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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  February 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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welcome back. at 4:30 with the whicher the weather has struck again and many roads are covered after it snowed all night long. >> we have you covered from every angle with nonstop live reports, weather and traffic updates. good morning. >> good morning. i'm lin. and i'm joe. welcome to "news4 today." here's a live look outside.
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fog or it's still snowing. we'll find out from tom in just a moment. montgomery county schools let us know they're opening two hours late and d.c. schools also, two hours late this morning. the maryland state highway administration says it's working to clear the roads as quickly and safely as possible. they had a hard time pretreating the roads because of the rain that washes away the salt. in virginia, prince william and loudoun countys are closed. manassas and alexander city cools are opening two hours late. snow a problem in the northern and western parts of the county. to the south, rain and sleet are causing slick conditions. >> the federal government is opened one scheduled leave and unscheduled telework and we got word once again, d.c. schools are opening two hours late this morning. d.c. roads are passable this morning but some neighborhood roads are covered in snow. >> once again all the public school systems and federal government are running on the ticker at the bottom of your
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screen and the top line and you can update or see whether your school system or government is delayed or closed. every 60 seconds. >> stay with us for the latest and tom has the latest on the forecast. the problem is stopping. i know you have trouble getting going if you're driving but it's stopping. leave yourself lots of extra room. this is fender-bender weather. we've had reports of many accidents overnight and here's the radar showing the lingering light snow across fairfax, prince william and to prince georges and northern charles county and a little bit of lingering light snow in montgomery and howard county. it's pretty much ending. look at the totals. about a quarter inch in washington and parts of northern virginia and a trace in southern maryland. to the north, a couple to two to three inches to the pennsylvania border, five inches. the temperatures are below freezing throughout the entire region so what is untreated will stay frozen. as we look as what's happening over the last 12 hours, the
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storm came through overnight and began late evening and now tapering off and ending. sun by late afternoon. by noontime we'll get a little above freezing and then a couple degrees above freezing through the middle of the afternoon so some melting and freezing right back up. your night planner and jerry, how's traffic. >> along interstate 66, manassas, headed toward the capital beltway, passable conditions getting on to and off of the interstates back of the neighborhoods could be your biggest challenge. the interstates are cover and we have some major secondary neighborhood streets. this is 355 up in germantown around 118. certainly very slick conditions. be aware of that. again, the interstates are passable. secondary roadways could be tough. talk about stopping, a crest over any hill or bridge, have plenty of braking distance because that's all very, very icy. we'll keep you updated. we're watching all the cameras.
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>> 4:33. the weather could make for a messy conditions. here's a look with tracy. >> it's definitely a messy community. here's aspen hill road. we talked about this being an issue for folks trying to stop and it's also an issue for people trying to make turns in intersections like this one. this is what we're seeing in a lot of montgomery county. the farther north you go the worse it gets. they have up to three inches of snow farther north than here but here aspen hill, about two miles away from olney and this is what it looks like. a carpeting of snow on the ground, not a trace but a carpeting of snow. you'll walk on it and not kneel the sidewalk. what's amazing is that a few days ago as we all remember, 77 degrees! record-breaking temperatures and now we've gone in the opposite direction. we have all of this snow and
