
7:33 am
offices and twoampus pice officers visited him at home to tell him he wa kicked out of school immediaty. >> and at that meeting, both the mother and father were present. what they understood and didn't understand, i really can't answer. >> reporter: he bought his gun in november, legally. ent nights away from home sometimes in this nearby motel and then saturday january 8 dawned and investigators piece together this timeline. 7:00 a.m. investigators say he goes to the nearest walmart but unable to buy the ammunition for his gun's magazine. 7:, distracted perhaps, he's stopped for runng a red light but is letff with a warning. the next walmart,e buys his ammo, but then onc home, his father sees him by his old che th a black bag, the one they just recovereon thursday and then he takes off on foot, hiss father chasing him in vain. at 9:30, loughner hails a cab.
7:34 am
he goes into -- >> he started fing and then he ran. >> we need more than one ambulance, there's more than one person down. >> did you say gabrielle giffords was hit? >> she's hit she's breathing. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: gun fire, liv mangled or ended and at 2d of loughn's tortured
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good morning. we've had some scattered flurries leaving just a very brf dusting across prince william,fairfax, loudoun, montgory, parts of the district of combia and northern prince george's county, anne arundel. temperatures are cold, in the teen and l and mid-20s. later today getting above freezing. we'll have little sun back. partly sun saturday and sunday. might get a >> that's your latest weather, if you want to check your weather any time of the day or
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nigh go to the weather channel on cable or online. >> we're going t watch al change a light bulb on the george washington bridge ey mike, what's up? they've been singing the same song for the last three hrs. ♪ just call me angel ♪ the morning ♪ angel ♪ st touch my cheek before... ♪ [ nathan ] that was paful to watch. he needs a highlander. ne that comes with a sweet rear-se entertainment system. [ le announcer ] see the stylish w highlander at youtubeom/highlander. what's goi on? we ordered a ft onle and we reallyeed to do something with it... i'm just not surwhat... what is it? oh just rern it. returning gif is easier than ever with priority il flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere i the country for a low flat rate.
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so i always put them in my jee
7:45 am
and we home. >> at one point you had over 80 dogs. >> i couldn't see it foa long time. itas hard going out and spending four or five hours knocking ice outf the water tubs and feeding them and iwas really cold. >> y had an underground knee replacement. plus a financial strain, $350 a week on dry dog fooalone, up to $20,000 a year. your husband talks about the strain on him. again,id you understand this physical and financial strain and overlook them or -- >> i guess iust kind of overlooked themecause it just didn't dn on me. we would get behind on our bills every month,ut it wasn't an issue. feeding the dogs was an issue. and that's what we did.
7:46 am
>> andou asked the children for help. you were asked month after month help provide support f his anals. you reached a point where you stopped talkg to your rents. >> right. >> why? >> physically,financially, emotionally itas taking a toll. family dynamics across theoard and it was something i just wasn't going to support. >> your mom said i wld rather give up one of my ki thany dogs. that has to hurt. >> it did. it did hurt. >> i understand the initial motivation of carolyn if were rking in an animal shelter, to want to save an animal is so understand understandle. at what int does it cro the line? when do you realize it's more than that? >> what we see from animal hoarders is they're a victimf their fantasy to create perfect world for animals. and hum rationshipslways
7:47 am
have conflic and often times imal hoarders begin hoarding after they lose important relationships such as the kids going to college, a death in the family, sability and animals becomeheir sole source of identity a love. anwe know from researchhat they're unable to s the whole because of the deils. sohey see a loving, puppy's eyes, but they don't see the chaos, the ill health or the squalobecause they're focused on theove. >> you're crying, what is it? >> it's hard. i know that there's animals out there being abused day after day. i tri toave all i could and the community knew that we didn't get no help. we asked for help, but couldn't get any. and i miss my dogs, iiss them.
7:48 am
>> and i know that you're seeing a therapist to help you wh is. you have given away all your dogs, you have 11 left, two that live with you and nine that do not. at this point, what doesarolyn need to helper so that she doesn't go back to hoarding? we know 100% of animal hoarders relapse without treatment. so she nee help to learn to develop a balanced lifestyle that prioritizes humans ual or above animals that helps her find ways to own pets that's mited and that balances her needs and her family'seeds and the animals' needs so that no one is overwhelmed andveryone stay healthy. >>t's a long journey, it' one day at a time. >> it is. >> iust have to ask y before we leave, everybody has called you an animal hrder and you have to learn to own that.
7:49 am
have you accepted that? >> no. ihink hoarding is harsh word. i would prefer maybe saving. it's just that i loved them babies. i love them. th everything. >> and believe you whole artedly. carolyn, good luck in holding your family together, which is probably me important. thk you, caryn, thank you so much for cominon. >> and you can catch "confessions, animal hoarding" tonight at 8:00 on animal planet. i can't believe i used to swing ov those rocks...
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7:53 am
they have added a 13th sign, for people born between november 29 d december17. and it is shaking up everyone else's signs as well. >> i'm a libra? >> what were you? >> i was a scorpio, and i was told from when was very young, the scorpions, they're very intense, ty're wonderful in bed. they're all these things and now i' really just knocked down. >> i movedrom leo to virgo w. >> the virgin? >> no, i'm still there. i wantedo move. >> i've been a taurus my whole life and now i supsed to believe i'm an aries. >> the astrologists a saying they hav known about this forever,t's not going to happen, it's not going to affect your astromy signs. i notid i was having trouble. climbing t stairs, working the garden, painting. my docr suggested spiriva right then.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm joe krebs. the time right now is 7:56 on this friday, the 14th day of january. in the "news 4 today"e ntinue to follo breaking new this morning. two peopl are dead after the crhed head on in northwest washington. a truck and a van collided. good morning, joe. we still have the closure in effect. canal road between arizona and font hall. you will be forcedff if you'r aveling inbound along arizona. you can te it over t macarthur macahur is filling in so you do haveome delays ere. it's not as bad as it could be. capital belty, outer loop, very heavy from college park
7:57 am
through silver spring. typical delays. we had a major accident on i-95 uth. ly the right lane is blocked with that. >> we'll tak a break now and come back toook at our
7:58 am
7:59 am
go mornin predawn we had a dusting of light snow. the northern snandoah valley, panhandle of west virgin and it taper off to flurries in fairfax and montgomery. it's pretty much now dissipating. temperatures around the region ar just near 20 degrees. it's cold start but thankfully the wmds are diminished. sunshineack into the mid-30s. partly sunny saturday and sunday with highs near 40. increasing clouds. highs mid-30s. might get a little light snow moay evening and perhaps some rain on tuesda joe? >> thanks, tom. it's a new year's resolution, but before you hit the gym,ou ed to know the rules. tonight we break down the basics of gym etiquette.
8:00 am
8:00 now on this friday morning, january 14, 2011. you know what? we hava terrific crowd assembled in rockefeller plaza, despiteow cold it is this morning. they have braved the wind and the coldo say hello to friends and family back home. i'm meredith viera alongside willie geist and al roker,l back fro the weather in boston. >> back. >> you did a gre job. >> i love the folks in boston. >> matt lauer isaking a day off.
8:01 am
>> is freezing. >>hat's why i've got a hat. >> just ahead, a special look back at the first 59 years of "today" as we eer our 60th ar this morning on our very first progra back in 1952, dave garaway promised a new type of telesion, but even he couldn't imagine how truly gre would be. sundayight a big night in hollywood. it's hard to take it seriously. the golden gles. the night that everybody looks forwd to, we'll bak down the nominees, poible upsets and surprises we can expect from ricky gervais who's hosting. >> i'm going to cross theeorge washington brge, but not on a car, i'm going up and over on the cables. >> to change one bulb? >> to change one bulb, but it really had to want to change. we begin with a very serious story this morning and it's
8:02 am
about the youngest of e six people killed in last saturday's mass shooting in tucson. she was laid to rest on thursday, 2,0 mourners tended the funeral for 9-year-old christina taylor green, a third grader with budding intere in politics who wanted to make a difference in the world. >> as for congresswoman gabriee giffords, there's more hopel news, she's now able to move herrms and legs, follow simple commandand track people with h eyes. a bill was passed to help ose a $15 billion budget gap. a peon who previously owed $1,000 in taxes, would now have to pay another600 on top of that. >>flooding from monsoon rains has forcednother 100,000 people from theiromes in sri lanka rsing those displaced to 300,000. least 200 peoe have died in the flooding and dozens are miing.
8:03 am
the's some dramatic footage of an elephant being stuck in a tree after the water rged. those products can become toxic when there combined with mecine such as tylenol and nyquil. riots have now claimed at least 23 lives, today thousands marched on the capitol -- british tourists are being evacuated and the ste department is urging u.s. citizens to put off any -- a
8:04 am
8:05 am
good moing. we had some prawn flurries to lay down a light dusting of snow in norwest washinon. most of those are dsipating and temperatures are cold. just now 20 degrees throughout most of the area. the winds havethankfully diminished. later today in the 30s. partly cloudy on saturday with a high near 40. partly cloudy on sunday with 30. ght get a little sw monda night changing to rain o
8:06 am
>> now let's go back over to meredith. all right, al, thank you very much. >> a special look back at our show's 5 yearsf "today" as we kick off our remarkable pictures here this morning. my ears are ringing right after this. [ female announcer ] if soapries itself, imagine wt it can do to your skin. but dove isn't soap. it contains pure 1/ moisturizing cream because, everyday moisture is the key to beautiful skin. and who knows moisure better than dove. guance, i get exactly where i want to go. >> gps: turn left ahead. >> turbotax has a unique gps feature that gdes me to every deductionnd credit i deserve. and calculations are guarante accurate. so i get my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> man: try turbotax now. cal her.
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8:10 am
backow at 8:09, as we kick off the 60thear of "today." think about that. 60 years. this morning 59 yearsago, the "tod" show was created when dave garaway first introduced the wod to a whole new concept in television. >> we haveeen workingn this foquite a while. 're glad to be in your home for the first day, we hope we can give you enough to stay with you for a long time. >> it turns of the we did stay around for qte a long while. dave garaway broadcasting exactly years ago. throughout the decades, the "today" show revolutionized television it revold and thrived and with stood the test otime. ♪ it's a beautiful morning >> good rning. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> they were all the gats of e "today" show in my living room before i would go to school
8:11 am
evy morning. >>ou've got dave garaway. >> franke mcg and barbara walters. >> i remember watching barbara walters the '60s. >> willard, tom brokaw. >> ion't know if there's any show quite like it. this is it. >> good morning, between you and i. >> you are pt of telision progmming that is really a living historical document. >> carr wise, there was no bigger day tn i got the phone call tha said you'll be the next host of the "today" show. >> this istoday" wh katie couric,nd matt lauer. anmatt lauer. >> when i first got the job, i was nervous. >> meredith eira is here and it's great to have you. >> i feel like it's the first day ofchool and i'm sitting next to the cutest guy in class. my feet would hit the for after the alarm went off and i would almost shudder that i was going to do the "today" show.
