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tv   Today  NBC  January 22, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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ball didn't bounce, tell usn twitter or facebook. i wantn explanation. i gss it is somethi physics related. >>t is. >> that's it for "news4 toy." we are back i 25 minutes with anotr local good morning. road to recovery. with an outpouring o love and support, representate gabby ffords leaves the hospital in tucson for houston to begin t next step in rehabitation. this morning new details. on the run. the woman who aegedly kidnapped a by an raised her as her o own for 2 years is nowa gitive. we'll talk to the people of the child she's accused of abducting about a reunion that was a lifetime in the making. and the w pill. brutal winter weather gets even worse as a arcc blast brings temperatures tn as low as minus 46. how long is the bitter cold going to it be aund? we'll it tell you.
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today's satuay, january 22nd we'll it tell you. today's satuay, january 22nd 2011. captions paifor by nbc-universal television good rning. welcome it "today" on a chiy saturday moing. m lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. it's been two weeks since the tragedy in tucson and ithat shor time span, gabby giffords' recovery has been remarkable. >> at the airport, the stretcher carrng giffords was lifted on to a private jet that wouldly her to a houston rehabilitation hospital. >> and you see inill this piure mark kelly watch as giffords' mother sits next to the conesswoman on the flight the road to recery is sure to be long and difficult for giffords, so wll have the late nest a live report. and then we'll turn back the
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clock ait and remember the iran hostage crisis. thiseek marks the 30th anniversa anniversary. i sat down with one othe former hostages anhe releases new tail. plus amanda kx has another clarns to overturn her murder conviction. she's appealing the verdict a is back in court relying on key evidence that was not permitted in her trial. we'll have a hive report from aly coming up. and eberts encore. two years after cancer leftim without a voice, thebeloved critic i back. he's gting two big thumbs up from all his ns. we'll have more on his return ahead. t first, the nest step for representative giffords les than two weeks after surviving an attpted assassation, these moved to a rehabilitation center. day is the full day forer and that's where janet joins us withhe latest. good moing.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. a new chapter for gabrielle giffords starts today here in hoton. this is just a temporary home for her. yesterday she had her fst hab session her at the texas medical center after a very otional sendoff on friday. was a farewl for now, not a good-bye. hundreds lined the streets of tucsonas gabrielle giffords was taken by ambulance to the airporfor a flight tthe next chapter in her recovery. with her husband, mark kellyat her side, giffords was then on a prate plane to housn. and then transferred by a medicalelicopter for memorial her man hospital. the fight now moves here. giffords is already bei evaluated in the intensive care unit until t drain or shunt in her head is removed. ctors say she has some movement in her right leg, but none in r right arm. she hasn't spoken yet, but might be trying to form words.
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>>he evaluation is quite comprehensive. we ask estions, we review records, we perrm examination and see what the personan and nnot do. >> reporr: hater giffords will be moved to the nearby rehab facility for four to six months. she will sy in atandard room like every other patient ced for byoctors andherapists who will coordinate everything from muscle work to art thapy. >> great rehabilitation candidate. she'll keeus busy and we'll keep her busy, as well. >> reporter: doctors call it a new normal for giffords which may not include a complete recovery. it's a long gruelingprocess. th rults up certain. with the progrs she'ses made so far, all agree gabby giffords is up for t challenge. to drivehat point home, a c candlight vigil in her
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temporary home before her eventualll return to tucson a tough road ahead for gabby giffords, but here in tex, she willave the advantage of being close to her astronaut husband, mark kelly, who is training nearbyt at the johns space center. lester, back to you. >>nd joining us now with more is dr. jeffrey manly, chief at neurosurgery at s francisco neral hospital a professor a newer re surge ary at the university of california in san francisco. doctor, od morning. thks for being with us. >> thank you. good mning to you, as well. >> you're oiously not involved in the treemgt of congresswoman giffords, but i wanted to talk to you just in typical terms in these kind o cases. here we see seone in daily reports, seems to be doing more, having more use of her motor skills, scrling tough an pad. as a family member, i'm sure they'r looking on snking she's on the road to a very quick recovery. what do you typically tell a family in a case like this? >> what i tell families, we have an experience here with taking care of or 400 patients that
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have unrgoen crane yek tommys like the congresswoman and we're moving o a day by day a we've seen over the last fe weeks to what i would tell families is more of a week by week and month by month. this is a slow road to recovery for annjury such as is. >> and wve heard the term new normal. that's the goal that doctors at this rehab cente are talking about. does that mean a family should no prepare themsves for a fullrecovery? well, one of the problems is that we have a sigficant limitation in what we ow about this due to e lack of research nding. and so we reay don't know whe the congresswoman is going to end up. i've had many patients who over years have actually hadded a full recovery a certainly we all hope this for the congresswoman. but right now, we really don't know. so i think that what we're trying to come is level pectations and with intensive rethat bill ha bilitation over would hope she might regain a
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full recory. >> so you don't know where the bar is until the patient rches it. >> that's right. because at thispoint, she has some fixedeficits and now what we're doing is undergoing intensive rehabilitatio hopefully stimulating repair in the brain to alloer to reach her full potential of recovery. >> and you of course know they had to rae move a part of her skull to aow room for swelling of her brain. pically when would they replace that and is thatnother potentl hurdle to overcome, a ple that complications could occu >>absolutely. as you kn, they removed a large portion of her skull in order to aow her braino swell. so there's currently no specific standard as to when theone flap should go back on. someeople replace this this rly, some repla it late. there's complations such as fluid buildp of water on the brain, which will have to be monitored. and thenhere's also complications potentially of infection when ts bone flap go in. however, one of the unie
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things that we're beginning to see here our series of patients is that when the bone fl goes back in, there is actually an improvement in cerebral blo flow and cognitive performance. so i anticipate we could expect even more enhancederecovery. >> we've learned a hot thanks to this ory. thanks very much for offering insight. weppreciate it. now here's amy. this morning an emotional and heartbreaking interview with susa i'll mheilman. heilman, who was shot three times spoke to brian williams about what happened on th tragic dayn tucs. >> congresoman giffords is shaking hands with the people in front of us and talking. and i said, okay you have your question, you know what you're going to say. she goes yeah, yeah, yeah. so i needeto take a breath.
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so i said let's do the math. how many senator, how many representatives do we have. add that number. hold that number. let'sdd the presint and the vice president. you got that mber? that's the numbeof people who make the laws that tell us how we live here in america today. and yo are going to get to shake her hand. >> thawas the last thing. >> there's a moment of deafening silence. does that make sense? this was noise i had never heard
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before. congressman giffords slid down with the flags behind her. next thi i remember is'm lying on the concrete. and cistina is it to my left. and she was beautiful. she s undamaged. anshe didn't talk. but we were eyeball to eyeball. an i'm yelling at her, christina taylor green, don't you die o me, don't you go away from me, girlfrnd, you stay, don't leave me here to do this by myself. st here. where -- christina, christina ylor green. and she's looking ame and it was -- she was woering, she was confused, she was asking me what is gog on.
