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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 19, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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this morningn "early today," leth impac the fbi investigates a tentially catastrophic bomb plotat a martin luther king day jr. paraden washington state. fired up, a massive deadly gas expsion rocks a philadelia neighborhood. and wrong turn, surveillance video captures a car baeling and wrong turn, surveillance video captures a car baeling through a storefront in england. ctions paid for by nbc-universal television hello and good morning. i'm lynnberry. tody, we begin with tragedy averted this week americans marked the
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martin luther ki jr. holiday, a day that's suppod to champion nonviolence. but today we're learninghat somody may have had a sinister plan. authorities say a potentially lethal bomb was planted on the parade route of a martin luer ng jr. holiday parade route on monday. city employees spotted th deve just about an hour before the parade which was rerouted. a bomb disposal unit safely disabled the bomb so far,here are no suspects and no clear motive. for the first time,rizona officials are publicly describinghe chilling surveillance video that shows a tucson gunman shoong congresswoman gabrielle giffords before unleashing fire on the crowd. according to the pima county sheriff's department,he footage appears that judge john roll appears to have died while helping to save the life of one of th giffords' employees.
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meanwhile, giffords' hband reveals that his wife eressed fear of being shot at one of her public event pes she was afraid that that would happen. at the same time, she was doing what she lovd and representing the people of arizona. >> mark kelly says he hasn't made up his mindhether heill command the shttle. the united states playshost to china's president. trcie potts joins frus washingn with more on that. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. he has a busy day start, private etings with president obama and a sit-down with some of the top ceos from arican businesses and from chinese companies that are investing in the united stes. thessue here is china's currency. it is rising, but its so low that it keeps chinese goods super cheap and thatmakes it very difficul for american
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busisses to compete. they'll talk about that today. also at issue tod, china's record on human rights. critics are pressing predent obama to address this during the president's four-day vit. he'also being criticized for throwing a lavish stateinner tonight, given china's human rights record. this visit is sucha big deal he united states, take a look at this, promowingal video featuring chine stars are being shown300 times a d in times square. it is amazing. a lot of people around the coury being exposed to the president's visit. also, i should menti here on capitol hill today, while that isoing on, that here on capitol hill theyl be voting whether to repealhealth care. >> tcie potts in washington, than so much. >> now here's a lk at other stories making news early today in america. in pennsyania, enorms gas plosion rocked a residential neighborhood killing a utility worker. the broadcast occurred as
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firefighteres and utility employees worked to patch up a ruured gas line. four other workers and one firefighter were transported wh injuries to local hospitals. in texas, a few cows had to move out of the way of one policechase. a burglary suspect ledolice on a high speed chase that ended when his vehicle crashed io a fence and into a cow pasture. the suspect was arrested while none of the cows were hurt. in florida, an elderly woman was dragged through a paing lot after two spects atched her purse. the 78-year-old was the latest victim in a string of drive by pursesnatchings. sheustained bruises and cuts all over her body, but should survive. > in new york, every day is a great day for a workout,right? one58-year-old has gone for a im and a run every day for more than three years, rain, shine or sleet. he started it as a way to relieve ress, but now he says
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he can't think of any other way start his day. now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologisbill karins with the weatr channel forecast. >> ye. i live in brooklyn a that doesn't represent all of us. that's ju a small sampling. >> it's brooklyn and the atlantic ocen. it's unbelievable. you think he would b wearing some st of wetsuit. >> no. he likes the aerodynamics, lynn >> going ght through it. >> unbelievable. let's chat about ts forecast. yesterday we had that horrible ice storm up inreas of new england a new jersey. there's more rain and more snow and a little sleet going through. this is not likeyesterday, though. temperatures are much warmer. the green showing lght rain from phil to new york. there's mid precip, though. north philadelphia, northern pennsylvania, sme light snow ll track through the hudson valley today. a murky day in new england once again. now, wre getting ready for the
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next storm system. these two pieces are heading off theast coast today. new storm system dropping snow in the rockies. that is going to trek across the country. this isn't going to a blockbuste snowstorm, but it's going to paint a stri of snow that's going to travel from kansas cityo areas of new england by the time we go through the next 48 hours. so thisis a 48-hour expected snow forecast. kansasity could pick up 6 inches from st. louis tough the southern ohio valley, right along the hio river. that's where we'll pick up 2 to 4 inches and tt same forecast come thursday that's a look at your forecast. now here is a look at the weather ouide your window. today in denve could see a little bit of a wintry mix, but tempetures are faily warm, s no problems traveling. dallas, sunny and 56 still cold around milukee. only 21 for you. indianapolis, 28 and chilly. lynn, just what we wanted, anoth mini snowstorm, riht? >> why not.