8:12 am
>> whe the "today" show the started playing and i saw, you know, bryant gumbel and katherine couric, it was sh an out of body experience. >>ou get that call, you know, we would like u to fill in for willard. it's something you dreamed about is about to haen. >> ann is officially our news leader. >> it's great to behere, i can't thinkf three people i would rather spend 7:00 in the longer. >> i remember i would be so nervous sometes i would just be sweating. >> it's more than an honor to be rt of this show, it's a dream co true. i didn't realize they had "today" girls, but that was actuly a sign of the times back then. florence henderson was a "today" show girl. the first woman to host "day" was barbara walters. >> barbara walters he this morning. think of that moment when she
8:13 am
interviewedichard nixon. >> i've dodged your question. >> you certainly have. >> that was one of e seminole moments for jane. >> i have a pretty lite colon. >> historically, first place in the morning where people turn is the "today" show. >> the president of the united states is dead. >> from jfk and martin luther king jr. >> d martin luther king died violently last night. >> you had to rn on the "today" show. >> 9/11 haened on our air. we want to go liv right now and sh you aicture of the world trade center. the concept of the show "today" apprching it 60th yr is the veryame concept that it began with. >>today" you see i basically news and special events
8:14 am
program to keep the peopl in touch th the world that they're coming into every day. >> the "today" show window in a sense is the original back to the future. >> in fact kids who come re they're watching their parts with signs. >> i've been watching the "today" ow when i was a ki >> i think we might be the first television show to broadcast in three dimensions. >> television in general and the "today" show in rticular, shouldt its best show tm things they wouldn't otherwise see. >> dave garaway was born in paris france. since then we have beenll over the world and back. >> "today" in ireland. >> "day" in jan. >> we are in pearl harbor. >> live here aside theanama canal. >> this is "today" in romania. >> from africa. >> i thinkhe largest audience i had when i was doing the
8:15 am
"today" showas the wedding of charles and dian >> it's a plen did morning. >> it is as ey say a splendi morning. >> i he traveled around the world probably ten times. ♪ where in the world is matt lauer ♪ >> sometimes you touch dow in theselaces and you look around andou realize, mygod, this is my job. >> whe in the world is mat lauer? could he pull off going t the ends of the eah? >> we hav for the first time ever all fanned out across the globe. ♪ beautul day >> i was sent to antarcti. >> it's 3 degre here, so it's a bal temperature for us. man, was it co. >> i had never coved an olympics, and to go to ina. to have my first olympics be china.
8:16 am
>> we want to take people ong with us on that journey. it's a roller-coter ride, each show. go back and look at some. >> if there's something goofy or fun or silly to being done, let's get willard. he dressed up as carmen miraa. >> and we obviously get to blow off some steam. ♪ it doe't matter as long as we gotach other ♪ >> there were a lot of fun moments go around. >> there's something magical that happens. >> a lotf it has to do with the people i'm sitting next to. >> think peopl watch this show and ty know that we truly like each other. ♪ these are the days that i have been missing ♪ ♪ you've given me the joy of
8:17 am
summ wine ♪ >> it's a show that's bigge than all of us. we're able to invade the space for a while. >> a different viewership wou say, o yeah, i remember that guy mattauer in my livg room was mind-boggling, but i also look at it as a huge responsibility to in some way carry that torch. >> dave garaway always signed off with one simple word, peace. >> boy, if tha isn't humbling for all of us i don't know what it is. it's such an amazing legac to show. it really is. >> it's responsibility. >> it's total responsibility, yes. >> you hope that people in tir tching of this tape that they also concu that there's be some important wk that's helped themn their lives. >> when you watch how many tv shows come and gover time and is has been here for over 60 years. >> i think we shoul go back to black and whit i think i look better. >> i think we should go back to
8:18 am
themonkey. >> or that rat. >> here we are. >> and mh more to do. >> erything you need to know to get s for sunday night's golden globes right after this. get the poorn out. on has le you nowhere to go. whenou've lost interest in everything. wh you've had one too many days feeli sad or anxious... aches and pains, fatigue. when it becomehard to ignore that you need help. th's the day you do something. depression hurts cymbalta can help with many symptoms of depression. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, u have unusual changes in behaviorr thoughts of suicide. tidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not proved for children under 18. peop taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta.
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with a kiss of gden honey. delicious. d the same calories per serving as speci k original. so, y honey roasted, honey bunches of oats! heck try 'em all. with chili's new $6 lunch break combos. chse from a house salad or h, tasty soup. then paiit with a massive texas tot half sandwich, like our delicious classic turkey or o gigantic new southwesternlt, smothered in ciltro lime mayo and jam-pack with three glorious slices of applewood smoked bacon. served with fries, that's bi flavor for just 6 bucks! the $6 bre for bold, weekdays at chili's. back now at 8:21s we count down to the golden globes. this morning everything you need to geteady for sunday night om the red carpeto the nominees. >> here to size things upor
8:22 am
us, jeff kegel, managing editor of u.s "newsweek"ly. the best reason to watch might be the host. >> this is the best thing about ricky gervais, he said that obviously he didn't go far enough last year, because they invited him back. so he's going to make sure not to be invited back. remember last year, he said i like to drink as much as the next guy, and the next guy is melgibson. >> speakingf drinking, that's the ing about the golden globess it's looser than all the other awards shows beuse -- >> loose is putting it mildly. it's definitely the most fun of th awards shows. >> i'm definitely looking forward to when michael douglas walks in, becausehe's up for an ardor his role in "wall street". >> he's up against christian bale, i'mot sure he'll win,
8:23 am
but he'll be one of the big stars of the evening. >> besticture in a drama, because you've got black swan, the fighter, theking'speech and the sial network. >>hat was a real tossup. i think it's really between the king's speechnd the socia network. it's too close to call. social network, obviously people love that movie. and it swept the critics awards, but the key speech actually has the most gden globe nominations. >> t fact that the king's speech is about great britain. >> t golden globes, they're foreign journalists, theyove prestige, so kg george, mark zuckburg, which one are they going to -- >> i loved king's speech. also the golden glob, they separate musicals and comedies, so give them credit for that. but some people have been very critical. >> this is a weird category because it filled almost completely with movies that were trounced by the criti. so they were all a surpre.
8:24 am
except for alice in wonderland, whh people sort of liked and it made a blion dollars, but the ki are all right, i think the clear winner here, julian moore and annette bening play a cole of the biolocal fher of their childrennters the picture. >> it's kind of a drama more than it is a comedy? >> this one could have gone either way. >> tre's been a lot of talk about natalie portman in the swan. >> i thi that if there was possible upset, it could b nicole kidma for rabbit hole, a movie that not many people have seen, but the golden globes, th love her. >> andollin fert? >> ihink he's definitelyhe oscar winner. by a long shot, hll probably go on to win the oscar.
8:25 am
>> the possible upset on that e? >> the possible upset is james fran for 177 hours. >> it's a very goo strong category, but it just feels like co fin firth. it just feels it's like collin ferth's name. >> i thi that annette bening for e kids are all right here. if you put her performance up against any other performance this year, she's obviously the best. and the golden globesly liking . julian moore who's her co-ar in the movie. >> best comedy or musical category? >> i think that it's between glee and modern fami. okay. >> n 30 rock. >> 30 rock is one in four.
8:26 am
every year al calls eher tina fey or the show walks away with something. >> and best television series? >> i think it's going to be boardwalk pire. mad men has won the 8 clchb 26 is your time now on this friday, january 14 2011. good morning. i'm eun yang. topping the ns this morning 're following breaking news in montgomery county. police say a person has been hit by a m.a.r.c. train and killed. chopr 4 is on the way to the scene. stay tuned for the latest. you can see chopper live over the scene. we have more breakg news in northwest washington. two people are dead after a head-on collision. a truck and a van collidedn
8:27 am
canal road in crk place around 5:00 ts morning. for what this means, let's head over to ashley linder. >> we have that closure still in effect. it's shut down bween arizona and font hall. macarthur is op. go ahead and hop objective that. you'll be forced onto it. outsidebound drivers a going to be forced off prior to fox hall. macarthur is going to fill up fast so plan your trip early. fast so plan your trip early. >> we'll b is that new sweater? no. haircut? no. aryou in love? no. did you get some work done? [giggling] no! something's different at dunkin' donuts and it looks great onou. the delicious egg white breakfast sandwich, made with veggies and real turkey usage. lots of flavor, less than 300 calories. hurry in to dunkin' for a decious egg white breakfast ndwich
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with less than 300 calories.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning, january the 14th, 2011. to the temperature -- we love having youut here. i'm meredith viera along wh willie geist, ann curry and al
8:31 am
roker. mattas the morning off. just ahead, sprucing up your wardrobe on a discount. stacy london shows usow to take advantage of a the sales right now. the thinghat we always wanted toplurge on but couldn't afford. >> it sounds great. also meredith, overcoming the barriers that prevent people from losing weight and keeng off. we'l get some pointers from oprah's personal tiner bob green. >> and also coming up this morning, we have -- if you're excited abouthe golden globes, guesswhat? we have got hot englitodd engli kitchen. and he'sressed up. >> you'll ner believe what's in that popcn. and on our special series, have you ever i wanted to change a light bulb. but this is nojust any show.
8:32 am
actually my rget, t bulb was on the top of the new jersey tower of the george washington bridge. >> you really didthat? i think that's so brave ofou. >> you jumped out of a plane. >> but that's pretty dar remarkable. >> usually the occasion is after 5:00. od mning. sunshine breaking out after a
8:33 am
few morning flurries. now temperatures still cold we're well below freezing in the upper teens. later today, briefly getting above freezing and cuds in and out. tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy. a bit warmer. afternoon highs near 40. 40 againn sunday. ould have a little more sunshine. for the king hold sunday and mond, encreasing clouds. might get a little snow mday ght. oks like it will change t rain on tuesday. cold after that. >> and that'sour latt weather. willie, you know you can check your weather any time of the day or night on fothe weather channel on cable or online. up next, making the most out of tse post holiday sales, the best items to
8:34 am
ue diamond almonds! more bd flavor! more variety! more value more of wh you want... not what you don't. blue diand almonds. (play-by-play nouncer) 's up and it is... good!