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and i'm just telling her to stay with me, do not leavee here by myself, young lady. and then someone, big, calm, but definitely pay attention to this voice, lady, kha legs came between us and said, ma'am, christina is being -- they didn't know her name then. she is bei taken care of. your friend is beingaken care . you are bleeding. your job is to stay calm and let us help you. and i was worried about where is my purse, where is my wall, where is my wallet. who knows why youhink of the things a how is christina. where is christina. i was responsible for her. it was m job to bring h home to her mom and dad.
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i took chris ttina taylor greenn january h, 2011 tsee gabrielle giffos that could be you. there is no rson you can't grow up to be that. >> and you can see much more of the interview sunday on "dateline" at 7:00, 6:00 centl. now here's lester. >> what a powerful account. this washington, president obama is preparing for tuesday's ste of the union address and the speech com as new approval tings bring some good news to the white house. john harwood joins uwith more. john, between morning. good to see you. >> goodmorning, lester. >> let me start off with the news that yesterday preside oba jamesed jeff immelt to head will thnew council on jobs and competitiveness. is this a mission that the government can't do this alone, that ihas to reach out it to the private sector? >> absolutely. and one of the things the administration has been concerned about is trying to get
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a couple of ril i don't ktrilli corporate balance sheets out into the economy. the government has ten just about many steps takesan take in terms of stimulus. now they need the business xn community to feel more confident. one of the new tacts the president isaking, he's more concerned out business, he talked about deregulation and now having jeff melt who is the head of this ver broad compan our boss for a couple more weeks any way, that is an attempt to send that message thate are totally focused not on economic crisis recovery that's what powell vaul volcker was. p. >> new nbers suggest at least consumers are feeling about if not confident, more optimistic. new nbc newsall street journal poll released sws 40% sayhey think the econo will get better over the nt year. 53% id they being the country is head for a better direction
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over the fenext five years. but unemployment is still high. so is it a simple fact that wee all saying, well, it's time for the econo to get tter or are we reacting to something? >> there are signs within th economy with the pacef growth that we're approaching, it looks like we're going to grow beeen 3% and 4% in 2011. that's a much healthierace than we've seen over the last couple of years. and so that eventually ripples ou into the economy. the christmas season was a source of some optimism for tailers and others. and so now the administration is trying to sort of make that pivot especially in the wake of that very difficul election when voters sort of lashed out and said focus on what we're concerned about, gethings done on jobs. and the present's trying to say now is the time to really shift into a hireear. >>e's about to speak to the country. state of t union address. he'll talk obviously again about jobs and the economy. that's what our poll shows most americans want to he from him. what more can he say?
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>>ell, the presidents going to strike some of these notes of unitthat he struck after the tucson shootings, tha those have helped him in the polls, try send a messageky wk with republicans, i proveit in the lame duck session that we had. and he'slso going to have t deal witpublic concern or spending. that's the top message that republics will bringnto the new leglative session. and they're going to challenge him on are you willing to rein spending. the president will have to accoodate that somewhat. so ixpect this year to b about spending cuts and about job creation and finding the right balance is the key. >> john harwood, thanks somuch. t's head over to willie geist for more of today's top stories. >> good morning, eryone. we begin in australia whe rerd rain and flooding has caused widespread devastati and is threatening communities in the southeast, as well.
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the floodi in victoria has already cread a lake about 50 miles long. the rising watersre expected to continue it inland. more tn 30 people have died and thousands more hav been displacedince the rains began more than a month ago. > haiti's former dictator has finally broken hisilence five days after returning to the island naed. valier says he learned on the first annivsary of the earthquake to take part in his country's reconstruction. he also says he i ready to risk persecution aer nearly 25 year misexile. duvalier is accused of corruption and human rigs violations. a federal judge ruledriday that somef barry bonds' former teammates will have to testify at his upcoming perjury trial. some otheretired major league plays may also be called to the does an. th former home run king is charged with perjury for telling a grand jury he never knowingly took steroids about. funeral services will be
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held later today no sargent shriver. hundreds packed a church for his wa last night. the nation's first peace core director and member of the extendedennedy family died tuesday at5. there is a hk flying loose inside the jefferson building of the library. the female cper hawk has been inside a high ledge since wednesy night. now, she has g officials at the world's largest library scratching their hds trying to figure out how they are going to coax her back outside. th is a quick look at the news. now, back to lester, amy and bill. ys, just like you and me in college, trying to sneak int the library.
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aood saturdayorning. i'm news 4 meteorologist, chuck
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ll. we are still waiting on the sun toome up in t nation's capital. it is a cold start out there. temperatures are in the mid teens now and nearly everybody's neighborhood. frederick, maryland, onef the ldest spots. 17, washington. 15 in brandywine, maryland. forecastor today, partly sunny, cold and breez highs in the mid to upper 20s. mo of the same coming up tomorrow with a stronger northwestern wind. bu that's your weeke foreca. amy? >> bill, thank you. as we a wait the roy wedding, the bril british government is considering making a very modern change to the monarchy. as michelle kosinski reports, it's about gender equality and the throne. >> reporter: nothing proclaims thpower of royal tdition like a conation. and when queen elizabeth ii was crowned at 25, the only reason either of the beloved monarchs
7:20 am
made it there wasecause there were no brothers to takever instead. unfair? well, it's onl been this way since the norman invasion. about 1,00 years. and itten into constitutional law in 1701. st forward to william and kate. if they have a daughter first, then a son,he boy sti gets to jump the line and grab the crown. something many brits, inclung lawmaker feel is just wrong. >> ver unfair. it this is the age of gender allity. >> reporter: long time member of parliament is daring to try to change things with this new bill. otr royalty has rently a ban doned theoy com first rule. swed, lland, spain, deny mac, they've all done it. jan is thinking aboutit. so why can't england, too? >> the families are slightly behind the times, so there is a head wil of steam building. >> reporter: the law is 3
7:21 am
ten-years old. others have ted to change it, but it is a complex task. now, though, there's this ground swell thatow is the me. the queen has given her consent. but it still requires a governnt vote and the agreement of britain's 15 commonalth nations. can made today, australia. he's written to all of them. >> it's the right thing to do. >> reporte will writ it ntinue's very busy houses of paiament take this on? mayb quite a lot of hoops to jump throh to bring modern equality to this old house. for today, michelle kozinski, nbc news, london. >>t's about time. th'sll we should say. still to come, the iran hostage crisis. looking back. but first this is "today" on nbc. host: could itching to geico really
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save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does thidress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen pernt or moron car insurance?really st: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad ea?
