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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  January 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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or not ddleton has picked out a drs. >> can't wait to see what she wes. she will look amazing. >> she will have to chose one. i gue it would be white or a shade ofwhite. >> we will look forward to it >> news 4 today continues a 5:00 a.m. dinner conversation befe an elegant nner, some tense topics to discuss. >> there is i out there. and a new concern, fog in some areas around the area. welcome back i am joe krebss. >> i ameun yang. a few school delays, prince george'sounty public schools are operating on a one-hour
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dey. and morgan count schools are operating on a two-hour delay. >> right now, we go to tom kierein to get a look at the forecast and see ife are expecting any of this to freeze. tom. >> ait of patchy ice in northe loudoun unty, howard into fredrick, panhandle o wes virginia, light icing on elevat services, untreated surfaces. most are just wet. e other story is the fog that has form. most temperatures are above freezing, in virginia a washington and fredrick unty, maryland, where theris light icing. dulles reagan national, 5 miles, its down to near zero in culpeper, and dn to a
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quarter of a mile those locations. eastern shore, near thereezing ma. we have had ts batch of moisture come thugh, a weak area of low pressure, noh and east of us. the precipitation is pulling away from us. >> it suld be lifting, and sunshine coming out during the afteoon of the pary sunny and milder. into the mid 40s, sunrise 7:23, sunset 5:14. a look at that, into the weekend, comg up. ho is traffic, jerry? >> quiet starto the morning commute. go news. checking out 27 down to clarburg, moving along nicely. visility, not too bad for the moment. ros maye damp. see what we're doing on the wilson bridge. tempatures apreer to be in good shape as far as road
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conditions do, elevated sections could be challenge. check the trai, out on the ils, metro rail, vre,arc, no delays. >> the white house is preparing for a house dinner for china president hjintao. secretary of state hilry clinton, and thomas don lanwas there as well. tonight, the first state dinner that the white house has hosted in china's honor in 13 years. >> john boehner will not be there, he is not elaborating why he will not be there. >> hing to make a statement hoping to repl the president
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obama healthcare overhaul plan. the house i expected to vote on that legislation today. democrats in the senate are vowing to block it. president obama said it will veto the bill if it does reach his desk. the battle remains a heated one on both sides of theaisle. >>here is no doubt that inrance indusy will be poppin champagne bottles if the law was repealed. >> if congress has broadpower, our government pow will become limiess. >> the vote was postponed due to the shootings in tucson. >> boy is struck boy aar in maryland. it happened before 9:00ast night at landover and dodge park road. three teenagers were in the crosswalk at red line. a car cam tough the
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intersection and struck one of the teens, the driver syed on the scene. the teen's name has not bn released. investigators have surveillance video showing the atck in arizona. the videos not pubcly released but reviewed by two sources at the"washington post." too hardg to th paper recollect the video shows the gunman shooting congressman gabrielle giffords shot from three feet away, and judge roll shot in the back. >> her husband said she is improving, but it will be a slow process. he said they talke about the possibility of her being attaed. >> she was afraid tt that
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could happen. at the same time, you ow, she was doinghat she loved. representing the people of southern arizona. she felt it was very imptant fothem to have the opportunity to walk up to her,nd tell her what they think. that wasn't going to stop her. >> they haveeen married for three years. >> friendsf a murdered vegas show girl. she used to be a redsks cheerleader. her exboyfend jason griffith is charged with her death. reollowing breaking news where four children in
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critical condition after bng pulled from a burning house. we have a crew on thecene gathering formation. we will bring you a live update when we getit. >> the high-powered gathering in the district today. >> and starbucks,his one is not on the menu. >> fog thickening.