8:35 am
more than a snack. we're back at 8:35.
8:36 am
being thoseost holiday blues by takingdvantage of those amazing post holay sales. the host of whatnot to wear is here to me the most out of your next shopping pick me up excursion. good morning to you. now that all tse sales are going on, there is a strate? >> there should be a strategy always to a sale. but rightnow, it's post holiday, you're in jaary, you spent less money on other people. it's timeo pick yourself up a little bit, b do it with a strategy, do ito invest in your wardrobe. i think it's really important that you never buy something just because it's on sale. it's very imptant that you either buy items that are real investment pieces anyway, that you would buy at a regular price because they're going to work in yourardrobe long-term, or sothing that's a real splurge, something that you love. i always say if you buy an item, it should satisfy one of two criteria utility and/or joy. that's how you stop the sales
8:37 am
and that'sow you shop period. and right now you can get such great deals. >> every model i wanto point out to the audience that's wearing a lot o items tha might be onsale,ut we're going to focus just o one. first is the basic pencil skirt. >> yes, now this is the thing. a lot o people kind of d't think about the basics when they sale shping. they think the should get the most outragus, most special most trendy, whatever. this is fr ann taor, it was originally about $80, it's now sale for $30. a black pencil skirt is the most basic to ve. you can wr this as we dress it for work, you can wear it with a sweater and slacks for the weekend. you can wear it with a sexy -- if you wear it 30 times or the course of a ar, it's $1 per wear. >> en if you alreadyave one, it's nicto have another one in your clet.
8:38 am
>> it's a great piece , if it's great mateal, good construction, ift doesn't fit perfectly, tak some of the extra money that you saved from the actual pchase and put it towards tayloring. >> and it wl look like it's specially may for you. >> then it looks evenore expensive than something you bought off the salerack. >> koree is wearing a coat that you foundonsale. >> is january,people, we have got a lot me cold aad of us. right now all the fashion dustry is talking about spring, we're already talking about spring. but it's cold outside. if you already hav your casual parkor your big puffy coat, look for a second ct that you can use in a different way. the tweed coat never goes out of style, this is something you can easily useor work. >> and it works with the patterned pant? >> they're both neutral, you can absolutely wear them tother. the coat originally $1 now under $1nd you can wear this on the weekend with jeans. at i love also, i must say
8:39 am
these pants are on sale, $30, a pair ofool tweed pants, you can't d bett. >> it is all about the b. come on out. >> this is a big thing. women don't splurge on bags. they really always buy the utilitarian bags, the chocolate brown or the black, something that goesith everythi. but what's great to do wh bags, especially if they're on sa, look a bit trendy, look for a trend that's also coming up. something that's going to continue. fringe bag were big for t past couple of asons, but they're on sale now, buthey're also going to be big for spring. if you look at the fashion stuff, you'll see that '70s is back, you'll see that fringe is around. if you buy a piece like this, you're going to he an vestment piece that you can wear with the tweed jacket. the bag was originally $230 now
8:40 am
under 10$100. >> and if you waited t buy that bag whe all the spring sff comes out, it would cost you so much me money. >> exactly and you'll also be able to wear it in e spring. >> finally l's bring out our cocktail dress. i say this is the basic black, but this is takeoff of the basic black. >> most people have the go-to cockta dress. so se time go outside your comfort zone and get something that is thrown into the mix, a color that's incredibly flattering on you, or a bright print, something you wouldn't normally splur on. we got this at my's for $69. >>nd it's really lovely. >> this is something that, you know, look, maybet isn your basic cocktail dress, but when you can affordit, this is a great splurge thathen becomes a realow dress in your closet. >> let bring out all the models. again, your advice the
8:41 am
strategy, ulity or joy, when you're buying on sale. >> utility or joy, and at's my philosop for shopping period, u especially when you get great clothes at a great price. >> i'll never forge buying a skirt with an i -- i never wo th sucker. stacy thank you, so much f this, ladies thankou so much. you absolutely have taste. next breakingour weight loss briers to get the life that you want. loss briers to get the life that you want. we'll talk to to stay fit, you might also want to try lifti one of these. a unique sea salt added
8:42 am
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back at 8:43, this morning on take it off today, winng e btle of the bulge once and for al it's estimated only 20% of
8:44 am
people who have losteight are successful at keeping it off. fitns expertnd oprah winfrey's personal trainer b green is out with a new book called "the life you want." he's here with his co-author, ann carney cook. bob, you say we needo get in touch with our emotional side. >> i he studied nutrition and exercise, but soon into my career i diovered it's o emotions and how we manage our life. "the life you want" i wanted to go deeper and give people techniques that hp them go through the barriers to succs. >> and youave worke with oprah winfrey, who's been very public in th're battle with weight and it's still a battle for her, despiteverything she has at h disposal, personal chefs, ainers, nutritionis.
8:45 am
if it's a fight for oprah, how do the rest of us get tough this? >> w identify barriers in our life. and when y look at the top barriers, some may be eviden othersaren't. oprahtruggles with most of they barriers and she's very public about that and it is pinned t her emotions. sure, she can prepare the right food, she can have a trainer, bu it's really about what jolts you out of your comfort zone and what throws your le out of balance and that's the key. >> dr. ann, youay we have got to keep our life in balance, as bob was saying here, howo we do that what does that mean exactly >> i think we liven a world where we're told the more you do, t more you're going t get out of life. but people are talking about beingxhausted and fatigued and when you're exhausted and fatigued, your ability to make good decisions decreases and i think what you see is people begin to make bad decisions abt food. >> so how do we do that? how do we prevent ourselves from
8:46 am
being exhausted all the time and say you kn what? i'm going to g out there and go to the gym, i'm going to eat ght when you hav so much happening in your life? >> you have to take charg of yourlife. you need to say i'm in charge of this chapter in my life, i need to makeure that i put time aside excise, that i tak time to b fresh fruits and vegetabl and see this as not something that's bei -- many of the people i work with feel this is being selfish, it's n selfh, it's a way to prerve and keep yoursf health >> we hear all the time, i don't have time to workout, i have kids and'm at work all day, but you say you mayot need as much time as you think? >> i havbeen doing this 30 years and i have hea every excuse. it's really about getting at least 20, even better 30 mines a day. >> how about an avsion to exerse. it's not my thing. i don't consider that a choice.
8:47 am
we're wired to avoid discomfort and pain,f you're doing an exercise right, there's going to hopefully not pain, but a little bit of discomfort. you can expandour tolerance for discomfort and at's wha aining is allabt. >> some people presume they will be happy when they lose weight. that's not always the case, is it? >> what we know from rearch is that % o happiness is determined by genetics, % is the circumstances you're in. and 40% is the choices you make ch day. so what we have foundn our work, and i think this is a great additio to the field is that, ye you hav to watch your calories, yes, you have to exercise, but you also nee to have a certain level of contentment in your life. so for instance, we kw that half of the people who binge eat e either depress -- you can improve your mood d beappy so that youave the energy to ercise, to eat healthy and change your life. >> it's interesting, bog, it's
8:48 am
ki of like we have a chicken and egg here. youeed to be happy in order to exercise and exercise will me you happy. if you're talking to the audience, what's the first thi they should focus on? >> i think they should take the weight loss -- we tk a lot about psychology. that's the key. and be happy today and you're going to be 1,000 tim more likely to wake up and exercise and eat the right foods. >> i also think what bewee saying here is that many people know the right thing too but th don't do it. that's why we went intohat are the psychological issues that ep you from doing what you ow you need to do. >> "the le you want." bob green, ann carney. upnext, fun foods you can serve during next sunday golden globes, b first this is
8:49 am
"today" on nbc.
8:50 am
this morng on "today's" kitchen, back to basics, f finger fos. hollywood's award season gets into full swing sunday night so naturally you need some a-list snacks to enjoy as younjoy the golden globes.
8:51 am
>> starting with something that's so aromatic. >> it brings you bk home again. popcorn. >> it's not popcorn shrimp, but shrimp and popcorn. >> and how go you make this? >> i have the shrimp in the pan, a little b of butter. and tn we put a little japeno to spice it up. obviously the golden globe go on for a couple of hours, so y want to have something you can snack on the whole evening while you're watchg the awards. >> salt and pepper. >>e put all this in here. >> you have cheese,ou have mint. >> a little bit of cheddar cheese. >> and what's the other one? >> a little bit of mt and parsley. >>ndou mix that all together? >> is that cayenne you just put in? >> use your hands. >> yeah, it gets a little messy.
8:52 am
>> so the butter from the sizzling shrimp goes on there. >> it's buttered popcorn but wi a little twist. >> it's a complete dinner. it's packed wi protein,carbs, you got your cheese, you got your salad. >>nd good for you too. >> let's move on from that. >> that's not al because -- >> we have a good start -- the movi the popcorn. >> minitenderloin tacos. >> you can bring the popco. bring the popcorn. so what i have done is marined the tenderloin. and you can start making these here. >> what do you put in first? >> a little black bean, we're going to hold i in there. >> but the key is also to not use too much ingredients? >> less is more. but just enough to -- and a little bit of that, a little bit ofhe beef tenderloin. put that in now? >> yeah. >>nd then you've got soy and
8:53 am
ginger, and a little bit of says me oil. -- sesame oil. >> at yr party, youan just lay this out and people can make it on their own. >> that'svocado and i have a little bit of chipolte. if youike it spicy. >> yes,ring it on. >> i have got a little pico degallo. >> youix it with lime juice. >> and salt and pepper. >> you putt right on t top? >> a little bit of pico de gallo. >> look how pretty that is. >> gorgeous. >> you observe them like on a -- you can serve them like this o you can just leave them out.
8:54 am
what else havwe got here. >> th's seared tuna and the soy with the hot mustard dressing. a little bit goat cheese fondu and roastedtomatoes. and there's articho guacamole. >> so a lot of fun food. this should be a night where you enjoy everything. >> how long does it take to prepare this? >>et in he. >> get in my belly. nice tacos for you. you got ur fondu. >> the tuna, the protein for you, ? >> so it's a great night, feste night of eating wonderful food and just hanging out with your friends and seeing who's going to win t big awards. >> who cares?