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it's very cold out here as well. look at the crews that are working quickly to try to take care of the issue. they have to get out here and do what you see the truck doing. put out lots of salt and, also, get out the plows to plow this mess up. they were not able to pretreat because of all the rain we got. that's why montgomery county is delaying for two hours. this is really messy and very cold. it's sticking. so if you thought that after all the warm temperatures we had you were going to come out to wet roads, that's not the case in montgomery county. it is the case in prince georges county. basically, wet roads and in d.c., a little dusting. we drove from northwest up here to montgomery county and according to maryland state highway officials they have 450 pieces of equipment out there to try to deal with the mess between prince georges and montgomery. of course, with the focus on montgomery because they have so much snow on the ground and it's pretty hard to talk because we have wind, as you can see. in your which is still coming down in montgomery. we're expecting that to stop
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within the next two hours or so but a very nasty commute for folks this morning. you're really going to have to be careful on the roads. it's always the worse when we try to attack the storms from behind. i'm tracee wilkins. two lanes of the inner loop are closed because of a tractor-trailer accident on the inner loop of the beltway near connecticut avenue. slick, snowy roads with most likely to blame. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. an suv ran off the road nearby and that driver was uninjured. police hope to have two lanes of the inner loop re-opened. they were having difficulty having the tractor-trailer uprighted and then carried away by a tow truck. and freezing rain may be the culprit for a single-car accident in kennington near connecticut and university. a vehicle crashed into a pole and brought down several wires. the driver was taken to the hospital for chest pains but
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police do not know whether that was the cause of the crash. >> it's now 4:36. calvert county schools open two hours late. calvert county schools two hours late. that crash joe mentioned caused some outages in the area at the time. here's what outages look like around the area. pepco reports about 800 outages, most in the district. bge, about 75. and dominion is reporting a little over 400 outages at this point. and we've received word that prince georges schools are closed. prince georges schools are closed and 4:37 is the time. we told you calvert county schools are -- they are two hours late. and there's more weather coverage after the break. and don't forget, school closings at the bottom of your screen.
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good morning. live view from our city camera. you can barely make out the lincoln memorial. i believe that is -- that's the jefferson. and you can see the top of the dome lit up a little bit. that's foggy. time for your weather and traffic. i'm tom kierein. the overnight snow storm left trace amounts of snow, about a quarter an inch around washington and radar showing that we have some lingering light snow and now mostly east of washington and prince georges, calvert and arundle counties. and howard county and it's drifting off to the east and the storm is pretty much over. temperatures below freezing so what fell is going to be in place right now. these are the snow totals being reported by observers and weather watchers we appreciate your reports. about a quarter to half annch near washington and farther to
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the north, two to three inches. along the pennsylvania border around five inches. the temperatures are only in the low to mid 20s right now throughout most of the region. storm system came through quickly overnight heading off to the east and pulling away and we'll stay mostly cloudy throughout the day and maybe some sun late this afternoon and above freezing by mid-afternoon. your night planner? partly cloudy and 20s and bottoms out, teens near 20 tomorrow morning. wednesday and the weekend add 4:51. how's the traffic? we'll check out olney, maryland. the interstates are in passable condition. a lot of slush because they've real by been treated well. getting to the interstates could be a challenge. i want to show you what it look likes in the district at 16th and missouri northwest. anything that's coming down may be sticking as we always say, watch out for bridges, ramps and
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overpasses. springhill road at jones, be very careful. a lot of braking distance is needed because it's very, very slick. don't go anywhere. we got you covered. thanks, 4:42 and 26 degrees. still ahead, more weather coverage after the break.