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we're used to it by now. i've already pulled out my boots,o why not? bill with, thanks so much. apple zings, ibm ticks and boeing slides. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. pl, it seems like he's en around forever. but you can't take him for granted any longer. coming up, more bad karma f lebron and th heat, a buzzer beater in hoops and one tennis player giving new meaning to flying off the handl you're watching "early today
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good morning, and welcome back to "early today i'm lynn berry. here are some of yourtop adlines this morning. two men are facing federal criminal chargesor allegedly discoverig a security loophole on at&t's website and stealing e-mail address and data for more than 00,000 users of apple's ad. those affected by the breach
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included militarypersonnel, membe of congress and gh prole media personalities. a judge in haitiis deciding whether jean-claude "by doc" dulier will beried on charges including embezzlement. duvalier returned to haiti after 25 years exile in france. friends and family are mourng the death of sargent shiv shir. th 95-year-old died yesterday at a suburban washington, d.c. hospital hing battled alzheimer's disease for years. in england,urveillance video captured a driver losing control of her car before slming into convenience store. the damage was extensive, but fortunately no one was hurt. and england's prince william and fiancee kate middleton aren't having a baby just yet, butoliticians are working to change an ancient law that
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favors boys ov girls. the law cld give equal opportunity status in the lines of the throne, favoring the first bor regardless of sex. >> and now here's an early look at onef your top heth headlines at ew research shows many ily skin creams claim to go provide ultraviolet protection may not have enough. curently,abels only reflect uvb productn. companies ar't required to provide protection levels of uva rays. people that think they're protected may beulnerable to wrinkling and skin cancer. forore on this, cck out t health page at >> and now he's an early look at how walltreet will kick off the da the dow opens at 11,837 after
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aining 50 points yesterda. the s&p edge up a int. the nasdaq added 10. taking a look atverseas tradinghis morning, in tokyo, the nikkei climbed 38 points while in hong ko the hang seng was up 5. another round of impressive earningfrom apple will likey keep investors happy, at least for now. appl vealed it blew past wall street estimates by more than$1 a share. thanks to sales of iphones and ipadssales were do 2% in the wake of news that ceo steveobs taking an indefinite leave of absence to focus onealth problems. ibm had stellarprofits after hour boeing estimat a delivery date for its long delays 747 jet. meanwhile, nasa has revealed
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what airlirs could look like in theuture. these energy efficient planes cod fly by 2025. delta air lines had unexpectedarnings reports. the airline stock tumbled 8%. citigroup dragged its shares 6% lower. "wall street journal" repor citi is on the verge of hiring john hayver as ceo. the way w cleed for comcast topurchase a state from ge, the current owner of this network. keep an eye on goldman sachs. the investment bank reports earningshis morning. finally, you won't believe who is behin apple's popular app called bubble wrap. a 14-year-old boy. coming, a college winnerat
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the horn and anequipment problem on thetennis court you probably don't see every day. plus, atnta's josh sth shows the boy from south beach a thing or o. your early morning spors headlines are just ahead. active winter weather continues across the country. your forecast skomg up. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." insports, as in life, money doesn't necessarily buy you everything. just ask the nba's currently struggling miami hea here's nbc's fred roggin withan early look at all your spor hedlines. good morning. ever since lebron james sentout his infamousarma tweet last week, the heat dropped four straight. james is now back, but chris bosh is out with an injury and the hks took full advantag of the possibling heat. mimi, pick it up in the fourth. smith posteurized t dunk. hawks down two. joe johnson tied it with the runner in forced overtime. at one pnt, lebron scored 15 straight nor the heat. he had 34. last minute of o.t., smith drove on dwyane wade and got the gohead bucket to fall. lebron for the win, brick. hawks w it in o., 93-89.