8:55 am
>> do you watch the show and do this? >> i do. >> doou wear a suit like that when you watch television? >> i always do and i feel like i shoulde showing you to your table. >> thank you very mu. still ahead, daredevil roker. scales t george whington bridge, jus to change one old light bu. what is he nuts? coming up after your local news. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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8:58 am
8:58 is your time on this friday, january 14, 2011. good morning. i'm eun yang. we'reollowing breaking news. police say a person has been hit and killed by a m.r.c. ain. it happened around:00 this mornin in gaithersburg. that's chopper 4 over the scene. police have not sai what may have caused this deadly accident. and we're alsoollowing bara baracking news out of northwest washington. two people are dead after a headn collision. a truck and a vanollided on canal road this is having a big impact on the commute. let's go to ashley linder.
8:59 am
>> no improvement. inund drivers forced off arizona. that is going to be your best alternative. back to u, tom. >> we, ashley, still here at mid morning our temperatus are below freezing, and it'sust now near 30 in washington. we're in the 20 elsewher later today, briefly getting above frzing. we'llave a few cloudsn and out. a tad warmer over the weekend. on king holiday, increasing clouds. might t snow monday night. eun? >> thankso much. before you hit the gym to work on you new year's resolution, you he to kw the rules. tonight at 5:00, we break down
9:00 am
ck now with more of "today" on ariday morning, the 14th day of january, 2011. got me folks enjoying their long holiday weekends, a little t early as we celebrate dr. rtin luther king day on monday i'm al roker along with msnbc's tamron hall d willie geist. it's le an msnbc family. >> we ve invaded. >> we're taking over. we're taking over. >> i almost lt you hanging there. matt of course off today and coming up this hour,t's been nearly a week since the tragedy in tucson.
9:01 am
>>yeah, al, and we're going to haveore on the youngest victim of the shooting, 9-year-old christina taylorreen was laid toest on thursdaywith thousands of mily, friends, community members turningut to mon this young girl. there's new detlses about jared lee loughner. and congresswoman giffords is showing amazing progress moving herrms and her legs now. we'll have a live report. >> her miraculous recovery, is what the doctors are calng it. it takes your breath away. >>also some amazing deals on some great homes actually arod the country from class ranch style to the city of music in nashvill to a centuries old victorian inn i alabama. we have some great dls under $200,000. and she'soing to give us a tour and some ofhe people hav en asking about a stroll that you recently took, a walk on the wild side? >> as it were, yes. the height of a lifetime i would
9:02 am
sa in our series, have you ever, ann, natalie and i tried mething we have never done bere. and i scaled the heights over the hudson. it's pretty cool, i must say. >> excellt. right now we want to send it inside for a che of the top stories fromnn curry. >> good morning once again, everybody. in the news th morning a glimme of hope, nowearly a week after the deadly shooting rampage tucson, arizona. miguel, good rning. >>eporter: ann, good morning. four victims a hospitalized the congresswoman i in critical condition, this as the first of six funerals was yesterday. they lined the streets of tucs, some had never met 9-year-old christinaaylor green, still they wanted to say goodbye, a tragic da just like the day she w born, september 11, 2001. >> she began her life during a
9:03 am
tragedy, 9/11 and her life was ended with aragedy here in ariza. >> reporter: her family paused below a patch work of flags called the ground zero flag, delivered from the site of the world trade center. so gabe. >> gabe was my best friend, it's going to be harder for me to get througlife on a day-to-day s basis. >> reporte and every day, new signs of hope for giords. >> her eyes are slowly coming open. her husband couldn't believe it. reporter: husband mark kelly urged giffords to give the thumbs up. she raiseded h arm. >> reporter: meanwhile police continued to build their case against suspect jar lee loughner, in the desert brush not far from his home, police y thursday the found the bag hearried the day of the shooting. the grocery store where the
9:04 am
congresswoman was shot and six others killed is expectedo reopen tomorrow. exactly one week later, a community trying to return to normal as more victims areaid to rest this weekend. back here at the hospital,he ngresswoman is making remarkable strides, allhree of the other victim ann, are in fair condition. >> miguel, thank you. hundreds of abandoned cars stillitter the highws in the southhere residents of georgia are lashing out at officials for not being bett prepared for this week's winter storm. the death toll from those floods and mudslid in brazil is still ring, at least 476 people are now known to have lost their lives, manuried as they slept in their homes. one woman was stranded onhe ruins of her home before latching on to a rope and being rescued. survivors used their bare has, even kitchen utensils to search for missing loved ones as they
9:05 am
waited for rescue crews to arrive. and in sri lanka, monsoon rains have forced 8000 people from their homes. at least 23 peopleave died in the flooding and dozens are missing and ts dramatic footage shows an elephant stuck in a tre after watersurged. the 3 million seniors and disabled people who get fre home health care paid for by medicare may now need to pay for that expense out of pocket. a congresonal panel recommended a crge from home visits as parking lot of spending cuts to conol federal deficits. and a show of solidarity, when mike foenl failed for 8-year-old elizabeth shoe who sang the national anthem in new york. ♪ our flag was still the ♪ oh, say can you see >>nd like a pro, little
9:06 am
elizabeth just kept on belting it out with her nearly 13,000 backup singers behind her, and guess what, she's already bee invited back to sing at another game. that's a good lesson. there is nowive minutes past the hour, sunshine here i shington. radar showing a few flurries over the northern shenandoah
9:07 am
valley right now. it's cold, still in the 20s throughout the region. but thankfully those wds are eatly de-m.i.p. issued. later reaching the mid-s and partly sunny on saturday wh a higher i 40 and probable more sun around on sunda with a high near 40 again. on the king day, looks like ineasing clouds. migh get snow mondayevening, changing to rain on tuesday. >> this morning on "today's" real estate, what can you get for under 200,000? "today's" real estat contributor and our brick hous barbara corcoran i here wh tours homes across the country. these arsome great homes for under $200,000. >> we're going too to nashville, tennessee, music city got a three bedroom home priceded at $159,900. >> everybody loves nashville a this is ranch home that sits way back on a private lot with a
9:08 am
big front lawn, if you likeo mow. look at all that grass. the house is a brick and stone facade here's a better close-up for you. it's a bit unusual, not to everyone's taste. easy to change thoshutters, colors or whaver you want to do with the house. all the rooms inside ha beautiful hardwood floors, there's not a room without them. there's brick fireplace, it's a working fireplace, the house in great shape, it shows very well. in fact better on the inside than the outside. the dividing wal faces a living room and behind it we just saw that ding room. the kitchen could use aittle bit of an update. not much of an upda. >> what do you think they should do? >> i think the cabinet should be lightened. it needs new counter tops and a ce colorful back splash and you feel like you're in a brand-w kitchen. otherwe it's fine, leave it alone. there's a nice backyard, and a niceeck. usually people don't like
9:09 am
picnking on grass unless they're in apark and remember t price, $15900. >> now we're going t g to a three bedroom roam in grand rapi, michigan. >> this is $189,900. is is an all brick two-story craftsmastyle home. and it w built in 1926. when you go inside,ou'll see the entryway is ver lovely, it leads to the living room, with the brick fireplace, and a nice ick fireplace, an open staircase, i think we' see a shot of that in a second. right off tt room. that's nice, people love tse kind of hom that feed off the staircase. they feel central, they feel comfortable in the house. at house really needs some new slip covers, a little touching up on furniture, that goddess on the ding room table has got to go. i haven't seen a dining room der like that in a lontime. that might even be a css on the back wall, i'm not sure. but there's a nice spacious
9:10 am
dining room. the gold colored wallper takes away a little bit of the light. there's a kitchen and a eakfast nook with white e's spi. there'that lovely little nook, that's useful for anybody wit kids. the backyard is grassy, i don't know what else toay, it' grassy, and it's got a wood privacy fee that you can easily see. but you're going tbe too busy in the front of theouse mowing to worry about theack of the house. >> and a four bedroom that's iced at $193,900. >> that is the bestart of omaha city, which is full of parks and walking and biking trails and lots o green spaces for the kids and the dogs. it's a friendly neighborhood and they have lots of events in this neighborhood, lik the fourth of july bike parade and just about everybody in town decorates their housin halloween. at doesn't happen in america anymore. but there's a shot othe welcoming fro yard,
9:11 am
beautifully landscaped,he entryw has wood floors. you can really see the dramatic staircase, that goes through two rooms and opens up the inside of that house a has a very nice affect. the open dining room has soars ceilin whichakes that room look actually bigger than it actually is. the kitchen has gleaming wood floors and a breakfast bar. there you go, that's a nice kitchen. and it also haa sunny dining area aacent that you see that chair in the foregund there. there's even a fully finished man ce in the basement. >> you don't see that too ch. >> you don't see it thatmuch and y should see it less. you've got another full kitchen, a loly bar and plenty of space, you can make that space whatever you want. >>florence, alabama, a 3 bedroom home at 199$199,900.
9:12 am
>> florence is on the banks of the mississippi river. this home is 106 years old. it on the national historic registry. i never met a person in the wod that doesn't like a porch, even though people never use them. i think it' in meticulous condition, the doors hav period handle original bannister up that beautiful staircase. >> it's in the national historic registry. >> and that gives you bragging rights, myouse is so great, that i can't chae it. and at's the problem, you can't change it. so it depends on how you look at it. there's a great shot of not the living room, but t den, a arming fireplaceff to the left. lots of light, high ceilings this is an old house that you don't really have to do much. you wouldwear that kitchen is not 100 years old. an you would be right. the last thing you want to do is
9:13 am
not change the kitchen when you have an old house. there's a sho of the backyard, a sweet pie of a house only 199. >> and still to come, the dos and don'ts of detox diets, are they aood idea for jump-starting your weit loss? up next, how manyeathereople does i take to change a light bulb, scaled the geoe washingt bridge to find out after the messages. sorry i missed your call. [ sneezes call me. ♪ [ sneezes ] ♪ [ female nouncer ] kleen brand tissues are america's softest. [ sneees ] no wonder people go out of their wato share them. [ sneezes ] ♪ [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] go to for more fun ways to share kleenex tissues. softness worth sharing. the mosturizer in other body washes siton top of skin. only dove has nutriummoisture, which can nourish de down.