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man: yeah, i thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
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catching uwith some old friends, new rules and new fe. >> plus ever wonder why people sneeze this threes some find t. bufirst these messages.
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gld morning. i'm aaron gilcrest. topping your news, metro h selected its interim general manager, richard sore rose, t be its pmanent general manager. he has more than 40 years of puic transportation experience most lee vently for n jersey transi industry. he isn't officially the gm. the metro board of directors must take an officl vote at the meeting next thursday. metro riders may wan to plan fo delays this weekend. trains between east fallshurch and west falls church may be up to 20 minutes behin schedule. they are remaining leaks.
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they may have days on the red line between friendship heights and medical center as well as leaving shady grove and glenmont. all the work should be doesn't by monday rning. chuck has a look atour fo
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with his optimism, his belief in innovation, and his entrepreneurial spirit. [ man ] for general electric, here is rond reagan. ♪ an, has it gotten col ouide. overnight,emperatures dropped well down into the teens in many neighborhoods, includinghe downtown locations, capital heights at 17 degrees this morning. 16 degrees in annapis. , martsburg. our forecast, mix of clouds an sun ship. breezy and cold. today's high, 28. tomorrow's high, 29 degrees. still watching out for maybe a chance of snow tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you, chuck. begning at 10:00 a.m. special live covere for the
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funeral mass for sergeant river. yocan watch it on at nbc washington nonstop. comcast 208, verizon 460 or cox channel 8 we're bacon this saturday morning, january 22nd, 2011. it's only one month into winter here in the northeasand we've already had enough of the cold. but look at is crowd standing out on the plaza. we want to than them for braving the wther. it is down right freezing cold out there. we'll head out in just bit. i'm amy robach again wh lester ho. and coming up on "today," reunited. >> story a lot of folks are talking about. new details in the in-credit ebl story int a back an d tuks from hospitalhen she was just three weeks old.
7:31 am
arly 24 years later, s finds her real parents. now the fbi is ting to locate ann% petway. we'll talk live with carlina newfound aunts to find out how she'sdoing. >>. and ror ebertsas incumbency off t air since 2006 while he was battling cancer. now the long time film critic is back on the air with a new show and a new look. we'll show you what's new coming up. >> also wher are the men of friends? theomen of the hit sitcom have made it big, but what about the men? it's been a bit of a rocky road, but with matt la bong and mahew perry returning to prime time, can the capture the magic again? we'll look at that cing up and suzanne somers joins us live. she has a new book for women over 40 that's getting a lot of press and generating some controversy, as well. we'll find out why in just a bit. >> but w want to begin with a
7:32 am
date manyf us will remember. it w exactly0 years ago toy on thursday that -- # years ago onhursday that the 52 american hostages held in iran were released. they were prisoners for 444 days. and this morni one of the former captives is reveang new details about the ordeal and the moment he wa freed. >> the american embassy in tehran is in the hands of musm students tonight. >> reporter: no story continuouslyominated t news r as long as this one. the crisis began when inian students seized the u.s. embassy in tehran in 1979 taking dozs hostage after the u.s. refused to deport the deposed shah. >> the united states is exhausting -- >> reporter: our own george lewis covered the crisis. >> what they wanted was the shah in exchange for the hostage and of coursthat was a deal that the united states was simply not going to make. >> reporter: 52 americans were
7:33 am
held captive for 444 days. they were blindfolded, taunted and even endured mock executions. >> it was theater for them. it w a way to degrade us and a way to make us fearful of them. about. >> reporter: the last american press in ira was one of the hostes. >> i reallyelt after the first several months in captivity that we would never get out. it smed interminable counting every day, no cmunication with th outside world. >> reporter: what was the dimst mont, the darkest day you had while in captivity? >> after we re disbued a ov the country after the attempted rescue, many of us reassembled in a prison in tehran. cement walls, steel doors. bathrooms that were full of cameras to watch us day innd
7:34 am
day out. just seemed that the humiliation wouldever end. >> reporter: b an e to this long national nightmare would come on a day filled with irony andsymbolism. january 20th, 1981, a new presidency bens. >> i will faithfully ecute the office -- >> reporter: while america's agonizing ordeal is finally over after 14 months. did you ee ronald reagan h been ected? >> yes. they had the naive notion that nald reagan was the one who freed us. in pnt of factt was carter. >> reporter: tell me how you g word you were goingo be released >> the morning of the 20th, we awaken to open the door and there was no guard there. and th somebody walke through and said, okay, pk up, you're leaving. i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe anything they said. on we crossed the border,he
7:35 am
turkish border, we broke out in some champagne and started to have a good time. we knew we were actlly free. >> repter: freedom tha came with a cost still beingelt toy. >> iran is indelibly etched in my mind, but there was no feeling of freedom like the one that i had 30 years ago. >>nd news for them ce in dribs and drabs. they didn't know about the rescue amendment right away. and we also should also te they were not held at one grurs her held in very small groups. >> so you don't know what's happeninto the other peoe while you were there. well, it's time for a check of the col weather. we know is ld, but bill karins out on the plaza, bill, good morng. >> i w afraid it was going to be , myself and i, but
7:36 am
a mip any snowstorm in owe ma how and kansas city. ifou want to get nice, warm and toasty, your only choices are hawaii or soutrn california. > good saturday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist, cck bell. partly to mostly cloudy sky outside have o ourindows in upper northwest this morning. a little frost onhe windows as well. temperatures in the tns this morning. 15 degrees rig now.
7:37 am
prin george'scounty 17 for waldorf and la plata. 19 degrees allhe way downnto fasouthern maryland. forecast today, m of clouds an sunshine. cold and breez highs today, mid to upper 20s. more of the same comg u for >> we have to say high to you because we need to get h inside. what's his name in. >> carson. >> it's too cold for you. we'll send it back inside. >> not very often tt we rer to the entire crowd by first name. bill, thanks comi up, does yr eye twitch, do you sneeze in threes? wel tell you what it means. d also the men of friends the women are doing well, but what about the guys? the story ahead. [ coughing ] [ breathes deeply, wind bws ] ♪ something wrong with your squeegee, ki uh, i'm a little sick. sick?! you gonna let a sore throat beat you?