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5:09 is ur time, 34 degrees. it was icy yesterday. now, it is wet and foggy. still not out of the woods in terms of having an easy mmute. still some slow spots out there. tom is withs for what the forecast will look like. i don think the roads wil be frozen, it can be dangerous out there. >> precipitation out there, fog thickening in virginia. light,reezing rai in northern fredrick county, maryland, that is movingeading north. an overnight, light glaze of ice into fredrick, and waington county, carroll county, and temperatures that way are near the freezing ma. aittle above freezing at dulles, denr fog. mi 30s,og vibilities down
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to an eighth of a mile at dul s dulles. we may see this fog thickening here over the next couple of hours throh mid morning. temperatures around the region, most locations, weak area of low pressure pulling nor and east, we will get sunshine coming back, after the fog lifts. we will hav the temperatures in the mid 40s. then thsday, sun in the morning, colder into the 20s tomorrow. cold on friday. after mid-night, may get light snow. maybe oner two inches,nding co after that cold intohe weekend. we will have a look at sunday, monday, tuesday in ten minutes. >> ai not a bad start. crossing the key bridge, geor a
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georgetown. across the wilson bridge, over to alexandria, looking good. sa story there. 5, landmark to the 17th street bridge, okay ts far. early delays. it is 5:12, a powerl congressn annoues his retirement. >> and a scaled back celebration and
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it is it 5:14, and the top ories, following breaking ws out of prince george's county, four children are in ctical condition after thewere pulled from a burning home. the fire broke out early this afternoon, in the 4700 block in hytsville, maryland. >> and the wte house will hold a dinner for hu jintao. and the house, to vote on
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repealing the healthcare overall. en if the bill passes, the senate would block it as would the president. >> mark kly knows recovery for his wife will be hard work, and knowledges there are six people that don't get the chance. christina green's neighbor k3w50e8e down and said, this is congresswoman gabrielle giffords, maybe wl be grow up to be just like her. the state house, afteards, a the governor said will celebration will b toned down due to budget concerns. he is askg everyone attendi to bring a canne food item, all
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the donations will go to the food bank. >> joe lieberman is expecte to announce he will not seek another term. he would have faced a tough race. he was defeated seeking the democratic nomination. with lierman's -- >> the mayors will tk about unemployment and theeed for krob creation. mayo are pushing the new congress to work tether on strategieso hel unemployed people in america's cities. >> a former dictator is back in haiti jean-claude "baby doc"
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duvalier. was forced into exile in a mass uprising, has been ling in france ever since. polic out in force to try to stop the violence that agued the new year. in the first two weeks of 2011 there were 13 homicides, since then they saturate d are=k3 wit 200 police officers. 50 arrests for felonies, and conducted 1,500 traffic stops, and 283 suspicious person stops. four of the rent homicide ses have been closed resulting in seven arrests. a d.c. police officer is recoveng after being shot reonding to a call. this happened yesrday afternoon. police say theuspect st at the officer's cruiser.
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the officer wasut by flying glass and returned fire. police arrested him at the scene. vanarrying people with specialeeds was caugh in the cross fire, nobody inside the vawas hurt. funeral will be held this morning, pole say fellow officers sho him as he responded in plain clothes to a fight and beme overwhelmed by the crowd. th city lears are vowing to investigate the incident. >> we have a couple of school delays in the aftermh of the snow and ic prince william counties, one-ho delay, morgan county schools on a two-hourdelay.
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the slick roads, the good news, it is above freezing the big figure, fog. double trouble this morning. >> we were wry body a re-freeze overnight, becau of the all tweather, the good news is, because road mperatures are above freezi, youill find wet roads out there, no spping and sliding around. some elevated surfaces, tre may be icing, be careful. by and large, we d't have the miss we had yesterday to deal with. fog can be an issueor some, especially down south. you will g through patches of densefog. as youre moving through virginia. visibility down to an eighth of a mile. berepared for that. back to you. >> when you we driving outo
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dulles, how was the roads and the fog? was it hard to get out there? >> the roads were wet. the fog, we we through patches of fog. some areas were it was denser than other areas. the bottom line, if you are watching the speed, and paying attention, you should be okay. we don't have all the slick ice anthe problems of yesterday. live in dulles, this evening. thank you very much. >> there could be flighelays at dulles, too. this morning, we are dealing with precipation from overnight. it did freeze up a bit in western howard, wasngton counties in maryland, and the panhandl road temperatures are above freezing, and i most locaons,