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4:4 is the time. breaking news. new zealand. hundreds injured after a massive 6.3 earthquake struck the country's large second largest city, christchurch. it was centered about three miles away from the city and two and a half miles deep was extremely close to the surface. buildings around the city have been leveled including the city's largest office building and hope tell and major damage to the famed christ church cathedral. you can see it there and some overpasses have collapsed. hundreds are feared traps
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beneath all the rubble. this is the second major earthquake to hit the city in the past six months. it's now 4:45. the u.s. state department is evacuating the american embassy in libya after reports of violence there today. video posted on youtube apparently showed gunfire and explosions in the city of tripoli. the violence comes after moammar gadhafi appeared on tv and denied rumors he fled to venezuela. members of his regime have resigned. violent anti-government protests have led to more than 230 deaths in libya. a massive brushfire burning out of control in the shenandoah national park. the park is closed to the public and the fire has scorched more than 1800 acres since saturday. officials don't expect the rain and snow to extinguish the fire. and kwame brown said he
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didn't know the suvs leased for him were so expensive. it didn't have the interior color he liked so he ordered another one. taxpayers are maying $4,000 a month. yesterday, city employees had the first of four furlough days in 2011. the snow that blanketed the area left a wintry mess in other areas. people in minnesota are dealing with power outages knee-deep snow and impassable roads. check out minneapolis right now. the city declared its height snow emergency which is a record for any winter season. this declaration and our sister station in minneapolis reports that 200 snow plows are working continually to keep the roads clear. ice and snow creating havoc in the detroit area. the tires on several cars couldn't get traction on the
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slick street. luckily not as many people were on the roads yesterday because of president's day holiday and check this out. these horses, covered up for the weather, looked like they were having fun playing in the snow. at least someone is. call ahead if you have a plane to cash. the weather here and in the midwest is affecting schedules at reagan international airport. several airlines delayed or cancelled flights out of all three airports. and conditions in prince georges county we'll go to susan with the prince georges department of public works. susan, good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thank you. >> what's the situation there now? we know the schools have closed. so the roads must be fairly bad? >> well, actually, the primary roads were very passable as of about a half hour ago until we got that last band of snow. and we had started in the residential communities. i can't address the schools other than i'm sure there was a concern about the residentials
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and, also, the sidewalks that homeowners and business owners are responsible for. >> susan, are you crews still out there treating the roads? what's the plan looking ahead? >> we worked our first 12-hour shift last night started at 10:00. and we'll have another shift that comes in at 10:00 a.m. this morning. and we'll just keep working until all the roadways are clear but the primaries have been cleared but they'll have to go back and retreat with this last little band of snow. >> but the county is responsible, is it right, for all the neighborhood streets, too? that's probably where the problem is for the schools. can you get into the neighborhoods today? >> as i said, we had finished the primaries and had started the residentials and had to pull some o'of the larger trucks back to the primaries so we're in the residentials now. but obviously, it will take a few hours with all of the roadways that we have. and then again with the schools you have to consider the
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sidewalks that the county is not responsible for but homeowners and business owners are. >> and the parking lots for the schools where teachers, staff, students would park cars, too, those have to be cleared. >> absolutely. susan hubbard, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. 4:49 is the time. snow starting to slow and a mix of snow and ice overnight could make it slippery for the community this morning. news4 megan mcgrath is monitoring conditions in northern virginia and she's live from herndon, good morning. a mixed bag of conditions. you can see it's rather sloppy. we've had a number of plows come through and they've made progress. here's the asphalt. when we first got here it was pretty much covered with snow so we're seeing improvement but still, sloppy conditions. look at this turn lane, as the plows came through they got the
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lane clear here but it all ended up in the right-hand turn lane going into the shopping center here. and that's what we're seeing a lot of the turn lanes and a lot of the shoulders have a lot of slush on them, also, if you have to go around someone if you're taking a left-hand turn and you have to cross through the median area, that's where a lot of the shrub buildup is and that can be very, very slick. here's a look at the some video we shot a little while ago on the dulles toll road. we shot this right around the area of tyson's corner. you can see we have snowy conditions. a lot of progress. but some spots that were in good condition and other spots where you would lose the right-hand lane or the left-hand lane, we got to the herndon area and it deteriorated. and on the interstates, pretty good conditions. they've hit those over and over again and treated and those are primarily wet.