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oruscle pain with fever or tired eling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of han, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taki lyrica. don'drive or use macnery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found swers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. this morning, weird symptoms. if you get twitch in t eye, or get the shivers, you're not alone. happens to all ofs sometimes. but what do the symptoms mean? real simple's health editor is here to help will us decipher the signals. we'll be talking about somef these twites and feelings are any of them something to be really seriously concerned about? >>he bottom line is almost everybody will say they've perienced one of theseittle
7:41 am
quir. so they're completelyormal for the most part. wel get into when youight need to see a doctor, but mostly the ole purpose of doing this story to beginith was kind of a medical reality check. everody gets them. what do they mean. and this actually happened to me the other week,hat annoying eye twitch. and you're so sf-conscious about it because you feel like everyone elsean see and you feel like it's this weird thing that will never go away. i'm seeing what the causes are for spasms. maybe too much coffee? >> it is one of hose things when you're stressedout, when you're fatigued, what do you tn to, you turn to coffee. it turns out it makes it worse. but it's a muscle spasm and probably good to know, too, other ople generally can't see it. you feel itbut they can't see it. >> thas good toknow. we also get - and this is the worst when y get a foot amp in the middle of thnight. it cane excruciating. what's the cause for that?
7:42 am
>> t major cause is dehydration or an electroly imbalance. you lose lot of wat when you sleep. a lot of water just evapotes naturally there your body. >> when i was pregnant, i got them all the time. >> you were sweating for two. >> all right. this is pretty obvious today. we get shivers through our body. sometimes you get them when it wouldn't necsarily be expected. what's that all about? >> our bodies are machines. and it's just a little glitch in the mache if your body's tempature regulation system. sometimes if it's prolonged, happeng a pew days in a row, it can be a sign tt your boat is fighting off an infection and if you tre the underlying infection, the shivers go away. >> what about those little white specs that are floating in your eye shall sometimes you're looking like what's happening somewhat is that?
7:43 am
>> theedical term floaters. they're basically jt pieces offish should you of your -- your eye is a vit tree u fluid fied sack and the tissue usually gets reabsorbed. nothing toorry about. >> all these symptomsomerom did did i tell par dierent parts of the body, but the is one underlyin cause. >> often they're caused by fatigue, stress, dehydration. so get some sleep and drink some water. now we'll ve on to sneezing. people sneeze in threes a it kind of seems like -- why? why would you sheneeze this wil threes? is there a medical exanation? >> there is. your body is a machine. it's not a perfect machine. but basical that'sour body just trying to get rid of mething irritating in your
7:44 am
nasal passage. >> i could hear my knees cracking. aim am i jt getting old? >> again just a littl glitch in the machine. joint that's not going quite ck into its socket but then it does go back in. that doesn't sound good. i normally have my ipod in, so i don't hear it. i didn't have it in the other week and i was like, oh, my sh, is that always happen something. >> you jus have to turnp the volume. >> all right, thanks so much. coming up next, looking back. joey and chandler return to the spotlight. but can they fd success after friends? it's been a tou road so far. the story after thesmessages. ffrs [bell lls] - to best serve your cusmers, you have to know tm. personally. only a local agent can do that. [cck, motor hums] - doug pierce. lives in tornado alley. - hobby? - collects stamps. - excellent. - annette thompson. small business owner. hates cantaloupe. - good. - the lee faly: twins.
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7:47 am
it's bee more than six years since weaid good-bye to friends. while e women from the show have found success since then, can the same be said for t fellows? willie geist jns us with an update. >> there is this ide out there that despite their fame and fortune, the former stars of friends, especially the men, are somehow cursed two of the guys are taking another shot at getting the
7:48 am
perceived pressional monkey off their backs. >> reporter: for nearly a decade, the ow con celled the lives of six sometim falling for each other,ther times just being friends. it w the show that launched a thousand haircuts andoined some tchyphrases. >> how you do something. >> reporter: frids was consistely ranked amongtv top ten shows and the six meers of the cast saw their stars rise with the ratings. the beauty about being on friends is it was so successful that they can really ride on syndication. so technically the don't reall have to do anything. >> reporter: b for all the show's succs, life after friends has at times proved diffict for the actors leading some in hollywd to wonder about a curse on thecast. although they've stumbled, the women have faid better than
7:49 am
the guys with jennifer aniston, courtney cox and lisa could you droe staying on the scrn and in the celebrity spotlight. forhe men of friends, a different story. david schwimmer moved on from ross trying his hand behind the camera and working as a stage actor to go along with the occasional guestppearance on shows like nbc's 30 rock. >> you have to you'vto l.a., to hollywd. >> so what are you dng here in there is? >> reporter: matt la blancad famous spinoff flop. now leblanc i ready for a comeback with a new show, episode on show time. >> he's poking f at himself and he's really good at doing it. >> reporter: a with his past life ascannedler now a distant memory and the failed studio 60 on the sset strip behind him, matthew perry kay would you as new show of his own,r. sunshine, on abc. >> so i think it's kind of a return on cay for matthew
7:50 am
perry and thatarticular brand of comedy. >> reporter: a chance this season for the men of friends to break the curse once and f all. >> andet me just say, lter and amy, we should all be so cursed. these guys made a mill why ion dollars an episode. they have fame and fortune has allowed themo do other thing. so the idea that's out will is they haven't gone on to big movie careers or success on otr shows. >> but you think of a the actors and how a relative few can sa they've had a huge hit series. >> and the syndicationhecks aren't so bad ther. >> and you can cou on one hand the number of people who have gone on fro tv to being huge movie stars. so i don't feel too bad for em. >> they'll be fine. willie, tanks. we're back i a moment, but first,his is "today" on nbc.
7:51 am
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still to come, amanda knox
7:53 am
is back in court looking to overturn her murder conviction. we'll have the latest live from ital plus she was thenfant abducted from a hostal nearly 24 years ago. now her aunts speak out aut her return a the search for the woman who took her. but first, these messages. ♪ work, work alleek long ♪ punching that clock from dusk till dawn ♪ ♪ countin' the days till friday night ♪ ♪ that's when all the conditions are right for a good time ♪ [ male announcer ] advanc technology that helps provide cleaner air, cleaner water, and helps ke all of us more energy efficnt is something t whole world can get in step with. [ static ] ♪ i need good time [ le announcer ] ecomagination from ge. its technology that makes the wod work. ♪
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7:56 am
goodmorning. it is 7:56. i'm kimberly suits. a private funeral for sergeant shriv will begin today. a public wake was held last night toemember the man t founded the peace core. journalist maureen orr and maryland senator, steny hoyer were there. maa shriver says her father is rye united with his t true loves, with god and h wife,
7:57 am
eunice kennedy shriver to died in 2009. we will also broadcast the ceremony live on nbc washington nonstop less than an ho from now. watch it on coast, verizon vios or cox channel 3. for over the air viewers, channel 4.2.