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above freezing. at the freezing mark toward haggerstown. it is down to an eighth of a mile at dulles, and under near zero vibility. st. mary county hf a mile. and don't hav too many disability problems, milder morning. and overnight, we had a wea area of low pressur that did give us light precipitation in the form of light rain. roads, streets and sidewalks are wet. a glaze of ice to the north. high mid 40s, and colder, a cold start in the mid 20s. >> might get late snow, it looks like one, two inches, and saturday's highs in the 20s, morning lows, mid teens, cou
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get more snow tuesday. >> very uneventful, good news. southeast/southwest freeway, like volume. good news if youre headed that direction. elsewhere in town. benning road, minnesota avenue, moving along. heading out tthe west. we will be watchingthat. check the trainso far, looking good. >> 5:22, who said no thanks to an invitation to tonight's big white house state dinner. >> up next, he wantwants -- w
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give you a bar code at check out. starbucks is working on a similar app fordroid phones. currently, the district inspection records are on the heth department website. the same bill was voted down by a council committee last ye. >> if we s it would we ever go outo eatagain? >> gabrielle giffords' husband, talkin about the gut-wrenching moments after the shooting in tucson. >> and what caused this gas explosion. >> four children pulledrom a
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> breaking news, right now. four childre pulled from a
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burning building a burning home. a lich report straight ahead. >> i amoe krebs, it is dnesday, 19th of january, 2011. we are keeping a closeatch on the ice and snowe were dealing with hours ago. >> look at the roads in virginia, a little wet and slick in som places the road tperatures are above freezing. the new problem is fog. >> training are running after power lines fell shutting down the martin brunswick line, the metro red line was shut down. back to normal on the marc and metro le trains this morning. >> the aftermath of yestery's ice and snow, prince william county schoolsre operating on a one-hour dela washington county schools, running two hours behind.
5:31 am
and morgan county, on a two-hour delay. >> tom, any frozen precipitation? >> those who are delayed are dealing with patchy ice, on the road surfaces, are below freezing. watch out for that light fog in washingtonto our south and west, denser fog. overnight, into pennsylvania. into the panhandle ofest virginia, at freezing, there is patc ice on the roadways, watch out for that closer to washgton, mid 30s, an eighth of a mile lles, near zero
5:32 am
vsht in culpeper, and over toward southern maryland. temperatures gerally above freezing, exce to the west and north. a weak area of low pressure lled north and east of our region. as the morning progress, fog will lift. ghs reaching the mid 40s. chges on the way for thursday, friday and saturday. how is traffic? >> we are seeingog out there. no doubt. live pictures of 95 northbound. prince william parkway, that is at ground level, makg the roads potentially slick. it it loo like everybody is dealing wi it okay. north o town, volume both wa, between i-95 and rockville pike. one more stop, fo you headed t it bridge this morning, damp, rightow, no trafficconcerns, making the trip i to or out of southeast washington. on the trns, one issue, green
5:33 am
line delays in the direction of college park, an earlier problem at the station has been resolved. other than that, looking good. thank you very much, jey. >> following breaking news out of prince george's county, four ildren are in critical conditn, after being cull friday a bning house. in the 4700 block of 40th avenue in hyattsville. melissa, gd morning. >> reporter: joining us, right now, mark, with prince gege's coty's fire. what happened at:00 this morning. >> fire fighters arrived, they found a two and aalf sry wood frame home, with heavy fire conditio on the first and second floors. theyad a report of possibility of children trap. occupants of the home wereble to direc them to the locations inside the house where we
5:34 am
believedwo children were trapped. >> two adultsere outside the home. they had gotten out with two little girls. >> they were able to escape with a four-year-old, and 9-year-old. two -year-old twins were inside. a searchnd rescue team worked to locate the females, remove them to the exterior. >>onditions on them now? >> they are both in extremely crical condition. >> a the little girls out front, how arehey doing? >>hey have smoke related injuries, expect them to be ay. >> 60ire and rescue personnel, i have never seen a response like ts. how difficult was this fir to fight? >> it was difficult, that we had a large two a a half story home, wood frame, which allows the fe to spread quickly and a report of people trapped.