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take an extra 30% off apparel and accessories for the whole family. better hurry! these savings won't last long. sears. what do you want to do 2011. make your list on carnival's facebook page. >> and now our seriesave you ever, when natalie, al and i got to do something w have dreamed of doing. >> las week, natalie flew through the air at trapeze school and now, it's al.
9:17 am
>> i decided torave the cd and overcome some fear to climb one of new york's inic landmarks, the george washington bridge. they call it the george or just the gwb. the george washingn bridge, the busiest bridge in e world. >> chopper 880. >> let's go over to the george washington bridge, delays about 40 minutes all the wayround. >> fro a distce, it's -- support millions of pounds and hureds of thousands of travelers every y. the bridge'sparkling lights have always been aeacon that says i almost home. >> what the heck, when theyaid what wouldou love to do, wha would your dream be? i didn't hesitate for a nute, i knew exactly wha i wanted do. so here's the deal, i have always wanted to change one of the light bulbs here on the george washington bridge. i understand you are the guys help he do it.
9:18 am
>> there's good news and bad news. we love having y here, we have a great sunny day. but of course it's so cold, you picked this time of the year, elevators are frozen up. >> how doou get up? >> we go up the ladder and wal up the cable. wow. wow. oh, look at the time. i was now in th hands of the gwb electrical shop. the original sck jocks. >> anything need to be tighter? anything feel loose. >> it could be a little tighter. this could be stephie abrams' best day ever. the worst part was climbing up the ladder to get on the cable because you're looking straight between therungs and the deck of the bridge is shaking. people don't realize it moves. i was petried. but at least the cables we would be walking on wereretty wide and by wide, i mean not at all.
9:19 am
that cable is three feet i diamet, so you've got about 18 inches of nonrounded cable. i thought, are your nuts? 600 feet s feeling almost doable. and then there it was, the dreadehill. ♪ >> the last five sections, you're goi uphill pretty good and you just wanto get to the end. yo legs are burning, you just want to get to the end. at a view, what a workout, what a view.
9:20 am
wow, unbelievable. >> you neeto do this six more times. >> they take real pride in what they don maintaining the world's siest bridge. and making sure it's safe. my hat's off to these guys, they do an amazing job. and speaking of jobs, i still had one more to do >> i brought a bulb. >> th's good for at home. but on the bridge, we do everything big. >> now that's a lb. >> that's a bul 620 watts. >> now i can say we bring good thin to life. sorry. >> wt do you say? doouant to go down now? we do have an elevator we can take? are you serious?
9:21 am
very, very, veryew people who don't work on the george washington bridge get to walk that cable. i did. i climbed you! i climbed you! in your face! i changed your bulb. i climbed your cable. i own the george washington bridge. i'm king of the bridge. well, the george washington bridge is celebrating its 80th anniversary thisear and i want to thank the entire team for keeping the bridge safell these yes, for helping me make my dream come true. and in rticular, bob, k, and big chris. and a big shoutout to jennifer long who was the producer who was deathly afraid of heights and actually was up ther >> and there are some thingsou should warn her about, you shou never try that in els. >> no. >> or in a skirt.
9:22 am
it actually wasn't slippery. the hardest part is getting up the ladder. once you're on the cable, is fine. >> but there's a point of no return. you've goto fish it? >> i thought what happens if i just freak out a little bit. >> you didn't andt was awesom >> your dream was to change a light bu on the george washington bridge. i'm concerned about what your other dreams might be. >> i have something that i he every tried that i will be doing soon. i can tell you it's not strip poker. >> no. but it's an unusual thing. you'll be surprised and that's going to next week. stl ead, keeping your depressed mood out of your wardrobe. we're going to add some sizzle. but firsthese messages.
9:23 am
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9:26 am
9:26 is your time. 31 degrees. still very coldut there, but the winds are calmer. good mornin topping your news for today, we're followg breaking newsn montgomery county. person has been hit andilled by a m.a.r.c. train in gaitrsburg. police have not said what caused the deadly accident. m.asm r.c. is getting buses to take passengers to the sha grove station. we'll take a quick break and
9:27 am
host: could itg to geico really savyou fifteen percent or more onar ins do woodchucks chuck wood? man: hey you dang woodquit chu (hd laughter) vo: geicifen minutesould ou fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
9:28 am
good morning. we've had the sunine breaking out ofome morning flurries locall but now we'reetting snoot snowstorm. may add an additional light dusting. it's cold. stil below freezing throughout the entire region. in the 20s. later today highs reaching the mid-30s and some clouds returning fr time to time and partly sunny satday and sunday, hig near 40. steve hershorn, how'straffic? here we e. the closure of somef that where that pedestrian was struck by the m.a. train. no tffic getting by there.
9:29 am
we're still dealing with the closuref canal road near arizona avenue because of the ongoininvestigation of the accide that happened early this morning. eun? >> thanks so much, steve. it's a moment y even been waing for. the g reveal of our ambush makeovers. tune
9:30 am
this is the ann curry singoff. >> look at these maj stars. >> that's right. the fashion, the aft paies. your favorite celebs from the big screen to the small screen tune in monday morning on "today," natalie morales and i host the eire 9:00 hour live from hollywood where we'll have the winners. this is so bi our 9:00 producer, mk victor is coming with us.
9:31 am
>> wait a minute, you and natalee and mark? >> yes. >> who's not going? >> i'm not going, so i should -- can i n come in? >> don't forget, you can catch all your favorite stars liv on the golden globe awards this sunday night at 8:00eastern, 5:00 pacific here on nbc. ricky gervais hosting. the preview begin at 7:00 wit natalie and lly bush. >> may i say also, mr. gervais is so incredibly tanted. >> he is hilarious. >> i think it's going to be a really good shoot. >> he wants this to be
9:32 am
9:33 am
9:34 am
good morning. still cold, but the winds are diminished. radar showing a snow shower in northern shenaoah valley that's driing east. we had some suise flurries that left a lig dusting west and north of washington. temperatures are still below freezing. we're just behoe 20s in the entire region. then on saturday, mostly cloudy. afrnoon highs near 40. partly clou. highs mid-30. might get a >> and that's youratest weather. a coming up next fight the drab weather by brightening up your winter look right afr th. was just hard to get started. so now, i dit automatically. withank of america's automatic savings ansfer. -it's totally flexible. -easy to setp. i decide how mucto transfer and how often. i move a little over ice a month. i put part of my direct depot...
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9:38 am
dizziness and mornindrowsiness. ask your dtor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a $0 co-pay sleep ll, on the wings of lunesta. this morng on "today's" style, ainter wardrobe revival. just because the weather is gloomy, doesn't mn your wardrobe has to be. all it takes is a little sparkle orattern that takeour winter style. i lovehis because it's aund the time o the year, this time of year when you start to loo in yr closet and you're just not inspired. >> and we still he three more months of this. we're n even halfway thrgh it seems. so it's really about just incorporating some sy, fun elements to try to perk it up. >> sy, affordable a n.
9:39 am
>> and jusbecause it's drab outside, it dsn't mean your clothes need to be drab too. >> and our first model is sparkling. >> really for day, you want to incorporate it maybe into a sweater rather than the skirt or pant which is definitely more for evening wear. and you don't need a lot of sequins to have a lot of impact. >> it esn't look holiday. there's too much sparkle, it looks holiday. >> this is a great price, $70 from express. >> and her shoes? >> her shoes are actually michael corps. they're less than $100 and for a more modern look, you can combine these two tights. >> kate, you're rocking, u're looking good. what's the difference between sparkle and ine? >> shine is more aboutut t texte of the fabric, we're talking about shimmery silks or faics. what y want to do with shiny
9:40 am
fabrics is gravitate to earth tones. >> jenna b the way is our model and she' enjoying this outf. just workingt out. >>t's a tunic so it' very comftable and silk provides a lot of warmth witut a lot of layers. you can contrast with nice textures so like we have here, a faux fur vest for $70. >> what about her nelace? i love that. >> that's areat necklace, left side fro exess, i think it's around $70 and when you're wearg something tha shines like that, then you can really have fun with t baubles and thmetallics. >> next you recommend playing with prints. printan be intimidating. >> prints can be intimating so the key iso keep it localed. we have it here on her shoes.
9:41 am
you could do a belt, you could do a scarf, we really like classic leopard prints and this is also look you could pair with tights. these are $9 is is a nice look because you can still wear this to work and out for a cocktail afterwards. wn you're wearing animal prints, don't go for a lot of other colors or textures. >> you say it's about embrace bright. what makes y feel good aroun this timef year when everhing is gray or black, this i a great look. for winter, you really want to stick more with jewel ton like weave here, these are both from j. cr, a spun orange skirt that you could probably evenarry well into the summer. and wh's nice too is that if you're looking to buy lor, stick with o brand because those people, theuyers hav alreadmerchandised and there's no risk of clashing. >> you can wear that with a
9:42 am
white skirt in sing and get more use out of it. you went neutral with the shoes and bag. >> one color should be aittle bit darker than the otr. and plums are me neutral. >> that looks azing with her complex. >> patricia is our model, come us. >> metallics like sequins you don't nd a lot to hav high impa. this really reflects light. it's sort of subtly woven into the top. d it has a l of neutral interests. >> and you can put jeans on with that to boom. >> very nice, we're going to bring out all of ourmodels, that's great. >> y can spruce up yr winter wardrobe, looking good, ladies thank you so much. >> we really appreciate it. and coming up next, detox diets. are y of them really safe?
9:43 am
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9:46 am
heck try 'em all. this morning on take it off today, detox diets have become a popular trendo jump-start weight ls plan but it c also have health consequences if taketo the extreme. madeleine, good morning. befo we get to the dos of
9:47 am
toxing, youeally think that there's an extreme edge that can be unhelpful? >> eremes in anything are going to be a problem. detox dieting can be a veryood thg. wh you want tovoid are things that are extended fasts, more than 24 urs, you know, low lorie juice fasts, things that are cleansers lik colon aches, these are things that can have some healthconsequences, so when you think of detox, y want to think of the good way to do it and n the extreme way. >> this is a good way to get rid of all the sins that we eat, the fats, the salts, the alcohols that enter our dy. what ishe right way to dox yourself. >> the things you want to get rid of is extsugar, fat, salt, caffeine and alcoho so you can getid of mos of thosthingsimply by not having any packaged or prepared foods. let's lk about fresh food. and by that it can also be fresh
9:48 am
frozen. produce is a great things, fruits and vegetables but it c be really pricey. look for fresh and frozen vaeties. when you get rid of packaged foods, you're also going to get rid of a lot o additiv and preservati preservatives. >> a lot of people during this timeill not want to for a few da, maybe not eat meatnd go for, what i assume is protein. so you say there' some good plant proteins. what are they? fr p fr protein is important. you can have poultry and fish. but the best thing is to switch plant proteins that are just as compete a protein soce, some people think that's not as good for you, things like soy, things like beans that are easy to prepare a they're ailable. these are things that are easy on your digesti track.