7:58 am
7:59 am
> 7:59. t's check in with chuck bell. are we looking at the coldest day of the year? >> one of the coldest. our high temperature, 28 or 29 days. it may be the second coldest day ofhe wter. it will be one off theolder ones. bundle up. temperatures are in theid teens this mning with windchills downnto the single digi. not much of a improvement today with a high temperature only up near 28 degrees f later on this afternoon. 29 tomorrow. 27, monday. cold today. cold tomorrow. cold into ear next week. kimbly? >> you keep repting yourself, chuck. we are heading back to new york w to join the "today" sho
8:00 am
aaron, uck, and i will be back in 25 minutes for another news update. a ve interview. we hope to see you then. coming up at 9:00. now, back to the "today" show in new york. lcome back on this saturday morning, janua 22nd, 2011. this frigid cold cannot keep our friends away. we wanto thank everyoneho came out on the plazao join us this morning. and we're out here, too. >> 14 degrees right now. i don't know what the windill is. if youhink this is cold, thgh, international falls, minnesota, yesterday t temperature dropped to min 46. that's a record. and tn you have a man from minnesota use as micwave to boil cup of water and throw it in the air and it turns to nothing right before our eyes.
8:01 am
how ng will this winter blast last? we'll tl you. andhen we come out here, we complain with both cold. we have hand warme that our wardrobe people put l over us. >> ty literally put them on thback of our jackets and everything, so we're sretly kept warm. >> but earlier whad four people here, we have a little more. but 'll hand these out. there's two in the pack ther there's one for you. share them around, guys. stay rm. love each other. >> coming up, we'll talk abo another story eveone'salking about. she was just five weeks old when she was kidpped from a n york hospital. 23 years laterhe track down her pares. this morning the woman's aunts join us live to talk about the reunion and the road ahead. >> remarkable story because this young woman has really embraced her real family here and they have a great story to tell.
8:02 am
we're also going to go live to ity, amanda knox arrested and convicted of murder is back in crt trying to overturn that convictiontrying to get the court to take another look at some of the didna evince and other things. so we' find out what the latest is. we're also going to be talking to suzan somers. the actress who you all rember first turned hea misthree's company. she's out with another book. next week it will be number one on the "new york times best seller st. lots to tk abo coming up. t we begin with another bitter blast of wier. the wind justame up. first came thesnow, then came the ice and now millions are facinghat could be e coldest temperature its of the year. we thought who better to send out there than jeff rosseno talk about this cold weather. >> reporter: hey, i got excited
8:03 am
when you said the wardrobe departnt put hand warmers in it ourpocket. ani checked and i don't have it. but i'm glad you'rearm so that's all that matters. i was trying to figure out what we would prefer here in the rtheast and that would be a foot of snow at 30 drees which we've had several of those stor, or this. 15 drees out right now, the ndchill is 4 degrees. it is absolely brutal out here. i think we'll end up going with the snow. but know if you're watchingn the midwest, you're saying toughen up. and you're right. because in the midwest, it's even worse with temperatures, real temperatures dipping way below zero today. with all these snowstorms, it's easy, we justlash video like this and this and you get just how dangerous and annoyg it canbe. >> it's really hard to steer and a lot of them, it's straight ice. ally hard to drive. >> reporter: but it's what you can't see that's leaving mark this weekend.
8:04 am
the cold. the bitter cold gripping a large sloth of the country. in grath fork, northakota, it will drop to 19 below zero. ent ternational falls, also 19 below. saranalake, 1 below. clayton lake maine, 1 below. and berlin, new hampire, 11 below. how colds it? a viewer in minnesota teted this home video. >> scott's outside wh a normal cup of water. he's abouto throw it in th air. its so cold outsi that the cup of water itantly froze. >> repter: scary on the roads, too. in pennsylvania friday, several trucks lost control on thece and crashed. only minor injuries here. but in this st. los, one man died when a pickup trk skidded on the ice and knocked him off the overpass. from duluth to omaha, des moines to boston, the dangers are mounting this weekend.
8:05 am
>> smoke ban everywhere, so kind of hard to get arnd. >> reporter: all ts on top of all the snow already five big storms in willhe northeast since december. new york, boss top and hartford have already had morenow than they average it in an entire winter. hartford h more than double their seasonal average. and we still have 60% more of the thouow season left to go. but the snow may seem lik child's play today when you step outside and feel this. >> ridiculous out here. i don'think anybody can make it i this snow, car, people. >> repter: back to a live picture here in central park. and you're loong at a good deal of runners, tusands of them, who have actually -- they're not gting paid to stand out here like i a not well enough, i may add. they're here voluntarily for a half their thmarathon. i should tell that you there's no relief in sight. this is the coldest air in the
8:06 am
northeast. the entire season so far. and now they're talking about more snow, a big snow event peaps on wednesday. so bundle up and get ready. >> so you'll be in central park then through wednesday? >> reporte yeah, until the hand warmers will be in place, right? >> i just found an extra han warmer ift in my pocket and it says rossen on it. wardrobeepartment never makes it rig. so sorry.
8:07 am
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
good saturday mning. outsid of our windows in upper northwest washington, a cold art. i'm news 4 meteologist, chuck bell. temperatures in the teens i many sts, frederick coty, washington county, maryland, temperatures hovering near 10 degrs. close to 20 downn southern maryland along the northern neck. for toy, a mix of clouds and sunsne. breezy and cold. highs today only in the mid to upper 20s. more col and wind around for tomorrow. staying cold into early next ek. >> that's your saturda forecast. ster? now to the incredible story of a woman abducted as an infant more tn 23 years ago. carlina white was just 19 ds old when she was kidnapped from
8:11 am
a harlem hospital. carlina suspectedhe person who raised her wasn't her mother and after years of investigating, sheracked down her real parents. here's the woman who allegedly kidnapped her will, her name is anne pettway. officials in north carolina say warrant has been issd for her arrest. as for carlina, she's back with the family that hasn't seen her in nearly 24 years. lisa white htly and regina tyson are carlina' aunts. good morning to all of you. ladies, you can tell how she's doing, how she's coping with her new family? >> well, i think she's coping good with the family, but she's having i think a little difficult ti just adjusting to it. >> and has she embraced you all family? >> yes. >> you're not strangers to her. >> no. >>hat was the first interaction? >> well, i had spoken to her if like a good two weeks.
8:12 am
so when i did meetp with her and i walked in, she lood at me, i leaked at her, and she was like auntie. >>o immediately t connection was made more than just a friend that she accepted you all as family. >> yes. >> has she talked much about ne pettway, the woman who is accused of taking her? >> no. >> and nowhe's a fugitive? yes, i follow it and i'd like to go find heryself. >> and let me it turn to you, gina. your broer is now estranged, but tell me hisirst reaction in findi out that his daughter was aliv my father never gave up hope whatsoever. my broth always talkedbout carlina. and unl today, it's still like a mystery tocarl. he talks to her a the time, but he acts like it's a movie.