5:35 am
fire figers and paramedics did what they are trained to do. entering as teams to knock the fire do. so, theyid what they were trained to do. things wked out well, as far as the operation. unfortunately, we did have two victims we had to pull out of the home that a inextrely critical condition. >> any cause? >> they are going t go through this to makeure they do a thorough job to see what happened. >> how is the family? >>hey are distraught. thedult male and female remained on the scene. receiving constant updates, they feel being located here is the best place for them to be. >> thank you very much for ining us. updated information w will be out here all mornin we will g down clos, get deo of this home for you, and bring ito you in ju a little
5:36 am
bit. >> thank you for that upda. >> more breaking ne, out of prince george's county. we have learned that county has recorded its 14th homicidef the year. police say aan inis 20s was found shot in the 35nd block of harris drive. pronounced dead a shortime ago. we will ps along informati as we get it. >> president obama hosted a private dinner for hu jintao last night. tonighs black tie affair will be the first state dinner the white house has hosted in china's honor in 13 years. while we don't know the names of those on the undisclosed guest well, e can tell you that john boehner willot be there.
5:37 am
he turned down an invitation he has not given a reason for the apparent snub. he will have a meeting with president hunext week. >> it will nnow, to the tragedy tucson. we are heang extensively from gabrlle giffords's husband, mark kelly said his wife has a long recovery ahea but he is glad she has been given that chance. >> mean, a thousand of things to love about her. >> rightnow, what mark kelly loves the most is his wife's unyielding spirit and strength in the face ofun a devastating injury. >> gunshot wound to the head,
5:38 am
it will be difficult. >> i am in a state of disbelief. i look at her,ee what was done to her. consider what recover will be like for her. it wl be hard wo. it is just, it sent right. >> reporter:n a wide ranging intervw with kvoa, gabrielle giffords's husband talked about signs of herrecovery. reaching out to touch his hand, s wedding ring and his face. she willrecover. there e six folks who don't t that oppounity. >> including christina green, brout to the event by a neighbor. >> shenelt down and said,
5:39 am
christin this is congsswoman gabrielle giffds, maybe you ca grow up t be like her. >> those were the last wordshe heard. >> i asked someonehat his name was. i hadn't beeneading the newspaper. i have just been tryinto take care ofgabby. >> a labor of lo. >> i am ting to wrap my head around this. >> for now, whate can. >> take one day at a time. >> each one a little more important than the one that cam before. jay gray, nbc news. jay gray, nbc news. aerror threat at an
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why risk they' end up faded or stretched ? try woolite complete. it's forll your clothes because it has the rht balance of cleaning and care, and sagoodbye to fading, shrinking anstretching. woolite complete keeps alyour clothes looking like n, longer. good morning, time for weather and traffic on the 1s, i am meorologist tom kierein. mostly above freezing, except for northern fredrick county. watch out for patchy icehere. and patchy, dense fog thatas formed, generally in advertently. under of a qrter of a mile through cenal virginia.
5:43 am
precipitation, there was a little freezing rain to the north, that hasulled up to pennsylvania. and the fog will dissipate. into the mid 40s, colder tomorr. a look at the weekend in ten minutes. how is traffic? >>or the most part, interstates are doing well. american legion bridge, zipping right alon fo right on the arican legion bridge, itooks like everybody is okay. one more stop. a live look, we he a report of a broken down vehiclen the roadway. heads up for that on e green line delay, other than that lookingood. >> 5:43 is our time. still ahead, where federal investigators say someone tried
5:44 am
to carry out a terror aack on martin luther king jr. day. >> and a dad becomes his wife's hero on a busy highway. >> next, what caused a massive explosion 3q um, mi?
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breaking new right now, out of prince george's county. two children, pulled from burning home. two other children and two adults escaped. fire fighters tell us the two that were resed are in extremely critic condition. the youngt of the children is just four years old. we have a crew on the scene. we will bring you an update at the top of th hour. > it could have been disastrous, a bomb found in the middle of a unity march to honor martinuther king jr. the fbi is calling ia case of domestic terrorism.
