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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 18, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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winter weather making a mess t on the roads this morning. we have snow, weave sleet and we have ice. prepare to leave plenty of extra time as you leave out this morning. the roads are dangerous in maryland and you won't be spared in virginia, eier. good morning to you, i a job krebs. iammiun yang. we heard from two publischool systems so far, prince william county schools are csed today. and alexandria city schools on a
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two-hour delay. we wl be solling all of the delaysn the bottom of your screen. stay with us. >> and tom joins us to talk about what theorecast will call for. >> this is evil. plain evil. >> it iad out there. half an inch of sdmoe out there. a quarter of an inch of set and on top of that, about a 10th to a quarter of an inch of ice it. sa layer cake of evil as you head out your doothis morning. as you look at yourdoor, t areas of pink is freezing ra. liquid rain that falls and freezing onsurfaces. unlike sleet that are balls of ice th bounce around. this is freezing rain. nohern virginia, into the distri of columbia, howard, up to fredrick county and the panhandle of west virginia. this is liquid rain that i
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falling and freezing. e bamboo trees are bowed way er. throads and trees, where the trees are are getting blocked by ose. on the eastern shore, their tempatures are above freezing. we hav it traced to halfn inch of snow and ice. two inches or so, up to a quarter of annch of ice. look at the temperatures, this is critical. getting above freezing atonald reagan national,t is only in the upper 30s to near 4n southern maryland. further west and north, it is only in the 20 that i where the warnings are out. warnings for montgomery coun, andoints rth, as a result of the freezing rain and the snow falling. they had more there. we will get arespite from the
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rain, more to com later today. al the areas lit up in color, from vginia to new england are watches and advisories. as the day progsses, mid morning, to mid ternoon, cloudy skies. more rain coming in. liquid rain. no freezingain tonight. into tomorrow morning. we will look at that toward the end of the week in ten minutes. how is the traffic dealing with this? >> good morning, we will go to springfield, i-95 corridor. can't tell from this picture it is treaerous. every jurisdiction reporting icing conditions at this hour. th elevated road surfaces, bridges, and overpasses, first to go. let's gop to maryland. this is rockville pike, near congressional shoppin center. those are iceicles on the camera ns. ridge road, a stretch is closed
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because an accident. brought down powerpoles. we will keep you updated. >> jerry, wcome back. >> from the road to the sky, airles are beginningo cancel flights. there isive look from ronald reagan national airport. and air canada cancelled a flight to ntreal, and delta, united, cancelled flights as well. check with your alineo make sure your flight has not been affected. the weath is causing power problems, dominion is reporting outages. pepkoe, reporting outages in montgomery county. >> today a 11:00, prince george's county officials will hold a press conferencto discuss the violence in e area.
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the county state attorney will gather to educate the public on the homices that plagued the county to begin 2011. giving the pubc tips and safetyeasures to ensure they they stay save. prince george's county saw 13 murders. >> and gabrielle giffords is making strides, her husband said she ve him a neck massage. mark kelly would be willing to meet jaredloughner'spants, does not believe theassacre was thr fault, and they have to be hurtings many as anybody, he said. as congress returns to work, today, lawmakers are expected t
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ban high ammunition magazines, anything that holds more than ten rounds. it would allow those who own them to keep them, but ban all future sales of the larger clips. the nra isgainst stricter g laws, they s jared loughner got the guns and ammunition too easily thhouse will vote to appeal the law as a symbolic mo. democrats say, theealthcare reform will increase the number of those covered. the debate will put all ts talk of civility to the test. we have 32 degrees outside. ahead o news 4 today, a thief hits a maryld museum. and tracki the icy weather.
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a mix of snow,leet and freezing rain fell. freezing rain fell. it hasade the commute
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guaranteed. >> try turbotax online now. you don't pay less you're satisfied with the rests. 4:09 is ur time now. we have ice, sleet, and freezing rain in the nation's capital. to called it evil. an evil mess out there on the roadways. it is bad when there is snow, but the slippery conditioncan ma for a treacherous commute. be careful out there. >> take a look at the beltway,
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connecticut avenue. the salt and sand trucks ready to do tir work, wking all night long. in the foreound, looki through jail bars, those are icicles off the camera, trying to s what roadway looks like out the. you will see ice hanging off of everything. especially the trees. i saw aot of trees bent over into riv road for instce. >> from the weight of the ice. >> those are the bamboo trees, like rubber anyway. a bit of rain, they will bend over. we have a thin coating of ice on top of that sleet and that is freezing rain, luid rain falling and freezing on surfaces. prince george's county, howard, furtr to the west, panhandle
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of west virginia as well. andeavier freezing rain. theyicked up a quarter of an inch on top of an inch to two inches of snow. a trace of snow, with a thin coating of ice, allain now, in eastern maland. we are at or below freezing, west and north of there. the liquid rain falling is freezing. we have advisori, and warnings montgomery, howard and points north,here they had me snow. a lot of precipitation. dumping lot of rain. we will have a respite for a white there. is me rain to e west that will likely come in late this afternoon, between 9:00 this morning, through mid afternoon, we should dry. we wil get above freezing, much of this wil be melting by mid morning.