8:13 am
i think the biggest part, the problem that cl is having now is tt she's not here. she's in atlanta. she's allrown up. and he want her to be here. >> the whole family wou like forrero be here. and lisa, your sister, joy, talk about how she's bonding with her daughter. >> well, she boned wit her while e was here, but my sister, she's missi like -- she met up with her will, she met her daughter and nower daughter -- it's like bitr sweet. she's here, now she's gone, you know >> but she's part of her now. >> yeah, but my sister wants her right here wit her. but she haser own life. >> lete bring in dr. tlor into the discussion. things sound good here. the young woman has started to bond with the family. what a the challenges in a situatn like this?
8:14 am
>> they are od, but you have two separate lives and now you ve to rebuild the pieces wch they are will. and just like it's taken 24 years to find her, is going to take time to rebuild the fily again. and so the point is, you know, toake advantage of it, take it day by day, understand you are a family. there ll be conflict, disappointmentblame and guilt, why isn't she here, why aren't we there. but just to be patient with it and just use the love, use communicatioand also about if they need outside help, some will unseling, neutral party to help put thingstogether, don't be afraid to do that. but the truth of the matter ishese are all adults who have had separate hive, separate frnd ships and relationships. is there a it tendency to force the relationship? >>robably no more of a tendency to force a relatnship than it would be iyou have different personalities. but in this case you wanto make up for all the lost time. but that will still take time and everybody has to come
8:15 am
together, which they are. >> as a family, we always -- like family, everye argues. but carl and joy always had a great relationship. when the baby was kidnapped, carl and joy was together. theyas together as one. i was about carl and joy two days ago at the hote they have a gat understanding. th have separateives and you're supposed to be civil. and that's how carl andoy is dealing with it. th have both been highly affected, t at the same time, you know, we all want her to come home. but we get along. we can do it all together. >> and howften would you talk about her over the 23 years? >> like when her birthday comes, my sister would say it's carlins birthday. and i used to go to the beauty shop i used to say, younow m
8:16 am
sister's caught was missing p. i just come out of the blue. i don't know. it just ces out because i think about her and i'm glad she's ck. >> we're all glad she'back. this is a terrific story and we wi you all the time and the space you need to connect as a family and to be happy and we appreciate you sharing your story with us. >> thank you. >> and dr. tayl, as well. good g. having you here we'll back with more of a iter these messages. ffrs inter dishwashing chamonship and she's going with no protective gear? her hands could dry out. [ female announcer ] dawn hand renewalith olay beauty. it helps your hands seal in moisture while you do the dishes. dawn does more... [ spongecaster ] so it's not a chore. we get double miles on eve purchase. soe earned a trip to new orleans twice as fast! bebebebebebaaa!
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we get double miles every time we use our card, no matter what we'rbuying. i'l take it. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole ga. fire! [ gart ] it's hard to beat double miles! have you seen garth? oh! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one. money magazine's st rewards card if you aim toack up airline miles. what's in your wallet? bebebebebebaaa! after nearly three decades in hollywood, suzanne somers has built an empire on being fit and looking great. she became a husband hd name as theexy blond on three's company. and in her0s, she shaped, toned and firmed millions of thighs with the mega hit high master. now in her 60s, sheants to keepou sexynd fit. her latest book is called sexy forever, how to fight fat after 40. good morning. >> iatching the progression
8:18 am
of their le. >> it's not fun, is it? you lo great now and that's probably the biggest reason why you're selling so many books. i have to ask you, aft 40, thin change. did you personally have a problem losg weight and h keeping itt off? >> well, i did notice at 40 and no one had everalked about hormones and did notice at 40 that if i wanted to get in that dress saturday might, i used to just notat for a few days and could i lose five pounds. it didn't happen anymore. so the most asked question o the internet is how do i lose fat after 40, so obviously it's acro theboard. and what i found is three things, four things really. imbanced hormones, the toxic burden, gut disturbances and food intoleranceshich in augusthen i was finishing up this book, i was sitting there writing about my husband a granddaughter, and the symptoms and signs and then i pushed away
8:19 am
from the desk and i thought that's me. i'm thin, but i'm bloated like i'm nine months pregnant and i thought whatid i eat today? eggs, onions, salad. so iave up eggs and took one of the tests that i tk about in this book. it took two weeks f the results to come back. in the two ek, i lost ten pounds b giving up eggs. od allergies make you hold on to the food and the weight is the awl stuff that's in your you beenupper abdomen. >> i'm laughing because i me. >> you'r not there t, but you'll bhappy i wrote this book when you get there. >> some of what you advocate is unnvention unconventional, experts question yo research. why do you thinkontroversy contins to surround se of the books you're write something.
8:20 am
>> i don't kno i'veevoted my career to be a champion of women and i oy interviequalified wester doctors, but doctors have stepped ou of- >> they're not traditional mds. >> no,hey are. oncologists, who have stepped outside and said it's not working. this allopathic approach wks in some conditions but doesn't -- and i found th very appealing because i'll one of the people who would rather go natural first and tn resort to western micine as the last ditch in the practitioner's back pocket. so i look at the doctors as courageous because the don't makes a muchoney when they ave the orthodoxffice building. buthey're all columbia, a stanford, h stanfo, harvard. i make sure i g to doctors who have great credentials so i can't get attacked, but i get attacked i guess because we only have one way t go in cotry. >> suzae, you look great. are you concerned that jus because it worked for you tha it won't necessarily work for everyone? >> well, i think food- look
8:21 am
around. i can see in this studio here who is gluten intolerant,ho has thyroid problem, thyroid a pat burng hormone, and wt if the reason you're fat -- you're not fat, but wha if the reason you're fat is because you're eating a food at your body doesn't want? there used to be 80 different strains of wheat and we've engineered those 80 strains down now into fivetrains of wheat so the gluten content is off the charts. so if you're even a little bit sensitive and gluten intolerance not onlyeads to to great weig gain but to osteorosis and other diseases. so ialk about all that there. but e big thing to me are the to toxins. the more toxins u take in, the more fat you need to store. have you ever go out to lunch with women, everyone always has the salad. salad, salad. so we're notating and we're exercising and we're getting fatter and fatter. i know why and it's in this book. >> the book is abouto become a best seller.
8:22 am
suzanne somer, thank you so much. still ahead, amanda knox appeing her murder conviction. bufirst, this is "today" on nbc. [ fele announcer ] for those whsee the world as their plaround...