5:47 am
good morning, kimberly. >> good morning, joe. reports of suspicious activity may sound trite, in ts case, saved lives. 1,300 pple took part in e march on monday. investigators say the bomb had a remote control detonator, containedshpnel, and the parade was rerouted. poli believe that the person who rigged the bomb had a political enda. back to you. >>ew this morning, dramatic
5:48 am
video of a gas line explosion in philadelphia. a camera crew was on the scene and caught this video mites before the fire fighters were called. the worker killed was reportedly found after thelames had been knocked down. ve others were injured and one building wasdestroyed. brand new information about the explosive letters sent to officials in our yea. one was addreed to homeland securi serity. they flared up when they were opened or moved. fingerprint analysis is expted soon. they are worng 100 leads.
5:49 am
in prince george's coun, a 14th homicide. after police tl us that new crime fighting efforts seemed to be working. 13 homicides staed the year, and since then they saturated the area with 200 police ficers. they conducted,500 traffic spots and 283 suspicious person stops, four of the recent homicide cases have been closed. seven arrests. people aroun the worldre remembering sargent shiver. heied in bethesda yesterday. he fulfilled jfk's promise to start the peace corps. shriver ran for vice president
5:50 am
on george mcgovern's tket in 1972. he was tapped to lead t head stt program. >> 27 million vulnerable children andamilies have benefitted from his education, nutrition, health andamily support services. transformed their lives. >> feral pla a not announced. he suffered from alzheimer's' disease. he was 95. in the aftermath of the snow and ice,rince wilian on a delay. and rgan county schools, in west virginia, schools are opening two-hours late. it could have been worse. you ll be seeing this video a lot today. shotn pittsburgh, looat at! my goodness! that is tly out of control.
5:51 am
folk going down the hill were sliding, there were no rorting of any injuries. that is azing. nobody was hurt. >>today, no ice, thank goodness. still fog and wet weather. >> yes, mt roaays are above freezing. a light glaze of ice i montgomery, fredrk and washington county in maryland, paandle of west virginia. watch out for that we areell above freezing, in the mid0s now. 36 at national anticipate. the next problem will be fog. mostly, it is in virginia.
5:52 am
cul culpepr, and southern maryland, a qrter of a mile. overnight, liquid rain fallin we did have that falli and freeze o surfes norwest of waington. now, it has ended a moved out. i visited the sterling elementary school, about we had great questions, i would like to thank jill for the invitation. sterling elementary school in sterling, viinia. for day, for those oppounities at bus stops, temperatures will be closed. then, noon time, sun coming up.
5:53 am
suise, 7:23, suns 85:14, t full moon up, and the clouds intohe mid 20s, tomorrow. cold. highs only mid 30s. after midnight, through mid morning, we could get light snow, bree, blustery and colder. saturday afternoon, highs in the 30s, afternoon highs near freezing, anmore of the same could get more snow on tuesday. >> everybody seems to b dealing with the weather concerns well be careful, the pavement could be damp. between oxford hill.
5:54 am
h-street looking good. out on the rails, an earlier problem. college park stati. over metro rail. still seeing green light delays. a copy welcomed a baby into the world in annusual place. ma stressor was drivingis wife to the hospital when it became clear h would not make it. with his 18-month-old in the seat. he delivered son number o. >> oh, my gosh, i am holding the baby. >> is the baby breathing? >> yes. crng. >> there is n one thing wrong
5:55 am
except where he came out. you know. >> good going, dad, the couple has not chosen a name forhe baby yet, he is doing well, 7 pounds, 4 ounc. congrats. >> the head of the smithsonian secrary removed video called "a fire in my belly" he said the controrsy was overshadowing the exhibit, the fir gay-them exhibit in the portrait gallery. a teen cou soon be returned home aft being detained in kuwait. theyified a law enforcement claiming the 19 year-old was put on the.s. no-fly list without
5:56 am
explanati explanation. he was detained trying to renew his visa. >> the judge said h would rule on thsday, after the attorneys submit sworn statements. early la year, he went to so soinalia. somalia. the board of elections refused tout it on the election, asking them to vote o the definionf marriage. the marriage was called diskr discrinatory. the highly anticipated royal wedding i 100 days away.
5:57 am
prince william will marry kate middleton on april 29t since they made the announcement, they haveeen flying arounworking on details. > even if you are not a football fan, the "new york mes" columnist said, that a super bowl win could b bad for the economy. en the jets won their only super bowl, the s & p index fell for the year. the other three -- well, the far increasinyou
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