9:49 am
>> we thought those were not complete proteins. >> it's someing that when you look into putting all these amino acids, when you mixhem together, something like rice and beans, together they make a mplete protein, but during the day, if you have ricend if you have beans, you don't have to worry about mixing and matching. so any amoun of plant protein is going to be excellent. >> also when i comes to this, you need to reay drink a lot of liquids bause obviously you'reoing to be changing your system. what are the do's and don'ts of that? what shouldou be drinking no alcohol, for example. >> you want to cut out alcohol and caffeine. it doesn't mean forever, you want to cut this out toround zero your system. you want to drink a lot of water, that's going to help to flush,ilute things and get them out of your system. they can re-ter later on b you don't want to spend a bunch of calories on juices, think
9:50 am
about water tha you can put a little splash of lime in or even some juice. keep that fluidup. half of your body weight in water per y. >> so u're really flushing a lot of things out. what happens when you doll o this, would seem that you're going to feel a lot lighter? >> you're going to feel a lot less bload. when that salt is gone, you're going to feel just a sense of well-bng, you'll be less bloated, you're actually going to sleep better. so ts is all going to tie into a 24-hour cycle, it's not just about the food. >> and exercise, how important is ercise during this process? >>xercise is reallyimportant, because you want to rid your body of thingsou don't need. exercise is a great metabolic stimus to get your body moving. but it's importantor a little brain detox to do things that are going to be stress
9:51 am
reliers, like yoga or tai chi and ings that are meditative and rlly connects the mind-body connection. >> wll be right back, but firsthis is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
we wan to mind you of our programming this sunday, all your favorite stars live on the red caet for t golden globe awards, that's at 8:00 eastern 5:00 pacific. the previewhow begins at 7:00. >> if you miss that,ou should tune in on monday, because mond on our special 9:00 hour of "today" we're goingo hav al and natalie hosting the after party. i know a lot of people want to see michael douglas, a great come back for m. >> it a great come ba for him.
9:54 am
i tell you what, collin firth i think hehould have won last year for a kisingle man. >> look at the fashions. >> so we're going to have some n and speaking of fashions, coming up, we' be talking about some instant makeovers. >> that'sright. >> plus a real hsewife of atlanta. >> curtis stone in the house. >> talk about cu. >> come on, n, come on. >> i like curtis and th's as far as it goes. >> after your local news. >> and weaer.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>>good morning, everyone. our time now, 9:56. it's friday, january 14th, 2011. i'm barbara harrison. we're folwing breaking news in montgomery county a this hour. a person has been hit and killed by a m.a.c. train. it happed around 8:00 a.m. police are not saying what may have caused this deadly accident. m.a.c. is working on getting buses to tak passengers to t shady grove metro station. m.a.r.c. says it will honor all tickets this morning. tell us about the weather. >> thankfully the wds have died down. no quite at brutal as they have been the last couple of days. is morning, still cold. radar showing a few flurries and perhaps a bit of a snow shower on there. northern shendoah valley, some of the higher ridgesay be
9:58 am
tting a dusting right now. elsewhe we're still freezing. gettin above eezing. a few flurrie from time to time. d then tomorrow, a bit warmer but still colder than erage. upper highs to near 30s and 40. on the king day holiday it appears we may get a little snow after sunset. how's traffic. >> we have separate accidents from the beway. two mo, one before, one after route0 heading out wound on 66 still have the closure because of the accident. baara? thanks, steve. coming up on "news 4 midday"t 11:00, a local widowed wan 11:00, a local widowed wan getting picked for
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. this try-day, friday, january 14th, 2011. thie lee is spending some time in the sun enjoying herself. but thks to "today's" guest co-host, fed chef curtis stone, it is pretty hot in here. we like to spell hot h-a-w-t.
10:01 am
hawt. curtis has been extreme busy. the guy just stepped off of a plane. you came all the way from l.a. just to be with us >> how could i resist a morning with you? >> look at that. guy's got a new show cming up. called "ameca's next great restaurant." there's four of us who are the investors inhe restaurant which is why we're also dn nervous about it working. weasically go out an find someone that'sot a great idea for a restaurant or we find ten people. by t end of the show we figur out who we think has the best, then we open three restaurants with them. >> you do? it's already er, shot and done? >> we've shot all expt the finale. haven't made the big decision but all the little ones. >>e have a sound bite. le's listen. >> the ultimate comfort food and all-time macaroni. >> what are you serving today.
10:02 am
>> what i made day is grandma's meatballs. >> i love the ricotta cheese on the side. >> it is a nicetouch. >> i love the texture of the meatballs. >> really. w. tht's amazing. >> joe, i can't believe i'm going to say this, but i love your lls. >> you're disgusting. you need kathieee next to you. >> we hadhe most ridiculous ideas for restaurants. we had one guy who pitched a redne restaurant where they cold eat their fd and have a fight. one guy had a gun shop and restaurant a under the same roof. but then we had brilliant one where invesrsooked at each other like why didn't we think of that? it is a really interesting show, premiers mar 16th right here on nbc. >> also real quick you' just backith your vis from oprah. oprah sent l of her aience membe to australia. look at you dancing with the big "o." >> it was fun when it finally happened but we end up throwing this big beach bash.
10:03 am
we had 100 peoplearrive on an island that has nothing, no running war, no -- we brought in a lot of ice and 2,000 pounds of ssie seafood but it was a stressful time until we put it all together. >> wel take a little bit of the ed off today. we have a beverage. >> i was a little bit nerus coming on e show. >> wh >> i thought i mit get sort of woozon chardonnay. >> this is a special bee called tactical nuclear penguin beer. 32% alcohol. > what? >> what does that even mean? what's normal beer? how much is normal beer? 4.5%? 6%? loohow theuys allknow. >> sip it. >> oh, my god! >> that's like liquor. >> that is. that is. >> hoo! >> you like it? you feel good? >> better now. yeah! >> there was a picture today that we saw thatas so nas,
10:04 am
it was on a new york city subway. if you've ever rien the subway, this kind of stuff do not happenften but i guess every now an then it does. eck it out. aat isrunning around. wait. there is a sleeping man. h-ooh. ooh-ooh. ooh! ooh! that's a rat running up and down onef the trains. > yuck! >> that's whereightmares come from. >> we don't have those in la. we don't. >> i can tell you something funny about the ts -- >> weon't have the rats and we don't have the subways either. >> tell me about the rats. >> okay. so if you go and you're standing on the subway platform -- because the first time when i first moved to newyork, i was jt waiting for the subway standing on the edge and you literally see these big rats running yeah. nobody blinks. i mean freak because i was new but after a while you just start seeing it. what do you think?
10:05 am
is that video true? >> i'm a ig, tough guy, too. if i saw a rat i'd probably freak out a little bit and get out of its way. these people are justarely -- >> lifting the legs. that's what makes me woer. when it ranright through the middle, they -- th say it was at 2:00 a.m. andef one was out of it. >> it's a trained rat. >> that's a rat. that a rat. >> that's a tined rat. >> nasty. we're going t counteract that disgusting video with a real sweet piece of video. there is this little irl, she's 8 years old. imaginthis. you'resked at 8 years old to sing the national ahem at a sporting ent. in norfolk, virginia she starts to. listen. in theiddle of her song the mike cuts out dead. watch what happens after. ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ ga proof through the night
10:06 am
>> wait,wait,wait. ♪ o say does tha star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ oer the land of the free notes ♪ and the home of the brave >> u know what? that's perfect. like that is absolutely -- that is why i love america. if that was in australia everyone would be like look at thlittle girl! ha-ha! but he in america eveone joins in -- >> they would not have done inn that in australia. >> yeah, they would ave. that's our culture. >> by the way, aot of people k one question every time curtis is on. the question always is,s he dang someone. you're always the single guy who's always dating around and
10:07 am
all that stuff. we want everyone to know -- >> dating arou. wow. >> that's what we've hed. you have a lady in your life. >> i do. >> someeople may know her. her name is lindsey pric you may know her from "the l "lipstick jule."" how did you guys meet? >> a mutual frnd said we should hang t. it was my first blind date. >> what happened on the blind date? >> i mean i'll tell you about it another day. the first time we were in new york together we -- she said i wa you to meet a couple of my friends. she cotarred "lib slipstick june"" with brooke hield. i'mot a fancy person so i don't get to hang ou with that many fancypeople. i went to restaurant and it was her and brooke and another friend of theirs. i thought, first time in front ofome big celebrities. so i ordered a really nice bottle of wine. we had this big extragant nner. then of course at the end of it i just got back an orseas trip
10:08 am
i flick my cdit card. they all offered to play so i give my credicard. it decline >> doh! >> yeah. n't laugh because it's ppened to y at some poi. >> what did you do? >> as it happened i hope i thought that credit card work because i had justgot back from this ip. i sort of see the waiter walking back over like th isn't goin to hapen. she comes over then i give her a new one, bright red. theyave those fake seats, i was getting all sweaty and nervous. i gave her another cdit card then she tookhat and that declined as well. >> foret it. it is time to just gi up. >> she stillended up my girlfriend after the end aft year. lindsey, i lov you, baby. >> you love her? are you guys getting married? what's the story? >> you've got a guy inour life, too. don't you, hoda? anyway, it's time for --o do a segmt we love -- >> she's still at that pnt where she's a little bit ervous. she doesn't want to ta about it. >> i know. he's adorable though.
10:09 am
>> ooh. we want to bring in our gir bobbie thomas, it's time r bobbie's buzz. >> i have beaut for t boys though you don't need any help in this department. ladiesnew year, new him. you'll need your own aisle in the drutore soon for beauty. i was mesmerized with everything. lawy loreal has eye rollers to de-puff your eyes. >> i just got off the red eye. so- i loved this anthony sport to go. there was a product in here for your hands and it was actually said after we cck out your feet we do want to look at your hands. then some oth man brands that are on our website. i ove evolution man. it has aoncealer stic so you can cover blemishes andrash and razor burn. >> i heard ral men do that. >> do you use any of that staff? >> if i did the no-make-up tes on you right now i promise i would find something. >> we're on television. >> yes.