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it's the gear to play tohe max. ♪ pampers cruisers. now wi bonus diapers in every box ♪ still come a standg ovation for roger ebert and his return to tv. >>plus the latest on amanda knox's return to court. but rst these messages. the challee jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer [ footsteps approach ] [ male announcer ] there arsnacks. andhere are better acks. quaker chewy, 25% less sugar th the leading sweet snacks, no high fructose corn syrupnd the goodness of whole grains quaker chewy, 25% less sugar th the leading sweet snacks, waboureadingall and put it here. introducing nookcolor.
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8:26 am
if you haven't stepped outside yet, windchills in the single digits. you ll want to bundle up. 8:26 on saturday, january 22nd. in the news today, a private fural for sergeant shriver. last night, a public wake for d.c.'s holy trinity catholic church in georgetown. the 95-year-old who founded the peace core. look for coverage beginning at 9:00. then, at 100, we'll broadst the feral mass on nbc washington nonstop. you can watch it on comcast channel 208.
8:27 am
verizon, 460 or cox channel 403 for over the air viewers channel 402. trains between east falls and west falls urch may be up to 20 nutes behind schedule. crewing are doing repairs on the orange line. riders may have delays on the red line between friendship heights and medic center and leaving shady grove. all the work should be done by mondaymorning. a cold day to wait for met. your weather up next. stay with us.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:28. let'check in wh chuck bell. this is one of those days you don't want to step outside withouyour gloves. >> all of your winter weather appal required to stay out there for anyength of time. code weather. temperatures in the middle tes. afternoon his only in the mid to upper 20s wh windchills hovering in the low teens for much of the afternoon. more of the same coming o way tomorrow. at least morrow, a little more sunshine, a stronger wind. clouds back monday. yes, indeed, chance f some snow tuesday night into wednesy. we'll keep you pted on tha kimberly? >> thank you, chuck. a reminder, our kofrm of the funeral mass for sergeant shriver begins wh live reports at 9:00 right here on news 4. for now, we'll head back to new
8:30 am
york to join the "today" show. we will see you here at 00. and we're back on this saturday morning, january 22nd, 2011. the suns out, but we're n feeling theheat. the deep freeze has settled in for much of the northet. we wanto thank this great crowd fo braving the cold with us. they are troopers outside othe plaza. i'm amy robach alongsi lester holt. >> the wardre department didn'think i was all that funny. i wamaking a joke anyway, i've got more hand warmer plastered around my body and sheave me a handful to hand t. we have plenty of these to
8:31 am
spare. >> thanks, we appreciate that. >> pass those outor me. thank you so much. anyw, deb is wonderful and i'm so toasty warm right now. >> yes, because ofdeb. comi up, we'll be talking about anda knox. she's back in an italian court. >> she's serving 26 year sentce for the murder of her college roommate, but her defense team is relying on crucial dna evidence that they weren't allowed to use during her trial. we'll at e tiget a le report fr italy. >>nd then we'll talk about the return of roger ebt. he's hosting a n movieeview show and also giving peop glimpses of his new chin. we'll have much more comg up. and thene have something for the guys over 4 which i'll be interested in when get there, b we'll talk about from relationships to health and even the mid life isis. we're looking at life beyond 40. we have assembl a great panel ofxperts to take us all
8:32 am
throh to tell us what mighbe ahead for me in the yrs to come. >> so you can know what to expect. >> got to know. but first l's get check the weather from bill karins o is also out here in the korcold with us. >> you had a question. the question? to this beautiful young lady
8:33 am
a good saturday morning. once again, i'm ns 4 meteorologist, chuck bell. our skies are mostly cloudy outside first thing on a saturday morning. not much sunshine getting throh in the immediate washington area. a little sunshine for later on thisafternoon. re is the extended forecast. partly sunny and coldoday. mostly sunny but still very, very chilly for tomorrow. windchills in the single digits d teens most of the weekend. still watching out for a chance of snow late tuesday into wednesday. have a good weekend. not only are you twin sisters, but also very cute twin sisters. let's for coming t in the colds. now to amanda kno and the new effort to clear her name.
8:34 am
her appeal rumed in an italian courtroom today and nbc's any zell kozinski is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. amanda knox looked pale and upset when she walked in, but then she relax and she really es have good reason to be hopeful. her family says it' been lard not to get their hopes up because things haveeen going heway during this appeal. not only has the court agreed to lethese indepdent forensic experts analyze witfresh eyes the miscule traces of dna on a night that prosecutors was on the murder weapon and on the viim's bra, but today they decided to have it all reteed if possibl a maybe even take apart the knife. thdefense for amanda and her boyfriend who was convicted along with her have always said that they don't think that i
8:35 am
thmurder weapon and rthermore they say amanda an boyfriend were not evenhere at the scene whe the murder happened. but they'reoping that this new analysis tha they feel should ve been done t first time around will simply shatter the prosecution's case. how long does this review go and when might we kw knox's fate? >> reporte today the judge gave attorneys and experts 90 days to rete this dna evidence, to really do whathey can with it because the traces were so scant to begin with and highly contested so once they get their rept on what they found, then it could be a couple more months before amanda knox findsut whether she will be set free o spend decades behind bars. >> michelle kozinski this morning for us thank you. what are the chanc that amanda knox will win her appeal? paul cow an is ariminal defense torney. let's try to understand t difference between thisppeal
8:36 am
and whate might see in a typicaamerican courtro. don't we just ten tlod to look t points of law? the american system might be a fast food meal wheren italy it's a six course ml. they've had a nine month trial where 425 page opinion was issued. now they're he appella court and the appellate court really is starting over again. they canall witnesses, they can order as they haveere a reexamination of the dna evidence. and they can handown a new verdict. american appeals courts, they just look at the law and they say did the trial judge a apply thlaw properly, and if so, they sustain. if not, they reverse. italy is and ongoing trial that continues for many months. >> dna is central to is appeal, questns about the knife, whether there was enough of a sample there. in your eerience here an i would imagine it would be much the same here, do judge, do
8:37 am
jues really take to take dna as gospel, is i hard to overturn dna evidence? >> dna evidence is very importt. we call it it the cs effect in the uned states where jurors and judges are so focused on scientific evence, so it's very important. but in this case, they have a secondrgument on thedna a that is her dna was found on a knif but it was from her boyfriend's apartment and she was in her boyfriend's apartment for other reasons all the time. so really is the dna evince that incriminating? i think her lawyers have some strong arguments that it's not. sglu. >> but on top of that, there also putting ino question the whole issue of where knox and her boyfriend were at the time. >> exactly. italian prosecutorselied on some shaky evidence. a homeless man who had put them at the scene of the crime. w it looks like he may be a heroin dler and he may he testified falsely in other cases. a lot things are being used to attack the credibili of that witness who put them at the scene.