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to dawn o wednesday, during the day on wednesday, the mning rain should end. and hhs reaching lowo mid 40s. rning cold again, mid 30s in the afternoon. y get light snown iday. we will keep an eye on that. >> this is interesting with the icicles, at the 14th seet bridge. lieve you me, that translates down to ground level. icy conditions. crews are out salting and sandinghe roadways. just steppg out your front door could be eacherous for you. th very much tells the story. route 27 is shut down for a stretch indamascus, an accident brought down a power pole. the weight of the ice is bringing down trees over the
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roadways. we may have roads closed because of that. >> 12 is your ti. 32. will run down all of the major schoo delays after this break in t minutes. >> dick3q lysol knows you work hard ery day to help keep you family healthy, especially during cold and flu season. and lysol disinfecta spray is approved to kill more germs thanny other brand, even h1n1. arn more at
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it i 32 degrees out there. it is hard to tell what are you looking at. those ar icicles a you looking at in front of your screen. hangg off the traffic camera. this is 395 at the 14th street bridge. we have been sayg all morning there is a mixture of ice, sleet on the roadway. coming in this morning issue we found a tough commute on the side roads. it is hard toell which patches are ice and slush. take it ea. take it easy. and listen to . >> the sidewalks will be treacherous this morning. we heard from t public school systems, prince william county schools are clos.
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alexandria city schools a on a two hour delay. we will scrl them on the scen this morning. >> two men brokento a man's home and robbed him i marynd. police s the two men broke in a back doo of the house,ied up the homener, stole valuables and got away. the victim was able to untie himself and call for help. >> its unthinble. i mean, that it is such a tight community, we all watch out for each her. know what car should be in which driveway. >> home invasi, daylight, tied up. >> it i unthinkable in this neigorhood. >> this is the second time this house has been targeted in the last year. >> polic are asking for the public's help. they want to know who tk several pces of bronze art
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from a museum in bethez dampt the artas taken from the museumver the weekend. the sculptures were damaged, police think it was stolen for the scrap metal value. the museum estimates the art's vae at about90,000. >> and police are on the look out for five bronze plaes stolen from a vfw in maryland. these plaques replaceable. officials say th will have a hard time gathering the names memorialized. someone tried to sell the plaques at a scrap metal busiss, but ran off when they asked for identification.
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>> ely last year, he want to somalia and travell toyemen, and visited family in kuwait. he has been torture and interrogated and notllowed to come back home. >> went through all the screenin, there was a phone call that came n saying he could not fly. he cou not get on board. >> the family's attorney said he will file a lawsuit in federal court as early as today. it is to remove him from t no-f list so he can return home. according to the washington post, they were interviewed this past weend. one of the candidates isinterim general manager gerald sarls, he took over last year.
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and another from the corporate sector. >> former vice presiden dick cheney said president obama will be a one-term esident. he made those comments during an nbc news interview. he talked about pump implanted to help his heart beat. >>here is a control element here, two batterie good for 12 hours each. then there is a cord tt runs inside my che to the pump on the insi. that is what powers it, kps it futioning. >> this morning, you can watch the full interview on the "today" sh after news 4 today. he talks about his white house years, heart surgery and politics. a mixture of rain, sleet and
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snow. sleet and snow fell overnight. crews are plowi the roads. and tracy is live inontgomery with a look at the conditions out there. how is it looking? >> reporter: it is looking, like a winter wonder land out here. you can see it is ry slippery here. this is what school systems hav to consider when they are talking about bringing kids in to school. freezingain coming down, and on the rdways. take a look out here in montgomery village avenue here in, it is making for a messy commut even with your four wheel drive, it is difficult to figure out what will beslippery, what will not. we have freezing temperatures. take a look at this road. i mean, it is a nasty commute. what you are seeingn camera is
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what it is like when you get out here it is very slippery, very slushy, very dangous. take it slow. let me say, the crews have been out here. they are working consistently. this stuff is coming down so quickly, and freezing so quickly, it is diffult to see wh has been treated and what hasn't been treated it. a lot of it loo like slush and ice. definitely, be ceful this morning. back to you in the studio. >> tom is here now, and the forecast for today? any beer? >> weave had this freezing rain on top of the sleet and the snow w. a thi coating of ice. now, where you see the pink is freezing rain. liquid rain that falls and freezes on the surface. continuing to do so.
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farther to the south, teeratures are above freezing, as well as the eastern shore, it is just rn there. to the west and north, a combination of sn, sleet and ice, up to t inches of snow and ice, quarter of an inch o ice on top of that in the white zone. in the pink zone, the nearby suburbs of washingn and virginia, a thin coating of ice, there is a bit of ice i charles county and far souern maryland, it israin. and the temperatures, the rain is continuing to fall, it is freezing up. all the areas below freeng, poin north, in prince george's county, and chles, getting some o that freezing rain that is why thearnings and advisories are out. and theulk of the precipitation will be endingn another uple of hours. weave a reite with more rain likely by late today. then, overnight tonight, some rain fm time to time. light rain, in the 30s,
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everything above freezing, lingerg into tomorrow morning. sun back morrow, and getting colder on thursday and friday. friday, maybe light snow, d most of the weekend below freezing. >> a tough morning, on the sidelks, and on the interstates, interate 66,he roadway just treated. have pnty of wdshield washer fluid, you will need it. route 27 at in street. in damascus, closed. they will detour you around. be careful out there. >> 4:23 is your ti. 33 degre. it has bome a tradition for the president and first lady. where they went out for a bihday dinner. >> and details of a grand jury inveigation into john edwards. >> no holds barred
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>> it will be a night of partying a heavy drinking. or as charlie sheen calls t breakdlft fast >> that one, one of many insults hurled at celebrities by ricky gervs. this morning, the foreign press present told reporters he definitely cross the the line. there has been no talk of bringing him back for a third
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raight year. he is not apologizing. >> a couple, as a tter of fact, president obama took his wife out for her7th birthday last nit. th two dined at the source, that is wolfgang puck's restaurant inside the museum. hope they had a good time. >> i have bn there, it is delicious. >> all the people inhe restaurant sang happy birthday. >> i lik that theyout on the town. >> i have to wait until june. 32 degrees. if you are just waking up, you may have shoveling do outhere. the concern is the roads. many strts are an icy mess. >> slow goinon the highways as well. jerry has his traffic eyes scanning for problems ashey p up.
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