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but keep your speeds down no matter what road you're traveling on. joe, back to you. >> megan, thanks very much. before we go to weather, arlington county schools and alexandria are two hours late. all the public schools and federal government on top line everything else on the bottom. >> and they run frequently. never have to wait more than 60 seconds. >> what's going on? the snow is tapering off and ending and most main roadways are wet but the side streets are the ones that are covered and especially to the north. radar showing patches of light blue, that's the light snow that's rapidly moving off to the east. it ended in washington and it's ended across most of northern virginia and maryland, except areas east of washington. prince georges county a couple bands as well as in this area here and a few bands in southern prince georges county and northern charles quickly heading off to the east. those are snow totals we've had
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reported. here's up to the minute. two to three inches in northern montgomery county into frederick and howard county. baltimore county and farer to the north along the pennsylvania border they had four to five inches. the panhandle of west virginia and northern shenandoah valley, a couple inches. lowden, less than an inch. and southern maryland, a trace. we had some of that sleet, too, overnight. as we look at the temperatures it's all below freezing so what did fall and is in place is not going anywhere until, perhaps, later this afternoon when we'll finally get above freezing. it's below freezing in western maryland, west virginia, teens and 20s and 20s on the eastern shore. tide water and the eastern shore. and the storm system came through and heading to the east but quite a bit of cloudiness and we'll be cloudy this morning. by 9:00 it will be in the 20s to
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near 30 and then near freezing by noontime with some sun later this afternoon as we briefly get into the mid 30s by mid-afternoon. near 30 by 5:00 and then as we get into the evening hours, partly cloudy, 20s through the evening and 20s to upper teen by dawn tomorrow. on wednesday, afternoon highs in the upper 30s. sunshine, 20s on thursday morning and increasing clouds thursday and highs mid 40s. could get rain thursday night into friday. friday, high near 50 and saturday, sunshine with 40s and 50s on sunday with maybe some rain an monday. jerry, traffic? >> 23 you normally take the beltway -- we'll start in northern virginia with an accident that just moved out of the roadway of 395 northbound at duke street. look carefully for the most part the interstates are wet with a lot of road spray and lots of slush being kicked up on your windshield but we have accidents to deal with. 395 northbound at duke and everything over to the right shoulder. a lot of road spray.
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heading to the interloop of the capital beltway. those that travel between the american legion bridge, authorities are still dealing with that overnight tractor-trailer accident inner loop after connecticut avenue, right lane is blocked. left lane will get you by but keep your speeds down, outer loop you're okay but after the american legion bridge authorities are dealing with an accident which had been in the left lane. one more stop, to the district and for the most part, the major thoroughfares wet. and extra braking distance needed this morning. 4:54 is your time. virginia brought in road crews early to get ready and firms wanted to prevent last month's commuting debacle from happening again. >> we're prepared. we brought our crews in at 3:00 to start getting our hired equipment loaded and pre-staged.
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>> they brought in some 1700 pieces of equipment to help treat and clear the roads. and the district is already pretreated roads. the d.c. snow team worked overnight to salt roads and they were called in at 10:30 last night and d.c. said it waves the furlough days for the operators of snow and plows and salt trucks. the mix of snow and sleet could make for a messy commute in montgomery county. tracy is live with this. >> folks, you need to be prepared. this is what it looks like here aspen hill. the intersection of connecticut and aspen hill and it's messy. this is what it's looking like throughout most of northern montgomery county. we have lots of snow out here. and it's made for some very slick spots, specifically in the
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intersections. we talked with maryland transportation officials who say they couldn't pretreat because of the rain. that means they're trying to attack the snowstorm as it's here. that's lots of plowing. lots of salt and that means lots of slick conditions. it's always better when they're able to pretreat but the rain just washes the pretreatment away which is why they haven't done it this morning. coming up, we're going to show you who's having a really hard time getting around in the snow. we've been watching montgomery county police slipping and sliding all over the place. that video coming up in a bit. live in aspen hill, back to you in the studio. >> see you then, thank you. and all the school closings and delays and governmental close totion and delays are at the bottom of your screen. the top line and we'll update that and you never have to wait more than 60 seconds to find out if your school some is closed. >> and the latest on your forecast. we have reporters throughout the area giving you the latest.
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it could be a rough commute. >> we'll have the latest on major news stories that are breaking elsewhere overnight today. we have the story of the earthquake that hit christchurch, new zealand where 65 people are feared to be dead. dozens if not more because major buildings have collapsed. the largest office building in downtown christchurch collapsed. and damage to the cathedral and several overpasses reported collapsed and reports of some overpasses falling on top of buses and other vehicles. so we'll be continuing to follow that story as well. >> stay with us.
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the return of winter, looking live at roads in maryland right now. snow and icy rain fell throughout the night and there's v


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