8:38 am
>> and then you thrown there is a third person convicted in all this, i think his name is rudy, in a separate trial, he was found guilty. the prosecution basally place him as part of lee people involved in this. how do you 13r59 that ou >> that's a good question and a tough oneecause his case has gone all the way to italy's highest court. and they have sustained that conviction, altugh they reduced the sentence. so some people who fear that amanda knox may have a problem throug the appeal proce say that since italy's highest court is h. has accepd his version and his version is that sollecito and knox were involved in the murde that maybe that's going to undermine her chances overall. i don't know that'seally the case, but that's the stas of it right now. >> all right, we'll have to end our conversation will for now. paul, mice nice to ve you on. up next, ebert's encore. he's back with a new show and a new look. but first ese messages. this is my band from the 80's, looker.
8:39 am
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sundays are just for watching fooall. believe tt? [ thinking ] relax. you ordered off mcdonald's dollarenu at breakfast. everything's so good anjust a buck. so go. hes a jerk. [ thinking ] the simple joy obeing smart. ♪ he's perhaps the best known fi critic in amera. his battle with cancer left him unable to speak, but he's back on television making brief appearances on a show called ebert presents at the movies. and as george lewis repor, he's getting a thumbs up from everyone. >> reporter: ebertppeared only briefly wearing a prosthetic to cover his lower face. reviewing my dog tulip. the words supplied by ebert, the voice supplied by eiththe dicto. >> this is a heart warming life story nar ra story. >> reporter: becau of his inability to speak, ebert gave up his previouseekly tv show
8:43 am
in 2006. the film critic for the "icago sun-times," ebert was originally teamed up on tv 30 yrs earlier with the late gene siskel fro the competing tribune. eir chemistry lik oil and water. >> do you believe a movie needs to be fair in order to be between? this is not a question for tm to decide behind closed doorgbe? this is not a questi for them to decide behind closed doors.on this is not a question for them local stations.oadcasting .od?? somebody at a public television stion thought of teaming them up. and when they did, somhing happened. there was me spark in the air. >>eporter: films they both liked got two thumbs up. an important seal of approval in hollywoo ebert won the first pulitzer prize ever awarded to a film critic and also writteneveral books about the movs. >> i've been reading aut them almost all my life. so in a way this is kind of a harvest from thereasures of a lifetime of reading, stuff about the movies. >> reporte hosts of the
8:44 am
new show seem to have adopted the old siskel and schtick pretty wl. >> tmbs down for me. >> much snappier than you're giving it credit for being. >> repter: but the person who ole the show was roger ebert. in his brief cam yoe pearance. if you're talking about overcoming adversity, you'd have to award him two thumbs up. way up. for "today," george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. and as you c imagine, so ma people are happy to s roger ebert back on television and as youist heard will, he lost his lower jaw to cancer, but he's now been fitted with a prosthetic chin. >> ebert sai it was created to match his sn and coloring and to resemble the lower ption of his ce. just great to see him back. i remember him from my chicago days and wish him alluccess in the future. we're back, but first this is "today" onbc.
8:45 am
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8:48 am
about reading glasses. >> real? >> and it's just getting older -- >> that doesn't make me feel insecu. >>ou look great in them. but in all honesty, it's a sign that tngs are changing and i think that's what makes people feel ensecure. there are changes going on you don't have control over. >> i don't want t lose the interest from younger women. thatakes me very incure. i want those 28 and 30-year-old women to lk at me -- sgr so you're very secure -- >> i'm married, but -- >> and you're secure to say that on the air. >> yeah, i don't want to lose that. >> does a mid life crisis really ext? >> don't know, but i just turned 40 and i know the insecure i have is sort of like you realize i'm gng to die one of these days. itecome as reality in your mind. >> and it's medical, also. as menge, their male hormone levels drop and that has in effects onhem which mayake them insecure. >> there are physiological things haening. >>absolutely.
8:49 am
>> we have questions from viewers. th is about age and our round bells and gym issues. the question is how do you keep your metabolism into to go burn off fat as we get older. what are some of t things we can do >> the number one thing is resistance training. that's the besway to boost your metabolism. if do you a good weight workt, you can increase the rate your body burns f for up to two days. >> more so than cardio. >> >> absolutely. th a weight workout, you can actually burn more -- you can lose 40% administer fat than yo can with traditional exercise like elliptical machines and treadmills. >> and if you can't get to a gym,hat can you do? >> there are hundreds of body weightuestions. d even exercises you can just do wh a pair of dumbbells. >>urext viewer question comes from facebook. jordan asks is there such a
8:50 am
thing as male menopause and if so what is it. >> not exactly, but in men it's called andro pause.estosterone. andt's not low tess totosterone cane due varicose vein, obity,lcohol abuse. and the best way to treat i is to street thecause. such as losing weight and getting fit and reducing your alcohol consumption. what you don't want to do is you don't wanto take ttosterone beuse that should be the las resort. that makes men steril >> this is kind of a tricky question. this comesrom a viewer e-mail. jan says i'm unhappy in a marriage but sticking it out for my children. we have sought coin counseling
8:51 am
but nothing has worked. when do you kn it is time for divorce in. ? >> this guy is probably not being the best kind of father that can hee because he's unhappy as aerson p. listen, immarried once and been divorced. i thoughty life was over. but you know what, i left the marriage because i knew that it wasn't right. i found a better won and i couldn't be any happier. this guy nds to get out and go find a difrent partner and be a great father >> last fewseconds, just in general, gat idea for men over 40. >> now is the time to put behind -- don't wear that anymore, you want to update your look and 80%, maybe 90% of guys are wearing clothes that don't fit. go to the dry klecleaner, find taylor and get your stuff fitted. >> good to have y here. we're back aer these messages.
8:52 am
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good morng. i'm aaron gilcrest. i'm kimberly suiters. mily and friends prepare to say good-bye to sergeant shriver. well hear from the woman at brought skris citi na green to meet congresswoman gabrielle giffords. on news i'm meteorologist, chuck bell. off to a very cold start. it isot much in the way of cold weather relief coming. all of the details strght ahead. thank you, chuc all that and more when you join
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i'm yelling at her, christina taylo green don't you die on me. don't you go away from me, gifriend. don't you leave me here to do this by myself. a dramac account of the tucson shooting from one of the victims andhe woman who brought christina taylor green to that event in the first plac good morning welcome to "ne4 today." i'm mberly suits. i'm aaron gilcrest. it is saturday, january 22nd. first, auick check on our forecast. chuck bell is here with us this morning. when w got started at 6:00 a.m., it was 18degrees. >> now, a big whopping 19


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