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off to chicago, wuls and boats, derek rose with a one-man wrecking crew. he ha33 points. nobo else on the team scored more than 1. the lay up, the foul, he hits a fre throw for the ad. pulls in a las shot. wh do you think got the ball? rose, of course. but the jumer was short and the bobcatsheld on to went, 83-82. college hoops, greatinish between tennessee and georgia, tied at under 15 seconds to pla tobias harris from the corner, no. but the rebound, and somehow se way it's a winner. 53-57. at the australian open, agnieszka radwanska was left with a priceless expression after the racket flew off. i've never seen this before.
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she lost the oint, but fortunately had another racket and won thematch. that's your early looat sports on "early today." i'm fredoggin. ricky gervs decides his own future when hostinghe golden globes. your early morning entertainment headlines are stight ahead. plus, lost and found. a missing treasurer leads ta rich friendship. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. a mini snowstorm i going to
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head across the country. it's going start today in areas of kansas. kansas city, uer a winte storm warning. could pck up 6 inches of snow. st. louis, you're next ler on tonight. tomorrow, that will travel through the ohio lley. that will reach the east coast thursd night into friday morning. that's the next stor we'll be tracking. rain showers, maybe few snow showers new england today then a cold day tomorrow. if you haven't done yr shoveling yet, do it becaus everyone will turn to a blockf ice this time tomoow. if you're watchings on wwl news in springeld, massachusetts, with the winter season in full spring, arn how to knit your wnter gear. that's at the ibrary. that's your "early today" event of thday. lynn, i'm just about finished with your long johns. >> i waiting. i'm waiting, bill. > now here's a lo at this morning's headlines entertainment. regularis philbin caught his viewers off guard yeerday with a shocker. he announced he will be stepping
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down from "live with regis & kell klly." elwhere, shock jock howard sternook his long running feud with jay leno to the piers morgan sow last night. tuesday, t supreme court heard arguments as to whether anna nicole smith's esta legal deserve some of the $1.6 billion leftehind by her late billionai husband. >> fially, ricky gervais is done hosng the golden globes saying,quote, twice is enough. giving his owneview of his controversial hosting show to tmz, gervais said he thought he did better this yea than last year anhe definitely got more press. >> i'm sad about the regis
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thing. >> it's the end of an era. but he made it clear, he's not retiring from show business. he's st steppingdown from the show. you can go see his show at the poconos. nd this comes to us from sa lake city, utility, where one lo ring helped two won find each oth. angela franticly searched a snow-covered parking lot for her wedding ring. days later, sandy found i she had fallen on tough times, so she thoug about selling it, but sandy got a lot more retning it. angela was thrilledand they scovered, actually, that they shared a friend who recently died of cancer. the return of the ring led to the start of aew friendship. great story. i'm lynn berry, and this "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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4:28 is our time. we have 38 degrees,5 here in the nation's capital. that is ait above freezing here is live look at what it looks like out there. fog is hiding som of the washington monument. these are the roads in virginia. fog over the highy. it will be thick in some places, especiallyn northern virginia. is it a good time toeave extra timehis moing. we will get a krek o weather and traffi in a minute.
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i am joe krebs. >> onechool delay to ps along to you. prince william county schools are opening an hou late. >> thimorning, get ready for slick commute out there on the roadways and theidewalks. some of thi could refreeze. they brought sanding in dama cas. this is video frompittsbgh, pennsylvania. that had tough going. there e a lot of hills there in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. so, this was shot by someone in pittsburgh, whence took or a hill. one by one, cars trying to com down the hill went out of control as youaw. what a mess. we are told there were no injuries in any o those accidents. that is horrifying that is about how scary is it on tha adway.


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