10:10 am
but then a few others. there is this great product called bump which is good for razor bums. a lot of men, have curly course hair and they could us this product or this product helps you stretch out between shaving soyou don't get your 5:00 shadow at 5:00. it diminishes the lgth and -- >> what is in his hair? wait. what's going on up top here? what do you t in there? no, you do not. you put so stuff in there. what product? >> hair product. impossible. look this. it's natural. i useust a little bit of wax and my secret is i do't wash it that often. you shareomething? common. >> curtis. still to come, we'll go live to our audien and take some questions but first it is time for -- look at sara. "ambush makeor" after this. en l. this is kathywho i helped do her first home loan, and this is her sister tina,
10:11 am
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♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereal with box tops for education. last year, schools earned overen million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise ney for your kids' school. look for this logo... onlyn big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box count
10:14 am
it's that time of the week when we ing you the results of today "today's" plaza "bush makeovers." >> not even the freezing tperatures can keep these two from trolling rough the plaza to find thoseperfect pair ladies. >> trolling is such a not a good word. >> they found "today" contributor and stylest to the stars. ♪ louis licarla-la-la-la-la ♪ >> do it again. ♪ louis licari la--la-la-la >> and s weekly" contributor and thor, jill rtin. kids, it was ice cold. hats on. how did you know who toick? >> well, we had asked people to reme their hat. o lady was a fansince the show began, since mbush" began. we had another lady who is from the midwest, wisconsin. twos easy. >> amazing people are standing outside in this freezing weather coming for a makeover. >> let's start off wi mi
10:15 am
rene kollo. from collegeville, pennsylvania. 53 years old. shend herusband have been together 25 years. they have a daught together. she absolutely loves tis segment, much so she came to the city for one reason and that's to get ambusd. let's listen. >> all right, they've be standing outside in 18-degree weather since 6:00 a.m. and look at this sign. there's a rainbow me somewhere. i just love that. tell me why you want this so badly. >> just look at this. i've seen your work and it's fabulous. so you can hlp me find my rainbow. >> i know you wa this for your wife. >> absolutely. she's a beaiful woman inside and you're gng to makeer outside a hot woman. >> are you ready to lo hot for your husband? >> i am. needs a new woman! >> i lik them. lewis, ep your blindfolon til i give you the green light. >> how are you feeling, lewis? he's a littlenervous.
10:16 am
>> here's the befo picture of rene. come out, rene. let's see the new you. >> whoa! >> lewis, take off your blindfold. >> wait, hold on. hold on a second. ne's got to see rself. you ready? turn around, take a look. put your glasses on. >> oh, my god. are you okay? co here. come on. come on. >> i was epecting a lot because it's the best of the best but this is really nice. >> tell us what you did to the hair. we love that. >> first of all i ma her hair deeper which of course works better with her skin color. hen lena gave her the -- cut of her hair was so fine and so long by giving her thisreat looking bo it made her hair look twice
10:17 am
as thick. she has tis beautiful eyes that she's showcased. she's beautiful. >> are you dying? you're busting. she is totally busting. jill, the outf is hot. >> let's just do a pan of this body. she onlyears pants and no tight clothing. i went the other way with th dress from ann taylor. that's a hot dress. >> the jewelry from h & m. >> rene, why don't y and your husband head that way. next up, who do we have >> next up, bonnie, 67 from fairfield, wiscons. she's never colored her hair before because e thought it uldn't look any good buthe was completelyat ease when she knew she had the master i and, louis. >> let's listen. >>all right, we have a very shked mother and daughter here because i know you didn't expect this but inow you're excited. tell m why you want this for your mom. >> we're veryexcited. i want ts for my mom becaus she never takes the te for herself and she never wears
10:18 am
makeup a i think it will b really exciting and a new look for her. >> i cannot believe you're 67 years old. u look fabulous. i know you're single. what do you hope to look like to find your new man? >> , just a new look. something exciting. >> i think we c do that. louis and i are on it. a you ready to go? >> i'm ready. >> woo! she's goter daughter and mother-in-law right here. you guys keep yo blindfolds on, okay? until it is time. you ready? here's bonnie before. all right, bonnie. let's see the new you. >> give us a look. yes, plase! >> bonnie, you're goingto die. you gu ready? take off your blindfolds. >>bonnie, are you busting? is it time tolook? >> it isime to look. >> turnright around. >> unbelievable.
10:19 am
>> you lo hot. >> hot mama. that hair is hot. >> that is -- this is h natural cor. maybe a littl pushed up. right? >> well probably a few years earlier. >> yes. exactly. she was always frightened. she never colored her hair becse people are raid once they start, they can't stop. if you never color it again, ts will fade and blend ay. it is a perfect color for yo and brings yo skin colright ou again lena gave her this great -- she had a very long back, she broughtt up, made the layers sohe could wear it eitherurly or straight. girls, what do you guys think? >> wow. jill, this leaer -- hello! >> hell wionsin. no one is going to recognize her. we wanted to give her something she can actual wear. this lather jacket is from talbot's, mix and match with jeans. grt pencil skill from talbot's. bts from payless. everything can be used with things you alredy have in your closet. >> big round of applause.
10:20 am
next we'll head over to the msnbc digitalafe to answer your questions after this. believable. ♪ ♪ j-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o [ child giggles ] [ male announcer ] it's outlast lipstain from covergirl. [ drew light as air lipwear that does what aipstick can't. with one sold every 15 seconds, it's the #1 selling lipstain in the u.s. [ male announcer ] outlaslipstain. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl.
10:21 am
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i love that song iis time fo "3-2-1 live with sa haines" who's live at the digital cafe. sara, what do you ve out there? >> first, i'mtanding with a girl named sara haines, exact same spelling. from pennsylvania. she has a question out meat
10:23 am
pie. >> okay, curtis. i have family who livesin stralia and the meat pies over there are amazg. when are you going topen up a shop over hre in the states? >> that's a good idea. right? in australia we have meat pie surrounded by pastry. you treat them a bit like a hot dog, you wal and gab them, quick snack. they're good. >> it's n like aot pie? >> one day. no, not like a pot pie. stand-alone. next up, kevin and cheryl from florida. they have a question about favorite memy. >> okay, wt's your favorite memory of the show? >> mine is right this minute. just right now with curtis. i mean honestly though, thiss one of those shows that sometimes you have to pinch yourself to remind yourself that you're actually on a ow wh ch history. with brokaw and the whole gang and all tse guys. it rlly ishen i saw that video of you guys, i was just so
10:24 am
mbled to be sitting in studio 1a. >>good answer. i love that curtis was your highlight. next up we've got matt and amanda from kansas ty. matt has a question about long distancerelationships. >> hi, curtis. me and my wife are going to be apart for about six eks. do you hve any tips toake the most of a long distance relationshi >> be very careful. >> i've got quite a few bu you don't want to listen to any of them because none of my long-term relationships have of really worked out. you know, what i didn do, and tt is, stay in touch every day. make sure yo speak in the morning, and in the evening and it is up to you no matter what people say, mate, about relationships are equal, you have to doi that's good advice. you're very grown up and mature. one more. i guess we don't. saa, thank you. > all right, still to come, we haveoprah's train bob green teing us how to rewire our brins right after this.
10:25 am
woman: our lunch break is just that, a break. so we take time to sit down for lunch at olive garden and we enjoy catching up as much as we enjoy the meal... announcer: it's the unlimited soup, salad, and breadstis lunch. only at olive garden. featuring four homemade sos. enjoy all you wa for st $6.95. >> m: getting across town to a job interview is strsful enough without being late. i nt guidance that takes me where i need to be, without any problems along the wa i fe the same way when i do taxes. tuotax has a unique
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gps feature th guides me step-by-step. and calculatio are guarteed 100% accurate, so i kw it's done right. they even ofr representation in case ofn audit. which helps me reach my maximum refund, guaranteed >> try turbot online now. you don't pay it's a number that's keeping prince george's county in the headlis. 13 homicides in 13 days. coming up on "news 4 midy" we'll sit dn with the new states attorney for that cnty and talk about the current ske in violence. good mornin m barbara harrison. also coming up. this is kathy, onef four pele picked for an ambush make
10:27 am
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10:30 am
wre back on this friday with re of "today two great men besi me,rtis ston kathie leeoday and oprah's personal trainer, bob green. >> as a chef it is always hard to keep the fat, sugar and salt out of yourecipes but youre battlg the bulge, you have to watch your intake >> "the life you want," bob green is here to te us how to rewire your ain.
10:31 am
welcome. know for most of us it is up here. i'm not eating thewinkie because i'm crazy so much about the trinkwinkie, i always feel there's mething else going on. >> i have the best life diet, i feel tt's one of the best out there certainly. butif you restrict caries in a logical way and move you'll be successful. the keis why don't we do those things. >> everyone knows you with opra obviously. we know she struggled wither weight up and down like a lot of us over the yea. what's the issu do you think? >she came on the show, i did a show 1 1/2 years ago. she had a health issu that knock her off the wagon. she also struggles with balancg her life. she launched a new twork. her final25th year. so that's what sh's saying and part of it is an excuse and she'll be the rst to admit that. but there is a balance what's important to me at's what everyone has to ask. >> these are practicaltake-ay things that we can do tomorrow that can change the way we're living. you stt off with fat. fain milk we get a lot of it.
10:32 am
>> the truth is, it is about rewiring how you think. any time you take your favorite od and notch itown with respect to fat, sugar, or sodium, it's a little jolt. you goto get used to it. but mi is a great example. i grew up -- you guys are too young for this but i grew up in a time that wole milk is the on -- that's the only option. then 2% came alg, it wasn't an adjustment. 1%, i had no problem with that. i ways had trouble th skim. smart balance is a great product. this is skim milk and they add omega-3 and it has a creamy, rich taste like i is 2%. >>utter is another one. >> this is bread and butte obviously an empty calorie is a white bread so go forwards whole grain, get used to that unchy, grain, train your taste to that. this is best life buttery spread,o partial hydrogenated oil. that's what you want to say away from. >> this is my achilles heel, i
10:33 am
love french fries. these look like a poor substitute for fries but they are veggies that are cookedup. >> even potatoes can be used and woven n. it is less aboutthat. thes are root vegetables so yo would actually enjoy these. i seeyour face. u would enjoy them more tha you think. a great tip is to use vinegar, either white or balsamic. that cuts the glycemic effect ever foods. these are one-fifth the calories. only 144 calorie as oosed to 650 with regur frie spike it up, use vinegar. >> don't fry. make sure you oven-roast. >> shaes math's smart. sodium's a big problem for a lot of us. >> chips? just look for the ones at are eitr unsalted or lightly salted and to spice that up, that's going to jolt youif you're used to the fll sodium one. spice it up with salsa. it is a gre wayto cpensate for that. >> every time you lok on a can of soup, st packull of
10:34 am
sodium. >> sthey sure are. make your own. >> even the l sodium soups are 4 or 500. still too much. this is afraction. is under 150 milligrams in this soup butthe key is, it is butter nut squash. it has that texture,ven a potato soup compsates. >> somethinghat els heartier. people drinksodas all the time. what do we have here? >> numb one source of empty calories is beverages. it is not needed. go towards a water. that's tough for mo people. you need to get those eight glasses in. use a seltzer or sparkling war and add fruit juice. this is a cranberry. you can also use mango, grapefruit juice. >> just drink water. it's not that rd. >> i say the same thing but that's good balance to start getting used to tha >> for the swee grab dark chocolate. >> hershey's has tasting squares. thr of thm, a great treat,
10:35 am
about 150 caries. >> bob, gd luck with your book. thanks for coming up, how to keep your kids bus when it is cold outside. we've gothe new eal housewives of atlantic 3q
10:36 am
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[ sneezes ] no woer people go out of their way to sre them. [ sneezes ] ♪ [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] go to for more fun ways to share. kleenex tissues. softness worth aring. if the ld weather has your kids l cooped up and you're sick and tired of rippin the rete out of the hands, we have some solutions to help you guys from climbing t walls. >> christine is "parenting" magane's senior editor an she's come toplay. >> we heard thatt sned in 49 states yesterday. we're all suffering from the cold. our ki are shut in. we're locked in. help us out here. how can we help ourids out? >>hese amazing fairy houses
10:39 am
are made entirely from natural materials. these arell things you could go in your backyd, a locale parka woods,the beach and find all of these -- >> where do fairies live? >> they coultake a bath in the seashl, climb the ladder. they're beautiful and you can get instructions for themin this "fairy houses and beyond" book. on our app. we have many more ofhese beautiful houses. they' gorgeous. >> lookat these two hot kids. we ha charlie and brady reese, the childre of one of our producers here. i don't know what ty'reoing but i know i like it. this is a classic cft but its really easy. a bird feed. we're using ice crm cones which are super easy. you can also get pine conesrom the backyard if you wa to. smear peanut butter on there, roll in bird seed. et some twine. tie them up, stick them on the branchesleave them near a window. kids can watch the birds come.
10:40 am
>> are you having fun? is this good fun, buddy,hen it is snowing outside? >> kids love to do this. it is really easy. >> we used to ay let's wash the dog. we used to pl let's posh your shoes we used to play all those games. >> this is a clever, smart adorable idea. ice jewels kind . >> exactly. use up things you have around the house if you have extra tinl lying around from chrisas. o doesn't. or little beads. yocould even go if your backyard and find some natural thgs to put in there. you can use regular cookie molds or we've actually used baby bottle caps. >> it is actuallyice. >> go outside on a day like today, hang them p, decorate your neighbor'stree, your front door, beautiful and qui and eas to do. >> s smart. in the front here we have mr. michael leone, the son of michel leone, one of our produrs. these bendable sticks are such fun. tell us about those.
10:41 am
>> bend-a-roos. this set michael is playing with is great because it provid storage for all the pieces. >> smart. >> they don't go all overthe place. they don't make a mess, they're notsticky, they don't mar your furniture at all. parents love them for that reason and kids can make a lot of different things with them. somhing like this wld obviously take a long time. >> that is fanttic. >> that was made out ofthis? >> it's decorating but mething like this wod take 1,0 of those stics. this wou keep kids busy for a long time. >> that's forhe octomom. >>this is agreat game for moms and their kids. me and break allenge. you're supposed to make differt shapes that they show you on the card but the trick is you have to use tongs and you're beg timed. it is gre for parents and kids, a bunch of frnds get togeer and try to beat each other to the challenge. it really keeps them busy. >> that's only $39. itis worth that kd of investment. >> yep. it is goodquality.
10:42 am
wood. in the front have rudy and ayla. >> they're playi hide and eat which is a great game to snk a little learning in. they won't suspect t. it is great game for learning mathhich numbers a hher and ler in relation to other mbers. some of the cards have litt mouse picture o them. when those turn over you have t be the first one to grab that te little mouse. it is a challenging game, kids can spend lot of time on that and real have fun and larn a little bit. >>o the end, we have cons. >> forkids who are a little older andike to learn new things and show off little bit, melissa and doug has this magician's prentice coin trick kit. it is excellent, excellent quality and it has 17different tricks in ther it really will keep kids busy for a long time. >> thank you. all grt ideas, inexpensive, good way t keep your kids busy. coming up, get ready. atlanta girl housewife mimi is in the house.
10:43 am
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
early in the third seaso o "the rea housewives of atlanta," nene wasut through th ringer copi with her son's arrest, marriage on the rocks and nastyspats with somee named ki >> as a real boy, i don't really tch those kind of shows. >> yeah, rit. >> but nene's here, she snagged a couple of new exciting jobs. one being "celebrity apprentice which i'm excited tohare a few crets on because i've been on myself. how are you? >> doing good. looking good. looking good. >> nene,ust yesterdayhey announced i'm going to st top she chef masters for the third season. now we're in the me family. >> welcome to my family. >> i le when i look at the people you are competing against -- latoya jackson, star jones, lisa rinna, gary busey, vid cassidy. who is the biggest pain in the neck of the grou >> sta jones.
10:48 am
>> why? >> i feel. just the whole sneaky, just back-stabbing, forming alliances. you know, all of that. >> but she looks so good. she lost all th weight. shfeels good, she's a new woman. >> really? that doesn'mean she has a new bra. >> doesn't mean what? >> she has a new brain. she may hve a new body but she doesn have a new brain. you still made thesame. >> sound li a fun seasonf "celebrity apprentice." >> i think so. >> you're fiercely competitive. >> i'm not competitive. i actuallywear my heart on my sleeve. i'm not competiti at all but i try todo the best that i can. >> can we justet back to the "realhousewives" -- >> by the way, howmany versions did you watch on theane? >> what's k like? i know you strangled her that one time. >> i never strgled her, but i will if i need to. she likes to make me people that i strike at her bause she
10:49 am
lik to play the victim but she has a big mouth. i don't think you can get you a up in people's faes and say all kind of nasty things and don't expt anything. always say you a victim. >> she laid r hands on you first, right? >> well, s touched me, then you know -- kim touched me. >> well, but she's aamous singer. >> oh, really. >> that's what i'veheard. let's listen. let's lten. play that. ♪ >> come on! come on! you love it. >> no, no, no, no. candy has do really good with mixing the music. >> wee talking about kim's singing. >> that's good. >> iean candy's ability to write the music and make the beat sound good and to make her voice sound better thanhat it ally is. i like the beat and i think it is a fun song, and all of those ings.
10:50 am
but do i think kim can sing, no. i on't think she is a vocalist because if she were, she would sing live, not to a track. >> i saw the wig drp. new year'eve. >> it was fun. i had a blast. i enjoyed. >> nene, what c wexpect to see wn you and st on "celebrity apprentice"? do yo get into it, lay her hands on her? >> no, i don't go ound laying my han on anybody. that's not what i do. i can get up in your face all day long a we don't have to touch each other. i can have an argument with you a just walk right off and just be fine. >> let's try it. >> so whatre youookin' at? i can't do it laughing but i think that - >> you have to fel it >> i tnk that she is -- we art off being really cool and then suddenly of course she's forming alliances because she's competitive and she wants to win. and you know, then all the back-stabng, i don't lik that. >> vicious. >> very vicious. i don't ow if that was good for me.
10:51 am
>> do you get the last laugh? >> i think i got the last laugh. >> she always does. >> ne, you gotto catch -- >> you guys have got to see "the housewives" coming up this sunday. >> the is a new episode coming up on our sister twork, bravo. tunein and watchhe smackdo at 10:00, 9:00 centra up next -- the moment that i've been waiting for. an excluse to eat and drink comfort food with beautif wine that goes with it. >> you get to drink. i know you like that.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
time to head into "today's" kitchen" and get saucy or maybe sauced in th case with comrt foods. >> editor in chief of food and
10:55 am
wine magazine, dana cow an. >> imagine you've ordered pizza in. got som sausage. you want some wine. get transported to italy with a little chianti. you think you got a jacket of cheese on your tongue -- >> oh, jket. >> acid cts right throu it. >> i actually like tha that's tasty. >> chese food. >> kung powchicken. we got a gewerztraminer >> you want something with a little sweetness, even a riesling. >> riesling would have been a great choice. >> mac and cheese. when i think of mac and cheese
10:56 am
with a pinot gri, i think it's kind of an apply finish so it reminds me of childhood. bite that green apple. taste the mac and cheese but th time you got a wine. what do you think? it is a nice pairing, right? >> it cuts righ through the cheese which is really important that's good match. >> if you chose a red, you needed something -- >> curtis, i did thisor you. we were going to get a chardonnay from another plac but we went to australia to match with sushi. he ed something that's going to the soy, wasabe and shellfish. this chardonnay is light enough to do that >> because they haven't matured the oak, it is still light enough to go with the sushi. >> citrus, like a little squee of lemon on there. >> if kathie lee waere there would be nothing left.
10:57 am
>> lat, the perfect american pairing. ravenswood zinfandel wth a burger. juicy, juicy. just like two good mes, if you're curtis. >> that's delicious. so good. dana, thank you so much. i want to give a quick shout out to the people at the presiden ration vee source society. yesterday brian williams was honored. patricia clarkson presented an award to him. it was all about new orleans a jazz. that's brian and his wife jane. had such a terrifictime. boom boom room at the standard. curtis, thank you so much for being with today. heang back to the west coast. kathie lees back here on monday. we'll have the jersey shore's paulie d., james blunt, the script. they sing like aels. script. they sing like aels. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac --
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